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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Capture, "Humane Treatment," "Fair Trial," and Violent Death of Seif al-Islam al-Gaddafi

November 22, 2011
last update June 10, 2012

Update June 10: Bumped to the top for the informative new comments on the recent developments: Something about the ICC's envoys to Seif being arrested by NTC forces for doing something they considered illegal in this lawless land.
This is another area, one of the big ones, where I know little at the moment. Therefore, another spot for comments from the better informed. At some point I'll pull the best stuff up into this post, but for now the content is below.

I'll add some new info Petri Krohn (Hands off Libya) brought (elsewhere) on the location of the strike on Seif's convoy, something we didn't even know about until recently. Between the --- is from Petri
The Capture
This is what Libya S.O.S. says on the issue When #NATO was bombing a convoy of Saif al-Islam #Gaddafi, NATO was sent to the location which they didnt know well. The place is called the Valley of Zamzam it is located between the Bani Walid and Sirte. NATO bombs martyred a number of Saif al-Islam companions, and he was wounded in the hand and his back. NATO rebels and jackals on the ground, than approached the brave wounded Mujahideens and dismembered their bodies. This seems to be the original on Facebook in Arabic. Here is another copy of the video, uploaded by QuatchiCanada on Dec 27, 2011: *** This suggests that Saif al Islam Gaddafi may have left Sirte with the convoy on October 20th. It is also possible, that Saif al Islam had been in Bani Walid and left when rebels took over the town a few days earlier.

Arabic language Wikipedia has an article for Wadi Zamzam (وادى زمزم). ar.wikipedia.org/wiki/وادي زمزم The place can be found on Wikimapia here. The location is about half way between Sirte and Bani Walid. Here is the Zangetna discussion on the video.

The video shows trees and vegetation consistent with the wadi. I do not think it is possible to pinpoint a more accurate location. There is a village in Zamzam between the two branches of the wadi. The Peoples Committee is located here.
Update May 2/3, 2012: 
More later on his missing fingers...

Otherwise we don't know. The world hasn't seen him, or vice-versa, in over five months.

The Debate over Seif's "Fair Trial"
There's some news on wrangling between the ICC and Libyan courts over who gets to convict Seif and Mr. Senussi for the fake crimes they've been saddled with. One wants to lock him up for life or poison him before the trial ends ala Milosevic, all in the Hague, where rogue Africans belong. The other side wants to torture a full confession and then execute him, preferably by slow beheading, in his homeland. I think Seif would prefer the latter. (see comments below for links and further news)

Besides Tripoli and the Hague, there is Zintan, the place he's been held incommunicado since capture in November. When there was gold at the airport, the Zintanis insisted on holding the airport. When the leader's son is in their custody, they ain't letting that go either. Damien McElroy, the Telegraph:
The International Criminal Court (ICC) is demanding the extradition of Col Muammar Gaddafi's presumed heir to The Hague to face war crimes charges for giving orders to kill unarmed civilians during the uprising against the old regime. 
Libya's lawyers are appealing for the right to stage Saif's trial in a Libyan courthouse. However, Osama al-Jueili, Libya's defence minister and head of the militia brigade which is holding Saif in the town of Zintan, added to confusion over his fate by insisting his prisoner would face trial in his town, not the capital Tripoli. "I think he will be tried in Zintan," Mr Jueili told the Daily Telegraph. "Zintan is part of Libya, the country where the crimes he is charged with were [for a fact] committed. In the history of war crimes it is not necessary to hold these courts in the capital." 
The comments are bound to exacerbate [existing and founded] fears that Saif will face victor's justice at the hands of his captors and inevitable execution. 
The only outsiders to see Saif must be granted permission by Abdelaziz al-Hasadi, Libya's prosecutor general. However, access is so zealously guarded that Saif has not met with a defence lawyer. Only the ICC, Red Cross, his doctors and a human rights campaigner have successfully secured meetings with the prisoner.
Over five months in and still no legal counsel? Clearly that's how the Zintanis want it. He will not get a lawyer, an adequate one allowed to do his job anyway. If anyone tries to argue in Seif's behalf, say that such orders that underpin the new nation's mythology never actually existed, he will be arrested himself for "glorifying the Gaddafi regime."


  1. For one thing.I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds it a little odd that the only visible injury on this captive of the Zintani thugs is to his fingers. I had heard around (sourcenot handy) that the rebels had promised to cut off his fingers oncetheygot their hands on him. He seems to have all four fingers and his thumb,but threeof those are covered in bandages. He says, if effect, "the well-co-ordinated NATO bombing made me fall down the stairs and hurt my fingers, before the rebels even captured me."

    Did they compromise and cut off only a couple of fingertips and threaten everything else if he told anyone?

    I like Mahmoud Shammam's reason why Seif's fair trial had to be in Libya.
    Mr Shammam said it would only be fair for Libyans to try Saif at home where he [in fact] "committed crimes against Libyan people"Sky News

    The crimes are fake. They are a given. They cannot possibly be backed down from without a stroke of genius these takeover robots are not capable of. So Seif will pay, whether he has to die before trial,have a special trial with no defense, or whatever they can manage. The facts cannot intrude.

  2. Tripoli Post:
    Interim Prime Minister Abdurrahim el-Keeb, said: ""The arrest of Seif al-Qathafi crowns the sacrifices made by our great people." Indeed, though it seems anti-climactic after Sirte.

    Fadi El-Abdallah, an ICC spokesman said Libya had an obligation to surrender Seif but did not exclude the possibility of a trial in Libya.

    He told AFP: "The Libyan authorities have an obligation to cooperate with the court, including with respect to the arrest and surrender of Seif al-Islam to the court as indicated in the UN's resolution."

    The obligation comes from a UN resolution Libya surely didn'tsign? Noone in Libya has signed onto the ICC's jurisdiction, as far as I know, so normally they wouldn't have such an "obligation." But it's a negotiable obligation... just like back when they offered a trade of regime change for clemency, making it, as Seif himself noted,"a fake court."

    Wherever the trial is held, all relevant parties will be massively inclined towards an unfair trial that simply upholds the mythology by which they claim legitimacy in smashing the state. The reason Libya was chosen is because the unfairness can, and will, of course, be capped with death, and perhaps a cruel one. If Seif would rather die at home than suffer the lonely fate of Milosevic in the clutches of Western imperialists,and that might well be, then I'm happy for him.

  3. I am moving the discussion here from the Muammar Gaddafi thread. My friend from South Africa pointed out some references.

    The Daily Express story indicates the October 19th strike on Saif was carried out by British RAF Tornadoes.

  4. Fred Abrahams, a special adviser at Human Rights Watch interviews Seif al-Islam al-Gaddafi in Zintan:
    In His First Interview, Saif al-Islam Says He Has Not Been Given Access to a Lawyer

  5. The trial against Saif Al Islam Gaddafi is progressing. The ICC reports that
    Mr. Gaddafi has been interviewed by the Libyan authorities in connection with allegations concerning the fact that he allegedly did not have a licence for two camels, and issues concerning the cleaning of his fish farms.

    Saif has been notified that NTC investigation into murder, rape et cetera had been terminated because they had no evidence against him.

    OPCD Report On Saif Al Islam Gaddafi’s Situation In Libya

  6. The latest:

    Libya urges ICC to abandon legal claim to try Saif Gaddafi, ex spy chief
    Tripoli, May 2 (ANI):
    Libyan authorities have formally asked the Hague-based International Criminal Court (ICC) to abandon its legal action against Saif al-Islam Gaddafi and the nation's former intelligence chief so that both men can face trial in Tripoli, where they are likely to face the death penalty.

    If the ICC ever had any doubts of trying Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, they should have thrown out the case the day it was handed to them by the UN Security Council.

  7. Libya has been building up evidence against Seif al-Islam Kadhafi in the hope of persuading International Criminal Court judges to sanction a local trial, an ICC envoy said on Saturday.

    "The general prosecutor explained to us what he was doing and he has a very good case," Luis Moreno-Ocampo told journalists in Tripoli at the close of a trip to follow up on Seif's case and push forward investigations on rape.

    "I understand there are more than 30 witnesses," he said.
    "He has witnesses, interceptions, documents; apparently he has a lot of evidence," Ocampo told AFP, adding he had not seen the body of proof because it remains confidential at this stage of the investigation.

    Joanne ♌ Leo ‏ @FromJoanne

    #Flash #ICC has Received a FORMAL submission from #Libya arguing that #Saif alIslam #Gaddafi + Abdullah #alSenusi should be tried in #Libya


    The Arab League said in a statement Monday that it supports Libya's right to try him.

    1. In my capacity as Chairperson of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights (the African Commission:

      The Complainant alleges that serious human rights violations are being perpetrated by the Republic of Libya against Mr. Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi. She submits that on 19 November 2011, the National Transitional Council (NTC) arrested and detained Mr. Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, and after over four months, he remains in detention.

      The Complainant alleges that throughout this period, Mr. Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi has been detained in isolation, deprived from contacting his family or friends, denied access to any lawyer, has not been charged by the NTC with any offence, nor brought before any court

      The Complainant further alleges that Mr. Sail Al-Islam Gaddafi is believed to be detained in Zintan, although the address of the detention facility is not known, and he faces an imminent trial carrying the threat of the death penalty.


  8. Replies
    1. You mean to say:

      Saif al-Islam Gaddafi 'to be tried in remote mountaintop town'
      By Damien McElroy, Zintan, 02 May 2012

      The Libyan commander holding Saif al-Islam Gaddafi has declared he will stage a trial of the dictator's son in the remote mountaintop town where he has been held since his capture last November.

  9. What is Saif guilty of? Patriotism (and, more egregiously, terrible judgment in whom he brought into the Libyan government; some (many?) stabbed his father in the back).

    A conviction in The Hague may be beyond the power of Sarkozy or Cameron. Moreover, at a Hague trial, NATO would be on trial--for good reason, since Libya was responding to a regime-change plan backed by the British, French, and American political elite.

    In Libya, conversely, even if Saif gets a trial on TV like Saddam, NATO will not be on trial because that would oppose the "revolution narrative." More significantly, for Cameron and Sarkozy, a Libyan trial would not be in English or French, and hence less damage to them. Finally, the verdict in a Libyan trial would be fixed; this might not be the case in The Hague.

    Art Bethea

  10. http://a0.twimg.com/profile_images/1421537568/Picture_6.png

    Tasbeeh Herwees : It was not too long that Gaddafi’s son had been seen wagging his finger at Libyans and promising rivers of blood, and the graves borne of that promise are still freshly dug.

    Whether Saif or Muammar deserve a fair trial in court is irrelevant but the Libyan people do; justice is a salve for the victim, not the brutalizer.

    Tasbeeh Herwees | : University of Southern California :“It was some weird alternative reality where you’re asking people to throw bombs on your own country,” she said.


    1. Some of Tasbeeh Herwees fave journo's :
      Other fave #Libya journos: @cjchivers, @alihashem_AJA, @tonybirtley, and @dima_khatib


  11. Let’s remember that it was Ocampo who “gathered evidence of fault” against Muammar and Seif Gaddafi in a few weeks without going to the place where the alleged crimes were committed


    First, there is no real evidence of his guilt the same way there was no evidence produced in the case against his father (here one can recall the ICC’s approach to the Muammar Gaddafi’s suit, when instead of demanding to investigate the murder of the person who had been brought charges against in the already open case, it was decided to “close it” 7 ). It’s a rather scandalous decision taken by the court that pretends to be “the most just in the world” that “sets the universal justice standards”.

    Secondly, the ICC’s interest is to prevent Seif Gaddafi from getting an international tribune to give evidence against NATO and make public secret mechanisms of Libya’s destruction. Eight out of eighteen judges are citizens of NATO countries, that committed an act of aggression against Libya (besides two more judges from NATO member states “temporary hold their positions till concrete cases are closed”).

    Thus, NATO controls half of the ICC judges. In the chamber that is responsible for preliminary investigation of the Seif Gaddafi’s case, two out of three judges are citizens of NATO countries (Germany and Belgium).

    And third at last, the only defence left for Seif al-Islam in case his trial goes to the Court is the information revealing real identity of the new Libyan authorities and their crimes, that would inevitably lead to new arrest warrants by a court that is really independent.

    "I honestly believe that... certain members of the existing National Transitional Council don't want these people to stand trial," Jalal al-Galal, a former spokesman for the NTC, told Al Jazeera. "Because they might implicate some members who are in the NTC."

  12. Lawyer doubts Libya 'able or willing' to try Kadhafi son

    A lawyer for Moamer Kadhafi's son Seif al-Islam said Friday he doubted Libya was able or willing to try his client, as he asked the International Criminal Court to report the matter to the UN.

    Xavier-Jean Keita, the defence lawyer appointed by the ICC, said in papers before the Hague-based court that despite several requests to meet Seif, Libyan authorities so far have not cooperated.

    "Either they are stonewalling because they are concerned about what he might say to his council... or, they simply do not have the capacity to implement the visit," Keita said.

    "Either conclusion undermines their assertation that they are either willing or able to conduct proceedings against Mr Seif al-Islam."


  13. NTC who just could win with the help of professionals from outside :

    GENEVA -- U.N. human rights experts say they will visit Libya next week to examine the use of mercenaries to fight the uprising that eventually brought down Moammar Gadhafi's four-decade dictatorship.

    Faiza Patel, head of the U.N. Human Rights Council panel, says it also aims to collect "direct and first-hand information" on private companies offering military aid, consultants and security to Gadhafi's regime.

    Patel and another expert said Friday they will spend four days in Libya at the invitation of the government, which claims to have evidence linking Gadhafi's son Seif al-Islam Gadhafi, to the supervision and planning of the recruitment of mercenaries in the civil war that ended the regime.

    The International Criminal Court prosecutor said in April that Libya also claims to have evidence linking Gadhafi's son to executions.

  14. On Wednesday, May 16, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) made his 3rd report to the UN Security Council on the action of the ICC on the referral under UN Security Council Resolution 1970.(1) Much of Ocampo’s report was about the actions of the ICC on issues related to the detention of Saif Al Islam Gaddafi.

    The report, however, failed to mention important aspects of the case. Instead it substituted the views of the National Transitional Council (NTC) of Libya in place of the actions and determinations of the ICC, giving the UN Security Council a false picture of the situation that exists regarding Saif Al Islam Gaddafi’s detention.

    According to the reports by the ICC Registry and the Office of the Public Counsel for the Defence (OPCD), Saif Al Islam Gaddafi has been held mostly incommunicado and denied access to a lawyer by his captors. In response to this situation, the ICC has assigned two Counselors from the OPCD to the case until Saif Al Islam Gaddafi is allowed to choose his own lawyer. In a motion to the Court, the OPCD criticized the Prosecutor’s office for its bias against the defendant and asked the ICC to remove Ocampo from the case. The ICC judges have yet to rule on the OPCD motion.(2)

    The Prosecutor’s presentation to the Security Council and then to journalists at the UN at a press conference on the Libya situation demonstrated the problem.(3) The obligation of the Prosecutor is to present information confirmed by the ICC, not unconfirmed information from the Libyan officials of the NTC. Instead, in both his May 16 report to the Security Council and in the presentation at the press conference afterwards, the Prosecutor repeated the Libyan NTC’s claims of “adequate conditions of detention”, “access to ICC lawyers”, "visits" from the ICRC, and "NGOs", and “family members” provided to Saif Al Islam Gaddafi. These claims are false according to reports by officials of the ICC who visited the Defendant and reported on the poor conditions he is being held in. Also he has been held in isolation and there has been a lack of access of anyone to him with the exception of one visit by the ICRC and one by Human Rights Watch.

    Saif Al Islam Gaddafi is not even in the custody of the NTC. He is being held by a rebel group referred to as the Zintan militia. Based on a motion to the ICC judges by the OPCD, the ICC ordered that access to Saif Al Islam Gaddafi be made available to a delegation of officials from the ICC Registry and the OPCD. This visit, however, was allowed in only a very limited manner. On Saturday, March 3, a Counselor and translator from the OPCD met with Mr. Gaddafi from 2:35 pm to 4:15 pm, a one hour and forty minute meeting. Prior to that meeting Saif Al Islam Gaddafi met with the ICC Registry official for one hour. That meeting was in the presence of a Libyan government official and Saif Al Islam Gaddafi appeared reluctant to talk openly in these circumstances. Only women were allowed to be part of the delegation and only two officials from each of the two offices of the ICC were allowed to be present at the visit.

    The details of this meeting were reported in two separate reports to the ICC Court, one by the OPCD (4) and one by the Office of the Registry (5). The public version of both reports available at the ICC web site are heavily redacted.


  15. http://bigpondnews.com/articles/World/2012/06/02/Libya_can_hold_on_to_Gaddafis_son_756777.html

    Libya doesn't have to hand over Muammar Gaddafi's son Luis Moreno-Ocampo says.

  16. may be a rumour but I pray it's true :

    Breaking news..Saif al Islam smuggled to #Cyprus Nessbook Gina TV Source http://fb.me/13rAQn1W7 #Tripoli #Libya #Algeria #June7

    1. http://www.debka.com/newsupdate/1248/


      Qaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam escapes Libya
      DEBKAfile June 6, 2012, 9:30 PM (GMT+02:00)

  17. ICC lawyer meeting Gaddafi son detained in Libya
    Reuters, June 9, 2012

    Quote: "We tricked the ICC team by presenting them with one of our men who we told them was deaf and old and illiterate but he is actually a wise man who can speak four languages including English," Atiri said.

    "That is when we found out the lawyer had a letter written in English that they wanted him to sign admitting that there is no law in Libya and asking to be transferred to the ICC. When we searched the woman we found she had a letter from Mohammed Ismail for Saif and another one written back to Ismail."

  18. In effect, the Zintan kidnap representatives of an internationally known organization.

    What are they doing to anonymous people? Is cooking them really too far out to believe?

    On a separate issue but possibly even more important: it's being alleged (in Russia Today, for instance), that the Libyan al-Qaeda types have their hands on chemical weapons and intend to use them in Syria to give Obama the propaganda event for attacking there.

    Hopefully, there are no Libyan chemical weapons, but if there are, and the Libyan al-Qaeda has them . . .

    Art Bethea

    1. This is old news. Yesterday the ICC team were detained. Now they are in jail. They face prosecution, prison, and whatever, rape and execution.

      Zintan: Arrested ICC lawyers “moved to jail”
      And this is only according to the post-revolution "free" Libyan press. (Libya Herald, Tripoli, 11 June)

  19. Demonstrations in front of Supreme Court in Tripoli to demand judges are cleared of corruption before taking up posts. (some hope) Facebook photos...

    Lawless (almost) land.

    1. they are clearly the good guys :

      An influential group of lawyers and judges, the Coalition for the Revolution of the 17th of February


      Libyans Organize Citizen Councils to Run Cities Liberated from Pro-Gaddafi Loyalists
      Monday, February 28, 2011

      Salwa Bugaighis, Libyan attorney and member of the Coalition of the February 17 Revolution
      Hanaa Al-Gallal, Libyan attorney and member of the Coalition of the February 17 Revolution

      Judge Kamal Bashir Dahan, head of Libya's Supreme Court, sits as he meets with members of the Constitutional Chamber in Tripoli June 3

    2. the bad guys behind bars :

      Bouzaid Dorda arrives at court on crutches for a hearing in Tripoli June 5, 2012. Dorda, who was arrested last September in Tripoli, is the first senior Gaddafi official put on trial in Libya

      the first hearing of his trial at the al-Hadba prison and Tribunal facility in Tripoli on June 5, 2012. A trial of former officials in Moamer Kadhafi's regime opened in Libya, with Dorda, who is charged with detaining people without evidence of any crimes and using or threatening force to prevent others from enjoying their political rights,

      Bouzaid Dorda (2nd R), stands behind bars in the dock during a court session in Tripoli June 5, 2012.

    3. or in the trusted hands of :

      Al-Kaaqa Brigade Commander Othman Ibrahim al-Mlegta speaks at a news conference about the 24 nationals from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia who were handed prison terms after being accused of serving as mercenaries for ousted leader Muammar Gaddafi in last year's war, in Tripoli June 6, 2012.

    4. Some of the rotten apples are already taken out :

      the Coalition for the Revolution of the 17th of February :
      The group released a statement on Wednesday night calling for the resignations of the vice chairman of the rebel executive branch, Ali al-Essawi; the judge, Jumaah al-Jazwi al-Obeidy; and the defense minister, Jalal el-Digheily, and a deputy, Fawzi Bukatef, who also leads a coalition of armed rebel brigades separate from the army.

  20. First Judges’ Congress
    The first conference of the Judges Association is to be held in Misrata, writes Almahdi Abdulahti. 
    The conference will take place on 28 and 29 February.
    During the Qaddafi era, judges were often seen as puppets of the regime. Some have resigned while the remainder and new judges are now keen to demonstrate their independence.

  21. some of the judges :

    [felix : ]One interesting character: Marwan Tashani is a judge, human rights activist and head of the committee for documentation and mercenaries.
    Marwan Tashani is a judge,head committee for documentation and mercenaries

    [ felix :] "Is it Tarek Abdel-Hadi, a former Libyan prosecutor tracking those missing from Misrata, estimated that he has collected 1,000 names so far in his efforts. (Associated Press)"
    Elsanous Ali Eldorsi, a retired judge in Benghazi,
    "We found 150 corpses burning and we believe they were the bodies of officers and soldiers who refused to follow orders to fire on the the people," he said.
    I met a judge, Marwan Ahmed, who led the opposition side in the two-hour talks.
    ferthi a former judge & supreme court lawyer @ 0.23
    Abdul Hadi Abu Shahayna, a Tripoli judge who said he was held at the facility
    judge colonel ali hamida
    Judge Amer al-Turki (C top) presides over proceedings on the first day of the trial of five men in the new court of Zawiyah, 40 km west of the capital Tripoli on May 8, 2012, in the first civil trial for regime supporters, loyalists of the former Libyan leader Muammar Kadhafi.

  22. Amnesty cautions against 'apology' to Libya

    In an editorial last Friday, the Australian reminded Libya’s NTC that it “owes its existence to the US-led NATO intervention—strongly backed by Australia—that ended the Gaddafi tyranny.”...


  23. Taylor's three colleagues – a Lebanese translator, Russian diplomat and Spanish legal expert – have been told they are free to leave Zintan but have elected to stay with Taylor.


    "An interrogation of them is under way," said the Libyan government spokesman Nassar el-Manee. "There is evidence that proves they have breached the law."

  24. In other news, #Libya prosecutor gen met w @IntlCrimCourt boss to present Libyan side of what went down in #Zintan that led to lawyer arrest

  25. I do not know Mr. Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, nor have I ever met him in private or public.

    2.1 I have now had the opportunity to evaluate the case brought by Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi against the Telegraph Group Limited and do feel quite confident that rendering an opinion in this case.
    MANSOUR O. EL-KIKHIA /April 2, 2002_
    I, Mansour O. El-Kikhia, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Texas at San Antonio have been asked to state my expert view on the internal political structure of the country of Libya.

    I was born in Libya, extensively researched and written on the social, political, and economic conditions in the country. My major publication is Libya's Qaddafi: The Politics of Contradiction by the University of Florida Press.
    I have testified on US-Libyan Affairs before the United States Congress, conducted US-Libyan policy workshops for the United States Department of State.
    I have also advised the Immigration Authorities in Canada on political, economic and religious conditions in Libya.
    I have been a frequent guest commentator on the Voice of America on Arab issues including the Lockerbie Affair.
    Various media ranging from Brazil's leading newspaper El Globo to the Austrian Broadcasting Service have also interviewed me.

  26. The League was founded in 1989 by Soliman Bouchuiguir, Hussein Raiani, Mohammad Zayyan, and Mansour Kikhia.

    Mansour Kikhia, former Libyan ambassador to the United Nations, had defected to the US in 1980 and, in December 1993, was kidnapped in Egypt and subsequently transported to Libya, where he is believed to have been executed.
    The current Secretary-General of the League is Hussein Raiani.

  27. Mansour O. El-Kikhia University of Texas at San Antonio/Letter to President Obama about Libya - Sign Libya Appeal/2/22/2011/ 12 7:18 PM

    UTSA prof el Kikhia may be Libya's next leader

    Mansour El-Kikhia, chair of the political science department at UTSA and a native of Libya, talks about the ouster of Moammar Gadhafi on Friday, Oct. 28, 2011

    Mansour Kikhia - City of Benghazi

    #Benghazi #Election: Rashid Mansur Al #Kikhia, the only woman on the ballot, is official rep to NTC due to her getting most votes – 7784
    16m Salwa ‏@Salwasz278

    @inkermangroup Her first name is Najat. So her full name is Najat Rashid Mansur Al #Kikhia

  28. http://vivalibya.wordpress.com/

    Like Ar-Rayani, Darrat has been doing a combination of Internet activism, distributing petitions and organizing protests in U.S.
    cities to promote solidarity with the Libyan uprising.

    During one weekend in February, while Qaddafi made it clear he would stubbornly hold onto his rule in the face of the protests, Darrat and over 30 other young people hunkered down in a house in Washington D.C. that became a control room of sorts for the Libyan diaspora opposition movement.

    Hussein Raiani · University of Geneva, Switzerland :
    this is no surprise to me , but to go as far as saying that they in control of the country would be away from the truth ; libyans know their history and know fairly well that these terrorists have been co-opted by Qathafi , the despot when he was in power ; they did sign a petition or a letter of forgiveness and sent it to him.
    The tyrant padoned them and paid their leaders HANDSOMELY. He liberated their last group from prison after the revolution was already under way.
    The ceremoney was shown on State TV. So people do not trust them and libyans are conservatives and sort of religious but they will not accept Taliban style Libya.
    We fought a ferocious and heinous dictatorship with bare hands at the beginning , so do you think that we will stand by and let these BEADIES steal & hijak away our revolution, NO WAY!

  29. http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=630675
    ICC: What Was Melinda Taylor Doing in Libya?

    The International Criminal Court (ICC) has released a statement saying that it will investigate allegations of wrongdoing by its staff, who are being detained by Libya.
    The statement, released late Friday, said the ICC “deeply regrets any events" that may have caused Libyan authorities concern. It also said the court would subject staff members to sanctions if they are found to have been responsible for “any misconduct.”

    1. Some great comments there, in that CBC article, Hurriya. One commenter points me to an Icelandic page Yes, I'm saying that is's all lies , Sept 1 2011, from http://gagnauga.is/index.php?Fl=Greinar&ID=169 except that my computer doesn't like the page. Perhaps too many photos? It's also on this video: http://vimeo.com/41729945
      It led to this excellent video: http://vimeo.com/41777361, LIBYA - By T.J. Coles. Axis of Logic

  30. To their credit, Melinda Taylor and Xavier-Jean Keïta filed a Request to Disqualify the Prosecutor from Participating in the Case Against Saif Al Islam Gaddafi” on 3 May 2012 (ICC-01/11-01/11-133). The request was certainly valid, based on indiscretions committed by the prosecutor during media interviews where he cited specific alleged “evidence” he claimed to have in his possession that “proved” Saif Gaddafi was guilty of crimes against humanity.

  31. Mohammed Ben Ras Ali, a member of the stabilisation team that has been working under Infrastructure Minister Ali Jihani with the European Union and United States for post-Kadhafi scenarios, nevertheless remained upbeat.


    First, we have to thaw in Libyan assets abroad.' NTC 'stable group' responsible person Jie Hani (Ahmed Jehani told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC interview that he revealed that Libya's overseas assets totaling $ 100 billion, this process requires the international community to help.

    Dr. Gehani informed Mr. [Zeef]Gaddafi during the meeting that Dr. Gehani is the ‘architect’ of all allegations against him

  32. The NTC have only provided legal cover for the militia's detention of Taylor to pretend to be in control of the situation, and now they have procured the ICC's pseudo-apology for the exact same reason.

    In the latest twist, as the NTC has absolved their fellow Libyans of any wrongdoing by forcing the ICC to apologise, the Guardian reports that Libyan Prime Minister Abdel Rahman Al-Keib stated that Taylor won't be released because she "compromised Libyan national security".

    In other words, now that the apology was procured, it was deemed to be insufficient. However, other news outlets have a conflicting report that Australia's department of foreign affairs and trade cannot confirm that Al-Keib made such a statement.


  33. http://www.abc.net.au/pm/content/2012/s3537317.htm

    MARK COLVIN: The Libyan delegate to the International Criminal Court is Ahmed al-Jehani. He told Michael Vincent on the phone just moments ago that Melinda Taylor would not be allowed back into the country.

    AHMED AL-JEHANI: I think that after the problem is finished now and within today or tomorrow, maximum, they will be released, Melinda and her colleagues.

    I was an eye-witness when she took and surrendered and hand over documents and letters to Saif al-Islam Gaddafi.

    AHMED AL-JEHANI: All the elements of this crime is proven really.
    And she brought a letter written in Arabic and she should be more, what we say, more careful to read, or to bring this letter to an interpreter to know what the contents of this document and this letter.

    MARK COLVIN: That's Ahmed al-Jehani, who's the Libyan delegate to the International Criminal Court, speaking to Michael Vincent.

  34. Saief???

    As with nearly every strongman regime in the Middle East, Britain’s Special Forces long had an appeal for Libya’s elite, who appear to have been as seduced as anyone by their “Who Dares Wins” reputation.

    Documents show that within a year of signing the General Dynamics contract, MoD officials at the highest rank were fielding queries from Gaddafi’s second son, Saif, about Libyan servicemen attending the SAS’s notoriously tough “selection” course.

    In a June 2008 letter marked “Restricted — UK/Libya Eyes only”, Maj Gen Robin Searby, the Prime Minister’s defence coordinator to Libya,

    informed Saif that “regrettably” the course was off-limits to foreigners, and offered him a proposal from a private firm, Arlington Associates, run by two ex-SAS officers.

    By January 2009, though, clearance had been given for the SAS to train 50 Libyans, including members of the Khamis Brigade, in weapons skills, field craft and “counter-terrorism”.

    Last week, Maj Gen Searby defended the programme. “There was no reason for the British Government not to be involved with Libya at the time, as it was felt that it was better to have them inside the tent rather than outside,” he told The Sunday Telegraph.

    Maj Gen Searby added that the programme was eventually abandoned, as the Libyan soldiers “were not up to it”. Yet the high-level contacts continued nonetheless.


  35. 91. Under Libyan law, the use of evidence obtained from torture or coercion can taint the entire case, and result in the release of the defendant.
    106. It is difficult to see how, in such circumstances, testimony procured from former
    associates or members of the regime could be considered to be reliable or voluntary,
    when the consequences for not cooperating with the regime can be so dire.

    Amnesty Intemational, which has reported several incidents of torture in detention centers in Libya, has observed that many detainees "had confessed to crimes they had not committed just to end the torture"

    159. There also appears to be a strong popular sentiment, directed to the public
    authorities, that Mr. Gaddafi should be killed rather than tried in a court of law.


    they must dismiss the case pursuant to Article 151 of the Criminal Procedure Code

    147. On 3 and 4 March 2012, the Libyan coordinator for the ICC informed both Mr.
    Gaddafi and the OPCD independently that the investigations against Mr. Gaddafi for more serious crimes had been terminated due to lack of evidence

    91.should result in the dismissal of the case against Mr. Gaddafi due to the existence of tainted evidence


  36. Libya’s treatment of Saif violates not only international law, but also Libyan law

    the government’s flagrant violations of Libya’s Code of Criminal Procedure are making it increasingly unlikely that Saif can be successfully prosecuted in a domestic court


    Libyan government’s failure to live up to the standards of its own criminal-justice system is exceptionally relevant: the ICC should deem Saif’s case admissible under Article 17.

  37. Shukri Ghanem, 69, who was the country's prime minister between 2003 and 2006, was discovered fully clothed floating in the river Danube in Austria on Sunday morning.= 29 april



    McFarlane said: "We now believe Carole has not been seen alive since 16 April

    An American `researcher` has contacted Mathaba with claims regarding the recent professional murder of `oil executive` Carole Waugh in England.
    However, that she was connected with one of the key oil men in Libya, Shukri Ghanem, who was tasked with ensuring western interests in the oil industry and not the Libyan Revolutionary Leader Muammar Qadhafi's call for the profits to be distributed directly to the Libyan masses, and for payments to be made in gold, were represented.
    Investigative reporters should study some of the allegations being made by the U.S. researcher, and various claimed facts that require checking:

    * Carole Waugh was a "close" friend of Sayf Al Islam
    * She bought an expensive flat in England in 1998
    * She was in Libya in 2000 living as a "neighbor" to Sayf Al Islam
    * In 1998 Sayf started his MA in Vienna and in 2000 he completed the MA
    * Veba oil was bought out in 2001 by Petro-Canada
    * In September 2009 Qadhafi threatened to seize their assets

    1. Thanks for that, Hurriya.I was thinking along similar lines.

    2. A Libyan official based in Cairo said Libya's Health and
      floating in the river Danube in Austria on Sunday morning.= 29 april 2012


      Environment Minister Mohamed Mahmoud al-Hijazi had set off to Vienna where he was to have talks with members of the Libyan opposition on behalf of Gaddafi's government.

      Tue Jul 5, 2011


  38. 1 June 2011 /Ghanem appeared in Rome, and told reporters he had defected because of the "unbearable violence" being used by Gaddafi's forces to try to put down the rebellion.

    By then though, he was so closely associated with Gaddafi's rule that the rebellion snubbed him, and he died in exile, harried by allegations of corruption against him that came to the surface after Gaddafi's rule ended.


    Ghanem graduated in English from Benghazi University, in eastern Libya, and his first job was as head of the translation unit with the state news agency. He later studied for a PhD at Tufts University in the US.

    Back home, he worked at the National Oil Corporation (NOC) and then found a job in Vienna in the Secretariat of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)

  39. Did Libya's former oil minister Ghanem know too much?

    After leaving Libya, Ghanem settled back in Vienna, where he had an apartment and where one of his daughters lives.

    By the end of last year, Gaddafi was dead and files had surfaced implicating Ghanem in corruption in the oil industry

    He denied wrongdoing, and said people were inventing stories about him "for personal revenge".

    In a meeting with a Reuters journalist in December last year in a Viennese hotel near his apartment, he was upbeat as usual but complained about the potential costs of having to fight any legal battle over the corruption allegations.

    He also related grisly stories he had heard about the torture he said had been meted out in Libya to Gaddafi-era officials arrested by the former rebels now running the country.

    For this reason, he said, he could not go back home.


    But the new Libyan government was investigating him for "wasting public funds, making illegal gains and wasting and mismanaging of the national oil production", and was seeking to prepare an Interpol arrest warrant.

    His insider status led to inevitable speculation that he may have known too much.

    1. A retired air force colonel who served under the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has disappeared from a Paris military hospital and relatives fear he may have been abducted or worse, a lawyer for the family said on Thursday.

      Police are searching for Abdusalam Aboudajaja, 68, who vanished from the Val-de-Grace hospital on August 6 wearing his hospital pyjamas, lawyer Francois Gibault told Reuters.


      Last month, officials in Vienna ruled out foul play in the drowning death of Gaddafi's former oil chief, Shokri Ghanem, whose family had accused enemies of killing him because he knew too much.

  40. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGvy_jk3Sgw

    ANTI-CORRUPTION OFFICE in Tripoly was the first to be bombed



  41. FORBES: Gaddafi was NOT billionaire because he never embezzled the money into personal accounts. He used gov accounts like any head of state

    22-2-2011 :Professor Tim Niblock, a specialist in Middle Eastern politics at the University of Exeter, has identified a gap of several billion dollars a year between the amount Libya makes from its oil reserves and government spending – a shortfall he expects has contributed greatly to the wealth of Muammar Gaddafi and his nine children.


    Tim Niblock is quoted as suggesting that the Zaghawa might be among various African mercenaries being used by Muammar Gaddafi's regime in the current Libyan conflict.

    Professor Niblock has asked us to make clear that he has no evidence that members of the Zaghawa are involved in the present conflict.


    $1.4billion has been paid out already – demonstrating once again that it was the forces of NATO colonialism, not Gaddafi, who were reliant on ‘mercenaries

  42. In June 2011 the law firm Patton Boggs, which beside seven US offices, is also established in Qatar and Abu Dhabi, took on pro bono work, lobbying for and giving legal advice to the NTC.

    However only a month later, the law firm started getting paid and has so far received at least $240,000 from the Libyan government.

    David Tafuri, the Patton Boggs partner most closely associated with the engagement, has visited the country at least four times.

    The firm is reportedly closely associated with the drive to identify and reclaim Libyan assets stolen by the Qaddafis and other members of the former regime.



  43. http://www.globalwitness.org/library/new-leaked-document-reveals-hsbc-held-14bn-libyan-funds

    New leaked document reveals HSBC held $1.4bn of Libyan funds

    HSBC and Goldman Sachs held $335m of Libyan state oil money

    $37 billion of Libyan investment in the United States,
    Now, to be fair, Goldman never actually paid the “fee”.

    Violence erupted in Libya and negotiations stalled.

    And it reportedly stipulated that it would only pay the fee if their attorneys confirmed that it did not violate the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).



  44. We know that, roughly a year ago, the fund had 65% of its assets in North Africa, 20% in Asia, and 15% in Europe and the Americas.

    The Libyan Investment Authority, a sovereign wealth fund formed in 2006 and worth $65 billion (mostly from oil deals,)

    a $70 billion has basically been shut down by the international community.

    Libyan Central Bank: West Still Hasn’t Returned $20 Billion in ‘Freed’ Assets

  45. a $70 billion has basically been shut down by the international community:

    IMF Libya—Concluding Statement of the 2012 Staff Visit, January 26, 2012 :

    7. Despite the removal of UN sanctions on the CBL the public sector’s financial situation remains precarious.

    The bulk of foreign assets was unfrozen on December 16, 2011, and the authorities have mostly regained access.4

    As of end-November 2011 around $3 billion had been made available to Libya and further amounts were made available toward the end of last year.

    The government is financing itself by borrowing from the CBL and drawing down its deposits.5


    World Bank says to help with Libya rebuilding

  46. 2010 :Public debt (General government gross debt as a % of GDP) : 0 %


    2010 : International Reserves : US$ 106.144 billion (Source: World Bank; Data updated: November 2010)

  47. Aug 25, 2011 ,Nation's former chief banker Bengdara said that Libya would need anywhere between $ five to seven billion to kickstart the economy and said there were no fears as the country's Sovereign Wealth Fund and gold reserves were a comfortable $ 168 billion.




    Dec 14, 2011 ,Libyan rebels have been demonstrating since yesterday about they have not received their salaries, their gold standard savings in the bank are missing, they got no money from the social welfare and social security fund, the Commercial Bank, Co-operative Bank, Social Welfare Bank, Libya Sahara Bank, Eastern Agricultural Bank, Bank of Libya, all rebel controlled banks of Libya are empty of cash, not even a single gold or silver coin, petrol backed dinar are also missing, the liquidity of the Eastern banks have been brought to zero,


    Letter: Abd al-Hakeem Belhaj sanctioning the illegal sale of 16 Kgs. of Gold




  48. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=nrEWtw8Zw54




    @david_bachmann_ Is double price of face value caused by Jalil's son who took control of telephone company and needs secure some earnings.



    hundreds of millions of dollars into a newly-created company called FM Capital Partners,

    Ibrahim sahad ‏ @ibrahimsahad NTC & TG should investigate statements of finance minister that billions were vanished & state has no control over oil exportation


    Tripolitanian Libyan
    Also, where is the transparency, we're pumping nearly a million barrels a day in oil - where is all of this money going? #Libya

  49. After reading all this stuff somebody could wonder if the people in the new Libiya are so eager to kill or do they have something to hide ?

    -NFSL Mohammed Ali Abdallah : There is enough evidence against him for him to receive the death penalty.
    We have to establish the credibility of our judicial system in order to go after the rest of them.”

    Libyafreelibya Dawn Libya :
    #Albaghdadi first of many. Next: #Ghaddafadam #Khweildi #Jalloud #khaled #Ghadaffi family.And many more.What a great day for justice. #Libya

    Libyan elections = steps towards #democracy #freedom #transparency #libyafreelibya #Libya

    @AllForLibya @Libyafreelibya Saif will rot in the mountains. He is an evil piece of scum. He will be tried soon. And will be hanged. #Libya

    #Saif should follow his fathers destiny. He did so much to live like his dirty tyrant of a dad. Needs to be tried and hanged. #Libya #ICC

    When will we try the war criminal? #Saif the killer? #Libya ##Benghazi #Tripoli

    Saif #dirty #Saif #ghadaffi needs to be put on trial. The #ICC war criminal needs to be made an example of. #Libya #libyafreelibya . #UN #USA

    ibnmukhtar86 Anas El Gomati
    Ecstatic at the capture of Saif - Tripoli has risen with so much passion and joy again. After Mo'ammar and Mutassim, third times a charm?

  50. 21 feb 2011 /BRQ /1:50 am / Najla Abdurahman, a Libyan dissident, dissected Saif El Islam Gadaffi’s address:


    B.R.R's photo stream

    note the photo's they publish of individuals that support the Colonel , with which purpose ???

  51. And now where are the Muslim lawyers?

    When the ICC appointed an Israeli lawyer for him, in all respectable Muslim newspapers it has been written that an Israeli lawyer will be the lawyer of Saif Qadhafi but in none of them was it written that there was not even one conscientious lawyer to accept to defend an innocent person.

    I ask myself how many of us, who pretend to be Muslim, are really Muslim? #


  52. Libyan™ ‏@dovenews
    The ICC has expressed concern that Libya is not set up to give the Saif Gaddafi a fair trial. He is still alive, thats the prove he will!

    @wheelertweets Escape from Libya not easy; specially when ppl like u give the ass and the ass of own mother to see Saif hanged.
    ibnmukhtar86 Anas El Gomati
    Ecstatic at the capture of Saif -After Mo'ammar and Mutassim, third times a charm?

    Joanne ♌ Leo ‏@FromJoanne
    @SalehBinMiskeen I lived in Angola during Civil War and Belfast during IRA bomb atacks ...Ppl will adapt This is #Gaddafi's legacy #Libya
    Joanne ♌ Leo ‏ @FromJoanne
    #AliTarhuni on #Italy Seizing #Gaddafi $1.5 billionAssets:"Seizing Money of this Family of KILLERS is the Least Punishment they should have"

    @ 7.12 Hunt for Gaddafi & Libyan Assets

  53. @GeorgePBGrant

    Assistant Editor @LibyaHerald , Libya Correspondent @TheTimes & Associate Fellow @HenryJacksonSoc :


    off topic , but paltalk related :



    Henry Jackson Society :

    the fusion of the British Tory neo-conservatives with the U.S. neo-cons in both the Democratic and Republican parties

    George Grant, Henry Jackson Society, on Libya and Oil


    George Grant :The future of NATO's mission in Libya

  54. http://www.causes.com/causes/645734-saif-al-islam-is-innocent/actions/1676755

    PETITION: Help Save Saif From Execution.

    To: Suppport Saif al Islam , ICC must follow up that peple aren't blind, we see what is behind of this politic accused

  55. Today the ICC published a response from Mr. Xavier-Jean Keïta, Principal Counsel and Ms. Melinda Taylor, Counsel, that was submitted on August 21, 2012:


    The Libyan authorities are attempting to confuse and deceive the public when Taha Naser Bara announces that Saif’s trial will be held in Zintan in September, while Deputy Prime Minister Mustafa Abushagur continues to insist that there are any definitive plans at this time regarding Saif’s trial.

    It is my hope that the ICC will act on this request and have Saif transferred to an ICC facility where he is safe from the murderous reach of the current regime and has a fighting chance for a “fair trial” where his defense can present evidence of his innocence and witnesses can testify on his behalf without fear of imprisonment or assassination.

  56. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzaCD18kJG8

    Travesty of Justice: 'No chance Gaddafi son gets fair trial in Libya'

  57. But I pointed out that the second kind of prosecution could be admissible, because the government’s failure to comply with the state’s own legal requirements could lead the judiciary to suspend or terminate the prosecution — thereby making the defendant more difficult, not easier, to convict.

    but consider what has happened in the prosecution of Buzeid Dorda,
    a senior intelligence official in the Gaddhafi government:


    This is the fifth time that Dorda’s trial has been suspended on the ground that prosecutors failed to comply with Libyan criminal procedure. 

    If Dorda was wanted by the ICC, I think the Pre-Trial Chamber would be well within its rights to hold, in light of the prosecutors’ actions, either that “[t]here has been an unjustified delay in the proceedings which in the circumstances is inconsistent with an intent to bring the person concerned to justice” or that the proceedings “are being conducted in a manner which, in the circumstances, is inconsistent with an intent to bring the person concerned to justice.” 

    And if that is true, it seems clear that the Pre-Trial Chamber would also be within its rights to reject Libya’s admissibility challenge involving Saif on similar grounds –  prosecutors have far more systematically ignored Libyan criminal procedure in his case than in Dorda’s.

    The Pre-Trial Chamber is set to hear argument on Libya’s admissibility challenge on October 8. 
    We will see what happens.

  58. “There is a wide range of evidence that will constitute an indictment the same as that presented by the ICC’s prosecutor,” said the British barrister Philippe Sands, an international-law specialist representing Libya’s government.


    Far from arguing against them, the ICC prosecutor’s office agreed with Libya, saying in a statement that the government “is taking the same serious tack,” and that it was “confident that it meets the admissibility standards,” allowing Libya to put Saif on trial at home.

    Those assurances were rejected by the court-appointed defense counsel Melinda Taylor, who told the ICC hearing that Libya might have used coercion and torture togather evidence against Saif, and that it had “provided absolutely noinformation as to how this trial can be conducted in a safe and secure manner, bearing in mind the current level of instability and insecurity in Libya.


    So where does that leave the international court, whose most high-profile target was Saif Gaddafi?

    Looking bad, according to one analyst who tracks the court’s progress.

    “The case of Libya has not done the ICC any favors,” says Mark Kersten, a Ph.D. candidate at the London School of Economics, who runs a blog on the ICC, Justice in Conflict.

    He told TIME on Tuesday that the case was problematic from the start, since the U.N. Security Council had referred Saif’s case to the ICC, without offering the court additional funds or support to prosecute it.

    1. “There is a wide range of evidence that will constitute an indictment the same as that presented by the ICC’s prosecutor,” said the British barrister Philippe Sands, an international-law specialist representing Libya’s government. :

      “Al-Hayat” quoted Al-Hawni in an interview that in early days after kidnapping Imam Sadr,


      Vice Chairman of Libyan National Council Mustafa Al-Hawni.
      By Philippe Sands in :

      The Accomplice By Philippe Sands

      “We found evidence that Saif was deeply involved . . . before the demonstrations started, before the speech.”

      Moreno-Ocampo believes the logistics were in place well before the Benghazi demonstrations erupted.

    2. Moreno-Ocampo cited other episodes: of killings in supermarkets, of snipers shooting worshippers as they left their mosques.
      Benghazi 18/02/2011 The site also said 1,000 inmates at a prison in Benghazi attacked guards and escaped. Three of them were shot dead by guards.

      Yasser Ben Halim Derna battalion

      Q) Prior to 17 February, Qaddafi released all political and criminal prisoners, one of those released was man called, Abdul-Hakim Hassadi known for his links with Al-Qaeda.

    3. Philippe Sands :

      Will Qaddafi and the son end up in The Hague?, I asked Moreno-Ocampo in June.

      “I think if he doesn’t kill himself, I will get Qaddafi the father. Saif, I don’t know,” Moreno-Ocampo said.

      Could there be a deal of some sort? Moreno-Ocampo was coy. He shrugged his shoulders and smiled. “We don’t think in political terms, really,” he said. “We just have to follow the evidence.”

    4. http://www.tripolipost.com/includes/newsresizedetails.asp?path=Libya-HRSociety-Report.jpg
      Photo: The General-Secretary of the HRS Mr. Mohammad Al-Alaqhi, R, and its Executive Director Mr. Mohammad Tarnish.

      Mohammed al-Alagi , Mr. Alagi, a former leader of the bar association :
      Mr [Mohammed] al-Alagi, a former head of Libya's Human Rights Association :
      The General-Secretary of the HRS Mr. Mohammad Al-Alaqhi attributed all advancements in human rights to the establishment of the society by the Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation (GICDF) ten years ago, which, according to him, has been able to open some sensitive files on human rights in Libya.

      Al-Alaqhi said the GICDF and Libya of Tomorrow Project recently launched by Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi helped the creation of "rights' demand" culture among the citizens.

      Mohammed al-Alaghi, who served as justice minister for the first four months after the overthrow of Gaddafi:


      "He has instigated others to kill, has misused public funds, threatened and instigated and even took part in recruiting and bringing in mercenaries," Mohammed al-Alagi said.

      He added that the charges against Saif carried the death penalty.


    5. In 2007, as part of his “reform and repent” program, Saif Al-Islam initiated a dialogue with the LIFG leadership.

      He brought Islamic scholars to the Abu Salim prison, in-cluding Sheikh Ali Al-Salabi and Noman Bin Othman, a former LIFG veteran based in the UK, to try to convince
      it to renounce violence in exchange for release.

      In the wake of the 2011 uprising, a group that grew out of
      the LIFG took the name of the Libyan Islamic Movement
      for Change (Al-Haraka Al-Islamiya Al-Libîya Li Taghyir)
      and has expressed its desire to be part of any new political


      Thu Mar 12, 2009 . Libya to free 170 Islamist prisoners -charity
      The group's leader Abdel Hakim Belhadj, widely known by the nom de guerre of Abu Abdallah Assadaq, said in a letter published in a newspaper on Thursday that his group and the government had built trust in their two years of dialogue.


    6. The judges may also resist siding with Libya to avoid the appearance of endorsing




  59. http://mideast.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2012/10/08/no_winners_in_icc_libya_standoff#.UHWafT8vkJo.twitter

    No winners in ICC-Libya standoff

    a public airing of past abuses before Libya moves on completely.

    It would be “a unique opportunity for national reconciliation,”

    Libyan attorney Ahmed al-Jehani told the ICC on Tuesday.

  60. Ahmed Jehani, Libya's envoy to the ICC

    Dr. Gehani informed Mr. Gaddafi during meeting Dr. Gehani is ‘architect’ of allegations against him


    Ahmed Jehani career 1960s, general counsel for the Libyan National Oil Corporation,


    08/2005 – 08/2007 I was the Senior Advisor to the WB Board of Directors.
    12/2003 – 08/2005 I was the WB Country Director in the Caucasus Region.
    11/1979 – 11/2003 I have worked as WB negotiator, policy advisor and framer of hundreds of international agreement in different regions of the world;


    World Economic Forum: Libya Panel Discussion 1

    Ahmed Al-Jehani – Reconstruction and Infrastructure
    Dr. Ahmed Jehani Libyan Stabilisation Team chairman on rebuilding plans
    Dr. Ahmed Jehani - TNC's Executive Committee

  61. The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court says she is collecting evidence for filing possible new war crimes charges against supporters and opponents of Moammar Gadhafi during last year's Libyan civil war.


    Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said she expects to decide soon on "the direction" of a possible new case that could see the first charges stemming from the Libyan civil war since the ICC issued arrest warrants for Gadhafi, his son and heir-apparent Seif al-Islam Gadhafi, and intelligence chief Abdullah al-Senoussi in May 2011

    the United Nations were fooled into believing that Gaddafi's air force had bombed certain districts in Tripoli, and that a terrible massacre against 'civilians' was about to take place.

  62. Does ICC just prosecute defenders of sovereign countries ?


    Moreno Ocampo Libia, apta para juzgar a Saif Al Islam 231111 GUERRA DE LIBIAflv

    November 10, 2012 Moreno-Ocampo, an Argentine lawyer who was the ICC’s first prosecutor,
    said given “it was absolutely clear” that as Syria’s commander-in-chief Assad’s forces had killed civilians, NATO could execute such a warrant.


    keeping up appearances while toothless :

    Because the ICC has no mechanism whereby it can force states to handover suspects wanted for trial, it is highly unlikely that any of these cases will reach The Hague given Libya’s commitment to handling the cases itself

  63. One wonders if such institute ,apparently without influence, can keep their promises :

    Amongst the possible crimes being investigated [..] allegation of crimes committed by revolutionary forces, including against the residents of Tawergha, non-combatants, and against detainees.

  64. The trial of former Libyan prime minister Al Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmoudi began on Monday, but the hearing was postponed until December 10 to give counsel from both sides additional time to prepare for the case.


    In January, several human rights groups such as the Tunisian League for the Defense of Human Rights, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch (HRW) [advocacy websites] had called on Tunisia not to extradite al-Mahmoudi to Libya over concerns that he could not get a fair trial in Libya.

  65. Mahmoudi was extradited back to Libya on 24 June, just under a fortnight before the 7 July Congress elections. At the time, it was widely rumoured that a deal had been struck with the Tunisian government to secure the exchange, including offers of cut-price oil supplies along with a multi-million dollar investment.

    Whilst the Libya Herald has received no official confirmation that the $200 million loan was directly linked to the Mahmoudi extradition, it is known that a similar deal was struck over the extradition of Qaddafi’s former spy chief Abdullah Senussi a little over two months later.

    Coincidentally, it was rumoured at the time that the Libyan government had agreed to invest $200 million in the impoverished West African state, although the government denied that any direct payment had been made.


  66. Saif Al Islam Libya

    May 16, 2012 press tv . Mohamed Abdul Malek talks why he wants
    Senussi and Saief in court in Libiya


    chairman Libiyan Watch mohammed abdulmalik @ 3.42 talks as a native english speaker about 1996 abu saleem prison events
    chairman Libiyan Watch mohammed abdulmalik manchester @ 5 .24 [press tv april 2011]
    talks with Former British Ambassador to Libya oliver miles

  67. http://www.presstv.ir/detail/166973.html

    press tv : Mohammed Abdul Malik, chairman of Libya Watch in London : Fri Feb 25, 2011 11:39AM: 'Libya's post-revolution outlook'

    @0.33 . press tv again Feb 26, 2011
    Mohamed Abdul Malek talking from his home in Manchester The Guardian, Monday 21 February 2011 21.00 GMT The time of victory is near.


    Fri Oct 21, 2011 Press TV has interviewed Mohammed Abdul Malik, the chairman of Libya Watch, to discuss the challenges that lie ahead for Libya.

  68. Mohamed Abdul Malik Elfigih has been appointed chairman of state-owned Libyan Iron & Steel Co (Lisco) , Metal Bulletin can exclusively reveal.



    Mohamed Abdul Malek, a senior official of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood :

    The February 17 members have criticized the presence in the NTC of secularists and technocrats and former Gaddafi officials, suggesting they are Libya's old guard.



    And in the 2011 war that finally ousted the strongman, Islamist fighters fought in guerrilla groups that played important roles in the taking of Tripoli and other major towns.


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