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Friday, March 16, 2012

Status Request: Hala Misrati

March 16, 2012
last edits March 17

She was a tough-as-nails TV personality in Libya, a mouthpiece for the ideals of the Jamihiriya, calling it enemies names, and making them angry. I think she dismissed the pathological liar Eman al-Obeidi, rape victims and human toilet she said, in terms that were a bit rude.

Now Eman is hanging out in the US with Hillary Clinton, and Hala? Captured by rebels who wanted to show her how it felt to have your feelings hurt by mean names. I gather she was raped many times, was shown pregnant in a video, allegedly with a rebel hate child, and now, after some months, not quite nine, I just read that she is dead. Vijay Prashad writes for Counterpunch:
With NATO backing, it was clear that no one was going to either properly investigate the rebel behavior, and no-one was going to allow for a criminal prosecution of those crimes against humanity. Violence of this kind by one’s allies is never to be investigated as the Allies found out after World War 2 when there was no assessment of the criminal firebombing of, for example, Dresden. No wonder that the UN Report notes that the Commissioners are “deeply concerned that no independent investigation or prosecution appear to have been instigated into killings committed by thuwar.” None is likely. There are now over eight thousand pro-Qaddafi fighters in Libyan prisons. They have no charges framed against them. Many have been tortured, and several have died (including Halah al-Misrati, the Qaddafi era newscaster).

So, I've been meaning to post on her for a while now. I don't have the links handy at the moment. I've been bad about updating things later.

If this post is to have much, it may be in the comments, and up to the readers again.

Update 3/17: Whatever Prashad is talking about here (and he's right on in general), contributors say she's apparently alive, free, and in exile in Tunisia. More here perhaps later, more in the comments below already. To spur some, a passing thought question from someone who doesn'tknow the details: Is it possible the whole abduction-rape-pregnancy-then-??? scenario is some kind of PR hoax by the Green Resistance? (Run from Tunisia, I'd think not. Don't Tunis and Tripoli have some kind of Axis of Spring agreement?


  1. On 9 March 2011 Libya 360 posted a piece saying she was alive.


    I hope this information is correct.

    Art Bethea

  2. She's alive and free now. She's been giving on skype a explanation to what had happened recently.

  3. The last I heard she was free and in Tunisia - at least that is what is claimed. There are "videos" on YouTube with audio only, via Skype. No video or even photos has been presented.

    There is a fresh soundtrack with English subtitles:
    Hala Misrati: NATO Turn Libya Abu Ghraib Prison هالة المصراتي - ليبيا
    Uploaded by zaqura1001 on Mar 13, 2012


    Libye - La journaliste Hala Misrati est toujours vivante

    Libye – La GRANDE journaliste HALA MISRATI est enfin libérée ! (8 mars 2012)

  5. Thanks all. That's encouraging to hear.

    This post exists, it's got comments, a spot for all things Hala, it's good for now. Still very busy.

    Her names means Halo. Last name I guess means from Misrata? Surely positioned to have said some stuff that pissed of the NATO thug militias there.

  6. Libyan TV reporter killed in Tripoli jail

    A popular Libyan TV reporter, Hala al-Misrati, has been killed in a prison cell in Tripoli, the Al Arabiya television reports, according to the Voice of Russia.

    This happened on February 17, exactly a year after the beginning of an armed rebellion that led to regime change in Libya last autumn.

    Al-Misrati openly opposed the rebels and often criticized the new authorities.

    The last time she appeared before TV cameras was in late December. She stood silently, holding a sheet of paper on “December 30” was written, her face bearing traces of beating. Those who saw that video said that she had probably had her tongue cut off.

    Fresh evidence of torture and abuse of thousands of prisoners in post-Gaddafi Libya appears almost daily.



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