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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

@You Wanna go, CNN Man?

August 31, 2011

Tweeted by: @LibyaHurrahFeb17shabbab
to: @NTCMusta

Re: Alex Thomson, Dan Rivers, etc. FFs are request keep these pussie journos away our fighting. They start ask too many questions.

Yes, it's a fake tweet. That's why it's not even formatted right, so don't go calling me deceptive. But I'm sure the thought's been around. "You doubting us? Gaddafi used to doubt us. Yeah, these mercenaries been doubtin' us. You wanna go?"


  1. Also CNN brought the story of the nine nigerians and a good Interwiev with Diana Altahawy from AI:


  2. Thanks. I finally watched that discongruously refreshing report (allowed now the war is kinda won?). Left a comment. I can't hardly see how this won't lead to peace keepers and thence an insurgency against them.. okay, maybe there's a way around it. We'll see.


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