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Friday, June 1, 2012

Report: A Question Mark Over Yarmouk

March 26, 2012
last updates June 14

Update, June 14: The report is now complete and published. The current (best, final?) version is available in PDF at the new CIWCL site. (Direct PDF link there - go there!)

This post will be the spot for the first report of the Citizen's Investigation into War Crimes in Libya to be discussed, its portions published so far linked and organized, and whatever. Right now, I wanted to show the cover art. The document stands as of June 1 at 144 pages total.

At left, the cover design.

Below, the sections there will be, pages (pp) and progress in % complete. (99% is the highest until the whole report's done). The few sub-sections where I've posted a rough draft online are so linked. This helps me spot the last errors as well as show off the biggest sections, with the most new bits, that are approximately done and worth adding to the site.

(June 1: I don't feel like updating all this below - it's much further along and nearly done across the board.)

Part 1: Introduction
(section) 1.1: Report Overview (3 pp, 75%)

bonus graphic not included 
in the report: 
see article 2.4.2
1.2: About the CIWCL and this Report (2 pages, 40%)

1.3: A "Holocaust" Scene on the World Stage (7 pp, 99%)
In short, "why it matters." I've found this is an important thing to clarify up-front.
Rough draft online

1.4: Another Khamis Prison Massacre (7 pp, 99%)
Rough draft online
Presaging some of the problems with the larger massacre, a contemporaneous case a few miles away of six killed, 50-100 escaped unharmed. 

Part 2: Problematic Witnesses
(section) 2.1: So-Called Witnesses and Injustice (3 pp, 90%)
If it's happened before, why rule it out here? (Special emphasis on false testimonyfrom Tawerghan teens about rape parties in Misrata)

2.2: Cataloguing the Witnesses (5-7 pp, 96%)
Rough Draft Online (minus some intro material)
New draft for the report will include the Mohammed Bahir/Bashir al-Sedik/Germani/Omar cluster of clownish confusion, pressed in an under-stated way into the intro.

2.3: The Captive Soldiers “Confess” (7 pp, 98%)
(a bit expanded from what we have collected here)

2.4: Believe Whom? (13 pp, 98%)
Rough draft online
Sorry,you'll have to decide which witnesses to believe and which must be wrong, time and again.

2.5: "See-Through Salem" and the Fakers He's Touched (11 pp, 98%)
(not much different from what we have collected here)

Part 3: An Alternate Evidence-Based Explanation
(section) 3.1: Racist Brutality, up to the Shed (13 pp, 99%)
Rough-draft online
A fast-paced yet relentlessly dense summary of summary executions of Africa wherever the Rebels found it. Essential background knowledge for the next sub-section.

3.2: Un-Burned Victim Clues (7-8 pp, 75%)
(a bit compressed from what we have collected here and here)
Why are most of those prisoners killed after escape black, while none of the dozens that lived are?

3.3 Charred Victim Clues
(compressed from here)

3.4: Timeline Clues for a Rebel Massacre (9-10 pp, 90%)
(a bit expanded from what we have collected here)
The date of the massacre, August 23, is one of the few points the rebels and witnesses seem likely to be correct on. So why do clues keep popping up that the rebels controlled this base by the 23rd, and had a pile of 140 bodies to explain by dawn on the 24th?

3.5: Closing: Possibilities and Recommendation

Sources (10-11 pp, 85%)
rough draft

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