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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Second Battle of Benghazi: Really?

January 1, 2012

Petri Krohn has asked me to start a post on this, as I've long been meaning to. The mainstream version of this pivotal event is well-encapsulated in the Wikipedia article
The Second Battle of Benghazi. The first "battle" was of course the five-day blitzkrieg of Islamist militants and terrorists masquerading as "protesters" that briefly surprised its way to control of Benghazi on February 20/21, in a movement co-ordinated enough to seize all cities east of there as well, and of several in the west.

The latter part of the late-March escalation, in which Gaddafi loyalist forces were blasted by superior Western air power, undeniably occurred, killing hundreds of brave patriots. It dramatically announced that "no fly" meant just that. Or rather, it was there for real, lie that it was. It's the part before that, the loyalist attack on Benghazi of March 19, that stands in question.

It was said Gaddafi promised a mass-slaughter of everyone inside Libya's second city, a fair subject for this post as well. The proof was always semantics-based, aside from what we heard were the first actual attacks in that campaign, already showing troubling signs of random, overblown evil and a severe deficit of logic.

I have already covered the quickly-discarded Gaddafi attack with one fighter jet - within a day the rebels acknowledge they shot it down, then that it was theirs (they have jets?), then that loyalists shot it down. Proof of how close they were to the city's gates... sort of helped the "no fly" thing despite failing ... the Libyan forces were the ones already enforcing a genuine no-fly zone, allegedly.

I do have some research on this, but nothing coherent enough to be able to write a post. I open it for comments and will submit some highlights myself, only later pulling together a summary of the evidence for any such attack.

Mohammed Nabous issues will be covered separately in this post.


  1. hurriya : before no fly zone

    Free Libyan Air Force

    Sayeh said that many rebel forces did withdraw from a line just west of the city under sustained aerial attack earlier today, and withdrew on the coastal highway without going through town. But he said those retreating forces were not joined by the bulk of the rebellion’s militia in the city proper.
    He added that the rebellion has started to fly fighter jets of its own, and that they helped drive Qaddafi’s jets away from Ajdabiya today. He said the rebels are still requesting a no-fly zone from the international community. “The Colonel (Qaddafi) uses his air force indiscriminately, against civilians. That’s why we’re insisting on a no-fly zone,” he said.

    I have heard at least two Mirage F-1s defected to Malta (one of the pilots is rumored to be a Libyan colonel), plus another 3-4 pilots switched sides as well. That’s about 4-6 pilots which could form the “Free Libyan Air Force’’.

    If those two F-1s could be serviced and armed by France, which recognized the “Free Libyan committee”, and further supported with tactical intel from the Western AWACS, those 4-6 pilots could keep 1-2 Mirage F-1s in the air and would be very effective.

    Additionally, who else has MiG-23s? Syria, Yemen, Ethopia, Algeria, Libya and supposedly Egypt.

    benina air base in benghazi refueling and rearming to bomb gaddafi's forces

  2. hurriya : the road benghazi - azdebiya

    In this image released Friday March 25, 2011, by the British military, taken from black and white video showing a tank as it explodes into a shower of sparks and flame, being hit from an airstrike, as a group of Libyan T-72 Main Battle Tanks are targeted by British and allied forces from the air, as the tanks threaten the disputed town of Ajdabiya, Libya, late Thursday March 24, 2011. The MOD said that seven Libyan tanks were hit during this air attack by allied forces and British Tornado GR4 warplanes using Brimstone missiles. While releasing this video Major General John Lorimer, the Chief of the Defence Staff's Strategic Communications Officer, said Friday in London, that "It is clear that our operations have saved many innocent lives already, and I am confident that they will continue to do so." (AP Photo/British MOD) CROWN COPYRIGHT - EDITORIAL USE ONLY

    Coalition air forces have targeted Gaddafi's tank divisions. Photograph: Goran Tomasevic/Reuters

    The dozen or so men clustered behind the last smouldering tank looked as if they had died while they slept.

    Their blankets bore no burn marks so perhaps it was the force of blasts – powerful enough to rip the turrets off the Russian-made tanks and toss them 20 metres or more across the open field near Benghazi – that killed Muammar Gaddafi's soldiers.
    But it was no protection from the threat in the sky. The tanks and their operators were sitting ducks in the open and probably never heard the planes. The French pilots did not even have to be concerned about the risk of harming civilians.

    burnt out tanks litter the road

  3. hurriya : drones in no fly zone

    Libyan Rebels Reportedly Used Tiny Canadian Surveillance Drone

    Aeryon Scout UAV in use with the Libyan Rebels

    unmanned drone hit against gaddafi troops in zeltain city

  4. @ Hurriya:
    The firstl is fascinating - active air battles, sinking a ship supposedly, by rebel Air Force before March 19. Didn't know.

    Jet attacks from Tripoli probably were happening. Not in the first days when it was "protesters" being bombed, but later, it would be stupid not to use air power in this full on civil war.

    The last about drones is creepy. I'll have to read those, but that's off-topic here. But thanks.

    All the middle ones, all good additions.

  5. Breaking the Cease-Fire?

    The main sticking point in this alleged assault on Benghazi was that it broke the very cease-fire agreement the government had, well,agreed to. They denied it, like psychopathic liars or framed people few others believe.
    In Tripoli the government said there had been no bombing since it announced the ceasefire.
    "We have had no bombardment of any kind since the ceasefire was declared," Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaim told journalists when asked about reports of continued government operations in Misrata and other parts of the country.
    Kaim said Libya was asking China, Germany, Malta and Turkey to send observers to monitor its adherence to the ceasefire.


    Instead bombers came a few hours later.

    So the evidence that they were lying is of prime importance. There was some of course, including tanks on the streets, destroyed homes and killed people. But this is all also consistent with other things-like false-flag provocateur attacks and rebel-held tanks play-acting.

    And just where were their forces? Inside the city? Just outside? Ten miles away? a hundred miles?

    More coming on these, later...

  6. At this crap article from the Sun, there's a photo captioned "Blast ... Libyan tank explodes near Benghazi."

    Is that supposed to be a Loyalist tank on the attack being hit by coalition warplanes? If so, who in the hell took it, and if not, why is it included?

  7. The beginning of this Russia Today video from March 22 shows an urban firefight. Could this be Benghazi on the 19th?

    Video of night fighting in Libya, bombing aftermath, fighter jets take off
    Uploaded by RussiaToday on Mar 22, 2011

    If there was a firefight in Benghazi on March 19th, it does not necessarily mean that the Libyan Army ever reached that far. It could also have been a loyalist uprising in the city, timed to coincide with anticipated arrival of the Libyan Army.

  8. @Caustic Logic – These are exactly the scenes I was referring to. I have seen video, now we have photos. This means that at least two camera teams were filming the show. Almost proves it was staged.

    It is possible, that some of the explosions could be delayed, due to fire reaching the stored ammo in a tank. I still say the explosions look more like direct hits.

  9. Here is a photo of a destroyed T-72 tank "on the western entrance of Benghazi."
    Libya: Photos From The Front Lines

    There are residential apartment buildings in the background. This is awfully close to central Benghazi. Why did NATO wait this long to act? Or is this staged?

    Image #20 from the set – Photos to Remember – has the following image caption:
    Libyan onlookers take pictures of dead African teenagers, members of Gaddafi's forces, who were hit by French warplanes enforcing the no-fly zone outside of Benghazi.

    Another victim is seen in image #26 – Young Casualties
    The dead bodies of teenager members of Muammar Gaddafi's forces lie among debris in al-Wayfiyah after being hit by French warplanes on March 20, 2011.

    Image #23 from the set – Gaddafi Forces vs. Rebels – claims the following:
    A man peers from the window of his car as Libyan rebel fighters parade in the center of Benghazi with an injured member of Gaddafi's forces captured on the outskirts of the city, March 18.

  10. There are photos of the destroyed armor on this Russian page. Some more photos here, here, here, and here. It should be possible to locate the "battle" based on these photos.

    1. Excellent work, thanks.I'm not looking into them myself ATM, but I'll have this to go on when I do

  11. http://www.occupiedlondon.org/libya/?p=10

    Latest updates from G-forces radio intercepts
    Posted on March 17, 2011 by admin| Leave a comment

    This info received from G-forces radio intercepts and some analysis from friendly countries.

    Company with ten BM-21 rocket launchers called in for support on Ajdabiya assault.

    On the way north. One military unit headed North out of Ajdabiya towards Benghazi.
    Forces at Ajdabiya split into three units. North to Benghazi, south to Brega, and south east to Tobruk.
    1200 special forces from one of Gaddafi’s sons’ brigades landed at Sirte. Positioned to defend Sirte. Sirte receiving 12 flights per day.
    Now major supply centre.

    Gaddafi has two options.
    Attack Benghazi within 48 hours or head to Tobruk to cut off Benghazi.

    Tobruk will take much longer but is the safe option for Gaddafi.
    If he is crazy he will attack Benghazi. Unlikely to attack tonight. Long trip from Ajdabiya. Troops will be tired and need supply to come forward.

    Situation in East getting desperate for Benghazi! Information is recent. 1 hour old. 25km North of Ajdabiya is intersection leading to Az-Zuwaytinah. Tanks and infantry position there.

    Artillery support on the way there. Tank and infantry units stationed 20KM east of Ajdabiya. Holding same position as yesterday.
    Various smaller units spread out in 20KM radius around Ajdabiya.

    HEAVY concentration of troops located 45km South East of Ajdabiya. Gaddafi forces intend to use airfield 17km North East of Ajdabiya for resupply. Supply line to Gardabia Sirte too long. No planes landed yet. More info in 6 hours or so.

    1. New update 21:00 GMT
      Posted on March 18, 2011 by admin| Leave a comment

      Movement of units from Ajdabia heading North East towards Tobruk. Distance of travel unknown. And size of battalion unknown.
      There is another force moving from direction Kufra heading towards Tubrok. This company/ battalion has no radio contact with Ajdabiya command centre. Size and position is not exactly known.
      This info was as of 21 00 hrs GMT.

    2. http://www.occupiedlondon.org/libya/

      New update 02:03 GMT “Even Tripoli is on fire”
      Posted on March 18, 2011 by admin| Leave a comment

      02.03 GMT Even Tripoli is on fire! Seven districts out with burning barricades.

      01.39 GMT Don’t know about the no-fly zone but it’s all about a confidence/ moral boost really.

      No attacks as yet and we are hoping for defections…

      These reports are from the live radio intercepts and road traffic phone ins. We will keep it up.

  12. Remi Ochlik claims : 84 people ,most civilians died on 19 march by Khadafi airstrike


  13. http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/id.9159/pub_detail.asp

    Moussa Koussa, the man who delivered the false cease-fire announcement on March 18th which gave pro-Gaddafi forces hours of opportunity to assault the Benghazi headquarters of the rebellion prior to Operation Odyssey Dawn, defected to Britain by, appropriately, April 1st. 
    Interestingly, on March 15th, a U.S. Treasury Department press release added Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa along with 16 energy and financial firms in Libya to the U.S. sanctions regime.

    To reward Moussa Koussa for his decision to defect from the Gaddafi regime, the U.S. Treasury Department, on Monday April 4th announced its decision to drop Koussa from the sanctions regime blacklist.

  14. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=272148719526678&set=a.137824179625800.34173.137199749688243&type=


    The brave Libyan jet and helicpoter pilots that delayed Gaddafi's convoy long enough on March 19th 2011 for French coalition pilots to destroy it at Benghazi's outskirts. If it wasn't for these men, it is possible that the convoy would have gotten too far inside Benghazi for the coalition jets to be effective, repeating the Misrata scenario and prolonging the war.

  15. http://www.feb17martyrs.com/english/mohammed-al-werfalli/
    Mohammed Al-Werfalli
    Mohammed was among the first 60 or so martyrs that fought until the end to prolong and set back Gaddafi’s entrance into Benghazi. It was critical to keep Gaddafi’s troops out of Benghazi for as long as possible, until the No Fly Zone came into action. If it wasn’t for Mohammed and his group, Benghazi would have possibly turned into a blood bath. He along with many other heroes died on the night of March 18, 2011.

  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzJxAXNoDIo&feature=related

    can somebody explain bombed tanks on 14 march ?

  17. Maximilian Forte ‏@1D4TW
    There was no column stretching more than 100 miles approaching Benghazi, this is the worst fabrication of them all, pure fantasy

    The column was bombed, and we all saw the remains of it: little more than 30 actual tanks, all on a short stretch, in retreat

    So I could not continue reading the article past that point,

  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzlOik0R-GQ

    Qaeda's role in deterring column next to Benghazi on March 19 :

    air base Benin had a larger role in deterring convoy which tried to enter the city of Benghazi,

    Libyan air base began bombing battalions from five o'clock in the morning

    pilot Rashid chubby and pilot Fakhri sallabi bombardment on the end of the queue

    then took off the pilot Mohammed Aqili and bombed the same area

    and then also colonel pilot Rafie Lafraoa presentable started bombing

    and then in the second bombing martyrs pilot Fakhri Sallabi and Pilot Rashid Chubby their plane was shot down

    طيار خالد حسين Colonel pilot Khaled Hussein
    الطيار رشيد السمين Pilot Rashid Chubby
    والطيار فخري الصلابي The pilot Fakhri Sallabi
    الطيار رافع الفراوي Pilot Rafie Lafraoa
    محمد العقيلي و Mohammed Aqili


  19. فرج نجم the man in vid


    11 april 2013 Egyptian police raid night yesterday engineers apartment in Cairo exercised underworld with gay , adjust people were Libyans, including Libyan writer named "Faraj star"



    فرج نجم supporter of qatar and insurgent brothers in syria . candidate for banghazi

  20. http://www.mondialisation.ca/libye-ce-sont-les-rebelles-qui-bombardaient-pas-kadhafi/5328264

    14 March 2011

    In fact, according to an article of Figaro published in September 2011 on 14 March
    they had at their disposal - that is to say before the entry into NATO war - fighters

    Mig-23 and at least two attack helicopters MI-35.

    The latter, known as "flying tanks" and "Terminator" have four machine guns in the front and baskets of rockets under the wings.

    According to Le Figaro, they evoke "the destruction and death."

    The rebels were so heavily armed, contrary to what is generally said. They also blithely violated Resolution 1973 of the UN.

    Worse, they did so with the consent and complicity of NATO.

  21. RT “@LibyanPilot: Libya coastline looking from above #misrata #Afriqiyah #avgeek #Lib

    http://instagr.am/p/Uq93unqaWT/ ”

    AlBarghathi (LibyanPilot) on Twitter OmarAmer AlBarghathi

    A semi nomad from Benghazi born and raised in Lancashire. Founder of the Libyan Youth Movement / @ShababLibya group


    Minister of Defence – Mohammed Mahmoud Al-Bargati, Age 71 Resigned from Military Service, 1994
    The first to make presence at Benghazi Banina Airport during the first few days of 17 February Revolution

    Libyan Freedom Pilot ‏@normageli73 @ChangeInLibya We flew day and night, had pro gaddafi asshole's with guns on us, while we are trying to help the innocent! Man Am pissed!!

    Ismael, based in Malta
    Tuesday December 18, the father of popular Libyan Twitter user known as Ismael (@ChangeInLibya) was abducted on his way home from the Tripoli Airport.
    Ismael’s father, now over 60 years old, has worked with Libyan Airlines for almost thirty years.

    He played an important role during the revolution organizing the delivery of food and water to Misrata and providing logistical support to the NTC.

  22. http://www.libyaherald.com/2013/04/10/ajdabiya-remembers-lost-helicopter-crew/

    On 9 April 2011, on the outskirts of Ajdabiya, the MI35 Hind was hit by unexpected ground fire from forces loyal to Qaddafi.

    The crew were all Air Force personnel from Benghazi.

    The pilot, squadron commander Colonel Hussein Mohamed Al Werfali, Lieutenant Mohamed Fathi Salami and Second Lieutenant Ibrahim Bader Dakhil were all killed in the crash.

    Second Lieutenant Ismael Kotub, who attended yesterday’s event, was the sole survivor.

    Ismael Kotub


  23. 23 April 2011 On Thursday, Washington approved the use of unmanned Predator drones to try to tip the balance.



    British pilots flew armed US drones in Libya, MoD reveals





  24. http://www.libreriamilitareares.it/BIBLIOTECA/OPERE%20STAMPATE%20NEL%202010/2011%20VI/FRONTESPIZIO%20A%20COLORI/Anti%20Qadafi%20Forces.pdf

    The Free Libyan Air Force in the 2011 Libyan Uprising
    On March 13, 2011,
    Ali Atiyya , a colonel of the Libyan Air Force at the Mitiga military airport, near Tripoli defected and joined the revolution.

    This is the earliest reference to the Anti'Gaddafi forces having Air Force personnel.

    Later on March 16, two fighter jets allegedly landed at Benghazi airport and joined the rebel forces.

    Operations The FLAF reportedly launched an attack on three armed oil tankers, sinking two and damaging the third,

    and also attacked a military convoy, en route from Sirte to Ajdabiya, with three helicopters.
    [citation needed]

    On 19 March, a MiG'23BN was shot down over Benghazi. Media reports were initially confused,
    until a spokesman confirmed that the plane belonged to the rebels.

    A pro' Gaddafi spokesman said that the rebels had violated the UN "no'fly zone".


    Fox Newsreported that the rebels appear to have shot
    down the plane which was bombing Benghazi.

    However, according to the rebel spokesperson,
    the aircraft was shot down by pro'Gaddafi forces.

    BBC News reported on 20 March that the rebel aircraft was shot down by its own air defenses,
    and the pilot was killed after ejecting too late.


    (One lost due to mechanical mishap)

    (two lost in combat)

    Soko G'2
    (5'6 Might have been recaptured and destroyed by French Rafales in Misrata)

    Mil Mi'2


    Mil Mi'14


    Mil Mi'24


    (2 Mi'35 Might have been recaptured and destroyed
    by French Rafales in Misrata)

    Antonov An'26


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