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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mainstream "Concern" Over Rebel Torture

January 28, 2012
last update, June 15, 2012

Note Feb. 19: Amnesty International has taken its concerns in a stronger and more formal direction with a report issued in mid-February. My fairly cynical post on that is here. Below is the post outlining the concerns over endemic government militia torture across "Liberated" Libya leading up to the Amnesty report.
As Felix alerts me, and to be lazy, the BBC reported, Jan. 26, Held Libyans 'died after torture' says Amnesty International
Several people have died after being tortured by militias in Libyan detention centres, human rights group Amnesty International has said.

It claimed to have seen patients in Tripoli, Misrata and Gheryan with open wounds to their head, limbs and back.

Meanwhile, charity Medecins Sans Frontieres has suspended operations in Misrata after treating 115 patients with torture-related wounds.

The UN says it is concerned about the conditions in which patients are held.

Conditions. Concern. Humanitarian intervention? Perhaps not, this time.

Terrible things happen in Libya, in a Beeb report. Just where the loyalist sleeper cells responsible are coming from isn't explained. Confusingly, the video report, hosted by Gabriel Gatehouse, in fact suggests the NATO/rebels government militias now in control are doing these things. How strange! Surely a last dying echo of Gaddafi's own evil, sadly imprinted on them and to be worked out with time to heal...

The guy from MSF says they quit Misrata, where the Gaddafi regime always said rebels were torturing captured loyalists. They quit, he says, because the wounds they were being asked to treat were in between torture sessions, to keep the victims from dying as the abuse continued.

The report explains the problem is not just in Misrata, but nationwide. It's a wide nation that NATO just bombed these torturers into control of, by the way, with enthusiastic support from the BBC. As always for them, the problem is "militias," which need to brought under control of the more "responsible" central government whom they formally supported. But these conniving scum bags in Tripoli take every change to reiterate that they intend as full a lockout and purge as possible of however many loyalists or former loyalists remain. This reign of terror might well be their way, not an aberration to be fixed. It might be part-and-parcel with, inspeparable from, the Western-sponsored free-market revolution in Libya's leadership. Something's got to keep the green masses down for that to work.

In fact, whose decision was it to show these victims to human rights groups, or to involve MSF, when rebel doctors or no doctors could help so much more quietly? Did they intend to make sure these examples were published, for Libyans to read about, as clearly as heads on spikes? The message: "You wanna be caught being a resistance supporter, do you? Think again..."

See Also:
Torture and lawlessness as Libya "victory high" ends
In Assabia, a different story was being told, in which residents not involved in the fighting were kidnapped and tortured, one to death, by Gharyan fighters.

"We are not Gaddafi supporters. Gharyan just want to legitimize their fight against us," said Ibrahim Mohammed, 23, who was covered head to toe in black and blue bruises which he says he got from beatings with metal chains in Gharyan. [...] his ankles were crushed in metal workshop clamps and that his finger and toe were smacked with metal bars. Blood seeped from under his fingernails during the interview.

"During my interrogations, I saw our main military commander in Gharyan lying on the floor in a pool of blood ... he was barely breathing and they had tied a metal pole to his arms and legs and were giving him electric shocks," Ibrahim said.

The body of this Assabia military commander, Ezzedine al-Ghool, was anonymously dropped at the Tripoli hospital where it was later collected by members of Assabia's city council, including Bashir al-Nwer, who says Gharyan fighters took the body to Tripoli to avoid escalating the conflict by returning the tortured body directly to Assabia.

Update Feb. 1
Thanks to Tawergha and Hurriya for this new development:
"Libya Rejects MSF torture allegations"
The aid agency Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) said last Thursday it had stopped its work in detention centres in the city of Misrata because its medical staff were being asked to patch up detainees mid-way through torture sessions so they could go back for more abuse.

Libyan Foreign Minister Ashour bin Khayyal said it was not the policy of the ruling National Transitional Council, which has promised to make a break with Gaddafi-era practices and respect human rights, to use torture.

"Gaddafi's remnants committed actions that were an aggression to the revolution and to Libya and they will now receive the treatment they deserve," Khayyal told Reuters on the sidelines of an African Union summit in Addis Ababa.
Meaning, they won't be tortured, right? He continued:
"As a government, it is not our policy at all to commit torture because we, the Libyan people, suffered under these policies and we strongly reject it," Khayyal said.

"If there was torture, then it was not with the knowledge of the government or by the agreement of the government either. It may be actions by individuals, but we have not heard about the report you mention."
They can seemingly promise justice by torture to these captives, but not "as a government." Their proxies: "individuals," militias, special units, the cosmos and Allah himself, well that might just be who's making sure, systematically, that it's happening as promised and as the demonized devils deserve. The NTC does oppose torture of these human scum, and if they hear about it, they'll put an end to it. They haven't ever heard about it yet, despite the rest of the world hearing about it. They try their hardest, but find it very hard, perhaps, to hear certain things clearly these days...

Sounds fair enough, right?

Then, a response more from the Misrata militia front line - they deserve worse than they're getting. Men captured in Sirte and elsewhere by Misrata fighters are gathered in a small jail journalists were taken to. Mansour Daw, onetime chief of Internal Security is there, captured with Gaddafi on Oct. 20. He's had no lawyer, no news, no family contact, illegally. But no outward sign or complaint of torture. “The living conditions here are not bad, given the crimes these men have committed," one jailer told the AFP.

One prisoner is a soldier of the Khamis Brigade, Ibrahim Sadeq Khalifa, captured in Tripoli. He has the same problems of isolation (it seems to be standard there), plus beatings he speaks of:
He was transferred on Sept. 5 to the Misrata prison after spending about two weeks with the ex-rebels, who he said beat him repeatedly.

Although there were no glaring signs of torture, a scar was visible near his collar bone.

“It is from a cigarette burn. The thuwar (anti-Qaddafi revolutionaries) did that,” he said when probed by AFP, speaking hesitatingly as jailor Ibrahim Beatelmal approached.
None of that happened in the Misrata prison, he implied, or had anything to do with his candid "confession" there to AFP that he took part in yet another version of the "Khamis Brigade shed massacre," claiming to have burned the captives alive, in contradiction to nearly all other accounts and common sense - how does a fire started Aug. 23 - or even Aug. 22 as Khalifa wrongly states - continue smoldering right through the 28th?

Poor Khalifa's account and its problems are covered here, alongside another "confessed" killer in the same crime. Like the rest,these witnesses conflict with each other and with the rest, and with some more wholesome clues of the physical and temporal sorts, suggesting the rebels piled their own victims here and charred them blank before dozens of different stories somehow latched onto them.

But the "mass murder's" bizarre, apparently coerced story, plus lack of visible torture clues (aside from a cigarette burn), was presented by as the strongest case that there was no torture in Misrata at all. To illustrate this, in fact, seems to have been the main purpose of the exercise.
“If we wanted to torture these prisoners, Khalifa is the best candidate for that. He has burnt alive 150 men,” [guard Ibrahim] Beatelmal said, as he smoked a cigarette.

“When he came to our prison he weighed 65 kilos. Now he is more than 80 kilos. That would not happen if you are tortured. I am angry at these human rights people. I don’t even want to see their faces.”
And if he does, he might have to start cutting those faces. His name almost says in English "Beat 'em all." How appropriate.

This devil confessed to something that was supremely evil, but that quite possibly never happened. Confessions are of things that are true, so we should refrain from calling this one. It's only a claim, another in a long line. People credit stories like this because they think "why confess to/claim something with the death penalty unless it's the truth? What lie is worth dying for?" Two options could explain it:
1) A deferred-sentence plea deal, life sentence or even early release instead of death in trade ... for what? The simple truth?
2) Death is the nice option, and it was made clear by his torturers that the choice was his to make.

Feb. 3: Thanks to Petri for the tip - Human Rights Watch has it documented and is calling for action: Libya: Diplomat Dies in Militia Custody
He used to be a diplomat in France. In late January he was summoned by the local authorities (Zintan brigades?), questioned about his loyalty, arrested, then dropped off dead in a Zintan hospital next morning. His body showed signs of pretty egregious torture - toenails were pulled off, for one.

Now what amazing stories did he come up with before his demise? Something that might blow the socks off Khalifa's story?

Also, an older report from September I just noticed:
Christian Science Monitor, Sept. 13
"Whatever is happening between the [former] government forces and the rebels, there are lots of people who are sabotaging and misusing the situation, and are taking advantage for revenge on each other," says a family member of non-Libyan man whose injuries at the hands of anti-Qaddafi forces have shocked the family and friends.

The man, who had worked for a former regime member who has since fled Libya, was handed over to pro-NTC fighters at a checkpoint. Relatives told the Monitor that he was subjected, for several hours, to electric shocks, severe beating, and threats that he would be killed if he did not confess to having weapons and his body would be thrown into the Mediterranean Sea where it would "never be found."

The man was eventually saved when a rebel intervened and vouched for him. The suspected Qaddafi supporter received apologies from the local officer. "They think that just because they have a gun, or they have contacts, they can have anyone picked up and torture them," says this family member.

And as long as they can torture the person into "admitting" he has a weapon, then all the torture is justified by his armed action against the new government. He can be punished for all the loyalist crimes that happened or that rebels say happened.

All isolated incidents! Bad apples, here and there, a lot of them. But there are some good apples too! They just don't get invited to the torture sessions...

Update Feb. 12:
An unusually critical piece from the UK Daily Mail reads almost like something targeted against the old government, except much better supported with facts. It covers MSF's allegations in a bit more details, and adds more on Amnesty's efforts, which seem sincere enough.
Amnesty International has documented thousands of cases of abuse and torture, and handed photographs to The Mail on Sunday. Senior crisis response adviser Donatella Rovera has protested to the National Transitional Council (NTC) without success.
‘I have seen people who have been beaten with iron bars and rubber pipes, some hardly able to walk,’ she said.

‘Men are hung by handcuffs from a door frame and attacked with electric wires. Tasers are applied to their ears and genitals, and finger and toenails are torn out.’
She has evidence of 12 deaths. No investigations have been carried out by the authorities. There is not a single case where anyone has been brought to justice,’ she said. ‘There is a total lack of accountability.’
Of course there have been no investigations. They have to hear about something first, then be able to do anything about it next. If they can't do one, why bother with the other? Besides, the Misrotten rebels say it's they who are worried about a lack of accountability for crimes they suffered.
Commander Mohamed al-Deaka is a former construction engineer. He was defensive about abuse by his men. ‘Yes it happens here, but it’s everywhere in Libya,’ he said.
‘We have to use force to make prisoners give answers. Our city [Misrata] was destroyed in the fighting. Now we want to know who carried out the destruction, who raped our women and stole our property."
The rape part in particular - they find no admissions odd, since they know it happened. This in turn is due in large part to the famous "confession" of two Tawerghan teenagers, later found to be unreliable enough Amnesty called them out on it. That the rest aren't in agreement with that inconsistent batch of coerced nonsense is clearly frustrating, and the resort to torture to force confirmation totally understandable. (??!!)

Mainly the Mail article speaks of a video, posted three months ago by site contributor Tawergha. It shows a man from Tawergha (the town closed down by Misrata rebels) being tortured. It has information to go with it here, and screen grabs, courtesy of the directior of the "al-Fellah ‘internally displaced persons’ (IDP) camp in a suburb of Tripoli." Here, Misrata brigades arrested a former shopkeeper named Saleh Barhoun Gersh, who had dressed in women's clothes as a disguise, it's said. He's injured and bleeding, shown being whipped and electrocuted with wires. His tormentors say, as translated:
‘You are from Towerga, you dog. You say you did nothing in Misrata, so why are you in disguise? We found weapons in every house in Towerga. Your hand is bleeding and we hope it is paralysed.’

The men chant as they reach for live electric wires: ‘Everyone we catch is innocent, they say. ‘Well, blood will come from your eyes and nose until you admit what you have done. We’ve caught 60 of you so far and none of you did anything.’
And they know that can't be true. How about all the weapons? It's not like they were threatened with an attack or anything to defend themselves against. These could only be for killing and raping in Misrata. Sadly, the article adds "It is not clear when the footage was taken or what happened to Mr Gersh." This suggests he never returned. He's either dead or in captivity with no acknowledgment, which is never good. Perhaps they got confirmation, finally, that those kids were right, and finally have a better reason yet to be sure all the other Tawerghans they harass, rape, arrest, torture, and kill will have deserved it. Updates May 19:
NTC Prisons as the Answer

since pulled. Alternate source: 

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Several prisoners likely were tortured to death at a detention center in Libya under government control, the United Nations said on Thursday as it urged the country to make stamping out such practices a top priority. Libya's Justice Ministry has control of 31 detention centers with some 3,000 detainees, but about 4,000 prisoners are still in the custody of Libyan revolutionary brigades, U.N. special envoy for Libya Ian Martin told the U.N. Security Council. Of the detention centers under government authority, Martin said "control over these facilities is often shared with other parties, including the brigades that had been running them."

 The U.N. human rights agency and aid groups have accused the brigades of torturing detainees, many of whom are sub-Saharan Africans suspected of fighting for the toppled government of Muammar Gaddafi during Libya's nine-month civil war.

 "Mistreatment and torture of detainees continue," Martin said. "UNSMIL (the U.N. Mission in Libya) expressed deep concern regarding the deaths of three individuals at a detention center in Misrata ... under the authority of the Ministry of Interior."

 "The deaths all occurred on April 13 and we have credible information that they were a direct result of torture, as well as information that at least seven other persons were tortured at the same facility," he said. ... Martin said allegations of torture had also been made at detention facilities elsewhere in Libya, including Tripoli, Zawiya and Zintan.

"Things They Don't Even Do In Israel"

Horrible stuff was reported by this Sirte native taken to Misrata after losing an arm and a leg in battle. The usual beatings and torture widely reported plus widespread rape (of male prisoners), cooking people alive, slicing people up, castrating, targeting loyalist officers and people named Muammar. This guy's story is extreme, but it also rings true in the delivery. There's enough info value it's worth its own post for further discussion/development. That's here.

Confronted with such tales of barbarity, a skeptic might argue this is all fabricated, some desparate pro-Gaddafi propaganda to get the world community to help turn back the "progress" made by the revolution. But the relevant elites will never play that game, even if it isn't a game. Green resistance should save it's breath for waterboarding if they're making things up. No one under the control structure is able to help them at all. A few do-gooders at the orgs who might care enough, kept well at arm-length by overwhelming militia force. In the space created, a medieval purge of body and mind is unfolding, as the West tacitly allows the rapid corrective surgery it knew would be required. The idea was always, with a few sanctions, some light bombing, etc., to bring reality in line with the fantasy of an "Arab Spring" groundswell there, to help "the Libyan people" realize their universal desire for change. It's those who chose to defy that tightly-scripted narrative that have been the problem, of whatever size, and the problem would have to be erased sooner or later. And we're hearing from ostensible direct witnesses to that erasure. And through them, we might have the true flavor of this second and longer phase of "the people's" movement for "liberation."

Audio and transcript here:

June15: More extreme torture I missed before (thanks, Hurriya)
An AP story of March, since pulled from almost all sources; One Chinese page that still has it:
An excerpt:
At a Misrata garage that has been turned by militiamen into a makeshift prison, one detainee, Abdel-Qader Abdel-Nabi, shows what remains of his left hand: The fingers have been cut off in a ragged line about halfway down. Abdel-Nabi said militiamen lashed his hand with a horse whip until the fingers were severed.
  "Then they threw me bleeding down the stairs," he said. His interrogators were trying to get him to confess to working with Gadhafi’s forces during last year’s civil war and collaborating in the killing of rebel fighters.   
Around 800 other detainees are held in the same facility, which militiamen allowed The Associated Press to visit. The detainees are accused of involvement in killings, torture, rape and other crimes under Gadhafi. There are no courts at the moment capable of addressing the suspicions, so the detainees are entirely at the mercy of militiamen.   
Medics in a clinic set up in the garage said they have treated dozens tortured in interrogations. One medic said he had seen nine prisoners whose genitalia had been cut off, and others given electric shocks. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he feared retaliation by the militiamen.
As for Hr. Abdel-Nabi did not speak anonymously. Has he suffered further retaliation? Is he dead? Missing half his right hand now too?


  1. I am glad you are being 'lazy' and linked up the BBC report. Just watched the video and there has been one thing nagging me about the NTC; they don't seem to be making it a priority to bring about security to Libya. It seems to me the leadership have simply thrown up their hands over the vast amount of weaponry awash in Libya. Of course, I am asking why... are they leaving the way open for further 'humanitarian intervention'? Are they in fact keeping the militias armed? If so, for what purpose?
    And what is concerning me more, right now, is the witch hunt element to the torture stories: they are 'suspected' loyalists. For all we know, the victims were probably accused by a disgruntled neighbour! And the world completely ignored the lynching of black Libyans through the exact same witch hunt and that is probably why the MSF was allowed access. Whatever MSF reports will be promptly ignored, I am sure the NTC is fully aware of that, judging from the disgusting performance from the 'left'. Now I have a lot to catch up on your blog :), dodgy internet. Thanks.

    1. Hey, good to see you again.

      Indeed it's a witch-hunt of loyalists, as you so aptly put it, and I've been bothered by the media'srole in legitimizing it. When concerns arise, it's usually over "suspected loyalists," suggesting there's a real crime, with only a question of true guilt at issue. A loyalist-not an armed fighter, who's a threat, just someone who once was, or is simply known as loyal in a non-combat sense. A criminal fit to be arrested, just not hopefully tortured to death. But it happens, and a lot of people have been arrested.

      And, as you say, the racism persists. Not completely ignored, but ... well, more or less.

      Thanks for the comment. Not as much to catch up on as there should be. Dodgy timetable. Best of luck, and do stick around the next few days. Some interesting things perhaps coming down the pipes.

  2. disgusting performance from the 'left'. Spot on, Lily. Brainwashed morons.

  3. The top news of the day is here:

    Human Rights Watch says Libyan ambassador to France is tortured to death in less than 24 hours, after he was detained by a "Tripoli-based militia".
    Libya: Diplomat Dies in Militia Custody
    Investigate Death of Former Envoy to France
    Human Rights Watch, FEBRUARY 3, 2012

    1. That's not entirely good for Free Libya's PR.

      The real question is what amazing, all-powerful confessions did he make before his untimely demise resisting arrest?

      Human Rights Watch welcomed reports that a Zintan prosecutor has opened an investigation into Brebesh’s death and said it should be prompt and independent. Anyone found responsible should be punished to the full extent of the law, Human Rights Watch said.
      That means either it was a Misrata brigade what done it, or they plan to say as much. They Misrottens will reply with a prosecution of some Zintani atrocity, and eventually it'll turn into another firefight or even a regional conflict as people try to arrest each other. Great times this freedom brings with it.

    2. on second thought, blaming Misrata might not work too well, unless "it was a setup!"

      The next day, January 20, following a visit to the Al-Shohada Ashura base, the family heard that Brebesh’s body had appeared at a hospital in Zintan

      Jaw broken, toenails pulled, hole in his foot, broken ribs, welts... Sad.

    3. some zintan information :

      an investigation by the Al-Shohada Ashura militia at their base in the Tripoli neighborhood of Crimea
      Brebesh had been called there for questioning by Commander Khalid al-Blehzi.



      Olga Shadrova from Ukraine, living in Libya and suspected of being a mercenary for Gadhafi

      interrogated by Libyan rebel commander Othman Bin Othman at a Libyan military base held by rebels from Zentan Al Kakaa Brigade, in Tripoli


    4. Base Zintan [ and tripoli brigade in tripoli]?

      tripoli brigade at yarmouk weapon depot


      Reuters) - Anti-Gaddafi forces transport ammunition to the front line from Al-Noflea, the closest area to the city of Sirte, 450 km (279.6 miles) west of Benghazi, towards Om El Khanfousa September 5, 2011. REUTERS/Esam Al-Fetori (LIBYA

    5. ZINTAN :
      Now, a sign in the town bears a handwritten scrawl that says, "Mushashya: Gadhafi dogs." Local residents are hoping the pro-Gadhafi families who were driven out don't come back.
      Matoug Merdassi, an anti-Gadhafi fighter from Zintan, says the Mushashya families can never come back, because when Zintan rose up against the dictator they joined with the loyalist forces against their neighbors.


      Abu Sohaib has lived for many years in Britain; before that he had been to Saudi Arabia and also Afghanistan and Pakistan.

      NTC member Alamin Belhaj leading member of the once-banned Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, based first in Tripoli and then in exile in Manchester.


      The name at the top, ‘Annakoa’, has been identified as Mahmud Nacua, the new Libyan government’s ambassador to London. "Two of my family were killed in the massacre of Abu Salim,He is the co-founder of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL)

    7. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2029942&l=0e1bb6f4f8&id=213018878711849

      I might be bel hadj is not alive anymore.
      Has this a connection with :

      Hussein Raiani · University of Geneva, Switzerland
      this is no surprise to me , but to go as far as saying that they in control of the country would be away from the truth ; libyans know their history and know fairly well that these terrorists have been co-opted by Qathafi , the despot when he was in power ; they did sign a petition or a letter of forgiveness and sent it to him. The tyrant padoned them and paid their leaders HANDSOMELY. He liberated their last group from prison after the revolution was already under way.The ceremoney was shown on State TV. So people do not trust them and libyans are conservatives and sort of religious but they will not accept Taliban style Libya.We fought a ferocious and heinous dictatorship with bare hands at the beginning , so do you think that we will stand by and let these BEADIES steal & hijak away our revolution, NO WAY!

      Dr. Omar was arrested by Misrata brigades

    8. Thanks for finding that Tripoli brigade video again, Hurriya,which I'd found some time ago, featuring Harati and plenty of disguised military advisers - UK- Qatar??. BTW, who is the guy around 2.15? He seems familiar. Perhaps I ought to know him?

    9. 2.00 = zitoun / 2.15 harati /imho

    10. THanks - bad choice of time I forgot that Harati brushed past at 2.16. Harati speaks around 4.50. Is that really Zeiton?

    11. this is the photo in the lancet.
      can y check , pls?


    12. Al-Amin Belhaj "NTC Tripoli representative" is interviewed at 0.30 in this Voice of America video, Sept 6 2011.

  4. Are AI, HRW catching up, after their failure to see this coming, and their support to the war? Too late, the country has been devastated and is in the hands of murderers now...

    1. It's a little late if so, and they're still framing it as a thing they somehow inherited from Gaddafi, despite smashing everything else from the old regime, and it's not their fault. Given this has been going on steadily for several months already, and would take a while to stop even under optimal conditions. I predict the government will finally get control of the situation and effectively end most torture about as the last major loyalists are tortured to death (later this year maybe).

      Human Rights WATCH? No. Human Rights React to Things We Should Have Been Watching For. I suppose they've reacted by now. Haven't checked.

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5-8Fu0RR3k&feature=youtu.be&a
    CNN Complicit in Encouraging Murder

    تعذيب انصار القذافي في الجنوب الليبي

  6. "Around 15 of them started shooting us. All the women escaped but the young men stayed. My brother was there and I went to help him because he was shot in the head and neck, then they shot me (in the leg)," she added.


  7. 6 feb : the new Libiya :

    could eventually see the former dictator's son facing a death sentence.

    41 members into militair court

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IV8FWoaE3Zg&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    ين الحرية يا ليبين: 6-2-2012 الاعتداء على اهل تاورغاء

    - #Misurata militias killing a 11 yr old & 14 yr old of #black ethnicity Caught on tape

  9. Video here - ثوار مصراته يعذّبون طفل ليبي من مدينة الجميل حتى الموت 18+ -Google translate Misurata rebels tortured Libyan children from the city beautiful to death 18 + no acting there. Not sure though when it dates from. Uploaded 2 Jan 2012.

  10. Here is one more (post) torture video. The signs on the body are very similar to what we have seen in other cases. I would suspect hanging from the feet and heavy beating.

    مليشيات القتل في طرابلس يعذبون اسير ليبي حتى الموت
    (Militia killings in Tripoli, Libyan prisoner tortured to death)
    Uploaded by avir32568 on Dec 15, 2011

    1. The first one (Misrata children) I think might be from the shed massacre. The guy at 2:45 crouching weeping by a wall, very familiar, I think from a rare view from the shed site. The black man in the coffin might be the "fragile" body, laid in a coffin/box, wrapped in a blanket just like that, seen briefly just outside the door. I read one account that it was a burned body taken from the shed, but perhaps not.

      Or maybe those similarities are coincidental. Later on, he looks downright pissed, maybe at some of the people around, and is dragged away.

      The second one, less confusing - in a hospital or morgue, I have no idea where. Done. That's some real torture there -genuinely black and blue, whole backside, top to bottom, torn up legs, not just from hanging but I think hanging with weights. The Strappado, they called it during the inquisition (double-checking, Squassation variant). Only modern country really peggedfor using this torture recently is NATO member Turkey.

  11. The Daily Mail (Mail Online) is the worlds most popular on-line newspaper. This is what they published today:
    Caught on video: The horrifying proof that Libya's freedom fighters have turned into brutal torturers
    By BARBARA JONES, 12th February 2012

    It may be a good idea to take backup copies of this article. In January they published another exposé – using as illustration a photo I had taken. The next day the story was censored – most likely on the orders of some "intelligence service."
    UK Newspaper Mysteriously Retracts Nazi Collaboration Piece

    1. I am so ignorant on my friend Petri Krohn. Did I never even Google you? I'd have seen that. Interesting work there!

      On the Mail article, after it crashed my browser twice, I re-started and then saved it. Odd that they chose to make a big news story of this video. It's not really new - Tawergha for one has had it up for what, a couple months now? Three months:

      There are several others there much like it. EG:

      That's not to complain. There are some great lines in the article and, AFAIK new information on this incident. I'll be updating this into the article now.

    2. Con Coughlin Daily Telegraph is propaganda writer for British secret service


    3. And Gilligan of the Telegraph?

      See comments below article, especially NKNZ

      Let's see what happens here, shall we.

      @Hurriya - is there any connection with this fellow? who met a strange end.?? (The doctor in question is not registered to practise in the UK, he is a herbal doctor) Strange old business

    4. @ felix :
      Sami al-Saadi

      Farj Hassan Faraj al-Saadi might be related to :Sami al-Saadi

      and Sami al -saadi is deputy of : Abel al-Rajazk Abu Hajar , aka as Emir Abu Munthur,Abdul Hakim Belhadj, also known as Abu Abdallah Assadq the commander of rebel forces in Tripoli,

      That Britain has not designated LIFG a terrorist organization is significant, as several prominent leaders of the group continue to live in London and Manchester.

      He complains that Etilaf and Mr. Sallabi are the ones who are really running things in Libya now

    5. We have some very well travelled tourists in the UK ...see here and here and here. But there have been recent changes
      See also here and here and here. Excellent business for the legal profession.

      "AT is no longer in the UK"

    6. felix : this andy pops up everywhere :

      Andy Worthington

      An End to Gaddafi’s Tyranny: The Liberation of the Hated Abu Salim Prison
      Andy Worthington
      Investigative journalist, author, filmmaker and Guantanamo expert

    7. @ felix :


      Faraj al-Sa'idi has been convicted and sentenced in Italy. It is possible that he is the "AF" whom the UK recently released even while they conceal his identity from their own people. The release could well be part of London's secret arrangements with Tripoli.

    8. @Hurriya - I am suspicious of the Andy W site. I am also suspicious of the alleged motorcycle crash. Inquest? Trial? Nothing.

    9. @ Hurriya - According to the Guardian (your link above) Saadi says he was tricked by the British authorities into travelling to Hong Kong.
      Very naive,like....

    10. @hurriya – Re:
      Minister frees control order man
      The LIFG member "AF" was released from "control order" house arrest not because of the newfound friendship between UK and "Gaddafi." On the contrary, is is more likely because of the LIFG and MI6 conspiracy to assassinate Gaddafi and stage a coup that prevented the prosecution from presenting evidence.

      See Mark Curtis' book Secret Affairs: Britain's Collusion with Radical Islam: Britain, Qadafi and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group
      (Thanks to Felix for the link.)

    11. Again Andy W :

      Revolution in Libya: Protestors Respond to Gaddafi’s Murderous Backlash with Remarkable Courage; US and UK Look Like the Hypocrites They Are


      Posted in Belmarsh, control orders, deportation and extradition, Guantanamo, Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi, Libya, Libyans in Guantanamo, Life after Guantanamo, Revolution in the Middle East

      Andy Worthington

      @ felix , while reading @ Andy W website I saw Katherine
      tweets of the early days. Don't know if it is what you were looking for :

      Andy Worthington @KHawkins5 Thanks, Katherine.


  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HN-sAkXEb7c&feature=autoplay&list=UL4Z3unMVskj0&lf=mfu_in_order&playnext=2

    seems they come for their daily kill-orgasm.
    a predator kills for food. this misrata gangs do it , because they love to kill


  13. http://i40.tinypic.com/16bkk69.jpg
    reuters directly put 17feb tweets as truth

    BBC: John Simpson Lies About Libya

    Main Stream Media: a New Era for Mass Murderers…

    1. Felix : something off topic, but you might like it :


    2. Thanks..Some great incisive discussion underneath by commenter ajhi (I thought the performance of Crawford outside the Khamis base at the 27th km Gate west of Tripoli was ludicrous, holding up those files which had, er , just been found.

  14. http://www.aljazeera.com/video/africa/2012/01/20121672511839155.html
    Volunteers search for Libya's missing people FROM ONE SIDE

    Next she went to a school nearby where rebels are holding suspected Gadhafi sympathizers. She gave her son's name and then tearfully waited for word with dozens of other family members who also were searching for missing relatives.

    Libyan rebels who entered Tripoli from three sides last week have taken hundreds, if not thousands, of prisoners in the fighting and are now holding them throughout the capital, sometimes in prisons that just a few days ago had held suspected anti-Gadhafi protesters. Perhaps just as often, the jails are makeshift facilities that previously had been schools.

    A woman outside the Hudba el-Gassi compound in Tripoli, Libya, holds up a sign asking, "Where's my father?" Once a military police base, Hudba el-Gassi is now a makeshift prison for regime loyalists and others rounded up by armed militiamen.

    Mr Tahir is just one of more than 7,000 “enemies of the state” believed to have “disappeared” in a dysfunctional system, according to a report by the UN Security General due to be released on Monday. Thousands of people, including women and children, it states, are reportedly being illegally detained by rebel militias in Libya where many are subject to torture, beatings and systematic mistreatment in private jails run by the Western-backed revolutionaries who now rule Libya.

    Intisar al Bahi, left, addressed government official Hisham al-Tumi on Tuesday outside the facility in Tripoli where her brother is being held.

  15. A mass-grave of alleged pro-Gaddafi soldiers has been discovered in a rebel-controlled area in Libya, according to British newspaper The Telegraph. The location was swiftly bulldozed after the discovery, suggesting an attempt to cover-up the killings. The bodies were reportedly mutilated, adding to the recent concerns of human rights abuses by rebels. Such crimes are being swept under the carpet to support NATO’s cause in the region

    Over 800 Bodies Dumped in Libyan Cemetary by Rebels
    The majority of the more than 800 bodies and sets of remains in the “pro-Gadhafi” cemetery are without names or identification other than digital photos of their faces taken by the volunteers who run the cemetery. Many of the bodies were left at the cemetery by the rebels, with no information about where they were killed or found.

    In a revolution where rebel fighters have banded together in local groups answerable only to the communities they come from, much is unresolved. One emerging problem is the apparent persecution of black Libyans and non-Libyan Africans, which has resulted in at least one instance of racial cleansing, as rebels from Misrata pursued residents from the nearby predominantly black village of Tawergha, which many Libyans say supported Gadhafi. Residents also fled a predominantly black neighborhood in Misrata.

    Prisoners from Tawergha captured in Tripoli after they fled fighting in and around the village before it was taken by rebels Aug. 15 were taken back to prisons in Misrata, with the help of rebel units in Tripoli. The Misrata cemetery became the burial place for bodies of those killed between Sirte and Tripoli.

    None of the 420 prisoners held at a secondary school used as a prison in Misrata has been charged with any crime. There are no trials in sight. Embarika does not know the name of the justice minister appointed by the National Transitional Council, the rebel’s nominal government in Tripoli. Embarika said justice for those who had committed crimes against Misrata would be left to Misratans, not to a national government.

    “Misrata will decide what to do,” Embarika said.

    The rebel units against Gadhafi’s troops in Libya’s seven-month civil war have taken thousands of prisoners, some of whom have been held since the revolution began on Feb. 17. Source :broken link

  16. The Amnesty International "Feb 17" report is or will be out:

    Armed militias operating across Libya commit widespread human rights abuses with impunity, fuelling insecurity and hindering the rebuilding of state institutions, warned Amnesty International in a new report released today, a year on from the start of the February 2011 uprising.
    Libya: “Out of control” militias commit widespread abuses, a year on from uprising

    1. Armed militias operating across Libya commit widespread human rights abuses with impunity, fuelling insecurity and hindering the rebuilding of state institutions
      For a moment there, I thought this was a joke about their revised report on the situation in February 2011. It would be closer to true than what we heard. Only back then the state institutions didn't need re-building - they hadn't yet been destroyed by NATO bombs, diplo/econ warfare, and well-armed Islamist lynch mobs.

      Marking one year of acute madness.

  17. I firmly believe that this website has greatly assisted in getting info out about some of the abuses and crimes that have been committed. The truth of what is occurring is finally breaking through, too late for some and to what end is unknown at this point. Let's hope that something can be done for the thousands who continue to suffer.

    1. Thanks! Hey, you wanna join a start-up group with a fancy name? Send me an e-mail, caustic_logic@yahoo.com and I'll get you details.

  18. Here is a summary of the allegations on human rights abuses and war crimes.

    The Revolution’s Torturers: Systematic Human Rights Abuses in New Libya
    In These Times,
    BY ANDREW BASHI, FRIDAY FEB 17, 2012 4:55 PM

  19. @ felix : you wrote somewhere about all the cities where Hasadi controls the prisons. From my memory : Hasadi went in april to Misrata from Benghazi and fought there many months. Is he in charge in a body in Tripoli now or is he head of the Misrata murder brigades?

  20. some vids of the new libiya :

    Libya's rebels accused of illegal arrests and revenge killings

    Rebel Racism –Compilation of articles and videos


    TITLE : They are lauging and making fun before a fight in libya 2011


    هجوم مرتزقة تاورغاء على مصراتة 6 3 11 Tawarga mercenaries by freeeeelibyan 5265 views · Tripoli Ashat Road طرابلس طريق الشط

    ...Uploaded by hamodmoda on Jan 10, 2012

    MEET: freeeeelibyan

  22. Armed idiots of Misurata destroy homes Torghae residents.

    Bloody Monday. Janzour. The massacre of black Libyans.February 6, 2012



  23. Like the Slave Trade of Yore - Black Libyan Prisoner on Parade

    Persecution of Black People Workers by Rebels in Sug Aljuma Tripoli


    الحركة الوطنية لتحرير طرابلس

    National Movement for the Liberation of Tripoli


  25. http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/france-says-london-will-host-political-talks-next-week-on-libyas-future/2011/03/23/ABUKXew_gallery.html#photo=62

    Residents of Janzour district bury bodies and human remains discovered in Tripoli.

    At least three bodies and some body parts were dug up and reburied at a cemetery where the remains were found in a hole near formal graves.

    A representative of Libya's ruling National Transitional Council said it contained as many as 20 bodies buried in August.

  26. Ethnic cleansing in Tripoli

    Overnight on Thursday 25 August, the rebels attacked the district of Abu Slim in Tripoli, hunting down loyal Gaddafi officials and their families.
    France 24 TV correspondent Matthieu Mabin, reporting from Tripoli, provides a particularly chilling account:

    "What happened had less to do with fighting than with stamping out the last pockets of Gaddafi faithfuls, or rather the handymen, technicians and low ranking officials employed by the state, most of whom were housed in blocks of flats concentrated in the Abu Slim neighborhood and who lacked the means to get away in order to evade the lethal sanctions of the rebels. What we are seeing today is certainly the saddest phase of the Libyan war, with columns of rebels who are assailing this area, these people, the families who esconced in these tenement buildings.

    Our colleagues have just returned after an all-night coverage at the main Tripoli hospital, reporting the arrival of a large number of gunshot victims, including elderly people, women and even children. The CNT has remained completely silent about this. No call to surrender has been issued. We are undoubtedly entering the saddest phase of the conflict and it is likely that the CNT and the rebels will have to account for their abuses [...].

    We have reached a degree of cleansing that appears to be totally out of control, mostly at the hands of the gang from Misrata, the martyr city of Libya, which has come all the way to Tripoli to carry out his revenge. "


  27. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=qiUrqnHLH7E
    ضحايا القذافي - صور مروعة

    @ Petri @ felix : here the locals at work and in 2nd vid the body movers and how y get rid of bodies

    1. Interesting upper video - new to me. Looks like the dry riverbed where 18 bodies were found. Undated.
      That's an old, well used earthmover, not like those at the roundabout. We've seen that French AGD refrigerated food truck before.

  28. Some torture images, via OZYISM:

    I hate it when people write in capitals, especially when exaggerate things. Well, you got the warning.

  29. http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2011/09/01/is-america-a-force-for-good-in-the-world/

    Across “liberated” Libya, black Africans are being rounded up by the rebel forces, and often either summarily executed or else imprisoned. See here, here, and here for more disgusting evidence of the rebels’ anti-black campaign.

    the fellow has alerted the brit reporter to his racism, and the reporter seems not to notice!
    Is she aware they have massacred hundreds of black african workers and black libyans ?

    Questions present themselves strongly here, why do you always see al-Gaddafi brown-skinned? You think that all Libyans are that skin? When searching the pockets in search of identities we find them from Mali, Niger and Chad? What they are doing on our land?

    مرتزق للقذافي في 11 يونيو المجد

    Residents of Janzour district bury bodies and human remains discovered in Tripoli. At least three bodies and some body parts were dug up and reburied at a cemetery where the remains were found in a hole near formal graves. A representative of Libya's ruling National Transitional Council said it contained as many as 20 bodies buried in August.
    Anis Mili / Reuters/janzour

    baboons 1 hrw
    baboons 2

    Did bouckaert already find out who did it ?


  30. http://www.hrw.org/news/2012/03/16/libya-human-rights-council-monitoring-needed

    Despite commitments by Libya’s transitional government to stem abuses, Human Rights Watch has documented ongoing killings, torture, and forced displacement by militias. A UN Commission of Inquiryreport on March 2 found that anti-Gaddafi militias in Misrata had committed war crimes and crimes against humanity during the conflict, and apparently crimes against humanity in the period since. The government has proven incapable of reining in these militias or holding to account those responsible for abuses.

  31. Amnesty say it , Alagi say it :

    Amnesty said anti-Qaddafi soldiers were also guilty of human-rights abuses, although on a smaller scale.


    ”They are not the military, they are only ordinary people,” al-Alagi said.


    Alagi : cannot be described as ”war crimes at all.”

    And Ahmad al-Gamaty say it too :


    1. Anmesty report 19 March..Libya: The forgotten victims of NATO strikes
      as tweeted by @ZodiacNine (worth following).

      Anmesty - useless, partial, scared to rock the boat when it matters.

    2. That sounds well worth a read. They CAN be quite good, in spots. Relative to other "HR" groups.

  32. I'm about to give up : no honest reporting is to be found :

    On a sandy stretch of waste ground a few miles outside Tripoli, a small crowd of militiamen gather almost excitedly around a large yellow earthmover. The digger is excavating a huge hole in the ground.
    From the pile of earth at the side of the hole a few bones are sticking out. Bones that are immediately recognisable as belonging to humans: long leg bones and pieces of skull. This is a mass grave.

    At this particular site, Ahmed Atar, a medical student and militia member, tells me there may be as many as 30 or 35 bodies.
    "These were people killed right at the start of last year's revolution," he tells me.

    "When the regime wanted to clean the streets of Tripoli, so it could show off to the foreign press how much it was in control, they shot protesters and buried their bodies here.
    Officials at the organisation set up to help families of the missing said some of them had been abducted on the direct orders of Abdullah al-Senussi, Col Gaddafi's hated head of intelligence.

    while the graves are uncovered , the truth comes more and more covered.
    nobody ask who the estimate 50.000 till 100.000 missing and killed people really are.
    the media and human right organisations are so powerful presenting their opinion as the truth and nothing but the truth

    some glimpse of truth shining true :
    People from the area say the remains are those of African mercenaries who had been fighting for Colonel Gaddafi.
    rotting if you like

  33. Worthy’ vs. ‘Unworthy’ Victims: Are the Rebels Committing ‘Ethnic Cleansing’?

    The best example of this in the current conflict is the rebels themselves committing atrocities, particularly against black African migrants in Libya. In this scenario, rebels remain the ‘worthy’ victims, and the black Africans ‘unworthy.’

    One apparent victim of these assaults told media that, “I bet you many Ghanaians and Nigerians and other nationals of south of the Sahara have been killed and murdered,” and further, “they put the dead bodies in mass graves, while they still pursued others


    what does an african mercenary look like?...well hes usually black!

    Note that the insurgents have brought to Tripoli their brutal genocidical practices in Benghzai thus confirming the accounts we heard are true! This is what will happen thruout Liya if the wretched europens and americas thru NATO win.

    I wonder how many more black people need to get killed by the rebels, for some journos to stop the "african mercenaries" label? Although, if they were in military uniforms, hands tied shows how the prisoners of war are treated there.

    A typical propaganda tactic used by Western media, throughout the entire Cold War (and arguably much longer) is the notion of “worthy” and “unworthy” victims. In any conflict in which the Western world engages and seeks a particular outcome, the presentation to the public – (i.e., propaganda) – determines, by the very way in which it reports the conflict, who are the “good guys” and who are the “bad guys.” It is important for conflicts to be framed – from the view of the propagandist – in a black and white, simplified manner. Effective propaganda tends to play to the lowest common denominator. If everything is geared towards a very base, simplified audience, with minimal critical thinking and contemplation required, it tends to manifest those very sensibilities in the audience who consumes it. In short, by the very method of reporting, they create the audience they seek.

  34. http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5hFDa1tU8OTf4VkUxszxEKw4Tlqjg?docId=CNG.bf5d089cf24ee0e2049a013355d10a48.631
    UN rights council throws out Russia proposal on Libya detentions

    GENEVA — The UN Human Rights Council on Friday adopted a resolution urging Libya's new rulers to probe all alleged abuses, but threw out a Russian proposal calling for a halt to arbitrary detentions.

    The council also rejected an amendment tabled by the Ugandans, who sought to include a reference to "express deep concern about the deliberate killings ... of persons of Sub-Saharan origins."

    The amendments tabled by the two delegations hours before the council session was due to close sparked frantic negotiations among ambassadors.

    Russia said its proposal would have made the resolution backed by Western states "more balanced."
    "It calls upon the Transitional Government of Libya to address the cases of arbitrary detention, including of foreign nationals, and to release them immediately or to bring them to fair trial," said Russia.

    Uganda meanwhile said its amendment was tabled as it feared that "impunity and a deliberate targeting of a particular ethnic group would continue."

    1. Jesus! The people tasked with ensuring conformity with human rights standards is okay with arbitrary detentions, when these are frequently followed with arbitrary torture, often to death. They feel no need to even express concern over KKK-style mass murder of black people. Ethnic cleansing, no problem, not even a concern.

      But they're quite adamant that as these and other abuses continue, the NTC should launch a (cough) thorough and (cough) adequate investigation, to get a factual finding that all is well down on paper with an official stamp. That's very important for the enablers to wave in the face of all these concerned people.

      Insane world, burn it down, start over.

      Nah, just a moment of despair...

  35. Fathi Sherrif is surprisingly good-humored for a man who spent 13 days struggling to breathe inside a steel container.

    Sherrif and HIS FIVE BROTHERS were thrown in jail last March for offering covert support to Libya's then nascent rebellion.
    But when the rebels breached the walls of Ain Zara prison two weeks ago, the 49-year-old businessman emerged as an influential player in the new Libya. His self-appointed task: hunting senior officials of Muammar Gaddafi's regime.
    Read more: http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,2092803,00.html#ixzz1qjQLVuTF

    Sherrif's men found Ramadan on a farm in Seraj, on Tripoli's outskirts.
    Sherrif's undertakes its own interrogations before transferring its captives to Matega.

    Ad hoc prisons have sprung up in schools and offices all over rebel-held territory, which now encompasses most of populated Libya, holding suspected mercenaries and Gaddafi loyalists. But the rebels have also sometimes swept up foreign workers, particularly African migrants.

  36. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R12hbmv27RU&feature=related
    Gaddafi's female army fights at the frontline
    females colombia /mercenaries columbia, misrata @ 2.23

    Argentina rebel mercenary

    Libya : Mercenaries Killed by Anti-Gaddafi in Misurata Battle 19/03/11
    مقتل مرتزقة من تشاد والجزائر في الجبل الغربي

    Killing mercenaries from Chad and Algeria in the western mountain
    Massacre en direct (les milices barbares n'ont aucun coeur, aucune âme)



  37. Many of G soldiers were taken from their work, their families don’t know where they are.

    Now they start to discover they died at front-lines


    A lot of those who are missing in #Libya are #Gaddafi soldiers who were buried in #Misrata and other liberated cities. #Libya #Feb17

    curtis doebbler ‏ @cdoebbler
    Libyan doctor estimates as many as 100,000 people killed in #Libya by NATO and NATO-led rebels initiated violence.

    1. Garbage in Libiya :

      Victory joy: Men give victory signs as they ride on a truck scrawled with graffiti in Arabic reading 'Go, go, go, leave, leave, leave, down with the regime', on their way to clean up streets in Benghazi

      Volunteer residents carrying the flag of Libya's monarchy prior to Muammar Qaddafi's reign, and offering to help in providing municipal services such as cleaning, ride on a truck in Benghazi, Libya Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2011

      Some brave men who survived :
      Just off the Mediterranean coast, under the shade of two unfinished skyscrapers, three men are raking refuse into a large blue plastic tub. A fourth dumps it into a small garbage truck.

      "We work in a few neighborhoods from 9 in the morning until 10 at night," says Abu Bakr Mayga, a guest worker from Mali.
      Even though they have not been paid their $300-a-month salary since the revolution broke out in February, Mayga and his fellow Africans from Mali, Burkino Faso, and the Ivory Coast are still collecting empty bean cans and plastic mineral water bottles. "

      Just because there was a revolution does not mean there won't be any more garbage," explains the group's leader, Juma'a Ibrahim, 22, a native Libyan. "We all have to do our part."

  38. Does someone wonder why there is so much garbage in Libiya ?

    Before the war many black skinned people did the job and the country was clean

    garbage in tripoli Mar 30, 2012
    طرابلس ونسمات الحرية

  39. In the Abu Salim neighborhood of Tripoli, a militia brigade still operates from a heavily fortified bunker, with roof-mounted machine guns pointing down into the streets.

    Residents — especially those with dark skin, often suspected of belonging to tribes that fought for Colonel Qaddafi — said they were afraid to walk past the bunker.

    Inside the bunker, prisoners were banging on the metal doors of small cells.

    Abdul Salem el-Massoudi, 42, the neighborhood military council’s chief of “interrogations,” said the militia was still hunting down the suspected perpetrators of a massacre by Qaddafi forces.

    But as for the dark-skinned Libyans from the city of Tawarga, he suggested that they had themselves to blame.

  40. (Tripoli) - The leaders of the Libyan city of Misrata could be held criminally responsible for ongoing serious crimes by forces under their command, Human Rights Watch said today in a letter to the city's military and civilian leaders. They could be held responsible by authorities that include the International Criminal Court (ICC), Human Rights Watch said.


    Human Rights Watch highlighted the ongoing torture and abuse in detention facilities in and around Misrata and continued arrests, torture, and forced displacement of people from the nearby town of Tawergha. These abuses appear to be so widespread and systematic that they may amount to crimes against humanity, Human Rights Watch said.


  41. http://yfrog.com/kkld2cnj
    Miles de migrantes están en al menos 67 centros de detención. Este es el de Gheryan, #Libia


    African immigrants lie in a makeshift detention center in Gharyan, Libya, south of the capital, Tripoli. (Mahmud Turkia, AFP/Getty Images / April 7, 2012) Twoshi Detention Center

    "The going rate for a migrant is anywhere from 260 to 800 Libyan dinars," or about $210 to $645, said Jeremy Haslam, chief of the Libya mission for the International Organization for Migration. "One of the problems is that many detention facilities are not currently under state control, instead administered by local councils and even private parties. The latter may involve organized crime, running human trafficking operations — modern-day slavery."
    No one really knows how many detention centers — increasingly notorious for human rights abuses, including torture and rape of inmates — are operating in Libya or how many people are being held.

  42. I was tortured in that clinic ( Maitiga hospital)

    Interviewer: When did they exactly capture you?
    Girl: The 20th of August, exactly the day of Tripoli’s fall.

    Girl: They captured us with some of Khamis brigade guys.
    Interviewer: You mean the 32nd’s brigade?
    Girl: Yes, the 32nd’s brigade and they were about 16 guys, who were shot in front of my eyes.

    Interviewer: Do you know the place where they have kept the bodies? ( before burying them in mass graves)?
    Girl: They were putting them in fridges.

    1. Thanks for bringing this here. That's clearly Nisreen's story. I hope she's safe enough (out of country maybe). She'll be in trouble saying this, if it's really her. She has capture in Abu Salim on August 20. That's the first day, really, of the attack, and you've said they were in there deep and doinf lots of killing by that day. Amazing they'd be that far in to take whole buildings in Abu Salim that early.

      Says she saw 16 Khamis Brigade guys shot before her eyes- any relation to the 11/12 rebels she was forced to confess to shooting herself, under Khamis Brigade durress? Bodies in fridge trucks... these appeared at Mansoura, and the Yarmouk shed, at least. Always Gaddafi devil work they say...

    2. @ caustic : I'm long time thinking that damp or water at the matresses of the shed outside victims might partly be caused by

  43. Girl: I was one of the Libyan women and girls who volunteered for the People's Guard, to protect our country from NATO and the NTC (Rats).
    I was captured and was a imprisoned by the Rats for three months . They tortured me during this period of time, using electrical appliances and in other ways. ("...They would put us inside some fridge trucks, that were generally used as cold rooms, or as mortuaries.
    They often used electric shocks on people, using a 'shocker', or home-made electric chairs and bare electrical wires connected to the grid; also they scalded people with hot water and sat them for long periods under freezing air outlets. They raped us and used all kinds of brutality and humiliation...")

    First they took us to Al Saidy Boulevard and then to Maitiga (big military base and airport in Tripoly, which rats changed to concentration camp and place for tortures ) where it was our last place.

    Girl: There were Qatari and Misrati people, but Zintani were most . And when they captured me they killed about 15 soldiers belonging to Khamis brigade. They killed those kids (young men) in front of me and they also killed some women who were next to me.

  44. furjani girl ?

    Interviewer: Tell me …oooh sorry, I was almost saying your name. Ok, tell me, who told you to say that Mansor Daw was raping you? Even though we (every Libyan) know how honorable Al Haj Mansor (Mansor Dow) is.

    On Wednesday, a teenaged girl detained in Tripoli after accusations that she executed 11 people claimed that Mansour Daw had raped her.
    She told the BBC she had been forced to shoot prisoners with a rifle.

    inglesi 19-yr-old girl in Jdaida prison: says she was raped by Mansour Daw & his son; she was forced to kill prisoners in Abu Salim in cold blood. 7:23 AM Sep ..

  45. National Transitional Council justice coordinator Jamal Bennor said now is not the time to be putting former rebels on trial.
    “It may seem we are ignoring these crimes, but this does not mean we have given amnesty to the perpetrators,” Bennor said.

    While a few cases against former rebels are under investigation in both Benghazi and Tripoli, Bennor said it is difficult to deal with the security committees and rebel groups outside of the bigger cities.

    There is a public sympathy towards the rebel forces, many of which are hailed as heroes.

    Bennor said it is crucial to establish a working security force first and activate government ministries and a new constitution before arrests can be made.

    While these findings paint a gloomy picture of present day Libya, the UN commission acknowledged these atrocities must be viewed within the context of the legacy of violence left by the former regime.

    one significant difference from the crimes of the former regime is that they are being committed by individuals or independent units and not as part of a “system of brutality sanctioned by the central government,” the UN report stated.

  46. Secret NATO/traitors prisons in Tripoli were discovered

    And locations are as follows:

    1 house Saeed Rashid
    2 house Massoud Hafida
    3 house Sanusi Sanusi
    And there are nearly five thousand prisoners men and women there

    For publication and dissemination. Source


  47. The guy in this video is talking about wat he has seen in a prison of Misrata city, Libya. The NATO rats cut of his limbs of his left hand and right leg. He got out of the prison due to money was given to RATS, so what about other prisoners who are poor???

    Anyway, he has said things can be done against prisoners that is impossible to be done from human as following:
    - People have boiled in cookers
    - others attached from their hands to the roof without any cloths on their bodies.
    - rape
    - others have tortured hardly without any mercy
    others have cut to many limbs after they die in prison
    - Any prison who has Muammar's name has special torture"more and more than others"

    This guy was their when the Human Rights Organization has visited the prison, so when the RATS know the HRO is coming, they move the prisoners who tortured hardly to secret places and give others with good shape " new cloths" to be there is not any violations against human rights.

    We are Libyan people appeal to every organization or any body who can help the oppressed people in the prisons of Libya, especially " Misrata prisons" as soon as possible, please??

    1. During her incarceration, the woman says she witnessed other women having their breasts cut off by the NTC while they were still alive. Other acts of beastly torture included raping girls in front of others, tearing out a person’s heart from the chest of a still alive prisoner and decapitating prisoners openly.

      Our innocent prisoners-patriots in the prisons of Libyan traitors

      Libya, however, could be different — or so human-rights groups are hoping.

      "So far, Libya has cooperated with the court, and they've continued to show a good-faith approach with the ICC," says Elizabeth Evenson, senior counsel for Human Rights Watch's international-justice program in Brussels.

    2. http://allafrica.com/stories/201204130239.html
      According to Attounissia, Abdullah Gaddafi was captured as the result of a police raid on a house located in downtown Zarzis on April 5.

      Libyan Guantanamo prisoners to return soon: Ben Khayal

      The overwhelming bulk of those jailed in Tunisia, “80 percent”, he said, were likewise charged with drugs offenses. Almost all of them, he added, were under 30 years of age.

      Initially, it was reported in Baghdad that some 200 Libyans were being held in the country. However, following Ashour’s visit, the figure being put out by the Libyan Ministry of Justice is 22, of whom six have been sentenced to death for terrorist activities.

    3. :(

      Too much. This all needs documented. What we need is some kind of human rights group that would stand up for people and find things out...

      Actually the existing ones aren't failing totally. But largely.

    4. caustic : be proud of yr human rights blog!

      Today somebody said : There has never been an attempt to document who killed how many during Libya war.
      I answered : No?

  48. http://networkedblogs.com/wsIa0

    F-Se! Lawless Libya - Documentary by Yaara Bou Melhem : Towergha

    1. The authorities insist no-one is maltreated in this prison but elsewhere the evidence is undeniable.

      Video after video has emerged of the torture of perceived Gaddafi loyalists, most of them far too gruesome to broadcast. In some cases the brutal treatment appears to be based solely on the colour of the victim's skin.

      We are on our way to the internal displacement camp in Tripoli and we are going to speak to one of the wives of one of the men that appear in this video that's been circulating on social media sites. It is quite shocking - it shows 14 prisoners in a cage being made to eat the Gaddafi loyalist flag.

      Many have found shelter in the Janzour refugee camp set up on the grounds of a former naval base. One of the camp leaders is taking me to see Rabdee Karimah, whose husband Rabih, appears in the video.
      RABDEE KARIMAH (Translation): That’s him, he is the one sitting alone in short sleeves.
      His hands bound, he is singled out for abuse by his captors.
      GUARD (Translation): You, Come here, come here, you dog. Eat the flag, eat the flag you dog!
      RABDEE KARIMAH (Translation): The footage is really terrifying, he is not part of the battalions and he has no weapons. He is innocent.

      Gaddafi may be long gone but the rebels are still hunting down suspects.
      In February they attacked the Janzour camp, killing 7 and wounding dozens more.

  49. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcMIuAbFTtk
    The situation of migrants in Libya is worsening

  50. In another video, which was courtesy of CNN — Blacks were being randomly arrested and put in jail.
    When the CNN reporter wanted to know why — a member of the NTC said that they were keeping the detainees safe. Hence, the arrest. "Safe from what?" the reporter queried. "You know, they might get killed if we don't keep them here," the NTC member replied. "And, why so?" "Some people believe that the Blacks are hired assassins who were brought in to fight for Muammar a-Qaddafi." The reporter was permitted to interview the Black prisoners to hear their side of the story. Their cells were deplorable, to say the least. One of them told the reporter that he has been living in Libya for sometime. He went on to rebuke the claim that he and his fellow inmates were hired assassins. "There's no truth in that allegation, sir. We aren't hired assassins! We came to Libya to work," he said.

  51. A researcher on Libya for Amnesty International, Diana Eltahawy, told CNN she had overheard screams of pain and the sounds of whipping on a recent visit to a Libyan detention center.

    «It is the responsibility of the National (Transitional) Council to investigate these crimes,» she said.

    «The Amnesty report is overwhelmingly filled with the horrific abuses and killings by the Gaddafi regime, however there are a small number of incidents involving those opposed to Gaddafi, the NTC strongly condemns any abuses perpetrated by either side,» the statement said.


  52. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-8I8oadSFsOQ/T4k9ufj7K-I/AAAAAAAAFaw/Va0u3sF3o9c/s400/Egyptian+teacher+killed+in+Libya.jpg
    Slaughter of a Christian maths teacher in Benghazi. He was found in a school with his throat cut. Mr. Zia Sheva was Christian Egyptian teacher who lived in Libya for many years.


    Armed militias in Tripoli have kidnapped a Libyan Neurosergeon Dr.Hisham more than a week ago & he is still in detention.

    Yesterday [ 15 april] : Tripoli: we got now the news that the rats from Misurata last night slaughtered a young man (Khalid M'hamed Ayyad) who is married and has 3 children (residents of Ain Zara), without any apparent reason. The young man's had his throat cut from vein to vein, in front of his home at the farm. RIP, and condolences to his family

  53. http://www.amnesty.org/en/news/libya-ntc-must-investigate-death-another-tawargha-man-under-torture-2012-04-19

    Libya: NTC must investigate death of another Tawargha man under torture

  54. http://f-se.blogspot.pt/2011/11/f-se-nato-in-name-of-humanity-my-name.html

    al-Alagi, justice minister. said : rebels have made mistakes they cannot be described war crimes at all"

  55. http://ozyism.blogspot.co.nz/2012/04/father-of-two-tortured-to-death-by-nato.html

    The body of Barnous Bous'a was delivered to his family on 16th of April, his body riddled with torture signs, including an open wound behind his head.

    The brutal torture to death is yet another case in a long list of murders which has occurred in Libya under NATO regime's rule./16 april 2012

  56. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nh4z8o6xUN0

    Misrata @ 4.24 killing the wounded in hospitals

  57. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hioSFBCYZUI

    Lawless Land - Libya
    23 apr 2012

  58. The spokesman said: 'We discovered a mass grave containing 150 bodies in Tawargha. These are the corpses of civilians kidnapped from Misrata by Gaddafi’s loyalists.'
    Rebel troops are now believed to be working their way up the coastal road outside the town of Hisha about 100 km west of Misrata as they advance towards Tripoli.

    Libyan rebels claim to have found mass grave containing bodies of 150 civilians slaughtered by Gadaffi forces
    Opposition forces seize vital oil refinery just 30 miles from Tripoli
    By Daily Mail Reporter
    UPDATED: 14:05 GMT, 18 August 2011

  59. http://www.ozyism.com/2012/03/libyans-are-tortured-in-most-brutal.html
    tortured child and other victims : photo's

    Rebeldes de Misrata (CNT) destruyen tanque de agua en Torghae ABRIL 2012 GUERRA DE LIBIA.flv

  60. http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=41899&Cr=libya&Cr1=
    1 May 2012 –
    The United Nations mission for Libya has expressed its concern to the country’s authorities over the recent deaths of three people in a detention centre in the north-western city of Misrata, saying it believes that the deaths were the result of torture.

    The detainees died on 13 April in the Zaroug detention centre, which is controlled by a committee under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior, the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) said in a statement, in which it added that it had raised the concerns at the highest levels of the North African country’s authorities.

    UNSMIL said it has also taken note of the cases of at least seven other people who were tortured in the same detention facility. There have also been allegations of torture and ill-treatment of detainees held by armed brigades in other detention centres, particularly in the capital, Tripoli, and in the towns of Zawiya, Zintan and Misrata.

    The mission also voiced concern over the reported existence of some secret detention facilities run by the “brigades” and where detainees are at risk of torture.

    1. "The United Nations mission for Libya has expressed its concern":

      UN report investigates war crimes:
      While abuses still continue against those perceived as Gaddafi loyalists, one significant difference from the crimes of the former regime is that they are being committed by individuals or independent units and not as part of a “system of brutality sanctioned by the central government,” the report stated.


      Rebel fighter Majid Alfituri, an advocate against the killing of prisoners from the early days of the conflict, said that the deep-seated anger towards captured mercenary fighters, and in turn all black prisoners, generally led to their immediate execution. He said he would often scream at the rebel fighters not to kill them, not only for moral reasons, but without these captives they had no proof of the existence of Gaddafi’s mercenaries.
      The commission said it found no evidence of mercenary forces.

      National Transitional Council justice coordinator Jamal Bennor said now is not the time to be putting former rebels on trial.

  61. NATO's regime unveils a new law which gives immunity to all those who have committed heinous crimes against Libyans since the war began. The official website of NATO's regime in Libya published a new law stating that "There is no punishment for acts made necessary by the February 17 revolution," this safeguards those responsible for the brutal torture and massacres, not to mention looting and ethnic cleansing.

    1. Just heard about rebel fighters demanding this. Now it's law. Wow. No such luck for the Libyan government, whose only violence was "made necessary by the February 17 revolution," and its outsider-sponsored violent attack on the Libyan people. Now all crimes against the Libyan people.

    2. All "acts made necessary by the February 17 revolution" are still prosecutable in the International Criminal Court.

      It may be that the ICC is biased and only after Gaddafi and loyalist. It may also be that the Green side has been lazy in providing evidence.

  62. http://libyasos.blogspot.fr/2012/02/libya-testimony-torturing-detained.html

    Feb 5, 2012

    This is a story of detention and torturing of 5 Tawergha youths by Misurata militiamen, when one of them died after being subjected to the torture!

    The date of their arrest was 31.12.2011. in seventh district, in Sirte. They got arrested by militiamen of "Battalion 1973" and then handed over to the security committee in Sirte.

    They were detained for two days in Sirte, and on the third day 03.01.2012 , the officials from local security committee handed over the detainees to unknown persons, after a phone call between them.

    Those unidentified persons came to the place of detention, at the former military police station at the seventh district (Alsabaa area), with 4 cars and had transfered the detainees. Because the detainees were in the rear of a car, they could see that the destination was Misurata, where the detention continued up untill 16/01/2012 in area of Alkararem.

    The story of a torture of the detainees from Tawergha, at the security committee headquarter in Sirte, where some people from security committee headquarter in Sirte had beaten, and insulted with shameful racist phrases the prisoner. The rights of the detainees were severely violated, they were being forced to drink FUEL in large quantities.

    Were they preparing them for burning!?

    Security forces took off their clothes completely and forced them to stand in freezing cold weather while beating them with metal cable and starving them for two days.

    see vids

    The detainees mentioned some of the names of the militiamen who have been torturing them in SIRTE :
    1 - Mohammed Al Juhaimi
    2 - Mohamed El-Siwi resident of the Ras Ammar, Misurata.
    3 - Muhammad Al Mahishi.
    4 - a person named Yassin, the rest of his name is unknown .
    5 - Abdul-Hamid'Bet Almaal . "he was the Commander of the group"

    And in Alkararem (Misurata) they did not know specific names of those who tortured them, but they could identify one Moroccan prisoner because he was a resident of Tawergha, he is the son of someone very-well known as (the Moroccan Saed) in Tawergha, he is a car electric technician on the coastal road.

    And the names of detainees who were exposed to torture are:
    1 -Mohammed Al Fitouri Zayed . (He died under torture)
    2 - Rajab Abdullah Saleh.
    3 -Abu Bakr Mohammed Al Shaibani.
    4 - Abdel Moneim Muftah Al Fitouri.
    5 -Mohammed Said Ramadan.

  63. First Published: 2012-05-11

    Thousands remain in secret Libya militia prisons

    UN envoy [Ian Martin, head of the UN mission to Libya, UNSMIL] reveals cases of mistreatment, torture of detainees continue in militia detention centres in Libya.

    UNITED NATIONS - About 4,000 people are still being held in militia detention centres in Libya, often in secret and many are tortured, a UN envoy said Thursday
    "Perhaps around 4,000" remain in formal and secret prisons around the country

    The justice ministry now has 31 detention facilities with about 3,000 inmates, he said. But control of many of these is shared with the revolutionary militias which have retained significant powers.

    SITUATION REPORT /October 4, 2011
    Prepared by: Libya Outreach Group

    UNSMIL visited the residents of Misrata, commending them on a job well done.

    “I came to present my deepest respect to the people of Misrata for their heroic struggle and to convey my condolences to the families of martyrs and to the injured,”
    said Ian Martin, who is also the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Libya.

    “I have seen myself the evidence here of war crimes by the Qadhafi regime.”

  64. http://www.algeria-isp.com/public/libye3(66).jpg


  65. A United Arab Emirates-supported "10,000 - 15,000 strong 'Tripoli task force' " is planned to control Tripoli, "secure key sites and arrest high-level Gaddafi" loyalists.

    Notably, TNC planner Aref Ali Nayed
    expressed regret about the leak, but said:
    "It is important that (Libyans know) there is an advance plan, and it is now a much more advanced plan."

  66. http://libyanfreepress.wordpress.com/2012/05/14/shocking-interview-with-a-man-who-has-been-tortured-for-months-in-misuratas-jails-3-video/

    interview with a man who has been tortured for months in Misurata’s jails

  67. http://actualidad.rt.com/actualidad/view/44224-ONU-torturan-a-partidarios-de-Gaddafi-en-Libia

    ONU: torturan a partidarios de Gaddafi en Libia

  68. http://actualidad.rt.com/actualidad/view/44591-ONG-Los-bombardeos-de-OTAN-mataron-a-un-2%25-de-poblaci%C3%B3n-libia

    ONG: "Los bombardeos de la OTAN mataron a un 2% de la población libia"

    [+ 100.000 askary & unidentified volunteers]

    1. What I believe has happened has been a concerted attempt by the revolutionary militias and NATO to destroy Qaddafi’s Green movement supporters in Libya so that they cannot become a force in a future Libya


  69. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/libya/9265441/Libya-still-ruled-by-the-gun.html

    the Misuratans are taking a pitiless revenge on neighbouring towns and tribes whom they accuse of fighting alongside Gaddafi.

    This became horrifyingly clear as we made the short drive from Misurata to the neighbouring town of Tawergha. We entered an area of devastation. In total silence, broken only by birdsong, we walked along what had been a residential street full of once-attractive and peaceful houses with gardens and patios. Every one had been fire-bombed, in a deliberate warning to the inhabitants not to return.

    Tawergha, which has been inhabited for centuries by people from the black African tribe that carries its name, was used as a base for Gaddafi forces during the war. There is ample evidence that some Tawerghans carried out terrible atrocities during that time. But since then the Misuratans have been responsible for an awful punishment. Every single one of the 30,000 inhabitants of the town from before the revolution has gone. Some have been jailed or disappeared, and others gone abroad or to makeshift camps in Tripoli and elsewhere.

    Through contacts we tracked down Walid (not his real name) to a remote farm where he was hiding. Though not a Tawerghan, he too was accused of being a Gaddafi loyalist. By the time we reached him Walid was in need of urgent specialist medical attention. He said that last year he had been seized by a Misuratan gang in broad daylight off the streets of central Tripoli and taken to a former Gaddafi detention centre where he had suffered torture for several months, mainly beatings and electrocution.
    Eventually he had started to cough blood and to faint; one of his captors had taken pity on him and helped him to a hospital, from which he had been released three days before our meeting. He was very lucky to be alive, and several members of his family were still in that jail.

    Walid denied being a Gaddafi loyalist. He believed that his persecutors’ real motive was to obtain his family farm.
    This kind of torture has become routine in post-revolutionary Libya.

  70. Salem Hawari
    In March and April, five members of the Internal Security Agency were killed in Derna: Mustafa Ragis, Ezet Buhatwa, Faraj Dalel, Muftah Adaybani, and Salem Hawari.

    Nasser Hawari
    According to Nasser Hawari of the Libyan Observatory for Human Rights, 'In the beginning the militias did not use torture because the main issue was fighting against Gaddafi.

    But this changed after the revolution.’ Hawari, who worked as a tradesman until the fall of Gaddafi, told us there had been thousands of cases, 'even more than there were in Gaddafi’s time’. Torture, he said, was used to sort private feuds, enforce control, intimidate political opponents. He said there was no chance of justice, and that while he had taken a number of the most shocking cases to the attorney general, nothing had been done.


  71. FIDH & LDH are going to sue a french company for torture accomplicity in Libiya .
    The company before had delivered spy ware DPI to the old regime

    Libye : Une société française accusée de complicité de torture

    FIDH & LDH on 21 feb 2011 stimulated a civil war in libiya :
    The International community must respond urgently http://www.fidh.org/Massacres-in-Libya-The-international-community Paris, Monday February 21 – The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and the Libyan League for Human Rights



    NATO MASS GRAVES! Nato has failed to properly investigate or provide compensation for civilian deaths caused by its air strikes during the seven-month operation in Libya that helped bring about the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi,

    Watching Over You : DPI Secret new industry , 25 countries

    1. about libiyan league for human rights I like to recall :

      Mansour Khikia , member of LLHR

      Mansour Kikhia : where he is believed to have been executed
      The League was founded in 1989 by Soliman Bouchuiguir, Hussein Raiani, Mohammad Zayyan, and Mansour Kikhia. Mansour Kikhia, former Libyan ambassador to the United Nations, had defected to the US in 1980 and, in December 1993, was kidnapped in Egypt and subsequently transported to Libya, where he is believed to have been executed. The current Secretary-General of the League is Hussein Raiani.

      City Representatives: Mansour Kikhia - City of Benghazi

  72. Hadeel Al-Shalchi ‏@hadeelalsh

    Tunisia to extradite former #Gaddafi PM al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi to #Libya - justice minister. Handover could be in "days or weeks."

  73. Local military commanders like Shami have already begun to implement their own rules and regulations to fill the void of governance in Libya's third largest city. And it's not the only place where that is happening.

    The militias wield considerable power. Shami proudly displays the 200-or-so prisoners that his City Center Brigade — one of about 180 militias operating in Misratah — has captured.

    "God is Great," he says to each of the men, who range in age from teens to the elderly, as they line up obediently along the walls of the stuffy, residential apartments that the brigade uses as its prison. "God is Great," they repeat in unison — the universal declaration of Islam, but now also the cry of solidarity in the free, post-Muammar Gaddafi Libya.


    Shami's brigade is hardly the only militia in Libya holding its own prisoners. Scattered across the country there are, perhaps, hundreds of others. Tawfiq al-Fudaysi, Shami's aide, estimates there are at least 1,800 prisoners in Misratah alone.

  74. http://www.libyaherald.com/protestors-claim-torture-at-tripolis-ain-zara-prison/

    Protestors claim torture at Tripoli’s Ain Zara prison
    Tripoli, 24 May:

    Families of some of the prisoners at Tripoli’s Ain Zara prison started protesting at the main gates on Tuesday about treatment of those detained there, claiming that they are being tortured and abused. They say they plan to stay until they have guarantees that the prisoners are being better treated.

    The sister of one prisoner, Najat Taweel, said that her brother had been badly tortured as had 20 others. She claimed that prison guards have forced prisoners to remove their clothes and throw them in sewage water and had beaten them with metal rods.


  75. The Libyan National Transitional Council (NTC) must act immediately to investigate and prosecute abuses against the Tawargha community of black Libyans, said Amnesty International today, after another Tawargha man was tortured to death in a Misratah detention centre.

    The body of 44-year-old father of two Barnous Bous’a was delivered to his family on 16 April. It was covered with bruises and cuts, including an open wound to the back of the head.

    Barnous Bous’a was a civilian who fled his home in Kararim in western Libya during the armed conflict, settling in Sirte.

    Militias from Misratah drove out the entire population of Tawargha in August 2011, looting and burning down their homes.

    Since then, armed militias from Misratah have been hunting down Tawarghas across Libya, snatching Tawargha men from camps for displaced people, homes, checkpoints and even hospitals.

    It is imperative that the NTC now reins in these militias, investigates all abuses and prosecutes those responsible – on all sides - in accordance with international law.


  76. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzqEPYfnTBc&feature=youtu.be

    Torturing a Libyan Cetizen to death by rebels تعذيب مواطن ليبي حتى الموت

  77. تعذيب مواطن ليبي على يد المليشيات المسلحه غريان.flv
    Torture of Libyan citizen at the hands of armed militias Gheryan.


    Indicating the existence of secret prisons in each of the camp Apr. 7, a farm commander and others in the area Alkwyfah city of Benghazi, dwell a large number of detainees from the southern region and the Western Region and Central particularly from the city of Sirte and from tribe Akadddavh specifically who were arrested during the attack on the city of Sirte.

    These prisons are controlled by the militant Islamist groups that refuse to recognize or permit the presence of these detainees,
    or even bring them to justice and for reasons unknown.

    Headed by the so-called Army Staff Allaotuny Benghazi and Security Committee has knowledge of these prisons, but has not intervened until now.

    Prisoners are under heavy guard and suffer from poor conditions of detention in underground.

    Appealing to people of all the detainees Libyan Sharif and especially honorable inhabitants in Benghazi and the Liberals on the international information network to help detect these armed groups and expose them to networks information international and various websites and to address International Human Rights organizations


  79. Libyan Tuaregs Flee to Algeria Amid Reports of Ethnic Cleansing


    More than 55 Libyans from the Tuareg tribe have crossed over into Algerian territory in the last two days through the border crossing at Debdeb in the province of Illizi.

    They left the town of Ghadames and its surrounding villages out of fear of reprisals by armed groups against certain individuals, and particularly against Tuareg families.

    Sources inside the Libyan city of Ghadames told El-Khabar that the Tuareg tribes have been subjected to ethnic cleansing for the past eight months. The Ghadames tribe, which is backed by forces affiliated with the National Transitional Council, is allegedly carrying out these acts. The latter burned and destroyed hostels and stables belonging to the Tuareg tribe and expelled them from the city, forcing them to flee into Algeria.

    According to the escapees, many Tuareg members were subjected to “illegal” detention in secret locations under inhumane conditions. They added that members of the Ghadames tribes are searching for Tuareg members everywhere, even in hospitals, to kill and torture them. They have also recently arrested a large number of them, including women.

  80. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=s3tCs1IVXJg
    هجوم نساء مدينة غدامس على نساء الطوارق في بيوتهن
    Attack on Tuareg women in their homes / 1 june 2012

  81. Benghazi: Sources confirm the existence of secret prisons in the barracks of April 7, the Libyan leader and another in the region Koufya in Benghazi.

    Many prisoners remain in the majority of prisoners are from the south and west of Libya and especially the city of Sirte, the tribe of Kdadfa.

    These Libyans were arrested on the day of the fall of Sirte. These prisons are run by militia extremists who deny the presence of house arrest.

    The detainees are mistreated. Their families asked hover, but no one moves.

  82. http://www.daylife.com/photo/09sf5fhbCU21J?__site=daylife


    Libyan security personnel escorts a man acting the part of a prisoner as they show their prisoner delivery procedures at the newly built al-Hadba prison and special tribunal facility during the visit by Interim Libyan Justice Minister Ali Hamiada Ashour (not in picture) on May 26, 2012, in Tripoli. The prison which has room for 100 VIP political prisoners, will host trials for pro-Moamer Kadhafi high profile personalities.


  83. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ll2pzpKOlQ&feature=youtu.be

    مليشيات مصراته المسلحه تعذب وتجبر السجناء الليبيين على النباح

    Armed militias Misurata torturing prisoners and force the Libyans to bark

    may the satanic sadists burn in hell !!!!!!!

  84. http://globalciviliansforpeace.com/2012/06/03/unreported-world-libya-my-week-with-gunmen/
    the racist persecution of Black Libyans and migrant workers.

  85. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Rk-PhypBzbY
    Dr. Ibrahim in a dog house in the new libiya
    Uploaded by zawia17feb on Jan 10, 2012
    استجواب احمد ابراهيم حول الغاء اللغة الانجليزية

  86. Today a young man was killed Ajeelat named Fuad Yusuf Hassan from the tribe of after Alzeramqh Ochtttafh from the militias Sabratha who was been kidnapped from his office with his cousin Muhammad Hassan Nouri. His body was found dumped in front of his home in the district Alvrich located and the fate of the second person is unknown so far.

  87. http://libya360.wordpress.com/2012/06/11/while-over-7000-prisoners-face-torture-execution-ntcs-pays-ld-8000-per-month-to-prisoners-of-former-regime/


    The NTC has issued a new law to compensate former political prisoners of the Qaddafi regime. Under Law No. 50 anyone kept in prison or detention centres by the former regime between 1 September, 1968, the day that Qaddafi overthrew the monarchy and 12 February ,2011, will be entitled to LD 8,000 for every month they were held. There will be no distinction whether the prisoners were civilian or military.

  88. The Russian Committee for Solidarity with the peoples of Libya and Syria received a press release from the movement of nationals from Libya, indicating that the native Libyan prisoners have written an appeal to the Human organization of the United Nations and regional called rights of prisoners to save Libyan prisoners, deprived of all human and civil rights, against torture and abuse.

    Appeal signed by the families of more than 12,000 inmates.


  89. RT Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjhAwoPVSLo La nueva Libia tortura la democracia al 'viejo' estilo , uploaded February 16 2012.
    I can't find an English language broadcast, but it's interesting because it has an interview from Manchester UK with Ali Alkasih. He was apparently a witness to NATO bombing. The accompanying RT story in English is dated Jan 27. Tortured Freedom: Libya's New Rulers Resort to Old Tactics . Ali Alkasih is quoted there:
    "“I saw so many people killed in front of my eyes … I saw the killing of 51 people. The youngest was 15,” says Ali Alkasih, a witness of NATO’s bombing in Libya."
    Back on October 25 2011, Alkasih {originally from Sirte) told RT in the story ‘Arabs disgusted by Gaddafi’s killing’
    An eyewitness to the NATO bombing in Libya, Ali Alkasih agrees, saying that the alliance's actions have created big divisions in the country.

    “They used every possible thing to make this so-called ‘revolution’ successful,” Alkasih told RT. “They used gunships, they used helicopters, they used fighters – all sorts of weapons that they had at their disposal, so that they could dispose of Gaddafi and make this revolution successful. They’ve killed so many people to succeed in this operation. [But] I don’t think it’s a success, because if it was a success, every Libyan would be happy.”

    Alkasih says Libyan society has been split apart by both NATO interference and the Gaddafi regime.

    “There is a huge gap now between Libyans – partially because of the NATO interference and partially, let’s be honest, because of Gaddafi,” he argued. “But the way they killed Gaddafi, the way they treated him, the way they bombed my city, which had a lot of civilians inside it who were killed as well – this just generates anger and generates revenge, which will be in the future fuel for another war in Libya… sooner or later.”

    A video accompanies the October article. An interesting character and message.

    1. to be honest , felix : just extremists & assassanators didn't have a good live in Libiya

  90. THE JOKE OF 2011 - 2012 :

    HRW : Candidates Should Address Torture, Illegal Detention


  91. I asked him how could he be tried, since the arrest was illegal, and the accusations against him baseless? Why should the government take over the prison and keep everybody locked up while the basic legal procedure in jailing those people is illegal and the presumed case against them will be thrown out by any respected judge?

    My friend had an answer. At least he has a lawyer now, who explained that he should have been freed long ago but the interim government is afraid of the “revolutionary brigades.” Despite the fact that his incarceration is illegal and took place outside the law, the government “dare not free anybody at least for now,” the lawyer said because the militias would become very angry at the government. Clearly, the militias want their unlawful actions legitimized by the government and freeing the illegally held inmates will make the militias involved criminals.

    Among the 300 inmates there are Chadian sheep shepherds, Malian shopkeepers and Nigerien domestic workers. Some of them had never been to Tripoli before and lived and worked in other Libyan towns. Black Africans were wanted from day one in the civil war. As earlier as February 2011, just days into the revolt in Benghazi, the “revolutionary brigades,” in unholy alliance with the media declared them mercenaries fighting for the former regime, thus putting all of them in immediate danger.

    Ever since then not one piece of credible proof has been produced. During the war months, as the rebels took more cities with the help of NATO, black Africans and black Libyans were sought and killed and sometimes cut into pieces while still alive. Those who ended up in Tajura were lucky; in a way they were saved.


  92. Human rights groups led by the Amnesty International have been reporting grave violations of human rights, which have been perpetrated by Libyan militias for a long time.

    One of the main documents to rebut the widespread stereotype that the only side guilty of committing war crimes was Gaddafi’s army became the Amnesty’s report titled “The Battle for Libya – Killings, Disappearances and Torture”.[ Amnesty International September 2011!!]

    The report clearly demonstrated that abductions, torture and killings were also widely practiced by Libyan rebels.

    The West, which had put great efforts into supporting the Libyan rebellion, initially tried to ignore alarming reports, but the escalation of the situation demonstrated that the violence was only getting extreme by the day.

    “After all the promises to get detention centers under control, it is horrifying to find that there has been no progress to stop the use of torture”, says Donatella Rovera of Amnesty International, commenting on the fact that the organization’s representatives have met prisoners who showed marks indicating severe beatings and torture. Now even the UN has to admit that the situation has gone out of control, claiming that 8,500 prisoners are being held by militias in about 60 detention centers. But at the same time, the UN pretends that the outrageous situation is nothing but a legacy of Gaddafi’s era.


    note : in Gaddafi’s era torture like this didn't happen

  93. On top of the rise in abductions, rights groups say they are also concerned about the fate of thousands of people captured by the authorities and militias during and immediately after the uprising.

    Human Rights Watch says at least 7,000 are still in detention, citing government officials and the United Nations. Roughly 4,000 of them are held by various militias in both formal and secret detention facilities.
    The rest are in facilities run by the government.


    The U.N. human rights agency and aid groups have accused brigades of torturing detainees, many of them sub-Saharan Africans suspected of fighting for Gaddafi's forces last year.

  94. Al-Amin Al-Sahli was at home when four men from a brigade arrived in a pick-up truck and asked him to go to their headquarters. They did not say why.

    The 38-year-old, a state employee living in Libya's third largest city Misrata and the brother of a Reuters cameraman, decided to comply and arrived at the base half an hour later.

    "They took my phone, my things and then led me through the back door to another office.

    Then they covered my eyes and tied my hands," he said as he lay in hospital after his ordeal.

    "They started beating me, torturing me.

    They put me on a device - they called it a Honda Civic," he said, describing it as a metallic frame to which his arms and legs were tied.

    During his detention, he said he was put in a cell with other prisoners, some of them with broken legs. "I've never seen anything as criminal as this before."

  95. Libyan Journalists threatened by militias of Misurata – Suleiman Dougha journalist was abducted by Misuratis, was tortured and raped. (June 21, 2012)

    television journalists Misurata were threatened by the Misurata militias. They asked them to stop talking about the case of the journalist Dougha Suleiman. A journalist Misurata called the Libyan television channel to denounce acts of the Misurata militia.

    The Misurata militias threaten to explode the television headquarters.


  96. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=18979001&l=c05821e08c&id=297509086955875
    Stranded immigrants detained in ‘racist’ Libyan camps #tcot #p2 #Libyan #paradise
    Immigrants are held in deplorable conditions. The right to go out into the yard, like all the other camp rules, depends entirely on the militiamen’s moods.

    In one of the camps in Tripoli, the guards never opened the windows of a hangar in which more than 80 people were held. The heat was unbearable and I simply can’t imagine what it will be like there this summer.

    At night, the detainees get a limited number of very thin foam mattresses to put on the floor to sleep on. The rest of them sleep on hard mats, and this includes women – even pregnant women – and children.

    The militiamen claim they pay for the immigrants’ food out of their own pockets, but we saw bags of rice and pasta with the World Food Programme (WFP) logo stamped on them. These supplies are provided by a local humanitarian organisation called Libaid, which receives aid from several international organisations such as WFP.



  97. BBC's unimpartial report on its "impartiality" in regards to war on Libya

    Some running commentary on the BBC's report on their "impartiality and accuracy" regarding their coverage of events in Libya:

    * BBC report on its coverage of events in Libya says: "The BBC did well in maintaining a presence on both sides throughout. It gave Gaddafi and his family and officials many opportunities to express their views, and did interrogate the rebel leaders (as well as British ministers) about their strategy and war aims. It was slow however (*my addition: about 9 months slow*) to shine a spotlight on human rights abuses committed by rebel forces, particularly against sub-Saharan Africans and dark skinned Libyans."


    1. #BBC admits mainstream media coverage of #Libya paved way for #NATO invasion. Accomplices to crimes against humanity http://resistance-episteme.tumblr.com/post/25931951697

  98. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=18984211&l=d177d7b898&id=297509086955875

    Organ trafficking in #NTC #Libya: The corpse of a five-year-old boy was found in #Benghazi, his liver and kidney removed

  99. http://www.scoop.it/t/seif-al-islam-al-gaddafi



    Amnesty and the NATO Cover-Up of War Crimes in Libya.

  100. Alkarama reports nowadays about torture NTC regime :

    Libya: Mr. Rifat Al Khwildy, a journalist who participated in the revolution, is arbitrarily detained and is the victim of torture and ill-treatment
    14 May 2012

    He was severely beaten and slashed with a blade in many places on his body

    Arbitrary detention of Mr. Sayed Qaddaf Dam, cousin of Muammar Qaddafi

    Mr. Amhamed Ahwishy, victim of torture and enforced disappearance

  101. Alkarama :The Libyan Truth and Justice Committee, a group on the ground with which Alkarama has regularly collaborated, brought this information to our attention.

    28 June 2011, 3:30 a.m. Salem Mohamed's home in the Abu Slim district of Tripoli is quiet when suddenly twenty security agents violently break down the front door. They are all heavily armed, some are wearing hoods others are in civilian clothing. The 31-year-old academic, father to two children, is immediately handcuffed and taken by force in a military car to an unknown destination

    But Adel Mohamed Saleh, who called himself a political activist in Tripoli, said the aerial bombing had initially targeted a funeral procession.
    "What we are witnessing today is unimaginable. Warplanes and helicopters are indiscriminately bombing one area after another. There are many, many dead," Saleh told al Jazeera television in a live broadcast.
    "Our people are dying. It is the policy of scorched earth." he said. "Every 20 minutes they are bombing."
    Asked if the attacks were still happening he said: "It is continuing, it is continuing. Anyone who moves, even if they are in their car they will hit you."

    There was no independent verification of the report but Fathi al-Warfali, the Libyan activist who heads the Swiss-based Libyan Committee for Truth and Justice, who was taking part in a protest outside U.N. European headquarters in Geneva said he had heard the same reports.
    "Military planes are attacking civilians, protesters in Tripoli now. The civilians are frightened," al-Warfali told Reuters.

  102. http://f-se.blogspot.nl/2012/06/f-se-short-list-of-libya-rebels-human.html
    F-Se! Landscapes Of Libya Freedom Or a Short List of Libyan Rebels HUMAN RIGHTS Praxis

  103. http://www.amnesty.org/en/library/asset/MDE19/012/2012/en/f2d36090-5716-4ef1-81a7-f4b1ebd082fc/mde190122012en.pdf

    One #woman detained by a militia in #Libya "had boiling water poured over her head and body" & was beaten & stabbed:

  104. In a new report based on fact-finding missions in May and June, Amnesty International said Wednesday that nearly a year after Tripoli fell to the revolutionary fighters in Libya, ongoing serious human rights violations – including arbitrary arrests and detention, torture, impunity for unlawful killings and forced displacement


  105. Among other examples, the report cites the case of Hasna Shaeeb, 31, who was accused of being an al-Gaddafi loyalist. She was detained for three days in October last year, given electric shocks, beaten and whipped until she lost consciousness, then had urine poured over her. The guards threatened to rape her mother if she did not confess.

    Hasna was released without charge three days later and has since submitted complaints through a range of channels. She was examined by a forensic pathologist, whose report corroborated her testimony.

    No meaningful action appears to have been taken to investigate her complaint. Instead she has received a string of anonymous threatening phones calls, as well as a call in June from the person who arrested her. In March, her flat was fired on by unknown attackers in the middle of the night.

  106. Militias continue to arrest people and hold them in secret and unofficial detention facilities. Despite some progress in bringing detention under central control, it is estimated that 4,000 remain in centers outside the reach of the central authorities. Some have been held without charge for a year.

    Abuse of detainees, particularly those recently arrested, continues. An Amnesty International fact-finding team found evidence of recent beatings and other abuse - in some cases amounting to torture - in 12 of the 15 detention centers where it was able to interview detainees in private during its most recent visit.

    Common methods of torture reported to the organization include suspension in contorted positions and prolonged beatings with various objects including metal bars and chains, electric cables, wooden sticks, plastic hoses, water pipes and rifle-butts.

    Amnesty International has detailed information on at least 20 cases of death in custody as a result of torture by militias since late last August.

  107. MRZine ‏@mrzine_notes

    @amnesty tweets w a straight face: Libya's militias "threatening progress [sic] of humanitarian [sic] revolution [sic] http://owl.li/c20lk"

  108. More than 1,300 illegal immigrants are detained here, some 100 kilometers outside the city of Sabha, along the road between the sand dunes to the south and the border with Niger. They have no shelter, not even makeshift tents, forced to sleep on the sandy, pebble-studded ground. Only the lucky few among them have a blanket to protect them from the gusts of scorching wind. The others curl up so they can shield their faces in their keffiyehs or T-shirts. It is early evening, and the temperature in this southern Libyan desert known for its scorpions and vipers is 35°C.

    If nobody does anything, they’ll die here.


  109. TRIPOLI, Jul 14 2012 (IPS) - “The human rights situation in Libya now is far worse than under the late dictator Muammar Gaddafi,” Nasser al-Hawary, researcher with the Libyan Observatory for Human Rights tells IPS.

    Hawary showed IPS testimonies from families whose loved ones have been beaten to death in the custody of the many militias that continue to control vast swathes of Libya.

    “At least 20 people have been beaten to death in militia custody since the revolution, and this is a conservative figure. The real figure is probably far higher,” says Hawary, pointing to photos of bloodied bodies accompanying the testimonies.

    Revenge attacks, killings and abductions against former Gaddafi supporters and against black men, who the rebels perceive as having worked as mercenaries for Gaddafi during the war, continue well after the “liberation” of the country.

    Several months ago Muhammad Dossah, 28, was abducted by armed militia men at a checkpoint in the northern city Misrata as he was driving his employer Forrestor Oil Company’s car from the city Ras al Amoud to capital Tripoli.

    “I don’t know if he is dead or alive. We haven’t heard from him since he disappeared from the militia checkpoint and the police investigating his disappearance say the trail has gone cold,” his brother Hussam Dossah, 25, tells IPS.

    The police managed to trace the car through several cities down the eastern side of Libya but there the trail ended. There has been no sighting of Muhammad since then, and his family have no idea what has happened to him.

    “He could have been abducted because he is black or because the gunmen wanted the car he was driving. We are Libyan but my father is from Chad,” says Hussam.

    Hussam’s story is one of many of abductions, random killings, torture and robbery as militia men continue to take the law into their hands.


  110. Interesting facebook post: Major General Ali Al-Da'ouki seems to have a health crisis in prison and may be transferred to a hospital in Misrata. A YouTube video from September 2011 shows him allegedly "defecting".
    Comments on the FB page are along the lines of "let the dog die".

  111. http://vivalibya.wordpress.com/2012/07/18/the-names-of-over-1000-political-prisoners-in-libya-detained-because-they-are-black/

    The Names Of Over 1000 Political Prisoners In Libya Detained Because They Are Black

  112. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfOoqV56k9k&feature=player_embedded

    Evidencia de torturas de civiles de Asabah - Libia por los criminales del CNT-OTAN.flv

    Jan 15 2012 Fighting broke out between residents of Gharyan and residents from Alasabha over the weekend. Gharyan accuses Alasabha of still being pro ghadafi

  113. URGENT! Mock Trials Have Begun In Misrata For Sheik Khalid Tantoush, Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim, General Mansour Dowe


  114. “Two days ago the bogus trials of political philosopher Dr Ahmed Ibrahim, General Mansour Dowe and Islamic scholar Sheik Khalid Tantoush began in Misrata.

    We need your help please. It is hard to know what we can do in a world where as Malcolm X said ‘the guilty are made innocent and the innocent made guilty’ but we have to try everything we can despite the lawlessness we are faced with.

    While the corporate media lies about ‘Libya’s first free elections’ the truth is that the ethnic and ideological cleansing continues unabated inside Libya – please get the word out any way you can.

    Thousands of Qaddafi loyalists, Black Libyans and Africans from other parts of the continent are imprisoned and are being tortured and killed.

    Attached is a document listing the names of over 1000 Libyan`s rounded up and imprisoned for being Black. ”

    These trials are not lawful or fair by any standard.

    None of the prisoners have legal counsel.

    All of them have been subjected to torture throughout their many months of detention.

    These trials will only lead to execution of innocent men.

  115. Nigerians are dying in Libyan prisons - Returnees :

    Weekly Trust learnt that some of the returnees had been tortured or imprisoned by the new government in Tripoli before they were evacuated.

    Some of them who relieve their experiences to Weekly Trust painted a gloomy picture of the post Gaddafi era, in which cross fire there were caught.

    Mr. Okwudolor John said “the situation is very bad in Libya. Nigerians are suffering; some are very sick while others are dying.

    “We lost everything during the crises; money, clothes; everything indeed. Libyan hoodlums capitalized on the crisis to rob and dispossess us of our property.”

    Esther Omoreghe who returned with two of her children while her Ghanaian husband and her son died in the heat of the crisis, regretted her sojourn in foreign land and vowed that she would never allow her children or relations to travel outside Nigeria.

    A returnee simply identified as Jennifer, who could not hold back tears, said she left Nigeria in search of greener pasture, but came back dejected with a pregnancy.

    “Nigerian government should wake up, because so many of us are dying in Libyan prisons. Libyans do not want to see us at all.

    “If you have somebody in Libya and have not heard from the person for a long time, just know either the person is dead or in one of the prisons,” she said.


  116. A New Zealand-born filmmaker has been temporarily released into the protection of the British Embassy in Libya after nearly three days in detention.

    Sharron Ward, a freelance filmmaker, was initially detained on Thursday after conducting interviews on former rebel abuses at an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp on the eastern fringes of the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

    She was held for around six hours before being released. She was detained for lacking proper permission to film in the area - a disused naval academy in Janzour.

    Ward said officials had taken her passport and some video equipment.

    Staff from the British embassy accompanied Ward back to a Supreme Security Council base in Ain Zara at around 2 pm on Saturday (Libyan time) for a follow-up interview.

    Ward remained in detention for a further 48 hours.

    No charges were laid, however it is rumoured she was being investigated for espionage.


    1. a felix'link ?


      Katalyst Productions is a London-based television news & documentary production company founded by Director/Producer Sharron Ward. Our mission is "Making Films that Matter." www.katalystproductions.co.uk

      Filming the "Accidental Activists" , 8 july 2012

  117. http://globalciviliansforpeace.com/2012/07/24/libyas-prisoners-languish-despite-government-takeover/

    Among the 300 inmates there are Chadian sheep shepherds, Malian shopkeepers and Nigerien domestic workers.
    Some of them had never been to Tripoli before and lived and worked in other Libyan towns.

    Black Africans were wanted from day one in the civil war.

    As earlier as February 2011, just days into the revolt in Benghazi, the “revolutionary brigades,” in unholy alliance with the media declared them mercenaries fighting for the former regime, thus putting all of them in immediate danger.

    Ever since then not one piece of credible proof has been produced.

    During the war months, as the rebels took more cities with the help of NATO, black Africans and black Libyans were sought and killed and sometimes cut into pieces while still alive.

    Those who ended up in Tajura were lucky; in a way they were saved.

    The Names Of Over 1000 Political Prisoners In Libya Detained Because They Are Black
    Nigerians are dying in Libyan prisons - Returnees


    Mr Tahir is just one of more than 7,000 “enemies of the state” believed to have “disappeared” in a dysfunctional system, according to a report by the UN Security General due to be released on Monday.

    Thousands of people, including women and children, it states, are reportedly being illegally detained by rebel militias in Libya where many are subject to torture, beatings and systematic mistreatment in private jails run by the Western-backed revolutionaries who now rule Libya.


    in what was formerly a school in the small mountain town of Zintan – notorious as the place where Gaddafi’s favoured son Saif al-Islam is being held – 162 men are crammed into a single-storey building, held by the rebels who now run the city. “All of them were in the war,” said Abdul Rahman Mohammed, Zintan’s general prosecutor, as he fielded phone calls behind a vast desk in his office inside the prison.

  118. http://www.algeria-isp.com/actualites/politique-libye/201207-A10878/libye-une-enseignante-tuee-par-balles-juillet-2012.html#.UBHAlcxMaJE.twitter


    Une enseignante tuée par balles (26 juillet 2012)
    A [ woman] teacher killed by bullets

    Najiya Astita. Her body was thrown between the trees to Ouedi Naka at the entrance to the city. Her car was stolen.

    At Darna the Muslim Brotherhood have prepared a blacklist of 900 military and police for execution. A fatwa has declared to kill anyone who was under the flag of the Jamahiriya.


    A video showing the people of Taouerga placed in concentration camps!


    here y can see some of the people who were under the flag of the Jamahiriya

    <a href="http://i49.tinypic.com/1z733sz.jpg“>Jamahiriya </a>


  119. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuS8cRq9H_4&feature=player_embedded

    The truth about Displaced Tawergha people By Misrata NATO Rats, NATO Crimes In Libya

  120. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhYv7ylu_to&feature=player_embedded#!

    LIBYA War Crimes: Persecution & Displacement Of Black Libyans & Tawerghans in "Humanitarian" War!

  121. http://libia-sos.blogspot.nl/2012/08/los-perseguidos-por-la-falsa-revolucion.html#.UCaLL6OjjC4

    pictures from democratic libiya


    report #Libya : Ibrahim Belhaj brother of Abdulhakim belhaj alqaeda brigade leader captured and held in Prison.. 89 killed and 137 injured

  122. septimius_sever septimius severus
    Opportunists ! they come in all shapes and “colours” ! #Libya … pic.twitter.com/J7iuDx9


    "The ICRC is not aware of any foreign nationals who participated in the fighting who meet strict conditions to be deemed mercenaries under international humanitarian law,"


    Abdelmajid Mlegta, the Tripoli security committee member responsible for a part of western Tripoli, said 300 inmates were being held at the National Oil Institute (NOI) alone.

    Mlegta and other officials expressed confidence that many of those they are holding fought for Gaddafi.

    Mlegta showed journalists jewelry and money orders bound for Senegal to prove the men's origin, but there was no indication of military activity.

    The men told Al Jazeera that they were painters, electricians, and unskilled construction workers who had been rounded up on Eid al-Fitr and simply wanted to go home.
    Another notorious media distortion was to describe the armed rebels as ‘freedom fighters’, sympathetic to the Libyan people.

    In reality, independent news sources showed a wealth of evidence pointing to violations committed by the rebels -with alleged links to Al-Qaeda.

  123. Sun Aug 19, 2012 /An official from Libya's Supreme Security Committee, which has been supervising security matters since Gaddafi's overthrow and death last year, said the 32 had been part of an organized network.


    The SSC was set up, under the auspices of the interior ministry, as a means for the state to gain control of security from Libya's patchwork of militias.

    Many Libyans fear the SSC, which recruits from both former rebels and disbanded Gaddafi-era internal security units, has become a law unto itself.

    the United Nations special representative, Ian Martin, raised concerns at the UN security council in New York.
     "The interim mechanism called the supreme security committee, with some 60,000 to 70,000 fighters registered, had, to some extent, provided a unified command," his report states.
    "It was essential, however, that the committee not become a parallel security."

    Yet this is precisely what critics claim the SSC has become.

    the Supreme Security Committee that is viewed by many to be the armed wing of the Muslim Brotherhood"

    1. The force is estimated to consist of 90,000 to 100,000 fighters.

      These men, ostensibly revolutionaries, have acted act as a sort of national gendarmerie, providing transitional security at the local level, particularly during the election period.

      But ominously, the SCC has not managed to break down the fighters' old allegiances: entire brigades have joined en masse and their commanders have simply switched hats.

      This is particularly the case in Derna, a longtime hub of Salafi militancy. Here, a local Salafi brigade, the Abu Salim Martyrs' Brigade, which is known for its vendettas against Qaddafi-era security officials and its ties to more radical Salafi groups like the Ansar al-Sharia, is now enforcing security as the town's branch of the SSC.

      Among some Libyans, the incorporation of the Abu Salim Martyrs' Brigade into the SSC represented a victory: the integration of a troublesome band of fighters into the orbit of the state.

      But such views are naive: the relationship between the government and local SSC-incorporated brigades will hold only as long as interests overlap.

  124. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ipsnews/7829931028/

    A Tawerghan with a list of internally displaced persons at the Fallah camp. Credit: Rebecca Murray/IPS.

    One Year Later, Still Punished for Loyalty to Gaddafi
    MISRATA, Libya, Aug 21 , 2012 (IPS) - One year has passed since the Tawerghans fled their coastal town during Muammar Gaddafi’s violent overthrow, and displaced residents are still waiting for a chance to return.

  125. http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/misrata+brigade

    Film shows three men tying up blood-spattered man before whipping him with cables and touching him on his skin with electric wires

    • Man, suspected by rebels of having supported Gaddafi,was told:
    ‘Blood will come from your eyes and nose until you admit what you have done’

    The man being whipped with cables on the video was Saleh Barhoun Gersh, who had run a general store in Towerga – which was loyal to Gaddafi during the conflict until the town was ransacked by fighters from nearby Misrata.
    When the rebels arrived, Mr Gersh was so frightened he wore women’s clothes to disguise himself It is not clear when the footage was taken or what happened to Mr Gersh.

    18 August 2011 A spokesman said rebel forces had found the buried bodies of civilians about 60 miles to the west of the city of Misrata.

    The spokesman said: 'We discovered a mass grave containing 150 bodies in Tawargha. These are the corpses of civilians kidnapped from Misrata by Gaddafi’s loyalists.'

    He claimed in addition to the grave, troops had discovered video 'showing kidnappers cutting the throats of people'.


    Former rebels locked them in a fire truck, splashed it with gasoline and set it on fire.

    Footage of mutilated corpses was then sent to their relatives, as payback for the atrocities perpetrated by Gaddafi’s supporters against the people of Misrata during the city’s siege in March 2011.


  126. NATO’s intervention did not stop armed conflict in Libya, as that continues to the present.

    Massacres were not prevented, they were enabled, and many occurred after NATO intervened and because NATO intervened.

    The only issue on which NATO spokespersons and R2P advocates can score a rhetorical “win” is on Benghazi having been “saved”—saved, that is, from a fictitious massacre that was not in the offing, and even then one must be possessed of a certain racist bend of mind to talk about lives “saved” in Benghazi when we know of the horrors committed there against countless black Africans and black Libyans.

    Only if the latter do not count, as if they were to be subtracted from the “humanity” that “human rights” advocates claim as their devout concern, can one possibly make a claim that lives were saved in Benghazi


  127. 2 oct 2012

    Libya: Bani Walid, urgently! Is that horror again! Extremist rebels are going to destroy it

    #Libya: Forces from across country reportedly surrounding #BaniWalid

    RT: @Aldirii #Libya: Rumours loyalists may use #BaniWalid citizens as human shields, but this may be propaganda to entice civilians to leave

    RT: @Aldirii #Libya: “National Army “on 01 Oct reportedly gave civilians 48hrs to leave #BaniWalid to leave

    #Libya: #Misrata reportedly on high alert as forces preparing to enter #BaniWalid

  128. Militia attack on Bani Walid has begun.

    Militias are shelling the eastern part of the city with heavy weapons.

    #Libya /4.35 PM/2 oct 2012

    1. Warfalla sources report: 2 Misratans killed, 3 captured, 6 Bani Walid defenders injured during defeat of militia forces in Mardom area today
      2 oct 2012 / 9.12 PM

  129. A week ago Bani Walid received an ultimatum from Tripoli by Belhadj, man number two in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Libya: 
    "Give up Your weapons, or military troops force You to do this."


    1. Megarief, long-term CIA agent and imposed President of the unlawful General National Congress, acutely aware of the dangers of attacking Bani Walid while occupation regime forces have lost control of most of the country, requested that the "deadline" imposed on the regime for Bani Walid to surrender citizens who carried out reprisals, be extended.

      the 7 October deadline [is] extended to October 10


    2. 7 oct 2012 At least 300 demonstrators gathered outside the National Congress today calling on the government to raise the siege on the former Qaddafi stronghold of Bani Walid.

      The town is presently surrounded by thousands of soldiers from brigades across Libya, with an attack possible in the next few days.

      Asked why they would not hand over those suspected of involvement in the torture and death of Omran Shaban, protesters said they did not believe they would be afforded a fair trial.

      “Hand them over to who?” asked one.
      “A gang – to be put in a heater or hanged from a tree?

      We will hand over our people once the government establishes a proper court.”



    3. "Malian mercenary" arrested near Bani Walid yesterday, supposedly said many more mercenaries are inside the town:


    4. 8 oct

      The militia's of misrata did attack Bani Walid with prohibited weapons.
      The people of Bani Walid confirmed that the misrata militia's bombarded the city with shells that contain a dangerous gaz

      Bani Walid sources claim that Misrata is using chemical weapons. Similar claims had surfaced during Zintan vs Mashashiya fighting in June.


    5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwVMOTF8nnk&feature=youtu.be&a

      Libya on the Brink of Tribal Warfare

    6. Mathieu Galtier ‏@mathieu_galtier
      Saw 2 children burnt by missile on Sunday.
      Doctor not sure they will survive if stay in #BW hospital

      Acrding different med source 2 people died cause of seat in #BW. BIG concerns about collateral death. No ambulance allowed to go to Tripoli


      Medical report in English by Bani Walid hospital on suspected cases of gas poisoning

      Libye – Bani walid résiste aux barbares de Misrata (9 octobre 2012)

    7. Sick people are spreading rumours : to justify their attacks on Bani Walid

      Elle.Horreya ‏@FreeBenghazi
      Martyr's Brigade say "8 mercenaries captured in Bani Walid.After questioning, said Khamis Gaddafi is in Bani Walid" via FreedomGroup


    8. I have also been getting reports over the last few days from Libya that Bani Walid, which has been under siege for about a week (see RT story below), is being threatened with an attack by rebels from Misrata, who have been one of the most notorious elements of the NATO-led insurgency that destroyed Libya's former government and destabilised the entire country, with ripple effects across the region.


      It was the rebels in Misrata that received some of the most sympathy from the western media and human rights organisations during the 9 month NATO bombing campaign.

      That sympathy provided cover for them to be heavily armed,
      arms which they subsequently used to racially cleanse the neighbouring town of Tawergha, which was mainly populated by black Libyans, but now no longer exists.

      Should any more evidence of the brutality of the Misrata militias be needed, it was of course members of those groups who were responsible for the sickening treatment and murder of late leader Muammar Gaddafi after he was injured in what most credible accounts report was a NATO attack on his convoy.


    9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lw6UmnIxOds&feature=em-uploademail-new
      .@mathieu_galtier It does look distinctly like its from a Grad variant. But the pic offers no sense of scale, so it's hard to be sure.

      A vicious pro-Gaddafi mercenary murderer killed by the glorious heroes of Misrata today in Bani Walid: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid

    10. Bani Walid update 10 oct 2012



    11. Misrata rats stationed outside Bani Walid have fired chemical weapons on the city causing numerous casualties and injuries of types that cannot be explained by any "legal" weaponry.

      Although last year the city was also subjected to such chemical weapons during a siege that cut the population off from water, medicine and food for months, these appear to be new types.

      Over one hundred jamahiri citizens are confirmed hospitalised over the past week, at least a quarter of whom are verified as suffering from horrific injuries and effects including hallucinations, muscle spasms, foaming at the mouth, coughing, eye irritations, dizziness, breathing difficulties and loss of consciousness.


    12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yMrMomIqkk&feature=youtube_gdata_player

      oct 12 , 2012 , masks & rocket parts found

  130. There are a lot of Libyans who look down on black Africans.

    - Farrah Hamary looks the picture of despair as sweat trickles down his face in Tripoli’s heat and humidity. Hamary is too afraid to give his full name or to allow his picture to be taken.
    He shows IPS the scars criss-crossing his back, the cigarette burns on his arms, and the bones in his left hand which failed to heal properly when it was broken by Libyan militiamen.

    Hamary, 39, is from Sudan’s war-torn and economically deprived region Kordofan. He came to Libya several years ago to eke out a living selling vegetables and fruit from his street stall in the Suq Al Ahad market in Tripoli’s Kasr Ben Gashir neighbourhood. His meagre earnings were sent back to his wife and child in Sudan.
    Hamary now lives in fear. He has become victim of a militia brigade, (Katiba in Arabic), who control his local neighbourhood through fear, intimidation and extortion.

    By day the Fatih Katiba, whose chief calls himself Izzedine, wear Libyan army fatigues. By night he and his group exchange military uniforms for civilian clothing, steal and demand protection money, predominantly from sub-Saharan Africans in the area.

    Hamary came to the attention of the Fatih militia when a friend was involved in a car accident in July near Kasr Ben Gashir, and he went to help. Shortly afterwards Izzedine’s men arrived on the scene. They took Hamary back to their headquarters where he was beaten and tortured over two days though he had committed no crime.

    “I was hung upside down and beaten on the soles of my feet. They beat me repeatedly with an iron bar on my back and arms until I was bleeding. I was also beaten with a chair and cigarette butts were extinguished on my arms. My hand was broken during the beating and it still hasn’t healed properly,” Hamary told IPS.

    The Katiba confiscated Hamary’s passport, took his car and demanded he pay them 5,000 Libyan Dinars before they would return his passport. On his release Hamary reported the incident to the Sudanese embassy in Tripoli, which gave him a letter to take to the police. Sudanese embassy staff have themselves lost several cars to armed hijackings.

    “The police were not interested and told me to leave.

    They are afraid of the militia who have previously attacked the police station and stolen guns.

    There is no law and order in this country,” said Hamary.


  131. Did nobody wonder what atrocities andrew malone claims to have seen by army that makes cutting the throats of 1000 or more people,
    merely Towerghans , understandable/forgivable ?

    ‘I’d told one of these dogs that we were taking them to Funduq Al-Jannah near the beach - he was really pleased and said that was good because his aunt lived in the area,’ a Misratan revolutionary told me. ‘We cut his throat first.’

    The prisoners’ hands were bound with plastic ties. They were ordered to lie on their side, with their heads on piles of sand.
    All my guides were involved, saying they had held the legs of the prisoners while their throats were cut with bayonets. Every one of them denied killing any captives themselves.

    ‘We burned some of the bodies before burying them in the sand,’ I was told. ‘I don’t know how many were killed - as many as 1,000.’

    When I was reporting on the siege a year ago,
    I witnessed some of the atrocities inflicted by Gaddafi’s men - scenes of carnage and overwhelming grief I will never forget.
    This is Misrata’s bloody revenge.

    : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2170025/Back-bloody-anarchy-Andrew-Malone-revisits-Libya-finds-country-riven-torture-mass-murder-savage-vengeance.html#ixzz28Sxo64Cd



  132. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=565830313430643

    Torture of a Tobou tribesman by militia in Qatrun

  133. 31 october 2012 News circulating about the death of Colonel Habashi (whose arrest resulted in the Tarhuna raid on Tripoli airport) under torture in Misrata.

    A militia group known as Katibat al-Awfiya, led by Colonel Abu Ajela al-Habashi, whose members hail from the Tarhuna region, was tasked with supervising the camp. However, in recent months this militia group has voiced its opposition to the Libyan authorities, warning against the Islamists seeking to expand their influence and dominating certain sensitive joints in Libya



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