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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Sirte Massacres {masterlist}

October 15, 2011
(incomplete, last updates Dec. 1)

A Prelude
My Situation in Sirte article chronicled the plight of a holdout city subjected to a total and medieval siege. Many of the refugees, some cited at that link, complained of the situation in the city at the hands of the rebels they were effectively surrendering to. To rebuke from the bearded, heavily-armed, and brutal "Government forces" in control of them, they tried to tell journalists how they had suffered heavy random shelling and bombing, with thousands of killed, mostly civilian, and the rest left without electricity, water, medicine, fuel, or food. The evidence backs them up that everything possible was denied to underscore the message of surrender or die.

But one particular man mentioned none of these problems to his new rebel overlords and the gathered media. Instead, to the UK Telegraph, he described a whole seperate class of atrocities unfolding, all the fault of the Gaddafi loyalists and due to a lack of rebel control.
"The situation isn't great," said one resident who did not give his name as he left the city, where he said Gaddafi's forces were moving "like gangs" through the streets. "There have been executions," he said, naming two men who he said had been executed on Thursday. He also said he had witnessed executions in front of the house of a local family, whose name he gave as Safruny.
For a while now there's been a reported pattern of brutal Gaddafi atrocities right before a rebel conquest, with the results found just after. In reality the massacres often seem to happened just after as well, despite the rebel stories (consider the Abu Salim trauma hospital). Further, Libya has proven itself full of people like this unnamed witness ("for fear of reprisal," to be sure, even in mid-October), and it's not surprising that even in Sirte there would be one waiting to crawl out with tales like this.

Even the well-armed NTC commander involved in seeding this story to the Telegraph fears retribution, it seems, and was less than forthcoming with his identity.
An NTC commander on the outskirts of Sirte, separately showed Reuters a handwritten list of families whose members were said to have been executed in Sirte. The list, which he said he compiled with information from people inside the city, included the Safruny family.

The commander gave his first name as Saleh but declined to give his family name. He said other attacks on suspected NTC sympathisers had been carried out. "One man, they cut him like this," Saleh said, dragging his finger from the ends of his mouth across his cheeks. "Another, they cut his lips."
Now any of the corpses just found that are defaced in such a way will be "proven" regime loyalist crimes. Take note and sharpen your knives. Also, don't expect many public records to help verify identities to have survived rebel - er NTC - destruction over the past six months. It seems to have become a free-for-all.

A Promise
On October 12, TeleSur's correspondent in Sirte, the brave Diego Marin reported on the rebel push into the city's center and its methods for clearing Sirte, house to house. (Youtube posting):
"The procedure by which [captives] are being processed is not very clear. ... Our worst suspicions were confirmed by rebel soldiers here who told us that who will be found with weapons, there is no doubt that he will be executed. This situation is worrying us."
If they're armed, there's no doubt they'll be shot dead, even if captured alive. If they have no weapons, it depends, apparently. There are a lot of armed loyalists inside.

42 at Mutassim's House
This story emerged along with the alleged capture of one of colonel Gaddafi's more prominent sons and national security adviser, Muttassim. Once again, it was a rumor. The victories may be largely fake (for both sides), but the brutality is real.

Possibly Some of the 42
(currently included in the above post, but to be split-off) CNN has Dan Rivers there, who apparently didn't get the same memo Marin did. Rivers, who has been shown executed "Gaddafi victims" a time or two before, reports (a Youtube posting) on a number of bound and executed men shown piled next to a wall (see image below). Are they following through on what they told Marin? A rebel-affiliated "hospital official" named Abdullah al-Manghoosh told CNN:
We're here to check. We don't know what happened. We don't know the story. But clearly they [the victims?] are revolutionary fighters.
It's not clear who they are. They were captives, bound with plastic ties, piled helter-skelter, mostly face down. There were a total of 42 of them, arrayed in the areas right around what's said to be the home of the Libyan leader's son, Muttassim Gaddafi. It seems more than likely they were killed just as or shortly after the rebels took control of the area. Again the victims we can see are mostly black, and some of them were horrifically burnt alive. 

10 Victims, Burnt, Run Over, Burnt Again 
(also possibly part of the 42 at Mutassim's, but already split-off)
A real horror show, from what's called Hay al Dollar, or Dollar neighborhood. Some of the 10 (or perhaps 11 originally) victims were apparently both run over with trucks and also burned to skeletons. Others, primarily black-skinned, were found just just piled by a wall on October 12, when rebels said they'd just taken the area. These were then slightly burnt sometime before filmed again on the 14th. Hmmm...

Hospital Dead: About 35
I mention these in case the rebels are again using death by neglect in a hospital to cover for their brutal massacre within a hospital. From Global Post:
Dr Hesham Alhooni, a pediatric surgeon from Tripoli, said a further estimated 35 bodies were also found at the Ibm Sena Hospital in Sirte ... [including] "a small baby, who died before we were able to get access to the building because there was no one to treat them.”
“They were not the bodies of patients. They looked like rebel fighters,” said Alhooni, who has been treating patients still trapped inside the hospital for the past two days. “We found them in a closed off ward. Some were tied, some not.”

On Friday, a Gaddafi loyalist that was captured by revolutionary troops confirmed that rebel prisoners were being held in the hospital in a secret prison.

Alhooni said these men may have been executed some time ago.
More at Home: ??
Again from Global Post:
There had also been many bodies found inside homes within the area, [Alhoony] added. These too had been executed with their hands tied behind their backs.
30 Wrapped Bodies in District Two
30 more victims,all executed by loyalists, say NTC people. Found in the blasted-apart rebel stronghold, all were wrapped in plastic sheets. There are few details reported, and no photos, even of them wrapped. Were they killed before or after rebels took the area? Clues vary. I'm going with the latter. Why were they wrapped?I have a couple of guesses. See the link.

Executions in the Capture of the Gaddafi Convoy
Apost for executions of the anonymous guards and other patriots who were needlessly slaughtered. For those of greater fame:
The Sirte Massacres: Leader Muammar Gaddafi
The Sirte Massacres: National Security Adviser Mutassim Gaddafi
The Sirte Massacres: Defense Minister Jabr

53 Executed Loyalists: the Mahari Hotel Massacre
Peter Bouckaert, the main investigator here for Human Rights Watch said on October 24 after seeing the Misrata Brigades'work. “If the NTC fails to investigate this crime it will signal that those who fought against Gaddafi can do anything without fear of prosecution.”

10 in the Water Basin, 13+ Others
Another grisly scene, reported in late October by Human Rights Watch. In just-taken district two, ten badly decomposed bodies had been tossed into a stagnant pool. There's also a video of three of them, two of which are clearly beheaded.

Two others at least at the end of this video apparently filmed November 4 - one is slaughtered in much blood, another obscured, apparently with a bandaged head.

Running Death Toll (updated Dec. 1)
17 filmed by CNN
10/11 in Hay al Dollar
42 by Mutassim's house (may include the 17 and/or 10/11)
30 in district two
0-35 at the hospital
Unknown, executed in homes (insert 2-20, arbitrary)
At least ten following Gaddafi killing (insert 10-50, arbitrary)
At least three: Muammar and Mutassim Gaddafi, Defense minister Jabr
53 at the hotel Mahari
23 known in district two
two others...

The total number of suspicious, likely NTC, executions in Sirte is a reasonable range starting at 162, and having an upper end of something like 286 shown or reported to us, so far.

The Mass Grave
The mass grave of nearly 300 victims, including the 53 from the hotel and probably all or most of the others mentioned, emerged next. Only some of these dead (10%? 75%?) were obviously executed. CBS News, October 25, reports on the aftermath in Sirte, the mass execution at the hotel, and this mass grave. There's some confusion over the separate "invaders' cemetery" mentioned in that report, but this passage is interesting:
The new government has been slow to confront allegations of atrocities by rebel fighters, despite repeated calls for them to do so.

"You have to bear in mind that these young man have seen their friends killed in front of them, who saw their cities burned, who saw their sisters raped. I am amazed at their self-restraint," said Ali Tarhouni, oil minister.

The evidence indicates that little restraint was shown.
More information and links will be forthcoming on this mass grave and related thoughts, and later a split-off post. The initial number suggested the number of unclaimed dead, mostly loyalist, partially executed, perhaps tortured, was not much higher than what they'd already told us about. It suggests few surprises. But that was on October 24, before the real clean-up started.

Images of the (Mass Grave?) Dead: 390 or More
If I'm not mistaken, the mass grave internees were given numbers and photographed prior to burial. What seems to be, purportedly, that set of photos has been made available on-line, on Facebook. Libya S.O.S. has the links, and explains:
More than 400 people were killed and thrown into sewer in Sirte

We apologize for the horrible scene, but to be honest, must be published as long as the image features as well as not to be more because the bodies were mutilated and decomposing and non-clear
In case it gets pulled, I've saved at least the thumbnails, as multiple screen captures. I will have some notes on what they reveal fort hose curious, but not enough to look. To start with, the number is now larger than the "nearly 300" announced on the 25th. The numbers shown run, with some gaps, up to #390. Some faces show water-related decay to varying degrees up to near-skeleton, others nothing obvious at all. Other faces have severe burns/melting or bizarre distortions I can't explain, and stuff coming out of their mouths, amid more human-looking faces of pain and horror. They seem to all be of fighting-age males, some hospital patients, a roughly equal mix of black, lighter-skinned Arabs, and mixed-race people. These are head-shots, so anyone beheaded (with the head missing) is not included, surely explaining at least some of the numerical gaps. If the body is missing, the head may be shown. I'm not sure if any of the photos shows that. There do seem to be several eye-gouging victims, and at least one eye-popping victim.


  1. According to al Arabia there are yet more bodies found:

    More Bodies Found in Sirte
    Saturday, 15 October 2011


    The story is also covered be The Telegraph:

    Ruined Sirte becomes a killing ground as Gaddafi loyalists face destruction, but mete out death of their own
    By Ben Farmer, and Ruth Sherlock in Sirte, 15 Oct 2011

    It is amazing how miracle witnesses who escaped massacre at the last moment always pop up. The NATO / NTC press people seem to be doing an outstanding job in locating these witnesses and getting them in contact with the Western press.

    Anis Faraj (Anis Farej) also appears on this report from CBC News.

    Massacred Libyans' bodies found in Sirte
    Bullet-riddled corpses may be prisoners slain by Gadhafi loyalists
    CBC News, Oct 16, 2011

    I do not expect we will ever see any confirmation for his prison story or even for his identity. People in Libya do not have Facebook pages.


    P.S. – The analysi you refer to as from "Libyan Free Press" is in fact from "Mein Parteibuch Zweitblog:"

    NATO’s TNC ground troops commit summary executions in Sirte
    October 12, 2011

  2. P.K., thanks.I was expecting more, of course. Witnesses who managed to escape while the soldiers tied their shoes, etc.are always a nice touch.

    I wonder also about those wrapped in plastic.Invisible inside? Have ANY corpses of those blasted behind the swiss cheese walls been shown? There have to be a few, and wrapping them in plastic, left unseen, claimed as gunshot executions (some "shot more than once" but you don't wanna see)... yeah, smartplan. Just like they did with the bomb-blastedremains of the Khamis brigade at their HQ in Tripoli...

    So I will read those today, scan for further news yet, and update.

    On the nochien... thing. I got it from where the link goes. The other site, I'd check, but it has a tendency to freeze my browser trying to load. (that's not your site, BTW, is it?) But thisone loads fine... I'll link to it too.

  3. Here is some disinformation that may start spreading. A blogger posted a picture of a mass grave of earthquake victims from Haiti, implying they were victims of the Black Genocide in Libya. Google image search reveals the true context.

    Photo of the day: Killings of blacks in Monday, October 17, 2011

  4. Thanks. I did look. The LIFE stamp tipped me off they wouldn'tlikely be the ones to have such a photo from Libya before anyone else. I did a quick search for similar pictures and found this: same mass grave, apparently, with surroundings that do not look like Libya.

    Spread no further!

  5. Sorry, PK, I didn't even read you clearly before responding - was just waking up. I thought you were saying the disinfo was this being passed off as Haitians. So to re-phrase myself, I agree. I doubt it will spread much further, though the commentators there seem a bit slow.

  6. It's not Sirte, but I found a first report about an alleged massacre in Bani Valid. The german "Welt" reports that the rebels found about 100 dead rebel fighters (!) in a hospital there.

    The only english report I've found in a quick search is from italian AKI which gives a website called al-Qurayna as source.

  7. Here is a primary source on Sirte bodies by Rasmus Tantholdt, International Correspondent of TV2 Denmark.

    Just found 7 bodies close to #sirte city center. They were all handcuffed. Looked like they had been dead for some days.
    12 Oct via Twitter for iPad

    Next to them we found the remainings of 3 bodies burned with tires around them. #Sirte
    12 Oct via Twitter for iPad

    7 handcuffed bodies and 3 burned with tires around them. All found in #Sirte http://nyhederne.tv2.dk/article.php/id-44603249:tantholdt-finder-lig-i-sirtes-gader.html
    13 Oct via Tweet Button

  8. The Danish video shows the location of the 7 + 3 bodies. It is next to a large open space, so it cannot be inside the built up area of the city. It must thus have been captured by well before October 12th.

    I tried to locate the place on Google Maps but was unable. The bodies are located next to a complex with a distinctive feature - round corners, so it should be possible to pinpoint the location based on the video.

    Tantholdt finder lig i Sirtes gader

  9. Satellite imagery, cool. Will have a look later on. I have a hunch these ten might be the same 11 found in "Dollar neighborhood", and the tires might be the ones they were run over with. Murder weapons ditched at the scene, all burnt a little bit... Some kind of UAE Sheikh Issa inspiration?

    Indeed - though the the still I had for Dollar (above) was low res, I can see it's the same spot shown at 0:30. In fact, another view shows this is also the same scene as the second photo, I think. Less massacrespots than I thought.

    The spot should be identifiable. Sirte's not huge. Could be fairly near the center - even downtown I doubt is packed with skyscrapers or anything.

    Felix: Haven't even looked at the Bani Walid story yet. Will likely be putting something up soon-ish once I do.

  10. I found the spot:


    It is next to a mansion inside a large walled garden, maybe Mutasim Gaddafi's house.

    The site is west of the city, very near the place where the western rebel attack reached a month ago.

    Long url:

    1. @ petri : do you recognize this place in or near Sirte ?


  11. Petri, I think you nailed it. As you can see, I've shortened this post and made a new one.

    I was apparently confused on the "Dollar neighborhood" (Hay al Dollar) part. That seems to be the place with burnt people.I did see that too, the charred skeleton. I only saw the one, and that mysterious burnt patch of ground. Will be doing another split-off post on this soon. I typed out and Google translated some of the subtitles:

    A rebel fighter says:
    There a group sniskytter [snipers?]. But there are also mortars
    But not as many mortars as to afford us any resistance and make us afraid to move forward. God be praised is all is in order.

    And where the burnt area is shown:
    This is Gaddafi?
    Yes. look him straight. The proof is that they have burned them."

  12. The colonel is dead now and perhaps for that reason the human rights groups dare to present a little bit more truth:

    HRW today accused the rebels to have executed 53 loyalists at Mahari Hotel in Sirte. Some other war crimes are also mentioned in the same press realease.

  13. CBS News: 300 bodies collected in Sirte on Thuesday, October 25. Total number of bodies in one graveyard: 572.

    Quote: Nearly 300 bodies, many of them with their hands tied behind their backs and shot in the head, have been collected from across Sirte and buried in a mass grave. The new government has been slow to confront allegations of atrocities by rebel fighters, despite repeated calls for them to do so.

    Signs of ex-rebel atrocities in Libya grow

    By Allen Pizzey, October 25, 2011

  14. Linking to the CBS News article on Facebook reveals a thumbnail image of the massacre site that is not present in the article itself. A Google image search returns this arabic language page with two massacre images.

    These seems to be from the Mahari Hotel site 3km West of Sirte as reported by HRW

    I am unable to find the exact spot on Google maps. This link shows the entrance to the hotel:

  15. I forgot to add the link to Arabic language site with images:
    لسنا همجا.. نريد دفن القذافي فورا

    Closer inspection reveals that the bodies are the same as the ones shown on the HRW pages. The location is north of the row of 11 palm trees on the north side of the hotel.

  16. breaking ...


  17. Sounds like a stupid mission. "I will stay and fight til the last drop of blood! Or until just before the last drops! Help, get me out of here! Oh, sorry, now we're all dead or captured."

    Why were the rebels so keen to help the foreigners escape? Was this a set-up? Did they instead bring Gaddafi to them? Mysteries...

  18. Perhaps some of the 10 victims HRW saw in the water basin in district 2 are shown in a video just uploaded by libyansons.

    He mentions seven bodies in the video discription, I can only recognize three. But these perhaps were beheaded?

  19. Interesting find. How do you find these things?

    I had a look and it's pretty gruesome. Ten cited, three shown, and it says "Find seven bodies." Is that a subtraction problem?

    I was struck with the tightness of the one's tan pants, til I realized his pants are down. The flesh is coming apart all over beneath the waterline. Two missing heads, the other (with the ribs showing) seems to be still headed, at an angle. Will look into it more.

  20. I hope I'm not spamming you - I know you're busy with the Shahat piece, another excellent one.

    But I just found another realy though video with six beheaded guys uploaded by tota2clever. He says it's from Sirte, I haven't seen it before - or is it perhaps already in your archive with another origin?

  21. Not spam, definitely. I can'talways respond or even fully read comments, but it's the luck of the draw.

    I didn't see any clearly missing heads, at least 12 bodies. The open area, plus the number six (as you mentioned) makes me think of the Gaddafi convoy massacre, which I'll need to write on eventually. But this isn't next to the main junkyard area... May have to let it sit for now, just spent 30minutes scanning videos for nothing.


    Not a guilt trip.Anything good, keepit coming.


  22. I'm sorry if I spread confusion here. The video I linked above was deleted immediatly, probably because it was a false claim. Those six men seems to be victims of a mexican drug war,as explained in the comments of another copy I found now. They indeed don't look very arabic.

    It definitly has nothing to do with the twelve bodies from Tripolis/ al-Furjan. If I find something else to that case, I'm going to add it in the comments of the Tripoli massacres masterlist.

  23. Ah...it did look like the right kind of area, and I thought the people looked Libyan enough... In fact, are we sure the Mexico part wasn't the excuse to hush this up?

    But I'll go with that. I've seen Haitian dead being dumped after the earthquake and fires, blamed on Libyan rebels, making it seem like "hey, these guys are nothing for killing compared with an earthquake."

    "the twelve bodies from Tripolis/ al-Furjan."
    The what? Am I just forgetting massacres now, or is that a new one on me?

    Incidentally, the second video is also now pulled for ToS violations.

  24. A last try with another copy, but probably also this one will be pulled soon. And another here. All six victims are quite bright skinned and look more latino than arabic for me.

    I think you saw the video from Tripoli/al-Furjan, but perhaps you didn't see the earlier copy with the location in the title - it's in my latest comment in the Tripoli Massacres masterlist.

  25. Okay, I was confused - had seen the area with twelve bodies laid out with heads on - was that Libya? I didn't save a copy. It was the wrong link, not by Tota2clever, and not what you described (or did I get mixed-up?). Tried to look again, but now it's "private."

    ETA: I got the other video, per your other comment, thanks.

    This here is seven (not six) heads and headless bodies, some hanging, three or so other headless bodies in another spot, all indoors. A comment says Mexico, and while they could be Arabic (plenty light-skinned people in Libya) the faces do look more Mexican, with hints of Indio/Asaiatic. I think this is a mislabeled video. And a sad one. Mexico's drug war - and earthquakes, and other conflicts and disasters - have no shortage of horrors even compared with Libya. But we specialize...

  26. Clearly belonging to Sirte is another video, showing the aftermath of the bombing of the Gaddafi convoy. This video is showing about eight handcuffed survivors at the beginning. As reported, 6 handcuffed and executed bodies were found at the same place later. I guess they are among those shown here.

    Has anybody seen pictures of the executed bodies? It should not be difficult to compare then.

  27. I haven't found any pictures of the men who where executed after the capturing of Gaddafi yet. But it seems that one of the men in the video really survived. The elder man at the right side is probably Huneish Nasr, Gaddafis driver, who was allowed to give an interview to the Guardian a few days later.

  28. A couple of bodies in this building, one butchered,here, filmed 4 november,apparently.

  29. Just came across this video. These men were captured alive by the rebels the day Qaddafi was captured and killed. You can see they were being spit on and hit. Later you will see in the other link one of men dead. I am sure if you compare the photos on the SOS link you will be able to match more faces of the victims.



  30. Peet- the handcuffed survivors video has gone.

  31. @eyes wide open
    Great find. Did you notice the earlier compilaton video of Sirte سرت عروس الخليج, Sirte Bride Gulf (?) where there is a row of bound dead bodies against a breeze block wall at 2.56, context not clear.

  32. CNN Arabic service uploaded by MrAlkhorsan on 29 October,فيديو يظهرجثيث موكب القذافي واتهامات للثواربجرائم حرب (dubbed interview with Peter Bouckaert later) shows plenty of sheeted bodies at the convoy's end, and at 0.16 in the central reservation of the dual carriageway.Some seem to have been taken to a spot adjacent to a cemetery. (0.27),others uncovered against the wall.

    1. Account closed - Fortunately avir32568 shows the same video here

  33. Eyes wide open: That's a good piece of work by whoever. I'm pretty sure that's the same guy, and a score I'll be noting. Dblchk, it's the same face #113 I have, and the power of this resource is proven.

    Felix: That slideshow video is full of powerful images. Poor horse at 1:50. The scene at 2:35 I have seen but not looked into. More bloody dead black men. It looks a lot like the "Ghargour black trash" scenery, actually...

    The bodies by the wall, shown at least twice in that video, are covered here. A different view, but they're the same 12 Dan Rivers filmed for CNN, perhaps by Mutassim's place, location not found (new construction, looks like, may reflect in the updated imagery).

    Speaking of which, the next video, from CNN, unique view of that scene (0:28), then one more like that photo. Cemetery bodies is for the mass grave next to a cemetery. The bodies on the "central reservation" I haven't seen.

  34. Rabadw uploads a video العثور على جثث ودفنها في سرت - علي حامد - found dead and buried in Sirte , Ali Hamid. (interviewer) on 8 November. He talks to a man at a cemetery and rather old bodies are shown. The caption names them as Zircon Shaibani - Ghaith Al-Hajj - Ahmed Touhami (the voice over seems to replace this name with ?Sherif Wosita ?) - Iusuf Rahim who had allegedly attempted a reconciliation between rebels and loyalist troops. The footage allegedly shows bodies of Gadaffi Tawerga Brigades whose bodies were found next to the beach west of Sirte. (green flags fluttering in background)

    1. gone.....removed from YouTUbe

    2. Was there anything important? Did anyone save a copy?

      Somehow the link lets me see the owner of the YouTube account, Rabadw – a rebel supporter. There is another video from October that may have something important.

      من يجرا يقول عن ثورة ليبيا
      (Dared to say about the Revolution of Libya)
      Uploaded by rabadw on Oct 5, 2011

    3. I could see the video fine, and saved a copy. It's some kind of collage video, showing some of the Sirte captives, plus explosions, Gaddafi cartoons, mostly photos rolling by, some dead and badly injured people, some from years past. I don't know if any of it's important for our purposes, but not that I noticed.

  35. Dan Rivers goes to see the bodies on the central reservation of the dual carriageway - pretty much above the drainage pipe, in this CNN video, "NATO airstrike" hit Gaddafi´s convoy Oct 22 2011 uploaded by bonanza91v on 22 October. (see 1.11 onwards...) "95 bodies in this area.."

  36. On Rabadw'svideo: There are some dang skeletons in the photos I've scanned. These could be war victims from late September perhaps. Six weeks? 0:45 seems a bit old even for that,but I'm no expert. At 0:49 a number - 434looks like, and pretty freshly killed. Many others, a bit monochrome plus decayed, suggesting they were buried and exhumed. But not buried long or deep. That's my gut feeling.

    Incidentally, what network is that? I just noticed how little Arabic coverage (none) I've seen on the Tripoli shed massacre survivors...

  37. Aside from the amateur video-I mean pro news coverage from, say, al Jazeera. But that's off-topic.

  38. Yes, I too was amazed how the Tripoli shed incident seemed only for Western media consumption. Also, one doesn't see a scrum of European/Americans, journos and photogaphers in the background of the shots, almost as if each group was admitted separately,like to a private performance of a play, timed tickets...

    Rabadw does a good job for the propaganda he shows to his audience. He has some odd stuff - interviews over an Antonov Cargo plane just returned from overhaul in UAE, which nobody else picks up, worth looking through. Not active much lately, though. He certainly gets around - Adjabia,(main base, I think) Sirt, Tripoli. His station is called Libya Al-Ahrar, Free Libya, ليبيا الاحرار fronted by Ali Hamed ,علي حامد ,editor K. Sharari, ك الشراري . The microphone shows LibyaTV logo, a counter-propaganda broadcasting channel from Doha, Qatar since 30 March 2011.

  39. Here is another video with before and after shoots. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=202195866529771

  40. More photos of those killed in Sirte.

  41. Here is a set of pictures on a Chinese web site of likely victims of massacres and the Black genocide in Libya:

  42. Don't quite know where this Al-Arabiya video fits in:
    Libya: Mass Grave and Landmines Found ,uploaded 4 September 2011, documenting an alleged mass grave found east of Sirte at Umm Ghindel. There is also footage of a chemical weapons plant (allegedly) with a ?Russian? on screen describing the 2003 constructed rocket fuel plant.

    1. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=486899971405230&set=a.151286514966579.32339.151266828301881&type=1
      wmd 2009

      August 26, 2011 Sensitive elements of Libya's nuclear program had already been removed by 2009, Nuland said.


  43. @felix – It should be possible to locate the grave site "east of Sirte" on the Al-Arabiya video. There is a road and a radio transmission tower. The tower should be visible on some Panoramio image.

  44. @Petri: Welcome back!

    @Felix: Umm Ghindel. !! That sounds like the place 100km east of Sirte cited by Moussa Ibrahim as where the "peace drive" convoy came under attack back in...April? Only had it phoenetically before, and not right at all.

    Possible coincidence, possible connection. Men and women on a bus disappeared there... A location would be nice. Someone (wink) will beat me to it. I have other things going already (sounds of gears turning)

    1. The Daily Telegraph also reported the story with video: Libya: mass grave found near Sirte: Anti-Gaddafi forces unearthed a mass grave on Saturday (September 3) in Umm Ghindel, east of Sirte...."A rebel fighter from Bin Jawad alerted us about the grave, we kept it secret until we made sure of the place. The man who told us about the grave was coming from Sirte on August 21st when he saw the grave," said anti-Gaddafi fighter Younis al-Sonossi. "I remembered that we entered Bin Jawad in the same date but now we are working in co-ordination with the field hospital and our control room We managed to find five or six bodies so far

  45. Umm el Ghindel is a wadi located 100km east of Sirte, just east of Marsa al Uwayja:

    1. http://www.libyaherald.com/new-grave-found-near-sirte/
      Sirte, 11 May 2012:

      A grave containing the remains of seven people believed to have been killed by Qaddafi’s forces during last year’s revolution has been found in the Um Al-Qindeel area between Sirte and Bin Jawad.

    2. Anti-Gaddafi forces unearthed a mass grave on Saturday (September 3) in Umm Ghindel, east of Sirte -

      "A rebel fighter from Bin Jawad alerted us about the grave,
      we kept it secret until we made sure of the place.

      The man who told us about the grave was coming from Sirte on August 21st when he saw the grave," said anti-Gaddafi fighter Younis al-Sonossi.




    3. Soaade Messoudi from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) says relatives of the missing should not expect too much, too soon - especially in a country with little expertise in forensics.

      Excavating graves with diggers is not the best way to preserve bodies or collate evidence.

    4. Jouhina News:
      In a new discovery of remnants of NATO in Libya found in the Libyan city of Sirte the mass grave
      on the main road Masuda Valley containing the remains of five people dressed in military uniforms.

      on one body found in his pocket a business card with the picture and profile Shahid Oweidat Mansour Mohammed Warfali
      24 march 2013


      five decomposed bodies, four wearing military uniforms green (suit filled) and nr V wears work suit ((Qa carries a company logo Ras Lanuf))


      Image of the martyr Oweidat Mansour Warfali and martyr Ali adequate Zarouk Mersal carries a company logo Ras Lanuf .

      Moroccan born Ajwad :: NATO bombed in the same place during the retreat
      of the People’s Armed Forces and his body was not found .

  46. Alright, I can buy that location, much closer to rebel-held Ras Lanuf than to Sirte, actually. We have supposed video, I may compare. Is it connected to the disappeared activists, or something newer?

    I'll watch the video now. Boiled down:
    Outside Sirte: misleading. Revealed by someone from Sirte? Perhaps. Telling them where to find their own victims? Perhaps. Laundered, altered... No details, a few bodies, shown totally covered. Stupid shit after dominates... weapons in storage, landmines never placed to kill, rockets never fired to kill, some chemicals... chemical weapons, obviously. They skip the useful and go for the evulll. Like rape and massacres, using swords, killing blacks and people on busses...

    Does it need a post? Maybe. As a Sirte massacre in the usual sense? I don't think so.

    1. Alright, I can buy that location,:

      08-09-2011 We pass the anniversary of the biggest battles of honor and pride, Battle Red Valley, east of Sirte.

    2. these rebels are taking a break in an abandoned hotel after returning from an Aid holiday @ 5.57
      60 miles east of sirte


  47. Has this poor guy perhaps been dragged out of a car in/near Sirte? ,"elimination of Gaddafi correspondent"

  48. In this Global Post video with James Foley
    Sirte falls, Libya looks to future

    ...at 1:36 we hear the following:
    Retreating Gaddafi loyalists executed at least 40 prisoners, who may have been revolutionaries.

    The video shows men in civilian clothes with hands tied behind their backs covered in green acrylic fleece blankets. We would need a screen shot to identify the incident.

    And yes, I do not think "Gaddafi loyalists" executed these people.


    hurriya points out Salem Hamed Forjani at 2.14. The thing that most links him to Dr. Salem al-Farjani – besides poor dental care – is his use of the English language. How many Libyans speak English fluently?


    Notice the lucky cameraman at 1:12. The precognition may be the result of a HD camera, that allows zooming in in post-production. I wonder why we have not seen this footage anywhere else.


    The blanket on the bodies are similar to the ones covering the Khamis Brigade "mattress victims". Is this Libyan standard military issue? Or NATO / rebel stuff?

  49. @Petri, @hurriya
    Here is very very good video footage of Salem Hamed Forjani. Interviewed by BBC News on 30 August 2011. Libya rebels offer ceasefire ahead of Eid holiday at 0.30 . Except he is now called "Saleh" and is speaking very good English at Nofaliyah, travelling east towards Sirte with "embedded" BBC reporter Paul Wood

  50. @petri @ felix : some screenshots for comparing :

    40 loyalists killed, green blankets


    BBC vid with Saleh [Salem Hamed Forjani ? ]

    Salem Hamed Forjani at 2.14

  51. http://i133.photobucket.com/albums/q62/chainsawmoth/Libyan%20Civil%20War/Tripoli_Salaheddin_1.jpg
    matress victime green blanket

  52. MAX DYCK
    "We are finding a variety of munitions, it’s quite staggering," says Max Dyck, programme manager for the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) in Libya. "Finding them is not hard. The hard part is trying to coordinate with the locals. When you go in you can’t just plant a flag and say we are going to start clearance. You have to break the ice – you produce and gain trust. It’s a slow process."

    "In Sirte the people are very angry. It is very ‘green’ and they are not scared of saying this," says Michael Morrison, area coordinator in Sirte and Misrata for the international development organisation, the Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED). "Sirte really feels like they’ve been left out by the NTC, who are late coming to the most damaged city," he says. "Pre-war Gaddafi there were perceptions that Sirte benefited a lot from handouts."

    Bill Lawrence, researcher for the International Crisis Group, believes the reconstruction of Sirte should be considered a long-term goal, after democratic elections usher in legitimate representatives.

    Georg Charpentier, the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General with the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), believes "there is little common knowledge on about electoral law and process…(The NTC) needs to reach out and explain.

  53. http://www.box.com/shared/i0tn80hb3xv6bj8s6jmd

    some revealing photo's of Nato's and rebels heroïc work

  54. At a graveyard near the hotel, a local doctor looked after the massacre victims, photographing the bodies and pulling a tooth from each victim, collecting evidence for the men’s families and for a criminal trial, should one take place.

    He ordered an assistant to splash water and spray insect repellent on the decomposing corpses that were waiting for burial.

    Another doctor, watching, shook his head. “What kind of democracy costs all this blood?” he said.The doctor, who requested anonymity because he feared retribution by former rebel fighter....

  55. 53 bodies Arab vid ,RT .Don't know it adds some new views


    دعت منظمةُ /هيومن رايتس ووتش/ المجلسَ الانتقالي في ليبيا للتحقيق في ما وصفته بالمجزرة التي اُرتكبت في سرت منذ أيام بحق ثلاثة وخمسين شخصا من أنصار /القذافي/. واعتبرت المنظمةُ أن منفذيها مقاتلون مناهضون للعقيد. في السياق ذاته بدأت الأممُ المتحدة تتحدث عن جرائمِ حربٍ اُرتكبت في مصراته خلال النزاع

  56. This video by CNN Arabic shows a collection of massacres in Sirte. Some of the footage seems to be new.

    اعدام بالجملة في سرت على يد مليشيات مصراتة
    (Execution of sentence in Sirte, Misurata at the hands of militias)
    Uploaded by avir32568 on Dec 15, 2011

  57. @ felix : on this site y find a vid with then still living people:

    Ein stolzer NATO-Bodentruppenkanal der Gesetzlosen mit NATOstandards :


    @ 2.29 The man with short blue underpants : still living.
    I know there is a vid where y can see bodies in the street ,
    1 with the same pants.

    Maybe y have seen it too? I've checked some vids on blog , cldnt find it, just next week able to check my own documents.

    1. Was checking for the man in blue underwear , dead in 1 of these 3 vids.

      Libya- the hidden genocide ..."
      NATO Rebels Killing Fields of Libya/SIRTE BODIES CONVOY

      Found :

      zaqura1001 has been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted.

      This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement from claimants including:
      Libya Freedom/ mohamad deera/ Harry Fear

      mohamad deera
      media at zintan media
      Edmonton, Canada Area

  58. http://www.libyaherald.com/?p=12172

    Mass grave near Sirte found

    Tripoli, 3 August 2012:

    A mass grave containing ten bodies has been found 50 kilometres west of Sirte by members of the Zawia Martyrs Battalion.

    According to the battalion’s assistant commander, Khaled Akkari, the grave was discovered accidentally by soldiers who carrying out other work.

    Speaking today, he said that a team of specialists had inspected the site, documenting and photographing it.

    He added that the relevant authorities had been informed and DNA samples taken so that the bodies could be identified.

    It is not yet known how or when the ten died or whether they were victims of Qaddafi’s forces or Qaddafi supporters.

  59. Some of the (reportedly) 58 people killed by NATO strikes and shelling in District 2 of Sirte on 15 September 2011:


  60. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnexzQj2W-g&feature=plcp

    شباب حي رقم2 يخرج في مسيرات بذكرى استشهاد الابطال

    Demonstration in District 2 of Sirte to commemorate the victims of the rebel attack on the city on 15 September 2011:

  61. victims @ start vid : Sirte ?
    @ 6.08 the filmer

    same area?

    @ 5.02 a meeting that supports the invasion ?

    An Interview with Zeidan Ali Zeidan, Representative of the Libyan Society in Germany*60 | : 2011 Through conversations between African Union members & the Transitional National Council in Benghazi &Addis Ababa/Zeidan /60 , members of the African Union came to the realization that not only Libya, but Africa too has no future with Qadhafi./Zeidan /60 |

  62. http://vimeo.com/31690377
    @ 34.25 sirte center
    @41.08 yellow red car
    @ 44.19 cars other brigades @ 45.01

    @ 45.08 700 houses complex?

    the hat of Abu Bakr Younis Jabr?
    the hat of the Colonel is more white on top



    1. the hat of Abu Bakr Younis Jabr?

      the same hat as in the vid to be seen here on 20 october:


  63. http://vimeo.com/31690377
    @ 1.09 @ 1.09.27 : big trucks containing ..?

    @ 1.10.36 wound Colonel's right side head , not to be seen on other vids?

    a body doesn't smell when just died , how much time has passed?

    @ 1. 11. 44 body Abu Bakr Younis Jabr complete covered

    Vid contradicts itself : it shows the coastal road blocked & rebel cars heading freely south , west , center the days before 20 oct.
    So how could anybody break trough ?

  64. But what is it about the actual massacres— real, documented massacres —that took place in Sirte that failed to move the same body of shrieking outrage?

    Had Benghazi suddenly become untouchable, holy ground for Western liberals so that all else could be sacrificed for it? Or is it that, behind the feigned concern for absolute strangers on the other side of the planet, what really mattered was making use of any weapon, ideological or military, to overthrow a long-established thorn in the side of the West?

    Why did Sirte matter less, when its massacres were not of the fictive kind? “We found 53...


  65. click to see more:


    not sure if it is a 2011 or 2012 crime :

    Found today in the city of Sirte in the desert south of the city the headless body partially covered with sand and body has been taken to Ibn Sina hospital to take samples from the body to try to identify the identity of the owner

  66. https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/c0.0.400.400/p403x403/735129_473936572641483_1557316550_n.jpg
    nr 90

    On Wednesday, Abdullah visited Sirte's Ibn Sina Hospital and viewed pictures of disfigured or bloated corpses that had been discovered in recent days, photographed and numbered before temporary burial.

    Hisham was No. 90. His lower left jaw had been shot off.

    Abdullah snapped three pictures to take back to his parents so they could start grieving.












    more numbered bodies

  67. 19 april 2011 The Omar Mukhtar brigade commander, until he was killed on Friday in an attack on Brega, was Abdelmonem Mukhtar Mohammed,
    a man with long experience in the armed opposition movement known as the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group who had also spent time in Afghanistan and had met Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden,
    according to the Los Angeles Times.

    Omar Mukhtar brigade , Sep-10 2011 Hussein Jazouy:
    Yesterday we found a mass grave of 159 bodies, and 11 the day before


    #Sirte's rep at NTC, Hassan Drouy, said to be among those accompanying AbdelJalil to #Tripoli today. 6 hours ago

    Hussein Jazouy, Leader of Omar Mukhtar #FF brigade, E front line:
    The more we approach #Sirte, the more we find mass graves. #FreeSirte

    Hussein Jazouy: Yesterday we found a mass grave of 159 bodies, and 11 the day before

    Hussein Jazouy: Bodies were of #FFs that were arrested in 100s during second battle for BinJawad.

    Hussein Jazouy: Many teenagers among Gaddafi forces on the eastern front line of #Sirte

  68. https://ar-ar.facebook.com/photo.php?v=163232173835900&set=vb.199297046801422&type=2&theater

    So-called commander of battalion of Omar Mukhtar ,secret Hamza , looting sirte 30 9 2011


    libiyans visited damaged cemetary sirte 10 11 2011 @ 2.30

  69. A crime against humanity
    Of the Red Cross file
    Massacre done by the armed militias with the help of NATO

    Unidentified found near Ajdabiya

    If you recognize one of this topic images please tell us any information about them
    This is the protection of civilians, which Libya was bombed for



  70. http://www.globalpost.com/video/5678720/location-sirte-falls-libya-looks-future

    40 bodies @ 1.39

  71. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6ZxJCT52PZ0#!

    Nr 140 @ 3.36
    Nr 160 @ 3.43
    Nr 175 @ 3.56
    Nr 147 @ 4.08
    Nr ? @ 4.06
    Nr 127 @ 4.13

  72. Evan Hill Last Modified: 19 Apr 2011

    At the front, fighters now carry paper badges in plastic slips that list their name, number, and "brigade".

    Newer identification cards are smaller, made of plastic, list blood type and feature a barcode.

    Weapons carry individual numbers – Bukatwa's rifle had "309" painted on the wooden stock. These are recorded and linked to the fighter's ID number when a brigade supply centre distributes arms.


  73. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FllL76ymqo

    15/9/2011The Misurata Military Council, whose fighters are spearheading the attack, said its forces had reached the Gharbiyat bridge inside the south-western edge of the city.




    They pushed from the west to al-Gharbiyat bridge and then retreated to Wadi Jarif, a valley about 36km away from the city centre."


    A convoy of fighters had set out from Misurata, a port city, early on Thursday before splitting at the crossroads town of Abu Qurin,
    and a commander said they would approach Sirte in a pincer movement.

    Jalal el-Gallal, a spokesman for Libya's new leaders, said several thousand fighters were involved, backed with tanks and mechanised vehicles.

  74. Their task appeared to have been made easier by NATO air strikes.

    NATO said that on Wednesday it had struck a command and control node, a military vehicle storage facility, four radar systems and two surface-to-air missile systems in the Sirte area.

    Around 15 percent of Kadhafi's forces are still operational, the alliance said.


    Acc to mohamed najib : Nato spots the targets , gives us the coordinates
    and we fire at them with our weapons
    @ 1.55

  75. Some of the (reportedly) 58 people killed by NATO strikes and shelling in District 2 of Sirte

    on 15 September 2011:



    On 12 October, NTC forces pushed even further, reducing loyalist-held territory
    to the Al Dollar neighborhood and districts 1 and 2.[12

  76. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=635131306531464&set=a.635123323198929.1073741866.277713958939869&type=1&theater

    new sirte

  77. Ibn Sina Sirte 09/15/2011 Refrigerator deaths and the full martyrs burned by NATO planes



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