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Friday, June 22, 2012

The Attacks on Chakika

June 17, 2012
(last edits June 22)

This a development I haven't had the time to look into, but it's troubling and new and involves serious fighting and many fresh deaths in the city Chakika, with some kind of reasons...

It must be the Nafusah mountains, as the Meshashiya tribe are mentioned - the Tawerghans of the mountains, the supposed loyalist people who were cleansed from whole cities last summer as the Zintan rebels rolled towards Tripoli. There are allegations of extreme abuses the people are trying to resist, including poison gas, perhaps mustard gas. This is alarming stuff, but I'll have to let others study and comment on it. Not expecting CNN to find it newsworthy - they got all tuckered out caring about oppressed Libyans a ton, last year.

Some of this is in comments below, some with video. I'll start with some links left at other posts by contributor Hurriya:

The video of the massacre of civilians in Chakika

Mustard Gas in Libyan "paradise" 

confessed Abdelbari Tahar Fitori http://www.algeria-isp.com/public/libye1(212).jpg (relation to Majid Al-Fitouri?) June 15, 2012 Photo of the rebel Zenten arrested by the Chakika youth. After interrogation, confessed Abdelbari Tahar Fitori that senior militia Zenten as Mokhtar Akhdar, the commander of the rebel Zenten and the director of the Tripoli International Airport, are the ones who pushed the rebels to attack the town of Chakika since this city is loyal to the Libyan leader. He even confessed that the attack was coordinated with the militias of Zawiya and Misurata. http://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.com/2012/06/16/libya-a-video-of-the-bombing-of-the-city-chakika-june-15-2012/

June 22 videos show the humanitarian catastrophe against the Mashashiya, at Mashashiya (thanks Felix, and Hurriya for more updates below in comments.

The world is too busy to care or help, busy pursuing more chaos and sowing the seeds of future tribal/sectarian conflict in Syria.


  1. There has been ongoing trouble here dating back a year, e.g.

    Gray Cardinal ‏@GrayCardinal1

    URGENT ‪#Libya‬ @NATO anti ‪#Gaddafi‬ militias from ‪#Zintan‬ went to area ALMSHASHYA and burned 70 homes of the families Where is ‪#NATO‬ @CNN @BBC
    8:43 AM - 24 Jun 11 via web · Embed this Tweet

    See also Al-Jazeera video from Dec 14:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3c1zf9mxn-Y : منطقة الشقيقة بالجبل الغربي الليبي تتعرض للقصف01. Al-Shaqiqa area bombed, Western Mountains, Libya.

    From Maghrebia.com:
    Nafusa mountain clashes continue


    Zintan forces and Mashashiya tribesmen on Thursday (June 14th) clashed for the fourth day in al-Shaqiqa, a village in Libya's western Nafusa Mountains.

    "I don't think that the clashes will stop until 10 wanted individuals, including the head of al-Shaqiqa military council are handed over," Zintan local council spokesperson Khaled Kor told Magharebia. "I consider them to be fighting against the state because they fired at the national army forces."

    According to Mashashiya representative Ali Dayuba, however, al-Shaqiqa was under attack by Grad rockets. The Mashashiya were only defending themselves, he told Magharebia, adding that "no men or woman would leave the area except as dead bodies".

    Meanwhile, one of Moamer Kadhafi military commanders was reportedly arrested by Zintani fighters in al-Shaqiqa. Al-Mabrouk Sahban, a commander of Kadhafi's brigades in the western mountain zone, disappeared before the fall of the Kadhafi regime.

  2. Six months after an uprising brought down Muammar Gaddafi’s government, thousands of displaced Black Libyans are still living in abandoned construction sites, empty student dormitories or with host families, too afraid to return to their homes.

    “We want to go back but cannot,” said Abdul Aziz al-Irwi, who lives in Sidi Slim camp in the capital, Tripoli. “Some people from another camp tried to return about two months ago, but about seven of them were captured by forces from Zintan and imprisoned.”


    Members of the Mshashiya and from Qawalish tribes in the Nafusa Mountain area have similarly been targeted by militias because of their alleged support for al-Gaddafi forces during the conflict.

    People from the Mshashiya tribe and Qawalish village are particularly
    targeted by militias from Zintan

    In January 2012, Mshashiya families were hopeful that a reconciliation initiative sponsored by tribal leaders and elders from different parts of Libya would soon bear fruit and that they would be allowed to return to their village.

    However, no resolution had been reached by mid-
    February 2012.

    1. Hurriya - Good link to AI - see ‘Awnya and Shgeiga in their report with a short section on Mshashiya people, where they visited in late January 2012.

    2. @ felix : I think summer 2011 , may be der spiegel wrote a very good piece of 2 pages about destruction in the mountains .
      and about zintan racism & mshashya ousted. zintan did feel the mshashya didn't have right for the land they lived on for 60 years.
      Do y know the link : can't find it in my files or on internet.

    3. thx dear friend, y're amazing . I spent more than 1 hour to find it in my mess files ,but wasn't able to imagine a right tag

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nw38EVIni2w
    Zintan Holds Tight To Prize Saif Al-Islam


  4. More background, as reported by Al-Jazeera on Nov 15 2011: Tribal tensions high in Libya . Hoda Abdel-Hamid, reporting.
    The tribe, which sided with Gaddafi was displaced to Tripoli and the area declared a military zone. Nearby is the ?Khalayifa? tribe which sided with the Zintan rebels. "The Mashashya.. will never be allowed to come back" - local military council spokesman.

    Reuters story from June 13 here: Fourteen killed in west Libya militia clashes [search also under Mashashia, El-Mashashia and Sheguiga]
    Tribal clashes kill 14 in western Libya: government: Several sources have said the clashes focused on the towns of Sheguiga and Mizdah, pitting fighters of the Mashashia tribe against gunmen from the Gontrar tribe and the town of Zintan, 170 kilometers (105 miles) from Tripoli.

    They say the fighting erupted after a resident of Zintan was killed at a roadblock set up by Mashashia tribesmen who accuse Zintan forces of shelling their village with tank and rocket fire.
    , same date,
    Mountains of tweets and videos on المشاشية at the moment.

    That Gaddafi kept the warring tribes under control is not reported as a good thing....

    The BBC Report, June 17 refers to Shegayga and the Guntrara tribe

  5. Family from Mashashiya tribe reportedly killed by Zintan militiamen near Hawamid.

    17 6 the rebellious captain Abdelssalem Jibril, the pilot of a transport plane has been targeted by the Resistance of Toubou in Kufra.

    It was shot while he attempted to take off with his plane carrying the wounded rebels to Benghazi.

    a Humanitarian Aid convoy sent by the people from the city of Ragdaline to support the people in Mchachiya victims from the bombardment from the rebels Zenten.

    This aid consists of food products and medical. The convoy arrived at the hospital in the city of Mezda


    Report #Libya : Clashes in Mountains near Zintan ... Machashiyah Tribe vs Zintan Militia. 25 killed at this point.

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dK4VMAnDnVI

    Libyan doctor confirms use of chemical weapons

  7. http://www.algeria-isp.com/actualites/politique-libye/201206-A10737/libye-une-video-chauffeur-ambulance-raconte-enfer-juin-2012.html#.T99m1fbvxt0.twitter

    militias Zenten remove the wounded from ambulances for execute them directly
    les milices de Zenten enlèvent les blessés des ambulances pour les exécuter sur place.

  8. http://www.algeria-isp.com/actualites/politique-libye/201206-A10736/libye-une-video-des-victimes-gaz-mortel-arrivent-hopital-juin-2012.html#.T9-A7NLvRKR.twitter

    Une vidéo des victimes du gaz mortel arrivent à l'hôpital (18 juin 2012)

    the victims of the gaz poison arriving at the hospital

  9. Further News of the Poisonous Gas and Videos in Libya and the NTC- NATO has not reported a thing!


    A call of Urgency to Save Humanity هذا عنوان الرساله ..

    The news from the Mountain of Elmashaheia does not look any better,the Militia of Zentan are bombarding them with a very sophisticated weapons of mass destruction that would make humans dizzy or drowsy and at some point they may pass out and all this is coming from the state of Qatar.

    Innocent people are getting killed every minute, tribes are fighting each other because of NATO.

    At this point we URGE the Human Rights Groups to STOP the Slaughtering of our people, we URGE the U.N. to take ACTION, time is running out.


  11. wonder at whose side the "national army"is fighting & killing:

    Guma El-Gamaty ‏@Guma_el_gamaty
    Fighting in Nafousa mounting between Zintan and Mashashia is at last being contained with a significant presence of Libyan national army

  12. Here is some mustard gas video from today:

    احمد المشاي_ومداخلة على خلفية الاحداث مع الزنتان.mpg
    (Ahmed Almchaa and intervention against the background of events with Alzentan)
    Published on Jun 18, 2012 by raghad20882012

    شاهده طريقة انفجار قذائف الغاز من الزنتان علي المشاشية
    (The way he saw an explosion of gas shells Alzentan the epiphyseal)
    Published on Jun 18, 2012 by Alhurra17feb

    Sources at algeria-isp.com:
    - Libya - The mustard gas used by the militias of Zenten - see video (June 19, 2012)
    - Libye – Une vidéo montrant les bombes à gaz moutarde (19 juin 2012)

  13. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=324187450996603&id=213018878711849

    Mukhtar al-Akhdar, Zintans militia commander died today in hospital after suffering a brain injury in the last few days when he had attacked and clashed with Mashashya tribe - Alzintan .

    1. who has shot commander mukhtar ?
      @LIBYA_BREAKNEWS Do you think the #NTC and Transitional Government should use more force in regards to disarming the militias and the public? #Libya

      TRIPOLI (AFP) - Libyan authorities on Saturday declared warring mountain towns in the west of the country a 'military zone' and called for an immediate ceasefire.

      'As a result of the violence in the areas of Mizdah, Sheguiga and Zintan which has killed innocent people, the interim government... orders all parties to immediately stop their fire,' Prime Minister Abdel Rahim al-Kib's office said in a statement.

      'To reinforce this, the government has ordered the army chief and the interior ministry to consider the area of clashes a military zone and to use force and all means necessary to stop any shooting against innocent civilians.'

      The statement was backed by the ruling National Transitional Council and Dar al-Fitna, which represents Libya's highest religious authority.

  14. NATO rebel, terrorist, renegade and gangs of Zentan have committed genocide in Mizda by killing nearly 500 people, wounding 1537 and imprisoning 614 young men and women in the city of Mizda at the middle of the Sahara under the orders of state of Qatar, convoy trucks send to Mizda discovered a gruesome secret that Zentan militia has been seeking to cover up ever since, green army has taken charge of the investigations, tribes have been notified about the notorious acts of the Zentan gangs.

    The army is still battling with the gangs, photos taken have shown indiscriminate killings that have been taking place in Mizda for over seven days, bodies of the deceased being covered by the militia to disguise their act of genocide.

    Oil pipelines crossing towards Zentan Western mountains were blocked in Mizda, shutting pipelines due to Zentan's multi-faced methods, many Zentan gangs were killed in Mizda by Almoshashet resistance youth. it's clear many in Zentan are in the side of the oppressors, the Zentan militia was helped by the Misrata brigades and the tribes of Jaddu.

    Green army has declared 10 days of national mourning with flags in haft mast, prayers will be held by imam Abdul Rahman Sudais, and Apostles of Africa youth centre Mizda, the Moors centre of black ancestry, Moammar Algadhaffi diversity complex Mizda, Mizda Central Mosque and the Libyana Tribal Federation, prayers on Gina tv.

    Zentan retaliated by using mustard gas, nerve gas and biological agents to attack Mizda. Convoys of supplies have started to arrive in Mizda, youths across Libyan tribes have gone into the city to defend the people, and provide life support.

    Zentan gangs have become enermy of the Jamahiriyah


  15. http://www.algeria-isp.com/actualites/politique-libye/201206-A10751/libye-une-mosquee-bombardee-par-les-milices-zenten-juin-2012.html#.T-SsZJWADA4.twitter

    Une mosquée bombardée par les milices de Zenten (22 juin 2012

  16. http://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.com/2012/06/22/the-dead-of-libya-mustard-gas-the-genocide-of-the-tribes-of-mchachiya-another-achievement-of-the-united-nations/

    The dead of Libya mustard gas: The Genocide of the Tribes of Mchachiya (another Achievement of the United Nations)

  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epv54AZLtck&feature=youtu.be

    دله قاطعة جدا لاستخدام مليشيات الزنتا

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUekv3NTJ7c

      ادله جديده استخدام الزنتان للغاز في حربهم علي المشاشية

    2. What, they approach a smoking mustard gas shell to photograph it?? This is suspicious and ridiculous. As indeed noted by commenter Ali Zentani.

  18. But what to make of this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lw3q4sOKeI8
    He's not dead, but in a strange way. (see mouth at 2.02) And what is he doing there? He seems to have an injury.

    1. Recent footage from Shaqiqa on the YouTube stream of shanbour1:[United States] eg.
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68p4ISOpbh4, funeral of the defenders of Shaqiqa
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pY091DM94r0,Sheikh Al Madni Al Misrati prays to Martyrs.
      Not much in the western press at all, save the BBC, June 20: Recent tribal clashes in western Libya left 105 people dead and some 500 injured, the government has said.

    2. looking at the outfit , it must be militia gangs in qatari provided uniforms. the victim is no friend ,dying while y watch the vid,many injuries to arm & chest, covered with the well known green blanket

  19. He has been injured and is dying before everyones eyes. One fighter wants to shoot him. Others want to give him water one last time while they wait for him to die. No one wants to try to help him or take him to hospital. I wept after watching this. How can anyone support war after seeing something like this is beyond me. Some of us have lost our humanity.

  20. http://qurynanew.com/37134 Epiphyseal tribe demanding commission of enquiry from United Nations that specializes in biological weapons #Libya

  21. la masacre en Mizda
    vids , photo's

  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mje3Kgx6USA
    AfriSynergy June 23, 2012

    siriya, turkiye, nigeria
    gaz attack to Libiyans , to convoy Khadafi

  23. Rival Libyan tribes feud ahead of 'crucial' polls
    Clashes between Zintani and Mishasha tribes have caused huge destruction

  24. This is provided by Zintan

    هذا ما قدمته مرتزقة الزنتان لأبناء المشاشية

    Zintan militias use Biological Weapons on Mashashia



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