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Friday, August 19, 2011

February 19’s Death Toll in Benghazi

July 17, 2011
last edits September 21

Note Sept. 21: It's not worth changing everything in this post over, but it should be noted I apparently got  the date wrong. The incident under discussion seems to have happened on February 18 (see below).

The Official Story on the 19th - Scant
Before looking at the evidence and claims of this one day’s violence in Libya’s second largest city, we must remember there are two basic versions of the initial uprising in Libya – that of the government, and that of the rebellion (and for the most part, the outside world). One has outside-supported insurgents getting themselves killed attacking government buildings to steal weapons, blaming the government, and getting a lot of credence. The other, well... we've heard what they have to say.

Drawing on Libyan official sources, R. Breki Goheda’s video Libyan Crisis: Events, Causes, and Facts has intense attacks on the 18th - by protesters, and against the city’s main military base, the Katiba as it's commonly called. These, he says, involved small bombs, Molotov cocktails, and at least one bulldozer used against the Katiba's high walls. Goheda cites 24 killed in the process, mostly martyred attackers one presumes.

The 20th would see the Katiba’s fall – and Benghazi’s - to an al Qaeda style suicide bombing breaching the north gate, in tandem with a lynch mob then loosed upon the exposed military. These are confirmed by numerous sources, but Goheda’s video adds that seized tanks and artillery were used in this final push, providing rebel pocket video of such weapons deployed, if not used, in Benghazi.

But February 19 seems to have been the relative calm between these two bloody days. The video makes no mention of attacks on the walls, only mentioning the attackers having better arms – a number of “machine guns confiscated from Shehat City.” This was well to the East of Benghazi, near al Baida, and fell on the 19th (video of liberated Shehat). The guns were apparently sent to Benghazi the same day by swift truck, but the heavy weapons took more arranging and didn't get there 'til the next day, perhaps explaining the lull in sieging the Katiba.

For comparison, the UN Human Rights Council fact-finding mission found for death toll in Benghazi for these days: "The Commission received information that 20 demonstrators were killed in Benghazi on 17 February with a further 20 killed on 19 February and 60 killed on 20 February."[PDF link] Comparing Goheda/UN we get these stated estimates: Feb 17: 14/20, Feb 18: 24/NA, Feb 19: NA/20, Feb 20: "more victims from both sides"/60 demonstrators.

The Rebel Version: A Funeral Massacre
Goheda's video offered no number of deaths for the 19th, the UN mission gives 20, and initial Western media reports were clear in the lowest number - fifteen protesters. Consider with this from the morning of the 20th, in the UK Telegraph:
Mourners leaving a funeral for protesters in the eastern city of Benghazi came under fire, killing at least 15 people and wounding many more. A hospital official said one of those who died was apparently struck on the head by an anti-aircraft missile, and many had been shot in the head and chest.
The paper added, up top, some other parts unsupported by the reportage or anything much else:
140 'massacred' as Gaddafi sends in snipers to crush dissent ... Women and children leapt from bridges to their deaths as they tried to escape a ruthless crackdown ... artillery and helicopter gunships were used against crowds ... thugs armed with hammers and swords attacked families in their homes ...
All they could show in support of any of this was a single video, which I've also found on Youtube as “Dozens killed in crackdown on Libya protests.” That was posted by user TOENews, February 20, and linked to an article of the same name at The Times of Earth. It was used there to support the same news:
Benghazi - There are reports that 15 people have been killed in Libya after security forces opened fire on mourners attending a funeral for anti-government protesters. The Associated Press and Al Jazeera television quote hospital officials who say the mourners were killed Saturday [the 19th] in the northeastern city of Benghazi. The officials say many other people were wounded.
The video, Then, Shows What?
It's only implied that the video shows a portion of this same massacre of mourners. Here's the video and analysis:

The camera comes in across a tree-rimmed square along with other civilians, converging there where others are already standing in the street. Across from them is a large building and low walled area with large trees, an official looking facility with a green band covered in Arabic writing across the top of its front entrance. The time of day isn't certain, but something says late afternoon, near sunset, on a hazy or smoky day.

One injured "protester", possibly dead, is carried by others from the left to the right (west to east?) in front of the building , suggesting the gunfire was elsewhere to the left, away from this building or at least this side of it. No one here seems terrified or running, but agitation, alarm, and in some cases dismay, is evident in the vocal soundtrack. As the body-bearers pass the building's sheltered doorway and this camera, it's clear those gathered there are huddled over another injured already laid there. Pools of his blood cover the tiled floor, and the mood indicates he had just passed from injured to dead.

Looking to the west and the setting sun's glow, the non-terrified crowd mills about, as a large bonfire burns about two blocks off. I was able to locate the site on Google Maps, mostly looking for areas with green islands fronted with trees like that, across from anything compatible with this building, perhaps near the Katiba (the large compund there marked with "Birka barracks" in the middle). It seems the building they're in front of is the Tariq bin Zeyad school, the camera is crossing the park south of it, and the wounded are being brought up Al Hijaz Street. They're coming from the direction of the Katiba's north gate, about 300 meters to the southwest, as I thought. All clues match that area, and so I say that's it, and for anyone who'd like to double-check, here is the overhead. Compare it to any scene from the video.

Also note, the injured were not being taken to Benamer hospital - if any, it was more likely al Jalaa, which I haven't located yet, and which they reportedly took over on the 18th - upon torturing and killing the managing director (see here).

Wherever the injured and dead were being taken to, it's fairly clear where they were coming from. One might think after two days of "funerals" there that turned into slaughters of the innocent, as they said, the "protesters" would have learned their lesson by the 19th ...

Why is this all there is?
Times of Earth passed on that
Earlier, Human Rights Watch estimated at least 84 people were killed in this week's crackdown on protests [...] the toll included 35 people hospital sources say were killed by security forces in Benghazi. It says most of them were killed with live ammunition.
Yeah, that can happen if, for example, you persist in attacking the military base. But we saw almost nothing to prove either side's story, which is odd if the rebel's version is the slightest true. Western journalists noted they were for some reason getting very little footage from Libya (including the rebel side) in these days. We know they had plenty of pocket cameras – at least two filmed this strange scene of supposed brutality (but it seems to be only hype) on the 18th, and I’d say dozens are gleefully capturing this public beheading in Benghazi’s main square of a man they claimed was an Afrrican mercenary. At least two views of that made it to the Internet.

But when they're being massacred while simply walking in Benghazi, no one at all gets the footage of them actually being shot?

Another video, posted as "Violence 300 dead 5 shot in the head Libya2011", is a segment from the NBC Today Show, apparently of February 20th (the stupid title is not theirs). Correspondent Ron Allen conflated and combined the 15 reported killed the day before and HRW’s finding of 84 before that, into "Human Rights Groups are estimating as many as a hundred people may have been killed in Libya yesterday.” That should be as of yesterday.

And in Libya's main battlefield then, Benghazi, all we've seen is two civilians wounded, one at least apparently dead. The actual circumstances of their deaths, and that of any others, comes down to he said vs. he said. But it could be that the rebel video silence is because those killed were too obviously militant to send out to the news media. And here was Mr. Allen, left with and passing on an image of blasted bodies of helpless freedom-seekers, piled by the dozens on the streets of some unspecified peaceful neighborhood or public square.

And yet, on the morning of the 20th, Allen's sources claimed 20,000 more helpless people were in the streets anyway, surrounding a military complex and a courthouse. The base was being surrounded and attacked as he spoke with tanks, artillery, and a suicide bomber driving amongst yet another "funeral procession" right there on the field of battle. That would be the last day they had to repeat that charade.
Sept. 21:
Another video I found shows (after a cut at 1:00) the same scene from a different angle and much lower resolution.

Benghazi (2/18) - Mercenaries shoot at protesters
mukhtaralasad, February 18

This view is from within the school's doorway, and we can see the dead "protester." The resolution is awful, but that's a blessing. 1/4 of his head is a red mess. Just then, the second victim is carried by, just like in the other video. This one is dated February 18, so I'm left presuming, unless two exact repeats happened two days in a row, that I had the date wrong, and the other posting was just delayed a day.


  1. Not quite sure where this fits in, and I can't seem to find the event in your blog, but it was reported by early morning 21 February (the page was obviously updated with the Helicopter / Jets defection to Malta) by Associated Press that
    "After seizing the Katiba, protesters found the bodies of 13 uniformed security officers inside who had been handcuffed and shot in the head, then set on fire, said a doctor named Hassan, who asked not to be identified further for fear of reprisals. He said protesters believed the 13 had been executed by fellow security forces for refusing to attack protesters."


    And the "doctors" are frequently quoted...

    "bloody clashes Sunday [20th] that killed at least 60 people, according to a doctor at the main [Benghazi] hospital
    ""Today, [19th I gather] it's a real massacre out there," said Braikah, who like most Libyans contacted did not want her full name published. She's a doctor at a Benghazi hospital where the wounded were being taken, calls for blood donations were going out and gifts of food and water for the staff were flowing in. Braikah had no estimate of the dead and wounded." (McCLatchy 19th Feb) "

    And here is an AP photo from the 21st on Flickr which nicely illustrates the story being told...
    "A Libyan carries away partial remains of a man's body at Al-Jalaa hospital in Benghazi, Libya on Monday, Feb. 21, 2011."
    Which is also found on TwitPic, in the company of "‎200 protesters killed in Benghazi lastnight Qaddafi killing his people. this man shot in the head during an anti-government demonstration" and this Reuters photo dated 21 Feb "Pictures of people who were killed are seen in the street in Benghazi

    1. 17. Witnesses detailed how, in Benghazi, protesters were shot near the Juliana Bridge.

      On 18 February 2011, after rocks were thrown as the funeral procession passed a military base, soldiers fired shots, killing several people.

      Witnesses reported later finding nine burnt bodies inside the base with their hands bound and with gunshots to the head.


      the report is also worth a read on many other events #shameless

  2. There are quite a few hospitals in Benghazi - including Harawi.
    There is a 14 minute YouTube video uploaded on 26 February, labelled Benghazi Central Hospital interior.Some of it looks staged داخل مستشفى بنغازي المركزي beds said to be 1200. Some footage is posed, some seemingly graphic.
    In this PressTV video from Iran 4 June 2011, we read
    "This is Benghazi Central Hospital and when the revolution broke out this place was overwhelmed by people injured and killed in fighting at the front line. At the moment it is suffering fron a shortage of equipment and medicine and it's reaching a point where it just can't cope.

    Around 350 foreign nurses and doctors left this hospital in the aftermath of the revolution, and now it has to rely on a team of medical students and foreign volunteers to plug the gaps

    However, the video shows the building labelled as Benghazi Medical Centre - Merkaz Benghazi Al Tabi,مركز بنغازي الطبي,director Fathi Sheibani,dr_sheibani@yahoo.com

    Who also pops up at the hospital appealing for funds? Ali Tarhouni, NTC Oil and Finance Minister who was planning for this way back in 1994 at a a panel discussion entitled “Post-Qaddafi Libya: The Prospect and The Promise,” organized by Washington’s Center for Strategic and International Studies in 1994.[1] Dr Ali Tarhouni stated at the conference, “with privatization, entrepreneurs will reach out and get involved in regional cooperation by searching for markets.
    The medical centre seemed not to be functioning a few years ago and apparently opened in 2009 . ar.wikpedia page here,a massive investment near the zoo, indicating that the east was not being completely ignored by the Tripoli government.

  3. The director of the Benzhazi Medical Centre, Dr Fathi Moustafa Sheibani, who seems to leave very little internet trace, is one of many members of the International Libyan Communications Group ILYC, most of whose members are doctors and mainly based in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Mission statement:
    We are voluntary active highly professional Libyan people group from different fields decide to work and communicate with each other all over the world to help our own Libyan people our goals

    1. mainly based in Ireland

      Front Line Defenders has Observer Status with the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights.

      Front Line Defenders is a legally registered Irish charity Charity Number CHY 14029


      In February 2007, over a dozen Libyan men were arrested /Front Line Defenders is the International Foundation for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders.


  4. "Dr. Ali Tarhouni has the credentials to be the globalists’ elder statesman for post-Qaddafi Libya. He was educated in economics at Michigan State University, and has been on the faculty of Graduate School of Business at University of Washington.[11] Like others of the “world color revolution” he seems to have been picked out long ago, in this instance since at least the 1990s, and to have distinguished himself at the 1994 “post-Qaddafi” conference for his enthusiasm for not only a privatized economy but for an Arab regional free market.

    Tarhouni has served as the Political Coordinator of the National Conference of the Libyan Opposition (NCL) in Seattle, Washington. The NCLO is a coalition of seven groups founded in London in 2005,[12] and centers on the National Front for the Salvation of Libya whose Executive Secretary Abdul Majid Buik was present at the 1994 conference with Tarhouni"

    ...Foreign Policy Journal 26 February 2011 ‘Post-Qaddafi Libya’: on the Globalist Road
    by Dr. K R Bolton
    February 26, 2011

  5. Oddity: Mohammed Nabbous, allegedly killed on 19 March 2011 and announced in a quite bizarre video by his wife in an American accent.
    Nabbous is believed to have been killed by forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in Benghazi while reporting on the claims of a cease-fire made by the Gaddafi regime in response to United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973. Nabbous was allegedly shot in the head by a sniper soon after exposing the Gaddafi regime's false reports related to the cease-fire declaration; sitting in the back of a truck, he was using a mobile phone to record audio of the then-ongoing violence, and the audio recording cut off at the estimated time of the assault. Nabbous was in critical condition until he died around 3 p.m. CET. Nabbous' wife announced his death in a video on Libya Alhurra TV(wikipedida page)

    Shortly afterwards, a recording was released, dating from 26 February 2011 of an interview with Anjali Kamat of Democracy Now!

    ANJALI KAMAT: Who put out the initial call for the 17th? Where did that come from, that Facebook page for the 17th?

    MOHAMMED NABBOUS: I don’t know. I wish — I would love to know these people. I would love to shake their hands, because they helped us.

    Nabbous was the primary contact of many international media outlets looking for information regarding the situation in Libya....Nabbous founded and ran the internet division of Libya Alhurra TV. Der Spiegel reporter Clemens Höges called Nabbous "the man who just might be the most important person in the revolution"(wikipedia)
    Quite quite bizarre. The Guardian certainly bought it

  6. Yeah, his death was pretty damn convenient. What was his proof to add to the possiblt fake attack onBenghazi? Audio of weapons going off. Snipers killed him over that? Friendly fire? PR stunt? PR stunt via friendly fire?

  7. HRW has credibilty then.
    Libya: Security Forces Kill 84 Over Three Days | Human Rights Watch
    "By 11 p.m. on February 18, Al Jalaa Hospital in Benghazi had received the bodies of 35 people killed that day, a senior hospital official told Human Rights Watch. He said the deaths had been caused by gunshot wounds to the chest, neck, and head. Two sources at the hospital confirmed to Human Rights Watch that the death toll for February 17 was 20, and that at least 45 people had been wounded by bullets."

  8. Biginabox! Hi!

    The numbers sound plausible enough, though estimates vary and slide all over.Feb 18 seems to have been higher than the day before or after, in general, but lower than the 20th by a wide margin. How many cases were they able to prove those shot were only protesting? Security forces admit to killing quite a few who tried to violently storm the Katiba before they finally did make it in. That was on the 20th, when something like 60 civilians were killed and an unreported number of military people died.

    A photo of the apparent site of one beheading in there:

    Allahu Akbar!

    1. the only massacre to have occurred anywhere near Benghazi was the massacre of innocent black African migrant workers and black Libyans falsely accused of being “mercenaries,” and the massacre of a small, retreating column of government forces, which was a smaller-scale reenactment of the gruesome “highway of death” that we saw with the slaughter of Iraqis retreating from Kuwait in the first Gulf War.

      The “new Libya” is keen on retribution, revenge, and hunting down every possible figure that might be associated with Gaddafi. Yet, and even after the archives of the national intelligence head...


  9. Yeah, HRW....
    Back to the Barracks..
    Tweets retweeted on Sunday 20th..
    Shabablibya and elbaghdadi:

    birka camp in benghazi (site of massacre) still not fallen completely. Gunfire heard, still army inside, maybe even general senussi still inside..

    ShababLibya LibyanYouthMovement
    Breaking: 3 sources claim, foreign mercenaries have just landed in benina airport #Libya #Feb17 god help benghazi god help benghazi

    Reports of Blackwater (XE) involved in Libya...Gaddafi have the money to pay those mercenaries

    I can't find original source from Shabablibya.

    AP duly reported from Cairo , 20 February ,
    Witnesses told The Associated Press hundreds of demonstrators gathered early Sunday morning at the court building after a day of bloodshed, during which Libyan forces opened fire on mourners leaving a funeral for protesters.

    In the hours after that attack, a medical official said at least 15 people were killed.

    But Mohammed Abdullah, a Dubai-based member of the Libyan Salvation Front, said Sunday that the toll could be much higher. He quoted hospital officials in Benghazi saying the death toll might have reached 300. Witness accounts said a mixture of special commandos, foreign mercenaries and Gadhafi loyalists armed with knives, Kalashnikovs and even anti-aircraft missiles went after the demonstrators.
    The HRW 84 story is also duly reported. The AP release is also faithfully reported on US TV, as in your YouTUbe clip of 20 Feb uploaded by cazyblood3.

    1. http://twitter.com/#!/BaghdadBrian/statuses" 48356311699697664
      Opposition figures urge “freedom-loving” Americans to pressure the Obama administration to stop Gadhafi’s aircraft from attacking them. petition USA @StateDept to create #NoFlyLibya - keep Gaddafi's bombers grounded! http://act.ly/35f {pls RT to sign} #Libya
      17 march 2011

      Benghazi now throwing what's probably the biggest party in its recent history. #Libyaless than a minute ago via TweetDeckIyad El-Baghdadi

      iyad_elbaghdadi tweets: "Saif #Gaddafi sent three planes full of weapons & cash to Kufrah. Before the first plane landed, Kufrah had joined the revolution."


    2. Back to the Barracks..:

      The barracks were at one time commanded according to this document by Colonel Al-Jarih Farkash. Several nephews of Gaddafi were Captains at the base..Abdul Qadir Saeed and Abdul Rahman Abdul-rahim al-atrash.

  10. There are some videos of the Burnt out barracks at Benghazi. FreeLibyaEver uploaded this YouTube clip on 24 February, entitled ثورة ليبيا انتفاضة مدينة بنغازى , subtitled أثار اطلاق رصاص حى, بجانب كتيبة الفضيل بوعمر
    Libyan Revolution - Uprising in Benghazi - area of shooting next to the Bu Omar Barracks.

    Brqnetwork uploaded another video from outside the Barracks on Feb 26 which seems to show a simulated battle, but with buildings not torched, titled
    مشهد بطولي للثوار من أمام كتيبة الفضيل المحررة ببنغازي
    rebels in front of the liberated holy Bu Omar batallion.
    And yet more here by Juhaina73,again very late upload, 27 Feb.
    Ditto 27 feb upload purporting to show 18 Feb from xxxmadi2011
    and excited footage of finding an underground prison/bunker inside the barracks here on 26 Feb from benlibya1

    RT Today showed the destroyed, looted barracks بنغازى بعد سقوط كتيبة الفضيل uploaded on 25 Feb by Libyanz4Freedom, tanks.
    Tanks rolling out uploaded by awon228 on 27 Feb followed by Doctors marching (same time and place)

    Yet this activity, uploaded 27 Feb by muttardi, outside the Bu Omar barracks takes place on a very wet day, with small ambulance flashing blue lights with demonstrators.

    An accompanying tweet from 20 Feb is
    RT @sultanalqassemi: Al Jazeera Arabic: Sources: Al Fadheel Bu Omar Brigade opens heavy machine gunfire at Benghazi funeral procession...


    @ShababLibya LibyanYouthMovement
    Libyan NFSL Head: around 200 people were killed in 1 day in bu omar barracks (birka barracks) #Libya #Feb17
    21 Feb via web


    1. Al Jalaa hospital 16 february 2011

      drs killing black skinned wounded person , hospital benghazi dr shanbeq

      A cellphone video later circulated among residents showing a Christian cross tattooed on a black man. Locals pronounced this as proof that the hanged man, whom they called “John,” had been a non-Muslim outsider.

      -The director of the city's Al-Jala hospital, Abdelkarim Gubeaili, told AFP that 38 people were treated for light injuries.

      Such violent scenes are seen taking place in Benghazi, a city in the east and controlled by the protesters. Several witnesses have also claimed that they were setting fires to buildings in order to give an impression of a chaotic atmosphere in the country.


      18 feb 2011 , friday, Meanwhile, the paper said that a group of protesters killed the managing director of AL-Galaa hospital in downtown Benghazi, Libya 's second largest city.
      The victim's body was tortured, it added.

      Al Bayda’s main hospital 16 february 2011

      16 feb 2011 The two policemen who were trying to disperse protesters that swept the city on Wednesday were hanged after protesters managed to hold them, Oea newspaper reported on its website.

      Al Bayda’s main hospital on Feb. 17
      That distinction was made brutally obvious to doctors at the intensive care unit of Al Bayda’s main hospital on Feb. 17 when they admitted two men – one black, the other with the local olive-skinned complexion – who stood accused of fighting the rebels.
      A crowd gathered outside the hospital, calling for blood.
      Some armed rebels pushed their way into the ward.


      “They had guns and knives,” said Mahmoud Anass, 27, a resident on duty that night.
      “It was really scary. They wanted to kill the black soldier.”

      Doctors managed to hold off the enraged youths until a few hours after midnight, when the rebels dragged the two patients into the street.

  11. Mohamed Elhamy visited the destroyed Bu Omar or Birksa barracks on 1 March for Euronews .
    This website in arabic has some photos of looted and burned Benghazi. From the top, photo 1 is the police station, the large burnt white building the Hall of the People.
    A French film uploaded by fifaasso2011,uploaded 22 March, Libya : What launched the Libyan war? Al Fadeel battle 17FEB 2011,shows clips from Euronews, plus disturbing pictures of butchered (not shot) people from a hospital.(what is the original source for the last?)

  12. sorry, I messed up the links.....24 Feb video from FreeLibyaEver, ثورة ليبيا انتفاضة مدينة بنغازى is

    brqnetwork outside the barracks Feb 26

  13. FreeLibyaEver also uploaded on 24 Feb further videos of the looted Benghazi barracks...
    and what purports to show a bloodied bodied being loaded into a pick-up in otherwise quiet surroundings.
    uploaded 23 Feb.,labelled Sunday, Al Berka,Benghazi.

    LibyaFromFr has uploaded a sequence of 8 clips on YouTube showing
    Early 17Feb in El Berka Benghazi. - 2 - البركة قرب كتيبة الفضيل Katiba fathil
    See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIicCe8G4YI

    An interesting undated but uploaded 24 September march in front of the Benghazi Katiba -
    after a heavy rainstorm shows a burnt but undamaged (i.e. not blown up by a suicide bomber) entrance.
    (c.f. your post on Mahdi Jiu, the suicide bomber

  14. Compare the above video, march in front of the Benghazi katiba with the original RT video of 24 Feb showing the destroyed Katiba after heavy rainfall....

    the only reference to a fireball is in this video allegedly of 5 March 2011 - Explosion in Weapons Depot, Benghazi, Libya, March 5, 2011 uploaded by QuatchiCanada on 8 March 2011.

  15. by the way, in this RT clip
    what has happened to the red car? In the background, tanks have escaped the barracks in large numbers. Has a rebel propelled tank run over it? Is there a date on the original RT footage?

  16. Here is something that may be relevant to this post – thanks to Hurriya:

    Quote: The audio recording link below was recorded approximately Feb 19, 2011. The original recording has an English translation and I have made a transcript from that so that Google can index it and future researchers studying war crimes can find it.

    Must mean us :-)

    Libya – Mercenaries killing people with anti-aircraft rounds and terrorizing hospitals.
    Posted on February 20, 2011 by Administrator
    Libya – Mercenaries killing people in Benghazi Libya with anti-aircraft rounds, terrorizing hospitals, killing doctors and people on the streets.

    Audio (in Arabic) here:

    The number of people injured and killed is about 900.
    As for Tripoli, I called Tripoli and I have been told that there is an airplane coming to Benghazi full of the African mercenaries.
    There is also another thing. The special forces of sp?Monmoth they are attacking hospitals and executing doctors there in an effort to prevent them from taking care of the injured. And I can see some of the doctors lying on the ground. They have now taken control of the hospitals here.

    The post then goes on to quote three rebel / CIA twitter accounts. One of these @feb17voices was quite active around August 20th, most likely before, as if it was operated by a whole team of professional cyber warriors.

    @LibyanThinker stopped tweeting in April.

    Tom Wyld‏ @WyldDarkHeart from Fairfax Virginia went to this NTC rally in Boston in March.

    Quote: @WyldDarkHeart The Head of Libya Doctors association talked about total destruction of the bodies in a way he had never seen before

    Two of the three images show what are clearly the body parts of a suicide bomber.

    1. Who are all these people : playing revolution from their armchair or working for hidden organisations?

      Witnessing Revolution



      Democratic Underground.com


      results :

      War criminals' kill Gaddafi, bomb 80,000 civilians: PSYOPs working


    2. http://i41.tinypic.com/24drig1.jpg

      daily kos : step left profile

      libiyan drs for hospitals
      Hi, Kossacks, as some of you already know, I've become very involved in the Libyan Revolution and have tried to keep you all updated as much as possible despite being sooooooo busy with tasks aimed at supporting LIBYA AlHurra TV (the 1st Independent TV Station Broadcasting from Inside Libya), Libyan Doctors for Hospitals in Libya, and now, the National Transitional Council of Libya.

      Today, the NTC needs your help. We are urging governments around the world to follow France's footsteps and to recognize the NTC as he legitimate political power in Libya. I would like to ask you all to take 5 minutes of your time to help Libyans. Follow me below the fold for easy instructions :)

      Thu Mar 10, 2011 at 03:10 PM PST/LIBYA AlHurra TV Report from Al Jaraa Hospital, Benghazi

      @ 1.25

      StepLeftStepForward's Profile: Black Kos community
      Progressive Democrats of America's March

    3. Who are the vidproducers?

      مقتل القذافي شريط لم يعرض من قبل

      syrian revolution

  17. #Tripoli #Libya: GNC Pres Mohamed Magarief condemned kidnapping of Dr Hamid Ahmed Hamid Tubuly, a leading activist during the 2011 uprising

    5 december 2012 This one, freed early this morning @2011feb17
    Hamid Al-Tubuly

    “We don’t know who took him, where he is now or why”, said Hajer Sharif, Tubuly’s niece

    -Ahmed Al-Zubair al-Senussi, also known as Zubeir Ahmed El-Sharif, (born 1933) is a Libyan member of the Senussi house

    -Libya's Forgotten Man‏ : Abdallah Ali al-Sanussi al-Darrat
    Abdullah Ali Al-Sanussi Al-Darrat,

    Mohammed Youssef Al-Magrief, and his companion Ali Abdullah Al-Darrat.

    -Khaled al-Sharif, former deputy head of Libya Islamic Fighting Group (Al-Qaida allied) , known as Abu Hazem and now head of so-called `National Guard`

    -Azeldin El Sharif – President 07908580391 Arabic Speaker/
    Lucinda Lavelle

    -Mohamed Cherif, swissinfo.ch
    (Translated from Arabic by Muhammad Shokry)

  18. A former prison guard, he defected and was at his store : a Tubuly 2011

    - May 12, 2011 Last week, about a dozen men wearing balaclavas and carrying guns arrived at the house of Youssef al-Tobouli in three pickup trucks

    Dr. Omar Khalid, a forensic pathologist at Jalaa Hospital in Benghazi, said the hospital had received at least a dozen bodies of executed men,

  19. Jeremy Keenan is a professor of social anthropology at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London

    Keenan’s strange status — he is a “Professorial Research Associate in anthropology” who apparently does not teach classes or publish scholarly work — at School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London seems to give weight enough to see his pieces published in otherwise reputable outlets.

    Al Jazeera has printed a number of Keenan’s pieces, although at some point in mid 2011 they wisely moved his work from News to “Opinion”.


    Firstly Jeremy Keenan, a security 'expert' on North Africa, launched a major attack on Algeria alleging that it was involved militarily in Libya to help Ghadafi against the rebellion there.
    Secondly British economist Neil Atkinson, Energy Director of Datamonitor mentioned Algeria after a whole show discussing Libyan oil and energy issues at 23mins 10secs on this program.

    All the calculations were based on:
    if Algeria follows Libya



    30/03/2011 Keenan says his primary concern is the mercenaries.

    Colonel Gadhafi, he says, has recruited between 300 and a few thousand mercenaries from sub-Saharan nations.

    J. Peter Pham is director of the Michael S. Ansari Africa Center and says many mercenaries from the war in Libya may settle in this area.

    /Publisher: VOA, Voice of America

  20. Jeremy Keenan, a professor specialising in the Maghreb who suggests that between 5,000 and 10,000 mercenaries may have entered Libya during this uprising, but that there is no concrete evidence.

    Keenan says 30th March 2011 Libya's southern neighbors appear ill-equipped to deal with the wave of refugees, mercenaries, and unemployed men that analysts fear is likely to come from the fighting in Libya


    Importing mercenaries :09 Apr 2011 Jeremy Keenan is a professor of social anthropology at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. /AJE

    26 Jun 2011 Jeremy Keenan is a professor of social anthropology at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. /AJE : There have also been numerous reports of Algerian military transport planes airlifting mercenaries from sub-Saharan Africa

    UN Security Council Approves Mali Intervention Force December 21, 2012

  21. Except that the al-Jazeera story was untrue, just as the story of the Warfalla’s siding with the rebellion was untrue and Hague’s story that Gaddafi was fleeing to Caracas was untrue.

    And, of course, Dabbashi’s ‘genocide’ claim was histrionic rubbish which none of the organisations with an interest in the use of the term was moved to challenge.

    These considerations raise awkward questions.

    If the reason cited by these ambassadors and other regime personnel for defecting on 21 February was false, what really prompted them to defect and make the declarations they did?

    What was al-Jazeera up to? And what was Hague up to? A serious history of this affair when more evidence comes to light will seek answers to these questions.

    But I don’t find it hard to understand that Gaddafi and his son should suddenly have resorted to such fierce rhetoric.

    They clearly believed that, far from confronting merely ‘innocent demonstrators’ as the Canadians had it, they were being destabilised by forces acting to a plan with international ramifications.



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