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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Tripoli Massacres: Shed Massacre Chronologies

November 27, 2011
Last edits Dec. 31

August 23, Tuesday 
Around sunset: Alleged slaughter in the shed behind the Yarmouk military base, by general consensus. This date is well-supported (by witness accounts if not verifiable facts) but has two variants. Bashir al-Siddeq said it happened "Monday night," the 22nd, and an unnamed witness said "Last Wednesday [Aug 24], sometime after the early evening prayer, I heard the sound of heavy gunfire and grenades, then complete calm." [HR] The former is supported by another witness and via him, by news giant CNN.
Among other purported attacks, forces commanded by Khamis Gadhafi killed an estimated 150 captive civilians on August 22 as they retreated from Tripoli, alleged survivor Muneer Masoud Own told CNN. [CNN3]
These outliers could be simple cases of misspeaking or mistranslation, or possibly a clue of something else, but the majority I won't bother citing puts the story firmly on Tuesday the 23rd. Even those who disagree on the date or other details agree in specifying roughly sunset (7:44 pm in Tripoli that day [WC]), or as late as 8pm (per Rafaii), if any time at all.

The alleged attack had about 150 prisoners in an agricultural shed/barn/warehouse/hangar killed by members of the Khamis Brigade (32nd brigade), using machine guns and hand grenades. 45-53 of these bodies were only later burned to the bone inside the shed. It's the only known massacre to involve that number of dead and to include grenades to explain the mangled remains.

Tuesday Night: The bodies are burned, with many of them still alive, by a few accounts. Most, however, do not mention this.

Tuesday Night or Earlier Yet: Rebels conquer the Yarmouk base and size up the aftermath? See below.

August 24/25, Wednesday/Thursday 
Wednesday 6:15 AM: The UK Telegraph announces the following:
The Information Center For Misurata Military Council claim to have found 140 bodies in a Tripoli prison. They claim the prisoners were killed by grenades thrown into their cells. So far 13 bodies have been recovered. [T1]
The location isn’t given, but the use of grenades and number of dead match only with this massacre (see here for a more explicit explanation). "Cells"in a jail are mentioned, as opposed to an open shed (requiring quite a few grenades). But if the batches are the same, rebels have already taken the base, found and/or made about 140 corpses, and announced an explanation for them. There is no mention of burning yet.

Thursday, 9:40 AM: The Telegraph has an update:
A [rebel] statement said: "Over 140 were killed, no more than 10 survived. Doctors at main Tripoli Hospital know more. Prisoners were locked up, grenades were thrown into rooms that contained many of them. This was followed up with many gun firings. So far only managed to retrieve 13 bodies. All badly burnt. Unclear if this was main cause of death [was because of] grenades. Potentially many prisoners were burnt alive. Unclear at the moment. We are trying to get understanding from city morgue."[T2]
This looks more yet like the same massacre, as few others featured any burning of bodies. How they know ten or less survived isn’t clear. When the bodies had been burnt is unclear, but quitepossiblyafter being recovered. That the main fire was set yet is doubtful. The location still isn’t specified, but it doesn’t sound like the shed (yet), with the reference to "rooms," though these each "contained many," as opposed to individual cells. The rebel fighters know nothing, and hope the hospitals or morgues will be able to tell them what happened to these people they …handed over to them?

Wed/Thu: Business as usual? 32 Brigade remains in control of the site, allegedly. From the little I know, August 24 is the latest time anyone killed there would likely be crawling with maggots by Saturday the 27th, as Der Spiegel noted for an un-burnt body. [DS]  Late on August 25 (Thursday), or perhaps the following morning, or the next night depending on the narrative, is the most logical burn time in the accepted version (the latest that it could happen under Khamis brigade control).

Mid-day Thursday: Rebel fighter Jamal al-Ragai, recently escaped from prison he says, tries to save the prisoners at the Yarmouk base. As Robert F. Worth wrote for the New York Times, "at about midday, Ragai said, he got a call from one of the other fighters on his cellphone. The man had reached the Yarmouk prison and seen the deserted grounds. “It’s too late,” the man said. “Everyone is dead.” [NYT]

August 26, Friday 
- Early morning: Rebels capture the Yarmouk Base. Der Spiegel:
Rebels captured the barracks on Friday. Gadhafi's troops put up such a bitter fight that many rebels suspected that the dictator himself was holed up in the barracks. [DS]
Human Rights Watch:
Human Rights Watch also interviewed an NTC fighter who said that he and his brigade found the warehouse while it was smoking when they seized the Yarmouk military base in Salahaddin on August 26. He told Human Rights Watch that as his brigade entered the base around noon, they went looking around. “We smelled it,” he told Human Rights Watch about their discovery. [HR]
Daylight hours: August 26 is the date on a set of six photos, apparently shot around the middle of an overcast day, showing the shed interior and the victims just outside it. victims outside. These photos by Daniel Berehulak, Getty Images, were taken a day before any other media footage of the shed. The description is later and notes the charred bodies "discovered" the following day.

Friday, Another Version: AFP reports an odd statement by NTC commander Abdel Nagib Mlegta, “head of operations for the takeover of the capital.”
“In Bab al-Aziziya there was a mass murder. They killed more than 150 prisoners. The guards did it before running away. They threw hand grenades at them.” [FP2]
He’s got the same basic story the Misratans reported, but has it six miles north, inside Gaddafi’s own compound. That's odd.

A Victim Identified: The Ottawa Citizen reports Friday that a onetime Ottawa Citizen, Abdulhamid Darrat, was identified “[earlier] this week among over 150 others in a Tripoli warehouse, members of Canada’s Libyan community report.” This is the first mention of a warehouse as would emerge, as opposed to a multi-cell prison. Note that this guy was said to have been found among the dead, by rebels, prior to this day. No location specified. His family believes he was killed month prior. [OC]

Friday, 23 Escapees Known: ITN News speaks with two brothers who escaped a version of the massacre with “more than 120” killed in an open common area, with five grenades, more than 120 victims. [IT] Amnesty International has already spoken with several escapees of the shed massacre, two of which (Lafi and Saleh) were named in a report issued this day. The shed is rightly described, but no mention is made yet of burning. They have already learned of all 23 survivors they would later know about. The location is specified and given correctly here for the first time.
It is unclear how many survived, but to Amnesty International’s knowledge, at least 23 detainees managed to escape, including four who received medical treatment at a Tripoli hospital. [AI]
Friday night: Rebels defeat the Khamis Brigade and capture the Yarmouk Base. Telegraph:
[Locals] were unable to leave their homes to investigate while fighting in the area continued, but on Friday night rebel forces captured the base and drove out the remaining fighters. Yesterday morning, residents and rebel forces moved in to discover the still-warm remains of at least 53 people. [T3]
Fri/Sat, late night, pre-dawn: The loyalist-held Yarmouk base is bombed by NATO forces, says rebel fighter Nurdin Yussef Misrata, ahead of a planned rebel attack. [NP]

August 27, Saturday
Morning - mid-day: Sky reports only one base in Tripoli remaining in Loyalist hands. [SK1] The Yarmouk base of the Khamis brigade is described in reports from later as the last remaining loyalist base, taken at mid-day on the 27th. The News (Pakistan) explained it on the 28th:
TRIPOLI: Libyan rebels said they captured the last military base held by forces loyal to strongman Moamer Qadhafi in the Tripoli area on Saturday [the 27th]. “Nato struck and then our special forces attacked,” fighter Nurdin Yussef Misrata, 36, who took part in a dawn assault on the base of 32 Brigade commanded by Khamis Qadhafi, a son of the leader, told AFP. He said the battle in Salaheddin, a suburb five kilometres (three miles) south of Tripoli, raged for seven hours.[NP] 
A Spanish version of an AFP article [FP3]  specifies, as the English one [FP1]  does not, that by their sources (translated):
The base of the 32nd Brigade was taken on Saturday by rebels after a NATO bombing. [FP3] 
All Day Saturday: "Local residents" find the shed with the charred remains inside. [HR] First video footage from the site. Euronews filed on the 28th, but at 12:03am, so filmed on the 27th. [EU] Der Spiegel report, not filed 'til the 29th, was based on a site investigation on "Saturday evening," the 27th. [DS] 

Sky News: posted 10:29 pm August 27, filmed mid-day, with shadows short, light slightly from the southeast. [SK2] Telegraph Video, posted 9:13pm, suggests an earlier filming yet, with the shed's southwest face still barely in shadow. [T3] Video analysis of sunlight direction give a solar azimuth of about 113 degrees for the Telegraph's video, and 145-155 for Sky's. Using the rough coordinates 32.46.33N, 13.12.50E, the date, and the magic contained within NOAA's solar calculator, the Telegraph filmed at about 9am, and Sky at around 11am. Both had almost exactly a twelve-hour delay getting the videos up, and they became by and large the next day's news.

Human Rights Watch was there to examine and photograph the place by late afternoon, judging again by shadows. They counted 45 distinct human remains in the shed. [HR] Witnesses in place to speak on the 27th: "Moftar Abdullah," Dr. Salem and his unnamed survivor friend, Rafaii, Boukhatwa, Abu Ghraim, A.M. Haleem, and an unnamed local, at least.

August 28, Sunday 
More widespread media reportage on the massacre, and many more witnesses, especially from inside the shed. All continue to implicate the loyalists in charge on the 23rd, and while conflicting on important details of how it happened, they confirm from one to six grenades were used and up to 30 or more escaped. 53 charred bodies are repeatedly counted within, apparently in addition to the eight outside the shed. Approximately 100 more are believed hidden in or near the compound, but not unearthed yet.

Late Afternoon: The bodies have all been found and removed, as CNN's Arwa Damon reports, saying about 150 burned bodies had been removed from the shed itself, according to volunteers. [CNN1] This might be a simple mix-up, with the other hundred taken from ... elsewhere easily found, or with the other 100 being fictitious. But this visit is also unique in showing not just smoke rising from the almost human-free debris, but, as shared in a later broadcast, open flames (see below),  [CNN2]. This too may or may not have an innocent explanation.

August 29, Monday
ABC (Australia) footage captures a ninth body found executed near the shed. Nothing is obviously different at the vacated shed itself (see here) . [AU] After nearly a week, the on-site saga seems to be about done with.

Nowhere in this sequence is there any footage or reportage on the Khamis Brigade soldiers who had occupied the Yarmouk base winding up dead or captured. The closest I've seen is this explanation of where they had gone - escaped alive, or carted off by their fellows, every last one of them:
Majid Fayturi, a fighter from one of the Misrata units involved in the storming of Brigade 32, blamed the grisly massacre on Gaddafi forces pushed to retreat by rebels.
"They ran away like rats and then we came along and found these bodies. They burned them. We cannot say they are Muslims. They do not belong to any religion in the world." [FP1]
I was wanting to bold every word there for possible irony, but that would only dilute the effect. In conquered Tripoli on the 26th, after the "last  base" had fallen, the guys inside just slipped out and ran away to wherever, every single one of them?  

Or have we seen them - just behind the base, mostly charred now? 

[AI] http://www.amnesty.org/en/news-and-updates/libya-detainees-killed-al-gaddafi-loyalists-2011-08-26
[CNN1] CNN. August 28,2011. http://articles.cnn.com/2011-08-28/world/libya.massacre.report_1_pro-gadhafi-forces-warehouse-libyan-leader-moammar-gadhafi?_s=PM:WORLD
[CNN 2] The Warehouse Massacre. Added On September 13, 2011. CNN's Arwa Damon talks about her experience in Libya and the uncovering of a warehouse where captives were executed. http://edition.cnn.com/video/#/video/international/2011/09/13/ex-damon-warehouse-massacre.cnn
[CNN3] Rebel commander: Khamis Gadhafi, Moammar's son, killed in Libya. August 29, 2011|By the CNN Wire Staff. http://articles.cnn.com/2011-08-29/world/libya.khamis.gadhafi_1_rebel-commander-national-transitional-council-rebel-forces?_s=PM:WORLD
[DS] Warehouse of Horror: Evidence of a Massacre Found Near Tripoli. Spiegel Online, International. Aug 29, 2011
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[HR] Libya: Evidence Suggests Khamis Brigade Killed 45 Detainees
Bodies Found in Burned Warehouse
AUGUST 29, 2011
[NP]Rebels claim capture of last army base in Tripoli
Sunday, August 28, 2011 http://www.thenews.com.pk/TodaysPrintDetail.aspx?ID=65109&Cat=1
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[SK1] Greater Tripoli Is 'Almost Under Control' Sky News. 7:36am UK, Sunday August 28, 2011 http://news.sky.com/home/world-news/article/16057781
[SK2] Mass Killing' Evidence Found In Libya. Sky News.10:29pm UK, Saturday August 27, 2011. Stuart Ramsay reporting.
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[T3] Human Slaughterhouse discovered in Tripoli: Rebel forces mopping up the last remnants of Gaddafi regime resistance in Tripoli have discovered a warehouse containing the charred skeletons of scores of prisoners killed and burned as troops fled.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/libya/8727498/Human-slaughterhouse-discovered-in-Tripoli.html
9:13PM BST 27 Aug 2011

[WC] Time and date.com. Sunrise and Sunset in Tripoli, for August 27, 2011. http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/astronomy.html?n=252&month=8&year=2011&obj=sun&afl=-11&day=1


  1. The massacre took place August 22, the survivor, Muneer Masoud Own, told CNN.......Own, 33, said he and his 30-year-old brother were held there for 18 days after they were arrested by Gadhafi's forces. He said there were about 70 others, ranging in age between 70 and 17, held at the warehouse. He said some told him they were there for up to six months.
    (report in the Financial Express, Dhaka, Bangladesh Gaddafi loyalists given ultimatum to disarm or face liberation (and reported thus elsewhere)

    CNN World itself gives the date as 22 August here

  2. There is an online blog of Libya TV , a channel which only opened on 1 April 2011, operating from Doha, Qatar . For 27 August 2011 it reports (translated)
    03.59 witness Libya -more than 200 decomposed bodies found in Abu Salim hospital

    15.50 - Reuters report British Sky News finding 53 bodies in the store

    16.42 - same 53 body story reported.
    20.30 - Reuters report rebels entering Tripoli
    I guess these are local times in Doha,i.e. GMT + 3. viz 12.50pm GMT etc

    The 10.29pm time for the Sky broadcast is probably a re-edit.

    The Guardian reports the Sky News item on its website at 15.13 hrs GMT.

  3. Very strange detail noted in Richard Spencer's piece 28 August, Daily Telegraph

    The shed's inmates were certainly a motley collection. Mr Kabir was a casual labourer. Tucked in alongside him was a judge, Abdul Hadi Abusheiwa, arrested in May because of his ties to Mustafa Abdul Jalil, the head of the rebels' National Transitional Council.

    He was released in July, but had returned to see what happened afterwards.

    He [Khaled Kabir] pointed to the corner where inmates had been strung up to be whipped.

    Er,how does anybody know what the judge had done?
    Who is the judge? Is it Tarek Abdel-Hadi, a former Libyan prosecutor tracking those missing from Misrata, estimated that he has collected 1,000 names so far in his efforts. (Associated Press) (cited here:Tarek Abdel-Hadi, a former Libyan prosecutor tracking those missing from Misrata, estimated that he has collected 1,000 names so far in his efforts. (Associated Press) also Inside a small whitewashed building, a former Libyan prosecutor tends to the list of Misrata's missing.

    It grows longer — at least 1,000 names so far — as rebels expand their territory and more families come forward with names of those who disappeared during the seven-week siege by government forces on Libya's third-largest city.

    The costs from the bombardment and battles in Misrata are well known. But only now — after rebels have driven out the last of Moammar Gadhafi's forces and reclaimed the farms, olive groves and villages on Misrata's outskirts — another aspect of the fight is beginning to emerge.

    It's contained in Tarek Abdel-Hadi's ledger: the disappearance of hundreds of people — sometimes even whole families — during the onslaught.

    "We have to do this and tell the outside world what has happened to these people," said Abdel-Hadi, a former prosecutor now in charge of the missing persons file.

    QUoted here on 25 May by Fox News)
    Or is it someone else? I can't get a handle on Abusheiwa, or indeed on Tarek طارق عبدالهادي ...is it all a load of nonsense?

  4. Daniel Berehulak was in Zawiya on August 24 and in Tripoli on August 26. Most likely he drove there on the 25th with Janis Mackey Frayer. It is possible he took the photos of the shed on August 26. Unfortunately neither Berehulak nor Frayer mention it on Twitter.

  5. It is very difficult to dismiss 20 witnesses. Yet, none of the physical evidence seems to prove their version of the story.

    One possible scenario is this. The 150 detainees in the shed were indeed released on August 23th, possibly by someone named Abdul Razak. The rebels take the base around the 26th and start dumping bodies. The site is most likely suggested by the former detainees, some of them may be deeply involved in the conspiracy. Others turn up as witnesses, some of them may truly believe that the bodies showed to them by rebels are those of fellow captives. It is difficult to argue with an armed revolutionary about the origin of a burnt body.

    One must not forget that the detainees were not impartial observers, but high-ranking Feb 17 activist, many of whom were involved in the armed uprising. It should not be too difficult to find 20 out of 150 who are willing to lie for their country and cause.

  6. One must not forget that the detainees were not impartial observers, but high-ranking Feb 17 activist, many of whom were involved in the armed uprising.
    There's the judge Felix mentions above, an interesting case. And the CNN crew. All previous alleged inmates of the shed. But these captives claim relative political insignificance, ordinary folk, and I'm not aware of anything that proves otherwise.

    That's an interesting scenario, and we can't say how people were brought around.

    But Only one sequence of events happened, and at least quite a few of these people weren't there. Until I see some kind of proof, I'll presume none were, and the whole event is of course questioned. Words falling out of someone's mouth, I learned long ago, sure isn't proof.

    Berehulak's account doesn't seem to come up all of a sudden. He works for CTV, or what? I'll trust the 26th date -most rebel versions have it conquered then. If they brought journalists in this first sweep, then I doubt it was the first. It had fallen before that.

  7. Here is a video uploaded to YouTube by The Telegraph on August 25 showing a bomb-damaged shelter holding a large number of mainly undamaged T-55 tanks. The caption on the video claims it is located at "Metiga airbase, Tripoli."

    Libya rebels discover Gaddafi's huge tank store in Tripoli ready for battle
    Uploaded by telegraphtv on Aug 25, 2011

    I cannot find this facility at the Mitiga International Airport (former US airbase). It is however very similar to the bombed out warehouses on the western corner of the Yarmouk military base, as seen in the August 20 satellite images. If it is the same building it should be possible to match the pattern of damage to the roof structure. So far I have not succeeded.

  8. Interesting... I didn'tsee anything like that right around Mitiga either, but to be more sure would take a sweep of surrounding areasthat could be called close enough to be called that.

    The other way is look for a match at Yarmouk, where there are shed blown open like this-some that way since May. If the imagery is from the 20th, it may not show the latest bombing before any video shot there on (orbefore) the 25th. It doesn'ts eem to have tanks visible inside any we can see,and most sheds are much more de-roofed than this one. So if so, it'''be hard to be sure. Warehouses like this could exist all over, and exterior clues seem pretty vague.

  9. Something else I missed, perhaps not directly relevant; in HRW's 9 September dossier, they reported
    In the months before NTC forces took control of Tripoli, forces loyal to Mu'ammar Gaddafi relocated much weaponry to
    non-military sites such as buildings of private companies and the farms of Gaddafi loyalists, to protect them from NATO airstrikes. Many of these makeshift storage facilities are close to military bases, such as that of the elite 32nd Khamis
    commanded by Gaddafi’s son Khamis.
    Among the unsecured weapons storage facilities that Human Rights Watch visited in the vicinity of a Khamis Brigade base in the Salahadin neighborhood of Tripoli is a farm compound holding approximately 15,000 antipersonnel mines and 500 antivehicle mines. A nearby storage facility housed more than 100,000 antipersonnel and antivehicle mines, as well as large stocks of mortars, artillery, and tank shells; and an unfinished schoolbook-printing facility contained large stocks of surface-to-air missiles (SAMs), antitank guided missiles, mortars, tank shells, artillery shells, and other types of ammunition.
    Evidence of looting at the schoolbook-printing facility included an empty shipping container that apparently had held a
    SA-24 Grinch, an advanced Russian surface-to-air missile (SAM) that has the capacity to target airplanes flying at up to 11,000 feet. Human Rights Watch found shipping documents dated December 2004 in the container indicating that Russia had shipped to Libya 482 SA-24s, which can either be vehicle-mounted or man-carried. Earlier generation SA-7 SAMs as
    well as anti-tank guided missiles were apparently looted from this facility.
    During repeated visits to the facility between September 6 and 8, Human Rights Watch researchers spoke with NTC officials
    who acknowledged that the munitions had disappeared since pro-Gaddafi forces had been routed from the capital. The
    researchers also saw NTC fighters and even people who appeared to be private individuals cart munitions away, without any
    visible controls.

    This must have been in the vicinity of the massacre shed.

  10. @petri - I thought the tanks might be South of Tarhouna according to Al Jazeera, but I notice that the bombed roof is back in place a week later - so clearly not Tarhouna. I guess there must have been quite a few of these depots. Any idea where that newish lookng Khamis base is, outside which Alex Crawford does an interview? Distance wise, it ought to be around Janzour. Certainly nothing appears on maps in Al Maya district and the distance is wrong - ought to be about 22km from central Tripoli.

    1. @Petri : re the tank depot: (also seen in a Guardian video, here, there is a video in arabic pointing to Katiba Al-Mersa:
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Im4h45UtRQ&feature=plcpفيديو لي 450 دبابة جديدة التي عثرت عليها كتيبة المرسى

    2. Video: Thoarna find more than 450 tanks in the area of ​​Madjer in Zliten
      24 août 2011 2:45 p.m.
      Video I new 450 tank battalion, which the marina found in one of the shops in the area in the city Zliten Madjer
      http://www.facebook.com/pages/% D8% A7 ... 79449562095105

    3. Link to the video of 450 tanks at كتيبة المرسى here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Im4h45UtRQ. Yes, my mistake, the Katiba Al-Mersa is a rebel brigade, as in their facebook photo of one of their vehicles.

      Ah yes, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPgphEUBQ3Q - Gaddafi Tanks in Zliten City, دبابات القذافي مدينة زليطن uploaded Aug 24 by freeeelibyan.

      Great work again, Hurriya.

  11. @Adam - I have found the location on the Sky News video from August 27 [SK1] where the rebels retreat under fire. It is on Al Hadhbah Road, some three kilometers north of the Yarmouk military base, almost half way from the Tripoli Medical Center to the base. The power pylon seen across the road is here:

    This stretch of road is almost exactly north-south, so the time of day would be past 1 pm. The video was posted on the Orange site on 27 August 2011 at 21:42 and on the Sky News site only on 7:36am UK on August 28, 2011. If this is August 27th, it would be several hours after the massacre site is filmed by the film crews.

  12. Re the other Khamis base, as visited by Alex Crawford, is it in the video below? Notice the Dublin registered rebel 4WD pick-up at 0.48 here.(Libyan rebels reach Tripoli's 'Gate 27' ) The text implies it is reached after gate 27, 12 km west (see 0.10, 0.19) Looks like there is an incinerated machine gun carrying pick-up and body next to it under a blanket at 0.59. (uploaded 21 August)

  13. @Petri - re the SK1 video. At 0.15 - 0.16 a feminine looking rebel in jaunty hat and sleeveless top walks across camera. Here he is with a bazooka in close up, at 1.15 (is that Stuart Ramsay in the background?) The Euronews video purports to show the attack on the Khamis base on 26 August. (uploaded by nocommettv 27 August 2011,Firefight Friday in Tripoli)

  14. I think the Euronews piece (above, Firefight Friday in Tripoli) is in the same location. Power pylon at 1.51, buildings, etc. labelled 26 August.

  15. "felix – Re: Power pylon at 1.51: This is some 11kV distribution pylon or maybe a light tower. I am speaking about the 60m high 440kV trans-Libya transmission line tower seen at 1:21-1:39.


    I agree the "feminine looking rebel" is the same, which makes the footage August 26th.

  16. We have a new problem with the timeline.

    The Telegraph video, [T3] filmed early in the morning, shows the blue prison transport van parked in front of the shed (1:24). It is seen in the exact same spot in the AFP video with Dr. Salem al-Farjani after 6 pm on Saturday, August 27th. The van is not present when Dr. al-Farjani is interviewed by Sky News around 11 am. This necessarily puts the Telegraph scene to the morning of Sunday, August 28th.

    The Telegraph article linked to the video was posted at 9:13PM BST on 27 August 2011. The video itself however is posted at 1:36PM BST on 28 August 2011.


    This dating has the following implication: If the Telegraph video was from the morning of August 27th, it would make rebel witness Mabrouk Abdullah the first one to come out with rebel fable. If it is from August 28th, then the role of Dr. Salem al-Ferjani becomes ever more important.

    He is the originator of the rebel version of events. The fabrication is put in motion with his "eyewitness" testimony to Sky News. The lies and spin is then picked up by every other Western media outlet. Many of the stories refer to "residents who live nearby" or "locals" to give extra credibility to their fiction.

    1. As I noted elsewhere, the Telegraph "as it happened" website only reported the Sky News piece at 14.43 BST. One suspects that they either saw it on the TV or had it communicated from the Rixos. When the evening reports says witnesses 'told the Telegraph' one would imagine that this was not accompanied by filming. Perhaps they are stretching the envelope, and they merely reported what was on the telly as their own reporting,and visited the next morning? I think Sky were there first in an exclusive. When Salim pops up again on another video - Euronews? I forget - it is very late afternoon and he is looking hot and bothered. Again, the Telegraph may have come late on the 27th and done their filming on the 28th morning. As far as I can see Salim is not there on the 28th. Some of the photographers came on the 27th - eg catching Al-Atiri grieving.

  17. From the Libyan 17 Feb Youth Movement, 9 may 2011, one reads:
    "It is commonly believed in Tripoli that a massacre has taken place in the Police College in Salah Aldeen area where student from the East of Libya in particular were executed en masse."

    That is the shed/Khamis/Yarmouk area...

  18. @petri
    there is a euronews video Tripoli rebels pick up pieces , uploaded also 25 August which shows the same tank base with commentary describing it as next to the Mitiga air base in North Eastern Tripoli. "[The rebels] "discovered a vast tank garage..." as one does (stiff 1950s style voiceover) "..while the base is badly damaged,most of the tanks have barely a scratch" How come??? Or were fresh tanks delivered to a derelict warehouse?
    Interesting video - corpse? in back of pick-up at 0.30, dead bodies "marked green" to show they are Gaddafi forces, like the one with large green bow on ankle at 0.37....naturally.

  19. I was looking into when the Amnesty report was published. That early, just when on the 26th matters. According to this tweet, it was published no later than 10:45 am. I wonder if those cats feel a little weird now being so far ahead of the curve. They had to have most of their info together, including the "at least 23 witnesses" the night before.

  20. 8/20 The Mitiga military base on the outskirts of Tripoli was taken by the
    anti-Muammar Gaddafi forces on 20 August, a key step in encircling the city, to
    gain eventual control.

  21. @felix : the euro news vid gives first sight on the wadi al furjan :

    wadi al furjan @1.14

  22. @Petri:
    "I do not think we have any reason tho believe the base was taken by the rebels before the 26th."
    We have reason,if not proof. Recall the MMC at dawn on the 24th announcing they had by then (I suspect just by then, but perhaps days earlier, and not later than this) become aware of what sounds like these same victims, only acknowledged upon control of the base on the 26th.

    Not to labor the point or badger you, but I'm curious. What else explains the Aug. 24 report and shifting stories of the 25th/26th ? Surely not a separate massacre of 140 in a prison with guns and grenades, some at least "badly burnt?" Maybe they took the shed area early? But there were no 140 bodies there, I don't think. Maybe they learned of the 140 dead (not the fake prisoners, the real dead) by advance recon into, or a defector from, the base they still didn't hold.

    But one explanation is they learned the death toll upon conquest, as I suspect, and it happened late on the 23rd, mostly.

    Corrolary: "I do not know who burnt the bodies."
    That's even more clearly within the time-frame of likely rebel control - looks almost like the work OF the (early) 26th, really. But ... I dunno. I'll try to stay open-minded, but I have a hard time wrapping my brain around this scenario comfortably.

  23. @Caustic – The Khamis Brigade morgue has about as little to the do with the imaginary massacre of 140 prisoners than Heinrich Schliemann's pile of ruble in Western Anatolia to Homer's imaginary tale of Troy. Or, to be more precise, far less: Schliemann was lucky and hit the right spot, the rebels were off track from the beginning.

    The rebels may have truly believed the fable. When Dr. Salim and others hit upon the shed they immediately assumed it was the magic spot.

    There is no evidence on the site that the shed was ever used as a prison or that anybody was killed inside. The dead outside the shed do not constitute a massacre. This was a site of a major battle, you can assume there are dead lying around. The extra ones are just pieces of the greater "Black Genocide in Libya", the background noise that gets captured whenever you point your camera away from from what rebel / NATO media controllers tell you to shoot.


    Even if we believe 100% of the rebel fable, it still does not indicate an earlier date for the battle. Some 20 prisoners supposedly escaped. Dr.Salim took some of them to the Tripoli Medical Center. There are plenty of opportunities for parts of the story to leak out into the media without the whole story being known.

    1. @ Petri, I feel we're not getting through to each other.
      "There is no evidence on the site that the shed was ever used as a prison or that anybody was killed inside."
      I don't believe it was a prison, mostly just the spot where they dumped their 140 dead plus some others they found in the meantime all over inside and around the base. Or at least some 60 of them.

      And I think a few at least were killed here, perhaps those who'd been sleeping there (mattresses plus a bag of toiletries). See blood spray by victim upper center here (need a better view). Possibly the same herein the next body over.

      Otherwise, I don't connect the early reports with the shed, just with the dead, in the app. number and state of those found later. Ergo, unless a similar massacre of huge scale was allowed to fade away with no blame or hooplah, it's probably this same one so full of blame and hooplah. Just moved to the shed, charred, and then covered with stories.

      "Even if we believe 100% of the rebel fable, it still does not indicate an earlier date for the battle."
      No, they say the 26th and I'm not in the habit of believing them.

  24. @petri
    I have transcribed an audio link which describes a makeshift morgue somewhere in Tripoli without any facilities at all - certainly not an official morgue - which contained 160 bodies on or before 26 August. The location is shrouded in mystery. The Khamis shed? I will post below when I have done final corrections.

    1. That I'd like to see. I can't do an audio search like I can a text one, so things like this will have slipped past. The weird little stories of the 24th to 26th are of special interest here. So far I like Ragai's best, especially with the whole escape from Qusr bin Ghashir half; it's dreamlike.

    2. see below. I have done another and will post along with the third from inside Mitiga (though this is well documented already by Zeiton, Wingfield-Hayes etc.

  25. BBC "as it happened" 27 August makes no mention of the discovery of the "Khamis Shed" despite it apparently being overrun with photographers that day - surely word got around the Rixos Hotel. The Telegraph "as it happened" log quotes Sky news at 14.43 BST that a mass grave has been found in Southern Tripoli. The Telegraph video would have to have been made the next morning, Sunday 28. Sky could easily have filmed their exclusive with their embedded journo on the 27th.
    On the 27th, Orla Guerin of the BBC is 150km away in Zliten. Guerin, who reported after mid-day local time on Monday 29 yet her video was uploaded on the 28th when the report appeared on BBC news. On the later report she said Cobb-Smith had visited the shed on Sunday - i.e. the day she apparently visited. So one may assume that both of them came together. (The helpful assisting professional looking guy with specs at 2.15 in the BBC video seems very familiar - in Ziling streams from outside the Khamis barracks? Need to check. @hurriya - have you seen him?)

  26. @felix : y Ive looked at the spectacle man 2.15 .If someone has the photo belonging to the 4 photo's caustic referred to : 3 white , 1 red , sadiq, zidan.There exist 1 photo 1 white just comes out the shed accompagnied by the red and 1 with a mask.The spectacle man might be the 1 with spectacles. I suppose of a helping organisation, not volunteer.I think this photo is on a FBpage, I saw it and when I wanted to look again , I got proxy ID or something like that.

    1. "The spectacle man might be the 1 with spectacles." Lol. Might be (I see the correction, just had to take it anyway). I had a look, nothing familiar to me, but the side-helpers haven't been of great interest yet, aside maybe from Bashir Own of the vast knowledge and the other younger guy with big specs in the Viva Algier New video. Eyeglasses seem to set people apart then, so maybe this guy is interesting.

    2. FWIW,this is the guy with the specs I was thinking about - a Doctor at Abu-Rafat hospital,outskirts of Zawiyah. Centre left in this photo by Ponomarev (no 39 in set)

      Incidentally it was Patrick Baz who photographed the man with wispy beard (and GUNS!) with gap in lower teeth who is seen hovering in one of the French videos and showing the journalist inside the prison van. See here There are also more charred body pictures which I will mention under that topic for reference. @hurriya - have a look.

    3. Incidentally, the photo is dated 27 August, but there is a bulldozer photo with body in bucket by Berehulak dated 28 August.

  27. @felix sorry the spectacle man ight be the one with the mask

  28. @caustic@felix , not to sure of my comment above now, after looking to this photo of the 3rth white guy [ survivor] here be seen with a helper with a mask, no but no spectacles.
    A survivor is helped from the scene after seeing his brother's corpse amid the burnt bodies of at least 55 men who were executed by militiamen loyal to Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi in Tripoli's Salahuddin district.

  29. MORGUES. Here it is. Part I.(too long for single post) From 69 civilians were among 410 bodies at two Tripoli morgues, Kirsty Campbell from International Medical Corp reports - audioboo from Matthew Weaver of The Guardian 25 August.
    I'm joined by Kirsty Campbell, field site co-ordinator for International Medical Corps [based in Santa Monica, California,and responsble for the field hospital at Dafniya,Misrata in June time].Kirsty You've been visitng a number of morgues today. The rebels took about 400 people being killed over the last fews days...what are the sort of numbers you've been seeing?
    Basically we had 17 dead prisoners who came in last night into Mitiga Hospital,which is a Military Hospital and I witnessed them myself and then I was down at two diferent morgues today. In the first morgue there was - they reported 160 dead currently in the morgue and the difficuly is that basically they have only very few refrigerators so the majority of those dead are basically lying around on the floor.
    Some of them are - about two of them were in body bags the rest of them were basically just on the floor all over the place in an un-air-condintioned room and basically with the blood leaking out like er oil basically across the floor. They didn't have any water to be able to clean the bodies and they had not even an air conditioning unit in order to maintain any basic temperature there and as you can imagine Tripoli these days is pretty hot..so that was the figure there ... it was 160 there. There was an additional 69 who had been in the morgue in the last few days but they had been taken by the family who had basically come and identified them. They were quite overwhelmed. they were saying that when people were coming to identify them because they thye didn't have identity documents on them,, the people managing the morgue were not really able too screen these people in any way they just had to let the family memebrs take who ever they identified as being a family member and that was also I think quite distressing for them in terms of management of the facility there. They mentioned that there had been seven women and four children that had come in and the basically women had suffered from snipers and from mortar fire directed at buildings. They'd been found in houses and brought in. And they said that here was around 69 civilians within the 160 that were there and they had been identified by their civilian identity documents.....
    [continued below]

    1. Interesting... the number's in that range, but it really sounds like some kind of morgue. More likely Abu Salim hospital than our shed. I think instead, most likely, a morgue - a poorly-staffed one in a hard-hit loyalist district like Abu Salim. Large-ish numbers of people coinciding with the shed massacre numbers -or the high hospital numbers, with a onetime tally of 229 mentioned - could easily accumulate. No guarantee at all they'd be from one massacre site or anything like that.

      Wish I had a clear date on this report. Or obviously a stated location. But it has value either way.

    2. She says the bodies came into the Mitiga the previous evening - this cross checks with what Zeiton said - I think they arrived by truck. He may also have dated it. The visit to the morgues - not sure of the purpose of the visits - was earlier in the day she spoke, which I assume to be the 25th. What I do have trouble with is in a war zone, with all communications down, road blocks, gunfire etc, bodies with no id on them perhaps,reatives all kinda just turn up saying this is my ... It doesn't even happen that smoothly in somewhere like Calgary in peacetime. One does wonder about the bodies being taken away.

  30. continued.....
    The second morgue that I visited they actually had only a few cases there they had about three there and it seemed to be funcionting much better even there were volunteers who were running it because the staff who are normally running the morgue are not there but at least they had some Wellington boots and some kind of overalls which in the first morgue they didn't have and they also had water to be able to clean the place and they had some refrigeration capacity and there were around I think 13 bodies that were being taken away from there but they said that they had had 250 dead bodies in the last 4 days. They said they'd had 750 since the beginning of the revolution in February and basically in the second location they said that vast majority if not all of the dead in that location were Government soldiers and their words were that 150 of them were - a word that they used were - the foreign fighters basically, mercenaries as identified by you know, basically they were not Libyans,you know, some of them, er there was ,... very few of them they actually found some foreign passports on.

    continues with staffing of the hospital...I omit some passages...

    ..the great difficulty was that Tripoli fell very quickly...a lot of people had already left the hospitals or they were scared to come into work, or were with the Regime.. you've got very big hospitals like Mitiga Hospital which were able to function, have operational theatre and have some equipment, some drugs .... the nurses basically didn't turn up after Tripoli was taken over so they had some doctors but the doctors couldn't perform operations with out having scrub nurses....We arrived from Misrata 5 days ago now I think it was and bascially the staff went straght to work in a hospital and ...we tried to work with the existing staff who were there in hospital management and with other Libyan born doctors ..some who had come in from Misrata some also from the western mountains and from Tripoli to be able to get systems into place ... [6.20]: The other difficulty was that there was ,er ,a lot, there was ...er ..you've just put me off, sorry ...my colleague has just put me off here...... [is she being handled,monitored??]...[laughs] ..yes... Weaver intervenes and askes further question about supplies...continues.

  31. @ felix :"Is it Tarek Abdel-Hadi, a former Libyan prosecutor tracking those missing from Misrata, estimated that he has collected 1,000 names so far in his efforts. (Associated Press)"

    Tariq Abdul-Hadi RSD Relief Aid Association of America Tariq Abdul-Hadi RSD Relief Aid Association of America Internet/Friday, December 25, 2009

  32. @caustic/@felix about the morgues :
    In the time of libiyan state tv there were gvt morgues in Tripoli : dr. Shakeer told the other party could take their relatives bodies from there for burial. The shed for longer time as morgue seems impossible , c stench would be unbearable for neighbours living so near by

    On the other hand : were does the Tripoli community stay with at least 3000 bodies? 3000 bodies of residents, loyalists you can assume, because rebels took their bodies direct with accompagning ambulances.

  33. @felix : did I get the drs together? [ lol : 4 spectacled in Zouja}


    @ felix : the spectacle man @3.02 is not a fluent english speaker?

    "Incidentally it was Patrick Baz who photographed the man with wispy beard (and GUNS!) with gap in lower teeth who is seen hovering in one of the French videos and showing the journalist inside the prison van. See here There are also more charred body pictures which I will mention under that topic for reference" I'll check vids you refer to tomorrow

  34. But the man at 3.00 could very easily live/have lived in the UK from his accent. He seems fluent with heavy accent.

    The "Libyan rebel" in the Patrick Baz shot with wispy beard and guns is also at 0.38 in the France24 video and his hands are showing the EuroNews team around the prison van at 0.41 onwards here
    He is clearly a bigger cog in the works than many of the 'extras'.

  35. Is there a relation between :

    Nouri Massoud El-Mesmari

    and Nouri Massoud neighbour

    For four months, Nouri Massoud listened to the screams coming from the hangar across the street from his house at Khilit al-Ferjan in southeast Tripoli.

  36. what is the role of the all over being present reporter?

    @ 15.02/ 16.15 : the reporter know who has done it in the shed : co player or easy to trick?
    The reporter already has a witness soldier who refused to kill people
    -the reporter says : it happened 23 aug. Rajub : yes

    [- Listening to the story of the local rajub, who lives 200 mtr from the shed , one wonders how come that he didn't hear a thing during 1 or 2 months , though 150 people were crammed up in the shed.
    It's also not clear when he spoke to the escapees. ]

    -The reporter again , now with abusaleem ata hari ,held in a rebel compound outside tarhouna. The 17 y old guard of khamees sawthat Khadafi arrived at the khamees compound on friday . Aisha also arrived. Everybody left the compound after to Subha
    look @ 2. 57 how the third story is prepared :
    The reporter shows a pic, that he has stand by and the boy recognises the car wreck as the car belonging to Khamees

    -The reporter again @ the vehicle of which he is sure it is Khamees'
    -Then he arrives @ the headquarters of the misrata & benghazi brigades, who has interrogated the body guard of Khamees
    -The reporter asks : is this the car? Bodyguard : yes

    The reporter @ the shed
    -dead or not : khamees is wanted for this crime @ 2.10.
    "We discovered the crime with the rebels this weekend ."
    A new view on the shed road
    The vid is not clear @ 2.29 : " loyalists who refuse to surrender.They were fired upon. Some rejustice is never pleasant"

    1. -Aug. 18 or 19 :As Mansour Dao, who says he is also Gadhafi's cousin, puts it, Gadhafi left Tripoli on Aug. 18 or 19, before the rebels made a push for the capital city. He left to Sirte, what was a stronghold, and his son Saif al-Islam left for Bani Wald.

      -On 22 August, Al Jazeera reported that the bodies of both Khamis and his father’s intelligence chief Abdullah Senussi may have been discovered.

      -On 22 aug this fight took place on the shed road. You tube is deleted
      مقطع فيديو لجتت تلاته عناصر من افراد كتائب القدافي التي كانت متمركزة في اللواء 32 معزز في منطقة خلة الفرجان الواقعه في جنوب غرب طرابلس العاصمة و كما يبين المقطع احدى الجتت متفحمه و الاخرى مصابة بطلق ناري اتر اشتباكات وقعت بين جيش التوار و كتائب القدافي التي كانت تحرس المعسكر .

      -on 26 aug the area is complete rebel controlled. Though they can enter the wadi & apperently do know the wadi area exact , they haven't discovered bodies in the shed ??

    2. the bombing of 50 vehicles on their way to Subha the reporter refers to might be the same as where to the milkman of Arizona refers to :

      On Wednesday the MoD said that while tweets would never be acted on as a "single source of intelligence", Twitter "can contribute to the "overall intelligence picture".

      One man who may be part of that picture is Robert Rowley, a 48-year-old shift supervisor at Dairy Queen ice cream parlour in Tucson, Arizona. Rowley had talked to the Globe and Mail, and later spoke with the Guardian about his online experiences.

      He began tweeting regularly as @RRowley during the Egyptian uprising, and despite not having a military background - he applied for the navy in the early 1990s, but was turned down on age grounds - and no intelligence experience, says that last month his tweet posting the coordinates of a suspected pro-Gaddafi military base preceded a Nato strike on the same location.


      But there is not a small amount of proof that Khamees was there
      Just the ready made suggestion the reporter has send into the

    3. Is the reporter here on the same shed or is there another shed massacre ?

      The reporter @ the shed

      "We discovered the crime with the rebels this weekend ."
      A new view on the shed road
      The vid is not clear @ 2.29 : " loyalists who refuse to surrender.They were fired upon. Some rejustice is never pleasant"

    4. I did find my ramsay links here , but it ain't the right ones. I need the link of 4 first pics here beneath.
      many different weapon storage in area

      weapon depot




      france 24

      ctv vid

      sky vid

      telesur reporter wadi entrance weapon depot

      In another compound nearby, whose gate was left open, stood a warehouse containing hundreds of boxes of rocket-propelled grenades and tank shells, also unguarded.

      tripoli brigade looting yarmouk weapon depot [skinny beardman compagnon hatari and whispy beard]

  37. The former is supported by another witness and via him, by news giant CNN.

    Wait, Did CNN Just Lose HALF Of Its Viewers?

  38. Twitpic photos of damage from Inside the Khamis 32 brigade HQ at Yarmouk, courtesy of Twitpic @LIBTRIP and also here

    1. @ felix , the bombing yarmouk pics of the rising star tarek alwan look amazing alike the find of the tank depot and the bombing of the buildings next to it


      thursday 25 augustus 2011, TANKS FOUND IN TRIPOLI

      BREAKING Heinz: #NATO has new weapon. up to 50 pre-programmed GPS (my guess) missiles dropped at once from a jet to hit fixed targets #Libya

    2. @ felix : see vid in article between 11.22 and 11.00 o'clock , put in on full screen
      bomb fire , tents and after that images of the tanks depot

      I did ask before if someone does recognise the area :

      @ 1.55 : area ?
      @ 3.48 area ?

    3. about bombing :


      George Grant of the Henry Jackson Society says Nato has proved the doubters wrong


      The Henry Jackson Society:Would-Be Fascist World Rule

    4. @3.48 area. Bab al Aziziya? Note at 3.58: We saw 39 bodies while it's said upto 150 are kept there Kept there??? And that number 150 again. The guy at 4.10 looks and sounds like a liar.

  39. Misrata Brigades inside Tripoli on 21 aug.

    The past few days in Libya have been historic. All attention is now on Tripoli but I want to focus on Misrata here.

    When the rebellion first broke out, all of Libya’s major cities and smaller ones, with the exception of Tripoli and Sirte, Qaddafi’s city of birth, fell to the revolution. Qaddafi’s counter-offensive captured almost all the main cities in the west and moved onwards towards the rebel capital of Benghazi in the east.

    One city, however, held out against Qaddafi forces’ repeated onslaughts: Misrata (Libya’s 3rd largest city). Although Benghazi was the heart of the rebellion, Misrata was its inspiration, resilience, and fighting spirit. Misrata, along Libya’s coast east of Tripoli, has played a strategic role in the rebellion’s recent offensive in Tripoli.

    Reports indicate that 1,000 rebels in Misrata boarded a NATO-guarded ship and sailed to Tripoli and docked in a pro-revolution stronghold of Tajoura to help with a revolutionary uprising coordinated with the rebel march that has been zeroing in on Tripoli in the past couple days. The results of which are now being recorded in history before our eyes.


    @ 0.19 entering tripoli south east, 21 aug

  40. @Adam - the ABC video [AU] link needs fixing, and adding to the references. I say this because it is clearly the body intimated by ..... in the HRW report which came out quickly on the 29th, following the visit of HRW to the shed on the late afternoon of the 27th. In it, allegedly,
    the over-the-wall-while-guards-reloaded survivor, Abdulrahim Ibrahim Bashir, 25, from Ghadames said...."After I escaped on August 23, I hid in a house outside the compound for three days, and saw that the guards were still there. Two other detainees were wounded with me. [The rebels] took Abdulsalam from Zlitan to the hospital [after they arrived three days later], but his brother Hussain died in my arms in the house. I left his body inside the house... So, this "sudden discovery" while Ben Knight was conveniently there was to tie up the loose end of the story of Bashir.

    1. Will fix that tomorrow. This newer comment will help remind me. I might forget anyway.A lot here needs fixed , added, etc.

      I was aware of that possibility of course, and just worked that part into the Dead Outside the Shed. Some amazing audacity might be on display claiming this face-smashed negro dies in Bashir's loving arms before being just LEFT TO ROT. All it shows is inside information. Maybe he's a rebel fighter who helped lynch the guy?

    2. but it doesn't make sense that Bashir knows that there is a body in the house yet it only gets discovered by accident when the Red Crescent is there. It's nonsense. Where did the lime come from???

    3. From the Red Cross people already there before the camera. Perhaps with rebel encouragement. "Can't you dump more? What can we do about that missing face? That's all the lime you brought? Well, here's the camera..."

  41. Thursday, August 25, 2011 at 12:18 |

    1520 GMT:
    Fighting in 4 areas, not controlled by rebels in #tripoli so far: #Bouslim, #Hadba, Airport road, #Akwakh neighborhood.

    1509 GMT: According to the Guardian, British and French special forces have been on the ground in Libya, directing the NATO bombing campaign and coordinating with oppositiong fighter leaders:
    The soldiers have taken a leading role not just in bringing in bombers to blast a path for the rebels, but in planning offensives that over the past fortnight broke the city's six-month siege, said Mohammed Subka, a communications specialist in the Al Watum (My Home) brigade.
    Now they are helping prepare what may be the final attack of the war, advising rebel units on the assault on Sirte, the last coastal stronghold still in the hands of pro-Gaddafi forces. "We are with the England team," said Subka. "They advise us."
    Chris Stephen adds that these forces were critical to the taking of Tripoli, but they may have an even more important role in the assault on Qaddafi's last stronghold, Sirte:

    Bombs have pancaked concrete buildings that Gaddafi's forces had modified as bunkers, while tanks lie ripped apart, their turrets and tracks strewn across the road. Further south, all that remains of an ammunition truck is a blackened carpet of splinters.

    Martin Chulov witnesses Gaddafi troops continuing to fight around Tripoli airport from matthew weaver on Vimeo.

  42. A) I am proud to say that I was first of those who was injured on the 20 August.

    The Derna battalion was the first to enter Tripoli.
    We consisted of a group of 65, headed by Abdul Hakim Belhaj. I was wounded in my foot, but despite the injury, I managed to complete the mission with my colleagues.
    The field commanders in rank were, Belhaj, Abdurrazaq Naami and Abdul Aalim. The later stayed in Tarhouna after Tripoli was liberated; he was Belhaj’s deputy. He lived in Britain for a long time where he worked as a company manager.

    misratapost Thu 25/08/2011
    فيديو: جوله سريعه داخل بيت عائشة القذافي
    ليبيا بيت عائشة القذافي Libye : Salle de bain de Aicha Kadhafi : Libya
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aocTT...ayer_embedded# !
    ليبيا بيت عائشة القذافي Libye : Salle de bain de Aicha Kadhafi : Libya فتح طرابلس من طرف القائد العسكري عبد الحكيم بلحاج الخويلدي أمير التنظيم الجهادي الجماع...

    misratapost Thu 25/08/2011
    Video: A quick tour inside the house of Aisha Gaddafi
    Libya house of Aisha Gaddafi Libye: Salle de bain de Aicha Kadhafi: Libya
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aocTT...ayer_embedded #!
    Libya house of Aisha Gaddafi Libye: Salle de bain de Aicha Kadhafi: Libya Tripoli opened by the military commander Abdul Hakim Amir Belhadj Khuwaildi jihadist organization intercourse ...

    مقاتلو الحرية في ليبيا | عاااااااجل: صحيفة باري ماتش: القذافي شوهد في طرابلس وكاد فريق كوماندوس ليبي ان يقبض عليه عند الساعة العاشرة من صباح امس الاربعاء .. وذلك بعد الحصول على "معلومات سرية" من مصدر موثوق تفيد بالعثور على مخبأه بمنزل هادئ ، من دون مباهاة ، ويقع في قلب طرابلس تم. ولكنه اختفى بالفعل واستطاع الهرب من الكوماندوس الخاص الليبي. ومازالت عملية "المطاردة" مستمرة.
    wednesday = 24 aug

  43. Lighthouse:
    A source of the beacon, quoting a witness in the barrier of trait Furjan that members of the mercenaries Gaddafi began to gather behind the camp Thurs Gaddafi (camp of Yarmouk formerly) known as the Agricultural Society, as well as there is a company Yugoslav adjacent to the place of military vehicles, and according to eyewitness, the families in the region directing the call distress to protect them from mercenaries who roam the place and wreak havoc when.

    1. كاتب الموضوع : yousfi المنتدى : محور الأخبار والمستجدات
      رد : متابعة الثورة الليبية فجر الخميس 25/08/11

      عدة مراسلين عندما كانوا في ريكسوس:
      جنود القذافي في الفندق في صدمة كانوا فعلا يتوقعون إنهم منتصرين لم يكونوا يستمعون إلا إلى التلفزيون المحلي…أخذوا الكثير من الوقت ليصدقوا إن القذافي إنهار.

      أحد الأسرى الذين تم القبض عليهم اليوم في الجبهة الشرقية لمصراتة أدلى بمعلومات حول مكان وجود المعتصم القذافي وانه موجود في مدينة سرت محاصراً بين ثوار مصراتة وثوار المدن الشرقية.

      فيديوات و صور انتفاضة 17 فبراير:
      أروى دامون: تبادل إطلاق النار في مطار طرابلس و إصابة طائرة و النيران تشتعل فيها و المتحدث باسم الثوار يقول إنه يبدوا أن هناك شخصية مهمة في القرى التي تحيط بالمطار.

      قناة الزنتان على الفيس بوك:
      قوات الجيش الوطنى والثوار تضع سرت بين فكى كماشة ولازالت المفاوضات مع شيوخ واعيان سرت من اجل الدخول الى المدينة سلميا. ثوار ليبيا يتقدمون صوب سرت من الناحية الغربية وثوار المنطقة الشرقيه على مشارف الوادى الاحمر

      ثوار ليبيا (المحور الشرقي) يأسرون 3 من جنود القذافي ويحررون عائلتين وذلك في طريق تقدمهم نحو سرت.

      أفاد مصدر للمنارة نقلا عن شاهد عيان فى منظقة خلة الفرجان أن أفراد من مرتزقة القذافي بدأت بالتجمع خلف معسكر خميس القذافى ( معسكر اليرموك سابقا ) فيما يعرف بالجمعية الزراعية ، وكذلك هناك شركة يوغسلافية مجاورة للمكان بها آليات عسكرية، وأفاد شاهد العيان أن العائلات بالمنطقة يوجهون نداء إستغاثة لحمايتهم من المرتزقة الذين يجوبون المكان و يعيثون فيه فسادا.

      وكالة أنباء التضامن:
      نقلاً عن أحد الثوار | ورد عن شهود عيان مشاهدة معمر القذافي مع حارساته في منطقة عين زارة، و الثوار يقومون بتمشيط المنطقة بحثاً عن القذافي

    2. 2011, 12.43 25 Aug 2011. (GMT+2) "eye witness" Funny, but Al-Ferjani never noticed this activity. Palestinian forum?!?

  44. http://www9.0zz0.com/2012/04/11/13/153784737.jpg
    ~ : : آودعــكَـم : : ~
    يآ رآحليــن عن الحيـآة وسآكنين بأضلعـي هل تسمعون ، ،
    هل تسمعـون توجعي وتوجع الدنيآ معي . . .

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21aoWLamb8k
      ثوار الهضبة __ طرابلس .wmv
      Rebels plateau __ Tripoli. Wmv 23 aug

      شتباكات ثوار الهضبة جامع الطاهر مع الكتائب 7.mp4

      Chtbakat rebels Plateau Mosque Tahir with the battalions 7.mp4

  45. they say : friday market , but is it ?

    Gaddafi mercenaries (by 16) Friday Market. Mp4

    مرتزقة القدافي (طريق 16) سوق الجمعة .mp4

    1. This vid is after the furjan events :Friday market base Mitiga
      سوق الجمعة قاعدة معيتيقة

  46. Robert Hackwill of Euronews wrote on Aug 26, uploaded 20.53: CET:
    Friday had been quieter after 48 hours of bloodshed in intense fighting between rebel and Gaddafi forces. Until this.

    Our correspondent Jamel Ezzedini reported: ‘Heavy fighting is taking place here near al Yarmuk, a base for the al Khamis. Rebels are trying to take over the camp, which is still held by the Gaddafi forces. If this battle is won all Tripoli will be controlled by the rebels.”

    Ammunition for heavy weapons was taken away once the camp walls were breached but the rebel government forces would not savour their victory for long.

    The army came back at them hard. They were forced to retreat and regroup....
    ...As always, despite the speed of their initial advance, they went carefully, looking for snipers as they moved to another compound...

    ...There have been reports of the killing of prisoners from both sides, with 150 reportedly blown up with hand grenades by forces fleeing Gaddafi’s presidential compound.

    Ezzedini is seen in videos in those imaginary one-sided firefights among the rebels. He has either been duped or is part of the lie.

    See also this report on Al Arabiya , dated Aug 28, from AFP reporters Dominique Soguel and Charles Onians . It appeared on Aug 27 at the NRW Dutch radio station, Libya fights to restore services, gruesome find in Tripoli so we must ignore the Arabiya date.
    Rebel fighters said they had captured the base of the elite 32 Brigade commanded by Kadhafi's son Khamis after a NATO airstrike and seven hours of fierce fighting.

    In a building nearby an AFP correspondent saw the charred remains of some 50 people residents said were captives killed on Tuesday with rifles and grenades.
    The dawn assault on the 32 Brigade base just south of the capital left 11 rebels dead and "higher casualties on the other side," according to a rebel commander.

    Where were the bodies from this fight??? And a dawn assault, lasting 7 hours...yet Ezzedini says Friday had been quiet until this. Quiet during the night until dawn?

    Soguel is still based in Tripoli and started tweeting this Spring.
    Onians said he couldn't tweet in Libya. Unlike most other journalists.

    1. In my reading the fighting is from 23 aug or 24 :

      26/08/11 20:53 CET
      ‘Heavy fighting is taking place here near al Yarmuk,

      . Rebels are trying to take over the camp, which is still held by the Gaddafi forces
      Ammunition for heavy weapons was taken away once the camp walls were breached
      The army came back at them hard. They [rebels] were forced to retreat and regroup

      The fighting has been merciless over the last 48 hours,

      With re-enforcements gathered the rebels returned to the fray.

    2. Aug 27 at the NRW Dutch radio station,

      and even tweeting messages to the US command responsible for the strikes


  47. Thanks to Hurriya - a perpy, short-lived Twitter account links the lost Ottawa Citizen article.
    Voices of Justice ‏@TripoliPrisoner

    180 slaughtered including children at the al-Yarmouk military base in south Tripoli. http://fb.me/PYlItNN5

    2:55 PM - 25 Aug 11 via Facebook · Details

    The youtube video of MI Zadan is also puffed:
    Voices of Justice ‏@TripoliPrisoner

    *GRAPHIC* Mahmoud Mokhtar Zadam tells how he survived a horrific massacre at Yamouk Camp on Thursday in Tripoli... http://fb.me/LP49WdFn

    9:17 AM - 28 Aug 11 via Facebook ·

    Retweeted by Ahmed Addarrat @A_Addarrat
    Business Development Manager for Aramex Libya. Looking forward to helping develop a new Free Libya

  48. effective post that i expected.thanks for this


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