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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Russia, Libya, Syria, & MH17

I spent an hour yesterday yelling my head off on the telephone with my friend and Finnish contact in Moscow. This was after looking at the shrapnel patterns on the wreckage and finally realizing that MH17 was not an accident but a false-flag attack targeted at Russia and Putin personally. The reason for my anger was the total incompetence and the total unpreparedness of Russia in facing MH17 – and more generally – the lack of support Russia has given to those fighting for Russian interests in the information war in the English speaking world.

The  MH17 attack could not have been a surprise. In fact, on the morning of July 17th the air was so full of anticipation of "something happening" that you could almost cut it with a knife.

I have been investigating this crime for three years, that is long before it even happened. This is not an isolated crime but only one in a long series of geopolitical crimes, each one them coming closer and closer to Moscow. Each one of them directed from the same command center somewhere deep in the Empire of Chaos* – with full participation of the bullhorns of the Western "free" press. With my friend Adam Larson we have been able to solve many or even most of these "massacres" and show that they are false-flag attacks.

In all these years we have received no help or support from Russia or the Russian civil society. If Russia ever did any proper investigation on anything, it is buried so deep in the Runet that knowledge of it has never entered the English speaking world.

Medvedev's Russia agreed in the UN Security Council on devastating economic sanctions on Libya, including freezing $ 100 billion of assets on February 26th, only three days after the "al Baida Massacre", a jihadist massacre of Libyan solders claimed by international Human Rights organizations to be Gaddafi "killing his own people!"

A month later Russia abandoned Libya to the mercy of the Western genocide machinery. Massacre after massacre followed, all of them attributed to Gaddafi and his "regime".

If Russia ever had any real intelligence on the Ghouta CW massacre, it never shared it. Russia may have put its Mediterranean fleet face to face with the US fleet, maybe even showed off its nuclear warheads but it never really challenged the US on the information front.

What finally solved the Ghouta CW massacre was going body by body trough all 2000 or so victims and finding the murder weapon – a knife! (Or more precisely, the pool of blood around the body after the undead victim was stabbed.) By implication: if one of the alleged CW victims was murdered in cold blood by the alleged helpers, then all 2000 were murders in cold blood.

Russia did not help here. (It was a US doctor.) No one cared to collect and catalog and store for distribution the available evidence. Even simple things could have had a great impact. In our work we have not even received so much help from the target nations that we could transcribe a street sign or wall graffiti in Arabic.


(* Patrick Armstrong speculated today that the command center is not with the CIA but inside the US State Department.)

Links: (all by me, Adam & team)

Research sites:
Al-Baida massacre (Libya)
Khamis Brigade shed massacre (Libya)
Houla massacre (Syria)
Al-Bayda massacre (Syria)
Ghouta CW massacre (Syria)


  1. Hi Petri,

    thanks for your good work and links.
    I also try to help the TRUTH and therefore Russia (being an East-german).
    Unfortunately I can confirm the complete lack of support by Russia whatsoever, for my small humble miniblog and collection of links (http://opensxce.blogspot.de/ and https://www.facebook.com/OpenSXCE and https://twitter.com/opensxce ).

    While the US and EU even have public job offers for trolls on their own public home pages (http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/in-the-loop/wp/2014/06/17/support-u-s-eu-free-trade-the-embassy-in-berlin-wants-you http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/eu/9845442/EU-to-set-up-euro-election-troll-patrol-to-tackle-Eurosceptic-surge.html )

  2. Oh my God, awesome! Will read soon!

  3. Russians have never been quite aware of the importance of the appearances.

    Marketing and consumer-psychology studies would have never been invented by Russians.

    Russians are simply not shrewd enough.

    Since the day when Saint Prince Alexander Nevskyi has famously stated that: "God is not to be found in the strength, but He is to be found in Truth", Russians seem that the Lord Almighty will stand on the side of Truth and make it victorious against all odds, while they Russians will not need moving a finger.

    Add to this a very low self esteem inherited from the Piter the Great westernizing urges and forced upon Russian populace by their french-speaking overlords, and you get to understand why Russians rarely see fit to contradict the Global West.

    This is why when Bolshevik elites were predominantly Jewish, their propaganda was quite efficient.

    But as soon as Stalin destroyed the old Leninist cadres in his anti-Trotskyi's drive, the efficiency of the Soviet propaganda started to decrease.

    And it reached its utter nadir under Brezhnev and Gorby's patronage.

    And we have to remember that Putin has unfortunatelly a Brezhnevian zeitgeist.

    This is why, while Putin was working on Sotchi's spectacle, the west pulled a much more marketable show: Maidan...

  4. Thanks, Petri, and some good points to consider ... (wrote a comment earlier, didn't take apparently). And thanks, other commentators.
    Notes: the report is final, not a draft. And Denis isn't so much a "doctor" nor all that "US" anymore - more Canadian (didn't know that before myself).

  5. Critics claim that British economic interests in Libya had muted support for the uprising there.
    British exports to Libya have risen to more than £400m
    and are set to increase dramatically as oil and gas investments by Shell and BP develop.



    Mark Allen Senior IMF Resident Representative for Central and Eastern Europe

  6. Alice Jay - Avaaz.org
    Dear friends,
    Libya's armed forces are using machine guns and fighter jets against pro-democracy protesters -- hundreds have been killed and, without immediate international action,
    it could spiral into a national bloodbath.

    The United Nations Security Council is holding emergency sessions on Libya now.
    If we can pressure them to agree to a no-fly zone over Libya, an asset freeze on Qaddafi and his generals, targeted sanctions against the regime, and international prosecution of any military officials involved in the crackdown -- this could stop airforce bombings and split Qaddafi's command structure.

    We have no time to lose -- the people of Libya are being slaughtered by their own government. Click to send a message directly to all the UN Security Council delegations to stop the violence, and share this with everyone -- let's spur the UN to action with a flood of messages:


    A mere three days after the Houla Massacre in Syria, while all parties were clamouring
    to figure out what had happened and who was responsible,
    Avaaz took the opportunity to speculatively blame the Assad government as part of an online petition campaign.
    What is even more disconcerting is that this ‘human rights’ organisation
    also made a thinly-veiled call for foreign intervention – something which would undoubtedly result in astronomical human suffering.

    Using emotive and crafty language,(2) Alice Jay (Avaaz’s Campaign Director) blames Assad for the Houla massacre indirectly, by alluding to the decision of several Western governments to expel Syrian diplomats:

  7. Mary Fitzgerald - Avaaz.org
    Mary, Alice, Luis, Pascal, Anna, Marie and the whole Avaaz team

    Nun on Irish visit accused of peddling ‘regime lies’ about crisis in Syria
    17/08/12MARY FITZGERALD, Foreign Affairs Correspondent (The Irish Times)

    A crash course in warfare followed for the Dublin born Najjair.

    “I am also a sniper. It’s not rocket science. You just hold your breath and shoot,” he added.

    Husam Najjair, 34, akaIrish Sam, al-Harati's brother-in-law.15
    He was born in Ireland to a Libyan father and Irish mother;
    he worked as a contractor. Before he went to Libya he had no military experience.
    Arriving in Libya, he joined al-Harati's Tripoli Brigade,
    where he received the nickname "the Dublin sniper."
    In Syria he used his experience to
    train rebel forces and fight alongside them
    (Vice.com, May 2013).

    48. The number of Irish foreign fighters in Syria was estimated as between
    10 and 26 (Irishtimes.com, May 3, 2013).

    Apparently the overwhelming majority are Muslims.

    Some who went to Syria were veterans of the battles in Libya.

    Four deaths of Irish foreign fighters have been reported in Syria,
    including that of a 16 year-old boy.

  8. thanks a lot for new articles! it is always worth to follow and read.

    i found this info in ukrainian sources which i almost was not able to believe but on the other side...

    people from ukrainian antifa fight in the same battalions (azov) as neonazis - against "russian imperialist agressors" - loving their swedish nationalistic instructors. combination of unbelievable stupidity and years of brainwashing (nulands 5 billion $)?


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