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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Khoms Containers Suffocations Timeline

Posted by Felix
See earlier posts Khoms Cargo Container Incident and Khoms Torture System and "Death Group" .

Photos:Perps at the containers
. The Guardian video seems to show a different container base. [details in following posts]
May 20 Date when Anmesty International says some were held from and who may have been involved in anti-government protests [AIUK, Sept 2]
May 29 Khoms resident Abdul Salam says [10 sept] is date "My brother went missing on May 29th, at 1pm" [Reuters/ITN]
June 5 23.00 hrs - according to Ahmed Mohamed Ali the time when food was placed into his container of 19 people.
June 6 alleged date of suffocation in the containers.
June 7 vide infra, Aug 20
July 27 Date of TV video "Green Libya Khoms": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kFD8YoHQJc
Also date when @libyanproud tweets that Gaddafi forces are using a container compound in Khoms each one housing 30+ people.
Aug 19 Guardian reports They [Zliten and Misrata rebels] are now establishing control of the town.
Aug 20 Group of a "defected soldier" (defected from what? Prisoner perhaps?) according to @LibyaNewMedia is alleged to have put 26 into a container on June 7.. Libya Uprising Archive immediately calls for information.Or concocted stories.
Aug 21 Date when Reuters reports rebels took control of Khoms and allegedly found footage on a Gaddafi soldier's mobile phone. Also allged date when survivors from June 6 were released from detention centres in Tripoli, alleged by Anmesty International. vide infra
Aug 29 @LibyaBreakNews reports two containers full of burnt bodies found in Barkow area, after execution with gunshots.
Aug 30 Anmesty International visits site "two days ago" [interpolation of Sky news comments]i.e. article published Sept 1.
Aug 31 @AlKhums reports youth of AlKhums burned alive in container.
Sept 1 (?) Visit of Anna Botting of SkyNews, report uploaded Sept 2. Coincides with publication of Anmesty International Report.
Sept 4 (night) 15 bodies brought to Khoms hospital.(reuters) after they were dug up on the edge of the Sidi Muftah cemetery, just outside Khoms, where n a resident said he had seen lots of vehicles coming to the cemetery at night a few weeks earlier,
MASS GRAVE(S): -مقبرة جماعية مقابر جماعية
Sept 6 Reuters report on Khoms "torture centre" Guardian reports 17 bodies found in mass grave Footage of yard with many containers.
Sept 7 unverified tweet: 4libya Jeanie Abdullah
A mass grave was discovered in #Khums with 40 bodies. Captured #Gaddafi officer said over 200 ppl killed & burried in mass graves. #Libya 8:42 PM Sep 7th, 2011
Daniel Etter, whose photos were used by HRW visits and photographs witnesses.

Sept 8 Karin Laub, Huffington Post reports [9 9 11] that on Thursday [Sept 8] the day after the burial in Qalaa, A day after the Galaa burial, another search team found 18 bodies near a road construction site dozens of miles away. The bodies are believed to be those of 18 men who died June 6 in a makeshift Gadhafi detention center in Khoms, said Col. Salem Tweer, head of the former rebels' local military council.
Tweer is taken to a remote location, Wadi Dufan 60km South of Khoms by a captured soldier where they proceed to exhume 18 bodies.
Sept 8 - evening A morgue at a Tripoli central hospital on Thursday (September 8) evening received 18 bodies which had been found in a mass grave in Rbane, south of Khoms [Reuters/ITN]
Sept 9 HRW Report Libya: 19 Suffocated in Gaddafi Detention
Sept 10 Al Jazeera names victims.
Sept 18 Libyan Youth reports the names of the 18. Also adds للمعلومة : ان العقيد المسئول عن جريمة القتل وهو سعيد الدبوب سرت الجنسية قد اصيب بالجلطة مساء بعد الحادثة ونفس اليوم للجريمة ونقل لمستشفي الخمس ومات ليلا . Translate: For information: The Colonel in charge of the murder, Saeed Aldbob Sirte nationality was injured after the incident stroke and evening the same day of the crime and the transfer to hospital and died five at night.
Sept 27 Colonel Salem Tweer dies 27 Sept 2011 Bani Walid front, promoted posthumously to Brigadier General (Facebook memorial page
Oct 20 FreeLibyanYouth reports the alleged perpetrator, Ali Bishti has been caught between Bani Walid and Tarhouna.
March 2 2012 UN OHCHR report.

Jubilation Khoms. uploaded 22 August http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PlflMtkK98

Guardian video, http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/video/2011/sep/06/gaddafi-torture-mass-grave-video
www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcZq3XoQKnE تحرير اسرى في مدينة الخمس مبنى البراعم Liberation of prisoners in a building, Khoms. Uploaded alphasrv3 Sept 7 2011 (the same user also uploaded footage showing normal situation in Khoms by 28 August.
A Facebook page dates this as Aug 22
Al Jazeera footage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acELYC8BY2w uploaded Sept 9 2011. Shows Imam Ali gettng a warm reception at the containers from residents.
CNN report from Sept 10.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQB6gUTDrzM. 18 Bodies unloaded at Tripoli Medical Centre. Reported says they "suffocated to death in June after being locked in two metal shipment containers for 14 hours by a death squad loyal to Moammar gaddafi"

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkptUH-aIT8 Uploaded Sept 13: procession of wooden coffins in Khoms: "burial of the martyrs of the prison container :مدينة الخمس مراسم دفن شهداء سجن الحاوية

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bft0iR9JAco :فيديو لجثث شهداء حاويات الخمس التي وجدت بمنطقة العربان , showing body bags in Tripoli, uploaded Sept 10 by aimanlibyan

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUC4hx5uhJ8 Libya Mass Graves uploaded by StefanellaStef Sept 15, with footage at 1.25 of hosptal trolleys purporting to show the bodies of 19 men dug up from a mass grave 120km outside Tripoli followed by the usual "Shipping containter torture video" [Report by Stephanie Fried of CCTV] The Sea Containers Hamilton Ltd box from Bermua which she shows is just an example, in case we haven't seen one before...
August 15: NATO Bombing footage from Khoms.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ae-DOv70u0 : War Crimes Conducted by NATO in Homs [Al-Khums] Libya Aug 15, 2011 Uploaded 16 Aug by OnToDenver

ITN (Reuters) video: 10 September http://www.itnsource.com/en/shotlist/RTV/2011/09/10/RTV2563911/?s=mass+grave+tripoli&st=0&pn=1

Finally a series of 5 videos uploaded by freekhoms1 in which Sheikh Mohamed Ali, aka Sheikh Mohamed Al-Tarhouni, expounds the story. Here,for example, is no 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKmUfyue35w : شهادة الشيخ محمد الترهوني عن الأسر وطرق التعذيب 2 uploaded December 8.

Also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBCLTp-2PBA from May 9h 2012, the official narrative on video with exhumation footage : هؤﻻء هم شهداء الحاوية.. فهل نسيناهم؟
Tweer speaks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suH0Q3hhZgo&feature=relmfu كلمة الشهيد سالم الطوير في تأبين شهداء الحاوية undated, uploaded FreeKhoms1 Jan 3 2012.


Akhbar Alaan video http://akhbar.alaan.tv/video/world-news/Libya-strike-protest-bombing-fields-Gaddafi-N4bR/ uploaded September 6.

BBC ArabicNews http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ev-cHDSQQHw September 6

A report, undated, in the Libyan Herald must be read with caution. Despite being, allegedly, in the thick of the revolution, where, in Khoms the first martyr was described as Yusuf Al-Jawadi,, the writer describes the container suffocation thus:
A number of freedom fighters who had been arrested together with some others who had had no known involvement in the uprising were locked into container trucks in the scorching summer sun. They were severely tortured and kept for long periods without food or water. They were effectively left to bake to death — and a number did. The regime’s henchmen beat anyone who sought any kind of opening in the truck which could give them some fresh air.
No names, no witnesses. But trucks??

Another incident is recorded there:
On one occasion, Qaddafi’s men threw a burning tire into a truck filled with Khoms freedom fighters. Many died as a result. The incident, however, went unreported. Two of the dictator’s close security aides, Al-Bishti and Al-Daboub, were subsequently held responsible for the atrocities.

Why would it go unreported by a pro-rebel press anxious to push out any fake stories? A mystery. Perhaps it never happened.
On 21August, Khoms witnessed its biggest uprising so far. Freedom fighters fought fierce gun battles with Qaddafi’s forces both in the Wadi Kaam valley and around the city’s date factory. The fighters fought until they liberated their city. Allegedly.

Telegraph article: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/libya/8745164/Libya-Gaddafi-squads-tortured-people-in-shipping-containers.html

Photos by Francois Mori late Thursday Sept 8, Tripoli morgue.

http://www.thedailystar.net/newDesign/latest_news.php?nid=32095 [Reuters Photo - A man who said he had been tortured by Gaddafi's forces shows his injuries in Khoms, some 120km (75 miles) east of Tripoli September 5.
The scar pattern is identical to Daniel Etter's photo the next day for HRW but with different clothing. It is intriguing that Mohamed Ahmed Ali's bushy beard is hidden in both photos...

Otherwise, there is an unusual absence of the usual mob of photojournalists eager to portray the sights shown to them by the rebels.


  1. Damn, that's a piece of work, Felix.I'll get these Khoms article linked together somehow pretty soon and it can really start coming together. A lot of odd things in here.

    One is an accepted Aug. 21 conquest of Khoms? They were in Bab Al Aziziyah by about then. This must be when they (allegedly) got total control, last holdouts, etc. Best guess, actual effective control days prior, burning executed captives at about that time. Wait a few days, pretend it's been a couple months, attach the "witnesses" and the "video proof," done deal. Activists all, the mysterious non-violent Libyan masses who tried to rise up in solidarity with them...

  2. HaithaM9B Haitham.B.laba
    FROM NATO: troops in al khums get a little bit confused tonight fire from sea,bombs from air and hellfire and gun from landside,time to run

  3. Tripoli resident who left Today: 1120 Gaddaf forces deaths recorded at Khoms Hospital. The main hospital for Zletin casualties


    1. SecularLibya MargBar Khamenei
      Heinz: No armor in Zlitan/Khums can get back to Tripoli – either destroyed or will be. Lots of demoralized soldiers.

  4. SecularLibya MargBar Khamenei
    There is more NATO firework tonight (June 3-4) in Zlitan & Khums.
    This means FFs will soon capture Zlitan

  5. June 3 2011
    Yefren, Al Qalaa press release:

    Al Galaa
    A. Almliab forest (VERY IMPORTANT)
    Position: 31°58’38.03″N, 12°40’26.62″E
    Site: on left hand side when going from Gharian to Nalut on motorway.
    Force: Large force including at least 4 tanks, grad, ammunition, personnel, etc. It is the main army supply to the area (substation) for forces heading west.
    Method of observation: eyewitness
    Time: Friday, June 3rd

    B.Command and Control centre at Almliab forest
    31°58’59.04″N, 12°40’30.84″E
    31°58’58.35″N, 12°40’32.39″E
    31°58’57.80″N, 12°40’33.29″E
    31°58’57.84″N, 12°40’34.21″E
    Site: Almliab scouting camp and agriculture centre.
    Force: Command and control is highly suspected to be in one or more of the 4 buildings given above.
    Observation: eyewitness
    Time: Friday, June 3rd

    A. Forest near Awiniya
    Position: 31o59’00.84” N, 12o29’36.16” E
    31o59’05.29” N, 12o29’34.24” E
    31o58’56.64” N, 12o30’45.62” E
    31o59’00.49” N, 12o30’44.18” E
    Site: Forest on both sides of Gharian-Nalut road near to Awiniya village
    Force: Large army force with various equipment and personnel
    Method of observation: Telescope
    Time: Friday June, 3

    B. New Man-Made River Company camp
    Position: 31o58’58.49” N, 12o30’09.92” E
    Site: A new camp that was used by Man-made river company
    Force: Missile launcher
    Method of observation: telescope (Sand/smoke in air was seen)
    Time: Friday June,3

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OE1md6_xrps
      Al-Khums, or Homs, or Khoms, town, about 97 km southeast of Tripoli. Libya, Jun 7 2011

      Alkhoms nato bomb Civilians [07-08-2011

      Libya : Effect of bombing in Al Khums [15-08-2011]

      August 20, Al Khums commands the last significant road junction before the capital.

      Rebel spokesmen in Misurata said their forces were now in a valley not far from the town.


  6. Hayat Libya ‏@LIBYA_WIN : I am as #Libyan as they come, you are in no place to tell me what I am. I only want #Gaddafi's closest ppl tried. 25 june 2012


    البغدادي المحمودي في ليبيا بعد تسليمة من تونس 24 6 12
    Libya: pro-Gaddafi forces left 29 detainees in hot metal containers - 19 died http://t.co/NTcoceu


  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPlJAZPkcw4

    unsolved container event @ 1.27

  8. unsolved container event :

    Fifteen bodies lie on the floor,The head of one body is missing.

    No one yet knows how the people in the mortuary ended up in their unmarked grave.

    They were not from the group who were kept in the shipping containers at the construction site because they were still clothed - Ahmed Ali said everyone who was with him stripped off because of the heat.


  9. cases below same , not same nr survivors?

    of 29 : 11 survivors

    Pro al-Gaddafi forces left 19 detainees to die
    It is unknown what happened to the bodies of those who died in the containers.

    One of the survivors of the containers, school teacher Mohamed Ahmed Ali,

    The larger container held 19 people, 10 of whom survived.
    Only one person emerged alive from the smaller container, which measured 2 metres by 6 metres and was used to hold 10 people. Some had been held at the site since 20 May


    10+10 / 2 survivors
    Here, Ahmed Ali was put inside a 40-foot long shipping container.Nine other detainees were in his container,

    in another next to it;about 10 people:
    Toward the end of that day, the guards opened the doors of the two containers.

    They took out Ahmed Ali, and the one other survivor.

    He said they took the bodies out of the containers, then poured petrol inside and set light to it to get rid of any evidence that people were held there.

    Later, a man contacted the new authorities and confessed to having helped bury the bodies at a place called Rbane, south of Khoms.


    A morgue at a Tripoli central hospital on Thursday (September 8) evening received 18 bodies which had been found in a mass grave in Rbane, south of Khoms.

  10. shipping container suffocation on another place:


    #Libya: The funeral of 35 ppl in the town of Al-Qalaa, #Nafusa .

    The bodies were found in a shipping container. NYtimes pic.twitter.com/cUpkOcs

  11. emmaomo2011 emmaomo
    #Alkhums: NATO bombed Alinvnan Mohammed Hassan hotel, which is under construction used as a store of weapons via @Alkhums #Libya 15 Aug
    LibyanLion17 A Free Libyan
    BREAKING - CONFIRMED - #Gmata - The bridge between Alous and Ganeema was blown up, to prevent #AlKhums reinforcements. #Libya #Feb17 16 Aug
    ibrev2011 ThEsToRmX!
    #Gaddafi forces heading from #Alkhums and #Gharabouli to silence #Gamata uprising and clashes also at #Ganeema and #Celine #Libya @NATO 16 Aug
    ibrev2011 ThEsToRmX!
    ►►BREAKING►►CONFIRMED►► by call, #Alkhums snipers on a building at the main roundabout and heavy presence of #Gaddafi forces #Libya @NATO 16 Aug

    moooonlight22 Libya Free Forever.
    #Tarhunah S #Alkhoms #G thugs shooting on civilians killed many of protesters, the bodies of #FF were taken2#Tripoli http://t.co/ezjQmwC 17 Aug

  12. LibyanLion17 A Free Libyan
    G forces are now most likely at Wadi Ka'am and #AlKhums. FF securing #Zliten. Mosques chanting Allahu Akbar (God is Great) #Libya #Feb17 19 Aug

    EndTyranny101 Ahmed Sanalla
    #Zliten: bit.ly/q7NDiA current reported location of FF marked on map as 'Kiam' half way between #Alkhums & #Zliten..#Libya 19 Aug

    librev2011 ThEsToRmX!
    Confirmed by a call to #AlKhums large no. of mercenaries in the city, apparently those who retreated from #Zliten. #Libya #NATO 19 Aug

    RRowleyTucson Robert Rowley
    #NATO has dropped leaflets near center of #AlKhums 'heavy presence bridage' asking civilians to move away. #Libya #Feb17 19 Aug

  13. ibrev2011 ThEsToRmX!
    #AlKhums we just got reliable info about a big concentration of #Gaddafi forces at just east to the valley and old fuel station @NATO 20 Aug

    libyaunite Free Libya
    CONFIRMED #AlKhums #Gaddafi forces big concentration here 32°37'43.20"N 14°17'40.21"E fuel station nearby is EMPTY @NATO #Libya RT PLZ 20 Aug

    Alexblx Alexblx
    "Defected #Gaddafi soldier says his group was responsible for putting 26 in a container in #AlKhoms on 7-6-2011; (cont) tl.gd/ch2374
    20 Aug

    1. Alexblx Alexblx : a commited person :


      alex blix, tripoli prisoners

      voices of justice 25 aug

  14. Abdullah_SH Abdullah El Sherif
    Eye Witness: Many #Gaddafi forces in #Alkhums withdraw to #Tripoli #Libya 20 Aug

    Confirmed: Sadly yesterday GF captured many weapons came from #Misrata to #Alkhums FF, after that they start heavy arrest inside the town.

    FreeBenghazi Libya.elHurra
    #Khums Council reporting a massive uprising in Khums city. Thuwar doing the takbir & calling others to join v Libyaalahrar #Libya 14 hours ago

    Abdullah_SH Abdullah El Sherif
    brother of my friend who injured yesterday in #Alkhums demonstrations, today GF arrest all of his family #Libya 4 hours ago

    Abdullah_SH Abdullah El Sherif
    Confirmed: #Alkhums uprising rightnow 15 hours ago

    Call from #Alkhums :my friend brother shooted now in #Alkhums

    FF in #Alkhums prevent GF heading toward #Tripoli by attcking them in the highway #Libya

    1. Abdullah_SH Abdullah El Sherif

      The sole survivor from the other container, Abdelrahman Ahmed Sherif, ...

      FF in #Alkhums prevent GF heading toward #Tripoli by attcking them in the highway #Libya

      SecularLibya MargBar Khamenei
      There is more NATO firework tonight (June 3-4) in Zlitan & Khums.
      This means FFs will soon capture Zlitan


      A mass grave was discovered in the Wadi Kaam area of Zlitan earlier today by a group of Tripoli students picnicking nearby.

      It is understood the students discovered the grave by chance, whereupon the Supreme Security Committee (SSC) in Zlitan was informed. The area has been visited by the SSC and cordoned off, pending a visit to the site tomorrow by members of the prosecutors office, a coroner and a team who will exhume the bodies.

      wonder what happened with the bodies caused by all this fire work?

      May be chemicals have been poured onto them to speed up decomposition as they did before :

      The bodies, believed to be those of anti-Qaddafi fighters executed in May 2011, were badly disfigured because chemicals were said to have been poured onto them to speed up decomposition.
      The ages of the dead were put at the time between 23 and 40.

      In mid-March [2012], a mass grave containing 40 bodies was found at Wadi Rabie near Tripoli
      RRowleyTucson Robert Rowley
      63 revolutionaries freed in #WadiAlRabee in #Tripoli by #Freedomfighters helped by defected #Gaddafi security forces. #Libya #feb17

    2. Correction: Killed Gadafi guard unit commander is AbdulGaleel Gadafi. was ambushed by #Feb17 revolutionaries-AinZara, wadi Alrabee. #Libya.

      It looks like burning, or pouring with chemicals is a beloved way to hide the victims identities


  15. Abdullah_SH Abdullah El Sherif
    Confirmed: #Alkhums uprising now, they told me gunfire everywhere and all mosqus loudly Allahu Akbar 4 hours ago/21 aug 2011

    LibyanLion17 A Free Libyan
    BREAKING - #AlKhums - Internal Security building burnt. Many G troops are taking cover in Jabar Bin Heyan School. #Libya #Feb17 4 hours ago

    BREAKING - #AlKhums - 1 G car burnt at 20 Street, 2 cars near internal security building. #Libya #Feb17

    BREAKING - #AlKhums - G troops using 14.5mm guns against the people. Reports of injured in street 20. #Libya #Feb17

    BREAKING - #AlKhums - Fierce fighting ongoing at Fatah street, around the centre of the city!!! #Libya #Feb17

    Abdullah_SH Abdullah El Sherif
    Confirmed: #Alkhums totally liberated now after heavy clashes with GF. #Libya

    EndTyranny101 Ahmed Sanalla
    #Alkhums has been Liberated by FF from #Misrata, heading down the road towards #Tripoli, told #NATO to stop shelling...#Feb17 #Libya

    GreenFreedom1 Jonas Buttermann
    @LibyaInMe :FF from #Misrata entered al #khums to find it completely free from G brigades & self liberated,now on their way to #Tripoli

    Of course, someone has to be the last to get the memo:
    Surjikoff Sergey Golubev
    35000 volunteers #BenWaleed #Khums #Tarhouna #Zlitin #RasLanouf #Sirt #Sabha and #Shati in #Tripoli to fight the armed gangs #Libya

  16. Strange timeline : dropping their weapons on [2?] 3 june 2011 :
    9:20 PM - 3 Jun 11
    Colonel Bashing Al-bishti was an assassin for #ghaddafi b4 Feb17. Now forced his comrades n officers to fight after dropping their weapons 9:20 PM - 3 Jun 11

    On 4 June, Dabub was called to Tripoli.  He gave orders to the guards that the container was not to be opened.

    When Dabub returned to Khoms on the evening of 6 June, he was horrified

    Daboub died of a stroke in the brain a short time after the incident. [46]


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