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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shed Massacre Tweets

April 22, 2012 (incomplete) 
last updates April 27

 << The Khamis Brigade Shed Massacre

 Note: I posted all this because it confused me. I added more related confusion later, in the hopes of getting some reader help making best sense of it all. I figured it out mostly on my own, with some tips in comments. This information then formed a good chunk of this post and a section of the shed massacre report. To get the significance in a wider context and with most of the kinks worked out, read that. Below is for reference/whatever it's worth.
An unusual, and perhaps the first version of the shed massacre story (that specifies the location) came with a message tweeted by “dovenews Libyan™” no later than a re-post at 11:33 am on August 25:
“Gaddafi forces executed 170 detainess [sic] in #Alyarmook military base, only 4 detainees mangd 2 escape 2 from #AzZwayia & 2 from #Hey#Alforjan”
The number 170 lines up closely with the 180 dead Abdulatti Musbah Bin-Halim would report that day, and he was among four escapees, perhaps all of them it might have seemed, who were being treated at Tripoli Medical Center. But three of those were from Zlitan, none from Zawiyah. There are no specified locals from Khellet al-Forjan the CIWCL knows of among the escapees. At least three are given as from Az-Zawiyah (“Mohammad,” Hussein Al-Lafi, and the person who’s gone by Mohammed Bashir and Bashir Mohammed Al-Sedik/Germani and ”Omar”).

This report was echoed by another Aug. 25 message by a Joanne Joanne ("Joanne ♌ Leo"?) who was able to add a fifth escapee, an uncle of hers.
“...only 4 detainees Escaped 2 from #AzZwayia 2 from #Hey #Alforjan #Libya Plus 1 another: My uncle (from Alziziyah) who escaped from Yarmook CONFIRMS this, he said at least 150 massacred. [source: Libyan Uprising Archive, LUA]
Alzizyah may refer to Al-Azizyah, a town ten miles southwest of the airport. Another locality not specified amongst the laterpublicized escapees. It was almost all Zlitan people. SHould someone contact Joanne and ask her for info on this uncle?

Later in the day, "Free Libya" tweeted or re-tweeted "Some bittersweet news, found out that my uncle from my mum’s side has escaped from the Yarmook Military camp prison, badly tortured." This was followed shortly with “Allahu akbar, my family in Hadba are all free :) The FF came and liberated them completely last night:) Allahu Akbar” Then "Hayat" repeated "#TripoliPrisoners Massacred. I don’t know how many but I can confirm #Gaddafi forces took them out before #FFs got to them." [LUA] 

Joanne does seem to have a link to someone in the area, Qasr Ben Ghashir. Honestly, I'm not sure who's talking to who in these things...
FromJoanne Joanne #HELP Fam of @Ebnat_Alislaam Lives in GaserBenGasher nrAirport FIGHTING CONT. 8daysNO POWER PPL Slaughtered FF need 2HELP This AREA Libiya_min_Hollanda @FromJoanne finaly my bro called me, he is stressed out they do t have any elect for more then 8 days now, he is SCREAMING for help and…. they dont know what happend in Tripoli, he told me now its mainly street fights out of fear he spoke 2 me in Dutch not even knowing that Gadafi cant control the lines anymore
"Libiya-min-Hollanda" had been earlier tweeting, on the 24th, about the shelling of civilian homes in the area, the number of civilians flooding the hospital, and then thanking the FFs for liberating the area. I repost that all here for additional (if confusing) details it gaves about the area.
PPL R SCREAMING 4 HELP #Tripoli GASR BEN GASHER close to airport FIERCE fighting #Media Pls contact @Ebnat_Alislaam #Libya Ppl DYING Just got info that FF from swani ben yadem are on there way 2 help Gaser Ben Gashir, I hope they get there fast! farms are of Bashir Salah he has 3 farms there, one next 2 gadafis farm, it has a very high wall of 4 meter the second one on the weat of the airport also with a 4 m high wall, 3 one the east side of the airport road, without a wall the one behind the center is the same one next 2 gadafis farm its about 10 hactare big also from a school called the school of Omran berabha in the center of gbg next 2 the school of Kmies Gadafi boys school the 3th farm is on the east side of the airport brige there has 2 be someth there even the comander of zintan FF said they noticed a mercides convoy near airport area the woman of my relatives left there homes and went more 2 the east, they r scared of the merc whom r everyw he Clashes are getting tuffer right now alot of injured civilians are at alafya clinc in GBG….. grad rockets figherd on civilian houses, they are fireing from the south!!!! Alafya clinic in gaser ben gashir is getting full of injured and dead civilians, doc there said he saw #Abdallah Mansoor GL Pls ppl let the world know what is happening in Gaser ben Gashir!!!!! the clashes are on the manara road, galet alferjan and next 2 the farm of #Gadafi BREAKING NEWS Gaser Ben Gashir has been liberated just reseaved a call from there!!!!! RT I will confirm later on again. FF from GBG, swani, zintan and misrata Thxxxxxxxxxxxx Joanne They need take photos RT @Ebnat_Alislaam Just heard #hannibal the son of Gadafi has been killed in Gaser ben Gashir not confirmed #Libya
Following some of the messages around, a "Cambo Donut" echoed some of the Misrata Military Council information Center's Aug. 25 e-mail, as if it had been tweeted.
“We have found possible mass murder in Tripoli prison. […] Drs at main Tripoli Hospital know more. Prisoners locked up, grenades thrown into their rooms.” “So far only retrieved 13 bodies. All badly burnt. Trying to get understanding from city morgue” “we believe event happen 4 days ago.” [LU]
That's August 21. Are they still saying, essentially, "yeah, we got here (wherever that is) late on the 23rd and found the bodies next morning, and they were killed days before we got here."? That's what they said later, just with this discovery erased, the massacre put in that time-slot, and conquest and discovery pushed up three days. The three tweets from Cambo Donut are listed elsewhere as messages 1-3 out of 4 from the info center (not at their previous account, or any other I could find). A Jess Hill/Jessradio re-posted all four parts (available only, per a Google search, here and here). The last one is given as follows:
4/4: Frm Misrata military coun: "A survivor we believe took the cloths of dead man & played dead for 10 hours until FLF free him." #Tripoli
The time and date are interesting: 8:22 PM - 24 Aug 11. What time zone? I cannot get a time stamp on Cambo Donut's re-tweets - the page as it stands only shows back to early March. (the dovenews channel goes way back 100 pages, to about a week too late to help with those early messages) April 24: I found all but the first of the four on original Jessradio pages with times. 8:18, 8:19, 8:22 pm, Aug. 24. Altogether, they read:
1/4: "We have found possible mass murder in Tripoli prison. We believe event happen abt 4 days ago." 2/4:"Drs at main Tripoli Hospital know more. Prisoners were locked up, grenades thrown into their rooms." 3/4: "So far only retrieved 13 bodies. All badly burnt. Trying to get understanding from city morgue." 4/4: "A survivor we believe took the cloths of dead man & played dead for 10 hours until FLF free him." [JRT]
How do the bolded parts line up? Four days prior would mean the 20th, putting the massacre three days before the discovery suggested by their previous e-mail. The fourth tweet adds “a survivor,” the first one mentioned, just about 24 hours after the now-accepted massacre date, and four days after by their reasoning here. How he was saved within ten hours is unclear; that’s the time-span between the Aug. 23 massacre and the first rebel e-mail, not between the Aug. 20 event and anything yet known.

The massacre time given: August 23, around 8pm/just after sunset/evening call to prayer
Misrata Military Council e-mail, August 24, 6:15 AM GMT, ten hours later:
The Information Center For Misurata Military Council claim to have found 140 bodies in a Tripoli prison. They claim the prisoners were killed by grenades thrown into their cells. So far 13 bodies have been recovered.


  1. Try use friendfeed http://friendfeed.com/ to recover Tweets or Topsy http://topsy.com/twitter/

  2. Thanks, I will look into it, because cool things may still lie hidden, if only original times.

    Cool new site, and welcome!

  3. Topsy found the Dovenews tweet, Aug. 25, 7:05 AM

  4. 4libya Jeanie Abdullah
    Families near Yarmouk base (Khamis base) r in fear asking for help as #Gaddafi mercenaries r circling the area,menacing. #Tripoli v Libya.tv
    11:44 PM Aug 24th, 2011

    1. IbnOmar2005 FB.com/TheNewSyria
      Happy to hear news of mu3askar yarmook (khamis's army base) hit by operation dawn, that place gave me the creeps #Tripoli #Libya
      4:29 PM Mar 20th, 2011

    2. Evan Hill ‏ @evanchill
      Followed rebels south through Abu Salim and Salaheddin into Tartouk today, got to Khamis Brigade barracks and came under gun and mortar fire
      10:48 PM - 26 Aug 11 via HootSuite

      Does he mean Yarmouk? It followed through into his Al Jazeera piece, 26 Aug, 18.44 hrs. [GMT???]
      The fiercest remaining pocket of resistance was in Tartouk, around the barracks of the Khamis Brigade, considered Gaddafi’s best-trained fighting force.

      At around 7 pm, a crowd of civilians and rebels near the barracks scattered under rifle fire coming from nearby residential buildings.

      Rebels responded in force, turning their guns in the direction of suspected snipers and blasting chunks out of the buildings' concrete facades.

      More loyalist fire came from other directions and the barracks, indicating that rebels were still battling for control of one of the final bastions of Gaddafi's military power in the capital.

      This does not quite accord with the quite calm at sunset in the footage of the Khamis shed on 26 August.

    3. No shit it doesn't. Evan Hill was down that way then, Saleheddin via Abu Salim means south, and there's only one Khamis base there, so Tartouk must mean Yarmouk. Fire from surrounding buildings is one thing, but from the barracks that are under rebel control is interesting. And if it all came in together, that makes all this frightening firing (noone hurt, I presume) equally fascinating in ways Hill should be interested to know. Three hours after we have video suggesting they'd been there many hours, at least, already, three days after they first "found" the massacre leavings that were ostensibly inside that base.

    4. There are in fact three distinct "Khamis Brigade" bases in or around the Saleheddin area.

      There is a large barracks compound with bombed out warehouses 1 km south of the eagle gate base along the al Hadhbad Road.

      There is a large arms depot with a small barracks building half way between the al Hadhbad Road and the Airport Road. It is located just north of the north-east corner of the large "crop circle" fields. This location is about 1,5 km east-northeast of the eagle gate.

      I believe this is the arms dump taken over by rebels on August 26th and shown in this photo.

  5. from an army man some technical information about what weapons can cause [ he's talking about 17 february, benghazi] :
    I can imagine they used firearms with rubber rounds, but even rubber bullits can be deadly specially if you are untrained to use them.
    Mortars seem a bit ridiculous to me, if you look at the wounds the doctor describes, with hits only in the upper body of (alledged) victims.
    A mortar round in a crowd of people will cause tremendous wounds of shrappnel all over your body.
    Same does a heavy calibre mg if used, shrappnel and ricochets would have hurt people everywhere.
    Besides people will lose bodyparts or worse when hit by 12,7 or 14,5 mm machineguns.


  6. 8/24 Mohammed Ali Abdallah from NFSL talks about
    possible massacre at Tripoli prison up to 140


    1. Mass graves of 150 civilians have already been found in Misrata and reports emerged yesterday that a truck full of bullet-ridden corpses with their hands tied behind their backs was delivered to a hospital on the Matiga airbase.


      Friday 26 August 2011

    2. Mohammed Ali Abdallah Addarrat - محمد علي عبدالله الضراط General Manager for Lexmark International Middle East. @libyanfsl
      As reported on Feb 19 2011 by Bloomberg:
      Libyan special security forces are preparing attacks on Benghazi and other cities in the eastern part of the country that have been taken over by protesters, Mohammed Ali Abdallah, deputy secretary general of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya, said in a telephone interview yesterday.

      “We are expecting a massacre,” Ali Abdallah said. “We are sending an SOS to the international community to step in.” Without international efforts to hold back Qaddafi, “there were [sic - will] be a bloodbath in Libya in the next 48 hours.”

      Demonstrators entered their fourth day of rallies against the regime, which has responded with “brutality and violence,” Ali Abdallah said.

      A key perp.

    3. @ Felix: Abdullah is a far from level character and a perpetrator of Responsibility to Panic level war crimes that enable so many others. Bloodbath in Benghazi? Happened within 24 hours-look at events of Feb. 20 inside the Katiba.

      @ Hurriya: Thanks. First audioboo, great clue. He means Yarmouk massacre, at the prison. The Misrata grave I presume is the grave in TAWERGHA of 150, said to be Misratans taken there. Andrew Simmons only witness I know of to one body there, race not specified, beheaded.

    4. Mohammed Ali Abdallah Addarrat is a professional liar of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya. I really wonder how he has managed to combine his professional role as General Manager for Lexmark International Middle East with his role in NFSL / CIA / whatever.

      His 2 minute audio statement is here:
      Mohammed Ali Abdallah from NFSL talks about possible massacre at Tripoli

      I do not think he really knows what is going on in Libya. He may have just be echoing the Information Center For Misurata Military Council claim from 6:15 AM, August 24th, that they have found 140 bodies in a Tripoli prison

    5. @ petri : I do not think he really knows what is going on in Libya

      The Voices Feeds John Scott-Railton

      Libya: voices from a war
      Gaddafi shut down the internet in Libya and I realized that the @jan25voices model could be adapted for the Libyan uprisings. I reached out to the remarkable duo of Sarah Abdurrahman (also of NPR’s On the Media) and her husband Abdulla Darrat.

      We posted in English, Arabic, and Arabic with English voice overs provided by Abdulla and Sarah

      Posted 21 February 2011 18:08 GMT
      Voices from Libya: “It's a massacre” (Audio)


      Working punishing schedules we built @feb17voices on the same model, tweeting and posting calls’ audio.
      Many others contributed contacts or helped make phone calls.
      In the first days of the Libyan uprising we shared the voices of brave, scared and very committed Libyans.* We posted in English, Arabic, and Arabic with English voice overs provided by Abdulla and Sarah.**
      The audio recordings and tweets continued, and our coverage evolved: when the media showed up in Benghazi, we refocused Westwards on areas where conflict still raged.

    6. http://alarifeassociates.com/?page_id=93
      Trained as an architect at the University of Texas at Austin
      A native Arabic speaker fluent in English and with French language skills, Mr. Darrat was born in Germany and now lives in the US. In between he has lived in Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, and the UK.

      Mr. Darrat attended the University of Texas-Austin, where he received a Bachelor of Architecture

    7. http://www.cencom.org/ecom-prodshow/sarah_abdurrahman.html
      Sarah Abdurrahman is a producer at WNYC's On the Media.

      She is one of the founding members of Enough!Gaddafi, a loose-knit organization formed in 2009 in response to the Libyan dictator's visit to the United Nations.

      In February 2011, she began working with a group of Libyan activists to ensure that communication channels would be open between Libya and the rest of the world if calls for protests in the country were answered.

      When the protests and consequent government crackdown in Libya began in mid-February, Sarah began work on the @feb17voices twitter feed, recording first-hand accounts of eyewitnesses in Libya and publishing them for the world to hear.

      Sarah has produced for WBUR, Boston's NPR station, as well as the NPR program On Point with Tom Ashbrook. She has degrees in Radio-Television-Film, Middle Eastern Studies and Media Studies from The University of Texas at Austin.

    8. Najla Abdurrahman is the daughter of a political dissident in the Libyan opposition party. She has helped support the Libyan demonstrations ..
      Libya Protests - Najla Abdurrahman

      We started this segment with the sound of urban warfare in the Libyan city of Benghazi. According to reports coming out of Libya at least 200 hundred are dead. Other reports put the numbers of dead much higher. And one of the world's longest ruling dictators is threatened in a way he never has been before ... on the verge most of his citizens hope of being deposed.

      Some Libyan-Canadians are all too familiar with the brutality of the Libyan regime. Omar Bengezi is a plastic surgeon who lives in Hamilton, Ontario. He explained what happened to his brother after he insulted the Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

      Thousands of Libyans like Omar Bengezi have been forced to leave their homeland because of their political views.

      Najla Abdurrahman is the daughter of a political dissident in the Libyan opposition party. She has helped support the Libyan demonstrations from the U.S. by contributing to a website to get the latest video and audio reports out from the frontlines of the protests. She was in Washington this morning.

      Libya Protests - Ibrahim Sahad

      While this unfolding battle could well spell the end of the Gadhafi era, efforts by some Libyan exiles to bring down the regime have been going on for decades. One of the oldest of the anti-Gadhafi groups is the National Front for the Salvation of Libya. We were joined by Ibrahim Sahad, who is the organization's Secretary General. He was in Washington.


      Libyan opposition literally running protests from Washington.


      Although multiple videos of the protests in Benghazi were circulated, Al Jazeera English posted a video that included footage of protests that were more than a year old,
      in addition to the more recent footage.

      It also initially cited the number of people killed in the Abu Salim prison massacre as 14 -- as opposed to 1,200 -- prompting exasperated tweets demanding that the news outlet check its facts and directing it to the Human Rights Watch report on the Abu Salim prison massacre.

      For its part, the Associated Press initially circulated a report that induced a collective groan among Libyan observers; the report claimed that the protests had been directed not against Qaddafi, but against the current Libyan prime minister, Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi.

      Again, Libyan activists immediately blasted the AP on Facebook and Twitter for its irresponsible reporting, which contradicted video and eyewitness accounts coming from the country.

      Rather than actually listening to what protesters were chanting in the videos, it seems that the AP had drawn its information directly from Libyan state sources, albeit channeled through Quryna, a "private" newspaper effectively controlled by Saif al-Islam Qaddafi, the leader's son.



    10. Feb 22, 2011,Libyan-American Activist Abdulla Darrat Reports
      on weapons @ 5.56 & further


      @WyldDarkHeart The Head of Libya Doctors association talked about total destruction of the bodies in a way he had never seen before Also: @leila_na. For those asking me about “weapons not used against human beings before” statement, it was the Head of Libyan Doctors Assoc. on Al-Jazeera

      Libyan-American Activist Abdulla Darrat Reports on drs killed by security forces @ 6.26

      @ 9.08 : Abdulla Darrat 's website : enoughkhadafi , speaking fr Washington DC

  7. time line voices of justice :

    25 Aug Voices of Justice Voices of Justice ‏@TripoliPrisoner
    Dr Moez tells Sky about execution of 17 prisoners in the Abusleem district. http://fb.me/tvzRwjjD

    25 Aug Voices of Justice Voices of Justice ‏@TripoliPrisoner
    180 slaughtered including children at the al-Yarmouk military base in south Tripoli. http://fb.me/PYlItNN5

    26 Aug Voices of Justice Voices of Justice ‏@TripoliPrisoner
    Video - Mansour El Hadi eye-witness to the mass execution in Abusleem district. http://fb.me/1asFZsula

    26 Aug Voices of Justice Voices of Justice ‏@TripoliPrisoner
    Last Video of Dr. Ali Durat arrested by Gaddafi units. His body found tortured and killed http://youtu.be/GEUrVHWkFXE http://fb.me/VhqhbfpX

    26 Aug Voices of Justice Voices of Justice ‏@TripoliPrisoner
    New evidence uncovered by Amnesty International - Libya: detainees killed by Gaddafi loyalists. http://fb.me/1d0GXAJqn

    28 Aug Voices of Justice Voices of Justice ‏@TripoliPrisoner
    HRW - Libya: Gaddafi Forces Suspected Of Executing Detainees http://fb.me/PZN4DYzp

    2 Sep Voices of Justice Voices of Justice ‏@TripoliPrisoner
    Libya: pro-Gaddafi forces left 29 detainees in hot metal containers - 19 died http://fb.me/FfNyt6g2

    4 Sep Voices of Justice Voices of Justice ‏@TripoliPrisone
    The Press Association: Five sons missing in Libya chaos http://fb.me/WDGCuHzc

    1. @ Hurriya: The 180 dead report is just a tweet of Gilligan's now-pulled Telegraph piece.

      But this! "Last Video of Dr. Ali Durat arrested by Gaddafi units. His body found tortured and killed."
      Auto: Dr. Ali Darrat was arrested on Atina Torghae 1
      Torghae = Tuareg, Tawerha, or other?
      Posted Aug. 13. Doctor in scrubs, escorted by military men. In rebel hands and posted Aug. 11 - just as they were conquering Tawergha and preparing to drive to Tripoli. They found the video then? He is surrounded by largely black men. Misrata is mentioned, could well be a real video. Couldbe fake. The whole story as given is pretty fishy.

      13 days later Misratans were the first to find his body tortured they say at Qasr Ben Ghashir along with Dr, Omar and the four Libyan army officers, on the same day they were killed at a prison where 70 prisoners-the same size as a rebel unit led by one of the alleged prisoners -escaped unharmed in a borderline impossible story.

      So, yeah...

    2. btw : Voice for Justice stopped tweeting about Libiya 4 sept 2011

      By Dr. Hasan Zillur Rahim

      Dr. Hasanat Husain MBE/Former Professor and Head of Solar Energy Division,
      University of Sebha, Libya/Convenor, Voice For Justice World Forum

      Avaaz has launched a petition:
      Yours sincerely,Dr. Hasanat M. Husain/Dr. Hasan Z. Rahim
      VFJ members :

    3. there has been a vid more early of somebody caught disguised in drs clothes . the kneeling position I remember , not sure it's the same guy . do we have a photo of darrat?

      Rebeldes Del CNT Disparan Contra Manifestantes De Torghae
      Atina Torghae : towergha I guess

    4. Oops, just driopped two days. Was posted Aug. 13, Tawergha battles underway by the 11th at latest, publicly finished by about the 15th, all likely a few days earlier. So it was 11 days later his body was found in Tripoli, they say, right after the Rebels rolled into Tripoli.

    5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTu1rv3BuDw
      Dr. Ali Aldarrat

      can y see smth when this vid was taken?

  8. Post massacre tweets which I don't understand:

    welshlady1957 ‏@Welshlady1957 [ Proud to be the wife of a Libyan.]

    UK ·

    LPC with Tripoli Dr. tonight. Yesterday, in Agricultural faculty of Tripoli Uni, 1500 ppl discovered. 1/5 #libya #feb17 #tripoli
    11:13 PM - 7 Sep 11 via web ·

    welshlady1957 ‏@Welshlady1957

    Of the 1500, only 90 are still alive but in poor mental and physical condition. Drs fear more could pass away. 2/5 'libya #feb17 #tripoli

    11:14 PM - 7 Sep 11 via web ·

    welshlady1957 ‏@Welshlady1957

    No explanation why this not reported. Also in Dentristry faculty, another 2 containers with detainees - all dead 3/5 #libya #feb17 #tripoli

    11:15 PM - 7 Sep 11 via web ·

  9. MAY 30:
    NATO helicopters have been used for the past 5 nights to attack G troops. NATO yet to announce. Also ground troops asst. helis
    Heli attacks by NATO is both Zliten and Brega. Source: Gerhard Heinz, NATO insider.
    NATO ground crew is for directing air attacks against G troops at the front lines.
    Major NATO attacks, including choppers, last night in Zlitan (Dafniya) and Khums. Intense action has continued tonight.
    MAY 31:NATO is attacking G troops in Bani Walid. FFs are sending reinforcements to Bani Walid to liberate the city
    Helicopters still under command of France/UK & doing limited work. But will be handed to NATO for major operation in Zlitan and east

    More chopper fireworks tonight at three locations. Expect the fall of some towns and retreat of GF next few days
    Heinz: GF tanks that have been recently destroyed in Tripoli by NATO remain on street. GF fail to take them away. (decoys?)

    Secular Libya
    From Tripoli: @NATO_ACT @NATO
    The FF in Tripoli want to inform the NATO an important information from a reliable source that in the Salah al-Din,specifically behind the Institution of Ibn Nadhor before , now a dental college that there is a building where the control
    room for the controlling every camera in Tripoli and the building is clear and can be seen to all and is characterized or has a pickup
    antenna with a length of 50-55 meters and the rebels say if the NATO attack this building , therefore they will have freedom >>>
    freedom of movement and the source is very reliable one
    emailed oldmomma, needs 2 b checked out.


    1. Marguer_d Marguerite Dehler
      SCORE! #Tripoli C&C building for all traffic cameras behind Dentistry School bombed by #NATO (See timeline)

  10. "At least three are given as from Az-Zawiyah (“Mohammad,” Hussein Al-Lafi, and the person who’s gone by Mohammed Bashir and Bashir Mohammed Al-Sedik/Germani and ”Omar”). "

    25 Abdel Rahim Mohamed Taher Lafi 26 Muhammad Tahir Lafi
    70 Abdul Hakim Guidara 76 Abdul Basset Belaid Guidara
    MAY 27: On Friday, Libya's former central bank governor, Farhat Omar Bin Guidara, declared that he had defected from the Qaddafi regime and would be joining the rebels
    some abdel raouf :
    84 peones Youssef Abdel-Halim Abdel-Raouf
    100 Abdul Raouf Mohammed Falba
    127 Abdul Raouf Mohammed Tahir Lafi



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