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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Khamis Brigade Shed Massacre: Further Discussion on Alleged Witnesses

January 23, 2011

The comments section at the Shed Massacre witness list page has become full and won't take new messages. Apologies for the inconvenience. It would be a lot of work to clean that up, though I might. But even then, there are many comments left to make on this sprawling and sometimes confusing issue.

So, just for a post to gather more comments beneath, I guess we have about 100-150, depending, before it's full too. So don't hold back, but also lets try not to glut it too much.


  1. Lost comments (from my "control panel")

    Hurriya, 1/22:
    In the vid you also find the solution of the tent victims near bab alzaziya THEY SAY THEY ARRIVE AT NIGHT[20] AND CITY IS TAKEN ALREADY FROM INSIDE: COULD BE OUR SHEICH FURJAN ,THE 10.000 RELEASED FROM ABUSLIM PRISON,FOREIGNERS, JIHADI'S AND DON'T FORGET : I met Ragai in a reclaimed Intelligence Ministry barracks in Tajoura, an eastern suburb of Tripoli. He had a militia of about 70 men, many of them veterans of bloody street battles in Misrata and other towns, and he was still running operations against Qaddafi hideouts. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/25/magazine/the-surreal-ruins-of-qaddafis-never-never-land.html?pagewanted=all

    Hurriya 1/22
    @felix : He's the one. This person might belong to the Tripoli Brigade, which came over from Washington, Dublin and Manchester. See HUSSAM NAJJAIR AKA SAM, who calls his wive with sattelite tel , after just have killed a wounded man on the ground. They just have improved their shooting skills in Wazin and on 20 aug on their way to Tripoli. Petri has one time given a link to the warehouse with weapons , this might be in area airport. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKDC8lcXQPE TRIPOLI BRIGADE EXERCISED IN WAZIN /IN TRABLUS 3.08 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xiheO7vRAs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=np-TR2wSRGI&feature=player_embedded HUSSAM NAJJAIR AKA SAM/AUG 20/WE COME TO TRIPOLI TO KILL YOU @4.27/HARATI 5.38/MOSQUE 8.08/KILLING WOUNDED LOYALIST 11.08: THE MAN SAM SHOT HAS CRAWLED AT THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD./THE BRIGADE COMES FROM DUBLIN AND WASHINGTON SAY THEY ARRIVE AT NIGHT AND CITY IS TAKEN ALREADY FROM INSIDE BEARD TAKE BLACK PPL 17.36 THE VERY HEART OF THE REGIME IS ONLY A FEW METRE AWAY : TENTS @24.51 : MEANWHILE SAM IS ON THE ROAD WITH HIS TEAM[22 AUG]

  2. Hurriya 1/22
    can somebody link names to these persons : @caustic : he { Taha/Tarar Gazi?] say it on 3.03/mohamed lamin on 3.06 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JM111rqIKXg&feature=related You know I also have some others of whom I think they're presented as escapees: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPweM7-qcLQ 0.10 unknown witness http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkRNLzts3lo&feature=related 4.23 http://i40.tinypic.com/261j48x.jpg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkRNLzts3lo&feature=related witness 5.03 http://i42.tinypic.com/2jb8kfb.jpg http://i44.tinypic.com/2saxnnm.jpg unknown witness with khaled http://i39.tinypic.com/e1af4x.jpg http://i42.tinypic.com/6xz0u9.jpg http://i42.tinypic.com/rqvsr8.jpg http://benlowy.com/#/recent-work/libya--the-fall-of-tripoli/Libya_Tripoli_0021 THE RED – THE CURLY HAIR ESCAPEE – DOCTOR [ SPECTACLES, NO MASK] http://imgmil.gmw.cn/attachement/jpg/site2/20110829/b8ac6f402aaf0fc541cb16.jpg

    Hurriya 1/22
    @caustic : @caustic : he { Taha/Tarar Gazi?] say it on 3.03/mohamed lamin on 3.06 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JM111rqIKXg&feature=related

    1. Sorry, those were in reverse order. The answer to questions of comparing this to that is not tonight at least. But the last (first) part I had asked you for, so I'll check that. And I see it, 3:03 the guy (app. M.M. Zadam, see new mythology post) points to baby blue shirt guy, I hear "something Lamin," he seems embarrassed and ducks the view. Interesting.

      I don't know. I hope to get this transcribed, so I can understand just what he's saying, and then decide.

      Did you see Petri's find of the curly griever from http://i42.tinypic.com/rqvsr8.jpg smiling as "Dr. Salim" pats him on the back for the great show? Awesome...

    2. The curly headed thinning on top academic is handling the younger bearded guy. I forget the name. It is Mohamed Lamin or Lamine
      محمد لمين who is mentioned.(not the singer I suspect) What I do find extraordinary is that the tall very un-arabic looking chap - more Slavic than anything - has a lot to say but is not introducd to any press crews. The mystery will unfold with translation ....

  3. @felix : when you check FB photo's you can see he is not slavic. I suppose he is Taha.Cant take imagelocation from FB page,but looking like :
    -volonteer taha?
    -taha 2

    The FB site y talked about with close family ties seems to be closed for outsiders after y mentioned it.

    1. no, I meant the tall guy with the peaked cap. I did notice that guy with neck support. I guess he has bumped his head somewhere.Good captures of him!

  4. Why didn't I put this together yet?

    Recent new witness, and another one, both the same. Another solidifying entry.
    Facebook list has Mahmoud Mukhtar Zadam. Elsewhere the story of Mahmoud Mukhtar Zadam, who's listed as in the "VVA" video under study, most likely the central guy with the light complexion, baseball cap, and general Indiana redneck look. But Google translate gives that last, and it's got the M names mixed up - in real order, Mukhtar Mahmoud Zadam. I had just added (behinf the scenes) from La Crroix, French language: Moktar Mahmoud Zedan. http://www.la-croix.com/Actualite/S-informer/Monde/En-Libye-les-deux-camps-ont-commis-des-exactions-_EP_-2011-08-30-705009

    Some confusion in the new names, too many of Fathallah's app. relatives, etc. but what say we call this one guy?

  5. @felix : about the beardman : you mean he is the same as in the shed with the orange shirt ?

    orange shirt


    1. no no no...he is in the doorway of a still photo shot from inside, same clothes. I mentioned it somewhere.

  6. http://i41.tinypic.com/98c5rq.jpg


    the laughing/crying one

  7. http://i44.tinypic.com/ws8qdc.jpg

    taha ?



  8. http://i43.tinypic.com/axe4jp.jpg

    sadiq or/and bashir



  9. http://i40.tinypic.com/1pz6mq.jpg

    no name


    0.08 unknown witness


  10. http://i39.tinypic.com/ermzvl.jpg

    the arm of local rajub



  11. http://i42.tinypic.com/14u9s03.jpg

    al etri may be , in white , with another white


    In vid where he doesnt play witness

  12. http://i41.tinypic.com/24ys3df.jpg
    involved people ?

    mohamed lamin

  13. http://i42.tinypic.com/s24kuw.jpg

    no name

  14. http://i44.tinypic.com/1yjzwx.jpg
    1 Alsdik Gazi
    الأسم : علي الهادي محمد مصباح
    مواليد : 1979 بـــــزليتن
    شهيد في معتقل اليرموك بتاريخ 23-08- 2011
    علي أيدي أزلام الطاغية ( مجزرة اليرموك
    no othter mentions

  15. http://i43.tinypic.com/j0yzqb.jpg


    2 Uploaded by 17LibyanFree on Dec 20, 2011

  16. http://i41.tinypic.com/15dv43b.jpg

    3 رابطة اهالى ضحايا
    شاب من زليتن يروي قصة معاناته ونجاته من الموت
    شاب من زليتن يروي قصة معاناته ونجاته من الموت بعد محاولة اعدامه من الكتائب 03

  17. http://i43.tinypic.com/x5v5e8.jpg
    Alsdik Gazi
    الأسم : مسعود عبدالله مسعود غازي
    مواليد :1964 بــــــــــــــــزليتن
    مفقـــــــــــــــود في معتقل اليرموك يوم الجمعة 19 رمضان 2011
    بعد ما أعتقله جنود الطاغية في 16 رمضان سنة 201


    1. So the alleged dead man with large bald head at Yarmouk, d 19 August, is a relative of Alsdik, name مسعود عبدالله مسعود غازي or Masoud Abdalla Masoud Ghazi, b Zliten 1964. Arrested 16 Ramadan (17 Aug) Missing 19 Ramadan (20 Aug, though I make that a Saturday, not a Friday

  18. http://i44.tinypic.com/pprti.jpg




  19. http://i41.tinypic.com/w0qpoj.jpg

    no other mentions

    1. ah, the name Bahbah (Ali Mohamed Ali Bahbah)

  20. http://i39.tinypic.com/214eg0g.jpg




  21. http://i43.tinypic.com/htxnc3.jpg



  22. http://i43.tinypic.com/j0yzqb.jpg

    martyrs zliten


  23. http://i40.tinypic.com/16hvqx3.jpg



  24. @ Hurriya: Definitely did not have time to check any of these at the moment, but thanks. I think I need to have a masterlist for imageryof survivors and families, with all images collected and given ref. letters.

    In fact, hold off on more image links. I'll have a better spot soon.

  25. @Adam - from the Felix Features photos of Jeroel Oerlemans we see the brother of an alleged victim, Juma Massoud Rianni, this being the dead man's name. The living brother is not named.

  26. Zadan or taha, the baseball cap man also talks about :

    hamza harisi/zouja[zawiya]


    brahim tajouri

  27. The man who lives as enemy of the regime many months in a loyalist area : Ahmed Zaydan , keeps me busy.

    -We walked to the other side of the roof, and Zaydan pointed to the Yarmouk prison, only a few hundred yards away.

    He might have a relative in Germany , who has send the fatal tweet message to the media . And after the bombings started :

    Ali Zeidan’s turn, a self-appointed spokesperson from Libyan League for Human Rights


    EnoughGaddafi listed on US State Department's Movements.org the "Twitter" to follow.

  28. “Killing him is the least they can do,” Ahmed Ferjani, a 40-year-old medic, said.

    “He was more dangerous than Hitler and he was a threat not only to Libyans but to the whole world.”


    1. Thanks, Hurriya. Thatone I noticed and it might well be interesting. 40 not 42/43 and now a medic, not a construction worker, met while speaking with government spokespeople. This could possibly be a second appearance of al Farjani's second fake identity.


    Marzouki, Tunisia’s new “president, along with his Libyan counterpart Abdurrahim el-Keib, formally of the Petroleum Institute, sponsored by British Petroleum (BP), Shell, France’s Total, the Japan Oil Development Company, and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, makes for the second Western proxy installed into power either by covert sedition or overt military aggression, during the US-engineered “Arab Spring.”



    Said Ferjani/Renaissance party Tunisia

    list of political prisoners tunesiya/ahmed ferjani/ABDELHAMID BEN MOHAMED BEL HADJ FERJANI

  31. -Al-Qaeda terrorist and agent of Qatar,ABDELHAKIM BELHADJ visited Tunisia, he was invited by the Ennahda party that is funded by Qatar too
    10 hours ago

  32. 10 Jan 2012 – Ferjani Doghmane, Ennahda. Abdelaziz Kotti, CPR ... Yamina Zoghlami, Ennahda. Karim Harouni ... Imen Ben Ahmed, Ennahda. Abdessatar ...
    Said Ferjani from Ennahda’s political bureau

  33. وصول كتائب القذافي إلى قاريونس ببنغازي 19 مارس


    uploades by ahmed ferjani/benghazi 19 march

  34. Walid Ahmad Al-Ferjani, one of the military commanders in the military council



  35. May be the witness Taha has relatives ?

    Dr. Muhammad Abdul Kareem: Snipers on the roof killed patients, nurses

    and one doctor, Dr. TAHA . They ambushed our ambulances too.’’


    Mohammed Ferjani defected to the rebels in the early days

  36. @Adam - brand new Video from Janis Mackey Frayer from CTV Canada which seems to have been filmed late morning 28 August (accompanying news report is an earlier one from AP). She interviews Abid Raziq Senussi who says he ran away during reloading and finds bloody handprints on the white dumped vehicles to show an escapee was shot. Even more extraordinary, Chris Cobb-Smith shows up and say it was pretty chilling being back here next to his cell. I suspect the footage was shot around the same time as Orla Guerin made her BBC video. No internal shots.

    1. That's a massive find. A number of interesting things. The BBC cats... I just don't know what to make of all that. From ignorance, I'm going with they were held there, and later the rebels did this war crime there too.

      But we have another witness, on video even. Or rather, more info on one. He looks familiar, sure I've seen him milling around, but never IDd as a witness. Vague as hell "account."

      This also goes to whoever (you?) who were linking Mackey-Frayer's travels and that of Berehuliak. His photo captions are the only other source on Mr. Senussi.

      And wasn't it CBC's Ormiston who got the same "ran to the truck" story for the eyes-gouged man on the stairs? Why do the Canadians keep getting handed that part? Off-topic...

    2. This guy was also mentioned on a front loader body photograph, by un-named Getty photographer who must also be Berehulak. [Grames(sic) is probably Ghames]
      Weren't Cobb-Smith and his colleagues inside a blue prison truck? Could they see out/come out? Need to check.

  37. Benjamin Lowy photographed this witness who appeared in the "123Algerie" video. I don't remember seeing it before. It comes from this familar set

  38. @caustic : That's a massive find.

    Maybe my plug in not o.k?

    did you save it ?

    1. Petri Krohn mentioned Frayer here - indeed she didn't tweet about the shed massacre.
      I notice there was some debate there whether Berehulak (and Frayer) had visited on the 26th. Both show front-loader activity, which other visiting journalists don't.
      @hurriya did you flag this one up? I can't find it tagged.

    2. I cannot save copies of the CBC or CTV videos, even with the cool Safari plug-in. Before that late discovery disappears, I'll have to be sure and get screen grabs and spoken info. CBC's I think I covered well enough even if the (stretched) one still at MSN disappears.

  39. @ caustic :



    front loader body photograph

  40. other china photo's [ might be some double, took all the links]:


    photo's shed




  41. I noticed before that many bbc vids are closed , but this becomes a virus :



  42. http://viiphoto.wg.picturemaxx.com/id/00109399

    Petri :These three photos, 109399, 109401, and 109403 are erroneously labeled as
    A man drags dead bodies onto a truck in Abu Salim, a district of hardline loyalist support, Tripoli, Libya on Aug. 27, 2011.

  43. thx for the vid felix.

    BTW : Is the Diana Eltahawy of Amnesty related to :

    Egyptian columnist Mona Eltahawy


    Posted 1 February 2011 17:07 GMT/Arab World: A Revolution Time-Table/Amira Al Hussaini

  44. Google gives : Photo: REUTERS - Youssef Boudlal

    But when y open the link ponomarev is mentioned as photographer.

    A rebel fighter covers his face against the smell as he walks near a warehouse containing the remains of at least 50 burned bodies in Tripoli. (Photo: AP - Sergey Ponomarev)/Sunday 28 Aug 2011


    Sometimes there are puzzles about photo's :


  45. What puzzles me more about the boudlal/ponomarev photo :

    The doors of the shed are closed and the wall inside shed shows no escape hole


    Gadhafi forces killed detainees, survivors say
    By Ben Hubbard, Karin Laub
    The Associated Press
    Mon, 08/29/2011 – 9:01am

    But when the factfinders on behalf of the rebels came to check the aftermath a hole of more then 3 layers is to be seen


  46. Other photo's that puzzled me : exact same location , but differences in subject and area :

    no legs/ ppl walking in background/white car

    legs/white car

    legs/loader down/black car

    How long this photo session lasted? Minutes, hours, different days with same actors?

  47. Don't know how I missed this before: The Independent:
    Apparently same as Mounir el Ghoula, by name and loss of last-seen brother Abdullah, and total of four brothers:
    Amr Dau Algala was picking through the ashes with a stick when he came across the charred and broken bones. A little later he found the buckle. "Only my brother was wearing a belt in our group. This looks like my brother's," he whispered, looking down at the twisted piece of metal.

    Around 60 men, prisoners of Muammar Gaddafi's regime, died when guards first opened fire and then tossed grenades into the warehouse where they were being held. Among them was Amr and three of his brothers. They ran for their lives amid the flames, noise and confusion and escaped. A fourth, 25-year-old Abdullah, is missing.

    "The last time I saw Abdullah was there, sitting in that corner," said Mr Algala, pointing at a blackened corner of the metal box, around 25 feet long and 20 feet wide, into which more than a hundred captives had been crammed. "He is young and looked very scared that morning. When the guards opened fire I started running. I looked back, but there was too much smoke, I could not see my brother. Some people got away after us, we are really hoping Abdullah was one of them, but we don't know."

    More details further down, all my info to compare still not on the main page, but I can check my own files...

    The escape part:
    "We climbed over that wall and we ran through the houses. They came after us, firing, and I saw some people fall. But others got away.

    "Maybe my brother was one of them. Maybe he was injured and someone is looking after him. Maybe we shall hear from him soon."

  48. Egyptian airport officials said Nassr al-Mabrouk Abdullah entered on a tourist visa.

    Mabrouk Abdullah/45

    For four months, Nouri Massoud listened to the screams coming from the hangar

    Nouri Massoud El-Mesmari proposed to the French to organize an uprising in Benghazi

  49. AFP reports on a loyalist prisoner in Miarata named Ibrahim+Sadeq+Khalifa who says he killed and burnt alive 150 civilians in a "garage" in the Khalit al-Farjan area of Tripoli on the afternoon of August 22:
    Pro-Kadhafi 'mass murderer' awaits fate in Libya jail
    By Jay Deshmukh | AFP - Tue, Jan 31, 2012

    I wonder if he still has his toenails left?
    Libya: Diplomat Dies in Militia Custody
    Investigate Death of Former Envoy to France
    Human Rights Watch, FEBRUARY 3, 2012

  50. PHR witness "Omar" must be Bashir al-Sedik, though the two different escape methods he gives force two entries and no more re-numbering (down).

    Bashir al-Siddeq (phoenetic) held there for 95 days, he said, "accused of helping the rebels." the massacre happened "Monday night," the 22nd . He has things in his shirt pockets like packs of cigarettes. [CBC] Bachir Mohammed Sedik [LM] Mohammed Bashir Germani, “arrested three months ago for helping demonstrators to flee to Tunisia.” [AG] Manner of escape: "when they went to re-load their guns, he crawled over bodies to a hole in the wall, and in the chaos, escaped." [CBC] “Then, hidden behind a wall, he heard the screams, shots, cries for help, before seeing the fire lit.” [LM] Injuries: “I was not hurt” [AG]

    18 – “Omar” (pseudonym) Az Zawiya, car-dealer, held 95 days
    A car dealer from Zawiya who drives a Benz, away in Dubai on business as the protests started, arrested May 20, cites a massacre on the 22nd instead of 23rd, smokes cigarettes the loyalists stole, "they accused him of giving 225,000 Libya Dinars ($180,000 USD) to the revolutionary forces and of transporting anti-Qaddafi forces to Tunisia." Jailed with his nephew, who was apparently released soon after. Two of his cars were stolen and brought there to taunt him. He cites a 22 August massacre, after guard Mustafa tried to set them all free (turning down a fat bribe).[PHR] The Manner of escape is different from Bashir’s, forcing a separate entry for a separate character: “he hid behind some tires and farm equipment. When there was a pause in the shooting, detainees rushed the door and ran in all directions. Some were shot dead while others, like Omar, managed to escape safely by scaling the wall of the compound.” Injuries: None mentioned by PHR. [PHR]

    Note: "According to Omar, he was the longest-serving detainee at the Agricultural Compound.” [PHR] Falba says he was there longer, four months. [FGM]

    Sources at one post eventually.

    1. Just realized the significance for that damn hole - Omar is the one with "Mustafa" feeding things through the hole, food, secrets, etc., "proving" the perfect escape route (still my opinion but pending verification) was there the whole time.

      Bashir "crawled" out of it, but Omar ignored it and ran out the door.

      Bashir was puzzled why no one else said they escaped by the hole? Re-framed that with his next narrative to heighten the oddity? He's a totally strange cat, on a Farjani level almost... I like Bashir/Omar, that goof ball!

    2. It is high time to restore the withness list, even in the two-day-old backup form you had in store when it got deleted.

      I suppose by Omar you mean PHR's key witness. If he is Bashir, is it possible to show that he is also a key liar?

      Wouldn't it be interesting, if all survivor witnesses – at least all the ones who have been able to provide any description of the shed - could be shown to have visited the shed site on August 27th or 28th?

    3. Would Omar be Mohammed Bashir or Bashir el-Sedik? Or are Mohammed Bashir / Bachir Mohammed German and Bashir el-Sedik / Siddeq all the same person?

      If Bashir has a beard, who then is the guy who looks like him but has no beard?

    4. That's a valid question. They both have Mohammed and Bashir in their names and do look similar enough I get them visually mixed up. I pulled up the images I have and I can't rule it out. Sedik might have a longer face and more protruding jaw and teeth (or M.B. acting, with fake teeth?). Ears (inner folds) and eyes (Sedik's heavy lids) might be different, not sure. Nose is app. consistent, facial hair about the same pattern, head hair also about the same...

      I can't rule it out. It's possible he's the same and wasn't even trying to give a different identity, just got one of those jumbled translations. But until or if I'm more sure, I'll keep them separate.

      Scratch the last - Account details are different. Transferred there same week vs. 95 days. Both say they escaped by the hole, but Sedik/Omar says Aug. 22 and M.B. specifies Tuesday (the 23rd). If the same man, he's given three stories. Otherwise, just the two and a similar-looking guy had his own silly one.

      Both mention or seem to mention the fire happening at that time-Ormiston had that impression the grenades burned them, after talking to him...

    5. @ Petri: It is high time to restore the withness list, even in the two-day-old backup form you had in store when it got deleted.
      Better yet, it's almost time. The list I'm working out for the report is more comprehensive, updated, streamlined. My long-accounts .doc is a mess, but might be of value. The shorter one will have all names, all sources, alt. spellings, hometowns, length of imprisonment, select highlights and notes. Not sure about pictures-as few as possible in the report...

      I suppose by Omar you mean PHR's key witness. If he is Bashir, is it possible to show that he is also a key liar?
      Indeed. Unless two separate people - from this pool of "only 51" escapees- coincidentally share that many traits, or two conspired to share claim to said traits, then yes. He apparently changed his escape portion to match with "Mohammed" and fabricate some "corroboration." Mohammed is the star witness, BTW - he had injuries, which made them (physicians) seem to matter in verifying him.

      Learning these two are the same also sheds light on Omar's Aug. 22 massacre claim. It could have been a typo. Still could but less likely, given the same guy's on the record with the same wrong date - as Monday. So he didn't mean Tuesday, and he didn't mean the 23rd, he's clarified. So... now they agree on how they escaped, the only two that describe "storming" the doors, but they really do disagree on the day it happened.

      Wouldn't it be interesting, if all survivor witnesses – at least all the ones who have been able to provide any description of the shed - could be shown to have visited the shed site on August 27th or 28th?

  51. SHED AREA :

    @ 0.43 , compare photo below

    Uploaded by france24english on Aug 31, 2011

    Thousands of abandoned anti-personnel mines, loose and in crates, lie in a disused industrial area close to the Khamis Brigade Barracks on the outskirts of Tripoli Photo: HEATHCLIFF

    1. http://uk.reuters.com/video/2011/09/04/libyan-fighters-capture-senior-gaddafi-f?&newsChannel=topNews&videoId=220540634

      @ 0.33 shed area , prison place?

      -General Ali Ahmed AbduAllah Uaen, Gaddafi’s pal was arrested in #Tripoli without any resistant. #Libya

      -MaryFitzgerldIT Mary Fitzgerald / 1 sept- 5 sept
      Body found buried in grounds of Tripoli concrete factory next to where 50+ burnt corpses found last month. Locals suspect more buried there
      Just come from where body was found in grounds of concrete factory behind Tripoli HQ of the Khamis Brigade. Body showed signs of mutilation

    2. LibyaAlHurraTV LibyaAlHurra

      More damage at Camp 32: barracks hit in likely NATO airstrike.

      8:01 AM Aug 28th via TweetDeck

    3. Find helicopters on a farm Matouk Warfali

      Loads of ammo and Grad rockets found in Kayliani’s son house (former #Libya n TV station head) #Feb17 goo.gl/HIhbq

    4. were are the camels ?

      Jonleeanderson Jon Lee Anderson
      At a mass execution site in Tripoli, Qaddafi’s troops kept camels to hide the stench. Neighbor: “Live camels smell worse than dead humans.”

    5. Libya_United Libya_Awake_United

      A huge amount of ammunitions and mortars were found by FFs last night in a civilian farm in #Janzour #Tripoli #Libya

      dovenews Libyan™
      Great work! #FF found maps+names of all ppl in #Tripoli who supported Gaddafi, & I mean House by House as the ex dictator had promised

      dovenews Libyan™ 300 Gaddafi loyalist were located in #SuqAljuma. #Tripoli #House #House #Zenga #Zenga #Room #Room #Tunnel #Tunnel #Sewer #Sewer #Hole #Hole

      81 thousand Dinars cash and weapons found in one of Gaddafi’s forces’ home in #SougAlJouma #Tripoli …. www.youtube.com/watch?v=yspbluDFXYQ&fea... #Libya

    6. JANZOUR, Libya Aug 31 (Reuters) - Muammar Gaddafi's foreign minister, Abdelati Obeidi, was arrested on Tuesday

      at his farm in Janzour,

      a suburb west of Tripoli, a Reuters correspondent said.

      I've seen this man dressed in white suit & Italian shoes rounded up together with black skinned people and brought into a school or something Abu Saleem area or Ghargour I think.
      On a photo y see him with his hands up brought inside.
      Anyone who can locate these links?

    7. Um, yeah, I'm not going to be looking at those. First one, possibly the Yarmouk area, not clear. Relevance to the witnesses unclear. Landmines, not deployed against them, found by angry rebels. Why not deployed?! Portable TV station hidden, threatened information war!! Again unused, the operators all fled or massacred. My God, the horrors narrowly averted. It all came just in time to save everyone from land mines sitting in storage any longer.

    8. @ caustic :Relevance to the witnesses unclear :
      the farm raiding information might be relevant to the victims of the shed , the dry bed or else where

      h_eldressy: Victims were arrested in buslim ain zara, jdayda, Drebi, sorman, el jmel, masour daw & ali el kilani farms in the airport rd @libyaoutreach
      Wed, 28 Dec 2011 13:45:14 +0000

      Most fighting is currently taking place around Bu Sleem.
      Fighting is expected in farming areas (south of Tripoli) in the coming hours or days.
      Libya: Tripoli update 24-25 August 2011 0 Verified

      GP2 African migrant workers are seen at a farm where they had been hiding from rebel forces in Tripoli, Libya, Sunday, Aug. 28, 2011. Hundreds of migrant workers remain stranded in Libya after six months of war unable to flee the country
      I think the most important find here is that done by Human Rights Watch: they found the fucking Afromerc base, together with hundreds of its Chadian and Sudanese mercenaries! If it really was "commanded by the 32nd Brigade of Khamis Gaddafi" (i.e. near by), then definitely it could provide all the nigger flesh needed to furnish any number of body piles or "Gaddafi massacres." Here I believe we have to take HRW by their word.

      On Monday, rebels who had taken over a military airbase outside the capital prodded two new prisoners in the bed of a truck.

      RRowleyTucson Robert Rowley
      #Tripoli: About 1000 prisoners have been found on a farm close to #EinZara prison. #Libya #Feb17

    9. @ caustic : I'm not going to be looking at those :
      Though I would recommend this one :


      @ 0.33 shed area , prison place?

  52. Another Yuri Kozyrev photo of witnesses which I hadn't seen with familiar and unfamiliar faces, dated 27 August: http://www.laif.de/webgate/preview.php?UURL=b0c6af9e196c0cbe083e884880404d1d&IMGID=18163354 A surivor of a massacre carried out by Col. Gaddafi s forces is embraced by a relative outside the warehouse where the massacre took place. NAME TK was one of nearly 100 rebel prisoners locked into a warehouse on a military base on the outskirts of Tripoli last week when soldiers tossed in seven grenades and sprayed them with gunfire. More than 50 people died leaving little more than charred skeletons which rebels discovered days later. It was one of several known mass killings that occured in the final days of the regime s grip on the capital.


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