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Monday, July 25, 2011

Video Study: Hospital Brutality (disturbing)

July 25/26, 2011

Below is a very telling and detailed new rebel atrocity video that deserves its own post. I've not seen this before, and it seems to have been first posted on July 21 by the important Libya S.O.S. site. Nonetheless, I suspect it's old, from the rebellion's first days in Benghazi.

The on-screen title gives the locale as al-Jalaa hospital, Benghazi. This is a facility I know little about besides this tidbit from Chinese news, Xinhua, February 18:

Oea newspaper reported on its website [...] that a group of protesters killed the managing director of AL-Galaa hospital in downtown Benghazi, Libya 's second largest city. The victim's body was tortured, it added.
Why? My guess is for daring to treat the "African mercenaries" the "protesters" were brutalizing across town. That would fit what what we see below. And do remember, the evidence of foreign fighters still consists of unsubstantiated rumors - all those captured as Afro-mercs wound up being Afro-workers or loyal Libyan fighters of dark skin.

What this video shows is a hospital under what I hope is not the normal management. So I presume it's later on the 18th or a day or two after the directing manager was ruthlessly killed.

In this hospital, dimly lit, a young black man lays on the floor, pants pulled low in a fashion familiar elsewhere, and his shirt long gone. By his pants, he's a civilian, not a soldier, so most likely a foreign worker, perhaps pressed into some type of counter-protest. Presumably suspected of being a brutal well-paid mercenary, he's clearly injured, touching his head gently with concern. His hands and arms are caked with blood, and thick blood has been bubbling from his nose.

The men crowded around this casualty do not seem interested in helping him, but neither do they start out (here) attacking him. He manages to stand slowly on his own, but then they instantly grab, push, and attack him. He apparently starts trying to flee and they - about eight men in civilian and medical clothing - chase (it's chaotic). At least one "doctor" (by his blue surgical gown) waves a curved sword above his head as he follows. The victim is making little if any sounds, seems feeble, possibly drugged, or just delirious from blood loss. The whole scene is surprisingly quiet by the usual standards.

The video now, for those who can stomach it:

And the rest of the description for those who aren't sure:

When we see the victim again, it's not far away and he's down again, face down on the floor, covering his head with his hands. A blue-gowned medical terrorist is striking him hard on the head or shoulders, with a sword - it's audible - at least three blows. One man in blue then steps in, standing between the swordsman and his reeling victim, until others grab his feet and drag him down the hall since he's unable to walk out any longer. One patient (?) hits the man with his walking stick in as he passes.

One more quick sword attack I missed at first, just as he's pulled through the door into the parking lot. It looks like a forcefully placed blow by a kid in a dark sweater, probably to the left upper arm or shoulder. The "protesters" shout "Allahu Akbar!" as they get him out of the hospital into the sun, apparently their main goal - no treatment of mercenaries.

The persona non grata is tossed down, with an audible sound, onto the curb right by the brightly-colored garbage cans. He's kicked and stomped, and swiped at with a sword again, not real hard but enough to visibly cut his lower left side (?) at 1:17.

Then again a man intervenes, and there's a short edit. Next, someone starts pulling the "mercenary," again by the leg, from his shielded huddle. He sits up instead, as if snapping awake, showing a serious red slash on his right shoulder blade. He's quickly hacked again on the right side and falls back in surrender - his hands and his whole upper body are bloodied now, his hand on his belly, the spot just sliced, and his left upper arm is visibly pulsing out blood.

The men around him start to argue instead of attack; one definitely seems to be saying "enough," and at 2:05 stands over the lynch mob's prey defensively until pushed aside by the others. A few resume kicking and stomping the man, and somehow something like baking soda is splashed across him. As the barely conscious victim is rolled over, we see he's been bleeding badly all over the concrete. But his hands seem intact, and nothing's noticeably coming off. (on closer look, some of the sword strikes look more like slaps.)

Collectively, the crowd has second thoughts about where this is going. They pick him back up ... and carry him back into the hospital, it seems. The video ends there, seemingly disappointed with no guts spilled. But a powerful testimony, perhaps, to the differing interpretations of mercy in Islam.

But for all we know, he might have been killed by another mob the next day who were all "what's HE doing here?" And again, these are the monsters working for the cabal Barrack Obama calls the legitimate government of all Libyan people. Pray for Libya.

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