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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Khoms Containers Suffocation re-enactment.

by Felix

As the annivesary of the alleged suffocations approaches,there has been increase activity in keeping this dubious event alive. I now notice a recent dramatisation of the event on YouTube:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX2Cl2CBS5c, فيلم عذاب شهداء الحاوية , uploaded from the USA by Sawtalthwar, 23 May. Film - Torment of the container martyrs. 3.31 minutes.
Gripping stuff....stay tuned for the next episode, perhaps. The "exhumation". Strangely, I don't see them drinking their own sweat. Too difficult to realise. Do not try this at home.


  1. This is great stuff. It makes it quite certain there will be significant anniversary activity for the much more significant Yarmouk massacre. The plan to make sure A Question Mark Over Yarmouk is done at least two months prior to the anniversary and pushed widely in its first weeks will prove a smart one.

    Short post but it doesn't need much more. That container in the last still looks pretty realistic. Do you think it's one of the originals? I could see them re-enacting the whole (likely) fake story in the real containers for "authenticity."

  2. congrat felix with yr work

    The man said the footage was found on the cellphone of a pro-Gaddafi soldier arrested in the area after the rebels took over control of the town on August 21.
    It showed the inside of a shipping container, at a different site from the one where Ali Ahmed was held. Six men in civilian clothes sat or lay on the floor. They were blindfolded and their hands and feet bound with plastic ties.
    @ 1.02 In the white 1 , in yr vid the colour clearly to be seen @ 2.52 ,

    look @ 3.28 : I'm gonne die , he say : no survivor then . count 9 inside & y?

    It's like I'm looking at an old egypt hollywood piece , same kind of acting

    is this tweer @ 10 . 56

    Manara: Khoms FFs attacked Alzawayed Checkpoint killing 2 G forces & burnt down the rest house of Omar BuJanah a big G goon #feb17 #libya 6 july

    1 - 6 june : LibyaFTW Fares
    Breaking Al Kums clashes between #FF and #Gaddafi forces there right now Allahu Albar !
    Khums : clashes between freedom fighters in town over past 24 hours .

    people bombed in the barracks , aug

    1. Thanks, Hurriya. Sorry, I was away for some days, so some catching up to do. Yes, that's Tweer. I have another post to come. The story gets more and more fanciful. They have had a year to write the script, much of which (strangely) wasn't told last September.

    2. hi, y back , nice , hope y had good days

  3. Tip from a reader:
    The Black Hole of Khoms: a bitter anniversary

    By Michel Cousins

    Their version sounds a little softened. Says the commander died the same night (he found out) because he drank so much, feeling bad. Details, the asthmatic victim from Hay Andalus, not sure what else is new.

    1. Who is Cousins ? May be this 1 ? Wonder how much he received for his MICHELIN Man piece:Auschwitz bla, bla

      When the non Libiyans write in Libiyan Herald y can be sure there is always smb mentioned who the gov is hunting & this is always a loyalist The real Auschwitz is buried in massgraves & silenced about.

      . يمكن القول إن المخابرات الاجنبية لها دور كبير جدا في تحريك الرأي العام الليبي وتشكله ، وبذلك هي تهدف الى استغلال الواقع المعاش والذي هو بالضرورة نتاج حكم 42 سنة من التجهيل والقتل والخوف والشك والصراع والحاجة لكي تتمكن من الاستمرار في التدخل والسيطرة وتحقيق مآربها السياسية والاقتصادية.
      Can be said that foreign intelligence has a very big role in mobilizing public opinion, Libyan and shaped, and this is aimed at the exploitation of reality which is necessarily the product of the rule of 42 years of neglect, murder, fear, suspicion and conflict and the need to be able to continue in the intervention and control and to achieve their goals of political and economic development.

      May be the place is real : The 18 bodies were taken and dumped in a hole by the side of the road that had been dug to lay electricity cables in Al-Orban, near Gharian.

      Family? Yasser Ben Halim Derna battalion

      a shed escapee : Abdul Ati Mosbah ben Halim

    2. The man said the footage was found on the cellphone of a pro-Gaddafi soldier arrested in the area after the rebels took over control of the town on August 21.
      It showed the inside of a shipping container
      -They banged on the sides.  But no one dared open it.


    3. Cousins wrote for the Saudi "Arab News" at least from 2004, including this article which please the former Libyan Royal Family:
      http://mohammedelsenussi.org/home/press-in-print/arab-news-662011.html. He's the Editor of Libya Herald now. Auschwitz...really!

      The alleged grave footage does look more like Gharyan area geography. But it seems a ridiculous journey to dump bodies from Khoms.

  4. does smb know the age of survivor mohamed tarhouni?

    CTV.caLibya artists relish newfound freedomBellingham HeraldGadhafi "had no use for art; ... said Mohammed Tarhouni, 53, co-creator of the rubbish bin piece.

  5. Report #Libya : Libyans are being Raped and Lynched in Jails controlled by Militia's in countless Open field pens in Blistering heat of Sun

    Report #Libya : systematic rape and Lynching continues in Libya of all Gaddafi supporters , both arabs and Blacks.

  6. And the nonsense continues: following the five-part testimony from the Sheikh with the Shades, we now have two linked episodes : عبد الرحمن مفتاح الشريف .. الناجي من الحاوية الحمراء "Abdelrahman Al-Sherif, survivor of the [smaller] red [Gold] container" with clips from the dramatisation above (at around 1.55 first video).


    Amateur footage at the start of part 2 is probably from the scene as shown to journalists in early September 2011.

    1. The above testimony is from the youngest alleged survivor Abdelrahman Muftah Al-Sherif.(aka Abdelrahman Muftah Ali [Ahmed][Sherif]). Not to be confused with testimony from freed prisoner (from what/where?) Abdelrahman Al-Sherif : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBy2K_Q04I4 who looks nothing like him.

      As expected the 6/6 anniversary passed with this facebook post by Al-Khums National Council.

      The pattern of bullet holes in the dramatisation container is different from that in the smaller red [Gold] container.

  7. http://ar-ar.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=265045173516045
    5 containers & names
    Dr. Abdul Mohsen Aborawi
    Anesthesia Specialist Hospital, Tripoli Central
    And the Medical Center servants of Misurata
    د عبد المحسن ابوراوي
    اخصائي التخدير بمستشفى طرابلس المركزى
    والمركز الطبي بعباد مصراتة

    فيديو لجثث شهداء حاويات الخمس التي وجدت بمنطقة العربان

    Video of the bodies of the martyrs of the five containers
    that were found damaged

    اليـوم الذكري الاولي لشهداء الحاوية بـمديـنة الخمس .
    June 7, 2012 Today is the first anniversary of the martyrs of the five containers
    died about 40 people from thirst, hunger and survived only one




    1. @Hurriya - Thanks for the facebook page. It's complete nonsense. These bodies were allegedly dug up, miles south of Khoms, and the doctor at the TCH somehow knows who they were and which container they were in (40ft IRISL, 20ft GOLD) and all the survivors' names.
      9 died and 9 survived from the IRISL

      9 died and 1 survived from the GOLD. (half the size, hence almost half the "residents")
      The sole survivor of the smaller container is Abdul Rahman Al-Sharif , عبد الرحمن الشريف as indeed demonstrated. The Sheikh with the shades, Sheikh Mohamed Ahmed Ali, aka Sheikh Mohamed Al-Tarhouni as far as I can see does NOT appear as a survivor of the IRISL container. Yet a victim, محمد الترهونى ضابط شرطة من ترهونة ,translates as Mohamed Al-Tarhouni,police officer of Tarhouna (!) Another survivor, Faraj Omar al Ganin فرج عمر الجنين من الخمس sure enough appears in the list.

  8. مدينة الخمس قبور شهداء الحاوية

    City of the five container martyrs
    as far as I can count : 12 graves. brought back to khums? Sep 13, 2011

    cnn gives 18 bodies brought to TMC: for what purpose?Sep 10, 2011

    1. Purpose? DNA testing? But you wouln't have the results by Sunday September 11, when Dr. Abdul Mohsen Aborawi an anaesthesia specialist seems to know everything....

  9. zangeneta explain I don't understand, though there are among the victims names a police officer & an army man

    تحية طيبة:
    بخصوص الخبر (((يارب صبرنا شوفوا اسماء الناس اللى قتلوهم فى حاوية)))
    واحد اسمه عبدالحكيم الحبتي هذا نعرفه شخصيا والملقب ((الذبانة)) وهو من
    مدينة زليتن المجاهدة هذا الشهيد مؤيد من الدرجة الاولى ومتطوع في الامن
    الشعبي مع الاسير منصور ضو ، ويحب الشهيد القذافي هلبة .
    اغلب من في الحاوية من منطقة كادوش و الغويلات وسوق الجمعة في زليتن.
    مزبوط الحاوية كلهم مؤيدين ونسأل الله لهم الشهادة وفسيح جناته.

    1. oh, not forgetting Tarek Ben Halim طارق بن حليم من طرابلس in the list of victims, son of a former prime minister,Mustafa Ben Halim.(Mansour Ben Halim appears in the same line) Tarek died of brain cancer in December 2009. How strange.

    2. Fahd Ben Halim Are the saudi's asleep ? Can someone wake them up and tell them qaddafi is no longer in power...
      http://fb.me/NE4ebtix Martyr clonal Salem EL Tweer In bani walid him and 4 from the FFs

    3. strange thing : before “what happened in yarmouk FB “changed into an account just for members I copied mosbah ben halim as shed victim nr 11 , but it shows the jebran ahbich photo
      Abdul Ati Mosbah ben Halim
      fb 11

      Mohamed Ramadan Mustafa Ben Halim.
      Names of candidates running individual (independent) from the city of Zliten General of the National Conference :
      فبراير 2011 تعليقات

  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkptUH-aIT8
    9 coffins?

    @ 2.17 individual graves
    @ 1.35 individual graves

    A Libyan medic checks the remains of one of 18 prisoners who reportedly suffocated after being locked in a shipping container by members of the Gaddafi military in Qhoms, about 60 miles southeast of Tripoli.
    The remains were transferred to a hospital morgue in Tripoli late Thursday
    late thursday : 8 sept ? khums “free” 21 aug

  11. june : LibyaFTW Fares
    Breaking Al Kums clashes between #FF and #Gaddafi forces there right now Allahu Albar !


    Khums : clashes between freedom fighters in town over past 24 hours .

    www.libyafeb17.com/2011/06/june-1st-upd ...
    Al Galaa: Revolutionaries there ambushed soliders and mercanaries on patrol in the area of Hawaza and killed many mercenaries

    The revolutionaries returned safely back to there bases and bobardment by Gaddafi forces continues

    For other video evidence/footage of mercenaries hired by the Libyan regime in order to kill the civilian population in Libya, and who had been subsequently captured or neutralized, see notably:

  12. a remote area between the towns of Bani Walid and Orban

    Officials from the military council of al-Khoms, about 120 kilometers east of Tripoli, found the bodies in a remote area between the towns of Bani Walid and Orban. The officials said a captured Gaddafi soldier led them to the spot.

    The soldier, whom Tweer declined to name, said that he had received orders to burn the bodies, but he refused the order and buried the bodies in a remote area to the south of al-Khoms.

    On September 8, the captured soldier took Tweer and a team from al-Khoms to a remote site called Wadi Dufan between Orban and Bani Walid, about 60 kilometers south of al-Khoms, where they exhumed the 18 bodies


  13. #AlKhums: #Gaddafi security forces release some protestors who had been arrested since start of #Feb17 revolution. Reason unknown. #Libya /good source 6/8 = 10/8

    Another mass grave discovered in Araban area where 18 bodies were found some believed to be from #zliten 8/9/11 http://youtu.be/uidc2b9RK7U #Libya


    @ 1.43 saladin alhour told me that he and his brother were held in 1 of the containers at late aug

    The Mission conducted separate interviews with 2 witnesses who reported being used as human shields by Gaddafi forces. Both individuals were arrested, separately, on 18 August 2011 in Zliten.

    That evening, both reported being transported to an area East of Zliten where they were placed in a container between two military vehicles which were actively engaged in hostilities.114 Witnesses reported that approximately 20 individuals were held in the container



    On 19 August, rebels launched an offensive against Zliten, which captured most of the city

    8/20 Libya: Six doctors from Misurata treating a prisoner from Gaddafi Forces in Zliten


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