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Friday, April 13, 2012

Shed Massacre Smoke Clues

April 12/13, 2012

A video I just posted at Youtube:

Before I fill in this post with more text, not that much is needed, here are the cited videos. The chronology is largely set by where things were and the dates given (work shown here), as well as the angle of sunlight.

Sky News, Aug. 27, app. 11am
Aljwahr Free Media, Aug. 27 app. 2-3 pm
Zliten Horra (Viva Algiere), 27, app. 5 pm?
France 24, Aug. 27, 5-7 pm
Telegraph Aug 28, app. 9-10 am
BBC News, Aug. 28, about the same
CNN Aug 28, app. 6-7 pm

It's a simple enough point, and that's the evidence. Resolution issues, natural fire flare-up, other fair points for and against, all are welcome in comments.


  1. @ caustic : not in the corner,
    but in the side room looks like big fire :

    don't see it in the links above.
    must check fr which link i took it

    1. From the later Sky video of Stuart Ramsay.

  2. The Telegraph footage with smoke is incorportated into a video by Ruth Pollard of the SYdney Morning Herald, who visited the shed,probably on the morning of 28 Aug. Nothing of note in her report.

    1. Ruth Pollard ‏ @rpollard
      Horrifying sights in south Tripoli today - a warehouse full of bodies burnt beyond recognition. Families striken with grief. #Libya
      12.05AM 29 Aug 11

  3. Clemens Höges for Spiegel Online writes : After the massacre, the soldiers threw car tires into the warehouse and set fire to them, says Rafaii. It seems plausible: Tires burn for a long time, which would explain why the ash surrounding the skeletons was still warm on Saturday evening. [dates Spiegel visit also] It could also explain why only the bones of the dead were left, which would not have happened with a short gasoline-fueled fire.

  4. On [Saturday] August 27,[late afternoon from photos] Human Rights Watch counted approximately 45 distinct human remains in the ashes of the warehouse as well as other unidentifiable burned matter. Human Rights Watch also observed what appeared to be bullet holes in the tin roof of the warehouse. Smoke was still rising in one or two parts of the warehouse during the visit.

    Human Rights Watch also interviewed an NTC fighter [Majid Al-Futuri?? - he was around that evening] who said that he and his brigade found the warehouse while it was smoking when they seized the Yarmouk military base in Salahaddin on August 26. He told Human Rights Watch that as his brigade entered the base around noon, they went looking around. “We smelled it,” he told Human Rights Watch about their discovery.

    Human Rights Watch did not have sufficient evidence to establish who or what started the fire.

    1. are there remains of the tires , which must have been many for burning all the bodies thoroughly, to be seen on photo's ?

    2. Hurriya - the story about the tyres is complete nonsense, as we all realise. It this were a real police investigation in a properly constituted country,assuming no state cover-up, it would be laughed at by forensic scientists. No remains of tyres, just a few nice wheels.

    3. @ felix : on many forums pro war y can read many weapon & other technic specialists. Wonder why they don't pop up here.

      Wasn't there a white car without tyres staged to prove their claims ?

      The grenade story also doesn't fit the fragile shed roof ,
      that has stones upon it for keeping it on place in case of a little azivar.[very small, very local small tornado]

    4. The white car's here... (HRW Report)

  5. Rasmus Tantholdt of TV2 tweeted this

    Just found 7 bodies close to #sirte city center. They were all handcuffed. Looked like they had been dead for some days.

    Next to them we found the remainings of 3 bodies burned with tires around them.

    A lot of happy shooting in #Sirte while i'm writing this. Rebels celebrating.
    Few minutes ago we heard the sound of heavy bombs in #Sirte. Sound like #Nato

  6. comment 25 april : are there remains of the tires?


    Sirte . on first matress are the remains of a tire visible

    do also note : apparently a wick leading to the matress and another one near the fire next to the sidewalk

  7. same place as photo above , but another date :


    tomorrow i will post about timeline in sirte on sirte massacre list page


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