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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gaddafi's Girl Executioner: Really?

April 10, 2012
last update April 19

Nisreen:"Admitted" a "serial killer for Gaddafi"
Gaddafi's girl executioner: Nisreen, 19, admits shooting 11 rebel prisoners, now she is shackled to hospital bed awaiting justice." By Richard Pendlebury and Vanessa Allen. The Daily Mail. August 29, 2011.
They told me that if I didn’t kill the prisoners then they would kill me.’ [...] I killed ten, perhaps 11, over three days,’ she says, slowly and almost disbelievingly, counting the murders on her fingers. ‘I don’t know what they had done.’
These prisoners...were they like the other suspected rebel supporters slaughtered by Gaddafi loyalists just before/just after the rebels screeched into town? Mostly black men as we've seen them, some wearing green wristbands or nurse's scrubs? She shot them from a meter away, one then another as someone brought them to her. Why she had to it was because of threats, and rape.

She wasn't a bodyguard, but recruited just last year to the Popular Guards, by a persuasive family "friend," named Fatma, with blackmail based on false accusations against her brother for smuggling drugs.
Fatma was a zealous supporter of the regime, says Nisreen. ‘She told me that if my mother said something against Gaddafi that I should immediately kill her. If I said anything about the leader that she did not like I would be beaten and locked in my room. She also told us that if the rebels came, they would rape us.’

It was a shameless piece of manipulation from the militia leader who, according to Nisreen, pimped her female recruits for the sexual gratification of her senior male colleagues.

‘Fatma had an office at the 77 Brigade base and there was a room with a bed next door. One day, she summoned me and put me in that room by myself. Mansour Dau, who was the commander of 77 Brigade, then came in and shut the door.’

He raped her.
And so she became immensely more malleable, and that makes plenty of possible sense. This photo from this article shows Nisreen, center. She's the one alleged to have been gang-raped and killed by rebels after speaking to the media. The photo alleging to prove it was, however, from Mexico, a year earlier.

But death surrounds her. Her friend, a fellow Popular Guard member, was shot in the head "in bizarre and brutal circumstances as the rebels closed in on Tripoli in the past month" - by Saif Gaddafi's bodyguard. And she herself was injured when escaping from the killing room by leaping from the second-floor window, unable to bear a twelfth victim. She landed behind a truck backing up and was apparently run down a bit, right before the rebels found her, gave her water at a mosque, and then chained her to a bed to confess stuff to the media.

I'm not entirely sure her story is true, but something tells me someone really did force her, at gunpoint, to do something.

Feb. 18: I've since learned Nisreen's last name: Nisreen Mansour al Forgani [see Daily Mail]. No relation I know of to Dr. Salem al-Farjani. At least one such video shows her at 0:51. In some reports. she's simply a victim of rape, who wants her attacker to pay, and no mention is made of her kiling people.

Nisreen Escaped and Telling All?
Has Nisreen, the "girl executioner"escaped? Someone says so, from Tunisia, in an interview run on Libya SO.S. And guess what? The rebels raped her and many others, many times, killed many men and women in front of her, tortured her with needles, and used drugs and psychiatrists (a lady named Cristina in particular, Italian) to force the "confessions" for TV crews. Benghazi rebels, Zintani rebels, Qataris, and others were involved.
Or so she says. She's supposed to speak at, or have her story presented at, an upcoming conference on human rights in Tunisia. Some of her details, like being forced to watch a man being boiled alive, almost seem too extreme, but then again...

The story's being pickedup by others, like an opinion piece published in Pravda.
The Green Resistance in Libya has brought us a first-hand account of a girl who was captured by the pro-NATO terrorists. Below is her story, the story of total depravity and a telling example of the type of person (?) that the USA, France and the UK sided with in Libya. Surely if you arm and finance terrorists like this, you are responsible?
This clarifies "the victim is a Libyan girl who wishes to remain anonymous for her own security, since she escaped from an NTC prison." She does in the interview only give the name "Abumenyar Knight." But I see little point in this. Physical, not identity, security is her concern now. She should, as one interviewer suggested, record her testimony, have it presented, and in the meantime get to Algeria. I could see Tunisians arresting her at the conference, on an outstanding warrant, and possibly even sending her back to Tripoli. Not good. Stay escaped, #1 priority.

The identity's as good as out, whether I say it or not. She's given her details of her captivity locale (Matiga), spoken of her tale of jumping out a window, and saying falsely that she was raped by Mansour Daw. Any rats trying to hunt her down will know these things, so the world may as well. This is (allegedly) "Gaddafi's girl executioner" speaking now without armed rebels around, without being shackled to a bed, perhaps with unseen needle pricks under her fingrnails. I look forward, as many others will, to seeing video proof that the same person is now saying these things. Re-visit this report: "From her hospital bed, she's finally able to tell her story, insisting that she was forced to kill..."
Pendlebury: "Her eyes were beautiful but completely blank, whether from shock, painkillers or both..."

Update, April 19:
Still no news on her account. I hope she's still safe, if she ever was. I'm still not convinced this isn't an exceptionally-nuanced hoax. I searched for upcoming or recent conferences in Tunisia and got a lot of hits, lots going on in Tunis, but no clear choice I noticed for which one rebel abuses in Libya would most likely be mentioned at.

I did find this from Libya S.O.S., on Nisreen, before and after. They make a very good point about her genuine smile amongst popular guards friends compared to her hollowed-out stare after being "liberated" to tell "her story." There's also an older report about a 25-year-old Nisrine Mansour, on the vice squad beat in Tripoli. From the Huffington Post, June 2011, she said:
"Moammar Gaddafi is the one who opened the opportunities for us to advance. That's why we cling to him, that's why we love him," says Mansour. "He gave us complete freedom as a woman to enter the police force, work as engineers, pilots, judges, lawyers. Anything."
Not a propaganda pawn for NATO-proxy Islamist torture-jackals. To win that freedom, one has to have the protection of "the regime" blasted away from around you, liberated to experience the transformative power of chaos and cruelty...


  1. This story is yet another indication of the great importance put by NATO and their operatives on demonizing Gaddafi. In this same category we have Hannibal's Ethiopian nanny. The "tortured with boiling water" part is certainly true.

    With this new evidence we can no longer exclude the possibility that the Khamis brigade "massacre" was a black operation by NATO and other foreign forces.

    The plans could have been made well in advance. The fact that the shed complex was used for processing detainees was known to Western media and intelligence from early March, when the BBC team was held there.

  2. The nanny, actually, I suspect is fake. I can see FX makeup alone doing that, and her demeanor doesn'tseem right.

    But maybe that hunch is wrong. These monsters are capable of scalding people and otherwise torturing them to say whatever demonizes their opponents and thus legitimizes themselves.

    For the article, I was looking for a quote something like "I didn't quite believe her," or "she seemed like a cold-blooded killer making excuses" with the rape and threatening to kill her parts. Didn't find it. Anyone happen to know what line(s) that might refer to? It would go quite well here.

    How is a black op by NATO suggested again?

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Jwx7TK05vM&feature=related
      interrogation of mohamed, bangladesh
      astonishing how good is their arabic!

  3. The invasion of Tripoli didn’t just happen. It was planned a long time in advance. What the planners would know (but never admit on TV) is that thousands would defend their families, their leader, their city, their government. Obviously, a massacre was possible.

    The invasion planners couldn’t allow the press to perceive a massacre in Tripoli because PREVENTING A MASSACRE was the supposed reason Obama et. al. started bombing.

    Maybe NATO didn’t arrange witnesses. Maybe it was M16; maybe, CIA; maybe another organization. But clearly accusations of atrocities against Qaddafi (even though no evidence linked Moammar to any atrocity) drew attention away from the invasion and its lethal effects.

    Now, are fortuitous massacres (accidental and fortunate for NATO) more likely than planned regime-change propaganda?

    Art Bethea

    PS: In answering this question, we should consider the propaganda game played at the UN in February and March 2011 when the Jamahiriya government was charged, tried, and convicted without ever having a true legal advocate. Which is to say, the coup masters are superb at propaganda.

  4. Here (thank's Hurriya) is a version of the Nisreen interview in the British media. I do not know if anyone has heard of the London Evening Post after 1797, but this wannabe Internet tabloid is far more reliable than any of the sheets of processed excrement coming out of Fleet Street.

    Gaddafi’s bodyguard reveals rape, torture and murder by NTC
    April 14, 2012

  5. Mitsuyoshi Iwashaga, citizen journalists for Demotix smelled a rat (sic) when almost bumped into Nisreen at Mitiga hospital:
    I couldn't meet other two people. First a girl who 19 years old is gaddafi's sniper. she jump from 2 floor order to run away from rebels ,then she has broke knee and back. I don't know why she didn't feel pain when she arrived hospital. Really!!

    1. The next sentence in the short post might be even more interesting:
      Second a man from mozambique was found inside fridge on road with having broke his neck and leg and arm.

      Was this guy some African mercenary that was loaded into a "cheese van" along with other merc bodies. When did they decide he was not dead and did not need to be buried? How did he get injured?

      With so many broken bones he must have fallen from the fourth floor. Or maybe he was just run over by some runaway roadblock.

    2. I just mentioned it at the Moez Zeiton page. Yes very strange.

  6. Ian Pannell of the BBC caught up with Nisreen in this video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xc33VqnSk5w - Gaddafi loyalists 'forced to kill' by soldiers [from 2.00, uploaded Sept 7 2011] where he states that "she claimed she was raped by Colonel Gaddafi's Security chief, the man who has just escaped to Niger..
    ...forced to shoot prisoners with a rifle. Unable to watch she turned her head and pulled the trigger"

    (Pannell also has footage of African migrants)


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