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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Video: Lawless Land - Libya

May 19, 2012

 A great documentary by the admirable Journeyman Pictures - as good as it gets without crossing the line into "radical" views:
The kid, amazingly cute in a sad way, is in a Tawergha refugee camp. I'm not sure what's up with the costume and strutting. He seems to be having fun, sort of.


  1. A recent spot of trouble is Ghadames, May 16 following ethnic tension:
    7 dead..
    Ghadames officials said the attackers belonged to the Tuareg community.

    Saraj al-Din Bubaker, head of the local council, told AFP that “a Tuareg group shelled the city with rocket-propelled grenades, forcing some families to flee.”

    The Tuareg are dark-skinned Libyans violently displaced from several towns, including Ghadames, after the fall of strongman Moamer Kadhafi in an uprising last year with whose forces they were accused of having sided.

    Racism coupled with the belief that Kadhafi recruited sub-Saharan mercenaries have made them a focal point of revenge attacks, rights group say.

    Another local official said tensions have been high after Tuareg tribesmen were expelled by other residents of Ghadames.

    The official said residents “set fire to two houses and four vehicles” in a predominantly Tuareg neighborhood following the day’s unrest.

    YouTube videos:
    Ghadames Clashes: اشتباكات غدامس يوم 16/5/2012

    Burning of Tuareg homes and demolition by militias, May 16:
    تهجيرالطوارق وحرق بيوتهم من قبل المليشيات المسلحه من مدينة غدامس 16 5 2012


    Bullozing of homes and displacement of residents...17 May:

    هدم منازل الطوارق وتهجيرهم من غدامس من قبل المليشيات المسلحه غدامس 17 5 2012

  2. Libya: My Week with Gunmen



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