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Monday, May 7, 2012

Shed Massacre Info Offensive / Kilani Figures it Out

April 30, 2011
(incomplete) last update May 9

For now a note, a link, and a space for comments. Yarmouk prison inmate, BBC Arabic reporter, proud Palestinian, scholar of buried Shiite clerics and of Gaddafi's general anti-Arab, especially anti-Palestinian secret plots, makes his rounds again in support of the besieged mythology of the Khamis Brigade Shed Massacre. The "most clear-cut war crime" of the whole NATO-backed insurgency is in need of help, and a man who's certain at least that people were held and beaten there like he was, is ready to believe the lying sacks of shit calling themselves witnesses and escapees. Rebel absolution and Gaddafi demonization bureau, Az Zawiayah office, is where Feras was sent.

The BBC News Report
When available, a link to Kilani's fancy movie about this and other places among Libya's Torture Farms" the report presages.

Insane moment:
Another prisoner, Bashir al-Sadeq [A BAD AND PROLIFIC FAKER, BUSTED!], was also held in the warehouse and witnessed Tajouri's [Laskhar's?] role in the attack. "Yes, he came inside and emptied more than three magazines," he said. Hussein and Bashir agreed to come with me to face Ibrahim Tajouri for the first time since the massacre. 
Bashir confronted Tajouri. "When you entered, you finished off a group which included Sheikh Mohammed Allafi. He was kneeling down and you shot him in the back. That was my brother. "Then you turned and you shot the group which included the Egyptians and the old Palestinian man who was about 80 years old. You emptied nearly four magazines. "You killed Sheikh Ramadhan when you turned towards him and shot him four times - Don't tell me you don't remember." "I don't remember," said Tajouri. "I was under the influence of drugs."

Please tell me that scene is in the movie. How could it not be? We have a transcription already if so.

He wouldn't remember either dragging the body of Imam Musa Al-Sadr from its grave under invisible camels there and torching it along with all else that was holy and/or Arab in nature. Nor does he remember the evil laughs they all shared: "Bwahahahaha! Now the entire Arab/Muslim world shall kneel before our African voodoo Satanic bloodlust! Or unite against us in disgust! Depends who's writing the cartoon! Bwahahaha!"

May 1: No news on video availability, some good thoughts in comments below.

Kilani apparently talked about this the other day on The Fifth Floor, at 12:08 he starts with his March detention and beating at the place.  He then relates what he heard from the same inconsistent fabricators we've been studying, starting at 14:49. Hussein speaks, translated, 16:20. His brother told him to run and save himself, and tell the world what totally for real happened. That's why he ran out the back of the hangar. Kilani talks about Tajouri and his "something missing." Yeah, wait 'til you find what! Apparently he will be covering rebel torture of (and killing of and fobbing of blame over?) Tawerghans and other black men. Should be a good show.

Also, searching for the documentary by Arabic title, I found a video I've never seen. It seems Kilani already re-visited the place on or before October 20, in a report that was eclipsed by the lynching of Muammar Gaddafi and many of his top loyalists. It can be seen here, BBC Arabic, posted the 21st: http://www.bbc.co.uk/arabic/middleeast/2011/10/111020_libya_sadr_farm.shtml. It's mostly about Sheikh Al-Sadr, and has an interview with the terrorist warlord of Tripoli Belhaj. So this is the BBC Arabic report cited by the LBC where Belhaj "explains" how this scene of one of his allies' war crimes was in fact the place Al-Sadr was buried and/or dug up and burnt.

Update, May 7: The proper video title: يبيا: أقبية التعذيب Libya(n): Torture Cellars A BBC Arabic article about it And finally some video. On Youtube I find a five-minute segment, posted by MrHimanly on black men - presumably Tawerghans - being mistreated. ليبيا: أقبية التعذيب.الجزء الثا لث. That says part of third, or three. So, in order: first part, 2:30, part II, 14:51, and the third, 5:33

About 23 minutes total. Okay, that can cover a fair amount. The part I want ... doesn't seem to be in there at all, so just links will do instead embedding. Perhaps there's a missing part. Then I happened to click on this, from May 1, which Petri also found independently, already collaging that footage with shed massacre videos in a nice condemnatory way. There's another cut with more footage at the end and less at the beginning. So the video is around...

Seriously, that guy used to be under the influence of drugs but NOW he's all cleaned up, just like Nisreen was? Anyway, yes, this is the footage. Bashir appears around 3:00, with Mr. Al-Lafi and... guess who's accompanied them? Yes indeed, see-through Salem. Saving a copy of that, and will soon post my own remix.

 And it hit me slowly what the brother part might mean. As Kilani wrote "Bashir confronted Tajouri. "When you entered, you finished off a group which included Sheikh Mohammed Allafi. He was kneeling down and you shot him in the back. That was my brother."" Not his brother in the sense of sharing the same parents, clearly. Allafi and Sadeq are two different names.

He must mean the man was his spiritual brother as a Libyan, and the other survivor’s brother by family; Allfai is the same name as Al-Lafi, and one of Hussein’s brothers was named Mohammed (52), perished with a missing leg. Apparently he was also a sheikh, and as Kilani relates, Hussein said that Mohammed told him to “Run away, save yourself, and go tell the world that we've been slaughtered.” Then somehow he did just that. The video suggests what Kilani says, that this is Bashir’s line. I’ll need to look into making doubly sure he says that. He is the main one speaking the whole time, so he almost must be.

 Presuming so, is he making a point of calling Hussein’s brother his own in spirit, or did he grab the wrong script? If the latter, doesn’t he remember by now he’s the one called Al-Sedik/Sadeq/Germani/Bashir? Does a look of dread cross Hussein's face as Bashir speaks his lines? Is it really so difficult, even with coach Salem, to keep these things in line?

May 9: My sometimes translator clears this up - "that was my brother" is spoken by Hussein, briefly, as Bashir points to him. The rest is said by Bashir, and Kilani just got it muddled together. Anywhere else, I'd presume a mix-up like this, but Bashir is just enough of a clown I could see him doing this just to be weird. Also, as I wondered, "sheikh" isn't likely literal here; it's sometimes used as a sign of respect for an older person, like a father or a martyred older brother.


  1. Kilani's day job is trying to undermine the Syrian government. See here Don't know how he found time for this Libyan nonsense.
    Don't forget earlier reporting on the incident with Koraltan and Cobb-Smith:
    BBC Arabic’s reporter Feras Kelani was preparing a report last March on a farm where Sadr was once held hostage and tortured by the Pro-Gaddafi forces.

    During the shooting, the channel crew was surprised at the sight of a special security unit coming into the scene with dogs and special equipment to detect burials.

    The unit has tried to prevent the crew from shooting and told them that they are tasked with finding bodies buried in the farm, which is located 20 kms south the Libyan capital.

    The BBC reporter said that the farm, on which he was conducting his report, contains bodies that he believes they belong to symbols of the Libyan Opposition and African figures.

    Here's an example of BBC neutrality.

    Feras Kilani @feraskilani
    Syrian will continue their revolution until the last person in Daraa!!!???
    7:08 PM - 23 Mar 11

  2. the kilani man needs a thorough research :

    Ibtisam Al-Kilani (Paris)

    I remember that first call of 1 March so
    clearly – we were seven people, most of
    whom did not know each other, compelled
    to come together to do something,
    anything, to contribute to the incredible
    events unfolding in Libya. We introduced
    ourselves: Feras Gadamsi (Dubai), Ibtisam
    Al-Kilani (Paris), Marwa Elborai (New
    York), Farah Beitelmal (Madrid), Mariam
    Elhadri (Pennsylvania), Rayan Faris (New
    York) and me (London)


    1. http://news.google.com/news/more?pz=1&ned=in&ncl=dznZe93dWOBzfSMdV3D7haMhWIl3M

      Feras Kilani, Special to Gulf News I am back in the Libyan capital Tripoli, a year after I was captured by Muammar Gaddafi's forces. On March 8, 2011 I was picked up at an army roadblock near Tripoli along with two BBC Arabic colleagues.

    2. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/9409004.stm

      1407 Feras Kilani adds: "It became very difficult to continue the trip toward Misrata as a result of the large number of checkpoints; so we took a sub-rural road to return to Tripoli and we found the same number of checkpoints until we were about 20km (12 miles) from the capital. This is the image from the centre of Tripoli and east of the city for approximately 56km (35 miles)."

      1346 More from Feras Kilani who, after Tripoli, headed east on the road to Misrata, passing through some areas that have experienced major disturbances in the past week such as Fashlom and Tajura: "I found all the police stations and the Revolutionary Committees completely burned out, but the rest of the state civilian service centres in the best case, and there are traces of tire fires in the streets, and almost no security deployment till about 32km (20 miles) east of the capital, but after this the military checkpoints start each kilometre."

      1338 BBC Arabic's Feras Kilani went on a tour of Tripoli on Sunday morning, and reports the situation there is very calm: "The majority of markets and shops are still closed, but there are hundreds of Libyans gathered in front of each bank to receive financial grant ordered by Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to each family and the unemployed."

    3. The BBC correspondent talked to the president of the Military Council in Tripoli, Abdul Hakim Balhaj, who said that there is outdated information that had been received that the Imam Al-Sadr “was transferred to Sebha, and then we were told that he was buried in Al-Qalaa. However, new information point out that he is present in one of the farms.” He added: “we are following up with the information and we want to reach the truth, and when we do we will announce it in a timely manner.”

      The BBC correspondent became aware that the farm being searched contained corpses which are believed to belong to Libyan opposition and African figures.


  3. http://www.unhcr.org/cgi-bin/texis/vtx/refworld/rwmain?page=country&docid=4dad84ef2&skip=0&coi=LBY&querysi=television&searchin=fulltext&display=10&sort=date
    Libyan Television Chief Describes Arab-Western Conspiracy Against Tripoli : Libyan poet Ali al-Kilani

    22 aug "The revolutionaries stormed the television building ... after killing the soldiers surrounding it.
    It is now under their control," Reuters quoted an opposition spokesman as saying.
    Read it on Global News: Libya Liberation | Liveblog live blogging | Global News

    the son of Brigadier General Abdullah al Sennousi and the son of the artist Ali Al Kilani that fell as martyrs while defending their homeland.

    1. older comments :
      @ petri : could this be related to the farm :

      Found on a farm near tripoli - Democratic Underground
      Omar Ali Al-Kilani farm road to the airport in Tripoli Tripoli - the discovery of a huge amount of gerds rockets in a farm near airport , the farm ...


      h_eldressy: Victims were arrested in buslim ain zara, jdayda, Drebi, sorman, el jmel, masour daw & ali el kilani farms in the airport rd @libyaoutreach
      Wed, 28 Dec 2011 13:45:14 +0000

      Fighting is expected in farming areas (south of Tripoli) in the coming hours or days.

      Libya: Tripoli update 24-25 August 2011 0 Verified

      o Ali El-Kilani and Mansour Daw had farms in the southern suburbs?

    2. O.k : also disappeared : buslim tweets , information about what happened in Libiya.
      What do some groups have to hide ?

      A group who had many tweets on this site :

      Libya Outreach Group

    3. This is the disappeared site:


  4. Replies
    1. Ezzedin Ghadamsi


      Other participants at the 1994 conferences included:
      Executive Secretary Abdul Majid Buik of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL);
      Former Prime Minister Abdoulhamid Al-Backoush;
      Omar Fathaly, formerly Director of Strategic Studies at Tripoli’s Arab Development Institute;

      Ezzedin Ghadamsi, a veteran trade union activist and diplomat;

      Political analyst and writer Ashur Shamis;
      Islamist scholar Aly R. Abuzaakouk;
      Shaha Aliriza, senior program officer, Middle East, National Endowment for Democracy;
      Tarik Al-Magariaf, Harvard-educated economist and son of NFSL leader Mohamed Al-Magaria;
      Economist Misbah Oreibi; Management consultant Mahmoud Dakhil.[6]


      also watch the Abuzaakouk s :
      -Abdel Salam Abu Zaakouk
      Abdel Salam Abu Zaakouk said that heavy fighting was under way in a farm belonging to the chief of staff of the Libyan armed forces, Abdul Rahman al-Sayed.

      -Aly Abuzaakouk
      During the same period as these allegations, Aly Abuzaakouk and these individuals were also renegotiating Libya’s oil contracts under favourable terms for the U.S. and the E.U. for when the regime change would take place in Tripoli

    2. http://www.mondaq.com/unitedstates/article.asp?articleid=45962

      Article By: Martin Hunt,* Feras Gadamsi,** and Tarek M. Eltumi*

      Dubai ·

  5. https://twitter.com/#!/LibyaFromFrance/statuses/123124386793390080
    Moussa al Kilani : "Been told by LPC that independence flag has been raised in the North of BW" #BaniWalid #Libya #Feb17

  6. Comments for now. Ibrahim Tajouri must be the same guy mentioned here:
    I. A. Bashir, before Hussein from Zlitan died in his arms:
    After I escaped, I saw one of the soldiers finish off anyone who was wounded lightly. He would just finish them off. I saw him from far away. He was wearing trouser fatigues and a civilian top. I recognized him. He was one of the ones guarding us. His name was Brahim and he was from Tajoura …
    So of course his name would be Ibrahim Tajouri.

    He's presumably not soldier Khalifah, as that was supposed to be his real name. He could be Laskhar, as that was a pseudonym by PhysiciansforHuman Rights. He was held in Zawiyah soon after returning home there, So he wasn't from Tajoura. (might the name just be misread?)

    He turned in by his uncle, PHR says. This guy turned himself in (working towards contrition and staged reconciliation?)

    Bashir is from Zawiyah. PHR went there and spoke to both him (as "Omar") and to "Laskhar" andtwo other Zawiya people Mr. Al-Lafi is also from Az Zawiyah, so that's where Kilani went, just like PHR did. He might have found their sources by asking where PHR's sterling masters of improvised confirmation could be found.

    Would they hook me up with them, even for a harmless phone call? No way, protecting their fragile sources... (no I did not try)

  7. Oh, and these things to start:
    Bashir confronted Tajouri. "When you entered, you finished off a group which included Sheikh Mohammed Allafi. He was kneeling down and you shot him in the back. That was my brother.
    Why no mention of a captive brother in any of the what, ten accounts we have under four different names? A nephew (Ibrahim Tajouri?), held briefly but implicitly released, was the only family member Bahir al-Sedik/Germani or Mohammed Bashir or Omar ever mentioned.

    And he was clergy! Along with all the other victims, plus numerous Arab foreigners, Palestinians Kilani might have been related to, old men! All these revelations, why now? Why for Kilani and BBC Arabic?

    Hussein al-Lafi and his three brothers were among 50 prisoners crowded into a small warehouse when the prison guards attacked.
    50 prisoners? It's accepted now that 51 people escaped. If Al-Lafi told him this, cool. If Kilani made it up from ill-informed deduction, also cool.

    The two men agree on the guard's identity and villainy, proving it must be real. Az Zawiyah "witnesses" are great at corroborating each other in groups of two on very specific details, like 9mm bullets, "Mustafa" and his 30 minute waits, rushing the doors, etc., They are so good at it, they're undeterred even when they contradict everyone else and their own previous accounts.

    And that is how you start to make sense of things like this. NOT by taking their word down as the 44th totally true version of this incident.

    1. At last brahim tajouri gets the right place ,
      long time I thought he was a co-escapee
      caustic : this 2 vids urgent needs a translation

      @ 1.30 ibrahim tajouri

      @5.25 brahim tajouri
      mohamed lamien @ 3.06

  8. Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Kilani is a talented and widely respected' oil and gas expert and Abdalla Gheblawi is recommended for transactional matters.

    Abdalla Gheblawi and Mohamed Al-Kilani are the founding partners and former legal counsels to the Libyan National Oil Corporation.

  9. Just seeing this story (thanks to Hurriy'a ScibeD link ) made think of Kilani. Same time period again - mid March 2011. Dr Rida Mazagri - الدكتور رضا مزاقري rushed from the US to Benghazi in late February to be at Ajdabiya in early March - NYT report by Anthony Shahid a key perp who himself shortly afterwards was kidnapped allegedly and died allegedly from an extreme allergy to horses in Syria in 2012. Youtube interview here where he says he was "on the way to a hospital in Adjabiya" on March 16, yet Shadid reports Mazagri already in Adjabiya on March 9.
    “I never thought I would come here this way,” said Dr. Rida Mazagri, a soft-spoken volunteer neurosurgeon from Charleston, W.Va., who arrived two weeks ago. “But we have been waiting for 30 years for a spark. We’re not going to let it extinguish. Either he leaves or he finishes all of us. This land does not accept both of us here.”

    Dr. Mazagri said he felt helpless as he watched the war from afar, a once-disdainful expatriate who no longer felt estranged from his native country. After days of watching television, he had had enough. “ ‘Change the call schedule,’ ” he recalled telling his colleagues at the hospital. “ ‘I’m leaving. When I’m going to come back, I have no idea.’ ”

    He booked a ticket that took him to Atlanta, Rome and Cairo, then went overland across a border that had crumbled to Benghazi, the capital of opposition-held Libya.

    “It’s like a member of your family is ill and they might die without you saying goodbye,” said the doctor, 50, who grew up in Tripoli but left 23 years ago.

    Story about horrific beatings and threats of rape here,he alleges.[Charleston Daily Mail, Aug 30] Takes shirt off at 1.38 in this video.
    The release of Mazagri was first announced by Matthew Van Dyke, who had been out of circulation for pretty well the same period.

    Strange thing is, I can find no reports of Mazagri disappearing in March 2011. It makes no sense Did nobody notice he hadn't checked in during 5 months?

    1. felic did y see in :


      "There are reports coming in every day of all the secrets that are being revealed since Gadhafi isn't really in power anymore," Hajer said.

      "The prison where [Mazagri] was being kept, there was an image released where around 50 people were burned to death.
      It was just a day or two after he was released. If he wasn't released, he would have been one of them."

      he is supposed to have been released on 24 , so 26 aug around 50 people were burned to death in Abu Saleem prison?

    2. @ caustic : 2 times Ive placed on blog a blog that also contained photo's of the burned skeletons ,it was published on 26 aug.
      Cant find the link now in my files. It was related to obama racism

      Felix has also mentioned before photo's of 1 photographer of the skeletons on 25 aug! made on that date or published. must check it.

      I think it's related to : "The prison where [Mazagri] was being kept, there was an image released where around 50 people were burned to death.
      It was just a day or two after he was released

      [a note : I think the electronic connected with the gates of the abu saleem prison were bombed before 24 aug.]

    3. @ caustic :Ive found : It was related to obama racism.not the right 1
      The blog with skeleton photo's was of a blog of an African man
      I hope y can find it

      and felix : 1 of yr 25 aug photo's may be that one that circulated on 25 , 26 aug

    4. Hi! I fixed two comments marked spam. I looked for the Aug. 26 report a little. I fear you were mixedup, but if such photos exist that early, I'd like to see them. Berehulak's photos were labeled that day, we think in error, and nothing else but the Batruna video from that night.

      On Dr. Mazagri, that is an interesting line by his daughter suggesting the shed massacre was really at Abu Salim prison. If it was anyone but a confused daughter, it might be a clue of deception.

      I agree the prison was likely hit and liberated before it was admitted. That's usually the case. It's a coincidence she also cites an earlier massacre date, a day or two after his release on the 24th. Maybe she means a day or three after she heard.Not an expert.

    5. caustic, some hours I'm checking my files , but not remember name writer nor name blog. Anyway I did 2 times place it on this blog before , never a comment, but there were skeleton photo's on it and published on 26 aug !

      off topic : how is it possible when a post comes into spam, it also is vanished from blog too?

    6. If you find it, let me know, and I'll do the same if I find it.

      The very idea of spam is someone has lots and you don't want any (see the Monty Python sketch that gave spam its name) So it doesn't disappear, it just never appears at all until I tell it its filters are stupid and that's not spam. It's actually less visible now with some changes in the interface, so I'll haveto just check the spam folder more frequently.

    7. felix : from yr link

      Free Dr Rida Mazagri ‏ @FreeMazagri

      US-Libyan neurosurgeon Rida #Mazagri been missing in #Libya since 16March reports he is detained in #Tripoli http://bit.ly/dX4y47

    8. A snippet exists from early April...
      wsaz.com - UPDATE 4/3/11 @ 11:30 p.m. HUNTINGTON, W. Va. (WSAZ) -- It's been nearly three weeks and there is still no sign of Dr. Rida Mazagri. He was working as a neurosurgeon in Charleston before traveling ...

      But not really a mainstream story. Why?? WOuld have been ideal anti-Gaddafi propaganda in March. Why not use it??

    9. @ caustic : I'm a clever woman : found the 26 aug published photo's at last :

      hurriyaMar 6, 2012 10:35 AM
      Friday, August 26, 2011

      NATO Massacre in Libya (PICTURES)
      Friday, August 26, 2011,Posted by Teluu at 9:06 PM

    10. Hey, good job! I see two charred body photos I've seen around, the bound feet, etc. HRW's photo (the really tangled-looking close-up) is app. from the 27th. The other's I'd have to look up a bit. My guess is he posted this the 26th, and added more images later. But they're right there now, specified, and can be checked for date. I won't check right now- I'm pretty sure they're all from later, and I'm busy.

      Our early glimpses from before 8pm on the 26th are all in text so far, not images. But these are good, and stretch back to 6 am on the 24th, so we have "foreknowledge," things only the criminal would know, known by rebels very quickly, ten hours after the alleged massacre.

    11. The share of Zjia journalist Firas Al Kilani of ill-treatment and torture
      of the largest among the members of the team.

      And lived through the team during the detention conditions of prisoners who were in prison, mostly from the city of the corner as they were bound in jail and their hands are swollen because of the limitations and suffering from broken ribs and screaming in pain.

      Kilani says that the conditions of four of the detainees were very poor and showed signs of torture and provided assistance to discouraging for a period of six hours to drink water, sleep and eliminate the need.:

      Tripoli : Libya | Mar 10, 2011 at 9:24 AM PST/By Abdel Fattah Hussein

      A crew from the BBC Arab arrest, beatings and torture on Monday by security forces while trying to Allbiep team access to the city corner where battles between the opposition and forces loyal to the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.
      Has been the team that was comprised of three members kicked, punched and beaten with rifle butts by soldiers and security agents before being placed bags over their heads and are led to the detention camp.
      The team remained in detention for 21 hours before being released.

      The highest responsible for human rights at the United Nations, Navi Pillay said what he experienced BBC team in Libya would amount to torture.


  10. this was my first reply to felix , not see it , so post it again:

    "The prison where [Mazagri] was being kept, there was an image released where around 50 people were burned to death. It was just a day or two after he was released. If he wasn't released, he would have been one of them.

    1. found felix 24 or 25 aug photo's I think, but links seem broken :

      felixMar 2, 2012 12:13 AM
      Here's a fly in the ointment..http://imgfeed.pictopia.com/viewdetails/item/7137080/. Or indeed Whatever, the former is a nice study in shafts of sunlight.

      forgot the latter..http://imgfeed.pictopia.com/viewdetails/item/7140649/

    2. What does Mazagri's daughter mean by that? It all seems made up to me. I find no reason to believe a word of it.
      Confusion in the CHarleston Gazette, 23 Aug:
      The fate of Libyan native Dr. Rida Mazagri, a Charleston neurosurgeon who was abducted by Libyan forces loyal to dictator Moammar Gadhafi in March, remained unclear Monday night as competing rumors on social media sites circulated.

      Reports that Mazagri had been freed were apparently premature. Abu Hatem, who says he is a family friend, posted on Twitter late Monday that the reports of Mazagri's release were a "false alarm."

      Earlier Monday, Hatem had posted that Mazagri was freed. "He's not in the USA yet. He's on his way," Hatem wrote in one post.

      Looks like they goofed up with the official narrative.

      A strange Facebook page:
      Free Mazagri
      Even Rowan Griffiths, Khamis shed visitor for the UK DailY Mirror got in on the act: Libya: Colonel Gaddafi's henchman threatened to rape American brain surgeon What a brilliant red-top tabloid headline. Do I believe a word of it?

    3. @ felix : agreed , she mentioned dates emphasized , but it would be wonderful when photo's circulated that early , because it would prove at last that rebels were early inside shed.

      although I did make up of her saying that the around 50 bodies were burned elsewhere , maybe abu saleem prison, after the freeing of thousands of the most dangerous criminals.

      off topic . do y know in which comment I did post, I think 1 month before , a blog with body photo's , roundabout and more , also containing some shed skeletons. The blog was posted on 26 aug morning!

    4. felix fly in the ointment

      Libyan men walk among charred skeletons of some 50 people found in a makeshift prison
      item number: 7137866
      signature: c9b9fafd151039079b97ad4ba4a2079b
      size: 512 x 377px (40.28 KB)
      Libya fights to restore services, gruesome find in Tripoli
      Created: August 24, 2011 01:58:37

    5. Clearly not taken at 2am. If the time's wrong, maybe the date. Somehow it's apparently the start of his arrival in Tripoli or something - a folder he created and put photos in, perhaps the folder date being assigned to all photos in it (others in the series say 1:58 am on the 24th as well).

    6. @ felix :

      rida mazagri ras lanuf , 6 march

      FromJoanne Joanne good source 11/7 -15/7 2011
      STILL MISSING: Dr. Rida Mazagri of #Charleston #Canada Grew up in #TRIPOLI last seen leaving #Ajdabiya on March16 goo.gl/7MF3P

    7. Mazagri - part of the no-fly zone plot...he's a perp, ditto Joanne.(based in Virginia??)

      (Ben Wedeman, who was in Ras Lanuf spoke with the doctor: what would he say to President Obomber??) -
      DR. RIDA MAZAGRI, Libyan-American Neurosurgeon: I think you do something. You have to stand for your principle. If the killing, you think it's wrong, you should do something, not just appearing ever second day and you say Gadhafi is ill legitimate, this and that. You do something, if you could it. If you can't, you can't. But you could do it, you should do it now, not tomorrow. [CNN, The Situation Room, March 10, 2011]

    8. somewhere in the" good source" is mentioned that Wedeman , staying in the nafusa jabal speaks fluent Arabic

  11. @ 1.36 do I meet in the vid above again the mate of Hatari of the tripoli brigade?

    @ 0.20 here to be seen with our friend fituri of the misrata brigade

    1. hilareous : they stay digging for musa sadr

  12. some fituri stuff from older comments :

    This is how people thought,” said Majid Alfituri, who was among the first to take up arms against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi

    There is a mountain of ammunition there. Nato has the right to bomb houses like that,' said Majid Fayturi, a rebel commander from Misrata, who took part in the rebel assault.

    2 Dec 2011 – Teacher: Sheikh Ahmed al-Fayturi (Libyan)
    Oh wow, just as I thought, "oil rig worker" Majid Alfituri is the gap-toothed wispy beard who was photographed,crazed, in the Khamis shed compound and showing reporters the urine bottles in the prison truck, and in the weapons store at the nearby Khamis base screaming at the camera that it was a private dwelling house! See at 00.42 in the Global Post video,On Location Libya: One Rebel's Story pointed out by Hurriya.

    Majid Al-Fitury was photographed with rifle outside the Khamis shed on 27 Aug by Patrick Baz. I have saved a copy. Can't immediately find the original source. It was at Time, but seems to have gone.
    Also Al-Fitury is also in the France24 video and also in the Euronews video at 0.18, in the France24 video at 0.35-0.38, and in the Euronews video from 0.41-0.46.

    Petri KrohnApr 10, 2012 05:45 PM :
    Majid Al-Fituri could also be the "NTC fighter" interviewed by HRW:
    Libya: Evidence Suggests Khamis Brigade Killed 45 Detainees
    Human Rights Watch also interviewed an NTC fighter who said that he and his brigade found the warehouse while it was smoking when they seized the Yarmouk military base in Salahaddin on August 26. He told Human Rights Watch that as his brigade entered the base around noon, they went looking around. “We smelled it,” he told Human Rights Watch about their discovery.

  13. Worth noting: comments on the BBC Editors blog regarding the Kilani imprisonment and torture..BBC staff attacked in Libya
    by Liliane Landor.
    17.At 20:53 12th Mar 2011, MaryMagdalane wrote:
    As they have so far supported the rebels, they should not have expected any favor from the government troops. I watched them on your Channel. They seemed to be in good shape and certainly not like someone who has been subject to any torture. So I don't beleive they have been tortured. They should interview the former prisoners of Abu Gharib to realize what torture is, of course those of them who escaped alive.

    36.At 21:46 16th Mar 2011, TrueToo wrote:
    It's difficult to get an idea of what really happened there with so many inconsistencies in the stories of the three journalists. Certainly Feras did not look at all bruised a few days after his allegedly severe beating. And Cobb-Smith stated that he stepped aside to face a gap in the wall during the "mock execution." But he also said they all had hoods over their heads, so how could he have seen the gap in the wall?

    This makes one wonder how the reports of these journalists on other issues can be trusted.

  14. A video from 8 October shows Kilani on the outskirts of Sirte . But hey, look at his video clip from 6 March 2011, just before he was allegedly picked up (allegedly) - it's a FAKE - the familiar fuzzy and shaken camera showing basically nothing, with added gunfire, with BBC stamp on it. (until 0.15) I think the remaining genuine footage is from Misrata. He's a perp. There's also a video from March 4 in Tripoli.

    1. Kilani is also reporting from Sirte on October 13 - see him on this BBC video at LinkTV, from about 2.50 onwards until 4.00 (whole report is his)

  15. Al-Akhbar (Saudi) also showed the . There is a strange couple of sentences in the report: After year, too, was arrested by Faraj and his group of Swehli «rebels Libya» to face the same fate. Kilani describes these as «much worse than Gaddafi».">photo of Kilani at the Khamis shed. . So was he picked up again by rebels in 2012 when filming?

    1. Link: http://www.al-akhbar.com/node/63301
      A wider shot of Kilani at the overgrown shed compound is found at UJC - United Journalists Centre

      And another strange thing: at Maktoobblog a list of missing persons (523), a list of dead.
      this one is interesting: 241
      سامى منصور محمد الزنوقى 1978
      صلاح الدين / خلف كتيبة خميس جمعة الزراعية

      which translates as 241
      Sami Mohammed Mansour Alzenouky
      Salah al-Din / rear battalion Thu Fri agricultural

      [Yarmouk - اليرموك also pops up in the list of the missing a few times]

    2. Re Swehwli - I think he was referring to the PressTV journalists, Nicholas Davies and Gareth Montgomery-Johnson

    3. He said rebels arrested and him and threatened or beat him worse than Gaddafi's people? That would b interesting... Why so many unknowns? Why no video yet?
      Or is there?
      Helpful, proper video title:
      (أقبيه التعذيب في ليبيا)

      Kilani says ay UJC(trans)
      The reason for my visit to the headquarters of militia Saraya Swehli is to ask about the situation of British journalists were arrested in February in February 2012 near Misurata and transferred to Tripoli, a diplomat told me that after working at the British Embassy that Kablhma at the headquarters of the militia.
      I did not expect for a moment that the answer to the commander of Saraya Al Faraj Swehli may be this way, Matova a warning and a threat. The man denied the story of the basis of saying that he will prevent the BBC from working in Libya at all that had published a single word critical of the militia headed by the accused or arrested journalists.
      Succeeded Faraj Swehli in scare me and a batch of concern and need to leave his headquarters quickly, behavior of men and even whole Tkadan resemble to a large extent that provided by the Brigades, Gaddafi, who is arrested me and tortured me nearly a year ago in Tripoli,

      Some human remains are still present in the warehouse when I came to visit him several months after the incident, which has not been any formal investigation on it by the Libyan authorities to this day.
      The question was, who insists on time, were you to Anjou with those who survived this massacre or spend with those who died in this lonely place?


      Also, Tawerghans telling Kilani their rape confessions were extracted under torture. No duh! But they must all be hunted down now to get more confessions, 'cause they just know it happened.

    4. here, an article on it for BBC Arabic:

    5. What is interesting is that the BBC article/press release about the programme leaves out all the stuff about the Swehli Brigade which is in the UJC piece. Even the translated title is slightly different '* Broadcast BBC Arabic documentary film entitled (torture in the cellars of Libya) - a production of BBC Arabic - Monday, April 30 / April 2012 at 19.07 are GMT.

    6. The Saraya Swehli militia
      The Saraya Swehli militia, commanded by Faraj Swehli, detained Nicholas Davies-Jones, 32, and Gareth Montgomery-Johnson, 37, both British citizens, in Tripoli early on February 21, 2012, Human Rights Watch said


      Red Sawaya batallion
      don't know if Saraya Swehli militia has any relation :
      amer gwider became commander of the Red Sawaya batallion = [part of Tripoli brigade
      @ 5.48 state of denial vid

    7. no, Swehli = misrata brigade :

      View the photo The commander of the Libyan Swehli militia of Misrata


    8. Two British journalists detained in Libya and accused of being spies were reporting on atrocities meted out against black people by the same forces that arrested them.

    9. The Suweihli militia operate throughout Libya. They “seized the men while they were reportedly filming in the capital.” The freelancers were mostly working for Iran’s Press TV which, along with Russia’s state-owned RT, has been one of the few news networks to accurately report Western- and Western-backed abuses.6


  16. @ felix : did farj kilani spend his time with misrata brigade , same as kevin dawes?

  17. This should be it:

    Published on May 1, 2012 by TheLibyanew

    قناة BBC العربية تجري لقاء مع المجرم إبراهيم التاجوري .. قبل التقرير هذا فيديو للمذبحة
    BBC Arabic channel conducted a meeting with the criminal Ibrahim Tagouri ... This video report by the massacre of

    Facebook page here:

    1. Here is a search for Ibrahim Tagouri's name in Arabic:
      إبراهيم التاجوري

      This Libyan guy on Facebook shares his name.

      As noted earlier, he was also killed (allegedly) in Qasr bin Ghashir.

    2. I found it myself at the same time, but thanks. That made me laugh, seriously. I so needed to see that footage. Known liars shuffling in, yes, Dr. Salem ushers Bashir and Hussein in, and Bashir really does all that ridiculous indignant shouting, apparently improvising, stalling over names as if he didn't have it scripted out well enough. I think it's his "brother"s name he's stumbling over.Is that so? As always, See-through Salem's guidance and coaching are superb. What a thing, I'm dizzy. Left a comment, will certainly be doing my own collage video, but probably not as elaborate or thorough as I'd like. (First video footage of Bashir I've been able to save in a usable form, bad luck 'til now.)

    3. Name matches alone must be left as "ehhh, who knows?"

      But this Tagouri / Tajouri is the real alleged deal. We know Salem is acting, and Bashir, and by extension Hussein. Ibrahim honestly doesn't remember. That's not quite the right word, of course. He's not playing, or there for fun. He acts his part but doesn't ham it up. He's nervous about it and doesn't want to venture anything, he reveals as little to the camera as possible. He's not fully broken, but admirably choked down his desire to throttle these sadistic clowns. He did well and had BETTER NOT BE HARMED ANY FURTHER. It's the clowns who keep fucking it up, and I'm starting to consider them heros for it too.

    4. they found another now drugsfree boy in qasar ben ghasir :

      In the Qasr bin Ghashir district, the Fursan brigade has taken over a former ministry of education building as its headquarters and jail. It keeps 25 prisoners in three clean, air-conditioned rooms. One, named Masoud, is described as the jail's "disaster". At the age of 18, he apparently committed cold-blooded murder while manning a checkpoint on the airport road.
      Masoud was high on drugs when they tracked him down, but he confessed after sobering up. He admitted that on the day Tripoli fell to the rebels, he and a fellow volunteer had arrested and killed two men because they had found a rebel flag on them. Their bodies have since been found.


    5. story reminds of :

      "It is from a cigarette burn. The thuwar (anti-Gaddafi revolutionaries) did that," he said, speaking hesitatingly as jailor Ibrahim Beatelmal approached.

      The man with the burn marks, Khalid Abdul Jalil Mohammed, 25, served as a soldier in Muammar Gaddafi’s army. He was arrested a week ago at a checkpoint in Tripoli and was accused of killing people as he fought for the old regime.

      Full story:

      as jailor Ibrahim Beatelmal approached :family of?
      Farah Beitelmal (Madrid)

    6. What? That's the same as with Khalifah of the shed massacre. See captive soldiers "confess"

      Why two names? I can't stand this confusion!

  18. luck for kilani his first name is farj and not :

    He wears glasses,
    is about 40 years old and people call him ‘Abdellatif. There are some others also who come
    with him but not every time.”


  19. Great finds. Interesting footage in part II from about 12.30 onwards. Concerning the massacre in the refugee camp at Janzour on 6 February 2012. Reported by Al Jazeera: Gunmen kill seven at Libyan refugee camp
    - Killings at a Tripoli refugee camp highlight ongoing persecution of black Libyans

    1. y know felix how quick they are right now to delete proof :
      this 1 was published some hours ago :
      تعذيب انصار القذافي في ليبيا
      in #Libya b#torturey NTC #criminals "There is no punishment for acts made necessary by the February 17..

    2. The video is liked from Libya S.O.S. resistance news: 05. May 2012.

      20h/ #Torture in #Libya
      "There is no punishment for acts made necessary by the February 17 revolution," read the law published on the National Transitional Council's website.
      The immunity covers "military, security or civilian acts undertaken by revolutionaries [?] with the aim of ensuring the revolution's success," the NTC added.

    3. @petri :
      This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy on shocking and disgusting content.
      Sorry about that.

      @ caustic :His name is Craig Williamson. And he is the ‘real’ Lockerbie bomber.

    4. Looks like I missed something disgusting. Did this filter just get turned off back when the world "needed" to be shocked by "Gaddafi crimes?" Switched back on as soon as he's dead?

      What kind of thing did it show?

    5. "His name is Craig Williamson. And he is the ‘real’ Lockerbie bomber"
      Without even looking, doesn't sound right. If his connection to Abu Elias, the Heathrow airport break-in, the Bedford suitcase(s) or something else I'm fairly sure is linked, probably another bogus distraction.

      The only existing name I can connect as a likely bomber is Basel Bushnaq, Reston or Herndon, Virginia.

  20. There is another version of the video here:

    Published on Apr 30, 2012 by drrazad

    1. Better quality video (by a touch) and no stamp. Thanks. I already started my video re-mix with the other, will suffice.

  21. I was hoping someone would notice and have a thought on my new slow discovery that Allafi = Al-Lafi and Bashir allegedly named this man, Hussein's brother, as his own.

    I think I have the spot, 0:27 in that new shorter video, near the start of his monologue, 0:27. He does also point to Hussein, who nods. (the Facebook screen flashed here for a few frames). Hussein nods and says something. Maybe this was all a mix-up.

    Wish I had learned Arabic by now...

  22. Ooh, new video runs longer. Close-up of some of the martyrs' hand and finger bones and femurs remaining. Several. Took out skulls and spines anyway for proper burial.

    See 2:50 for a new thing: a smoke-stained peg in the wall, with smoke-stained keys hanging on it, inside the shed. Added later, or there for the prisoners to ... ??
    2:56, shell casings finally. Cannot place them, but they look ancient -WWII vintage, perhaps?
    These things might all be in the side-chamber, actually. This dishes are.

  23. He names a man who he says took a leading role in the attack.

    "Between the second and third grenade, Ibrahim Tajouri came in and started shooting," he said.

    Hussein told me how he called out to his three brothers in the warehouse, but none of them survived the attack.

    "After the shooting stopped, I pushed the dead bodies off me."

    Hussein's first brother Jamal was lying on top of a pile of bodies. "His eyes were open, I called him, 'Jamal, Jamal' and he didn't answer."

    His second brother Usama had been hit in the heart and in the shoulder and the bottom of his leg was missing.

    His older brother Mohammad was next to the wall. "I touched him and I could feel that his leg was missing. He said to me: 'Run away, save yourself, and go tell the world that we've been slaughtered'."

    In the confusion of the explosions and the shooting Hussein was one of the few prisoners who managed to escape.

    Those left behind did not stand a chance. The soldiers finished off any wounded survivors one by one and set the place on fire.

    A few days after the massacre, Ibrahim Tajouri gave himself up to the rebel authorities who had now taken over the city. He has been in custody ever since.

    He faces charges over the massacre, but he waived his right to anonymity to tell his story. He alleges he was following orders from his superior.

    "When the rebels entered Tripoli, Mohammad Mansour - the prison commander - gave orders to kill the prisoners.

    "He came to the detention centre where the prisoners were being held, he threatened us with his gun and said that we must kill them now, so we got some hand grenades and threw them at the prisoners."

    I asked Tajouri how he feels about what he did now.

    "I took drugs, I wasn't in control of my actions. My conscience is full of guilt because of what I have done. I ask them for forgiveness."

    Another prisoner, Bashir al-Sadeq, was also held in the warehouse and witnessed Tajouri's role in the attack.

    "Yes, he came inside and emptied more than three magazines," he said.

    Hussein and Bashir agreed to come with me to face Ibrahim Tajouri for the first time since the massacre.


    1. the always biased&sneaky reporting with a hidden,obsessive,evil goal :

      He faces charges over the massacre, but he waived his right to anonymity to tell his story. He alleges he was following orders from his superior.

      "When the rebels entered Tripoli, -Mohammad Mansour - the prison commander - gave orders to kill the prisoners.

      Perhaps what they did not appreciate was the -“Saadi effect”.-

  24. There is a better wide angle picture of Kilani's "torture room" here at Akhbarelyom. The shed photo with Kilani is similar to that at UJC but better quality.

  25. The Gulf News story by Kilani is here: http://gulfnews.com/opinions/columnists/libya-s-future-remains-uncertain-1.1015448 "The compound was the scene of one of the worst single atrocities of the conflict and I have returned to meet the perpetrator and two of his victims..... "

  26. Kilani gives an interview in arabic to Akhbar Alaan TV on 23 March here: http://akhbar.alaan.tv/video/world-news/Firas-Al-Kilani-London-BBC-news/ from London about Libya.

  27. : #Gaddafi regime disappears student Ounis Mohammad al-Tajouri, 26, from #sLanuf. #Libya #Gaddaficrimes

    #Gaddafi regime abducts and tortures BBC journalists. #Libya #Gaddaficrimes2011

    In February alone, #Gaddafi regime disappears 370 from #Benghazi and #Al-Baida. Estimate is conservative. #Libya #Gaddaficrimes2011

    For every name we know taken by #Gaddafi regime, there are hundreds we do not

  28. Three BBC journalists--reporter Feras Killani, cameraman Goktay Koraltan, and producer Chris Cobb-Smith--were released on Tuesday after 21 hours of abuse that included beatings and mock executions, according to news reports.

    Killani told the BBC: "They were kicking and punching me, four or five men. I went down on to my knees. They attacked me as soon as I got out of the car. They knocked me down to the ground with their guns, AK47s. I was down on my knees and I heard them cocking their guns

    The whereabouts of at least six local journalists remained unclear today, Mohamed al-Amin....


    1. 2:50pm: In paying tribute to the BBC journalists who were detained in Libya, Sir George Young, leader of the House of Commons, said they had gone through a “horrendous” ordeal. “We should never underestimate the risks that many people take in order to bring this country and the rest of the world the truth about countries like Libya.”

  29. Islam Times: The BBC correspondent, Firas Kilani, had been preparing a report on a farm in which he had been held and tortured by the Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s forces last March while he was covering the events in Libya. During the shooting the BBC team was surprised to see a special security unit entering the area with dogs and special equipment to detect graves.

    The BBC correspondent became aware that the farm being searched contained corpses which are believed to belong to Libyan opposition and African figures


  30. #Libya: Emerging reports that an unidentified group of armed men kidnapped Col Salim Lafi in front of Corinthia Hotel in #Tripoli on 20 Dec 2012

    Hussain Al Lafi and his three brothers were held at the same compound, as I was, for eight weeks accused of supporting the rebels.

  31. acc to the link the Beaumont/kilani story was originally written @ 8march :

    Many journalists are now beginning to ask what their role is in this media masquerade (see article
    by Peter Beaumont:http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/mar/08/libya-regime-ill-treats-

  32. zawya early march 2011 :

    7 march
    1454Mr Zawi tells al-Jazeera that three rebels and 26 pro-Gaddafi troops were killed in fighting in and around Zawiya on Sunday.

    Eleven soldiers were also captured, three of them mercenaries from West Africa, he adds.

    1452He adds: "The bombardment is still ongoing, yet the youths have returned to the square and regained control of it. The youths are still in control of the city of Zawiya."

    1425Pro-Gaddafi forces have resumed their attacks on the key western city of Zawiya with tanks and artillery, an exiled Libyan opposition group has told the Reuters news agency.

    The Libyan Human Rights Solidarity said in a statement that there had been heavy fighting on Monday morning

    9 march
    Like many other details, the extent of the killing in almost a week of heavy fighting there is unclear. Ibrahim said the rebels lost nine fighters on Wednesday as Gaddafi forces took over the main square but were later pushed out again.

    10 march
    Mohamed, a Libyan exile who got through to a relative on the outskirts of Zawiyah on Thursday morning, said a ring of loyalist forces had cut off the center of the city.


    Britain's Guardian newspaper said one of its correspondents, and a colleague from a Brazilian newspaper, had disappeared near Zawiyah. The press freedom group Reporters Without Borders said on Thursday the two had been arrested.
    Brazilian reporter Andrei Netto was held eight days by the Libyan government.

    He says he was not physically abused, "but I could describe many psychological abuses, in special the fact that there were no charges against us, neither did we have any idea when we would be freed.


    1. The Guardian, Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, has been missing for three days, along with Brazillian reporter Andrei Netto.

  33. The BBC journalists--Feras Killani, who is Palestinian, Goktay Koraltan, who is Turkish, and Chris Cobb-Smith, who's British--were eventually released, the BBC then posting a lengthy interview with them in which they described their ordeal.

    Why do their story looks so much alike this 1 :


    The words sent chills through Dr. Ahmed’s already badly beaten body.
    He had been helping an Al Jazeera reporting team in March, during the early days of the Libya uprising,
    when forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi surrounded the western city of Zawiya, capturing him and his colleagues.

    When Dr. Ahmed arrived in March, he was placed in a solitary cell with no windows and given just enough bread and water to stay alive.

    Guards would summon him at all hours for interrogations, during which he was tortured — electrical shocks from a charged cattle prod applied to his head and groin, repeated blows to the head and whippings across his back with rubber hoses.

    The mock execution was his send off to another prison — Al Jadida, where treatment in communal cells much improved and he told GlobalPost this account.

    In Al Jadida he reunited with other Abu Salim veterans, who cried for joy thinking he had been executed that night.

    Dr. Ahmed was eventually freed and has left Libya for his own safety.
    Monday, Aug 8, 2011

  34. 9 March 2011 More than 10 percent of Libya's inhabitants are immigrants.
    Among them, there are reportedly up to 70,000 Palestinian refugee settlers.



    27 Feb 2011 BBC Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen, who was on the government-organised trip to Zawiya, says the centre of the city and its immediate outskirts appear to be wholly in the control of anti-Gaddafi forces.

    The BBC's Firas Kilani in Tripoli says the situation in the capital is calm

    Feras Killani, a Palestinian refugee with a Syrian passport; Goktay Koraltan, who is Turkish; and Chris Cobb-Smith, British, were stopped at a checkpoint at Al-Zahra south of Zawiya on Monday 7 March.
    “On March 8, 2011 I was picked up at an army roadblock near Tripoli “

    acc to the link the Beaumont/kilani story was originally written 8march : http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/mar/08/libya-regime-ill-treats-



    10 march 2011 Libyan authorities have barred foreign journalists from the city without special permission, which rarely comes. The BBC said three staffers were detained this week trying to reach Zawiyah and some were beaten and subjected to mock execution.

    Mohamed al-Kilani from Zawiya

    Bani Walid october 2012 : Despite this relatively weak support within the GNC, the military power of the revolutionary camp and the close connections between certain deputies and the evolutionary brigades involved made the operation possible.

    Salah Badi from Misrata and Mohamed al-Kilani from Zawiya,

    both leaders of revolutionary brigades as well as GNC members, participated actively in the military offensive.

    The GNC spokes-man, Omar Ahmidan from Zliten, helped disseminate false reports

    about the supposed detention of one of Gaddafi’s sons in Bani Walid
    that were intended to lend legitimacy to the military operation.



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