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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Terrorists 1 and 2! Ah, I see you’ve met!

Reflections on the Libya conflict, Gaddafi, bin Laden, and their shared history
Re-poted April 26 2011
Original posting, March 21

Paul Hudson, father of a Lockerbie victim and co-president of the Families of Pan Am 103/Lockerbie – a separate group from Victims of Pan Am 103 Inc. - posted a press release about a week ago, on the eve of the UN vote about a no-fly zone over Libya. It’s a pretty militant dispatch filled with minor inaccuracies (Libya was not on Bush's “axis of evil,” for one) and the usual annoying spin the U.S. family members of 103 victims are so well-known for. Something about believing that their children were killed by Gaddafi’s regime might have something to do with that.

As others have been doing, he seems to believe every report from the rebel side and hears none from the other, and falls back on alarmist tactics to urge sterner measures against the Gaddafi regime. He called for immediate military strikes and recognition of the new government in Benghazi, to prevent a “genocide” against the “peaceful protesters.” Out inaction in this war has the danger of "starting a war," he cautioned.

Hudson’s advice and the thousands who share the same view has apparently made it happen. The United States, UK, and France pushed through a 10-0 vote at the United Nations security council on the imposition of an enforced no-fly zone. And it has just-now-noticed additions specifying Gaddafi’s forces can also not drive tanks, or do anything ground based that threatens “civilian targets.” The meaning of civilian is unclear; it seems by the news reports of actions taken so far to include protesters, and also the half of Libya now under rebel control, and also their advancing forces. Witness the famously photographed rebel fighter jet shot down over Benghazi. Officially (by rebel accounts) this was shot down by Gaddafi's forces, who were close enough to both shoot it and to be threatened by it. They were guilty of breaking the cease-fire, an unprecedented one-sided one, with an open-ended military license to back it up, in the middle of a rather sudden mass defection and war that is not clearly understood by most people (myself included).

Clearly what’s needed is to rush into this fray before we can figure out what the hell’s going on there. Make no mistake, supporting the protesters is an urgent and a humanitarian impulse, we’re told by the US ambassador to the UN: "the violence must stop, the killing must stop, and the people of Libya must be protected and have the opportunity to express themselves freely." And as a French government spokesman clarified, the “free expression” referred to is "go(ing) all the way in their drive for freedom, which means bringing down the Kadhafi regime." [source]

What a novel concept, sure to be introduced here or there, in the heartlands of revolutionary enlightenment freedom themselves. Following this overseas trial run, of course. Or perhaps not.

It's not an entirely savory bunch we are going in to protect, either. There are the deep-east-Libyan Arab racists among them, identifying African “mercenaries” often just by skin color, venting their dislike of Gaddafi’s pan-African ideas by cutting down immigrant workers and lifetime citizens alike in the dozens, according to a number of reports. [see here and here] Many others escaped such harm only by fleeing quickly enough.

But then there’s Daffy Qadhafi’s loony charge that al Qaeda, its north African branch at least, is behind the revolt. He said this from the beginning, to a general response in the west of hysterical laughter. As impassioned commentator David Rothscum aptly put it “ we consider him to be a schizophrenic autistic nutcase of course.” It doesn't help that he added that they were tripping on hallucinogens, of course, in a surreal and contradictory twist.

Again on the eve of serious bombardment, Gaddafi tried to explain to the world: "If you come here to carry out air strikes, you are not coming to protect the human rights of civilians, you are... going to be opening the door to al Qaeda." Strangely, as President Obama orders missiles, his anti-terrorism Czar John Brennan, for one, concedes there is cause for just that concern, as with any Muslim nation being destabilized. Or perhaps more so. Early on in the Libyan uprising, it was reported on CNN and elsewhere that Al Qaeda's North African wing offered through a website to "do whatever we can to help" the rebels. This tends to go against Gaddafi's idea they had initiated the revolt. But just now, they've issued a "warning against America" to the rebels of their stripe.

Brennan was however all but sure of renewed terrorism if Gaddafi remains. Indeed, he might be more angry, for some reason, and so must go, opening the door for someone. And clearly Gaddafi’s death machine and bin Laden’s are in the same group to Americans and the French – Arabic speaking airliner-scale terrorist bad guys, and the worst two among them. As Mr. Hudson noted
"[Gaddafi is] the admitted No. 2 international terrorist, second only to Osama Bin Laden, having caused the murder of hundreds of Americans, French, UK and other innocent citizens in the bombings of U.S. bound Pan Am 103 killing 270, UTA flight 772 killing 170, the La Belle Disco bombing in Berlin, dozens of other terrorist attacks, and delivering large shipments of plastic explosives for IRA terrorist bombings, plus killing thousands of his own people who regularly disappear into his torture chambers or are assassinated abroad. (...)
I’m confident some portion of that list is true, but at the very least the deadliest among them and the one that brought Mr. Hudson into such impartial and scholarly contact with this ring of terror, has been sadly misattributed. (see: the rest of this site).

The two Libyan agents accused of bombing Flight 103, Abdelbaset al Megrahi and Lamin Fhimah, were indicted in 1991 on flimsy and dubious evidence. Of three witnesses against the accused, at least two were paid $2 million each, and still managed to provide almost zero credible evidence between them.   The trial judges themselves in 2000 dismissed one of them, the star witness Giaka, for likely mass-fabrication, and acquitted the accomplice, convicting Megrahi alone for a crime he couldn't do alone. This itself was decided on reasoning seriously questioned on official review in 2007. Gaddafi and Libya never did "admit" to this crime, this alleged Libyan plot on Malta. There’s also much better circumstantial evidence and a truckload of cover-up indicators pointing elsewhere.

Nonetheless, back in the early 1990s, the politically leveraged indictments led into demands for a trial Libya couldn’t agree to, leading to a UN air embargo and steep sanctions. These caused an unknown number – reportedly thousands - of preventable Libyan deaths, possibly included in Mr. Hudson’s numbers as Gaddafi’s fault. This only ended after the two accused surrendered for a compromise trial in 1999. Mr. Hudson noted an agreement to limit the trial’s fallout, unjustly he thinks.
Prior to turnover of the Pan Am 103 indicted terrorists for trial, a letter by former UN Secretary Kofi Annan stated that the U.S. and UK had agreed not to pursue the case so as to destabilize the Gaddafi regime.
Yes, political assassination was a genuine concern, as that was likely the US and UK goal in framing and pursuing the two Libyan agents. And this wasn’t the only thing the Anglo-American alliance has used to destabilize or kill the colonel. Cruise missile accidentally hit his house in 1986, killing a a baby daughter of his. Another thing once used, a decade later, was the no. 1 terrorist on Hudson’s list – Osama bin Laden and his once obscure al Qaeda network.

David Shayler is our troublesome original source for this, a former MI5 officer, who is now certifiably nuts. But this 2002 article by Martin Bright in the UK Guardian makes quite clear that he had at least one dynamite conspiracy find earlier on: the UK MI6 (foreign intelligence) worked in the mid-1990s with al Qaeda's north African network, in Libya, on a plot to assassinate Gaddafi. The cell there, called the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), included one Anas al-Liby ("the Libyan"), a fairly senior member close to bin Laden in his days in Sudan. As Bright explained the LIFG's bold and British-sponsored move:
The assassination attempt on Gadaffi was planned for early 1996 in the Libyan coastal city of Sirte. It is thought that an operation by the Islamic Fighting Group in the city was foiled in March 1996 and in the gun battle that followed several militants were killed. In 1998, the Libyans released TV footage of a 1996 grenade attack on Gadaffi that they claimed had been carried out by a British agent.
The west played that down, and the escaped British agent al-Liby took part in the US embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania in August 1998. For this he was indicted in 2000 and fled, from asylum in the UK (Manchester). With a $25 million bounty on his head, he wound up in the Afghanistan area, joining the post-9/11 Jihad.

Shayler was on trial for revealing some genuine secret or other (I'm unclear what), and his explanation of why, this Libya plot he had to expose, was called “pure fantasy” by the government. But during the trial amazing lengths were gone to to keep it all quiet. Public Interest Immunity certificates were issued, Mr. Shayler was barred from saying or entering anything about it, the media was gagged from reporting on it, and so on. The article explained:
Astonishingly, despite suspicions that he was a high-level al-Qaeda operative, al-Liby was given political asylum in Britain and lived in Manchester until May of 2000 when he eluded a police raid on his house and fled abroad. The raid discovered a 180-page al-Qaeda 'manual for jihad' containing instructions for terrorist attacks.
The MI6 officer who ran this fiasco were named, but thought to be relocated and re-named by then. The operation is said to have hampered Libya's efforts to arrest Osama himself, or take a hard-line against his nascent network. Indeed, Muammar Gaddafi's terrorist regime was the first in the world, in May 1998, to declare bin Laden a wanted criminal. Shayler had insisted it, and supporting evidence came out in the 2002 book Forbidden Truth by Dasquie and Brisard. Thus, the West's obsession with Gaddafi could have had some role in allowing the attacks of September 11, 2001 and others, before and since.

Al-Liby remained in the fight until he was killed in Pakistan, in 2008. But some of his affiliates remained in Libya, mostly the heavily Islamist eastern half that now, it's proudly boasted, "has never accepted Gaddafi's rule." In fact, he's sometimes referred to there, perhaps literally, as the "anti-Christ."

The government has taken a different tone on the LIFG today, a softer one, partly to respect international criticism of human rights abuses. Now they are "rehabilitating" the terrorists rather than executing as before. Nonetheless, as reported, "the LIFG in 2007 reaffirmed its determination to topple Kadhafi's regime and to replace it with an Islamic state, and also stated its affiliation to Al-Qaeda."

Under these peoples' influence, parts of neglected eastern Libya have spawned at least two things of note in the last decade. One is the highest rate of al Qaeda volunteers, per capita, in the Arab world, and now the mutiny against Gaddafi.  A further 110 rehabilitated LIFG members were released, as scheduled, a day before the planned "day of rage" that started the revolt in February. And now, some of al-Liby's offspring are, or had better be, planning a coalition government over Africa’s largest oil deposits, if they are to replace a long-despised “terrorist” regime. Or just hold onto what the allies up north seem to think they have a right to.

Now of course, all the rebels are not al Qaeda fanatics, but just how many are is unclear. As David Wood reported for the Huffington Post:
U.S. officials declined to discuss the make-up of the anti-Gaddafi forces in eastern Libya, and U.S. intelligence agencies declined to comment publicly.
It’s presumably hoped that the "undesirable elements" will be co-opted or weeded out one way or another after things have settled and freedom is realized.

And similarly, not all of the protesters we're protecting are war criminals. But some apparently are. An amateur video (view with discretion) shows rows of dead Libyan soldiers "who refused to obey orders to shoot their fellow Libyans and they were executed by the regime and its mercenaries.” it was the major incident you heard about, the one near al-Baida, where 130 of Gaddafi's soldiers were killed somehow, surely added to the figures against him, and claimed by the rebels as a platoon of martyrs for their freedom fight. Refusing orders to kill innocents, faces blown off. The world was moved.

But another video, shown on Libyan state TV from footage intercepted somehow, shows a number of the same soldiers (apparently, by clothing, build, etc.) and their captors before the killing. From that it seems the rebels themselves themselves blew the heads off of these helpless prisoners, and passed off the edited cut to an accepting world * as another predictable Gaddafi slaughter. Or we have to give the regime very high marks for rapid and convincing video fakery. (Please see the explanation of this at my favorite skeptics forum).

Well, now with some help from northerners, seizing the sky again from a murderous tyrant, the rebels might have the whole regime on its way to being just as bound and helpless as those claimed “martyrs”  near al-Baida. Amid the pools of blood at slaughter's end, we’ll hear the explanation – as usual, it was all Gaddafi’s fault. The world will cheer for the freedom fighters. And then some other things will happen, who knows what.

* (Previously I’d noted here the alleged work of the extra-brutal Palestinian terror group PFLP-GC in Bosnia, fighting alongside proto-al Qaeda elements for Bosnian freedom from Serbian rule. Starting in May 1992, some of these terrorist elements reportedly killed civilians and conducted other false flag atrocities blamed on Serb forces and used to help win NATO air support to protect human rights. [source] It is my belief that the PFLP-GC also organized or at least equipped the murder of Mr. Hudson’s daughter in 1988, despite Libya taking the blame.) 


  1. Do you mean neglected eastern Libya, Adam?
    Interesting to read old NYT articles about Libya in the early 80s - predictable stuff which was recycled for Iraq. This one is the dry run for Iran, though.

  2. Ah, yep. I was mixed up when I wrote this. I'll probably delete this post later, after re-distributing the relevant facts. I just posted it as existing filler while I worked on the latest post. Please be sure to see that (Gaddafi carbonizes families?)

  3. Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran. They all had their uses for the U.S. government, until they weren't needed anymore. "Quick! Someone get those chemical weapons out of Sadaam's hands before someone realizes my daddy and Reagan gave them to him!" - George W. Bush

  4. Some notes about Ishmael Kamoka or Ismail Kamoka, member of the LIFG. Name seems more from Pakistan than Libya. Kamoke is a city in Pakistan. However described here as Lebanese:
    31/08/03, Salaam.co.uk
    Ishmael Kamoka - location not specified - Lebanese found in possession of £6,000. Sun newspaper reported that he was being held under ATCSA at Belmarsh and that Police believed the money was for 'the purposes of terrorism' Detention without a prospect of trial

    Press TV, 3 Sept 2011":Once the UK intelligence sent a letter, dated back to 16 April 2004, to an official at the International Affairs Department of Libyan security, saying, "We wish to inform you that Ismail KAMOKA @ SUHAIB [possibly referring to an alias being used] was released from detention on 18th March 2004. A panel of British judges ruled that KAMOKA was not a threat to national security in the UK and subsequently released him. We are content for you to inform [a Libyan intelligence official] of KAMOKA's release

    Kamoka was one of five LIFG members put under house arrest in 2005 until 2009 according to the Daily Mail


    12 June
    Counter Terrorism Command
    Three men sentenced under Terrorism Act
    Three men who admitted sending money and property to support terrorist
    activity in overseas countries were jailed on 11 June 2007.
    Ismael Kamoka, Abdul Bourouag and Khalid Abusalama were all members of
    the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), a group intent on overthrowing the Libyan government and replacing it with a fundamental Islamic state. The three sent money – in excess of £20,000 a year – to people living abroad to help with this aim. During searches of addresses linked to the men, MPS counter terrorism officers found a ledger written in Arabic, which detailed money transfers to overseas countries totalling thousands of pounds.

    ABDULRAHIM, AbdulbasitDOB: 2 July 1968POB: Gdabia, Libyan Arab Jamahiriyaa.k.a.:ABDELRAHIM, Abdelbasit
    MAHOUD, Abdulrahim, Abdulbasit, FadilMANSOUR, AbdallahMANSOUR, AbdullahRAHIM, Abdul, Basit, Fadil, AbdulELMABRUK, Maftah, MohamedDOB: 1 May 1950POB: Libyan Arab Jamahiriyaa.k.a.:ABD AL HAK, Al Haj
    ABD AL HAQQ, Al HajjAL MABROOK, MuftahEL MABRUK, MuftahEL MOBRUK, MaftahELMABRUK, MustahELMOBRUK, MaftahNationality: LibyanAddress: London, United KingdomELOSTA, Abdelrazag, ElsharifDOB: 20 June 1963POB: Soguma, Libyan Arab Jamahiriyaa.k.a.: AL USTA, Abdelrazag, ElsharifNationality: BritishAddress: London, United KingdomPassport Details: 304875071 (British)
    Involved in fundraising on behalf of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group
    (LIFG) (QE.L.11.01). Held senior positions with the LIFG in the UK.
    Associated with the Directors of the Sanabel Relief Agency
    (QE.S.124.06), Ghuma Abd'rabbah (QI.A.211.06), Taher Nasuf (QI.N.215.06)
    and Abdulbaqi Mohammed Khaled (QI.K.214.06) and with members of the
    LIFG in the UK, including Ismail Kamoka, a senior member of the LIFG in
    the UK who has been convicted and sentenced in the UK in June 2007 based
    on charges of terrorist funding. Resident in the UK.
    Other Information: UN Ref QI.E.258.08. Involved in fundraising and
    financial facilitation on behalf of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group
    (LIFG) (QE.L.11.01). Associated with members of the LIFG in the UK,
    including Mohammed Benhammedi (QI.B.213.06), Taher Nasuf (QI.N.215.06),
    and Ismail Kamoka, a senior member of the LIFG in the UK who has been
    convicted and sentenced in the UK in June 2007 based on charges of
    terrorist funding. Resident in the UK.

  5. Douglas Murray, Daily Telegraph, 23 March 2010 An Israeli diplomat expelled? But look who the British government won't get rid of…
    Abu Qatada: known as Osama bin Laden's ambassador to Europe....

    ..Farj Hassan al-Saadi: entered the UK illegally in March 2002. He was added to the United Nations Sanctions Committee’s permanent register of al-Qaeda and Taliban members in November 2003. The Special Immigration Appeals Commission ruled that his cell ‘clearly was a group of men with extremist Islamist views supportive of violence against the West which had been acting together for some time in the ways we have set out including recruiting for Al Qaeda, raising money for terrorist activities and obtaining false documents for that purpose. This group can properly be regarded as a serious terrorist group’ and al-Saadi was ‘a highly respected member of the group and that he may well have been its leader for a while’. On 7 February 2008, he was found guilty in absentia in Italy of belonging to a terrorist group and being part of a terrorism plot in 2002. At the trial, he was described as the ‘European envoy’ of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the head of al-Qaeda in Iraq. [ Mysteriously dies in a Motorcycle accident in Harrow, 16 Aug 2010

    Ismail Kamoka: a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group who arrived in the UK in November 1994 from Saudi Arabia, claiming asylum. His claim was based on the fact that he could not return to Libya because he belonged to a group there which aimed to overthrow the government and replace it with an Islamist one. When attempting to claim asylum in the UK he said he had been to Pakistan in 1992 to take part in jihad against communists in Afghanistan. Despite having his asylum claim refused, he was not removed from the UK as it was deemed unsafe for him to return to Libya. He was granted leave to remain in the UK in November 1999. On 21 November 2002 Kamoka was arrested while trying to travel to Iran from London Heathrow. On 23 November he was detained under Section 21 of the Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Act 2001 and was recommended for deportation. He successfully appealed this to the SIAC in 8 March 2004, as they were unconvinced that Kamoka was linked to al-Qaeda and had knowingly supported extremists linked to al-Qaeda. He was released on 18 March 2004 following a failed government appeal against the decision. In June 2007, he was convicted in the UK of terrorist offences.

    I for one am deeply grateful to the UK government for their sudden concern for the sanctity of UK passports and the security of UK passport holders. Though it may be a little late in the day, has the Government thought about turning this concern towards people who actually are terrorists?



    Richard Spencer, Daily Telegraph, Tripoli, 5 September 2011: Libyan 'extremist’ Britain allowed to stay was link to al-Qaeda in Iran, papers show
    An Alleged Libyan extremist who sought political asylum in Britain regularly travelled to Iran from 2002 to provide forged documents to extremists linked to al-Qaeda, secret files found in a Tripoli intelligence service building have disclosed. The documents, seen by The Daily Telegraph, unearth British intelligence suspicions about links between Iran and al-Qaeda dating back almost a decade....The extremist Ismail Kamoka spent several years sending funds to terrorist groups across the Middle East, including some linked to al-Qaeda, the files said.

    Mr Kamoka, who had been given indefinite leave to remain in Britain after arriving from Saudi Arabia in 1994 and claiming asylum, “travelled from the UK to Iran via Switzerland” in July 2002, according to one document.

    “Once in Iran, Kamoka is reported to have delivered false documentation and correspondence to individuals believed to be associated with al-Qaeda,” it goes on.

    “Since his return to the UK, Kamoka is believed to have remained in regular contact with these individuals.”

    Mr Kamoka was also in touch with a suspected Dutch-based terrorist, according to the papers.

    The man was thought to have travelled from Saudi Arabia to Iran for terror training.

    Mr Kamoka was eventually jailed in 2007 for providing funds and false passports. Information released about the charges against him by Scotland Yard referred only to his funding for the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and nothing about Iran. His current whereabouts is unclear

    1. http://www.longwarjournal.org/archives/2011/04/libyan_islamic_fight_1.php

      Libyan Islamic Fighting Group leader ambushed by Qaddafi's forces

    2. Allegedly,once again. Assets.... see NATO in Libya is a challenge to bin Laden's ideology by Noman Benotman of the shady Quilliam Foundation, Foreign Policy, May 18 2011.
      .....Abu Urwa, the martyred former LIFG commander, was killed while leading the Omar Mukhtar Brigade, named after a Sufi Libyan nationalist, while fighting under the orders of the secularist rebel council.

    3. The copyright belongs to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, but a low resolution cover is fair use. Copyright now belongs to The Washington Post Company.


      Previously, Rothkopf served as CEO of Intellibridge Corporation and prior to that as managing director of Kissinger Associates, the consultancy founded by former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Immediately prior to joining Kissinger Associates, he served as Acting U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, having joined the Clinton Administration as Deputy Under Secretary for International Trade Policy. Before entering government, he was the co-founder, CEO and editor-in-chief of International Media Partners, Inc., publishers of Emerging Markets newspapers and CEO Magazine. He started his work in media as an award-winning television producer and later was a senior executive at Financial World Magazine and subsequently at Institutional Investor Magazine.

      Blake Hounshell Managing Editor/DOHA, Qatar :
      The [Sandhurst-trained] emir is a military man and knows that Qatar is basically indefensible," said Blake Hounshell, the Doha-based managing editor of Foreign Policy magazine.
      "He has thought laterally about ways of making Qatar more secure." The emir's main two strategic assets are al-Jazeera and diplomacy, said Mustafa Alani, analyst at the Gulf Research Centre in Dubai. "The aim is to give Qatar an importance out of proportion to its size. Al-Jazeera gives it a loud voice and the emir has made a huge effort to make Qatar the local mediator of choice too."

    4. Noman Benotman of the shady Quilliam Foundation :

      Maajid Nawaz, co-founder of the Quilliam Foundation
      Maajid Nawaz: Radical, Identity & Quilliam Foundation

  7. From Salaam.co.uk, :
    Sept 2003: 31/08/03
    Ishmael Kamoka
    [place of arrest] not specified
    Lebanese found in possession of £6,000. Sun
    reported that he was being held under ATCSA at Belmarsh and that Police believed the money was for 'the purposes of terrorism'
    Detention without a prospect of trial

    PressTV 3 Sept 2011:
    Once the UK intelligence sent a letter, dated back to 16 April 2004, to an
    official at the International Affairs Department of Libyan security, saying, "We
    wish to inform you that Ismail KAMOKA @ SUHAIB [possibly referring to an alias being used] was released from detention on 18th March 2004. A panel of British judges ruled that KAMOKA was not a threat to national security in the UK and subsequently released him. We are content for you to inform [a Libyan intelligence official] of KAMOKA's release

  8. Kamoka is more of a Pakistani name, in fact there is a city there called Kamoke.
    Daily Mail article:
    The LIFG was then banned by Labour, with five of its members arrested in swoops by armed police.
    They were Khalid Abusalama, now 40, Nasir Bourouag, 48, and Abd Al Rahman al-Faqih, 52, who were arrested in Birmingham. Ziad Hashem, 36, was held in Cardiff and Ismail Kamoka, 45, was seized in London....After a Special Immigration Appeals Commission hearing in 2007, the five men were taken out of detention and put under control orders. Separately, seven other LIFG members were also put under house arrest at that time.

    The orders on Mr al-Faqih and Mr Kamoka were lifted in 2009, after Gaddafi signed a truce with the LIFG. Mr Kamoka plans to sue Britain for detaining him under control orders.

    Mr Abusalama has returned to Libya to fight Gaddafi. Neighbours of Mr Bourouag, in Acocks Green, Birmingham, said he, his wife and four children are also back in Libya. It is believed that dozens of British-based LIFG members have returned to fight Gaddafi in recent months.

  9. Interview with Kamoka from 12.15 onwards here, Rattansi & Ridley #72,uploaded April 1 2011, followed by Azeldin el-Sharif.

  10. But then there’s Daffy Qadhafi’s loony charge that al Qaeda, its north African branch at least, is behind the revolt. :

    21/05/2009 the military barracks in Benghazi , Libya suffered a burglary a few days ago A weapons store was targeted , the theft of 40 pieces of Kalashnikovs
    and a large amount of bombs inside boxes including more than 300 bombs



    Ebu Yahya el-Libi
    أبو المهاجر الليبي
    المكنى بـ "أبو المهاجر الليبي" في العقد الثالث من العمر، دخل الجزائر عبر الحدود الصحراوية نهاية العام الماضي،

    "Abu Libyan immigrant/ Almohajar" in the third decade of life,
    entered Algeria through the desert border the end of last year,



    Abu Sayyaf immigrant :Poems jihadist Mujahid Shaykh Abu Yahya al-Libi accepted by God 12 okt. 2012



    Abu Anas Liby immigrant Date of Death 09/12/2013
    Only 10 years old from Benghazi, Libya was killed in Deraa

  11. 14/03/2010
    According to information security : that French intelligence is working on the exploitation of Libyan intelligence ,
    to move the leaders of the organization of the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat

    the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat , made ​​up of leaders of the LIFG , with regard Abu Yahya al-Libi

    the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat activist under the command of Abu Musab Abdul Wadud , whose real name is
    Abdul Malik Droukdel

    الجماعة السلفية للدعوة والقتال Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat

    14/03/2010 also confirmed by security reports that the weapons smuggled into Algeria

    pass through several outlets, including the axis Turkey towards Libya

    towards the valley Biskra before being smuggled back to Barika province of Batna, east and central , to places of elements of the terrorist organization

    Tébessa Province, Algeria, 20 kilometers west from the border with Tunisia.



    The creation of an Islamic state in Algeria by jihadis who LIFG members fought alongside of
    during the Afghan Jihad might have lent the LIFG a stable base from which to launch attacks on the Qadhafi regime.

    As Noman binOthman put it,“We could not ignore what was happening in Algeria,
    which we could have used as a starting point to move to Libya:
    a leap from Afghanistan to Algeria then to Libya

  12. Precisely the opposite PR tactics were employed by Western governments in 2011
    in Libya, where they played down any similarity between al-Qa’ida and the Nato-backed rebels fighting to overthrow the Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi.

    This was done by describing as dangerous only those jihadis who had a direct operational link to the al-Qa’ida “core” of Osama bin Laden.
    The falsity of the pretence that the anti-Gaddafi jihadis in Libya were less threatening than those in contact with al-Qa’ida was forcefully, if tragically, exposed when US ambassador Chris Stevens was killed by jihadi fighters in Benghazi in September 2012.

    These were the same fighters lauded by governments and media for their role in the anti-Gaddafi uprising.


    ابراهيم علي تنتوش  Ibrahim Ali Tntosh Libyan fighter fugitive for 25 years and is required by Interpol and was hiding in one of the cities of South Africa
    Spent his life in Afghanistan and Pakistan, with Abdul Hakim Belhaj, from 1996 to 1999 .. married to an Algerian , and have 5 sons ... was arrested in Iran ...

    British released him and he went to Malaysia with Abdul Hakim Belhadj ... and then to South Africa ... to come now to be one of the men of the new Islamic state in Libya


    Ibrahim Ali Tntosh Is considered as one of the most dangerous leaders
    of the extremists and the emergence of religious extremism in Libya


  13. jihad in Iraq

    11 – Abu Muhajir,/Immigrant also known as the ancient Yemeni Khallad and Abu Khalid


    29 - Libyan Abu Bara '(Derna
    33 - Libyan Abu Nasir


  14. jihad in Syria, ((beheadings)), which is the same policy in Benghazi and Derna : murder and assassination and bombing.

    Some in the picture are Libyans: - Abuamarh "dernah", who wears glasses - Solomon's departure Moroccan "Ajdabiya" who wears the Afghan hat


    Libya Muslim Brotherhood site downloaded an image guidance in Syria


    known as Abu Sulayman al Muhajir (or Abu Sulayman "the emigrant"

    Al Qaeda official in Syria was extremist preacher in Australia

    http://www.longwarjournal.org/archives/2014/03/former_islamic_preac.php#ixzz2wgmGUVqB …


    An extremist preacher known for his fiery sermons in Australia,
    where he implored listeners to join the jihad in Syria,
    is now a leader in the Al Nusrah Front.

    The cleric, known as Abu Sulayman al Muhajir (or Abu Sulayman "the emigrant"),

    was introduced by the Al Nusrah Front as one of the group's top sharia officials in a video released on March 17.

  15. The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG)also known as Al-Jama’a al Islamiyyah al-Muqatilah bi-Libya LIFG info chart


    It's an idiot who thinks that Libya will become a nation of justice and well-being and progress
    by these and the likes as forefront of the political scene in the country.

    Khaled al-Sharif ), a member of LIFG

    Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense and head of the Guard, and commander of the prison military college , " Khaled al-Sharif

    Chairman of the National Party and the military council Tripoli and the owner of the news channel and businessman proxy " Abdul Hakim Belhaj, " Project Qatar in Libya .

    Mohamed Ismail adviser Saif Gaddafi is known to all .

    Mullah Mohammed Salaabi /Thami Khaled head of internal security

  16. the UK MI6 (foreign intelligence) worked in the mid-1990s with al Qaeda's north African network, in Libya, on a plot to assassinate Gaddafi.
    The cell there, called the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG),

    Anas Al-Liby recently lived in the United Kingdom, where he has political asylum.




    Maajid Nawaz has been imprisoned in Egypt in advance
    because he belonged to Hizb ut-Tahrir
    has met in prison, Ayman Nour , and members of the Muslim Brotherhood

    Shortly after Mussa defected to the UK his assets were unfrozen ....despite assurances from Cameron and Hague et al that Mussa would not be granted immunity from prosecution, shortly after our governments empty assurance Mussa delared
    that he was going away ‘for a few days’. The British government allowed this and he left for Qatar – this was in April and he has NEVER come back.

    14 february 2011

    Quilliam has this morning published a briefing paper, ‘Building a Libyan coalition’,
    that outlines how the international community can work with anti-Gaddafi forces in Libya
    to create a broad national coalition that can:
    a.) Coordinate opposition to Gaddafi’s surviving regime
    b.) Prevent the newly liberated areas of Libya from collapsing into chaos
    c.) Encourage Gaddafi’s remaining supporters to lay down their arms and rally neutral Libyan tribes to support the opposition
    d.) Provide a point of contact for the international community
    e.) Evolve into a broad-based interim government that can ultimately prepare the way for a peaceful transition towards democracy in Libya

    which is the same policy in Benghazi and Derna :
    murder and assassination and bombing :

    Noman bin Othman on the channel Libya said:

    There are 1,000 young suicide bomber willing to blow themselves up
    in public places in all of Derna and Benghazi and Sirte and Sabratha and others.



    al-Qaeda /ANSAR al-SHARIA in SABRATHA:


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