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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Techical Difficulties?

Jan. 16 2012
last edits Jan. 18

(title misspelling purposeful: inside joke)

This post is for reporting technical problems. Comments not appearing? Erm...leave a comment here. Site not loading? Erm... if at all possible...

If you can read this, you can contact me at caustic_logic at symbol yahoo.com.

I've just had a report of the site not loading properly on Internet Explorer and causing a friend's whole PC to freeze, requiring a re-boot and disk scanning. That's not good at all. I may not be able to fix the problem, but possibly so, and I'd at least like to know -for added stress - if people are having problems seeing it. It's most helpful if you can tell me what operating system you're using and what version of what browser. I'll see about finding a solution with a basic search, which you could do yourself. But if I do it too, I can maybe find solutions to common problems to paste below in this post.

Thanks for your patience.

Update on fixed problem #1: I removed the foreign text (Arabic, Russian, Serbian, French, Chinese, Hindi, Greek..) above the translate box. My reader says the problem stopped after that. If the text re-appears, it'll be as a JPEG image I made and should cause no problems.


  1. I had the same problem this summer on my blog. Have you tried UBUNTU O.S.?
    It's, maybe, a good solution for your problem.
    You should give us more details...

    1. I put this up quickly with wrong details I'll change in a moment. For clarity, this is advice for those having the problem, right? I don't see how my having Ubuntu will help others. I hate to ask people to get a new browser when the default for most people doesn't work. I need to find out why...

    2. I cut the foreign text from the translate box. I don't suppose it's that simple, but worth a try...

  2. I think the spam filter ate some of my comments yesterday.

    1. If so, it didn't spit them back out on my end. I've been watching the filter.

      This might be the same glitch Hurriya runs into. I don't know the answer except save important comments before submitting. Then, I don't know.

  3. Sirte massacres: Gaddafi -- page not loading at all now. Goes straight to error message from Blogger. Other pages seem okay.

  4. PS: Maybe above has something to do with that page being overloaded / exceeding length limit or whatever?

    In any event, even when working, that page IMO has become almost unmanageable through bloat. Some of the off-topic stuff can be relocated perhaps? And don't you think maybe a summary analysis of the plentiful on-topic content might be appropriate at this time?

    1. Gaaa! Sorry, Afrikat.I've been meaning to track down again who said that and where and respond, but keep getting sidetracked... I'll need to work on that post sometime. Re-locating comments, cannot do without copy and paste, if worth it. (??) Straight deleting, maybe. Too many? Maybe -are new comments not taking?

      As for writing, it's well past time for a summary, but it hasn't been and won't be a priority for me soon. Various reasons, even though it is of great importance. However, if a contributor (wink, nod) wanted to pull together the best info into something coherent, I could post that either there or in a brand-new, glut-free post. And then do something appropriate with this one, time allowing.

  5. AfrikatJanuary 24, 2012 9:25 AM

    Sirte massacres: Gaddafi -- page not loading at all now. Goes straight to error message from Blogger. Other pages seem okay.

    november 2012

    Unable to retrieve spec for http://gadgetsforblogger.googlecode.com/files/recent-comments-gadget.xml. HTTP error 403
    Your client does not have permission to get URL /files/recent-comments-gadget.xml from this server.

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