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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Leonore on the Situation in Libya

August 5, 2014

(Thanks to an e-mail tip - from Spanish to Italian to English, the last step anyway in Google Translate)

These caricatures are published daily in social networks Libyan clearly show that the Libyans know the reality of what's going on. No doubt from 'West is complicated view because of' intoxication daily all means tergiversano the reality.

Since yesterday or maybe two days most of Libya do not have electricity and were cut social networks, calling cards are scarce and scarce food.

Same as what he did with his NATO bombs, the so-called Muslim extremists are destroying the medical, food shops and infrastructure of the Libyans. Exactly the same "work" https://www.facebook.com/NessBookcom/photos/pcb.805072429514591/805072369514597/?type=1

It seems that this morning clashes in Tripoli have been reduced a lot and runs the rumor that the mercenaries are attacking the capital city of Tripoli in Libya because they do not want it to be the capital city and want to convert Misrata to the capital of Libya.

Misrata, along with Benghazi was the place where this invasion (was designed?). Already long before he started in February 2011 in Misrata had installed business of war, became sottterránei communicating channels between the harbor and some buildings and settled the Zionists together with companies from the war.

There invaders in Libya leading the Libyans to torture, executions do, imprison, mercenaries come from there ... the whole world and armed with drugs to invade, attack, steal, rape. From there come the aggressors professionals who invaded Beni Walid with toxic gas, cluster bombs and all the artifacts for illegal killings.

Misrata has been transformed into the black box of terror to Libya and now want to convert in the capital ... obviously this intention has nothing to do with the desideio Libyans.

For a few days it became a Libyan returning to his home in terrible conditions. Quest 'man was gone for six months, and the family had given him up for dead. He said he was 5 months in prison under the ground in a house and they threw the food through a hole. And 'there remained closed for 5 months. One day I pulled out of the hole and took him to Misrata where he was tortured to see if they knew "something". Seeing that he did not know anything about anything they released him.

If we analyze this fact tells us many things that seem impossible. In the first place there is the law in Libya because NATO is responsible to delete it and to ensure the 'impunity to all criminals and psychopaths who introduced in Libya.

The fact of releasing it after all these barbaric shows us that you feel safe all these psychopathic killers assured that no law makes him nothing. In Libya, there are thousands of thousands of people who have gone and go through these experiences, similar or worse, and then they must continue to live, the suffering of the families.

    Leonor Massanet Arbona


  1. “We know the only way to keep Misrata alive is to keep the harbour open,”
    Hafed Makhlouf,
    the controller and ship pilot of the port told The Guardian.
    “Gaddafi realises this too, and knows that the only way to extinguish the revolution is
    by starving the people.” , 06 May 2011

    Hafed Makhlouf, a resident of Misrata, said his nephew had been executed in Sirte
    after he was accused of helping the NTC forces.22 Sep 2011

    He said he received the news from some of his family who were still inside the city and were trying to escape. "They're afraid of coming out and being detected by the enemy
    and executed by them," he said.

    Wednesday 27th March 2013 The Italian Ambassador in Tripoli, Giuseppe Buccino Grimaldi,
    has appointed a consular correspondent in Misrata.

    Hafed Makhlouf, a Libyan national
    and a former student at the Navy Academy at Livorno in Italy,

    is tasked with assisting the growing number of Italian nationals working in Misrata
    and in facilitating investment opportunities for Italian businessmen in the city. 


  2. عقيلة صالح عيسى Akila Saleh Issa

    Issa Saleh Akila as the new head of the Libyan Parliament
    Winning "77" votes in the runoff,
    compared to "74" votes obtained by his rival Abu Bakr Mustafa Bairdh.
    MP for the city dome east of Libya

    The other members of the new Council of Representatives has opposed the move,
    refusing to go to a meeting in the city of Tobruk, instead of Tripoli

    For his part, Ali Makhlouf Aqila, a candidate for the House of Representatives in Benghazi,
    said that the legislature "should be located in the heart of the revolution,
    the most tense city,
    so that its legislation will be close to the pulse of the street and translate the aspirations
    of the Libyan citizen - provided, however, that it chooses its location carefully".


    The election was also boycotted by the Amazigh, or Berber, minority
    which lives in the west near oil installations.

    Its leader, Ibrahim Makhlouf, has rejected the vote because the Amazigh want a bigger say in the body and guarantees that their tongue will become one of Libya's official languages.

    In the past, Amazigh have backed their demands by blockading oil installations such as the Mellitah oil and gas complex, co-owned by Italy's ENI, as well as pipelines.
    ttempts to write a constitution have been delayed by political infighting in the GNC, which was elected in July 2012 for an 18-month term in Libya's first free vote in nearly 50 years. 21 february 2014

  3. Martyr Colonel Pilot Mohammed Embarak Aqeeli .. born in 1960 .. one of the most efficient pilots have built a base in the Air

    The grandson of one of the leaders of the Libyan Islamic Jihad during the invasion of Libya .. sorties were the first day
    12/3/2011 when security battalions of Colonel Gaddafi headed to Benghazi .. martyr flew about 17 sorties that day .

    Abdul Rahman AlAgeli is a  security file coordinator in the Office of the Libyan Prime Minister and Rapporteur of the Supreme Committee on Border Affairs.
    He is also a founder of the Libyan Youth Forum, a non-political organization focused
    on youth development and empowerment. For more insights, you can follow him on twitter: @AbdulRahmanLYF

    Omar Amer Al Barghathi

    The ShababLibya/Libyan Youth Movement team

  4. 7 august 2014


    a leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (Khaled al-Sharif) said :

    that the process of the transfer of prisoners Saadi Gaddafi and Abdullah al-Senussi
    to the city of Misratah has been successfully ..

    According to the same source, this measure enables the force defending the city of Tripoli and the control of the green plateau prison in Tripoli, especially after incurring a complete inability to achieve any progress on the ground

    Militia"s fighting in tripoli :
    militia Agneoh +

    militia hater +


    Haitham tribal militia known as Tagouris +

    Almsarit = misrata

    In the meantime missile strikes and indiscriminate artillery on several neighborhoods in Tripoli continue with the aggravation of living due to power outages
    and scarcity of petrol and cooking gas,
    and the lack of food
    and a severe shortage of financial liquidity in banks






    A picture of the inauguration ceremony of the LIFG Mahdi Alharatne
    as mayor of the city of Tripoli 6 august 2014


  5. thanks for your work.

    this is interesting: "...Najjair, who had never picked up a gun until the Libyan revolution, was also a prominent member of the Tripoli Brigade -- some of his fellow fighters labeled him "the Dublin sniper."..."

    isnt mahdi alharati british or us/israeli agent?

    1. @ PeeBee

      Housam Najjair,shooting a libiyan soldier , who tries to crawl away

      The CIA bag-man Mahdi al-Harati had until October 11 been the commander of the Qatari-trained Tripoli brigade , the NTC-aligned body that , under the protection of NATO air cover ,overwhelmed pro-Gaddafy forces in Libya’s capital last August .


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