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Friday, January 6, 2012

The Tripoli Massacres: Roadblock Victims

January 6, 2012

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Petri Krohn requested a dedicated post on "the Tripoli roadblock victims." As he explained, to start on an issue I'm less familiar with:
All the intersections of the Second Ring Road had rebel roadblocks and piles of massacre or genocide victims in mass graves or just lying on the pavement. So far we have three identified sites on the 2nd Ring Road, with 20 + 4 + 2 bodies. We also have a photoset of a captured "Afro merc" at one of the grave sites.
Honestly, I forget what we found on that (mostly in comments here and here). Proof that collective "we" is greater by quite a bit than me, anyway. I recommend below we re-gather that information in one spot, along with anything new, and I will follow along, perhaps adding, and after enough is gathered, make a cool map graphic.


  1. @Petri
    Have a look at the Al Jazeera video fronted by Zeina Khodr Tripoli Citizen: Life was better when Gadafi was in Control,28 August 2011 , from 0.52 onwards at a flyover. Khodr says "When rebels stormed the Libyan capital a week ago they took control of some neighbourhoods. Abu Salim wasn't one of them, it was a stronghold for the Libyan Government. Gaddafi's men were forced out of this area on August 24 but they had a checkpoint on this bridge [points behind]. According to people who lived in Abu Salim, they killed everybody who aproached their checkpoint. Introduces witness "Nouri" etc
    Is this credible? I doubt it.

  2. Also a new French WatTV video to me, Libye: Tripoli jonchée de cadavres which has some interesting rebel road block footage from 0.30 onwards, Yannick Mahe reporting for TF1, with some racist talk from a rebel about "mercenaries".

  3. What exactly is "Abu Salim?"

    There are two neighborhoods that carry this name, both along the Abu Slim Road.

    1) A high class residential development in the wedge between Abu Slim Road and Airport Highway, just south of the Bab al-Aziziya roundabout and ectending to the Second Ring Road. This was one of the first post-revolution urban renewal projects after the 1969 revolution. Likely to house hard-core loyalists.

    2) An old, possibly poor neighborhood south of the Second Ring Road, extending to Pepsi Cola Road. This is where Google Maps places the "Abu Salim" label. If I understand the news correctly, this is also said to be a loyalist stronghold.


    Zeina Khodr seems to be reporting from the southern "Abu Salim." She says the neighborhood was captured on August 24th. The northern Abu Salim may have held out longer.

    The location of the video – and the check point where "everybody was killed" – is on Abu Slim Road, on the bridge crossing the Second Ring Road. Zeina Khodr and her camera crew stand in the south east corner of the intersection, with the camera facing north east. The abandoned white car can still be seen in the Google Maps satellite image from August 29th.

    The amateur video shows the same scene, with a stream of refugees moving north over the bridge. I did not try placing the tree bodies.

    This is now the fourth intersection on the 2nd Ring Road where we see a rebel check point and massacre victims. It is notable that the spot where Zeina Khodr is standing is across the road from the Abu Salim Hospital. The hospital service building and the pile of bodies with women and children is only 200 meters away.

  4. Some innocuous footage in this Spanish video at 10.09 onwards of a checkpoint on a ring road flyover.

  5. One of the tweeters sent out the registration plates of the Chevrolets in which Gaddafi loyalists fled Palm City,

    while another said that looting was taking place inside the complex during a gun battle with rebels.

  6. A little watched video by libyaalhurraNet : ثوار بن خيل يقبضون علي عدد من المرتزقه,uploaded 10 Sept, shows a car load of black africans having their passports examined, perhaps from Guinea or Ghana (indistinct). The location seems identical to that photographed on 28 Aug by Youssef Boudlal for Time.. A similar photo is on this page from the same incident.

    1. Yes, I think this is exactly the same place, and not just some other overpass on the 2dn Ring Road. The video would have to be later, as the graffiti is not shown on the photographs. Although I cannot quite match the surroundings, there are technical details of the overpass and earthwork that match only this spot.

      There two new photos of the roadblock and its rebel guards from August 21th on Panoramio. The uploader, an Abdul Rahman Almusr says they arrested many mercenaries on the day.

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  8. There is a new fake Holocaust in the making. One thousand bodies are discovered near the Airport Road. It is clear that "al Gaddafi" will be blamed for killing all these people. Here is the story as tweeted by two Feb17 accounts.

    Ahmed Sanalla @ASanalla 22 Apr
    reports that around 1000 bodies have been found in mass graves near Airport road in #Tripoli #Libya, bodies are being transferred to morgues

    Abdullah Esharif @HerrEsharif 22 Apr
    discover massive graves at the airport road #Tripoli with nearly 1000 dead bodies source : #Libya news agency

    We have heard the cover story before: suddenly on August 21st Gaddafi loyalists started setting up roadblocks all over Tripoli, picking out people, and executing them. The fact is that there were no government roadblocks in Tripoli after August 20. They were all destroyed by NATO air power.

    If these people really were victims of the "oppressive" Jamahiriya government, they would be buried in some hidden field in some remote location. The fact that they are found right next to a major road is prima face evidence, if not proof that these are rebel victims.

    Libya S.O.S. has some more details; I do not know if any of this is accurate.

    Libya S.O.S. – 3 hours ago
    There are reports that 1000 dead bodies were found in #tripoli .
    In the airport road there were bodies found buried, 600 bodies were found and they all still had their phones on them, And they had their hands tied behind their backs.

    We still do not know what happened to all the hundreds of "African mercenaries" captured in Tripoli. This may be the time to start putting together the collection of Afromerc photos for identification.

    1. Wow, shit. This will need a post soon. 1,000 would be the biggest single mass grave yet by a long-shot. Plenty of time to decay was allowed, suggesting (falsely I presume) they didn't know about it 'til now. Airport Road, probably a ways south, not far from the Yarmouk base. Fled like rats, did they? To this grave I'd guess.

      Might out "holocaust camp"investigation become more relevant yet soon? Consider the video host: "“this place has witnessed the death of thousands. I’m not exaggerating when I say thousands. Every day, there were about 20-25 bodies.” That's way off from what anyone else noted. Did he know something after all?

      600 bodies were found and they all still had their phones on them, And they had their hands tied behind their backs
      How do we know the phones were theirs, rather than phones with fake IDs made up, some rebels numbers stored as contacts, etc.?

  9. Thank's to hurriya for pointing out this Press TV news video with Nick Jones from September 12th, 2011.

    Mass grave discovered in Tripoli

    In 1 grave 19 bodies, 3 weeks old / 3 libiyans, 16 mercenaries , not tied .
    2nd grave another side to fly over

    Yes, this is the same roadblock under the same bridge over the 2nd Ring Road.

    The grave was excavated on September 11th, and shown on this BBC video. More details are in this BBC article.

    More to come...

    1. The BBC says it all in their image caption:

      It is not known who the victims are or who killed them.

      The sentence however is not in English, but in the NATO newspeak used by BBC and all of the Western media. In English the sentence translates to "There is a 100% certainty on the identity of the victims or their killers. These are suspected Gaddafi loyalist an African guest workers."

      If anyone in Libya had expressed any doubt about the self evident, then the headline would read "Gaddafi killed hundreds" and the image caption would state "mass grave of Libyan civilians suspected of being killed Gaddafi loyalists."


      I have now discovered the exact location of the mass grave of 16 "African mercenaries," that was covered in the BBC story "Roadside graves found in Tripoli" and the Press TV video "Mass grave discovered in Tripoli."

      It is located just south of the Second Ring Road, some 200 meters east of the smaller grave seen on the BBC video, in a small park or clearing, about half way to the pedestrian overpass. The identifiable building and strange concrete structure seen in both the BBC photo and the Press TV video is also seen in this photo on Panoramio. An other view of the grave site is in this photo from November 7, 2011.


      I have looked again at the roadblock in the TIME photo by Youssef Boudlal from August 28th, also seen in the amateur video. It is definitively also a roadblock on the 2nd Ring Road, but I am no longer convinced it is the same roadblock.

    2. Peter Biles ‏ @peterbiles
      #Libya. Officials in #Tripoli have been exhuming up to 20 bodies from a new #mass grave. Details on BBC Radio 4 Six o'clock news
      5:58 PM - 11 Sep 11 via web ·

      (relates to BBC report)

      Biles helpfully adds a photo of the exhumation in his previous tweet:
      Peter Biles ‏ @peterbiles
      #Libya. New #mass grave found in #Tripoli on 11 June Highway. http://pic.twitter.com/ri6jzEC 3:18 PM - 11 Sep 11 via web

    3. The only minmal clues as to the other site (amateur video) are at 0.13 and 0.40 there. Nothing suggests it is the same site.

    4. this arabian rebels are waving with the passports of the black skinned victimes, but remember that to around 44.000 people was given a familybook, which right after is denied by this new gvt

    5. Quote: Jibril added that "a lot of people in Houla know what really happened" but would not say so out of fear for their lives. "Whoever says something," he explained, "can only repeat the rebels' version. Anything else is certain death."

      German intelligence: al-Qaeda all over Syria
      by John Rosenthal, Asia Times, Jul 24, 2012

    6. Jibril : Whoever says something," he explained, "can only repeat the rebels' version. Anything else is certain death." :

      @ 3.25 qatar has airlifted them to the southern Turkish city antakia/ @ 3.40 top commander Bel Hadj


      Over 10,000 Libyans are reportedly being trained in a closed-off zone in Jordan, before being snuck into Syria to fight for the opposition.
      These men are allegedly paid around US$1,000 a month, funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

      27 Nov 2011 Leading Libyan Islamist met Free Syrian Army opposition group
      Abdulhakim Belhadj, head of the Tripoli Military Council and the former leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, "met with Free Syrian Army leaders in Istanbul and on the border with Turkey," said a military official working with Mr Belhadj.

      btw : not yet :
      Jenan Moussa :I'll tweet this again. Rumors about death of Libyan Mahdi Al Harati, head of Umma Brigade fighting in #Syria, are all FALSE. #Libya @akhbar

      Report: Rebels Responsible for Houla Massacre

      Jabhat Al-Nusrah (Syria) :: presents :: The Declaration to Mobilise :: In Response to the Al-Houla Massacre :: Al-Faateh Abu Muhammed Al-Jolaani (Hafidhahullaah)

      they are bayoneting people in the villages around Damascus".

  10. Here is a video of the excavation of the mass grave at the massacre site at the rebel roadblock on the 2nd Ring Road.

    برنامج محفورون في قلوبنا الخاص بالمقابر الجماعية التي وجد بها اهالي منطقة النوفليين
    (Mahvoron program in our hearts, your mass graves that were found by the people of the region Aleneuvliyn)
    Uploaded by dashreef44 on Feb 27, 2012

    1. An old map of mine shows Annofliyin Street - شارع النوفليين here where Al-Matar Street is now on the Google map. It is a long way from the 2nd Ring Road.
      Nooflyeen Neighbourhood can be also located by moving tghe mouse over the name in the link.

    2. http://www.str-ly.com/vb/t18854/

      22 – 4-2012 Minister care to families of martyrs and missing persons denies the existence of any mass grave

      The minister Professor Gabriel Nasser Hamed ,the auspices of the families of martyrs and missing underlined the lack of credibility of the news about the existence of a cemetery containing the remains of victims of the road to the airport area

      In a telephone conversation Balaalami: Hakim Ben Othman informed us about the mass grave

    3. almost impossible to find a picture of the honorable minister Professor Gabriel Nasser Hamed

      I guess it's him below and some of his opinions :



      He [ Naser Jibril Hamed] indicated that a number of families of martyrs and missing persons have demonstrated daily in a number of Libyan cities ,demanding to know fate of missing persons and the capture of the martyrs who shed their pure blood on the soil of the homeland in order to liberate Libya and build a democratic state dominated by the Justice and Equality and enjoy the freedom and prosperity.

  11. happy to see y , Peti

    which people @ 3.02 , @ 3. 18 @ 7.38 @ 8.33 @ 10.19 @ 11.22
    10.22 area/@ 10.52/ 11.30
    @ 12.50 : no muslim rituals for bury,though coffins


    Annofliyin Road
    Bin Ashur Street
    Ibrahim Mohamed Al Howni Road, Annofliyin, Zawiat Al Dhamainai, Tripoli


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