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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Benghazi, Barqa, and Federalism

March 7, 2011

To start with, France 24.com reports"East Libyan leaders declare autonomy from Tripoli."
LATEST UPDATE: 07/03/2012. I'm on top of it. In part:
Tribal leaders and militia commanders declared a semiautonomous region in oil-rich eastern Libya on Tuesday, a unilateral move that opponents fear will be the first step toward outright dividing the country six months after the fall of Moammar Gadhafi.

The thousands of representatives of major tribal leaders, militia commanders and politicians who made the declaration at a conference in Benghazi said the move is not intended to divide the country and that they want their state to be part of a united Libya.

The conference said the eastern state, known as Barqa, would have its own parliament, police force, courts and capital - Benghazi, the country’s second largest city - to run its own affairs.

Under their plan, foreign policy, the national army and oil resources would be left to a central, federal government in Tripoli. Barqa would cover nearly half the country, from central Libya to the Egyptian border in the east and down to the borders with Chad and Sudan in the south.

This isn't an all-out split, but a type of federalism that, given the circumstances, makes some sense. Foreign policy, oil, and the national army are all the important parts reserved to Tripoli.

For what it's worth, my previous (rudimentary) thoughts on a two-state solution. I hoped the idea could save western Libya from the bloodshed it suffered, and even allow the Jamairiya system to survive in some territory and ingeniously regain its homeland in time. The latter still remains a distant hope, but the death and dignity that's occurred can't be undone. And now Libya, some fear, is headed for a split-up anyways, without any of it under Green control (barring certain homes, areas, and remote towns, perhaps).

In the early days of the war, the Tripoli government claimed Islamist militants had seized Dernah, east of Benghazi, and declared an al-Qaeda-linked "Islamic Emirate of Barqa." The West scoffed at the cheap propaganda against the non-violent, modern, liberal, freedom-seekers. But since the rebels won the war last year, we've seen al Qaeda fighters and LIFG fighters put in charge of a system of torture in the west and south. We've seen the "Emirates flag," also known as the flag of al Qaeda in Iraq, flown over the main courthouse in Benghazi, those who questioned it threatened with brutal death. And we see now an official move to create a Benghazi-centered state of Barqa. "State" does not equal "emirate," a repressive, brutal, Salafist kingdom. But that flag with some currency in Barqa does.

The NTC is not happy, wants full authority over everything like Gaddafi used to exercise. They seem a little fixated on imagined outcomes, and show little tact or faith in the intentions behind the announced experiment. France 24 continues:
Libya’s National Transitional Council, the interim central government based in the capital Tripoli, has repeatedly voiced its opposition to the creation of a partly autonomous eastern region, warning it could eventually lead to the breakup of the North African nation of 6 million.

“This is very dangerous. This is a blatant call for fragmentation. We reject it in its entirety,” said Fathi Baja, the head of political committee of the NTC. “We are against divisions and against any move that hurts the unity of the Libyan people.”
Underlying motives and reasons behind a split, unclear on this end. The NTC people have their theories. Al Jazeera's Zaina Khodr tweeted:
head of #Libya #NTC said declaration of autonomy by civic leaders in east result of foreign plot and risked breaking the country up.
Takes one to know one. In fact, they do know their stuff and they might be right. The NTC was born in an international plot, with schemers on at least three continents. (If you still don't know about Nouri al Mesmari and Ibrahim Dabbashi, you'd better go look it up)

But then again, the NTC could just be acting shrill and defensive in a way that's telling.


  1. Benghazians & other Freedom groups : kill libyans from the start :


    they film everybody so they can kill them :freeeeelibyan on Jul 31, 2011


  2. Interestingly, when the Somalis in the famous Black Hawk Down incident lynched a helicopter pilots, and their bodies worn around Mogadishu in Somalia, then they were savages and today these savages who killed Gaddafi are heroes of democracy.


    They kill their brothers and get thanks for it in the comments

  3. Article 12 mandates of Geneva convention: wounded and sick soldiers who are out of the battle should be humanely treated, and in particular should not be killed, injured, tortured, or subjected to biological experimentation.

    Libyan Tweeps, a few wks ago one of you tweeted a document proving the link between Dgeili & Qatari weapons. I d like to have that!

    One of the unique aspects of the Libyan twittersphere is that many tweeps have parents, relatives in positions of authority now.

    apostates who sell their religion out to NATO for temporary world power"


    Zaharal fasaada Fil Bari Wal Bahri Bima Kasabat Aydimn Naas

  4. In the meantime it doesn't go well with justice and democracy in Benghazi :

    أمن الدقهلية الأشخاص الذين يتم تعذيبهم فى مقطع الفيديو تجار سلاح
    mistreating of a man alleged of drugs trafficking

  5. Protests swells in Benghazi and everywhere:



  6. Benghazi Heroe Tale
    @ caustic : 29. 12 map : yours?

    Would Libya kill its own people ?

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMavUUdl-OY&feature=related
    We are All Libya, and This is Our Flag

    Toronto protest in solidarity with the Libyan people





    Tarhouni has served as the Political Coordinator of the National Conference of the Libyan Opposition (NCL



    A conference of about 3,000 delegates in Benghazi installed Ahmed al-Senussi, a great nephew of Libya's former king, as head of the new Cyrenaica Provincial Council.

  8. 41 people whose crime was defending their country stand on trial in Benghazi :

    Omran Saleh, lawyer for the defendants, speaks to Reuters before entering the court in Benghazi February 22, 2012. Court proceedings are being taken against 41 Libyans accused of helping Muammar Gaddafi crush the popular revolt that ended in his death last year. The prosecutors at the trial, which is being held at a military base in the eastern city of Benghazi, have accused the men of murder and aiding prisoners to escape.

    Defendants leave the court under heavy guard in Benghazi February 22, 2012. Court proceedings are being taken against 41 Libyans accused of helping Muammar Gaddafi crush the popular revolt that ended in his death last year. The prosecutors at the trial, which is being held at a military base in the eastern city of Benghazi, have accused the men of murder and aiding prisoners to escape.

    A defendant looks out the window before entering a court in Benghazi February 22, 2012. Court proceedings are being taken against 41 Libyans accused of helping Muammar Gaddafi crush the popular revolt that ended in his death last year. The prosecutors at the trial, which is being held at a military base in the eastern city of Benghazi, have accused the men of murder and aiding prisoners to escape.

    Libya's minister for labour, Mustafa Ali Rugibani :
    Economic and political refugees now face another new threat. Libya's minister for labour, Mustafa Ali Rugibani, has declared a Mar. 4 expulsion deadline for irregular workers. Despite the lack of a transparent system to process people in place, he says, "if they are not legalised they will be deported."


    60.000 or more widows will find a new husband :
    Cost of liberation: Polygamy danger looms over Libyan women

  9. It is sad that there are no widow pensions anymore in the new Libiya :


    Homeless woman begging in front of Libyan universities - image of new #Libya ..

  10. Benghazi 16 march 2012

    Libya: Large demo in Benghazi comes under attack

    Eyewitness Mr Dagmar: around 6.45 pm some started to throw stones from the roof of buildings, others (snipers) started to shoot at the crowd
    Not confirmed! A policeman who is at the Square tells me they believe that 4 ppl died. #Benghazi Tahrir Square. #Libya

    MAJ should resign after what happened in Benghazi today!!

    NTC and specifically Abdul Jalil are wholly accountable for today's violence. A leader should never encourage violence.

    Report #Libya : #Barca Cyrnicia council and anti-federalists both use heavy weapons against each other youtube.com/watch?v=7R7KQy

    Last week Libyan interim Pres AbdelJalil threatend to use violence if necessary, this week Min of Interior also threatened to use violence.

    Report #Libya : Large Clashes around "elephant oil well"...the great Oil field turned to blood as countless militia fight for its control

  11. In fact many members of the NTC do not move freely around Libya, with many reported to be sleeping in Malta, across the Mediterranean for fear of reprisals.


    بناء ليبيا يعترفوا بأنه غرر بهم وان القذافي شهيد
    Video: Feb17 Libyans admitting they have been tricked and that martyr Muammar Gaddafi was right http://fb.me/1gsfp7GQr

    Autonomy proposal triggers Libya clash

  12. ID card of a Hero Mutassim Gaddafi ..

    Now let me see ID cards of those quazi-Libyan officials whose first time in Libya was on feb17th 2011?


  13. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=293809387359382&id=297509086955875

    Photo-Explosion of the water pipeline [Man-Made River] in Bani Walid


    Statement of Warfalla tribe about the explosion of the man-made river pipeline: It was not a technical fault, it was a sabotage, they are trying to displace the whole city, not caring about the children, or the ones which they already orphaned!

  14. Meanwhile Issa Abdul-Majed Mansour, the Tebu military leader in the south of the country, has threatened to declare an independent state if the NTC does nothing to stop the fighting.
    I announce the revitalization of the Tebu Front for the Salvation of Libya to protect the Tabu from ethnic cleansing. And if the need arises, we will demand international intervention and seek to establish a state like South Sudan,” he declared on Wednesday.

    there are right now, 12 people in Libya, who are fighting to get the lead and the control (…ha… but Libya is not easy to control, people keep resisting and they still have the Green Army…), but as I was saying, all those 12 are directly linked to USA and NTC has absolutely no control over anything, they are used as a brand, for the public, but they are not allowed to make any decision, they have absolutely no independence, not any power to decide anything about Libya. The decisions are all coming from USA … divide and conquer is their technique. The bigger the chaos, the bigger the divisions… the bigger the divisions, the easiest for foreign powers to conquer the country…»

  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WKVmAm5VMg&feature=player_embedded
    سبها حي حجارة اليوم 30 3 2012
    Devastation in Tobou area of Sabha:

    Commander of Suleiman tribe Maihoub Abu Bakr was killed by Tobou forces (Journalist Ahmed Abdullah,a Special correspondent from Sabha confirmed the news)

    libiamor ‏ @leonormassanet
    Help from North has been Misratah international armed groups!!! No help but killing families, raped. Big game

    Man working in Sabha hospital morgue said he just washed 67 bodies & is about to wash 5 more. 72 in total. #Libya

    #Libya -Number of sheikhs from Alzentan,Mount Nefoussa and Azwaip arrived this morning to #Ubari in order to try to resolve the clashes that took place in Ubari. (To remind you,100 Zentan fighters were arrested by Tuareg tribe.)

    Sabha - Warplanes of NTC are flying over city bombing Resistance and civilian population

    Real Libyan ‏ @ahmabd55
    Cyrenaican leaders threaten to cut oil supplies if tripoli does not allow for federalism. #Libya

  16. Al-Hassadi, 46, was the commander of the Abu Slim Martyrs Brigade, which fought on the eastern front line against forces loyal to the late Muammar Gaddafi during Libya's war last year. It was Darnah's biggest brigade, and al-Hassadi says that most of the local fighters still view him as their leader.


    But al-Hassadi also gets a significant chunk of his street credit from the fact that he fought in Afghanistan, on the side of the Taliban, from 1997 to 2002. "I was fighting against the Northern Alliance and Karzai," he says, before adding quickly: "I didn't fight the Americans."

    RT @Libya_United Toubou ask end 2'ethnic cleansing' http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5iEp_lWuDmhkIBjL7ZnGlIlU1mU-A?docId=CNG.1a373e3c26419d71d6a65008c3cd7b33.6c1 Libya Sabha @tunisianamazigh
    @Proudlibyandoc I read some reports from L, stating that the common goal of arabs tribes now is2expulse non arabs from L. @tunisianamazigh

    @TunisianAmazigh Level of racism expressed by arabs last months vs toubou, tuareg and other non-arabs tribes was shocking.

    1. "Hurriya – Thank's for the link to the new TIME article:
      With Libya's Ascendant Islamists: 'Don't Get the Wrong Idea'

      I have been following Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi for quite a while now. I believe he may be responsible for the al Bayda / Dernah massacre. I was really surprised when he appeared to pop up as the chief of the Tripoli Military Council. It took quite a while for people to realize the Abdelhakim Belhadj is a different terrorist.

    2. @ Petri , I put him on purpose in the same comment as the ethnic cleansing of the Tobu.
      Terrible things are happening again while the Misrata and Cyrenaica brigades are inside Subha area

      I think you know this older vid?

      LIBYA REBELS - Al Qaeda Hussen Al Hassadi [libyasos]

    3. wonder why the hauslohners and netjes try to make these killers so salonfähig?


    4. @Petri - but not before late March 2011, when he suddenly pops up. The New York Times fingered him, but the photographer, Bryan Denton didn't seem to know whether he was Qumu or Al-Hasadi. Mr. Qumu did not turn up for a promised interview last week, but Mr. Hasadi did, in crumpled fatigues with a light beard and a lazy left eye, perpetually half-closed. He denied that Mr. Qumu was in his group, recently renamed the Martyrs of Abu Salim Brigade, after a prison in Tripoli where 1,200 inmates were slaughtered in 1996. Two of Mr. Qumu’s sons are in his brigade, he said
      Some sort of damage limitation exercise there. Yet 5 months later, Webster Tarpley conflates Al-Hasadi and Belhaj. Photos of the alleged Mr Qumu, aka Abu Sufian Hamouda also hard to come by. See this spooky site here and also this Amnesty page from 2010.

    5. @ Petri : which of the just few documented massacres y're referring to?

      Militia members claim that regime opponents fought off the attackers around the airport WITH CLUBS. They say they captured weapons and that they took many of the mercenaries prisoner.

      Also, on the same day, 50 alleged African mercenaries, mostly from Chad, were EXECUTED
      by the protesters in Bayda.
      Some of them were killed when protestors BURNED DOWN the police station in which they locked them up[13] and at least 15 were LYNCHED in front of the courthouse in Bayda.[14]

      Soldiers took off their uniforms on Friday and Saturday, taking the side of protesters, who burned the police station

      There were only three or four fatalities here, with about 50 injured, residents say

      When asked by the Arab newspaper al-Sharq al-Awsat about the [mercenary] allegation, al-Issawi said,
      "We have more evidence than is present in the media."
      Sharif says their statements came directly from the information he passed on to Benghazi.
      Colonel Salim Sharif statements came directly from information he passed on to Benghazi.

    6. http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2011/02/22/article-1358972-0D4D2E9E000005DC-235_634x414.jpg
      Flying the flag: Libyan protesters wave the pre-Gaddafi flag above a fire-ravaged building in Tobruk, which has fallen to protesters

      People look around a burnt-out state security building in Tobruk, Libya, today. Photograph: Suhaib Salem/Reuters

      A protester holds a mortar shell that was used to destroy an ammunition store in Tobruk February 22, 2011. (REUTERS/Asmaa Waguih) #


    7. Ayman Shahat, 32, had risked his life to tear down the statue of Col Gaddafi in the square. The vendetta is personal.
      Colonel Ahmad Ashour is a senior member of Libya's secret police, the movement that once took away Mr Shahat's father. Now he stands with the revolutionaries. "I took the keys and released all the political prisoners," he says.

      connections ?

      Free Ulema of Libya
      A coalition of Libyan Islamic leaders has issued a fatwa telling all Muslims it is their duty to rebel against the Libyan leadership and demanding the release of all jailed protesters.
      On August 23, to mark the beginning of Ramadan and the Libyan leader's 40th anniversary in power, LIFG leadership issued another press statement, this time apologizing to Muammar al-Qadhafi for their past acts of violence against him.

      11 Jan 2012 – Ayman Al Zawary= Med Student, Al Shahat= Engineering student, Mohamed Hassan=Media Student. Applicable to come out with fatwas?
      Abdel Moneim al-Shahat
      Salafi leader prohibited from making press statements

    8. New Libyan state - Barqa - owned by Bernard Henry Levy - declares its existance

      Saif al-Islam was central to Sarkozy’s first big global coup after his election: the July 2007 release of Bulgarian medical workers who had been sentenced to death in Libya on what were widely considered trumped-up murder charges. (A death sentence, ironically, that current NTC leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil confirmed and defended as Gaddafi’s Justice Minister.

      Saif al-Islam's involvement in the reconciliation effort has received widespread local and international media attention -- state-run print media has published excerpts of the text and praised Saif for his work, and CNN recently broadcast a feature report on the efforts.

      The CNN report praises the initiative, describing Saif's motivation as not only ending the TRIPOLI 00000955 003.2 OF 003 violent movement against the regime but also combating Al Qaeda's "growing influence in the region." CNN further claimed that, "In essence the new code for jihad is exactly what the West has been waiting for: a credible challenge from within jihadist ranks to Al Qaeda's ideology."

      International think-tanks such as the Quilliam Foundation and Jihadica have analyzed the efforts and the LIFG document, with the latter calling it a "very sweeping repudiation not just of Salafi jihadism but of all forms of revolutionary Islamism in general."

  17. Report #libya : over last 2 week over 330 people killed in #tripoli . Mass looting and rape still rampant by NTC militia's

  18. الدفاع عن سبها من المرتزقة التشاديين

    Subha 29 march

    the music and talk about mercenaries tells from where the wind blows

    1. http://ozyism.blogspot.com/2012/04/nato-mercenaries-in-tabu-district-of.html
      NATO Mercenaries in Tabu district of Sabha spreading terrorism

    2. http://ozyism.blogspot.com/2012/03/natos-puppet-regime-sends-death-squads.html

      NATO's puppet regime sends death squads to Sabha (a massacre looming)
      Large convoys of NATO Mercenaries are heading towards Sabha through Zentan, a massacre could be looming against the Tuareg population in Sabha.
      The UN, UNHR and Human Right Dogs have shown their lack of care and sympathy for the victims of NATO, we don't expect much from them, but we do expect those who give a damn to spread the message and inform the ignorant, in order to form a louder voice against the oppression and misery brought to Libya

  19. Abdul-Hakim al-Hasadi seen at 1.19, 3.09 and 3.32 in the video,footage dating from April 2011 LIBYA REBELS - Al Qaeda Hussen Al Hassadi [libyasos]

    1. "Where were you when I was being tortured in American jails"?

      The men claimed that before they were sent to Libya, US forces had tortured them in detention centers in Afghanistan, and supervised their torture in Pakistan and Thailand.


  20. 3 april :
    Report #Libya : in Last 2 Weeks more then 344 people died in #Tripoli and many more injured. as a Silent war continues against civilians.

  21. 20h URGENT: Rebels preventing reporters of Jazeera,BBC and CNN from entering Zuwara, Libya , in order not to take pictures of vast amounts of tanks and heavy weapons which are bombing the homes of innocent people in Jamil and Rkdalin. Source: الجيش الليبي لحماية القائد Libyan army to protect Muammar Gaddafi


    Libyan official: 147 killed in 6 days of clashes

  22. http://www.investorvillage.com/mbthread.asp?mb=4245&nhValue=630319&nmValue=630359&dValue=1&tid=10784096&showall=1

    Tentoush said that he and 12 other progressive Imams were traveling to Benghazi to discuss a peaceful end to the conflict.

    They stopped for tea at a guest house in Brega--- and NATO dropped a bomb right on top of them, killing 11 of the 13 Imams, who had embraced Islamic reforms that empower women's rights and modernity.

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l3WCgpUyyk&context=C47debe5ADvjVQa1PpcFMqX30h9vgw9hatFThtn8oTTf9DfaL80qM=

      Libya: Tripoli call for Islamic Sharia

    2. Zaid Benjamin ‏ @zaidbenjamin

      Urgent: #Libya commission 4 promotion of virtue and prevention of vice beheaded a civilian suspected of murder
      10 april 2012

    3. Zaid Benjamin ‏ @zaidbenjamin

      Urgent: The execution happened after a quick trial in the southern suburb of the Libyan capital #Tripoli - #Libya Revolution Facebook

  23. 9 april :
    According to Akhbar Libya, a video showing the victims of the city of El Jamile and Ragdaline killed as a result of indiscriminate shelling by the rebels of Zouara.
    Pictures of the Massacre Ragdaline (April 7, 2012)

  24. Omar Al Saleh ‏ @AJEOmar
    Ex rebels storm PM and govt building . GOVT calls for reinforcement. fighters from Jado and other areas

    They were protesting against govt decision to end grants paid to fighters during the uprising. they also want treatment for wounded

    some of the guards were saying ,''we shouldn't reflect bad image about Libya.''

    it was chaos there. many guns and vehicles.. no one was allowed to film. ''everything is normal in Libya'', we told

  25. #CNT #Libia: “remuneraciones pagadas a rebeldes fueron suspendidas por enorme fraude, millones de dinares fueron transferidos a terceros”.

    personally I worry. But reality in Libya is that money trails difficult to follow with lack of police, banks in flux etc...


    TFM : $662 million in international loans or Libyan assets from the United States


    $ 1.5 billion : 1/3 to USAID,1/3 to multinationals, TFM ,LIEM office the rest

  26. hundreds of millions of dollars into a newly-created company called FM Capital Partners,

    BN_Tripoli Tripoli Breakingnews
    Oil going out, money coming in......nobody knows how much or where its going..... fb.me/1FLn3QOM5

    Letter: Abd al-Hakeem Belhaj sanctioning the illegal sale of 16 Kgs. of Gold twitpic.com/7x9a0c #Libya

    Is double price of face value caused by Jalil's son who took control of telephone company and needs secure some earnings.

    Rebel rioting has spread to the city of Misrata, equivalent of more than $1 trillion is missing from all the Eastern Reserve banks,

    THANKU4THEANGERQatar probably financially supports its favoured Islamists.
    Qatar definitely wouldnt want ppl like Jibril or Tarhuni in charge

  27. Professor Rajab Ali Abudabos, was abducted and held incommunicado by the new Libyan regime
    It is believed that he is still being held in unknown conditions at the prison of the Military Academy in Tripoli.

    There are many other professors known to be among the thousands of prisoners held without trial,
    who did not partake in hostilities, such as Dr Ali Abdalaziz Manaa and Dr Khamis Atbaiga believed to be held in prisons at Misurata.

    Faisal Krekshi, 55, now head of the recently renamed Tripoli University took a former dean to prison

    However under the new government, there are estimates in the "tens of thousands" of political prisoners, and with an estimated death toll of around one hundred thousand during the intense fighting last year


    Al Qaeda militia went to Alshatee street where they abducted men and women from the beach and took them to Mitiga airport where they brutally beaten and whipped them.
    Libyan Resistance News: 08.04.2012.

  29. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Jwx7TK05vM&feature=related
    interrogation of mohamed, bangladesh
    astonishing how good is their arabic!


    Libya – A bus carrying weapons Qaeda goes to Tripoli (April 11, 2012)

    US Drone over #Derna

  30. http://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.com/2012/04/11/beheading-of-innocent-libyans-continue-warning-explicit-image/
    Government officials have said they know nothing about a group of uniformed young men who appeared on the streets of the capital on Sunday carrying a slogan on their jackets proclaiming them to be members of Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, Tripoli Branch.


    No one appeared to know who was in charge of the men or funding them, although many who were asked about the group expressed fears that there was now an active campaign to steer the country in the direction of hardline Islamist practices.

    #Benghazi #Libya continuous gunfire ongoing (from last 4 hours) on Hawari road near by Police Headquarter - 11 april 2012

  31. Sebha shines a light on Libya's darkness. But, the NTC better gets its strategy right before the dust settles, forewarns Gamal Nkrumah

    Few will take issue with the international human rights organisations' decision to bring to account perpetrators of human rights violations in Libya against black Africans and Libyans of black African descent.

    Amnesty International released a 24-page report entitled "Detention Abuses Staining the New Libya".

    The tribal clashes between Arab tribesmen and Toubou in the southern city of Sebha last week was an ominous signal of racial and tribal conflict typical of the post-Gaddafi Libya.

    1. But the fighting could also be explained as :

      The Sabha fighting pits southern Libyan Arab tribes that reportedly had close connections to Gaddafi against the African Tabu tribe, which fought against him.

      Libya’s Tabu have kinsmen living across the border in Chad, and the defence ministry said on March 31 that it sent a number of militia and national army soldiers to the country’s southern border in case other African tribes try to join the fight.
      It also dispatched airplanes to survey the area.

      The Toubou are black oasis farmers by tradition who also have connections beyond Libya’s borders. They live in southern Libya, northern Chad and in Niger, and have previously denied having separatist ambitions.

  32. According to Akhbar Libya, Ahmed Zoubeiri said the federation will be applied in Libya that the Libyan people want it or not.

    The new flag with a Black Star and crescent will be raised about the New Country of Barca and a celebration will be held April 17, 2012 to formalize the separation and an army of 4,000 soldiers will parade through the streets.


    #Libya chaos is escalating. A confrontation between the interim government and the militias is imminent



    Alzentan thieves share the Libyan money

  34. Libya -Armed battle between NATO mercenaries and resistance in Gheryan. RPGs & 106 artillery used. One dead, one wounded. 13/ 4

    What is an American spyplane doing in Libya? An EP-3E spotted over Derna April 13, 2012

  35. *Planned divison of Libya by Nato rats in 5 parts is developing in front of our eyes, as Gaddafi predicted

    . Source: https://www.facebook.com/aljamihrya

  36. The continued flight of #MiG21 aircraft (which was seized by the #NATO rebel from the #Libyan Air Force) for a third day in a row and is tasked with a shadowy military operation in the south of Libya. Some believe that gold from the mines and other metals are stolen and transported from the south Libya to Tripoli by airplanes, and that French and British soldiers are involved as well, and are taking the wealth to their own countries. France has built a military base there.

    14- 4 / Qatari cargo planes carrying military vehicles landed at International Airport Sabha and will be transferred to the city Murzuq this evening.

  37. Libya freezes rewards for ex-rebels over mass fraud

    ثوار الناتو يسرقون اموال الشعب الليبي

  38. URGENT: Mustafa Abdul Jalil, chairman of the interim ruling in Libya nominated Ali Altarhuni as president of the interim government in Libya

    ‪ # Libya ‬ ‪ # Tripoli ‬
    Zaid Benjamin ‏ @zaidbenjamin
    عاجل: مصطفى عبد الجليل رئيس المجلس الانتقالي الحاكم في ليبيا يرشح علي الترهوني رئيساً للحكومة المؤقتة في ليبيا ‎‪#Libya‬‏ ‎‪#Tripoli‬‏

  39. http://gulfnews.com/news/gulf/uae/general/abu-dhabi-crown-prince-receives-libyan-prime-minister-1.1009038
    Al Keeb thanked the UAE for their unlimited support

    FromJoanne : #NTC members Trying to overthrow PM ElKeib (Visiting UAE sunday see next tweet) Int. Government & Installing alternative #Libya Government
    16 april ,1 hour ago 3 Retweets |

    Ahmed Zoubeiri :federation will be applied in Libya , the Libyan people want it or not

    risked and sacrificed their lives is specifically that of the pre-Gaddafi state of King Idri

    Last Thursday, employees and technicians at Akakus Oil Operations – a partnership between Spain’s Repsol and Libya’s National Oil Corporation – staged a sit-in after their boss was attacked by revolutionary brigades from Zintan. The fighters were allegedly seeking to force Abdul Majid al-Shoh to pay remuneration and other grants.
    The Magharebia web site is sponsored by the United States Africa Command

  40. Mustafa Abdul-Jalil said he has obtained an assurance from Algiers that the members of the former libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi currently living in Algeria, would be prevented from sabotaging the new Libyan authorities.


    In another step towards normalising ties, Reuters has reported that Algerian state energy firm Sonatrach is planning to resume its activities in Libya soon.

  41. Libiya Human Development Forum since 20-06-2003


    The ties between Norman Benotman and Ashur Shamis are many: Libyan opposition figures living in England, they have close ties with the nebula, especially the Islamic Group in Libya Islamic Fight (LIFG). They know each other well, both being directors of the same associations. Norman Benotman claims to have changed to the corner of"moderate Muslims" and converted to combat this evil , it could be the reason why he works within the Quilliam Foundation and the British secret services .

    where Norman Benotman admits publicly to have sided with jihadists, Shamis is less clear about his past or his present ties with radical jihadi's



    2008-06-02 / 16:04:00
    Summary: Frustration at the inability of eastern LIBYAns to effectively challenge Qadhafi's regime, together with a concerted ideological campaign by returned LIBYAN fighters from earlier conflicts, have played important roles in DERNA's development as a wellspring of LIBYAn foreign fighters in Iraq.

    Other factors include a dearth of social outlets for young people, local pride in DERNA's history as a locus of fierce opposition to occupation, economic disenfranchisement among the town's young men. Depictions on satellite television of events in Iraq and Palestine fuel the widespread view that resistance to coalition forces is justified and necessary. One LIBYAN interlocutor likened young men in DERNA to Bruce Willis' character in the action picture "Die Hard", who stubbornly refused to die quietly.
    For them, resistance against coalition forces in Iraq is an important act of 'jihad' and a last act of defiance against the Qadhafi regime. End summary.

    1. http://audioboo.fm/boos/449756-mohammed-ali-abdallah-from-nfsl-talks-about-possible-massacre-at-tripoli-prison
      Mohammed Ali Abdallah from NFSL talks about possible massacre at Tripoli prison

      Mohammed Ali Abdallah, the deputy secretary-general of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya.
      Inside Story, with presenter Divya Gopalan, discusses with guests: Faraj Najem, a historian and the author of Tribes, Islam and State in Libya; Noman Benotman, a senior analyst for de-radicalisation at Quilliam Foundation and the former head of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which he left in 2002; and Mohammed Ali Abdallah, the deputy secretary-general of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya.

      Mohammed Ali Abdallah, spokesman for National Front for the Salvation of Libya.
      About 100 forces loyal to Gadhafi, including a high-ranking officer, fled across the border into Tunisia, said Mohammed Ali Abdallah, spokesman for National Front for the Salvation of Libya. He said the rebels detained 14 members of Gadhafi’s forces.

      Mohammed Ali Abdallah Ad darrat
      Joined Lexmark International in 1997, a Fortune 500 US based IT corporation
      Fortune 500 corporate sponsors and representatives pursing an agenda of global economic and military hegemony.

    2. Libyan Center for Development and Human Rights


      Led by human rights experts from the Warsaw-based Helsinki Foundation, the workshop provided participants with tactics for identifying and reporting human rights abuses, seeking justice for those abuses, and advocating for human rights protections. The course was implemented in cooperation with two local civil society groups – Human Rights Solidarity and the Libyan Center for Development and Human Rights

    3. Gehani



      Dr. Gehani informed Mr. Gaddafi during meeting Dr. Gehani is ‘architect’ of allegations against him

      . Omran Al-Fituri Libya.,Khaled El Gehani

      8 Mar 2012 – Khaled El Gehani Libya. Lamia Al-Kikhia Libya. Fatma Emaetig Libya. Kari Syrjänen Finland. Omran Al-Fituri Libya. Adam Elzagheid Libya ...

    4. Wafa Relief, a registered charity (No. 1101992) was established in Manchester in 2003 to work in a variety of charitable causes worldwide

    5. http://www.flickr.com/photos/67838278@N03/
      Ibrahim El-Gehani

      Amal El Gehani joined the revolution just one day after it began.
      The 25-year-old was working as an electrical-engineering lecturer at a local university on Feb. 18


    6. Amnesty International said :
      The detainees include:
      Adel Abdullah El-Gehani—a Libyan army colonel who began posting articles on the Internet criticizing human rights abuses under Gadhafi. He was arrested Jan. 14 by military intelligence officials,

      A father of seven,

      caustic : But we don't know for sure the order, or even a more legitimate version of it, was ever truly given.
      We have only the word of those two pilots. They remain unnamed, but were both reportedly high-ranking colonels, not unlike their fellow Air Force colonel Abdullah Gehani, arrested by the Libyan government a couple of weeks earlier on suspicion of helping set up some kind of overthrow with French involvement

      While in Benghazi, contact is made with Libyan air defence colonel, Abdallah Gehani.

    7. In a sixth-floor office in Benghazi, a law professor,
      Ahmed Sadek El Gehani,
      along with three colleagues, has been quietly helping to create a temporary constitution for the country.

      Mr. Gehani represents the mainstreaming of the revolt: he once worked as a consultant to the Qaddafi government on legal matters abroad, and is now trying to end the state's intervention in the judicial system.

  42. Foreign #Qatar help outcome: RT @FromJoanne Minister says:Most #Libya mosquesRcontrolled by extremists #Tripoli #Benghazi - #Arabspring ?

    Tunisia’s Religious Affairs Minister Nourredine al-Khademi on Saturday said the country will take stock of the hundreds of mosques now in the hands of Salafist extremists.

  43. While Qatari government propaganda outlet Al Jazeera is busy whitewashing the NATO-led terrorist take-over of Libya with "documentaries" like "Gaddafi: The Endgame - State of Denial," depicting the evisceration of one of Africa's most developed nation-states as a pro-democracy revolution yielding a promising tomorrow - Libya in reality has been plunged into perpetual violence, destabilization, and division.

    And as militants battle each other while carving the once unified Libya into a myriad of fiefdoms, genocidal death squads continue a campaign of extermination nationwide.

  44. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTuZeHYABaY

    George #Galloway: "This so-called 'revolution' in #Libya will lead to Black people swinging from trees, being lynched.

  45. The ICC prosecutor was received by Abdul Aziz al-Hassadi


    1. The article refers to Abdul Aziz al-Hassadi, the president of the Supreme Court of Libya. Here is a photo of him.

      Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi is a LIFG (al Qaeda) leader from Dernah. Not the same man.

    2. thanks Petri .

      I almost was mistaken by family name Belhadj too :
      Al-Qaeda confirms Belhadj death

  46. Libya: Tripoli call for Islamic Sharia



  47. http://www.algeria-isp.com/public/libye4(35).jpg

    Photo of the king or the President of Barca, Zoubeiri El Senussi

  48. http://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.com/2012/04/20/libya-warplanes-bombed-tripoli-unidentified-april-20-2012/

    Unidentified Warplanes Bombed Tripoli

    Federation of Barca decided to donate the old constitution of 1951 and section 188 to enable the announcement that Tripoli and Benghazi are the capitals of Libya.

  49. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=357124431001676&set=p.357124431001676&type=1&theater

    Map of Libya's release on April 24, 2012

    door: Konstantyn Scheglikov

  50. I am very excited to welcome you to
    the first issue of Mizaan, the newsletter
    from Lawyers for Justice in Libya.
    Its publication comes a year after the start
    of the 17 February Revolution and the
    creation of LFJL on 1 March 2011 – and
    what a year it has been!

    I remember that first call of 1 March so
    clearly – we were seven people, most of
    whom did not know each other, compelled
    to come together to do something,
    anything, to contribute to the incredible
    events unfolding in Libya.

    We introduced ourselves: Feras Gadamsi (Dubai), Ibtisam
    Al-Kilani (Paris), Marwa Elborai (New
    York), Farah Beitelmal (Madrid), Mariam
    Elhadri (Pennsylvania), Rayan Faris (New
    York) and me (London).
    We were all Libyan and all living in the Diaspora –
    we were wary at times but knew that we had
    to shed the paranoia instilled in us by
    the previous regime and trust each other


    1. That's very interesting , hurriya. Another platform for the new professional class. Core Team here. Mariam Elhadri: "We all knew what Gaddafi was capable of. He had been committing human rights violations for forty-two years. When the uprising against him began, we expected the atrocities would be immeasurable.....On February 17, 2011 I was working on a web site with a friend to get any information, news, videos, or pictures of the events in Libya out to the rest of the world in English. It was because of the valuable evidence we accumulated on the site, that I started working on the investigations with LFJL." i.e. the fake videos news and pictures.
      And as for the presence of Mrs Nabous aka Samraa Naas on the site...
      One interesting character: Marwan Tashani is a judge, human rights activist and head of the committee for documentation and mercenaries.
      Based around Rare Recruitment Ltd which doesn't have a street address on its website (!) (but is the same as LFLJ, and for whom the boss of LFJL has worked since 2010 for. Rare "We are also proud to be the Official Recruitment Partner of City Year London and host for Lawyers for Justice in Libya."

    2. @hurriya, @Adam @Petri - I have just listened to a BBC Radio programme about Transitional Justice, with special reference to Libya, featuring Elham Saudi of LFJL. An interesting programme, full of North American accents, including Saudi's. It will appear on the BBC I-Player for one week from Sunday 29th April onwards. Worth listening to if only to hear Saudi talking quite a lot of tosh. - she says how brilliant Libyan lawyers are. How did they get trained and so proficient? (A bit like Libyan doctors who have been trained in Benghazi and Tripoli and got jobs throughout the rich first world....)
      I think the delay in replaying is because the programme is repeated on Saturday night. It can also be accessed directly.

    3. @Felix – Re: "the new professional class." I prefer to call it the neocolonial elite.

    4. no mention by the way of Tawergha, Sirte etc in the programme about justice... In any case, I don't think the neo-colonial, Ivy League or Oxbridge-educated elite are going to relocate to the future Misrata office of their law firms. One of the thrusts of Rare Recruitment is to get more black people into the elite atmosphere of Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

    5. Was it Worth it? Reflections on the Libyan Revolution
      Friday 27 April 2012 13:00 to 14:00 BST
      Chatham House, London
      Participants :

      Lindsey Hilsum, International Editor, Channel 4 News
      Chair: Elham Saudi, Co-Founder and Director, Lawyers for Justice in Libya

      Notable Chatham House Major Corporate Members:

      Amsterdam & Peroff
      Coca-Cola Great Britain
      Goldman Sachs International
      HSBC Holdings plc
      Lockheed Martin UK
      Merck & Co Inc
      Mitsubishi Corporation
      Morgan Stanley
      Royal Bank of Scotland
      Saudi Petroleum Overseas Ltd
      Standard Bank London Limited
      Standard Chartered Bank
      Thomson Reuter
      United States of America Embassy
      Vodafone Group

      Notable Chatham House Standard Corporate Members:

      Amnesty International
      Boeing UK
      CBS News
      Daily Mail and General Trust plc
      De Beers Group Services UK Ltd
      G3 Good Governance Group
      Hess Ltd
      Lloyd's of London
      McGraw-Hill Companies
      Prudential plc
      Telegraph Media Group
      Times Newspapers Ltd
      World Bank Group

      Notable Chatham House Corporate Partners:

      British Petroleum
      Chevron Ltd
      Deutsche Bank
      Exxon Mobil Corporation
      Royal Dutch Shell
      Toshiba Corporation
      Total Holdings UK Ltd
      Unilever plc

    6. another gold digger :

      Alex Crawford ‏@AlexCrawfordSky
      Really great meeting so many Libyans in London tonight.
      Esra ‏@Freedom_7uriyah
      was an honour to meet @AlexCrawfordSky last night at Kings College & my mum finally got to thank her in person :) http://twitpic.com/935ohd
      30 Mar Esra ‏@Freedom_7uriyah

  51. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-libya-chamber-of-commerce-announces-appointment-of-sara-bronfman-as-president-of-the-chamber-139727393.html

    US-Libya Chamber of Commerce Announces Appointment of Sara Bronfman as President of the Chamber


    @sarabronfman heiress to ardent supporters of #IsraeliSettlements & fiancée to #NTC ex envoy to #Canada, tweets abt #Libya #Saif & #ICC

    @sarabronfman is preoccupied by Human Rights in #Libya & trial of #Saif by #NTC & #ICC but not by HumanRights in #Israel

    1. Canada provided surveillance drones to rebels so they could better attack Libyan troops, day or night.

      Canadians officials took an 18-hour boat ride from Malta to the NTC training facility in Misrata, sailing without problems through NATO’s blockade, to deliver the drones and showed the rebels how to fly the drone

  52. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-202_162-57422453/libyas-ruling-council-fires-cabinet/
    TRIPOLI, Libya - Libya's interim ruling council has fired the nation's Cabinet just five months after it took office, citing incompetence, two senior officials said Thursday, just two months before the country's first national election.

    National Transitional Council official Fathi Baja told The Associated Press that 65 of the NTC's 72-members approved a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Abdurrahim el-Keib in a meeting Wednesday.

    It's the latest blow to Libya, struggling to reorganize after the overthrow of longtime dictator Muammar Qaddafi. The move throws into question the country's ability to hold the election in June, where Libyans are supposed to elect a 200-member assembly to form a government and prepare for writing the country's new constitution.

    Another senior NTC official, Moussa al-Kouni, confirmed the vote and said the decision was not made public because of the council's failure to agree on a new Cabinet.

    The NTC is divided over who should be the next prime minister. Islamists support Mustafa Abu-Shakour, el-Keib's deputy. Others oppose appointing a senior member of a Cabinet they say has failed, suggesting Labor Minister Mustafa al-Rajbani instead.

    1. There are suspicions that Keib's brother is involved in large thefts since he became a head of National Investment Company #Libya (controlling billions of Libyan money)


  53. It looks like some sort of insurgency is brewing in Benghazi:
    attack on UN convoy, jailbreak attempt, courthouse bombing are the examples.

    This is also mirrored by a string of small bombings and attacks in Derna targeting security officials and certain individuals.

    About the bombing at the courthouse in Benghazi: " ... investigators had found graffiti at the scene expressing support for Gaddafi"

    #Benghazi Prison Update: Six prisoners, guards killed when group of inmates tried to break out of the #alKawifiya prison #Libya

    Libya's kidnappings for ransom show a state mired in chaos

    1. Some spirt abound, remains free, being a "danger" by having explosives... no one killed here, and I must say, a very murky situation. Separatists mad at the NTC, the courthouse (that was once the NTC's base?) targeted. Spray point helps set the blame, rightly or wrongly. Mixed signals...

      Sadly, even if we take this as a harmless act of legitimate defiance by Green Libyans, it's still far too easy for the world and Tripoli to see no legitimate opposition, no voice of the people, nothing but "terrorist threats" and "hired mercenaries" and even "agents of Al-Shaytan."

      So I'm not considering this good news. Arrests of Greens will likely follow, and more bad things from there.

    2. May be a power struggle is going on?

      Wild card
      A militant Islamist leader, Abd al-Hakim Belhadj, who's associated with al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and was renditioned by the CIA to Libya where he was imprisoned and tortured, has emerged as a popular hero and could mount a political challenge

      A new law that bans parties that are based on religious principles has been passed by Libya's ruling National Transitional Council, or NTC. The law, passed this week, comes two months ahead of the country's first general elections to choose a 200-member assembly to compose a new constitution and form a new government.

    3. The Islamist group Takthir wal Hijra, which is said to have a cell in Derna, have been accused of being involved in both attacks, which are also believed to be linked to the assassination last July, of the NTC’s of Chief of Staff Abdel Fatah Younis.

      Last night, however, government sources insisted that the attack on the prison was the work of an ordinary criminal gang, and not Islamists. That was before this latest attack.

      One of those accused of involvement in Yunis’ slaying, Salem Obeidi, is being held at the prison. He is said to come from Derna.

      It was also reported last night that two other men connected to the killing were also being held at the prison. On Wednesday, however, only Obeidi appeared at a military court in Benghazi at the start of his trial on murder charges. 

      According to military prosecution spokesman Sulaiman Al-Ramali, sixteen others, mostly soldiers, are also accused but have not yet been caught.

    4. Ali al-Salabi

      Al-Salabi: It is not possible to bypass the Islamists of Libya
      Ali al-Salabi, Libyan Islamist leader and member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, said that a small minority whom he labeled “secular fundamentalists” want to “monopolize” the future of Libya after the downfall of the regime of Col. Muamar al-Qaddafi
      Al-Salabi added in … a conversation with Al-Jazeera that the real power players in the public space of the Libyan Revolution are the Islamists, and assured that it would not be possible to bypass them in any political stage to come

      Ismail salabi , leader feb17 brigade

      Ismail al-Salabi who previously called for the whole interim cabinet to resign, now has gone one step further, threatening to kill all members of Executive Council one by one because they are remnants of the Libyan Jamahariya government.

      He said that they will most likely meet the same faith as Younis, a NATO militia commander who was killed by his own side.

  54. Libya must clarify the rules under which it disqualifies from public office individuals who stood by the regime of former leader Moamer Kadhafi, Human Rights Watch said on Saturday.


    "Exclusion from public office should be based on concrete and provable claims of wrongdoing, rather than poorly defined connections with the previous government," said HRW Middle East and North Africa director Sarah Lea Whitson.
    The National Transitional Council (NTC) "should amend regulations to eliminate vague and broad prohibitions on who may serve as a government official or become a candidate for election," a statement said.

    HRW said current regulations bar people from holding senior government posts or running for office if they "glorified" the previous government or if they stood against the February 17 revolution that overthrew Kadhafi.

    "It is terribly unclear how the vetting commission will decide who can and cannot participate in the new Libya?s political life," Whitson said in reference to a commission tasked with vetting senior officials and candidates.

  55. BREAKING NEWS #Libya : 7 journalists killed & 22 injured in a fire in press headquarters in Zliten!


  56. Found this on Global Civilians for Peace in Libya:
    During a trip to eastern Libya last June, at a time when rebel forces were locked in a stalemate with troops loyal to dictator Moammar Gadhafi and many countries were calling for a ceasefire, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird actively encouraged the rebels to keep fighting.

    The revelation opens a new window onto the role Canada played in the civil war – while raising questions about whether this country violated the spirit of the United Nations Security Council resolution that authorized international involvement in the conflict.

    Baird visited Benghazi, the capital of the anti-Gadhafi movement, on June 27, where he met with senior leaders from the rebels’ National Transitional Council and delivered trauma kits.

    Despite NATO-led air and sea support, the rebels had been unable to make significant gains against Gadhafi’s forces and there were reports that a ceasefire was in the works.

    Following his meeting with NTC president Abdul Jalil and foreign representative Ali Issawi, Baird told reporters: “Obviously, this thing can’t end too soon – the killing and the disruption of daily life. I think they’re just as keen and as enthusiastic to get this behind them and begin to establish freedom and democracy here in Libya.”

    What Baird didn’t reveal – and which is being revealed only now in speaking notes prepared for a meeting several weeks later with his Norwegian counterpart and obtained through access to information – is that he had urged the rebels to continue with their attacks.

    “When in Benghazi, I impressed upon the National Transitional Council the importance of pushing forward militarily,” Baird was advised to tell Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Store.

    Canada was one of the most hawkish outside nations involved in the Libyan conflict, conducting a disproportionately large percentage of the air strike missions and providing important diplomatic and humanitarian support to the rebels.

  57. http://www.presstv.ir/detail/238620.html

    Militiamen seize Benghazi airport

    LP ‏ @libyanproud
    #Benghazi: Salafi Brigade "Raf Allah Shatti" is now in charge of securing #Benghazi Airport under orders of Salafi High Security Committee

  58. #BreakingNews Vienna Police just declared that Shukri #Ghanem was found dead
    in river Danube today morning #Libya #NOC

  59. Libyan ‏ @Tripolitanian
    I would like to ask Lebanon to return our weapons so we can try to send them to the Syrians again, thanks.

    1. This makes me sad. I was aware of and liked that guy. He had told the West repeatedly Libya had nothing to do with Lockerbie, He had seemed a reasonable person but a bit wimpy, defected easily, then saw what happened to Libya.

      It's quite possible he committed suicide, but no one would want to hear that so soon after the joyous "liberation" of Libya. Or it could be part of a wider-ranging purge, or perhaps he was specifically targeted because of something he was about to say or do.

    2. Suicided more likely.
      Having watched this video:BP got Libyan oil deal for the Lockerbie Pan Am Flight 103 bomber's release , one gets a feeling that he knew where all the bodies were buried.
      Vienna is also a dangerous place - see what happened to IAEA weapons inspector Timothy Hampton in 2009.

  60. Millions will not be allowed to vote in the coming Elections in #Libya as they are branded Pro-#Gaddafi for supporting #Jamahiriya

    Great to hear that some #GaddafiGoon s are not allowed inside #Sirte again. High time for 'those' still inside to hit the road too. #Libya

    elections seems to be for exiles only

  61. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=362573993790053&set=p.362573993790053&type=1&theater

    Map of Libya's release on May 1, 2012

  62. Libya's ruling National Transitional Council on Wednesday passed a number of laws criminalized the glorification of the dead brutal dictator and Muammar Gaddafi, his regime and his sons.

    "Praising or glorifying Muammar Gaddfi, his regime, his ideas or his sons... is punishable by a prison sentence," said the text of the law read out to reporters by a judicial official following a high-level meeting.

    A second law, also governing the transition, stipulates prison sentences for anyone who "attacks the February 17 revolution, denigrates Islam, the authority of the state or its institutions."

    A third law was also issued on Wednesday confiscates all property and funds belonging to figures of the previous regime, including Gaddafi’s relatives, putting them under the care of the judiciary.


    1. New York) -- Amnesty International today condemned a new Libyan law forbidding the "glorification" of the deposed leader Mu’ammar al-Gaddafi, saying it is an "eerie reminder" of laws he passed to stamp dissent.

      Law 37 of 2012 on the Criminalization of the Glorification of the Dictator was passed Wednesday by the National Transitional Council. It carries prison sentences for spreading false rumors, propaganda or information with the aim of harming national defense, “terrorizing people” or “weakening citizens’ morale” during war time. The law imposes life imprisonment if such actions “harm the country.”

      Glorifying “al-Gaddafi, or his political system, or his ideas, or children” is considered to be an act of “sensationalist propaganda” according to the new law.

      The law also includes vague provisions for punishment and prison for anyone who harms “the February 17 Revolution.”
      Punishment is also applied for those “offending” Islam, the state and its institutions, or for “publicly offending the Libyan people.”

      Not only does the law run counter to Libya’s international obligations, but it is also not compliant with Libya’s Constitutional Declaration, adopted on August, 3 2011, which guarantees freedom of expression.

      Free speech must be guaranteed for all, not only supporters of the new government,” said Luther.

      “We fear that this law will have a chilling effect on the emerging media in Libya and may lead to the imprisonment of prisoners of conscience.”


  63. @ChangeInLibya This time last year a group of AlKufra FF were in Sudan to bring weapons shipment to prepare for an attack on G forces :)

  64. Displaced residents of Tomina and Kararim told Human Rights Watch that Gaddafi forces had ordered the civilian residents of both villages to evacuate their homes on 12May 2011. The residents of Tawergha fled with retreating Gaddafi forces in mid-August. (LIES! They were all masacred by TNC forces!)

    Some residents of Tomina and Kararim who tried to return to their homes in recent months told Human Rights Watch that Misrata militia members had stopped them at the checkpoint 80 kilometers south of Misrata.

    Gunmen checked the villagers against lists of those wanted for collaboration with Gaddafi forces or direct involvement in crimes committed during the war, they said.

    The villagers interviewed by Human Rights Watch said they were not on the list, but they were still prevented from going home. Instead, militia members took them to a fenced-in complex just outside Tawergha called the Emirates apartments, where the displaced villagers have remained.

    Human Rights Watch visited the apartment complex in late January 2012 and saw between 60 and 100 families there guarded by militia members from various cities. A militia commander there said his men protect the residents and help them get food and other assistance. His men prevent residents from leaving without an escort to protect them from attacks, He said.

    1. The situation for the estimated 30,000 residents of Tawergha is even worse than in Tomina and Kararim, Human Rights Watch said.

      The town is empty, and displaced Tawerghans have been harassed, attacked, and arrested by Misrata militias, sometimes leading to deaths in detention, as previously documented by Human Rights Watch.
      On February 6, a group of militias attacked a camp of displaced Tawerghans in the Janzour district of Tripoli. According to 10 witnesses, seven men, women, and children were killed and more than 15 were wounded.

    2. Thousands of Libyans are too afraid to return to their homes six months after Moammar Gadhafi’s government was toppled, according to a report published Tuesday by IRIN, the United Nations’ news service.
      Many Libyans are still living in abandoned construction sites, empty student housing facilities, and other places. The U.N. estimates that around 70,000 people are still displaced in Libya, with around 14,500 living in the capital, Tripoli.

      “We want to go back but cannot,” Abdul Aziz al-Irwi from western Libya, who lives in a camp in Tripoli, told IRIN.
      “Some people from another camp tried to return about two months ago, but about seven of them were captured by forces from Zintan and imprisoned.”

      Irwi said his community was targeted by Libyan Zintan-based militia members for allegedly supporting Gadhafi’s forces.

    3. http://www.irinnews.org/Report/95403/LIBYA-Detained-migrants-face-harsh-conditions-legal-limbo

      BENGHAZI, 3 May 2012 (IRIN) - In one of the many rooms where detainees are held at Ganfouda detention centre in Libya’s second largest city, Benghazi, Suleiman Mansour*, a young Somali from Mogadishu, spends his days locked up along with 15 other migrants. They lie on mattresses propped against the walls, which are scribbled with names and slogans: one says “I love Somalia”.

      “I’ve been here for four months,” Mansour told IRIN. “I left Mogadishu in August last year and was arrested in Kufra before they brought me here. Some of us have documents, but they are still being kept in Kufra.” The desert town of Kufra, lies at a point where the borders of Egypt, Chad and Sudan meet.

      In another room, 36 men, mainly Egyptians, occupy one room. “We were in Libya even before the revolution, but afterwards, people with and without documents were rounded up,” said one who used to work as a cook in Benghazi before he was detained.

    4. http://www.irinnews.org/Report/95403/LIBYA-Detained-migrants-face-harsh-conditions-legal-limbo

      People sometimes ask us to work on their farms, and we do for a few months.
      But then we are taken back to the detention centre,” Hassan,* an Egyptian migrant told IRIN.

      “I was taken to work as an agricultural labourer for about 300 dinars a month ($240). If we go out to work, why can’t we just be released? Why do we have to come back here again to the centre?”

    5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxtXwcJFMOs
      الجزيرة - تعذيب السجناء في سجون الثوار

      Occurs only in Libya: www.OnlyinLibya.com - www.1702Libya.com.

      Torture of prisoners affiliated with Gaddafi, particularly in prisons thatare not under control of the Ministry of Interior.

      The United Nations said that there are more than 60 detention center in Libya and it is believed that the number of detainees has reached more than 8 thousand people ..!! .

      A prison inmate of Ain Zara complain , told Al Jazeera that they are since 6 months in prison, without charge, but he was not allowed to speak .

      The report does not mention the presence of detainees in detention centers and farm parks of Gaddafi!!


  65. http://moroccoworldnews.com/2012/05/37994/eastern-federalists-urge-libya-poll-boycott-2/

    Eastern federalists urge Libya poll boycott
    Federalists in Libya’s eastern Cyrenaica region called on Thursday for a boycott of next month’s constituent assembly elections, rejecting the transition plan set out by the interim authorities.

    The Council of Cyrenaica, which wants autonomy for the oil-rich east, issued a statement calling on “all Libyans… to boycott elections” unless the ruling National Transitional Council changes its plans.

  66. Several hundred armed revolutionaries (thuwar) from the Union of Revolutionary Battalions surrounded the NTC’s offices in Tripoli this morning demanding that they be given a direct voice in governing the country.

    An amnesty of for any wrongdoings committed during the revolution:
    They also want seats be assigned to them in the new National Congress and be granted an amnesty of for any wrongdoings committed during the revolution.

    Mustafa Abdul Jalil agreed to meet their leader named only as Al-Azari and other representatives, one of whom was named as Abdurrahman Al-Gaja.


  67. https://si0.twimg.com/profile_images/1815058408/Screen_Shot_2012-02-09_at_12.24.47_bigger.png

    a tweeter from the start of the uprising writes :
    Anyone interested in Libya's future economic development should read this - http://t.co/fCQuJZHs
    There are three aims that the Ministry of Economy has at this stage’ – Minister Koshli

    France is also doing well :
    42 French companies to exhibit at Libya Build 2012

  68. The Mufti of Libya, Sheikh Sadeq al-Gharyani,

    Mr. al-Obeidi noted that before his office opened the graves to identify the bodies, it obtained a fatwa from the Mufti, Sheikh al-Sadiq al-Gharyani, and permission from Attorney General Abdelaziz al-Hassadi.


    Benghazi resident Mahar al-Maghrabi also expressed anger at his new government for taking almost three months to recover the bodies, including the body of his brother, a 23-year-old rebel fighter.

    He said, “They knew about this grave, and they should have worked quicker to excavate the bodies…This is unacceptable.”


    We call people to support the Free Syrian Army
    Sheikh Sadiq al-Gharyani (Libya)


  69. http://www.algeria-isp.com/actualites/politique-libye/201205-A10212/libye-mustapha-abdeljalil-hospitalise-clinique-benghazi-suite-une-crise-cardiaque-mai-2012.html#.T6VcY5jWp09.twitter

    Libye – Mustapha Abdeljalil hospitalisé à la clinique de Benghazi suite à une crise cardiaque (5 mai 2012)
    Mustapha Abdeljalil admitted to a clinic in Benghazi after a heart attack (May 5, 2012)

  70. NTC & Govt must ramp up awareness campaign for registration. Only 10% have registered. Only so much activists can do #LyElect #Libya #Feb17

    330,000 Libyans register for vote in June.. Uh that's just 5% of the population of 6,355,000.. I wouldn't be impressed just yet! #Libya

    Ghazi Gheblawi ‏ @Gheblawi
    actually its picking steam and I am expecting it to reach to 3million voters which nearly 80% of potential voters

  71. http://www.algeria-isp.com/actualites/politique-libye/201205-A10257/libye-une-manifestation-des-resistants-sirte-contre-mustapha-abdeljalil-video-mai-2012.html#.T6g5_Mf9wMs.twitter

    Libye – Une manifestation des résistants de Sirte contre Mustapha Abdeljalil - Vidéo (7 mai 2012)

  72. felix : lol : the new libiya explained. note darrat family !


  73. Zawiyah, Libya — Five defendants appeared in the dock in the Libyan city of Zawiyah on Tuesday in what court officials said was the first civil trial of suspected supporters of slain dictator Moamer Kadhafi.

    Judge Amer al-Turki did not read out any charge sheet before adjourning the trial for a week at the request of defence lawyers.

    But court official Ali al-Shaab Mohammed said the five were accused of “forming a criminal gang with the aim of carrying out acts of sabotage and of possessing unlicensed weapons.”

    They were all detained in Zawiyah, 40 kilometres (25 miles) west of Tripoli, during the uprising that overthrew Kadhafi last year.

    Two lawyers appeared for the defence in the brand new courtroom, one of them a woman wearing the full niqab veil.

    In early February, a first group of alleged Kadhafi supporters went on trial before a military court in Libya’s second-largest city Benghazi, but Mohammed said the Zawiyah hearing was the first before a civil court.

    The Benghazi court later ruled itself incompetent to hear a case against civilian defendants and referred it to a civil court.

    Several former top officials of Kadhafi’s regime and hundreds of his supporters, both soldiers and civilians, have been held for months, many of them in prisons run by former rebel militias that are outside government control.

    Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Libya+opens+first+civil+trial+Kadhafi+suspects/6585862/story.html#ixzz1uIPgNyTw

  74. At least two security officials have been killed after ex-rebels attacked the office of the Libyan prime minister in the capital, Tripoli.
    A witness said pick-up trucks mounted with anti-aircraft guns surrounded the building and a gun battle ensued.

    A government official later said the fighting had ceased.
    The attackers are said to be former rebels who fought to topple Col Gaddafi last year, who are demanding pay-outs promised under a reward scheme.
    Most people inside the building fled, including the finance minister and the deputy prime minister.

  75. Found this on T west afrisynergy talking to Libyans in Libya and aboard.
    part 1:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKGoHDWvrIc&feature=plcp
    part 2:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3T_gqLF6xc&feature=plcp
    part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0nprjgopkg&feature=plcp
    part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p38knVBLZI0&feature=plcp
    part 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46h-BRL2I1g&feature=plcp
    part 6:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIWk1a-1Fpk&feature=plcp

  76. @ felix : something strange with writer : Hungary & from Bandar Kuala Lumpur :

    I am Libya
    Gada Mahfud
    I am Libya
    We are Hungary for Democracy, freedom, equality and it’s about time some delicious Embakbka was served.

    from Bandar Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur

    The Tripoli Post ‏ @TheTripoliPost
    Opinion: Delay the Elections? When Would A Good Time Be? - By Gada Mahfud http://www.tripolipost.com/articledetail.asp?c=5&i=8328
    also posting in :

    Any connection? :
    Joanne ♌ Leo /@FromJoanne
    Born in Indonesia Spent best years in Sultanate of Oman Lost my heart to Egypt and not too long ago my home was on The Hadbah Road Tripoli Libya
    7:21 PM - 22 Dec 11 via web · Embed this Tweet

  77. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWBcynarS2U
    Playground War - Libya : destructed Sirte divided and brainwashed

    Report of the Committee of Finance and Economy
    Report financial corruption!!! by rats channels
    1 - loss of 2,456,000 two billion and four hundred and fifty-six million

    But even now, Libyan Tabus continue to feel marginalized, and complain of neglect by the Libyan national authorities.

    Kufra — As dusk settles over the isolated Saharan town Kufra, young guards order a few hundred migrants lined up at a detention centre to chant "Libya free, Chadians out", before they kneel down for evening prayers.

  78. Libiya 16 may 2012 :

    -#AfricanAirlinesOffice at #Tripoli IntAirport; drunk #AlZentan group attacked National Security@warehouse last night Several injured #Libya

    -Was told by security official that 2 foreign journos were robbed on gun point near the Grand hotel y'day. They took their cameras too
    -Inkerman Insights ‏ @inkermangroup

    #Libya: Death toll now at seven people, twenty injured in clashes in western desert town of #Ghadames
    -@papiliono24 ... kicked out of their homes by rebels and were attacked in the desert few days ago. They likely want their home back.

    -NATO bombed Derna today!? #Libya

    -Dr. Fathi Jahani of Benghazi Medical Center has been shot by unidentified individuals after dispute w/ unelected head of local council

  79. Elections :

    Rami EL OBEIDI @ramielobeidi
    @Douuu Yes, even the identities of martyred FF's were used in registrations.

    @GRAFIXEL My people are on the ground and there is clear freud. Explain to me how deceased people can register + bulk registrations ?

    And you seriously believe that there are actually over two million registered voters ? Libyans are gullible

  80. Belhadj, a former Islamist militant who helped topple former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in last year's revolt, is to resign his post as head of the Tripoli Military Council and set up a political party, his aide said.

    An OBEIDI take over ?

    Abdiyat (Obeidat): The Abdiyat is strong around Tobruk and made up of about 15 sub-tribes.  Abdul Fattah Younis, Gaddafi’s #2 man who resigned, is from the Obeidat tribe.

    The late July killing of rebel military commander General Abdel Fattah Younis - by the rebels themselves - seems to point to Belhaj or at least people very close to him.

    Suleiman Mahmoud al-Obeidi (Arabic: سليمان محمود العبيدي) is a senior military officer in Libya. He was formerly a commander in Muammar Gaddafi's army. He was commander of the Tobruk Military Region.

    Younis' deputy Col. Suleiman Mahmoud has taken over the military's duties in Benghazi.

    Mahmoud moved his headquarters to Tripoli after the success of Operation Mermaid Dawn. As of early September 2011, he reportedly maintains a separate force from Abdelhakim Belhadj, the head of the Tripoli Military Council, though the two men are ostensibly working to integrate the anti-Gaddafi forces in western Libya into a cohesive military under the aegis of the National Transitional Council.
    Rami EL OBEIDI ‏ @ramielobeidi

    A year ago I coordinated the airstrike that destroyed Gadhafi's forces who were ordered to wipe out the city of Benghazi.

    My message to you Mustafa Abdeljalil, threaten the Libyan people one more time and I will personally march over you.

    Rami EL OBEIDI ‏ @ramielobeidi
    I know we're the Greatest. Long live Barga, long live Libya.

    1. sheik Tayyeb al-Obeidi
      Any new government can come and change the whole thing again," said tribal sheik Tayyeb al-Obeidi from one of the biggest tribes in the country.

      Al-Obeidi spoke during a meeting Thursday of top tribal leaders in the east who discussed forming local councils within two weeks that would report to the Barqa's main administrative council.

      However, al-Obeidi said this move would not go against the national unity of Libyans or cancel the government in Tripoli.

  81. http://www.entri-consulting.com/en/market_entry
    AC Tripolis ‏@david_bachmann_ :
    If Husni Beys business is shut down, #Ghargharesh will become a ghoststreet #Tripoli

    In a letter he sent to the Libyan national transitional council,
    Bey had alleged that the Azzurra, which has been chartered by the Zammit Group, could be carrying smuggled and counterfeit goods - claims that shipping agent Carmelo Dimech has firmly denied to MaltaToday.

    Bey is the chairman of HB Group

    Siran Pharmaceuticals, run by one of Bey’s sisters, Dr. Faiza Husni Bey, handles importing and distributing medicine and infant formula from Abbott Laboratories and Nutricia

    HB Group Transahara, according to the company overview, has designed, supplied, and installed radio communication networks for the Libyan port authorities as well as international oil companies such as Wintershall, BP (BP), and PetroCanada.

  82. #Misrata: Due to improved security provided by local militias, Italian and Japanese staff are returning to the LISCO steel plant #Libya

    Libyan Iron and Steel Company (Lisco)
    Mohamed Ismail AlDurrat

  83. NTC rat Ali Alkoni resigned and fled in an unknown direction #Libya
    One of the Biggest rats in the NTC Ali Alkoni resign . and he flee to somewhere. ..... He gives attention to the consensus decision on the operation in Libya taken

    relatives ?

    [Mousa Alkoni, NTC representative for the nomadic Tuareg tribe, said the ousted leader might be moving around a “prism” of the country’s vast southern deserts that straddles Libya, Algeria and Niger.]

  84. Private security firm G4S rejects claims it plans to work in Libya without government authorisation

    Financial news roundup: Citigroup Inc, G4S set to benefit from Greek euro-exit,

    1. By George Grant ,Libya Herald : Richard Northern,A CONSULTANT WITH G4S
      and the former British ambassador to Libya,

      British Troops Caught In Libya& Call with British Ambassador Richard Northern
      They returned to Libya in February this year, even before the UN mandate urging states to protect civilians from Gaddafi’s forces. Shortly afterwards, a group of SAS soldiers were seized, though quickly released, by nervous rebels south of Benghazi when their Chinook helicopter landed two MI6 officers with communications equipment.

      George Grant/@GeorgePBGrant
      Assistant Editor @LibyaHerald, Libya Correspondent @TheTimes & Associate Fellow @HenryJacksonSoc
      Tripoli and London · http://www.libyaherald.com

      henry jackson society advocates an interventionist foreign policy to spread democracy
      http://www.islamophobia-watch.com/islamophobia-watch/2011/12/6/how-the-henry-jackson-society-promotes-anti-muslim-bigotry.html http://www.thecommentator.com/author/peter_cannon/121

    2. http://libyanfreepress.wordpress.com/2011/10/20/london-based-oil-mercenary-company-marches-into-libya/

      Heritage’s early deal in Libya seems to have followed the same pattern. The company dispatched ex-SAS officer John Holmes to Benghazi soon after the war began, to build relationships with the NTC opposition. Senior rebel – now government – officials reported that Holmes had made proposals that Heritage use its mercenary experience to prvide “oil field security” in Libya. The company also lobbied Britain’s Foreign Minister William Hague – after a meeting in the elite Carlton Club – for support in gaining a mercenary contract.

      While these proposals were rejected, Heritage’s purchase of Sahara Oil Services gives it a foothold in the country. Controversies continue, with the two most senior oil officials in the Libya’s new government claiming they were not informed over the company’s acquisition,

      and Libya’s former oil head Shokri Ghanem arguing that the transfer of licenses to a new foreign player would require approval from the ministry of economy.

    3. Libya’s prosecutor’s office is investigating possible irregularities in crude sales to oil giants China International United Petroleum & Chemical Co., or Unipec, and PetroChina Co., as part of a broader probe into oil deals made during the regime of Moamaar Gadhafi.

      Nelson Ching/Bloomberg News
      Traffic moves past a PetroChina Co. Ltd. gas station in Beijing on March 28, 2012.

      News of the investigation, reported by Benoit Faucon and Summer Said at Dow Jones Newswires, came via a document attached to an international arrest warrant issued by Interpol against Libya’s ex-oil minister Shokri Ghanem alleging he agreed to sell oil without contracts to Sinopec and Petrochina.

      Spokespeople for the companies declined to comment to Newswires.

      Ghanem was found dead April 29 in Vienna, and an autopsy showed he drowned. However, a spokesman for the Vienna prosecutor’s office said it had yet to reach final conclusions about his death, according to a separate Newswires report.


  85. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWBcynarS2U
    Playground War - Libya

    The newly released documentary by Journeyman TV, Playground War – Libya, is an extremely important and heartbreaking insight into the realities of NATO’s war on Libya.

    Shot in Sirte, the city that was obliterated during the last weeks of NATO’s bombing campaign, the interviewees who participated very bravely give an extremely honest account of the suffering being endured first and foremost by the primary victims of this aggression, Libya’s children.

    It shows that the result of this war, like every war and intervention the west has been involved in, has been the division of people who previous to that intervention lived side by side as brothers and sisters, in peace and unity.

  86. http://www.un.org/News/Press/docs/2012/sc10651.doc.htm

    IBRAHIM O. A. DABBASHI ( Libya) paid tribute to the efforts of the Office of the Chief Prosecutor to achieve justice, put an end to human rights violations and end impunity. 

    The issuance of arrest warrants during the period of conflict performed an important function, and the Prosecutor’s professionalism had helped Libyan authorities to pursue justice for their part as well. 

    Achievement of justice was one of the goals of the Libyan uprising last year and, thus, was a top priority of the present Government. 

    Reforms had been carried out in that context, including separation of the judiciary from executive influence and rooting out corruption.  The system was now prepared to carry out impartial trials in accordance with international standards.

    1. Jehani told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC interview that he revealed that Libya's overseas assets totaling $ 100 billion, this process requires the international community to help.

      Dr. Gehani informed Mr. [Zeef]Gaddafi during the meeting that Dr. Gehani is the ‘architect’ of all allegations against him

    2. http://www.dailystar.com.lb/Opinion/Commentary/2012/May-21/174068-libyas-rebels-are-without-a-cause.ashx#axzz1vX3ymH4h
      Libya’s rebels are without a cause

      As Libya undergoes the arduous process of transitioning to democracy, Magharebia talks to a Benghazi judge Naima Mohamed Jebril

    3. http://scoops.co/f02UZ9BK
      We aren't interested in new deals," said Mr. Nayed, who was put in charge of the sovereign-wealth fund by Libya's transitional prime minister, Mahmoud Jibril.

    4. http://www.uop.edu.jo/regionintransitionwanaforum2011article.pdf

      Similarly, participants spoke of the role of international actors in undermining state sovereignty instead of allowing states to take charge of their own affairs

      “If a regime is disconnected from its people, it is no longer
      legitimate,” according to Giuma el-Gamaty of the Libyan rebels

    5. http://hrcpblog.wordpress.com/2011/02/22/international-federation-for-human-rights-fidh-libyan-league-for-human-rights-llh/

      FIDH should like to thank everyone who helped with making the Amman seminar a success who volunteered their assistance and worked with us on drafting this report,

      the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), together with the Amman Center for Human Rights Studies (ACHRS) held a seminar on 22-23 November 2008

    6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhammad_Layas
      Layas Bahrain-based Arab Banking Corporation


      In a move that appears designed to avoid public ructions, the NTC (14.19 ↓-0.91%) has appointed former senior executive Rafik al-Nayed as chief executive, while Mr Layas will continue as chairman.

      Mr Badi, appointed months ago by the NTC’s oil and finance minister to supervise Libya’s foreign investments, will have oversight of the LIA as part of his broader responsibilities.

      There are, however, already signs of tensions over control of the fund. On one side sits former regime technocrat Mahmoud Badi, who is charged with investigating the LIA’s past dealings. On the other sit some former senior executives, who – having defected – claim to be best placed to manage Libya’s sovereign wealth.

    7. 2 buildings Libya’s anti-corruption agency: on fire NTC directed NATO to attack the agency

      Libyan money stolen over the years by prominent TNC leaders


      including former minister Interior investigated for fraud by Libyan government/jun 6-7

      those responsible for Bengazhi's "8 million(dinar) infrastructure fund "stole all Benghazi's budget"

      $1 trillion is missing from all the Eastern Reserve banks,

      hundreds of millions of dollars into a newly-created company called FM Capital Partners,


    8. Unconfirmed reports speak of the arrest of the chairman of Tripoli military Naker Abdellah, accused of transferring large sums of money abroad.


      Ibrahim sahad ‏ : NTC & TG should investigate statements of finance minister that billions were vanished & state has no control over oil exportation

      Oil going out, money coming in......nobody knows how much or where its going..... fb.me/1FLn3QOM5

      Tripolitanian Libyan Also, where is the transparency, we're pumping nearly a million barrels a day in oil - where is all of this money going? #Libya

      @david_bachmann_ Is double price of face value caused by Jalil's son who took control of telephone company and needs secure some earnings.

      #CNT #Libia: “remuneraciones pagadas a rebeldes fueron suspendidas por enorme fraude, millones de dinares fueron transferidos a terceros”.

    9. http://publicintelligence.net/billions-in-libyan-oil-money-held-by-western-banks-like-goldman-sachs-jp-morgan-hsbc-societe-generale/
      Billions in Libyan Oil Money Held by Western Banks Like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, HSBC, Societe Generale


      Insight: In muddle of Libya's finances, billions go missing

  87. Libya's rebel Shortly after Interim National Transitional Council (iTNC) Seized control of Benghazi, the Libyan second-largest city, They discovered the two keys for the cash vaults of the Libyan Central Bank in the city.
    However, Because common mechanisms of control, the cash vault third key required to held at the Libyan Central Bank in Tripoli, the capital. The rebel Movement Brought in a professional safe cracker from the United Arab Emirates successfully Who Opened the vault cash safe. The rebels Had Their hands on $ 900 million in Libyan dinars and $ 500.5 million in U.S. dollars.

    According To Central Bank Officials in Tripoli, the rebels now Have Spent Their or siphoned offshore bank accounts to the Central Bank Entire Benghazi cash reserves.

    In Addition, the rebel Movement has squandered millions of euros provided by the European Union. The rebel's theft of money is so great, the U.S. Treasury has frozen Libyan Refuse to Provide central Government funds to the rebel Movement.

    In Addition to the Libyan dinars Benghazi stolen from the Central Bank, NATO Countries Have Their Own Libyan dinars printed abroad and Have made the cash available to the rebels.

    18h/ NTC  Finance Minister Threatens [lol] to Resign Over Wastage of Public Funds
    "There is a wastage of public money because nobody fears God," Ziglam said

  88. "Newly liberated" #Libya looks great, such a success, Libya is so much better off now, yay freedom ( http://ti.me/MtpP3I )


  89. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWg901_ei_c&list=UUGUQ4rdk3GY4PnWofxUw3yg

    اليوم الاول من مظاهرات الاحتجاج بالكفرة ضد التهميش.mp4
    The first day of protests against the infidels of marginalization.

    1. #Libya south is simmering Every day Protests against #NTC + Government #Marginalisation This=1st day in #AlKufrah http://bit.ly/LdSad5

  90. http://af.reuters.com/article/commoditiesNews/idAFL5E8GS79220120528

    Libya NTC leader says election will be delayed

    How come there is absolutely no way for anyone abroad to actually vote? How come so few even get to vote this year? Why? A sham?

    1. AhmedGadafAlDam represented #GaddafiLoyalists abroad: Demands that #Libyans abroad especially in #Egypt #Tunisia and #Jordan R able2Vote


      Ahead of the June elections, the absence of family booklets among large numbers of minority communities in the south threatens to exclude them from registering as voters. To circumvent the
      problem, the government has allowed those with an alternative family document, as well as a driver’s license or national ID card, to register.

  91. http://www.alwatan-libya.com/more.php?newsid=22164&catid=1

    17h/ Security & safety: Libya today at the early morning smoke is rising ...
    Fire in store at Dahmani Tripoli Libya



  92. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/06/04/libya-airport-idUSL5E8H487S20120604

    TRIPOLI, June 4 | Mon Jun 4, 2012 8:43am EDT

    (Reuters) - A Libyan armed brigade surrounded Tripoli's international airport on Monday forcing flights to be diverted to the capital's military airport, a security official said.
    The official said the group called al-Awfea Brigade from the town of Tarhouna, 80 km southeast of Tripoli, demanded the release of one of their leaders who they said had disappeared two nights ago.

    -Natl army isn't united btw: it is made up of diff brigades w their own leaders and own ideas/decisions #Libya
    -Waiting to see tarmac but seems #Libya natl army in control here. Flights still cancelled. #TripoliAirport
    -Eyewitnesses now reporting tanks arrived at airport #Tripoli - shooting ongoing. Passengers and planes stranded



    Bomb targets US embassy offices in Libya's Benghazi
    6 june 2012

  94. http://f-se.blogspot.pt/2012/06/f-se-documentary-libya-my-week-with.html

    Unreported World’s short film provides an insight into the extensive chaos and lawlessness that now reigns in Libya. The documentary covers widespread human rights abuses, militia infighting, the complete collapse of governance and the racist persecution of Black Libyans and migrant workers. The pictures convey scenes of complete and utter devastation and a country in ruin after a year of war and 8 months of continuous NATO bombing.
    Although we feel this documentary provides a good insight into the reality of the current situation on the ground in Libya the reporter, in an attempt to contextualise the brutality and racist nature of the ‘rebels’, reverts to the unsubstantiated propaganda that was disseminated throughout the war. Peter Obourne states that the British government blitzed Libya and supported the most reactionary elements of Libyan society with the intention of bringing ‘democracy’ to Libya. He fails to inform the viewers of the imperialist motivations behind this war and the widespread opposition within Libya to NATO and the ‘rebels’. Peter Obourne tries to justify the racist incarceration and torture of black migrant workers by perpetuating the vicious myth that Gaddafi hired ‘African mercenaries’. In defence of the widespread human rights abuses committed by the ‘rebels’ unsubstantiated comparisons are made between the militias that currently roam Libya and the previous government of Libya. Before the war Libya had achieved the highest standard of living in Africa and was praised in January 2011 by members of the UN Human Rights Council.

    Watch with care.» By Global Civilians for Peace in Libya

  95. Armed checkpoints are back on the streets of Tripoli. Fighting in west Tripoli late into Monday night resulted in the death of at least one militia member. Mohamed Nasr Hrizi of the National Transitional Council finally gave a reason for al-Habshi’s arrest. Hrizi told a televised press conference that al-Habshi had been driving armed vehicles without authorization. His future is in question.

    The black vomit of oil profits seep into coffers that are absent popular control. Oil contracts have to be doled out with the NATO member states first in the queue. A salty Islamist, Belhaj, is the most popular figure amongst the masses and his political ambitions must be denied. There is too much at stake for the US, its European allies, and the neoliberal clique that runs the National Transitional Council. They are alert to their responsibilities to themselves as the political grammar is written for Libya. Considerations of geo-politics prevent the views of the Libyans from coming to the surface. Bans on political parties are only one part of the muzzle. An amnesty for the crimes of the thuwars means that their victims feel like strangers in their land, and they hold tighter to their guns. This amnesty is of a piece with NATO’s refusal to allow an evaluation of its bombardments on Libya.

    Abu-Ajilah Habshi has vanished into the pit of the Libyan prisons. He joins the almost seven thousand detainees who have not been brought before a court. They are on the other side of the line drawn by the Libyan authorities: those on their side are good, and the others are bad.


  96. http://allafrica.com/stories/201206060799.html

    It is now all but official, Libya's elections will be delayed. But by how long nobody knows. The Libyan Election Commission has repeatedly leaked news about a delay but made it clear that they are still not ready to announce it officially. Simultaneously, they have semi-officially promised the public that the delayed elections will take place before Ramadan begins on July 20th. This game of shadows and mirrors borders on the surreal, given that the elections' scheduled date, June 19th, is less than two weeks away.

    In early May, there were cryptic tweets from Al-Jazeera's correspondent Omar al-Saleh suggesting that the deputy Head of the Libyan Election Commission, Sghair Majeri had attempted to resign. In late May the voter registration drive was completed, and deemed successful by UN observers. Yet in early June, Western Diplomats stationed in Tripoli were anonymously stating that the overarching reason for the imminent delay is that the ballot papers will not be ready on time. On the other hand, the Election Commission themselves have attempted to justify the 'potential' delay by pointing to the fact that the finalized list of candidates and parties was just released on Tuesday, June 5th. This would only allow for two weeks of campaigning - clearly not enough to allow voters to make informed decisions.

    The proponents of federalism want to decide taxes and budgets at the municipal and provincial levels - a sure recipe for gridlock. One of the few positive legacies of Gadhafi's rule was his construction of extensive oil and water pipelines that linked the provinces together. The bulk of Libya's oil is extracted in Cyrenaica and brought via pipelines to the Sirte Basin, and the majority of Libya's groundwater comes from aquifers in southern Cyrenaica but is consumed in the populous areas of Western Tripolitania. A return to a federal model would endanger these gains, unleashing competition between the provinces over these strategic resources. It would also weaken the central government, making it difficult to improve security and secure the nation's borders.

  97. Abdelaly Abeidi ‏@aabeidi
    #Libya, # General Younis, the accused tells very serious Infos regarding the case&he insists the involvement of #Jalil


  98. Elections for a two-hundred-seat assembly scheduled for mid-June remain the best chance to replace the militias with the legitimacy of the ballot box. Behind the scenes, Ian Martin, the UN’s special representative in Libya, drawing on his experience overseeing elections in East Timor and Nepal, has been trying to get the NTC to keep to its timetable. Voter registration has proceeded remarkably smoothly, even in the south. According to the UN more than two million of Libya’s estimated three million voters registered within the first two weeks.
    From an insider : I Have listen a `person I trust say that Libya is controled completely by 12 person who receive orders from EEUU.
    EEUU is behind everything that happen in Libya and Bil Haj is one of the 12 person who receive orders directly from EEUU.
    People who are in CNT are only USA PUPPETS and libyan are not strong enough to fight against all NATO and USA, but most Libyans are against the invasion.
    Nowhere are the militias stronger than in Benghazi, the eastern city where Libya’s “rebelution” began. After a year of paralysis, the goodwill that still keeps the wheels of central authority turning in Tripoli has evaporated here. The courthouse, beneath which tens of thousands gathered to hail the new rulers in the first days of the uprising, is boarded up. Its leaders have long since left for the plusher world of Tripoli, lured by free accommodation in the marble decadence of the city’s Rixos Hotel. Left behind, Benghazi languishes, as before the revolution, in a perpetual ghayla—the siesta that Libyans take between the midday and late afternoon prayers. The dirt and dust of abandonment coat the city along with smoke from a thousand burning refuse piles. “At least there was a system before,” I was told by a middle-aged soccer fan, whose al-Ahli team shut down after its chairman fled to Egypt with the company’s proceeds. “Now there is nothing.”

    1. from an Libiyan insider : when Bil Haj was in Wantanamo in prision, then Saif al Islam went to EEUU to liberate him.
      They gave him to saif completely tied without be able to move in the doors of the airplane
      Saif cut all and put him free as soon as they were in the airplane
      and Bil haj said to Saif:” I will never forget what you have done for me”.

  99. I repeat it again : when libiyan herfald publish smth , it always has a hunting goal inside :

    Libya’s ambassador in Tunis, Jamal Jirnaz, confirmed yesterday that the number of Libyans in Tunisia had reached 537,000 and that most of these are ‘runaways and wanted by justice’ in Libya.

    his embassy was in constant touch with the Tunisian Ministry of Interior and other official local authorities regarding the the activities of certain Libyans in the Ben Guerdane, Djerba and Zarzis areas near the Libyan border.

    These contacts were focussed on monitoring the movements of Libyan supporters of the old regime, he said, such as former officers in the Libyan army and members of the former external security service who were suspected of plotting against the 17 February Revolution.


    1. http://libya360.wordpress.com/2011/12/13/u-s-funded-activist-becomes-president-of-tunisia/

      15 April 2012
      This past Wednesday, Tunis’ Court of Appeals ruled in favor of handing over a former Libyan official and godson of the late leader Muammar Gaddafi, Miled Abu Ratab Abdul Salaam, to authorities in Tripoli.
      Tunisia arrested Gaddafi’s godson Abdul Salam in December 2011 near the Tunisian-Libyan border, and charged him for entering Tunisian territory illegally.

  100. Asma Magariaf ‏@LibyanBentBladi

    How does everyone feel about arrest of students & professors at tajoura for allegedly celebrating Qaddafis birthday yesterday?

  101. After the imperialist slaughter (100,000 victims) NATO of its agents CNT, see here the electoral circus :

    On the channel "The Grandchildren of Al-Mukhtar" ("Al-Mokhtar Ahfad") (*), one of the many TV channels (pan-Arab satellite on NileSat) implemented by the CNT / NATO, " a spot "is currently broadcast several times a day. Technical standards and policies correspond with those so "in force" in the "West" It is no doubt that the program was designed by an advertising agency in Paris, London or Washington. It depicts Adel and Amal, a couple of thoughtful students who operate in the galleries of the university. In a deceptively innocent manner , they question the notions of "democracy," "executive, legislative, judicial," "left," "parliament," "civil society", "constitution", etc..
    By a happy coincidence, they meet Dr. Mohamed who proposes they sit with them for a particular course on the "new" credo "democratic" in Libya

    It's not a joke. Omar Al-Mukhtar is indeed the hero of the historic liberation struggle of the Libyan people against Italian colonialism in the early last century.

  102. the sickness of the new libiya :

    Australian ICC lawyer 'arrested' in Libya

    Jenan Moussa ‏@jenanmoussa
    #ICC spokesman tells me: "Lawyer Melinda Taylor and rest of team are not new to #Saif case. Must be released right away." #ICCBra

    Dr. Gehani informed Mr. Gaddafi during meeting Dr. Gehani is ‘architect’ of allegations against him

    1. Ahmed Jehani career 1960s, general counsel for the Libyan National Oil Corporation,

      Standing in front Libyan consulate Dubai, new minister of infrastructure & reconstruction Ahmed Jehani

  103. http://greenlibya.co/news/node/594

    Infidel: - the names of wounded and dead until the moment

    Infidel: - renewed clashes in the fall of the infidels and 5 dead and injured

    1. http://greenlibya.co/news/node/596

  104. Hundreds of armed men calling for Islamic law staged a demonstration Thursday in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, the latest sign of a growing Islamist push in the country ahead of scheduled elections.

    More than 300 men rallied in Benghazi’s iconic Freedom Square, some of them on vehicles mounted with anti-aircraft guns and heavy weapons, an AFP photographer reported.

    “We will not be under a government that doesn’t rule in accordance with what God has mandated [in the Koran]” and “Democracy is a Western system of government in contradiction with the Islamic way” read some signs.

    Other protesters had black banners with “There is no God but God” written in white.


  105. The scale of the ongoing tragedy visited on Libya by NATO and its allies is becoming horribly clearer with each passing day.

    Estimates of those killed so far vary, but 50,000 seems like a low estimate; indeed the British Ministry of Defence was boasting that the onslaught had killed 35,000 as early as last May.

    But this number is constantly growing.

    The destruction of the state’s forces by British, French and American blitzkrieg has left the country in a state of total anarchy – in the worst possible sense of the word. Having had nothing to unite them other than a temporary willingness to act as NATO’s foot soldiers, the former ‘rebels’ are now turning on each other.

    One hundred and forty seven were killed in in-fighting in Southern Libya in a single week earlier this year, and in recent weeks government buildings – including the prime ministerial compound – have come under fire by ‘rebels’ demanding cash payment for their services.

    $1.4billion has been paid out already – demonstrating once again that it was the forces of NATO colonialism, not Gaddafi, who were reliant on ‘mercenaries’ – but payments were suspended last month due to widespread nepotism.

    Corruption is becoming endemic – a further $2.5billion in oil revenues that was supposed to have been transferred to the national treasury remains unaccounted for.


  106. http://gulfnews.com/news/region/libya/libya-splitting-into-militia-zones-1.1034900
    Misrata Libya National flags from around the world flutter in the bright sunshine by a city gate made of shipping containers painted in the Libyan national colours. A uniformed militiaman examines my passport, then waves me through with a smile. Welcome to the Republic of Misrata.

    Libya’s third largest city, recipient of a six-month pummelling during last year’s revolution against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, has transformed itself into what is an independent state in all but name. Libya is due to hold national elections in 10 days, but these look like they may be delayed as any sense of post-Gaddafi national unity dissipated long ago.

    Misrata is divorced from the new government, which it views as secretive, dictatorial and heavy-handed, and, as a city with a long tradition of trading, is going its own way. Shops and restaurants are being fixed up, business is brisk, and there is enough traffic on the pockmarked streets to create honking traffic jams.

    It’s not just Misrata. From all points of the compass, revolt, even revolution, is in the air as Libya’s former rebel towns go their own way.
    More than 170 kilometres from Misrata is Zintan, a humble metropolis nestling in the cool foothills of the jagged Jabal Nafusa mountains.
    In the war, Zintan’s rebels were one half of the pincer movement, Misrata was the other that captured Tripoli. Its units poured out of the mountains and into the west of the city, while Misrata’s units punched in from the east. Now the mood in both cities is suspicious about the ruling National Transitional Council

    Zintan’s uneasiness has seen it change its mind about handing over Libya’s top war crimes suspect, Saif Al Gaddafi, son of the late dictator, who continues to languish in a fortified villa on the edge of town. “It is safer to hold his trial here; the government is very weak, they can’t control their country,” said Attaher Eturki, the ever-smiling city council leader, his crisp English a product of a degree in engineering in Leicester a couple of years ago. “We have good security here.”

    To the south, meanwhile, battles between the Tibu, a people who inhabit a large stretch of the Sahara, and Arab tribes have left 200 dead and the towns divided into war zones.

    The most serious challenge to central authority is Benghazi, where the revolution began in February last year. Like Misrata, Benghazi held its own elections earlier this year, and like Misrata the city council is busy assuming powers for itself at the expense of central government.

    Some in the city want to go further. Benghazi is the capital of Cyrenaica, which with the regions of Tripolitania and Fezzan make up Libya, and many citizens are unhappy that the province gets only 60 of the 200 seats in the national elections. A self-proclaimed Council of Barqa, the Arab name for Cyrenaica, is urging a boycott of the national elections, postponed to next month unless it gets a bigger slice of seats.

  107. MaryFitzgerldIT : Billboard in Tripoli urging people to honour #Libya's martyrs by voting in next month's national elections http://t.co/owcso6qH 1 hour ago

  108. I like to recall some of the silenced massacres

  109. http://uk.reuters.com/article/slideshow/idUKTRE76Q30I20110827#a=1
    27 AUG 2011

    ITN Source has a video of the Tajoura dump of 22 bodies of black men , pro-Gaddafi fighters, allegedly. LIBYA: Residents bury bodies of pro-Gaddafi fighters found on beach dated 28 August.One of the dead had his hands tied behind his back.

    Hundreds of pro-Gaddafi fighters are believed to have been killed during the past few weeks after rebels advanced from Misrata and Zintan to gain control of the capital.

    Battle of Tawergha - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia /On 18 August, rebels claimed to have found a mass grave consisting of 150 civilians executed by Gaddafis .... Zliten uprising · Battle of Zliten; Battle of Tawergha

    4Adam Adam Anfosi /GALAA, Libya (AP) - Libyans find mass grave, bodies of slain detainees hosted2.ap.org/IDMOS/e0478123… #Libya 18 hours ago/Edited on Sat Sep-10-11 06:32 PM by Iterate

    Another mass grave discovered in Araban area where 18 bodies were found some believed to be from #zliten 8/9/11 http://youtu.be/uidc2b9RK7U #Libya

  110. http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=439x1915132
    LibyaSteadfast Benghazi Youth
    Multiple reports of a mass grave found in #Tripoli near Nasr University. Approximately 3000 martyrs via @TawasulMC #Libya 6 Sep

    Another mass grave found in #nafusa mts a few days ago- 9 bodies. ID-ed in #Qala. To be buried fri
    28 Sep 11

    1. http://www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/10663888/video/79375047-watch-al-gala-western-libya-gaddafi-s-dead-mercenaries-from-algeria-chad-and-mali-apr-2011
      Al-Gala (Western Libya) Gaddafi's Dead "Mercenaries" from Algeria, Chad, and Mali (Apr. 2011)

  111. 03/03/2012):Bin Jawad:the inhabitants of the eastern region are angry that nothing has been done about their sons, insist on knowing which was the fate of their children by the “rebel” beasts of the NTC – NATO.In this area have recovered 157 bodies from a mass grave created by rats to hide the huge number of deaths for fear of reprisals by their families.

    - In the city of Gharyan found a mass grave in the area Spring Valley Golf Course, where 40 bodies were found allegedly massacred with chemical weapons used by the bandits of the NTC-NATO, now the bodies of the martyrs are in Gharyan to arrival at place of experts to investigate DNA.
    mass grave Gharyan 40 bodies 17 3 2012

  112. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaNCrTNSUm0&feature=plcp&context=C4179af6VDvjVQa1PpcFPq0xWWTStToK3y4-8KowK772eCEzngEFQ%3D
    missing in libya 19 3 2012 المفقودين في ليبيا
    new mass grave Tripoli , 35 people

    mass grave tarhuna : account closed
    إكتشاف مقبرة جماعية فى ترهونة

  113. 27/03/2012


    Just a couple of weeks ago three mass graves were discovered, one of them close to Ajdabiyah, an eastern town that was brutally targeted by the Gaddafi regime. The discovery was made up of 157 bodies in one grave. The victims were given a decent burial in a huge funeral a few days later in Benghazi. Thousands turned up to pay their respects.

    It was heart wrenching to burry so many in one day.

    One of the other two finds was made in Benjawad, with 105 bodies.
    The victims reportedly belonged to former Gaddafi soldiers who were executed for not obeying his orders.

    Rebels deployed in Bin Jawad, a town about 100 miles east of Sirte, said they are waiting for NATO

  114. Mar 24, 2012 15:00:20 GMT
    BREAKING: A mass grave has been found in the city of #Zawiyah, #Libya

    In mid-March [2012], a mass grave containing 40 bodies was found at Wadi Rabie near Tripoli

    .  The bodies, believed to be those of anti-Qaddafi fighters executed in May 2011, were badly disfigured because chemicals were said to have been poured onto them to speed up decomposition.  The ages of the dead were put at the time between 23 and 40.

    Zlitan, 2 June 2012:

    A mass grave was discovered in the Wadi Kaam area of Zlitan earlier today by a group of Tripoli students picnicking nearby.

  115. Hussein Jazouy, Leader of Omar Mukhtar #FF brigade, E front line:
    Many teenagers among Gaddafi forces on the eastern front line of #Sirte

    Sirte, 11 May 2012:
    A grave containing the remains of seven people believed to have been killed by Qaddafi’s forces during last year’s revolution has been found in the Um Al-Qindeel area between Sirte and Bin Jawad.

  116. http://www.blnz.com/news/2011/09/28/27libyaART_d233.html
    But the atrocities attributed to black mercenaries during the uprising against Gaddafi, as well as the allegiance some regions populated by dark-skinned Libyans showed him in the war, have given the race question a new and deadly currency.

    Rebels who swept Tripoli rounded up hundreds of Africans as Gaddafi fell, pointing to identity papers from African states found on dark-skinned corpses in Gaddafi strongholds as evidence that the population of African workers and migrants included many hired soldiers and Gaddafi loyalists.

    The arrests, fueled in part by accounts of a black mercenary role in suppressing an abortive Tripoli uprising in February, filled the city's jails, schools and sports facilities with detainees and sent thousands of Africans into hiding.

  117. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0qHdHEd0SA
    Mohamed Eljarh ‏@Eljarh

    National Assembly voting cards being sold for 10 Libyan Dinars #lyelect #Libya #NTC #Elections http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0qHdHEd0SA

    @ramielobeidi what? U know anything else?
    @Douuu Yes, even the identities of martyred FF's were used in registrations.
    @GRAFIXEL My people are on the ground and there is clear freud.

    Explain to me how deceased people can register + bulk registrations ?

    And you seriously believe that there are actually over two million registered voters ? Libyans are gullible

  118. http://www.albasrah.net/ar_articles_2012/0612/3bedat_130612.htm

    al-Obaidat Tribe say They don't recognize the #NTC anymore due to broken promises regarding Gen. Younis #Libya http://www.albasrah.net/ar_articles_2012/0612/3bedat_130612.htm

  119. a small good thing to mention abt hrw :

    Good news from #Libya today: Supreme Court rules #Law37 unconstitutional. Important step for free speech. http://www.hrw.org/news/2012/05/05/libya-revoke-draconian-new-law

  120. Benghazi was the first city to shed Qaddafi’s rule last year, and the entire east quickly followed. But after his death, the National Transitional Council moved from Benghazi to the capital, and formed an interim Cabinet dominated by figures from the west.

    The fight is also fueling a movement to revive a federal system that existed in Libya under the monarchy before it was toppled in the 1967 coup led by Qaddafi. Under that system, Libya was divided into three states, Tripolitania in the west, Fezzan in the southwest and Cyrenaica - or Barqa, as it was called in Arabic - which encompassed the eastern half of the country.

    Al-Rahel’s National Federal Union movement calls for a return to that system, giving each region its own capital, parliament, police and courts. Al-Rahel cites the American model of states and a federal government.

    On Tuesday, at a gathering of about 3,000 easterners in Benghazi, planners aim to announce the creation of Barqa state and call for other regions to follow in forming a federal system, said Abu Bakr Baaira, a co-founder of the group.



  121. 16 june 2012 : Welcome to SomaLibya: Increasing ethnical fightings between Arabs and Berbers.

    Gheryan and Zawiya warn they will fight alongside Mshashya if Grad shelling of civilians continues. #Libya

    RT @inkermangroup #Libya: Reports indicate that Al Sifao Omar Hablee, a Jadu brigade commander was shot on Airport Road by #Zintan fighters
    #Libya: Hablee was killed after the Zintan-based Mohammed Madani Brigade tried to seize his Toyota Land Cruiser

    19 people have died in #Mizda, located 178km south of Tripoli, following armed clashes between #Zintan fighters and the El Mashasha tribe
    #Mazda The city's humanitarian situation is dire, many houses and facilities are destroyed

    What you are saying may be true. Tobous, Mashashiya, Tuaregs, Gaddafa are all stirring to action.

    There is 38 Tabu tribes and every tribe has a leader and every leader has army to protect his tribe's border and people.

    The Tabu tribe estimated two million people and are spreading in four countries, #Libya, Chad, Niger & Sudan, and few in Egypt and Algeria.

  122. take care of Berber Fascist or Amazigh Fascist.

    The new leader of The World Amazigh congress is of libyan descent. Even when Berber in Libya represent the smallest fraction compared to my Home country Morocco. I´m a Berber myself and I know them well. They will create a lot of trouble that can lead to civil war.
    They will play very soon the anti-islam card to get western backing.
    Date: 11/06/2011 22:34:51

    One of the biggest tripping points in news coverage of the events is that the rebels are anything but cohesive.

    Many atrocities were committed, but largely by the Berbers and the Misratans.

    The targets, as it happens, were largely the oppressors that Gaddhafi chose for them.
    by Garvaisi12

    1. 1-5 August 2011:

      Representatives from the Amazigh World Congress visited the Berbers of Nafousa Mountain between the 1st and the 5th of August 2011, in support of the Berber uprising in Libya.

      They were accompanied by Abderrezak Madi, a member of the Libyan National Transitional Council from Yefren, as they visited a number of Berber sites in the mountain, including communication centres in Yefren, Jadu, and Nalut.

  123. http://www.dw.de/dw/article/0,,15515687,00.html
    Libya's Berbers feel rejected by transitional government

    Fathi Ben Khalifa is a well-known Amazigh dissident from Libya.

    He lived in Morocco for 16 years until he left for The Netherlands to escape the pressure from Gadhafi on Rabat to hand him over.

    Ben Khalifa resumed his dissident activities from Tunisia when the revolution started in Libya and became an National Transitional Council (NTC) representative.

    He was part of its international delegation formed to gain recognition among the international community.

    He abandoned the NTC last August due to "insurmountable differences" with the rebel committee, mainly over the issue of religion and the lack of recognition of the Amazigh people (Berbers - the ed.).

    He was elected as the president of the World Amazigh Congress, an international organization based in Paris since 1995 which aims to protect the Amazigh identity, in October.

  124. AJE in support of United Kingdom of Libya :

    They forget that the United Kingdom of Libya emerged at independence in 1951 as a federal state. For the next 12 years, four governments sitting in two national and three provincial capitals ruled Libya. Liaison between them was poor, often resulting in conflicting policies and a duplication of services. With the rapid construction of a modern infrastructure after the discovery of oil in 1959, the deficiencies of a federal system became increasingly obvious. In 1963, the king changed Libya into a unitary state. By that time, the number of government employees had mushroomed to 12 per cent of the labour force, then the highest in the world.

    In the short term, a decentralised government, with the Oil Ministry in Benghazi, the Culture Ministry in Zintan, and so forth, would be popular with powerful regional constituencies (and their militias). In the long run, it would result in bloated bureaucracies and dysfunctional governance. The related talk of creating 50 local councils and administrative offices, each with its own budget, would add to the confusion and waste.

    More dangerous still is the concept of arranging the constitutional convention along the lines of the 1951 precedent. Bewilderingly, this principle was enshrined in a late March amendment to the draft NTC constitution - seemingly as a gesture of appeasement to the Cyrenaican federalists. It entails that the 200-person elected National Assembly select 20 unelected members from each of Tripolitania, Fezzan, and Cyrenaica to draft the constitution. This method would give far more weight to Fezzan and Cyrenaica than is their due demographically, and would severely short-change Tripolitania. In 1951, this method was imposed by Britain via their accomplice, the UN High Commissioner, Adrian Pelt, to secure Western interests in Libya. In 2012, it could serve to tip the scales in favour of counter-productive federalism.


    1. was written by : Jason Pack researches Libyan history at Cambridge University and is President of Libya-Analysis.com. Ronald Bruce St John is the author of several books on Libya, including Libya: From Colony to Revolution (2012) and Libya: Continuity and Change (2011).

      another remarkable German US think tank I stumbled upon :


    2. Interesting - he's living in dreamland though. Somalibya denial mode.

  125. Africom is forming a new military-to-military relationship with the Libyans and is working to strengthen its long-term military-to-military relationship with the Tunisians, Ham said, emphasizing the importance of close partnerships with both nations.

    “I am very satisfied with the progress of the military-to-military relationship that is developing” with the new Tunisian government, he reported. “We need to sustain that.”

    “And similarly, with the Libyans, we are forming a good relationship,” he continued, noting the standup of an Office of Security Cooperation at the embassy there that can help coordinate security assistance, international military education and training and other security cooperation. “So we’re moving in the right direction, but we need to sustain that effort,” he said.

    Speaking with American Forces Press Service at his headquarters here, Ham said military operations in Libya drove home the point that all U.S. combatant commands including Africom must be capable of operating across the full spectrum of conflict.

    “It is probably not going to be very often where Africa Command goes to the more kinetic, the more offensive operations in Africa,” he said. “But nonetheless, we have to be ready to do that if the president requires that of us.”


    ‏@1D4TW :
    Pentagon conveniently created space for #AlQaeda in #Libya so that it could create space for itself http://1.usa.gov/LQepc0 #militarization

  126. http://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.com/2012/06/17/libya-the-video-of-the-massacre-of-civilians-in-chakika-june-16-2012/
    The video of the massacre of civilians in Chakika

    Mustard Gas in Libyan "paradise"

    The bomb attacks in Benghazi (June 16, 2012)

  127. Whichever the “winning” political party will be, one thing is clear: the organisation must be ready to bring an end to the country’s numerous security issues, including weapons proliferation, the increasing threat of inter-tribal conflicts, as well as the rising hostilities between hard-line Islamists or “Salafists” and more moderate Libyans, who make up the majority of the population.

    Additionally, the NTC must be prepared to step aside and hand over power to the winning parties and political candidates.

    Great Yarmouth-based CTR services heads to Libya
    The firm, which has offices in central London and North Quay in Yarmouth, trains people in bodyguarding and close security from all over the world. Training is carried out in Denmark, Libya and Yarmouth and the brothers wrote a level 3 telecoms protection course which they also teach.

    Adrian, 35, served in the 20 Commando Battery for eight years, in which time he was deployed to Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone and Kosovo while Tremaine, 42, spent 16 years in the special forces.

  128. a libiya herald piece, so there is a blame inside : Supreme Security Committee in Benghazi has said it suspects former Qaddafi loyalists were behind the incident

    A major fire broke out at a government-owned oil and grease refinery in the industrial area of Benghazi on Saturday. The Booker gas station, the Al-Madina paint factory and a paper factory were all situated nearby.

  129. ALGERIA ISP / Selon Green Libya, à Benghazi, les milices extrémistes de la Qaïda ont distribué des tracts dans les mosquées de Benghazi interdisant aux filles d'aller à l'université à partir de demain. Toute famille prend sa responsabilité sur le sort de sa fille si elle va à l'université.

    ALGERIA ISP / According to Green Libya, Benghazi, militia extremists Qaeda distributed leaflets in mosques Benghazi forbidding girls from going to university from tomorrow
    . Each family takes responsibility for the fate of her daughter if she goes to college.

    Libyan‬ women in ‪#Benghazi‬ finding letters like this on their cars preaching that they shouldn't drive. ‪#Libya‬ pic.twitter.com/dPxbZBmJ

  130. http://libyasos.blogspot.nl/2012/06/short-review-libya-at-jun-2012.html?spref=tw
    Short review : Libya at Jun 2012

    The properties of the below mentioned individuals as well as the properties of the wives and children of their relatives are to be under the control of the public administrator.
    The attached table below of law no. 47/2012 is an amendment to law no. 39/2011 regarding administering some individuals’ properties:
    Article 1 The first article of the law no.36/2012 is to be amended so as to be limited to the following:

    Cyrenaicans (eastern Libyans), an 80-percent vote in favor of bringing back the monarchy
    Crown Prince Mohammed Al-Rida Al-Senussi called for airstrikes before the UN authorized the no-fly zone.

  131. Blogpost about #Libya Build 2012 (English) including @Guma_el_gamaty http://wdintripolis.blogspot.com/2012/06/libya-build-2012.html?spref=tw @libyabuild


  132. Mary Fitzgerald ‏@MaryFitzgerldIT

    Spotted defaced al-Watan party election poster on Tripoli's Omar Mukhtar St. Faces of candidates defaced, 'kalb' (dog) scrawled above #Libya

  133. Guma El-Gamaty ‏@Guma_el_gamaty

    follow @taghyeerparty new modern nationalist political party targeting young Libyan generations with its own youth wing "shabibat attagyeer"


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