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Friday, March 16, 2012

Khamis Brigade Shed Massacre: Exterior Imagery Chronology

March 4, 2012
last edits March 18

The timeline of journalists visually present at the shed massacre site is important enough to work this out.

Most news sources seemed to get there on the 27th. One photographer alone - Daniel Berehulak, Getty Images, has a set of pictures from the site dated August 26. Plenty of others were slow and got there on the 28th, and a few stragglers looking for a good-follow-up came through the end of the month and into September.

One of the earliest reports, as far as we know the first video one, was Sky News or, I had thought perhaps the Telegraph. As I'd earlier found:
Sky News: posted 10:29 pm August 27, filmed mid-day, with shadows short, light slightly from the southeast. [video] Telegraph Video, posted 9:13 pm, suggests an earlier filming yet, with the shed's southwest face still barely in shadow. [video and article] Video analysis of sunlight direction give a solar azimuth of about 113 degrees for the Telegraph's video, and 145-155 for Sky's. Using the rough coordinates 32.46.33N, 13.12.50E, the date, and the magic contained within NOAA's solar calculator, the Telegraph filmed at about 9am, and Sky at around 11am. Both had almost exactly a twelve-hour delay getting the videos up, and they became by and large the next day's news.

However, the Telegraph video might have been added later, filmed on the 28th. Petri noted:
The Telegraph video, filmed early in the morning, shows the blue prison transport van parked in front of the shed (1:24). It is seen in the exact same spot in the AFP video with Dr. Salem al-Farjani after 6 pm on Saturday, August 27th. The van is not present when Dr. al-Farjani is interviewed by Sky News around 11 am. This necessarily puts the Telegraph scene to the morning of Sunday, August 28th.
Indeed, the lot is empty of its hulking blue presence early on the 27th. This crucial aspect of the prison system, if it was used there as alleged, was moved, then brought baack, presumably by the rebels. (Unless they found where the loyalists had stashed it and brought it back).

Alternately, the truck was planted, around mid-day on the 27th, in the midst of a media feeding frenzy. F***in' slick.

Perhaps easier than the vehicles, which require a good view to get the layout and direction, I'll start by focusing on the front of the building, especially around the door. A few main things Petri, mostly, has mentioned, - when are they present

- red plastic item, apparently a gas can to my eye, right corner of the doorway, under the ladder
- the ladder, one end black (not burnt, as I had thought).
- red lettering saying,in Arabic, "satan (top line, bottom line unsure)"
- The crate with a burnt body wrapped in a blanket.
(that will help establish some internal shots, perhaps - body #7 is seen in some views missing from its spot, but for a bit of forearm).

So: Daniel Berehulak, August 26, possibly, 27 or later likely, afternoon.
Photo 2. Gas can there, perhaps ladder (seen from inside, so can't tell)

Aug. 27:
Seamus Murphy, Aug 27, app. 10:00 am.
photo 1 - 2 - 3
Ladder only. Gas can not visible, when it should be, no writing on the door. No crated body. This may be the interesting shot once again. See below.

Sky News, Aug. 27, around 11:00 am
Video 1: ladder, gas can, no writing
Video 2, with interior shots: Ladder, gas can, no writing, apparently no crated body. Right before entering, the guide walks through where it would later be. In the short span after Murphy's view, that red thing has been replaced there.

One clue between these on the Graffiti: We can't be sure how much of this is, or is supposed to be, written by the brigade soldiers. The UNHRC at least found it interesting one of the soldiers had spray-painted his name there, proving he'd been there. The 32s around are said to prove the 32nd Brigade ran it, since they're known to Graffiti places (like this), I guess, where they commit crimes against humanity.

Okay, rebels can spray paint too. But the green lettering is especially likely to be by loyalists, since green is their color and hated by the rebels. Here at left is an image of the refrigerated trucks parked on the compound's west end. The smaller one is quite marked.

Beneath, left, the truck as Sky News first interviewed Dr. Salem al Farjani (as Salim Rajip). At right, the same spot just before that, in the same Seamus Murphy photo mentioned above. A glimpse of one of the brutalized bodies hauled off just before Sky arrived. Remember Arabs write from right to left.

France 24, late afternoon, Aug. 27:
The sun is getting very low, perhaps 7pm. link coming ... at 0:31 is visible the same as above, with added the red lettering on the west door. This isn't a great view, but it's verifiable, written sometime on the 27th, clearly not by its original inhabitants.

Contributor Felix is better than me with Arabic. I had gotten confused thinking this was supposed to say Muammar," but found it looked way more like the "Gaddafi" half of his name. Felix is right that it looks way more like Ash-Shaytan, or Satan. This is demonstrated at right, in the middle from a photo by... actually not sure who, red enhanced for clarity.

The Arabic samples above and below are per Google translate, faked in on a blanked-out door. I meant to just crop off the Gaddafi part proving I was wrong, but oh well, it's uploaded now. They lengthened the pause after the second vertical (reading right-to-left), so the three dotscome late. Then the hump before the last two verticals is late, with faintly visible dots beneath. The final hook is more a loop, but setright. I can't imagine many other Arabic words are such a fit, or so appropriate to the heinous crime, the evidence of which was charred inside.

Global Post's video was also apprently shot late afternoon on the 27th, what some would call early evening, but still before sunset. 6:30, 7:00. The lettering is clearly there from the close-up of two grief-stricken men at 0:20. As Felix confirms, the AFP video, again with Dr. al Farjani, also has the lettering shown near the beginning.

Aug. 28
Sergei Ponomarev photo, August 28, morning (9:30 am?)
at Al-Akhbar, halfway down the page
Gas can, ladder, and crated body all present now.

A Louafi Larbi photo of the 28th (high-res, bizarre caption) shows graffiti patterns on the adjoining (guard-house?), and the "mercenary" looking mattress victims nearby. Time of day, I added two hours to GMT, some sources say only one. It gives me solar noon (sun 180, due south) at 1:08 pm, like said here (1:09) and I think it lines up with what's usually reported aslocaltime: sunset on Aug. 23 was 7:44 pm, which lines up well in most accounts. By rights, real noon should be more like 12:09 on the clock, but whatever... Anyone want to double-check me? NOAA solar calculator. Mess with it five minutes and you'll get it.

On that scale, the angle of light, from the guardhouse edge shadow in the back, is between 106 and 120 degrees, translating almost exactly to 10:00-11:00. More precise is in the middle, maybe a bit under. 110-113, so about 10:20-10:35 am. If the other time zone reading is right, 9:20-9:35. If her other photos from Larbi's visit show the door situation, or anything else interesting for the timeline of clues, it'll be noted here or in comments, eventually.

Saad Basir photo, undated, apparently the 28th?
With his Warscapes article, direct image link
Writing, gas can, ladder, and crated body present

RT Arabic video, undated, morning, about 8:30 am?
All four present. Same footage, whoever shot it first, in high def. from Hungarian TV, showing all but the body box. see left

The Telegraph as linked above: 9am, crated body, ladder, gas can, all there. Lettering: unclear. There seems to be red there but too indistinct, perhaps partly scrubbed off. Could it be just the low light and low resolution? Possibly...

BBC Aug. 28, morning - 9am? Red plastic is there, crated body, and the same sort of indistinct red lettering. Possibly again resolution and low lighting.

CNN Aug 28, late afternoon
ladder and gas can there. (1:21, 2:02), crated body there but shoved aside a little bit. Covered area between the shed and the small building is torn up. Door seen only briefly, 2:58, from a distance. No lettering pops out.


  1. There is an inside shed shot, towards the doors, showing the blue prison truck outside the doors very clearly. But I can't for the life of me find it among shed imagery. @Hurriya???

    1. @Felix – Tip: Save all interesting photos into a local folder. There is no need to record who took the photograph or where you got it from.

      If you later need to find the source or share a link to the photograph, use Google Image Search to find the original. Just drop the image into the search box.

      I guess you are looking for this image:
      Mass Grave Of Gaddafi Opponents Found In Libya
      (REUTERS/Louafi Larbi)
      Rebel fighters look inside a warehouse at burnt bodies at the Khamis 32 military encampment in southern Tripoli August 28, 2011. The charred remains of around 53 people have been found in a warehouse in the Libyan capital Tripoli, apparently opponents of Muammar Gaddafi who were executed as his rule collapsed, Britain's Sky News reported on Saturday.

      Libyan Forces Close in on Gaddafi's Home Town

      Another photo (Look for Sunday 28 Aug 2011 in this list) shows the same rebel guy outside at around 7:30 am on August 28th.

    2. @petri : you are a most clever woman !

      I got headache spitting some vids looking for the van:

      Uploaded by freelibyano1 on Aug 27, 2011
      @ 1.22 open blue van

      The Toll of the Battle for Tripoli
      @ 1.40 closed blue van
      Uploaded by AlArabiya on Aug 28, 2011

      1.00 open blue van /1.24 closed blue van
      Uploaded by telegraphtv on Aug 28, 2011

      But searching the vids I came to [an old?]new point of view of burning time :



      [coffin 1.27 ]
      Uploaded by ikon589 on Aug 29, 2011

      The Khamis Brigade, a military unit commanded by and named after one of Gaddafi's sons, appears to have killed dozens of detainees in a warehouse in a neighbourhood adjoining the Yarmouk military base south of Tripoli last week, the New York-based Human Rights Watch said.


      Three days later the warehouse, used as a makeshift prison, was set on fire but the cause was unknown.
      HRW said it had seen the charred skeletal remains of about 45 smouldering bodies on Saturday. At least two more corpses lay outside unburned.
      Mon Aug 29, 2011 11:5

    3. @Petri - am doing that now. Can't work out the image search though.
      The guy in the shed with red and white hooped shirt appears in photos of 28 Aug by Larbi and Ponomarev and is in the Telegraph video.

    4. @Hurriya at 5.09 in the first Sky vid,(uploaded very swiftly by freelibyan1 on 27 Aug), that guy in grey with black jogging bottoms doesn't want to be seen...
      THANKS very much for that AlArabiya newsreel clip - it has some footage of Mitiga hospital and interview with a doctor in his 50s speaking good English, probably the one from Kettering. I will add this to the Moaz Zeiton page - but notice the GREEN TROUSERS and FLAGS hanging on the right end of the shed at 0.40. These also appear on that amateur 11 minute footage of the compound. The disappearing trousers...gone by the next day. At 0.42, the name Moammar has also NOT yet been painted out. Time - around midday - probably just a bit later than the Sky visit.

    5. @ felix , y mean this guy?

      listening rajub @ the sky vid :
      I live 200 mtrs from here .I hear some ppl shoutingThis place before was not a militairy place
      @ 2.57 They actually were soldiers , eeehhhh civilians..

      felix : Sat 27 Aug 3.36
      At the Bab al-Aziziya roundabout in front of Muammar Gaddafi's infamous compound, rebels had driven huge bulldozers side-by-side to block off the road. It was unclear whether that was to block sniper fire or prevent media from approaching.

      I missed this information before, but when y must move 350 bodies to several places, it could be more than possible

      Note the ctv vid starts with closed doors

    6. @ felix : I was focused on groundmovers as body movers , because there was from the start talking about it in Tripoli

      But your point blocking the roads , so the press could not reach the places could be a strong argument.
      Why AJE James Bays could not make it to the second massacre at 25 aug.
      And where did the 350 -Shalabi -compound bodies and the 150 Stuart Ramsay- Woods near Rixos bodies go?

      ground movers as roadblocks

  2. @ felix , off topic : am I wrong you asked before for link early catherina tweets ?

    Libyan Revolution Tweets, Day 19 (or 21*), Part 1
    "I was born in Tunisia, I persevered in Egypt, I sacrificed myself in Libya, I have fought in Yemen&Bahrain. I am Freedom, I will not die."
    - Libyan4life Jeel Ghathub

    Edited on Mon Mar-07-11 08:00 AM by Catherina

  3. BBC seems to arrive later than Thomson C4 from shadows, so later I guess than 9am.

    The Susan Ormiston CBC visit page with videos is worth re-visiting. (see lower one)
    The visit is around midday to very early afternoon, Sunday. Derek Stoffel also has a still there of the front of the shed. Already there is digging outside the guardhouse and the black bodies in the middle of the compound which Thomson and other before did not show are to the fore. Perhaps brought in by the front loaders.

  4. Please note the content of this live blog of Enduring America (thanks to @hurriya) At 1245 GMT: Al Jazeera's Evan Hill reporting from Tripoli sent these pictures:

    [received 2.45 Local Tripoli time]
    There follows the sequence of photos used by HRW in its August 29 article, marked copyright Human Rights Watch, Libya: Evidence Suggests Khamis Brigade Killed 45 Detainees.

    This suggests to me that HRW is not independent of Al Jazeera.
    More importantly, the photos, which seem to be taken in late afternoon light cannot* have been taken on 27 August. Moreover.the guardhouse shows the word Moammar painted over in red.

    At 1345 GMT: 53 bodies been found in a warehouse in the Libyan capital Tripoli. Reuters reports that, according to a local resident who spoke to Sky, the victims were mostly civilians and said they had been killed by Gaddafi's forces.

    Because "Moammar" has not been painted over in the Sky newsreels this means that Stuart Ramsay visited before Al Jazeera, who must in turn have visited no later than August 26. Or?

    *Can an estimate of the compound photo be made? In which case, perhaps the photos were transmitted instantaneously by Hill to EA on 27 Aug??? The Al Jazeera live blog for 27 August is strangely silent.

    1. Cool discovery. HRW used al Jazeera's photos. Or, maybe, al Jazeera used HRW's?They do say theyvisited the place, and as far as I can see, al Jazeera... also did, that's right, that lady.

      The photos were being posted by 12:45 GMT on the 27th, which is what, 1:45 in Libya? Sun's too late, so it must be the 26th. Hmm! Will re-examine all three in the context.

      Run on al Jazeera itself? Apparently not. Wonder why.

      Did Sky visit on the 26th? The painting of Moammar - that's on the guard house, as it's being called. Okay, I get that now. No red paint when Sky saw it, redpaint added before this photo. Sky held back a day? Or some other explanation?

      So far I can only recognize "Gaddafi," in red, on the door. Not there in Sky's footage or Murphy's photos or anything else that early on the 27th. Later it's there, there on the 28 am, wiped off a bit but still visible before long. All that seems a little interesting. Do the revels acknowledge any of the words as theirs, or claim this is Gaddafi thug graffiti? UN notes: "One of the guards had even written his name in graffiti on the wall of the centre. " That's a question I need to answer before I can finish the report...

    2. Time in Libya is GMT+2. No daylight saving. At that time would be 13.45 in UK GMT+1. The daily Blog though uses GMT. (Moammar is written underneath the red painting out in the same black paint - only this one word is painted over. The slogan is "God, Moammar oo Libya oo bas" (oo bas appears underneath) It means: "God, Muammar, Libya and nothing else!" See slogan sun on this YouTube clip

    3. And.......I notice that David Bruser of the Toronto Star apparently travelled with rebels on Saturday 27 August and the photo shows the wall graffiti in the same style as Sky News' Ramsay. However the light looks like early to mid morning, contra jour towards the gates. I can't believe that Bruser beat Sky to the discovery...And it was published in Canada the same day. (Toronto = GMT - 5, with +1 Daylight saving)

    4. The three images have quite simple urls, storage 1, 2, and 3:

      Photo 1 – at least according to traditional chronology – was taken in late afternoon on August 28th. The blue prison transport van has been towed to its new spot in front of the shed.

      I would propose a simpler technical explanation. As the filenames are this simple it is possible that someone has reused the names and thus overwritten the original files. There are two more images in this set.
      I would suggest you search for some other article on the site that uses the same images.

      ...in fact I did exactly that. (Using Google Image Search)
      Libya, Syria (and Beyond) LiveBlog: Closing In on Qaddafi's Hometown
      Monday, August 29, 2011 at 15:18

    5. Excellent analysis, Petri. That clears up that mystery. Thanks. In your link Zeina Khodr visits the shed and it the video footage,Zeina Khodr reports the latest from southern Tripoli is clearly from the early-mid morning of Monday 29 Aug, with digging outside the guard house , with the commentary.. "relatives" have been gathering here waiting for DNA samples to be taken.. (I bet....) Notice at 1.38 a formidable piece of vehicle mounted weaponry trudle across the screen of a militia group. The blue wagon is still parked outside the shed. Notice too around 2.00, Khodr emphasises the official narrative..i.e some areas were still under Gaddafi's forces' control. Allegedly. "They took out anyone who was loyal to the NTC..."

      Do you agree that Bruser's photo is the very first image of the Khamis shed site?? What time do you estimate?

    6. So... the HRW photos came later, and are not Evan Hill's? Now I want to see Evan's from prior to 12:45 GMTon the 27th. I can't find them anywhere.

      Agreed Bruser's photo is from before Sky News - an estimate says, I dunno, 9am? Analysis is possible, maybe later. Will also compare later with Murphy's photos. It would be the earliest we've seen, if there was nothing on the 26th. I don't think there was, but I'm not 100% convinced.

      Also, I had overlooked Bruser's article pretty much. Need to cite it in the report and work in some details.

    7. Is there a reason to believe the Evan Hill photographs are somehow relevant to the Khamis Brigade massacre?

      Maybe. Here is something interesting:

      Sat, 27 Aug 2011, 02:49 GMT+3 - Libya
      Reports from Al Jazeera correspondent Evan Hill on Friday's urban warfare in Tripoli:

      Decomposing bodies piled up in an In Abu Salim hospital, where doctors were simply unable to treat patients suffering from bullet wounds and internal bleeding.

      Nearby, the Abu Salim Market sat destroyed, burned out after a fire began from an exploding rocket-propelled grenade, witnesses said. Residents were salvaging merchandise from various stores on Friday.

      Farther down the road toward the rebel frontline, residents gathered to watch and celebrate, waving the opposition flag and chanting "God is great" and "There is no God but God".

      Sat, 27 Aug 2011, 03:41 GMT+3 - Libya
      Evan Hill, Al Jazeera correspondent in Tripoli, reports:
      Near the Khamis Brigade compound, the scene was strange mixture of jubilation and fear. Crowds danced in front of one major mosque, but AK-47 fire rattled in from multiple directions.

      One woman ran into her house out of fear. A man collected some children watching the action, put them in a car, and drove away in the safe direction toward Tripoli. Most likely a father worried about his kids.

      Volunteers from the Red Crescent were on the road behind the rebels, waiting for casualties as the fighting began.

    8. We know from a tweet of Evan Hill,
      Evan Hill ‏ @evanchill
      Followed rebels south through Abu Salim and Salaheddin into Tartouk today, got to Khamis Brigade barracks and came under gun and mortar fire
      10:48 PM - 26 Aug 11 via HootSuite

      relating to Tartouk that he was in the area of the Khamis base on the 26th. Perhaps his vanished photos dated from this date? Report here

    9. Quote: At around 7 pm, a crowd of civilians and rebels near the barracks scattered under rifle fire coming from nearby residential buildings.

      Would it be possible that this event happened at the shed? The crawling and the running victim would be the result of this firing. The August 26th video is filmed sometime before 8 pm, so this would fit into the timeline.

    10. Very interesting conjecture.,Petri.

    11. Dang it, that'll have to go in too. It's quite possibly the explanation they offered, knowing a video was just shot, imagining it'd become famous, loyalist gunmen an hour before... Evan Hill arrived later at "Tartouk" if I'm not mistaken, and saw different "loyalist fire." This would have been reported to him for some reason with a time, prior to that video from there. Coincidence, maybe. Truthful explanation, unlikely. They still don't seem to treat these dead as friends. Just more props. And I have a hard time seeing that same relaxed scene so soon after a deadly sniper incident and effective counter-measures to re-secure the area this calmly. Doesn't feel right at all.

    12. As I already stated in the post on the new August 26th video, my analysis of the video leads to the following conclusion:

      At around 7 pm, a crowd of civilians and rebels [at the shed compound] near the barracks scattered under rifle fire coming from nearby residential buildings.

      I may have used different words, but I could as well have used these.

      The time could have bit earlier, but it is clear the site remained undisturbed from the moment the crowd run away to the time locals re-entered as seen on the video. On the other hand I doubt the "crawler" could hold his upright position much longer on his last breath.

      The importance of this evidence is that it shows that a central part of the shed Massacre fable, shooting at people running away from the shed happened late on August 26th, not on August 23rd, as the witnesses claim.

      Just imagine this scenario. We go to court. We show the escapees pictures of "crawler" and "runner" and ask them if they recognize them as their fellow captives.
      - Yes, yes, that is my uncle.
      - Yes, yes, that is my brother.
      - I saw with my own eyes how Ibrahim Tajouri shot and killed him.

      The fact is that the "shooting at running captives" twist – like everything else in escapee testimony – hole in the wall, fire extinguisher, hiding behind stack of tires – is suggested by what wannabee escapees see at the site on August 27. If we can show that these artifacts have nothing to do with the events of August 23rd, it blows apart all of their testimony.

    13. It's an interesting theory. I'm sure the video of downed people and the sniper report areconnected, but I just can'tsee the one causing the other. It's not just how they step around andignore them, but how they also lay them together on the same truck with the guythey slaughtered and burnt his face off. That to me suggests all three were people the new management didn't like.

      My best guess ATM on the report and video link: About 7 pm, with media on the way (Al Jazeera), someone decided those two didn't look right to leave with the others. Maybe he also ordered #1 disguised and removed. Thinking too much, he decided to issue a sniper report, in case anyone wondered about the bodies that "just disappeared." They were never to be lumped together with the rest of the dead, the locals clearly claimed by family, the torture man #1 was meant to never be seen (he hadn't watched that video). But the loaders were lazy and got there after the first cameras.

      Just who, how, why, etc. I don't know. Locals who saw this and snapped, started screaming about devils, rats, raging, committing suicide by rebel one way or another? Two locals, the robed one running after the raging guy was shot, but he was downed too, and the first one was run over for fun, etc...

      That's not all though-out for consistency, just an exercise to show we're only guessing here, with tons of unknown variables.

      Just imagine this scenario. We go to court. We show the escapees pictures of "crawler" and "runner" and ask them if they recognize them as their fellow captives.
      - Yes, yes, that is my uncle.
      - Yes, yes, that is my brother.
      - I saw with my own eyes how Ibrahim Tajouri shot and killed him.

      It would totally work, unless it could be scientifically proven otherwise, and possibly even then, depending on the stakes for power-holders. (I've read the Lockerbie trial transcripts) Makes me sick.

    14. I don't like my above theory, by the way. And when I said "I'm sure the video of downed people and the sniper report are connected" I take that back. It's possible. But in my version, or either, if the two were linked, I think the sniper report would have mentioned that two people were killed, not just scattered. There are possibilities that circumvent that, and we could go on for a while. But it goes against what I just laid out, anyway.

      I don't know what to conclude here, so I conclude nothing. I'm finding a vague way to work all these pre-conquest fighting reports and a couple other things into a workable couple of paragraphs for the report. Overall conclusion: Faked shooting, no one ever killed or injured by these loyalists, all to show they weren't in control yet (and everyone notes that), because they of course were and knew what was inside they didn't want pinned on them.

  5. Friday, August 26, 2011

    NATO Massacre in Libya (PICTURES)



    1. Posted by Teluu at 9:06 PM

      Teluu said...
      Creditably, Britain, France and US reputation is undermined. NATO has become a useless organization tied with criminals.
      August 26, 2011 9:22 PM

  6. @Petri - did you notice this evan hill tweet:
    03.36 Sat 27 Aug
    At the Bab al-Aziziya roundabout in front of Muammar Gaddafi's infamous compound, rebels had driven huge bulldozers side-by-side to block off the road. It was unclear whether that was to block sniper fire or prevent media from approaching.

    The roundabout had been the site of a makeshift loyalist camp where Reuters and Time said 30 bodies of Gaddafi troops had been found, perhaps executed.

    Some had their hands tied, some had IVs still coming out of their arms.

    [my emphasis]
    I am also unhappy with those HRW photos being substituted at a website of commercial broadcaster responsible for much biased reporting. Indeed what was there before. And it is bizarre in the extreme that Al Jazeera only showed up on Monday morning, 29 August.

    1. No, I did not see that.

      I tried to locate al-Jazeera items by regenerating the URL based on the timestamp. The timezone is weird. I see your 03.36 Sat 27 Aug as Sat, 27 Aug 2011, 03:36 GMT+3 – which again translates to 0636 in the URL. Not GMT but GMT+6 i.e. Kazakhstan.

      Here is the link to your AJ blog post:

      We could go through all 24 x 60 = 1440 possible urls and find all posts of the day.

    2. @Petri - I get it. Just did a quick skim...
      .Libya - Aug 27, 2011 - 11:25
      Sat, 27 Aug 2011, 09:25 GMT+3 - Libya
      Riad Kahwaji, security analyst and founder of the Institute for Near East & Gulf Military Analysis, told Al Jazeera:

      "As far as the control on the ground it is mostly in favour of the rebels only two strongholds Sirte and Saba are not under their control, and both are very much besieged."

      "The role of the rebels now is to really organise themselves and pinpoint the locations of Gaddafi forces to get them to surrender."

      which appears at 10.27 AM on the Libya 17th Feb page, 27 August...
      [All updates are in Libyan local time (GMT +2)]

    3. Re road blocks with front loaders: In the Orla Guerin BBC video, Libya: Inside Gaddafi's underground fortress
      Aug 25 2011, last update 19.09, we see both sides of the roundabout blocked off with front loaders at about 1.00. And,hey presto, there is one bading! and it's a sniper and there is suddenly a full blown fire fight (not). It all looks highly simulated for the cameras. No dead bodies (apart from those dumped on the roundabout, visible in the clip)

  7. @ felix : "I notice that David Bruser of the Toronto Star apparently travelled with rebels on Saturday 27 August"


    At this photo the orange blanket matress victim seems to lay straight in position on his matress

    At this photo the locals are already inside :
    “A local reacts after seeing the roomful of burned human remains.”

    On the saman photo 27 aug , he does not :
    Moises Saman /LIBYA. Tripoli. August 27, 2011

    At the Sky vid journo's are brought inside the shed by a ragai -or misrata -brigade -type

    @ 0.33

    1. So Bruser is before Saman. Saman's monochrome photo of the feet,116110 is identical to the colour photo from Berehulak as at the Huffington Post. This is significant because there were several different arrangements of the blanket and rope. Both photos show no sunlight shadows.

    2. As we are discussing the bound feet it is worth mentioning that the victim was not restrained by the rope. It is a noose It is not really tied. If the victim was alive he could easily free himself.

      There are thus two possible reasons for the rope: 1) It could have been used to drag the dead body. 2) It is possible that the live victim was hanging by his feet. Then, likely he could not free his feet.

      There are marks in the skin from the noose, but these could have come after death.

    3. http://www.interet-general.info/spip.php?article16168
      Evacuation d’un sniper kadhafiste blessé et capturé par des insurgés, à Tripoli, le 26 août 2011. L’un des insurgés exhibe de l’argent trouvé sur le sniper

      L’organisation a aussi fait état de l’exécution sommaire de « nombreux prisonniers », mardi 23 août et mercredi 24 août, dans deux camps près de Tripoli utilisés par la brigade dirigée par l’un des fils du colonel Kadhafi, Khamis. Et, selon Abdel Nagib Mlegta, des gardes ont tué à la grenade plus de 150 prisonniers avant de s’enfuir de Bab Al-Aziziya, le QG de Mouammar Kadhafi, lors de sa prise, mardi 23 août, par les rebelles.



    4. OH LOOK!!! It's the sniper in the wheelbarrow again - but a much busier scene! "Evacuation d’un sniper kadhafiste blessé et capturé par des insurgés, à Tripoli, le 26 août 2011. L’un des insurgés exhibe de l’argent trouvé sur le sniper"

      The rebels tell journalists there is still fighing in Salah Eddin and they naturally believe it. They don't want them to go there. The next day, they take the journalists there. Bruser was with the Zintan brigade, along with photographer Steve Russell.

  8. I think now that the indistinct red writing applied to the shed door reads Ash Shaytan or الشيطان which translates as The Devil (though I don't see the lower dots under the i or ay letter)

    1. @ felix : in the corridor the writing is still green in aljwar vid :http://i40.tinypic.com/v33x2h.jpg

    2. I am going to look at that vid closely. Haven't done so yet.

  9. pans outside

    also interesting for check is : from uncovered legs to covered

    1. That last one is ALJwarh,right? So early on. They needed to shove those army fatigues up between the legs and expose them by uncovering the blanket from the body, to show later media crews it was a soldier (not) who had "refused to shoot the prisoners..." That's why Ramsay didn't show the bodies.

  10. There was an interesting exchange between @antiwar_soldier with @alextomo, Alex Thomson. The former looked closely at the first Sky Video.
    Tweets from the former at bottom of page here,http://twitan.jp/antiwar_soldier

    AWS says the exterior victims were not dressed for fighting, so the narrative they were shot for refusing to fight is rubbish. AWS links to the exterior bodies.

    Stewart Ramsay seems flustered in the first SKY broadcast....burnt out warehouse and we're not able to go, er we're able to go inside, I'm not going to go inside yet to show everyone but that is full of executed people....they say there are bodies of two soldiers who have been, hands tied behind their backs,locals believed that they refused to fire on the people who were being held inside and that they were then murdered...apart from that warehouse,its, there are bodies two bodies we believe behind the camera...

    @antiwar_soldier links to the photo set by Berehulak on Zimbio.
    @alextomo First image black guy killed on a spot in his underwear. Not executed for refusing to fight.

    Didn't Ramsay notice THREE bodies outside the shed, i.e. two in the passage and one outside the guard house??
    Escapees and soldiers wear the "underwear" - i.e. trousers I guess.

    1. http://i44.tinypic.com/2hzomxj.jpg

      Burnt Bodies Discovered In Tripoli Mass Killing Atrocity

      The body of a man lays on a staircase near to a warehouse where burnt bodies were discovered on August 27, 2011 in Tripoli, Libya. The man is believed to be a detainee that had tried to escape, only to be shot by pro-Gaddafi loyalists. Up to 150 people were found dead, 53 bodies were burnt in a warehouse in the last few days. The victims are believed to be Libyan civilians arrested by pro-Gaddafi loyalists for interrogation. As the Libyan rebel forces were advancing, the pro-Gaddafi forces acted to cover up the bodies of the people they were interrogating, they threw in grenades and then had subsequently set fire to tyres inside of the warehouse to cover up the bodies, locals said. Heavy fighting continues in the Libyan capital between Gaddafi's forces and the surging rebel presence.
      (August 26, 2011 - Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images Europe)

      IMPORTANT, REBEL LIE EXPOSED, 53 BURNED BODEIS IN TRIPOLI IN AUGUST: Resume: We have bodies of soldiers: 2 exe… (cont) http://t.co/2aKfSpaL

      message 53 soldiers disappeared :

      BBC points the finger at "regime" for bloodbath

      whereas these photographs suggest a "rebel" assault (graphic)

      this shit stinks

    2. Don't forget about the victims shoes : 3 on a row, 4th to head victim


    3. That's interesting to note. You mentioned it before, this time I see three shoes, two people's worth almost, near the one victim's head. Lined up nice, like people do when they go to sleep on a mattress before being rudely awakened by execution. For refusing orders, of course.

  11. The Euronews video, Aug. 26, at the base but not the shed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHgXntol98E
    I found an English dubbed version. Here it is:
    Ezzadini says heavy fighting is near the Khamis al Yarmouk camp. "Rebels are trying to take over the camp, which is still held by the Gaddafi forces." Filmed around mid-day. They get inside, steal some weapons, the narrator 1:13 "the army came back at them hard and they were forced to retreat." Reinforcements gathered, and I guess later on in the day they must've finally won. (??)

    More details later.

    1. These are the same technicals driving up and al Hadhbah Road on August 26th we have seen before.

      The nine-story buildings we see at 1:47 and at the start of the undubbed version are the Saladin (Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn) apartment complex just south of the University of Tripoli.
      The time seems to be around 10 am.

      I have not tried to identify the other buildings. The RPG-guy I believe we have seen before.

      I fail to see any proof that the rebels would have reached the Khamis Brigade base on the 26th. Then again, it is possible that some other rebel group – maybe advancing from the east – had reached the base perimeter wall on the eastern side. In Sirte we have seen examples of rebels dumping bodies near the front line.

    2. These film crews and photographers are at the mercy of what they are told, and where they are brought to film. These just look like re-enactments at an empty barracks. Nobody surrendering, shot, nothing. Just war games for the cameras. To me, it's just a diversion.

    3. http://www.theinsider.org/news/article.asp?id=2789&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

      News media manipulation exposed by freelance journalist's Twitter rant

      Does Dean have a relationship with British or US intelligence services,
      and if so what is the nature of that relationship?


      British journalists – and British journals – are being manipulated by the secret intelligence agencies, and I think we ought to try and put a stop to it.

    4. @ petri "I fail to see any proof that the rebels would have reached the Khamis Brigade base on the 26th.

      Apparently fighting in the area took place many days before the 26 th :

      On 19 aug the askerie did fire on this company
      Tripoli: Al Furjan interview Dispenser petrol station - Dakhla Mosque Al Furjan - a distance of 2 km /Airports close to Khallat al Farjān Tripoli international(TIP), Tripoli, Libya (10.5km)
      The mosque name may be : Dakhla Mosque Al Furjan

      And NATO bombed al Furjan during many months :

      Fresh blasts hit Libyan capital
      The night skies are lit as one of several powerful blasts rocked the Fernej district of southwest Tripoli on August 9, 2011.

      Uploaded by libyatears on Jun 18, 2011

      القصف البربري الغاشم على خلة الفرجان طرابلس مما تسبب بأشتشهاد الكثرين وتدمير المنازل والمباني الادارية والمحلات وترويع الاطفال

      7 Libyan civilians killed in NATO air strike in Tripoli suburb: state media/21 April 2011,

    5. @ Petri : maybe y can locate some places with these vids ?

      Gaddafi hiding munitions dumps and portable tv station in civilian homes 2 9 11

      LIBYA - Arms of Gaddafi's son Khamis discovered by anti-Gaddafi fighters
      Uploaded by france24english on Aug 31, 2011

    6. http://www.r-shief.org/twitter/feb17voices-lpc-tripoli-furnaj-area-gunfire-still-audible-libya-179098/

      21 AUG LPC #Tripoli: in Furnaj area gunfire is still audible #Libya

    7. Here is a direct link to the tweet:
      Feb 17 voices ‏ @feb17voices Close
      LPC #Tripoli: in Furnaj area gunfire is still audible #Libya
      3:01 AM - 21 Aug 11 via web

    8. Hm, if Ferjan were mis-typed Furnaj. But there's also a place called Furnaj.

      A link that doesn't work at crisis map would have shown where:

      This shows it, just SE suburb of Tripoli. Aug. 21, fits with what's been reported elsewhere, and sudden appearance of executed people out that way.

    9. The night skies are lit as one of several powerful blasts rocked the Fernej district of southwest Tripoli on August 9, 2011.

    10. The Khamis brigade specifically (which is properly known as the 32 brigade اللواء32 المدعم ) is located in 4 main locations in Tripoli

      At the kilometre 27 West of Tripoli (Jidayam) جدايم )
      At the kilometer 27 East of Tripoli (in front of the Heart hospital ( امام مستشفى القلب
      Khlilet Alfurjan خلة الفرجان
      Kasr Bin Ghasheer قصر ب

  12. The AFP video also has a shot of what looks like freshly painted red graffiti on the left shed door at the very beginning.

    1. I had meant to check that, but found I didn't have it saved. Do now. Afternoon 27th, I presumed it would. Is there a gap in coverage there over the afternoon? We see about Sky time, then AFP/France 24 time mostly.

    2. Nothing inbetween - probably to let Sky get the exclusive. What did Bruser do with the scoop? Nothing? He was there before Sky. But Bruser was with the Misrata brigade,if first contacts were maintained, and I think Sky was with Tripoli (stand corrected)
      Someone else came with video cameras on the 27th. forget..

  13. http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=viewArticle&code=20120312&articleId=29724
    MEDIA DISINFO: Resignations at Al Jazeera due to "Biased Coverage"

  14. @ felix : here y see rebel writing in the alcove/corridor


  15. may be long time known description of NYT :

    Five other bodies lay outside: one draped in military fatigues,
    one with his feet bound in green rope,
    and another in a small box marked “fragile.

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