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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Leonore on the Situation in Libya

August 5, 2014

(Thanks to an e-mail tip - from Spanish to Italian to English, the last step anyway in Google Translate)

These caricatures are published daily in social networks Libyan clearly show that the Libyans know the reality of what's going on. No doubt from 'West is complicated view because of' intoxication daily all means tergiversano the reality.

Since yesterday or maybe two days most of Libya do not have electricity and were cut social networks, calling cards are scarce and scarce food.

Same as what he did with his NATO bombs, the so-called Muslim extremists are destroying the medical, food shops and infrastructure of the Libyans. Exactly the same "work" https://www.facebook.com/NessBookcom/photos/pcb.805072429514591/805072369514597/?type=1

It seems that this morning clashes in Tripoli have been reduced a lot and runs the rumor that the mercenaries are attacking the capital city of Tripoli in Libya because they do not want it to be the capital city and want to convert Misrata to the capital of Libya.

Misrata, along with Benghazi was the place where this invasion (was designed?). Already long before he started in February 2011 in Misrata had installed business of war, became sottterránei communicating channels between the harbor and some buildings and settled the Zionists together with companies from the war.

There invaders in Libya leading the Libyans to torture, executions do, imprison, mercenaries come from there ... the whole world and armed with drugs to invade, attack, steal, rape. From there come the aggressors professionals who invaded Beni Walid with toxic gas, cluster bombs and all the artifacts for illegal killings.

Misrata has been transformed into the black box of terror to Libya and now want to convert in the capital ... obviously this intention has nothing to do with the desideio Libyans.

For a few days it became a Libyan returning to his home in terrible conditions. Quest 'man was gone for six months, and the family had given him up for dead. He said he was 5 months in prison under the ground in a house and they threw the food through a hole. And 'there remained closed for 5 months. One day I pulled out of the hole and took him to Misrata where he was tortured to see if they knew "something". Seeing that he did not know anything about anything they released him.

If we analyze this fact tells us many things that seem impossible. In the first place there is the law in Libya because NATO is responsible to delete it and to ensure the 'impunity to all criminals and psychopaths who introduced in Libya.

The fact of releasing it after all these barbaric shows us that you feel safe all these psychopathic killers assured that no law makes him nothing. In Libya, there are thousands of thousands of people who have gone and go through these experiences, similar or worse, and then they must continue to live, the suffering of the families.

    Leonor Massanet Arbona