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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Video Study: Al Baida Snipers

August 24, 2011
last update March 31, 2013

and 12-2-2017 (restoring images)

Update, March 31, 2013: Thanks to Petri, I finally noticed a comment left here recently by someone in Libya, phone number included, who claims he filmed one of the three videos examined here (not sure which one - See comments below, scroll waaaay down.) How do you respond to that? I ventured a guess, right below that.

Note, Sept. 9:
For those who've read this post before when it was boring, please check it out again. It took me two weeks, but I finally finished my analysis and it went better even than I thought. The introduction is optional context information. The actual analysis below that is what matters, with the videos themselves best for double-checking me.

Note, Sept. 18:
For those not inclined to read, I have a video explanation up now,embedded at the post's bottom.

Protesters Shot in al Baida
The UN Human Right Council report of June 1 [PDF link] found the following about the Libyan government's firing on demonstrators in the eastern city of al-Baida:
[M]embers of Al-Bayda Internal Security Agency fired live ammunition at a demonstration in Al-Salhi Square and the Commission has verified that several demonstrators had been killed. On 17 February, according to information received by the Commission from forensic and prosecutorial authorities, security forces of Khamis Katiba were deployed in Al-Bayda where they shot at demonstrators without prior warning, resulting in the deaths of 11 other demonstrators. Other witnesses spoke specifically of actions of the ISA and Revolutionary Committees in shooting at persons during demonstrations.
This is similar to what they found, mostly from just accepting what "protesters" told them, in several other Libyan cities. The main difference is that with al Baida, there is also at least some video evidence to support people being killed while only protesting.

Aside from the very few flukes like this, the Libyan government's explanation seems to fit the video record much better than the charges of the protesters and, pretty much, the world. Rather than peaceful protesters mowed down for speaking up, what the evidence (and lack of it) suggests is they were generally killed trying to storm army bases to secure their starter weapons for a military takeover. Few countries in the world would tolerate that without at least trying some deadly force to prevent it. (See the detailed article on this big question here).

A while back a Youtube friend tipped me off to an interesting angle about some videos I was already aware of but hadn't posted on yet. I already aware of two of the three videos he linked me to, listed and shown below. These were both the only videos I recall seeing where apparently unarmed protester types are shot dead right on camera while not clearly attacking a government facility. I only noticed seeing them together they were from nowhere but al Baida. Looking closer yet (again, below), I see they're apparently from nowhere but the intersection of Sharia Omar al-Muktar and Souq al-Hoot in al Baida.

I knew one of the videos below (the third) was from there, and didn't even know of the first one's existence. But they're all from that town of around 200,000 between Benghazi and al Qaeda central, Dernah. Al Baida's youth and Islamists were among the first to violently revolt; along with Benghazi and Az Zintan, al Baida witnessed violent protests and the torching of police stations on the 15th and daily from there. People were dying there, in small numbers and on both sides, from the very outset, unlike even in Benghazi. On the 18th, two policemen (internal security, I presume) were hanged by protesters there, perhaps angry about something that happened on the 17th.

Al Baida also fell before Benghazi, at an uncertain time between Feb 18 the Feb 20. The rebels there or perhaps from Dernah - Libya's nearby al Qaeda central - were able to spread out and take nearby Shahet military base, early on the 19th, and Labraq airbase right after that (before the 21st). The weapons seized from Shahet apparently assisted the final taking of the "Katiba" barracks in Benghazi the following day, marking the effective conquest of their new capitol city.

And by the time of the al Baida massacre, where 22 government soldiers were executed and blamed on the regime, there were some strange people working that town. One bearded, possibly be-robed man with a walking stick and questions about Emirs passed judgment, on video, upon the condemned men some evening around Feb 19-22. They deserved their fate, he said, for daring to shoot back at the rebels as they took Labraq airbase (see here for the transcript).

On the days the videos below were filmed, who was working that town?

The videos
1) Protests in Al Bayda East Libya on the 17th Feb facing live fire
Posted by Libyanm, Jun 10, but dated on-screen Feb 17, day 3 of fighting.

2) "Qaddafi's men open fire on a funeral procession and kill mourners, Al BaiDa'"
Posted by LibyanSolidarity, March 2.
On-screen text has, in "Indian numbers," 17, suggesting again Feb 17. The day or the group? Dunno.

Posted by apologiiiize, Feb 20. Description gives this as the date of the incident. Could be earlier.

First, Video 3
Only the date, February 20, and its view from ground level sets video 3 apart. Otherwise it seems all three videos seem to show either the same encounter or the same exact type of encounter happening repeatedly at the same spot. Video 3 is unique in showing it from ground level, as the crowd stops moving forward, holding a position near a row of dark blue blobs that seem to be internal security police. The quality is just atrocious. I've wondered if the resolution was lowered to obscure some detail. Like, for example, which way are the police's weapons pointing, up or forward?

A shot is fired, then we see a man down, a young guy, unconscious it seems, a pool of blood under the back of his head. Other quickly pick him up by the hands and feet and run him back the direction they came, blood just pouring from his head all the way. Barring an elaborate special effects job by the protesters (not impossible), it seems there's little doubt this kid was shot in the head right there, ten feet in front of this camera person, and was dead soon after.

We're to presume the shot was from the security men just fifty feet away at the intersection. But that's not what we're doing.

The Scene and the Sides
Videos 1 and 2 I'll focus on more. They are filmed from different low rooftops or mid-level balconies near each other, I've decided. For starters, I have a probable location within al Baida for the incident(s) shown in these three videos. The image below gives the best view from video one for comparison. The intersection, the buildings west of it, and the parking lot in particular perfectly match, and all else is consistent at least, for blocks down the street. Im 90% sure this is the spot.

What we're seeing is a funeral procession, in part, for what seems to be exactly one white-shrouded victim of some previous violence. The crowd moves east on Omar al Mukhtar way, perhaps after taking the body out of al Bayda hospital, abut six blocks distant. They're headed towards “Civil Defense of Al Jabal al Akhdar.”

The police line is quite near that presumed security center. The battle-scarred pavement around them seems to be from some previous violence. The white smears are I think from large rocks native to the area, breaking into chalky dust (al Baida means “the white,” by the way). The black smears are apparently from Molotov cocktails or some such, like the rocks, hurled towards the police line. In this video, both sides are hurling things at each other.

The security men run around in their area, with more coming from the north, but don't advance or retreat. Some hold rifle-shaped weapons for firing something - bullets, tear gas, I'm not sure. The sound of shots combined with no one running suggests they are shooting mostly in the air and everyone here knows that. 

But video one's subtitles disagree, saying they're clearly firing bullets at the crowd. To be fair, at least twice security men are shown pointing their guns - of whatever type (I'm no expert) - in the direction of the approaching crowd (see right). Neither of these lines up with the actual shooting captured. The subtitles call the man at left, kneeling and apparently aiming his weapon, a "sniper." This a little bit ironic, as we'll see below.

The Fallen
The first two videos show two separate shootings, at two different intersections. I'm pretty sure video 3 shows the same killing as video 1, from a position just a couple of people behind the victim.

Video 1 has the shot come at 1:26. The victim is visible writhing around (or being adjusted?) on the pavement. There’s no ambulance; some of the protesters carry him off, back towards the hospital, within a matter of seconds. A pool and trail of blood are left, as happened with the victim in video 3. I think it's the same.

Video 2, the poor quality one, has a shot fired at 0:09. It takes a moment to zoom in, to see a vertical blob is now horizontal, and a crowd has gathered around. A yellow ambulance comes in quickly to help, but a gray pickup truck pulled up to retrieve them just a moment before, blocking their path. The video cuts there, and we don’t see what happened next.

At left are what I think are the camera person locations and the spots where the two martyrs fell, established by comparing cross-streets, building heights, and so on. By this, the video 2 victim was sniped quite a ways from the police line. It's possible as far as I know, but a long shot. The victim shown in Videos 1 and 3, however, is in a great spot to be told "no further" with a bullet to the head. There's no denying that. However...

My Theory: A False Flag Op by Terrorist Snipers
In video 2, the ambulance comes in from the side of the police line. We’re to presume the shooting did too, but I'm not so sure. My theory, which is looking better the more I look, is that rooftop snipers along the route, provocateurs hoping to demonize the regime and enrage the masses below, are doing the shooting here.

The camera just before the shooting.
Just left of the sniper position?
Video 2 has an unusual start, giving me my first clue. The camera starts out watching the procession, then cuts. Whatever happened in the interim, it isn't long, and cuts back to a view from behind a corrugated metal wall, a great sniper nest if there were a hole in it. The camera emerges from behind this wall to again watch the crowd below. In a possible coincidence, the shot is fired just then, as soon as the targets are being recorded again. I can totally envision the camera guy cutting to ask the sniper next to him "we're ready? They're getting close." Getting the yes, he rolls again, then gets in position, and with a signal that he's recording - bang. Gaddafi crime on video, ready for prime time worldwide.

Video one briefly shows people on the roof that I think video 2 was filmed from. The red blob is definitely a person, moving a bit and with a pink arm across the ledge, filming I presume. The purple is likely another person, perhaps kneeling, and there might be a third, in blue-gray, sitting. The longish black thing leaned inert against the wall might be a rifle. (The tin wall isn't visible, but that would be off-frame, on the opposite side of the roof.)

If the first team shot both the victim and the video from their rooftop, they’re apparently not shooting now. But a person was just shot beneath them once the other camera had a view. Was it really the police this time, or another sniper yet next to this camera person? Twice in a row, a demonstrator was shot down just as they came into a cemera's line of view.

I'm not sure yet how to analyze the audio aspect of the videos, but unless it's been doctored, a shot from the police zone down the street should sound very different from a gun right there next to the camera. But just from the visuals, I think we have a compelling, if not conclusive, case that these rare protester deaths were part of a coordinated false flag operation by extremely sinister elements within the Libyan uprising.  

Note Sept. 11: One more odd bit - the gray truck in video 2, that has the victim loaded in its bed instead of in the government ambulance, was parked right there waiting. It pulls up just before the shooting in fact at 0:05, before the first cut (perhaps being the signal to double check everyone's readiness?). All it does is park there. Then comes the brief edit, the gunshot, enough time for the death and reaction to filmed for a moment passes. Then the truck rolls forward just in time to keep the evidence from the authorities, we presume. A group of people loads the victim, and in a matter of seconds, the truck drives through the crowd towards the hospital or wherever. I think what happened next is the crowd blocked the ambulance until it gave up, but again, that part wasn't shown. Why there was no truck ready the second time, I do not know.

Video Version and One More Clue

And one more thing, as I included in the video but not above, there is a possible clue from camera 3. Numerous gunshots happen with little effect on his filming. But for some reason, the one that killed the protester in front of him has the camera panning around differently, focusing briefly on only one spot - up, ahead, and to the left, in the direction of the building top where I think the shot came from and where video one was recorded. At left is the only view I know of of that building (the taller one with white lights at the top).

More on the Victims, Date, and Location
Comments (see below) submitted by astute reader Felix alerts me to A report on the website of AlKarama 4 March 2011. AlKamarais a Switzerland-based organization, he says, and the report "mentions that the evidence for 59 deaths in Al Baida is based solely on death certificates issued by the hospital, all for bullet wounds (allegedly). These are assumed to be demonstrators." Indeed, that was their basis for proving a government order worthy of investigation and sanctions. As this study shows, that was a leap of faith (unrecognized?) that seems unwarranted.

The report also mentions "a 10 year old girl, Rokaya Mabrouk, shot dead in Al Baida on 18 February 2011 and a 14 year old boy, Saad Al Yamani, killed in front of the security forces' headquarters on 16 February 2011," Felix says. Sounds like deft provocateur work, just like the videos examined above. Felix also reasons that these videos might be from the 16th instead of the 17th, citing exactly two protesters killed in front of the main security HQ that day - Mr.Yamani and a 21-year-old named Khaled Naji Khanfar. Other than one in Ajdabiya, and a few in front of al Abraq airpot, the rest of the death locales are given as just "Al Baida." Quite a few are listed as going down that day, any of them perhaps at the same place, just not specified.

I could go with either day at this point, and I don't suppose it much matters. But the location is a match. One site I found gives "Al Jabal al Akhdar" as one of Libya's 25 municipal adminstrative divisions. Many cities have a district of their own name, but not al Baida. So the civil defense station of that name these protesters were shot near would seem to be the main one for that city, as cited for those two shot guys.


  1. Excellent work. Looks like a pretty clinical operation. There seems to be no evidence of other people injured apart from the two shots to the head. What I found odd is that if there were a sniper or moreover the police, taking random shots, the crowd would have run like mad. Well, it would have been my reaction. This doesn't seem to happen.

  2. Just one more thought - in such events the dead are usually elevated to martyr status. You yourself use the word. In which case the identities would be well known. Is there any evidence that his happened here in Al Baida?
    A report on the website of AlKarama 4 March 2011,a Swiss based organisation, mentions that the evidence for 59 deaths in Al Baida is based solely on death certificates issued by the hospital, all for bullet wounds (allegedly). These are assumed to be demonstrators.
    "The cases include a 10 year old girl, Rokaya Mabrouk, shot dead in Al Baida on 18 February 2011 and a 14 year old boy, Saad Al Yamani, killed in front of the security forces' headquarters on 16 February 2011.

    There is no special mention in the article about any two demonstrators filmed being shot on 17 February.So it must have been the 16th. And no other demonstrators seem to have died - i.e. both caught fortuitously on camera.

    If you open the pdf file of the death certificates 59 cases of demonstrators killed, all are "Mercenaries supporting the security services", apart from two males shot on 16 February in front of the Internal Security Forces Headquararters. The names are given (14 and 21 yrs) One called Sa'ad Hassan Yemeni, (described in the article) and the other Khaled Al Naji Khanfur (my rough translations). Rokaya Fawzi Mabrouk appears in the pdf at position 17, 10 years old, and described as a Mercenary! She was the only female out of the 59 dead all named in arabic.

    A further pdf in the Alkarama article lists 15 missing with place and reason for detention before disappearance.

    All very confusing.

  3. Thanks,Felix, sorry for delay and brevity - I have a rare contrarian comment (on the new Tawergha piece) to deal with next.

    I would presume the names are down and well known in some circles. Whether they're around for us to see I'm not sure. "Martyrs" are claimed for that day in al Baida (11+several?). These two were real people who were protesting and were shot - perfect chance to make your case and make it solid, so long as no one finds out you shot them yourself (or a shady ally did).

    Now for what you add - it could be the 16th- I just presumed since two said the 17th... If they'reboth wrong, coincidence, or misdirection?

    A lot of kids shot around there-another 11 year old girl out by Labraq too (see UN report). Aiming for the upsetting - more consistent with the gov. or with provocateur snipers? I think they worked there a lot those days.

    The two guys shot, possible match. The mercenary girl -what? I'll have to look at that stuff soon. Thanks again, excellent help.

  4. Felix, you goof ... the mercenary part is under heading "forces responsible for death." One wonders what in the fuck that's based on.

    As for the 16th, it's possible - I just found out my Benghazi Feb 19 video was actually from Feb 18, and I'm not too familiar with the al Baida uprising. As I've noted above, the location seems right, but if all you have for that is a lack of mention in the report, it's not a"must be." I wonder if anyone died on the15th, even there. Because they're parading a dead guy. Maybe that goes for the 16th, as on the 17th they might have many dead (and perhaps do, in other parts of town?)

  5. Sorry, Felix, for calling you agoof, by the way. I meant that as among old friends, which we're not. But I meant it that way. :)

  6. Adam, sorry,I was skimming. I will post above re the snipers. The thing which strikes me is the complete absence of videos of dead bodies from Al Bayda.
    I saw your link to the UNHCR report from 1 June 2011, of special interest being para 92-94, realating to Bayda massacres (alleged).

    This doesn't quite fit the "59" in my earlier link - again merely quoting medical records, rather than death certificates in the Swiss case. But it's along the same lines. There is some YouTube footage of Al Bayda hospital, posted soon after, but when people are showing victory V signs when sitting up in bed, alarm bells start going off. More on a later post. Tajurah from 20 Feb seems worth looking at (by me).
    This video from Bayda seems staged, perhaps from 17 February, but loaded much later. (There is also a 17 February Youth Movement, which might cause confusion with labelling)
    A propaganda YouTube video exists showing photos of people, including the 10 year old girl uploaded 23 April. watch from 3.09 - that's her. At 3.13 11 names and photos from Al Bayda - could be checked with the Swiss pdf. At 3.24 another 24 pics, and another 24 at 3.36. total = 59! One is against a background of the new (old) flag.... Then, at 3.48, the 10 year old girl appears among 18 alleged martyrs at Shahat (dubious evidence of being fired on in this Shahat video. And so the photos continue..
    In fact the 10 year old only appears under Shahat! Very odd.

  7. You can read Arabic? Understand spoken,maybe? Please say yes...

    First, as I mentioned at the other post, the video does show one dead at least, but certainly no dozen. I'm only semi-skeptical of the reported number-59seems high for al Baida itself,given the total number nationwide was around 150-200 (I think - Seif cites 159)

    The girl, a child that age (10/11) was shot in her home in Shahat, near the airport, per the UN's report, but listed under al Bayda. So there might have been some conflation of the whole area - the 11 plus 11 plus whatever, some exaggeration perhaps.... might well make 59. Might also include a few police, I'm still hazy on it.

    I need to do a post on the fall of al Baida, and of Shahet/Labraq, and Dernah, and they seem to crossover, so maybe one huge confusing post on the whole area. NOT today.

    Shahat video-can you believe the weapons used against those people, unfired, found the day after they conquered the army base and depots there (Feb 19)? Insane butcher Afro-mercs! See comment there-weakest thing I've seen in a while.

  8. Er, I can only read places, names, conjunctions etc.
    I can only find a video of two dead Africans purported to be in Al Bayda, put up on YouTube on 20 February. They appear elsewhere on a car, now with a green flag shoved into the hand of one,same date,20/2/2011. Not sniper attacks...
    A report in The Age (australia) of 26 February quotes the chief Surgeon saying at least 63 dead and 400 injured in Al Bayda and a surgeon shows a mobile phone image of the girl who is now 8, not 10,with allegedly a part of the skull removed by an anti-aircraft gun. Again,none of this is ever filmed for YouTube where it would have enormous propaganda value....it all seems very far fetched.

  9. The letters to me are still shapes, so I'm way behind there ...

    Yes, the dead black guys-I did not know they were from al Baida. Agreed they're probably the same, but I didn't thinkof that when I included them separately in How the rebels gave Africa the boot. I did notice one of them having a "loogie" (?) spat on him.

    There are possibly some videos held back. That girl report ... if real, I just don't see regime people doing it, at least not on purpose. But it is pretty inconsistent and vague, despite being persistent. And it is conveniently infuriating and demonizing.

    To some extent,these comments are too scholarly for me at the moment. I'm halfway there, and encourage them whether I respond or not. In fact more,MORE! Just I have a few more immediate subjects to work on, and stuff.

  10. it seems to me, a latecomer to analysing the early days of the uprising, that the medical profession (who pehaps had an axe to grind anyway) had a monopoly of the raw data released relating to deaths and injuries.

    For instance, the Al Bayda anaesthetist shows a mobile phone video of an 8 year old girl رقيه فوزى المبروك
    her head blown off on a 4th floor balcony by heavy weaponry (the implication being that it was fired from the air) on Sunday 20th February, yet elsewhere she has a death certificate, aged 10 years, saying she has been shot by Mercenaries (allegedly) on the 18th, Friday, two days earlier.
    "The allegations that the security forces were firing with live rounds into the protestors midst, is confirmed by the death certificates issued by Al Baida hospital for the 59 cases Alkarama has documented, which state that the deaths are all from bullet wounds, several of them hit by more than one bullet."

  11. A page on the Alkarama website from 18 February 2011 lists dead from 15-17 Feb:
    1. Ibrahim Mohamed Al Orfi (ابراهيم محمد العرفي), 19 years old
    2. Naji Jumaa Jordane Al Kawafi (ناجي جمعة جردان الكوافي), 18 years old
    3. Motaz Abdel Ati Al Darouqi (معتز عبدالعاطي الدروقي), 19 years old
    4. Hamad Al Allam (حمد العلام), 27 years old
    5. Faouzi Hussein Al Sabiri (فوزي حسين الصابري), 36 years old
    6. Marwan Al Shattat (مروان الشطشاط), 20 years old
    7. Mohamed Salem Boujnah (محمد سالم بوجناح), 21 years old
    8. Idris Ali Raslan Al Maghribi (ادريس علي رسلان المغربي), 13 years old (bullet in the neck)
    9. Rami Saleh Al Maghribi (رامي صالح المغربي), 18 years old
    10. Moayed Fathi Boujlaoui (مؤيد فتحي بوجلاوي), 26 years old

    4 Killed in Darna

    1. Mohamed Abdeladim Al Saiti (محمد عبد العظيم السعيطي)
    2. Aboubakr Fathi Al Tachani (ابوبكر فتحي الطشاني)
    3. Ahmed Kamal Al Chahini (احمد كمال الشيهني)
    4. Salem Abou Madi (سالم ابوماضي)

    2 killed in Al Baydaa

    1. Khaled Khanfeer (خالد خنفر)
    2. Saad Al Yemeni (سعد اليمني)

    The Al Bayda figures don't seem to include those names quoted in the subsequent death certificate document from early March, relating to 17 February.

    This source is almost certainly suspect, because on 21 February Alkarama reports
    According to our sources, at least 500 demonstrators have been killed in a number of Libyan cities in the past 4 days. 500!!!
    "Libyan Air Force Officers have confirmed that they were given orders from the highest ranks in the military to bomb the civilian populations in Benghazi, which they refused to do and turned their planes around, landing in Malta earlier this afternoon." (actually the planes only landed late afternoon.....)

    Again, where is the photographic evidence.

  12. There's a YouTube user, Aplus81 who shows quite few videos uploaded on 17 February showing scenes in the dark at Al Bayda. They include the yard outside the hospital with blue coated doctors ?protesting?, more noisy protests in the dark, followed by more of same, with allegedly injured and martyrs arriving (pitch black) and then other inconseqential vids of amblances screetching to a halt inside the hospital with martyred and injured, culminating in bodies on slabs. Is it staged? It must predate the 17th Feb.

  13. I just noticed that one of the dead on the Swiss pdf allegedly died at Ajdabia - nr 29, Redwane Misbah Ahmed.
    Most of the eleven named on the propaganda video posted by the 17th February Youth movemet at 3.13 cross check with the death on the 17th on the Swiss pdf. But not quite. Perhaps the overflow gets buried in the photo gallery of 48 faces. Notice one face (top left,3.36, has a greying beard. How old is he? More than 44??

  14. The Swiss newspaper Tages Anzeiger, Zürich reported on 17 February 2011 under the headline 20 Tote nach blutigem «Tag des Zorns» in Libyen
    "Der in der Schweiz lebende libysche Oppositionelle Fathi al Warfali sagte, elf Demonstranten seinen am Mittwochabend in Bejida getötet und zahlreiche verletzt worden. In der Stadt Sentan seien am Donnerstag zwei weitere Menschen ums Leben gekommen und in der Stadt Ridschbani sei ein weiterer Mensch getötet worden, sagte der Vorsitzende des Libyschen Komitees für Wahrheit und Gerechtigkeit.

    Al Warfali zeigte auch ein Video der Proteste in Sentan, auf dem Demonstranten zu sehen waren, die einen Banner mit der Aufschrift «Nieder mit Ghadhafi. Nieder mit dem Regime» trugen

    He says eleven demonstrators were shot in Bayda on Wednesday evening, 16 February 2011.

    This is at total variance with these 11 alleged deaths being later reported as occurring on the 17th, Thursday. The 11 deaths are announced ,and then the inncident is subsequently moved a day forward, yet the two alleged sniper deaths are not mentioned at all by Al-Warfali on the 17th to the Swiss newspaper.

    The accompanying video supplied by Mr Al-Warfali alleging to show protests in Benghazi on the same Wednesday night again showed nothing of interest, just people walking around peacefully in the dark.

  15. I checked the video timestamps from the .mp4 files with MediaInfo:

    The earliest is dated Feb 19, the two others are from March 1 and June 9. None of the timestamps seem to originate from the cameras. Based on the discussion here I believe the events more likely happened on February 17th.

    UTC 2011-02-19 14:18:57

  16. An interesting match from two different sources for February 16th violence.

    Photo on Wikimedia Commons:
    File:First demonstrations calling for toppling the regime in Libya (Bayda, Libya, 2011-02-16).jpg
    First demonstrations calling for the downfall of the regime in Bayda, Libya. During the demonstration, burning a police car, at the crossroads of At-Talhi, now known as the crossroads of the spark, on 2011-02-16.

    The same burning police car is seen on this video of protesters.

    11احداث البيضاء ليبيا 2011/2/16
    (events of al Bayda, Libya 16/02/2011)
    Uploaded by Kadekke6 on Feb 16, 2011

  17. Based on weather data I am starting to question the dating of these videos to February 17.

    All videos from the al Baida area confirmed to be from Feb 18 or suspected to be from Feb 17 show a clear sky with brilliant shadows. There is no historical weather data available for February 18, but the weather station at the La Abraq Airport reports a difference of min and max temperature of 9 degrees C for February 17. This is the highest value for the whole month, matched only on February 6. Many days show a difference of only 2 degrees C for nighttime and daytime temperatures. For Feb 17 this indicates a clear sky with no overcast. The maximum temperature for February 16 is only 13 °C but the temperature drops to 8 °C by 11 pm.

    The photo mentioned above of the burning police car and independently confirmed to be from February 16 by the protest video shows a late afternoon sky almost clear, with a few clouds remaining. This is consistent with the weather data. The data also shows that it has been cloudy earlier in the day. Should we be looking for more videos from February 16?

    From a map of al Baida one can deduce that a symbolic center of the city is the intersection of the old Msha Rode highway and Al Wahda Street. It is no coincidence that it is the first photograph of the town to be displayed on this tourist video of al Baida from 2010. If one wanted to demonstrate in al Baida or start a revolution one would want to hold the event in this intersection and block all traffic. This is exactly what is happening in this video of a nighttime demonstration uploaded by MeddiTV on Feb 16, 2011. Several cars are seen burning.

    NEW Video Bayda Libya Feb17

    The same demonstration is shown in the daytime in this video uploaded by vspahi on Feb 17, 2011.

    Demonstrations in Al Bayda, Libya in 2011.flv

    A group of women block the street dressed in burkhas. The sky is clearing after some some heavy rain earlier in the day; there is still a pool of water on the street. All of this fits a Feb 16 date.

    Now, this is the point where I start to become paranoid...

    The same video dated Feb 16/17 mentioned above exist on YouTube in another copy:

    شرارة ثورة ليبيا -البيضاء 14-1-2001 Spark a revolution Libya in Bayda
    Uploaded by Libya2332 on Jan 23, 2011

    Same street, same intersection, same burkhas, same pool of water – only this one is uploaded already on January 23, 2011. The title specifies the date as January 14, 2001 – evidently some kind of continuation of the 2000 Libyan race riots.

    The conclusion I have to make is this. Maybe the protest march on the three sniper videos happened on February 16th; maybe it did not happen at all!

    It is possible, that what is presented as February 17, 2011 peaceful protest is in fact reused footage from 2000 or 2001 riots.


    One thing is however clarified by these new videos; where the marchers are heading and why the police line. It is evident that the protesters are aiming for the Msha Rode – Al Wahda intersection to set up camp there.

  18. ...contunued

    I missed the most important point. The three sniper videos discussed on this page, most notably the first higher resolution one, are filmed on a cloudy day with heavy overcast and no shadows. My argument above states that this could not have been February 17, 2011.

  19. I must make a correction related to the February 16 video and photo of burning police car.

    11احداث البيضاء ليبيا 2011/2/16
    (events of al Bayda, Libya 16/02/2011)
    Uploaded by Kadekke6 on Feb 16, 2011

    The "Encoded date" for the vide is UTC 2011-02-15 21:53:12. Note that this is midnight in Libya, it is not possible that the timestamp came from a camera. The real date must be even earlier, even though Feb 15 is possible

  20. Thease videos are filmed at twilight, with the glow of the sun just fading to the west. Hence no shadows, and streetlights on. It could be the16th, earlier than the 18th I think, and possibly oldfootage, though I doubt that.

    Setting up camp, new videos, etc. Not there yet, so no opinion... I presumed they were on their way to attack the police station and provoke some violence, but the rooftop snipers proved more willing to oblige than the police were.

    From what I hear, Benghazi, az Zintan, and al Baida were the three cities that saw initial violence back on the evening of the 15th. Don't ask for a firm source... they're around. (And Dernah seems to be a mystery zone, so maybe there too). This one, if that's west where the sun's setting, makes sense. Random protesters and a burning police station seems like Feb. 15/16 activity.

  21. Yes, I now believe this happened on February 17th. There is a photo on Wikipedia of an earlier confrontation in the same street corner earlier on Feb 17:
    File:Confrontation between rebels and al-Gaddafi in Al Bayda (Libya, 2011-02-17).jpg

    The sky is clear. The timestamp says 17:01, 17 February 2011. The marks on the street we see in video #1 may be from this confrontation.

    I went through the videos again but did not have time to comment earlier. You are right, it is getting late. You still see glimpses of clear sky in the videos. From the weather data we see that the temperature in the evening of the 17th is not dropping as fast as on the 16th. What I am wondering is this: if it gets cloudy in the evening of the 17th and there is torrential rain on the morning of the 19th what is the change of a sunny day for the 18th – especially considering that we only know of two other sunny days in February?

    There is another tiny detail in the weather data for the 17th: the last recorded wind speed before the station closes down is almost 100mph! This points to heavy fighting or an explosion.


    In the discussion on the storming of the Shahat barracks Felix pointed to a video by YouTube user ahmedomran80.

    17 فبراير
    (February 17)
    Uploaded by ahmedomran80 on Apr 21, 2011

    At 0:20 there is yet another angle at the security forces. someone seems to be firing in the opposite direction.

    The video contains a link to a blog:

  22. Here is another version of video #1. This may be of a higher quality. it has a higher nominal resolution and a higher bitrate.

    المظاهرات في البيضاء
    (Demonstrations in al Baida)
    Uploaded by Ahmedomran80 on Apr 26, 2011

  23. From the new version of video #1 I can see two men on the rooftop. Most of the material is cloths drying on a clothsline.

    There is a man in black on the extreme right. Another man is wearing a red hoody. The man in red is leaning over the wall and pointing something at the protesters; maybe a camera, maybe a rifle.

  24. Hey that is a little better resolution, and I've downloaded it. Just clothes? I'll have to take a look.I just made a stabilized zoom-in video, may re-do it now. I can see what seems black stripes on the purple shirt(?). And I'm not as sure the black thing is a rifle (doesn'tseem to have an AK47shape anyway)... But the red shirt is definitely on someone with an arm over the wall, looks like holding an ipod sized device. No shots from that roof at that time - I suspect the second sniper shot was from next to this cameraman. Maybe I'm wrong all around, but it's interesting enough that I won't let it go too easy.

    Updates forthcoming...

  25. @Felix - Re: 16 killed on Wednesday February 16th:

    I have started collecting YouTube videos from al Baida on a playlist and tried to arrange them in a temporal order. On the list you will find two long videos of a funeral march on February 17th. In part I you see five or six coffins outside the al Baida central mosque. This would be consistent with six or eleven victims on the 16th.

    For some reason I have not found any videos of the violence on the 16th. The material on YouTube and Wikipedia of the burning police car is labeled as Feb 16th, but the encoded metadata available through MediaInfo shows it is in fact from the 15th or earlier.

  26. Petri - on the videos..
    By the way, sunset at this time around 18.26 local time.
    In the video ahmedroman80 Storming of the Shahat barracks, check out the crouching man at around 0.20 between traffic poles in Al Bayda. He moves away backwards slowly and at 0.33 brings out a walkie talkie (?) then suddenly moves quickly sideways, and backwards, to emerge at the rear holding what looks like a rifle. His behaviour is at variance with everybody else.

    The US dissident stream @enoughgaddafi also shows the non-violent sunset demonstration in Al Bayda of kadekke6 looking west (?)
    also uploaded 16 February.

    The Al Bayda dead bodies (in hospital?) video also by mukhtaralasad, uploaded 18 February, is not convincing. All videos labelled in english for maximum propaganda purposes, eg Al Bayda (2/17) - Protesters mourn and chant at funeral

  27. The Al Bayda incident was quickly picked up by the UK press, eg Sunday Mirror, 20 February World reacts in horror as shocking footage shows murderous crackdown on protesters in Libya

    Libyan authorities attempted to close down internet access – but a film which protesters were able to get on to YouTube from the city of al-Bayda features gunfire drowning out protesters’ chants.

    Seconds later a man is seen being dragged from the street with blood ­pouring from his head. The respected New York-based Human Rights Watch estimated 84 people had been killed in 72 hours in Libya – and that figure didn’t include the funeral carnage.

    [The funeral carnage refers to, allegedly, events of Friday 18 Feb in Benghazi:
    Reports said some of the 35 dead were killed when women and ­children attempted to flee the firing by jumping off a bridge. Others were shot in their sleep.

    No YouTube evidence for this...]

  28. Some long footage of Al Bayda uploaded on 27 july by annssaann
    (not sure if this is recycled from elsewhere)

  29. An interesting article on the Western use of "unknown snipers" for destabilization.

    Unknown Snipers and Western backed "Regime Change" – A Historical Review and Analysis, by Gearóid Ó Colmáin

  30. I am posting this here as this seems to be the only post about the events on February 17.

    Two interesting discussion on Twitter between Green Resistance @GreLYeN and papiliono24 @papiliono24:

    Green Resistance @GreLYeN:
    @papiliono24 Stupidly fabricated story! how about armed gangs since FEB 14, & Suicide Mombers ?

    papiliono24 @papiliono24:
    @GreLYeN what happened on Feb 14? I'm only aware of Feb 15 onwards...

    Green Resistance @GreLYeN:
    @papiliono24 ok the US embassy in Libya called US citizens in Libya on the 9th, for a meeting to be held on the 15th of FEB
    @papiliono24 here is part of it: This Warden Message is to announce a town hall meeting for American citizens. 1/2
    @papiliono24 US Embassy invites American citizens living in Libya to a town hall meeting @ the US School of Tripoli on Tue, Feb15 at 5:30 pm
    @papiliono24 and on the 13th an email was broadcasted from Libya17feb@yahoo.com with instructions on what to do in each city,
    @papiliono24 That email contained the gathering places, where to put road blocks, and even instructions to control the border with Egypt
    @papiliono24 There was a PDF attachment with all these details, I have a copy
    @papiliono24 on 15th : "U.S. Embassy Tripoli Warden Message - Possible Demonstrations on Feb 17 & 18" warning Americans on Feb 15, 2011

    All the US Embassy messages are available here:
    MESSAGES FOR U.S. CITIZENS – Recent Messages

    The February 9, 2011 message is here:
    U.S. Embassy Tripoli Warden Message - American Citizen Town Hall Meeting

  31. I just found old Twitter tweets from February 16th 2011 on-line.

    “Egypt and Beyond” formerly "A Web 2.0 Revolution"

    ppl are talking about bloodshed #massacre in #Albeda and #BenGHazi right NOW.. snipers, live amm mercenaries from Chad & other africans

    Reposted by fourhorses » 02/ 16/ 11 6:50 pm

  32. The fake "Danny" story from Homs, Syria gives added credibility to this interpretation:
    ‘Syria Danny’ Caught Staging CNN War Propaganda Stunt
    In another clip, footage presented by the mainstream media as depicting “government shelling” of innocent citizens actually shows the camera shot being set up hours beforehand, ready to capture an attack on an oil refinery in the city of Homs which occurred on February 8. There is no evidence of tanks or “shelling” and the clip was likely produced by the same terrorists who blew up the oil refinery.

    This story was exposed when Syrian troops liberated Baba Amr neighborhood of Homs and captured the SFA / al Qaeda press center. A cache of footage was recovered showing "activists" faking attacks by the Syrian Army with fake wounded and dead. Some more on the story here with footage here, here, here, here, and here.

  33. Some interesting facts on All Africa:

    Libyan Humiliation a Driving Force for Anti-Americanism

    An earlier incident helps to highlight this point. In late 2005, protests across the world took place in reaction to a Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, publishing cartoons that demeaned the Prophet Mohammad. This upsurge came to eastern Libya in early 2006. An Italian minister, Roberto Calderoli, wore a t-shirt that bore that offensive cartoon. A demonstration of more than 1,000 people, mainly political Islamists and pious Muslims, gathered in front of the Italian consulate in Benghazi on 17 February 2006. The Gaddafi regime sent in its armed police, who opened fire, killing 11. After the police firing, a section of the middle-class that was not sympathetic to the Islamists turned against the Gaddafi regime. Intellectuals such as Fathi Terbil, Terbil Salwa and Idris al-Mesmari joined a platform to bring justice not only to the families of the slain in 2006, but also for the families of those members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) and others who were massacred in Abu Salim prison in 1996.

    To commemorate the slain on the fifth anniversary of the firing, on 17 February 2011, Terbil and others organized a demonstration in Benghazi. It was to block this protest that Terbil was arrested on February 15, and it was to demand his release that the crowds came out in Benghazi inaugurating the major upsurge against Gaddafi in 2011. Gaddafi lost control of the entire eastern part of the country within a week. The social roots of humiliation played an important part in the February Revolution in Libya.


    I should have posted this to The "Spontaneous Uprising" of February 2011, but the post has over 150 comments and may be full.

  34. Hello
    I filmed this section
    My name is Nasir Ibrahim Hamdallah of white city telephone number 00218922545354
    Wish on Facebook
    Met video phone Nokia X-2 and I have the original article without modifications
    Can offer you assistance at any time

    1. Nasir, greetings! Sorry for the delay in seeing your comment. What an unexpected type of response!

      I trust that you understand what I'm suggesting here. Which video did you shoot (1, 2, or 3)? Since you're speaking up, I hope maybe the ground-level one? If one of the rooftop videos, you can understand why I'm nervous about just calling you from my phone, or by my Facebook account.

      I appreciate the openness and will consider following up. But I'm not sure what scholarly value can be added by words, coming from a cameraman who, as we can see, was probably collaborating with the false-flag snipers. Unless the "original" doesn't show the same things?

      In the meantime, if you see this comment, feel free to respond.

      - Adam

    2. felix said : Notice too, he was uploading Al Bayda videos showing 16 February ON 16 FEBRUARY from the US.


    3. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=411751262253435&set=a.151286514966579.32339.151266828301881&type=1&permPage=1

      same guy?

    4. black tiger rap : on the same day, 50 alleged African mercenaries, mostly from Chad, were executed by the protesters in Bayda


  35. Why nobody raise the question which protesters were really shot at ?

    There were claims that there were 8,000 soldiers in Benghazi equipped with a substantial number of weapons captured from abandoned Libyan army depots, including AK-47 and FN FAL rifles, RPGs, SPGs, anti-aircraft guns and several tanks.[4]

    For the first time since protests started on Feb. 15, there were numerous reports that protesters had seized weapons caches from abandoned government bases and had gone on the offensive against government barracks. "The soldiers have fled and the citizens have taken their weapons," one resident of Benghazi said in a telephone interview. "Citizens now have rocket-propelled grenades, Kalashnikovs and hand grenades.
    I can hear the bullets now and RPGs and people beeping their car horn in celebrations."

    The ensuing clashes continued to rage throughout Sunday, and have engulfed parts of the city in full fledged urban warfare, according to residents. "It's like a guerrilla war," a female resident of Benghazi said on Sunday morning. "There is a battle going on, and sometimes one part is controlled by the protesters, and sometimes other parts are. There are corpses in the street."


    BENGHAZI 17 02 2011 PRO GADDAFI RALLY Bengasi grande manifestazione pro

    17 2 2011 Tobruk

    Tobruk PRO GADDAFI RALLY 17 2 2011

    Tobruk was traditionally a stronghold of the Senussi royal dynasty and one of the first to rebel against Colonel Gaddafi in the Arab Spring.


    16 feb 2011 Islamist gunmen have stormed a military arms depot and a nearby port in Libya and seized numerous weapons and army vehicles after killing four soldiers, a security official says.

    The group also took several hostages, both soldiers and civilians, and is "threatening to execute them unless a siege by security forces is lifted" in Al-Baida, the official told AFP on Sunday, asking not to be named.

    "This criminal gang assaulted an army weapons depot and seized 250 weapons, killed four soldiers and wounded 16 others" in the Wednesday operation in Derna, which lies east of Al-Baida and 1300km from Tripoli.

    "Army Colonel Adnan al-Nwisri joined them and provided them with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, three pieces of anti-aircraft artillery and 70 Kalashnikov" assault rifles, the source said

    It further states that the CIA “began building a meaningful but covert presence in Benghazi” within months of the February 2011 revolt in Benghazi


  36. That distinction was made brutally obvious to doctors at the intensive care unit of
    Al Bayda’s main hospital on Feb. 17

    when they admitted two men – one black, the other with the local olive-skinned complexion –

    who stood accused of fighting the rebels.
    A crowd gathered outside the hospital, calling for blood. Some armed rebels pushed their way into the ward.

    “They had guns and knives,” said Mahmoud Anass, 27, a resident on duty that night.
    “It was really scary. They wanted to kill the black soldier.”

    Doctors managed to hold off the enraged youths until a few hours after midnight, when the rebels dragged the two patients into the street.



    Feb 16, 2011 The director of the eastern city's Al-Jala hospital, Abdelkarim Gubeaili, told AFP that 38 people were treated for light injuries.

    18 feb 2011 , friday, Meanwhile, the paper said that a group of protesters killed the managing director of AL-Galaa hospital in downtown Benghazi, Libya 's second largest city.
    The victim's body was tortured, it added.


    hospital benghazi dr shanbeq , drs killing black skinned wounded person


    ohchr29. The Commission interviewed a number of medical personnel on duty in the hospitals.[6] A doctor confirmed that most of the wounds during this period were of gunshots to the head and chest.

    He further described how, on 21 February, he had been called to Fadeel ben Oumar military base, where in an underground cell,
    nine burned bodies were found. There was a fuel jerrycan beside the bodies.

    The bodies, (seemingly in civilian clothes from what remained), reportedly had their hands tied behind their back. The doctor noted they had suffered shots to the head, and he believed from the condition of the bodies that they had been burned after being killed.[7] 


  37. police stations torched 16 feb

    Libyan Crisis [Even causes and facts][English World] الأزمة في ليبيا

    15 feb 2011@ 4.50 : there were no victims at that day

    16 feb : set police station ablaze


    One man took a tractor and broke down the walls of the Kitab security base in Shahat,
    where mercenaries were housed, witnesses and participants said. In a battle that lasted a day and a half, the residents overwhelmed the forces, killing some and taking others hostage.

    The captives are being held in secret locations throughout the area.
    wednesday 16 february


    At least 90 civilians have been killed in the 10-mile stretch from Baida to the adjacent town of Shahat, according to doctors and witnesses.

    In the city of Bayda, east of Benghazi and close to Libya's border with Egypt, witnesses said local police turned their guns on the army's second brigade after it deployed inside the city and fired live ammunition at protesters.

    The local police's flip forced the surprised army forces to withdraw to the airport on the city's outskirts, according to witnesses.


    Islamist gunmen have stormed a military arms depot and a nearby port in Libya and seized numerous weapons and army vehicles after killing four soldiers, a security official says.

    The group also took several hostages, both soldiers and civilians, and is "threatening to execute them
    unless a siege by security forces is lifted"
    in Al-Baida, the official told AFP on Sunday, asking not to be named.

    1. It was not immediately clear who the civilians were or where they had been taken hostage.

      The official said the same group was responsible for the hanging of two policemen in Al-Baida on Friday that was reported in Oea newspaper....


    2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDbkK3_pzps&feature=youtu.be

      Libya , February 2011, Part 2

      Published on Apr 4, 2013

    3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDbkK3_pzps&feature=youtu.be

      @ 27.55 same man in vids below ? :

      @ 2.04

      @ 4.08 and further

    4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=lqQ441tyykc

      @ 0.32 do we meet the white jacket in the 3 links above again?

      @ alnasr camp?
      @2.39 brown jacket . head wound
      @2.28 thumb with green material
      @2.56 brown sleeve . Green material around his thumb

      @3.09 body in morgue . Yellow brown square floor tiles

      @3.38 : the vid displays it happened 17 february 2011

      the vid with snipers shooting at people with the green flag
      I found it dated on :


      Uprising in Libya -unarmed protestors getting shot on 02-15-11
      Uploaded on Feb 15, 2011

    5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGZ7gkX--T4

      Muhammad Bogfer محمد بوغفير السعيطي
      battalion Ali Hassan al-Jaber , Jabal al Akhdar - Bayda

      This person is the first person conquered weapons stores in Libya in the raid of battalion Shahat at the beginning of events



      Mohammed Bogfer , battalion commander Hassan Jaber Al-course correction .. Wolf

      محمد بوغفير آمر كتيبة حسن الجابر تصحيح المسار.. الذيب



      @ 1.17 wolf logo

      4 victims : loyalists and rebels

      @ 1.02 orange bed @ 1.17 wolf logo


      Jehud = jews they say @ 0.38 darkskinned hand

    6. http://www.globalpost.com/video/5678720/location-sirte-falls-libya-looks-future...

      @ 1.15 sirte , mohamed jaber brigade

      also to be seen in tripoli @ roadblocks abu saleem

    7. Uploaded on Mar 24, 2011 : this vid could be an aftermath of the bombing,
      but it looks like an overthrown garrison in the february days:

      ثورة 17 فبراير مقتل بعض من كتائب القذافي في منطقة القوارشة ببنغازي
      Revolution of February 17, killing some of the al-Gaddafi in Benghazi Rural area


    8. Benghazi Rural area

      10 Garyounis
      20 Al-Hawari

    9. @ 0.32 do we meet the white jacket in the 3 links above again?

      do we meet him the fourth time ?


    10. the fourth time ? sorry , should say : 5th time , an omni-presence

      April 5, 2013 at 6:55 AM

      May 24, 2013 at 3:37 PM

  38. 2013 new regime asks France for help to get rid of militia's

    Composition de la délégation libyenne à Paris :M. Mansour Seif EN NASR, ancien Ambassadeur de Libye à Paris

    - 16 février 2013 : Le gouvernement libyen appelle à l'aide la France pour chasser les terroristes d'Al Qaïda hors du pays.


    NFSL Leadership Mohammad Saifal-Nasr,
    Shaikh of the Awlad Sulayman Tribe and former Governor of Sabha

    1. While concerns abound that Islamic fascists will eventually take control of both Tunisia and Egypt in the aftermath of their revolutions,
      the chances of it first occurring in Libya may be much greater


      Calling itself the “Islamist Emirate of Baraqa,” the group, assisted by Libyan Army Colonel Adnan al-Nwisri, seized over 250 weapons.

      Tobruk was traditionally a stronghold of the Senussi royal dynasty and one of the first to rebel against Colonel Gaddafi in the Arab Spring. :

    2. 1 April 2013 Also on Sunday, Mr Zeidan warned that members of his government had received death threats.


  39. AQ Brigade : Haleem Friday = 18 feb Bayda After that we went to Benghazi


    Abu-Salim Battalion,

    Al-Hassadi led Derna’s Abu Salim Martyrs Brigade in last year’s revolution,


    Deputy Amir battalion "Abeida" on a visit to Turkey

    Another brigade, based in Baida, has been named after slain Al Jazeera Arabic cameraman Ali Hassan al-Jaber.

    At the Ajdabiya front was the Omar Mukhtar Brigade, composed primarily of men from Derna, Benghazi and Ajdabiya.
    commander Abdelmonem Mukhtar Mohammed, a man with long experience in the armed opposition movement known as the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group

    the Ali Nuri Sbag Brigade, The brigade is made up mostly of defectors from Qaddafi’s army. Their professionalism is evident,Naji Mismari

    the departure of Sufian al-Quma and all battalions from Derna, Ansar al-Sharia
    the city was controlled by six different armed factions.



    Qumu also serves alongside Salah al Barrani, who is "a former fighter" from the LIFG.

    Barrani is al Hasadi's "field commander on the front lines


    Salem Al-Barrani Dirbi of Al-Qaeda is now the leader of Abu Salim Martyrs Brigade,

    1. Qumu and Hasadi will have some ties to the lawyers Ghoga and Salwa in the National Transitional Council who defended their brethren in court.


  40. http://www.eurasiareview.com/05042012-libya-al-qaeda-elements-surface-in-derna/

    Mr Khattala’s wartime militia, the Obeidah al-Jarrah brigade, was blamed in the killing in July 2011 of Younes.


    Locals said the Obaida Ibn Jarrah Brigade was mainly comprised of former prisoners of Gaddafi’s notorious Abu Salim prison

    Abu Khattala said he formed the Obeidah al-Jarrah brigade at the beginning of the armed revolt which toppled Muammar Gaddafi last year.


    But many members of Obeidah al-Jarrah are known to have joined other brigades, including Ansar al-Shariah in Benghazi.


    At the beginning of the revolution, Abdulwanis, who comes from Benghazi, contributed to capturing Qadhafi allies as part of the al-Zawya Martyrs Brigade.

    He then worked to secure Benghazi’s airport under the banner of the Protective Forces of 17 February.


  41. http://www.altadenagroup.com/CSIA/post_details.asp?p_ID=10715

    The February 17 Martyrs Brigade : Some of its leadership comes from the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, an Islamic militant group that waged a campaign of violence against Gadhafi's regime in the 1990s.

    The group, which includes many people who helped start the Libyan uprising, said Mr. Essawi

    “February 17 Martyrs Brigade,” the jihadi militia subcontracted by the British firm Blue Mountain,

    This is a local Libyan militia led by Fawzi abu Kataf

    Ismail Salabi, the commander of Rafallah al-Sahati

    February 17, led until now by Fawzi Bukatif, and Rafallah al-Sahati, led by Ismail al-Sallabi, both maintain vast arsenals and jails where they hold prisoners outside of the state legal system.

    bin Hamid may be the leader of the al-Qaida network in Libya.


  42. defectors and opposants february 2011


    – Colonel Khalifah Belqasim Heftir
    1[Heftir is a regime outsider with historic ties to anti-Gaddafi militant groups.
    He was present in Libya and likely funded by the CIA around the time the 1996 Abu Salim prison uprising occurred.]


    -Major General Ahmed el-Ghatrani is a defected Libyan army commander now serving the rebel forces in Benghazi. Judging from comments he made to the international media he is possibly an ally of General Heftir.

    -Colonel Masouda Mohammed is likely an ally of General Heftir, judging from comments he made to the international media.

    -Major General Suleiman Muhammad is the commander of the armed forces in Tobruk.
    He announced in a broadcast on Al-Jazeera that he and his soldiers supported the opposition. He is reportedly secular.

    -Colonel Lamine Abdul Wahhab is firmly pro-Hariri.
    He is a member of the rebel military council for the Benghazi area, and said he believed the appointment of Mr Hariri would improve the rebel armed forces' coordination.
    Abdul Wahhab Hassan Qayed

    -Colonel Hamed al Hassi was one of the first commanders to defect from Gaddafi’s military

    - Colonel Adnan al-Nwisri is an unknown.
    There are few references in the international media to this person
    Adnan al-Nwisri (1)
    22 jul. 2008 – Top al-Qaida-linked leaders in northern Africa ..... Aden Hashi Ayro (2); Aden Madobe (1); Adnan al-Nwisri (1); Adulla Rashid Al Jalahma (1) ...

  43. key al-Qaeda figures in post revolution libiya


    The killing of Abu Yahya al-Libi, the second man after Ayman al-Zawahiri in al-Qaeda in Pakistan last year by unmanned aircraft was an American message to al-Qaeda in Libya,

    This recognition summoned a reply from Zidane, who denied the flow of al-Qaeda to his country after the war in Mali, and at the same time he denied that U.S. drone aircraft penetrates Libyan airspace.

    «Al-Ahram» opens this thorny issue, and reveals the presence of 14 al-Qaeda leaders in Libya, some of them in important positions in Libya,


    His number two was none other than Abu Yahya al-Libi - targeted by one of US President Barack Obama's cherished drones in Waziristan on June 4.
    Abu Yahya al-Libi was, of course, Libyan. He slaved three years in the bowels of Bagram prison near Kabul, but somehow managed to escape that supposedly impregnable fortress in July 2005.


    where we read, from the Quilliam foundation (highly suspicious):

    we have reason to believe that the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi came to avenge the death of Abu Yaya al-Libi, al-Qaeda’s second in command killed a few months ago.

  44. hello,
    did you see this compilation of videos?


  45. @ BP hello , thank you . What happened to the green flag people in Cyrenaica? All killed?

    Some additional information :

    WEDNESDAY, February 16 Demonstrations in Al-Bayda (police station burning in background)

    THURSDAY, February 17 4:02 AM: Al Jazeera reports that the names of the two people killed in Al-Beida were Khaled ElNaji Khanfar and Ahmad Shoushaniya.


    ALMANARA USAAlmanara, a Libyan opposition website which appears to have Islamist leanings, has posted three videos of protesters in the city of al-Bayda. There are also a few more on YouTube and al-Jazeera has a report in Arabic.

    By Leila Fadel /Washington Post Staff Writer /Thursday, February 24, 2011; 12:47 AM :
    On Wednesday,[= 16 february] the young men celebrated their victory in a local square, with a portrait of Mukhtar hanging overhead.

    Tawfiq Alghazwani, a Dublin-based member of the National Congress of Libyan Opposition,
    said that during protests this week one protester was killed in central Benghazi
    and two more in an eastern part of the city.
    Another death was reported in a village near the capital, Tripoli, he said.

    The online edition of the Benghazi-based Quryna newspaper, which is pro-Gadhafi, confirmed two of those deaths, reporting two youths were shot by security forces on Wednesday in the eastern regions of the city. It also said the regional security chief had been fired for his handling of the unrest there, citing security sources.

  46. we headed for Bayda where there was one of Qaddfi’s brigades called Al-Jareh.
    We managed to overpower them

    [quote Yasser Ben Haleem ,King Idris affiliate and a leader Derna battalion :

    Q)  Does this mean a person could be executed without trial?
    A)  Yes, without trial. What will the court do for us!

    Darnah Brigade—hosts the majority of apparent Islamist militants from Darnah. Its actual strength is unknown, but estimated at between 20 and 400 militants. The Darnah Brigade is also called the Martyrs of Abu Salim Brigade,

    Some of the Islamists of this force are likely to have ties to Ghoga, Salwa.

    The militants of the Darnah Brigade often go to the front lines, and bring battle experience from Afghanistan and Iraq


  47. National Investment and Development Company:

    Bringing some of the defected machinery that have been used in the liberation
    of the Al-fatheel Buomar battalion at Al-berka district in Benghazi,

    which had the effect of liberalization in the city of Benghazi on Saturday, 19/02/2011.


    Secondment of a number of trailers and trucks and tractor heads to each of:
    Omar Mukhtar battalion and a battalion broad shields and in the transport tanks and other armored vehicles and military equipment to the site. fronts.

  48. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.177563468976144.48772.133738650025293

    Al Birka Barracks ( Fadheel Compound)Kateebat Al Fatheel; the Military base located in Al-Birka, Benghazi, With the fall of this base the entire East of Libya was declared free.

    Sun Feb-20-11 10:25 AM  Confirmed: benghazi now free, with surrender of birka barracks moments ago ShababLibya LibyanYouthMovement

    Sun Feb-20-11 11:56 monaeltahawy Mona Eltahawy

    Update from #Libya source: celebrations can be heard near Fatheel Camp. #Benghazi #Libya


    Edited on Sun Feb-20-11 11:04 AM

    SUNDAY, February 20 6:30 "Birka barracks fallen: benghazi have refused to let them leave towards airport without a fight #Libya #Feb17

    they asked to leave confirmed" via @ShababLibya

    6:30 "Confirmed: BIRKA barracks has now fallen, conformation birka barracks nowo fallen they have asked benghazi if they can leave peacefully" via @ShababLibya

    6:30 "Birka barracks have sent a text to all benghazi and asked them in the area if they can leave to buatni near airport, and take weapons" via @ShababLibya

  49. 6:00 "200 died in benghazi in one go by automatic anti tank weaponry from the barracks in birka, this was confirmed by many sources" via @ShababLibya

    5:00 "Confirmed and heard on CNN: MASSACRE IN BENGHAZI TODAY! 200 shot with machine guns in one go! PLEASE STOP THIS!" via @ShababLibya

    5:00 AM "BREAKING CONFIRMED: eyewitness is that unfortunatley 700-750 (dead+injured) the barracks is on fire in Benghazi. HELP!!" via @ShababLibya

    Feb. 19- military officers from the battalion of Al-Fadiel Abu-Omar (Benghazi, Libya)
    were executed and some were burned [quatchicanada]

    Several soldiers,
    one report says as many as 200,
    were shot for refusing

    al saika brigade is a military brigade that refused to fire on protesters.

    20 feb. 2011 – al saika brigade marched in and helped the ppl,
    mercenaries in birka barracks 'fled like rats'

  50. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjRZpGywDvQ&feature=relmfu

    @ 3.37 tariq yousef maqrif dean of the dubai school of government :
    an estimated 500.000 African workers live in Libiya Many of them could have been recruited


    by SkyPolly@SkyPolly MERCENARY DOCS SEIZED IN #LIBYA http://www.flickr.com/photos/a7fadhomar/5461022505/in/p... /
    19 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply Sun Feb-20-11 10:54

    This photo was taken on January 9, 2006 using a Nikon D80.

    Among the security forces there had been more than 300 dead, including mercenaries.

  51. On February 23, Benghazi fell under the control of protesters after the defection of prominent military officers stationed in the city.


    Shortly after, 230 protester deaths were reported, prompting the UN to accuse the Libyan government of committing crimes against humanity.

    EnoughGaddafi Enough Gaddafi
    Names of #Benghazi's martyrs: Moid Fathi Bujlawi 26 yrs old #Libya #Feb17

    Names of #Benghazi's martyrs: Rami Salih Almaghrbi 18 yrs old #Libya #Feb17

    Names of #Benghazi's martyrs: Idris Ali Raslan Almaghrbi 13 yrs old #Libya #Feb17

    Names of #Benghazi's martyrs: Mohamed Salem Bu Jnah 21 yrs old #Libya #Feb17

    Names of #Benghazi's martyrs: Marwan Al-ShatShat 20 yrs old #Libya #Feb17

    Names of #Benghazi's martyrs: Fawzi Hussein As-Sabri 36 yrs old #Libya #Feb17

  52. 17 february 2011

    Thousands of pro-Gadhafi loyalists spent the night camping in tents in the main sports stadium in Benghazi, said Mr. Alghazwani,
    of the opposition group.




    17 february 2011

    1:10 AM: "CONFIRMED: Helicopters used to shoot demonstrators in #Bayda, 3 CONFIRMED dead" via @EnoughGaddafi





    Libyan Pilot bombed Gadaffi Forces by Apache in the beginnig of the revolution

  53. National Investment and Development Company http://nidco.ly/pag4.html

    •- Maintenance of the workers accommodation at the sports city of Benghazi,
    so as to accommodate displaced families from the cities and other areas in cooperation with the Libyan Association for the ambulance and response.



  54. al saika brigade = brigade of defectors

    -Colonel Hamed al Hassi was one of the first commanders to defect from Gaddafi’s military

    On March 2, London-based Arabic language newspaper Al Sharq Al Awsat
    published the following list of the makeup of the military council:

    -Military Police: Brigadier General Yusuf Lusayfir;

    -Military Intelligence:Col. Hasan Faraj al-Majrisi;

    -Air Force: Brig. Gen. Miftah Fannush;

    -Air Defense: Col. Muhammad Hammad al-Kazzah;

    -Electronic Communications and Support: Col. Izz-al-Din al-Isawi;

    - Naval Forces: Capt. Faraj al-Mahdawi;

    - Special Forces: Col. Wanis Bukhamadah;

    - Vehicles and Technical Affairs: Col. Engineer Najib I'maysh;

    -Supplies and Provisions: Col. Fathi al-Mismari;

    - Missiles: Col. Muhammad Abd-al-Qadir Salih;

    - Infantry Units: Col. Tariq al-Darsi;

    -Public Security: Brig. Gen. Ashur Shawayil;

    -Military Prosecution: Col. Salih al-Bishari;

    -and Military Judiciary: Col Al-Amin Abd-al-Wahhab.”

    See OSC Report GMP20110302825014, “Report Names Members of Benghazi’s Military Council,” March 2, 2011.

    The Libyan soldiers of Shahhat Battalion sided with the people in the fight against foreign mercenaries.

  55. the makeup of the military council :

    After Gaddafi was overthrown by the Al-Qaeda affiliated LIFG, the Tripoli Military Council was initially run by General Abd al-Fatah Yunis.

    However, he was assassinated by Ansar al-Sharia on July 28, 2011 and the former emir of the LIFG, Belhadj, became its military commander.

    The Benghazi Military Council in turn was run by Sallabi an ally of Belhadj.

  56. benghazi snipers

    كتيبة الفضيل ابو عمر Fadhil Abu Omar battalion


    One of the prisoners of the holy Battalion Abu Omar in Benghazi
    tells the Doctors of the February Hell
    there are snipers foreigners and Libyan spies mingle in the public
    Front battalion Fadil Abou Omar Benghazi 16 …
    Attack demonstrators in Benghazi 17 2 2011 on the holy Battalion Abu Omar
    documents captured/killed men of Fadhil Abu Omar battalion

  57. http://www.libyaherald.com/2013/05/16/tawerghans-say-mass-grave-bodies-mis-identified-demand-neutral-investigation/
    Exhumed bodies found in a mass grave discovered earlier this week http://www.libyaherald.com/2013/05/15/mass-grave-unearthed-at-tawergha/ are not civilians from Misrata but are people from Tawergha, the town’s local council in exile has said, demanding that a neutral committee be formed to investigate the grave.

  58. 26 apr. 2013 The car bomb was dismantled by explosives experts from Beida

    Bwisir grumbled. "So we went to the army and trained and then spent two weeks with no fighting on the front."

    Fed up with their military commanders, the six decided to form their own unit that roamed from front to front searching for the most heated clashes with Gaddafi's forces.

    They tinkered with explosives until they concocted a potent cocktail of 500 grams of TNT and nails.


  59. bayda insurgents :

    2 Khalid Nagy Khanfar was born bayda 1988 always wished certificate in Palestine
    first martyr cited in bayda and that was on 16 February. Shahid was shot in the heart by one of the snipers who were stationed above the Homeland Security building in Casablanca

    3 Hossam Hussein the Palestinian No image


    images bayda shahat :

  60. why are all these organisations meddling in Libiyan and Sirian affairs ?

    anti assad with eye on golan height israel

    A Palestin UK based website Shoah launched on 1st January 2011

    A reporter for the BBC Arabic service, Feras Killani, a Palestinian refugee with a Syrian passport

    9 March 2011 The shocking account of their experiences, including being held in a cage in a militia barracks while others were tortured around them, was made available to media colleagues in Tripoli after the men had been released and left the country.

    The highest responsible for human rights at the United Nations, Navi Pillay said what he experienced BBC team in Libya would amount to torture.

    BBC reporter admits he is exaggerating and lying about what happens in Libya


    THE HAGUE: A Palestinian-born doctor who spent eight years in a Libyan jail on charges of infecting children with HIV has got one million euros in compensation, his Dutch lawyer said Tuesday.

  61. Martyr 1 Colonel Mustafa Ali Irtemh no image

    Colonel Mustafa Ali Irtemh killed by rebels 18-2-2011



  62. Rebels unarming battalion Jawafa
    and setting fire on naked blacks swooped on these criminals



    victim[s] of the rebels on fire @ 0.15 0.22

  63. http://libyancivilwar.blogspot.nl/2011/04/al-baida-massacre-further-behind-scenes.html

    at last the al bayda massacre resolved :
    it happened on shahat base


    @ 8.45
    @ 8.46
    @ 8.47
    @ 8.52

    checking the carpet it must have been in the prayer room of the shahat base

    and the vid shows more than 9 people unknown from vids before 8.50 8.51

    1. Hey, h! That intrigued me, so I checked. Rather, that scene was already analyzed for one of the Mercenary myths articles - Aruba School, I called the place. Unless there's a match between captives (which I watched for but didn't see), no link. The rooms in the two video are clearly not the same. It's quite likely those 23 came from the same batch as these, and that they were killed somewhere around Shehat. But sorry, nothing new proven here.

      Glad you've still been at it though. Sorry I've flaked so totally.

    2. Brigadier Adel Buakulain, while returning after the liberation of Libya from the tyrant buried.

      This guy is a first bolt colonel Gaddafi and leads the first battle (or battles)

      and drop the first battalion of the tyrant "Battalion Hussein Jawafa of the" city of Shahat

      this man is taking revenge martyr paper in the dark that night blackness

      Brigadier Adel Buakulain leads the first battle (or battles) and drop the first battalion of the tyrant "Battalion Hussein Jawafa of the" city of Shahat

      This man [ Brigadier Adel Buakulain ] is taking revenge :
      hear the breaking of the man's arm @ 2.17 #mass graves

      sadists brega azdebiya جحفل الجبل الاخضر Legion of Green Mountain

      العقيد عادل بوعقلين Colonel Adel Buakulain

    3. July 14, 2013 at 11:25 PM It's quite likely those 23 came from the same batch as these and that they were killed somewhere around Shehat.:

      besides shahat and the mosque of bayda say some sources :


      This video shows one of the first crimes committed by the rebels when there so called "revolution" first started.

      This video shows a group of soldiers that when they had there bases attacked they refused to open fire which ended up with them getting captured.

      In the video you can see how the soldiers are being "interrogated" where one of the soldiers kept on repeating "we didnt shoot or kill anyone".

      After the "interrogation" they were taken to Derna where they were lynched alqaeda style.‬


      known since long as Mosque of al-Qaeda militants,

      The group Ansar al-Sharia led by Sufian al-Quma. ... Sufian al-. Quma and all battalions from Derna,
      and the return of army and policemen.

      Wednesday operation in Derna = 16 feb The group calls itself the "Islamic Emirate of Barqa,"
      The official said the same group was responsible for the hanging of two policemen in Al-Baida on Friday that was reported in Oea newspaper.

    4. @ adam : checking out places

      balcony : is this top of the terracotta building bayda , from where the first shooting happened?

      @ 9.25


      wonder why the 2 boys been shot there have non libiyan roots

      Sa’d Idriss al-Yamani and Khaled 2/17
      yameni - yemen

      2 Khalid Nagy Khanfar Palestine

  64. The Martyrs Mountain Medical Center

    formerly Hussein Jawafa battalion


  65. 7 june 2013 . A large meeting was last night in the area of ​​Omar al-Mukhtar in bayda between the battalion mufta Boshdik
    with invitee Sam Bin Hameed,
    who was accompanied by Mohammed Syrian supervisor fundraising for Syria in the city of Benghazi,
    preliminary information : the meeting is about to transfer a large number of displaced Syrians to Green Mountain in Libya

    the green mountain ain't so green anymore
    Aerial view of green mountain forests after fires

    10 june 2013 The State of Misrata is sheltering Wisam Bin Hamid (prime suspect behind Benghazi massacre) after he fled East of Libya.

    1. invitee Sam Bin Hameed,who was accompanied by Mohammed Syrian supervisor fundraising for Syria in the city of Benghazi, :

      لعقوري Afghan combattant khalid alchouda / alkora who found his waterloo in Siria

      killing more than 7 “ mercenaries “ Bayda
      storming the holy Battalion in Benghazi

      Martyr (Jibril, Faraj Omar Tiger Alakora) (جبريل فرج عمر النمر العقوري)
      Date of Certification 09/25/2011
      Martyr, born 12.5.1989
      Shahid was stationed in the fronts of the beginning of the revolution
      The son of Colonel Faraj tiger formerly central support
      A grandson Naji Mujahid Mujahid Osman Tiger
      Child Mohammed Faraj Alakora born 1996 intended to Syria and Jerusalem
      dead in one of the battles of Aleppo 13 jun. 2013 –
      13 jun. 2013 –
      Libyans in Siria : 1807 dead [ 26 july 2013]

      On the regional level, Libyans’ involvement in Syria in terms of weapons, training, and foreign fighters is another aspect of potential regional destabilization.
      One of the biggest problems related to this issue is the complete passivity and agnostic reaction by Libya’s leaders.
      For instance, in February 2012, the head of Libyan foreign affairs Ashour Bin Khayal told theFinancial Times,
      “Actually we cannot stop anyone from going to Syria. People want
      to go and fight with the Syrians; no one is going prevent them.
      Officially we do not have this stance but we cannot control the desire of the people.”16


      AQIM has also made it a point of emphasizing, praising, and congratulating Libyans for overthrowing Muamar Qadhafi.

      The organization’s statements repeatedly referred to
      Libyans as the “descendants” and “grandsons” of the anti-colonial leader Umar al-Mukhtar, attempting to link the organization to Libyan nationalist narratives.25


      Qumu also serves alongside Salah al Barrani, who is "a former fighter" from the LIFG. Barrani is al Hasadi's "field commander on the front lines

      "a group of young people living in Derna," 1200 km east of Tripoli "

      Wednesday they stormed the mosque companions and took it , and then used the loudspeakers to inflame the feelings of the population and urged the people to insurrection,"
      The source added : "terrorist group" led by "National Sufyan,
      Young "Nasser alhasi /الحاسي, and Ahmed mesmari "
      and they are from the city of Derna and imprisoned [before] in the prisons of Iraq!


    2. Masquerarding as pro-Gaddafi partisans, they duped the mercenaries,
      who were described as French-speaking Africans,
      captured them and then dragged them into the streets of Al Bayda, Libya's third largest city. By Adrian Blomfield, Salloum9:22PM GMT 23 Feb 2011

      18th February 2011 Amer Saad, a political activist from Derna, told al-Jazeera:
      “The protesters in al-Bayda have been able to seize control of the military airbase in the city and have executed 50 African mercenaries and two Libyan conspirators.
      Even in Derna today, a number of conspirators were executed.
      They were locked up in the holding cells of a police station because they resisted, and some died burning inside the building.”

      Protestors in Ajdabiya even claimed that it was now a "a Free City" after the HQ of Gaddafi's Revolutionary Committee was burned down on Friday, along with 14 other buildings.
      12 Mohamed Saad Mohammed Alchouda /Alakora
      30 Ramzi Mohammed Taher mesmari bayda 2011-02-17 No Photo

      35 Mohammed Faraj preferred الحاسي Alhasi bayda No photo
      Farj, just 23 years old,died in a hospital in Tripoli/Farj's best friend Said is in a hospital in Bayda;/Farj and Said were fighting on the front lines against the Gadhafi regime in Bayda /Labraq



      compare : same coat , same cap, : same boy?


    3. http://www.almanaralink.com/press/2011/11/2458/مفتاح-العقوري-المصالحة-وبناء-ليبيا-ال/

      5 november 2011 mufta alakora : reconcilation

      What happened in Misrata and Ajdabiya and Zawiya and Zuwarah and Ifrane
      by soldiers of the buried tyrant ,

      I do not know the nature and composition of those human beings

      are they of the children of our own?

      Did they walk among us , eat with us ?











      mufta alakora :

      I suggest the following:
      - Misrata operations room lists all offenders and suspects who were behind this type of crime.
      - Objects Taorga : to hand over the names of all the criminals,
      - The people of Ajdabiya and Zawiya and Zorah and Yfran provide names who have committed crimes of rape to be prosecuted and the establishment of reducing them.
      - The people of Misrata in particular, and people of the Middle meet immediately with notables of Sirte for the purpose of reconciliation and tolerance, and that is that the people of Sirte to accept the trial of criminals involved in the killing of Libyans

      Misrata operations room


  66. The Attorney General has called Wissam Ben Hamid army of NTC in the region of eastern Libya and Adel Belkayed Misrati following the assassination of Colonel Farej Darssi. On November 22 2012, Benghazi police chief Farej Darssi was assassinated.


    Alhbasi: aircraft landing and taking off at Mitiga Airport carrying sophisticated weapons to unknown destinations

    The arrival of a new batch of mobile terminals arrived Wednesday morning 2013.6.5 to Amotaiqh International Airport

  67. Good work. Detailed, comprehensive, cross-referenced. Nice.
    Carol x

    1. Carol, thanks. I was happy with how well the visual clues came together here. Largely, we have that sloppy cameraman to thank.

  68. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  69. the two martyrs White City/Bayda On February 17

    And died on February 16 in the city Alrajaban martyr Osama drummer/Tabbal at the hands of Homeland Security
    The first martyr in the region Bank and تالت the martyr in Libya

    after the two martyrs White City/Bayda On February 17,

    Osama Mohammed Drummer 26
    Februari 17 Alrajaban

    1. feb 2011 qatari present in al rujaban


  70. after the two martyrs White City/Bayda On February 17,

    1احداث البيضاء ليبيا 2011/2/16

    2احداث البيضاء ليبيا 2011/2/16


    3احداث البيضاء ليبيا 2011/2/16

    4Events Libya white 16/02/2011

    5احداث البيضاء ليبيا 2011/2/16

    6احداث البيضاء ليبيا 2011/2/16

    7احداث البيضاء ليبيا 2011/2/16

    8احداث البيضاء ليبيا 2011/2/16

    9احداث البيضاء ليبيا 2011/2/16

    10احداث البيضاء ليبيا 2011/2/16

    11احداث البيضاء ليبيا 2011/2/16


    Ahmed Ahmed Ibrahim showed video footage he had captured on his mobile telephone of an African mercenary hanging from a meat-hook in an Al Bayda doorway.

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  73. Someone asked if the pro-Syrian activist and writer Sarah Abdallah with accounts on Facebook and Twitter is a real person, or if she (or he) is just using a nice photo as an avatar. I decided to investigate and found this:

    As it happened: Mid-East protests on Thursday - BBC News, 17 February 2011

    1725 Human rights activist Sarah Abdallah tweets: "#Baida has been totally surrounded by the #Gaddafi regime's police and snipers are firing at unarmed protesters from rooftops. #Libya"

    1008 Back to Libya: The website of Al-Yawm - the Arabic-language paper connected to one of Col Gaddafi's sons - is back online. The site was earlier closed down after the newspaper showed images of the police station in al-Bayda on fire.

    0941 Geneva-based rights group Human Rights Solidarity is quoting witnesses in Libya who say snipers on rooftops have killed as many as 13 protesters and wounded dozens more.

    This also came up:

    Libya protests: 140 'massacred' as Gaddafi sends in snipers to crush dissent


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