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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shed Massacre Witness List, Re-Vamped

April 1, 2012
(incomplete, last edits April 4)

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The rest of the entries, fuller formatting, more images, etc. forthcoming.

Sources - to check what [HL] means and what the source says

(Alleged) Massacre Escapees, First-Hand (28)
Top line (if known): name, age, profession, hometown, time of detention (at Yarmouk if not specified).

1 – Mabrouk/Muftar Abdullah, 45, teacher, Zlitan. Held about 6-8 days.
Mabrouk Abdullah, 45, was shot in his side. [HL] [KL] An unnamed survivor who was “shot in his side” showed the healed wound on video, Aug 28. [TV] Visibly the same man shows off different marks on his back, and is named as Muftar Abdullah Aslitni, 45, a teacher. Aslitni could be a misunderstanding of his city of origin, making him a Zlitani. [JR] Mabrouk Abdallah spoke to Le Figaro [LF] “Abdullah,” arrested in Zlitan, was “shot and wounded in his side.” [AP] Moftar Abdallah from the town of Zlitan. [CH] Facebook list of 40, entry #1. [FB1] Manner of escape: “[Abdullah] fled the hanger. He hid outside when soldiers returned and fired on other survivors. When they left, he escaped.” [AP] Injuries: Covered. The gunshot is from the massacre, he says, but it's only been three days and its totally healed. The lesser injuries on his back aren't explained, but considering the patterns below, likely from his detention in Zlitan.

2 – Abdel Salaam Ashour, 42, teacher, Zlitan
Manner of escape/Injuiries: “Some of us dived to the floor, and some of us ran. They shot my leg. We were all screaming.” [NYP] [JL] Facebook list #24 Abdul Salam Mohammed Ashour [FB1]

Fathallah weeping [OG]
3 - Fathallah Abdullah al Ashter, 70, Zlitan, held less than a week.
Fathallah Abdullah [OG] Fathallah Abdullah Al Ashter, 70 [JR] Arrested with his three sons in Zlitan in mid-August. Filmed weeping over his three lost sons – two for sure dead (Ibrahim and Abdul Hakim), and one, Ali, possibly alive but missing. [OG] Facebook list, entry #5. [FB1]. Manner of escape: “When another prisoner kicked open the warehouse door Fathallah ran for cover and managed to hide under a truck.” [OG] Injuries: none mentioned.

4 - Tahir Ahmed El Bahbah, 16/17 (Zlitan?), held four days
Arrested August 18 ten o'clock at night, with three cousins (Ali Mohamed el Bahbah, Abdulaziz Faraj el-Bahbah, Abdullah Abdul Razak el-Bahbah). They were transferred to Yarmouk on the 19th, saw an attempted escapee killed on the 20th. El-Bahbah says they were set free by a guard named Abdul Razak Baroni, prior to the massacre. Manner of Escape: he mentions jumping, walls, and houses (translation was confusing). Injuries: “wounded in my shoulder by bullet and shrapnel...” [FB3] Facebook list #28 [FB1]

5 - Abdulrahim Ibrahim Bashir, 25, Gadames, Held three months
Bashir counted 153 names read out during roll call the day of the execution, and was the only witness to soldiers shooting down through the roof. Death toll, app. 133 (“he estimated that 20 escaped”). Manner of escape: “I ran out the door and jumped over the wall. I was not wounded, hamdullah. They just shot and killed us.” Hid in a house with escapees Abdulsalam and Hussein, brothers from Zliten, Hussein was wounded and later died in Bashir’s arms, but his body was left to rot in that house. Injuries: none. [HR]

6 – Mohammed Bashir, 52, held less than a week
Mohammed Bashir,  
Rowan Griffiths photo [MF]
The CIWCL considers it possible this is the same man also listed as #21 Bashir al-Sidek and thus also #18, Omar. However, it’s possible they just look similar and share similar names and some account details. Spoke to UK Daily Mirror [MF] and seen amongst survivors and family meeting Ban Ki Moon in November [VBM] “We were put in the metal building last week after being transferred from other prisons.” During the massacre, which he gives as Tuesday (the 23rd) “he hid behind an empty gas canister” to avoid a second round of shooting, but “that’s when they poured petrol in and set it alight. They were trying to hide evidence but people were still alive. I could hear them scream.” Manner of escape: “My friends and I ran through a hole in the wall and tried to escape across the compound.” Injuries: none. [MF]

7 - Aamir Benowen, 26, Tripoli, held three months.
Injuries: Seen badly injured, tortured, at Tripoli Medical Center by Global Post, Tracey Shelton – broken ribs, massive bruising, multiple stab wounds, a ”sliced open” neck, spoke through a respirator. This was from an attack in the shed four days before the massacre, which no one confirms. He was presumed dead, left unconscious and unaided by anyone, yet witnessed the massacre and survived. Manner of escape: unexplained, despite rather requiring an explanation. [GPS]

#8 Said Falba, From "What 
Happened at Yarmouk" [FGM]
8 – Said Mohammed Falba, Computer professional, held four months.
This name in Arabic, a photo, and a partial account were found at a Facebook page, but the CIWCL did not save the photo, full content, or the link and have been unable to relocate any of it. Therein, Mr. Falba said he worked for Sun Microsystems, apparently in Tripoli, arrested with others from the company on suspicion of feeding NATO coordinates, and sent to Yarmouk. One direct translated quote: “Said Mahmoud Falba a survivor of the Holocaust, which [happened at] Yarmouk camp, 32nd brigade ... the story of the Holocaust from the hell of prison escape...” [?anyone help prior to publication?] The same face, unnamed, is seen in What Happened at Yarmouk, giving details. He says the prisoners broke out on their own but the guards, in an effective ambush, immediately started shooting, sweeping them back inside, where they re-locked the doors and kept killing them. Manner of escape: not explained. [FGM] Injuries: He walks with a cane, possibly related to the massacre. It’s not explained, if so.

9 - Amr Dau Algala (al-Gala), Tripoli, 34, police officer, held at least 5 days
Apparently Munir El Goula’s Brother (see below). A former police officer, tasked with decoding messages for the government, he refused and started organizing resistance. Arrested with brothers, taken to Abu Salim prison at least two days, and the shed for at least 3 days more. He doesn’t specift how many brothers were with him and how many escaped, only mentioning one, Abdullah, who he fears died. Cited death toll of 60. Suggests fire during the massacre. Manner of escape: “We were all shouting and we ran out. We climbed over that wall and we ran through the houses.” Injuries: He showed marks where his wrists were bound with wire. [KS] Nothing else mentioned, but Mounir el-Goula’s brother walked stiffly, as if injured, when they were filmed August 25. [LH]

10 – Mansour Tarar Gazi, 30 (Zlitan?)
A Tarrar Gazi, 30, escaped with Moustapha el-Etri. [JT] A “Taha” escaped with Mustafa. Atiri, and both were taken in by Ahmed al-Farjani. [RWN] Facebook list of 40, Mansour Tarrar (Taha) Gazi [FB1] Manner of Escape: He imitated Mustafa El-Hitri. [JT] Nothing further.

11 - Munir Al-Goula (and brother)Tripoli, Mansoura district, held three days
Interviewed Aug. 25. Arrested August 20 along with three brothers, he managed to escape with one of them (shown on video but silent and unnamed, apparently Amr Dau Algala above), and two remained missing. Only one, Abdullah, merited mention as presumed dead. Munir cites a death toll of “20 soldiers and more than a hundred prisoners.” Manner of escape: “He says somehow he escaped.” Injuries: none mentioned. [LH]

graphic, left to right: Munir el-Goula [LH], Amr Dau Algala [KS], Munir’s brother [LH]

12 - Abdulatti Musbah Haleem, 43, cement buyer, Zlitan, held a few days
Interviewed August 25, he was arrested “last week.,” transferred to Yarmouk shortly. Cited 200 prisoners total, only18 surviving. [DT] “The guards told us that it was all over and we were going to go home that day.” One of the guards “said he would unlock the door and all we had to do was undo the latch and then we could escape,” but “the first of us went out and were met with a hail of bullets…” [DT] Manner of escape: “After the firing stopped he and about 30 others ran out through a hole they had made in the hangar wall. “Some of us did not make it because they started shooting again.” Injuries: Burns and shackle marks visible, from “captivity in Zliten.” Stated injuries (not shown): “hit by bullets and shrapnel but managed to run behind a stack of tires which offered some protection.” [DT]

13 - Ali Hamouda
A survivor recognized by Fathallah Abdullah al-Ashter, confirms some soldiers taken out and killed first. “Outside the warehouse [Fathallah] greeted another survivor, Ali Hamouda, with a sombre handshake. Ali was uninjured but told us his cousin was among the dead.” [OG] Manner of Escape: Unspecified, but would probably have confirmed Fathallah if given the chance. Injuries: None.

14 - Mustafa Abdullah El-Hitri, 26/27, lawyer, held one day
Unnamed to Sky News [SN2] Mustafa Abdullah El Hitri, 26 [AL] Mustafa Abdullah Atiri, 27 [RWN] Moustapha el-Etri, 27 [JT] El-Hitri in photos [SM3]. Arrested Aug. 19, moved to shed just before the massacre. [JD] Witnessed Khamis Gaddafi giving the massacre order. [AL] [RWN] Manner of escape: He was “encouraged to make a run for it by a guard named as Abdul Razak, who opened the barn doors while the execution detail went to reload their weapons” [AL] He escaped with “Taha” [RWN] or was followed by Gazi Tarar [JT]. “After running from the warehouse, they leapt over a low wall at the far end of the prison, then sprinted between empty houses and farms. They could hear the whine of bullets slicing into the fields around them.” Both were taken in by a local family, then dumped in a nearby town, where loyalists threatened to kill them, until local Ahmed al-Farjani saved them and took them in. [RWN] Injuries: walked with a limp a week after [RWN] but not four days after [SN2] nor likely when leaping over walls and dodging bullets.

15 – Hussein al-Lafi, 40 Az Zawiya, held nearly two months
A father of five, al-Lafi was arrested with three brothers on 29 June, frequently beaten. During the massacre, “I couldn’t see anything from the smoke. People were screaming and there were many more rounds of fire.” “his three brothers were killed while attempting to escape,” Amnesty International reported early on Aug. 26, after speaking with him. “When the shooting finally stopped, I got up and started looking for my brothers.” He remained there in peace long enough to discover Jamal, 44, dead. Osama [aged 31], was “shot in the heart and had other wounds on his leg,” and passed away. Mohamed, 52, was bleeding from his thigh, and died. Manner of escape: Others had been lingering with him. After confirming his three brothers were dead, “I then escaped with three more people through the back of the hangar.” [AI] Injuries: None mentioned.

16 – Abdelbasset Said Maoma/Amauma, 49, Zlitan
Back in Zlitan on Sept. 2 “Abul [sic] Basit Saad Maoma, 49” showed Seamus Murphy scars from captivity there, before his transfer to Yarmouk, “where he survived the massacre of up to 150 men.” [SM 2] Facebook list #8: Abdelbasset Said Amauma [FB1] Injuries: Again, from Zlitan but not from the massacre.

17 - Ahmed Mohammed, 25
“Ahmed Mohammed,25, also said he survived the massacre and told a similar story [to Mabrouk Abdullah's]. Neither knew how many had been killed nor how and when the bodies had been burned.” [AP] Nothing further.

18 - “Mohammad” (pseudonym), Az Zawiya, held two months.
Interviewed by Physicians for Human Rights 9-11 September 2011. [PHR p.23]. Arrested June 15, badly beaten by two Tawerghans with “poor Arabic,” transferred to Yarmouk the 18th. Spent two weeks in prison trucks there, the rest in the shed. On the 23rd, guard Mustafa warned them to flee, and said he would unlock the door for them. The prisoners chanted Allahu Akbar loud enough two guards came over and found the doors unlocked. One of them yelled “who opened the coffin?” while the other stepped in “and reportedly fired his nine-millimeter pistol” at two Misrata captives, killing one. They stepped back out and started firing their Kalashnikovs and lobbing grenades in cycles. Manner of escape: PHR reports “At one point one of the soldiers’ weapons jammed, and one of the detainees picked up a metal object and threw it at the soldier while he ran out of the warehouse.” The soldier got his gun working and the shot the man down, but another prisoner “grab[bed] a fire extinguisher and, while running past the soldier, create a cloud of smoke so he could safely escape,” along with others who used the soke screen and scattered. Mohammad was one of the last two to leave. He and his companion ran “toward the back compound wall where the trucks with the shells” were parked and climbed over.” Injuries: Mohammad’s injuries were extensively studied by PHR. He suffered various injuries from tight wrist-binging, stomping, beating, and flogging. Much or all of this was from initial detention, none from the massacre itself. [PHR p.26]

19 – “Omar” (pseudonym), Az Zawiya, car-dealer, held 95 days
Shared details with #22 Bashir el-Sedik, suggesting the same man: held 95 days, cites a massacre on the 22nd instead of 23rd, smokes cigarettes (which soldiers stole), accused of helping people flee to Tunisia, plus funding the rebel cause with his car business. He drove a Mercedes-Benz. [PHR] “Omar” spoke to Physicians for Human Rights on September 9. “According to Omar, he was the longest-serving detainee at the Agricultural Compound,” jailed with his nephew, who was apparently released soon after. Two of his cars were stolen and brought there to taunt him. He cites a 22 August massacre, after guard Mustafa tried to set them all free (turning down a fat bribe).[PHR] Manner of escape: “…he hid behind some tires and farm equipment. When there was a pause in the shooting, detainees rushed the door and ran in all directions. Some were shot dead while others, like Omar, managed to escape safely by scaling the wall of the compound.” [PHR] Injuries: None mentioned by PHR – they offered only a psychological assessment focusing on his frequent sobbing.

Mounir Massoud Own and
Arwa Damon, CNN video
20 - Muneer Masoud Own, 33, manual laborer, held less than a month.
Arrested with his younger brother in early August, location unspecified (Tripoli?). Lost track of his brother in the escape – he’s presumed dead. Own spoke to CNN’s Arwa Damon late on the 28th. [CNN1][CNN2] [CNN3] Manner of escape: “Mounir made a run for it. “I ran away. I jumped over that wall (pointing southwest). But I don't remember anything else.”” Injuries: none mentioned. [CNN3]

21 - Akram Mohamed Saleh, held “about two months.”
He told Amnesty International: “I was in shock when the grenades exploded. There was so much confusion around me, smoke all around.” Injuries: During the escape, he sustained a gunshot wound to his left leg, as well as injuries to his head from exploding grenades. Saleh and 19 other detainees managed to escape, and at least four of them sought medical treatment at a Tripoli hospital.” [AI] No further citations or details. The hospital is apparently Tripoli Medical Center, where Dr. Salem al-Farjani was working. (see sub-section 2.5)

22 - Hisham Al Taher Al-Sari, Zlitan, held five days.
Arrested August 18, held at Yarmouk until “Check-out 23/8/2011”… the rest is confusing. (Arabic, auto-translated) [FB2] Facebook list of 40, entry #4 [FB1]

23 – Bashir Mohammed al-Sedik, held 95 days.
Bashir al-Sedik, CBC video, the hole
in the wall visible behind him [CBC]
Bashir al-Siddeq (phoenetic) [CBC] Bachir Mohammed Sedik [LM] Mohammed Bashir Germani [AG] Apparently seen in ZlitenHorra video [VZH]. Clues matching #18 Omar: held there for 95 days, he said, "accused of helping the rebels." The massacre happened "Monday night," the 22nd He has things in his shirt pockets like packs of cigarettes. Shown breaking down in tears on camera. [CBC] “Arrested three months ago for helping demonstrators to flee to Tunisia.” [AG] Manner of escape: “when [the soldiers] went to re-load their guns, he crawled over bodies to a hole in the wall, and in the chaos, escaped.” [CBC] See inset – that’s the hole behind him. “Then, hidden behind a wall, he heard the screams, shots, cries for help, before seeing the fire lit.” [LM] Injuries: “I was not hurt” [AG]
Mr. Senussi, #24[CTV]

24 - Abed Rizaq Ghazim Senussi, Gadames
Named in full, from “Grames,” presumably Gadames. “35 people escaped as the guards were reloading their weapons, according to a survivor, Abed Rizaq Ghazim Senussi from the city of Grames, he being one of them.” [DBS] Named and shown on video (see right)  [CTV], shown, matching CTV, and specified as preferring to remain anonymous. He was shown pointing to the victims outside the shed on mattresses, apparently explaining them. [HV/HB] No further details.

I.O. Zadan, Rowan
Griffiths photo [MF]
25 – Ibrahim Omar Zadan (Zlitan?)
A young man who knows Mohammed Bashir – he “spotted another survivor, Ibrahim Zadan, and the pair embraced in tears.” A photo by Rowan Griffiths shows both men, with meta-info clarifying which is which, and adding “Omar.” [MF] Facebook list #38 [FB1] Nothing further. He seems to be the shy and quiet type.

26 - Moktar Mahmoud Zedan, 22/23, Zlitan, arrested June 17
#26 M. M. Zedan, from
ZlitenHorra video [VZH]
La-Croix.com: Moktar Mahmoud Zedan [LC] Translated, from a video description in Arabic: Mukhtar Mahmoud Zadam [VZH] Same name, account on Facebook: born 1988, Zliten [FB5] Facebook list #40 also the same. [FB1] The video is in Arabic, but the description “tells how he survived a horrific massacre at the Khamis batallion camp in Tripoli and the sequence of events and the names of the criminals who have killed and burned 53 and the name of the officer who issued a warrant of murder and believed that the number of victims of the massacre reached 150 martyrs.” [VZH] He was “arrested on Friday, 6/17/2011 … by some of the volunteers in the city of Zliten, with some of his cousins for being a family Zadam, which was attended by some of her children in the events of June 9” [FB5] Manner of escape: he “owes his survival to the mercy of a guard," unnamed. "He let me go while the soldiers, short of ammunition, went to reload," he said. The young man ran to a farm several miles away.” [LC] Injuries: none mentioned.

27 – Unnamed, Zlitan
Youtube video, professional quality, from an Arab news channel apparently, is said to show “a young man from Zliten [who] tells the story of his suffering and death after surviving an attempt execution…” [YTZ] It was found linked from Yarmouk holocaust pages, so apparently connected, and the face isn’t immediately recognizable as anyone else. The CIWCL cannot tell what he is saying or if he is even named in the video.

28 – Unnamed, held nearly three months
The unnamed host of the video What Happened at Yarmouk was an escapee, specifying a detention from June 1 to August 23. [FGM] He said thousands were killed there over the months, gave many descriptions of torture and deprivations and the prison trucks, all with an unnerving permanent grin. Manner of escape: “I was one of the people who crawled out through this opening,” pointing, from outside, that was created by the grenade blasts. “We went out through this opening, went to the wall and jumped down.” [FGM 3:56] Injuries: none mentioned.

(Alleged) Escapees, Second-Hand Accounts (7)
* = now deceased

1 - Rajab Adhedia (Zlitan?)
A survivor of Yarmouk, apparently from Zlitan, who is said to have sworn to R.M. Jabr’s status as escaped, but died anyway. Jabr’s son on Facebook: “[O]ne of the survivors, a Rajab Adhedia where he stated that he found my father lying in front of one house on 26 \ 8 \ 2011.” [FB6] This must have been on returning to the scene, or possibly after two-plus days hiding nearby. Facebook list of 40, #3.[FB1] No further details.

2/3 - Abdulaziz Faraj El Bahbah, Abdul Razak Abdullah El Bahbah (Zlitan?)
Cousins of Tahir El Bahbah, spoken of by him as arrested with him June 18 and sent to Yarmouk the next day. Arrested Third cousin, Ali Mohamed el Bahbah, apparently died. These other two are listed on the Facebook list of 40, as entries #26 and #30. [FB1]

*4 Ramadan Mahmoud Jabr, 67/68, Zlitan, held four days
Born 1943, arrested at home on August 19, the same day rebels forcefully conquered most of the city. His son, nearly arrested too but a better runner, looked for Ramadan, and soon heard from returning survivors of Yarmouk he had been there. One Rajab Adhedia said the elder Jabr had survived the massacre on the 23rd and escaped somehow, but was left alone bleeding until the 26th, found in front of a house. He died on August 27, of injuries and diabetes-related illness. [FB6]

5/*6 - Abdulsalam and Hussain, last name unknown, Zlitan
Brothers from Zlitan, fled with A. I. Bashir and hid in an empty house. Hussein ied of injuries, his body left in the house to rot. [AL] This could be the explanation for the apparently black-skinned man found brutally killed in an empty house next to the massacre shed. [ABC1]

* 7 - The Man on the Stairs (name unknown)
One of the very few known black prisoners, no one knows who he is. But the rebels say he was shot in the back running across the yard, climbed the south wall, and died bleedin on the stairs on the other side. [CBC] None of that explains the apparent gouging-out of his eyeballs. (see article 3.2.4)

Possible Escapees (31)
(Those simply called “a survivor,” giving clues of being one, etc. - primarily from the Facebook list, most likely all from Zlitan)

1 -Mukhtar H'dyah Muftar Abussnah
Facebook list, entry #12 [FB1]
2 - Mohammad Jubran Ahbich
Entry #37 [FB1]
3 - Hamza Salem Akdarh
[FB1 #32]
4 - Abdelsalam 'ebdalhmyd 'ebdalslam Almbq'e
[FB1 #34]
5 - Milad Ibrahim Khalifa Alshahuba
[FB1 #25]
6 - Abdel Salam M'Hamed Andishe
[FB1 #16]
7 - Mahmoud Mohamed Andishe
[FB1 #22]
8 – Taha (Tarrar) Abdul Salam Andishe
[FB1 #18]
9 - Farouk Mohamed Andishe
[FB1 #20]
10 - Ahmed Muftar Arbash
[FB1 #15]
11 - Ela(the?) Fathallah Al-Ashter
[FB1 #9] distinct from #5, #11
12 - Hakim Fathallah Al-Ashter
13 - Joseph Dehom
[FB1 #33]
14 - Ahmed Aahmoudh 'Ela
[FB1 #19]
15 - Ousama el Gardim, Zlitan
Photo, Zlitan, September 2: “Ousama el Gardim was tortured for several days before being transferred to Tripoli, where he survived the massacre of up to 150 men, allegedly committed by loyalist forces.” [SM1]
16 - Ahmed Mohamed Hadid
[FB1 #17]
17 - Saleh Muftar Hadid
[FB1 #7]
18 - Isa Hanafi
[FB1 #35]
19 - Mahmoud Hanash
[FB1 #31]
20 - Mostafa Hashemi
[FB1 #29]
21 - Nur al-Din al-Hashemi
[FB1 #27]
22 - Khaled Khalef Khebir, Souq al-Juma Tripoli
“They [Mr. Kebir and his brother Abdulkhalim] disappeared five months ago and had been transferred from one place to another,” another man explained. [EN] Otherwise, it sounds like a man whose brother only was held there, where he returned to see if he could be identified.
23 - Mohammed Zhirmohamd Bin Masoud
[FB1 #6]
24 - Abdulsalam Mohammed Khalil Muftar
[FB1 #39]
25 - Abu Bakr Mohammed Nofal
[FB1 #21]
26 - Osama Hussein Salem
[FB#14] (a judge?)
27 - Mohammed Ahmedullah Al Sari
[FB1 #2]
28 - Sabri Tabbal
It’s unclear if he’s an escapee or just a onetime prisoner. He speaks in Youtube video, one of the survivors of “the Yarmouk holocaust camp,” making “an appeal for families of martyrs.” [YT8] He’s seen visiting the site in a video, speaking of his detention there. [FGM]
29 - Ibrahim Abdullah Zadam
[FB1 #36] distinct from #38 Ibrahim Omar Zadam
30 - Salem Abdelsalam Ibn Zahyh
[FB1 #10]
31 - Unnamed
From [VZH] video where the others are named [seen at 4:28]

Local Witnesses (12)
1 - Salem Abdul
2 - Abdul Basit (family name not given), 42
3 - Ali Boukhatwa
4 – Ahmed al-Farjani
5- Abdelmenem Faraj Labani
6 - Nouri Massoud
7 - Khaled Oub
8 - Abdulatif Rafaii, 42
9- Dr. Salem Rajab
10 - Ahmed Tayel (ph)
11 - Ahmed Zaydan, 32
12 - Unnamed

Alleged Executioners (3+)
1 - Ibrahim Sideq Khalifa
2 - Laskhar (pseudonym)
3 - Brigadier [028]

Shed Prisoners at Other Times (10)

1 - Abdul Hadi Abusheiwa/ Abu Shahayna, judge
2 - "Ali" (pseudonym), day laborer, Az Zawiya
3 - Moayed Burani / Moiayad Abu Ghraim, 28
4 - Abdullah Salim Al-Dweeb, 50
5/6/7 - Feras Kilani/Kelani, Goktay Koraltan, Chris Cobb-Smith, BBC News team
8 - Jamal Rabbani/al-Ragai, Tajoura, Tripoli, Lieutenant Colonel/rebel commander
9 – Imam Sayyid Moussa al-Sadr
10 - Abu Bakr Tabib


  1. I have just noticed that Balint Szlanko has a blog post about the Shed Massacre. He wrote the piece with Saad Bashir for Warscape.
    Szlanko's piece entitled Már ünnepelt a város, amikor kivégezték őket. An autotranslate indicates that Abdul Razzak, 45 , is an escapee. If the translation is sensible, he says the majority, 90 people, escaped. The Hungarian says Razzak is from Ghadames. Salem is also quoted. The visit seems to be on the 29 Aug.)(?)
    There are also some new photos, eg.




  2. Cool, thanks for the tip. The majority escaped? 90 People? Hmmm... That might be worth a more thorough word-plumbing exercise. Hungarian is not straightforwardto translate, I've found.

    From Ghadames, and talking to a Hungarian. Must be Abd Rezak Gazim Senoussi. We have an age.

    To go for the guard Abdul Razak would be a stretch. There's another alleged escapee yet, Abdul Razak Abdullah El Bahbah, a cousin to 16-year-old Taher El-Bahbah, apparently from Zlitan.

    Dr. Salem, huh? Must snag all citations.

    And photos, cool. I'll have to come back to some of this, but those I'll go check now.

    Holy crap, at least one unusual view. ... (I figured out that was blood, not water or oil, BTW-it looked blue because of ... the sky).

    1. The first image with a pool of blood-soaked water shows full-grown maggots. How old would these be?

      Abdul Razzak is a first name, see:

    2. Looking for Abdul Razak, I learn it's sometimes a last name too. But usually a first. It means servant of the adherent, or more specifically, the adherent in Africa.

      Blood-soaked water, watered-down blood...I suspect there was a bit of overnight rain.

      This could be a good timeline clue, as you note,from the maggots, first time we could see them. I'm not even sure if all species (of carrion-infesting insects with a larval stage) will be the same, but we'd need to know their grow rate AND when the photo was taken. Neither's hard to figure out, but I just spent all my free time typing this. It's worth coming back to though.

    3. I tried to find information on how long it takes for maggots to grow. Here is something:

    4. http://www.climatetemp.info/libya/
      -Graphs Elucidating Sunshine and Rainfall Data

      No rain to be seen in this graphs. Though I've seen a Tripoli vid ,may be aug, mentioning rain.
      When there was rain overnight in the shed, it seems to be very local : matresses not thoroughly soaked , just around the bodies

      If I had to do a mis en scene I would take some deads , died some days ago , drape them on the stage , so it would be well proven to the public that the killings had happened many days before the counterplayers came on stage.

      -Near Colonel Qaddafi’s abandoned citadel, Bab al-Aziziya, rebels began hauling away nine bloated bodies.
      The face of one was so badly decayed it appeared charred.
      Maggots crawled over the torso of another.-

      "The face of one was so badly decayed it appeared charred ": wasn't there a victim on stage displayed at a groundmover on 26 aug ?

      Obvious there was some transporting of bodies in that period :

      Petri said :These three photos, 109399, 109401, and 109403 are erroneously labeled as
      A man drags dead bodies onto a truck in Abu Salim, a district of hardline loyalist support, Tripoli, Libya on Aug. 27, 2011.

    5. @ Petri : the orange blanket victim was laying on his belly, didn't he?

      @ 0.40

      before that there was another body on this place :


    6. @Hurriya, @Adam in http://viiphoto.wg.picturemaxx.com/id/00109403 is that, back left, the last anonymous witness of Alex Thomson? If so, he appears two days running too. Another perp.

    7. @ felix : the white blouse, blue pants?
      where did y see him before?

    8. @ Hurriya: Thanks for bringing up fatalities inside Bab al Aziziyah. I have managed to gloss those over mostly, aside from the seven we located between those walls. There is one in there, perhaps the one referred to, a with face burnt enough someone might say it was decayed enough it seemed burnt. Sort of like decayed enough it seemed like a black guy, or seemed to be beheaded... doused in oil after placement, and burnt, in a pattern we've seen at least once a few weeks later in Sirte.

      @ Petri, will come back to this larvae issue soon.

      @ Felix: That could well be the guy, but I can't say ATM.

      That last was nicely on-topic. :)

  3. off topic : tags : rain, garbage libiya since black skinned people disappeared, Furnaj :

    floodwater near the Fornaj Circle (recently named University Square , september 2011

    Usually toward the end of summer teams of cleaners set to work along the major roads in and around Tripoli. They open up the drain covers and dig out all the sand and debris that clogs up the works.
    But because of the war this wasn't done this year, the result was floods just as soon as the rain started to come down.

  4. Abdul Basit, 42 : About 30 soldiers walked outside the yard 'Muammar, Muammar' to mask the sound of the shooting while in the yard other guards opened the barn doors and began firing on the detainees and throwing grenades."

  5. Mr Hitri, who was rounded up on the street as he was walking home and imprisoned in the yard four days before the massacre, said that his torturers included three women.
    "A uniformed woman commander called Nooriya, along with two other female officers, arrived in the yard one morning," he said. "I was pulled out of the van with others prisoners and made to stand, held upright by guards, as Nooriya and the other two women kicked us repeatedly in our genitals while they screamed at us 'your seed will give Libya no more children'."

  6. There are about 65 bodies in all either in the barn or yard," said Dr Salem, a local resident. " :
    "There are about 65 bodies in all either in the barn or yard," said Dr Salem, a local resident. "But we know for a fact that there were more than 150 prisoners in the barn when the firing started and that only about ten escaped. What has been done with the other bodies?"

    Two areas of freshly bulldozed earth in the yard had been piled over a patch of ground, suggesting the presence of further mass graves there. They are due to be excavated this week.

  7. At least three men made it to a local mosque :

    At least three men made it to a local mosque, where they were sheltered during the follow-on search by Colonel Gaddafi's militia. Others were hidden by local families. Three are now being treated for their wounds in the city's main hospital, where their accounts are likely to provide the backbone of evidence being collated by war crimes investigators from the International Criminal Court to bring charges against Colonel Gaddafi and his sons for war crimes.

  8. Lieutenant Colonel Jamal Rabbani, an army officer imprisoned there.:

    "There were three of us jammed into each of the ten cells in the vans," said Lieutenant Colonel Jamal Rabbani, an army officer imprisoned there. "We were given only half a litre of water each and stale bread each day. They made us crawl around the yard on all fours every morning and afternoon and bark like dogs as they beat us with batons, clubs and rifles."

  9. The Yarmouk yard had been used since June:

    The Yarmouk yard had been used since June as an ad hoc detention centre for prisoners suspected of pro-rebel sympathies.

    The detainees were guarded by a regular detail of 13 guards, a combination of paramilitaries from Colonel Gaddafi's Khamis Khatiba as well as civilian loyalist volunteer fighters, which at times was supplemented by up to 30 other militiamen.
    Some prisoners were held in the barn throughout their captivity, while others were crammed into prison vans in the yard.

    9 march 2011 :

    Nouri Massoud neighbour
    For four months, Nouri Massoud listened to the screams coming from the hangar across the street from his house at Khilit al-Ferjan in southeast Tripoli.

  10. "Leewa 32"

    It occurred early on Tuesday evening in a yard used to store farm machinery in the Yarmouk area of Tripoli's Salahuddin district, adjacent to the capital's largest military headquarters, "Leewa 32", the command center run by Khamis Gadhafi, The (London) Times reported.

    21 march extrapolated to the shed :
    They are lying. We would have heard by now if there were any civilians hurt. Everyone knows everyone here, and word travels fast," some said the next day.

    It almost seems like everyone knows someone who has been beaten, detained for a day or two or "disappeared".

  11. Ibrahim Sadeq Khalifa ,Mansour Daw

    The prison where Khalifa is being held was an administrative building under the Kadhafi regime.
    The prison also has a few “high-profile” inmates, like Mansour Daw, Kadhafi’s internal security chief.

    Mansour Daw has been detained here in Misurata since his capture in Gadafy’s home town in October.

    It has tiny rooms, a compound in the centre and three washrooms shared by the prison guards and prisoners. Most inmates are soldiers and officers from Kadhafi’s military.
    Each cell is occupied by eight prisoners, said Nasser Ali Shabadoun, a prison administrator.

    1. comment : Bennor Marwan says:

      You need to get you facts right. This guy [Ibrahim Sadeq Khalifa ] is NOT from Tajura he is from Tarhona but lives in Tajura.

      Tajura has given enough blood to this uprising, we lost five people from one Family.

      National Transitional Council justice coordinator Jamal Bennor said now is not the time to be putting former rebels on trial.

    2. Bennor said the rebel authorities were working to rein in the volunteer armed groups

      Human Rights Watch documented one apparent death in custody by a volunteer group in Baida. Muhammad el-Dabr, a Jordanian citizen suspected of spreading pro-Gaddafi propaganda, died during interrogation in Baida on April 30, two people with direct knowledge of the case told Human Rights Watch. A person who viewed el-Dabr’s body said it showed signs of torture.


      wonder why Ibrahim Sadeq Khalifa in Misrata got no damage and did confess so volunteery : Pro-Gaddafi ‘Mass Murderer’ awaits fate in Libya jail

    3. From AlAkhbar http://english.al-akhbar.com/content/torture-rampant-new-libya - funny old posed photo: is it meant to show Ibrahim Sadeq Khalifa, the guy who threw the grenades into the Khamis shed "on the afternoon of August 22"?

    4. the english akhbar report is not o.k , or lies revealed.

      anyway the man's legs has many [cigarette?] marks

      found this photo :

      Ibrahim Mohammed from Assabia who says he was tortured at the hands of the Gharyan city forces during skirmishes between the two cities earlier this month lies in a hospital in Tripoli January 19, 2012. REUTERS/Ismail Zitouny

    5. In addition to the AlAkhbar photo from Gharyan more bizarre photos here , and here, (Reuters) from Zitouny...

    6. some other bennour :

      Bennour,"Reconciliation Commission


      The priority is reconciliation," said Bennour, part of a team that is drafting the rules for a "Reconciliation Commission" that is to hear complaints by victims of the Gadhafi regime and the civil war. Victims can also demand trials, he said, but acknowledged that Libya's justice system will first have to be built from scratch.

      Since his burned and bullet-ridden corpse was found dumped in a ditch near his home, the leaders of the transitional government have offered very little, and often contradictory, information about the general’s final hours.
      Jamal Bennour
      “This case is so sensitive, so important, so central, for our revolution,” said Jamal Bennour, a judge in Benghazi involved in investigating the death. “We know this is an urgent case.”


      Nasser Bennour
      2 October 2012 According to Integrity Commission spokesman Nasser Bennour, Tripoli’s Appeal Court
      this morning upheld the commission’s devision to bar Maryam Ali Ahmed Farda.


  12. http://www.france24.com/fr/20110828-libye-tripoli-cinquantaine-corps-calcines-decouverts-qg-khamis-kadhafi-massacre

    A video we haven't looked at clearly enough. Our new weirdo Majai Fayturi is there briefly, excited, at 0:35. This is PM Aug. 27, right? At 0:38 the curiously non-smoldering southwest corner (gushing smoke again next morning and flaming in the PM).

    Anyway, the guys there, saying some relevant stuff. It's dubbed in French. Hurriya, can't you understand some French?

    1. vid 0.19 Khaled talking about his brother [ disappeared 18 june]
      vid 0.45 grenades inside that created a fire, the grenades damaged everything, it would have been less bad without the grenades
      -but who are these 3 people?-
      text :"Les pro-Kadhafi ont lancé des grenades, puis ils ont tué par balles ceux qui n'étaient pas morts. Après, il les ont brûlés", croit savoir un homme. "Ils les ont aspergés d'essence et ils les ont brûlés", ajoute un autre homme . A man : Pro khadafi did throw grenades and after that they killed the ones who didn't die with bullets .After that they burned them.Another man : they put gasoline on them and burned them.

      More important In same text :
      "Les preuves les forces du gouvernement Kadhafi ont mené une série d'assassinats ", affirmé Sarah Leah Whitson, directrice de l'antenne de HRW en Afrique du Nord.
      HRW Sarah Leah Whitson : proof we have of khadafi army killings :
      18 bullet riddled bodies, two with hands tied, in dry bed near bab al zaziya

    2. http://i43.tinypic.com/2exppnn.jpg
      @ 0. 20 Misrata brigade
      @ 0.43
      in this time he hasn't yet have a haircut !

      Ammunitions and Weapons Hidden Near Tripoli's Airport (Tripoli, Libya) Aug. 26, 2011 طرابلس
      another weapondepot @ 5.08 said to be conquered at same date as depot in yarmouk/Tripoli brigade

    3. @ caustic :
      vid 0.19 Khaled talking about his brother [ disappeared 18 june]

      felix said : Abdulhakim Khaditha al-Kabir He was seized on June 18.
      One of the dead from the Khamis massacre was a 46-year-old beekeeper named Abdulhakim Khaditha al-Kabir. He was the father of three children.

    4. Thanks for remindind me of Ali Abuzaid ,Hurriya (Daily Beast article). It's very interesting that the daughter says, and I believe here, that the police were hindered in their investigation. To me that sends out a message of a false flag operation which would be difficult to bring to justice. Remember, MI6 were using UK taxpayers' money to try to have Gaddafi assassinated in that era (David Shayler revelations).

    5. and thanks for the gist translation, Hurriya. What I was wondering was at __, the man in red gestured downward from the roof. What's he talking about there? I wonder if maybe he's witness A.I. Bashir, who said they shot through the roof and no one else noticed)

    6. @ caustic : as much as I understand : he's talking about the grenades that damaged all the place. He doesn't mention soldiers upon the roof
      But then comes my question again : how could a roof like this resist the explosions ?

    7. @ caustic :
      How does Khaled know :
      explains his brother, Khaled, 41, describing a town that is one of the last pro-Gaddafi strongholds. “I don’t think he knew why they put him in that warehouse. But inside, it was terrible. There were 150 men there, fed every three days, with one bottle of water a day for all of them.”
      But most, like my brother, they were there by mistake,” Khaled says at his home in Tripoli on a scorching autumn day, as his brother’s fatherless children play silently nearby.
      Khaled says that when his brother was brought in for questioning by Khamis’s men, he was tortured, and “they planted a Kalashnikov in his car and said it was his. But my brother did not own a gun. They lied. And then they killed him.”

      -Weren't there also some escapees claiming they saw what happened inside?-
      There is an exploded pickup truck with the Khamis Brigade insignia, and the field is scattered with objects the prisoners left behind—a single sandal, perhaps lost while fleeing;
      a plastic bag of toiletries hanging on a nail in the wall
      @ felix :
      Outside is the killers’ graffiti, scribbled before their act of vengeance: “GOD, KADAFFI AND LIBYA.” And next to it, “DEATH TO THE RATS.”
      on the way out of Yarmuk I see scrawled across a concrete wall “The Devil Is Muammar Gaddafi.

  13. Number 27, Unnamed from Zlitan, appearing on YouTube video seems to be Mohammad Jubran / Gibran Ahbich "محمد جبران احبيش", the brother of Essam Gibran Ahbich, "عصام جبران احبيش".

    Essam Gibran Ahbich, age 32, is listed in this list as reported missing by relatives.

  14. In the report for La Nacion, Argentina , Elisabetta Piqué (based in Italy), En Libia, los festejos no pueden tapar las huellas del horror, 29 August 2011, mentions several new names. Her twitter stream seems to indicate that she visited on Monday 29 Aug since she tweets about it in the evening. But the shed was being cleared then - so perhaps she has visited on the 28th and waited until her article was finished before puffing it.

    Elisabetta Piqué ‏ @bettapique
    Nunca en mi vida habia visto algo tan espantoso como ese lugar llenos de calaveras y esqueletos carbonizados, un espanto, en #Libia
    8:44 PM - 29 Aug 11 via TweetDeck · Details

    Elisabetta Piqué Elisabetta Piqué ‏ @bettapique
    VOLVIO LA LUZ!!!! mi nota de hoy sobre los horrores del regimen de #khadafi http://bit.ly/mQMuPi
    8:41 PM - 29 Aug 11 via TweetDeck · Details


    Never in my life seen anything so awful as that place full of skeletons and skulls charred, a horror, in # Libya

    LIGHT RETURNED!! I note today about the horrors of the regime of Gaddafi # http://bit.ly/mQMuPi

    [I guess this is about the electricity coming back on]

    1. The text provides translations for some of the graffiti.

      Some walls of this place of horror, the horror of a regime that wanted to kill his landslide as could be the "traitors", there is graffiti in Arabic which confirm that this was an area in which, until a few days, forces were willing to die for "the great supreme leader of the Libyan people's revolution."

      "I swear, Qaddafi, we'll never leave," says one. "We win or die," reads another.

      All of the graffiti seems to be present in the August 26th video. I think it predates the killing of the mattress victims. Have we figured out if the graffiti is loyalist graffiti or rebel graffiti?

  15. I notice that Mabrouk Abdullah gives a big hug for the Telegraph film crew to a familiar face from shed photography, the young man with the FELINE FINE t-shirt. He was snapped by Louafi Larbi, e.g. here in the doorway of the shed.

  16. @ caustic : was this 1 inside ?

    Alleged Executioners (3+)

    Brahim and he was from Tajoura …

    After I escaped, I saw one of the soldiers finish off anyone who was wounded lightly.
    He would just finish them off. I saw him from far away. He was wearing trouser fatigues and a civilian top.
    I recognized him. He was one of the ones guarding us. His name was Brahim and he was from Tajoura …


    1. Bullshit! He did not finish off the guy in a striped shirt, crawling right in front of the shed.

      The whole story of people running away from the shed arises from the two bodies seen on the site in the evening of August 26th. The problem is, these two victims died at a much later date then the alleged August 23rd massacre.

    2. I wondered if it was Ibrahim Siddeq Khalifa. Could be. He's all 'fessed up now, to the shit he clearly didn't do. Good illustration, Petri.

    3. In the drs uprising call with map of uprising 15 feb 2011 inside , y can find many khalifa's
      Second Statement and Call to Freedom Lovers all over the world
      Ahmed Khalifa (Engineering Buyer)
      Zainab Khalifa
      Alaa Khalifa (Team Leader)
      Shadi Khalifa (Student)
      Tasnim Khalifa (Audit Manager)

    4. and -Dr. Mohamed Lafi (Surgeon)

  17. Hussein al-Lafi (with photo) and Bashir al-Sadeq appear in this new story by BBC.

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-17873163>The massacre at Libya's Khalat al-Farjan compound
    By Feras Kilani, February 4, 2012

    BBC takes them to confront a "former prison guard" Ibrahim Tajouri.

    Bashir confronted Tajouri. "When you entered, you finished off a group which included Sheikh Mohammed Allafi. He was kneeling down and you shot him in the back. That was my brother.

    "Then you turned and you shot the group which included the Egyptians and the old Palestinian man who was about 80 years old. You emptied nearly four magazines.

    "You killed Sheikh Ramadhan when you turned towards him and shot him four times - Don't tell me you don't remember."

    Tajouri says he cannot confirm any part of the story:
    "I don't remember," said Tajouri. "I was under the influence of drugs."


    The number of prisoners in the shed at the time of the "massacre" is now down to 50. This just shows that Feras Kilani knows nothing of the story. With the number of escapees and dead outside the shed, there should be less that ten bodies left. I guess by "50" he is just referring to the number of bodies found in the shed.

    1. A working link to the story:

      The massacre at Libya's Khalat al-Farjan compound
      By Feras Kilani, February 4, 2012

    2. from link given by Petri :

      Libya's Torture Farms is broadcast on BBC Arabic TV on Monday 30 April, 2012 at 19:07GM

      Hussein survived the massacre unlike his three brothers

  18. @ caustic : did y have a problem with the name Ashter mentioned many times ?
    This might explain why the name pops up 5 times :
    : Gaddafi regime abducts 5 members of Ashtar family in Tripoli. Nothing has been heard

    1. Compelling. It is odd how many survivors there were (survivors listed) including Fathallah. And then his three sons at least, so eight total Al-Ashter's at least. (if it was five, I forget, and you say so).

      But this says "in Tripoli," while all the alleged shed prisoner Al-Ashters are ostensibly from Zlitan. Though they were taken to Tripoli, it's said. Or perhaps two so-named families targeted?

      Which raises an odd point: If 41 Zlitanis escaped with 34 killed, that shows their amazing survival skills/blessings from God almighty, well over half surviving. But Old Fathallah's clan had weird genes, it seems. His group of four suffered a 3/4 attrition rate, with the fitter young men all dying (nearly 10% of total Zlitan dead) and the feeble old dad managing to run out (after another prisoner finally "kicked the door open") and hide under a truck.

      Odd, that.

      Too bad there are no reliable phone books, government records, open an unafraid witnesses, or anything else after the chaos to reliably find out if these ruptured families ever really existed. It's hard to imagine a man making up three whole sons, but he clearly wasn't there and neither were they. Were they killed elsewhere? How is he made to re-attribute their deaths to this farcical fantasy?

  19. As pointed out by Hurriya here one or maybe two more escapees are pointed out in the Moktar Mahmoud Zedan video.

    At 3:00 in the video Moktar Mahmoud Zedan points to a Mohammed al Amin or Mohammed Lamin. He is wearing a white and blue В Контакте T-shirt. He may be related to the exile writer Hassan El Amin.

    At 6:00 in the video Mohammed Bashir names a Mohammed Mansour and points in the direction of the shed.

  20. could be an atiri family member :


    "We interrogated them and so we got a number of calls from the government ordering us to release them. But we are nationalists and refused to," Alajmi Ali Ahmed al-Atiri said


  21. Hey, I've just spotted witnesses #1 and #3, Mabrouk Abdullah and Fathallah Al-Ashter in a previously undiscovered video from Bild.de.

    Nice early Sunday morning, 28 August footage, story by Julian Reichelt, Die Hinrichtungs-Stätte von Gaddafi - Gaddafi's execution place.

    1. felix : did the mabrouk man in other vids just have his healed shot wound or did he have the [ old] back scratches too?

    2. It's at 0.53 in this Telegraph video , the only other interview given by Mabrouk at a similar time of day, but incorporated perhaps into other clips.
      Actually, Caustic has listed Reichelt, but without discussion elsewhere, in his source index.

      At 1.23 in the Reichelt Bild.de video there is an excellent shot of the body in the smaller room, with plates etc.,perhaps a kitchen or mess room.

      You are quite right: at 1.36, Mabrouk shows not a bullet wound, but only the back scratches. And in the Telegraph video, only the bullet wound! Perhaps the "other injury" footage was cut,or superfluous to the story in each.

      Notice at 1.11 the chap with jaunty check trousers, and striped shirt. Where have we seen him before? Performing in the shed?

    3. @ 1.36 when mabrouk lifts up his shirt , the vid just shows his upper body.
      not yet the red plastic beneath to door ? fire cannister at left of shed.
      why not show the alcove?
      body in the small room : I always see 2 [or maybe 3]
      bodies there , 1 with uniform , his head direction door & the remains of bodies at his right side


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