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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Qasr Ben Ghashir Alleged Victims

May 27, 2012
(incomplete, rough draft)
last edits May 29

<< Killings at Qasr Ben Ghashir

Two doctors and four officers
Qasr Ben Ghashir is the area right around Tripoli airport south of the Libyan capitol where an alleged mini-massacre by loyalist troops occurred, one tangled with the larger alleged Khamis Brigade shed massacre a few miles north at the Yarmouk base. Compared to some aspects of the bizarre alleged events at Qasr Ben Ghashir (QBG), the professions of the dead show a relative consistency. Doctors were among the dead, all witnesses seem to agree, but beyond that this too gets more confused. But that’s pretty good, really. Consider how totally consistent these reports are in agreeing on the death of these two doctors and four others.

The Washington Times, Aug. 26:
Early on Wednesday morning [Aug. 24], guards dragged six men, including two doctors, from solitary confinement and executed them with their Kalashnikovs, according to accounts. Mahmoud Okok, a 29-year-old engineer who had been detained at this site, told The Times that he and the other detainees panicked when they realized that the guards were planning to execute them all. They managed to break out of the prison. The five guards fled. Two of Mr. Okok’s friends, both engineers, were among the six men executed at Guser Bin Gashir.[AKS]
Two doctors, two young engineers, two others, per engineer Mahmoud Okok, killed on the 24th. Physicians for Human Rights found consistent reports:
Early on the morning of 21 August, a guard (name withheld) called out for two doctors and four other detainees from the group. They were blindfolded and led outside. Ali heard a round of gunfire and believed the guards killed the two doctors and four detainees.
Ali told PHR he “found five detainees shot and killed and one other gasping for breath.” Six fatalities were presumed PHR says the brigade “murdered six detainees.”
[PHR p.34]
The UNHRC said doctors and someone referred to as “officers” were to be killed first, per the order from on high.
On 22 August 2011, in the morning, a detainee interviewed by the Commission heard Sergeant [030] talking on his mobile phone and saying that there were a large number of detainees. [...] [030] told them to execute the doctors and the “officers” and lock the others inside the warehouse.[UH]
The UNHRC found six detainees, “including three medical doctors,” were shot. Only three of the six died immediately, with three gravely wounded. The witnesses then scrambled for a vehicle to take them to hospital, with “another doctor” passing away before finally “the remaining two were evacuated to the Al-Afia Medical Centre in Qasr Ben Gushair.” [UH] The final confirmed death toll here is four. What happened at the hospital isn’t spelled out. The bodies were left behind to rot, for some reason.

Two or three doctors, two engineers, possibly “officers”: these are people of impressive professions. That Gaddafi’s thugs targeted people like these (as well as judges and lawyers, at Yarmouk) helps illustrate an important rebel propaganda point that Gaddafi hated Libya and wanted to destroy its institutions.

Robert Worth, in a recent New York Times Magazine article wrote of victims Dr. Omar Salhoba, one of the victims, and his alleged executioner, Marwan Gdoura. Dr. Omar's brother told Marwan's cousin, on a jail visit, "your cousin killed six very qualified people whom Libya will need, two doctors and four officers." [RW2] This same plan, including the doctors plus officers, is what we'll call the new accepted version. The UNHRC had come around to it, but with an extra doctor, and remaining unclear on officers being killed. But that's what the order said, per what the Rebels told them.

The precise formula Worth was handed - four officers plus the doctors - was first reported more obscurely alongside the Okok engineers version on Aug. 26. The Rebel-supporting Maktoob Blog had a report from early on August 26 from a "correspondent" in QBG This report lists six victims, four of them military officers and two doctors. Roughly translated from Arabic, it seems to say: "Six bodies of martyrs were recovered by the fifth column,"with no mention of the fellow prisoners who found them first. Both the escapees and the Tripoli fighters who ran across these bodiesof esteemed Libyan victims left them laying right there, due to the "presence of battalions," Makhtoub Blog relates.

They were named, as we've translated:
a) Brigadier M'Hamed Aldberza
b) Brigadier Mohammed Al-Massoud
c) Colonel Dr. Uh Mahmoud
d) Colonel Miftah Futaisi
e) Dr. Ali Alzerat (typo - should be "الدكتور على الضراط" - Al-Darrat).
f) Dr. Omar Salhouba (also translates Zleoppe - same name)

The Two Doctors and Some Brothers
On Dr. Ali Al-Darrat, Dr. Omar Salhoba, their interesting brothers and sometimes dead brothers, I have to thank contributors (Petri, Hurriya, Felix) for bringing me tidbits I wouldn't have found. Here I bring these together with a few others I did find.

Dr. Omar Salhouba/Salhoba
reported killed at "Yarmouk" Aug. 24, but clearly QBG.
[SF] [RW2]

Nasser Salhoba
Dr. Omar's brother, enraged the photo of him killed, joined Jalal Al-Ragai's Tajoura fighters, becoming their chief interrogator for Gaddafi loyalist prisoners, always searching for the Human "why?" of his brother's senseless slaying by Gaddafi loyalists. [RW2] We're more concerned with the where, when, and how, and who questions...

Dr. Ali Al-Darrat
alt: Dr. Ali Ibrahim Aldurrat/Alzerat/Darrat
Dr. Darrat is a reasonably famous character in the Misrata rebel movement. His martyr's bio
Doctor Ali Darrat is a Libyan hero who left his life and job as a medical doctor in Germany to help his hometown of Misrata. He flew all the way to Malta, then sailed to Misrata putting his life on the line for his people. He was taken hostage by the brutal Gaddafi forces and African mercenaries in Tawurgha where he was doing his noble job of aiding injured civilians. His disappearance came in July and he was never heard from again.

According to Amnesty International, Dr. Darrat was one of the numerous detainees killed in cold blood at two military camps in Tripoli on 23 and 24 August. [DM1]

Amnesty International, Aug. 26:
Former detainees later told Amnesty International that they had heard guards opening five of the cells before gunshots were fired shortly afterwards.
Detainees panicked and broke out of their cells fearing they were about to be executed. By the time they got out, the five guards on duty had fled the scene, leaving behind the five victims’ bodies. 
They included three men from Zliten, a town between Tripoli and Misratah, and two doctors. One of the doctors is believed to be Ali al-Darrat, from Misratah, who was taken prisoner near the eastern frontline in July and had not been heard from since. 

See the Al-Darrat videos:
Doctor Shahid Ali Ibrahim Darrat, supporting the right and the homeland http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xV95R4C  (cited as [DV])- Dr. Ali Darrat was arrested on Atina Torghae 1
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEUrVHWkFXE  Uploaded by zawia17feb on Aug 13, 2011
- الدكتور على الضراط اتناء القبض عليه كتائب الطاغية 2 Dr. Ali Darrat Atina caught Brigades tyrant 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYtXWh-i9h4  Uploaded by 17022011libya on Aug 13, 2011
- Dr. Ali al Darrat on al Libya TV in June: Channel and the Libyan police investigation
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L91ENWZnsNw  Uploaded by Aml66lma on Jul 11, 2011
- Dr. Ali Aldarrat  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTu1rv3BuDw Uploaded by Majidakhalid on Jul 7, 2011
- dr. Ali Aldarat on Allibyah  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cyl_S4STYU4  Uploaded by Majidakhalid on Jul 7, 2011
- Interview martyr, God willing d. Ali Darrat channel on the Libyan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJjbX3KZ_ec 
- The hero martyr d. Darrat on God's mercy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXBoqHM-PwM 

From what I gather (still hoping for clearer insights from our translator), Dr. Aldarrat was from Misrata, but working in Germnay, and returned for the rebellion. He apparently arrestedwas put on Al-Libya TV on or before July 7 before release, to be berated as a traitor, perhaps. He said on this appearance that if arrested again he'd be killed. He was apparently released and then arrested again in late July or prior to August 13, while just helping injured civilians in a hospital. This hospital was in the loyalist-held, black-skinned LIBYAN, Misrata-attacking town of Tawergha, which the Misratans were then preparing to wipe off the map - and they did, around Aug. 10-15. But first the local forces found out that sneaky doctor was at their hospital, helping injured civilians, nothing else, and they hate that - civilians die! So they had some Tawerghan troops ("African mercenaries") arrest him, and then he was taken to Tripoli, and was killed right as the Misrata Rebels rolled through about two weeks after Tawergha.

The Maktoob blog lists victim e) Dr. Ali Alzerat as (per Google translate), described as “my father,” adding “Parents were made mockery of by the battalions at the moment of arrest. ...the battalions slapped and humiliated in front of the people of Qasr bin Ghashir, may Allah have mercy on him.” The name is clearly a reference to a Dr. Ali Al-Darrat. His three shown children are shown [DM1] [DV] about 5, 3, and 0.5 years old and quite cute. Which of them was the correspondent here verifying the death of his/her own father? Older child from a previous marriage? How old was the guy? No sources say. His brother has a listed age - 46.

Probably unrelated, but one info-activist who has a father named Ali Al-Darrat (Addarrat - with a different middle name though) and a reasonably similar facial appearance is one Mohammed Ali Abdullah Addarat, Lexmark's and the NFSL's guy in Libya... aka Mohammed Addarrat 

Abdelhamid Al-Darrat
Abdelhamid Darrat, 46, was a Canadian citizen who shuttled freely between Gaddafi’s Libya and Ottawa, Canada, for 27 years, until the uprising of 2011. The electrical engineer and businessman ran a Tripoli-based telecommunications company, Baitaslxams, providing IP addresses for Internet users. “He was just helping people,” Ahmed Hussein said about his friend of more than 20 years. Darrat didn’t join the rebels, Hussein said. But his martyr's bio says “Just like his brother Dr. Ali Darrat, he was detained back in March, and killed this week in Tripoli.” [MD2]

Hussein said Abdelhmaid “was taken by Gadhafi’s people. […] The government came and picked him up from home,” he told the Ottawa Sun. [OS] His death was blamed by the Sun’swriter on “Libyan leader — and fugitive — Moammar Gadhafi [who] ordered a shutdown of Internet service months ago. And that meant trouble for Darrat, who went missing last March” but only died in Tripoli right as Rebel forces rolled into there in August. “Hussein received word of his friend’s death Thursday [the 25th] and hasn’t been able to reach Darrat’s widow or children.” [OS] (also, The Canadian “department of foreign affairs is “aware of reports of the death of a second Canadian citizen in Libya,” but couldn’t confirm or deny it was Darrat.” [OS])

Ottawa Citizen, August 26:
The body of a former Ottawa resident was found this week among over 150 others in a Tripoli warehouse, members of Canada’s Libyan community report. Abdulhamid Darrat […] was taken by government officers along with five co-workers and shoved into the back of a van, while at work in May. His daughter, Khadija, 16, said the last time she saw her father was at 3 a.m. on May 19 before he headed into the office for the day. 
Khadija said Libyan officials led the family to believe that Darrat was taken out of Tripoli in order to do some sort of Internet work for the government. She said relatives with contacts in the Gadhafi regime told them Darrat was well looked after and doing well. 
However, Khadija said Usama Okok, a family friend who worked with Darrat and was also taken captive in May, [somehow escaped and] told them a different story. Apparently Darrat was beaten and killed only a few days after he was taken captive. “They did stuff that no human being would do,” Khadija said. “Nobody would even have done that to an animal.” [DU]
Was he among 150 in a warehouse?  That means Yarmouk, and about half of those 106 (now accepted) were charred beyond recognition. The others, un-burnt mostly, we've seen about half of them. Most are black guys but, you know, victim #1 could be him by build and complexion (tentative call - could be wrong) and maybe hair, if it had grown out some. That person was tortured and had his face burnt, apparently by the rebels, between 8pm Aug. 26 and 10 am Aug. 27.

The cited re-post of a pulled article closes prematurely with the line “She [Khadija] said her father was a well-loved man who told his children they had the power to do whatever they wanted in life.” [DU] I had seen but didn’t save the original and knew it said more. A Google search still shows the next line. “…whatever they wanted in life. “He told me and my sisters you can study anywhere in the world you want,” she said.” That’s a perk of the Gaddafi system Abdulhamid had taken advantage of. So, he has kind words for what the Jamahiriya then offered, he did not join the rebellion like his brother Dr. Ali, and disappeared after ostensibly agreeing to leave Tripoli to do government work, albeit without proper forewarning or goodbyes. And Rebel fighters found him dead as they swarmed Tripoli, and left him to rot.

It should be noted there is no room left for an electrical engineer among two doctors and four officers, but is he even alleged to have died at QBG, or at Yarmouk, or somewhere between them? We'll try to sort that out right here:

News From the Okoks
Two men named Okok are our sources for the conflicting information we have on Mr. Darrat's detention and death.

"Mahmoud Okok, a 29-year-old engineer who had been detained at this (QBG) site ...Two of Mr. Okok’s friends, both engineers, were among the six men executed at Guser Bin Gashir." On August 24. [AKS]

Usama Okok: A "a family friend" and co-worker of engineer Abdelhamid Darrat who "was also taken captive in May," and told his friend's daughter how Darrat was killed within days of that arrest. [DU]

What's the relation between these Okoks with news of the one Darrat and someone who has the same job and similar-named friends and whose supposed brother was killed right there? If we take Okok's engineer as Okok's Darrat, we have four places/times he was killed: QBG Aug. 21/22/24, not QBG (he's not a doctor or an officer), Yarmouk Aug. 23 (among 150 in a warehouse - [DU]), and somewhere else back in May. That's all cleared up, right?

And Hussein, who heard Abdelhamid was taken from home in March (instead of work in May) but was unable to reach the family as well as Usama Okok - what's his last name? Probably not Okok, but the possibility hangs there. 

Alt: Al-Raed/Raid/
 [?] brothers, Misrata
The name given in a Gaddafi loyalist copy of the Al-Darrat arrest videos.

Death Photos: Al-Darrat and Salhouba 

[SF] [DM1] [DV] [FO3]

The Four Officers
There should be more about this...

Again their names:
a) Brigadier M'Hamed Aldberza
b) Brigadier Mohammed Al-Massoud
c) Colonel Dr. Uh Mahmoud
d) Colonel Miftah Futaisi

Sources (more forthcoming):
[AKS] Retreating Gadhafi forces slay detainees at two sites. By Ashish Kumar Sen. The Washington Times. Friday, August 26, 2011. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/aug/26/gadhafi-forces-massacre-detainees-two-sites/#.TlfsTHc9SiM.twitter 
[DM1] Dr. Ali Darrat http://www.feb17martyrs.com/english/dr-ali-darrat/
[DM2] Abdelhamid Darrat http://www.feb17martyrs.com/english/abdel-hamid-darrat/
[DU] http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=439x1823497 Citin now gone article http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Libya+zone+claims+second+Canadian+reports/5315283/story.html
[DV] "الطبيب الشهيد علي إبراهيم الضراط ، نُصرة حقّ ووطن" [Doctor Martyr Ali Ibrahim Darrat, supporting the right and the homeland] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xV95R4Cspbs
[FO3] JOE00881LIB.jpg. Photo by Jeroen Oerlemans/Panos Pictures /Felix Features, August 27, 2011. Felix Features. Link

[MB] Makhtoub blog
[OS] 2nd Ottawan dies in Libya. By Kelly Roche, Ottawa Sun, August 26, 2011. http://www.ottawasun.com/2011/08/26/2nd-canadian-dies-in-libya 

[PHR] 32nd Brigade Massacre: Evidence of War Crimes and the Need to Ensure Justice and Accountability in Libya. Physicians for Human Rights. December 2011. http://physiciansforhumanrights.org/library/reports/32nd-brigade-massacre.html - direct PDF download link: https://s3.amazonaws.com/PHR_Reports/Libya-32nd-Brigade-Massacre.pdf
[RW2]In Libya, the Captors Have Become the Captive. By Robert F. Worth, New York Times Magazine. May 9, 2012 http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/13/magazine/in-libya-the-captors-have-become-the-captive.html?_r=3&pagewanted=1
[SF] Dr. Omar Salhouba - Facebook tribute page
[UH] UN Human Rights Commission Report on abuses in Libya, advance unedited version, March 2 2012. A/HRC/19/68. Rel. section, pp. 67-71. Document download link: http://www.ohchr.org/Documents/HR Bodies/HRCouncil/RegularSession/Session19/A_HRC_19_68_en.doc


  1. Was Darrat ever in Germany? He doesn't see to leave any trace there.

    1. Good question. That's just the kind of thing I haven't even looked into at all. Now we know there's no trace you managed to find yet, so maybe he wasn't in Germany. There are a few weird things and some trickery here for sure - just what, hoping to get a clearer view once I get this untangled a bit.

    2. One of the doctors is believed to be Ali al-Darrat,from Misratah :
      Ive tried on internet , but could nt find a trace of medical dr ali

      no dr ali , just other professions

      or other names :
      For more, we are joined by Libyan American activist Abdulla Darrat.

      Minister of Interior Ahmed Hussein al-Darrat

      Elsewhere in Europe, Italy has agreed to help the opposition develop its security apparatus, Minister of Interior Roberto Maroni said on Tuesday after meeting his counterpart from the National Transitional Council, Ahmed Hussein al-Darrat.


      Al-Darrat also said the NTC wanted to work more closely with Italy to tackle a migration crisis caused by the violence in Libya

    3. @Felix – There was a photo somewhere on Facebook with the doctor in Europe. A grass lawn with some 18th century castle or university building in the background.

    4. Yes, I saw that,Petri - four of them, all arabic looking. Red timestamp 2005 I think. Will look for it again. But it isn't conclusive of anything.

    5. http://www.zangetna.com/t7846-topic

      @ caustic : remember what I sent before


      Dr [ Shahid ] Ali Darrat
      Ibraham Darrat
      الشهيد الدكتور علي الضراط
      علي الضراط

    6. تم تصفيته في سجن الشركة البرازيلية في قصر بن غشير

      [Ali Darrat] Is passed away in the prison of the Brazilian company in the palace of Ben Ghashir


      بقلم : مروان الدرقاش
      ائتلاف ثورة 17 فبراير - مصراتة, كتيبة المرسى - مصراتة, حملة إطلاق إسم الشهيد الطبيب علي الضراط على أكبر مستشفى ينشأ في مصراتة, لا للعلمانية ولا للتطرف فى ليبيا, ذاكرة الشعب الليبي لكي لا ننسي أعوان القذافي, المنارةللإعلام الرئيسية, FreedomGroup, اتحاد ثوار 17 فبراير-مصراته, نعم لأن يكون ناصر المانع رئيسا للحكومة, مشايخ وعلمـاء وقـراء ليبيا, قصص إسـتـشـهـاد أبــطــالـنا, Alnour-Tv 2 قناة النور الإسلامية, لا لدفن جيفة القذافي في ليبيا الطاهرة (ولا للصلاة على هذا الكافر), causes.com, وداعا للطحالبand 97 more

    7. ابلغنا مراسلنا من قصر بن غشير ان الناتو قد قام من قليل بقصف معسكر خميس على
      طريق المنارة قرب شركة الكهراباء وشوهدت السنة النيران من مسافات بعيدة جدا

      We told our correspondent from the Palace of Ben Ghashir that NATO has bombed the camp of the few Khamis Ali
      Road near the lighthouse company Alkahraaba flames were seen from very long distances


  2. Strange video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWwxeTapebE
    uploaded by 100AGAGE April 4 2012:
    The arrest of the offender dog Ramzi Mukhtar - is accused of Holocaust camp Yarmouk - a resident - Palace bin Ghashir - Al-kalikh.
    (I don't understand Al-Kalikh)

    1. its posted by :
      by 100AGAGE /Latest ActivityMay 26, 2012
      Date Joined Oct 23, 2010
      Age 31 Country libiya

    2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=k-BpUqpxuas

      is it related with this feras kilani vid ?
      I think this is a gadaf relative @ 034

      don't know when this vid was published, before or after the rebels came at reign,
      and with which goal the kilani man did publish it

      فضائح طحالب القذافي عبر قناة بي بي سي.3gp

    3. I don't get it at all. He looks sad and scared. He's accused? Of being a guard or executioner there? That would be scary.

    4. I don't get it at all. Me neither. Doesn't seem to have been picked up, least of all by Kilani.

    5. I don't get it at the moment too. Has something to do with sjeich, what I was studying yesterday. came to black dean eddam & after to the klani vid.
      anyway , after I'll find out how I made the leap exactly

      100AGAGE has on his FB a sjeich :
      By The Voice: Yusuf Mohamed Alcaikh

  3. f) Dr. Omar Zleoppe – "الدكتور عمر سلهوبه
    Shaheed Dr. Omar Salem Salhoubh martyrs of our revolution code


    عمر سلهوبة
    34) الشهيد عمر سلهوبة
    استشهد اخصائي الاطفال بمصحة المختار الدكتور عمر سلهوبة يوم تحرير طرابلس بينما كان معتقلا قرابة الشهرين تم اعدامه بينما كانت الكتائب تنسحب من طرابلس

    the pediatrician, Dr. Omar Mukhtar Bmsahh Salhoubh liberation of Tripoli, while he was detained nearly two months have been executed while the battalion to withdraw from Tripoli

    This is Omar Salhoba, a 42-year-old doctor who was shot and killed on Aug. 24, more than two days after Tripoli fell. He was revered at Yarmouk for his insistence on treating injured fellow prisoners and for his brave, failed efforts to break the men free.

  4. http://m.connect.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=280520235346458&id=153916554673494&p=244&_ft_=fbid.280520235346458%3Ac.m

    الشهيد عقيد مفتاح الفطيسي ثوار زليتن الله أكبر حيت أستشهد رميا بالرصاص في سجن اليرموك قبيل تحرير طرابلس

    Martyr Colonel mufta Futaisi Zliten
    Allah is the greatest revolutionaries hailed the quote was shot dead in a prison such as Yarmouk edit Tripoli

    1. Some officer info, thanks. Zlitan, of course - wherever the Misrata Rebels just passed through-Misrata, Tawergha, Zlitan, Tripoli-same places G forces had arrested all kinds of ambiguous "martyrs" and taken right to Tripoli, to be found by the Misratans immediately upon arrival.

      Sounds fair enough...

    2. The names of some martyrs of the city of Zliten and the list goes on and continues to be renewed.

      a) Brigadier M'Hamed Aldberza – "العميد امحمد الدبرزي"
      Colonel Mohammed Shahid Aldberza

      b) Brigadier Mohammed Al-Massoud – "العميد امحمد الاسود"
      Martyr Colonel M'hamed Black

      c) Colonel Dr. Uh Mahmoud – "عقيد محمود دراه"
      Colonel Martyr Mahmoud irresistible character

      d) Colonel Miftah Futaisi – "عقيد مفتاح الفطيسي"
      Martyr Colonel mufta Futaisi

    3. I did not find the name of my brother Abdullah Masoud Masoud Ghazi Zliten
      of missing detainees in Yarmouk
      لم أجد أسم أخي مسعود عبدالله مسعود غازي من زليتن مفقود في معتقل اليرموك

      Ibrahim Fathallah Abdullah bought from Zliten missing from Guantanamo Yarmuk
      أبراهيم فتح الله عبدالله ليشتر من زليتن مفقود من معتقل اليرموك مجهول قال:
      Anonymous said:
      February 22nd, 2012 at 9:44 م
      فبراير 22nd, 2012 at 9:44 م


  5. Good find, Hurriya. I have same thoughts and queries about the Kilani vid.

    1. @ felix : the man in yr link is in second vid or :

      To catch the corner of the Dean of the battalion by battalion Dam
      عميد ركن في لواء المدفعية يقوم بتدريب المتطوعين ومعه أحد المتطوعين , قمنا بالقاء القبض عليهم في منطقة السواني يوم 22 أغسطس 2011 , وكان معهم في السيارة ثلاثة أخرون , حاولوا الفرار وتم اطلاق النار عليهم مما أدي الي مقتلهم
      (تصوير وتحقيق : خليفة الطاهر الشكشوكي ( أحد مقاتلي كتيبة الس
      Dean of the corner of the Artillery Brigade is training volunteers and a volunteer with him, we have to arrest them in the Soane on August 22, 2011, and was in the car with three others, tried to escape were shot, which led to their deaths
      (Photo and achieve: Taher Khalifa Alchukhucka (a battalion of fighters boards

      will y check the victim who is tortured and hiding like starving in his blanket , pls

    2. "arrest them in "Area Sawani" on August 22..."
      Khalifa Taher Al-Shakshuki. Wow, there is some amazing graphic footage in his short stream. Thanks , eg. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hz-YZdWazM and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlRXtUUENFg from Aug 6. No faking there!
      [Hurriya - which second vid?? I don't see the man from 555.mp4 vid there. I don't see any blankets either]

    3. Dean of the corner of the Artillery Brigade looks like man in blanket in 100AGAGE vid

    4. https://twitter.com/SecularLibya/status/101163433877188608/photo/1

      Libya Fact Check ‏@LibyaFactCheck

      @SecularLibya You were right about the graphic images warning - FF forces on the way to ‪#Surman‬ encounter G soldiers just hit by ‪#NATO‬ jets

    5. https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1893864585909

    6. ZeinakhodrAljaz Zeina Khodr

      #libya: we went to the new front line in the west ... just 50 kilometers south of the coastal city of Surman; the next target for the rebels

    7. ZeinakhodrAljaz Zeina Khodr

      #libya:rebels took over the area south of Surman during an offesnive on Saturday; they advanced 30 km from their mountain stronghold in west
      7 Aug

    8. abdulhelal Abdul Helal

      #rebels r close to the park ( #mahmia ) that is half way to #Surmanwhere #Gaddafi forces r hiding. #Nato has just bombed some trucks#libya
      6 Aug

    9. a more early bombardment :

      wheelertweets James Wheeler
      BREAKING NEWS: #Gaddafi forces from Zawia & Sorman, led by El Kweldi Al Hmedi, are heading to Shakshuk tonight.
      Need NATO airstrikes. RT


    10. @ felix : arrest them in "Area Sawani" on August 22..."


      عميد ركن في لواء المدفعية يقوم بتدريب المتطوعين ومعه أحد المتطوعين , قمنا بالقاء القبض عليهم في منطقة السواني يوم 22 أغسطس 2011 , وكان معهم في السيارة ثلاثة أخرون , حاولوا الفرار وتم اطلاق النار عليهم مما أدي الي مقتلهم
      (تصوير وتحقيق : خليفة الطاهر الشكشوكي ( أحد مقاتلي كتيبة الس
      Dean of the corner of the Artillery Brigade is training volunteers and a volunteer with him, we have to arrest them in the Soane on August 22, 2011, and was in the car with three others, tried to escape were shot, which led to their deaths

      Members of the confidentiality of the dam were preparing to move to the city of Tripoli on August 25, 2011, the secret she had participated in the liberation of Al Azizia and the airport on August 22, and keep its members in securing the area Soane

      will y pls check area last vid?
      منطقة السواني Soane : which place is meant ? Cld just find this :

      قام وفد من المنظمات الإنسانية الدولية التابعة للأمم المتحدة بزيارة تفقدية ، صباح اليوم الجمعة ، لكنيسة " مارمرقس للأقباط الأرثودوكس في منطقة السواني بطرابلس
      A delegation of international humanitarian organizations of the United Nations inspection visit, on Friday morning, the Church of "St. Mark Coptic Orthodox in the Soane in Tripoli


  6. http://lp.medicolibya.com/?page_id=14
    list of missing persons :

    308 Mohamed Milad Alalus Palace bin Gashir 21/8
    308 محمد ميلاد العلوص قصر بن غاشير 21/8

    316 حسين ميلود ابو سعيدة قصر بن غشير (شهر6)
    316 Happy [ mabrouk?] Abu Hussein Miloud Palace bin Ghashir (month 6)

    372 محمد عبدالسلام ابراهيم ارحومة 40 بالمنزل قصر بن غاشير
    372 Mohammed Abdul Salam Ibrahim Arhomh 40 Ben Palace at home Gashir

  7. Libiya_min_Hollanda
    PPL R SCREAMING 4 HELP #Tripoli GASR BEN GASHER close to airport FIERCE fighting #Media Pls contact @Ebnat_Alislaam #Libya Ppl DYING

    the woman of my relatives left there homes and went more 2 the east, they r scared of the merc whom r everyw

    Rebels worked to topple remnants of the Gadhafi military apparatus as special forces from Britain, France, Jordan and Qatar — which are on the ground in Libya — have stepped up operations in Tripoli and other cities in recent days to help them.
    22 SAS Regiment began guiding rebel soldiers after being ordered in by David Cameron
    SAS soldiers, have been dressed in Arab civilian clothing and carrying the same weapons as the rebels
    The forces also provided targeting information to warplanes conducting airstrikes, conducted reconnaissance missions in Tripoli and assisted rebels in communications, the official said.

    Just got info that FF from swani ben yadem are on there way 2 help Gaser Ben Gashir, I hope they get there fast!

  8. A National Transitional Council official said four rebels from Zintan were killed Wednesday in Tripoli.

    Several rockets landed near Tripoli International Airport, near where rebel commander Mukhtar Al-Akhbar said the bound bodies of four rebel fighters had been found.

    جريمة قتل بمنطقة قصربن غشير.wmv

    The murder of Ben Ghashir Palace area ... The clerks and security elite battalion Assad Tripoli to investigate the incident and follow-up


    جريمة قتل بمنطقة قصربن غشير.
    the bleep @ 1.48

    1. felixApril 24, 2012 8:12 PM

      Worth re-reading the Kim Sengupta piece in the Independent, 10 September 2011: Amr Dau Algala was picking through the ashes with a stick when he came across the charred and broken bones. A little later he found the buckle. "Only my brother was wearing a belt in our group. This looks like my brother's," he whispered, looking down at the twisted piece of metal.

      For the record, he mentions Qasr bin Ghashir:

      Abdul Birbash was sitting outside the brigade compound, at Gasar ben Ghasir, a suburb of Tripoli, in an old Toyota car clutching photocopied images of his brother, Abdullah, 31, cousin Hasaib, 24, and 26-year-old Salah Nouer, a neighbour.

      They had disappeared returning from the town of Zintan on the night of 23 August.

    2. Abdul Birbash was sitting outside the brigade compound, at Gasar ben Ghasir

      -Managers Telephone company Libya Sirte m.dirgash @hlc.ly

      -The head of the branch of the so-called Party of Justice and construction Misrata Marwan Aldriqash

      -We all doctor martyr, God willing, Dr. Ali Darrat

      By Marwan Aldriqash In memory of Dr. Shahid Ali Darrat

  9. the Clashes are getting tuffer right now alot of injured civilians are at alafya clinc in GBG…..

    Alafya clinic in gaser ben gashir is getting full of injured and dead civilians, doc there said he saw #Abdallah Mansoor GL

    Pls ppl let the world know what is happening in Gaser ben Gashir!!!!!
    the clashes are on the manara road, galet alferjan and next 2 the farm of #Gadafi

    1. farms are of Bashir Salah he has 3 farms there, one next 2 gadafis farm, it has a very high wall of 4 meter

      the second one on the weat of the airport also with a 4 m high wall, 3 one the east side of the airport road, without a wall

      the one behind the center is the same one next 2 gadafis farm its about 10 hactare big

      the 3th farm is on the east side of the airport bridge

      also from a school called the school of Omran berabha in the center of gbg next 2 the school of Kmies Gadafi boys school

    2. The walled farms next to farms I still don't get, and that's okay. But this probably is relevant to something. By the Gaddafi farm they mean, I presume, the giant agriculture area by the Yarmouk base. This other farm, perhaps near where they (allegedly) found another 1,000 bodies buried, but still have no photos. I suspect this will pop up again, so keep an eye on it for me, huh?

    3. no , I think his own farm with big guest receive tent,his mobile home and where is said the child has been found



    4. RRowleyTucson Robert Rowley
      #NATO tonight hits targets close to #Tripoli airport, farm belonging to #Gaddafi family & in #Tajoura by the Heart hospital

  10. ShababLibya LibyanYouthMovement

    FF say this is where he is Gaddafi has a farm south of #Tripoli

  11. there has 2 be someth there even the comander of zintan FF said they noticed a mercides convoy near airport area

  12. BREAKING NEWS Gaser Ben Gashir has been liberated just reseaved a call from there!!!!! RT I will confirm later on again.
    SUMMARY AUGUST 25th 2011

  13. not a new vid, I post it about the comments :

    by LibyanJustice Latest Activity Jan 12, 2012
    Date Joined Sep 3, 2011 Age 18 Location Hamburg
    Uploaded by LibyanJustice on Sep 4, 2011
    An innocent Libyan doctor by the name of Ali Al-Tharad was captured somewhere nearby Misrata.

    It has been confirmed that he is dead a couple of weeks ago outside Tripoli, his coffin was found with his 3 little kids, his body was found to be tortured and burned

    Oh Defiantly ! I mean this is all rehearsed and stage-played....Look at the black-African mercenaries, Gaddafi's Green men uniforms...and this doctor is well known in Benghazi...RIP Good man.
    Your very ignorant to think its fake.
    LibyanJustice 9 months ago

  14. Some new photographs have been uploaded today on the Facebook page of the "Association of victims of Yarmouk Guantanamo Holocaust." The latest one (2048 X 1365 pixels) lets us peek a little further into the mystery room at the Yugoslavian factory.

    Google translates the caption to "The company raised Allovnah pure pure blood of the martyrs that we return to God and that God is enough to him and yes, the agent" but Bing gives more hints: "The company alslovenia and the effects of the blood of the martyrs of God, immaculate that smart and that we return to God and Yes suffice agent."

    The room is the same. We see more to the left, with a beg. The cloths cabinet with blue doors has been closed. I thought the brown thing with a floral design behind the bodies was a curtain, but it turns out to be another mattress. There is more blood on the floor, maybe enough for four victims.

    Some clues on the floor, three hex keys from IKEA. A pack of playing cards. Two orphan europlugs cut of from some appliances. Incompatibly problems?

  15. may be I did ask it before :


    Mohammed Ali Abdallah from NFSL talks about possible massacre at Tripoli prison

    same person ? Mohammed Ali Abdallah Ad darrat

    1. I'd have to review to be sure, but as I was looking at the guy it seems he's the same guy all around, Mohammed Ali-Abdullah Al-Darrat, poss. relation to either of the killed Darrats. NFSL, Virginia, Lexmark, etc. Here he is on video (for NFSL, perhaps in London?), speaking alongside Mesmari in Paris, as the "regime" was "tottering" on February 23: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uUNZDD1LAE

    2. Abdelhamid Al-Darrat :“He was just helping people,” Ahmed Hussein said about his friend of more than 20 years.

      TNC Internal Affairs : Ahmed Hussein Al-Darrat

  16. @ felix : did y ever mention drs [ UK?] visiting yarmouk on 24 aug?

    This is Omar Salhoba, a 42-year-old doctor who was shot and killed on Aug. 24, more than two days after Tripoli fell. He was revered at Yarmouk for his insistence on treating injured fellow prisoners and for his brave, failed efforts to break the men free.

  17. http://electionsmeter.com/polls/national-front-for-the-salvation-of-libya
    National Front for the Salvation of Libya

    After Ahmed Addarrat’s Enough!Gaddafi.com was hacked, he helped co-found http://feb17.info because of “the black hole of information.”


    Feb17.info’s information gatherer’s are all first generation Americans of Libyan descent who seized the Internet to document Gaddafi’s war crimes and petition the American government to support a No-Fly Zone.

    -Ahmad Darrat is "in charge of internal affairs and local governance" in the TNC - "like an interior minister," he explained to the BBC, "but the council avoids that title because we are not a government until Tripoli is liberated."

    -The new government's interim interior minister Ahmed Darrat


    The new government's interim interior minister Ahmed Darrat is a first generation Libyan–American. He is part of numerous opposition groups, like Enough Gaddafi. Ahmed has never been to Libya


  18. Libyan-American Activist Abdulla Darrat Reports on drs killed by security forces @ 6.26

    Feb 22, 2011,Libyan-American Activist Abdulla Darrat Reports on weapons @ 5.56 & further

    @ 9.08 : Abdulla Darrat 's website : enoughkhadafi , speaking fr Washington DC

    Libyan opposition literally running protests from Washington.

  19. Gaddafi shut down the internet in Libya and I realized that the @jan25voices model could be adapted for the Libyan uprisings.

    I reached out to the remarkable duo of Sarah Abdurrahman
    (also of NPR’s On the Media) and her husband Abdulla Darrat.


    We posted in English, Arabic, and Arabic with English voice overs provided by Abdulla and Sarah

  20. Working punishing schedules we built @feb17voices on the same model, tweeting and posting calls’ audio.

    Many others contributed contacts or helped make phone calls. In the first days of the Libyan uprising we shared the voices of brave, scared and very committed Libyans.*

    We posted in English, Arabic, and Arabic with English voice overs provided by Abdulla and Sarah.**

    The audio recordings and tweets continued, and our coverage evolved: when the media showed up in Benghazi, we refocused Westwards on areas where conflict still raged.
    Protesters die in Libya unrest/Two demonstrators demanding the ouster of long time ruler, Col. Muammar Gaddafi, have been killed in clashes with police/Last Modified: 16 Feb 2011 23:32 GMT


    Posted 21 February 2011 18:08 GMT
    Voices from Libya: “It's a massacre” (Audio)

    1. http://audioboo.fm/boos/449756-mohammed-ali-abdallah-from-nfsl-talks-about-possible-massacre-at-tripoli-prison
      Mohammed Ali Abdallah from NFSL talks about possible massacre at Tripoli prison

      Mohammed Ali Abdallah Ad darrat

      Feb 19, 2011 ,“We are expecting a massacre,” Ali Abdallah said. “We are sending an SOS to the international community to step in.” Without international efforts to hold back Qaddafi, “there were be a bloodbath in Libya in the next 48 hours.”

    2. http://articles.cnn.com/2011-02-17/world/libya.protests_1_security-forces-moammar-gadhafi-pro-government/2?_s=PM:WORLD

    3. 28 April 2012 / NFSL Mohammed Ali Abdallah [ Ad darrat ] :

      There is too much at stake.
      We all want it to be a model trial.
      It should be televised.

      There is enough evidence against him for him to receive the death penalty.

      We have to establish the credibility of our judicial system in order to go after the rest of them.”


    4. Abdullah Ali Al-Sanussi Al-Darrat,

  21. Widely cited and embedded, our content has also been streamed by several organizations, including The Guardian and Reuters.

    In specific cases I also upload Youtube video sent out of Libya via @feb17voices sources, or provide it as exclusives to news organizations like AlJazeera.

    The feed was supplemented by dedicated volunteers watching Aljazeera Arabic and Al Arabiya coverage for Libya, a subset of which we translated and tweeted to help provide context to non-Arabic speakers.


    Although multiple videos of the protests in Benghazi were circulated, Al Jazeera English posted a video that included footage of protests that were more than a year old, in addition to the more recent footage

    1. http://www.aljazeera.com/news/africa/2011/02/201121623948974864.html

      Al Jazeera English posted a video that included footage of protests that were more than a year old

  22. http://www.cbc.ca/thecurrent/episode/2011/02/22/libya-protests/
    Najla Abdurrahman is the daughter of a political dissident in the Libyan opposition party. She has helped support the Libyan demonstrations ..

    Sarah Abdurrahman is a producer at WNYC's On the Media.

    She is one of the founding members of Enough!Gaddafi, a loose-knit organization formed in 2009 in response to the Libyan dictator's visit to the United Nations.

    In February 2011, she began working with a group of Libyan activists to ensure that communication channels would be open between Libya and the rest of the world if calls for protests in the country were answered.

    Sarah has produced for WBUR, Boston's NPR station, as well as the NPR program On Point with Tom Ashbrook. She has degrees in Radio-Television-Film, Middle Eastern Studies and Media Studies from The University of Texas at Austin.

  23. 9/6 - 9/10 From a Good Source - Libya Uprising Archive
    www.libyauprisingarchive.com/96---910-from-a -...
    Yonhap news agency: South Korea sending water engineers to restore water supply. ...... Canadian @globeandmail says it obtained docs in #Libya showing that #China ...

    Our hero Dr Ali Darrat, a martyr,a doctor who died doing his job. ..... A facebook page with pictures of those missing in #Libya and contact numbers if you ...

  24. It’s worth a read. Najla apparently spends a lot of time in Libya so she should know.

    According to her, life in Libya is pretty much back to normal. Regular folks including entire families sit at outdoor cafes through the night celebrating democracy.

    Peace has fallen upon the land!


  25. A photo montage from the "Channel of February 17 rebels" on Facebook, shared by Malta International Crisis Centre.

    The hero martyr d. Darrat

    He was studying on his own account in Germany. Left his studies and leave the pleasures of this world and the father call home was the bravest knights in front line. Gave aid to the sick and wounded and made all the help for his city Misrata homeland Libya, was arrested from the al-Gaddafi in Torghae area. God's mercy was tortured in prisons Gaddafi in Sirte Torghae and Tripoli. He was forced to appear in channels lying Alqmafah was better man has not wavered and did not succumb. Before he was killed by al-Gaddafi had been tortured and his body was found after 4 days of his death. Despite the passage of 4 days his body did not come out any smell or any change. [Those who] washed it says that the corpse was as if in a deep sleep and not in the case of death.

    I understand this to mean, that Dr. Darrat was not killed on the day of his death, but 3 or 4 days later. (This fact may have some implication on who killed him.)

  26. Quoting (Mohammed الضراط) brother of Dr. Ali today, 24 September : “Join the martyrdom of my brother الضراط in prison for Brigade 32
    when he was executed by the named Marwan الحريزي orders of Hamza الحريزي

    after the liberation of Tripoli

    and the prison guards left the prison and the escape of the rebels were executed my brother and another doctor from Tripoli and 4 prisoners from the city of Zliten

    the killers were arrested Marwan found in Tajora and Hamza found in Gado). "



    Relatives of new cadets for the Libyan rebel army celebrate during the ceremony graduation in Benghazi, Libya, Sunday, May 29, 2011. (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd) #

  27. Strange paradox on 11/8/2011 rats Misrata income to Tawergha
    under cover of NATO aerial and Tawerghans fled the city

    the important question Where were the officials in the state at that time,whether they are civilians (the owners of the secretariats and chairs sensitive in the state) and the media and politicians and Homeland Security and the outside and intelligence and public security and room security and military police and guard the People and the Revolutionary and committees revolutionary leaders popular?



    Uploaded on Aug 13, 2011

    الدكتور على الضراط اتناء القبض عليه في تاورغاء 1
    Dr. الضراط, Atina arrest in Tawergha 1

    الدكتور على الضراط اتناء القبض عليه كتائب الطاغية 2

  28. Alt: Al-Raed/Raid/ الرعيض [?] brothers, Misrata
    The name given in a Gaddafi loyalist copy of the Al-Darrat arrest videos.
    (forthcoming) :

    Engineer Mohamed word Alraeid President Asswehly Club


    8 محمد الرعيض left to right :

    Today, May 8 anniversary of the Bab al-Aziziya battle to topple Gaddafi in 1984 and this rare picture of the group in Sudan before entering Libya in 1983 Huda Badr group .

    Salem الحاسي / alhasi [ not on the picture] serves as head of Libyan intelligence at the present time ..is one out of two who managed to escape

    1. Traitors and agents revealed
      Traitor and thief rat Mohammed Alraeid (Company breeze Misratah)

      - standing beside Rat Mohammed Aqsodh and his partner Mohammad Faitouri owners Waha plant food Benghazi senior supporters of the plight of February and promoters,


    2. hello,
      for al naseem diary look for example here (but you probably know the story):


      Even so, some did, such as Mohamed Raied, the chairman of Al-Naseem dairy, one of the biggest private sector companies in Libya.
      Mr Raied says Libyans could easily set up firms like his.

    3. 'ICE CREAM IN HAND' Al-Naseem, founded by Raied and his four brothers

      Mohammed Raied has a simple yet specific dream for when -- he does not say if -- rebel fighters take Zlitan, the town immediately to the west of Misrata that is blocking the rebels' advance towards the capital, Tripoli, 160 km (96 miles) away.

      "I want every fighter to stand in the centre of Zlitan with a gun in one hand and an ice cream in the other," said the chairman of Al-Naseem, a yogurt, ice cream and fermented milk maker in Misrata.


      Dr Rida ben Fayed /alraeid, a Libyan orthopaedic surgeon back from Denver, Colorado, introduces his team like an announcer rallying the audience at a live Hendrix concert.
      "We've got Ahmed on ground information, Walid on IT, Abdullah on medical supplies, Majdi on press, Ahmed on logistics, Colonel Farah on air defence, Colonel Sanusi on naval affairs..."


  29. the Okok versions :

    1 .Usama Okok Abdulhamid Darrat a family friend who worked with Darrat and was also taken captive in May, [somehow escaped and] told them a different story.

    2 . the Mahmoud Okok version on Aug. 26. /31 aug. 2011
    Ibrahim Eldurrat : 31 aug. 2011


    The story of the death of my uncle, Dr. Ali Ibrahim الضراط

    My uncle was trapped inside the Brazilian company Palace area bin Gasheer with a group of people and narrator Mahmoud Ekek) one of the prisoners who were with my uncle has told us that he was a companion to my uncle from the first time he entered prison to Wednesday [24 august?]

    He said that on Wednesday at about 8:30 am the uncle, along with 5 other people 4 engineers and Doctor officers in addition to my uncle were taken to another room and he said they were shot

    ...shortly [after] been hearing a gunshot exchange and heard the rebels say God is greater

    لدكتور التاني Dr. deliberation or second dr?
    التاني deliberation الثاني second

    But not take the bodies because of violent confrontations and after ????
    Leaving ....in which 140 people to kill the officers who have killed uncle

  30. when he was executed by the named Marwan الحريزي orders of Hamza الحريزي

    Hamza and Hamsa one and the same ?

    Gwaidar has been at Abu Salim several times since that first visit, but it's a struggle every time.

    "This is where Hamsa hung me up," he says, pointing to a courtyard covered with rubble

    Abu Salim hangs over the country like a curse [...]
    Dozens and perhaps even hundreds of people have already been killed in acts of vigilante justice.

    The two dead brothers of Mouad Khalil, the furniture salesman, live on in the rage of the living.
    One of his relatives, a young man hardly more than a boy, says that he has killed 37 people, most during the struggle for liberation, but also some afterwards, in acts of revenge. For him, this is justice. "We kill those who worked for Gadhafi voluntarily.

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