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Friday, April 6, 2012

Rebel Treatment of Slavic Captives

January 6, 2012
last edits April 8

Libya's racist, irascible rebels have always despised Gaddafi's support for, unity with, and employment of Black Africans from Chad, Niger, and so on. Less known is their extreme disapproval of his fraternizing with and working with Slavic people from Russia, Ukraine, and other places including, especially, vilified Serbia.

A video I just ran across about Colonel Gaddafi's Serbian cook, now back home and recalling the decent man he knew. He could speak some Serbian, and "liked Yugoslavs."
Yugoslavs? Just like Jamahiriya, Yugoslavia is a word we're supposed to have wiped off the map. Those murdering Serb thugs, allegedly, their country torn to pieces, for real. As with Libya, it was done largely by NATO, with local Islamist affiliates who like chopping off heads...

But the rebels know there's no point hiring foreigners for anything except killing rebels/protesters. Even at the beginning, in late February, such rumors against both blacks and Serbs were taken widely as probably true. As the Balkan Update blog/site passes on, Serbian snipers were reported by a tabloid to be taking part in the mass-slaughter of unarmed protesters that still hasn't been proven to be done by anyone, and Serbian pilots were helping carry out the fighter jet attacks on same that all evidence suggests never happened.

These are the perfect kind of things for a demonized minority might keep paying for throughout the war. And in time the fighting got more fierce with foreign airpower, firepower, advisers, elite units, and so on brought to bear against the Libyan government. As Tripoli lost more fighters, the likelihood of real foreign fighters, from Cameroon or Croatia, would only grow. So as with later claims of African mercenaries, I do not presume the innocence of the accused. But neither will I just accept rebel characterizations.

Road Work?
Petri Krohn started me off with a comment, apparently conflating two separate incidents, which was handy.
A group of 22 Ukrainian construction workers was held at the airport in August. I understand they were all killed.

An American (someone who was first in the press in March) interrogates these "Gaddafi sniper" and does not want to believe the story they are building a road. "Don't you follow the news? Don't you know there is a war going on?" Satellite images however show major progress on the 3rd Ring Road between August 14th and August 20th, around here.
Petri's link was to a different video, actually, that helps make the case. The Ukrainian part is accurate:
Gaddafi's Ukrainian Snipers Caught in Abu-Salim Neighbourhood (Tripoli, Libya), Aug. 25, 2011
Or so says the poster, Quatchi Canada, who's not reliable. All the speaking here is in Arabic and it's notclear if these older men even say they're doing road work. The captives are silent, dejected. They seem to sense they'll just be slaughtered, and only hope it will be swift. Mercenary scum, but with a senior discount.

The English, the road work claims, and the airport are from another video I found,
Serbian men accused of being mercenaries answer questions at the Tripoli Airport, August 22, 2011
[By: Salam Tekbali] Several men accused of being mercenaries answer questions posed in English and identify themselves as Serbians. They claim to have traveled to Libya to work on a road construction project. The video was recorded on August 22nd in the Tripoli Airport.
Salam Tekbali is a Libyan-American lawyer with a JD from Barry University and B.A. in Political Science from the University of Arizona.
"Do you know that Libya's been at war six months?" Kill and die is all anyone's supposed to be doing?

The Frozen Sniper
Then there is the slavic sniper, in a video mentioned by Petri (here), frozen into a cube, legs twisted, folded up to his head, a gasp of horror frozen on his face. He does look like a soldier-type, from the boots to the hair, not a Libyan uniform it seems, and a bit light-skinned. I could buy this being a foreign fighter, hopefully killed before being stuffed into a tiny freezer for some reason, but as Felix noted (right below Petri), it was at least before rigor mortis set in. That's some flexibility

More Abuse of Slavic White Niggers in Liberated Libya
Below, in comments, for now.

Serb Victims at Qaer Ben Ghashir?
See this fascinating post. 50-100 prisoners were held here, we heard, ordinary Libyans - doctors, engineers, yearning freedom - held in a Khamis brigade prison at Qasr Ben Ghashir, next to Tripoli airport. On August 21, 22, and/or 24, 5/6 of these prisoners was shot dead, or shot, and the rest of the prisoners let themselves out of the cells and the five guards ran away. A Brazilian company had been running construction of the third ring road from the same site until an unknown date. Serbs were caught there, at the airport saying they worked on the road, as mentioned above (fluent English was a job requirement). That was August 22. At left are 2 or 3 of the found bodies filmed at “a former Yugoslavian machine factory complex” in the Qasr Ben Ghashir area, taken on August 25 (source photo). They're apparently supposed to be some of the Libyans killed by the fleeing guards, and then ...left for 1-4 days to rot and be found by locals?


  1. Here is the first mention of the interrogator – Salam Tekbali – in the news, on CNN on Febrary 28, 2011:
    American siblings flee Libya, find safety in Malta

    Salam Tekbali also has a Linked In profile and a Twitter account.
    His latest retweet:
    Have Gaddafi's African mercenaries found their way to #Syria? Video from #Hama shows black snipers with gov't soldiers youtube.com/watch?v=CL6Jol

  2. I remember hearing about them and wondering why they fled. Maybe they believed the crackdown and slaughter stories, or pretended to, or maybe they were going to collect money or something.

  3. I did see, and refer to a photo of what looked like a Russian or Ukrainian prisoner, with hands bound with cable ties , walking, which I thought was on the Chinese site but I can't find it now.Can anyone relocate it?

  4. HOW DISGUSTING the west is to sell arms to every country and not give the citizens of those countries a dime for food or medicine. always just selling bombs even to some poor little country. and who are they going to use these bombs on: each other??

  5. There is an interesting twitter capture from @LibyanLiberal from August 2011. There is some mention of Serbs on 25 August:
    Sad but I dont believe that serbs will survive, the rebels are lunatics in loose. they rape kill and loot everything with NATO aircover.
    Captured serbs are in the airport we try penetrate there. but nato overs the perimeter.

  6. Some videos - Serbian men accused of being mercenaries answer questions at the Tripoli Airport, August 22, 2011 (interviewed by the American lawyer Salam Tekbali). The same men say they work for a Libyan - Serbian road construction company in this video clip from KP.RU - Serbians Mercenaries arrested by Libyan Fighters مرتزقة من صربيا فى ليبيا

  7. http://en.for-ua.com/news/2012/01/31/154551.html

    Foreign Ministry continues talks with Libya on release of Ukrainains suspected of cooperation with Gaddafi regime


    Foreign Ministry: Ukrainians detained in Libya being checked for cooperation with Gaddafi regime

  8. Libyen: Die Gräueltaten der Gaddafi-Gegner - weiter lesen auf FOCUS Online: http://www.focus.de/politik/ausland/krise-in-der-arabischen-welt/libyen/libyen-die-graeueltaten-der-gaddafi-gegner_aid_664850.html

    Die Zagreber Zeitung „Vecernji List“ berichtete von zwölf Serben, neun Kroaten, elf Ukrainern und zehn Kolumbianern. Sie seien nach der Niederlage der Verbände des gestürzten Machthabers Muammar el Gaddafi in Misrata im Mai von den Rebellen gefangen genommen, in Schnellverfahren abgeurteilt und erschossen worden. Das schrieb die Zeitung unter Berufung auf einen libyschen Augenzeugen auf ihrer Website. In Libyen gab es immer wieder Hinweise darauf, dass die Gaddafi-Truppen durch Söldner aus dem Ausland verstärkt wurden.

    The Zagreb newspaper "Vecernji list" reported about twelve Serbs, nine Croats, eleven Ukrainians and ten Colombians.
    They were captured by the rebels after the defeat of the associations of Muammar Gaddafi in Misrata in May , tried in summary proceedings and shot.

    The newspaper wrote about it citing a Libyan witnesses on their website.

    In Libya, there have been indications that the Gaddafi troops were reinforced by mercenaries from abroad.

    The report fits into the picture offered by the human rights organization Amnesty International (AI). After the outbreak of the uprising against the Libyan dictator in February, opposition fighters have kidnapped the Gaddafi regime supporters and foreign mercenaries, arbitrarily detained, tortured and murdered, Amnesty International said on Tuesday in London. Probably including people who were mistaken for Gaddafi loyalists.

  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=adi_XCnyTbs
    @ 1.36 ukrain sniper they say


    could be the same person

  10. The Foreign Ministry spokesman said that "up to 3,000 Ukrainian citizens, mainly nurses and doctors, were in Libya before the Gaddafi regime was overthrown."

    At a Libyan awareness fair in Manchester I spoke to a man who had experienced the unconventional journey from an oppressed city in North Africa to a city in Northern England:

    “I was driving past the seafront and I saw a Ukrainian warship and I thought I bet that’s taking British nationals out


    1. New Post: In #Libya, the shells hit the hospital with Ukrainian physicians #NATO
      31 Mar 2011

      Yesterday March 30, In Libya, during the shelling shells hit the hospital building, staffed by doctors from the Ukraine, and the house where they live. About it, “Inter said our compatriots, who are these days – under fire – continue to work near the front lines. And waiting for evacuation. A large group of Ukrainians are now in the Libyan city Mizda.
      Ten kilometers away – a large military depot, so day after day, this district “cleans” the international coalition aircraft.

      Ukrainians say – do not spare pilots and civilian objects.
      During the firing of shells hit the hospital building – one patient died, two – in the intensive care unit.
      After that, the air fired an adjacent building, where doctors live by .
      Watch VIDEO OF The doctors are very scared and do not know what else they need to overcome Here http://bit.ly/f0bMRX

    2. ثوار طرابلس يحاولون انقاذ طبيب اوكراني


      wounded ukrain doctor captured by insurgents in tripoli /Aug , 2011

  11. always wondered why a 1000 foreigners,mostly Egyptians, were expected to leave Sunday, 28 august

    Othman Bilbaisy, the senior operations officer for the IOM, estimated a thousand foreigners, mostly Egyptians, were expected to leave Sunday.

  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqraEzjfCWI&feature=related

    @ 0.46 Slavic types occupying Tripoli 22 aug 2011

  13. @ caustic :

    morgue : more than 1 thousand @ 1.20
    40 dead people ,
    @ 1.48 : 1 libiyan who was in prison, although I'm not sure how he was killed

    Some men had been identified. One man, Abdelsalem, came from the town of Taghma.
    Others were simply marked "non-Muslim" for burial purposes.

    [off topic : the doctors face looks like atri family @ 1.41 ]

  14. @ Hurriya: Thanks for some great comments lately, especially here. You seem to be getting better at putting them where they're the most help. I'm not keeping up with synthesizing infointo posts, but at least it's attached somehow.

  15. Felix said : I wrote a comment here earlier about a road construction site south of Tripoli, where Ashish Kumar Sen of the Washington Post reports 6 workers are killed with Kalashnikovs in a cinderblock shed.

    The contracting firm is alleged to be Brazilian, so may indeed have used East European labour. But are the respective governments of Ukraine and Russia and Ukraine looking for missing passport holders who had visas for Libya? Does anyone know? The location was given as Guser Bin Gashi,'this week' (ending Aug 26)

    Is there a connection between these events? Special those poor guys beneath the stairs?
    Six were dumped near a trash receptacle, two left under a stairwell and one thrown in a large ditch, his hands apparently cuffed.

  16. Tripoli Oil institute building

    "How can we be snipers?" cook Maksim Shadrov asked angrily at a training center for oil workers,Ottoman bin Ottoman, oil workers training center, in Tripoli where he, his wife and 17 other Ukrainians were being held.

    "They are old. She is a woman. We are not snipers," he said, pointing to some members of his group.

    Even a rebel commander conceded that he had no evidence to the contrary, but held them nonetheless, despite a diplomat's efforts to free them.
    [to ] "Be honest, we have not found in their houses any weapons, but they arrived illegal into the country in a very sensitive time and-after the war," he said. "We believe, they work for the enemy."

  17. A trial started in Tripoli, where Russian, Ukrainian and Byelorussian citizens are accused of aiding and abetting Muamar Gaddafi regime.

    They are tried by Tripoli court-martial. Citizens of ex-Soviet republics were imprisoned last August by rebels during the battle for Tripoli. 27 people were captured then, among them 22 Ukrainians, three Byelorussians and two Russians.

    Officially this trial was acknowledged only by Ukrainian Foreign ministry. Its spokesman told Gazeta.ru that 20 Ukrainians who worked in Libyain oil and gas industry are accused of repairing Gaddafi's combat machines. They are all men, the only woman, Olga Shadrova was sent home.

    "This is the first court session, after the second we will understand what are they facing". He said Ukraine is in talks with Libyan foreign ministry, revolutionary brigades and authorities since August, they manage to provide the interpreter and the lawyer for the accused and make the trial public.

  18. سامة ☾✰ ‏ @LIBYA_BREAKNEWS / 10 april 2010

    The 24 accused insist they were working as oil industry contractors. #Libya #Ukraine

    The group, which also includes three Belarusians and two Russians, was formally charged on Monday, eight months after they were detained.
    #Ukraine has said it is doing all it can 2 secure the extradition 4m #Libya of 19 of its citizens accused of being pro-Gaddafi mercenaries.

    1. The original story is from BBC:
      Ukraine seeks Libya 'mercenaries' release
      10 April 2012

      Mr Shadrov believed the problem was that Russian officials had probably waited for "some sort of overarching authority [in Libya]. What they needed to do was reach an agreement with the commanding officer of the group holding us under guard."

      The group who were detained as rebel fighters pursued the remnants of pro-Gaddafi forces last September are now being held near Tripoli at a Libyan Home Guard base.

  19. http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/world/2012-04/10/c_131518301.htm

    The Russian Foreign Ministry and the embassy in Tripoli, which are closely coordinating with Ukrainian and Belorussian colleagues and lawyers, are working on detention condition improvement of those arrested in Libya and their release as soon as possible," spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said in a comment posted on the ministry's official website.

    He said Moscow has repeatedly demanded relevant Libyan authorities, as well as the country's political leadership, to set free the Russians.

    The 25 people, all employees of a Libyan company, were first captured by rebel troops in late August.

    They were released in early September after the Russian embassy's intervention, but the rebels arrested them again days later in order to "verify their possible involvement in mending and modernization of Gaddafi's tanks."

  20. http://kavkazcenter.com/eng/content/2011/08/24/15017.shtml

    Other Russian bloggers report that according to unconfirmed information, the landed troops belong the 2nd Marines' Regiment 2-REP of the French Foreign Legion
    and consist of about 1,000 mercenaries from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

  21. Lindsay Hilsum when interviewed on PBS News Hour, USA on the evening of 22 August says
    "What the rebels and the people who have taken part in this insurrection say [i.e. not unbiased!] is that the main people fighting for Colonel Gaddafi now are mercenaries. Many of them are from African countries,Chad, Mali, Sudan. But at one point today, we were where - near the National Oil Corporation and there the rebels have taken it [whatever it is, she doesn't say] over. And they were marching with their hands on their heads ten white men into a room. I asked who were these persons and I was told they were Ukrainian mercenaries"

  22. Thank's to hurriya for this link.

    Libya: Rebels ‘execute 85 mercenaries, including 12 Serbs’
    Libyan rebels who control most of the country after defeating Muammar Gaddafi’s military, have executed 85 foreign mercenaries, including 12 Serbs, in the city of Misrata alone, Serbian media reported on Tuesday.

    Belgrade daily Press said the executions took place in the state insurance building in Misrata after it was taken by the forces loyal to rebels’ National Transitional Council (NTC). Among the killed mercenaries, who fought on Gaddafi’s side, were also nine Croats, 11 Ukrainians and ten Colombians, the paper said.

    The source is civiliancontractors.wordpress.com/ covering "News and issues relating to Civilian Contractors working Overseas". I guess that according to their definition a "Civilian Contractor" is somehow different from "mercenary" – especially one working in his own continent. (I guess "working Overseas" is kind of a key part of the difference.)

    More on Libya from the same source here.

  23. Inkerman Insights ‏ @inkermangroup

    #Libya: 24 Russian / Ukrainian men accused of being mercenaries for #Gaddafi scheduled for fourth hearing on trial 01 May in #Tripoli

    1. https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/581077_396535940386522_297509086955875_1260930_1778724496_n.jpg

      Easter in Libya: The story of Zechariah, an Orthodox priest

      "April 17th, I met with the Ukrainians, Belorussians and Russians, which the Libyan rebels held for about eight months.."

      Prior to this, I was very excited, could not sleep the night before, because at any given moment they could have canceled the meeting ...
      Accompanied by the security service we have come to the prisoners, I congratulated them on Easter, gave each one of them the icon, Prayer, Easter eggs and spiritual literature.
      We set at the table, television journalists arrived and the Ambassadors of Ukraine and Belarus Nikolai Nagorny, and Anatoly Steppe.

      I was able to communicate with each of the prisoners, even to call their families on a mobile, we talked for about two hours. The prisoners told us during a visit about their improved living conditions.

  24. http://en.rian.ru/russia/20120430/173135922.html
    Russia to Take Every Effort to Return Russians Detained in Libya – Lavrov

  25. The KPRU video on YouTube of the alleged Serbian snipers is on the KPRU website, http://kp.ru/daily/25743/2731431/, uploaded 28 Aug 2011, 22.33 hrs. The correspondents are Alexander Kotz and Dmitri Steshin. The Serbians are named, and there is an article based on the interview. In the top photo, they are labelled
    Zoran Nikolic of Lazarevac, Milorad Junichi from Loznica, Milic Martinovich of Aranzelovatsa, Vojislav Nichiforovich from Belgrade, Nedelko Milanovic of Lazarevac
    Nikolic is the oldest one with beard who does the talking. "without a visa in Tripoli on Aug 12 for some reason"

  26. http://www.interfax.com.ua/eng/main/103426/

    A military court in Tripoli (Libya) will continue to consider on May 21 the case concerning Ukrainians detained in Libya on suspicion of participating in military operations, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Oleksandr Dykusarov has told Interfax-Ukraine.

    He said that on Monday, May 7, the court held the 4th hearing of the case, at which the prosecutors and the defense team submitted new materials on the case to the court and expressed the need for the additional examination of these documents.

    "In this connection, the next court hearing will be held on May 21," Dykusarov said.

    He added that the detained Ukrainians are well and that after the hearing they had the opportunity to communicate with their lawyers.

    According to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, lawyers and diplomats will meet with the Ukrainians on May 10.

    Ukrainian "mercenaries" on trial in #Libya - unlike mercenaries from US, France UK, Qatar, Saudi Arabia http://www.interfax.com.ua/eng/main/103426/

  27. Libya and Ukraine haggle over Gaddafi’s $25 mln. dream plane, prisoners
    Libya and Ukraine are reportedly bargaining over a posh aircraft that Tripoli hopes to get in exchange for the release of 20 Ukrainians being held in Libya.

    They are facing execution for allegedly serving as technicians in Muammar Gaddafi’s military.

    The Ukrainians, who arrived into Libya amid the bloody civil war in 2011, insist that they were civilian workers hired by a Libyan company Dakara and had nothing to do with Gaddafi’s army.

    “Colonel Gaddafi had a contract with our country to repair his Antonov aircraft. We still have one of the airliners stored at the Gostomel Airport. The rebels demand that we hand it over to them, but we want them to pay for the service first and release the Ukrainians,” a source close to the negotiations told Ukrainian Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.

    Libya has held a total of 25 ex- Dakara employees, including 20 Ukrainians, two Russians and three Belarusians, since August 2011.

    Initially they were said to be “Gaddafi’s snipers” but later the charges against them were changed. Respective governments are engaged with Libya’s current authorities over the fates of their citizens.


  28. http://cache.daylife.com/imageserve/0duf0kva2ecMz/439x.jpg

    TRIPOLI: A military court handed long prison terms to 19 Ukrainians, three nationals from Belarus and a Russian accused of having served as mercenaries for ousted leader Moamer Kadhafi in Libya's conflict last year.





    The Russian, ruled to have been the coordinator, was condemned to life imprisonment while the others were sentenced to 10 years of hard labour

  29. Caucasian victim in Mitiga hospital :


    Caucasian victim in Abu Saleem Hospital basement :

    One odd area of the Abu Saleem basement seen by Sky News bears at least one body on a table “too gruesome to show.”

    could this case be related :

    dovenews Libyan™

    Miki Stojcic dangerous Gadaff/Serb spy agent cameraman infiltrated with RAI (italian TV staff in Tripoli)rts.rs/page/stories/s…

    www.rts.rs/page/stories/sr/story/10/Sve …


    Miki Stojcici dangerous Gadaff/Serb spy agent Journalist infiltrated with RAI (italian TV staff in Tripoli)rts.rs/page/stories/s…

    Several months ago this pigg was spying in Ajdabia front www.rts.rs/page/stories/sr/story/10/Sve ...
    This Serb/Gadafi spy several months ago was passing Gadaffi pigs chek points in the frontlin of Ajdabia/giving info. about FF

    I survelianced Serbia RTS-TV channel several months ago when there was fighting around and in Ajdabia..he was there

    This Serbian piggy spy was then reporting to Serbia RTSTV chanel that he as SERB was lewelocmed by G soldiers/he was spying FF

  30. The latest:

    5 Serbs Released From Libya After 21 Months – AP, May 21, 2013
    Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic says the men flew back to Serbia on Tuesday following months-long negotiations. He says that "we waited until they crossed the border to inform the families."

    Authorities say the men went to Libya to work as construction workers, but were captured by rebels who accused them of being mercenaries fighting alongside Moammar Gadhafi's regime.

  31. Moscow says Libya ready to release two Russian engineers – By Ashraf Abdul Wahab, Tripoli, 6 September 2013

    The Foreign Ministry in Moscow said this evening that Libya was ready to release its two nationals who were among 24 Eastern Europeans engineers accused of servicing Qaddafi missiles.

    The announcement comes at the end of a four-day mission to Tripoli by a Russian government team. This included a visit to the two men, Alexander Hadrof and Vladimir Dolgov in Zintan, where they are now held, after originally being detained near the Airport Road in Tripoli.

    The Russian foreign ministry said that the conditions in which the men were being held were “much improved”. During the visit, each prisoner was able to use a phone to call his family.

    Moscow reported that the Libyan government had said that the case of the two men would be settled “ in accordance with Libyan law and in the framework of the traditional friendship between the two countries”.

    Hadrof and Dolgov, with three Belorussians and 19 Ukrainians were originally tried and convicted by a military court for working on Qaddafi’s rocketry during the revolution. All 24 were sentenced to ten years’ hard labour, saved Dolgov who was given life imprisonment. Every one of them has always maintained that they were oil field engineers who had been forced to work on weaponry.

    1. so the other 21 are presumably still there?


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