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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Shed Massacre Witnesses: Mounir Massoud Own

April 15, 2012

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Mounir Massoud Own (33, manual laborer, app. from Tripoli) isn't the most interesting witness, but he deserves his own post. He spoke to CNN's Arwa Damon on the evening of August 28. (video, transcript) I just couldn't resist commenting on this still of him looking like a character from Napoleon Dynamite.

Mounir: (not real quote) "Then I escaped from the shed and ran away. I don't remember how.

Damon: What did you do then?

Mounir: God! I jumped over the flippin' wall, whaddayou think?


He must be serious. He thinks or says he thinks his brother, detained there with him, was killed.They were going to visit their grandfather when Gaddafi's men arrested them for no reason.

Actual Quote:
“I ran away. I jumped over that wall. But I don't remember anything else.”

An oddity: He cites a massacre on August 22, as opposed to the usual August 23. He has for company in this CNN, who relied on his account to help them get their "facts" straight, Bashir Al-Sedik/Omar, and alleged executioner Ibrahim Sadeq Khalifah.

Another oddity: Mounir Own thinks there were 175 prisoners to start with (157 now accepted) and 24 escaped, leaving 150 dead (106 now accepted). Witness removal guy Bashir Own (no relation, it's said) was there at the same time, spoke to CNN's Arwa Damon, and said he'd seen about 150 bodies removed. There could have been more, but not less, than what he allegedly saw. Accidental teamwork to sow the second-highest death toll in the news?  (A. M. Halim had already said 180 died)


  1. caustic :maybe I'm complete mistaken ,always understood that Mounir Aun said : wednesday = 24 aug

    Captives executed in Libya/MOUNIR OWN: wednesday morning

  2. http://tweepforum.ly/ngo/video-social-awareness-episode-4-lest-we-forget/
    @ 1.13 escapees or 1996 photo's ?

  3. OT, but I just love the toothless guy at 0.23 behind Mounir in Billabong t-shirt.

    1. I think I read somewhere it's also a brother of Mounir Aun

      The journo only mention : "at sunset" in this vid : but I'm 95 % sure that somewhere wednesday morning was mentioned. Have to check

      caustic : @ 1.05 big hole in ceiling, @ 1.07 big fire in corner

    2. Sorry, forgot about this. That's the one video I cannot watch - some "International videos" don't play in the US.

      I've seen a timeline where CNN cited the 22, and found this on search:
      "The massacre took place August 22, the survivor, Muneer Masoud Own, told CNN."

      "The massacre took place Monday, the survivor, Muneer Masoud Own, told CNN. [...] Monday, with rebel forces pushing into the capital, their guards told them they would be released by sunset, Own said. Instead, he said, just before sunset, "

      If I can get two people to confirm what's said at what spot in this video
      to contradict that, I can add that he's cited for Monday and Wednesday. Otherwise it'll stay as I remember

    3. caustic, can't find from where I took the wednesday morning Aun information , its not in cnn vid . so rely on yr own data


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