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Friday, August 26, 2011

The Tripoli Massacres {masterlist}

August 26, 2011
last edits April 24, 2012

Note, September 28: This post addresses massacres more than likely from late August and after, in the battle of Tripoli, that may have been carried out by rebel forces despitebeing blamed generally on "Gaddafi's men." It does NOT cover the field of animal bones near Abu Salim prison "thought" to be the mass grave for 1,270 prisoners allegedly killed there in 1996. That's instead covered here.

Intro Dec. 22: This from Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch sums it up nicely.
“The evidence we have been able to gather so far strongly suggests that Gaddafi government forces went on a spate of arbitrary killing as Tripoli was falling.”[HRW release]
The cartoon villains had wanted to unfurl their evil plans to kill all more slowly, but as freedom drew near, they had to kill as many as they could quickly.Per HRW and most of the world, it was a last chance for barbarity, but it's all over now. In reality, it was the first chance for rebels to slaughter as they screeched into town. And unlike the cartoon villains, they got away with it and are now in charge, positioned to let any remaining evil work itself out at allleisure (so long as "sleeper cells of Gaddafi loyalists" can be blamed).

Snapshots of Freedom
There are a multitude of aspects to what's going on right now in Libya, Tripoli in particular - things I don't know well enough yet to speak on. But one aspect grabs my attention enough to start finding out about. A side-effect of the near-total liberation of the capitol is literally blood flowing in the streets from brutal mass killings. At least one journalist has captured some of the horror of it as armed butchers from one side or another massacre fighters and civilians alike in growing numbers all across the city. (thanks to Brian Souter for tipping me off to this story)

I start with one rather stark, and detailed, article by Hadeel al-Shalchi, AP, Aug 26:
Fight 'the rats,' Gadhafi urges as rebels push on
(Associated Press writer Rami al-Shaheibi in Benghazi and Donna Bryson in Cairo contributed to this report.)
TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) — The streets where rebel fighters bombarded snipers loyal to Moammar Gadhafi were strewn with bullet-ridden corpses from both sides Thursday. Streams of blood ran down the gutters and turned sewers red.

By sundown the rebels appeared to have won the battle for the Abu Salim neighborhood, next to Gadhafi's captured Tripoli compound [...] Outside his Bab al-Aziziya compound, which rebels captured Tuesday, there was another grim scene — one that suggested mass, execution-style killings of civilians.

About two dozen bodies — some with their hands bound by plastic ties and with bullet wounds to the head — lay scattered on grassy lots in an area where Gadhafi sympathizers had camped out for months.
Five or six bodies were in a tent erected on a roundabout that had served as a field clinic. One of the dead still had an IV in his arm, and another body was completely charred, its legs missing. The body of a doctor, in his green hospital gown, was found dumped in the canal.
Ms. al-Shalchi writes that "it was unclear who was responsible for the killings." It used to be clear to most that the exterminator col. Gaddafi was responsible for all such things. But after the rebels have been caught slaughtering their captives time and again, with greater frequency in this final push to the capitol, the credibility isn't there. Even in this extreme situation, where Gaddafi is again calling for a slaughter of "rats," and some are taking him up on it - it doesn't look good when hands-bound people in civilian clothes, and apparently Gaddafi supporters - wind up strewn across neighborhoods the rebels just took.

The "Freedom Fighters" will say - and are saying - the regime planted their own victims - those who "wanted to defect," perhaps - in the rebels' paths. The story also mentions that "on Thursday they announced that their leadership was moving into the capital." Wow, Mr. Abdel Jalil will be so giddy. It was just days ago that he predicted the fight for Tripoli would be "a bloodbath," one he hoped to celebrate, at the scene of the crime, by the feast of Eid (August 30 this year).

And finally, "Rebels say one of their key targets now is Gadhafi's hometown of Sirte," where stiff tribal resistance - that is, loyalist civilians, just as armed and civilian as the rebels but without an air force, are expected to put up a stiff fight. "I am appealing to the areas not yet liberated to join the revolution," an official told reporters in Benghazi. "There is no excuse for them not to join."

And, judging by the way things have gone in Misrata, Tawergha, Brega, Qawalish, Qawalish again, most of the Nafusah, az Zawiyah, Sabratha, etc., and now finally Tripoli, there's plenty at risk, as well as no damn excuse, for those people of Libya to refuse to surrender to this popular revolution

The good news - NATO's campaign to "avert a bloodbath in Benghazi" is finally bearing fruit.

Below is more on the Tripoli massacres of late August, probably September, and fall of 2011.

Identified Massacres
App. 24 victims: Slashing and Dumping at the Roundabout
Between the activists and the wounded in the medical tent, and about a dozen long-dead rotting black men, about 24 bodies were found August 25 on the grassy roundabout area just outside Gaddafi's Bab al-Aziziya compound.

This is the scene of the now-famous photos and video like the image at left. See the link for several sources considered for the clearest picture possible of what's up with these victims. (nothing totally amazing yet, but I can see why they stunk so bad.)

17 Out of 25 at Mitiga Hospital (added Dec. 22)
Al Jazeera English had a crew in Tripoli as well, but later, and they filmed 15 bodies in a morgue that's apparently under rebel control. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eTnEzQobBs Correspondent James Bays reported that there had been 17 bodies, but two were taken off by family.

As Petri Krohn notes with nice irony: "This much of what James Bays says is true: "political activists" ... "near the Gaddafi compound" ... "when the opposition fighters started to enter the compound" ... "they were killed." ... "injuries have the hallmarks of a mass execution."

A sub-masterlist is forthcoming, and one sub-post on imagery of the dead is up (above comment from there).

75-200: Abu Salim Trauma "Hospital"
(I go with the smaller number) This really upsetting report came in from Andrew Simmons for al Jazeera English. He should rightly be messed up for life from seeing the scene of Abu Salim trauma hospital, just south of Bab al Aziziya. I describe and analyze the report at the post Abu Salim Trauma "Hospital" or the summary Urgent Appeal: A Major, Unnoticed Rebel Abuse in Plain sight. This one is just frighteningly clear, gruesome, massive, and brazen. The victims were Government loyalists and primarily black men, patients killed in their beds, slit throats and missing heads, floors lacquered with blood, gunshot execution spatters in the halls, all staff "ran away" (like rats?), rebels saying they just found it that way. All the Western media did was show how hiorrible it was and smelled, let that fall naturally on Gaddafi, and walk away perplexed. Coverage and follow-up lasted one day.

And "more than 150" at Military Camps
Dec.22: Section finally removed - it mostly referred to the below, with some added confusion in thenext entry.

Fifty-three charred skeletons were just found August 28 in a shed/barn/farmhouse near the HQ of brigade 32, "Khamis brigade." It has up to 150 killed, by guards using hand grenades before fleeing to nowhere in particular. Thus, this must be the incident referred to above by Amnesty and by cmdr. Mlegta. But this time, it was a few miles southwest of the main slaughterhous around Bab al-Aziziya, behind the Yarmouk military base.

Several witnesses swear there were 120-150 or more prisoners stuffed in the shed when they were killed. But only 53 charred skeletons were there after the fire, suggesting to most of the witnesses there must be a mass grave nearby for the remaining victims. Watch for this number to grow. 

Another source noted of the several un-burnt bodies scattered outside the shed: "The bodies of three men covered in winter blankets and flies lay just outside, as a fourth eyeless corpse rapidly decomposed in the heat. One of them had his ankles bound with green rope." Eyes are being gouged out in Tripoli. Wonderful.

Later I looked into this and see at least 21 victims around the shed massacre site. All but a few are black men, and some suffered horrific violence.

Killings at Qasr Ben Ghashir
A second incident occurred at another makeshift prison run by the Khamis Brigade on Aug. 21, 22, and/or 24. In this case, 5-6 people were shot, with 3-6 being killed. 50-70 other prisoners simply walked away after letting themselves out of their cells. 

18 By the Dry Riverbed
More mostly black victims, some medical personnel, executed in a few spots, again, quite near Bab al-Aziziya. At least 13  of these are visible in various news footage and photographs.
Sub-set: Black Trash: Eight+ More in Ghargour
Eight of those 13 looked at separately. The burned dumpster they're stashed around hints at more victims here yet, perhaps cremated inside. 

Seven More at Bab al-Aziziyah
Piled up in a barren area, doused in oil(??) and partly burned. These may be a subset of the roughly two dozen bodies said to be found near the roundabout, which they were piled just north of.

At Least Two at the Internal Security Building
These execution victims were seen by Human Rights Watch on the 26th, in a closet beneath the stairs, and photographed in all their bloody glory.
On August 26, Human Rights Watch also examined two corpses that were still in place at the Al-Amal al-Akhdar Internal Security building in Gargur where the suspected execution of detainees took place.
This is the 25 that Mr. Swayi referredto.I'm hazy as to whether or not their bodies turned up and were identified as such, or if this was to explain some set of 25 of those we've seen scattered around the area.It seems only the two were found there. (Building location, perhaps a dedicated post, forthcoming).

Un-Placed Victims
Mysterious massacres at ambiguous locations, sometimes figured out.

Planted Bodies?
It looks like some of the victims, perhaps the last one mentioned above, and the blackAfricans at the roundabout, plus some others I've seen, had been dead some time. That could support regime authorship. Or ...

A Rebel Terrorist Maestro?
An "emir" of the terrorist Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, Abdel Hakim Belhaj, is the man in charge of rebel military operations in the capitol. A look at what that could mean in connection with the massacres under examination.

A Witness-Faking Government Godfather to Solidify Cover-Stories
On shed massacre witness Dr. Rajub, who's actually Dr. al-Farjani, NTC head of matching certain identities to certain corpses nationwide. Look for his commission to find zero rebel atrocities, and every drop of blood shed by bad guys who then just disappeared...

Mass Graves
At Least 125: Mass Graves All Over
Around September 11 we started hearing mainstream media reports of roadside graves in and around Tripoli. BBC, 9/11:
The corpses of up to 20 people have been found in two roadside graves on the outskirts of Tripoli. Forensic experts are investigating the deaths, thought to have occurred last month. The graves are located just off the 11th June highway, in the Souk al-Jumua area to the east of the capital.

Separately, the charred remains of two bodies were uncovered on airport road in Tripoli.

The corpses were found near the oil tanks of a site known as the Hadba Project, a witness has told the BBC. Local residents in the area said the men were killed on the 22 August.
Local people said there were around 15 bodies buried at one grave site.

They were said to be mostly the remains of African mercenaries who had been fighting for Col Gaddafi.

A few hundred metres away, at a separate site, another four bodies had already been dug up.
Sept. 15: Mass graves discovered 'weekly' in Libya
Mass graves are being discovered every week in Libya, the international Red Cross said on Wednesday, noting that it has dealt with the remains of 125 people at 12 sites in and around Tripoli.

“As mass graves are being discovered on a weekly basis, the International Committee of the Red Cross is striving to bring answers to grief-stricken families of people who have gone missing and to ensure that any human remains uncovered are properly handled,” said the relief agency in a statement.

“The ICRC has helped to ensure that the remains of 125 people found at 12 different sites in and around Tripoli have been handled properly,” it added.
Sept 14: 13 mass graves found in Libya

“This week we dispatched two forensic experts to the field to support our colleagues already involved in the management of human remains,” said Carole Pittet, an ICRC staff member in Tripoli.

“The experts will also be advising the Libyan Red Crescent, local councils, health and religious authorities and other partners.”

The statement added the discovery is particularly important to preserve any available proof of identity when no family member has come forward to claim or identify a set of remains.
We learn they do not intend to gather evidence for possible crimes against humanity procedings, just wanting to do identification work. And that might be hampered by careless handling in the numerous ad-hoc exhumations occurring.
HRW, September 22: Halt Exhumations of Mass Graves
Forensic Experts Needed to Identify Remains, Secure Evidence
Exhumations began on many of the grave sites from the recent conflict as soon as they were located. Local authorities and groups typically conducted these exhumations without central coordination and at times without professional forensic assistance. The ICRC helped arrange the handling of 125 bodies from 12 different sites, but the organization is not involved in collecting evidence for possible use in legal proceedings. Where unplanned and unassisted exhumations have occurred, the opportunity to identify bodies and the circumstances of deaths may already be lost, Human Rights Watch said.
Translation: all graves of rebel victims should de dug back up and maybe burnt. They're giving the excuse they'll use why they called those ones inconclusive, thus presumably the old regime's doing.

8+ More Bodies Behind the Rixos
Another find published on September 28, in a wooded area (Tarabalus Zoo park?) near the Rixos hotel. Famous for hosting, allegedly by force at the end, the international press corps, the Rixos was oneof the last areas to remain in government hands before rebels violently took it as well. Shockingly, dead bodies were found there -surely the work of the regime that controlled the hotel until they didn't any more. Sky News reports
The National Transitional Council (NTC) say the latest site is being unearthed near the Rixos Hotel, where 37 foreign journalists were trapped by the Gaddafi government during the fall of Tripoli. A total of eight corpses have so far been uncovered although no evidence has yet been made available linking it to the previous regime.

The discovery was made after a soldier saw blood on the ground and what looked like broken limbs. The military spokesman for the armed forces of the NTC, Radwan Elbuzedi, says "the bloody behaviour is typical of the style of the Gaddafi government". It is thought the alleged victims died within the past five months and the NTC is speculating that they could be local civilians.
Hmm, broken branches and blood on the ground are unusual and eye-catching in Tripoli these days? They've been advised (on the 22nd) against hasty digs, which might destroy valuable clues as to who killed people and when. As I noted above, this warning might just spur rebels to dig up their own victims and provide the excuse for HRW and others to call them inconclusive. And here they are digging up a grave, just as the warning was repeated (on the 26th). Why are they so willing to throw away clues about the regime's "bloody behavior?"

"An Estimated 900" in Suburban Mass Graves
October 5, reports are made official of numerous graves in the Tripoli suburbs of Gargarish and Tajoura, totaling and estimated 900 bodies. 900. Many at least seem to be government soldiers, bound and executed, even tortured, gathered and buried in these mass graves. The NATO rat spokesman announcing this epic find called them "two mass graves of victims of the old regime." Onceagain, they'rehastily exhuming the sites to "identify" thevictims (or ruin the possibility of it perhaps).

1,000 in a Mass Grave on Airport Road?
New, April 22, 2012

An S.O.S.
The Tripoli-based Libya S.O.S. website has a different viewpoint from most of these other sources.
From Zawiya I herad that still people and even families are disappearing during the night, the same in Tripoli. Some remain disappread - others are found next day killed. It is a hidden repression and a hidden revenge to those who belived and still believe in the government.
The person running the site lives in Libya and supports the government. That site had bettter keep running.

Initial Conclusion, August
Investigations are called for. Seriously. Blood samples should be taken, forensic work on government vehicles and rebel ones, and the like - all science, all access. I don't trust what the BBC called "the existing Commission of Inquiry on Libya" that will naturally oversee an "inquiry."

These are terrible things happening, and I fear the world will simply not allow itself, at any cost, to blame this on anyone other than the crumbling regime. Someone has to take the blame, and how on Earth can our humanitarian intervention start to seem sane if we put the butchers of Abu Sallim and the rest on Tripoli's throne?

Do we have the courage to face up to the reality of the situation, whatever it may be? I fear not. I hope desperately to be proven wrong.


  1. CNN has a HQ video with Dan Rivers reporting from the spot:


    Take attention how he looks around and speaks quietly when he says it was probably done by rebels.

  2. Lizzie Cockers blog was destroyed, I have put up a new one here:
    Formatting post as I go along. Feel free to leave comments if I have left anything out.

    PS: Make sure you have a backup plan!

  3. @ Erik: I thought that was Lizzie Phelan? Excellent work helping get it back up. My internet went dead for a few hours - a warning shot?

    Back-up plan is I have some saved, the rest can be re-done better.

    @ Peet: Little surprise really, the video is not available in my country. That's the USA. Not availabe! (Can an int'l reader use keepvid or some such to save a copy and send it to me by e-mail?

  4. Okay, not that CNN's videos tend to get pulled (just never shown, perhaps, sometimes, or never filmed), but I like having my own copies. And it looks like I got one, right from CNN's youtube page.

  5. Not available in the USA? That's funny. I found the same on Youtube now also, less resolution, but not bad:


    and another video probably from the same spot here:


  6. Not sure if these are the same bodies or different, but al Jazeera filmed 15 in a morgue.


  7. I'm quite sure those are not the same ones. The pictures from al-Jazeera are from a hospital, those from CNN are from the roundabout.

    BBC reported from a seperate hospital massacre in Mitiga district:


    Perhaps that's the same one James Bays reported from for Al-Jazeera in your link above, regrettably he don't give the name. But in both cases 17 executed rebels are reported.

    In an other story al Jazeera reports from Abu Salim Trauma Hospital, this seems not to be the same place:


  8. AFP also has a short piece from the roundabout, high resolution and the tents visable well:


    I just read your update - have a look at the BBC article. I think it's quite clear then, that the roundabout and the clinic are seperate incidents.

  9. Le Parisien has a foto line showing the tents and how they were burned down by rebels. That's most probably the reason why at least one body was charred:


  10. True 'nuff, I presume. There's the roundabout with 5, the other spot with at least 12, the morgue with 17, the other hospital with up to 150, and the prison with "more than 150." I don't have the time to update yet, busy day planned, but I'll be back tonight.

  11. That is, if I've got this right yet, which I might not. Wish I had more time.

  12. Take your time and just choose, which links are realy interesting for you. Even I'll not have so much time the next days, so don't worry;)
    Somme more interesting pictures from the roundabout (Look at the photo at 27aug, 22h):


    and also this video shows pictures from inside the tent (3:20):


    So in this case, there is no doubt that this was a field hospital and the patients were murdered by rebels. Most probably doctors and patients of the bigger hospitals wern't respected more then.

  13. Fifty charred skeletons found in Tripoli:



    HRW about four masacres in Tripoli:


  14. Damn, this is just insane. You'll note I'm not keeping up directly. I did finish a suddenly very relevant post you'll see. This posts is nearing the split-off point here. That's a little work in itself.

    Tired. Sad. Gnite world.

  15. Channel 4 news reports about diffrent masacres in Tripoli (and about one perhaps prevented):



    another video with the charred skeletons:


  16. that video has gone now,Adam, NATO rebels burying dead.

  17. There are some more copies of the Tripolis video I mentioned, all uploaded by rebel chanels and claiming a Gaddafi massacre of course.
    One uploaded by 17022011libya the 29th of August could perhaps be the first one. It gives the 27th as date of origin and a place called al-Furjan camp 32 (or camp of the 32nd unit? then it's perhaps the base of Khamis brigade).

  18. QuatchiCanada showed some bodies allegedly on 23 August through a fence, Abu Salim neighbourhood. Uploaded 27 August.


    Not sure if you saw it. Quatchi also took an AlJazeera news clip of a trench being built for bodies - those pylons at 2.00 look familiar from somewhere.

  19. Mahdi Nazemroaya on GRTV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsKx7kbvkJA
    Reporter of globalresearch.ca who was in Libya two months from July-August 2011 said:

    22:37 The red cross told me about 3000 deaths within two days in Tripoli mostly form NATO. Tripoli is demolished

    28:28 Tripoli: supply cut off and then massive carpet bombing

    13:06/ 13:30 NTC people: it was the USA who brought in Al Qaida. Libyans do not want the islamists, but the US wants them and is controlling them.

  20. Thanks for a comment, Mika.

    Tripoli was surely squeezed and brutalized, but that sounds exaggerated to me. In Sirte, more likely. I'll have to watch the video later.

    As for the US bringing in the Islamists, that also seems wrong. They' were always most concentrated in Dernah, the city that seems to have gone violent first, seizing weapons and hostages by the 17th in relative anonymity, setting al Baida, Shahet, and Benghazi going. In fact, it could be said the al Qaeda element gave the revolution its bold an-turning-back character that made such a blitzkrieg takeover possible. Most Libyans surely don't want the Islamists, but they're good (and criminal and brutal) fighters, and all those who wanted nothing more than to get rid of Gaddafi and the old system owe them a debt of gratitude.

  21. Worth examining the BBC report Libya: Fighting in Tripoli amid reports of atrocities by Rupert Wingfield-Hayes at the Mitiga Hospital (August 25)
    The Manchester doctor, MOAZ ZEITON (corrects your text) adds that the disfiguring injuries "couldn't quite be explained"
    A patient in bed,charmingly draped with the new flag of Libya, Mansour Al-Hadi is interviewed as the only survivor of the school executions.He says "They were tortured for days,urine was poured over them, finally two nights ago they were ordered outside, the men were made to kneel against a wall,and then sprayed with machine gun fire (allegedly)
    it is not clear how Al-Hadi survived.
    Peter Graff of Reuters - also reported Thirty Gaddafi fighters found dead at Tripoli camp on the hospital at Mitiga the same day.
    Five of the dead were at a field hospital nearby, with one in an ambulance strapped to a gurney with an intravenous drip in his arm.

    The encampment was strewn with Gaddafi paraphernalia - caps and pictures of the Libyan leader - and Gaddafi green flags flew nearby.

    Some of the dead wore military uniforms while others wore civilian clothes. Some were African men. Gaddafi is known to have recruited soldiers from neighbouring countries.
    Two of the bodies were charred beyond recognition. The incident took place at a traffic circle in an area of Tripoli that had been held by forces loyal to Gaddafi.

    "Yesterday a truck arrived at the hospital with 17 dead bodies," Kirsty Campbell of the International Medical Corps told Reuters at Mitiga hospital.
    "These guys were rounded up 10 days ago. They were found in Bab al-Aziziya when the guys (rebel fighters) went in. These guys were shot in an execution there," she said. The wounds were not battlefield injuries, she said. Rebel fighters overran the fortified Bab al-Aziziya complex, the centre of Gaddafi's power, on Tuesday. She said there had been reports of more bodies, but added: "I myself counted 17 last night." Campbell said family members had identified the victims.

    Dr Zeiton is described as an activist who has filed stories for the Guardian newspaper since April. In fact he writes the very next day, 26 August:I witnessed Tripoli's liberation, but the Libyan revolution is not over yet
    Later, I was working in the Mitiga air base, where there is a hospital. Around dusk, a large truck turned up unexpectedly with bodies piled in the back, all riddled with bullets. To cut a long story short, an injured person was later brought to the hospital who told us what happened. They were all held or captured over the past week or two in different areas of Tripoli and they all ended up in a school that was being used as a prison by Gaddafi brigades/loyalists. When their guards retreated, they executed all the prisoners – except this injured guy who got shot in the leg and hand then pretended to be dead.

    He was able to identify most of the 17 bodies as he had spent some time with them and got to know them all. I took pictures one by one of them and documented all the injuries to their bodies (many of them shot in the head). It was a pretty traumatic experience for me – I spent three hours doing that in a gown and gloves, sweating buckets. With the stench from them all, I gagged a lot – almost vomited quite a few times. These are the kinds of crimes that need to be documented in case Gaddafi is captured

    More from him on 21 October

  22. Mitiga is Tripoli airport and Air Force base, rebel controlled since 9 May.
    مطار معيتيقة الدولي - Mitiga international airport.
    معيتيقة = Mitiga.
    wounded rebels shown in this facility,uploaded by abusalam1 on August 28.

  23. That's quite a story. I hadn't heard about the school. This is other than where Mr. Swayi says he was held, with a separate "survivor," again light-skinned Arab rebel-fighter-looking guy lives while the black Gaddafi-fighter-looking captives were slaughtered mercilessly...

    "These are the kinds of crimes that need to be documented in case Gaddafi is captured"
    Yeah, handy that. Now he's dead, the files should be burned I suppose.

    How did rebels control Mitiga since May? That seems odd.

  24. HRW shows bodies on Aug 27 from what must be the field hospital Libya: Gaddafi Forces Suspected Of Executing Detainees in three photos,calling it a makeshift field clinic

  25. Sorry, I don't know where May came from, my mistake - Mitiga seems to have been taken on Sunday 21 August , as seen in this handy NYT piece,A Final Surge to Tripoli with maps.
    Martin Chulov visited the hospital for the Guardian where ex-Loyalists were being treated grudgingly by doctors, Libya: Gaddafi's defeated forces face up to a new reality,posted Friday 26 August.\
    The International Medical Corps produced the fact,recorded elsewhere, about the 17 civilians shot in the back of the head at close range being brought there, adding that The IMC Supported Mitiga Hospital: 200 bed facility. There are a number of medical volunteers, however no management staff as they have all departed. Management and coordination support for the hospital operations is critically needed. In addition to management support, the most pressing needs include nurses (particularly OT, ER and ICU nurses) and medical supplies, particularly external fixators, IV fluids and anesthetic medications. (25 Aug)

  26. Rick Gladstone reported for the NYT Inside a Libyan Hospital, Proof of a Revolt’s Costs (Aug 25)
    The men, held in a makeshift detention near the compound, had been shot in the upper body, neck and chest, doctors at Mitiga Hospital said. (not in the back of the neck....)
    At the Tripoli Central Hospital a Dr. Essam Ben Masoud, 34 seemed, from the article, to have been working undercover as a rebel there. Read between the lines here....
    Dr. Masoud said he kept working surreptitiously for the rebels. In preparation for the final uprising, he said, he and other doctors from Tripoli Central Hospital helped set up 15 makeshift field hospitals of a network of 30 in homes around Green Square, where they treated wounded rebels last weekend. That way they could avoid sending patients to Qaddafi-controlled hospitals and could ship those needing serious care out of town. “The rebels can’t come here or the Qaddafi people would shoot them,” Dr. Masoud said.....By then, bodies had already begun to pile up at the morgue. On Tuesday, when rebels stormed Bab al-Aziziya, the flow of patients surged, and as many as 40 died at the hospital or arrived dead, doctors said, all of them rebels. The next day “we found a refrigerator truck — like a refrigerator for transporting cheese — with 28 dead bodies in it,” Dr. Masoud said, suggesting that the Qaddafi forces had killed people in the street and hid the bodies.

  27. Dr Moaz Zeiton also popped up on Sky TV as Dr Moes(sic) for an interview, شاهد على مذبحة قاعده معيتيقه - Witness to the massacre,Mitiga base, captured here (25 August 11.52) He talks first about working in a large hospital,(Abu Salim?) then he talks about August 24..... "on Wednesday,I worked in a different hospital in the eastern part of the city in the Mitiga Air Base wth is aa hospital which used to be used as a military hospital. Probably around dusk time a truck, quite a large truck with an open back turned up quite unexpectedly and even before got the truck I could hear people crying and wailing so I went out to have a look at what was in this truck ,and even before I got to the truck ..the stench from truck was quite overwhelming .and as I looked inside the truck there was poss 16 or 17 ...I think it was 17 altogether, that we counnted, bodies that were just riddled with bullets from head to toe, I mean a lot of them were in the head actually but they also had bullets in different parts of their bodies. Later we found out what had happened that these were all people that were basically held by Gadaffi loyalists over the past few days and they were possibly captured over the past week or two - kidnapped if you like - they were held in a schoolquite close to the city centre in the Bu Slim district and what had happened was that as the loyalists retreated they went into Bu Slim and executed all these people before they retreated and one of the civilians that was injured he was actually one of the victims because he was shot in the leg,and they failed to execute him, so he actually told us everything that happened and he was able to identify most of the bodies that were there so that we notified the families as well. But they had been there for about a day and the stench from them was overwhelming,and spent about 3 hours, possibly, documenting and photographing all of the injuries, the entrance and exit wounds from the bullets because it became apparent that, I think, that these are the kind of things that are going to be required to prosecute Gaddafi in the International Criminal Court. These are the war crimes that we are talking about, this is exactly what we are talking about,and I'm sure this has been replicated in many parts of the city and even in the country as well"

  28. The ubiquitous Doctor Moaz was also reported in the Daily Mail, 23 August 2011
    Moaz, a Tripoli-born doctor with UK links, was prevented from reaching the centre of the city by clashes and pockets of resistance. Someone was shot in front of him by a sniper from a roof...

  29. Dr Moaz (qualified University of Leeds, 2009) also gave an interview for CBC on on 29 August 2011. He is described as travelling to Libya where "he has been collecting firsthand medical evidence of abuses by Gadhafi forces". (but obviously not of abuses by rebel forces).
    This is what he says, for the record...
    Anchor:You are collecting evidence in Tripoli for future war crimes prosecutions...

    "When the bodies that we received at Matiga Hospital, the 17 bodies that we received a few days ago, there was no human rights organisation at the hospital at the time, no Human Rights Watch no ICRC, the Red Cross, they were't there, so the families of those people with accordance to Islamic tradition they would want to bury their loved ones as soon as possible so myself and some colleagues actually took it upon ourselves to document some of this evidence before the evidence was buried essentially because there would be no way of getting evidence so we undertook the demoralising and depressing task, I must say, of photographing each individual body,photographing the gunshot wounds that they had and the type of injures they had, and a lot of them were quite hard to explain some of them had disfiguring injuries to the limbs and also there were quite a few bodies that had gunshot wounds to the back of the head so hopefully this will stand in good evidence for future war crimes at the International Criminal Ccourt

    Anchor:"So evidence consistent with torture and exectuion?" (by whom?)

    Absolutely, ,yes,that also goes in hand with evidence that the survivor gave us. There was a patient that actually arrived at the same time who witnessed exactly what had happened. He was actually amongst these people when they were klled and they had failed to kill him. So he was in a detention cetre that the regime forces had set up in a school and when they retreated from the area when the area was falling they took them out into the yard and executed them all. And himself he was shot three times but they failed to execute him so was able to name 15 of the 17 bodes by name and also by area where they lived because he had spent a week with them in the detention centre....

    I am a junior doctor,.. my work has just been general sort of medical and surgical work in a large hospital in the UK.. so I have been totally unprepared...

    continutes... doctors are afraid to go work ...
    talks generally..
    Anchor:Are you seeing cases of retribution?

    I wouldn't say I have seen any cases of reribution myself.."retribution is not allowed......I have only been here for one week"

  30. Is Dr Moaz Zeiton giving an interview here to CNN under a false name?? 24 August 2011]
    [Updated 11:02 p.m. ET, 5:02 a.m. Thursday in Libya] The bodies of 17 rebels killed Tuesday by Gadhafi forces near the longtime leader's compound were taken Wednesday to a hospital in eastern Tripoli, a doctor there told CNN.

    Dr. Mohammed Rashed said the victims had been executed. Rashed, a Libyan who has worked as a consultant in Britain for 25 years, said he was volunteering with a medical group at a Tripoli hospital when a patient showed up Wednesday seeking treatment for a leg wound.

    The patient told Rashed that he was one of 25 people who had been abducted from their homes by Gadhafi forces, taken to a military barracks near Gadhafi's compound and accused of complicity with the rebels.

    As the Gadhafi forces began to execute them, rebel forces began storming Bab al-Azizia, he said. The resulting confusion gave some of the captives the chance to escape, he said.

    Same story above, albeit much condensed.

    The earlier blog post at 9.02PM ET mentions the presence of Medecin Sans Frontieres in Tripoli. Is the reason the 17 bodies were brought to Matiga across the city was because there was NO MSF presence there, or that of any other independent verifier?

    The only Rashed I can find is, in 2006 - 2008, Dr. Mohamed Rashed FRCS, Secretary of the General People’s Committee for Health & Environment in Libya- the Minister of Health in Gaddafi's government - Minister of Health: H.E. Professor Dr Mohamed Abu-Ujaylah Rashed ,Ministry of Health Sirt - Libyan Arab Jamahiriya! . Clearly not the one....

    1. No, as noted under the Zeiton post, Rashed is a surgeon in Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK. It was Rashed who sent an email (!) to the Guardian detailing 200 people being killed here
      11.34pm: We’ve been forwarded an email about an apparent civilian massacre in Tripoli in which around 200 people may have been killed.

      The email from Mohammed Rashed, who we’re told is a surgeon from Kettering hospital, Northamptonshire, who is currently in the Libyan capital, says almost 20 bodies of executed civilians have been brought into Matiga Hospital in Tripoli in the past hour. He says it appears that at least one of those killed was an anti-Gaddafi activist.

      His email states:

      Apparently, 17 bodies were brought to the hospital. They all appear to have been executed by being shot at point blank range. The bodies are all clothed in civilian clothing and are all male between 15/16 and late middle age.

      Apparently one of the relatives of the executed bodies identified the body and said he was arrested about 10 days ago for being a political activist in Tripoli. The bodies were found in Bab Al Azaziya (I am not sure if that is in the compound or in the general area).

      I’ve so far been unable to reach Rashed on his Tripoli phone. But I’ll try to bring you more on this as soon as possible.

      (also posted under Moaz Zeiton)

  31. Sorry not keeping up with the Dr. intrigues, but obviously this 25 prisoners killed and one escapes story is shady, and I should be giving it a post soon. Before I do, can anyone catch me up here-this Dr.Zeitan says about 18 victims were brought in, various torture and execution signs - and these are most of the same 25, right?

    What I wonder is if the bodies are shown or described clearly anywhere, so we can know if they overlap with another group. Is this a distinct massacre, or a cover story for some we're already aware of, for once taken to a hospital instead of left to rot. As mentioned above, I only know of two bodies found in situ at the massacre building, neither a possible victims of that massacre (slaughtered on-site beneath the stairs, not taken to hospital)

  32. It seems a variant of the same story - hospital in Eastern Tripoli - originally 25 but down to 17, and the helpful single survivor. Barracks not school... quite a few stories, including the UK nurse, Kirsty Campbell and Dr Masoud (cheese lorry....) It can only have been one delivery of bodies. Moaz says he photographed them all....
    I just wonder if the 25 came from a repetition of the 25 years the internet-elusive Dr Rashid alleged he had worked in the UK

  33. @ Felix: Thanks for that, and all the comments on Dr. Zeiton, which I'm finally trying to absorb a bit better. I checked again, and Hoez is how the BBC gave his name. So I corrected it how I did, finally. I'm also giving these comments their own post, for easier reference as I try to sort out this 17 dead vs. the 17 I wrote about above, vs. the 25 said to have been killed by the lucky witness who could name everyone.

    @ Petri: thanks for the tip on Hadeel al-Shalchi's gender (in another comment thread). Likewise updated.

  34. A mass grave of 25 "revolutionaries" in a town south of Tripoli:
    Reuters: Another Mass Grave Found in Libya

  35. AFP interviews Mlegta Rebels control 95% of Tripoli: military chief on 27 August.
    "Right now most of Gaddafi's troops are in prison. We have lots of prisons everywhere. The rebels have gone inside. They've arrested a lot of people. We are gathering them up. We have found a lot of mercearies from Chad, Mali, Niger, Algeria, Russia, Ukraine. These are the people we have and we are treating them well." [report by Clothilde Gourlet]

  36. Have the rebels ever released anyone from " Chad, Mali, Niger, Algeria, Russia, Ukraine?" ...or are they still holding them prisoners? I have never heard of post-revolutionary Libya holding foreign prisoners-of-war or other captives.

    A group of 22 Ukrainian construction workers was held at the airport in August. I understand they were all killed.

    An American (someone who was first in the press in March) interrogates these "Gaddafi sniper" and does not want to believe the story they are building a road. "Don't you follow the news? Don't you know there is a war going on?" Satellite images however show major progress on the 3rd Ring Road between August 14th and August 20th, around here.

  37. Here is a transcript of the AFP video with "a lot of mercenaries from Chad, Mali, Niger, Algeria, Russia and Ukraine." I really wonder what happened toall of them.

  38. I wrote a comment here earlier about a road construction site south of Tripoli, where Ashish Kumar Sen of the Washington Post reports 6 workers are killed with Kalashnikovs in a cinderblock shed. The conctracting firm is alleged to be Brazilian, so may indeed have used East European labour. But are the respective governments of Ukraine and Russia and Ukraine looking for missing passport holders who had visas for Libya? Does anyone know? The location was given as Guser Bin Gashi,'this week' (ending Aug 26)

  39. See also photos by Ron Haviv and Seamus Murphy, tagged dead, Bab.
    Ron Haviv also visited the "Khamis brigade warehouse" - search for his photos also there at viiphoto: khamis compound tripoli will bring them all up. He also shot the scenes around the Bab Al Aziziya and roundabout which can also be search.

  40. The Ron Haviv/VII series Libyan Uprising IPhone has five photos of two bodies on a bridge in Tripoli on August 26th.

    Image numbers: 00110240, 00110241, 00110242, 00110243, 00110244

    Description: Bodies, which were dusted with lime, are picked up by a team around the city of Tripoli, Libya, Aug. 26, 2011.

    These could be battle casualties from August 23rd. They could also be roadkill at a rebel roadblock.

  41. The location of the two bodies is on the southern driveway of the Second Ring Road, on the bridge over the Airport Highway. The from photo 00110241 faces south. The same bridge and tree can be seen in this photo in Panoramio.

    Interestingly, the satellite image from August 29th as used on Google Maps still shows the patch of white lime – if not the bodies.

  42. ...forgot to mention: all intersections of the Second Ring Road had rebel roadblocks – and piles of black genocide victims.

  43. Also , Ron Haviv visited the dry riverbed behind the Mosque on 28 August.photo here with all the bodies removed, and only charred straw (?) remains. (Check out also his label "suspected loyalist mercenaries are held at a school house...") Where was that?

  44. Recent YouTube upload here, جتة متفحمه لأحد افراد كتائب القدافي +18 . Clearly the black guy didn't die from burns or a car crash. Ring road/overbridge in background, labelled Khalet al Furjan, near the Khamis base.

  45. Concrete Factory bodies at Yarmouk - I just noticed this piece by Mary Fitzgerald in the Irish Times, 6 September 2011 Fears grow of yet undiscovered mass graves The concrete factory was "metres away" from the Khamis Shed.
    The male corpse was found yesterday by locals alerted by the stench in a government-owned concrete factory in the Khalida Ferjan area of the southern Tripoli district of Salahuddin. A severed hand was found first, followed by the body.

    The corpse, which had swollen in the heat and was covered in maggots, had been wrapped in a blanket and buried in a pile of sand and rubble. Its fingers and legs showed signs of mutilation. A doctor at the scene named Ahmed Suweidy said the corpse also appeared to have been partly burnt.

    Police officer Salah Smohem said he believed other bodies may be buried within the factory grounds. “The smell suggests there must be others.....A supervisor at the concrete factory named Abdul Rehman Mohamed told The Irish Times that at the beginning of June, staff at the factory were told by Khamis Brigade members that it had to close.

    “The Khamis people then brought their men, weapons and cars here,” he added.

    Mahdi Younis, a retired Libyan air force captain who lives nearby, said in the weeks leading up to the rebels’ advance on Tripoli, locals were warned by Gadafy’s forces not to take particular roads. “We suspect they did some of the worst things here in this area,” he said.

    All very convenient. I THINK this photo by Moises Saman shows the very exhumation at the factory. Your link to the photo at the Unplaced victims page to this photos is broken. But the Irish article does confirm the location.

    Mary Fitzgerald tweeted (or Muck raked?) on Muck Rack: Monday 5 September 2011 Just come from where body was found in grounds of concrete factory behind Tripoli HQ of the Khamis Brigade. Body showed signs of mutilation

    1. Crazy significant to the bodies outside story.

      Peripherals, Dr, Salem to Liberation:
      Then, still on Tuesday, shortly before breaking the fast, he heard gunshots. A lot. He and the neighbors came immediately, "but the soldiers shot Kadhafi the top of the mounds of sand from the cement plant. There were three big explosions and screams, and saw the flames. As there was fighting in the barracks, could not close until this morning [Saturday]. "

      PHR report, on prisoners dying under beating prior to the massacre:
      According to Laskhar, they buried four bodies within the compound (three together in one grave); three others were buried at a company across from the compound; and one body was apparently brought for unknown reasons to another 32nd Brigade site, possibly at “Kilometer 27.”

    2. The batching tower of the cement plant can be seen in the background of some yard panoramas. Jean-Louis Le Touzet in Liberation Le 29 août 2011, also mentions the cement plant, calling it ARA from which six voluteers arrive: "Six volontaires accourus depuis la cimenterie ARA qui jouxte la caserne au volant de deux véhicules freinent, les ridelles déjà baissées. Ils portent des masques chirurgicaux, lancent «Allah» ou «Akbar», et commencent à collecter, les mains dans des gants en caoutchouc, un crâne, un thorax, un tibia et ce qu’ils pensent être le péroné d’une première victime, qu’ils enveloppent dans une couverture à motif tournesol dans un cercueil, lequel est hissé ensuite d’un mouvement net sur les épaules...Dans la cour, le godet d’une pelleteuse a creusé une saignée de 30 mètres de long et cinq de large dans le sable. «On cherche les 90 cadavres qui manquent», dit le docteur Salem Rajab..." (A backhoe has dug a trench 30x5 metres in the sand. We are lookng for the remaining 90 bodies said Dr Salem Rajub...)

    3. There is a good shot of the concrete/cement plant beyond the compound wall at 2.46 in the Arwa Damon CNN video.

    4. If we assume the bodies outside the shed were executed by rebels or killed in battle, then, based on the condition of the bodies, August 23 is a likely date for these events.

      We cannot however use this argument the other way around, claiming that because the rebels killed these people already on August 23th, they mast have controlled the base or its surroundings by then. No, we must find independent confirmation for this claim. Until we do, we should not use the supposed 23th date to argue for rebel culpability.

      What is totally missing from all the "investigation" into this incident is a reliable account of the events in and around the base between August 23th and 26th. If PHR or any other organizations had done any of their investigation properly they should have dismounted from the rebel propaganda convoy and walked around the compound unescorted. They should have asked the locals how they were "liberated"? When did the rebels come, where did the Brigade go?


      Dr. Salim kind of confirms that there was fighting in the area on August 23th. I do not buy the story that Libyan Army soldiers were shooting at innocent neighbors. In one of the videos he points to the top of the batching tower saying there were "snipers" there.

      Another indication of August 23th battles is the faceless body brought in on August 28th. In another video linked to somewhere here we see the same front loader scraping up the body among some trees. Is there any reason to believe "Gaddafi" executed the poor man right there? More likely he was killed in a firefight.

      @Hurriya – I do not think the rebels were anywhere near on August 21st or 22nd. More likely Tripoli Brigade taking over the 32nd Brigade base on the western outskirts of Tripoli.

    5. donderdag 25 augustus 2011,



    6. @Felix – There is a new photo of the cement plant and the batching tower on Panoramio:

      The camera seems to be on the road facing east. Is it possible to identify this as the site of bodies or graves?

    7. Good find, Petri. There is another picture from a car driving north along the road towards the plant.
      showing the towers opposite the entrance of the shed compound to the east. I bet the MSM tourists weren't taken there on August 27/8. I wouldn't be surprised if the two yards were connected in some way.

    8. Thanks for these images. All this cement plant stuff needs to be added. The plant is jus outside the entrance gate of the compound. Someone I just read about mentioned mercenaries who went to kill escapees who ran out that way. My guess: this victim found there is black, another victims of the black mercenaries. They seem to find some poetic truth in that equation and imagine they aren't lying when they say it.

  46. plant

    #Spanish experts #Condor #Georadar condorgeoradar.es asked to help search for Mass Graves in #Libya using ground penetrating radar

    The yellow machine in pic beneath might be a big ground mover machine , that they also used for the 1200 /1700bones.


    Inside the shed the heavy fire amazes me.

    1. A specialised Spanish company has been called in to locate the mass graves of the thousands of people who are believed to have been killed during the Gaddafi regime in Libya.

      It’s understood from El Mundo newspaper that, although the contract has yet to be signed, company representatives have already discussed the project in Tripoli with members of Libya’s interim government.

      The company is Condor Georadar, whose technical director, Luis Avial, said, ‘All we can comment is that locating mass graves from before and after the war is an absolute priority for them.’ He added, ‘It’s not the deal of the century, but they have asked for our help and we cannot refuse them, although it’s politically very delicate.’

      Spanish experts asked to help search for mass graves in Libya

  47. http://i44.tinypic.com/m12kg.jpg

    a body is found in a house overseeing the shed


    @caustic : do you think the green blanket victim still has his head ?

    1. I think so, but I cannot find the source. It was foreign language, translated, seen recently, French I though. It said the blanket was pulled back showing another face-shot victim. I should have noted it better. Maybe I read it wrong, can't check now. So who knows.

      You're contributing some good stuff lately, sorry I'm not following closer.

    2. @Hurriya - interesting shot at 1.24/1/25 in the Australan Ben Knight video. I wonder what those guys are doing on the southern wall? The telescopic crane has a lowered hook. The Alex Thomson body by the refrigerator is on the other side of the wall - no doubt the Red Cross / Crescent were standing on the wall to look at it, though it never made the Australian broadcast.

    3. http://i39.tinypic.com/2lcl6vq.jpg
      a body is found in a house overseeing the shed

      Libyan villagers found the bodies of 53 killed in farm storage


      Libyan farmers south of Tripoli found the bodies of 53 people, military and civilians, which they say forces Gaddafi's rastrelyali 23 and 24 August, said British TV channel Sky News.

      Among the dead found in agricultural warehouse, were the corpses of two soldiers Gaddafi's hands tied behind. According to villagers, they apparently were shot for having refused to fire on civilians.

      "When suddenly we heard shouts coming from the store, tried to understand what is happening, but nearby there snipers, who shot the meat in any movement near the warehouse," said an eyewitness named Salim.

      According to other eyewitnesses among the dead were people with darker skin color, probably mercenaries of the regime of Gaddafi.

    4. The press described a body found in the middle of the room in a house under construction:

      Dans une maison en construction, à quelques mètres, un cadavre gît au milieu d’une pièce vide.


  48. http://timethemoment.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/koy201108280169.jpg?w=735
    Volunteers clear bodies off the streets of Tripoli, August 28, 2011.

    this is the street behind the shed : are they bringing or taking the poor guy?

    1. Who knows? As I said elsewhere, a real dead guy but posed for the photographers. My guess it was just driving around for the cameras. Sick. Nice shot of the concrete or cement plant buildings.

  49. and what are they doing after ? :


    Libyan men gathered the body of a man found dead at a construction yard near the Khamis Brigade's southern Tripoli headquarters. Nearly 50 men were found dead in the construction yard. Witnesses attest that the men were massacred by retreating Qaddafi loyalists.


  50. some of the Tripoli unsolved Mass graves :

    more Than 200 Aug. 21, 2011 طرابلس

    A few days ago, a dozen executed prisoners wre found bloated/decomposing at a ditch near Souk Al Thulata (#Tripoli) covered by garbage (cnt)
    The bodies were only found when local residents complained about the smell. They seem to date back to 20th August or so.

    Buried in shallow graves by local residents, 19 badly decomposed bodies

    The bodies of as many as 20 people have been found in two roadside graves on the eastern outskirts of Tripoli.

    dry bed and round about

    gaddafis mass grave 700 dead bodies found in gargerish tripoli

    gadafis mass grave 300 dead bodies in bir al uosta tajura libya oct 5 2011

    In the Tajoura district of the capital, local people prepared a mass grave for the bodies of 22 African men .“The rebels asked them to surrender but they refused,” said resident Haitham Mohammed Khat’ei.


    Libyan interim government officials have discovered two mass graves that they say contain the remains of around 900 victims killed by forces of the former regime.

    He added that the graves were discovered in Gargaresh, a coastal area located some seven kilometers (4 miles) from central Tripoli, and in Brasta Milad, a rural area near the capital.

    south tripoli/13 mass graves/25 bodies
    35 bodies

    @ felix : In the courtyard in front of the warehouse is still a truck, that smells unbearable. Inside, tiny cells in which prisoners were crammed. A bottle full of urine and some scraps of food are the last signs of life left by the occupants. Outside, on the wall of the truck, it is written: "God, Muammar, Libya", the emblematic slogan of Kadhafistes.
    Discovered in #Gaddafi ’s compound in tripoli: a fridge with 18 bodies identified as NFSL members who were killed … tmi.me/g6N6N
    18 Bodies found in freezer within TRIPOLI MED CTR, some were identified as bodies of NFSL members martyred in May/June 1984
    #BODIES Found In #FREEZER BabalAZIYAH #FF: @thisisKhaledM They INCLUDE his Uncles Khaled & Yahya Martyred in 1984 #Libya

    According to sources from our correspondent in Tripoli, the death toll in the course of the last week (20-26 August) is of the order of 3000.

  51. My tripoli mass grave list that I posted today doesn't show up.
    Maybe he was too long for a comment, and many mass graves are listed above, but not everything.

    At the beginning of this vid I saw some, for me unknown bodies :
    Libya: grim aftermath of conflict

    this vid was also new to me
    Buried in shallow graves by local residents, 19 badly decomposed bodies

  52. Following the assault on Gaddafi's compound France24 TV reported that the Tripoli Brigade had sixty men killed in Tripoli during the previous 48 hours.[96]


  53. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlazrIIH5rM&feature=endscreen&NR=1
    @ 3.55 @ felix : do you know him ?
    تعريف من هم ثوار ليبيا
    Misrata brigade : Many of the rebels in and around the compound had arrived from Misrata using the road through Ghayan, south of Tripoli.

    Daily Archives: August 21, 2011
    @ 0.19 entering tripoli south east, 21 aug

  54. Deleted Kevin vids :

    These three videos covers the two other things that got him wound up; the journalist mentioned in part 3, and being told about a Misratan commander who executed Gaddafi PoWs and ordered his men to shoot people who approached checkpoints to surrender


    This is the guy who told him the stuff about executions, etc.

    1. Mentions Dr Tameem who is driving with Dawes in some other vids (see here and linked videos). (1.17) Discussing the Hondros and Hetherington journalists. I had seen that before. Who killed the journalists??

    2. why delete vids that proof : executed Gaddafi PoWs and ordered his men to shoot people who approached checkpoints to surrender

    3. I have copies of the videos in HD.

    4. Rebel fighter Majid Alfituri, an advocate against the killing of prisoners from the early days of the conflict, said that the deep-seated anger towards captured mercenary fighters, and in turn all black prisoners, generally led to their immediate execution.

      He said he would often scream at the rebel fighters not to kill them, not only for moral reasons, but without these captives they had no proof of the existence of Gaddafi’s mercenaries.


    5. Fancy that. Here he is, very similar name anyway, Aug. 27, days after taking part in killing at least 8 black men around the Yarmouk shed, or arriving after someone else did it:

      Majid Fayturi, a fighter from one of the Misrata units involved in the storming of Brigade 32, blamed the grisly massacre on Kadhafi forces pushed to retreat by rebels.

      "They ran away like rats and then we came along and found these bodies. They burned them. We cannot say they are Muslims. They do not belong to any religion in the world."
      (burning bodies is prohibited in Islam)

    6. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xoroxt_on-location-libya-one-rebel-s-story_news
      On Location Libya: One Rebel's Story


      This is how people thought,” said Majid Alfituri, who was among the first to take up arms against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi

    7. There is a mountain of ammunition there. Nato has the right to bomb houses like that,' said Majid Fayturi, a rebel commander from Misrata, who took part in the rebel assault.

      2 Dec 2011 – Teacher: Sheikh Ahmed al-Fayturi (Libyan)

    8. Oh wow, just as I thought, "oil rig worker" Majid Alfituri is the gap-toothed wispy beard who was photographed,crazed, in the Khamis shed compound and showing reporters the urine bottles in the prison truck, and in the weapons store at the nearby Khamis base screaming at the camera that it was a private dwelling house! See at 00.42 in the Global Post video,On Location Libya: One Rebel's Story pointed out by Hurriya.

    9. @ felix : y right , it is yr man in the shed . But then he is a big liar ? We caught all the black, khadafi taught us this behaviour.... Do y have the photo of him with rifle?
      Meantime :

      Abdul Hassan is the manager of Misrata’s investigation committee. He said his department has a list of about 40,000 suspects.

      “We spend two or three months researching the information before we make an arrest.
      Then we bring them in for questioning,” he said. “If we find evidence of crimes, we send them for interrogation before they are transferred to prison.”

      Charges include rape, murder, abuse of prisoners and theft. Even in battle, Gaddafi fighters who killed their enemy are considered guilty.
      Hassan said the evidence comes from a mountain of documents and informants from both inside and outside of Libya.

      Although he receives the information gathered, the interrogation centers do not come under Hassan’s authority.

      He said he was unaware of the methods, but the purpose of this intense questioning was to gather more evidence and any possible information on the tens of thousands of captured rebel fighters and civilians who remain missing.

    10. Majid Al-Fitury was photographed with rifle outside the Khamis shed on 27 Aug by Patrick Baz. I have saved a copy. Can't immediately find the original source. It was at Time, but seems to have gone.
      Also Al-Fitury is also in the France24 video and also in the Euronews video at 0.18, in the France24 video at 0.35-0.38, and in the Euronews video from 0.41-0.46.

    11. Cool coming together, Felix. This is a character worth expanding on in a post, but not today.I wouldn't be surprised if he was also this guy:
      “Out! Out! Out!” one rebel cried, gesturing towards the exit with his rifle. He was in a manic state, his eyes bloodshot. He took to darting back and forth across the compound intimidating those he deemed interlopers.
      Some correspondents tried to calm him and explain the importance of documenting the situation and showing the world what Qaddafi did. The insistent mix of alien languages quieted the fighter, but he didn’t lower his gun.

      Other rebels, in their agitation, voiced suspicion that foreign journalists might deliberately portray the slaughter as having been committed by the rebels and thus besmirch the freedom movement.

      Was a better add when I thought the manic guy had explicitly voiced those fears.

      Hasn't he also been seen apparently acting kind of cheerful while looking down at the dead mercenary-types on the mattresses?

    12. Out! Out! Out! coming from the Warscapes report of Saad Basir, Qaddafi's Abattoir Could be. That would be the next day, 28th.

    13. Majid Al-Fituri could also be the "NTC fighter" interviewed by HRW:
      Libya: Evidence Suggests Khamis Brigade Killed 45 Detainees
      Human Rights Watch also interviewed an NTC fighter who said that he and his brigade found the warehouse while it was smoking when they seized the Yarmouk military base in Salahaddin on August 26. He told Human Rights Watch that as his brigade entered the base around noon, they went looking around. “We smelled it,” he told Human Rights Watch about their discovery.

  55. are these shed or second "khamees massacre" victims ?

    HRW said it had inspected about 45 skeletons and two other bodies at the detention centre in Tripoli's Salaheddin neighbourhood.


    1. Same, I think. Interesting sentence there: Faysal Gargab, a member of the capital's stabilisation team, said engineers who travelled to a "remote area" to connect wells back to the water grid were prevented from doing so by Gaddafi's forces. - trying to blame the water shortage on Gaddafi in the mysterious desert wasteland.... I wonder who really turned off the water? More refererences to this NTC official under Faysal GERGAB, as seen and heard speaking excellent English in this Telegraph video at 1.41.
      Gergab said a million-gallon tanker of water had just berthed in Tripoli’s port and that the transitional government would soon begin distribution at mosques. Another tanker carrying gasoline had arrived at the port in Zawiya, to the west of Tripoli. More shipments of gas and cooking fuel should be arriving soon, he said.

    2. @ felix : seems like complete UK moved to Libiya.
      I didn't yet discover anyone with a grain of charisma

  56. http://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.com/2012/04/11/misrata-letter-to-council-regarding-the-serious-crimes-against-humanity-committed-by-armed-groups-of-the-ntc-nato/

    juergenorlok says to libyaagainstsuperpowermedia :

    It is hard to understand that you use material from an organisation that functionend as an supporting war criminal during the war of aggression against Libya. Which is cultivating the lie about Abu Salim massacre. The real massacre happend during the of Tripoli. That was impossible for them to inquire though they were at the location. Too obvious a crime of their auxilliary. I think I have enough material to prove it.

  57. Tripoli, April 2. 2012:
    Another mass grave has been found today, Tuesday, this time in the wadi just outside Qaddafi’s Bab Al-Aziziya barracks. 
    There are no details as yet as to the numbers of bodies found nor when the victims were killed.

    The site is being protected by brigades from Tripoli and Misrata.

    Several other mass graves have been discovered across the country in recent days.


    In mid-March, a mass grave containing 40 bodies was found at Wadi Rabie near Tripoli.  The bodies, believed to be those of anti-Qaddafi fighters executed in May 2011, were badly disfigured because chemicals were said to have been poured onto them to speed up decomposition.  The ages of the dead were put at the time between 23 and 40.
    It was reported that they originally came from Tripoli and had been captured at the beginning of the uprising in the city in February last year.

    The information about the dead and the location of the grave had come from a former Qaddafi soldier who had helped dig the grave.

    1. Just a couple of weeks ago three mass graves were discovered, one of them close to Ajdabiyah, an eastern town that was brutally targeted by the Gaddafi regime. The discovery was made up of 157 bodies in one grave. The victims were given a decent burial in a huge funeral a few days later in Benghazi. Thousands turned up to pay their respects.

      It was heart wrenching to burry so many in one day. One of the other two finds was made in Benjawad, with 105 bodies. The victims reportedly belonged to former Gaddafi soldiers who were executed for not obeying his orders. With Gaddafi no one was safe: neither the civilians nor his soldiers. He was a mass murderer who used the wealth of the country at his disposal to commit more crimes.

      The third mass grave was discovered in the Tripoli suburb of Wadi Rabie. When a pro Gaddafi soldier was caught and interrogated by freedom fighters in Gharyan, he confessed to its location. He gave a harrowing account of how 40 victims were killed and buried. To avoid their discovery by the locals, phosphor was poured on the bodies so that all the flesh, the smell of which would give them away, disappeared.

      Unfortunately this account was very accurate. Upon exhumation only bones were found which is an unusual rate of decay for such a short burial time.

      What is more frustrating the fact that Libya does not have the DNA technology to identify the remains found in these graves or even a data base of missing persons. Now, a youth group called the Free Generation Movement has started the compilation of lists of missing persons and their DNA information

      By Gada Mahfud.27/03/2012

    2. http://www.blogger.com/profile/17363916832695037649

      Gada Mahfud

    3. http://topsy.com/twitter/thegeedee
      thegeedee Gada Mahfud
      #Libya,so have Tawergha returned to their houses as they have announced ?
      12/21/2011 Reply Retweet Favorite

    4. Mass graves
      Soon after our Freedom fighters liberated Libya city by city we started to hear of the shocking discoveries of mass graves being discovered all over the country. Libyans all over the country watched in horror as mass grave sites were exhumed one grave after another. All that was left of once cherished persons was a pitiful stack of bones and partially decayed clothing.

  58. maybe another blogger wth same name ?


    We are Hungary for Democracy, freedom, equality and it’s about time some delicious Embakbka was served.


    1. also posting in :

  59. Thank's to felix for the link:

    BBC News Middle East Correspondent Wyre Davies (@WyreDavies) tweets on 19 March 2012, uploading and old photo from Tripoli from August 2011.

    Tripoli's killing fields. What happened just behind the #Rixos hotel. 8,000 still missing in #Libya GRAPHIC PICTURE pic.twitter.com/w8sf9lJz

    There is also a TeleSur video from September:
    Another mass grave found in Tripoli
    Uploaded by telesurenglish on Sep 28, 2011

    Another mass grave was found near the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli, Libya's capital city. Six bodies were found in the excavation. It is the second mass grave found so far this week. teleSUR

    This could well be the same spot.

    There is a large clearing in the center of what used to be called Tarabulus Zoo Park about 150 meters from the Rixos Al Nasr hotel. (Google Maps now calls it Al Nasr Forest of Alnasar Park.)

    The two videos and photos do not contain enough landmarks that we can confirms this 100%. The fence in the Wyre Davies photo could be the fenced off sports facility to the northwest. There is one tree in particular with a cantilever canopy that could cast the shadows seen in the Davies photo.

    Google Earth has a satellite image from September 30th, two days after the bodies were dug up. I tried to look for signs of digging, but all I see is dusty ground and two piles of earth that were there already in February 2011.

    Around 2010 however something strange happened at the site; for a short while it turned into a miniature Area 51 with runways and landing strips and secret underground facilities. The spot under the tree canopy where the seven bodies lie held something rectangular and 51 times 21 meters in size, distinguishable from the surrounding gray pavement by its light color. The foundations are best seen in the August 14th, 2010 image. The previous image from May 2009 show nothing but dusty ground.

    Did Gaddafi set up his tent here? Or was this the site of some international festivity? Something organized by the Gaddafi Foundation and Saif al-Islam for celebrating the release of Abdelhakim Belhadj and the rest of the LIFG from the Abu Salim prison?

    1. Abdulhakim Belhadj was released from Abu Salim prison in March 2010, along with 200 other LIFG members. The release was organised by Saif al-Islam's foundation. The timing of this event could coincide with "Area 51" markings in the park.

      I have been looking for photographs of the release celebrations. This blog post from April 4th, 2010 shows photos a release at the prison and TV screenshots of something. (The previous post on the blog lists 387 "Gaddafi revolution criminals who must be brought to trial") The photos on the site are however from a previous release of 90 "Al-Qaeda-linked prisoners" in April 2008.

      Libyans like to keep their celebrations outdoors. I would imagine the 2010 event could have been something like this celebration in 2000 organized by Saif al-Islam Gaddafi on the release of European hostages held in Jolo by Abu Sayyaf.

      I have not yet found the evidence, but it would be a great irony if these 8 Libyan soldiers (with their hands tied) were murdered by Libyan Islamists on the exact spot where Abdelhakim Belhadj and 200 of his LIFG fighters were released a year earlier.

    2. @Petri:
      Wyre Davies was in Israel/Palestine at the time of the Rixos grave discovery, only heading back to Libya on 8 October,having left I think on 1 September. He was certainly at the 32nd Khamis HQ on 28 August see photo (perhaps the warehouse, but no proof). So who took the Rixos photo?
      Another interesting photo here from 31 Aug:

      Wyre Davies ‏ @WyreDavies
      5 dead in #Tripoli weapons explosion. Probable accident but heightened fears in the city about reprisals #Libya http://yfrog.com/gzdbssaj http://yfrog.com/gzdbssaj

      Jonny Hallam ‏ @Jonny_Hallam [BBC News producer]
      Pro-NTC TV: Mass #grave discovered near #Rixos #Tripoli containing the remains of 100s of individuals executed by #Gaddafi.
      3:22 PM - 28 Sep 11 via web ·

      Libya_United ‏ @Libya_United
      A new mass grave discovered near #Rixos hotel dated to five months ago.. the bodies are not completely putrefied #Feb17 #libay
      3:11 PM - 28 Sep 11 via Twitter for iPhone ·

      Dated by whom? Do the bodies even look like they have been buried for 5 days, let alone for 5 months??

      Example of BBC journalists at work:

      Wyre Davies ‏ @WyreDavies
      @Tripoli_Latest Hey - Wyre here again, good to hear from you. Follow me and I'll message you direct. W
      Niz - Nizar Mhani Niz - Nizar Mhani ‏ @Tripoli_Latest

      @WyreDavies done my friend. Hear from you soon.
      Hide conversation
      11:04 PM - 29 Aug 11 via web · Details

      The Welsh connection.

    3. The Wyre Davies photo of the bodies is from August, before they were buried. The bodies are evidently Libyan army soldiers. One seems to have his hands tied behind his back, another one has been decapitated.

    4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaNCrTNSUm0&feature=plcp&context=C4179af6VDvjVQa1PpcFPq0xWWTStToK3y4-8KowK772eCEzngEFQ%3D
      missing in libya 19 3 2012 المفقودين في ليبيا
      new mass grave Trpoli , 35 people

      dna center tripoli
      Wyre Davies BBC : dozens of dead bodies of anti-khadafi fighters Nasr woods near rixos hotel :

    5. @hurriya - what is the reference for the latter?

    6. about the bodies : he say so in the vid , my dear.
      location :said in the vid or I recognised the place

    7. The propaganda is getting more absurd by the week. Wyre Davies is now claiming that all through the summer Libyan officials were executing and beheading prisoners in a public park just 150 meters away from the hotel where all the international press were staying, and leaving them to rot only to be found by rebels.

      I can confirm that the bodies shown on the amateur video shown in the BBC broadcast Missing in Libya on 19 March 2012 are the same as those in the photo uploaded by Wyre Davies on the same day. Unfortunately BBC does not play the video but only gives a peek at 2m10s as Davies plays it on location on laptop.

      These are the wood just behind the infamous Rixos hotel in Tripoli, where of course many journalist stayed during last years fighting. And what I am watching now is a video showing dozens of dead bodies, anti-Gaddafi activist who were brought to this spot, murdered, in the woods, and left here to rot in the sun.

      The gunfire we heard from these killing fields last summer now explained.

      I do not think Wyre Davies really sees more then seven bodies in the video, or maybe also the eighth victim that was uncovered from the grave on September 28th. But as he knows the people were "murdered" by Gaddafi loyalist, then there must be dozens and dozens of them.

      If Davies knew that the bodies were loyalists or had the courage to admit it, then we would here something like this: Both sides committed atrocities in the Al Nasr forest behind the Rixos hotel. The BBC has been shown a video which is alleged to show at least three executed loyalists.

    8. Hurriya - sorry , I can't always get YouTube links, only read posts. I thought you had two topics - was looking for tweets! Great find. Watched it now. Thanks.
      @Petri - these guys are all perps - you just have to read their twitter streams. They're all in on it. They wouldn't hold down the job if they were objective, or even get the job in the first place. A sports reporter would be sacked on day one for such bias, partiality and lack of objectivity.

    9. It is possible the video shown by BBC is available somewhere on YouTube, most likely with Arabic titles.

      I tried to look for it. All I found was a copy of the Sky News video with NTC military spokesman Radwan Elbuzedi.

      مقبرة جماعية بالقرب من فندق ريكسوس بطرابلس
      (A mass grave near the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli)

    10. @ felix : just select the link on blog & probably with right side of mouse y get option : open link

    11. early Monday {22 aug]

      Heavy clashes have broken out near Col. Moammar Gadhafi's compound in the Libyan capital. Rebel spokesman Mohammed Abdel-Rahman said that tanks emerged from the complex, known as Bab al-Aziziya, early Monday and began firing.

      Gadaffi forces fled south through the compound pursued by rebel pick-up trucks that raced through the hole in the wall, weaving among palm trees across the green lawn.

      Published August 22, 2011
      "When I climb the stairs and look from the roof, I see nothing at Bab al-Aziziyah. It is totally deserted except for the house which was raided by U.S. in 1986. Nothing else is there. Qaddafi can't be there," he said. "NATO has demolished it all and nothing remained."

    12. the woods around the city zoo
      A day after the rebels had celebrated their capture of the regime's stronghold at Bab al-Aziziya, the compound came under heavy fire from the pro-Gaddafi area of Abu Salim and the woods around the city zoo, which rebels said were "infested" with snipers. Green flags, the symbol of the ousted regime, and pro-Gaddafi gunmen could still be seen in front of a large building on the edge of the woods once used by Saif al-Islam, one of Gaddafi's sons, to receive guests.

      Gaddafi loyalists, who the rebels said were mostly Arab mercenaries, also fired on the road leading to Tripoli airport.
      Rebels said 400 people had been killed and 2,000 injured in the battle for Tripoli so far.

    13. Rixos hotel area ,NOTE: journo's released 24 AUG

      The violence in Tripoli has intensified in recent hours,
      with reinforcement fighters streaming into the capital from the cities of Misratah and Benghazi, as well as the western Nafusa mountains.

      Fighting also broke out outside the Corinthia Hotel, where many foreign journalists are staying.

      Earlier a huge ammunition dump was found in a wooded area near the Rixos hotel.

      The search for Col Gaddafi is now reportedly being headed up by the elite 22 SAS Regiment.

    14. Boy in Nasr woods alone with misrata brigade

      LIBYA: Rebel Fighters Find Tripoli Ammunition Dump 8/26/11

      @ 1.58 rixos, nasr woods area

      LIBYA: Arms removed from Rixos Hotel 8/25/11
      @ 2.59 : a 150 BODIES

      0.47 Bouckaert Nasr woods , 100dreds dead

    15. Inside compound :

      A dozen bodies were seen by The Independent lying inside the complex with their hands tied behind their backs.
      "Mercenaries, mercenaries," shouted a group of shabab (youths), as armed volunteers pointed at the dead men


      Following the assault on Gaddafi's compound France24 TV reported that the Tripoli Brigade had sixty men killed in Tripoli during the previous 48 hours.[96]

    16. Thanks to hurriya for posting this Sky News report from August 26th. In the end Stuart Ramsay tells, that there has been extended fighting in the Al Nasr woods behind the Rixos hotel.

      Sky News joining misrata brigades سكاى نيوز فى رفقة كتائب ثوار مصراته
      Uploaded by misratapost on Aug 27, 2011

    17. April 28, 2012 at 10:18 AM what is the reference for the latter?


      Before the mass grave. Baboons surrounded the man

  60. @Hurriya - the Bouckaert video by Stephanie Fried, of Chinese CCTV News http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=YUC4hx5uhJ8 Libya Mass Executions uploaded 15 Sept, is a great find: shows the flyover "mass grave" as you recently found at PressTV in good quality. @Petri also note.

    1. @ felix : is the man bouckaert an objective observer ?

      Libya archive reveals pictorial history of Gaddafi's brutal reign - video
      peter bouckaert : Idriss a succesfull businessman benghazi brought every day evidence

    2. @ felix : the Bouckaert video by Stephanie Fried :

      Libya: Women's Rights
      @ 3.07 husam najjair?

      Felix the [ israeli?] woman Stephanie Freid sits in a luxe setting and enjoys talking to tripoli brigade man Sam about the freedom of the new libiya





      sam shooting a wounded loyalist who tries crawl away
      Husam Najjair, Head of Security. Irish born relative of the Brigade's Commander-in-Chief

  61. Tripoli, 6 December 2012:

    One-hundred and three bodies have been discovered in a mass grave in the Gergarish district of Tripoli.


    The find was made on Tuesday at the Sidi Hamid cemetery as part of a broader search for missing persons killed by the former regime that is ongoing across Libya. The entity responsible for the excavation is the Tripoli Missing Persons Committee, which falls under the SSC.

    It is reported that some of the bodies have been identified as being from Zawia, and it is believed they were killed during the 2011 revolution.
    DNA samples from the bodies will be sent for testing to try and establish the identities of each of the dead individuals.

    In the past 12 months, mass graves have been discovered in numerous Libyan towns and cities, including Tripoli, Benghazi, Zliten, Ajdabiya and Sirte.
    Also, Dr. Mohammed Zidan, Head of the Fact Finding Commission in Tripoli, is missing captured by the NTC rebels.”


    The Libyan Society of the Missing
    Petri Krohn comment, 12/16
    The one person mentioned in the article that is trivially easy to find is Hatem el-Turki, the head of the Libyan Society of the Missing. He has a Facebook page that again links to the Facebook page of the society. Their official web page is at www.missing.ly

    Gaddafi's Mass Grave: 700 Dead Bodies Found in Gargerish, Tripoli, Oct. 5, 2011

  62. Names possible related with the new massgrave spin :

    Interview with Yasser Ben Halim , Derna battalion

    The family of Tariq Ben Halim, 40, a wealthy businessman from the Gargaresh district of western Tripoli and the grandson of a prime minister in Libya's pre-Gaddafi era, is a case in point

  63. #Syria-n arab army captures a #libya-n ' head of fsa military intell operations' this rat was NATO's apaches eyes and ears in tripoli
    8 12 2012

  64. The entire internal telephone, radio and other communications on Libyan territory is "under the hood" electronic intelligence U.S. and UK.

    Overall management of these actions are performed with the U.S. base in Crete.

    On Saturday night, August 21, NATO aircraft bombed 46 times groups Tripoli.

    British used, in particular, managed satellite heavy bombs "Peyvuey-4."

    Loss of the Libyan army from these bombings were so significant that at the time of the assault the enemy had numerical superiority in manpower.


  65. don't know if I post a vid that is familiair to everybody.

    For me he was new :


    Al-Arabiya Another Mass Grave Discovered in Tripoli

    200 bodies found in the streets , end of august

    Uploaded on Oct 7, 2011

    Representatives at the Tripoli Military Council said another mass grave has been found in the district of Tajoura in the Libyan capital on Wednesday.

  66. According to an August report by the Library of Congress in conjunction with military analysts, at least two Al Qaeda operatives -- Abu Anas al Libi and Abd al Baset Azzouz -- answer directly to Zawahiri.

    2012-04-02 four mass graves , area tripoli

    Al Watan also interviewed Mr. Mahmoud Othman Martyrs Brigade commander Misrata:
    Mr. "Ali Ibrahim Alazzouz"

    Al Watan : Tell us about this heinous crime? :

    It was a coordinated operation with several battalions on martyrs of Misrata

    one grave here 210 bodies
    Tripoli Valley 40
    another nearby this area where approximately 10 to 70
    western Tripoli mass grave approximately 80 to 90 bodies

    The last person we have captured said that he has four mass graves, another man has two:

    the leader of the convoy said that 21 ambulances , every car with 25 bodies were brought to Tripoli
    and the other man said 80 to 90 bodies 2 km west of the city Aldafniya

    We will wait till night and will secure the place and in the morning we start working and take the necessary measures alone .. We found new weapons type kalashnikov and found cards, uniforms, military cards


  67. “At the exchange of the second 10 million dollars on August 28,

    a letter signed by Qassim Azzouz, the chairman of the Central Bank of Libya,

    at the time listed the official exchange rate at 1.33 (dinars per $1) but the money was exchanged at a rate of 1.3 by a black market dealer in Benghazi,” the source said.


    ”It’s the million-dollar question,” said the rebel organiser Abdel Azouz,

    who said he thinks Gaddafi is in Abu Salim, given the ferocity of the resistance there.


    40 Abdelkader Azzouz executions directly to civilians

  68. Thanku4theAnger THANKU4THEANGER Sat Sep-10-11


    Manara:Tripoli: Mass grave w/ 38 bodies discovered in Sidi Hussain cemetery.
    Bodies brought on 3 occasions between 1998 & 2004 #Libya #feb17

  69. Tue, Feb 15 2011 23:33:21
    @thanku4theanger: #feb17#Libya Benghazi Protests on Aljazeera now.
    Libyan Protesters attacked with tear gas and batons. Freedom is on its way! #Jan25#egypt


    @Thanku4theAnger "@simmjazeera: Tawergha alleged mass grave: Headless corpse I found covered in blankets in shallow grave."#feb17 #

    30 Jul 2012Graphic: 3 martyrs killed by shelling of Hajar Aswad in Damascus #Syria




    8 may 2011 Thanku4theAnger Zuwara: is empty of men below 45 years old.

    Airstrike on a food depot in Libya's Zuwarah, reports of casualties, including foreign workers. Libya pic.twitter.com/d80FDE0ikd
    2 Dec 2014


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