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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, August Press Conferences

August 7 2011
last update Sept. 14

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, the spokesman of Libya - real Libya, not made up rebel Libya - has some worthwhile words on the recent and future, given at still-regular press conferences.  Despite increased pressure to mute Tripoli, he is still able to post press conferences, usually a couple of days behind, on his Youtube channel.

And I have some good posts coming up, but not ready yet. Ergo, this filler. (even then, I can't claim to be following or understanding the recent chaos on the Benghazi side).

August 3, Tripoli, English:

He promised a trip to Zlitan, and reported the next day from there with some press in tow.

August 4, Zlitan, Arabic:

August 4, English - hard questions throughout, but strongest near the end:

Sept. 14: Bit of a throwaway post, but there were more August press conferences. One about the 10th was from Majer, near Zlitan, asking whether the 33 children killed were "a legitimate target." By the end of month he was fleeing, later speaking defiance by phone to obscure media outlets. He continues to stand up for what he feels is right, and will likely be dead before long, mutilated I'd guess.

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