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Monday, March 19, 2012

Khamis Brigade Shed Massacre: Charred Victims Imagery

January 10, 2011
(incomplete, last edits March 19)

Note March 19: the body layout has been changed, and the numbers below have been updated. For reference - rough body arrangement and numbers now -letters equal partial remains, possible bodies/piles of, or unclear areas.

All links are to external files, usually the originals. Resolution is generally okay, not high, but useful enough in combination. Tight (close) views usually show one body, wide (far) usually show several and helps show the general scene. Mid-wide or mid-tight are between, showing a couple of bodies.

AP: Assoc.Press, unattributed
AP1 - middle of room, decent resolution

BD: Bryan Denton, New York Times
BD1 - towards the doors, wide, focuse on east side. Great resolution, not too much contrast, a useful view for the SE corner.

BL: Benjamin Lowy
Personal site
BL1 - southeast corner, shaft of light.
BL2 - washed-out pile, little value
BL3 - robed man in the doorway, harsh light
BL4 - Time, Aug 27 - mid-wide, split chest, smashed head.
BL5 - Foreign Policy, robed men look over smoldering bones. Fascinating texture. Made the cover of PHR's report.
Getty Images, Aug. 27
BL6 - Same men, different view, looking east.
BL7 - Mid-wide, central pile
BL7 - central pile, looking west, great view

BL8 - Man (K.K. Khebir?) amid bodies, looking east.
BL9 - Mid-tight, great view of bodies 14 and 17
BL10 - southwest corner, wide
BL11 - mid-wide view, along the wall

BW: Saad Basir, Warscapes
One relevant picture with this article
SB1 - pile near the door, mid-tight, odd wide angle view

DB: Daniel Berehulak/Getty
(DB1-DB6 from Zimbio images, all Aug. 26)
DB1 - Wide, inside towards doors, doors opened a crack
DB2 - Close, fractured skull, splayed rib cage, app. body 21
DB3 - Wide, various bodies.
DB4 - Tight, along back wall - bodies 34/35, "j", and #37 in some detail.
DB5 - Tight, body #19
DB6 - Mid-tight, body #16
Other Sources
DB7 - August 28. Wide, bodies nearest the doors, in good lighting. Deep, dark blue stain on the ground in the distance, between the head of body #8 and where #9's would be, and the canister near the door. This comes through in other images, but clearest here. What is that?

DR: David Bruser, CBC
DR1 - wide, looking northeast, bodies 16-21. Useful angle for #16.

EP1 - Aug 28, east wall, good light, decent detail

FP: AFP/Getty, unattributed
FP1 - Great view across bodies 17 and 14 looking southwest

JO: Jeroen Oerlemans/Panos Pictures /Felix Features
August 28, catalogued here at Felix Features.
JO1 - Mid-wide, east wall, bodies 27-30
JO2 Tight view of body #28
JO3 - no burned bodies... Shed door and locks signifigance
JO4 - no burned bodies... Outside massacre victims significance

LL: Louafi Larbi, Getty Images
LL1 - Main room looking north, wide, very high resolution. Fighter in candy-cane-striped shirt.
LL2 - Central pile, high angle, mid-tight
Others collected with those two at this page
LL3 - another fighter steps over/on bodies
LL4 -interesting view of the west wall, bodies 5 and 6.
LL5 - doesn't show charred victims, but I want to catalogued for other reasons

PB: Patrick Baz, AFP/Getty
PB3 - great view of bodies 5 and 6

RG: Rowan Griffiths/Daily Mirror
RG1 - wide, west side, looking north

RH: Ron Haviv/VII, picturemaxx
RH1 - robed men by door, facing east
RH2 - wide, looking east
RH3 - wide, looking north
RH4 - wide, northwest corner
RH5 - artful, if not so useful
RH6 - same
RH7 - mid-tight, central pile, looking down.
RH8 - mid-tight, central pile, nearest door, some detail
RH9 - Same, different angle

RW: Human Rights Watch
These have great resolution, but there are only two.
RW1 Tight, low-angle, extremely fractured skull, from top. Body#8.
RW2 Main pile from southwest corner, low angle, looking extremely jumbled.

SB: Shawn Baldwin, Corbis Images
Catalogued in context at this Corbis page, All Shawn Baldwin, all August 28.
SB1 Tight
SB2 Tight view on body #8
SB3 Tight, body #19
SB4 Mid-tight, body #16 and surroundings, looking northwest
SB5 - same as SB4 but a bit higher
SB6 - Mid-tight, body #19
SB7 - Same as SB4/SB5 but better detail on body 16
SB8 - #34, back wall, detail on flayed flesh, missing lower legs, top of skull laying nearby.
SB9 - wide view, looking northwest - most bodies from 8-21 visible
SB10 - mid-tight, 18, 21, 23
SB11 - Wide, from body 19 looking SW over central pile
SB12 Body 19 and central pile, from the west
SB13 - wide view across bodies 16-8
SB14 - unusual view, mid-tight, bodies 25 and 26 amid minor rubble
SB15 - Tight, body #21, detail on upper skull
SB16 - bodies 26, 27, 28 and body/tissue h.
SB17 - "h" and bodies 27-29
SB18 - east wall, bodies 27-34 visible
SB19 - wide view, main pile looking west. Body 13 only stands out.
SB20 - wide, central pile, high view looking down

SM: Seamus Murphy/VII, picturemaxx
SM1 - Wide, men stepping over bodies, looking east
SM2 - Tight, detailed view of #28, flesh-crusted skull and jagged ribs
SM3 - Tight, body #8 from above
SM4 - Tight, body #37
SM5 - Tight, body #20, from above
SM6 - Mid-wide, along back wall, looking west: rigid-headed bodies 37 and 38.
SM7 -  Tight, bodies 19 and 17, from above
SM8 - Tight, body #19
SM9 - Wide, looking towards doors, central pile visible, high glare.
SM10 - Wide, looking east, unobstructed. Very useful view for SE corner.
SM11 - Tight, a body on its side
SM12 - Wide, from door, central pile looking northeast
SM13 - Wide, from door, looking north
Better, non-stamped versions of some:
SM14 main pile, towards doors, bright light, useful angle
SM15 rigid head victim along back wall
SM16 Men stepping over bodies, looking east. "A survivor of the massacre is comforted inside the barn after finding the charred remains of his brother."
More smaller ones:
SM17 - mid-tight along east wall
SM18 - along west wall, good view of bodies 2-5 and the head of #6.
SM19 - Tight, #37, looking west
SM20 - same view as SM12 and SM13, slightly closer

SP: Sergey Ponomarev/Associated Press
SP1 -
SP2 -

WD: William Daniels/Panos Pictures /Felix Features
August 27, catalogued here at Felix Features.
WD1 - central pile, from the west, towards the doors. Messed-up ribs lower left is what I called body #23 - see WD2.
WD2 - very useful view of an ambiguous spot. Mid-tight on bodies 21, 22, 23, 24.
WD3 - west wall, #27, 28, 29, and "h"

YK: Yuri Kozyrev, Noor/Time
YK1 - West side, looking north
YK2 - robed men by doors

VAB -ABC News Aug. 29
emptied shed, only bits of charred flesh, smaller bones, and ash remain scattered about.

VAF - AljwharFreeMedia17 (amateur video)
Unusual and helpful views: bodies 1 and 2, #7, northeast corner, bodies 31-33

VBC - BBC, Orla Guerin, Aug 28,
BBC site - Youtube
Glimpses only

VC4 - Channel 4, Alex Thomson, Aug.28
segment starts 4:00
good pan across the main room

VCB - CBC, Susan Ormiston, Aug. 28.
MSN video
Good pans all around the shed, decent resolution.

VCN - CNN, DailyMotion
Aug. 28 footage, later afternoon.
0:29 shows southwest corner being cleared.

VEN - EuroNews
victim #1 0:13, others less charred right after - one one right, hands bound behind back?

VGP - Global Post
Video a ways down the page. Some footage borrowed from RT Arabic (below) at first, but some unique views inside the shed (0:30-0:55) plus an awesome "Dr. Salim" interview."

VRT - Russia Today Arabic, Posted by Quatchi Canada, August 28. As Felix notes, it's filmed in the morning.
Interesting "collar" at 0:12

VSN - Sky News, Aug.27
Early broadcast, Dr.Salim and outside only (link for reference, no skeletons or interior shots shown)
Main broadcast: Sky site
pans all around, good resolution.
Only known footage of body #11, at least in that position.

VTE - TVE1 (Spain)
Los rebeldes aseguran controlar el 95% de Trípoli y la frontera con Túnez
Posted August 27

VTH - Telegraph, Aug. 28
Telegraph site

VTS - TeleSur video
Encuentran 50 cuerpos calcinados en Trípoli
side chamber 0:08

VVA - Viva Algier New (amateur video)
Footage inside first minute, low resolution
It was also uploaded, as Felix alerts me, the same day, with a slightly different title, ناجون من مذبحة معسكر اليرموك يروون تفاصيل المجزرة by ZlitenHorra: Survivors of the massacre of the Yarmouk camp telling details of the massacre.


  1. @CL - Check SM1 link.
    Good to have all the vids and pics together. I think most videos showed inside and outside, so perhaps a good place to gather them all together for easy reference.

  2. The TeleSur link needs correcting to
    And here's yet another shed video from TVE 1 (Spain) I've not seen before:
    with some good footage of our chum Al-Atri without Salim. Very clear.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for all these tips, Felix. I'm working them in finally. Getting a count of bodies that breaks down at the pile. Should I count skulls only? Half-skulls? Spines? Femurs and inter-meshed rib cage fragments?

  4. Some more Seamus Murphy photos of the shed on this page The caption for the one with the two men inside the shed is quite farcical.

  5. Don't forget the RT Arabic footage uploaded by QuatchieCanada. Taken very early in the morning by the shadows outside.

    1. We have never been allowed to see inside the "guard house" at the eastern end of the shed. From some outside photos we can see that it too has been burnt inside. Why would the "Gaddafi" soldiers burn their own house?

      In the Russia Today video, at 0:33 we see a burnt body inside a burnt chamber.

      Earlier I thought this room was the smaller section of the shed. It could in fact be from inside the guard house. How could these Gaddafi soldiers kill and burn themselves?

    2. Good point, Petri. The white man with red beard at 0.47 is of interest. Somebody similar was photographed by a flyover rounding up black people - certainly in one of the Ziling photos,and elsewhere.

  6. Libya: the hunt for Gaddafi – Saturday 27 August 2011

    3.13pm: Sky News is reporting that its chief correspondent, Stuart Ramsay, has seen evidence of a mass grave near Tripoli after as many as 150 people were reportedly massacred.

  7. more photo's


    of charred remains

  8. You should indicate for each body the position. Is the body face up or face down? On its side? Limbs stretched out or in a fetal position?

    Many of the bodies seem to lie parallel to the main axis's of the shed, head east (E), head west (W) and so on.

    Some in the central pile – if not exactly north / south – can be stated as facing the door or away from the door.

    If the bodies died on the spot one could assume they were in random angles and in random positions. If the bodies were carried into the shed after death the positions would be more regular.

    The exception would by execution by pistol shots to the head – as seen in the al-Baida massacre. The victims are however all lined up face down, with space behind the head for the executioner.

    1. That's what I'm thinking. Bodies with heads, most of a body no head, and if applicable, solitary heads will get a number count, orientation and missing parts indicated with a lollipop-shaped graphic, I think. Tissue that doesn't constitute a body but goes towards the total will be marked with letters. the half-rack of ribs between #2 and 3 is a, the pile next to #8 in the SW corner is b (at least a person's worth of scrambled pieces), etc... all to be listed and tallied, possibly at this post, expanded. I'm only at #9 now, sorting out the next patch tonight, a few more links and notes on specific victims too.

  9. @Adam Hurriya has just alerted me to a Global Post, article from the Shed and yard by Tracey Shelton with attached video with interview footage with our friend Salim Rajub and shed interior views: Scenes from a Massacre, 28 August 2011. I have read the article before, but never noticed the video.

    1. Thanks! The good doctor, invaluable. Otherwise, some unique, possibly useful views in the video, and five new photos to list, from Patrick Baz. Got a few others too I'll be adding tonight, including the one by Bryan Denton.

  10. BTW, the tantalising amateur video VVA was also uploaded the same day, with a slightly different title, ناجون من مذبحة معسكر اليرموك يروون تفاصيل المجزرة by ZlitenHorra :Survivors of the massacre of the Yarmouk camp telling details of the massacre

    1. Interesting alternate video -I imagine rebel-simps posted in first, and VA doesn't seem to be one. Handy title clarifying these guys are what they seem-liars who claim to have escaped the fictitious loyalist massacre. Will add.

    2. The name of the survivor translates to "Mahmoud Mukhtar Zadam" ("مختار محمود الزدام")

    3. More on Facebook: (Translated from Arabic.)

      Yarmouk Prison massacre

      Mahmoud Mukhtar Zadam, born in 1988, a resident of the city of Zliten, was arrested on Friday, 6/17/2011 AD. Mokhtar was arrested by some of the volunteers in the city of Zliten, with some of his cousins ​​for being a family Zadam, which was attended by some of her children in the events of June 9 , and the time of his arrest, such as prayer Alfjrandma was going to a bakery, and was taking him and his next to the restaurant skill near a mosque boys Ahamada, under the pretext that they want to ask him about some things, and there was forced to put precordia was threatened with weapons, and called him a traitor and " rat ", and then transferred to the island rotation center of the city, and there are known Alybed of volunteers and members of the battalion who were of the support which the tyrant, and the number was about 15 people, struck by them, as was insulting and cursing.
      Then he made some of the members of the battalion interrogated him and with him about their relationship martyr Tariq Ahamada, he denied he and those with any connection to him a martyr, struck and the transfer of the puppies to the headquarters of the military police Mqidaomasob eyes, and upon arrival found a number of prisoners, who led them bad luck to the prison.
      *** ***
      At 10:00 AM / Friday.
      Transfer selected for interrogation, blindfolded, and the investigator - as mentioned - the city of Zliten, where certain than that of the tone and style of the investigator, as well as by the investigator to identify the very "selected" which was the same name "selected", where he told the mayor: The grandfather is a good man, but you and your father (.....).
      Try investigator struggling to lure Muktar to make any confession, and threatened that he will kill him without mercy if it is proved that accused him, but the mayor was adamant about his denial to the charge of participating in the case of "the events of 9 June", said the investigator that he was ready to die if any investigator single piece of evidence on his claim.
      Questions and the longer the investigation and there were many ways to the investigator, and was among those asked about his relationship is also Tariq Ahamada, answered them that you mean the life of the martyr Tariq Ahamada? They beat him and said to him: Say: "carrion Tariq" O (....).

      *** ***

      Eventually selected and transferred to a room with metal Talo car, known in Libya as (Sheila), and when you sit in, they heard some of the guards talking about Tripoli and Maj. Gen. 32, the following They knew that their station is the headquarters of Gen. 32.

      Mukhtar and his colleagues felt the unknown fate that awaits them as they j their way to Tripoli, and the increased narrowness which was doing the commander of the car that was deliberately harassed and Aivahman malleable intentional leaving the road and right and left bending strongly, even collide with vehicle barriers detainees detention (Sheila).

    4. In fact there is a whole Facebook page dedicated to the Yarmouk prison massacre:

      مجزرة معتقل اليرموك

      We also have the Association of families of victims of the Holocaust Guantanamo Yarmuk – رابطة اهالى ضحايا محرقة معتقل اليرموك

    5. Here are some photos from inside the shed, + some new ones from the outside:
      15 أكتوبر، 2011

    6. Good find, Petri. Some more photos on this page A late starting campaign, especially when witnesses and family were pouring into the compound hours after its alleged discovery. There are a couple of interesting and familiar contacts among one of the posters on the Holocaust site....

    7. On this Facebook page a photo is translated : visit [of] Mr. Nasser Al-Hamid and Minister of the families of martyrs and missing persons to the prison site on the Yarmouk Holocaust, Thursday 29/12/2011. The page also uploaded the recent YouTube video: What happened at Yarmouk (sic) with the comment Visit of Mr. Khalid Hamid, Minister of the families of martyrs and missing Army Division 32 (the Yarmouk), perhaps identifying the man who smiles throughout. Are the one and the same?

    8. On this facebook page, the arabic description reads Mahmoud Mukhtar Zadam tells how he survived a horrific massacre at Camp battalion Thurs Tripoli and the sequence of events and the names of the criminals who have killed 53 of the prisoners and burned and the name of Aldhab .. comment 19.14 28 August.
      HOWEVER - notice the comment of Aml Abd Alhamed Alnaas (female NTC supporting Libyan graduate chemistry student at University of Denver) on the Elect Jabril Facebook page under this widely spread video - هذا من ضرب الناتو وليست من جرائم اتباع الجرذافي
      This strike was NATO, not the crimes of a Jermafa (Mistake for Gaddafi I think due to wrong spelling in arabic.) .(5 September)if I read it correctly.

  11. can somebody link names to these persons :

    @caustic : he { Taha/Tarar Gazi?]
    say it on 3.03/mohamed lamin on 3.06

    You know I also have some others of whom I think they're presented as escapees:

    0.10 unknown witness

    witness 5.03

    unknown witness with khaled






  12. I just noticed in the James Foley video, late afternoon 27th, I guess, Salim patting one of the cast on the back at 1.24 outside the blue prison van. "Well done, son" is the message I suspect.

    1. @felix – Holy Moses!

      The happy looking man receiving instructions and praise from Dr. Salim is the same man who is desperately crying in this photo.

    2. I can't get that link, Petri. But I guess we are dealing with method actors here. East of Eden...

    3. @Felix - it's the guy in white, (who I thought might be M. Bashir, but he's way younger) leaning on the red-robed guy. I think Petri's right on both calls, though it's not 100%. Short-sleeved blue shirt on the "well done, son" arm, and with the show of appreciation, the survivor is smiling there.

      I'm starting a new post for discussion of witnesses and family and pictures and confusion, as the witness list comment section seems to be "full."

  13. The VAF Aljwar video is quite fascinating. Shot about mid-day on Sunday 28 I think, because Moammar in the wall graffiti is now crossed through in red (it wasn't when Sky visited). There is an excellent shot of bodies 1/2 at 1.59 and a curious disappearing tyre track in the sand at 4.11. At 8.00 there is charred body through the other, eastern door of the shed behind the oil drums - not photographed elsewhere(?), then at about 8.50, more excellent shed footage.

  14. made some tiny pics of walls in shed area :

    shed right wall

    -17 bodies truck/ hole for mass grave/same building?

    entrance shed//wall to the right/building

    the right wall

    wall to the right of entrance


  15. red wall

    -back wall of the shed and the red wall entrance

    -red wall

  16. left side shed

    lower wall left shed

    lower wall 2 left shed

    lower wall higher wall left shed

    left to shed building?


  17. http://i44.tinypic.com/21m6cts.jpg
    left of shed white car at corner car no wheels, then to stairs
    come from stairs @ 6.21 in the open to a small wall outside
    talking about dogs 4.39 / 7.14 ?standing to bodies

    1. @hurriya - why so many people wearing the surriya in this video and others? Are they from a local mosque? Or because it is towards the end of Ramadan? [It is not Friday]. But not everybody does.

  18. I know this is the wrong page , but belonging to same vid as above:

    -volonteer taha?

    -taha 2


    Moustapha el-Etri se souvient aussi qu’un officier libyen leur a dit en les faisant descendre des fourgons : «On va vous libérer, n’ayez pas peur.» Puis sont arrivés dans leur dos des mercenaires qui, assure-t-il, étaient soudanais et tchadiens, accompagnés de trois officiers femmes qui les ont poussés dans ce garage en ouvrant le feu.


    Moustafa el-Etri also remembers that an officer told them that they not need to be scared. After that there came SOUDAN AND CHAAD MERCENARIES WITH 3 WOMEN OFFICERS who pushed them inside the garage while opening fire.

  20. A new photographer - Shawn Baldwin. Only one pic, but he did visit. Undated, but site below suggests 28 Aug. Nothing special. Caption:"...they threw in grenades and then had subsequently set fire to tyres inside of the warehouse to cover up the bodies, locals said."

    Another Baldwin photo inside the shed is found at Corbis Images

    Corbis also shows a couple of Bryan Denton photos of the shed interior, one here, in addition to BD1 already noted.

    1. There is in fact a whole set of 20 photos by Shawn Baldwin on the Corbis Images site:

    2. Gee, I missed the link to the set. Adam might light those. A few are by Ciro Fusco.
      Another fascinating photo site is Felix Features (no relation....) Search criteria Tripoli Hangar seems to bring up everything from inside the shed, by Jeroen Oerlemans and William Daniels from 28 August. See my other comments about this site......

  21. And another Bryan Denton photo, with a man with baggy calf-length shorts at the door.

    1. The five internal Denton photos are gathered on this page

    2. Sweet. I had a look, including in the shadows-that's where he hides his watermark. :) . I'll add them next round. I did imagine there'd be more from him.

  22. Don't forget the Reuters Video by Andrew Raven. Not too much inside but it shows the witness outside who was shot in the side (well healed wound) which you captured on the lost page.

  23. @felix :

    Reporter Andrew Raven/Reuters : He was override at tuesday [ = 23 aug] , the day tripoli felt


    uploaded 29 aug monday/

  24. @felix : I saw it too : guys with very bright zjelebaaz colours red or yellow, not clothes suitable for putting remains in plastic. why not jeans I don't know .

    1. yes, crazy. Just for the photographers. Posed shots.

  25. o.k, no comment on : Andrew Raven "the base was override at tuesday"

    @ felix : you asked lately : why al Etri [pantalon, white shirt] and his compagnon [long white jebba] went for between the trucks.

    May be Ive the answer :maybe they went sightseeing the body of the poor guy on the stairs:






  26. Another sight to the shed :

    furjan shed behind easy to trick reporter [buildings or watch towers ? to the left of journo's left ear?]

  27. http://i42.tinypic.com/2eg5yrc.jpg

    Taha/Zadan pointing from where Foreigner Fighters came:
    clearly not via yarmouk base, but via entrance shed


  28. sight seeing :

    -entrance yarmouk

    اقتحام التوار 17 فبراير معسكر خميس الدي يعرف بالواء 32 معزز

  29. @felix, did you mean all the time the person with cap left in background?

    base ball cap man tries to hide for camera

    1. No, the main man on the right in your pic - but that is a great screen shot showing more "coaching" from the acadamic looking man with thinning black hair - his hand is steadying the witness in Rajubian style.

    2. Yeah, agreed. That guy's shady and coach-like in a more sinister way (seems to me) than the goofy "doctor." I didn't notice his hand before...

      But he's not charred, so it's off topic. This would do well, maybe with notes, at the new post for image collection. Hurriya, These tinypics-are they temporary or what? If I list them are they good for a while?

  30. @caustic, you can do with them what you want


  31. caustic : I have no idea how long they last. Just learned how to do it. No experience, but suppose they stay long.

  32. Here is the grey one felix mentioned :


  33. Sorry , wrong one, Felix mentioned :


  34. I think the Moises Saman photo really shouts out that the stories of the witnesses coached by Salim are complete nonsense. It does indeed look like all the bodies have been laid out in lines.

    1. That's a good one to add ...

      Indeed, these don't seem like victims simply blown up and gunned down as they ran around chaotically. They were laid or dragged into sort-of rows, nothing showing care, but mechanical arrangement, mostly north south, of people dragged in bay either arms or feet. I find how #15 came to be laid atop #16 intriguing (explained here. How does one guy fall north, face-down, head gone, arms out, and another guy then lose his legs from the pelvis, and then fall backwards onto the first just so the others' arms look like his legs?

      Looks more like a sloppy effort to hide the beheading of one of these massacre victims.

    2. This is the most important result that could come out from cataloging all the bodies. We should be able to state that each body was lined up exactly along the cardinal directions, not only that some body was more north-south than east-west. If we can narrow down the randomly placed bodies to a small number or zero, than we must conclude that the bodies were laid in what then becomes a morgue and were not killed on the spot.

  35. the student Moktar Mahmoud Zedan ,who joined the rebels in the beginning of the revolution, escaped , while soldiers where reloading, a guard let him go.

    he has escaped via the wall where behind a body lays and not too far there is a house under construction with a body in the middle of the room.
    He runs to a farm 4 km further

    Nouri Massoud , a man of 60, found THEM [ "J’en ai gardé trois ici": I have protected here 3 ]the next morning, when he returned home. Next to his garage are 4 other escapees.He has taken care for them till saturday, when the base was taken .The escapees could then go to a hospital

    The nephew of Omar Hadad, who was together with the brother of Hadad [arrested in Zliten], escaped on 23 aug


  36. All Louafi Larbi photos seem to be grouped here on Buzzfeed - Mass Grave Of Gaddafi Opponents Found In Libya
    posted by Gavon Laessig.

  37. The guy with natty check drawstring pants crops up on a similar EPA photo on this Dutch page of Metronieuws, 28 Aug 2011.

  38. Quite the most uninteresting piece yet, but just for the record, Roel Geeraedts along with cameraman Tjeerd Kleijn for RTL Nieuws (Netherlands) visited the shed on 28 August. No named witnesses, no video, just the photo of Roel in the shed and anodyne description.

  39. http://i40.tinypic.com/fco22t.jpg

    ctv vid is back
    @felix : this school is possible in south
    the boy with orange shirt is held there
    the burial after is not them, c no plastic , but white burial windles
    I hear they are captured c their eyes are yellow, but maybe this is my lack of english

    1. "look at the colour of his eyes - they are yellow" (might be figurative, yellow = cowardly) good find, Hurriya. Caustic has written elsewhere about the man in orange vest. (it's the second Janis Mackey Frayer video after the fascinating shed footage with Cobb-Smith, for the record)

    2. Another detainee camp in south tripoli :


      A rebel fighter watches over African migrant workers who are being evicted from the farm where they used to live and work in Tripoli, Libya, Sunday, Aug. 28, 2011. Hundreds of migrant workers remain stranded in Libya after six months of war, unable to flee the country. (AP Photo/Sergey Ponomarev


  40. apologies : can't find my comments back about the everywhere around reporter, who claimed that 50 trucks were bombed on their way to Subha.

    I'm 99 % sure this is the same event , only difference is that the title describes it as happened in Tarhouna.and date ???
    @ caustic, pls save vid.

  41. @ felix :


    A man looked at a fire that destroyed a plastic factory in the Khatba district of Tripoli.

    Firefighters at the scene suspected of arson as the motive of the fire. Khatba was a stronghold of supporters of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi and the scene of heavy fighting between Colonel Qaddafi loyalists and rebels during the battle for Tripoli.

    1. I looked at that, and from his captive performing monkey act and similar name, it could be this is the same guy they passed off as survivor Haleem. But until there's more, I'll consider it possible only and back-burner. Saving a copy just in case.

  42. @hurriya – Thank for this this Canadian CTV video vith Janis Mackey Frayer and BBS's Cobb-Smith. I had not seen this before.
    Survivor: Gadhafi forces massacred detainees

    The video is from the morning of August 28th. The front loader is seen bringing in the two bodies, seen in the opening scene. One of them – not the faceless one, but the other one – has white snickers, just like the body to the south on the other side of the perimeter wall behind the broken refrigerator. It is interesting that Cobb-Smith claims to recognize the place. He must be lying.

    1. Petri - I think you missed it in the comments here....Jan 27 That's what I thought about C-S. a former British military officer and media adviser. . Try finding some of his journalism. Alternatively, read Scott Ritter's book Iraq Confidential: The Untold Story of the Intelligence Conspiracy to Undermine the UN and Overthrow Saddam Hussein where he shows up in the index.

    2. I've already mined this one. The witness is presumably Mr. Senussi, who spoke to Berehulak. The dumped bodies clarifies I over-counted before, and the one with white Adidas (CBC got close enough to show the logo) is the light-skinned of these two victims with his face in the dirt. So apparently both of these were dumped from dozers which makes sense.

      I'll be the open-minded one again on Cobb, considering this might have been some kind of prison, and the location matched how he described it back in March.

      But that said, his background is suspicious, his story might have problems (not well read up), his companion Kilani (sp?) has a bit of propaganda in his accounts (Gaddafi didn't like the Palestinians, the corpse-sniffing dogs on his return, etc.), people screaming, etc.. ... Don't most people say this was only used as a prison (for uprising/suspect Libyan people) for three months? Who was that being tortured there 5-6 months before the end of that?

      You need to give him credit for lying about this well in advance, anyway, of the same site's main usage.

    3. thx Petri, but it was Felix who discovered the vid. Next day it was gone.
      Same as the i-phone photo's of 1 of the photographers , the mnsbc photo's , was 89 photo's, stay now till 45 with a nasty photo of Zeef provided by the niz party, and the allvoices photo's are also gone.
      There are may some powerful blogreaders?

  43. Yet another video! And what a performance! Also a few vehicle shots at the end, from Turkish station TRT Haber Libya'dan Dehşet Görüntüler http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CTP6mgdGc4

    1. Don't know how this came to be the place, but cool, a rare video we haven't seen yet. Not much new, but I saved it. Mr. Khebir again, a longer performance grinning in grief, and more from these two guys around him, one of whom mimics something he might claim to have seen. Not a familiar face that I noticed.

    2. @caustic , can you asap this one too ?

    3. The Turkish page with description is here.. Translation (google) Looking for his brother, Khalid Khalifa dağladı Kebir camp cries hearts. His car in front of the camp, which his brother Khalid Abdul Hekim Caliph Kebir, almost destroyed. Khalid, who entered the room where the corpses, tears shed and hugged relatives. Why the interest in the blue KIA pickup truck??? (Khebir's?)

  44. I do not know if you have listed this image, that has only been attributed to "DER SPIEGEL."
    Photo Gallery: Horrific Find in Libyan Warehouse

    There are three photos from thew shed in the set. Number two is of a body.

    1. @Petri - I think it is probably a screen grab from a video which is listed at the Spiegel site, but is no longer available there: 28.08.2011 - 1.08 min Gräuel in Libyen: immer mehr Leichenfunde
      Eine woche nach dem Fall des langjährigen libyschen Machthabers Muammar Gaddafi in Tripolis werden immer mehr Leichen von...
      It also perhaps appears at the site of Stern.de again de-activated, with the title : Opfer des Regimes: Immer mehr Leichenfunde in Tripolis

  45. One further photographer to visit the shed was Jerome Sessini. Only one photo exists on his Getty images Libya August 2011 page, showing skeletons. However, he also has a few photos there of Abu Salim, and on another, his personal site, there is an interesting photo of dead victims at Abu Salim http://www.jeromesessini.com/#/series/a-lassault-dabu-salim/SEJ11011DC4934 which has the interesting caption "Loyalist soldiers executed by anti-Gaddafi rebels in Abu Slim on August 24..." from where the rest of his photos can be navigated (need to transfer this comment)

  46. VT` - the TVE1 video also appears on their own website at http://www.rtve.es/noticias/20110827/rebeldes-aseguran-controlar-95-tripoli-frontera-tunez/457664.shtml The blue prison van has already been moved in front of the shed, about 1.pm 27 Aug.

  47. One photographer who visited the shed seems to have nothing available. Most of the Libya photos of Heidi Levine are behind a wall at Photoshelter. However, journalist Lauren Wolfe on 14 Jan 2012 quoted Levine:

    We met a man on the road who had photographs of people he told us had been killed in a massacre. Pointing, he told us where to go. We found at least 50 burnt bodies in a construction site nearby the Khamis Brigade Compound in Tripoli. I never truly understood how opposite black and white were until we walked into a shed to find the victims burned down to their skeletons. I kept asking others with me who had covered war and witnessed horrific scenes throughout the years if they had ever seen anything like this. They—we—all answered no. Those days have filled my head with ghosts.

    Reminds me a bit of the words of the song Woodstock... Why no photos??


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