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Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Tripoli Massacres: Mapping out the Roundabout

December 6, 2011
last edit June 14, 2012
(see new images: Jerome Sessini - other updates long overdue, but will have to wait)
12-2-2017 restoring image

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The "roundabout" area, circular road exchanges separated by grassy islands just outside the Bab al-Aziziyah compound (Google maps), was the host of some two dozen or more reported victims of execution as the rebels took Tripoli. Some of these mainly black, executed men were famously shown to the world on August 25, across the grass between lanes of dead traffic. Some of that traffic was smashed, thrown open, and abandoned near the dead.

This post will seek to sort out, visually, how many corpses there were in the area, just where, and when. And while we're at it, it might establish when these corpses can be verified as seen there. I'm well into this sub-project already, but still putting together the documentation, and seeking further input on bodies, locations, timeline, etc. The smashed and abandoned cars in the area are also of interest here, and I'm somewhat mapping and counting those, although it's hard to tell often which vehicles to count.

Imagery establishing the area (various lighting):
Youtube videos:
The loyalist encampment in March
Al Jazeera Aug 23 tents at 2:10
Al Jazeera Aug 24 tents and two dead at 0:20-25
Al Jazeera Aug 25 1:30 onward, various views of the destruction here
Encampment after the violence, great videooriginal link here, copy video (graphic - victim stabbed in the top of the head with a sword?)
CNN reports from the roundabout Aug 25
AFP video, Aug 25
Reuters Aug 25
Reuters, Aug 24, late afternoon: eight more victims shown, outliers, in a different area

Torn-down tent (any bodies beneath?)
The Atlantic: Medical tent, interior
Telegraph: Medical tent
Telegraph: Roundabout
RFERL: Roundabout victory
Central Island
HRW: Central island victims
Central island, west end
West end, fighters
Victim there, close-up (Graphic - from Life.com, re-posted until I can re-locate the original and get its date)
More good photos coming...

New photos, June 14:
Jerome Sessini, Getty images
Aug. 24 images, late afternoon, showing "loyalist soldiers executed by Ant-Gaddafi rebels," among the east-end bodies (#1-7 below, might change now...)
East end bodies, three, looking north
The northernmost body - tells the story of Libya right there. It's intense - a shattered right arm, braced up, forced to fight again left-handed, brains blown out on the sidewalk.
East end bodies, another three - one looks like an old man
same with fighter and better scenery
another one not seen before, splattered in the street by there - right hand smashed off with a block?
Bodies 18 and 19 as below, late afternoon
Sessini, Aug. 25:
Blindfolded man executed ... some way that made his body "deflate" and slump grotesquely. The chain is from the barrier knocked over, perhaps used to bind or torture as well... Location unclear -perhaps the Abu Salim fire station?
Sessini Aug. 26 (roundabout area?)
Bodies removed in Abu Salim

The graphic is nearly ready to post, placing the 25 victims I can see. Most of the eight victims shown by Reuters on August 24 are a little arbitrary, but I think I have the right general area. The rest are verifiable from multiple angles. If we include the 7 piled just north of there, we'd have at least 32. The number doesn't include the charred legless body at the medical tent, which I haven't seen, nor any others I haven't seen, yet.

One oddity is how apparently one batch of bodies stood out on the 24th, generally on the east half of the map. The man draped in a (green) Libyan flag is near the middle of the map, just a hundred feet from the seven bloated bodies so visible the next day. And the next day these had apparently been replaced with these fresh bodies we all were shocked by - bloated and crawling with maggots already.

Can anyone find proof that the main body of victims here, across the central island, were present on the 24th? If not, we may be dealing with body-planting after all, about two days after rebels took the compound area. The one clear problem is victim #9 (as given below). His left arm has advanced decay an/or burning, and his blood across the sidewalk suggests more than 24 hours elapsed since an on-site execution. Was he there on the 24th and just kept from the media's view somehow?

Another clue: The August 24 victims in particular have a penchant for falling dead right between sets of tire skid-marks. One had bullets fired at that very low wall next to him.

Dec 7: The graphic is ready. This is draft one (or 1.2), sufficient for now. The tents especially, and cars, are not filled in or placed perfectly. The version I had up for one day was messed up in spots. The new version is still incomplete on cars and tents, but accurate on seen bodies. Bodies are actually visible in the pile of seven just north of here, and perhaps at the roundabout (#9 in particular has a blob of pixels there). But the tents, their remains, and the cars rammed to a halt road-warrior-style are mostly all visible in this satellite view I hear is from August 29. So I added translucency on these layers to see where they tend to be pre-marked for me. I will re-do this after some time to get more info, if that seems worthwhile.

First note, tip to Felix: Victims 19 and 20, side-by-side, are shown on the 24th, by Al Jazeera's video of that day (0:20). These are the only two corpses I've yet seen shown ... actually I'm not sure they were seen on the 25th as well. Will need to look into that...Otherwise we still seem to have two distinct batches, one for each day. And the maggots seen on victims #11 and 12 don't grow overnight.

Next note, Dec. 8: As Petri points out, I had some things wrong I fixed above and at least one other I didn't. The "prominent green flags" in the southeast corner are set wrong. As the Al Jazeera Aug 24 video and the graphic one clarify the flags are atop the flag poles curving right by victims #17 and 18, just north of the medical tents. That's the first thing I'll change for the final version.


  1. You need to install Google Earth and use the August 20th satellite image as the basis of the map. The tents are mostly missing from the August 29th image used on Google Maps, although you can see the tent sites from the greener grass preserved under the tents.

  2. I think I will want to do that, but not yet. So far I'm using the video to place tents and bodies and cars, and using existing tents/cars to help make it more precise. This is the 29th's imagery, huh? That pile of bodies is still there-the ones just north of this map in the scrubby area. I looked closer at the blob and can see here a light patch in the middle I believe is the one victim's white-shirted shoulder, left arm, and upper back, with some glare effect. Most of the other bodiesseem to be gone, but most of the crashed cars are still there ...slow clean-up. Waiting for volunteers, apparently. The fighters fight and blame Gaddafi, they don't clean up the blood.

  3. the CNN report from the roundabout by Dan Rivers has gone from YouTube, but is still here at Daily Motion

    AFP also has a short video, Bodies of pro-Kadhafi fighters litter Tripoli

  4. The prominent green flags can be seen on the right at 0.22 in the early morning (?) Daily Telegraph roundabout (intercut) video. They don't seem to pick up any bodies in that low light footage,just abandoned cars.

  5. Dangit,I think I have a few different things backwards. No wonder that one white car was "moved already..." As well as being nowhere near inclusive on tents or cars. How about the tractors/bulldozers? They mark themselves pretty good. Wonder who brought them?

    The Telegraph footage from AM 25 is the same as Reuters PM24. Same bodies shown anyway (early on), with other views included. So those might be the other prominent flags around the Bab itself. Looking west I think one would see flags left and right. Will be making sure of that here in a bit...

  6. You must have something upside down. There are no tents in the smaller roundabout on the August 20th image. All except two are in the larger roundabout and on the traffic divider south of it. The locations are still visible as patched in the grass. The "medical tent" has been crushed and moved slightly south on the Aug29 image. I can see no tent north-east of it behind the two rounded trees.

    The other odd tent is located inside the "wasteland" with the 7 more victims, on the patch of green grass in the south-east corner, next to the star-decorated wall. (It was shown on a video I now cannot relocate.)

    The flagpoles with green flags are located closer to the large roundabout from where you have placed them, on the edge of the sidewalk on the eastern side of the grassy area. Their shadows are clearly visible on the Aug20 image.

  7. Yes Adam, I think now all those Telegraph/Reuters pictures are from the same moment, just different vantage points, from late afternoon, 24th I suppose. The telegraph has one shot taken into the sun, shadows ought to pinpoint directions.

  8. Al Jazeera also showed a bit of drive-by footage from the 24th in quite bright light, earlier than the Reuters. One dead fighter in green uniform may be seen at the roadside, first 25 seconds.(nice shadow from the lamp post at 0.20 south of the green flags) Seems to be two sets of tents.
    A tent can be seen at 2.11 here on the Aug 23(Al Jazeera) immediately following the fall of Bab Al Aziziya.
    More captured Al Jazeera footage here showing the two red bulldozers from the 25th, 1.30 onwards.

  9. Two bodies seen, one overed in a green blanket. Those are the same victims 19 and 20. Already dead on the 24th. Thanks. And a good new view of the west part of the area, more tents to set, etc.

    Second vid-Mr.Belhaj at 1:40, tent view may be of some use.

    Third,1:57 burned car and tents on south island, across from med tents.

  10. Petrui, great work here. There's a tent inside the "wasteland," eh? I don'thave this all sorted out yet, and I'm not sure if the parts I discovered were upside-down were the same you refer to. Had victim #9 on the wrong end of the island, and some tents in the distance placed wrong as a result. The encampment... in fact, meh. It's secondary to me. So long as we've got the bodies mapped out right, the tents seem tedious.

    And yes, I placed the row of flags wrong. I see only one row that way, and the Aug 24 AJ video -plus the "ribelli gangster" one - clarify head-stabbing victim #17 is at the foot of the flags flanking the row of hedges.

    So it's coming together. Next I'll see what verifiable Aug 24 images show on that central island - is the view blocked, are spaces filled the next day empty, or what?

  11. Obviously, I only agreed the flags were wrong after the one update I'm doing now. First goal set for the final. :)

  12. The photo I used of victims 19 and 20 is from the 24th:

    Those two appear a lot searching for Aug 24. Also images of the 25th. Would presume those inside the tent were dead by this time too. Not to sure about 17/18. Visible on the 25th:
    http://www.demotix.com/photo/802933/fresh-corpses-found-outside-gaddafi-compound-tripoli (prev image of the other two, called one)
    #9 appears on the 25th, not the day before I can see. Reuters' video just doesn't pan his way. Anyone else?

  13. The footage through the fence is here,طرابلس ابوسليم جريمة قتل المدنين فى الطريق السريع من قبل كتائب القذافى -murder of civilians, Abu Salim, highway, uploaded 23 August by Ahmdov2010

    Another video the same day from the same user has some english dialogue at about 1.00 - Cover your faces, you have to cover your faces in arabic accent from man inside the Tripoli rebel command vehicle to those outside. اسر احد حارسات القذافى - Guards capture one of Gaddafi

  14. @Felix – Re: video Guards captured one of Gaddafi

    There are one or more captives on the back seat of the "King Cab" style pickup / technical. The rebel media handler is telling the two film crews filming the captives to hide their identities.

    Cover their faces, you have to cover their faces. They tried to [get] outside misery. Ok, please make sure you cover their faces. Oh my friend, [you should carry] be responsible for ...

    The faces are not covered, but there is so little light in the car that it is difficult to identify the passengers. I do not know the reason for the request. Prisoners of war have the right not to be paraded on television, in Nazi Libya massacre victims have the right to be killed anonymously.

  15. Thanks for the correction Petri - it is a much watched video. I wonder who the smartly dressed arab with clipped grey beard is at 1.14,reminds me a bit of a David Cameron type?

  16. The larger roundabout is important because one of the exits is the main entrance to the Bab al-Aziziyah compound.

    I went through the Google Earth history get a better view. There are rows of flagpoles on all three sidewalks directly facing the roundabout. On the western side there are two distinct groups, with the larger group near the Bab al-Aziziyah entrance. There may be a matching group in the corner on the northern side of the entrance, but it is outside your image.

  17. @Felix – The female captive in the car seems to be this woman claimed to be Gaddafi's female bodyguard – at least it is what YouTube's magic groupthink is suggesting. The hairstyle and the earrings match.

    The civilians on Tripoli's Abu Slim highway murdered by al-Gaddafi from August 23th seem to be exactly what the title says, civilian refugees abducted from passing cars and murdered on the spot, although I doubt "al-Gaddafi" did this. Can we locate the place based on the footage. Is this Abu Slim Road or just some highway around Abu Salim?

  18. The video of the "civilians on Tripoli's Abu Slim highway murdered by al-Gaddafi" has a timestamp of UTC 2011-08-22 15:17:25.

    I believe I have located the spot. It is on Airport Highway east of the Abu Salim neighborhood, just north of the pedestrian overpass.

    Google Maps:

    The video shows fours bodies along with what seems to be civilian baggage. Three of them evidently traveled on a white pickup northbound towards Tripoli center when their travel was interrupted. There does not seem to be any bullet holes in the windscreen or windows of the pickup, so most likely they were pulled over before being killed. The pickup is of a type favored by rebels but has no revolutionary/royalist markings. A fourth body is on the other side of the fence so it may be unrelated.

    I located the spot based on the building in a 45 degree angle relative to the road seen on the opposite side of the highway. The presence of the white pickup in the August 29th Google satellite image seems like confirmation.

    The overpass is also shown on this photo from May 2010. The Airport highway is undergoing reconstruction with the southbound driveway blocked. The northbound driveway has been widened so the trees seen in the photo are now gone. Concrete block in the center of the driveway divide the two directions of traffic. These can be seen on the video.

  19. There is material from the roundabout in this French video:
    Libye: Tripoli jonchée de cadavres

  20. here y can see some of the tents [probably not empty] near bab al zaziya :

    Was geschah in Bab al-Azizia, Tripolis? // What happened to Bab al-Azizia, Tripolis?

  21. http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2011/08/26/article-2030424-0D95509B00000578-501_634x372.jpg

    The bodies of Gaddafi fighters, some bound and apparently shot, are cleared away from the roundabout outside the Bab Al Azizia/UPDATED: 21:37 GMT, 26 August 2011




  22. @ caustic : I did post this vid before , y can have a clear look at many tents :

    Was geschah in Bab al-Azizia, Tripolis? // What happened to Bab al-Azizia, Tripolis?


    At midday rebels set fire to a sprawling, ransacked camp that had served as a makeshift supply base and field hospital for Gaddafi loyalists in recent days. The fire, some said, served to mask the stench of decaying flesh.

    And indeed, on a median near the circle, nine bloated bodies lay decomposing in the harsh sunlight. A team of ambulance workers said they believed that the bodies had been there for three days while fighting overwhelmed the area.


    have been left on display on the roadside by the revolutionaries :

    Outside Bab al-Aziziyah, Muammar Gaddafi's fortress stormed last week, the dead, mainly from sub-Saharan Africa, many with their hands tied behind their back, some gagged, have been left on display on the roadside by the revolutionaries.

    Inside Abu Salim, the dead from the mortuary, some with marks of manacles on their wrists, spill into other rooms at the hospital.


  24. More than a dozen bodies lie on the streets of Tripoli district Abu Saleem as intense fighting continues as rebels aim to clear pro-Gaddafi forces from the area and complete their control over the capital.

    Heavy fighting was still taking place in the southern Tripoli district of Abu Saleem on Wednesday (August 24) with more than a dozen bodies lying in the streets as clashes raged between rebels keen on controlling the capital and loyalists of Muammar Gaddafi.

    Abu saleem camp :
    @ 1.04 abu saleem hospital

    Sunday 28 August 2011 /Abu Salim hospital remained a scene of man-made desolation yesterday, with bodies lying in the corridor and hallways, left at the entrance, in what used to be a dining area. The intensity of gunfire had forced the staff to flee two days ago, Hassan Shafuddin Gawri, a clinical technician who had returned, looked at the carnage around him and said in a matter-of-fact voice: "We will reopen it, we owe that to our community. But there are many injured in this area, they need to be taken to other hospitals."
    One of the hospitals functioning was Sher Zawiyah.

  25. http://www.hrw.org/sites/default/files/imagecache/scale-300x/media/images/photographs/2011-Libya-Field6.jpg
    A truck holds the bodies of the dead from in and around the makeshift field clinic outside Bab al-Aziziya.


    Scorch marks are left on the grass following the death of Gaddafi fighters who were bound and apparently shot


    The bodies of Gaddafi fighters, some bound and apparently shot, are cleared away from the roundabout outside the Bab Al Azizia/UPDATED: 21:37 GMT, 26 August 2011

  26. see tents @ 4.42 / @ 5.09


    Gadaffi forces fled south through the compound pursued by rebel pick-up trucks that raced through the hole in the wall, weaving among palm trees across the green lawn.


    Moez Zeiton/ guardian.co.uk talks abt tuesday 23 , but bab al zaziya is overthrown monday 22 aug

    "When I climb the stairs and look at it from the roof, I see nothing at Bab Al Aziziya," he said. "Nato has demolished it all and nothing remains./22 AUG

  27. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mv1Zb3QaX0&feature=related
    tents at fire when rebels come inside tripoli @ 2.31


    bodies @ 12.50 , see also : @ 14.20/ @ 15.09 they are extremely well trained

    More bodies turned up in the streets on Friday, where occasional volleys of gunfire were heard.

    Near Colonel Qaddafi’s abandoned citadel, Bab al-Aziziya, rebels began hauling away nine bloated bodies. The face of one was so badly decayed it appeared charred.
    Maggots crawled over the torso of another.
    “Only a butcher could commit a massacre like this,” said Sami Omar, a rebel.
    Six were dumped near a trash receptacle, two left under a stairwell and one thrown in a large ditch, his hands apparently cuffed.

    @ 0.57 killers approaches tents bab al zaziya

    Uploaded by aljathab99 on Aug 26, 2011
    tent on fire @ 1.02/fire station @ 2.02

    @ 2.07 unknown body / @ 5.29 imho building at fire station,1 of end fightings

  28. http://www.leparisien.fr/images/2011/08/25/1578826_diapo-libye005.jpg
    Une tente des soldats loyalistes...




  29. http://mcenter.slideshowpro.com/albums/027/935/album-257756/cache/dp240618.sJPG_900_540_0_95_1_50_50.sJPG?1328042622
    tents at abu saleem area

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-x2VMebbMU

      Tents @ 1.53 , may be the same , the 2 tents near to the white square one already destroyed @ 1.55

    2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzmIVHX_OaE&feature=related

      not sure , but I think this makeshift hospital is at the fire station @ 1.21

  30. http://bryandenton.photoshelter.com/image?_bqG=45&_bqH=eJxdj91KAzEQhZ.me1fYXRqoC7lIM7EO3U0kP5W9GqwUrAjaarv27U3WoqlzEc75Ts7APGym0AW53dcDtq05n_cvrJ6SXN0NTcVmDSubqozTIIGT3B9272.vuwLJgfBqwhZdN2HAy3mGABLKQB8nobqsqojVdfUmQz9VgAz9K0v0_bjbxzgJaYL2tid0JlljUemYodHJoiOrWiWcgou9z70z1nMr9KoY7yOhgX9GHZyyhMBDuv14mh39lz1t5kOM1mh9EC2JpdKyT58KkgvCuDhWLzL8Snv7J7skhfT8Y_t4eHou1mN7md5vcRZvdg--

    photo 46 : tents bab al zaziya :

    TRAX: 30104960A.8/23/2011, Tripoli, Libya.A Libyan resident of Tripoli stomped on a large banner bearing the image of Col. Muammar Qaddafi, Tuesday, on the grounds of Bab al-Azizia.

  31. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xkqcui_rebels-step-up-search-for-gaddafi_news
    Ive never seen bad men in my live like this

    One of the biggest tripping points in news coverage of the events is that the rebels are anything but cohesive. Many atrocities were committed, but largely by the Berbers and the Misratans. The targets, as it happens, were largely the oppressors that Gaddhafi chose for them.
    by Garvaisi12

    It was never true that government troops were on some kind of killing spree

    phone calls in which Col. Gaddafi made it clear that he did not want anybody to shoot at or kill Libyans.


  32. One man named Ahmed Bin Sabri told the Independent as he pulled back a tent flap, “Come and see. These are blacks, Africans, hired by Gaddafi, mercenaries.”


    Speaking of the dead bodies put on display by Bin Sabri, the Independent aptly points out, “Why had an injured man receiving treatment been executed?”

    Bin Sabri merely shrugged in response and the Independent writes, “It was seemingly incomprehensible to him that anything wrong had been done.”

    But there is strong evidence to suggest that a massacre took place there. A nearby field clinic — also part of the camp — contained more than 30 bodies. Mostly dressed in civilian clothes, they lay swollen and fly-covered, strewn over mattresses and dirt, many of them wearing bandages. Two, still on stretchers and hooked up to IVs inside a clinic tent, had been shot in the head. Another body lay on a stretcher inside an abandoned ambulance.
    The camp had been ransacked, with food, water bottles and medical supplies strewn about.
    And several of the other nine on the median had their hands bound in plastic ties behind their backs; the bullet wounds piercing their skulls, backs and chests.

    The rebels say Gaddafi's forces did it. But it is still unclear why Gaddafi would have massacred the wounded at his own camp. The bodies had yet to be removed on Thursday, despite the presence of rebels in the area —

    the kind of treatment that Libyan rebels have typically only permitted for enemy dead.

    The antiregime fighters are adamant, however. "It was because they didn't like Gaddafi. So people inside the camp killed them — Gaddafi guys," says Mohanid Gomaa, 28, a fighter from Tripoli. "I live here. I saw everything," he adds.


  33. http://i53.tinypic.com/262msk0.jpg

    Google Earth image of Bab Al Azizia, location of Gaddafi’s compound in Tripoli, 2011,aerial of tripoli


  34. Here is what rebel / al-Qaeda executions look like – in Syria.

    خطير مشهد مباشر لإعدام ميداني لـ مواطني سوري من قبل مايسمى بالجيش الحر رشقاً بالرصاص حتى تفجير رأسه
    Dangerous scene to direct the execution of a field for the citizens of Syrian army by the so-called free Rhqa shot even blow his head
    Published on Jun 14, 2012 by syriatruth001

    1. @ petri :

      apparently a "free libiyan " send this message :
      FREEDOM ‏@war4freedom : nobody cares

  35. I always thought souq al thulatha was far more west, but looking at yhe pictures of denton I came to another guess : could it be the seven victims in the wasteland?

    A few days ago, a dozen executed prisoners wre found bloated/decomposing at a ditch near Souk Al Thulata (#Tripoli) covered by garbage (cnt)
    The bodies were only found when local residents complained about the smell. They seem to date back to 20th August or so.


    TRAX: 30104960A.8/23/2011, Tripoli, Libya.Libyan rebels battled cells of Qaddafi loyalists in the Souk al-Thalatha district, near the front gates of Bab al-Azizia, Tuesday...Libyan rebels stormed Col. Qaddafi's Bab al-Azizia compound, Tuesday, following an intense day of battles in Libya's capital city. After rebels breached the outer walls, thousands of Tripoli residents flooded into the compound, taking weapons and virtually anything they could find..CREDIT: Bryan Denton For The New York Times
    photo 87

    TRAX: 30104960A.8/23/2011, Tripoli, Libya.Libyan rebels battled cells of Qaddafi loyalists in the Souk al-Thalatha district, near the front gates of Bab al-Azizia, Tuesday...Libyan rebels stormed Col. Qaddafi's Bab al-Azizia compound, Tuesday, following an intense day of battles in Libya's capital city. After rebels breached the outer walls, thousands of Tripoli residents flooded into the compound, taking weapons and virtually anything they could find..CREDIT: Bryan Denton For The New York Times
    photo 113

    1. I looked into this. I think that'sa PM shot, so looking NW to the SE, north of the smoking Bab Al Aziziya. A NW running street, dipping down, an implied overpass/flyover.

      Two minarets visible to the south-maybe here?

      That would mean this spot on this street - Al Jala'a Road - with the overpass shadow extended well east.

  36. Bruno Stevens,a Belgian, has 7 photos of bodies at the roundabout, including inside the tents and an intriguing one inside the back of an ambulance.

  37. A few more of the corpses in the tents and surrounding from Jeroel Oerlemans, Felix Features

    1. Sorry, Oerlemans' pair of photos from the roundabout field hospital is here.

      The photo of the guy on a drip, on a red/brown blanket is very similar to one appearing on Spanish blogs,but from a different angle, eg.


      Who is the photographer there??

    2. http://bruno.photoshelter.com/image?&_bqG=3&_bqH=eJxtkM1OwzAQhJ.mufTSAgEpkg.Od6m2bWzkn4icrCStSA4FRFsQeXrsqIII2MP6m1mPLZvvrtv35650Ag40rE_yNn.U7brpmo_sLrtKF9lyESojD0awvG7mfOiH_rPu5s3Lrt8fE_IGuMVZmhfFLAU2MQCiATCxqlDRjGuw8XcU_0bx_6ggW42X2TCOIJSTVleejIpSaUIZZqRklGS8xi1yg3CRD1NtlLZMc7lJxpd6LoGdAjuD2hMwF39hKe35_Hrwm6ebMCpJW8e3nq9QiipuSrzIPYWDQ_SC7hv1_Q8WEbmw7Liv39ouKcf0auwi9i.1HXZD&GI_ID=

      It's as if I know this matress & victims

      photo 31 matress green rope,blanket victim shed outside


    3. Yes Indeed Hurriya.I know what you mean, but the Tent mattress pattern looks warped as if home-made. There is a cross X as recurring motif in the tent rather than a square. They could be recycled victims though.

  38. some video footage from 1.39-1.53 here at al-mustaqbalFM.,Aug 25. Similar to other reports, but unusual shot at 1.53. (report is mis-labelled Libyan rebels approaching Sirte)

    1. 1.39 - 1.53 is connected with tripoli 24 aug :


      with this lie :
      Libyans rebels were hoping to make the final push to flush out forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi inside his massive Tripoli compound on Wednesday (August 24). Actually : the killers are now on the way to airport

    2. From 0.24 onwards (574ODA video) it's just acting with real ammunition, and is seen elsewhere. perhaps an Al-Jazeera clip.

    3. these scenes are the next stage in the fighting after the killings at the roundabout area's

      I think they shoot the people of the white cars with this rpg's. at the back of the first car is smth on the ground that I always have considered as a body. At the left side of the shooters at the corner are also 2 bodies .

      And when the vid scenes aren't important to you , then remains the start of the vid with a oversight of the tent area

  39. don't know if we hv this vid already inside, for me it has some unknown images at the start :

    Uploaded on Aug 26, 2011
    Obama's Massacre in Libya - With Support Of NATO Racist Rebels Continue To Eradicate Black Libyans

  40. did post this vid today , maybe it is a to well known vid & this is why it doesn't show up

    repost :

    Uploaded on Aug 26, 2011
    Obama's Massacre in Libya - With Support Of NATO Racist Rebels Continue To Eradicate Black Libyans

    1. Strange, the full video 2 minutes + , Dan Rivers, CNN is not available: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZz7Io9TADc

    2. But it is found between 3.20 and 4.00 in this video:

    3. 12.15pm: Muammar Gaddafi was almost captured yesterday, the French magazine Paris Match is reporting.
      Libyan commandos came close to finding him when they raided a private home where he appeared to have been hiding, the magazine reported today.

      Gaddafi was gone when the commandos got to the safe house in central Tripoli when the agents arrived at about 10am local time (9am BST - as the helpful Twitter stream "Time in Libya" can tell you) following a tip-off from a credible source.

      The magazine said the rebels found evidence Gaddafi had spent at least one night there – although it was not clear how recently.
      Libyan and Arab intelligence sources still believe Gaddafi is in Tripoli, Paris Match said.

  41. 12.23pm: Muad Pensasi, a volunteer doctor in Tripoli, said medics are running desperately short of supplies as they work round the clock to treat the wounded.

    In a telephone interview from a field hospital near the Bab al-Aziziya compound, Pensasi said:


    As news about the hospital emerged on Friday, rebel leaders said they were now in almost complete control of the capital, with just a few pockets of resistance from forces loyal to Col Gaddafi in the Abu Salim and Salah al-Din areas.
    There has been some fighting, mainly in and around the international airport, but the centre of the city is mostly quiet. /26 August 2011 Last updated at 21:04 GMT

  42. http://msnbcmedia1.msn.com/j/MSNBC/Components/Slideshows/_production/ss-110826-libya-lowy-fri/ss-110826-lowy-libya-friday_8.ss_full.jpg

    A Libyan helps collect dead bodies from a roundabout at the south entrance of the Bab al-Aziziyia compound. Groups of Libyans began collecting bodies from several neighborhood in the city and delivering them to morgues.

  43. stumbled upon this text, that makes me wonder about the date of the yarmouk/shed attack :

    Photojournalist Benjamin Lowy spent Thursday in 12 hours of firefights while covering the rebellion in Tripoli, Libya.

    But Friday an eerie calm occurred, as fighters took a break for Friday prayers.

  44. Raw amateur footage from the rounabout / Bab Al-Aziziya, 23 August. See from about 7.12. Notice the omnipresent UK ambulance.

    More from the same source here,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPGaCz8tl70 with hospital footage from 11.00 onwards.

    YouTube user ymamba also shows footage of the roundabout dating variously as 21 Aug,and 22 Aug and some from Aug 23, labelled Thuwar Sidi Khalifa. Looks well under control. It all looks the same date to me.

    you can even see informal shots of Alex Crawford of Sky surrounded by Thuwar in one.

  45. felix : @ 1.02 , is this the building in mansoura hilsum visited with the local engineer abdel hamid in goula vid?

    1. http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid601325122001?bckey=AQ~~,AAAAAEabvr4~,Wtd2HT-p_Vh4qBcIZDrvZlvNCU8nxccG&bctid=1128958791001

    2. @Hurriya - What does Hilsum call that white wigwam shaped building - neighbourhood -- ?? And where exactly is it? I can't find any photos on panoramio. It might be the building.

    3. Mansoura district, near the Bab, perhaps north or NW, maybe near the spot I just IDd.


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