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Sunday, February 10, 2013

"Rumblings" Ahead of Feb. 15

By Adam Larson
February 11, 2013
last update Feb. 12

As we draw quite near to the two-year anniversary of the engineered uprising in Libya, there have been concerns of a planned "correction" of the 2011 "revolution." Which way it goes remains to be seen. Will the operative people here pull things even further in the direction of militant Salafism, or towards a greater neo-liberalism and pro-West privatization of industry? Or will it aim to actually start a process, by the long-suppressed Green masses, of reclaiming what was lost in the last two years?

Whichever of these prevails, the direction is sure to be mixed, with things being pulled in different directions at once.

I did not conduct an in-depth search for information here, but a widely re-posted AFP report by Youssef Ba is adequate to create this starting pont.
Google News
Faced with growing rumblings in the street, the authorities have put security forces on high alert ahead of the protests as well as celebrations two days later marking the second anniversary of the “Feb 17 Revolution” that led to Qadhafi’s ouster and being killed in October 2011.

Demands by opposition groups range from a ban on officials of the former regime from holding public office to the disbandment of armed militias and a reform of the higher education system. Chants at protests are increasingly resembling those staged during the uprising against Qadhafi: “The people demand the fall of the (new) regime.” A leaflet circulated in Tripoli calls for a “popular revolt” and a civil disobedience movement to bring down the regime. It encourages Libyans to stock up with food and fuel in anticipation of what it says will be a complete shutdown of the country following the Feb 15 protests.

It is unclear who is behind the leaflet and the calls for protests but Libyan officials and several organisations, including Islamic groups, accuse remnants of the former regime of fomenting protests to “sow disorder and instability”.
No one can doubt that Libyans have much to protest, and the anniversary of the start of this awkward process can hardly be passed up as the best time to voice those concerns in whatever big way.

However, the exact date for the “popular revolt” against “the regime” is significant. Libya’s opposition and rebel fighters always trumpet Feb. 17 as the signature date of their “revolution,” the planned start date, marking the anniversary of extremist protests the government suppressed in 2006. The choice two days earlier instead marks the date when treasonous violence masquerading as protest actually began, with the arrest of provocateur Fathi Terbil and a military armory raided by rebels in Dernah the following day. There are signs of scheming in the days even before that. Suggesting much broader plans, over the following days emerged possible French commandoes and high-level defectors, on-script and pulling tricks at the UN.

Different people from different factions might find reason to commemorate the 15th, but whoever it is, the attitude it implies is troubling to anyone wanting to preserve the post-rape status quo.

In Benghazi and Cyrenaica, where that rebellion first took hold, the recurring federalist issue is one of the cornerstones of protester concerns, according to Ba’s AFP report. Longtime rebel activist Mohamed al-Mufti evidenced no concern with militias and public safety (that’s more an issue for Tripoli and other areas “liberated” only with more force and policing). But he told Ba “the calls to demonstrate are justified,” citing economic issues alone as bolstering the “politically motivated” campaign with legitimate “demands for federalism.”

Libya’s grand mufti (not the activist Al-Mufti), as well as a wide sector of civil society activist types have stressed publicly that all protests must be peaceful and focused on “correcting the process of revolution” and not threatening “legitimate institutions,” which “there is no reason to dispute.”

One man at least spoke to challenged that: “Sixteen months after the fall of Qadhafi, there is no change and (the new) government has failed to establish security or restore the authority of the state,” He’s surely not alone in this feeling that the existing regime might lack legitimacy and be a more than fair target for a more thoroughgoing correction.

Unsolicited Advice / Potentially Useful Thoughts
I have advice to Libyans at this juncture. It may be nothing but clever-sounding delusion, and might even be a very bad suggestion. The people who live there will know the ground reality better, but I ask that they give this a moment’s thought anyway.

Don’t count on this particular day to really start anything continuous. Do make a strong, silent, and controlled showing. Shut the country down - for an afternoon - to the extent possible. Establish the choke-hold, then let go with only a few breaths missed. A green giant can be merciful, and in no big rush. It can even compromise its color to appeal to as many as possible, even among those who previously betrayed the nation. It can take advantage of the forced opportunity to reinvent something like the Jamahiriya but better, freed from any nagging flaws of the old system.

Do not start killing soldiers, or even militiamen, and calling them defectors. It won’t work for you like it did for the enabled regime-changers two years ago. Document and expose all false-flag provocations you quite likely will be saddled with and blamed for. The "authorities" and/or the real muscle of extremist militias will try to arrest and crush the movement away on any pretext, even invented. This is likely to happen, and it may be intensely unpleasant for some brave souls. But the green giant is no single person, and they cannot stop it by plucking off even a few thousand of its leaves.

Also, changing the plans at the last minute, to strike on the 14th instead, might throw the false-flaggers off and give them too little time to re-adjust. That might give you a cleaner day that actually inspires the world with the depth of humanity they just saw shine in this darkened place, and leave no green activity for them to tack it onto the following day. It's a thought. 

Nails and Chaos: Related Big-Picture Thoughts  
The US State Department is not convinced the demands for peace will hold; its diplomatic security bureau urges all citizens to avoid Libya at this time if possible. Somewhere they had learned “even events intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and escalate into violence.” And of course the protests that start violent, like they did in Libya on February 15, 2011, can screw a country up for years – if they get enough air support and other outside help. As testament to that fact and its effects, the warning notes “because of ongoing instability and violence, the Department of State’s ability to provide consular services to U.S. citizens in these regions of Libya is extremely limited.”

Eastern Libya especially is marred now by “a general backdrop of political violence, assassinations, targeting former regime officials, lawlessness, and an overarching absence of central government authority.” This is according to a report by the Accountability Review Board investigating the Benghazi embassy attack of last September 11. That still-mysterious intelligence failure - around a CIA operation thinly disguised as a part of the State Dep’t – is explored in a recent article by Ronda Hauben: “The Benghazi Affair: Uncovering the Mystery of the Benghazi CIA Annex” That operation was closed down afterwards. As quoted there, a Wall Street Journal article decried the loss of “a critical intelligence unit” from “a hotbed of Islamism,” harming “U.S. standing in the region and the ability to fight terrorist groups” which the U.S. itself had enabled to create their hotbed there.

That acutely-symbolic event might be the nail holding one of the first-assembled corners on the framework of a massive and ominous new mythology. With the best of intentions, we may later decide, we (the civilized world) tried to free the Libyan people, only to unleash the worst aspects of their flawed Islamic culture. Sadly, the contagion ruled there, spread to Mali and metastasized across North Africa. It took root is Egypt’s upheaval and beyond, and was actively fostered by Arab/Sunni Muslim leaders in Syria, plunging that nation - and likely Lebanon with it - into years of sectarian chaos and awful bloodshed. Too late, we may finally recognize how blinded we were by our "own pure motives," and that the hated leaders overthrown were rational pragmatists who had carefully managed balance in their nations. It will seem a mistake that they and their brands of sanity were crushed under lies and replaced with the new global Islamic threat we'll know all too well by then. "Oops." World War will be upon us.

The nail of the Benghazi attack was driven into the wood of "post-Gaddafi Libya," as the invention is called. Hypothetically at least, that wood can reject the nail, and turn itself from stale plank back into a green and living tree again. This possibility should be encouraged to grow in likelihood in every way possible.


  1. So today according to eyewitness from Tripoly most of the airlines agencies are crowded with people who want to fly to Tunisia because getting to this country does not require a visa.

    Also according to another eyewitness from Al Zawiya the road leading to Tunisia is also packed with cars most of which are taking families.


  2. The government would impose security in Libyan cities through implementing security plans by the internal forces and the army in cooperation with the rebel battalions to secure the entrances and exits of cities, the prime minister said.

    The move came after recent calls and warnings from social network sites and Internet to demonstrate peacefully on Feb. 15.

    Zaidan also warned of some subversive elements that may enter Libya in chaos and conflict.

    The Libyan government is under attack for lack of reform and facing with growing rumblings in the street.


    Ali Zeidan: We will use force against any demonstration graduated without permission

  3. Funny to see the new government fretting over protests and chaos and foreigners coming in. They know how it worked for them - same but with outside help.

  4. And they are in State of Denial :

    NATO Killing Of Libyan Civilians Ignored: Russian UN Envoy


    UK Foreign Office denies ethnic cleansing of Tawergha in Libya



    Africa and the New Colonialism of the Continent


    Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu is among the ministers and senior diplomats of countries that helped oust Muammar Gaddafi meeting in Paris on Tuesday to discuss how to stabilize Libya, which has been beset by security problems since the late dictator was toppled.

    France, which led international efforts to oust Gaddafi, is convening officials from Turkey, the United States, Britain, Arab nations, the United Nations and the European Union for Tuesday's meeting in Paris.


  5. ethnic cleansing of Tawergha in Libya


  6. punk kids are paid 80 LYD to prevent the Libyan People from protesting on 15 FEBR.


    On Saturday, the government took matters a step further with a public show of force, organizing a long military parade that fanned through the streets of Tripoli.

    The minister of defense and deputy minister led a motorcade that was trailed by uniformed troops and blaring horns.


    Military forces from Italy, Qatar in Libyan port ahead of revolution anniversary


  7. https://fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/48080_540564115978312_1352421922_n.jpg

    ali zeidan THE GERMAN BRANCH of the ” ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD said : security plans by the internal forces and the army in cooperation with the rebel battalions

  8. Message -- Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Libya


    Section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1622(d)) provides for the automatic termination of a national emergency unless, within 90 days prior to the anniversary date of its declaration, the President publishes in the Federal Register and transmits to the Congress a notice stating that the emergency is to continue in effect beyond the anniversary date.

    In accordance with this provision, I have sent to the Federal Register for publication the enclosed notice stating that the national emergency declared in Executive Order 13566 of February 25, 2011, is to continue in effect beyond February 25, 2013.

    Colonel Muammar Qadhafi, his government, and close associates took extreme measures against the people of Libya, including by using weapons of war, mercenaries, and wanton violence against unarmed civilians.

    We are working closely with the new Libyan government and with the international community to effectively and appropriately ease restrictions on sanctioned entities,
    including by taking actions consistent with the U.N. Security Council's decision to lift sanctions against the Central Bank of Libya and two other entities on December 16, 2011.
    The situation in Libya, however, continues to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States and we need to protect against this threat and the diversion of assets or other abuse by certain members of Qadhafi's family and other former regime officials. Therefore, I have determined that it is necessary to continue the national emergency with respect to Libya.



    $170 billion
    http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=632354%3Frss …

    On 25 February 2011, Britain's Treasury set up a specialised unit to trace Gaddafi's assets in Britain.[310]

    the West has so far failed to return an estimated $150bln worth of assets



  9. MoD #Bargati: Friends of Libya to setup a joint operations room which receives satellite images every 10min of movement inside #Libya border



  11. Some good adds, h. Stolen money, continued emergency with no mention of Al Qaeda, slick. The intimidation and rumors of intense surveillance are expected. As will be repression. No one said it wouldn't take bravery to stand up to the thugs. And we're just about at the day now, so I expect more news soon. Please keep us posted!

  12. Libya deploys 25 armoured vehicles to secure eastern region - In an attempt to secure its eastern region, the Libyan defence ministry Wednesday deployed 25 armoured vehicles and army transport cars to Benghazi.


    A think tank in Washington revealed that there is a deal between the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the Libyan authorities.
    The deal states that Egypt hands over Qaddafi’s men in exchange for securing oil investments in the eastern provinces in Libya.
    The suspicious deal is allegedly in exchange of three billion dollars and job opportunities for Egyptians in Libya

  13. 14 february 2013

    Qatari airplane refuses passengers from disembarking in BENGAZI and forced the Qatari airplane to go back to QATAR with no one getting off in LIBYA!!!

    Armored vehicles patrolling Tripoli


    military reinforcements :


  14. 15 february 2013
    helicopters are hovering above the sky of Benghazi 4 security monitoring - big rally is so far peaceful & general situation is good

    Car explodes in Libya's Benghazi leaving no casualties

    while Benghazi families living on the street


    1. https://twitter.com/dparvaz/status/201068248970702848/photo/1

      After the fall of Gaddafi, the 53-year-old school caretaker moved his family to a vacant bunker in Bab al-Aziziya, the sprawling compound that once was the regime's beating heart, pleased for the chance to live rent free.

  15. Rida ‏@libyanproud

    I was given : flags, air freshner, water, candy, juice, whiskey, and a joint (i didnt inhale) . #tripoli partyyyyyy

  16. Thanks, h. I'm not seeing any mainstream news yet on what happened. Helicopters over Benghazi, little hope of green voices rising there. In Tripoli, a party? Whiskey and joints, probably no green flags. Rida seems to be a rebel supporter, and the party might have been related to a sports match they were following.

    Depressing. Is there nothing more? I'll look a bit tonight.

    1. Rida seems to be a rebel supporter :

      BREAKING : #NATO bombing more positions between #Gwaleesh and #Ghiryan . Thank You #NATO !

    2. I'm not seeing any mainstream news yet on what happened :


      Internet does not work in Libya and only in some areas but with many interferences and very slow.

      There are cars on the streets with devices to listen to phone calls.

      Western interference in Libya has formed a group of people who specialize in controlling Internet and telephone calls


      Joanne ♌ Leo ‏@FromJoanne #BarakBarfi who helped #Libya government Says: #Libya uses #Gaddafi Era equipment: Eavesdropping cellphone calls & Spying Computer traffic

      [..]according to Barak Barfi of the New America Foundation,
      who has spoken with former senior members of Egyptian Islamic Jihad in Cairo.


    3. Tripoli, March 30 2012: Libya’s Preventive Security Service is to come under the control of the Libyan Intelligence Service headed by Salem Al-Hassi.Salem al-Hasi, 50, a former language teacher at a US military college,

      In an interview, Mr. Hasi's deputy denied that Libya has put
      Gadhafi-era surveillance .



      Ahmed Gwaider

      A number of sources say that Gwaider, like many members of Gadhafi’s intelligence services, have been called back to work for the new government—as an IT manager in the intelligence service.

      Mohammed Gwaider
      “Senussi was flown into Metiga airbase early this afternoon and transferred by helicopter to Hadba Al-Khadra prison”,
      said Rat Colonel Mohammed Gwaider, the prison governor.

    4. In an interview, Mr. Hasi's deputy denied that Libya has put
      Gadhafi-era surveillance .

      Tripoli, 22 February 2013: The chain of events leading to the discovery of this arrangement is unclear. However one call that the prisoner placed was reportedly traced to  a house in Tripoli.


    5. Is this #Self al #Gaddafi in court today? Video has emerged but no indication what/where/when. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGaX-olKrm8&feature=youtu.be …

      Lindsey Hilsum ‏@lindseyhilsum
      Panic over. @aliceFordham. Video of #Seif al #Gaddafi is from Jan 17th. Posted today. Helpfully undated. Designed to confuse journalists.

      Libya Is Now Insulting Al-Senussi’s Attorney, As Well

      Saif Has Been Repeatedly Interrogated Without Counsel

      Dr. Buzeid Dorda had been subjected to illegal interrogations during his 10 months in detention.

    6. A lawyer representing alleged al-Gaddafi soldiers and loyalists described to Amnesty International the challenges facing the work of defence teams, including the presence of
      armed men inside prosecution offices and courts, during investigations and hearings.
      The lawyer said:

      “They told me inside the courtroom, ‘if they walk free, you will pay the price’.

      I also got several anonymous calls telling me ‘leave the case, or face consequences’…

      My family is worried, they don’t want me to work on these cases.

      But this is my duty to uphold the right of defence.

      Unfortunately, not all my colleagues feel the same, and some don’t come near al-Gaddafi loyalist cases.

      I was told that I didn’t suffer enough during the Revolution, and don’t have any martyrs in my family,
      which is why I am willing to take up these cases.”

      Another lawyer representing families of alleged al-Gaddafi supporters whose properties were
      looted and appropriated told Amnesty International that his work was difficult as very few
      people were willing to take up such cases and risk being accused of supporting the former

      A family of an alleged al-Gaddafi loyalist in Tripoli complained to Amnesty
      International that they were turned down by several lawyers unwilling to defend him.


    7. Is this #Self al #Gaddafi in court today? Video has emerged but no indication what/where/when. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGaX-olKrm8&feature=youtu.be …

      Lindsey Hilsum ‏@lindseyhilsum
      Panic over. @aliceFordham. Video of #Seif al #Gaddafi is from Jan 17th. Posted today. Helpfully undated. Designed to confuse journalists.

      Libya Is Now Insulting Al-Senussi’s Attorney, As Well

      Saif Has Been Repeatedly Interrogated Without Counsel

      Dr. Buzeid Dorda had been subjected to illegal interrogations during his 10 months in detention.

    8. @ caustic : do you know who's removing comments ?

    9. surveillance

      Joanne ♌ Leo ‏@FromJoanne
      Innitially Benghazi Sebha, Tripoli, Ras Ajdir and Port Amsaad will get CCTV camera's but after that other cities will follow #Libya

  17. After an unofficial carve-up of the city among the main Islamist militia groups,
    Ansar al-Sharia’s militant fighters
    have become entrenched at the traffic-choked intersection by inspecting trucks, checking for expired medicine, seizing goods and setting up a medical clinic to test foreign migrants for diseases.

    “I think we’re doing very well,” said Rajab Alaghoury, a shift commander at the checkpoint. “We even sort out conflicts in the area. We are with the people.”


  18. Tripoli
    Disturbing news of Libyans from East being randomly questioned by security forces in #Tripoli & asked if they're pro #Federalism. #Libya


    However, the demonstrators were firmly united in insisting on the return of all institutions moved by the Qaddafi regime from Benghazi, such as the NOC. They demanded an end to what they called the marginalisation of the city and the east by Congress and the government, specifically warning Magarief that if he did not act on their demands he would “go the way for Abushagur”.


    Bani Walid



    Today, we are the sons of Fezzan announcing the following :


    Libya Going federal - Ex Green Soldier


    1. “In principle, I don’t reject federalism,”
      says Abd Al-Wahhab Muhammad Qaid, chairman of the national security committee in the General National Congress,
      Libya’s parliament.

      “But now, during this time, it is not a high time or a suitable time to talk about federalism.”


    2. Mohamed Buisier, son of a former Libyan foreign minister:

      They would also welcome semi-autonomy for the two other provinces of Libya, Fezzan in the southwest and Tripolitania in the west.

      That would be revive the federal system observed for most of the reign of King Idris, who ruled from 1951, after decolonization, until Gadhafi overthrew him in 1969.


    3. Libyan leaders are doing everything they can to placate eastern federalists, short of agreeing to semi-autonomy for Cyrenaica.


      The Libyan PM Ali Zeidane acknowledged the return the national institutions to Benghazi and said the government will issue a decision in this regard
      The Local Council of Benghazi asked the government to give a specific time for the decision.

    4. Anonymous Libyan official says France seeks to set up military base in Libya, by Libya al-Mostakbal:

      Sudanese mercenaries terrorists in Libya to support the rebels NATO

      The Minister for Oil and Gas "Abdalbari Laroussi" at the Cabinet Office in Tripoli expressed his thanks and appreciation of the Sudanese army
      who fought on their side in the Libyan south during the war.

      During the meeting, they discussed granting Sudan several concessions in the areas of oil and gas, including share and a gift from oil and gas product

  19. Tripoli : Disturbing news of Libyans from East being randomly questioned by security forces in #Tripoli & asked if they're pro #Federalism. :

    Barqa's Military Council's commander


    The presence of Hassi in Tripoli will have been seen as provocative by some elements in the city in view of the Cyrenaica federalists’
    call for mass demonstrations in Benghazi and elsewhere on 15 February.
    The call has sparked fears of violence on the day and has prompted a security clampdown across the country.

    There was an attempt to assassinate the controversial Hassi in November in Benghazi. One of his bodyguards was said to have been killed in the attack.

  20. http://www.libyaherald.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Hamid-Hassi.jpg


    1 April 2011 11.53am: This photograph shows a rebel fighter test-firing his machine gun as he waits for his convoy to move out after refuelling at a staging post on the western outskirts of Ajdabiya.

    At the Ajdabiya front was the Omar Mukhtar Brigade, composed primarily of men from Derna, Benghazi and Ajdabiya.
    The Omar Mukhtar brigade commander, until he was killed on Friday in an attack on Brega,
    was Abdelmonem Mukhtar Mohammed, a man with long experience in the armed opposition movement known as the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group who had also spent time in Afghanistan and had met Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, according to the Los Angeles Times.

  21. Another brigade, based in Baida, has been named after slain Al Jazeera Arabic cameraman Ali Hassan al-Jaber.

    National Front for Salvation of Libya [Arabic].



    Human Rights Solidarity (HRS) expresses its outrage at the assassination of Ali Hassan al Jaber, a cameraman working for al Jazeera Channel, who was killed in an ambush near the city of Benghazi. HRS extends its condolences and sympathy to the family of the deceased, his colleagues and friends.

  22. http://zeroanthropology.net/2013/02/17/libya-the-second-anniversary-of-a-bloody-coup/

    Libya: The Second Anniversary of a Bloody Coup

    Libyans have won the right to live in fear, as they have won the freedom to be ruled by countless armed despots each engaged in torture, abductions, and persecution of minorities.

  23. 16 february 2011


    @ 17.28 the vid of the yellow construction helmets to create the myth of the black mercenary

    wikipedia says 18 feb 2011
    On February 18, two policemen were hanged by protesters in Benghazi.[12] Also, on the same day, 50 alleged African mercenaries, mostly from Chad, were executed by the protesters in Bayda. Some of them were killed when protestors burned down the police station in which they locked them up[13] and at least 15 were lynched in front of the courthouse in Bayda.[14]

    @JohnTMorgan: Protesters in Benghazi, Libya have burned down the govt security building heading for city center @monaeltahawy @bencnn @NickKristof #Feb17
    Posted 16 February 2011 0:10 GMT

  24. Police in Benghazi 16 february 2011, with wooden or rubber bat retreat, 0 shots fired



    police car with burning man inside on 16 february 2011 bayda



    Do you still believe the lies of the peaceful protesters today?

    1. 22/02/2013 And when you go out don’t lie and cheat. Ageli told The Tripoli Post.


      “This legitimacy is a very good achievement for the government,” Nagi Barakat said.

      More than a dozen rape cases, documented by Dr. Nagi Barakat, prompted the International Criminal Court
      to accuse Gadhafi of using rapes as a weapon of war.

      "They have Viagra in their pockets. Gadhafi has encouraged them to do this, so have their commanders," Barakat said.

      Some of the rapists were foreign mercenaries, an especially difficult point for victims and their families.

      @WyldDarkHeart : the Head of Libiya Doctors association talked about total destruction of the bodies in a way he had never seen before Feb 23, 2011

  25. Jalil of whom is said that he was at least on 20 february 2011 in Bayda did not mention :

    []two policemen were hanged by protesters in Benghazi.[12] Also, on the same day, 50 alleged African mercenaries, mostly from Chad, were executed by the protesters in Bayda.

    Some of them were killed when protestors burned down the police station in which they locked them up[13] and at least 15 were lynched in front of the courthouse in Bayda.[14]

    Jalil does cry now in 2013 about al qaida from dernah and tobruk :


    Mustafa Abdul Jalil : no stability in Libiya because of Al Qaida

  26. http://news.smh.com.au/breaking-news-world/libyan-islamists-seize-arms-take-hostages-20110221-1b19c.html

    Army Colonel Adnan al-Nwisri

    16 feb 2011 Islamist gunmen have stormed a military arms depot and a nearby port in Libya and seized numerous weapons and army vehicles after killing four soldiers, a security official says.

    The group also took several hostages, both soldiers and civilians, and is "threatening to execute them unless a siege by security forces is lifted" in Al-Baida, the official told AFP on Sunday, asking not to be named.

    "This criminal gang assaulted an army weapons depot and seized 250 weapons, killed four soldiers and wounded 16 others" in the Wednesday operation in Derna, which lies east of Al-Baida and 1300km from Tripoli.

    "Army Colonel Adnan al-Nwisri joined them and provided them with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, three pieces of anti-aircraft artillery and 70 Kalashnikov" assault rifles, the source said

  27. Colonel, Adnan al-Nwisri

    We have discovered now that the crisis kicked off with a military coup plotted by an Army Colonel, Adnan al-Nwisri, who had co- opted support from a diverse band of tribal soldiers and mercenaries from within and special forces and intelligence apparatuses from without.

    The cabal had backing from al-Qaeda, according to some reports, or from external powers, according to other reports, or, perhaps, from both; as the Colonel's debauchery and betrayal to the nation would suggest.


    There were claims that there were 8,000 soldiers in Benghazi equipped with a substantial number of weapons captured from abandoned Libyan army depots, including AK-47 and FN FAL rifles, RPGs, SPGs, anti-aircraft guns and several tanks.[4]

  28. Al-Nwisri - I didn't know the defector's name or any of these details before. Thanks, h. Also, Max's update and HRI's Tawergha report are valuable. A post on the latter might be upcoming.

    1. Tawergha report

      Human Rights Watch has said about 1,300 people from Tawergha
      are detained, missing or dead,
      and abuses committed against Tawerghans "may amount to crimes against humanity and could be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court".




    2. Al-Nwisri is an unknown.
      He seems to be a supporter of the Darnah Islamists,

      according to rumors

      that he liberated a Gaddafi base

      and gave arms to the Darnah Brigade fighters

      in the first days of the insurrection.

      There are few references in the international media to this person


  29. The largest and most influential tribe in eastern Libya is the Misurata tribe, which takes its name from the Misurata district in northwestern Libya. The tribe has particularly strong influence in the cities of Benghazi and Darneh.

    Misrata, which according to some Libyan accounts historically some sections have had their own separatist agenda
    (perhaps because they did not identify with the Libyan nation whose borders were created by the colonialists, or because of other factions Ottoman descent

    el-Kurugli (of the Karagla people) el-Misrati (from Misrata).


    the Adghams, who descended from Ottoman officers who settled in the province in previous centuries, were the most prominent.



    Under the leadership of Ramadan al-Swehli, the city was used a base of support for the Ottoman Empire and his Misratan army dealt a major blow to the Italians at Qasr Abu Hadi near Sirte in April 1915.

    1. http://www.kafkas.org.tr/english/diaspora/libya.html

      Circassians of Libya live near Mısrata

      There are Circassian families in Egypt with family name Dakkali,

      They have an association in Benghazi "The Circassian Association

      A Circassian from Libya delegated the Libya Circassians at the World Circassians Union's Congress at Krasnodar on 25-28 June 1998, and informed that their population isn't just 15000 But it is 135000.

    2. Circassians of Libya

      There are Circassian families in Egypt with family name Dakkali, which suggests that they migrated from the city of Dankala at North Sudan.

      Libyan Tweeps, a few wks ago one of you tweeted a document proving the link between Dgeili & Qatari weapons. I d like to have that!

    3. The New York Times reported in December 2012 that the Obama administration secretly gave its blessing to arms shipments
      to Libyan rebels from Qatar, only to express alarm when evidence mounted that Qatar was turning some of the weapons over to Islamic militants.


    4. march 4 2013 Bey’s HB Group, started by his Turkish-born grandfather as a maritime transport company,

      While the Italian-educated businessman is encouraged by Libya's post-revolution spirit

      Today, there is little going on commercially that Bey isn't involved with.

      He has shareholdings in most Libyan banks and is the country’s major distributor of retail goods. He owns many of the franchised Western brand stores sprouting up in the capital, Tripoli, and in the eastern city of Benghazi.

      july 6 2011 At one point, we hear NATO ships on the radio asking Libyan boats to identify themselves. There may be an international arms embargo, but NATO appears to be giving the rebel gun-running boats safe passage from Benghazi to Misrata. 


  30. Shebani took the opportunity to emphasise the fact that Libyan Jews were among the first to come to the rescue of Libya after the eruption of the glorious of February 17 revolution.

    He said they provided invaluable medical aid and intelligence support to the revolutionaries.

    He then went on to thank Mr Walter Arabib ,
    a Libyan Jewish Philanthropist for his generous donations to Libya in their hour of need.


    زعمت صحيفة "يديعوت أحرونوت" الإسرائيلية أن ثوار ليبين طلبوا مساعدة إسرائيل لإسقاط القذافي في أواخر مايو 2011
    The Israeli newspaper said that the three Libyan opponents of the regime had landed in Israel in late May 2011, in the midst of the revolt against Muammar Gaddafi, and asked for help Israel to overthrow the tyrant Gaddafi.

    The newspaper added that the three Libyan rebels under a heavy cover of secret leaders of the Jewish community of immigrants from Libya met security agents and other Israeli politicals of Netanya.The newspaper quoted an activist :Jacob Bernas

    1. http://www.tabletmag.com/jewish-life-and-religion/125076/a-taste-of-libya-in-prison

      Born on the island of Djerba just off Tunisia, Chaddad—now 36
      and living in Jaffa—still has a strong connection to his Arabic roots
      Although he moved to Israel at age 2, Chaddad kept his Tunisian passport February 26, 2013

      Jews Osraúleon want to return to Libyan Mzrath

  31. Our Friend in Libya : He’s wearing the same tired brown suit that he always wore on our visits to the front lines in Ajdabiya, Misrata, or Jebel Nafusa.



    Abdul Rahman Swehli : the right of Jews to return to Libya

  32. http://jamahiriyanewsagency.wordpress.com/2012/12/08/gnc-to-debate-ashour-shuwail-case-on-sunday-as-criticism-mounts-against-integrity-commission/

    The exclusions cited in the “Integrity Commission” laws exclude over 90% of Libyans from any participation in any level of government.

    Further complicating the issue, political opponents of the measure, led by centrist leader Mahmoud Jibril, a Gadhafi-era reform-minded planning minister,
    have introduced another category of people for proposed exclusion: those who hold dual nationality.

    That would prohibit many returning exiles from holding political positions, including many current lawmakers who want Gadhafi-era politicians out of public life.



    1. Mahmoud Jibril, a Gadhafi-era reform-minded planning minister,
      have introduced another category of people for proposed exclusion: those who hold dual nationality.

      biuk and the double shafra
      I, as nothing more than an average citizen, sense the term stirring a growing resentment among diverse Libyans.
      If the loyalty of a “double shafra” is questioned by the public,
      these individuals may be restricted from holding managerial positions, as some believe this restriction should be implemented when/if the draft of the political isolation law is passed.


    2. Observers say that the political problems of North Africa’s foremost oil exporting country were further complicated by the Islamists’ efforts to marginalize Mahmoud Jibril,
      Libyan politics’ rising star.


      Mr. Jibril was interim prime minister following the February revolution and this, the Islamists claim, subjects him to political exclusion in accordance with the new draft law.


      However Mr. Belhadj denied the charges that the Islamists are targeting Mr. Jibril, saying, “No, this is not true.

      “I said to him,‘Don’t run because if you win bad things will happen’” such Bosidra, Islamist scholar, warned Jibril against running for PM..

      Had he won, bin Ahmed and al-Gharabi warned they “would not continue to guarantee security in Benghazi,



  33. Other members of Congress to have been disbarred so far are:




    Abdulmajid Biuk, a member of a commission responsible for removing Gaddafi-era figures from state institutions /Universal Academy of Florida/Abdul Majid Buik of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL)


    The funny thing is that even the current president of the country, Mohammed el-Megarif would be eliminated because it served as Libyan ambassador to India in 1980.


  34. the displacement of more than 1million individuals, most of whom affiliated with  former regime


    The reality of new democratic Libya.


    Mohammed Magarief speaks in Benghazi on 17 February 2013.


    Ali Zidan had to do his very best to avoid these issues and many other; like the question, when the Tawergha will mercifully be allowed to return to their utterly demolished city, which was systematically taken down, burned down house by house

  35. There are disturbing allegations circulating in the media.

    For example, Sam Dagher of the Wall Street Journal reported on 18th September 2011
    that Mahmoud Jibril, the Libyan National Transitional Council Prime Minister,
    made this statement at a public meeting at the Misurata town hall:

    “Regarding Tawergha, my own viewpoint is that nobody has the right to interfere in this matter except the people of Misurata.



    Tens of thousands of people who had to leave their homes during Libya's revolution in 2011 are still unable to return.

    The entire population of the northeastern town of Tawergha fled as opposition fighters moved in.
    They were accused of siding with deposed leader Muammar Gaddafi during attacks on the town of Misrata.

    Al Jazeera's Zeina Khodr reports from Libya.
    February 21 2013 at 02:30pm : Libya's Tawergha remain displaced :


    abdullah kabir journalist @ 1.07
    A rebel spokesman, Sadeq al-Kabir, had no explanation and could only say, "This could be all lies."

    suleiman mohammed al fakih , head misrata shura council @ 1.32

    Abd Al-Rahman Al-Faqih

    1.  26 February 2013: Government plans to ensure that people who fled their homes during or after the revolution, or were driven out, can return home are now the focus of efforts

      led by Deputy Prime Minister Awad Barasi.



      Al-Gharabi and bin-Ahmed support the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood's Justice and Construction Party backed

      candidate Minister of Electricity Awad Al Barasi for Prime Minister

      and they said that. if elected, Al Barasi would appoint Fawzi Bukatif, Commander of the February 17 Brigade, as Minister of Defense.

  36. 35.000 libyens vivent dans des camps de réfugiés dans un total isolement, juste parce qu'ils ont la peau noire



    Tebus soldiers in the border posts of Um al Aranib and Luweegh Military Base continue their work of spotting illegal immigrants from neighboring countries.

    They record their names and later hand them over to the Libyan Ministry of Interior's Illegal Immigration Service in Sebha; which in turn house them in a detention center in the city, awaiting their repatriation to their countries

    1. 3 March 2013 Illegal immigration – a concern but “under control”

      Fifty-three young men from different African countries are crammed into what looks like a rectangular, medium-sized jail cell of the detention centre.
      Four or five other equally full mobile metal structures serving as cells hold more detainees.
      The 200 or so residents of the centre have been here between two months and a year awaiting deportation to their countries of origin. Most hail from Niger, Chad, Gambia, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria and have one goal in common: they came to Libya for work to be able to support their famlilies back home. “You know we come from a very poor countries, that is why we came to Libya,” another one added.


      Imed Sagher, in charge of the Gharian’s detention centre, confirmed the presence of some of Qaddafi’s mercenaries in the centre when it held between 1,600 and 1,700 people at its peak when it first opened in January 2012.

      Sudan provided support to rebels who launched a military campaign to unseat him.

      The Minister for Oil and Gas "Abdalbari Laroussi expressed his thanks and appreciation of the Sudanese army who fought on their side in the Libyan south during the war

      During the meeting, they discussed granting Sudan several concessions in the areas of oil and gas

    2. 3 March 2013 Illegal immigration – a concern but “under control”

      13 march 2013
      a Libyan citizen took from every person 1000 dinars .
      They were placed and trafficked underfloor.
      The truck lost balance and collapsed on the heads of the Africans .
      22 died

  37. http://www.zenit.org/en/articles/two-religious-communities-forced-to-leave-libyan-town-of-cyrenaica

    Christians in Libya fear for safety



    Slaughter of a Christian maths teacher in Benghazi. He was found in a school with his throat cut. Mr. Zia Sheva was Christian Egyptian teacher who lived in Libya for many years.
    April 16, 2012 at 3:55 PM

    1. Video: Christians rounded up in Benghazi for preaching the Gospel

      shoebat.com/2013/03/01/video-christians-rounded-up-in-benghazi-for-preaching-the-gospel/ …


      Pachomius confirmed that the Egyptians went to work,
      it does not make sense that a citizen will come to another country to preach,


      Hussein Bin Hmeid, a spokesman for the government-affiliated security apparatus called the Preventative Security which made the arrests, said the missionaries had since been transferred to Tripoli.

    2. CAIRO (AP) — An Egyptian Foreign Ministry official says a man suspected of trying to spread Christianity in Libya has died in prison there.

      The diplomat says Ezzat Atallah, who suffered from diabetes and heart ailments, likely died of natural causes. He spoke anonymously Sunday in line with regulations.


    3. natural causes :

      One died in Benghazi prison, under torture.


      Of the 500 arrested Egyptians , a hundred of them accused of preaching Christianity were subjected to torture, to the extent that one of them had an amputation of the left arm, and lost the power of speech.

    4. Mar 14, 2013 The Security Council called for the immediate release of all foreigners illegally detained in Libya.

      The United Nations said 7,000 detainees,
      many of whom are sub-Saharan Africans suspected of fighting for Gaddafi, were still being held in detention centres across the country, some operated by the government and some by revolutionary brigades.

      The U.N. human rights agency and aid groups have accused the brigades of torturing detainees.

      13 March 2013: The EU Delegation today said it was “encouraged by the Libyan government’s efforts
      to commit to further reform efforts on the wider human rights agenda towards an all inclusive tolerant Libya”


    5. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=aab_1314854110
      Leaked docs: UN wants troops in Libya - mandate optional

      The UN has already prepared a document that will ensure its presence in Libya.

      extended the U.N. mission in the country for one year.

      Mar 14, 2013 The 15-member council tweaked the arms embargo, imposed at the start of an uprising in 2011 that culminated in the ouster of leader Muammar Gaddafi, in a unanimously adopted resolution that also extended the U.N. mission in the country for one year.


    6. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon began to speak of
      “press reports” that the Libyan authorities were using helicopters to kill large numbers of civilians.

    7. an all inclusive tolerant Libya :

      Happening in the city of Sirte : Hudud in action :
      The legal definition of Hudud is Muslim law:
      divine punishments; the category of crimes most egregious and therefore most severely punished.

      This session is at the headquarters of the Internal Security Sirte :


  38. Libya set to purge Gaddafi-era bureaucracy

    Mohammed Toumi, chairman of the so-called 19 Committee, made up of 19 MPs who drafted the law, insists that the final bill will be less draconian, but that his committee remained too divided to agree on exceptions,
    such as recognising the contributions of Mr Magariaf, who escaped assassination attempts by the Gaddafi regime.



    Libya, 84 The cia-backed group is called the national Front for the salvation of libya (nfsl) and is led by gen youssef



    Chairman - TUMI Law Firm


    Dr. Mohamed Tumi is a graduate from the school of law at the university of Cairo, Egypt,
    Dr. Tumi gained further qualification by reading law at the University of Miami in Florida, USA from where he obtained a Master’s Degree in Comparative Law (M.C.L.).
    He then went on to the Law Centre at the University of George Washington, in Washington D.C., from where he graduated with an LL.M degree (with Highest Honours) in Law.
    Dr. Tumi also holds a Ph.D in Law conferred on him by the University of Illinois (U.I.C.) Chicago, Illinois, USA.

    He has occupied the post of Senior Legal Consultant to AGIP Oil Company for five years and is presently also a Lecturer of Law.
    Dr. Tumi is admitted before the Libyan Supreme Court. Dr. Tumi has a very wide experience in many areas of law practice, specialising in Oil & Gas and General Business Law.

    1. February 23 . 2013 Zeidan meets Local Council heads – sells his vision of local government

      He pointed out that he did not see the new local council law necessarily meaning the end of the current local councils


      It is to be noted that Prime Minister Ali Zeidan has faced opposition to his demand
      that he selects Municipality leaders by both the current local councils and the GNC.

      Both have felt that these should be elected.

      Zeidan points out that under the Kingdom days they were appointed by the government – because they are part of the executive, implementing government policy.


    2. the Kingdom days


      the former American diplomat James Atkins has described the as-Senussi monarchy as “one of the most corrupt in the world.”

    3. March 10, 2011 the Elysee presidential palace


      François Hollande avec Ali Zeidan, Premier ministre de Libye, le 13 février 2013

      Zeidan asks help from France to chase al qaida members in libiya

    4. 30 000kg drug haul off Libya coast 2013-02-23


      The new anti-drug brigade, the "Quat Rida al Khaasa",
      although nominally part of the government-run Supreme Security Council (SSC), is controlled by Abdul-Raof Karrah.

      This well-known figure is head of the powerful Tripoli militia, the Nawasi brigade, and widely seen as hard line Islamist.


      Libyan Cities Struggle to Contain Crime Wave


      [Abd Al-Wahhab Muhammad Qaid says his brother had been in Afghanistan for 15 years]

      Abd al-Wahhab Muhammad Qaid, chairman of the parliament’s national security committee,
      says things will be better when the militias are integrated into the armed forces.

    5. 10 march 2013

      Poisonings and deaths from alcohol, including girls in Libya


      TMC received 30 Alcohol Poison cases yesterday evening,4 of which died.According to the doctors from drinking homemade Alcohol

      61mil hallucinogenic pills amounting to 48 tons have been smuggled into Libya in large wooden boxes on Emirates Airlines



      AIDS Virus Reach Level of Epidemic in Libya
      HIV among drug abusers and drug users is the highest ever

    6. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=338292389624152&set=vb.409132189114473&type=2&permPage=1

      Drugs inside Tripoli hospital center

  39. 21 2 2013 A woman singing the former national anthem and who raised a green flag on her home was arrested in Tripoli



    Gaddadfa tribe member "apologises" for distributing pro-Gaddafi leaflets in Ibn Sina Hospital Sirte

    he was interrogated by the commander of Martyrs Alkarzabih , Makhlouf Ferjani

    of the glorious Revolution February

  40. Brotherhood's big wheels

    Did you know about the visit paid by the Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Supreme Guide, Khairat El-Shater? Did you meet him?

    Egypt’s latest addition to the pool of presidential candidates, Khairat al-Shater, is one that should come as no surprise

  41. 21 sep. 2011 – Wafik Shater, finance sector co-ordinator for a Libya's stabilisation team ..
    LAP Green chairman Wafik Al-Shater


    2010 Al Fatah Tower 1 . Office No. 144, 14th floor . Chief Representative: Mr Wafik Al Shater

    As the West sends money to reconstruct Libya,
    a good deal of those contracts will go to Muslim Brotherhood businessmen with construction companies.

    While NFA chieftains sit on the boards of national companies, like Abdul Rahman Al Shater, the Secretary-General of the NFA and the CEO of Libya's national telecommunications company, the Brotherhood's big wheels will carve out their own monopolies.

    Between them the regime businessmen and the Brotherhood businessmen will form a mafia splitting Western economic aid and contracts between them.


  42. NFA. Abdul Rahman Al Shater was the secretary-general. As of October 3rd, 2012, the secretary-general is Salaheddin El Bishari.[4]


    Regarding the Benghazi incident, the mass denial begins with basic facts.
    For example, most people refer to “the US consulate,” when in reality the US site in Benghazi was not an embassy or a consulate,
    or even a “compound”.

    It was a collection of villas (that is, a gated community) privately owned by

    one Mohammad Al Bishari,

    who was leasing the villas to US State Department personnel. (12)

  43. 1994 Abdoulhamid Al-Backoush: "Therefore any military attack must eliminate Qaddafi to be at all successful. "
    Abdul Majid Buik argued that even if Qaddafi could be eliminated”“an open question given the failure of past attempts directed at Saddam Hussain and Mohamed Farah Aidid”“other elements in the regime would survive a military strike.


    2008 but the shared assessment of Ghanem and el-Meyet is that meaningful economic and political reform will not occur while al-Qadhafi is alive.

    (Note: el-Meyet was a Libyan MFA official during the pre-revolutionary period of the Sanussi monarchy; his assignments included London, Paris, Cairo and New York, where he was a member of Libya's UN delegation. End note


    1. my father moved us from our little collegiate haven to Kentucky, where we joined the larger group of NFSL families living in the heart of Bluegrass Country.


      he was actually in Chad, recording sessions of a pirate radio program where he played the role of “The Patient Pilgrim”

      The main base was at wonderfully named Ouadi Doum, located south of the Aozou Strip but still in far northern Chad.

    2. Richest Businessman Says Libya Is Better Off


      Bey believes Libya’s new leaders are involved in mass institutional bribery, arguing that half the budget is spent on government operations and the salaries of 1.2 million public employees, with about another quarter devoted to subsidizing housing, food and energy.

    3. Libya's militarized youth : Nasser Ahdash:

      A Libyan businessman and an owner of a private construction company that has government contracts for rebuilding infrastructure in the eastern region
      bemoaned the lure of militia work among his own staff.

      "My very skillful welder left because he got a job in a brigade that would not only give him triple the salary but he could work four days and take a week off," Nasser Ahdash told The Associated Press.


      felixOctober 18, 2011 1:28 AM Mohamed Ali Ahdash


      More interestingly, he is a director of the Oxford based Centre for Libyan Studies of Suite 220, 286 Banbury Road, OX2 7DL,
      a charity. Funding?

      The directors in 2008 were :Mustafa Rugibani
      Youssef El Megreisi (Company Secretary),
      Omar Abdulatef (Chairman),Doctor Fathi Sikta
      Mohamed Ali Ahdash,
      Salem Gnan (Appointed 25.03.2008){NFSL]

  44. 26 february 2013
    Today  human rights activist Jamal al-Hajji
    is abducted in front of his house and there are reports indicating that the reason for the abduction is recent statements by Haji in one of the news channels

    Jamal Al-Hajji A human rights activist, writer, lawyer and long-standing opponent of Gaddafi who heads the 17 February Movement,
    Al-Haji and Humaid were the last of eleven political detainees sentenced to prison last June for attempting to foment rebellion against the "people's authority system" and conducting unauthorized communications with an official of a foreign government (ref A).
    Tue, 17 Mar 2009 11:13 UTC


    1. climber Jamal Al-Hajjaji

      normalization with Israel in return for NATO entry in # Libya

      Jamal al-Hajji on Misurata channel

      The first thing he said before voting on the resolution bombing Libya contact America National Council and tell them to vote just Henw your position (State of Israel)
      and Jamal Al Haji, Chairman of Adhari Park Development
      Company during an official visit today (15 August).

      Jamal Al Hajji.” ... December 23, 2010
      A delegation of Libyans arrives in Paris for meetings with Mesrami and other French officials. The Libyans are Ali Ounes Mansouri, Farj Charrant and Fathi Boukhris. These three men will be known later together with Ali Hajj as leaders of the revolution, that started from Benghazi.

    2. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=117851925067338

      Qatar ally Suleiman Alfortiah want to grant citizenship to Bernard Levy
      main reason the help of NATO and French aircraft who hit the Army of Gaddafi in Benghazi

      Abdul Rahman Swehli member at the National Conference Libyan city of Misrata say that Jews have the right to return to Libya

  45. Fathi N Khlifa targeted by racist Arabist Libya 04/03/2013

    2010 talk show and an interview with the libyan amazigh militant Fathi nKhalifa

    2011 Fathi n Khalifa président du congrès mondial amazigh :
    Mustapha Abdeljalil n’est plus l’homme de la situation


    Libya's Berbers feel rejected by transitional government

    I'm sure no Amazigh will accept this situation
    We cannot accept Libya as an "Islamic and Arab country

  46. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZqkaHPL3n4&feature=youtu.be

    Magariaf battalions shooting on people in Rixos hotel

  47. The Political Isolation Law is a law that
    is intended to bar anyone who had held a senior and active position during the Qaddafi era
    from holding office in the new Libya – for a set number of years.


    Swehli [dual British and Libyan nationality] still strongly believes in the Political Isolation Law


    The many voices in Misurata was called to reject the nomination of President Mahmoud Jibril, Executive Office of the Interim National Council of Libya.

    09/19/2011 London 'Quds Al-Arabi' of Ahmad Masri said Abdul Rahman Swehli candidate for prime minister of the Government of Libya

  48. New Libiya Forum's Mohammed Toumi,
    chairman of the so-called 19 Committee :

    we cannot work in this environment," said
    [Mohammed] Toumi, who chaired the isolation law committee but has resigned citing security fears.

    7 March 2013 Libyan national congress attacked by rogue militias

    The attacks were launched by supporters of a proposed bill, the isolation law,
    that would purge Gaddafi-era officials from public office, with demonstrators fearing the law would be watered down by the 200-member congress.


  49. Hassan Amin on the screen of Liberals ((I'm not afraid . and I swear by Almighty God that Abdul Rahman Swehli is the instigator of what happened today


    Nominate Hassan Amin for the presidency of Libya

    Alamin #GNC member from #Misrata: I call upon #Libya-ns to take to the streets & take their country back & save it from those fanatics.

    Hassan Secretary conference talking about a phone call between him and Abdul Rahman Swehli yesterday and accused of inciting chaos that took place in front of the headquarters of the National Conference meeting today

    al-Mostakbal, a website run by Hassan al-Amin, an exiled Libyan dissident living in London.

  50. In the meantime killing innocent people continues :


    Pictures of Sheikh Ali Gaddafi Alaftmana , ninety years , blind sheikh has nothing to do with any system or entity.

    The militias and gangs February kidnapped him 3 months ago in the morning from his home in Bani Walid. Two days ago the gangs threw the body of Sheikh in an unknown location after they had tortured him in the strongest kinds of torture and breaking bones

    1. Adam (not signed in)March 8, 2013 at 4:04 PM

      Extra sad story there. I also heard about the female professor assaulted. I'm intrigued by Hassan Al-Amin. He probably won't avoid the hit list long.

    2. female professor ? You mean : Aicha Almagrabi ?


      Did you see this vid ?


      slaughter in Benghazi citizen Nasser Abmana
      @ 1.10 Naser Surmani

      [5) Hamza Abmana – "حمزة الصرماني" – follower of Mohamed Mansour Dou

      older comment felix : I don't know why حمزة الصرماني auto translates as it does. The name is Al-Surmani or Al-Sormani (from the town of Sorman - صرمان‎

      For instance, the Guardian reported a murder in May 2011 of a former member of Libya's internal security agency, Ibrahim Khalifa al-Surmani, (tenuous connection with Mansour Daw there)

    3. March 8, 2013 at 4:04 PM I'm intrigued by Hassan Al-Amin:

      Hassan Alamin resigns his seat after receiving credible death threats for his political position on some issues.

      Faraj Swehli threats to Hassan Alamin GNC member for Misrata after his remarks against Misurata

      Hassan Alamin resigns his seat after receiving credible death threats for his political position on some issues.
      رياض الولوال Riad Alolual : Brotherhood advocates the division of Libya

      his father was working at the Libyan embassy in Berlin. Was calling from Germany satellite Gaddafi was bombing Tajoura



    4. @FromJoanne Hassan #AlAmin who resigned wednesday accused militias of abuses "much worse" than those committed under Moammar Gaddafi

    5. abuses much worse than those committed under Moammar Gaddafi

      صور للمواطن المقتول تحت التعذيب بسجن القلعة مفتاح محمد الزليطني




  51. The owner and former director of a private Libyan television who were seized by gunmen in a raid on the channel's headquarters were freed on Friday, the station said.

    al-AssemaTV attacked by armed men


    some of the staff have been kidnapped : Nabil al-Shebani , Joma Al-Osta

    al-AssemaTV is associated with NFA leader Jebril

    Abdelrazag Elsharif Elosta/ Ismail Kamoka, a senior member of the LIFG in the United Kingdom who has been convicted and sentenced in the United Kingdom in Jun. 2007 based on charges of terrorist funding.

    war criminals : Fawzi USTA , battalion commander Bashir Saadawi

    One rebel faction leader, a 47-year-old businessman named Fawzi al Usta,
    It happened in June, Usta said, when he was on the Tunisian island of Djerba, helping to organize resistance fighters.


    Mahmoud Shammam, who runs another TV network,
    told the official Libya TV that he tried unsuccessfully to reach government ministers and security officials to get their help.

    1. http://www.rapidtvnews.com/index.php/2013030726688/libya-blocks-rt-online-tv.html

      In the latest example of state interference to TV transmissions in the region, access to Rusiya Al-Yaum TV, the Arabic channel of Russia Today (RT), has been restricted in Libya leading to a 98% fall in traffic.

      The online TV channel is available to more than 350 million viewers across Middle East, North Africa and Europe.

      According to a Nielsen study, more than five million people watch Rusiya Al-Yaum in Syrian, Lebanon, Kuwait, UAE, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

    2. Dec 10, 2011 Doha a new media system


      The Libyan delegation includes Salem Gnan

  52. Many Gaddafi supporters fled to Malta following the dictator’s overthrow in 2011 and the Libyan government is monitoring their movements,
    according to Libya’s chargé d’affaires Muhammad El-Ghirani.


    Muhammad El-Ghirani. : There are two instances when we do not forgive and forget. If a person’s hand is smeared with the blood of murdered innocents and we have all the evidence, then they will be judged harshly.

    Muhammed M. EL-ghirani : In Islamic law, every individual is held responsible for his illegal actions.



    General Manager of MISURATA FREE ZONE Jamal El-Ghirani.: One of the main investors that we have in the trading sector is the Toyota Motor Company.



  53. Many Gaddafi supporters fled to Malta following the dictator’s overthrow in 2011 and the Libyan government is monitoring their movements, according to Libya’s chargé d’affaires Muhammad El-Ghirani.


    Muhammad El-Ghirani. : There are two instances when we do not forgive and forget.
    If a person’s hand is smeared with the blood of murdered innocents and we have all the evidence, then they will be judged harshly.


    Muhammed M. EL-ghirani : In Islamic law, every individual is held responsible for his illegal actions.



    General Manager of MISURATA FREE ZONE Jamal El-Ghirani.: One of the main investors that we have in the trading sector is the Toyota Motor Company.



  54. the agreement on the presence of forces from 14 foreign countries on Libyan territory on a temporary basis


    Under the Libyan approval, forces from the United States of America, France, Britain and Italy supported with the troops of 10 other NATO nationalities and the countries which are exporting mercenaries, such as Jordan, will receive full immunity .

    Under the agreement they will not be liable,under any circumstances, for the prosecution or to appear in front of the Libyan court.

    1. http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/thomson-reuters/130307/security-woes-hit-libya-oil-and-gas-guards-become-menace

      March 7 2013 paying 15,000 men with guns to guard Libya's energy industry sounded like a good idea. Last Saturday it backfired.

      The precise details of who shot at whom are murky and will probably remain so, but when the shooting stopped
      at the Mellitah gas complex 100 km (60 miles) west
      of the capital Tripoli,
      at least one person was dead and seven injured.


      9 march 2013 THE HUGE CONSPIRACY concerning Italy’s MELITA GAS COMPANY against their former employed Zintan Security
      and causing in effect the NATO/MISRATA takeover of all LIBYA:
      The introduction of heavy weapons to the fields without care of the lifes of people where NATO rules all of this.

      NATO government was aware that Italy will simmer for armies to impose control on the field because Mellita's king is Italy



      18 march 2013 Discovered 9 unidentified bodies on the shores of the city of Sabratha
      found 5 Tallil area and 4 other western Mellitah Oil and gas.

      The bodies were discovered on Sunday and Monday after an ongoing search.


      The boy in the front of the photo apparently has no head anymore

    2. 18 march 2013 Reports that the authorities looking to expel armed groups from “more than 500 sites” in #Tripoli

      Attack #Libya tv "alwatania in protest against PM Zeidan announc. to evict Militias from state properties

      #Sarkozy is invited by Sadat al-Badri, mayor of #Tripoli to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the entry of #France to war #Libya #March19

      sadat el badri


      Abdalla Salem El-Badri


      Secretary General of OPEC Abdalla Salem El-Badri of Libya

      Yusuf al-Badri


      September 28, 2011 Yusuf al-Badri said the overnight clashes were the fiercest so far in the battle for the city. [sirt]

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    The writers are very silent these months , maybe they have a burnout
    or they are busy at :


    contact address is inside this link

    1. Sorry for ignoring you.

      Hubert Hynowski is however nothing but a spamster.

    2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHvRHErRG_k

      @ Petri : is this the same man?

  57. Last year Libya's prosecutor general requested that Egypt
    hand over 40 Libyans affiliated with Gadhafi's regime.

    In addition to Qaddaf al-Dam, the list includes former Foreign Minister Ali Al-Treki and military intelligence chief Bouzeid Al-Jabou.

    Egypt's official state news agency said a Libyan judge has been posted at the embassy in Cairo for almost a year to coordinate with Egypt's Justice Ministry.


    (Reuters) The source said Ahmed Gaddaf Alddam, 60, a Gaddafi relative who had been a special Libyan envoy, former ambassador Ali Maria and Mohamed Ibrahim Mansour, who headed a Libyan state fund under Gaddafi, were all detained.

    Zeidan said Ali al-Kilani, a former military general under Gaddafi who was in charge of television and radio stations in Libya, had also been arrested in Egypt.

    Mohamed Ibrahim, the brother of former Libyan minister of information Moussa Ibrahim was also arrested on Tuesday in Cairo.

    The men are currently being detained by Egyptian authorities; prosecutors decided to extend the detention of Gadhaf Al-Dam for 30 days.

  58. Ahmed Gaddaf Alddam
    Libyan sponsored gangs attacked his home at night to attempt to kidnap him & take him to Benghazi.
    He fought back for 4 hours in gunfight...

    Kidnapping failed. Egypt gov now involved & can't extradite him under constitutional law unless proven guilty.
    Leaving 2 dead 10 injured



    Mr. Abdul Salam Cadi Warfali apartment in Cairo after it was raided
    and beatings and insults on his family

  59. Khairat El-Shater

    March 20, 2013 The newspaper quoted sources that the engineer Shater,
    Deputy Advisor of the Muslim Brotherhood,
    is assumed to have made the deal, which the source said includes the delivery of 3 Libyans
    affiliated with the Gaddafi regime, who were arrested at dawn yesterday,

    14/1/2013 | Tripoli Did you know about the visit paid by the Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Supreme Guide, Khairat El-Shater? Did you meet him?


    Political asylum: Fading tradition in Egypt


    A think tank in Washington revealed that there is a deal between the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the Libyan authorities.

    The deal states that Egypt hands over Qaddafi’s men in exchange for securing oil investments in the eastern provinces in Libya.

    The suspicious deal is allegedly in exchange of three billion dollars and job opportunities for Egyptians in Libya.

    I tend to believe this piece of news because it has a well-founded basis. Around four months ago, I learnt of negotiations on the matter; the “bidding” began at 500 million dollars.

  60. Misurata militias statement announcing the coup Ali Zaidan


    Adel Altarhuny of the so-called Libya Shield Benghazi casts a statement of the so-called Supreme Council for Libya rebels on Libya official channel: -
    Demanding sack leaders Ali Zaidan immediately …


    Tripoli protests demanding dropping Ali Zaidan


    Troops still stand by ?
    Tuesday, January 17 2013 12 thousand U.S. troops are present now in Malta to enter Libya

  61. devout Sheikh Hisham طرابلس
    helps NATO occupation of Libya


    @ 0.17 his mate Mohamed Ali,
    busy in tripoli hospital 2011 to give information to nato

  62. Muslim brotherhood and other islamics on the rise in libiya .

    opinion third party :

    Fledgling Libyan government unable to stop rise in violence by Islamics

  63. 5 april 2013 Bombing their own people?

    Libyan air force says it has bombed today a convoy smuggling fuel into Tunisa on the LY-TN borders.


    Al-Bayum Ali Bouzid, who heads the Al-Massiba brigades, which controls the Libyan-Tunisian border,


    Toubou leaders also criticize

    the nomination of Abdul Wahab Hassain Qaid

    as commander of border security in the southern part of the country.
    Brother of Abou Yahya al-Libi, the No. 2 of al Qaeda


    19 12 2012 Al-Abdali said that the planes are carrying out sweeps from Libya’s border with Chad to Al-Uwaynat and Jabal Al-Malik, on the Egyptian border.




    26 November 2012 Libya Drone Planes - Protection or Peeve?


    19 11 2012 Libya's officials choose not to comment on constant use of #America's drones over #Libya! Who authorized this? reports are #NTC did!

    5 nov 2012 #USA #drones have allegedly been seen flying around #Awbari , #Murzuq and #Ghat within the past week.


    Between April 21 and October 21, 2011, Predators launched 145 strikes on ex-regime targets


  64. http://www.weeklyholiday.net/Homepage/Archive/110311/front.html

    On February 15 2011 ,
    the International Monetary Fund released the following in its updated assessment on Libya:

    "An ambitious program to privatize banks and develop the nascent financial sector is underway.

    Banks have been partially privatized, interest rates decontrolled, and competition encouraged.

    Ongoing efforts to restructure and modernize the CBL are underway with assistance from the Fund.

  65. Ousted head of Libyan Investment Authority speaks out :

    The LIA head then exploded the myth that most of the LIA’s assets have been unfrozen

    “Not even 5% of the LIA’s funds have been unfrozen.

    This is costing us hundreds of millions per year. The LIA has requested on numerous occasions since July 2012 that its funds be unfrozen.

    The departing chairman and chief executive of the Libyan Investment Authority has said he was about to appoint lawyers to seek compensation from banks including Société Générale and Goldman Sachs – banks he has accused in the past of causing losses worth billions of dollars.



    meet the rock star:



  66. 7 march 2013 Libiyan Central Bank wins

    3 Libya

    14 march 2013 crisis at LIA


    Tripoli, 27 March 2013: Libyan delegation to attend World Bank and IMF Spring Meetings

  67. 30 march 2013 Tarek Mohamed #Magariaf appointed member of the Board of the Central Bank of #Libya


    Economist, Middle Eastern and African Departments, International Monetary Fund

    Dr. Gehani informed Mr. Gaddafi during meeting Dr. Gehani is ‘architect’ of allegations against him


    08/2005 – 08/2007 I was the Senior Advisor to the WB Board of Directors.
    12/2003 – 08/2005 I was the WB Country Director in the Caucasus Region.

    1. Tarik Yousef el-Magariaf is the chief executive of Silatech


      Qatar will be positioned at the forefront of the region's entrepreneurship ecosystem following the launch by Silatech of the country's first business angel network — SILA, which means 'connection' in Arabic.


      Tarik Yousef, a Libyan senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, told Al-Jazeera ..


      Qatar Connection
      A team of about 60 Qataris helped set up rebel command centers
      in Benghazi, the mountain city of Zintan and later in Tripoli, according to Qatari Staff Colonel Hamad Abdullah al-Marri,


    2. A panel discussion held at the World Economic Forum event
      in the Dead Sea, Jordan. 23rd of October.

      Dr. Tarek Yousef - CEO Silatech
      Dr. Ahmed Jehani - TNC's Executive Committee
      Dr. Aref Ali Nayed - Libyan Ambassador to the UAE
      Mr. Mohammed Ali Addarrat - Deputy Sec. General NFSL
      Mr. Hatim Gheriani - Head of Global Banking HSBC (Libya)
      Mr. Naaman Elbouri - Vice Chairman Saray Bank (Libya)

  68. Dr. Gehani informed Mr. Gaddafi during meeting Dr. Gehani is ‘architect’ of allegations against him :

    Ahmed Jehani, Libya's envoy to the ICC



    Abdallah Gehani,


    While in Benghazi, contact is made with Libyan air defence colonel, Abdallah Gehani, who was indicated by Nouri Mesmari as an army officer who is ready to collaborate to topple Muammar Gaddafi Gehani had good contacts in Tunisia too

    Zakaria Abdelrahman al-Jihani, 24, left his military post on February 15 [ 2011] to return to Benghazi, his hometown.

  69. Mohammed Boukaiqis, National Union Party, : documents reveal corruption in Libya and the theft of billions ... a deficit of 2.5 billion dinars,

    He said in a lengthy interview with Al Jazeera : that Libya is now at the top of corruption,
    stressing that corruption is bigger then the corruption in the former regime, the testimony of the report of the Audit Bureau and financial controllers and statements by officials themselves.

    He also spoke about a senior official of the National Council earlier - member Finance Committee - the transfer of $ 2.156 billion dollars from the accounts of investment portfolio Lebanon to Libya, disappeared until this time,
    stressing that the Central Bank of Libya denied receiving money, referring to the statements made by the Council Adviser Mustafa Abdul Jalil that he has instructed people to pursue Libyan assets in Lebanon,
    Abdul Jalil has discovered that his companion sold investments in his favor.

  70. He added that the 2012 budget is based on falsehood, which is worth 68 billion dinars

    27 february 2013 Libya on the brink of bankruptcy

    10 February 2013 2013 budget LD 66 BN - Libya Herald

  71. Boukaiqis: The corruption in the form of access to advances for some members of the Transitional Council millions without settlement funds drawn, including a member from the city of Misrata has withdrawn 28 million for several times without settlement expenses,

    9 march 2013 A Libyan from Misrata has been arrested on Turkey's Ataturk Airport carrying
    $2.5 million identified as belonging to Libya's central bank.
    Turkish security forces have arrested a Libyan citizen named (a. G) carries a bag containing $ 2.5 million, and before heading to the Jordanian capital of Amman in the Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul.

    Joanne ♌ Leo ‏@FromJoanne 50 Billion Dollars of #Libyan funds was transferred to United Arab Emirates under the pretext of fear of "freezing"

  72. The funds allegedly allotted to the CNT are actually delivered to the LIEM to pay the wages of CNT members and their staff.


    hundreds of millions of dollars into a newly-created company called FM Capital Partners,



    A source at the National Oil Corporation: every ten days to Libya enters the amount of one billion dollars of oil revenues.

    General Transparency Commission Naima Mohamed Jebril


  73. [ Laila Taher] Boukaiqis,


    [ Laila Taher] Boukaiqis, a lawyer and member of a coalition of February 17 in Libya in an interview on 2 March :
    the question of providing air cover mission for the Libyans , the Libyan people probably did not mind the military intervention of the bombing of Aziziya, [1986] where al-Qadhafi and his regime, but that this is not desirable in general

    Reported that the opposition activist Quebec got the information to confirm that Muammar Gaddafi, "is preparing to strike hard on the liberated areas, and therefore imports troops from Sudan

    Iman Bugaighis

    Salwa Bugaighis

  74. Gaddafi imports troops from Sudan :

    A dozen other Qatari-funded shipments came to Libyan rebels allied with the LIFG via Sudan.


  75. 17 Apr 2013 There are many necessary cures to Libya’s pervasive insecurity, but few more urgent than repairing its judicial system.

    Qadhafi-era victims, distrusting an apparatus they view as a relic, take matters in their hands; some armed groups, sceptical of the state’s ability to carry out justice, arbitrarily detain, torture or assassinate presumed Qadhafi loyalists; others, taking advantage of disorder, do violence for political or criminal aims


    The Fact-Finding and Reconciliation Commission established by the law
    and composed purely of senior judges, appears to be a quasi-judicial process that may not provide sufficient scope for examining legacies of violations, reflecting on them through public hearings, and creating a space for victims to air their views.



    Libya: Torture, Murder, Terror

  76. "All he did was to publish a list of judges," his wife told Amnesty International.

    "Has the act of copying and pasting now become so dangerous in Libya that it requires people being sent to prison?"

    "The good thing that we can see now in Tripoli is that people can criticize me,
    or the president, or whoever,"

    said Ahmed Langhi,
    a member of the national congress from Benghazi. "They can raise their voices.
    And that is not a simple thing."

  77. April 17, 2013 Celebrating Libya National Unity Day . Source Libyan Youth Movement

    One of the organizers of this call for unity is Zahra’ Langhi
    describes this day as “a moment in history when Libyans reached consensus

    A roundtable meeting is to be held in Tripoli on April 26, 2013. 

    For more information please contact organizers Abdullah Elmaazi, Zahra’ Langhi, and Mohamed Alaswad on the designated Facebook page here.



    Zahra Langhi, Founding member of the Libyan Women’s Platform for Peace

    and co-coordinator of the Cairo-based activist group Friends of Free Libya


  78. MAGARIAF 10:40:27 22 feb. 2011

    Oh, well, to be honest with you, I think this uprising has really united many Libyans


    april 17 2013 Mohamed Maqrif has sent today
    a telegram to U.S. President Barack Obama after the Boston explosions .


    Muhammad Maqrif obtained U.S. citizenship in the 80s when he defected from Gaddafi's Government. He was the Libyan ambassador in India and stole $ 80 million , earmarked for the construction of mosques.

  79. [ to] The esteemed Mr. Saif Al-Nasr Abdul-Jalil:

    I would be delighted and honoured, and so would all members of the Libyan Constitutional Union, if you would cooperate with it to raise the banner of the national struggle together.
    For the deep-rooted Saif Al-Nasr family, which is synonymous in Libyan history with defending the country and fighting for the homeland, should be in the forefront every time Libya calls for giving and sacrifice.

    Sincerely /Mohamed Abdu Ben Ghalbon /5/2/1982
    I [Mohamed Ben Ghalbon/ chairman@libyanconstitutionalunion.net /Manchester]
    spent most of the month of July and the last days of June 1982 in the Moroccan capital, Rabat.

    The star of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL) at that time was rising very fast and Rabat was one of the main centres of this organisation’s growing activities. No other group or organisation could attain this level of activity.

    NFSL Leadership :Mohammad Saifal-Nasr, Shaikh of the Awlad Sulayman Tribe and former Governor of Sabha
    the liberal (ie: pro- Sanussi) National Front Party[3 seats] , led by Mohamed el-Magariaf,

    Maqrif , Muammar Gaddafi’s ambassador to India was forced to resign and went to Morocco .. .. And brought with him his brother in law (Sahad)

    Feb 13th, 2013 | LIBYA : Al Nasr, sherpa for Zeidan

    As expected (MC 1051), Mansour Saif al Nasr was pressed into service to act as a guide for Libyan prime minister Ali Zeidan during the Libyan’s visit to Paris on Feb. 2013

    1. Maqrif , Muammar Gaddafi’s ambassador to India was forced to resign and went to Morocco .. .. And brought with him his brother in law (Sahad)

      nr 1 Ibrahim Sahad


  80. Saturday, 30 January, 2010: (ANSAmed) -

    Libyàs Justice Minister, Mustapha Abdeljalil, in a declaration of Libyan radio and television, affirmed the desire to resign from his post because of the impossibility of overcoming the "obstacles" that impede the release of 300 prisoners whose innocence has already been established.


    In March 2010, due to the intervention of Tony Blair, Saif Qaddafi (Muammar’s son) announced the release of Belhadj
    and 233 other members of the LIFG from Abu Selim as part of a reconciliation of the Qaddafi government with the LIFG and the Muslim Brotherhood. Less than a year after they were released, Belhadj and the other members of the LIFG became the core of the opposition to Qaddafi.



  81. http://countrystudies.us/libya/27.htm

    The same year Libya concluded a twenty-year treaty of friendship and alliance with Britain under which the latter received military bases in exchange for financial and military assistance.

    Mohammed el-Senussi,

    18 Jan 2013 It emerges half a dozen Libyan ministers are real Anglophiles, who were educated at UK universities.


    the flag of Libya's monarchy

  82. The ghalbon law to come:


    when ousting Libiyans from public office is done:

    Hilal Senussi, the president of the commission

    Political Isolation Law

    https://now.mmedia.me/lb/en/commentaryanalysis/libyas-political-isolation-law-purge …

    This is a portrait of Chairman of the Integrity Commission. “Omar Alhbasy”


    Muslim Brotherhood and of course all patriots and to his left drunken “Allaqi”.

  83. http://www.libyaherald.com/2013/04/17/finance-ministry-undersecretary-disbarred-by-integrity-commission/

    17 April 2013


    11 April 2013 Members of Congress definitively banned:


    10 April 2013:

    21 march 2013
    Expulsion of:Mohammed ELHOUDERI / is not applicable standards of integrity

    25 February 2013 More disbarments are expected.

    24 February 2013 UPDATE: A number of government officials have been sacked - Zeidan - Libya Herald


    January 27, 2013 The Tuareg’s four members in parliament were removed


    4 January 2013 Air Force chief disbarred by Intergrity Commission - Libya Herald http://www.libyaherald.com/2013/01/04/air-force-chief-disbarred-by-intergrity-commission/ …

    03/01/2013 the Integrity Commission of the Libyan Cabinet has ordered Nabil Elalem, the president of the Libyan National Olympic Committee, and two other executive members to be removed from office.


  84. 17 february 2011 Like other newspapers the Washington Post relies mostly on any contact they can have with people inside the country, since not many newspapers and news agencies have journalists on the ground and visas are not given out.
    Reports of deaths are conflicting, ranging from 4 to the Washington Post mentioning the possibility of at least 20 casualties.

    Fayez Jibril married to Magarief's daughter :





    Here you can find a video in Benghazi on February 17 2011
    first Demonstration specifically Abdel Moneim Riad Street ... and this video confirms that in the first marches were high green flags ... and secondly that the members of the battalion and the police did not shoot at the demonstrators.

  85. We have been repeatedly instructed that the opposition leadership

    consists of "academics, lawyers, businessmen, professionals"

    and because of this list of members of an elite class it seems that the assumption is that "we" not only actually know something about what these people stand for, but because merely of their membership in a professional club "we" should sympathize with them.



    Fayez Jibril [Maqrif ] :
    at the core of the political map will be the elite



    LibyanThinker NEW! #Gaddafi has given the African Mercenaries full freedom in raping Libyan women. #Libya Sat Feb 19 2011 19:57:04 (Eastern Standard Time) via web Retweeted by you and 20 others

    LibyanThinker @streamsWL they were attacked earlier by the khmis battalion and Afro-Mercs are still moving around the city. Sat Feb 19 2011 07:46:24 (Eastern Standard Time) via TweetDeck in reply to streamsWL Retweeted by you

    LibyanThinker URGENT!!!! African Mercenaries are massacring the people of #Bayda #Libya Sat Feb 19 2011 04:45:01 (Eastern Standard Time) via web Retweeted by you and 3 others

    LibyanThinker RT: A massacre against the civilians is going on in #Libya The international community & UN must intervene to stop the massacre @AJEnglish Fri Feb 18 2011 01:42:14 (Eastern Standard Time) via web Retweeted by you and 4 others [this message was directed to all readers of #Libya news, and Al Jazeera English, merely three days after the protest had begun, and long before any alleged threat of a final massacre in Benghazi late in March]


    the bloody and often lethal persecution of a whole other group of civilians, that is,
    African migrant workers targeted because of the color of their skin.

    One of the interesting and very neglected features of the current "humanitarian intervention"
    in Libya is the extent to which it implicitly buys into racialized nationalist myths
    produced on the ground in Libya, adopting them without question and thus without concern for context,with little in the way of a critical examination of the media manipulation
    and calculated spread of racial fear by the leadership of "the rebels."

    This was a double-barreled rhetoric: one barrel firing off accusations about foreign/black/African mercenaries engaged in "massacres" against Libyans, and the other barrel firing off demands for immediate Western intervention in the form of a no-fly zone -- the latter to help protect against the former.  The two went together -- that is not an adventurous conclusion, as the two came together.

    This merits repetition: those Libyans who called for foreign military intervention
    did so weeks before any supposed "impending massacre" in Benghazi,
    and did so just as the protests began.


  86. Despite hysterical media reports,
    there was no evidence of aerial bombing of protesters,
    as even CIA chief Robert Gates admitted.

    Gaddafi had no massacre planned for Benghazi, as had been loudly proclaimed by the leaders of Britain, France and the USA:
    the Libyan government forces had not carried out massacres against civilian populations in any of the other towns they recaptured from the rebels, and nor had Gaddafi threatened to do so in Benghazi;

    in a speech that was almost universally misreported in the Western media, he promised no mercy for those who had taken up arms against the government, whilst offering amnesty for those who ‘threw their weapons away’, and at no point threatening reprisals against civilians.

    When the NATO invasion began, French jets actually bombed a small retreating column of Libyan armour on the outskirts of Benghazi, comprising 14 tanks, 20 armoured personnel carriers, and a few trucks and ambulances – nothing like enough to carry out a ‘genocide’ against an entire city, as had been claimed.

    Indeed, the whole image of ‘peaceful protesters being massacred’
    was turning reality on its head.

    In fact, Forte notes, rebels “torched police stations, broke into the compounds of security services, attacked government offices and torched vehicles” from the very start, to which the authorities responded with “tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets


  87. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=170162286476222&set=vb.199297046801422&type=2&theater

    23 april 2013 region of Al-Andalus Tripoli confirmed that the French embassy had been evacuated for nearly a week and there is no one excluding some guards .

    President Francois Hollande condemns the attack on the embassy incident France will not tolerate this situation .



    Tabu force soon enter into the country and will cut off piece by piece NATO 23 april 2013

  88. The Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) played a vital role to expel the Gaddafi elements from the city of Kufra (7). They then recaptured it again, through an attack via three axes managed through the destruction of most of the Gaddafi battalions.


    One of the biggest successes of NISS was the process of normalization between Sudanese government and Chad, which led both governments to sign a military and security protocol (8)
    in January 2011 to protect their borders (1280 km). Now the borders between Sudan and Libya are also under the responsibility of a joint Sudanese-Libyan force,
    Shortly afterwards, on 24 February 2010,
    the JEM agreed a cease-fire with Khartoum in Doha.[4] On 19 May 2010, JEM leader Dr. Khalil Ibrahim was refused entry to Chad at the airport in N’Djamena. On 27 May 2010, Déby travelled to Khartoum to take part in the re-inauguration of al-Bashir as president.
    Four thousand rebels originally from Chad were reportedly expelled from Sudan between January and November 2010.[5]


    Al Wigh lies half-way to the Niger-Chad border (about 500 kilometres)

  89. NFSL Leadership :Mohammad Saifal-Nasr, Shaikh of the Awlad Sulayman Tribe and former Governor of Sabha :

    6 mrt. 2013 – RT : LIBYA: French occupation inaugurates Sabha Castle and focus Seif family to rule the Fezzan

    MANSOUR SAyf AL-NASR the descendant of a large family from fezzan and a fluent french speaker, Mansour Saif Al-Nasr spent 40 of his 64 years in exile


    Abdelmajid Saif Al-Nasr The National Transition Council’s man in charge of Sebha

  90. The Military Base of Al Wigh is now run by Libyan rebels from the Tebu tribes, who, after the liberation of the country from Gaddafi's rule, joined the Libyan Ministry of Defense
    as the Batallion of Um Al Aranib Martyrs.


    His job now is to protect along with his colleagues the seven oil fields in southwestern Libya.


    Toubou leaders also criticize the nomination of Abdul Wahab Hassain Qaid
    as commander of border security
    in the southern part of the country.
    Brother of Abou Yahya al-Libi, the No. 2 of al Qaeda


    The website Algeria ISP reports (citing unnamed “Arab” sources) Dec. 2011
    that the US and France have jointly established a secret drone base in the Libyan desert, near the area of Katroune


    19 12 2012 Al-Abdali said that the planes are carrying out sweeps from Libya’s border with Chad to Al-Uwaynat and Jabal Al-Malik, on the Egyptian border.


  91. Ia division of the country or a new Nato intervention in the way ? :

    23 april 2013 President Francois Hollande said that a bomb attack today on the French embassy in Tripoli targets not only France
    but “all countries in the international community engaged fighting terrorism”.


    U.S. Army To Use Italian Base For Africa Ops



    U.S. To Base Marines, Aircraft In Spain For African Interventions


    A large map of Libya hangs on the wall in the home of Idris al-Rahel, with a line down the middle dividing the country in half.



  92. headquarters of the Martyrs Battalion , 2011 february

    April 03, 2011 The men at one camp call themselves
    “Kataeba Shuhida,” or the Battalion of the Martyrs,

    “we can’t stop them,” camp coordinator Fawi Mohammad Buktif,
    formerly a project manager at an oil company, says.


    Dee parks his car in front of two massive blue doors that lead to a training camp on the other side of town.“You can’t come in.
    You can’t come in,” says a man dressed in military uniform.

    When we peek inside the camp at a line of military tanks, a look of fear floods his face and he asks us to leave.

  93. 2011 Bukatif, an affable former oil engineer
    who is now the spokesman for the Union of Revolutionary Forces and head of the February 17 brigade,


    2012 Fawzi Bukatef was head of the “February 17th Brigade” along with Rafallah al Sahati’s Ismail al Salabi and they were later replaced by Magarief along with other Colonels.

    al Salabi also heads a group of Islamists fighters.

    Magarief early on supported the militias and in September of this year, ordered them to leave the state, which were at one point under state control.

    Fawzi Bukatef was/is head of the Libyan branch of the Muslim Brotherhood and the U.S. State Department put its reliance on him to provide protection at the diplomatic post in Benghazi.

    Bukatef himself received one of the desperate calls for help during the 9-11 terror attack, but Bukatef told his fighters to stand down.

    Additionally, the “February 17th Brigade” is also assigned to Libyan border protection.

    "Bukatif's appointment," the memo says,
    "would open the MOD and other security ministries and offices to plum appointments for his most favored brigade commanders -- giving February 17 and Libya Shield tacit control of the armed forces."

    On the other hand, if Jibril, whom the U.S. government was supporting, won, “they would not continue to guarantee security in Benghazi,
    a critical function they asserted they were currently providing.”



    Members of the U.S. delegation included U.S. chargé d'affaires Laurence Pope and the American official who has been tasked with training the Libyan counterterrorism units at the Benghazi camp, Fathi al-Obeidi, commander of the militia group Libya's Shield, told Reuters at the time of the visit. 



    fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc1/819427_486962904672183_1578676132_o.jpg …

    Fawzi Boktef : ambassador Libya in the Republic of Uganda? # Abdel Fattah Younis

  94. headquarters of the Martyrs Battalion in the city of Benghazi 2010 - 2011– 2012 -2013


    A report on the attempt by some club fans of Al Nasr camp infringement 204 tanks
    25 4 13

    last Friday the club victory after a public sit in threw Molotov cocktails inside the camp
    24 april 2013

    Cover Camp al nasr [Victory] in Italy for the 2010-2011 season ~ scenes of camp Nasraoui - Part II




    The armor in the camp الفويهات headquarters was granted to Al Nasr management by the state in 2010

    Camp Shields has the largest arsenal in Libya for tanks and armored personnel carriers ,
    shipped to Misrata and had a strategic role in the battle of the War of Liberation of Brega

  95. http://www.aljazeera.com/news/africa/2013/04/2013427173751845270.html

    27 Apr 2013 Idriss Deby, the president of Chad Speaking to Al Jazeera on Saturday, Deby said the fighters had set up a training camp in Benghazi from where they could seek to destabilise his country.

    "Libya is now infested with mercenaries. Camps are set up [for] them in Benghazi where Chadians are assembled and recruited.



    Gourbal Djiddi Nokour, a Canadian citizen (his family is in Hamilton). He's a political refugee from Chad, involved in militia groups there and in Libya.

    He's a political opponent to Chadian dictator Idriss Deby, and leads a movement trying to remove him from power


    1. In March, 2011 Gen. Haftar called upon Mr. Nokour for assistance. Could he assemble a Chadian militia?





      @0.44 Gourbal Djiddi Nokour


      through the dunes of idhan awbari Uploaded on May 12, 2010
      @0.34 apparently Gourbal Djiddi Nokour

  96. 2013-04-27 Algerian army thwarts infiltration attempt by Libyan terrorists to Algeria.
    Algerian army foiled yesterday evening infiltration attempt by an armed Libyan group includes 15 terrorists from Libya trying to infiltrate into Algerian territory.


    The article said that there are "three militant camps south of the desert town of Sabha,
    not far from the Algerian border, and that the three camps include jihadists from Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania and Mali as well as ethnic Tuaregs, and that it was highly possible that these camps were connected to the attack."

    22 4 2013 Colonial countries seeking to impose control and hegemony over the Libyan state


    in the city of Kufra currently killings and loose due to the security Africans coming from Chad, Niger and Sudan.

    2013-04-14 Libya's national congress declared the south a military zone in December and ordered the temporary closure of borders with Algeria, Niger, Chad and Sudan.

    Thereafter the Sudanese armed forces alongside forces of the National intelligence and Security Service (NISS) tightened their grip on the Sudan-Libyan border.


    25 April 2013:The Sand Dam, a 175 kilometre ditch and bank that surrounds Kufra is nearing completion.

    It has been supported by Kufra council and the Arkan Deyar company.



  97. Mohammed al-Bargati, Minister of Defense says that the Libyan camps infiltrated by the British and the Americans

  98. Ali Zeidan told the Security Council last month that the government had control of its borders with Algeria, Niger, Chad, Sudan and Egypt.

    Zeidan said in February he wanted the council to lift the arms embargo on Libya, but council members said they never received an official request.


  99. https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc3/305895_615096008518089_1632728212_n.jpg

    15 April 2013 Defense Minister Barghati announced the formation of the Integrity Commission and the Libyan army reform,
    and reconsideration of the military regions


  100. 30 4 13 William Hague, Britain's foreign minister .. Calls for an urgent meeting to discuss Libya is witnessing a mess!!! Reuters

    Mr. Ali Zidane head of the interim government of the new Libya met with Britain Mr. Kim Daruch, National Security Adviser British government on Monday, 04.29.2013, at the Prime Minister's Office.


    30 april 2013Ministry of Justice in Tripoli - Heavily armed militias on Tuesday morning took over the building housing the Libyan Ministry of Justice


    Tripoli - reporter - Urgent Assault by beating on the Minister of Justice, Mr. "Salah Marghany", by the armed group that surrounded the building of the Ministry of Justice this morning with heavy weapons


    Tripoli today witnessed a demonstration condemning the Masrati invasion of the city of Tripoli and Asswehly
    A demonstration in Benghazi is held for the same reason

    “We have been waiting for it to be passed for weeks and months,” Sewehli added


    Armed groups continue to besiege the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the government for the third consecutive day, demanding the application and adoption of the law of political isolation

    Now, beyond no doubt the attack on AlassemaTV is related to their coverage of the Isolation Law.


    drones tripoli 28 april 2013


  101. Shortly after, Zeidan warned of a dangerous security situation
    as gunmen began storming the Interior Ministry and a state-owned television station after blocking access to the Foreign Ministry.

    The assailants are demanding that the Libyan government pass the controversial isolation law immediately

    His comments came on Sunday, April 28, when armed men started a systematic violent takeover of government institutions in Tripoli.

    The exclusion law is scheduled for a vote on Sunday.[5 may2013]

    If approved and enforced, it would require many General National Council members to quit, including the council president, Mohamed Magarief. 
    It also would require the resignation of Prime Minister Zeidan,
    who worked for several years Gadhafi’s diplomatic service, as well as several cabinet ministers.


    the West will will enter Libya strongly immediately after the fall
    of the government under the pretext of a coup against the legitimate

    Libya is already under Chapter VII, but the current resolution
    excludes landing troops on the ground in the presence of a goverment

    Chapter 7 of the UN charter which allows for sanctions ranging from economic measures to an arms embargo, and if necessary military force,


    22 april 2013 U.S. To Base Marines, Aircraft In Spain For African Interventions

  102. 3 May 2013 the United Nations has raised the prospect of a second “parallel” task force to carry out “anti-terrorist” operations “outside the UN mandate”.

    This special unit is to be set up primarily by France and will be stationed either within Mali’s borders or elsewhere in West Africa.


    Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, who flew to Libya, said France “would work with the Libyan authorities to find out who had carried out the attack.” This may mean the dispatch of French special forces.

  103. Committee Chairman Defence Conference Allaotunai: 80% of the members agree to the sacking of the chief of staff Joseph Mangoush 5 may 2013

    Colonel Mohammad Bogfer, ordering all Burqa Brigades to move Brega on Monday,
    Published on May 5, 2013



    4 February 2013: No official reason for Hassi’s presence in Tripoli has been given although there have been reports that
    he had come to the capital to talk to about the possible replacement
    of Chief of Staff Yousef Mangoush and to present himself as a potential successor.

    Before nominating Hifter as the Chief of Staff, he should tell us how it was to get rid of amputees in the "war of Chad!! 27- 4 – 2013

    Chad 5 may 2013
    unconfirmed reports inform about the occurrence of a large number of prisoners during the failed coup suffered by Chadian President
    Idriss Deby in the past few days and these prisoners of the Chadian opposition have Libyan identity cards and the so-called revolutionaries seal and logo of the Libiyan Ministry of Defense

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=WHSlhopFtqk
      0.12 hamid hassi on the right-hand side with the sun glasses

  104. Alhassi's 2011


    Hamed Alhassi, Barqa's Military Council's commander

    Hamed Alhassi, Ali Hassan Al-Jaber Brigade—based in Al-Bayda

    1 April 2011 11.53am: This photograph shows a rebel fighter test-firing his machine gun as he waits for his convoy to move out after refuelling at a staging post on the western outskirts of Ajdabiya.
    21 Mar 2011 Another rebel official, Ahmed El-Hasi, said some had already been killed or captured.
    we encourage the (aerial) bombardments of Gadhafi's army," Ahmed El-Hasi, a spokesman for the February 17 opposition coalition, told
    3/22/2011 / Adil al-Hasi, a rebel commander, said he was given orders not to send his men into battle until allied jets had struck Gaddafi’s forces.
    Brig. Gen. Abdulsalam al-Hasi walked down the corridor and asked the American and European advisers in his command center to request a NATO airstrike — and then prayed for quick action.
    Salem al-Hassi, who was involved in a bid to assassinate Qaddafi in 1984, was appointed as the intelligence chief at a meeting of the council, NTC member Mukhtar al-Jaddal said.

    Mr. Hasi, originally from the Libyan town of Shahat, is known for his onetime membership in the National Front for the Salvation of Libya, a 1980s-era anti-Gadhafi group that had ties to the Central Intelligence Agency,
    according to a book by Bob Woodward on CIA history.
    In 1984, the group tried and failed to assassinate Gadhafi. Some of the members, including Mr. Hasi, moved to the U.S.

  105. 5 may 2013 Political Isolation Law passed

    no exclusion for zeidan?

    Zeidan was a former diplomat who fell out with Gaddafi in 1980
    and lived in exile in Switzerland where he worked as a lawyer.

    He was one of the founding members of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NSFL), which worked for the armed overthrow
    of the Libyan regime in the 1980s, backed by Saudi Arabia and the CIA.

    In 2011, he served as the National Transitional Council’s European envoy and played a key role in persuading French president Nicolas Sarkozy to support the anti-Gaddafi forces.
    His party came second in the elections after the National Forces Alliance.

    6 May 2013 Victorious militiamen want Zeidan out


    Executive officer of the SRC, Muhammed Shaaban, told the Libya Herald that the militiamen would only leave the ministries when Zeidan leaves office.
    “We will not leave the ministries until he [Zeidan] leaves or if the GNC assures us that he will leave within a month, as per the isolation law.”

  106. 7 may 2013 Urgent .. Army forces delicately complemented
    in the Red Valley in preparation for the fall of the government Zidane in Tripoli and declare independent government of Cyrenaica

    to control all ports and refineries and platforms and oil infrastructure in the entire eastern Libya In less than an hour by rebels and a final gate locks located in the Red Valley

    26 June 2012: Hamid Hassi is commander of the so-called Army of Cyrenaica, the military wing of the self-appointed Cyrenaica Transitional Council.
    AA: Is the Army of Cyrenaica under with Ministry of Defence?

    HH: No, the Cyrenaica Army is affiliated with the Chief of Staff because we do not approve of Ministry of Defense or the Defense Minister because he is a civilian and has no right to be head of a Military Ministry!
    yes its a problem @Eljarh maybe NTC have given up ...since in 3 weeks they have to leave the scene anyway

    Many protesters worried that #NTC is plans 2 transfer Wadi alAhmar
    (Red valley) located within #Cyrenaica to #Misrata military zone
    #Cyrenaica / #Barqa: After recent Big protest against #NTC in Wadi al Ahmar political and security situation is now stable #Libya Joanne ♌ Leo ‏@FromJoanne

  107. Reuters - Libyan Defence Minister Mohammed al-Bargathi looks on during a ceremony
    to mark the second anniversary of the country's revolution in Benghazi February 17, 2013.

    REUTERS/Esam Al-Fetori

    may 7 2013 Libya defense minister quits over siege of ministries by gunmen


  108. Barghathi retracts resignation

    7 May 2013 Barghathi was commander of the air force in Benghazi before retiring on a government pension in 1994,


    reports are circulating widely that Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan agreed to resign from office and to leave Libya immediately

  109. After a month from now will be voting on the new Chief of Staff.
    During this month, CVs of candidates can be send to determine which of them apply the criteria
    and then display their vision for the building of the Libyan army and finally vote to choose one of them

    some candidates ?


  110. 9 may 2013 50 Egyptians were killed on the Egyptian-Libyan border,
    where the Libyan helicopters launched a raid on them while trying to enter Libya illegally
    @ 0.14 : towergha

  111. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=579260415429128&set=a.190460560975784.42847.187117224643451&type=1&theater

    Tunisian Interior announces arrest of Libyans trying to enter a quantity of explosives to the south of the country

  112. Isolation law :

    “It’s a very unfair and extreme law, but we need to put national interests first in order to solve the crisis,” said Tawfiq Breik, spokesman for the liberal National Forces Alliance bloc.


    The most senior likely casualties are Muhammad Megarief,
    the congress’s Speaker, who has acted as head of state,
    and Mahmoud Jibril, leader of the largest party in the legislature,
    the National Forces Alliance


  113. 11 may 2013 Libyan militiamen attack anti-Islamist protesters; UK, US on alert over turmoil in Libya

    "We will send forces to secure our interests in Libya & do what must we do"
    Emir of Qatar advisor Abdullah Al-Dosari

    qatar lovers :

    qatar haters

    Jweideh reveals the names of the three most important customers who sold Libya :
    Sallabi ,Mohammed Hasan Abu Sedra , Abdul Hakim Belhaj

    Chief of Staff country .....:
    Maj. Gen. Hamad bin Ali Al Attiyah, Chief of Staff, on behalf of the Libyans


    it will become clear who wants to Libya and who wants to Qatar A member of the National Conference General Tawfiq Breik said on Tuesday, the day of the vote on the sacking of the chief of staff Joseph Mangoush


  114. May 13, 2013 Ali Zeidan announced on Wednesday a cabinet reshuffle "in the coming days,"
    Zeidan did not say whether the reshuffle would be to apply the new law or to give posts to members of the militias, who claim to have been promised five portfolios, including those of defence and interior.

    May 14, 2013 Will the US and its NATO Partners Establish a Permanent Military Presence in Libya?

    Pentagon has confirmed that military personnel from a U.S. Marine unit stationed in Spain has been transferred to Sicily.

    Similarly, another elite response group stationed in Germany  is also on standby:

    French troops stationed in Mali could also be redeployed to Libya


  115. Qatari shields‬ in Libiya


    selling land on the Libyan coast to businessmen from the Gulf




    Joanne ♌ Leo ‏@FromJoanne #Libya with the aid of aerial surveillance will strengthen security around its oil facilities on #Tunisia #Algeria and #Niger borders


  116. 15 may 2013 Boatni بوعطني (مدينة بنغازي)

    -Quoting channel توباكتس URGENT / / now: the attempted assassination of Major General Joseph Mangoush a short while ago

    - Rebellion was imminent in the camp Thunderbolt "special forces", after Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. "Mangoush Joseph", stressed Thunderbolt not mandated in securing the city of Benghazi,



    Tuesday 22 Feb 2011 Boatni بوعطني (مدينة بنغازي) sit-in protesters in front of the main gate of the camp

    Protesters storm Thunderbolt camp in Benghazi

    According to a source close to the Special Forces Commander,
    Major General Abdel-Fattah Younis said Tuesday
    that protesters stormed at dawn today the the Thunderbolt the Buatunai area camp in Benghazi.

    The source said in a telephone interview with the newspaper Cyrene,
    that the intrusion occurred after a period of sit-in protesters in front of the main gate of the camp


    Boatni بوعطني (مدينة بنغازي)

  117. http://wikimapia.org/26585779/ar/Boatni-%D8%A8%D9%88%D8%B9%D8%B7%D9%86%D9%8A
    Boatni بوعطني (مدينة بنغازي)

    Benghazi was declared free on 20 february 2011

    Last conquered Khatiba : the Al-Fadhil bin Omar Katiba /Birka Barracks , Benghazi's main military base in the city's center.

    TUESDAY, February 22 350 people have been killed Who were these people killed in free Benghazi?

    TUESDAY, February 22 3:30 AM Guardian's blog reports an interview with a man in Benghazi who told them more than 350 people have been killed,

    not including the discovery made inside the Birka Barracks
    by those who entered it following its surrender.
    "We found 150 corpses burning


  118. Benghazi, 28 January 2013 Tawerghans: unlikely to return soon

    8 may 2013 announced the return of the people of the city of Tawergha to their homes on June 25 next ... under the auspices of the Ministries of Interior and Defense, as well as international human rights organizations and local .



    Military exercises will begin in the area Torghae Aptdaa
    on 20 \ 6 \ 2013 and continues to 30 \ 6 \ 2013
    and will endure up to day 5 \ 7 \ 2013
    experimenting with sophisticated weapons and training courses


    Dr Ismael Fortia : The number of rapes may be far smaller than officials are suggesting.
    "No victims have come forward, but we hope after some psychological [help] they'll come and talk to us."
    Suleiman al-Fortia, a member of the dissolved National Transitional Council from Misrata,
    denied that Gaddafi or his loyalists were executed.


    The head of the Misrata Military Council, Ramadan Zarmuah,
    defended the Saraya Swehli militia in a phone call with Human Rights Watch on February 21, contending that militias have the right to make arrests.
    A National Transitional Council representative from Misrata,
    Sulaiman Fortia, echoed that position on February 25,
    claiming the militia was a legitimate government body.

    The Saraya Swehli militia repeatedly denied Human Rights Watch access to the detainees



  119. 12 may 2013 The new mass grave in Tawergha contains from 15-25 bodies in there
    & forensic examinations are taking places in Misrata.


    Misrata while waiting for the pain and sorrow, the day after tomorrow to reveal the identity of victims of
    the mass grave was discovered in Tawergha,


    may 2013 15 They stop talking about Tawergha now that they found out that town's mass grave didn't contain any Misratans

    UK Foreign Office denies ethnic cleansing of Tawergha in Libya.



    Libyan Youth Movement : Tawarga is just old nightmare.
    There isnt space for this nightmare in a new dream.


    AJE former reporter :My colleagues were there [ in Libiya ] on 1 march 2011

    Al Jazeera has aired footage of Viagra distributed to security forces,

    the two initial sources for the story are unverified claims by a Libyan doctor and a story in The Daily Mail,

    1. http://www.alrseefa.net/news/archives/362

      Tawergha residents responding to allegations of Misrata :
      the bodies on the cemetery which were exhumed are the remains of an old burial since 2010
      Hajj Idris says and we all know who are buried there
      He also called Haj Driss tribes of Libya to tell the truth and do right





      misrata children learn how to hate & demonstrate against Towerghans

    2. http://magharebia.com/en_GB/articles/awi/newsbriefs/general/2013/05/20/newsbrief-02

      Tawergha protest attacked in Tripoli


    3. Tawerghans say mass grave bodies mis-identified, demand neutral investigation

      “The cemetery is about 300 years old,” Arrous said, “but the bodies in this grave were victims of a NATO airstrike. They were martyrs.” He added that the Tawerghans have witnesses, including those who actually buried the bodies on 11 August 2011.


  120. This is the case of the Libyan citizen in the State of February : Torga after cutting his pension


    Misratans chanting against Tawergha return



  121. a prison in Misrata


    President of the Misurata prison Fathi Seam فتحي درز :
    rogue militias are holding 130 prisoners illegally in the city.

    "A lot of them have been detained for two years without trial due to lack of prosecutors."

    seam said that "prosecutors fear the wrath of the street if the detainee is cleared of charges , especially if the detainee was from the town of Tawergha,"


  122. 18 may 2013 Urgent: News about the disappearance of Hashim humans head of the Supreme Security Committee of Tripoli,
    after they refused to hand over to the Ministry of Justice
    a member of the conference and a spokesman for the Attorney-General
    and the Deputy Oil Ministry arrested in a drunken state ,





    Hisham humans in august 2011 Tripoli
    According to Mlegta and to Hisham Buhagiar, a rebel colonel and the committee's seventh member, the group initially drew up a list of 120 sites for NATO to target in the days leading up to their attack.


  123. foreign group in Brega and Ras Lanuf





    Al Qaeda was behind the bombing of Benghazi and U.S. forces in Sicily, Italian, arrived in Libya ...

    20 5 2013 that Congress was told that Battalion called the February 17, betrayed the U.S. State Department, and facilitated the process of the storming of the U.S. Consulate In Benghazi in September 2012.





    Urgent Benghazi The spread of tanks and armored vehicles in the streets

  124. pic.twitter.com/V0vHwkYGJl

    The issue of public safety in Libya led Benghazi tribal elders to meet Saturday evening with officials from the defence and interior ministries, including Defence Minister Mohamed Mahmoud al-Barghati.

    Sheikh Solayman "If we continue like this, we will lose our country and become refugees."


    16 May 2013 Libyans in North Africa Scared to Return Home
    But after two weeks of imprisonment and torture, the 68-year-old former contractor fled.

    "They accused me of supporting [former ruler Muammar] Gaddafi during the revolution,

    "These people have turned life into hell for people, not just in Bani Walid, but everywhere in Libya."

    Warfella is one of tens of thousands of Libyans who have fled to Egypt.

    Far from home, many struggle to find employment and affordable accommodation, and lack almost any formal support. But they fear revenge attacks should they return home.


  125. kidnapped and held in secret prisons in Benghazi, they have all been subjected to cruel tortures and molestations .. this is a list of some of them



    26 February 2013: Government plans to ensure that people who fled their homes during or after the revolution, or were driven out,
    can return home are now the focus of efforts led by Deputy Prime Minister Awad Barasi.


    Al Barasi would appoint Fawzi Bukatif


    Bukatef himself received one of the desperate calls for help during the 9-11 terror attack, but Bukatef told his fighters to stand down.

    Additionally, the “February 17th Brigade” is also assigned to Libyan border protection.

    September 25, 2012 It is now being reported that the “protection team,” specifically the leaders of the Martyrs of the Feb. 17 Revolution Brigade received orders from a senior Libyan government official to stand down during the coordinated attack against the U.S. Consulate.


  126. former Interior Minister Hoael resigned after suffering a campaign of death threats by armed groups funded by the State of Qatar who's supervising the Muslim Brotherhood,

    He stressed that there is a triangle of evil in Libya : the head is Qatar and the base of the Muslim Brotherhood
    and the Mufti of Libya Sheikh Sadiq Gheriani to take over the reins of power in the country

    Sadeq Abdul Rahman Al-Ghiriany : :”Women are not allowed travel without a consort… either by plane or in a car.”


    Today, those killed in Libya since the assassination of Gaddafi until now exceed 15,000.
    Pro-western International human rights organizations talk about imaginary numbers of detainees in
    secret prisons run by armed teenagers with no moral or legal controls, where all forms of torture
    and persecution are practiced against innocent people, and where the detainees are considered
    guilty until proven innocent. The judicial system is absolutely broken, and ex-criminals are in charge of security


    Justice Minister Salah al-Mirghani : 14 AboSaleem prisons in occupied Libya

  127. غابات راس الهلال المحسودين april 2013 fire in the green mountains forests of Ras Mahsoden



    23 May 2013: The fires broke out yesterday in different areas of the Jebel – at Lathron east of Sousa, Wasita west of Beida, as well as between Sousa and Labraq.


    June 7th, 2012 The official said that one militant commander operating in Derna, Abdulbasit Azuz, had complained that a drone strike had targeted his training camp in the east of Libya.  Last month, there were reports of explosions outside the Derna area in the vicinity of the camps, according to a different source.


    training militants in a military base in the Green Mountain 10.05.2011


  128. Landing planes carrying foreign troops in Tripoli International Airport

    بواسطة وكالة أنباء القذافي يوم السبت، 25 مايو، 2013 | 01:59


  129. Mohamed maqrif will submit his resignation on Tuesday 28/5/2013

    Leaks about deal between Maqrif and Misratah Abdulrahman Asswehly important conference chairman after the resignation of Maqrif ...

    fawzi aal will resign too

    resign : Shuail, former police chief in the eastern city of Benghazi, was named interior minister late last year

    Shuail worked with the police authority under Gaddafi
    but defected in the early days of the 2011 uprising.


    the so-called new interior minister Mohamed Khalifa Sheikh
    from Friday market/souq juma , Tripoli‬


    6 U.S. Navals with a length of 250 meters located north of the city of Ras Lanuf



    Anders Fogh Rasmussen, NATO's readiness to provide the necessary assistance to Libya



  130. 27/05/2013 U.S. State Department is preparing to issue a draft resolution to put the Ansar al-Sharia in Libya on its list
    of terrorist organizations
    and this diplomatic move coincides with the movements of field intelligence
    and U.S. special forces to hunt down
    the killers of the U.S. ambassador in Benghazi




    This is the rest of the forest


  131. may 2013 large quantities of arms and ammunition enough to occupy an entire country found on a farm

    why Wissam bin Ahmid store and hide these quantities on private farms ?


    Citizen Hamdi Abbasi owner of this massive amount of weapons
    is one of the leaders of Ansar al-Sharia in Benghazi .

    april 2013 Mechanical Masrati and Sam Bin Humaid stressed
    on Youth Channel that Syrian officers entered Libiya and that they are behind the benghazi explosions


    2012 Wisam bin Hamid and Muhammad al-Garabi told U.S. officials on Sept. 9 that they would not continue to provide security for the Benghazi mission, if Mahmoud Jibril became prime minister.

    The Attorney General has called Wissam Ben Hamid army of NTC in the region of eastern Libya and Adel Belkayed Misrati following the assassination of Colonel Farej Darssi.




    1. Mechanical Masrati

      mechanical Masrati – Adel Belkayed Misrati = Masrati Bactepth ?

      Oraibi tells the exact details of the moments of the first arrest of Gaddafi :
      "I was present on the farm with my colleagues in favor Barasi and Abdul Rauf Hawat
       When I was out to fetch breakfast I found Muammar Gaddafi among women , along with a group of children between the villas.

      In the meantime, when I am already busy with Gaddafi, Masrati Bactepth arrived with a speeding ambulance
      my colleagues in favor Barasi

      Al Barasi would appoint Fawzi Bukatif

  132. A Free Cyrenaica/Barqa in the way ?


    Zenata , Friday market channel , Tripoli :
    What do you think of the return of His Royal Highness Prince Mohamed Hassan Sanusi as king of Libya ?





    Salem Juha on Misratah channel says:
    Sheikh Ahmed Zubair, who remained in prison 34 years head of Libya !!!!


  133. Sanusi declares federally Barqa inside Libya 1 june 2013



    Federal announcement in Tobruk 6 june 2013

    7 june 2013 - coach of the Congo at the African qualifiers for 2014 World Cup in Brazil
    said that his players are currently living in a state of anxiety and panic, because of the bullets that you hear on a daily basis in parts of Tripoli,

    8 june 2013 meeting of people of the south from all tribes and towns and villages to reach an agreement that would declare the Fezzan federal territories

  134. 8 june 2013 confrontations Saturday between the people of the city of Benghazi and the militia led by Masrati and Sam Bin Humaid


    the Sam Bin Humaid fired live ammunition

    peaceful protesters demanding the evacuation of the militia forces




    11 dead , 45 injured

  135. felix November 8, 2011 11:35 AM :

    Oh look, the Dentist / Orthodontic surgeon Bughaigis (or varieties thereof) has become Lawyer, Salway Boughagheis, photographed at the courthouse in Benghazi by 12 March, as photographed by Ivor Prickett., also identified in the Guardian,London , 27 February thus:

    "We want to see if we can co-ordinate between municipal councils from east and west to form an organising body," said Salwa Bugaighis,
    a lawyer involved in the Benghazi coalition.

    The division of Libya into 99 municipalities



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