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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Richard Spencer on Libya and Syria: Rebuttals?

March 2, 2012

Citing: Syria's rebels are not an al-Qaeda army. Richard Spencer. The Telegraph. February20, 2012.

I have just returned from spending some time with the rebel "army" in Syria, and if reports from around the world are to be believed I should be a fully-fledged jihadi warrior by now. 
Peter Oborne, in the Sunday Telegraph, is the latest and as you would expect most cogent commentator yet arguing that Western support for the opposition to President Assad is profoundly flawed. It has made us bedfellows with al-Qaeda, he says, and he cites the current violence in Libya as evidence of the disaster that could lie in wait. Not only al-Qaeda but other foreign extremist Islamist elements have probably already infiltrated Syria, he adds.

For evidence of al-Qaeda's involvement, he quotes the US Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, who said recently that two bomb attacks in Damascus, widely claimed by rebels including recent defectors to have been staged by the regime, “had all the earmarks of an al-Qaeda attack”. All doubt has thus ended, Oborne says. "It’s official. Al-Qaeda is acknowledged as an ally of Britain and America in our desire to overturn the Syrian government."

But it's all pretty flimsy, isn't it? Leaving aside the intelligence, National or otherwise, of a Washington insider who doesn't know the difference between an earmark and a hallmark, just because something looks like an al-Qaeda attack doesn't mean it is one, particularly if the accusation is that the Syrian regime has dressed it up to look like one.

More importantly, as Oborne himself says later, these revolutions are complicated, and even if al-Qaeda is bombing Damascus it isn't necessarily the case that it is seeking the overthrow of President Assad. There has been plenty of cross-border flow of militants between Iraq and Syria over the years (as Clapper knows full well), which raises the question as to why al-Qaeda has only started attacking now?

Good question, no?

In Libya too, the evidence for actual, rather than incipient chaos is not as strong as it might appear – "if anything, the fighting appears to be getting worse, as the country breaks into hostile armed fractions – a fertile hunting ground for al-Qaeda," says Oborne. Yet this is demonstrably untrue. ...
It's what?
The absence, not presence, of al-Qaeda is the most startling aspect of the new Libya.
Why would that be the single most "startling" thing, if it were true? Why is Richard Spencer so frightened by an alleged lack of al Qaeda activity?
Amnesty International rightly pointed the other day to the barbarous behaviour of the once heroic Misrata brigade, and the prisoners they have tortured and, in 12 cases, killed. 
He goes on to cite this12 as a "figure," a total, when it's clearly an "at least" number.
That is damnable; but it is a figure that would be regarded as "great progress" in the case of our other Middle East ventures, and that is not as sick a thought as it seems to anyone who witnessed the horrors of Gaddafi and his brood. I will not quickly forget the sight of the remains of the scores killed and cremated by Khamis Gaddafi in a single incident in a shed-prison as he fled Tripoli in August.
Yeah, compared to that, what the Misrata Brigades are doing now is... oh, wait...


  1. sorry, only a question : do you get "sana" ?
    it looks like "dead" here in germany, it isn`t available ...
    Could you get this site?

    1. Apparently not. I've never looked before, and now I see the Syrian Arab News Agency website won't load.
      "Safari can’t open the page “http://www.sana.sy/” because the server where this page is located isn’t responding."
      As usual, once the gang gangs up and attacks, they try to rip out the victim's vocal chords. This is how you can tell the attackers know they're soooooo right that any protests from the other side are meaningless noise, or worse, hate speech full of encoded messages to supporters to carry out more al-Qaeda disguised terror attacks...

    2. the same with firefox and google crome ;-) :-(
      I only wanted to know, if it is a german-special (blocked) or international , thanks for your answer ...

      (I would like to help this "civilian investigations in war crimes"-titeled group, but I´m not able to do something you ask for in your post... I´m only a little artist jobbing fulltime at a gas station ;-) )

      good night

  2. Does Rupert Murdoch own The Telegraph? I ask because it's my understanding that the hard right-wing Murdoch is the patron saint of Britain's PM, David Cameron. (On 21 February 2011, The Telegraph ran a propaganda piece saying that Moammar had fled to Venezuela. The rumor was designed to encourage rebellion.)

    Richard Spencer of The Telegraph sounds like a propagandist, not an ignoramus. Obviously, if English voters conclude Cameron was supporting al-Qaeda in Libya--which he was doing--Cameron's finished. Spencer (Murdoch's poodle?) is arguing against that linkage.

    Art Bethea

    PS: Thierry Meyssan has identified Abdel Hakim Belhaj, LIFG’s leader, as al-Qaeda’s number two man. Belhaj is reportedly preparing to attack Syria with, presumably, a Libyan-dominated force.

    1. My "special" in reading the "news" is to look for the next prepared steps in making legends or so (sorry, my english is very broken=bad) . In this kind of reading, the birth of Belhaj as the number two of al-Quaeda opens a door to hold al-Quaeda as enemy number one and also for using and later "killing" (to disappear from the table)or only let him be a "most wanted" or so... He wasn`t "al-Quaeda"-leading personal before it was needed in the latest summer, I think. In the beginning, he was only LIFG-member, later leader and al-Quaeda-partisan, but not any number, not 2, not 3, not 5 or so... its only to create the next steps... Belhaj is the first absolut "empire"-created al-Quaedy number ... Dont think, he`s in action really in Syria, he gives only his name and now ne number 2 of al-Quaeda, so sometimes, when the killings in Syria are done, like in Libya, no one else must stand the trial for "war crimes" , only al-Quaeda and their closest allies (muslims, arabs and so one), but never a "Nato" or any of his members...

      good night from
      Germany, hope, the "sana"-down
      is not, what it looks like (for me)

  3. Art, it's owned by the reclusive Barclay brothers who lived on a tiny island near Guernsey. A standard channel for planted stories from the security services, helpful journos like Con Coughlan, Andrew Gilligan...

    1. Felix,

      Thanks for the info about the Barclay Brothers. Would I be correct in assuming the Barclays support Cameron?


      What Thierry Meyssan is claiming, if I read him correctly, is that al-Qaeda is a CIA-created and directed army.

      I don't know how true this claim is, but back in 1980, the CIA or other US agencies were arming and training forces against the Soviets in Afghanistan. I think it's very plausible that some/most of these forces were religiously extreme.

      I may be naive, but I think NATO leaders have vulnerability for their actions in Libya. The USA political system is poorly constructed, designed not to reflect public sentiment but to ensure that the wealthy (especially powerful corporations) keep most political power. It is difficult for a highly ethical person to be elected president. But not impossible.

      There is no statue of limitations for war crimes, and if the USA manages to get a highly moral president in the near future (e.g., 2016), some NATO commanders would be in real trouble.

      Art Bethea

    2. Art, the Telegraph will support the Conservative party AT ALL TIMES (unlike Murdoch who will see which way the wind is blowing first and back a winner...)

    3. okay, I´ll try to show, whats the problem with : where is Belhaj doing this or that or...
      with mr. gaddafi ;-) :
      (the first 2 min)



      dont know, which link works...

      "Who is Belhaj?" in G.-s way to ask ...

      It is nothing new, al-Quaeda created by CIA, it`s not like a rumor, it`s the reality for many people, which are interested enough. I think, the new creation should be: al-Quaeda is part of the CIA AND the first enemy in the same time, same place, same past and the same future. doublethink in its best.
      I think, it would be better, not to speak about al-Quaeda but only about the CIA, MI6 ... it would be better to say, the CIA leads ex-libyan-"rebell-forces" in Syria, so there`s no splitting, that allows you, to "flee" into a "al-Quaeda".
      Mi6 say`s : oh yes, the LIFG-members are our men... the CIA say`s : oh yes, al-Quaeda-members are our men ... and with that splitting you get the chance (and most of the people use this chance) to say : okay, there is a CIA and a MI6 ...and so on... AND: there is an alQuaeda and a LIFG and a SFA and... and these alQuaeda-human beings are diffrent from human beings like (western-)CIA-agents or MI6-agents or...

      Like all the victims the perpetrators are splitted in monkey-human beings (blacks, alQuaeda, LIFG, SFA, bedouins...) and human beings (CIA, MI6, french/amarican....journalists ...)

      sorry, can`t phrase, what I want to say, but my problem is this focus on "rebel" , terrorists ... (which have the same training perhaps like the (mostly ?)white-skinned special forces from western countries , with the same trainers ...)

      we say nato-terror, we say nato-terrorists, we say nato-rebels but only the word "terror" is known in our lifes (the police could terrorize us and laws can do it, we ourself can terrorize our mum, our neighbor and so on). A western-terrorist is possible but only as someone, who should consult a mental-health-doctor and a "rebel" could only be born in a developing land, in a region, which has a population of monkeys on their way to grow up (in so called revolutions) to real human beings... now "rebels" are "children" and because we are splitting they stay the "children of any revolution" in this kind of "revolution"... they are always = "CIA", "MI6", "..." - never grow up because only western-created monkey-groups, phantoms replaceable...
      this should not be a moral-question, only an acting against a working racism - at first in me , but also ...
      we are allowed to see us-soldiers pissing on dead bodies ...okay, cruel, yes, oh yes...but... (only review all the "rebel-actions" listed here in this blog, what "rebels" do, is... very cruel (the dic. made a special difference between cruel and very cruel, cruel is an acting and very cruel is bloodthirsty) ...yes, nato, western states did/do bad things , but monkeys...
      so, in a few month it will be a fault to cooperate with monkeys, but "we" didnt know, that they are children, which want to stay children, now, these children are children with weapons in Libya and yes, it must be thoroughly discussed, whether the syrian rebels should get weapons , oh yes... :roll:
      "We" know, how to deal with weapons to be cruel, they only know this "very cruel", think, they have no moral, are not enough civilisated, couldn learn enough because they wanted no colonial-teachers ... they would have now "democracy", "freedom of speech" and so on, but they dont wanted to learn and now we have to cooperate with this ...

      good night

  4. Flash: Syrian TV and raw propaganda footage from Aljazeera and CNN
    It seems that Syrian regime had agents among the rebels; or it seems that the Syrian regime obtained a trove of video footage from Baba Amru. They have been airing them non-stop. They are quite damning. They show the correspondent or witness (for CNN or from Aljazeera) before he is on the air: and the demeanor is drastically different from the demeanor on the air and they even show contrived sounds of explosions timed for broadcast time. I have to say that Aljazeera and the affiliated Ikhwan media win the award for the largest volume of lies in this crisis. Their lies have been rather helpful to the Syrian regime which now fills its airtime with exposing the lies and exaggerations of the Ikhwan-led Syrian opposition.

    Is that why we're not allowed to see their broadcasts all of a sudden?

  5. Replies
    1. http://sana.sy/eng/21/2012/03/06/404553.htm

      "nformation Minister: US Decision on Sanctions against SATRBC Hostile, Reflects One-Sided View, Exposes Allegations on Media Freedom "

    2. the same flat?


    3. @jg – The two fake videos with fake wounded and fake dead show similar apartments: similar heating stove, similar sofa, different fabric, different pillows. I do not think it is the same flat.

    4. The video with the dead family was original filmed by soldiers, I read somewhere. The "opposition" (on uruknet found) says, the soldiers murdered this family and -not SANA, but...- another syrian-TV-station said, the rebel killed this family...
      But in th last hour now I saw other pictures of flats in baba amr, which appears similar too, so the first "oh, no, first they fake with parts of this family this tape and then kill them?" was an overreaction...
      sorry, I`ll better only read here in the future :oops:

    5. jg, Such is the risk of thinking for yourself. Sometimes you'll get it wrong, and then get a chance to learn and grow. Keep taking the risk and don't be shy to speak up when you think you've got something amazing - maybe after investigating first, or after, whichever!

      You say you are an artist? There might be things you could help with. Drop me an e-mail if interested.

  6. The Moon of Alabama blog is essential reading just now.(along with Penny's) re anti-Syrian video fakery. I get a feeling of deja-vu from Feb / March 2011.

    1. http://www.enduringamerica.com/storage/2.jpg?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1314449955463


      @ felix : found clear writing photo at the shed white building on this siriya blog

    2. Hurriya - will write again about Enduring America....it seems to be based around an American Academic in the University of Birmingham, UK. Where is the funding or time coming from for this blog, comparable with Al Jazeera or The Guardian for its regime changing qualities...here is the guy...and also here.
      Remember the t-shirt being worn in a Tripoli hospital?

      He looks like he has escaped from a Quentin Tarantino movie.

    3. Yes : Enduring freedom forever

      a mate with the same vibes ?
      same circles ?

    4. Langley circles probably.As Pepe says,
      There's no endgame in sight; that's the real meaning of Mission Accomplished. Ten years after 9/11, the road to war is a mission that goes on forever.

    5. Scott Lucas: American Studies

      some background information :



    6. Soft power for regime change (Enduring America...)... except it didn't quite to go plan in Libya/Syria and needed quite a lot of military force ...from the wiki page for MEPI ..
      In a June 2007 article for The Stanley Foundation, Francis Fukuyama and Michael McFaul endorsed American soft power as a means to implement democracy in foreign policy, “The war in Iraq has fostered the false impression that military force is the only instrument of regime change, when in fact it is the rarest used and least effective way to promote democratic change abroad. A wiser, more effective, and more sustainable strategy must emphasize nonmilitary tools aimed at changing the balance of power between democratic forces and autocratic rulers and, only after there has been progress toward democracy, building liberal institutions.

  7. Hurriya - that is FASCINATING. (and that blog looks very similar to the Guardian's live blog format....) I also recall a member of the team at a Tripoli hospital - Mitiga? - was wearing an Enduring America t-shirt.

    However, if Evan Hill of Al Jazeera team sent those photos on 27 August (they are the photos used by HRW in its report) and he sent them at 12.45 GMT on Saturday 27 August, then that means that the timeline of Sky's visit is all wrong....because Moammar is already painted out in red. And the HRW/Evan Hill AlJ photos are taken late afternoon!!
    Yet the same blog we read...1345 GMT: 53 bodies been found in a warehouse

    This is very strange....
    Recent tweet...
    Evan Hill ‏ @evanchill
    Tyler Hicks, who has experience in both countries, says #Syria's FSA more organized than Libya's rebels. ow.ly/9raWW

    9:01 AM - 4 Mar 12 via HootSuite · Details
    4 Mar Yaseen Benghazi Yaseen Benghazi ‏ @ykadura @evanchill his experience is limited to pre nfz eastern front, Misrata and mts. Eastern front became extremely organized later, by necessity

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HgOcDiNNlA&feature=related
    here the same R2P voices of the noble anglo sax

    listening to the music choice you can be sure this vid is not made in Libiya

    or made with help of friends :
    Conley provides Libyans with Speak2Tweet numbers



    now expanded to the capital, along with a new bureau in Zintan.

  9. EA WorldView is dedicated to engaging with the notion of "America" through a consideration of US foreign policy and politics


  10. @felix
    here the objective reporter arwa demon feb 2011

    People in Banghazi : Stop Killing Our Kids CNN NEWS..Libya..ليبيا بنغازي
    Uploaded by LibyaMontrealCanada on Mar 21, 2011

    Uploaded by MeddiTV /ATLANTA /US/ on Mar 21, 2011

    After strikes on Libya from coalition forces manage to kill some of Gaddafi's Mercenaries and Troops. Thanks to these Coalition forces, Libya will be free!

    MeddiTV ATLANTA / US /Uploaded by MeddiTV on Feb 21, 2011

    1. Arwa Damon was last seen in Baba Amr in Homs, Syria, embeded with FSA and al-Qaeda.

      CNN Arwa Damon Report about Baba Amr - Homs

      The whole story, 30 minute "documentary" from CNN:
      Syria Homs & 72 hours under fire in Hell

    2. Thanks, Petri. It's a load of nonsense. Follow Paul Conroy..(at seen at 3.25 in CNN doc) Also Edith Bouvier and Marie Colvin. The fanciful and elaborate stories just don't stack up. They are trying to put out the official narrative now. What happened to Colvin? No autopsy. No idea.

  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYfs9lS7ZDQ&feature=related


    We live in a dangerous world today when major media organizations abdicate their responsibility, not only to check the excesses and abuse of power by governments, but also their duty to report the news without prejudice or favor.


    August 25, 2011 The Damascus-based Islamic Hamas movement Wednesday congratulated the Libyan people on the success of the popular uprising, saying it hopes the Palestinian question would remain among the top priorities of the Libyan people.

    Syria’s opposition reject Kofi Annan’s call for dialogue with Assad
    Published: March 9, 2012

  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdIicaCLncc&feature=youtu.be
    Syria- Terrorists kidnap soldiers -Kill Soldiers-Then Fabricate videos blaming the Syrian Army.

    Jihad On Gaddafi الجهاد فى ليبيا على الصهيونى القذافى

    guess who are the real victims ?


    Mass Grave: Al-Berdi Military Base, Libya (March 20, 2011). مقبرة جماعية


    Khaled Elkhafifi” long-haired native of the city of Benghazi .

    A veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq and then arrested by the United States and then shipped to Libya.
    He was jailed for seven years until his release from prison in Benghazi when the conflict began.

    He was sent to Misrata to make war against the Libyan army.
    Khaled Elkhafifi veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq

  14. @ caustic : the massgrave of which y thought it was an archeologic one :


    Mass Grave: Al-Berdi Military Base, Libya (March 20, 2011). مقبرة جماعية

  15. http://warsclerotic.wordpress.com/2011/08/05/a-saudi-plan-for-a-new-sunni-state-straddling-euphrates-river/

    A Saudi Plan for a New Sunni State Straddling Euphrates River


    1. http://rt.com/news/jordan-syria-intelligence-training-859/
      Over 10,000 Libyans are reportedly being trained in a closed-off zone in Jordan, before being snuck into Syria to fight for the opposition. These men are allegedly paid around US$1,000 a month, funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

  16. Who are the vidproducers?

    مقتل القذافي شريط لم يعرض من قبل

    syrian revolution

    1. following...
      not the syrian plot, but the next offered vid: http://youtu.be/NDAu9LM2kwA - do you have this (first part of it) here ?

    2. @jg :
      may be you can find something here :

      other murky connections :
      Created by Osyria/Latest Activity Oct 26, 2011


      Bio: CIA Agent, McGyver, Eye In The Sky, Revolutionary DJ, & LIBYAN... http://www.facebook.com/iswear http://www.youtube.com/MeddiTV
      djmeddi: Good luck getting any business deals in #Libya David Welch http://t.co/pH6maBI
      DJ Meddi/@DJMeddi/Atlanta, GA

      Behind the Scenes - Spotlight on Libya / no names speakers mentioned

      War on LIBYA - Anonimous Revolution - OVER 50 TRANSLATIONS LANGUAGES...CGM

  17. http://takeaction.amnestyusa.org/siteapps/advocacy/ActionItem.aspx?c=6oJCLQPAJiJUG&b=6645049&aid=517378&tr=y&auid=10445864

    Titled "Russia: No More Excuses, Stand Up Against Bloodshed in Syria,"
    Amnesty perversely attempts to twist around violence and unrest clearly fomented by the West inside Syria as somehow the result of Russia's refusal to capitulate in the face of another NATO intervention. An intervention, it must be added, that is sure to create widespread violence, ethnic divisions and bloodletting across Syria, as well as the plundering by Western corporations eager to fill the void left when Syria's nationalist establishment is violently excised as it was in Libya.

  18. http://www.people-press.org/2012/03/15/little-support-for-u-s-intervention-in-syrian-conflict/

    Little Support for U.S. Intervention in Syrian Conflict

  19. https://twitter.com/#!/Waterput/status/180732020262060032/photo/1

    Rosenthal & Hague: "How do we get our armed opposition to power in Syria?

  20. http://www.brookings.edu/~/media/Files/rc/papers/2012/0315_syria_saban/0315_syria_saban.pdf
    Saving Syria: Assessing Options for Regime Change


    to turn the No-FLY Zone into a No-DRIVE Zone

    Unity: Syria's Only Option

  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVPFP7Ho0Ro&feature=youtu.be&a

    CNN's Anderson Cooper, Agent of Disinformation and Unipolar Tyranny

    1. COMPARE :
      Gaddafi Is Not Gonna Stop! He's Gonna Kill ALL Libya!" Eyewitness To Massacre In Libya

  22. http://serbiasos.blogspot.com/2012/03/cnn-cias-news-network-propaganda-group.html?spref=tw

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uH2jOfH0mS4&feature=player_embedded

      2 weeks ago, there was a discussion in a forum of a german newspaper about syria and libya and the media. the blogwriter wanted to show the media-tactics and so on and this with texts from german newspapers, who all deal with "homs-not another srebrenica","misrata-not another srebrenica" aso...
      and all the lies where tabled again from some commentators, so I looked for yugoslawia a bit, saw this video and many others and yes, the death, the way of torturing to death and all the media-technics are the same...
      in the discussion about they came once again then with "holocaust-denier","genocid-denier" and so on... the same in any discussion now about syria or libya or...
      so I cant link the serb-site sos, because they made the serbs all to "holocaust-denier", "genocid-denier", so you always have to find sites, which are not interested in any victims of nato or special the us... in the end, this site here will be a "holocaust-denier" or "genocid-denier" - site , when ever there will be much more publicity, much more in general public :-( ...


    2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z65HfOxyyWg&feature=youtu.be
      CNN Crew Linked With Homs Bombings 2012

      Libya: Brigands-Revolutionaries and the UN
      As NATO and the GCC persevere with their project of remodeling the Greater Middle East and North Africa, a constant flow of fighters have been crossing from Libya into Syria and vice versa. According to Alexander Mezyaev, far from pursuing peace as stipulated in its Charter, the United Nations has become an instrument of this policy.

  23. http://syria360.wordpress.com/2012/03/22/annans-plan-avoiding-another-veto/


  24. http://www.presstv.ir/detail/232480.html
    Nabil al-Arabi, the new secretary-general of the Arab League who initially followed Saudi Arabia and Qatar’s positions on Syria, has owned up to the weak performance of his organization in Syria. He said even the opposition knows that the Arab League cannot do anything against the Syrian government because it is incapable of military intervention.
    During Kofi Annan’s recent visit to Damascus, he added, nothing has been said about the ouster of Assad…. “Neither the Arab League, nor the UN are qualified to officially recognize the Syrian National Council.”

  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ek-zP3_TOzo

    AVAAZ, Obama and the Makings of War Through Demonstrations and Humanitarianism, 2 of 3

  26. Is there a connection between :
    Caught: Staged CNN Syria Interviews Faked By Activist Danny

    For months, Danny traveled with a local militia, a rifle in one hand and a camera in the other. "I shot and I shot at the same time," he says of both tools, breaking into a brief smirk. But that hint of a smile vanished almost as quickly as it appeared.

  27. http://syria360.wordpress.com/2012/03/29/annans-plans-a-charter-for-al-qaeda/


  28. http://nsnbc.wordpress.com/2012/03/31/foreign-troops-inside-syria-the-failed-un-brokered-peace-plan-sets-the-stage-for-war/
    There is evidence of large numbers of foreign troops on the ground inside Syria including British, French, Turkish and Qatari special forces, British MI6 intelligence operatives as well a large numbers of mercenaries from Arab countries:

    “As the unrest and killings escalate in the troubled Arab state, agents from MI6 and the CIA are already in Syria assessing the situation, a security official has revealed. Special forces are also talking to Syrian dissident soldiers. They want to know about weapons and communications kit rebel forces will need if the Government decides to help.”

    The New York Times commits serious journalistic malpractice: Misrepresentation of UNSC Statement On Syria
    NATO´s lost battle in Homs, UN´s Six Point Plan and the continuation of the Subversion.

  29. http://thehill.com/blogs/defcon-hill/policy-and-strategy/219399-senior-members-of-house-intelligence-committee-oppose-arming-syrian-rebels

    Senior members of House Intelligence Committee oppose arming Syrian rebels

    Friends' in Need: Syrian rebels 'to receive salaries' from Gulf states

  30. http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Middle_East/ND06Ak03.html

    We want war, and we want it now,
    By Pepe Escobar

    The House of Saud and Qatar have institutionalized that motley crew known as the Free Syrian Army as a mercenary outfit; they are now on their payroll, to the tune of $100 million (and counting). Isn't democracy wonderful - when US-allied Persian Gulf monarchies can buy a mercenary army for peanuts? Isn't it great to be a revolutionary with an assured paycheck?

    Not missing a beat, Washington has set up its own fund as well, for "humanitarian" assistance to Syria and "non-lethal" aid to the "rebels"; "non-lethal" as in ultra battle-ready satellite communications equipment, plus night-vision goggles. Clinton's silky spin was that the equipment would allow the "rebels" to "evade" attacks by the Syrian government.

    No mention that now they have access to actionable US intelligence via a swarm of drones deployed all over Syria.

    So this is what the Istanbul-based "Friends of Syria" bash turned into; a shameless legitimizing - by Arabs allied with the US - of civil war in yet another Arab country. The victims will be average Syrians caught in the crossfire.

  31. http://landdestroyer.blogspot.com/2011/07/syrian-activists-say.html

    Perception of Syrian conflict defined by baseless "activist" statements.

    According to Fortune 500/Soros-funded Human Rights Watch whose sponsors represent a corportocracy that has been attempting to breakdown and despoil Syria for decades, anonymous Syrian soldiers who defected and are now living abroad have "claimed" that they were ordered to "shoot to kill."

    According to the Qatari propagandists at state-owned Al Jazeera, one of the "interviewees" told HRW that their "superiors had told them that they were fighting infiltrators, salafists, and terrorists, but were surprised to encounter unarmed protesters instead."

    Reports have come out that armed militants have been attacking both protesters and Syrian security forces in an attempt to escalate violence and bring the crisis to "critical mass," resulting in either the toppling of the Syrian government, or an opening for foreign military intervention.

    While the corporate-owned media cites anonymous, mystery witnesses making otherwise baseless claims, the Syrian government has been releasing footage, photographs, and alleged confessions from captured militants identified as Muslim Brotherhood members.

    A recent Al Jazeera news clip, while attempting to portray such claims as mere government propaganda, did provide footage of a car full of what was thought to be activists suddenly pulling out weapons and indiscriminately firing in all directions.

  32. As if there was any doubt, NATO's official "Alliance News Blog" has confirmed that the US is committed to the overthrow of Syria's government and is "already committed to helping [President Bashar al-Assad] fall," but is "merely looking for the least violent, lowest cost way to get there."

    The April 9, 2012 blog entry features an op-ed titled, "US 'already committed to helping Assad fall'," and fully admits that the US is equipping the so-called "Free Syrian Army" which has received weapons, leadership, and cash from the NATO-backed Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) terrorists led by notorious mass-murderer Abdul Hakim Belhaj.


  33. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/15/world/africa/nato-sees-flaws-in-air-campaign-against-qaddafi.html?_r=2&ref=world
    Mounting operation Syria bigger challenge than 7-month campaign
    " that drove Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi of Libya from power"

    The findings undercut the idea that the intervention was a model operation and that NATO could effectively carry out a more complicated campaign in Syria without relying disproportionately on the United States military. Even with the American help in Libya, NATO had only about 40 percent of the aircraft needed to intercept electronic communications, a shortage that hindered the operation’s effectiveness, the report said.

    Saudi Arabia Calls Arming Syrian Opposition “Excellent Idea”

    Massive EU Weapons Sales to Saudi Arabia Contribute to Fuelling International Aggression and Terrorism in the Middle East

    Turkey calls on NATO to protect (please read INVADE) its borders from Syria

  34. Anyone who knows my blog, knows who Khaled Abu Salah is. He is already known for his staged videos,

    And here he makes an appearance with the terrorists of the Tlass executioner-Farouk Brigades and the UN observers.


    1. Congratulations, you have learned the lesson—say the JALLC teachers—but now you must get even more involved:
      “Buying expensive aircraft and technical equipment, could take years to put in place.” That is the lesson learned from the war in Libya.

      Students who successfully pass the test go on to the next war.

  35. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/04/28/syria-lebanon-ship-idUSL6E8FS1CT20120428
    April 28 (Reuters) - Lebanese authorities seized a large consignment of Libyan weapons including rocket-propelled grenades and heavy calibre ammunition from a ship intercepted in the Mediterranean, the army said on Saturday.

    It did not say where the vessel was heading but the ship's owner told Reuters it was due to unload in the northern Lebanese port of Tripoli.

    The mainly Sunni Muslim city has seen regular protests in support of the 13-month uprising against President Bashar al-Assad in neighbouring Syria, and any arms shipped there could have been smuggled across the border to anti-Assad rebels.

    The army said in a statement the weapons were found in three containers carried by the Sierra Leone-flagged Letfallah II, which was impounded along with its 11-man crew and taken to a navy port in Beirut.

    Pictures released by the army showed dozens of crates inside the containers, some of them filled with belts of heavy ammunition and rocket-propelled grenades.

    Labelling on one box said it contained fragmentation explosives, and several identified them as coming from Libya.

  36. http://syria360.wordpress.com/2012/05/07/libyan-man-indicted-20-charged-for-smuggling-weapons-to-syrian-rebels/

    An unnamed Libyan man has been accused of international arms smuggling at military court in Lebanon following the capture of ship Lutfallah II which was discovered to be carrying arms said to be for the Syrian opposition. Another 20 men have also been charged by the Commissioner of the Lebanese Government, Saqr Saqr. They all accused of purchasing, packaging, and shipping large quantities of weapons and ammunition from Libya to Tripoli, Lebanon, in order to carry out acts of sabotage. Some of these charges, if proven, could carry the death penalty. Among the accused are also persons of Syrian, Lebanese, Egyptian and Indian nationality.

  37. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1FQBhD_Zr4
    هام - بالفيديو - مشهد مباشر لعملية انتحارية في ادلب
    [WARNING] EXTREMELY GRAPHIC: Truck suicide bombing against #Syria army in #Idleb http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1FQBhD_Zr4 Bodies can be seen scattering.

    Syria - US, Al-Qaeda Will Fight Side By Side Against Assad

  38. http://friendsofsyria.wordpress.com/2012/05/10/who-was-sending-these-arms-to-the-terrorists/

    Who Was Sending These Arms To the Terrorists?

  39. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGnYGwD3QYA&feature=youtu.be&a

    NATO Summit and 17 Nation War Games on Syrian Border

    At the same time as a NATO (&G8) summit are taking place in Chicago a 17 nation war game is scheduled for the North of Jordan.

  40. http://tarpley.net/2012/05/17/nato-backed-syrian-national-council-breaking-apart/?utm_source=rss

    NATO-Backed “Syrian National Council” Breaking Apart After 51% of Syrians Brave Death Squad Snipers to Cast Ballots; US Inciting Kurds to Revolt Against Damascus; Turkey Eyes Article IV; Syrian Govt. Exposes Foreign Fighters Run by Al Qaeda

  41. UN leader Ban Ki-moon has said he believes al-Qaeda committed a major bomb attack in Damascus that left dozens dead, and that up to 10,000 people have now been killed in Syria.


  42. http://dhanaan.com/joint-declaration-on-syria-by-107-muslim-scholars-from-throughout-the-arab-world/
    Joint Declaration on Syria by 107 Muslim Scholars from throughout the Arab World
    Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi (Qatar)

    The Mufti of Libya, Sheikh Sadeq al-Gharyani,
    Sheikh Sadiq al-Gharyani (Libya)

    Dr. Ghaith Mahmoud al-Fakhiri (Libya)

    Sheikh Hamza Abou Faris (Libya

    Dr. Ali al-Sallabi (Libya)

    Dr. Salim al-Sheikhi (Libya)

    Dr. Salim Jabir (Libya)

    Dr. Salim al-Sallabi (Libya)

    Dr. Muhammad Abou Sidra (Libya)

    Dr. Nasir al-Umrani (Libya)

  43. http://english.al-akhbar.com/content/us-no-longer-sees-assad%E2%80%99s-days-numbered

    US No Longer Sees Assad’s Days As Numbered

    For one thing, Washington is more confident than ever before that the Qatari and Saudi governments have started directly to finance the purchase of arms and equipment for the Free Syrian Army (FSA), which earlier relied on funding from prominent individuals in the two countries. FSA commanders have received large sums of money – and are due to receive more – in a bid to upgrade its weapons capabilities and make it more of a match for the regime’s forces.

    However, Jordan has been reluctant to actively join in the drive to topple President Bashar Assad. Washington believes this is likely to prompt the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states to stall on, if not withdraw outright, their offer for Jordan to join their bloc.

    The Gulf countries have disapprovingly noted Amman’s failure to echo their calls for the regime to be overthrown, or to help strengthen the Syrian opposition by providing it with cross-border access. According to the US, the Jordanians have countered by arguing that their country cannot cope with a further influx of displaced Syrians into its territory, and wants financial support from the international community to help accommodate them, at a specific rate per refugee it receives.

    Turkey, having opted to weigh in on the conflict and arm opposition fighters, is seriously considering possible ways in which it could establish a buffer zone on its border with Syria that provides the opposition with a secure operational base. But Ankara would prefer for a precedent to be set elsewhere first, with the establishment of a buffer zone on Syria’s border with Lebanon.

    As seen from Washington, the support provided to the Syrian opposition by political parties and groups in northern Lebanon – including the provision of arms to the FSA, and of sanctuary for fugitives being sought by the regime – is evidence of willingness to see such a zone set up. The US judges that Ankara would support the taking of steps to enable this to happen.

    Thinking in the US administration is that Assad has already been eliminated from the regional equation. He will not be part of the emerging new Middle East and will not be allowed to regain the role and influence his country has enjoyed for decades

  44. http://rt.com/usa/news/debka-obama-anti-tank-syria-914/
    Debka: Obama secretly approved shipment of anti-tank arms to Syria


  46. http://www.voltairenet.org/Germany-against-military
    Germany against military intervention in Syria

    The set up massacre and the American fingerprint


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