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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lessons for "the Syria Situation"

December 28, 2011
last update July 28, 2012

(new wiki links Nov. 18)

Note July 28: This is being bumped to allow comments on the whole Syria situation. The previous post these gathered at finally got full at 271 comments. This one's still got some room, plus new text that starts a ways down.

The parallels between what was done, is still being done, to Libya and what's been slowly brewing for Syria just keep coming up in my research. The Syrian situation is probably just about as fascinating, but as an obsessive specializer, I haven't looked into it in the slightest detail.

But things like this, from Thierry Meyssan, suggest I should: “Free Syrian Army” commanded by Military Governor of Tripoli, Dec. 19. It's got a lot of things I can't vouch for, including the following, which sounds well-illustrated and hinting that what we saw these schemers and terrorists do in Libya will be emerging in Syria.
However, in the Saturday edition dated 17 December 2011, Daniel Iriarte describes an encounter that shocked him. While his FSA friends were taking him to a new hideout, he came across some foreign insurgents: three Libyans [6].

The first one among them was al-Mahdi Hatari, a Libyan who lived in Ireland before joining Al Qaeda. At the end of the Libyan war, he was named commander of the Tripoli Brigade, then number 2 of the Tripoli Military Council headed by Abdel Hakim Belhaj. He resigned from this function, according to some because of a dispute with the Transitional National Council, according to others because he wanted to go back to Ireland to join his Irish wife [7] The truth is that he headed for Syria.
The second Libyan that the Spanish photographer in the Syrian army is none other than Kikli Adem, a lieutenant of Abdel Hakim Belhaj. As for the third Libyan, nicknamed Fouad, Daniel Iriarte was not in a position to identify him.

One of the few articles I have even looked at was this excellent, extremely-informed-sounding piecee from Palestine chronicle.

'Human Rights' and the Road to Hell: Libya and Now Syria?
By Jeremy Salt – Ankara. December 3, 2011
We have just seen what has been done to Libya in the name of human rights and the 'responsibility to protect'. Uncounted thousands of Libyans were killed in eight months of bombing and missile attacks by French, British and American warplanes. There is prima facie evidence that war crimes were committed but there is not even the suggestion that someone will be held accountable.
Salt lists and analyzes many of the more incendiary claims made against the Assad regime, sounding depressingly just like what was spouted in the rapid build-up to destruction of another non-cooperative government. If his characterizations of the claims are correct, not even the evidence he gives for or against them, I'd recommend people be troubled. The same sorts of illogical evil has been alleged against the governments of Yugoslavia, Iraq, and now Libya. Generally they prove at least as untrue as the skeptics suspected. But they're allowed to linger in a twilight zone of truth just long enough to "justify" intervention.

Some samples, drawing from the UN Human Rights Commission's deficient-sounding report on the Syrian situation:
The commission presents one side of the story throughout. For virtually every claim it makes there is a counter narrative which it ignores. One such claim involves the use of snipers. The commission says or implies that they were state security forces. There is countervailing evidence of armed civilians shooting at demonstrators to throw the blame on to the state. Perhaps there is truth in both versions, but both versions needed to be considered. The fact remains that the identity of these snipers is not known. 
The direct evidence in Libya is there in at least one city, al Baida. The two shootings shown there on Feb. 17, both presumably fatal, are the only time I've seen unarmed people actually being shot on camera anywhere in the uprising, the only visual proof that the people killed were not armed militants engaging in an attack, at least in this one case. However, the visual cues converge to suggest quite strongly the gunmen responsible were rooftop snipers working right next to, and implicitly with, the rebel cameramen who then released this proof of Gaddafi repression to the world on Youtube.

It's just sick that people can take invisible snipers as evidence of a state crime with so little logic to it.

Select other points:
The report alleges that roadblocks and security checks were set up to prevent people from joining demonstrations but makes no mention of allegations of roadblocks being set up by armed gangs and the consequent kidnapping and killing of civilians.
Not much work done on it, but there's a post here for The Tripoli Massacres: Roadblock Victims

The report mentions the raid on a mosque in Dar'a early in the protest movement but not the stockpile of weapons found there.
See Az Zawiyah for just one example of a militarized mosque

It refers to the torture and murder in custody of two teenage boys and claims that up to November 9, 'reliable sources' indicated that 256 children had been killed by state forces. This is such a serious accusation that some corroborative evidence was needed but there is nothing, not the name even of one of these children and not the circumstances in which they were allegedly killed.

Similar baseless claims in Libya, supported by proven fake x-ray proof.

The state security forces are accused of rape but there is no mention of the cases of rape reported by the Syrian authorities to have been committed by armed gangs as part of their project to terrorize and intimidate the civilian population.
But who could believe such claims from a 'regime of rape,' like Gaddafi's once was?

The New Website, Jan. 6
http://mar15.info/ Looks quite familiar, after having looked at Feb17 this and 17Feb thatwith Libya's "new flag" all over them, all in English. A website aggregator of anti-Assad opinions and accusations, to let the protesters and their starry-eyed, armed-gang-ignoring global supporters know they're faaaaar from alone. The corporate media, Human Rights" groups, world governments, all kinds of people agree that Assad has got to go for daring to resist this violent and deceitful takeover effort masquerading as simple protest. The following bits are all from there.

A suicide bombing just killed 25 people in an area of Damascus now, Midan, where protesters are centered. The government says some of those protesters did it in their own hood to blame Assad and provoke people, while protesters just blame Assad, and keep doing it loudly.

Time outlines the old bargain in Syria, "relative peace and limited prosperity in exchange for iron-fisted, one-party rule," now to be replaced with absolute peace, and boundless prosperity, trust us, under a NATO-enforced free-market system. Five parties maybe, none representing the old values of national independence, all working for deepened slavery to the new new world order. And you get to friggin' vote on which one!

One-Sided Cease-Fire Demands
The conflict in Libya had reached war proportions, and that was a problem because the Western-backed insurgents were losing against the government of the sovereign and solid nation of Libya. Demand for the violence to stop, a demand leveled only at Tripoli. NATO stopped any attack on Benghazi, then proceded to "protect civilians"even as they surged forward with military weapons and conquered city after city - humanitarian protection seamlessly became tactical air support. It was even highly predictable.

In late March, the Telegraph's Richard Spencer passed on the concern from the Libyan government's spokesman, Moussa Ibrahim, that "The government ... says it cannot be just a one-sided ceasefire..." But it could be and was. No terms were worked out, the West and the UN were through talking to the Libyans before they ever started. Cease-fire clearly meant one thing: die, undesirable government. If it started out too subtle to discern (it din't), the message sure became clear enough by the end of the summer.

Now, demands for the violence in Syria to end, leveled only at Damascus, not that I've ever read at the insurgent militants. Sometimes I'll see a headline, demands for a complete halt to the fighting. I get a flutter of hope, then read, Assad must accede to the other side's demands and step aside, and/or the government needs to stop fighting those trying to destroy the government.

Victoria Nuland, State Dept. spokesperson, was asked about the future of the Syrian government.
QUESTION: You think there is still a path out?
MS. NULAND: Well –

QUESTION: For the regime.
MS. NULAND: — that’s obviously still on the table. It requires Assad to step aside.
MS. NULAND: Again, what we think needs to happen first and foremost is that the violence needs to end and a process of dialogue needs to begin inside Syria. There needs to be peace and security there so that the country can move forward.
The State Department is deciding where this "forward" arrow points. They did that with Libya.

Nuland, continued:
We’re also hearing reports, interestingly, of large-scale defections of Syrian military officers over the weekend, and it is these Syrian – including taking some of their equipment and their heavy equipment – and it’s these defections that are most rattling the government.
Increasing violence, increasing deaths, and increased military defections were all reported the same time in Libya too. The truth seems to have been increased militant activity, causing the increased death of soldiers, who were then advertsied by the militants as having "defected." 22 of them shown dead in a video tried to defect but were killed by their own officers and Africans. But another of the rebels' videos shows some of these same LOYALIST people held by rebel fighters, and being sentenced to death for daring to oppose them. Oops.

Persecution of Christians in Syria, illogically blamed on Assad. In Libya, case after case of victims of Gaddafi who look like "Gaddafi's African mercenaries," Animist/Christian/Other-Africam like some of the 17 "anti-Gaddafi activists" whose tortured bodies at Tripoli's Mitiga hospital in August were marked "non-Muslim for burial purposes." Hey, wasn't it exactly 17 prisoners of the Assad regime, for a fact, that were just found executed and dumped in Hama? One of these: a police "deserter." One of the Tripoli victims was also, I believe, a local cop, who had rebel sympathies of course (link, later). All coincidence, probably, but...

But it was illegal to do anything to stop these monsters. They were taking over, going where they wanted, killing who they wanted to kill, how they wanted to doit, blaming who they pleased, and NATO had their backs, tactically and (by roundabout channels) informationally.  

What they are insisting in Syria is, again, a surrender to whatever rabble has taken up arms against them. Essentially, it's national suicide, demanding they cut off their own faces. Of course they won't agree, and another round of "peacekeeping" might be required to force them to stop fighting by being dead.

Is air support even possible this time? Not with UNSC approval, anyway. Maybe al Qaeda will finally get to use a suitcase nuke someone slips them,and blame Assad. That might finally do it.

Feb. 13: SYRIA: NATO’s Next “Humanitarian” War? by Michel Chossudovsky
See comments below for other thoughts and new developments...
Update, July 28:

This post was supposed to something it never did. But later on I learned more about a few incidents in Syria and two particularly fascinating parallel have by now announced themselves to me.

Yarmouk/Houla Parallels: Check Those "Witnesses" Carefully
The first has to do with murky massacres and the power of both fake witnesses in a team effort, and the power of exposing that effort with careful analysis. We made good work of the Khamis Brigade shed massacre, in the report A Question Mark Over Yarmouk (PDF available here, provocative press release here), dicovering fake witnesses with changing names and stories, massive contradictions between the alleged witnesses, and adequate signs of rebel execution of the massacre. Syria had its quite different and horrifying "Houla massacre" in the town of Taldouon May 25. A reported 108 people were killed with guns and blades and hammers, including 49 children, many women, and less men, whole families of disputed identity killed at home by disputed parties.

Along with other(s) I'm slowly doing an analysis of the rebel-supplied witnesses for what happened at Houla, as well as the non-rebel witnesses with their own overall story. The rebel witnesses have their flourished of politics over-truth (with religio-ethnic/sectarian overtones), strange details like how they survived (as at Yarmouk, a fertile field to plow), and probably some serious inconsistencies (though these are harder to find in this case of scattered massacres, whereas Yarmouk was one event in a one-room shed). 

One detailed comparison of three accounts given by one star witness proved a potent starting point. Ali Al-Sayed, a little eight-year-old kid called 11, can't remember his own family members' names or number, but can detect an "Alawite accent" that probably doesn't exist, and managed to implicate his uncle in the massacre, in a fanciful twist. That the most famous and moving victim, a blessed miracle survivor, unharmed but for the brain damage (?), is so clearly coached and saw none of what he says is a bad sign for this rebel cover story. Remember, little kids, some just months old, were shot, sliced, and bludgeoned to death there by someone. I've seen the photos and videos and saved copies.

The Sniped Tykes of Misrata and of Homs

Another great parallel builds off of the above point about false-flag snipers in Libya and Syria. Back in April last year I wrote more on the alleged regime snipers, picking off little kids in rebel-held Misrata. This was a charge taken up by UNICEF and many others. Two children have been shown as victims, a boy and a girl, about 4 and 5 years old, both miraculously surviving with bullets in their chests, both proven with x-ray images.

The images, however, are exactly the same - one copy at most can be legitimate, the other or both tacked on. The image also appears fake, with no damage to the bullet or the child's skeleton - as if a kid was laid on an x-ray table with a large bullet laid on his or her sternum. It's also inconsistent with the injuries described for the boy - the bullet entered his right shoulder and exited the left side, his parents said. Here, it either entered backwards (ouch) or entered his lower left side and never exited, stopping well short of his/her right shoulder. and just shy of their hearts. 
Here are the two films side-by-side, the girl's de-skewed from a video still, the boy's from a photo published by Human Rights Watch.
Perhaps unwisely, I commented then:
All I can say is I'm glad the rebels are still able to fake these things in Photoshop and have it believed. If the international agencies like UNICEF and HRW were more exacting, we might see rebels actually shooting each others' children to leverage stronger support for regime change efforts.
Is it possible my research helped make our "freedom fighters" in Syria worse? They seem to be doing about that, except targeting the other side's children - government supporters and non-Sunni people. Gulp. 

The Syrians' Misrata is, or was, the large city of Homs, rebel-infested, government-besieged. It was  eventually re-claimed, but for months in the hads of people that the government and many locals called "terrorists." They committed almost daily kidnappings for ransom that often ended with no payment and dead captives, sometimes tortured and/or shown on video as victims of regime forces. There were also random shootings on the streets by prevalent "pro-regime" snipers, killing civilians almost daily, allowing a constant stream of shocking rebel videos,  as they always got the body, always demanding intervention while zooming in in on the shocking injuries they themselves just inflicted.

That's all a broad-sweep characterization I could only partially illustrate with solid evidence at the moment. But one anchor point where it's basically proven is the politicized assassination by anti-government activists, of nine-year-old Sari Saoud, in north Homs on November 26, 2011. 

There's nothing fake about the bullet that passed clear through his chest that day; it entered his right side, armpit level, and exited on the left, same level. 

He died about instantly, too quick for his mother to be sure, before some rebel guys appeared, probably from about the sniper's position, to 'help.' They stole his body from her care, driving off as she tried to go 'to the hospital' with him. Then he was put on a slab in a rebel safe house and had the exit wound zoomed in on, while a narrator damned Assad and demanded more foreign intervention. Later, Sari's mother was allowed to see her son and try to get him to a hospital, so they could get video of them together. Assad kills Christian boy, her Crucifix caused the vide title to say. Mother weeps and the gets cut off as she starts to scream at the activists. She lived to denounce her child's killers on video here and here.  

For less regret is tne future, let me just say there is no lesson for the terrorists here except maybe two points:
1) Tone it down a bit. You offed many innocents in Homs that hardly anyone saw or could count. Whole lives ended, some with extra cruelty for the shock of it, all for some obscure one-too-many Youtube video that only ever gets 150 views and no mentions in a single news outlet. You don't want that to be you, so quit making so many of these snuff films, people. Sometimes less is more. 
2) And no, I don't see any reason your God would have covered up his eyes for you. You might still be able to be un-damned if you start trying now. Otherwise, forget it. Activist Ahmed Houli, another obfuscator of the slaughter in Taldou/Houla said "I would like to call for the international community and the U.N. to save our souls." Huh. Acknowledgment it's needed, a fruitless avenue to get it.


  1. This BBC attack on Syria turns against itself:
    Syria voices: Voting amid violence

    Quote: The security forces are trying to open shops and markets closed by the strike. They were using loudspeakers to order children and teachers to go back to school.
    This was while there were rooftop snipers shooting anything that moved.

    Why would government snipers be enforcing a "strike" when the government is actively trying to break it?

    BBC naturally takes the view that the mystery snipers are governments security forces; the "opposition activist" quoted goes on to say:

    It is often impossible for me and others to get to wounded protesters. Red Crescent ambulances are not being allowed in to pick up casualties. The security forces are out of control in Homs.

  2. http://mar15.info/

    Seems familiar... aggregator of anti-Assad opinions and accusations, to let the protesters there know they're faaaaar from alone.

    Suicide bombing kills 25 in an area of Damascus now where protesters are centered. Gov. says some of those did it in their own hood to blame them, while protesters just blame them.

    Time outlines the old bargain, "relative peace and limited prosperity in exchange for iron-fisted, one-party rule," now to be replaced with absolute peace, and boundless prosperity, trust us, under a NATO-enforced free-market system. Five parties maybe, none representing the old values of independence, all working for deepened slavery to the new new world order. And you get to friggin' vote on which one!

  3. http://www.theamericanconservative.com/blog/nato-vs-syria/
    (Philip Geraldi, 19 December 2011 & comments)

  4. Pepe Escobar writes on the Arab agenda in Syria. He rather spoils it by saying "There won't be another Libya-style no fly zone; after all the Assad regime is not exactly deploying Migs against civilians". The evidence for that was all fabricated too.

  5. Many of the reports of numbers of dead,reports of bombing etc come from the London based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. (Even the mainstream media adds caveats to the origins of the shelling which are routinely ascribed to the Syrian army) Signatories at bottom of this page

    1. You mean the Syrian Orifice for Human Excrement?

      Or "The Only Official Website of the Syrian Orifice for Human Excrement?" (LOL!)

      Hmm, It may be (thanks for the link) that when the media refer to the Syrian Orifice and use it for news they may in fact be referring to the phony site of the fake Orifice

    2. Sorry, just waking up here, but... Orifice is just a joke, right? What's fake? These looklike real sites of a real group pushing fake info. I liked their explanation why they fired the satellite dish guy:

      In August 2011 the board of trustees asked Mr Osama to cease publishing news articles onto the syriahr.net website as it was alleged that he had established links with Mr Rifaat Al Assad (the uncle of the current Syrian President Bashar Al Assad). The very nature of the articles being published were also controversial as they were not verified by any other member of SOHR and they referred to incidents and deaths suffered by the Syrian regime security forces. The reasons as to why this raised suspicions is because the Observatory does not have any links with Syrian regime members in order to be able to state or verify any such incidents.

      He was sneaking the other side of the story, the perhaps truer side, when the SOHR had been trying studiously to know nothing about it. They don't talk to the soldiers and if their militant sources mention violence against them from the delivery end, that doesn't get published, so this guy was clearly off the rails. The rails are there for a reason, y'know!

    3. Then he kept the site in retaliation, so it's fake, got it.

    4. Sent you email. This thing is HUGE!!!! The MEGA LOL of all times. Unfortunately I must go to sleep now so must leave further investigation for tomorrow.

      I went through some "reliable sources" – the type that can be used for the Wikipedia article on the outfit. It is clear most of the media consider the Mr Osama Ali Suleiman / a.k.a Rami Abdul Rahman from Coventry to be the real thing.

      The "London based" group registered their site syriahr.org on August 17, but have been mostly inactive until now. On January 17th they finally came out and declared Osama Ali Suleiman and his "Rami Abdul Rahman" character a hoax.

      I really look toward to working on the article in Wikipedia – using those "reliable sources" :-)

    5. ...continued.

      The fact is that the satellite dish guy (Osama Ali Suleiman) with no education or language skills is the real thing. See this Reuters article from December 8, 2011 for example:
      Coventry - an unlikely home to prominent Syria activist

      Based on what the "reliable sources" i.e. mainstream media say it is more likely the London-based syriahr.org is hoax operation by the Syrian Secret Service. Then again, the massive number of signatures seems to indicate that they should be considered the real Orifice.

      Which ever way, the fact remains that Osama Ali Suleiman has been running the information / disinformation operation from the very beginning. He has the contacts the SOHR uses for creating their fakery.

    6. ...continued

      Fixing broken link to Reuters article from December 8, 2011:
      Coventry - an unlikely home to prominent Syria activist

    7. Okay, I had it but perhaps backwards. Who's the faker(s) here? Who actually reported what, which one for a cartoonish operation and which one as a subtle lampoon of it? Who's running each? I'll stand back a bit, and await your cogent summary.

      Side-note on Syria and others: I think even the CIWCL can have opinions or issue reports on parallel issues, especially if they relate to Libya, and especially after we've done a few things about Libya. My priorities here follow that notion.

    8. Reuters:
      Rami Abdelrahman, head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, leaves the Foreign and Commonwealth Office after meeting Britain's Foreign Secretary, William Hague, in central London November 21, 2011.
      (photo, copy, more photos)

      Quote: Representatives of the Syrian opposition Dr Haytham Manna, (L) Khalaf Dahowd (C) and Rami Abdelrahman, (R) leave the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London, on November 21, 2011, after meeting with British Foreign Secretary William Hague. Representatives from the Syrian opposition met Foreign Secretary William Hague for the first time in London on Monday although he said it was too early for Britain to formally recognise them.

      Foreign Secretary William Hague meets Syrian opposition leaders – 21 November 2011
      Foreign Secretary, William Hague, has met Syrian rebel leaders as Britain steps up pressure on President Bashar Assad's regime. Delegates included Burhan Ghalioun, the chair of the SNC, Haytham Manna, the European representative of the NCB and Rami Abdelrahman, head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

      Foreign &Commonwealth Office, 21 November 2011
      Foreign Secretary meets Syrian opposition

      Support Kurds in Syria, November 22, 2011
      Syrian opposition meets William Hague

      See also:
      Syrian NGOs Working Directly With British Government
      London-based "Syrian Observatory" Consorting Directly with UK Foreign Minister Hague.
      by Tony Cartalucci, December 26, 2011


      This Mail Online article is highly important, as it shows the use of the Rami Abdelrahman pseudonym on 8th June 2011 i.e between 15 March 2011 when the "London based" Observatory say they stopped using it and August 2011, when the expelled Osama Ali Suleiman.
      Syrian government vows bloody retaliation against town where police were killed

    9. @Caustic – Re: Who's the faker here?
      Both are. The LOL is in watching them expose each other.

      I would think the "London based" group at syriahr.org is more real and more respectable. They however seem to have very little coverage and reliable news sources reporting on their existence or positions. (Please pass me references if you find any.)

      Osama Ali Suleiman (Rami Abdulrahman) from Coventry at syriahr.com is running most of the media show and seems to be getting most of the media coverage. He did visit William Hague after all, so how can you – or Wikipedia – claim that he is fake.

      Another clue to watch is funding from National Endowment for Democracy (NED). Who ever gets it is likely to be more hoaxy.


      The Statement of Condemnation of the lack of Professionalism of Osama Ali Suleiman (Rami Abdul-Rahman) signed in Damascus on January 4th is here in English (another translation and in Arabic.

    10. Good piece by Cartalucci - We read in the William Hague pieces the frequently and similarly quoted phrase "More than 3,500 Syrians have been killed in a brutal crackdown since the start of a popular uprising against president Bashar al-Assad’s regime in March, the United Nations believes" - believes - so where does the UN get its figures? Who said it? Answer: UN HCRC spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani said in a statement, 8 November 2011, and faithfully reproduced everywhere. And that's about it.

    11. Here is a news source, in Arabic, referring to the "Statement of Condemnation"
      Authority "of the Syrian Revolution" disassociate itself from Rami Abdel Rahman

      Here is a video interview of Rami Abdelrahman. I do not know what channel broadcast this. The Arab news source above shows a screen shot of him in some other interview, so this cannot be his one and only interview as the video claims.
      رامي عبد الرحمن ( أسامة سليمان) يعرّف عن نفسه!!؟
      Uploaded by syriatruth on Jan 19, 2012

      Here is a Syrian revolutionary web site stating their support for Rami Abdelrahman:
      رامي عبد الرحمن: ضرب مصداقية المرصد هو ضرب

    12. Here is the whole thing explained by Asa Winstanley on al-Akhbar English on January 26, 2012:
      The Syrian Observatory: The Inside Story

      To sum up: Abdulrahman’s syriahr.com / syriahr.net was founded in 2006 and is more close to the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Syria (NCB) and opposes foreign military intervention. The fake site syriahr.org, founded by medical doctor Mousab Azzawi, is more in tune with the Syrian National Council (SNC) and their "Free Syrian Army" and argues for a “buffer zone”, a No-Fly Zone and “anything that can protect the civilians.”

    13. Asa Winstanley used the Wayback Machine but failed to use Whois tools in her investigation. She missed something interesting. The domain syriahr.org was recreated on August 17, 2011 after twice expiring in the last five years. Initially the registrant name was stated as "Rami Abdulrahman" until December 29th, when it was changed to Muhammad Al-Haddad.

      The old registration from December can still be seen in this investigative blog post by James C. L'Angelle.

  6. Already there is a YouTube video about disinformation from Syria, uploaded 5 February 2012...Syria: The Truth against the NATO's lies. La Verità contro la PROPAGANDA NATO. (Even this very morning,6 February, BBC news persists with phrases like "The claim(s) cannot be independently verified" Which means it/they is/are probably fake, like much of the reporting from Libya and Syria, using those anonymous phone calls from "Mohamed" and blurry videos)

    A slightly older video from 31 January 2012, Rami Abdel Rahman is an alias name, his Real Name is Osama Ali Suleiman exposes the hoax surrounding our satellite dish-savvy Coventrian.
    Article here, 19 January 2012, by Jerry Dandridge for Syria News, SOHR: Syrian Observatory for Human Rights – A cheap imitation

    I note that the website SHRIL, Syrian Human Rights Information Link suddenly stopped checking in with information on 2 August 2011.

  7. Recent use of our Coventry source,the tailor Rami Abdulrahman - Reuters US, Friday 3 February 2012: Death toll hits 217 in shelling of Syria's Homs-group
    (the group being SOHR)... "citing witnesses..."

    1. And for AFP, Saturday 4 February, nicely timed...Mortar fire kills 105 in Syrian city "'It's a real massacre,' the observatory's director Rami Abderrahman told AFP, calling for the 'immediate intervention' of the Arab League to end the killing."
      What does this remind us of?

    2. I'm not sure what it's reminding me of. Misrata a bit, but the government was shelling there, it seems. I'm vague on Bosnia, but some of that shelling of civilian areas was found to be Bosniac/Bushnaq false-flag stuff.

      I'm sure your thoughts are better than that.

    3. Just the fake "massacres" relayed over the phone....February 2011

  8. I propose in light of these recent deaths, that the violence simply must stop. We need a way forward that was never tried in Libya. The state, which has more tested legitimacy to govern, and experience maintaining peace and stability, whatever its perceived shortcomings, should be the natural fallback position when the experiment in revolution has failed. With the best of outside help short of military, it has proven itself capable of nothing but a grinding, lie-and-provocation-studded stalemate and lots of dead Christians, soldiers, police,loyalists, and militants, plus others caught in the crossfire by whoever.

    The state isn't backing down, it has an army, it has ambassadors if anyone will talk to them. The rabble has spokesmen and fake websites and "reports." And militias, of course, plus "we're not sure who those guys are..." When the rabble is forced to the very top, as we've seen in Libya (or would see if only...), that turns out ugly. Heads roll, tortured bodies appear, and it's all done for NATO-backed "free-market" reforms. Lasting and legitimate hatreds and rivalries are created anew to add to those existing.

    So, the insurgents must relenquish their demands to change the whole system, as they aren't capable and have no claim except those bestowed byoutside powers hoping to use the rabble to their advantage. negotiate a cease-fire, and the world needs to re-examine the experiment in Syria just like it should over Libya, because we have a lot of reconciling to do with reality right now. Let's not dig the hole any deeper by repeating the horror all over.

  9. @Caustic Logic it would be great if that would happen but it's going to stop even thought China and Russia vetoed the resolution Obama still calling on Assad to step down. And the opposition or the Free Syrian army as already on Janunary 31 that Assad and his family will be killed like Colonel Gaddafi.

  10. @CausticLogic - Re "the experiment in revolution". That's no experiment in revolution. It's an experiment in reaction, same as in Libya. Meanwhile, everybody knows what America is going to do next; only this time it can't it's part of a "UN policing action". Thank you Colonel Gaddafi for facilitating the recognition among progressive peoples that UN Security Council resolutions may no longer be misused by America and its lapdogs to interfere in the internal affairs of weaker sovereign nations, or to commit war crimes and slaughter civilians in the name of "humanitarian intervention".

    1. I wasn't attaching any value to "revolution" than the literal meaning, a turning over. Besides I'm not as clear on how "revolutionary" the Syrian regime is or ever was. Libya, definitely - the radical reactionary insurgency there was counter-revolutionary, as well as having it's complete over-turning characteristics as well. I guess by that all revolutions are counter-ones. Most (all?) government systems started in some revolution, or say they did, right?

    2. Syria, long under the influence of Nasserism (same as with Gaddafi's Libya) was and to some extent still is revolutionary. The continuum was disrupted only briefly by the country's ill-considered alliance with the "coalition of the willing" against Saddam. Which was distinctly reactionary IMHO.

    3. @CausticLogic - re "Most (all?) government systems started in some revolution, or say they did, right?" The system of so-called parliamentary democracy had no revolutionary impetus or background whatsoever. Its founders relied, as they still do, on the ignorance and political illiteracy of the masses, who were and continue to be duped into believing their views really matter, while in reality the political elite is busily shafting them from behind.

  11. Tip from Brian Souter:

    Borzou Daragahi is the Middle East and North Africa correspondent for the Financial Times. He just tweeted:
    borzou Borzou Daragahi
    Wow - Misurata revolutionaries announce combat deaths of three #Libyan fighters in #Syria on.fb.me/z8a6kV
    This is the first confirmation of what former CIA agent Philip Giraldi reported back in December:
    Unmarked NATO warplanes are arriving at Turkish military bases close to Iskenderum on the Syrian border, delivering weapons from the late Muammar Gaddafi’s arsenals as well as volunteers from the Libyan Transitional National Council who are experienced in pitting local volunteers against trained soldiers, a skill they acquired confronting Gaddafi’s army.
    Giraldi, without naming any sources, also claimed:
    French and British special forces trainers are on the ground, assisting the Syrian rebels while the CIA and U.S. Spec Ops are providing communications equipment and intelligence to assist the rebel cause, enabling the fighters to avoid concentrations of Syrian soldiers.
    The obvious attempt of regime-change the U.S., its European followers and its Arab stooges are engineering in their service to Israel, could eventually push Syria into the direction of a civil war. The Israelis believe that a weakened Syria will be good for them.
    But, like nearly always, the blowback of such a campaign is likely larger than the gain and in the end will disappoint the instigators.

    Borzou Daraghi is supposed to be a correspondant for the Financial Times, yet he hardly read as an objective journalist:
    borzou #Libyans heading to #Syria out of passionate pan-Arab hatred 4 Bashar (& yeah, continuing war addiction) not because of payments from Qatar
    30 minutes ago
    borzou In Tripoli, hard to overstate level of passionate #Libya support for #Syria uprising & hatred for Bashar, who coddled Gaddafi til last sec
    30 minutes ago

    1. Fixing the links:

      Libyan Salafis Killed In Syria
      February 06, 2012

      Tweet by Borzou Daragahi

      Misrata "FreedomGroup's" martyr page on Facebook

      The "martyrs"
      May God have mercy and forgive our heroes brave heroes of Libya who were martyred in Syria
      – Martyr: Ahmed Galal Alakora
      – Martyr: Talal and Walid Fitouri
      – Martyr: Ahmad Walid Fitouri

      الشهيد : احــمد جلال العقوري
      الشهيد : طلال وليد الفيتوري
      الشهيد : احمد وليـد الفيتوري


      Original article by Philip Giraldi in the American Conservative from December 19, 2011
      NATO vs. Syria

      A new article on the topic by Daan de Wit in DeepJournal
      NATO and CIA Covertly Arming Syrian Rebels in Order to Weaken Iran
      Friday 27 January 2012

  12. Replies
    1. She is on tour again :


  13. I watched a Finnish humor video linked to on Facebook, noticed this video as one of the suggestion. Usually the the suggestions are somehow related to the topic, but I cannot see how this would be related to Adolf Hitler or the Guggenheim Museum. I had seen the screenshot earlier linked to some Libya or Syria related video.

    It seems that this video has gone viral, with 1,591,621 views in 5 days. Looking at the English language comment it seems that none of the people who have seen it have any idea of why they are watching it. Is this video really so so "virally" great, or is it just some NATO Cyber War Center that is controlling YouTube to give this video maximum publicity?

    البلطجى المحتجز من اهالى بورسعيد يذكر اسماء المحرضين من الحزب الوطنى على مذبحة بورسعيد
    (Bully of the people detained Said mentions the names of the instigators of the National Party for the massacre of Port Said)
    Uploaded by ansarportsaid on Feb 3, 2012

    A man with a bandage on his forehead is fiercely explaining something in Arabic. No idea what, I do not even know what country this is from. Could be related to these "Port Said killings."

  14. Tony Gosling, UK Investigative Journalist on Russia Today 14 February 2012 on Syria. (also touches on 10,000 political prisoners in Libya today...)

  15. Recommended blog . Friends of Syria "Trying to put a stop to the lies being spread by the world press about Syria"
    See also Tarpley RT interview, plugged there, on the use of snipers in Syria.

  16. here someone you should know about Danny Abdul Dayem a 22 year old British citizen, of Syrian descent he has been interviwed before on the media as an eyewittness.


    In one these links the articles show the inconsitence of what he said.You also listen to the interviews he's given.

    tis guy is one does who are pleading that weapons should be given to the rebels or military forces should be sent or a no-fly zone be established.He doen't care if Israel intrevenes as well.

  17. thanks,sam. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X09k6lSSZ9Q Ludicrous - September 2011, Newsnight BBC. fake.
    feb 2012 Fake FAKE F A K E

  18. Javier Espinosa of El Mundo, 22 Feb 2012 via Google Translate, from
    The surgeon Abu Mohamed has had to return to work after seven years of retirement. He had retired, but seeing what happened in Bab Amar decided to volunteer. He drove his car dodging the bullets of the snipers, another recurrent threat here.

    Yesterday had to mend the leg of the journalist Edith Bouvier, Le Figaro, "with pure imagination because we have no means, just improvise." The same hospital, a house converted into a clinic, has suffered the brunt of the anger that seems to cherish against the Damascus suburb, turned into a symbol of resistance to the dictatorship. Three team members have died already achieved by the blasts: "Yesterday I died here 10 people. In total we have 20 martyrs. Only bring those who are likely to live, the dead send them direct to the cemetery. I will have tried more than 500 injured in these days. "

    And here is the leg (sort of); see also Bring Me The Head Of Marie Colvin: Syrian Rocket Attacks Stink Of Propagandafrom the Runnymede Institute.

  19. Replies
    1. Wow,thanks. Brilliant research. Libya happened too quickly in the east before we were wised up. There is also natural mortality in any city...and people in hospitals for all sorts of reasons,as there might be in Kansas City...wonder if these ever get "added in" for propaganda purposes?

    2. It would be irresponsible not to.

      From Hurriya, elsewhere:
      Media sources reveal details of a conspiracy by Bandar Bin Sultan and Feltman to "destroy" Syria

      Several media sources have revealed the details of a "well-organized" plan to destroy Syria and create chaos in the country. The plan is said to be drawn up by Bandar bin Sultan, the former Saudi ambassador to the United States, in collaboration with the former U.S. Ambassador in Lebanon, "Jeffrey Feltman" to overthrow the regime in Syria and to bring Syria back to the "stone age", according to the sources.

      The lengthy and detailed plan, developed by Bandar bin Sultan and his friend Feltman in 2008 with a funding reached $ 2 billion, consists of many items and precise details which significantly intersect with the incidents of disturbances the city of Daraa has recently witnessed.


    3. Brilliant, far sighted piece by Chung. The Anti-Gaddafi, anti-Assad emigre/solidatity/fake liberal press groupings are also all pro-Palestine, especially Gaza and are often critical of Israel in their tweets. I wonder how they think it will pan out?

    4. http://alexandravaliente.wordpress.com/2011/03/24/a-message-has-been-sent-to-the-arabs/


  20. The West just about has the Casus belli it needs to attack Syria: Assad's army massacres women and children – after raping them naturally.

    More of the same crap from yesterday from the Western mainstream media:
    Mirror, Irish Times, National Post, The Record, CNN, Huffington Post, abc.au, Middle East Voices,...

    18+ Syria - Assad Kills 45 in Kharm al Zeitoun Massacre - Raped, Tortured, Stabbed 12-March-12
    Uploaded by Souria2011archives on Mar 12, 2012

    The problem here is that it was the opposition terrorists that did the killing. Of course you will not be reading that point-of-view anywhere in the Western press.

    Here is something for a start:
    SYRIA:Terrorist Groups Committed Atrocious Massacre in Homs to Elicit International Support against Syrian Government

    One sure sign of terrorist / freedom fighter involvement in massacres is that they are the first ones to come out with videos. Also note the STRATFOR / Wikileaks email from 2011 that a large massacre must be created or fabricated before the West can be drawn in militarily.

    INSIGHT - military intervention in Syria, post withdrawal status of forces
    Date 2011-12-07 00:49:18
    They dont believe air intervention would happen unless there was enough media attention on a massacre, like the Ghadafi move against Benghazi.

    1. if indeed the killings and numbers haven't been faked as before....like in Libya : where were the bodies? Nowhere. Except black ones in the main. The default position on each news story, photo or video must be fakery. Then try to prove it to be genuine.

  21. Posted on Facebook,June 19;
    Mehdi Al-Harati and Abdelhakim Al-Meshri training in Syria. Al-Meshri can be seen from 2.39 onwards stirring up the crowds in this Tripoli video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oU-f3lpEfWU from Aug 30 2011.

    Here's the Meshri Syria photo on Twitpic - https://twitter.com/zaidbenjamin/status/215084727030394880/photo/1 posted from Washington DC.
    And here is Abdelkarim Al-Meshri in Syria, bringing in the harvest, apparently, uploaded June 14 2012: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvO1coTRu6k uploaded by kateebattarablus.
    The Tripoli brigade were reported in Syria in late 2011,Dec 23 in Le Figaro, report Des Libyens épaulent les insurgés syriens by....wait for it... Edith Bouvier,, the mysterious journalist who was rescued from Homs, so it goes, along with Paul Conroy, leaving behind dead Marie Colvin,acting very mysteriously on a stretcher both in Homs (allegedly) and back in France. Well well well. Since then "special envoy" Bouvier has disappeared without trace.

  22. Some comments not accepted at the other post and left hanging.

    Hurriya, today:
    Siriya news 29 july 2012 , some written in german language http://www.my-metropolis.eu/

    SANA reports #Syria's Addounia signal from "Atlantic Bird" satellite has been cut - read DISINFO warning again! http://www.voltairenet.org/NATO-preparing-vast-disinformation RT!!!

    The Women’s Media Center project Women Under Siege has been collecting reports out of Syria for three months,: Having not heard of Women Under Siege, we at WhoWhatWhy decided to check out the organization, contact it, and seek more details. When we went to the facebook page cited, we found it was from a man named Hadi Al Bahra. Al Bahra’s personal facebook page shows that he is a male, from Damascus, Syria— but is based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Al Bahra is the General Director of Saudia Online, a portal for all things Saudi. More on Al Bahra here: He was born in Syria, and migrated to the US at 18, decades ago. We contacted Mr. Al Bahra by email, seeking to interview him, but he did not respond. http://uprootedpalestinians.blogspot.nl/2012/07/has-assad-ordered-mass-rapes.html

    http://www.syria-tribune.com/e/index.php/by-syria-tribune/31-aleppo-battle Islamic rebel groups vids aleppo
    More later, at least one from Felix, etc. Also, why is formatting such a pain these days? My God, it takes hours just to correct the spans within spans that fuck everything up... I just can't do it all.

    1. @ caustic , thx & :

  23. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/libya/8919057/Leading-Libyan-Islamist-met-Free-Syrian-Army-opposition-group.html
    27 Nov 2011 Leading Libyan Islamist met Free Syrian Army opposition group
    Abdulhakim Belhadj, head of the Tripoli Military Council and the former leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, "met with Free Syrian Army leaders in Istanbul and on the border with Turkey," said a military official working with Mr Belhadj.



    Mary Fitzgerald ‏@MaryFitzgerldIT
    Libyan-Irish Mehdi al-Harati, ex-cmdr of Tripoli Brigade, is leading 6,000-strong Liwa al-Umma brigade in #Syria. More in tmrw's @IrishTimes


    July 28, 2012 /Last month, a senior Libyan security official told CNN the government was aware of Libyans fighting in Syria, but they were individuals and not government sponsored.


    1. The source noted that there were “at least six men with British-sounding voices, including one with a heavy south London accent.”



    2. July 28, 2012 /Last month, a senior Libyan security official told CNN the government was aware of Libyans fighting in Syria, but they were individuals and not government sponsored.

      25 Nov 2011 :Libya’s new rulers offer weapons to Syrian rebels


      Syrian rebels held secret talks with Libya's new authorities on Friday, aiming to secure weapons and money for their insurgency against President Bashar al-Assad's regime, The Daily Telegraph has learned.

      At the meeting, which was held in Istanbul and included Turkish officials, the Syrians requested "assistance" from the Libyan representatives and were offered arms, and potentially volunteers.

      "There is something being planned to send weapons and even Libyan fighters to Syria," said a Libyan source, speaking on condition of anonymity.

      "There is a military intervention on the way. Within a few weeks you will see."

      The Telegraph has also learned that preliminary discussions about arms supplies took place when members of the Syrian National Council [SNC] – the country's main opposition movement – visited Libya earlier this month.

      "The Libyans are offering money, training and weapons to the Syrian National Council," added Wisam Taris, a human rights campaigner with links to the SNC.

      "The [Libyan] council's offer is serious," said Mr Taris.

    3. http://networkedblogs.com/Au25u

      British-born jihadists fighting Assad in Syria` -- captured photographer

    4. Syrian rebels boost arsenal with portable anti-aircraft missiles – reports


      Pictures of launchers shown in the report resemble the Soviet-era Strela portable SAM launcher.

      The image, if true, could suggest a link between the Syrian rebels and Libya, whose arsenals were ransacked last year after the fall of the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

      The image, if true, could suggest a link between the Syrian rebels and Libya,

  24. Siriya 29 july 2012 :

    just some gathering sunday night :

    Aleppo: Syrian Arab Army declares Salah al-Din neighborhood a safe area http://www.breakingnews.sy/ar/breakingnews

    #Addounia confirms that #SalahAlDeen is now being secured by the #Syria-n army. #Aleppo http://pic.twitter.com/CK0DYgl
    29. Juli 2012 / SANA syndication: Authorities Continue Chasing Terrorist Groups in Aleppo, Daraa, Homs and Deir Ezzor, Infiltration Attempts from Lebanon and Turkey Foiled

    #Syria rebel commander on Turkish border tells me they get no help from #Syrian national council. Is aid money disappearing?

    Report #syria : heavy fighting in #Aleppo in Saif al Dawla and Sikari areas not far from Salahideen neighborhood .. both areas at southeast

    #Kurds in #Kurdistan region of #Syria are uniting today in a demonstration led by one senior Kurdish #Authority/Supreme.
    Syria SNC asks allies for heavy arms

  25. Though not yet announced by the Saudi authorities, the death of Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has been confirmed to Voltaire Network by unofficial souces.

    Prince Bandar had just been appointed head of Saudi intelligence on July 24: a promotion which was interpreted as a reward for having organized the attack in Damascus on July 18.

    The Saudi services, with logistical support from the CIA, had managed to blow up the headquarters of the Syrian National Security during a Crisis Cell meeting: Generals Assef Chaoukat, Daoud Rajha and Hassan Tourkmani were killed instantly. Generals Amin Charabeh and Hicham Ikhtiar died soon after from their wounds.

    This operation, called "Damascus Volcano" was the signal for the attack on the capital by a swarm of mercenaries, mainly coming from Jordan.

    Prince Bandar was himself the target of a bomb attack on July 26, and subsequently succumbed to his injuries.



    2007, In 2007, Bandar had made a secret trip to Israel to meet then Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert telling him that Saudi Arabia would finance Israel’s war against Hizbullah if the latter could be destroyed. The Zionists may be war criminals but they have more sense than taking on Hizbullah twice in two years.




    2008 : Several media sources have revealed the details of a "well-organized" plan to destroy Syria and create chaos in the country. The plan is said to be drawn up by Bandar bin Sultan, the former Saudi ambassador to the United States, in collaboration with the former U.S. Ambassador in Lebanon, "Jeffrey Feltman"
    to overthrow the regime in Syria and to bring Syria back to the "stone age", according to the sources.

    The lengthy and detailed plan, developed by Bandar bin Sultan and his friend Feltman in 2008 with a funding reached $ 2 billion, consists of many items and precise details which significantly intersect with the incidents of disturbances the city of Daraa has recently witnessed.

    1. Fars News Agency further quoted the Arab diplomat saying that Prince Bandar was arrested in the Damascus airport on the 12th of February, 2008; and that during the interrogations that the Syrian authorities conducted with him, Bandar confessed of major information about the assassination of the Lebanese PM Rafiq Hariri and Leader Imad Mughnieh, in addition to sabotage schemes planned for Syria.


  26. Yarmouk/Houla Parallels: Check Those "Witnesses" Carefully

    These killings were implemented as part of a diabolical intelligence operation, which consisted in blaming the Syrian government for the atrocities committed by rebel forces.


  27. Siriya 30 july 2012 :


    Armed Forces Clear Neighborhoods in Aleppo and Damascus Countryside from Terrorist Groups


    Foreign jihadi fighters present in Syria


    The Washington Post: Turkey Hosts Invading Saudi and Qatari Mercenary [Terrorists] Army against Syria

  28. http://www.presstv.ir/detail/253549.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

    Saudi Arabia pressuring Jordan to help Syrian rebels: Report


  29. July 28, 2012 : ANTAKYA :RECENTLY there has been a surge of new arrivals:
    Syrians, especially battle-hardened Syrian fighters.




    28 Jul 2012 ,The camp members also reportedly included people from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Chechnya, with no Syrians present.


    A source close to the incident told The Sunday Telegraph that there possibly at least six men with British-sounding voices, including one with a heavy south London accent.

  30. ANTAKYA 2011 :

    @ 3.25 Qatar has airlifted them to the southern Turkish ANTAKIYA @ 3.40 TOP COMMANDER BELHADJ
    youtube.com/watch?v=4h8D8VSIYWM …

    vid above,reporting about the early days in Siriya , closed their account some days after it was placed on this blog ,
    talked about Bel Hadj whose club was airlifted by Qatar to the southern Turkish Antakya
    That Belhaj almost immediately after overthrowing Libya's government, began organizing operations to bring in fighters, weapons, and cash to Syria,
    Hazim M., specialized in explosive devices in the so-called Tripoli Brigade, ,entered to Syria from Turkey illegally and started working with the armed groups in preparing and planting explosive devices targeting Syria Army personnel.
    I was insulted to hear Qataris were fighting in Libya.
    No better way to paint Libyans as mercenaries/terrorists than have them fight in other ppl's countries

    1. Aleppo 2012-08-01

      Activists: Several armed rebels of non-Syrian nationalities killed in Hendrat area of Aleppo, recognized of them the Libyan Mustafa, known as Al-Hajji Qabaseen

  31. siriya 31 july

    Salah El Dien neighborhood - Baba Amr of Aleppo as militia described it - 90% under control of Syrian Army https://plus.google.com/photos/113887804683138809853/albums/5771300197057035201

    Monday morning, Saudi and Qatari intelligence officers, based in Free Syrian Army headquarters at Apaydin in the southwest Turkish Hatay region, were forced to admit that Bashar Assad’s army had smashed their plan for a safe haven in the Aleppo area.

    1. I suspect they were told"you need to either take your Tripoli, or your Benghazi soon or the game is up."So they hit Damascus, failed, and at the same time/just after, Aleppo, and failed. Their Misrata - Homs-they don't even hold that anymore, do they?

      Time to slaughter some more kids in one of their rural hit-and-runs and try to shock up some more help!

    2. Time to slaughter some more kids : is there a child sitting @ 1.00?


    3. I extracted the individual frames from the video and looked closely. Yes, it seems to be a 10 year old boy, at least based on the size of the head and the body. It could be the son of clan leader Zeno Barri, who seems to be leaning over him.

      Best shot? frame 1782/4288

      We should look for him elsewhere on the video – or in the prequel, where the captives are still locked up in the school.

    4. @ Petri .It was said 15 people were killed ? In the room I count 10 or 12 men. The youngest one @ 1.28 3.37. 3.39 , same face as Bery.
      Small boy not inside?

    5. It is most likely he is the same man. (not a child)

      The positions and order of victims against the wall seem to reflect the positions inside the classroom. The man on his left seems to be the same man as inside the classroom. The young man is sitting on the floor / ground, the older man is only kneeling, which accounts for the difference in height.

    6. In first vid a second point of view ,Petri. Though not all victims to be seen :


    7. Yes, I have seen and downloaded it. Same man.

      Aleppo: Rebel Execution of Prisoners (Viewpoint 2)
      Published on Aug 1, 2012 by 3TimeToFightBack

      This is footage from a different viewpoint documenting the murder of five prisoners by rebels in Aleppo. The five injured men are forced to kneel before the wall of a school playground before being gunned down by insurgents shouting 'God is the Greatest.' The victims belonged to the pro-government Al Berri tribe whom the rebels are subjecting to a campaign of revenge killings and ethnic cleansing since they gained control of regions of Aleppo.

  32. @ caustic I cry : Time to slaughter some more kids.



    After the invaders from UK, Libiya ,Pakistan, Bangladesh and Chechnya, now new fucking foreign fighters steaming up to Siriya :
    the idealists against 'infidels' :

    Abdullah bin Shamar, a Saudi student, puts a small copy of the Koran among his few belongings packed neatly in a holdall as he prepares to set off with a Libyan friend across the hilly terrain separating southern Turkey from Syria.


    Bin Shamar and his Libyan friend Salloum say they are flowing the footsteps of their ancestors who fought in legions sent by the Prophet Mohammad at the dawn of Islam to liberate Greater Syria from those they regarded as Byzantine heathens.

    The two young middle class Arab youths, who first met in the British town of Brighton several years ago while attending a language course, arrived in Turkey this week.

    Khader cited the case of Saber al-Haji, a Libyan student of Islamic jurisprudence who joined the rebels as a fighter and was killed in Aleppo. "We had great respect for al-Haji. He was a man of religion and his devotion to Islam is primarily why he was a model for many of us,

  33. http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/middle-east/syria/120731/aleppo-christians-islamists-jihadis-al-qaeda-iraq-sectarian-conflict

    In Qseir, a town of some 60,000 people southwest of Homs, which has been under siege by regime forces for at least seven months, mosques recently rang out with the call for all Christians, who numbered around 10,000, to leave.

    The breakdown of inter-communal relations in Qseir stems from both rising fundamentalism among Sunni fighters and the widespread belief that Christians had been collaborating with the Assad regime.
    @syriancommando I actually meant t/ the media turns the Aleppo's Christians into target & fuels and legalises mass murders comitted by t FSA

    There is much more to the conflict in Syria than meets the eye.

    Syria is currently the scene of a cold war between the US, NATO, Israel, and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) on one side and Russia, China, Iran, and the Resistance Bloc on the other hand.

     Amidst the fighting between the Syrian government and anti-government forces, an intense intelligence war has also been taking place.


  34. Rebels executing captives in Aleppo today:

    عمليات اعدام ميدانية وتعذيب وتمثيل بالجثث حلب 31-7-2012
    Field executions, torture, and the representation of corpses Aleppo 07/31/2012
    Published on Jul 31, 2012 by syrianbomb1

    The video was originally posted on Facebook, most likely by a pro-rebel channel. The version on YouTube is connected to this pro-Syria page:
    (Please take backups)

    1. "Free Army militia" attacks a gathering for Al-Berri family,
      known as their pro-government attitude, in Al-Nereb area of Aleppo, abduct some of the family’s members and execute 15 of them including the head of the clan Zeino Berri, on 31-7-2012


    2. ♕ The 47th ♕ ‏@THE_47th / 1 aug 2012
      I think Aleppo is going to witness a major war: FSA against Assad Forces & Arab tribes who want retribution for death of Zaido Berri.

      I'm being told that among the tribes that net are Hasasne & Zeido. Together with Baggara & Berry, they have no less than 20k fighters.

      Chiefs of Baggara, Berri & other pro Assad Tribes in Aleppo met this morning and announce arming themselves for vengeance.

      BREAKING: Al-Beri family has launched a counterattack on rebels in Aleppo after assassinating several of it members yesterday -

    3. Mary Fitzgerald ‏@MaryFitzgerldIT

      Rebels in Aleppo gloating over their execution yday of Zeino Berri, powerful clan leader & shabiha boss in city. Grisly footage of killing

      note her words : shabiha boss.
      It's well known that these mercenaries are after "shabiha"to kill them.

  35. The so-called “Battle for Aleppo” is showing with all possible clarity that the NATO/GCC/Israeli Discount Army of Low Lives, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brothers, and hands for hire is no match for the Syrian Military and for the people of Syria.
    They can create terror, and they do. They can spread murder and may-ham, and they do. They can rob, plunder, rape and pillage, and they do. They can be supported by NATO/GCC Special Forces, and they are.

    Their unadulterated barbarism can create the most appalling outrages and the greatest grief and suffering and human tragedy, and it does. They can cause this suffering in the name of human rights, and they do so with the help of complicit media.


    Making Mass Murderers

  36. They can cause this suffering in the name of human rights, and they do so with the help of complicit media :


    Syria: to rebuilding an image of enemy in the minds, so that NATO can do the next war

  37. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vu4ssfoeF5Y&feature=player_embedded

    Tarpley calls on @SecGen Ban Ki-Moon to resign - Bravo!

  38. Aleppo 31 july :


    @ 2.24 : has confirmed the existence of hundreds of foreign fighters from Saud ,Libiya,Tunesiya,Turkiye,Jordan,Kuwait

    Activists: Several armed rebels of non-Syrian nationalities killed in Hendrat area of Aleppo, recognized of them the Libyan Mustafa, known as Al-Hajji Qabaseen

    1. 1 aug : Deir Al-Zour: army clashed with an armed terrorist group, killing a number of them, including terrorist Salah al-Hammadi Metzam

  39. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/08/01/us-syria-crisis-justice-idUSBRE8700KT20120801

    "These prisoners will be transferred to sharia courts to be tried by judges and clerics who have defected from the regime, and religious scholars," he said, adding their fate was in the hands of the rebel 'courts'.

  40. http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Middle_East/NH03Ak04.html

    Aug 3 . Obama does Syriana


    August 1, The notorious US security firm Blackwater has set up military camps in Turkey’s border region with Syria to train armed groups fighting against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.


    Aug 1 Obama's order, approved earlier this year and known as an intelligence "finding," broadly permits the CIA and other U.S. agencies to provide support that could help the rebels oust Assad.


    2 aug /In yet another step towards open intervention, the US government has approved fundraising for the Free Syrian Army, the main opposition military force, within the United States. The Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control approved a license last week for a front organization called the Syrian Support Group “to engage in otherwise prohibited financial activities with the Free Syrian Army,” a spokesman announced Tuesday. The funds would go to the FSA to pay soldiers’ salaries or buy weapons and other supplies.

  41. http://www.presstv.com/detail/2012/08/02/253989/turkey-opposition-leader-censures-ankara/

    Turkey must halt belligerency against Syria to avoid Mideast quagmire: CHP leader

    The Turkish army staged tank exercises near the Syrian border Wednesday, the most provocative such action since the political crisis erupted in Syria 17 months ago.
    Some 25 tanks were deployed in the Nusaybin district of Mardin province, only a mile from the border crossing with the Syrian city of Qamishli.
    Turkey’s Supreme Military Council began a four-day meeting Wednesday, bringing together Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and top military commanders.

  42. http://webtv.un.org/watch/vitaly-i.-churkin-russian-federation-on-syria-security-council-media-stakeout-2-august-2012/1768161310001

    Video: Russian UN Ambassador Churkin addresses Kofi Annan's resignation (< 4 min) http://webtv.un.org/watch/vitaly-i.-churkin-russian-federation-on-syria-security-council-media-stakeout-2-august-2012/1768161310001 #UN #Annan #Russia #Syria

  43. #Syria MAP of #Aleppo show location of forces #FSA #Assad #PYD All #FSA units are now connected from west to east http://twitpic.com/aeinox/full
    Mary Fitzgerald ‏@MaryFitzgerldIT
    In Salahuddin area of Aleppo, rebels have broken through walls of apartments to allow them move around without going out on street #Syria
    Aleppo city 'hot zones' look normal - Press TV News
    Free Army members beating Aleppo citizens for being pro-regime
    Syrian army destroys telecom system of foreign-sponsored insurgents

  44. siriya 3 aug :


    NATO’s Secret Kurdish War: Turkey Prepares Iraq-Style Attacks Inside Syria


    an excuse that Turkey may claim to intervene militarily


    The UN general assembly is expected to approve a resolution on Friday denouncing the use of major military hardware against opposition forces and demanding chemical and biological weapons not be deployed.

    3 August 2012 Russian warships head for Syrian port of Tartus



    Syria Alqaeda mercenary prisoners confessions مرتزقة القاعدة في سورية

  46. http://democratic-syria.blogspot.nl/2012/08/is-reuters-credible-news-agency.html

    Is Reuters A Credible News Agency?

  47. http://friendsofsyria.wordpress.com/2012/08/03/yarmouk-palestinians-al-jazeera-telling-the-news-before-it-actually-happens-again/

    Yarmouk Palestinians: Al Jazeera Telling the News Before it Actually Happens, Again :


    Monday, March 19, 2012
    Al-Jazeera Publishes Aleppo Bomb News 16 Hours Before Incident

  48. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XihJjNx1z_w

    We are coming for you Bashar," says one of the LIBIYAN doctors as they shake hands with the heavily armed Syrian fighters.
    what are you doing here ? We lived in peace before you came :


    Old Lady Catches Free Syrian Army Terrorist Trying to Escape Damascus Dressed as a Woman

  49. siriya 4/5 aug :

    Damascus under full control of Syria army: Military commander

    Intensify clashes at the tv and radio station, the station isn't under anyone full control... And fights are still on http://pic.twitter.com/gmo11bDN

    Videotape shows the abducted cameraman, Talal Janbalki, making confessions under threatening and showing the marks of torture on his face, where the sound of a kidnapper gets heard while saying to the cameraman what he should say

    Colonel Riad AlAssad is lying about controlling most of the areas in #Aleppo #Syria and AlArabiya knew it
    Report #Syria : Large Congregation of Sunni muslim gathered at Largest mosque of #Damascus and praised Syrian arab army and Bashar

  50. ://www.yourepeat.com/watch/?v=FV27wyucgEA&feature=youtube_gdata
    @ 1.02 : I'm amazed of the self control they have

    The rebels, the protesters, maintained remarkable self-control at the beginning,

    Meanwhile, the so-called Daoud Battalion, a rebel force that operates in Jebel al Zawiyah in northern Syria, used its captives and suspected spies in an “ingenious” form of vehicle bombings against regime targets, according to a July 25 report on rebel groups by the Institute for the Study of War, a Washington-based think-tank that has made a specialty of studying the Syrian rebel movement.

    The rebels put the prisoners in cars rigged with explosives and then remotely detonated the bombs when the vehicles approached government checkpoints.


    1. http://www.yourepeat.com/watch/?v=FV27wyucgEA&feature=youtube_gdata

  51. siriya 4/5 aug

    So far, especially in Aleppo, that means the rebels advance and retreat, gain territory, give it up, hide among the population, and then return again for another fight.

    Rebels and activists said the focus for both sides had become Tadamon, a rebel-controlled area adjacent to the country’s largest Palestinian neighborhood

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that mortars, helicopters and armored vehicles were being used against the rebels, and that the rebels had destroyed at least four armored vehicles in the neighborhood so far.

    Abu Omar, a local battalion chief for the rebels, said his fighters had pulled back Saturday afternoon because they were waiting for allies to send mortars.

    He said many of his fighters had sneaked into Yarmouk, the Palestinian neighborhood next door, where shelling killed 20 people Thursday night


  52. siriya journal 5 aug :


    A gang of terrorists have massacred civilians in Yalda in the outskirts of Damascus

    The army has found the remains of Turc and Gulf military

  53. How Google helps NATO death squads to wage war against Syria :

    To understand what’s going on, just have a look onto a Google map of Syria: the south of Al Bab is occupied by NATO sponsored terrorists while the north is not.

    Google blurs out the south of Al Bab.

    Syria it’s just like in Libya: where ever the NATO terrorists led by agnts disguising themselves as “journalists” set shop, the Gooogle map starts to blur out.

    When the NATO sponsored terrorists lose positions the locations become sharp on Google maps as they are – from a NATO zionist point of view – positions to attack again.


  54. Sirya journal 6 aug


    Urgent│Syrian Minister of Information: All staff in the Syrian RTV are fine, and we know who is behind this cowardly act. #Syria #RealSyria

    BREAKING: #Syria PM Riyad Hijab has been sacked - state TV http://on.rt.com/bi7skf

    Omar Ghalawanji named as Prime Minister in duty to replace Hijab #Syria

  55. Siriya news 6 aug in english :


  56. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRU9zRMeSKk&feature=youtu.be
    @ 2.34 the 48 kidnapped Irani pilgrims

    Syrian army arrests Turkish, Saudi officers in Aleppo

    1. Three of the Iranian pilgrims, who were kidnapped by armed insurgents near the Syrian capital of Damascus, have been killed, Reuters reports.

      The so-called Free Syrian army has threatened to kill the rest of the pilgrims if the Syrian military does not stop attacking them.

      Forty-eight Iranian pilgrims, who were traveling on a bus from Damascus International Airport to the shrine of Hazrat Zainab (AS) on the outskirts of the Syrian capital, Damascus, were abducted by insurgents on August 4.

      The insurgents who have abducted the Iranian pilgrims had claimed that the hostages are members of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) by simply referring to their military discharge cards.


  57. http://french.irib.ir/info/moyen-orient/item/204655-syrie-alep-l-arrestation-de-sept-espions-d-isra%C3%ABl

    06 august 2012 /Syrie/Alep : l'arrestation de sept espions d'Israël / 7 Israel spies arrested in aleppo

  58. siriya 7 aug :

    The Syrian National News Agency (SANA) reported the event only briefly, merely pointing out that he had been "relieved of his duties."



    Hillary’s Terrorists Hang Shiite Child after Killing Family Members



    Fight for city of Aleppo continues


    SYRIA CIVIL WAR: Turks and Saudi caught in OPERATION ALEPPO, RADICAL Islamist KILLING the

    Killing of the head of the rebel military council in Aleppo by govt forces is a big blow to the morale of the Syrian rebels - now in rage.

  59. Ed Husain, Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies :


    The Syrian rebels would be immeasurably weaker today without al-Qaeda in their ranks. By and large, Free Syrian Army (FSA) battalions are tired, divided, chaotic, and ineffective. Feeling abandoned by the West, rebel forces are increasingly demoralized as they square off with the Assad regime's superior weaponry and professional army. Al-Qaeda fighters, however, may help improve morale. The influx of jihadis brings discipline, religious fervor, battle experience from Iraq, funding from Sunni sympathizers in the Gulf, and most importantly, deadly results. In short, the FSA needs al-Qaeda now.


  60. http://www.counterpunch.org/2012/08/06/syrias-liberated-future/

  61. Siriya 8 aug :

    SyriaTube درعا - بصرى الحرير : إنتشار الجيش العربي السوري
    BREAKING NEWS - Video has emerged of the #syria|n army moving into #aleppo neighbourhoods as the #fsa flees in panic

    BREAKING NEWS - Video has emerged of the #FSA terrorists "tactically withdrawing" from #aleppo salaheddine #syria


    Mark ‏@markito0171 claims :

    #Syria #Aleppo Video from today in Sayf ad-Daula district (a direct neighborhood of #Saladin) under #FSA control http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENjBPTAbEnY&feature=g-u-u



    Armed groups destroy health infrastructure in Syria,08.08.2012



    London based : his parents left Siriya 40 years ago, good rebel
    @ 2.01 , noman benothman , former ? jihadist

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qatRd4oREE&feature=youtu.be

      #SYRIA: #Terrorists #coming even from #Belgium: http://youtu.be/-qatRd4oREE

  62. http://www.morningstaronline.co.uk/news/content/view/full/122436

  63. felix : is this our defender of democracy @ 1.58 ?


    1. no,sorry , mistake = journo ,

      was mixed up with : @1.04


      btw : amnesty and HRW so invisible nowadays

  64. siriya 9 aug


    WARNING: STRONG CONTENT: Aleppo, Syria: FSA killings and drugs by Thierry Meyssan

    #Aleppo now, pretty quiet today http://pic.twitter.com/LfDOtinN




  65. siriya media :

    When big lies must be told, BBC is there.

    SYRIA: Faking the "100 soldiers" of Allepo (July 2012)



    Earlier we had reported :
    CNN Anderson Cooper Caught Red Handed, While Staging Fake Syria News 

  66. forgot to mention :


    Syria THIS YT Channel that called themselves the SyrianTVOfficial2012 POSTING 1 Y OLD VIDEOS SAYING IS ALEPPO TODAY

  67. http://fubarandgrill.org/node/1427

    The United States and its comrade-in-arms, Al Qaeda.

    And other tales of an empire gone mad.

  68. siriya 11 aug :


  69. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8faM3NHa1g

    Angry protesters clashed with riot police in Istanbul on Saturday during a visit by Hillary Clinton. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8faM3NHa1g #Turkey

    27 World Countries Attending Tehran Conference on Syria
    TEHRAN (FNA)- Representatives of 27 world and regional states as well as the UN envoy to Tehran are participating in the international consultative conference on the developments in Syria, which started work here in Tehran on Thursday.

  70. siriya 13 aug :


    Syrian atrocity: Bodies of postal workers thrown from roof (GRAPHIC VIDEO)



    Syrie – 5000 terroristes et mercenaires dans la cité de Soukari (13 août 2012)

    18+ FSA Rebellen begehen grausame Massaker an 230 entführte Zivilisten in Homs - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxFgqcYqxu0&feature=em-uploademail #syria #lebanon #assad


    The Muslim Brotherhood wants a future for all Syrians


  71. siriya 14 aug :


    Al Qaeda in Syria may regroup after the release of Abu Musab Al Suri, the 'mufti of murder'

    ‏Gaddafi style - Assad captain pulled out of a drain pipe after his convoy heading to Bab al-Hawa was destroyed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbL9bzzvLfA #Syria

    الفوار السوريين يقطعون رأس مواطن مؤيد في حلب +18



    Israeli-US script: Divide Syria, divide the rest
    Iran to declare in Mecca opposition to suspending Syria's OIC membership

  72. siriya 15 aug :


    L'armée arabe Syrienne a nettoyé la région située entre Kora Ardiya et l'institut des sciences et elle entoure toute la région de Seif Dawla pour couper l'approvisionnement d'armement des terroristes.
    Relatives of Lebanese hostage seize 20 Syrian gunmen http://bit.ly/Npa0Qc #al, #Mikdad_Family

    Breaking: The new kidnapped syrian is a FSA general. (Al-Mayadeen). #Lebanon #Syria


    Mark ‏@markito0171
    #Syria Severe clashes between #Assad Army & #FSA take place in Dair Baalba neighborhood of #Homs http://wikimapia.org/#lat=34.7562806&lon=36.7432172&z=16&l=5&m=b

    Mark ‏@markito0171
    #Syria #FSA claims the #Damascus bombing targeted a military meeting

  73. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article32177.htm#.UCuDvSA_fzV.twitter
    "Free Syrian Army" Killing Christians, Burning Churches,Video Posted August 14, 2012

    Rebels Executed man in Deir Ezzor, Syria


    Libyans stay in #Libya. Don't come to #Syria to kill our people, we don't need your terrorism.

    FSA Genocide against Minorities in Syria – World must unite against FSA!!


    Al-Qaeda flags fly over rebel-held Syria


    1. Tlas, a defected officer, and an apparantly devout Islamist, is shown touching his zib kebir
      Tlas is leading the Farouk Brigade in the FSA

    2. All the #Tlass supporters going crazy with the "at least he didn't kill people" Yea?FAROUK BRIGADE MASSACRED MINORITIES IN #HOMS. #Syria

    3. http://french.irib.ir/galeries/videos/item/205740-syrie-100-balles-pour-un-seul-homme-images-sensibles

      Allah Akhbar Sjatan is balking

  74. http://globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=32343

    The terror groups operating in the country have been lavishly funded and trained by Saudi Arabia and Qatar and also by Turkey and the U.S., two North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) allies. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, speaking after the rebels had briefly seized two border crossings and massacred the soldiers manning the posts, said that cooperation with the armed rebels should increase.
    Regime Change in Syria: Part II
    In the first months, the narrative was of unarmed protesters being shot by Syrian forces. This then evolved into one of armed insurgents reluctantly "being provoked into taking up arms", as US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton explained, to defend peaceful protesters.
    the right of humanitarian intervention:

  75. siriya 17 aug

    Syria - Dont Pay The Ransom - Kidnap Their Relative - Re edit w TV footage

  76. siriya 18 aug :



    July 12, 2012 /A jihadist who was one of hundreds to have escaped from Egyptian prisons during the uprising in Egypt in early 2011 was killed during recent fighting in Syria. The Egyptian fought the Qaddafi regime in Libya before traveling to Syria to battle President Bashir al Assad’s forces.

    Ahmed Ref’at, an Egyptian from Kafr al Sheikh who was better known as Abu Al Bara’a, was killed on July 7 while battling Syrian security forces in an undisclosed location, according to a statement from a fellow jihadist that was released on terrorist-linked web forums. The statement was translated by the SITE Intelligence Group.
    Al Bara’a “left the prisons of Mubarak after the revolution and headed to do jihad in Libya with the revolutionaries, and he did jihad and returned after the death of Gaddafi . . . then he went and did jihad in Syria with the mujahideen against the Alawite Rafidah [Shi'ites],” the fellow jihadist reported, according to the SITE translation.
    A video clip of al Bara’a fighting “in the glorious days of jihad in Libya” was also released on YouTube.


    18.8 Libyan terrorist Saddam Al-sheibi was killed today in Aleppo. http://pic.twitter.com/GSfTSOWQ

  77. Siriya 20 aug :


    Libya arms Syrian rebels, Sunday Times claims
    London-based newspaper Sunday Times claims that Libya is increasing deliveries of weapons to Syrian rebels.
    The paper says that the weapons, including missile systems, are delivered via Lebanon.
    Libyan ships with them anchor in neutral waters 30 kms from the Lebanese coast.
    When the night darkness descends, big boats come from Tripoli and unload the weapons.
    18.8 Libyan terrorist Saddam Al-sheibi was killed today in Aleppo. http://pic.twitter.com/GSfTSOWQ


    Libyans Return From Syria in Boxes


    developments in Siriya

    report #Syria : 3 Turkish Parliamentarians Condemned #Erdogan policy in #syria and also Accused Erdogan of delivering guns in Ambulances

    Report #Syria : #Syrian Arab army #SAA Captured 3 large zionist #FSA Weapons Warhouses in East of #aleppo many #FSA were killed too

    Report #Syria : Zionist #FSA and #AJE #AJA used pictures from Iranian Earthquake and used it to Demand Buffer zone from airstrike

  78. Liwa al umma 1 :

    Mahmoud Jibril ,Malik al-Abdeh &Ammar Qurabi ,J.McCain, J. Lieberman ,BHLevy meeting February 2011





    5 000 Qatari troops helped to colonize Libya

    Who is the man who standing behind Abdul Hakim Belhadj

  79. Liwa al umma 2 :







    The Tripoli brigade were reported in Syria in late 2011,Dec 23

    nov 2011

  80. Liwa al umma 3 :


    Islamist militias in Libya receive weapons and financing directly from foreign benefactors like Qatar

    Western and Gulf State support of the FSA constitutes state sponsorship of terrorism.



    These men are allegedly paid around US$1,000 a month, funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.




    Libya arms Syrian rebels, Sunday Times claims



    Liwa al-Ummah also reportedly has plans to set up a political wing


    Martin Chulov ‏@martinchulov
    Saw foreign jihadists at frontline in #Aleppo.

    Fighters from Senegal, Saudi, Algeria & Pakistan. Others deep inside Salahedin #Syria

    #NewYorkTimes propagandist C.J. Chivers embedded with #FSA Liwa' At-Tauhid terrorists in #Aleppo #Syria. – #YouTube


    1. For example, in yet another CNN article covering Libyan fighters killing in Syria titled, “Libya rebels move onto Syrian battlefield,” we are told that NATO-armed terrorists “tasted the beauty of Jihad” in Libya -  “beauty” Libya is now exporting to Syria.


  81. siriya 21 - 22 aug :


  82. Siriya 23 august :


    Assad supporters rally in Aleppo (0:47) 

    Aleppo Residents Celebrating Cleansing Their Neighborhoods From Turkey's FSA Terrorists

    BBC Censors Video Showing Syrian Rebels Forcing Prisoner to Become Suicide Bomber


    The rebels put the prisoners in cars rigged with explosives and then remotely detonated the bombs when the vehicles approached government checkpoints.

  83. http://syria360.wordpress.com/2012/08/23/sana-headlines-august-23-2012/

  84. 12000 greece katholic believers live in the village Rableh in west Qusayr , region Homs. Since 10days the village is encircled by rebel groups. The people in the village have a lack of food and medicaments. They live on bread and water

    Syrian Rebels Execute 16 Prisoners in Douma
    @ 5.56 : same what they did in abu saleem & misrata


    #Syria #Aleppo Sayf al-Dawla district Molotov-cocktails

  85. Dropped comment from Petri on a new allegation in Syria:
    An article in the Washington Post by Liz Sly from August 24 links to four massacre videos: Gruesome killings mark escalation of violence in Syrian capital The videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61JbnhtFnoI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEQSWOqCJmE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wy_XmN1NoY0 The last one shows burnt victims: قطنا 16-8-2012 وجود 65 جثة محروقة في مكب للأنقاض (Katana 08/16/2012 the presence of 65 bodies burned in a rubble dump) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0czrv6wn244 Published on Aug 16, 2012 by QatanaNews The Liz Sly story is debunked by Moon of Alabama: Apparently, Liz Sly Can Conclude Without Supporting Facts *** This anti-hoax video may be relevant to these killings: Syrian Rebels Execute 16 Prisoners in Douma http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wy_XmN1NoY0 Published on Aug 23, 2012 by 3TimeToFightBack

    1. Reformating:

      An article in the Washington Post by Liz Sly from August 24 links to four massacre videos:
      Gruesome killings mark escalation of violence in Syrian capital

      The videos:

      The last one shows burnt victims:
      قطنا 16-8-2012 وجود 65 جثة محروقة في مكب للأنقاض
      (Katana 08/16/2012 the presence of 65 bodies burned in a rubble dump)
      Published on Aug 16, 2012 by QatanaNews

      The Liz Sly story is debunked by Moon of Alabama:
      Apparently, Liz Sly Can Conclude Without Supporting Facts


      This anti-hoax video may be relevant to these killings:
      Syrian Rebels Execute 16 Prisoners in Douma
      Published on Aug 23, 2012 by 3TimeToFightBack


      Update 25.8.2012

      More videos from Liz Sly on Twitter:

  86. Siriya 25 aug :


    Syria News 25 August 2012. Fabricate Spoof Email in the Name of SANA, Israeli arms confiscated.

    1. http://www.algeria-isp.com/actualites/politique-syrie/201208-A11239/syrie-des-videos-des-dernieres-nouvelles-syrie-forte-aout-2012.html

      Des vidéos des dernières nouvelles de la Syrie FORTE (25 août 2012)

  87. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlQ0ENn8xZI

    #SAA arrives in Daraya to investigate what happened. They're praised by locals


    Syrian terrorists call the liquidation of their 300 comrades in Darya a massacre.

  88. siriya 27 aug :


    Evidence of Media Complicity With Terrorists Slitting Throats in Syria


    Orchestrated PR event?'

    The timing of the "massacre" reports is of no coincidence, believes Middle East expert and radio show host Kevin Barrett.
    They come as the UN Security Council is scheduled to hold ministerial meeting on the humanitarian impact of the conflict on August 30.


    Assem Abdel Maged, media official at Jama'a al-Islamiya, has said that a group of jihadis are ready to travel to Syria within days to join the rebels in an attempt to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
    Abdel Maged told Al-Masry Al-Youm that other groups had previously fought overseas, including in Afghanistan.

    The source pointed out that a number of members of jihad organizations are in Syria with the rebels, after they fought with the Libyan rebels who revolted against Muammar Qadhafi and contributed to his fall.

    According to the source, Egyptian jihadis will get together with other Arab fighters in one of the neighboring countries and will wait until they are provided with the needed weapons to enter the country.

  89. There is overwhelming evidence that crimes against humanity are being committed, yet the US, it’s NATO allies, Israel using Qatar and Turkey as a proxy, continue to ship weapons to Syria and delay, veto or obfuscate international action against the rebels.

    Amnesty is calling on the UN calling for an arms embargo on all those nations that are funding and arming the insurgency in Syria, namely, the US, Britian, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Furthermore amnesty is calling for the freezing of assets of Turkish prime minister Erdogan, Qatar’s king Hamed, Saudi king Abdula Al Saud, president Obama and Syrian National Council members, and the situation to be referred to the ICC.



    Paris: Hollande Will Recognise an Al Qaeda Terrorist Government in #Syria


  90. Libyan terrorist Ibrahim Rajab al-Farajani


    In confessions broadcast by the Syrian Arab TV on Sunday after the 8:30 PM news, Libyan terrorist Ibrahim Rajab al-Farajani said that societies and organizations funded by Arab Gulf countries and affiliated with Al Qaeda train terrorists in Libya then send them to Syria via Turkey.

    Al-Farajani, a Libyan from the city of Benghazi born in 1993, said that he joined a militant group after the events in Libya, and that during his time with this group he became aware that its members were in contact with people in al-Zantan area where Qatari and Emirati planes loaded with weapons, Toyota SUVs and Qatari officers who trained militants in the use of AK-47 rifles and machineguns of various calibers and gave them monthly payments of 2000 Libyan dinars.

    He revealed that sheikhs from Qatar and the Emirates funded Jihadists in order to establish an Islamic emirate in Libya, while some mosque Imams in Libya urged people to bear arms and go to places like Chechnya and Algeria to take part in their version of Jihad.

    Al-Farajani said that eventually he joined a battalion affiliated with Al Qaeda, which trained Syrians in the use of rocket launchers and grenades then sent them to Syria gradually to fight the Syrian army.

    He pointed out that the battalion made a passport for him without even telling him that he was to be sent to Syria, then he was sent to Turkey by plane and arrived in Antioch, where a Syrian took them to a house containing people from Tunisia, Morocco, Libya and Syria, all of them wearing masks and well-trained.

    One of these men, a Syrian from Damascus referred to as Abu al-Bara'a, showed them videos and gave them books to prepare them mentally for fighting in Syria, then al-Farajani was sent into Syria along with people from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, arriving in a house in the village of Atma in Idleb which contained RPG launchers and PKC machineguns, with a car equipped with a DShK machinegun parked outside.

    Afterwards, al-Farajani accompanied four terrorists into the town of Saraqeb in a pickup truck to where a group of Syrians were using a girls' highschool to train in the use of DShK and PKC machineguns and RPG launchers.

    He went on to say that he went with two terrorists into the a number of towns then headed towards Aleppo, ending up in Tel Rifa'at in Aleppo countryside where they met Syrian militants hiding in a school, and later met terrorists from Kuwait, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan and Syria in a house in the town of Mare'a.

    He concluded by saying that he left that house with the terrorists and was given weapons and USD 50,000 to be given to people in Damascus and its outskirts.

  91. http://worldmathaba.net/items/1538-syria-real-news-august-29-30-round-up


    Rozalina Chomsky ‏@rozalinachomsky
    from #syria's martyrs brigades: resistance fighters in abu al dohour airport http://youtu.be/3qf-9V8EaPk #syria #assad

    I hope her fathers name isn't Noam

    1. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=19103266&l=d927101a83&id=297509086955875

  92. http://syria360.wordpress.com/2012/09/01/sana-headlines-september-1-2-2012/


    The Free Syrian Army (FSA) gave a 72-hour advance warning to airlines to suspend flights to Syria before the rebels try to seize civilian airports in Damascus and Aleppo. They claim the Syrian Air Force is using them ‘illegally.’
    ­The 72-hour period begins on Saturday, September 1, the FSA told Asharq Al-Awsat, the major pan-Arab daily newspaper based in London.

  93. just some Syria lies :

    #SyriaLies: Aug2012, #AbuHajjar reassures #LeFigaro that #Christians & #Alawites will b safe. No mention he is author of fatwa agst Alawites

    #SyriaLies: July2012, journalists paint a dark picture of those whom they call 'the rebels' but #GCC & #West continue calls to arm 'rebels'

    #SyriaLies: July2012, 'the beginning of the end' for the regime claims #RandaKassis, claim reiterated by many #MSM led by #TheGuardian
    #SyriaLies: JeremyBowen from #BBC says #FSA is only 30 min from pres. palace. http://tempsreel.nouvelobs.com/la-revolte-syrienne/20120130.OBS0123/bachar-al-assad-a-t-il-tente-de-fuir-de-syrie-vers-moscou.html
    #SyriaLies: Jan2012 .@DamascusTweets informs that #Assad has fled #Syria & that pres. palace is encricled by #FSA via .@mdiplo French, sept

    #SyriaLies: Sep2011, French pseudo-philosopher BHL warns of toxic gaz attacks by #Assad forces http://laregledujeu.org/2011/09/30/7227/syrie-la-revolution-s%E2%80%99arme-et-a-besoin-de-l%E2%80%99otan/ Via http://www.exacteditions.com/read/diplomatique-french/septembre-2012-32494/10/3/

  94. http://www.voltairenet.org/a175701
    Syrian cleric: ‘I saw rebels beheading men for religion’

    Land Destroyer ‏@LandDestroyer
    NATO's #FSA Al Qaeda terrorists detonate bomb in #Damascus kill civilians - praised by Western press-refuses 2report civilian victims #Syria

  95. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7awxE9RXmE&feature=youtu.be
    George Galloway جورج غالوي يمسح الارض باحد مناصري الاخوان المسلمين و يفضح دور السعوديه و قطر في التآمر على شعوب المنطقه

    Al-Qaeda Leader Strikes Deal With U.S., Saudis To Send 5,000 Fighters to Syria

    British youths are recruited to fight in Syria

    50 Million$ delivered yesterday to Militias from #Turkey through Anadan to Bab Al Hadid neighborhood #Aleppo, this is 2nd payment in 10 days

  96. What exactly is a local "Coordination Committee?"

    It is one single NATO sponsored terrorist that has been sent back to Syria with satellite Internet communication equipment – with the mission of uploading massacre and action videos to YouTube. This photo form Zamalka shows a Thuraya IP satellite router and two TP-LINK TL-WA5210G High Power Wireless Outdoor CPEs.

  97. Siriya 4 september 2012


    Al-Farouq terrorists blast the National hospital in al-Qusai
    Al-Farouq militants have smuggled about a ton of explosives to the National hospital in al-Qusair.
    The terrorists used abductees for digging a tunnel from outside the building to the inside to smuggle the explosives.
    I saw not one reaction or comment by any Western government or media to the threats against civil aviation made by gangs of the Free Syrian Army.

    GGN: NATO Terrorists Target Syria Airports, US to Dump Israel? Kurdish State a Road to Russia

    Source: Al-Qaeda-Trained Terrorists Sent to Syria from Waziristan

    CIA Director reportedly in Turkey for secret talks


    UK contacts with Syria rebels confirmed by UK FM



    A field study conducted by Syrian affairs researcher Walid Jadaa has revealed that the losses suffered by Syria since the beginning of the current crisis are estimated at $36.5 billion, a total that includes destroyed houses, furniture, savings and cars.

  98. siriya 6 september :

    7 sept

  99. Siriya 14 sept 2012

    The Times: A boat containing weapons that docked in #Syria this week was registered 2 the IHH ( #Turkey ),which has ties 2 the M.Brotherhood


    “Apaydın Camp” in Hatay is a camp established to conduct and administrate terrorist and destructive activities against Syria


    The Times revealed that a largest shipment of weapons has arrived in Turkey to be delivered to the armed groups in Syria.
    "A Libyan ship carrying the largest consignment of weapons for Syria…has docked in Turkey," said The Times in an article published on Friday.

    The article's writer, Sheera Frenkel, said most of the Libyan ship's cargo is making its way to the armed groups inside Syria.

    Quoting a member of the 'Free Army', who called himself Abu Mohammad, the article said the over 400 ton cargo included "SAM-7 surface-to-air anti-craft missiles and rocket-propelled grenades."


    Syrian women who have fled the violence in their country are in a vulnerable situation in more ways than one. RNW’s Arab desk has discovered that agencies in Libya are offering to arrange marriages with Syrian girls in refugee camps in the country.


    The small office in a shopping street in Benghazi does not look like a marriage bureau. It displays material offering real estate services. But Libyan journalist Ibrahim al-Farjani verified for RNW that in fact it operates as a middleman for young men looking for a Syrian refugee bride.

  100. http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.php?nn=9106240242

    Turkish Airline Flying Al-Qaeda from Pakistan to Syrian Borders
    TEHRAN (FNA)- Turkey's national air carrier, Turkish Air, has been transiting Al-Qaeda and Taliban militants from North Waziristan in Pakistan to the Turkish borders with Syria, sources revealed on Saturday, mentioning that the last group were flown to Hatay on a Turkish Air Airbus flight No. 709 on September 10, 2012.

    “The Turkish intelligence agency sent 93 Al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists from Waziristan to Hatay province near the border with Syria on a Turkish Air Airbus flight No. 709 on September 10, 2012 and via the Karachi-Istanbul flight route," the source told FNA on Saturday, adding that the flight had a short stop in Istanbul.

    The 93 terrorists transited to the Turkish border with Syria included Al-Qaeda militants from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan and a group of Arabs residing in Waziristan, he added

  101. A number of atrocities against civilians previously attributed to the Assad government are now known to be the work of the rebels, who are becoming less reticent about their plans
    to eliminate all regime supporters, which would include most Alawites as well as many in the Christian community.

  102. ISTANBUL – There are nearly 50 high-ranking intelligence agents on Turkey’s Syria border, including agents from the United States, France, Germany, Britain and “perhaps Greece,” former CIA agent Philip Giraldi told Tolga Tanış of daily Hürriyet in an interview.


    The former agent said there would be numerous spies working under the high-ranking spies and “many” informants working under them.

    Giraldi said he thought there were 15-20 high-ranking CIA agents in Turkey working on the Syrian conflict alone.

    “They would be paramilitary agents,” Giraldi said. “They would be based at the consulate in Adana or the İncirlik Air Base, but could operate in the field as well,” Giraldi said, adding that the agents would not cross into Syria but would direct intelligence operations from within Turkey in collaboration with Turkey’s National Intelligence Agency (MİT).

    “The CIA probably has only 10 agents who are fluent in Arabic and maybe five who can speak Turkish fluently. For this reason, they need to rely on MİT agents when dealing with Syrian rebels,” Giraldi said.

  103. Events in Libya are being framed to heighten the perception that Washington is at war with Islamic militants, not partnered with them to achieve their foreign policy objectives.

    Michael Weiss, Research Director of The Henry Jackson Society, argues in a piece published with the Telegraph titled, “The killing of Chris Stevens is not an excuse to attack America's pro-democratic foreign policy,” that Washington should not let the spoiled fruits of its operation in Libya hinder its quest to remove Bashar al-Assad, who Weiss stalely refers to as a “mass-murdering tyrant.” [5]

    The support given to militants in Libya and Syria have caused tragic violence on an enormous scale for the citizens of those nations – the death of Ambassador Stevens must be a warning that such policy will invariably sow destruction and irreparable damage not only to those nations, but to the United States.

    In Syria, the dominant narrative of “an authoritarian government murdering its own people,” as reported by media outlets such as the BBC and Al-Jazeera has proven to be a disingenuous cover for external powers attempting to topple the government in Damascus.

    For the past eighteen-months, those nations allied to Syria’s militant opposition fighters have shown nothing but contempt and disregard for the principles of international law.
    Although direct intervention has been blocked by Russia and China in the United Nations, the Washington Post has confirmed that the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other Gulf States are supplying weapons, funding, and logistical support to rebel forces in Syria. [6]

    Despite official claims that Washington has not yet begun equipping Syrian rebels, The New York Times confirmed in their June 2012 article, "C.I.A. Said to Aid in Steering Arms to Syrian Opposition," that President Obama approved the deployment of a small number of C.I.A. officers to southern Turkey, who are providing arms to opponents of the Syrian government. [7]


    1. Henry Jackson society advocates an interventionist foreign policy to spread democracy

      George Grant, director of global security,Henry Jackson Society
      Assistant Editor LibyaHerald George Grant
      The Herald publication is not Libyan, but an extension of the London "Times" publication, which is funded by British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) aka "MI6", and has as its purpose a propaganda war to attempt to spin Libyan news and events.


      Libya Herald, September 17, 2012

      Dear Editor,

      First, I would like to congratulate you and the staff at the “Libya Herald,” for such an insightful paper.

      America has always led the way to democracy and freedom for countries. We have spent trillions upon trillions of dollars in the Middle East
      As we are seeing in Syria, we seen how a dictator will wipe out his entire nation


  104. http://friendsofsyria.wordpress.com/2012/09/17/while-obama-sends-them-millions-in-taxpayer-dollars-syrian-rebels-burn-american-flag/

    While Obama Sends them Millions in Taxpayer Dollars, Syrian Rebels Burn American Flag

  105. Libyan fighter ELMehdi Haraty, who returned from Syria, turns out to be half Egyptian. So we could easily communicate in Egyptian dialect.;)

  106. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=f76ZGI_Pkug#!

    The 'Syrian Revolution' Godfather Aroor Gone Mad Watch Why

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=gGT8pZcKYL4

      Dailymotion Adnan Al Arour says that they will chop the Alawaites who oppose the Syrian revolution

    2. Al-Hamwi said that the Arab League knew of more than 40 satellite channels which practice intellectual, religious and sectarian instigation against the Syrian people.


  107. http://syria360.wordpress.com/2012/09/17/index-of-foreign-terrorist-groups-behind-atrocities-in-syria/


  108. http://worldmathaba.net/items/1650-u-s-saudi-agreement-5-000-yemeni-al-qaeda-jihadists-to-be-sent-to-syria

    September 17, 2012 U.S.-Saudi agreement: 5,000 Yemeni Al-Qaeda jihadists to be sent to Syria

  109. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrtNd5h2L_Q&feature=related

    Syria - The True Story

  110. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbBzPcfdBuM&feature=youtu.be

    proof of western mercenary filth killing inside Siriya


  111. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=allosbfiyrs

    The Aim Is To Divide Syria - Maya Naser

    I can't believe the news about @nasermaya ..may his soul rest in peace.
    A true hero. You will be missed.

  112. The rusting green Mercedes truck could have been mistaken for a removal lorry.

    It was parked in a narrow street outside a luxurious villa a short distance from the Turkish border, and the arms and legs of chairs and tables protruded from the tarpaulin that covered the back.

    Beneath the furniture, however, were 450,000 rounds of ammunition and hundreds of rocket-propelled grenades destined for the armed rebels in Aleppo.

    Inside the villa two rebel commanders and a chubby civilian in jeans and T-shirt were exchanging pieces of paper, which the civilian signed.

    He issued a series of instructions to the men outside, who began transferring crates into the commanders' white Toyota pickup.

    "All what I want from you is that you shoot a small video and put it on YouTube, stating your name and your unit, and saying we are part of the Aleppo military council," the civilian told one of the commanders, who fought with the Islamist Tawheed brigade.

    "Then you can do whatever you want. I just need to show the Americans that units are joining the council.

    I met two Americans yesterday in Antakya of Turkey. They told me that no advanced weapons would come to us unless we were unified under the leadership of the local military councils.

    So shoot the video and let me handle the rest.

    Looking in the back, it was clear the ammunition was new.

    The RPG rounds were still wrapped in plastic.


  113. http://syria360.wordpress.com/2012/09/29/sana-headlines-september-29-2012/


  114. Belgium designed FN-FAL rifles with #FSA (#AlQaeda) logos on them from #Latakia. http://pic.twitter.com/DGqZkOpd

    It has been claimed during the Syrian uprising that a number of Gulf states, especially the Qataris and Saudis, have been funnelling arms and money to hard-line Islamist groups, favouring them over more moderate factions.
    The moderate militias have been increasingly alarmed at the emergence of extremist groups, many with large numbers of foreign fighters in their ranks. Their arrival had coincided with more attacks against minorities.
    There has been a marked rise in churches being targeted and Christian refugees fleeing across the border.

    But the Qataris are said to have maintained that one reason for the request to form military councils was to ensure a more equitable distribution of weapons.
    They also stressed that heavier-calibre weapons needed to be returned when hostilities ended.

    "They were very clear that we needed to get organised and present a proper plan," said one opposition leader present at the talks, who gave the nom-de-guerre, Abu Mohsin.

    "The Qataris were concerned because they had not been able to get back a lot they gave to the Libyan [rebels] and they did not want the same situation to happen in Syria.

    "The Qataris said that the Americans were very worried about this happening again."


    Protests in #Istanbul against #SaudiArabia for the bloodshed in #Syria
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSxq6euQwmo …

  115. Breaking!! Leaked Video of the FSA Terrorists Behind False Flag Attack on Turkey




  116. siriya 5 oct : what western media not shows :


  117. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-19874256

    Saudi weapons' seen at Syria rebel base

    Three crates from an arms manufacturer - addressed to Saudi Arabia - have been seen in a base being used by rebel fighters in the city of Aleppo.


    The crates of ammunition found in an Aleppo mosque were made by the Ukrainian firm Dastan, which specialises in naval weapons and missile complexes.

    What was in the crates is unknown, says the BBC's Ian Pannell, who has been in Aleppo, as is how they ended up there.

    But their presence clearly suggests that someone in the Gulf is actively helping the rebels fighting to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad, our correspondent says.

    Privately, opposition sources have confirmed to the BBC that they are receiving assistance from Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

  118. October 9, 2012 WASHINGTON — The United States military has secretly sent a task force of more than 150 planners and other specialists to Jordan to help the armed forces there handle a flood of Syrian refugees, prepare for the possibility that Syria will lose control of its chemical weapons and be positioned should the turmoil in Syria expand into a wider conflict.


    The American mission in Jordan quietly began this summer.

    In May, the United States organized a major training exercise, which was dubbed Eager Lion. About 12,000 troops from 19 countries, including Special Forces troops, participated in the exercise.

    After it ended, the small American contingent stayed on and the task force was established at a Jordanian training center north of Amman.

    It includes communications specialists, logistics experts, planners, trainers and headquarters staff members, American officials said.

    An official from the State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugee Affairs and Migration is also assigned to the task force.

    “We have been working closely with our Jordanian partners on a variety of issues related to Syria for some time now,” said George Little, the Pentagon press secretary, who added that a specific concern was the security of Syria’s stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons.

    “As we’ve said before, we have been planning for various contingencies, both unilaterally and with our regional partners.”

  119. http://www.4thmedia.org/2012/10/11/new-york-times-concedes-that-it-is-unknown-whether-syrian-artillery-came-from-rebels-or-government/

    The New York Times Concedes That It Is UNKNOWN Whether the Syrian Artillery Came from REBELS or the Governmen

  120. http://syria360.wordpress.com/2012/10/11/syria-the-civilian-aircraft-forced-to-land-in-ankara-had-no-weapons-on-board/


  121. http://friendsofsyria.wordpress.com/2012/10/16/watch-out-hillary-your-terrorist-army-now-wants-to-kill-around-the-world/

    After cleansing Syria they’ll be going after Jerusalem, Cordova in Spain, Constantinople (Istanbul) in Turkey all the way to west..!

  122. The aim was to use Libyan militias—armed, funded and trained by the US and its allies—to follow up on the ground the intensive air war conducted by the US and NATO for the purpose of toppling Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and installing a more pliant puppet regime in his place. Determined to avoid putting American “boots on the ground,” Stevens and Washington forged an alliance with Gaddafi’s longest standing opponents, elements who came out of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which was in turn affiliated with Al Qaeda.


    Until the September 11 attack on the Benghazi consulate, the ostensible Libyan success was being promoted within the US ruling establishment as a new model for waging war for regime-change, and it was reprised in the form of the sectarian civil war to oust Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

    Libyan Islamist fighters and weapons have played a significant role in the Syrian war, and there is every reason to believe that the beefed-up CIA station in Benghazi—along with another CIA base on the Turkish-Syrian border—was involved in working out the logistics of getting them to the new battle front.

  123. Two defeated campaigns of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in June and July failed to secure the city of Aleppo and depleted the FSA of its best trained and best armed Syrian and foreign fighters.
    The defeat also made it impossible to emulate the strategy that had been successful in Libya.

    To secure Aleppo as a seat for a Transitional Syrian Government that could have called on the international community, that is the USA, NATO and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states, to implement a No-Fly-Zone and to provide other military support.


  124. https://www.facebook.com/notes/syria-news/achieve-a-very-important-american-snipers-in-syria/295104390604928

    Achieve a very important : American snipers in Syria

    1. http://www.aljazeera.net/news/pages/03f8c6da-8e65-4455-808e-278ba6f73220

      US terrorist Matthew Van Dick & his kalashnikov in #Syria. Why's media treating him as anything other than a combatant?

  125. 2007-2008 US West Point reports reveal Al Qaeda network behind NATO's so-called "freedom fighters." Extremists in Syria were behind Iraq War foreign terrorist influx, not Syrian government.


  126. The US has launched an aggressive campaign to re-establish a new Syrian opposition force with its Secretary of State rejecting existing opposition leaders as “a bunch of out-of-touch exiles” that should be replaced by a group representing active insurgents.

    “We’ve made it clear that the SNC (Syrian National Council) can no longer be viewed as the visible leader of the opposition,” said US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday during an official visit to Croatia.


  127. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=297180470381428
    A 20-minute documentary summarizing the criminality of the FSA

    Exécution d'un citoyen syrien innocent par les gangs terroristes

  128. http://www.globalresearch.ca/syria-washingtons-death-squads-caught-in-the-act/5310425?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=syria-washingtons-death-squads-caught-in-the-act

    Syria: Washington’s Death Squads Caught in the Act


    Washington Seeks New Syrian Puppets in War for Regime-Change

  129. http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/libya-helps-bankroll-syrian-opposition-movement/2012/11/05/98cd728a-2764-11e2-b2a0-ae18d6159439_story.html

    Libya helps bankroll Syrian opposition movement

    CAIRO — The top financer of the Syrian opposition is no Arabian Peninsula oil kingdom or cloak-and-dagger Western spy outfit, but struggling, war-ravaged Libya, which is itself recovering from a devastating civil conflict.

    According to a budget released by the Syrian National Council and posted to its Web site late Sunday, the Libyan government contributed $20.3 million of the $40.4 million that the opposition umbrella group has amassed since its creation in October 2011.

    Qatar gave $15 million, and the United Arab Emirates contributed $5 million, according to the document.

    Unlike Qatar and the UAE, which are absolute monarchies, Libya has embarked on a rocky path toward democracy and shares an ideological vision with Syrian revolutionaries.

    1. 30-40 million pounds of missiles, guns, chemical weapons from Libya shipped to Syria for use by anti-Assad “rebels



  130. #benghazi man responsible of killing 28 Syrian soldiers was killed in #syria / 6november 2012

  131. Qatar, Israel discuss plans to assassinate Syrian president: Report


    George Sabra, the new head of the Syrian National Council, told The Associated Press in an interview that the international community should support those trying to topple President Bashar Assad

  132. Issa Chaer: For the first few weeks of the conflict, we Syrians abroad helplessly watched the reports that were being put out about Syria by various Arabic news outlets
    At the same time, the information we were receiving from family members and friends in Syria was contrary to what was being reported.

    The false nature of much of the reporting on Syria was confirmed by personal experience following our visits to Syria.

    Libiya august 2011 :

    Sky News joining misrata brigades سكاى نيوز فى رفقة كتائب ثوار مصراته

    The visits proved the lies that were being reported, and we came to conclusion that those media stations are creating their own news rather than actually reporting, and we saw that they are part of a bigger plot targeting Syria.


  133. FSA promises to distribute names and kill parents of Syrian Army soldiers



  134. November 26, 2012 (LD) - A year ago, it was reported that Libya's new NATO-installed prime minister, Abdurrahim el-Keib, was in fact a long-time US resident, having taught at the University of Alabama and was formally employed by the Petroleum Institute, based in Abu Dhabi, UAE and sponsored by British Petroleum (BP), Shell, France's Total, the Japan Oil Development Company, and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company.

    El-Keib is listed as a "Professor and Chairman" in his Petroleum Institute profile which also describes extensive research conducted by him sponsored by various US government agencies and departments over the years.

    His long history of serving and working in coordination with Western governments and corporations made him and his collaborators the ideal candidates to prepare Libya for its place within the Wall Street-London international order.

    Now it is revealed that the US-handpicked opposition, announced in Doha, Qatar earlier this month, is led by a similarly compromised figure, Moaz al-Khatib. The corporate-financier-funded Carnegie Endowment for International Peace reported of al-Khatib that:

    Moaz al-Khatib, an oil sector engineer and former imam of the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, has garnered substantial praise since his designation, while Riad Seif and Suhair al-Atassi bring their own credibility to the coalition. They have now set up shop in Cairo and have received the full endorsement of France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Turkey, and the members of the Gulf Cooperation Council as the "sole representative" of the Syrian opposition. The European Union and the United States have endorsed the group in a more general fashion.


  135. A video posted in Arabic by the propaganda wing of Al Qaeda Levant aka FSA or Free Syrian Army showing a Libyan suicide terrorist in his car before heading to blow himself up in a public building in Syria


  136. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-cQyI5arIGQ

    مجموعة من المرتزقة الليبيين تقاتل ضد الجيش السوري

    Libiyan mercenaries in Siriya december 2012

  137. French Quebec Canada ‏@Kinojevis
    #SyriaDeserves to be free, without dictators, tortures, rapes, lies, killings, kidnapings, shabihas, thugs, trolls, etc #SyriaDeserves life.

    French Quebec Canada ‏@Kinojevis @oneway2011_ly Laughing Out Loud! :D And Operation Mermaid got the true Libyans in Tripoli, pushing back Daffy all the way to Sirte #Libya

    Des Tunisiens et des Libyens utilisés comme chair à canon en Syrie

    Syria - A mercenary Jeich Tunisian accused of killing 124 Hor mercenaries Tunisians and Libyans (20 December 2012)
    http://www.algeria-isp.com/actualites/politique-syrie/201212-A14936/syrie-mercenaire-tunisien-accuse-jeich-hor-avoir-tue-124-mercenaires-tunisiens-libyens-decembre-2012.html …

    Syria - A video showing Libyan mercenaries arrive in Syria (20 December 2012) http://www.algeria-isp.com/actualites/politique-syrie/201212-A14937/syrie-une-video-montrant-les-mercenaires-libyens-arrivant-syrie-decembre-2012.html …


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