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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hay Andalus in the Battle for Tripoli

May 17, 2012

This is a lesser post I'm starting to bring together a few vague points and perhaps more. The issue of what happened in the Al-Andalus neighborhood. It started with the victims list from the mysterious morphing Qasr Ben Ghashir prison incident. One Arabic listing of the six killed (two doctors and four military officers (just as hospitals were being emtied with deadly force and the military crushed as much as possible).

An additional five names were listed as - اسماء منفدين الاعدام - auto-translate: names Mnfdan death. As an aside until I understand the meaning, five more names are listed -taking Petri's auto-translation:
The names of the dead from [Mnfdan (?)]:

1) Mohamed Abdel-Qader Tagouri –"محمد عبد القادر التاجوري" – a police officer known as a keeper over Alsberati.

2) Abdul Salam Altarhuni–
3) Wajdi Zawi – "وجدي الزاوي
4) Ibrahim Allohh Tagouri – "ابراهيم اللوشة التاجوري"
5) Hamza Al-Surmani [Google gives Abmana - thanks to Hurriya for correcting me] – "حمزة الصرماني" – follower of Mohamed Mansour Dou

I still don't feel like I understand what "Mnfdan" means, but Hurriya points to a video (#21 on Petri's Libyan Rebels playlist) where it's associated with the Al-Andalus neighborhood (Hay Andalus). This is supposedly a higher-class neighborhood where regime loyalists were known to live, perhaps attacked by prisoners from Abu Salim released when NATO bombed the facility's gates.

Hurriya alerts me that "Higher loyalists , special from hay andalus , disappeared at the same time as the shed events and the freeing of the abu saleem prison." She wonders if there might be a link between some of these people removed and the 45-50 bodies charred completely blank in the Khamis Brigade shed massacre. It's an interesting thought, but I have little idea what it might be based on - how many missing, and who, etc. ?

 To start, Hurriya's previous offerings collected, which I'll offer a space for more comments and ideas, and come back to it.

 The relatives of one victim, Abdul Raouf Al Rashdi, a 33-year-old police officer, said he had been killed by a sniper several days earlier in the Hay Andalus neighborhood. http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/11239/1170396-82-0.stm?cmpid=news.xml#ixzz1gMcorduA

 The freed thousands of Abu saleem prison directed immediately to Hay Andalus . If the burned victims and shed victims are the same : then it explains why they were burned [ 2 times] beyound recognition and why no one has undertaken a research.
Libyan Fighters in Hayy Al-Andalus and at Muhammad Gaddafi's House (Tripoli, Libya) Aug. 21, 2011

 successfully escaped Abu Salim prison on 19/8 after NATO bombed the compound #Libya 28,000 prisoners :[ prison of the most notorious killers, freed prisoners immediately headed to richer districts as hay andalus]

 One I stumbled across: http://www.libyauprisingarchive.com/821---823-from-a-good-source.html Al Khwayldi Al Hamydi Gadafi second in Command is surrounded in his home at Hay Andalus area. His guards negotiating his surrender.


  1. 21 aug
    Shortly after taking Janzur, rebels from the Tripoli Brigade took control of the the Gheryan bridge, considered the western entrance to Tripoli proper, and entered the Syhia district and began clearing it.

    They took Hay al Andalus area shortly after and immediately advanced into Gergraish area of Central Tripoli.[44]

    Celebrating Gaddafi's Defeat in Hayy Al-Andalus, Tripoli (Libya), Aug. 22, 201

    Fighter Fituri Rashid said his Hay al-Andalous neighborhood in Tripoli has at least three local councils, all of which ignore each other

    An unknown number of groups have been arresting suspected loyalists, many of them kept in improvised prisons.

  2. Thanks, H! You don't think this post is too goofy? I didn't know how else to do it, and it might shape up into something really cool. It just takes a little time...

  3. [5) Hamza Abmana – "حمزة الصرماني" – follower of Mohamed Mansour Dou

    Felix :
    - I don't know why حمزة الصرماني auto translates as it does.
    The name is Al-Surmani or Al-Sormani (from the town of Sorman - صرمان‎

    For instance, the Guardian reported a murder in May 2011 of a former member of Libya's internal security agency, Ibrahim Khalifa al-Surmani, (tenuous connection with Mansour Daw there)


    Abmana =district [?] petri
    جامع الصرماني طرابلس

    No, this is Surman(i) Mosque in Tripoli. It translates by Bing as such:
    JAMA alsermanni Tripoli [ zjama = mosque] so : zjama al sermani

  4. Martyr Salem El harari, on of the FF from gurji, Dead in Sabha, one of the executioners of "hai el andlos" operation http://pic.twitter.com/Pa0Cb6mZ

  5. What happened August 21?
    EXCLUSIVE | Rebels stormed Palm City in hunt for Gaddafi
    Maltese eyewitnesses told MaltaToday that on the evening of Sunday 21 August, some 200 fully-armed rebel fighters shot their way through the gates of the Corinthia-owned luxury residential resort in Janzour in search of the Gaddafis, just one hour after the Bab Al-Aziziya compound had fallen.

    One of the tweeters sent out the registration plates of the Chevrolets in which Gaddafi loyalists fled Palm City, while another said that looting was taking place inside the complex during a gun battle with rebels.

    The same eyewitness said rebel commanders inside Palm City had told him they are expected to vacate Palm City, because Benghazi leaders are to set up their interim government there.

    1. An independent Libyan news channel reported some looting at the expatriate Palm City village, just outside of Tripoli, but this could not be confirmed.[70]

      غنائم كتيبة الاوفياء بترهونة معركة مجى

      المشهد تحضر لحظة توزيع الغنائم فى منزل القذافى

    2. http://alweeam.com/archives/89532

      And the impact of these scenes began, "sleeper cells of the rebels," the establishment of checkpoints throughout the city,

      and the storming of command centers and apartments officers who did not betray Gaddafi.

      And began landing foreign units in the port.

      The Russian officer continued: "There was a sabotage group, consisting of 30 persons. Most of the army of Qatar, and 13 individuals Englishman and a Frenchman.

    3. 12.08 Two thousand rebel reinforcements arrived last night from Misurata, The Guardian's Julian Borger has said.

      NTC spokesman: 2000 rebel reinforcements arrived in Tripoli last night from Misrata. "They should make a difference." #Libya #NTC #Gaddafi

      NTC spokesman: At least one rebel fighter killed when loyalists stormed house in Hai Andalus district where Mohammad #Gaddafi was held.

  6. http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,2092803,00.html#ixzz1qjQLVuTF

    Abdel Karim Gadoora, a former interior ministry surveillance officer :

    In Abu Slim, there were 9 gangs and 143 people with weapons, it says; there were 170 in the rebel stronghold of Souk al-Jumaa and 45 in the wealthy, diplomatic neighborhood of Hay al Andalus.

  7. Q) Does this mean a person could be executed without trial?

    A) Yes, without trial. What will the court do for us! Will it give you your rights! The court will sentence the perpetrator to seven or eight years imprisonment and then he will be set free.

    Do you know that we will be questioned by the martyrs on Judgment Day! They will say to us, “why did you not take back our rights on our behalf?”!

    Q) Did you participate in the liberation of Tripoli?

    A) I am proud to say that I was first of those who was injured on the 20 August.
    The Derna battalion was the first to enter Tripoli. We consisted of a group of 65, headed by Abdul Hakim Belhaj.
    I was wounded in my foot, but despite the injury, I managed to complete the mission with my colleagues.

    The field commanders in rank were, Belhaj, Abdurrazaq Naami and Abdul Aalim. The later stayed in Tarhouna after Tripoli was liberated; he was Belhaj’s deputy. He lived in Britain for a long time where he worked as a company manager.


    1. Exclusive — Interview with Yasser Ben Halim of the Tripoli Military Council’s Protection Force

    2. janzour 3 bodies and some body parts


      Residents of Janzour district bury bodies and human remains discovered in Tripoli. At least three bodies and some body parts were dug up and reburied at a cemetery where the remains were found in a hole near formal graves.
      A representative of Libya's ruling National Transitional Council said it contained as many as 20 bodies buried in August.

    3. 21 aug
      Shortly after taking Janzur, rebels from the Tripoli Brigade took control of the the Gheryan bridge, considered the western entrance to Tripoli proper, and entered the Syhia district and began clearing it.
      They took Hay al Andalus area shortly after and immediately advanced into Gergraish area of Central Tripoli.[44]

    4. Celebrating Gaddafi's Defeat in Hayy Al-Andalus, Tripoli (Libya), Aug. 22, 201

      Fighter Fituri Rashid said his Hay al-Andalous neighborhood in Tripoli has at least three local councils, all of which ignore each other

      An unknown number of groups have been arresting suspected loyalists, many of them kept in improvised prisons.

    5. h_eldressy: Victims were arrested in buslim ain zara, jdayda, Drebi, sorman, el jmel, masour daw & ali el kilani farms in the airport rd @libyaoutreach

      Wed, 28 Dec 2011 13:45:14 +0000


      note : all this tweets are deleted

    6. @libyaoutreach :


      Contact Libya Outreach Group:
      website: www.libyaoutreach.org Email: contactus@libyaoutreachgroup.org Twitter: @libyaoutreach Phone: 312-731-7463 (Chicago)
      708-717-7505 (Cleveland)
      202-340-2164 (DC


      October 4, 2011
      Prepared by: Libya Outreach Group

      NTC’s interim cabinet members:
      Prime and Foreign Minister Mahmoud Jibril
      Defense Minister Jalal Dghaili
      Oil and Finance Minister Ali Tarhouni
      Interior Minister Ahmad Darrat
      Information Minister Mahmoud Shammam
      Minister for Libyans Killed or Wounded Ali Essawy (New)
      Islamic Affairs Minister Hamza Abu Fas (New)

  8. Fathi Sherrif : A chemical engineer trained in Ireland

    estimates that his unit has captured some 35 high-value detainees, including several ministers and Gaddafi aides

    But when the rebels breached the walls of Ain Zara prison two weeks ago, the 49-year-old businessman emerged as an influential player in the new Libya. His self-appointed task: hunting senior officials of Muammar Gaddafi's regime.

    Sherrif's undertakes its own interrogations before transferring its captives to Matega.

    Colonel Salim Sharif the air-defense officer says as he welcomes his fighters who have just returned from patrolling the neighborhoods of Tajura

  9. Other veterans of Abu Salim man the Mukhabarat chief’s office, now the temporary base for an ad hoc squad in revolutionary Libya’s fledgling national army that is charged with hunting fugitive officials suspected of crimes.

    They have caught several dozen so far.


  10. A team of Reuters journalists visited a house in the capital's Zenata district where Dorda,
    a former prime minister, was held by members of a unit of anti-Gaddafi fighters who call themselves Brigades of the Martyr Abdelati Ghaddour.

    Dorda was kept in the downstairs living room of a private house, which was guarded by about 20 fighters clad in battle fatigues and armed with assault rifles.


    Revolutionaries based at the Al-Jawda Macaroni Factory on the outskirts of Tripoli, where Dorda was injured, gave varying accounts of how he had plunged to the concrete pavement.

    One, Marwan Ardawi, said that Dorda had been moved continually from house to house because of his importance. He was taken to the factory in the suburb of Ein Zara on Tuesday, and plummeted from the window at 5 p.m. during a break in his interrogation, Ardawi said.

  11. Jalal Ragai , Omar Salhoba

    Many of the brigade’s current members are either former prisoners of Yarmouk or the relatives of men who were killed there.

    Jalal set a dusty laptop,On it went, a series of appalling scenes

    1. Mahfoud Ghaddour
      -Omar’s life cast a similar shadow onto other people. One was his closest colleague, a doctor named Mahfoud Ghaddour. Omar’s fellow prisoners from Yarmouk told me he was always trying to contact Ghaddour, whom he saw as a possible savior.
      In fact, Ghaddour was aware that Omar was being held in Yarmouk —

      -Our Martyr AbdulAati Ali Gdoura from Zawiyat Al-Dehmani, Tripoli (1988) ‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪#Libya‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ إنا الله وإنا إليه راجعون http://pic.twitter.com/hannZ4ds

      -The executioner was a 28-year-old named Marwan Gdoura.

    2. Abdel Karim Gadoora, a former interior ministry surveillance officer

    3. Correction : Not Omar Salhoba , but Nasser Salhoba,Many of the brigade’s current members

    4. Dorda, a former prime minister, was held by

      members of a unit of anti-Gaddafi fighters who call themselves

      Brigades of the Martyr Abdelati Ghaddour.

    5. http://www.feb17martyrs.com/abdelatty-gaddour/
      LibyaInMe Libya In Me
      Name: Abdelatti Gaddour. Born 1984. Shot on May 29 in Zawiyat Dahmani, Tripoli by Gaddafi security officer. goo.gl/jaJrg

  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrNcHoFhagk&feature=related
    القبض علي الفريق الهادي امبيريش
    an arrest team

  13. Prisoners Ktaib Alqirdafa , Part II :
    this vid is deleted : people @ the door with a hand full of plastic handcuffs comes to arrest loyalists,PLASTIC HANDCUFFS @ 0.31 , pistol @ 1.43

    the original link leads now to Alqirdafa , Part III without revolvers, rifles, hand cuffs, shouting men


  14. http://amnesty.ie/news/amnesty-pro-gaddafi-detainees-killed-and-tortured-libya
    amnesty report may 2012

    There are now over eight thousand pro-Qaddafi fighters in Libyan prisons.

    They have no charges framed against them.

    Many have been tortured, and several have died (including Halah al-Misrati, the Qaddafi era newscaster)


    Report #libya : Protests continued today For Sheik omran Saleh who was brutally tortured and Hung naked..he condemned NTC Torture of people
    Report #Libya : Sheik Khaled of #Sirte is still being Held in NTC torture prison of misrata and being subjected to brutal torture for months

  15. Uploaded on Mar 5, 2011:
    List of Libya's 16 Wanted War Criminals By Interpol

    1. Saif's farm was smashed to pieces by a NATO air strike last Thursday.

      The missile failed to kill a single Gaddafi, instead collapsing Saif's mansion on two men and a child who had come to visit after hearing the place was abandoned.


      "The chef here left last Monday, so why was NATO bombing it?" asked Hassan Mohamed al-Ghebli, who had arrived with a team of volunteers and a bulldozer to remove the bodies, one of whom was his brother, a neighbor of the Moroccan chef.

  16. Fighting is expected in farming areas (south of Tripoli) in the coming hours or days.
    Libya: Tripoli update 24-25 August 2011 0 Verified

    1. But Qaddafi’s desert “paradise” is also blighted by the sight and stench of decomposing bodies.

      “I was searching from my brother, who has been missing along with his son and a friend,” said Hassan Mohammed, pointing to the corpses of an adult and a child.


      في ليبيا تعذيب مزارع

    2. Fascinating. A killed child is pretty rare, AFAIK, even in Libyan rebel offensive zones. (Syrian rebels, another story apparently) Here's one, with an adult, implicitly taken captive by loyalists and killed. Missing anyway.
      Who killed them? A man and a child and supposedly a friend... Comment right above, uncanny work:
      The missile failed to kill a single Gaddafi, instead collapsing Saif's mansion on two men and a child who had come to visit after hearing the place was abandoned.
      Right timeframe. NATO killed them in a pointless bombing that couldn't have even killed Seif's chef.

  17. Abdel Salam Abu Zaakouk said that heavy fighting was under way in a farm belonging to the chief of staff of the Libyan armed forces, Abdul Rahman al-Sayed.

    "He (Sayd) is leading the battle with the rebels and he is still inside the farm," Abu Zaakouk told the Dubai-based channel without giving further details.

  18. a zintan arrest team :

    Najib Altarhuni February 17th Battalion Tripoli rebel faction Alzentan
    Murad Naaji Hisham Serag El Abani
    [cognitive cognitive forbid[
    Hisham Salah Aalghemoda Aanizarh

    Friday Market Libya
    Alkplo Atef Abdel Hamid
    Ashraf Saket Ashhab Alkhagay
    Tarek Nasser Salah Alkhagay
    Ghazaleh Zia

    Friday Market Hinhiri
    Mohammed Ibrahim Aldaimi Altarhuni Tarhunah


  19. einakhodrAljaz Zeina Khodr

    Mustafa #AbdelJalil said Libyan fighters who took on forces loyal to #Gaddafi will be represented in the #NTC, #Libya

  20. HafedAlGhwell Hafed Al Ghwell

    I wonder how "the new #libya" will treat those who supported Gaddafi's ideas but never had any official positions or committed crimes?
    13 Nov
    in reply to ↑ @Niz_FGM Niz

    @HafedAlGhwell In the absence of a crime i hope there will the absence of a punishment. This is certainly the ideology we will push for.
    13 Nov via web

    1. btw : what crimes theyre talking about every time ? Since when is defending yr country a crime? the defenders were loyal, what not can be said about new rulers : they seem to be defectors , traitors, conspirators ,tortures, exiles & expats of nato countries

      Report Libya: NATO is hunting for Green Supporters in Tunisia and Niger and algeria and Egypt. NATO mandate is infinite beyond law and logic

    2. UNHCR’s Gignac said the treatment of people who supported Qaddafi would be an important sign in the next weeks and months.

      “If you are not able to bring them back into the new social fabric of Libya, then [the revolution] failed.”

  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PlnTRbuhh8&feature=channel&list=UL

    Y see here they take the owners of the houses away and make a hospital for their own of it

    لمستشفى الميداني لثوار طريق 16 بسوق الجمعة.3gp

    1. Please spread the word Dr.Hajjaji has opened a home hospital in Hay Alandalus #tripoli anyone injured cal for Call 0912139236

  22. [can't reply]
    @Hurriya - re Palm City May 31. I remember this being advertised c 2004. Notice the huge black car has a 25 plate. This is MISRATA I think. [Central 5 for Tripoli]

    1. @ felix : could be from misrata ,the vid seems to claim that rebels live luxe, but as far as I know same type of car as high ranked gvt

    2. Armed criminals ‘targeting foreigners’ in Tripoli suburb

      By George Grant. Tripoli, 1 June:

      A growing number of expatriates living in Tripoli’s wealthy Serraj district are falling victim to armed criminals targeting them for their vehicles at gunpoint, residents claim.

      The authorities’ inability to respond to the crimes has prompted one oil and gas services company to contact the Libya Herald directly in an effort to raise awareness.

      The company, which has asked to remain anonymous for security reasons, has had three of its staff targeted in the past two months alone, with all the attacks taking place in broad daylight. It is understood that several similar attacks have also taken place against foreign employees of other companies during this period.

      The most recent attack took place on Tuesday against one of the company managers, a European, directly outside of his house.

      “I had just parked my car in the driveway and got out to open the garage door, leaving the engine running”, he recalls. “Immediately, a white car sped towards me an stopped right in front of me. There were two young guys inside, maybe 20-23 years-old.

      “The one in the passenger seat got out, walked towards me and shook my hand, giving me some salutary bull****. Then he pulled a gun out from behind his back and pointed it at my torso, motioning at me to step back.

      “He moved towards my car, and as soon as I realised he was going to try and steal it, I made to stop him. He pointed his pistol directly at my head. Obviously I backed off.

      “I managed to get the registration number of the other vehicle as they drove off and filed a police report later that night. I was informed that three similar incidents had been reported earlier that day alone. Of course, the authorities have done nothing.”

    3. اسماء منفدين الاعدام asma' munafadin al'iiedam The names of two executioners

      An additional five names were listed as - اسماء منفدين الاعدام - auto-translate: names Mnfdan death

  23. was searching smt about date when Mutassem Bilah Khadafi was captured and stumbled upon this comment :

    ماينفعن في الفرجان زغاريت مش معادن
    Mainfn at Al Furjan Zgarat not metals

    [ It belongs to this comment : we consider the blood of the people of Sirte medals , medals and decorations such as Billah and HD is a great honor for the steadfastness of its people against the NATO aggression and Azlamh and Adnabh.]

    we have now :
    The names of the dead from Mnfdan Qasr bin Ghashir

    "Libya rebels", a playlist created by PetriKrohn. ... "The page and the other face Rafla | Mnfdan some neighborhood of the Al-Andalus" للصفحة ورفلة الوجة الاخر ...

    Mainfn at Al Furjan Zgarat

    1. AJA- AlKhitouni, main officer at #Maitiga air base, captured along with 8 others by FFs ...
      8/21 - 8/23 From a Good Source - Libya Uprising Archive

  24. people in their way to loot & take over rich area's



  25. http://bryandenton.photoshelter.com/image?_bqG=87&_bqH=eJxdj91KAzEQhZ.me1fYXRqoC7lIM7EO3U0kP5W9GqwUrAjaarv27U3WoqlzEc75Ts7APGym0AW53dcDtq05n_cvrJ6SXN0NTcVmDSubqozTIIGT3B9272.vuwLJgfBqwhZdN2HAy3mGABLKQB8nobqsqojVdfUmQz9VgAz9K0v0_bjbxzgJaYL2tid0JlljUemYodHJoiOrWiWcgou9z70z1nMr9KoY7yOhgX9GHZyyhMBDuv14mh39lz1t5kOM1mh9EC2JpdKyT58KkgvCuDhWLzL8Snv7J7skhfT8Y_t4eHou1mN7md5vcRZvdg--

    TRAX: 30104960A.
    8/22/2011, Tripoli, Libya.Mobs of men outside sought to enter a captured government building in the Siahiyah neighborhood in pursuit of Hala Misrati, a Libyan State TV news host, who became infamous among the rebels for her propagandized reports../photo 88

  26. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1I2ktODLs0&feature=BFa&list=ULRJw-IKKbzpg
    Libyan Fighters in Hayy Al-Andalus and at Muhammad Gaddafi's House (Tripoli, Libya) Aug. 21, 2011

    libya . 7ai alandalos gorrje قرجى حى الاندلس
    Uploaded by fysel2001 on Apr 19, 2010

  27. The rockets struck Afaf Gadhafi's car one day last August. The 38-year-old, a distant relative of former Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi, had sought to reach an airport with her family to flee the civil war. But rebels attacked, likely suspecting that the car may have contained Gadhafi or his allies.

    Afaf's daughters, aged two and 19 months, were killed, along with her mother, sister and nephew. Afaf lost an eye and suffered serious injury to her nose and left arm. Her four-year-old son survived only because her sister protected his body with her own.


  28. Seif and her husband Mohammed had once been among the beneficiaries of the Gadhafi regime.
    Her husband worked for the intelligence service and the couple lived with sons Mohammed and Mukhtar in a six-room villa in Tripoli's upscale Andalus neighborhood.

    Seif, a confident woman who once worked as an English translator, said her husband eventually resigned, disgusted by his work, and opened a furniture store in Andalus.

  29. http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01771/Meo_60_1771079a.jpg

    14.20 Nick Meo has returned from Tripoli after staying with a Libyan family last night. He heard what appeared to be gunfire and explosions of intense fighting earlier in the evening and more armed conflict this morning.

    Libyans in the Hai al-Andalus district set up their own armed patrols they listened to battles which they said were just a mile away.

    He said approaching rebel check points can be frightening because the rebels look untrained and trigger happy.

    But they are unfailingly polite and often speak fluent English.

  30. Libyan Revolution Week 22 part 2 - Democratic Underground
    www.democraticunderground.com ›
    20 Jul 2011 – Hey, al bupp, pinboy3niner, Jul-22-11 06:59 AM, #115 ...... to attack a building presumably used by #Gaddafi forces, Andalus area #Tripoli (1/2) ...




    7/21 - 7/25 From a Good Source - Libya Uprising Archive

    Tripoli: Reports that homes in Hay Al Andalus are being randomly searched and broken …

  31. 12.08 Two thousand rebel reinforcements arrived last night from Misurata, The Guardian's Julian Borger has said.

    NTC spokesman: 2000 rebel reinforcements arrived in Tripoli last night from Misrata.

    "They should make a difference." #Libya #NTC #Gaddafi

    NTC spokesman: At least one rebel fighter killed when loyalists stormed house in Hai Andalus district where Mohammad #Gaddafi was held.

  32. A house previously belonging to Mohammed Ghadafi, Moamar Ghadafi's eldest son in Hay Alandalus, Tripoli was being used as a meeting place for a number of Ghadafi loyalists who were reportedly using the property as a hideout and meeting place to conduct operations to discredit the new government.

    Hay Alandalus military council arrested a group of 20 Ghadafi loyalists who were using the property as a hideout to plan their operations.

    While questioning one of the individuals who conducted the arrest WB were informed that although the group had weapons they did not see any evidence to suggest they were plotting any campaigns against the government and they were probably just hiding there fearing retaliation.

    13:10 Jan 26 2012

  33. Stefan Mugitsch ‏@StefanMugitsch
    Libyan watchman at #PalmCity #Tripoli about the situation in #Libya - " it's very good but only in #PalmCity" - oh man think positive! 21 july 2012
    @david_bachmann_ was amazing - to spend this historical day #LYElect with one of my best friends - who count #Libya also as his 2nd home


  34. 21 aug , 2011 Don't U just love - @AlexCrawfordSky -
    she's at the #Khammis Barracks just outside of #Tripoli -
    and is now displaying an Intelligence manual -
    in which all the names of the #Gaddafi mercenaries are listed -
    plus the names of all local protestors

    Most of the Barracks files have been seized by the #FF intact -
    so will be a treasure trove of evidence - for @IntlCrimCou #ICC
    #Libya #GaddafiCrimes #TripoliPrisoners @AmnestyOnline @AmbassadorRice

  35. another media person , originated from the Netherlands is helping in 2012 to find and catch Khadafi family :

    10:05 PM - 7 Sep 12
    Rena Netjes ‏@RenaNetjes My latest on Qadhafi henchmen in #Egypt

    Extradition bid for Qadhafi henchmen underway; exiles accused of plotting against revolution
    Rena Netjes ,Thu, 06/09/2012 - 18:55

  36. some of the henchmen she want to be caught :

    "such as Al-Khuweildy Hamidy and his son Khaled — are accused of involvement in the slaughter of hundreds of people early last year."

    were slaughtered by nato and rebels :

    سيارات محترقة لكتائب القذافي في مدخل محمية الخويلدي , علي بعد 57 كيلومتر من مدينة صرمان , السيارات كانت ممتلئة بالذخيرة , وكانت تحاول الهرب باتجاه صرمان عندما وصل الثوار و فتحوا عليها نيران الرشاشات الثقيلة
    يظهر في التسجيل عدد من مقاتلي سرية السد : عبدالباسط البرناوي , الدكتور بلعيد أحمد القنفوذ , محمد النقراش , عبدالباسط التاجوري , عزو الطروم , علي شنوكة


    RRowleyTucson Robert Rowley
    #Zawia & #Sorman: #NATO jets seen and heard for hours.
    “El-Khouwildy el-Ahmeildy has been hit in a NATO air strike on a city close to Tripoli, and he is now being treated in a hospital,” Bani told Reuters by phone from Benghazi.
    Nato bombed Surman around 20.00 Libya time its very close to Zawiya also bombed convoy of tanks moving to Zawia

    Day 94: 20.06.2011
    22h/ Men dressed as a woman, were arrested today in Tripoli. They were responsible to give the geographical possition of the house of KHALED KHWELDI to the NATO.


    20 june 2011


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