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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Abu Salim Hospital Massacre [Masterlist]

Post created August 30, 2011
turned to a masterlist May 17, 2012
last update Aug. 21, 2012

<< The Tripoli Massacres

The original article/content has been removed to a new post )top link below) to make this a masterlist for organizing numerous sub-posts, some still forthcoming. The comments, first several, reflect the old content.

A more appropriate intro later. First, the video to explain visually what this is about:

Then the Report (added Aug. 21, 2012 - the anniversary)
Abu Salim Hospital Massacre: Report

Then the links. Previous Posts:
Original Article, Aug.2011: Abu Salim Trauma "Hospital" - A decent overview - detailed but a bit dated.

Women and Children Dead at Abu Salim Hospital: Not many but any is enough to cause concern.

Video: A Massacre at Abu Salim Trauma Hospital: A good video I made to introduce the issue, plus some related findings.

More Detailed Research (for the report)
Abu Salim Hospital Report: Research: With an eye to a CIWCL report, collected posts to address certain sub-issues.

For those interested, I'm accepting ideas about what needs to go in this report, how it should be organized, phrased, etc. The content and tone are open at the moment as I just start an outline that might work. I've decided to postpone release of the shed massacre report long enough to fully absorb new info and to get this second report started. So long as the first one, and possibly both, are out in time for the one-year anniversaries, I'll consider that a victory.

Anyone want to take a crack at proposing a report outline/approach or even writing a draft section? Or helping gather more links, videos, images, etc.?


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  2. You're absolutly right, this "surgical technician" is most probably an actor, incredible relaxed and nearly smiling in that hell. And he's only in care about the reporters, nothing else.

    I hadn't relized that at the first view.

  3. My respect, I hadn't expected that this one would give such a clear image. Your close look at the photos hardly leave a doubt what happend in this hospital.

    And your last sentences are regrettably right. What we see is probably just the tip of the iceberg, most probably there is a real genocide ongoing in Libya.

  4. I just realized I haven't commented here at all. Huh!

    I certainly got alarmed as I noticed the blood sprays, then the CTV report, then the missing head. I made the rounds a bit trying to raise alarms, and it has been re-posted and viewed a lot by now. It's pretty clear, really, and I hope it's sent chills down a few thousand spines now. As far as spurring action ... who would want to touch this?

    And there again is where humanitarian intervention via interest-driven imperialist war fails in its stated goal.

    The last sentence was I hope a bit hyperbolic and alarmist. It may be this is the large tip of an upside-down iceberg, something like one third or even half of the worst carnage. But perhaps not.I hear the scattered mass graves that only surface after the takeover total at least 125 victims so far. Few specifics available that I've seen yet...

    Thanks for the positive assessment. Cheerio.

  5. just wanted to mention this Dubai based woman centred propaganda channel
    Alaan TV.

    english titles on page.
    They have footage on the hospital at Abu Salim lمستشفى بوسليم (mustashfa = hospital)

    1. http://presstitutes.wikia.com/wiki/Jenan_Moussa

  6. That's right, al Aan... took 'til I saw the pinkpill-shaped logo. I didn't realize it was a "women's" channel, but that makes total sense. I cited one of their videos in the Sniped Tykes of Misrata - women love kids, and it was to them some joker showed video of a little girl from Misrata shot in the chest, with the same exact fake x-ray that proved a boy from Misrata had the same thing done.

    See post for what I drew from that video - a bit of imagination there I suppose. Thanks for the tip, and I hope I'm about complete here...

  7. The Telegraph video with text, from which you have a screen shot elsewhere quotes a Dr Osama Bilin "a volunteer" (who leaves no other internet trace)
    Dr. Osama Bilin, one of the many volunteers in the hospital said: "Since Monday this hospital is closed and many dead bodies they are inside. They told me it's around 200. But I saw myself, it's only 40-50 maybe dead bodies.

    "They told me there are also maybe 40-50 dead bodies in the second floor, I did not see myself. So all these people are volunteers, helped to clean this hospital to bring life back into this hospital."

    So, not very curious to visit the 2nd floor. Who are they?

    1. http://i45.tinypic.com/bijadk.jpg
      dr Osama Bilin

  8. The BBC's Wyre Davies (pronounced Weera) also has a short video and report last edited shortly after Simpson's on 26 August: Bodies littered floor of Tripoli hospital
    He says "in this hospital and around this hospital there are hundreds of dead bodies"...there are now hundreds of bodies in the wards,in the corridors,lying on gurneys, bodies everywhere.
    Nowhere does he used the word dozens,as appears in the text. The uniqitous Dr Osama Bilin also chips in, now quoted as Osama Bilil with a quote for the text,but his story is rather different from his quote for the Telegraph:
    "There are more than 200 bodies here but there is no government in charge. What can we do? We urgently need international help to stop the situation deteriorating," Osama Bilil said.

  9. Mustafa Bag reports for Euronews on 25 August in another video, Libye : dans l'horreur d'Abou Salim

  10. Quick note: I'm pretty sure the "surgical technician" and detached tour guide for Simmon's and crew was photographed by Seamus Murphy. Desc: Dr. Salem Qasr is seen outside the hospital in Abu Salim, a district of hardline loyalist support, Tripoli, Libya on Aug. 26, 2011.
    Not our Dr. Salem, clearly. It's our other suspicious Dr. Salem.

  11. This image captions points out that the 20 bodies in the yard, nets to the small service building and right next the the overpass over the Second Ring Road know for its rebel checkpoint and executions are "darker skinned than most Libyans."
    Fighting Continues near Gadhafi's Seized Compound – #13

    Libyans cover their faces, as they search for a friend outside the hospital in the Abu Salim district, in Tripoli, Libya, Friday, Aug. 26, 2011. The four-story hospital was completely empty with shattered glass over the floors, dark with dried blood stains and with medical equipment strewn about. In the hospital yard next to the parking lot is a pile of 20 decomposing bodies, all of them darker skinned than most Libyans, covered with blankets. Gadhafi had recruited fighters from sub-Saharan Africa. (AP Photo/Francois Mori)

  12. Not sure if this photo made it onto an article.
    caption;A man looks at bodies in the hospital in the restive Abu Salim neighborhood of Tripoli. (Patrick Baz,Aug 26) Can't see the caption anywhere else.

  13. a strange tweet I stumbled upon :

    Sat Aug 27 11:48
    One more day in Buslim.there was a carnage yesterday. all the mass of rebels attacked buslim, killed people in hospital. many deaths.



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