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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Khamis Brigade Shed Massacre: A "Dr. Salim," a "Mr. al Farjani," and a Key Escapee

January 3, 2012
last edits Jan 5

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This post will seek to sort out a narrower slice of the shed massacre witness list, one tight little knot among many worthy of untangling on its own.

Leap One: Dr. Salim is Dr. Salem
First, I recently made a crucial discovery about one alleged witness of the massacre by government forces at the shed behind the Yarmouk base south of Tripoli, when it was really probably a massacre of government forces. Dr. Salim Rajub/Rajip (who spoke widely to the media) is actually Dr. Salem al Farjani of Tripoli Medical Center, cleverly revealing his first name and "Dr." title while obscuring his identity otherwise. He gets the nick-name "See-through Salem."

Al Farjani was at the time travelling to mass grave and massacre sites to investigate what he always "found" to be loyalist crimes, and would soon, by late November, be appointed to keep doing that for the new Libyan government. And here he is recounting under a thin pseudonym some of the same "facts" he'll be "finding" later and helping to make official about the single most prominent and poignant among them. (See, in fact, his acknowledgment from Physicians for Human Rights, for one, in understanding this massacre they devoted a whole fancy report to).

Among the shed massacre "witnesses," Dr. Rajub was already in his own unique space, being the only witness who brought forth another witness, an alleged escapee who remained unnamed. Speaking to Sky News correspondent Stuart Ramsay for the second time on Saturday August 27 (apparently the witness wasn't quite ready before the the first broadcast), Dr. Salim walked up with his left arm around the man's shoulder, and then translated for him, from Arabic to English.

The edit makes the man's story seem amazingly vague, with nothing about his captivity, the massacre's start, or just how he escaped. It only starts with Salim saying "7 -- 10 to 11" people "tried to escape," then which ways people ran upon fleeing the shed, and how some of them were wounded then executed on the way. He closed strangely with "this place was for executing the people who are exactly refusing to kill the other people, the civilian people."

Leap Two: Atiri is El Hitri
Also on the 27th (four days after the massacre), New York Times writer Robert F. Worth spoke with a man of interest (among several other strange people) who was named but not shown, Mustafa Abdullah Atiri, a 26-year old lawyer. By his account as well as approximate name, age, and profession, I decided he's clearly the same as Mustafa Abdullah el Hitri, who was mentioned in the Autralian on the 29th. No photographs were provided of either man to make a visual link. Only a different, believable, transliteration of family name and a different age (forgot he was was 27 now instead of 26?) stand in the way of concluding this leap is quite valid, and he wasn't even trying to give a different identity.

The Australian ran an article from Anthony Loyd, from the Times (of London?). His escaped witness el Hitri had some background on his brief detention at the shed (four days only), the beatings, torture, and emasculating humiliation they were subjected to there. He told of being locked in one of the prison trucks in the compound yard, only taken into the shed on the 23rd, to be killed with the others, one presumes. During that brief walk, Atiri happened to see Khamis Gaddafi right there, giving orders of some kind, generally believed to be the orders to kill them all (basis of possible War Crimes trials for Khamis...).

El Hitri is the only witness to notice the Leader's son, or to recall the man who saved his life later, the heroic guard "Abdul Razak." During the massacre, Razak became "sickened by the killing," and made the decision to open the locked doors while the killers went to re-load. He told anyone still alive to make a run for it, and they did.

Most prisoners forgot that part, however, and said a fellow prisoner kicked the doors open, or the doors were just left open, or the guards never left and were fought past, or the locked doors were circumvented in favor of a "hole in the wall".

With his family name transliterated perhaps better as Atiri, he met Robert Worth of the New York Times on Aug. 27, and spoke with him again three days later ("a week after his escape"), prior to Worth's epic Sept. 21 article, entitled "surreal ..." something, I forget. In greater detail he cited the rebel psycho-babble of ridiculous neglect, abuse, and torture. He elaborates on his sighting of Khamis, and his massacre details are about the same, down to Abdul Razaq and the opening to life he offered to so little recognition. Worth relates how:
Atiri escaped ... along with about 15 other men. Atiri told me that after running from the warehouse, they leapt over a low wall at the far end of the prison, then sprinted between empty houses and farms. They could hear the whine of bullets slicing into the fields around them, and shouts from the guards at the prison. Some of them — after days with little food and water — stopped to drink from a faucet outside a farmhouse and were gunned down. Atiri kept on running.
It was dark by then, but the soldiers fired flares into the sky, illuminating the kill zone. Finally, Atiri and another prisoner named Taha banged on the door of a farmhouse and found a family willing to hide them for the night.
His ordeal was not over. The next morning, Atiri woke up in the barn after a fitful rest, and he and Taha were told they could not stay. There were still Qaddafi soldiers in the area. The family gave them new clothes and some money, and the eldest son drove the two escapees to a neighboring town and dropped them off. They tried to blend in, without success...
A group of local men quickly surrounded them. One put a gun to Atiri’s head and began shouting: “You rat, you rat! Where do you come from?”
That story, and it's a gripping one, will resume below.

Leap 3 - El Hitri/Atiri is the Unnamed Escapee
Hitri/Atiri matters here because while not shown, he was described by Worth in a very helpful way, for which I must thank him. "I first met Atiri four days later [the 27th]. He was standing in the yard of the prison he had escaped from, a big man in a sweaty orange polo shirt with enormous, haunted eyes."

Look again at the unnamed man posing with "Dr.Rajub" on the 27th. We see an orange polo shirt, sweaty-looking, large eye that are arguably "haunted" (tired, dark). I don't think I'd say he's a "big man," however; he's barely taller than Dr. Salem (who is shorther than UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon), but looks well-nourished enough. It was smart to claim only four day's captivity with the standard scraps of food and drops of water allowed by the cruel guards.

Further, language issues should be considered. Neither Loyd nor Worth mentions a translator (not that they would have). Did Atiri speak to them in English or Arabic? Was the unnamed man truly incapable of English, or perhaps not confident telling elaborate lies in it just yet? No firm answers should be expected to the questions, and we'll have to leave it unclear, and working neither for nor against making a link.

If we take this for a moment as all the same man, his more detailed story to Loyd came two days after his first performance, and to Worth apparently the following day, when he "walked then with a limp, a week after the massacre." For what it's worth, the Sky video (again: "Mass Killing" Evidence Found in Libya) shows him walking up at 2:27. He shows no limp here, or a very faint one if so. My guess is his injury was suddenly more pronounced and pathetic three days later. Crippled for life, likely.

Yeah, I think it's all the same guy. For confirmation just after saying that, near the top in a Google search I could have done at any time prior to now but hadn't, please see: Seamus Murphy VII photo, August 27:
Mustafa Abdullah El Hitri, a survivor of a massacre allegedly committed by Qaddafi loyalists, is seen within the Salahuddin district of Tripoli. One of the worst single atrocities documented so far during Libya's revolution...
...everything we've been told about it is a lie.

[side-note: Another image of Atiri, and another. Anybody out there in Libya happen to know this guy by his face? Is this his real name? Where was he really on the 23rd of August? DO NOT leave a comment or make a sound on the Internet if so. Gather easy proof as carefully as possible and try to leave that messed up place for a while. Get to Algeria maybe and then safely and irreversibly publish it. Hopefully sanity will be slapped back into Libya by itself before too long. ]

We had a look in Mr. Murphy's VII photo library for any glimpses of Dr, Farjani, but no identifiable views appeared. This image could possibly show his arm raised behind the foreground character, as he helps prepare Atiri for Ramasy's coming visit. Other photos suggest Murphy was there shooting  at around 9:30 to 10:30 am, when Sky Seems to have filmed about 11:00 (all by rough reading of sunlight "azimuth").

Leap 4 - Mr. Al Farjani is Dr. Al Farjani
So we have a possible match with the unnamed man Dr. Salem coached to Sky News the same day Mr. Worth first met him. Since Dr. Farjani was there the same day, it's worth wondering if Worth also talked to the man's apparent coach. Not publicly anyway, or by that name. But he did speak with one "Ahmed al Farjani." He comes up at the end of Mr. Atiri's journey, along with "Taha," to some nearby town or neighborhood, where they quickly met unfriendly locals.
At that point, a man named Ahmed al Farjani pushed through the crowd and began arguing heatedly with the gunman. He told the gathered crowd that Khamis Qaddafi’s soldiers had left town, and no one would be harmed for harboring the two escapees. He then led Atiri and Taha to his own house and locked the door. 
In fact, Farjani, a 42-year-old construction worker, had no idea whether the soldiers were gone or not, he told me later.
Is it sheer coincidence that a man with Dr. Salem al Farjani's last name saved Atiri/el Hitri on the 24th, while Dr. Salem - posing as a different Dr. Salim - ushered this same escapee (protectively) to the media three days later? It's possible, but so far the other parallels have not been coincidental, and my money is comfortably on the deceit getting deeper yet. This seems to be a clever code for Dr. Farjani, to give us his full name, just split-up across two fake witnesses, hovering around the same survivor of a fake massacre.

Why would he do that? That's for a psychiatrist to say, maybe.

The given age of this manual laborer is consistent with Dr. Salem's, if the latter's birthday is between Aug. 27 and Nov. 30. But he does have the different personal name, profession, and different implied address from both Dr. Salims (right next to the base itself for the fake guy, and somewhere probably north of there in Tripoli itself for the NTC guy). There is of course no photo here of Ahmed to settle the issue.

If All Four, Then... 
Like el Hitri, a "Salim" spoke to the Times' Anthony Loyd, as published by the Australian. For the record, he sounded quite "in charge"of the facts there, just like if Dr. al Farjani the massacre investigator had arrived. Because he had.
"There are about 65 bodies in all either in the barn or yard," said Dr Salem, a local resident. "But we know for a fact that there were more than 150 prisoners in the barn when the firing started and that only about ten escaped. What has been done with the other bodies?" 
In fact, over 150 dead bodies were allegedly removed on the 28th, but how many escaped? Somehow, Loyd picked up a range of "between seven and ten men [who] survived the massacre." To Sky News, the doctor gave both of these - one the old number, the other replacing it? "Seven -- ten to eleven people." The Original Misrata MilitaryCouncil version, announced at dawn on the 24th, said "no more than 10" survived a massacre that was clearly this one. Later it was over ten, with Atiri himself soon saying 15, others saying 20, two dozen, about 30 and even 35 total survivors have been cited by some members of the burgeoning club (of at least 21, and probably 23 members I have located).

Putting this all together, the doctor and the escapee spoke together to at least three newsmen - Stuart Ramsay/Sky (as Salim Rajip and unnamed), Loyd/Times (as Salem and M.A. el Hitri) and Worth/Times (as Ahmed al Farjani and M. A. Atiri). They both contributed to the specific drive topoliticize the non-event and get the Gaddafi family not just blamed but prosecuted. Ramsay said in conversation with the Sky News anchor (from the earlier report):
Anchor: And they were begging to get this investigated interationally.
Ramsay: Absolutely. The ICC was the first thing that the gentleman ["Salim"] who was talking to me in with fantastic English said please please get this investigated. The ICC is going to have a huge amount of work to do here, perhaps involving both sides of course not just, there's accusations of both the rebels and the Gaddafi forces, but they have a lot of work to do because some terrible things have happened here as we know.

Anchor: But no doubt this was Gaddafi's forces"
Ramsay: No doubt at all, according to the locals ["Salim"], because they [he, said he] went to see what the screams were coming out of this farm building...
And Atiri alone testified to Khamis' personal presence and implied order, a central plank of the ICC's stated interest in pursuing him over this massacre. That's some teamwork, and Dr. Farjani the NTC's chief of body-snatching propaganda made a wise choice taking this prolific escapee under his chicken wing. And he needs the protection and the publicity, to make sure his (version of the) story doesn't disappear due to "sleeper cells." As Worth related,
[Atiri] seemed terrified that the prison overseers would find him. “The brigades are still roaming around, and I still fear they will kill me,” he told me. “They have sleeper cells. I saw a list of names, before I was arrested, of people who have been given money and weapons to destabilize the country, like Iraq.”
Names! From this liar! "Arrest this and this loyalist!" No, no, no... if anything causes that kind of thing, it'll be the same thing as in Iraq. A lie-based demonization and total exclusion of a seriously wronged and vengeful minority large enough to launch a sustained insurgency. I'm certain it exists in Libya, and all signs suggest excellent weapons sales are in store for years to come. I don't support an insurgency, because they don't have enough non-exhausted, no-dead people (remaining) and they still have too many enemies outside. The only answer, I think, will be mental, moral, and global - and eventually legal. It probably will not even approximate true and total justice forwhat'shappened, but it will help more than just Libya. Let's figure out what.


  1. At 1.22, the malleable Stuart Ramsay,in his first 16.00 hrs broadcast already knows the story of another man, pointing to a large group: "...somebody who survived the assault,he appears to have been shot, played dead and somehow got out...beneath where they are standing there are believed to be more bodies" [in the middle of the yard]

    At 13.50, Stuart Ramsey returns to the story:
    [This massacre] "tells us that certainly as the regime was falling they were prepared to do almost anything probably to get rid of problems or to deal with things as they were either preparing for the final fight or to withdraw.
    We don't know who was murdered in that warehouse. I have a suspicion having listened to one of the surivors now that he might well have been a soldier who had refused to kill people. And there were also according to people who have come from the village civilians in there as well,so I think there has been a mix of people.. I don't think it actually matters. What did happen is they were machine-gunned down. Many of them were still alive,they threw bombs in there,they then set them on fire There were 53 people in this one warehouse,150 in total we think have died , but other people have said to us that in other areas men had been seen digging into the night, they heard gunfire, when they returned the next day the area had been covered over,there were camels there to make it look like a farmyard. I suspect that around this Khamis camp there could be many more of these graves. This isn't a grave of course this is just a crime scene,they were killed but we think
    there are also graves as well.

    Anchor:"And they were begging to get this investigated interationally".

    Absolutely.The ICC was the first thing that the gentleman [Salim] who was talking to me in with fantastic Englishsaid please please get this investigated. The ICC is going to have a huge amount of work to do here, perhaps involving both sides of course not just, there's accusations of both the rebels and the Gaddafi forces, but they have a lot of work to do because some terrible things have happened here as we know.
    Anchor "But no doubt this was Gaddafi's forces"
    Ramsey: "No doubt at all,according to the locals because they went to see what the screams were coming out of this farm building. It was used for farms but it was right next door to the camp.They saw soldiers who told them to go away, snipers who told them to go away. The next day Gaddafi militia who told them to go away and fired upon them. There's no doubt that was committed by them."

    Nothing like getting the story out early.....

    In the Sky News page, Salim is reported as thus by Ramsay:
    "Salim said the military had not allowed anyone to enter the building recently, but local residents investigated after the troops left.

    He said he believed the massacre was carried out by pro-Gaddafi forces."

  2. Btw,it is Anthony Loyd, not the more usual Lloyd. Strangely, he doesn't seem to have filed to the Times in London on the warehouse.

  3. I've presumed, though it's not sure, the witness in the yard is Atiri, and his unreadiness at least forced the second broadcast.

    Soom good points in that transcription, especially Dr. al Farjani's insistence on getting his and others' lies put before the ICC. It was put to them, and they at least said it might lead to an arrest warrant for Khamis.More Farjani / Atiri teamwork!
    Another of Muammar Gaddafi's sons, whose military unit is accused of killing dozens of detainees in Tripoli, may be placed on the war crimes court's most wanted list, the prosecutor told Reuters on Monday.
    Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo said he may also apply for an arrest warrant for Gaddafi's son Khamis, after Human Rights Watch said members of the Khamis Brigade, a force commanded by him, appeared to have carried out summary executions of detainees whose bodies were found in a warehouse in Tripoli.

    HRW for their report spoke with escapee A.I. Bashir, not Atiri unless using a different name and story (and no hits on an image search), and an unnamed witness I think 50/50 is al Farjani.

    Will have to fix Loyd, not too tough. Thanks for this and other tips-if I went slowerand more carefully, I'd be getting even less done.

  4. Mr Al H starts off at 2.27 in the Sky Video with a bit of a roll/limp, but soon gets into his stride. Some more photos of our new friend here and here.

    I think his name might be perhaps مصطفى عبد الله عطري , as in the prime minister of Syria, عطري which can be pronounced Al-Utri/Etri/Otri/Atri / but more likely to be Al- Atiri: the commander of the Zintan brigade which captured Saif al-Islam was called Al Ajmi (Ali) Al Atiri,which translates as العجمي العتيري - softer T, with additional middle 'ee' syllable. Which would make the name, if genuine, مصطفى العتيري or مصطفى عبد الله العتيري in full.

  5. The photo of Mustafa Abdullah El Hitri by VII photographer Seamus Murphy leads to a trove of Tripoli and massacre photos.
    (If the above link fails to work, click the "Show all images in series" link on the photo page.)

    There are a total of 30 shed massacre images. The burnt bodies are shown in images 108912 to 108916 and 109408 to 109420. Witnesses outside the shed are in images 109397 to 109407

    A typical image caption (Photo Nr. 00109407):
    A survivor is helped from the scene after seeing his brother's corpse amid the burnt bodies of at least 55 men who were executed by militiamen loyal to Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi in Tripoli's Salahuddin district. One of the worst single atrocities documented so far during Libya's revolution, the mass execution took place in a barn adjacent to Tripoli's largest military headquarters, where the men were shot and set alight. Tripoli, Libya, Aug. 27, 2011.
    (This one should go into the witness / survivor list.)

    Note, that you can download the photos in resolution up to 800 pixels, if you open the image in a new tab and change the size parameter in the url to RENDERSIZE=800.

  6. Another journalist to visit the compound was Andrew Hosken of the BBC which he describes as "a farmyard in south-east Tripoli, at Ein Zara, situated behind the barracks of the so-called Khamis Brigade".
    Hosken actually interiewed "El Hitri" and for the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, 30 August 2011
    Hosken has been "told that they (the bodies) were mainly officers who refused to obey regime's orders to defend the capital against the rebels...on the direct orders of.. Khamis..who was present at the time..." Hosken spoke to Bouchard...we arranged to meet survivors today.

    Standing nearby Mustafa Al Atri (phonetic) a lawyer. On Friday August 19,Mr Al Atri was brought to this place...by Colonel Gaddafi's revolutionary guards. Al Atri speaks: (translated)
    "They used to beat them up they used to swear at them they used to unleash dogs at them"
    - Hosken: "..in this place,he saw that with his own eyes,in the barn there?"
    "Yes,the army officers who disobeyed orders were killed here, and put inside that truck there...the big white freezer truck,next to that.." (?)
    - "How many people did he see shot?"
    "The period that he was here, between 150 and 160 people were inside there, everyone were collected inside this place here under the orders of Khamis Gaddafi because they were prisoners inside here"
    - "So 150 to 160 people he saw personally with his own eyes shot,killed inside that barn where the.."
    "Not inside, killed even outside"
    - "outside here"
    "were collected inside there inside the barn"
    - "the area around the barn and their bodies were put in that white freezer van there?"
    "No,no, even because inside the freezer van there were dead bodies because when Khamis ordered to burn the bodies, they collected all the bodies which were all around here scattered,even inside the freezer and set on fire. "
    - "How did he surive?"
    "When Khamis Gaddafi ordered people inside to be killed, he lay down and when the people were shot inside,the dead people were on top of him
    - "So you hid under all the dead bodies?"
    "Yes..and then after,he said, the ammunition of the guns finished they brought hand grenades,they threw hand grenades also said the pieces of the bodies also protected him,he was under the dead bodies

    - "I spoke to a man called Faisal,he wouldn't give his full name or occupation. Apparently he's been detailed to disinter the remaining 30 to 40 bodies thought to be still buried at the site."
    - "How do you know there are more bodies under here?"

    Faisal {in good english}"Yes, the people of the area they told me and they asked me to get them out (!) Inshallah I will try to do my best...
    - "and you are going to try to do that tonight?"
    "Inshallah. Tonight or tomorrow morning I 've got a lot of things to do.."
    - "With those diggers?"
    "yes,with those..."
    - "And these will be bodies they didn't have time to burn?"

    Bouchaert: "We are investigating these incidents as war crimes that should be prosecuted by the ICC ...we have asked all of the witnesses whether they would be willing to testify at the the ICC and whether we can share their contact information with the ICC so we certainly will push for accountability for these very serious crimes."

    Hosken - "Mr Mohammed (mistake?) Al Atri a key witness to events in Ein Zara has placed Khamis Gaddafi at the centre of a mass murder.It's powerful testimony that could see him indicted for war crimes alongside his father and his brother Saif al-Islam."

  7. Long shot - I have a feeling that Abdul Basit is another alias of Salim. Same age, lives nearby, talks of the Ramadan fast as does Salim, and is the main witness for the Australian/Times/Fox News (same story) along with El-Atri. They are a double act. Shoot me down...

  8. It doesn't add any more detail - because it is based on the same report by Loyd one feels - but the Australian article's star witness, Al-Hitri, appeared under a predictale headline in Rupert Murdoch's SUN tabloid newspaper on 29 August 2011: Massacred by Mad Dog. Al-Hitri is quoted anew,apparently: "He was here just before the killings," said lawyer Mustafa Abdullah El Hitri, 27, who escaped by hiding under the bodies of his friends.

    "I saw him standing in the middle of the yard. He was giving orders to his men."

  9. Sorry, forgot where or if, I already said this, but the case against an Abdul Bassit/Farjani link is that both talked to Loyd (the latter as "Salim") and he might be put off by the same guy speaking to him with two names. Best to spread that out over multiple people.

    Although... Worth didn't note speaking with any Dr.Salim, but he was about and near Atiri on the 27th, so...

    I saw the Sun report, and didn't even check if that was original interview.Sounds likeit, but nothing amazing. I may note it.

  10. Is the Tripoli Medical Centre, allegedly the home base of "Dr" Al Ferjani the same place uniquely and incorrectly described by the Daily Mirror on 30 August as the Central Tripoli Public Hospital? This location seems suddenly to have been an August summer holiday destination of a number of UK Libyan doctors according to the article. Clearly they would have known of Salem's skills in heart surgery.
    “The only doctors we came across were juniors,” said Mr Harisha, from Northampton. “They were competent but lacked organisation."

    So Salem must have stuck out like a sort thumb as an on-side Cardiac surgeon in Tripoli in August.

  11. According to Wikipedia the Tripoli Central Hospital is one of the main two teaching hospitals for the Al Fateh University's medical-sciences department, the other being the Tripoli Medical Center.

    The Tripoli Medical Center had a large foreign academic staff, with a task of introducing state of the art treatment to Libya. I believe the staff at the Tripoli Central Hospital was mainly local. (Nurses usually were foreign.)

  12. @Adam - check Salim in this French video of AFP:
    Libye: 50 squelettes carbonisés découverts près de Tripoli uploaded 28 April. !!!

  13. Sorry, I meant 28 August (!!! relates to the quality of the images)

  14. If it had been April, that would be new.

    I kind of forgot about that video. Again knowing French would help. Again, the guy earlier, 0:08-0:25 is he a survivor, a family member,a random local, or actual fighter who might know something for real?

    Otherwise, I already included it in the Farjani post, with a picture even. It spurred Petri to note what a long day he had there, being apparently late afternoon. I suspect this is where "Salim" spoke to AFP, as they reported later.

  15. Sorry, missed that one. Looks like the guy at the beginning has something to offer. Alleged witness or escapee. Otherwise he would just be doing the usual "grieving". Worth capturing his image.
    @hurriya translation?

  16. hi, so far I understand it is the usual music : tuesday 7.30 people laying one above another, doors open, handgrenades, 3 people escaped.
    reading french more easy for me than spoken

  17. Thanks hurriya. Incidentally, what about that young bearded guy with the pork pie hat in pale blue t-shirt (not Al Atiri) in the France24 video: he's wearing one on his left hand (or perhaps golfer's glove)! What strange behaviour.
    Also there is a good quality image on a web site (again, not the Chinese one) showing the strange man with the scarf at 0.36. Can anyone remember the photo?

    @hurriya: did you ever read the tweets of @antiwar_soldier ? S/he was/is based in Paris and took on the whole media establishment over the lies and distortions they were peddling since February. Impressive stuff. Now S/he has moved their attention to the Syria repeat show.

  18. he's wearing...what looks like a cycling track mitt...on his left hand.

  19. http://www.allianzworldwidecare.com/hospital-doctor-and-health-practitioner-finder?PROVTYPE=HOSPITALS&CON=Africa&COUNTRY=Libya&CITY=Tripoli
    Hospitals in Tripoli, Libya

  20. @felix , yezz I do have some comments of anti war soldier :
    no one
    IMPORTANT, REBEL LIE EXPOSED, 53 BURNED BODEIS IN TRIPOLI IN AUGUST: Resume: We have bodies of soldiers: 2 executed with arms and legs tied (http://bit.ly/rvEVDZ) one killed while running down the stairs when place was overrun by rebels (We know he is a soldier as he wears same underwear as others http://bit.ly/vzekAa). Attack was sudden as soldiers were killed in underwear. Decomposition of bodies points to a fact that attack took place long before the place was shown to journalists. On a day it was shown, bodies were still burning. (http://t.co/PoFXBQQ4) In SkyNews video "eyewitness" claims that the place was used to shoot soldiers refusing to fight. (http://t.co/PoFXBQQ4) Instead of investigation and recognition of bodies, they were buried in a mass grave despite many "eye witnesses" claiming their relatives were among killed. Bodies outside the fence were not checked by so called relatives and were left rotting for days. Rebels claimed the same thing they claim every time.

  21. @hurriya.
    I am interested in what @antiwar_soldier tweeted to @alextomo on 31 Aug 2011. Do you have anything? I have other side of the story but it doesn't make sense yet. Can one recover it?

  22. @felix ,sorry, don't have this tweet, but I saw you found a solution


    on 2.44 .....Mr Mohammed Al Atri

  23. or mustafa? Al Atri @2.44

  24. I don't think so, Hurriya. Wrong clothing, a bit more heavily built, and more pointed hairline. But I find his companion in white robe fascinating..

  25. @felix , Ive watched the vid again, and imho the man changed his orange shirt in a white one .
    The relation between rajib and al atri , looking at second sky vid, also stays clear for me, looking at body language: 2 of one kind.[fam]

    مدبحة معسكر خميس بطرابلسSky News.mpg
    Vid 17.56/reporter stuart ramsay/sky news/Uploaded by freelibyano1 on Aug 27, 2011
    salem rajib without survivor witness
    on 2.44 .....Mr [Mohammed]/Mustafa Al Atri with white shirt?

    عدد 53 جثة محترقة في خلة الفرجان – طرابلس
    salem rajib with survivor witness

    Further I stay convinced of a strong ferjani cooperation

    Mohamed Hamil al-Ferjany, who left Libya in. March 2009 and is currently in the US

    Abdel Magid al Fergany / AP Photos;

    Libya and the Big Lie: Using Human Rights Organizations to Launch Wars

    with a little bit help of their friends :
    French plans to topple Gaddafi on track since last November

  26. @hurriya I am not so sure now. In the new TVE1 video notice at 0.41 the tall man with low greyish hairline hovering behind Al-Atri paying a lot of attention. He was the one who is seen disappearing between the vans in the first Sky video followed by Al-Atri, for them both to emerge as seen at 2.44 after a short confab.

  27. I get the feeling that it is Salim sitting to the right of the flag at 0.12 in this Spanish video of the "Abu Salim bones" press conference , next to the military commander (name?). There is also some Khamis shed footage at 0.29 onwards.

  28. The blue shirt in on Dr. Salim. Not named, but that's the same press conf. Sept. 25 I think, where I got a picture from already. Plus CNN wrote about it and named him. Need to add this:
    CNN Sept. 25

  29. @ felix : Sure not : @2.12 skynews1 you can see this man [in his 40] go between vans and pop up with Atiri ? after.
    The man @0.41 TV1 is 60 or so.and wears blouse and pantalon

    Name militair commander might be : Omar al-Abed, the head of the Tripoli council, municipal section ,I saw him in 1 of the vids

    More special might be : <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIJ4vU6mf0Y“>Evidence of war crimes in Libya? </a>
    arabic & english speaking “witness”? , looks western, not want give name 3.43/cannister 4.12
    and : Bashir Own volunteer with papers of ppl all over Libiya

    Don't know why the link won't work : in afternoon a compuspecial did it for me and it went so well. lol

  30. At 0.45 in This AP video relating to the "camel bones" mass grave from Abu Salim (sorry off topic, but connected with above) I notice an interviewee, Sami Al-Saadi brother of an alleged victim in the prison. IS this the same Sami Al-Saadi who is in the news this minute relating to being apparerntly rendered from Hong Kong to Libya by the UK after kidnapping? This is reported along with another rendition in 2004 of NTC CommanderAbdel Hakim Belhadj, also known as Abu Abd Allah Sadiq kidnapped apparently between Beijing and the UK.

  31. @ felix : looking to his clothes and name Sami al saadi
    might belong to this corner :

    annmarlowe Ann Marlowe
    Libya's Islamist leader Ali Sallabi is in UK co ISNAD w Ibrahim Ali Dabaiba, son of ODAC head Ali Ibrahim Dabaiba - major Gaddafi figure.


    salabi already head of the new National Gathering for Freedom, Justice and Development

  32. about Sadiq there might be a connection with abu slim 1996 :

    Libyan martyr executed publicly on May 1984 in Benghazi , Libya while his brothers and family were watching during Ramadan

  33. I did also find a new connection between the HRW's :
    Human Rights Solidarity
    Human Rights Solidarity, P.O. Box: 2441, 1211 Geneva 2 Switzerland

  34. p 1/ 13 jan / 3 times disappeared / @ felix


  35. re the Camel Bones (Abu Salim massacre propaganda )
    In this video, the witness is called Sami Al-Saadi at 0.45 (lost 2 brothers in the alleged massacre)
    In this Australian ABC video the same man is called Sami Assadi

    In this BBC Video the elusive Ibrahim Abu Shima of the NTC says "different people....the same answer..." A bit like all the witnesses with the same story at the shed. BTW, the man in army uniform and spectacles who gives the press briefing about the bonefield discovery is Khaled Al-Sherif. He is not named in some videos. The BBC calls the witness Sami Asaddi (reporting by the BBC's Jonathan Head in Tripoli).

    1. For about 100 supporters of Libya's opposition, demonstrating in front of the EU's headquarters in Brussels yesterday, the bloc was not acting nearly quickly enough. "If anything like this happened in Europe, they would have done something within 24 hours," complained Ibrahim Abushima, a Libyan doctor who lives in Belgium.


    2. But Dr Ibrahim Mohamed Abushima, a member of the 17 February Brigade that announced the discovery of the site, says the fact that former prison guards pointed to a burial site makes him confident that this is where the victims are buried.

      Some of the bones appeared to be too large to belong to humans, prompting scepticism among journalists.

  36. The name Khaled Al-Sherif pops up in this Egyptian context from Jan 2011. Same person? Or coincidence?

  37. Same Sadi Al-Saadi seen in the bonefield as in this Guardian article a month later. Also known as Abu Munthir al-Saadi

  38. @felix : look who we have here :

    Libyan Sami al Saadi to sue UK over rendition claims

  39. "while training in Afghanistan to overthrow the Libyan regime he met some interesting people..."I know Osama bin Laden I met him many times the last one was before 9/11......."
    BBC 14 September 2011


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  41. As I wrote elsewhere but worth recording here, a BBC correspondent Andrew Hosken arrived in Tripoli in late August from Tunisia, He visited the Khamis compound, describing it thus in an interview broadcast at 08.14 on Tuesday 30 August:
    I visited a farmyard in south-east Tripoli, at Ein Zara, situated behind the barracks of the so-called Khamis Brigade whose commander was Col Gaddafi's son, Khamis.

    In a barn I saw the remains of a large number of burnt corpses which are said to be those of army officers who refused to fight for Col Gaddafi in recent weeks.
    According to the rebels' National Transitional Council, at least 53 people died here.
    One eyewitness says a further 100 men were executed at the site on the orders of Khamis Gaddafi in person.

    He was touring the city on Monday 29 August and filed early on the next day, meeting Peter Bouchard and Al-Hitri "today" - this may be Monday 29th or even Sunday 28th it is not clear. Bouchard says Yesterday we counted 45 bodies inside the barn...Standing nearby Mustafa Al-Etri a lawyer...On Friday August 19 Mr Al-Etri was brought to this place..by Colonel Gaddafi's Revolutionary Guards...."the army officers who disobeyed orders were killed here and put inside that truck there which is a freezer"
    "The big white freezer truck there?"
    "Yes it's like a freezer truck,yea next to them"
    [perhaps next to people]
    "How many people did he see shot?"
    [interpreter]"He said the period that he was here between 150 and 160 people wee inside there.. everyone were collected inside this place here under orders of Khamis Gaddafi because there were prisoners inside here"
    "So 150- 160 people he saw personally with his own eyes shot, killed inside that barn where the.."
    "Not inside killed even outside"
    "ouside here?"
    "Were Collected inside there, right?"
    "Inside the barn"
    "In the area around the barn?"
    "And their bodies were put inside that white freezer van there?"
    "No no,even because inside the freezer van there were dead bodies because when Khamis orderer to burn all the bodies they collected all the bodies which were all around here scattered even inside the freezer, put inside and set on fire."
    "How did he survive?"
    "When Khamis Gaddafi ordered all the people inside to be killed he lay down and when the people were shot inside, the dead people were on top of him"
    "so you hid under all the dad bodies....?" ..continues...

    This interview takes place during the evening from the conversation with Faisal subsequently. Hosken visited Bab Aziziya on the afternoon of Sunday 28 August, meeting a fighter from Manchester, Souffian Mohamed. "If I catch him I will shoot him"


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