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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Subject/Post/Thread Requests

December 31, 2011

I've had readers/contributors here suggest I start a number of different posts where related discussions can happen and the issue be developed. Some of these I hadon a list in my head I seem to have lost.

So for anyone with a request for a split-off post, a new post, or anything like that, in a comment here is the best place to put it, where I can double-check if I've done them all. No promises the posts themselves will have anything but some notes to explain what all the comments beneath are about.


  1. Thank you for putting up this post. I wanted to suggest two topics and was just about to start looking for a suitable post to start a discussion. Here is the first one of my two top Libya mysteries.


    Just before the fall of Tripoli Libyan propagandists were claiming that a copy of the Green Square had been set up in the desert near Doha, Qatar. When Tripoli was taken in August a video of rebels on the Green Square was first broadcast on al Jazeera on August 20th. Some Green supporters claimed that the video footage was fake and filmed in Qatar.

    The evidence presented was flimsy; someone compared frames from the video to some on-line photos of the Green Square. Palm trees that were there in the 1960s were no longer there, missing details on the gate of the old city were gone because of the extreme compression of the mobile phone video (I do not know if you can call these "compression artifacts" as nothing was there.)

    I thought the story would die in a matter of hours, unexpectedly it is still alive and kicking. Here is one of the original posts on Libya S.O.S. Here is one recently posted version in Finnish. I am afraid anyone sticking to this story will loose all credibility.

    Who were the rebels on the Green Square on August 20th? Where did they come from? Where did they go?

  2. The fifth column, rising up in advance, I presume. They had smuggled guns too,I hear, and were shooting by that time. Did some protests too.

    But sure, that deserves a post to explore more. Maybe not before I crash, but soon. It always sounded quite stupid, and what's the point now anyway? A fake out a day or two before the real takeover? It's a lie! (next day) It was a lie!

  3. On March 19, right after the UN Security Council resolution the French air force bombed a column of heavy armor and artillery on the road just south of Benghazi. It was claimed "al Gaddafi" was just about to pulverize Benghazi. (This report claims "he" also attacked with his air force.)

    It has been suggested that in fact there was no planned Libyan attack on Benghazi. The Libyan army was still somewhere near Ajdabiya. The armor on the road would have been looted by the rebels
    from some Benghazi storage site and placed on the road for NATO to target.

    There are two things that make me believe this version of events. 1) there is no video or photographs of dead or captured Libyan army soldiers from this attack. 2) There is rebel video footage showing explosions, if not the air attack. If the Libyan armor was for real I do not think the rebels could stand this close.

  4. I just wanted to comment with an enormous thank you for the incredibly important work you are doing here. As I see it, you are doing the work that the highly-paid "journalists" ought to be doing.

    Bless and keep you!

  5. @ algabal: Thanks for taking the time to share a kind word! The media... sad, I have little hope left for Humanity at large. But we try. You seem to be interested in the issues covered here, so if you knowof one not covered yet, feel free to submit issues and maybe starter links.

    @Petri: Since March I've been meaning to do an analysis of the "second battle of Benghazi" as Wikipedia calls it, that I also don't think happened, despite claiming a few lives we hear, like Mohammed Nabbous. Will make some kind of post on it soon.

  6. Oh yes, I had forgotten I had flagged Nabbous up as some kind of fake operation a few months ago. Listen/watch again here and here (especially good the first one...probably direct from Winnipeg or Doha or somewhere like that). oh, and here

  7. hurriya
    I would like a thorough thread about "mercenaries"
    of whom english and libiyan politicians were talking from february 2011. With as result thousands hanged, robbed, tortured, disappeared.
    And exept some articles everybody stay silent about it.

  8. hurriya about nabous :

    DeBar told DuprĂ© in communications early Tuesday that Nabbous, unlike painted by ABC, was  "clearly a U.S. agent."
    "The station is forbidden from broadcasting itself within the U.S. under the 1948 Smith-Mundt Act concerning the broadcast of propaganda."

    Alhurra is operated by the non-profit corporation “The Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Inc.” (MBN). MBN is financed by the U.S. Government through a grant from the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), an independent federal agency.

    boarding MBN : Hilary Clinton

  9. Hurriya! Check the comment tips!

    Mercenaries, you are quite right. I remain agnostic on the later appearance of them, and focus on the massive and totally false claims of Afro-Mercs at the outset. The post I have is semi-though, and the thread (of comments) is up to readers like you to make better.

    Mr. Nabbous just now has his own thread, or a space for one. You should re-post that over there and get it rolling. Interesting stuff. Can you imagine if the Russians, say, were pulling half this kind of funny business around the world?

  10. The more I look at the Cobb-Smith & accomplices' arrest, early March 2011, the more I worry. It doesn't add up at all to me. Too much detail. Have found new online sources. Purpose? (this is very early on, before the no-fly zone, same time as the ?SAS? cock-up (alleged) in the desert)
    Here's the German oil company again: "bloodbath, looters robbers..." (in the middle of the desert!) rescued by the SAS end of February, yet other oil workers were asked to "make their way to Benghazi to meet HMS York".....(video) What was going on in the desert?? This is quite distinct from the botch-up announced by warmonger William Hague. (cf here in the Guardian, re oil workers)

    For the SAS operation in the eastern desert, see, eg. here in the Spectator,What were the SAS doing in the Eastern Desert, 8 March 2011

  11. We need a dedicated post on the Tripoli roadblock victims. All the intersections of the Second Ring Road had rebel roadblocks and piles of massacre or genocide victims in mass graves or just lying on the pavement. So far we have three identified sites on the 2nd Ring Road, with 20 + 4 + 2 bodies. We also have a photoset of a captured "Afro merc" at one of the grave sites.

    See my latest comments here

  12. @Perti: We do. The cool thing about this post is when I'm ready to start a random thread I need to, here's the list. I'm a couple behind, not too bad.

    @ Felix: On the British, oil fields, ...stuff. What should that post be called?Good vague title to cover possibly related issues?

    Also need on one Slavic captive mistreatment and killing, and many others. Feel free to mention them, just no promises when.

  13. Adam - I don't know, it's just random stuff which is probably fed to our journos by spooks, they regurgitate it, but it is all bollocks. Sub-plots to be kept away from the sheeple. We'll ever know. The only link is that the official narrative, like the oil tank explosion, makes no sense whatsoever to me. (well, neither do all the "captures" of leading lights, for that matter....) And what about the Colonel's boy bodyguard....


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