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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Tripoli Massacres: Un-Placed Victims

December 9, 2011
last update Jan. 10

Any mysteriously killed human body of late August, not yet clearly covered in another, identified, Tripoli Massacre, can be compiled here.

Al-Intisar, Aug 27
Here are two, in a photo second-to-last in this slideshow with no way to link directly. Annoying, but there are some other fascinating images in there:
Two corpses are sprinkled with "chemical powder" by volunteers, on a bridge "in the al-Intisar neighborhood of Tripoli, August 27." The one we can see, now ghostly white, is a black male, dumped on the curb.

I cannot locate this "al-initsar neighborhood." There is a reference, and widespread, to a school there where "mercenaries" were housed in late August. That doesn't help locate it. however, aside from one source which specifies it's in central Tripoli.

Visually, the shadows are somewhat long, suggesting a roughly east-west bridge if PM light, or north-south if AM light. The victims are near the west/south bank of whatever the bridge crosses, with a tree touching the railing where he is. The road isn't wide, or apparently even divided. Building beyond are indistinct, but possible fits with the ones visible north of this consistent location, pretty much in the middle of this sprawling city. (is the black rooftop dome to the northeast visible in the photo?)

Abu Salim, August 22
Several dead men, seen through a fence, as rebel fighters gather in trucks. Props to Felix for re-locating this. As he says:
The footage through the fence is here,طرابلس ابوسليم جريمة قتل المدنين فى الطريق السريع من قبل كتائب القذافى -murder of civilians, Abu Salim, highway, uploaded 23 August by Ahmdov2010

Petri ha(d) a locale, but it was wrong (self-corrected). He's got another one (see comments), and I'll finally check it out later.

I will say I've seen this scene presented (in a different video view) as a loyalist victory over some rats at a check-point, but that was also said to be later, and doesn't explain the refugee items (clothing and feminine baggage, etc.). It's mysterious and not part of another massacre, so it belongs. See comments for the details on this...

Unknown, August 26
Petri addition, see comments: Again, a photo in a slideshow, photos by Daniel Etter, again as above, second to last image.One body with bloodied feet visible beneath several blankets. It's in the middle of a street, nosurroundings clues past the curb, so he won't be placed just from this. Broken auto glass, a metal suitcase/military foot locker sits nearby, latched shut. The caption says:
A dead body lies in the streets of Tripoli, Libya, Aug. 26, 2011. Bystanders claimed that he was a black African mercenary.
Definitely fits.

Four Exhumed in Yarmouk
NYT, Sept. 8:
Rebel fighters exhumed a body from a grave in the Yarmouk neighborhood of Tripoli containing four dead men alleged to have been killed by retreating Qaddafi forces as Tripoli fell to the rebels.
Credit: Moises Saman for The New York Times Photo2: The fighters chanted "Allah is great" after exhuming the bodies." The third, scanning around for any more remains. The Yarmouk neighborhood might mean around the Yarmouk base, where the infamous and massive shed massacre is said to have gone down. This photo caption suggests as much.

Two Mass Graves
Quite possibly related to the above, on Sept. 11 two mass graves, containing up to 20 people total, were "discovered," as the BBC reported, "just off the 11th June highway, in the Souk al-Jumua area to the east of the capital."
Local people said there were around 15 bodies buried at one grave site.
They were said to be mostly the remains of African mercenaries who had been fighting for Col Gaddafi.

A few hundred metres away, at a separate site, another four bodies had already been dug up.
Two Burnt Bodies
The BBBC report cited above also noted:
Separately, the charred remains of two bodies were uncovered on airport road in Tripoli.
35 at a hospital
Reuters, Aug 28
But in the aftermath of victory, many corpses have been found, some of slain Gaddafi soldiers, others the victims of killings in cold blood.

A Libyan official said 75 bodies had been found at the Abu Salim hospital, which was caught up in heavy fighting, and another 35 corpses were found at the Yurmuk hospital.

The possibility that rebel fighters executed captured Gaddafi soldiers would pose an image problem for the NTC.
Yurmuk again suggests near the Yarmouk base. These 35 bodies, or any buried nearby and later exhumed, could be among the dead we know of from the shed massacre, the eight victims surrounding the shed, and the 22 black guys dumped behind a mosque nearby (same link for the moment). But they could well be others, raising the death toll of that mysterious episode - or cluster of episodes - to more than 200.

22 Black Men
In the Tajoura district of the capital, local people prepared a mass grave for the bodies of 22 African men who appeared to have been recruited to fight for Gaddafi. One of the dead had his hands tied behind his back.

"The rebels asked them to surrender but they refused," said resident Haitham Mohammed Khat'ei.

"Residents of the neighbourhood decided to bury them in accordance with Islamic law," he told Reuters.

Reports of cold-blooded killings by both sides have surfaced in the last few days, darkening the atmosphere in a city where many had greeted Gaddafi's fall with joy.
22 black men, found August 27... is Tajoura close enough to Yarmouk this could be the mosque dump? I had to double check how far east Tajoura was from this southwestern district. It's a good ten miles in between, and the mosque victims were filmed still laying on the road, apparently just discovered, the afternoon of August 28 when these were having graves dug at least a day earlier. So in two ways it's unlikely these are the same, and we have two separate batches of 22 black men - among many other batches of varying numbers - winding up killed in Tripoli within a few day's span.

Five Early Killings, Aug. 20
A bit of pigment in these five bodies laid on the sidewalk, but only one seems fully black-skinned. One hasa horrible burn on his side I can't see how to explain from fighting asopposedto torture. One has pants half-down and a hole in his cheek, perhaps an exit wound.

I know there are some, but don't have them ready to list yet. Taking submissions and/or solutions.


  1. I found the location of the four Abu Salim victims. They are on Airport Highway just north of the pedestrian overpass. See my long comment here.

    The timestamp for the video is 2011-08-22 15:17:25 UTC. The white pickup can still be seen on the spot on the August 29 satellite images.

  2. Intisar = Victory, also النصر. Perhaps a street? Handy map of Tripoli Districts here, courtest of 17Feb Youth Movement which makes no mention of either of these names.

  3. I suspected this earlier when looking at one other victim, but the large YouTube embedded video image above has me convinced; the victims are women. The tell-a-tale sign is the shape of the baggage, not to mention the color of the underwear. Note also the stone placed between the legs of the victim clad in white; a tombstone for a lost opportunity?

    The dress is more male, the green color even military, but this may be a clue to their identity.

    As you noted, YouTube user Ahmdov2010 also uploaded another video Guards captured one of Gaddafi.

    The video has a timestamp of UTC 2011-08-22 15:48:36, half-an-hour later than the bodies video. It shows a "King Cab" style pickup / technical with a Tripoli rebel logo on the door and a dark skinned female captive on the back seat. The rebel commander is telling the two film crews filming the captives to hide their identities.

    Cover their faces, you have to cover their faces. They tried to [get] outside misery. Ok, please make sure you cover their faces. Oh my friend, [you should carry] be responsible for ...

    YouTube magic suggest as the next video to watch this interview of a woman claimed to be Gaddafi's female bodyguard. The earrings, hairstyle and profile confirm that it is most likely the same person. I have not yet located the capture video on the map, but I suspect it was filmed somewhere near the murder site.

    Putting all this together, it seems that the three or four traveling in the pickup were Gaddafi's female bodyguard. One was captured, the others were killed on the spot.


    The time this happened was August 22, 2011. The rebels were far from taking control of Tripoli, let alone the Abu Salim district. They certainly did not set up a roadblock on this part of the Airport Highway. As I understand it, civilian traffic was passing almost normally throughout Tripoli. Someone commented that drivers were stopping at traffic lights.

    On the other hand rebel vehicles were quite free to move around Tripoli, all Libyan Army roadblocks were strafed by NATO attack helicopters.

    Under these circumstances what are the changes of a rebel technical or convoy coming across a civilian vehicle with this much booty?

    I suspect this was a NATO assassination operation from the start. The pickup was followed by satellite from the moment it left the Gaddafi compound. A NATO-led rebel death squad was sent to intercept the vehicle, guided in real time by NATO superiors over the radio. The target of assassination or capture may not have been these poor ladies, but Gaddafi himself.

    Now, why kill three of the captives? Evidently they were not willing to spill the beans and disclose Gaddafi's location. The thinking may have been to kill the others to make the one survivor more cooperative.

    The fourth victim on the other side of fence? Possibly just an innocent outsider who came to interrupt the proceedings.

    1. petri there are vids of 20 aug with many deads in abu saleem. Don't know caustic has saved them

  4. Here is something more about Gaddafi’s women bodyguards. No sources are given except for one Chinese or Japanese image. Maybe you should start a separate post on this issue.
    The Fate of Gaddafi’s Women Body Guards After His Death

  5. I went looking for photos of female bodies in Tripoli. Came across some other stuff.

    Photographer Daniel Etter posts a photo of a black man.

    Quote: A dead body lies in the streets of Tripoli, Libya, Aug. 26, 2011. Bystanders claimed that he was a black African mercenary.

    I have understood "African mercenary" to mean any nigger ripe for lynching, so quite likely this man did not die in battle.

    A usually do not pay much attention to what Human Rights Watch writes or says, but maybe it is time to read this again:
    Libya: Gaddafi Forces Suspected Of Executing Detainees, Evidence of War Crimes Before Tripoli Fell, AUGUST 27, 2011

  6. The source of the female bodyguards raped and killed story is Chinese. Here is one version. Here is a translation into English.

    One of the women the Chinese images claim to have been murdered was interviewed by Western TV in a Tripoli hospital. If I remember correctly, she was the source of the "Gaddafi raped us" allegations. If this in indeed the same person, this would be an interesting story to follow.

  7. Women victims? Cross-dressing? Makes sense. But the peoples' builds all look fairly masculine to me. Perhaps the victims had women in the car. Roundabout victim #9 has a wedding ring and baby blanket nearby. No wife or baby. These were not killed, but taken somewhere else to live without daddy, I presume. Could be the same for these guys.

    Here's another view I thought I saw-had the link handy after all. Posted in September as a loyalist victory. I've called it that. Ready to be wrong, and the date gets me halfway there.

    On female dead, yes, the bodyguards deserve a post. The black man belongs above - broken glass, bedding... all but impossible to place from that image. Busy days,but I will get to these soon-ish.

  8. @Petri - I found the other video probably from the same scene at the airport road. I think it's the one Adam remembered.
    If it is the same place the bodys can be seen much better in this one. Some of them are indeed bearded.

    Nevertheless the fate of the female bodyguards is worth more research.

  9. Yeah, I'd say you justcopied my link, but I forgot to put the link. Huh. That clicking camera zoom effect is unusual, but I've seen it in at least one other video shot by a loyalist, of some burnt-out room where they killed rebels (sorry,no link). That might be a clue in itself, or a coincidence.

    But even if it was a loyalist victory, with feminine-type items added for some reason, it's a bit wrong to re-post in September and say the fight isn't over, when the proof is a month old, from just about as it more or less ended.

    And - I still haven't examined it yet - the presence of dead on both sides of the fence is interesting. Bystander is possible, as is someone jumping the fence but then being shot, or even tossed over, for some reason.

  10. I was totally wrong on almost every point. I made a determination on the direction of the road based on the timestamp and the direction of shadows. The location does not match the second video.

    I now say the spot is on the ring road, just east of the intersection with Airport Highway. This photo shows the location.

    Is the shadows on the video do not match the timestamp, this would have to be filmed a day earlier, on August 21.

  11. Ah, it happens. I still haven't taken my own close look, but I imagine now I will be confirming. I did start to look, found it pretty generic, but perhaps identifiable. Having a set spot to check helps a loooot. I have a couple of additions coming.

  12. The Ahmdov2010 video from Aug 23, 2011 claims the victims were civilians murder on the highway by al-Gaddafi in Tripoli's Abu Slim. I would question this characterization. The strongest proof for civilian status is the lack of arms in the video. Also, some of the victims are in are in civilian cloths. One of the men further down the road is wearing camouflage pants. Some are wearing white Islamist style clothing. The first of the two pickups, the one not seen on the Ahmdov2010 video, seems to have some kind of rebel logo on the door.

    It is unclear how the men died. The first pickup was stopped by shoots puncturing the tires, no other damage is evident. Given the August 22 context, there is nothing that suggest an execution. It is quite possible these men died in battle. Whatever the cause, it is clear that radical Islamist in chamo in a convoy of rebel-issued pickups need to be stopped and arrested for questioning.


    The reason I first thought the victims were women is the handbag-style bag beside the man in white. The round hatbox-style suitcase besides the man in green is even worse. If a man in the West carried this baggage it would be an open invitation to a buttfuck.

    The other false clue is the green plastic bag containing some female hygiene product made of cotton or pulp. The bag seems a bit to large for sanitary napkins but could contain stuffed lint cotton, usually used for makeup removal. I do not know Libyan trademarks, but the bag has a female face on its cover.

    The female association is made explicit in the second video filmed earlier; someone has placed the plastic bag on the chest of the man in white, indicating he was always pussy.

    There is no chance there were women in the convoy. Where do these feminine items come from? Maybe we are just totally ignorant of the sexuality and sexual language of North-African Muslims. For all we know al-Qaeda could be one big gay PnP party.

  13. I have always wondered from where the rebels got all the fancy new white pickups they drive around in. Someone said there was large large surplus of unwanted and unsold Chinese pickups at the Misrata harbor. At the same time most ordinary Libyans still drive age-old Peugeot 404's, as seen in these two photographs.

    Did the rebels receive foreign funding in the form of these pickups?

    1. Much of the rebel manpower is grouped into 40-plus privately organised, privately funded militias..."

      Each militia "is usually drawn from one town, commanded by a respected local military veteran or, in some cases, by the businessman who financed it.

      "They drive privately owned pickups or jeeps with mounted anti-tank or anti-aircraft guns, captured from government arsenals or supplied by foreign benefactors."

      qatar did bring many by airplane to misrata

  14. The BBC site "just off the 11th June highway, in the Souk al-Jum'a area" is on the second ring road, under the second underpass east from the 11th June highway:

    Note the number 17 painted on the driveway just in front of the graves – seen on the August 29 satellite image now used on Google Maps. Could these be the same Misrata graffiti artists who decorated Tawergha with slogans for “the brigade for purging slaves, black skin?”

    The BBC grave site is seen on this video, also available on YouTube here. At 0:14 there is a view through the underpass with the tower of this Mosque seen in the background.

  15. Photo 2 / 22 by REUTERS/Youssef Boudlal is said to depict "A man accused of being a loyalist mercenary of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi kneels on the ground after being arrested at one of the several check points in Tripoli August 28, 2011."

    Other images from the same set can be found here, here, here, and here,

    More pictures of the set are available on this Chinese web page, along with other pictures of the Black genocide in Libya

    The location is under a similar overpass as the BBC grave site, most likely on the second ring road. It is thus possible that this abducted guest worker is one of the bodies in the grave.


    A short dictionary for readers of Western media:

    African mercenary:
    – nigger, i.e. any African guest worker or Black Libyan

    ...accused of being a loyalist mercenary of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi:
    – ripe for lynching

    ...believed to have fought for Col Gaddafi.
    – dead already

  16. The link to the Chinese page is not working. Here is the corrected link:

  17. After some more study I now believe the Reuters photo-set shows exactly the same overpass, except on the other side of the road.

    Note the European "volunteer" or NATO guy leading the show.

  18. interesting set of Chinese photos, Petri. A couple more European/N American faces there - guy with ginger hair/beard and shades on his head and another with rimless specs and blue shirt riding shotgun in an open car.
    I have somewhere seen a video of that overbridge with women in black walking L-R along the carriageway, with Eastern European type flats with Gaddafi mural on the end walls in the background. Underneath does look very much like that dried river bed where the bodies were found....
    Re The fight is not over... video:
    Is that the same fence through which the bodies were filmed adjacent to the strange white rounded structure into which the fence goes? (loyalist kneels photo) Probably not. The video shows the sunlight coming from about 8 o clock and the road curves clockwise as it rises over the next (motorway?)road, which indicates that it might well be the Abu Salim neighbourhood or somewhere in SW Tripoli(though of course we don't know the time of day). The bodies either side of rather a high fence is interesting, as is their relative positioning.

  19. Re the "Al Initsar neighbourhood"
    I think we are talking about the Al Entisar neighbourhood (the clue I got from the alleged humanitarian ship which ferried doctors and bottled water and medical supplies between Malta and Libya , funded by a Maltese - Qatari charity called I-GO Foundation, called the AL ENTISAR.
    This tweet and Video puts this district of Tripoli around the Oil Hospital about which I have written and where there was fierce fighting, and where a Scottish nurse continued to work from during August 2011.(videos of the road and overbridge available outside the hospital which the rebels took over)

  20. The address of the Oil Clinic (now 11 June Hospital) is Airport Highway - طريق المطار - marked on Google maps.

  21. @Felix - Evidently you missed the location I posted as a link to a Panoramio image. Here is a direct link to Google Maps.

    The location is on the Second Ring Road just east of the Abu Slim Road overpass. The camera in the second video faces the Airport Road cloverleaf intersection. Another confirmation is the billboard seen on the opposite side of the road.

    The Panoramio photo gives the coordinates for the exact spot as 32° 51' 19.86" N 13° 10' 18.66" E. I thought you could easily navigate from Panoramio photos to Google Maps, but it does not work that way; only a downloadable Google Earth bookmark is available.

  22. I've looked closer at the videos. The victims could be rebels, but their clothing to me suggests loyalists from the home team. The circumstances could be murky.

    As for locale, I find Petri's guess pretty consistent for everything I can see except maybe one view. The fight is not over video, 0:41, white buildings across the road, with trees behind. Even a ways back I don't see clearly what matches them. Some scattered farm buildings across that clearing, but they don't seem to shaped and situated quite right.

    But location is less important than other things we can't tell about for sure.

  23. Combining the information from the two BBC reports:

    A few hundred metres away, at a separate site, another four bodies had already been dug up.

    This must refer to the site shown on this video. Four bodies were dug up, three of them civilians. As I stated in my previous comment the site is on the Second Ring Road, 400 meters east of the 11th June highway.

    The graves are located just off the 11th June highway, in the Souk al-Jumua area to the east of the capital.
    Local people said there were around 15 bodies buried at one grave site.

    I now understand these 15 bodies to be located at the intersection of the Second Ring Road and the 11th June highway. This spot would be "a few hundred metres away" from the other grave site. The intersection is a large semi-cloverleaf with plenty of sandy ground for burials. In the August 29th satellite images we can see a roadblock right here:

    Comparing the August 20th and the August 29th images I cannot see any disturbed ground. One thing sticks out however: What is the dark liquid running down the retainer wall just south of the roadblock?

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kv3u57tccrI&list=UUzhK_gtHBdosLZ_R8Pa2zfw&index=171&feature=plcp

      our neighbour ,slaughtered , left on side of the road, 11 unio 'jun'street, 20 aug


      A man paid his final respects to a neighbor he took to a hospital.

      The fighting on the airport highway by ahmed19951999 are actually right outside the 11 June Hospital [felix]

    2. http://i44.tinypic.com/350qpn8.jpgb
      bridge area abu saleem

      beneath bridge




    3. http://i40.tinypic.com/5eh53m.jpg

      20 aug. abu saleem : chaadi , mauretani locals say, while you can clear see they're not


      Uploaded by zawia17feb on Aug 24, 2011, white pantalon 0.13


      1.32 white pantalon is from Zouya
      on 20 aug in abu saleem on same location as the civilians in vid v=eUissixuLyU

      [there are voices who say that it are all civians & loyalists who has been killed
      watch the well known toyota's on 1.51/1.54

    4. http://media.economist.com/sites/default/files/imagecache/290-width/images/print-edition/20110827_FBM980.gif
      lines of attack

      20 aug coming by boat

    5. The BBC Video of 11/9 "up to 20 bodies..." shows nothing whatsoever - preceding by two weeks the "mass grave" of Abu Salim. More nonsense.
      @Hurriya - what is the YouTube ref of that raw mojtv upload?

    6. can't find the original vid, the screenshot with date 20 aug I made some months before, while not aware of the date fraude to come.

      the date fraude to make the tale : no drones, no apaches, no al qaida fom 19 till 25 aug,
      just "brave thuwar" freeing tripoli 26/27 aug
      and all the thousands people who has been killed during these days and quickly dumped in anonymous massgraves were killed by the colonel and not by the Abd's Sjatan

      the title of the vid on 20 aug was :Death toll from the al-Gaddafi in Tripoli area Algrarat Uprising Day 20/08/2011 of various nationalities

      The vid now available I found by copy the link of :

    7. Here you also can see it was 20 aug :
      Uploaded by kynaas1 on Aug 25, 2011
      قتلى من كتائب القذافى فى طرابلس بمنطقة الغرارات يوم الانتفاضة 20/08/2011 من مختلف الجنسيات

      check also date changed of the Zawiya's on 20 aug in abu saleem
      by our quatchi, the Canadian house wive with the dozens vids about mercenaries :

      title : Gaddafi's Mercenaries Kill Locals: Abu-Salim Neighbourhood in Tripoli (Libya), Aug. 23, 2011

    8. @petri :

      The corpses of up to 20 people have been found in two roadside graves on the outskirts of Tripoli.
      Forensic experts are investigating the deaths, thought to have occurred last month.

      The graves are located just off the 11th June highway, in the Souk al-Jumua area to the east of the capital.

  24. Adam - I have found a bit more footage through the fence: مجزره كتائب القدافى كوبرى ابوسليم.wmv uploaded by waw88100 on 5 September. "Gaddifi brigades massacre Abu Salim bridge" Another video uploaded: مرتزقه القدافى ابوسليم.mp4 shows an alleged Mercenary being interrogated at Abu Salim, in white vest from Niger. I wonder what happened to him.

  25. found this poor people while checking another fact about the Shed massacre :

  26. At Magnum photos, we see another photo of the alleged mass grave in the Yarmouk area A Libyan Rebel searching for bodies, inconsequential, among the cacti. Same date 8 September 2011. I am not sure why Saman was taken to a burning plastics factory a few days earlier.
    Notice also this undated photo of photographs, by Alex Majoli ,labelled LIBYA. Tripoli. 2011. At a site near the khamis brigades, where 152 anti-Qaddafi's were detained and later executed and burned. Majoli also photographed the cleared inside of the shed, titled LIBYA. 2011. This container once held 150 rebel fighters who were executed after Qaddafi's order that all prisoners were to be killed. Some of them were burnt alive.

  27. In the Gargur district, located on the south side of a dry riverbed from Bab al-Aziziya, at least 25 people were killed

    indicating that those who were shot were sitting or kneeling against the wall when they were killed

    Yet in other instances, neighbors and witnesses have described what appears to have been a horrific spate of killings between Aug. 20 and 21, when the balance of power tipped to the rebel forces attacking Bab al-Aziziya from the Gadhafi forces defending it, who began retreating southward out of the capital towards the international airport.

    In the Gargur district, located on the south side of a dry riverbed from Bab al-Aziziya, at least 25 people were killed in this time period, said residents of the neighborhood.

    They say a unit of Gadhafi fighters commanded by a local man from Gargur left the leader's stronghold and fell back to this neighborhood on the night of Aug. 20.

    He said he saw at least six corpses strewn near the bridge that fords the dry riverbed separating his home from Bab al-Aziziya.

    He said he saw 10 more bodies around 200 meters farther away from his home in an abandoned vegetable shop.

    Mr. Gout said the bodies discovered at the shop were those of men whose hands had been tied with their own belts. None were carrying identity cards, both he and a municipal worker who helped remove the bodies said.

    A report Human Rights Watch researchers released on Saturday says the total number of corpses found in this area was 18. The group calculated the number by counting bodies and speaking with medical workers and local residents.

  28. Osama Al-Swayi, the man who survived the school executions and escaped from the internal security building

    Roughly a kilometer away from these apparent executions, residents discovered another charnel house where another 19 people died in a municipal building once used by the equivalent of Col. Gadhafi's Interior Ministry and that now appears to be a utility substation.

    Off of the main driveway lined with shrubs and pink impatiens flowers, the building's side patio was slick with congealed pools of blood and choked with swarming flies.

    Behind a side door stairwell, at least 17 detainees had been executed, overnight between Aug. 20 and 21, said two Gargur residents who saw the bodies and helped remove them. They found two other bodies outside the building as well, they said.

    Human Rights Watch confirmed these numbers through interviews with medical staff who had helped remove the bodies, local residents and one survivor of the massacre.

    Osama Al-Swayi told Human Rights Watch that he had been detained by soldiers from the Khamis Brigade two days before the shooting and placed in the Gargur building. Twenty-five people were detained there, he said.

    On Aug. 20, detainees heard rebels advancing and shouting "Allahu Akbar!" or "God is great" he told Human Rights Watch.


    1. Another charnel house I'm not sure I ran across before, again with two bodies outside, again in Gargour. I'm so confused right now by all this. That other witness who says they were used as toilets, al Swayi's massacre, this utility building, all mixed together. It might be two massacres, maybe only one, possibly three.

    2. the school executions are linked to mitiga hospital and the el goula vid.

      the internal security building is a khamees blame story.
      didn't petri link it to captured ukraïns? and does okok pop up here?
      One incident took place at the site of a Brazilian construction company, which had been contracted by the regime to build the new Ring Road around Tripoli. The men had been detained in a hangar, a cinderblock building with a metal roof.

      About 70 men were detained at this makeshift prison in Guser Bin Gashir around 12 miles south of Tripoli.

      the third rargour story might be related to road massacres of locals [ not those to the abu saleem bridge, the fence victims] see the vid 11 unio june street
      This vid could also be related :
      Didn't you have posted a vid some months before showing black locals running and hunted by rebels in a small street?

      the dry bed victimes could be the 1 night executed in the wsj article here above .

      But for me it also could be :
      "Mercenaries, mercenaries," shouted a group of shabab (youths), as armed volunteers pointed at the dead men. The opposition had accused Colonel Gaddafi of hiring gunmen from sub-Saharan Africa during the conflict and many of those captured had been killed.

  29. 20 august? :
    In other news around the capital, rebel fighters appear to have finished a mop-up operation around the international airport where one of the last pockets of Gadhafi loyalists was attempting to fight its way out of town.

    A rebel military spokesman said a convoy of cars suspected of belonging to the personal security detail of Khamis Gadhafi, one of the colonel's sons and commander of an elite security brigade bearing his name, attempted to overrun a rebel checkpoint on Saturday near the town of Tarhouna, southeast of Tripoli.


  30. wonder if last mentioned event is related with :

    مقطع فيديو لجتت تلاته عناصر من افراد كتائب القدافي التي كانت متمركزة في اللواء 32 معزز في منطقة خلة الفرجان الواقعه في جنوب غرب طرابلس العاصمة و كما يبين المقطع احدى الجتت متفحمه و الاخرى مصابة بطلق ناري اتر اشتباكات وقعت بين جيش التوار و كتائب القدافي التي كانت تحرس المعسكر .


  31. @Hurriya: The first news reports, I thought, suggested these executions were all a day or two later. Wasn't the activist story first run only on the 25th? It happened five days before?

    More confusion, more puzzles. Too much correlation for me for now.

    No ID cards on the dead? For their own protection, or their killers'?

    That last video I've saved, saw another one, or part of that, from a tip from you.Never did analyze. Will consider at some point. Thanks.

    1. 19 - 20 aug : TAHIR
      A man who identified himself as a Tripoli resident named TAHIR said in this telephone interview with Channel 4 News that he was one of the rebels who took part in the fighting that started on Saturday:

      I’m fine and my family are fine, we still have some clashes in my area, I’m 2km away Bab Azezya, the area has many of his supporters.Sun Aug 21 23:05:29 via Twitter for iPhoneFreedom Fighter

      On the internal security building : don't forget the link with RAGAI
      Early on the morning of Aug. 21, the guards opened the door of the cell next to RAGAI'S and led out six prisoners

    2. Talking about events of 20 aug I'll like to look at the timeline of the shed :
      this vid shows complete control of area and the wadi on friday 26 aug.
      The vid describes fierce fighting, but that was clearly not on 26 aug.

      I hope you'll save the vid.I did some pics of area and entrance wadi [ the locals rafaii rajub and zedan live near imho :




    3. NYT (Aug 21) links to a BBC article - with blog dated Aug 26 and video not available...

    4. @caustic : can you make copies , pls ?

      area base yarmouk in complete control on 26 aug

      Mar 16, 2011/16.36 /16.56
      we know he hasn't bombed cities

  32. sweet caustic, I did send you some links with the date 20 aug long before. Dare not touch them, because something amazing happens after, acc to my experience : the vids channels close suddenly after the vids have been opened. Coïncidence?

    About photo's I saw msnbc closed half his photo's yesterday

    and this 1 did everything on black so far I can see

    For what?

    1. Hurriya - I read in this Australian source Suffering amid Libya's growing human disaster
      2 September 2011 that
      About 300 prisoners, some crowded into cells housing 26 men at once, are being held in Maftuh Jail in Fernaj, a district of Tripoli,only 500m from Tripoli General Hospital . According to the police officer who took over the prison from rebel soldiers on Tuesday, the men were swept up in the rebels' August 20 push to take Tripoli. Most are accused of being mercenaries fighting for Muammar Gaddafi. Most deny the allegations.

      One wonders what went on in this prison between 20 August and 2 September , when all eyes were on Abu Salim?
      As reported on 22 December 2011, following another visit by HRW, General Prosecutor Abdelaziz al-Hasadi said that his office has taken control of five prisons in the west: Jdeida and Maftuah in Tripoli, one in Zawiya, one in Zintan, and one in Misrata. The government is also running Kweifa prison in Benghazi, Ali Ashour said.

      This Maftooh, Maftuah or Maftuh Prison was also visited by HRW who reported :
      At another facility, the Maftuah prison in the Fernaj neighborhood, Human Rights Watch saw about 300 detainees on September 1, including some who had been wounded in fighting. About 50 of the detainees were Libyan and the rest were sub-Saharan Africans. Most of the Africans whom Human Rights Watch interviewed in groups in their crowded cells said that armed men had picked them up for no reason after NTC forces took control of Tripoli.

      This prison السجن المفتوح is located SE of the city centre, near the Fatah University. The translation is Open Prison

    2. @felix , thx for information, but it hurts to hear that the afhanistan, iraq fighters with their gruesome skills have that much influence in many cities in the west now. In Zouya so many black people are killed too.

      Zintan has its own racism : Now, a sign in the town bears a handwritten scrawl that says, "Mushashya: Gadhafi dogs." Local residents are hoping the pro-Gadhafi families who were driven out don't come back.

      the sjedida prison :

    3. @felix "They set him on fire in an apparent racist attack that has become increasingly common in a country harbouring so much anger against Gaddafi and his mercenaries. "

      NTC supports ethnic cleansing of black Toubou tribe in Kufra

      I become so sick of this mercenary talk : since long,long time black people live in Libiya.

      Genocide of the Moors. (Black North Africans)

    4. Prisons at misrata and benghazi are a bad place to stay too :


      According to Akhbar Libya, the number of prisoners Pro Gaddafi is 15 000 prisoners in Benghazi which 3500 are in the prison El-Kouifiya, 5200 in the seat of Nida El Watan and the rest scattered in other prisons.

      Jamahariya’s supporter-girl and an old man tortured to death by Nato-mercenaries


      Here you can see proof , talked about it in the rape segment, that this poor lady is real Libiyan!!!

      "I think that the people working under the guise of human rights organizations or Doctors Without Borders are Gadhafi's fifth column," The head of Misurata's military council, Ibrahim Beitelmal said


      A spokesman for London-based Amnesty International said, "The torture is being carried out by officially recognized military and security entities as well as by a multitude of armed militias operating outside any legal framework."

    5. @Hurriya - at the end of this CNN clip of Alex Thomson's visit to "save the black Africans", there is an interview with Diana Eltahawy of Amnesty International. A shame she didn't speak out about the alleged mercenaries months earlier.
      Is there a connection with Egyptian born Mona Eltahawy, US citizen journalist who has lived in the UK Saudi Arabia and Israel and who sets out her anti-Gaddafi stall in this article from February 2011?
      This is what Diana Eltahawy told the Australian AM Programme on 3 June 2011: It was really telling particularly that every single family that we've met had suffered multiple violations; every single family had relatives killed or injured or relatives who have simply disappeared. Is this credible?? That would be an astronomcal death total.

      I can find no biographical details for Diana Eltahawy.

      On 29 August, the Christian Science Monitor reported here thus: The human rights group found around 300 people, mostly sub-Saharan Africans, in detention in Zawiyah, 20 miles west of Tripoli. “One of them was a Ukrainian man who was accused of being a sniper even though he was missing two fingers,” says Ms. Tahawy.

    6. @ felix < it might be that there were some people at the beginning with ideals, but everything changed when Nato has been asked for bombing fellow country brothers & sisters


      Posted 1 February 2011 17:07 GMT/Arab World: A Revolution Time-Table/Amira Al Hussaini

      Egyptian columnist Mona Eltahawy

      I hope the amnesty Elthawy is not a relative , she is a shame

    7. Mona Eltahawy New York based Before moving from her native Egypt to the United States in 2000, Eltahawy was a news reporter for a decade. She was a correspondent for Reuters News Agency in Cairo and Jerusalem, reported from the Middle East for the UK's GUARDIAN newspaper and was a stringer for U.S. News and World Report.

    8. Shameless propaganda stunt by US State Department run, Soros-funded front Amenesty International.

      Amnesty cites themselves as the source for the tallies, admitting that they have no accurate information regarding Libya or whether or not the tally includes the thousands upon thousands killed in NATO's onslaught or during the genocidal orgy carried out by NATO-armed and backed Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) terrorists.
      It should be noted that NATO's Libyan legion of terror is still to this day carrying out systematic atrocities (also covered here) in both Libya, and across the Arab World.

      One assumes that Amnesty International's tally for Syria comes either from the UN's already discredited tally, or Amnesty International's own tally taken from London-based foreign-funded NGO's working out of the British Foreign Ministry's office who are basing their tallies on hearsay and overt fabrications.

      The UN number was likewise based on hearsay, taken from opposition members in Geneva and compiled by Fortune 500 think-tank director, Karen Koning AbuZayd.

      AbuZayd sits on the Washington D.C. based Middle East Policy Council, along side current and former associates of Exxon, the US military, the CIA, the Saudi Binladin Group, the US-Qatari Business Council and both former and current members of the US government. Clearly, by representing the very interests who have been trying to reorder the Arab World for their own convenience for decades, AbuZayd's involvement compromises the entire UN report as well as the credibility of the UN itself.

      AbuZayd is a current member of the Board of Directors at the Middle East Policy Council in Washington D.C..

    9. Related ? :

      I am also the founder and Editor of a soon to be launched website called Catch-it.info which is primarily aimed to promote the recent 'Arab Spring'.
      ramsey abuzaid,Editor in Chief at Shabab Magazine Tripoli
      London, United Kingdom , Public Relations and Communications

      Huda Abuzaid finds that kind of attitude frustrating. She is one of those women who lived outside Libya, as a filmmaker in Britain. She came back to volunteer with the Transitional National Council, which led the revolution.

      London ·Actively seeking to reverse the declined state of the Ummah to an elevated state defined by Allah (SWT) as the 'Best Nation ever raised for Mankind' [TMQ] 3:110

  33. @Caustic - re the unplaced school, see at 1.48 in this BBC video, uploaded 31 August Libya conflicts - End of Ramadan brings fighting respite ....
    anyone suspicious (i.e. suspicious and black) gets taken to this school....

    And then what?
    The entrance looks a bit like Mitiga hospital, but isn't.

  34. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-14654001
    bodies 20 aug abu saleem area

    24 aug 2011 - acc to dr Moez : Mitiga hosp

    25 bodies in a big truck arrived , a few hundreds are on their way - apparent revol.
    - bodies smell bc held up for 4 days by snipers loyal to khadafi

  35. More about Intisar neighbourhood. The recently deceased in Syria,along with Marie Colvin, Remi Ochlik shows a photo on his website http://www.ochlik.com/ labelled On august, 25, 2011 In Tripoli - Field hospital in Abu Madi mosque, in Tripoli on August 25, 2011. Injured soldiers from Abu Selim district frontline are stabilized before going to the closest hospital..
    Christoph Reuter of Spiegel Online , 5 September 2011, also wrote about this mosque, Libya Settles Uneasily Into Life After Gadhafi
    In the Abu Madi mosque in the old quarter of Intisar, a Libyan doctor and three Filipino nurses at the nearby hospital had set up a small emergency clinic in the days running up to the fighting, and during the battle treated over 100 injured people from the district. Now, despite all their efforts, one of them has died after the victory.

    1. At a school in the Intisar neighborhood, 76 detainees incuding 3 women were found on September 1. About half of the detainees appeared to be sub-Saharan Africans, the remaineder being Libyans accused of having fought for Gaddafi. HRW saw the prisoners being prepared for transfer to the Mitiga air base.


  36. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=YUC4hx5uhJ8

    Libya Mass Executions . Uploaded by StefanellaStef on Sep 15, 2011

    further proof of Ghadafy regime crimes against humanity.


    NOT NAMED DR 0.40
    Libya. Return to the Stone Age. Benghazi. Hospital Doctors At Al-Jalaa.

    @0.48 vid on top : SAME AREA ? AS IN :

    LIBYE TRIPOLI désastre humanitaire suite à la guerre de l'OTAN
    Uploaded by zzinet on Aug 28, 2011
    mass grave 1.54

  37. @felix :

    @ 2.57 same man as in vid beneath? @ 2.06
    @ 2.06 the translator of khamees guards ?

    @0.57 the orange shirt man / has anyone a vid with date of capture ?

  38. the bodies of 22 African men


    Sat Aug 27, 2011/In the Tajoura district of the capital, local people prepared a mass grave for the bodies of 22 African men who appeared to have been recruited to fight for Gaddafi.
    One of the dead had his hands tied behind his back.
    "The rebels asked them to surrender but they refused," said resident Haitham Mohammed Khat'ei.

    related ?
    Aug 27, 2011
    A dead body lies in the streets of Tripoli, Libya, Aug. 26, 2011. Bystanders claimed that he was a black African mercenary



    Según el reporte, en agosto, en una casa en Abu Salim, unos guerreros ataron de manos a dos hermanos de la ciudad sureña de Sabha y los golpearon mientras los llevaban bajo custodia.

  39. http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=jIGKlpFgCCI
    8 bodies Rarghour/ aug 27 / @ 2.12

    25 bodies Ghargour/ 20 aug

    1. Al-Gout was dug up by the Wall Street Journal (pay wall) .Details Mount on Atrocities in Tripoli's Fall
      Aug 29.

    2. Getting through the WSJ paywall is fairly simple, as I found out earlier this week when investigating another story (Nemtsov ja Kasparov want to kill Putin).

      Most pieces of notable text are duplicated all over the internet. To find something you need a sample of the text, maybe just the title, and do a Google search on it.

      It turns out, the WSJ paywall lets you in, if you are coming from a Google search result. There is no way of generating a get-in-free url, the gate seems to be opened by the correct Referring URL in the HTTP request.

      Try out a search for Details Mount on Atrocities in Tripoli's Fall. The WSJ link comes on to of the search – an lets you read the whole article. Following the same link from here stops you at the pay wall.

      One of the images happens to be from the road block / massacre site at the Second Ring Road.

      (There is also another version of the article on-line with no pictures and a different capitalization in the title.)

    3. ...continued

      The WSJ article is evidently discussing the 18 bodies found by the Dry Riverbed.

      In the Gargur district, located on the south side of a dry riverbed from Bab al-Aziziya, at least 25 people were killed in this time period, said residents of the neighborhood. They say a unit of Gadhafi fighters commanded by a local man from Gargur left the leader's stronghold and fell back to this neighborhood on the night of Aug. 20.

      Mabrouk al-Gout, who lives on the street where the gunmen were retreating, said the gunfire was deafening that night, as was the screaming of men dying and pleading for their lives. "They were shooting at anything," Mr. Gout said, pointing at multiple pools of dried blood that ring his home on two sides.

      Just thinking, is the location somehow related to the makeshift prison across the street from Muammar Gaddafi’s compound described in the al Jazeera article by Evan Hill from August 25th?

      Survivor tells of mass killing
      From inside a makeshift prison across the street from Muammar Gaddafi’s compound, Osama Mansour el-Hadi listened to the beginning of the end.

      The prison was claimed to be the origin of the 25 Activists/17 Corpses seen in the morgue of the Mitiga Hospital.

    4. ...continued ???

      Why does the previous post claim to continue something that is not even there?

      There was a long post describing how to get through the WSJ paywall. Now it is gone! Highly suspicious!

      The original article is here:
      Details Mount on Atrocities in Tripoli's Fall

      To get through the paywall, go in through Google search.
      Details Mount on Atrocities in Tripoli's Fall

    5. thanks, Petri (long posts sometimes vanish to the trash box of the blogger subsequent to appearing...) Also new (posed) to me photo from a familar location. Mass killings 20-21 Aug.... important article.

    6. day after the complete article was placed on this blog it changed into this short one.
      I have a screenshot of the complete article .

  40. 17 march 2012 , no details are given , via libiya sos:

    Today one more mass grave was found with 40 bodies (recently burried) in Libya

  41. sweet caustic : how many dry bed victims did we count :

    1. the ghargour dry bed victims , 20 aug
    2. the local mosque dump, date ?

    3:28 Aug 2011
    Some 18 were taken a couple of hundred yards down a dried river bed opposite the Brigade's grey-walled Headquarters on the southern outskirts of Tripoli.
    There, on Saturday night, The Daily Telegraph found their decomposing corpses. Several still had their hands tied behind their backs.

    Blackened by the summer heat, and maggot-infested, a team of silent volunteers rolled them into yellow plastic body-bags with as much dignity as they could muster. Alerted by Tripoli's grapevine, relatives showed up, somehow able to recognise the missing.

    1. That's at least two locales, as you note. Both wind up with at least one version with 18 mentioned. Spencer refers to by the Yarmouk base, the mosque dump. 18 he saw, 15 visible in videos, 22 reported at one time.

      And the other... Hmmm, maybe I got confused. I never did see 18 along that canal between Ghagour and Bab al Aziziyah. At least 12 ("black trash" post, 8, nurse scrubs, 3, another in a photo), and the new video has a couple more. No firm count ATM.

  42. #Tripoli: #Gaddafi Military location: Premises of Ramco located in AlHadba Agricultural Project #Libya @NATO

    Could this relate to the shed?

    1. #Tripoli: 5 acre premises of Nageco Oil Co. located between airport road & WadyRabee used as Missile modification workshop. #Libya @NATO
      8 months ago

      @ petri : could y find out which locations are meant ?

    2. More RTs here Seems to originate with @thanku4theanger
      Ramco - Qatari company.

    3. @NATO Plz Recon 31° 57' 6.74" N 12° 19' 3.84" E for G forces


      Dr who left Tripoli last week: There is line of artillery around Tripoli positioned in 3 locations: Ghut AlRuman,

      Wadi Al Rabee3

      and the Swani . This artillery line is aimed at Tripoli in case it revolts all together.
      sent email 2 oldmomma


  43. 24 march 2012 :

    أسامة ☾✰ ‏ @LIBYA_BREAKNEWS
    BREAKING: A mass grave has been found in the city of #Zawiyah, #Libya
    عاجل : إكتشاف مقبرة جماعية في مدينة الزاوية بالقرب من الجامعه الجديدة ‎‫#لـــيبيـــا‪‏

  44. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaNCrTNSUm0&feature=plcp&context=C4179af6VDvjVQa1PpcFPq0xWWTStToK3y4-8KowK772eCEzngEFQ%3D

    missing in libya 19 3 2012 المفقودين في ليبيا
    new mass grave Tripoli , 35 people

    dna center tripoli

    Wyre Davies BBC : dozens of dead bodies of anti-khadafi fighters
    Nasr woods near rixos hotel :
    Misinformation to the public is the upshot and the Libiyans bear the brunt

    1. The story which accompanies the upper video by Wyre Davies was put out in early September 2011: 5 Sons Missing in Chaos of Libya's War AP 2 Sept 2011. Sounds very improbable.

    2. When I watch these things in light of what we know, I'm puzzled who these people are. Abu Salaam - those sons look like five classmates the same age but different parents. But Hisham Sharif, for example, missing his brother. Really? I don'twant to say he's lying, but so many others... Was the brother really an activist or a loyalist? Someone posted a link recently and I can't find it now, where family of missing loyalists frequently have to call them anti-Gaddafi people and say loyalists killed them before even trying to ask for help. How big a factor is this in the huge number of people killed and disappeared "by retreating loyalists?"

      The BBC article

      No rawvideo around I found easily. Curious to see this new footage and these dozens of "activists" in some detail. At least eight bodies were found in these woods behind the Rixos, sometime after the rebel conquest. No images or details. Wonder why it took so long to find the rest?

  45. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=nWhOhui88I8#!
    tripoli ghargour 8 bodies

    Dead Rotting Bodies Found At Gadhafi's Former Compound - Graphic
    12 bodies here south gate bab elziziya

    More bodies turned up in the streets on Friday [ 26 aug] ,
    Near Colonel Qaddafi’s abandoned citadel, Bab al-Aziziya, rebels began hauling away nine bloated bodies. The face of one was so badly decayed it appeared charred.
    Maggots crawled over the torso of another.
    Six were dumped near a trash receptacle, two left under a stairwell and one thrown in a large ditch, his hands apparently cuffed.

    14.44 Alex Crawford reports for Sky by ohone as gunfire echoes around. She says rebels from Misrata have over-run a government position on the west gate of the Gaddafi compound, south of the Rixos hotel and near Tripoli Zoo.
    They are now engaged in a firefight with an apartment building where they believe Gaddafi is hiding.
    She saw a trial of "dozens" of Gaddafi soldiers. She said many had died with their hands tied behind their backs.

  46. Paul Danahar, BBC Middle East bureau chief, says the bodies of Gaddafi soldiers are rotting in the midday sun inside his compound while the looting of his staff's homes continues.

    @caustic : look @ 1st vid : people were free to go in & out compound Bab al zaziya
    Libya - 20110823 - Tripoli - Analysis of Gaddafi's compound by Sky News.

    this could explain the huge amount of victims bodies found there
    dr ahmed shalabi : 350 bodies in old regime's compound

    because of a lack of jails they killed people who surrendered to them

    Bab al Aziziya! it is like winning the world cup or your first under 11’s goal and your dad cries.

  47. Reporters in Tripoli have also documented uncountable numbers of rotting corpses
    left in grassy medians, abandoned municipal buildings or in the street gutters
    in several districts of the capital.

    Many of these bodies are impossible to identify,
    due to a lack of identity cards or recognizable uniforms, and it's challenging
    to even piece together how or when they died. {WSJ article}

    Nevertheless, the regime of Muammar Gaddafi "has used mercenaries in the Battle of Tripoli," said Bouckaert.
    They have, according to him, documentary evidence and testimony to conclude that hundreds of Africans, especially Chad, have worked for 32 Brigade who led Jamis Gaddafi , son of the president. And this, he adds, is just one of the sites where they have been recruited.
    "We have seen ID cards entitling them to have a Kalashnikov and sixty bullets." The residents of the 32 brigade headquarters and say that in February, before the outbreak of the civil war, were in Tripoli.
    This "premeditation" is important "to hunt down Gadhafi before the International Criminal Court (ICC)."

    As proof, his team pointed to ID cards issued in Libya's south that he said were fake and a document issued by the Niger Embassy in Tripoli

    1. Thanks for some apparently new stuff there, Hurriya.

      I do wonder sometimes why so few of the AllVoices are able to write comprehensibly in English?

  48. @ 14.14 : checkpoints, flash points makes it hard to investigate


    @ 12 .53
    @ 12.56 – @ 13.16
    @ 14.28 captured people

    Stuart Ramsay, the Sky correspondent on the edge of the battle for Abu Salim, central Tripoli, reports seeing the bodies of five black Africans, hands tied, who may have been executed.

    @ 16.60 Some of the opposition fighters are extemely good trained

  49. http://i39.tinypic.com/w2lod3.jpg
    Tripoli gate 27

    In addition, Khadafi's Bab al-Aziziya compound was ransacked by rebels earlier this week.
    A television crew reported that they saw rebels stepping over the bodies of pro-Khadafi soldiers as they moved from one building to another trying to clear the area.

    1.58 bodies killed loyalists taken to …?Aug 23, 2011

    @ 0.23 1 rebel, 2 loyalists taken to ?
    يظهر في هذا الفيديو الشهيد البطل أسعد البولاطي و المعروف في زاوية الدهماني بأسعد الزقوزي وهو مبتسم بعد استشهاده بالزاوية

  50. Corinthia hotel , Souk Al Thulatha Al Gadim, Tripoli 82874, Libya

    20 aug

    A few days ago, a dozen executed prisoners wre found bloated/decomposing at a ditch near Souk Al Thulata (#Tripoli) covered by garbage (cnt)
    The bodies were only found when local residents complained about the smell. They seem to date back to 20th August or so.

  51. https://www.facebook.com/sedlmair.chris/posts/129267063863852

    600 bodies found near #tripoli airport road...

    Libya S.O.S.
    There are reports that 1000 dead bodies were found in #tripoli .
    In the airport road there were bodies found buried, 600 bodies were found and they all still had their phones on them, And they had their hands tied behind their backs.

    1. Wow, shit. This will need a post soon. 1,000 would be the biggest single mass grave yet by a long-shot. Plenty of time to decay was allowed, suggesting (falsely I presume) they didn't know about it 'til now. Airport Road, probably a ways south, not far from the Yarmouk base. Fled like rats, did they? To this grave I'd guess.

      Might out "holocaust camp"investigation become more relevant yet soon? Consider the video host: "“this place has witnessed the death of thousands. I’m not exaggerating when I say thousands. Every day, there were about 20-25 bodies.” That's way off from what anyone else noted. Did he know something after all?

  52. https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/540176_396898240350292_297509086955875_1261743_1626020062_n.jpg

    bodies at garbage 20 21 aug

  53. http://axisoflogic.com/artman/uploads/2/2011_Libya_Unidentifiedgraves2_renamed_26092.jpg
    By September, at least 13 mass graves had been found in Libya. ICRC spokesperson Steven Anderson said "more mass graves are being found every week". Unidentified bodies were exhumed for burial in unmarked graves. There were 12 different such sites in and around Tripoli according to the Geneva-based Red Cross.

  54. 63 revolutionaries freed in #WadiAlRabee in #Tripoli by #Freedomfighters helped by defected #Gaddafi security forces.

    Good news: Robert RowleyRRowleyTucson
    In mid-March [2012], a mass grave containing 40 bodies was found at Wadi Rabie near Tripoli

    .  The bodies, believed to be those of anti-Qaddafi fighters executed in May 2011, were badly disfigured because chemicals were said to have been poured onto them to speed up decomposition.  The ages of the dead were put at the time between 23 and 40.

    Wadi Al Rabi Stadium (Tripoli)
    Men ride horses during a traditional show at a wedding in Wadi al-Rabi, about 20km (12 miles) southeast of Tripoli, October 7, 2010

    1. Thanks, Hurriya. This is all new to me, and probably worth a post. You gave me a good enough kernel right here.

      Bodies with chemicals to appear older seemed to be from May... before or after adjusting for the use of said chemicals? I wonder if they were killed more like Aug/Sept. Gaddafi's people might've killed a few in Tripoli here and there prior to that, but man did they ever go on a killing rampage when the rebels got there.

    2. hurriyaMarch 19, 2012 8:03 AM

      #Tripoli: 5 acre premises of Nageco Oil Co. located between airport road & WadyRabee used as Missile modification workshop. #Libya @NATO
      RRowleyTucsonRRowleyTucson/ 8 months ago


    3. RRowleyTucson Robert Rowley
      63 revolutionaries freed in #WadiAlRabee in #Tripoli by #Freedomfighters helped by defected #Gaddafi security forces. #Libya #feb17
      14 Jul

    4. BREAKING: Big loud Explosion in Tripoli in Wadi Rabee Area

  55. Not Tripoli : new mass graves 2012 :

    Joanne ♌ Leo ‏@FromJoanne , 30 may 2012
    Found a #MassGrave: 4 bodies buried by former #Gaddafi troops West of #Sirte DNA samples taken Will be re-buried in #Sirte #Libya
    New mass grave discovered near Zlitan

    Zlitan, 2 June 2012:

    A mass grave was discovered in the Wadi Kaam area of Zlitan earlier today by a group of Tripoli students picnicking nearby.

    It is understood the students discovered the grave by chance, whereupon the Supreme Security Committee (SSC) in Zlitan was informed. The area has been visited by the SSC and cordoned off, pending a visit to the site tomorrow by members of the prosecutors office, a coroner and a team who will exhume the bodies.

  56. Night executions

    It is thought that hundreds of people were buried in mass graves following the Libyan uprising

    writer bbc piece , name not displayed :
    During part of last year's uprising, much of the international media was "billeted" by the Gaddafi government at the infamous Rixos hotel in Tripoli.

    At night we would often hear the sound of gunfire from the woods behind the hotel.

    This week my suspicions were confirmed when I was shown a video of dozens of dead bodies, lying in a ditch behind the Rixos.

    They were, apparently, activists picked up from their homes in Tripoli and brought here to be executed.

    Before the mass grave. Baboons surrounded the man

    Libya Mass Executions

  57. http://reports.wbmonitor.com/reports/view/976

    13:09 Apr 3 2012 tripoli libya

    Whispering Bell Libya has received reports that another mass grave has been found by Misurate Militia in the Allowady area of Tripoli.

    40 bodies have reportedly been found.

    This report follows a similar report 2 weeks ago of another mass grave to the South of Tripoli, the bodies believed to be victims of the revolution.

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