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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Khamis Brigade Shed Massacre: Survivor/Family Imagery Index

January 26, 2012
edits Jan.

Those following the Libya S.O.S. link here, please re-direct HERE
This is not ready to post - my list is just too sloppy still. But I wanted a place for readers toplace or even re-post links of people to compare to people (seen at or related to the shed massacre) in a set spot. Later, I'll pull these together with what I've already got, but even before that people can know where to look and find it in the comments.

It'll be in about this format, as I've done before:

Ron Haviv / VII 
RH1 -
RH2 - Aug. 27. Desc: "Relatives mourn the victims of a massacre allegedly committed by forces ..." Shown, embracing, 'the sobbing man" and the red-robed man. To the side, an elderly black man.
RH3 - Aug. 27. Desc: same as above. Shown, embracing, 'the sobbing man" and possibly Bashir al-Siddeq
RH4 -


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