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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Abu Salim Hospital Massacre: Report

Aug. 21, 2012

<< Abu Salim Hospital Massacre

A Violation of Medical Neutrality: 
The Neglected Massacre at Abu Salim Trauma Hospital
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It was one year ago today, approximately. The report is done, and that's a handy time to start a page collecting material on/for the report. (Links later)

Press Release posted on the CIWCL site as Remembering a Neglected Atrocity. Please pass << THIS link around. An excerpt from that PR:
One of the most chilling of the CIWCL’s clues is an early Red Cross (ICRC) visit to re-supply the hospital, made on the 22nd, just before a three-day span of silence and inaction. The ICRC team didn’t notice any signs of the previous day’s massacre, or have anything said by the one doctor and his 25 remaining patients. Nowhere in that scene were the 100 or more patients who would be seen five-days dead, four days later. The reason for that odd omission, and the cover-up it suggests, is now on record in this report.
The beheading graphic:

What more do I need to add at the moment? Nothing I guess. I'm very tired. Others, please spread the news.

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    A Violation Of Medical Neutrality: The Neglected Massacre At Abu Salim Trauma Hospital



    Recordando una Atrocidad Olvidada:
    Un Año Después de la masacre que cometieron los mercenarios “rebeldes” de la OTAN en el Hospital de Abu Salim


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