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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Libyan Observatory for Human Rights

July 14, 2013

There's the famous Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, with at one point two competing versions, which are interesting sources to follow for versions of events you can compare with other evidence. In Libya, not that I knew or noticed it while actively researching, has its own answer. Later I stumbled across the Libyan Observatory for Human Rights ( المرصد الليبى لحقوق الإنسان ) official Facebook page, all Arabic
, as well as a different page claiming the same name (I thought, maybe it was just similar) but with different and intriguing content. I saw that one just a few days ago but it disappeared before I got around to this post. The original url ended /moummer698 but it just re-directs to home now. It had continued into 2013, several posts in January. These show some of the militia crimes committed against decent Libyans - mangled fingernails, horrifically lashed backs, and skin-peeled legs, from later last year I think. Also, some posts had pictures of the Gaddafis, and it seemed in a positive context (however the translation of text was confusing). I took heart for my negligence of Libyan suffering to focus on Syria that even this dedicated site paused for months, with only a single post just appearing in July, discussing Syria. I didn't save any of it.

One of these Facebook pages had run some valuable new photos of the shed massacre un-burnt victims earlier last year. Probably the one just pulled, which inspired this post that now feels barely worth it (I did save those photos, however.

There's also a competing NTC-sponsored Libyan Observatory for Democracy and Human Rights, in Denmark at least (video, inaugurated April 2011) The Observatory less about democracy was cited in this July 2012 IPS article on worsening human rights after the war, which included some info on founder Nasser al-Hawary, an Islamist who's now upset at the militia crimes against Gaddafi loyalists, random blacks, etc. He might be genuine in that. On June 22, 2012, the BBC reported, the observatory implicated the NTC in the assassination of a judge investigating the assassination of Mustafa Abdel-Jalil a year earlier.

The more boring but existent Facebook page is pretty active. What's this on June 10? Is that Bashir al-Sadeq/Omar/whatever? And yet more injected strangers? Yep... "documenting" now a "Holocaust Yarmouk..." Wow, better get someone to really tell you on video what happened there.

Alright, well I was going to say the field is partly covered, and point readers to that, feeling better for my absence. But fucking Facebook just pulled it. I guess impostering, if that was it, was not the best strategy. It's not really covered, not by this observatory anyway.

- C.L.
Question for readers: Who is critically covering ongoing abuses, who's launching protests and efforts to change things, etc.? Please leave comments below directing people to useful links, or thoughts of your own.


  1. Attempted murder of the Observatory for Human Rights Libya in Benghazi

    The director Observatory for Human Rights Libya in the east of the region Soualem Nasser on Friday, after an assassination attempt in the city of Benghazi.

    Soualem confirmed that he was the subject of an assassination attempt at the traffic lights near the area south of Benghazi Almajora for cutting from the pool area accompanied by family members.

    “ They fired two shots at the car by strangers, the car was coming from the opposite direction went through the windshield and side glass without success or one of my family members was injured flees to strangers. “


  2. http://alrassedalliby.com/news/news.aspx?id=2164817

    At the behest of families of detainees and missing persons :
    the lists in alphabetical order to facilitate the search

  3. mass grave research cyrenaica

    Unfortunately corruption ,

    the Ministry of martyrs and missing assigned work to his family
    in the detection of graves in the eastern region , while we note the difference is evident in the western region

  4. List of 59 Al Jabl Al Akhdar


    2 Khalid Nagy Khanfar bayda
    Martyrdom of Khaled Khanfar : Strange that this jewelery shop is located next to the building of Homeland Security


    25 A woman looks at pictures of anti-Qaddafi fighters, killed during the current revolution, hanging on the wall of a court house in Liberation square in Benghazi, September 10, 2011. (Reuters]

    when military personnel were caught beginning of the Nakba on Libya

    mob cap [white blue circles ] of peaceful protester : @ 33.05

    @ 9.07


    1 5 2013 unknown graves in Benghazi region of Hawari

    2011/03/20 to collect the names of criminals of system for 42 years in order to circulate the names at airports and borders in order to be tried in Libya : all the angels of Abu Salim prison and 7 April and the Revolutionary Committees

    kidnapped and held in secret prisons in Benghazi, they have all been subjected to cruel tortures and molestations .. this is a list of some of them

    1. Sheikh Arifi


      Mohammad Arifi a young German citizen with Religion Christianity explains how he entered Islam in one of the German mosques

      Arifi 2011: Gaddafi infidel

      same person?


  5. mass grave research western region


    .Tarek Abdul-Hadi, who heads the committee for missing people here in Misurata,

    Burning tires to smoke Gaddafi forces out of a building, Misrata,
    Days later, its stairwell was charred black, and the smell of burnt rubber and dead bodies fouled the air.

    Abdel Hadi, a former prosecutor guesses that about 400 died in the fighting on Tripoli Street alone, although no one has exact figures.

    Saad El-Oud, president of the independent Libyan Human Rights Watch, said based on their survey in Misrata, there might be more people killed in Misrata as a lot of them could not be registered.

    7000 graves @ 0.48

    Report of the Independent World Commission fact-finding mission in Libya 2011

    10 June 2011 Misrata death toll [rebels] rises to 31

  6. swehly : no return for Towerghans

    24 A once-inhabitated apartment block, ridden with bullet holes, stands abandoned in the Libyan town of Tawergha,
    on February 21, 2013.



    “It was easier to kill them . This is how people thought,” said Majid Alfituri,



    Kidnapped and detained citizens of Tawergha
    in prisons in Misrata : 571
    المخطوفين والمعتقلين من مواطني تاورغاء في سجون مصراتة

  7. The entity responsible for the excavation is the Tripoli Missing Persons Committee, which falls under the SSC.

    Lists the names of those reported missing by their relatives. : 625
    Central Hospital of Tripoli Alzawia St
    582 Mohammed M'Hamed Aobeid Yarmouk kamp
    One of the prime movers in the The Free Generation Movement who made the slick video (now with sububtitles) with Sabri Tabbal is Dr Nizar Ali Mhani of Cardiff, who had headed off to Libya in February 2011. "Parents Ali, 71, and Zohra, 65, ran hotels around the world" (From this BBC Video.

    Niz_FGM Niz Great work by the team on mafqood.org … well done guys.
    The one person mentioned in the article that is trivially easy to find is Hatem el-Turki,
    the head of the Libyan Society of the Missing. He has a Facebook page that again links to the Facebook page of the society. Their official web page is at www.missing.ly


    The entity responsible for the excavation is the Tripoli Missing Persons Committee, which falls under the SSC.

    103 bodies area Gargaresh 12/04/2012



  8. 17/10/2011 names of the missing and the dead NATO customers : 523

    487 Mohammed Abuschma 50

    [Ibrahim Abu Shima,a member of the Abu Salim 1996 committee]

  9. Lista de Zawya. Son 302


    5 Abdel Rahim Mohamed Taher Lafi 
    26 Muhammad Tahir Lafi 
    127 Abdul Raouf Mohammed Tahir Lafi
    100 Abdul Raouf Mohammed Falba
    151 Muammar al-Hadi Alsoiei  [al sway]

    290 Salem Twair

    On September 8, the captured soldier took Tweer and a team from al-Khoms to a remote site called Wadi Dufan



    Another mass grave discovered in Araban area where 18 bodies were found some believed to be from #zliten 8/9/11


  10. Halim :Yes. I remained in Brega until 13 May 2011, and then went back to Benghazi.

    We were transferred on 15 May from Benghazi to the town of Rujban where we participated in all battles in that area.

    Later, a man contacted the new authorities and confessed to having helped bury the bodies at a place called Rbane,

    30 May 2012 – A mass grave was discovered in #Khums with 40 bodies. ... which had been found in a mass grave in Rbane, south of Khoms [Reuters/ITN] .




    Tripoli Valley 40
    Al Watan : Tell us about this heinous crime?

    Azzouz: one grave here 210 bodies .
    Tripoli Valley 40.
    another nearby this area where approximately 10 to 70
    western Tripoli mass grave approximately 80 to 90 bodies

    Abd al Baset Azzouz, was sent to Libya by Ayman al Zawahiri

  11. 15 5 2013 a mass grave in Mount Castle Nefoussa The sources reported that a mass grave was discovered in the castle Jebel Nafusa includes remains of three bodies and the discovery of this cemetery was made by a citizen who was doing excavation work at his house and who shall immediately inform the ministry



  12. Found a mass grave in the Rouge Valley area belonging to the rebels containing the remains
    of 107 people We bring you the details as they become available at the time,

    Rouge Valley against tyrants Gaddafi وادى الحمر ضد طواغيت القذاف

  13. 175 Photo's of Bin Jawad victims
    before on FB disappeared WHY?


    ChangeInLibya Ismael Zmirli : Pictures of the bodies found in a Bin Jawad mass grave.
    Civilians murdered in cold blood by Gaddafi's forces. tinyurl.com/7g2r95e #libya
    29 Nov 2011 Retweeted by Tripolitanian

    Rebels deployed in Bin Jawad said they are waiting for NATO

    Bin Jawad, a Libyan coastal town, was the scene of fierce fighting in March 2011 between anti-Gaddafi rebels and forces loyal to the colonel

    ICMP compared the DNA profiles of post-mortem samples with blood samples obtained from families of the missing.
    The Libyan authorities will now inform the families of the missing that their relatives have been identified and legally close the cases.

  14. Fathi al-Warfali, the Libyan activist who heads the Swiss-based Libyan Committee for Truth and Justice

    The Human Rights Society,


    Photo: The General-Secretary of the HRS Mr. Mohammad Al-Alaqhi, R, and its Executive Director Mr. Mohammad Tarnish.


    For whom we are ?


    For all victims regardless of their race, religion or ideology.
    For all those whose rights to life, physical and moral integrity and freedom are threatened.


  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=FxvgabhGaTY
    Shalgam UN @ 23.50 : Mussolini compared with Muamer Khadafi


    In fact it was not until 1931 that the last part of the Cyrenaica, Kufra Oasis, was occupied by the Italians. There was a bloody period with concentration camps; local leaders being chucked out of airplanes without benefit of parachutes, etc.

  16. those Libyans who risked and lost their lives to defend their country's independence against NATO and the rebels did not deserve to die :

    killed and wounded thousands of soldiers, police and civilian militia fighters


    Barely six weeks into the invasion, British officials were already boasting that NATO had killed over 35,000 such human beings
    “We estimate that [Gaddafi] has around 30 per cent of his ground forces capability remaining,” is how one British official put it, after estimating an initial ‘capability’ of 50,000).

  17. Campaign cry _ # homeland # News # Libya # Syria # Algeria # Tunisia # Yemen # Iraq # Jordan # Mauritania # Somalia # Palestine # Lebanon # Kuwait # UAE .

    Ahmed Abdul Salam al-Sanusi Omar al-Rubaie.
    Was known (Ahmad al-Rubaie) 11/18/1986 Sabha Last seen on 16/10/2011------, each of which has information about him can contact us by mail page




    27 4 13 Thank you very much for the Liberal brothers in (Lebanon, Somalia, Mauritania) who helped us in the campaign: "Cry homeland" Haggard‬
    News # Libya Racial discrimination in a country ruled by armed militias

    Contacts: Eric Sottas, World Organisation Against Torture

    Khaled Saleh : Human Rights Solidarity

  18. 23 February 2011 Mansour Sayf Al-Nasr of the Libyan Human Rights League, based in the US,


    Human Rights Watch advocacy director
    Omar al-Issawi
    discusses atrocities from the final days of the Gaddafi regime that have been uncovered by his organisation.

    Was al-Isawi one of Gaddafi's "hostile hidden hands" in the attacks on migrant workers back in 2000?

    as if countless black Africans &black Libyans were to be subtracted from “humanity” that “human rights” advocates claim as their devout concern

    a new report by Fatima El Issawi for LSE/POLIS

  19. 23 February 2011 Mansour Sayf Al-Nasr of the Libyan Human Rights League, based in the US, ..





    MANSOUR SAyf AL-NASR the descendant of a large family from fezzan

    Mean while 'Omar Seif Al Nasr had arrived in Tripoli after returned from chad
    France had conspired with him to form an independent state in Fezzan and had promised him that he would be the head of the state with the cooperation of his brother Muhammad Seif Al Nas
    r. p 93

    During this period the French authorities executed more than one hundred and fifty Libyans who belonged to various parties on the mere suspicion that they are patriots or they possessed weapons.

    The French authorities falsified evidence and accused them of crimes of which they were innocent in order to justify their execution.

    Ahmed Seif Al Nasr who had been the commander of the Libyan forces
    was powerless to intervene in these matters, since the French military authorities had stripped him of all his authority.

  20. 6,000 victims Ali Zeidan
    a self-appointed spokesperson
    from the Libyan League for Human Rights presents more terrifying data:


    2 mei 2011



    Students from Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale .... Ismail Zeidan.

    2011/03/20 نرجو ان تطلبوا من ثوار 17 فبراير وكل احرار ليبيا ان يجمعوا اسماء مجرمي النظام طيلة 42 سنة لكى تعمم الاسماء فى المطارات والحدود لكى يحاكموا فى ليبيا وكل زبانية سجن بوسليم و7 ابريل واللجان الثورية وعصابة التصفية فى الخارج والحرس الثوري اللجان الثورية.
    قائمة أسماء المطلوبين للعدالة

    Server: jeel-libya.net
    Location: Germany City: Unknown
    Closing Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2012

  21. PHR : As many as 10,000 people were “disappeared” during more than four decades of rule by Col. Muammar Qaddafi, Cambridge, MA – 04/03/2013 
    These are unfunded claims


    and thousands more died in 2011 during Libya’s civil war.

    Many were buried in mass graves with no identification.

    lists with 302 523 625 names martyr rebels , different locations ,often same names mentioned


    8 january 2013 Deputy minister of martyrs says 4,700 rebel supporters died and 2,100 are missing, down from 2011's estimate of 25,000
    Ali Gadour/Pots , as minister for Martyrs and the Missing (replacing Sami Al-Saadi who resigned);


    7000 plus pro Gadhafi loyalists acknowledged as imprisoned by the TTC,, 80% identified by name, the Committee for Justice for the Disappeared, claim that there are more than 35,000 Libyans being held secretly by militia that are outside the control and sometimes even the knowledge of the essentially powerless TNC.

  22. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-17437881

    The man in bbc vid with the five sons missing : a family connection with ?
    the Ibongama family are still searching for their children


    140 Mohamed Abdel Salam Abongama 30 i. Airport
    141 Abdul Peace Abongama 29 i. Airport
    142 Abubakar Abdul Salam Abongama 27 i. Airport
    143 Feisal Abdul peace Abongama 23 i. Airport
    144 Ahmed Abdel peace Abongama 25 i. Airport

    source zawiya list or medico list or nato rebel martyr list

  23. Adam (not signed in)July 27, 2013 at 4:31 AM

    H! And Anonymous! I missed all of H's comments, sorry, and thought I did reply to Anon's. Thanks, sorry for the cross-timing popping back in, h, just as you apparently did give up wander off? Bless you, trooper. I don't have time now to scan these additions even. Just a quick pop in then out of town for a day or two. I'll TRY to remember and come back, but I've been about full-tilt into cracking the mysteries of the Syrian al-Bayda and Baniyas massacres.

  24. Libya Herald: UK pledges $650,000 to identify missing persons

    “Cameron met Mervat Mhani of the Free Generation Movement (FGM),
    a Libyan NGO that deals with missing persons issues through their Mafqood (The Missing) project,”


    The American government are providing 65%
    of the initial $1m costs of the preliminary Libya project.

    Denmark is providing the remainder

  25. Denmark is providing the remainder


    One of these goals is to establish a free-trade area in the Mediterranean region



    asma gargoum information officer for danish churh aid

    The rebels had shipped weapons in by sea from Benghazi and, with the help of precision NATO bombing on Qaddafi positions, retook the city in June.
    In a dimly lit classroom, I first met 30-year-old Asma Gargoum.
    Slight and energetic, she spoke fluent English.


    Sometimes she posed online as a Qaddafi supporter, to elicit responses from friends
    who likely opposed the rebels. “Twenty tanks are coming down Tripoli Street, and they will enter Misrata from the east side, they will kill all the rats,” one former classmate told her.

    In this way, Gargoum says, “We were able to direct [rebel] troops to the exact street
    where the government troops were concentrating.”

    Gargoum’s streetside gallery

    عادل التاجوري Adel Tagouris 3/2/2012 the Libyan General Meeting in southern Sweden to unify all Libyan associations in Sweden in an {MB] Assembly


  26. Is an organization with bombing sponsors
    able to see if bones are from offenders or defenders in a country with extended families who are split because of the war ?

    lawless land

    President of the Misurata prison Fathi Darz said that "prosecutors fear the wrath of the street if the detainee is cleared of charges

    a prison in Misrata 18 may 2013


    The Genocide myth

    They were going to get in and they will kill the soldiers : @ 0.51


    This person named Emhemed Abdullah Fahgan
    He was a bodyguard of the leader and his sons,


    after a search of 17 days they found him on 01.25.2012 in a garbage dump in clothes which were of another person and covered with a blanket
    He was subjected to all kinds of torture


    removing all proof of rebel/nato crimes
    and killings from internet

    Days from Misratah . mass graves


    zintan tw dovenews photo tank bombed gert langendonck 371 graves

    On Youtube, we found corroborating evidence of the use of white Phosphorus on human beings in Libya (see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZpVV120t9E).

    presenting victims as if they are
    your own losses

  27. The Independent Civil Society Mission to Libya was established by the Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR),
    in cooperation with the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR),
    The International Legal Assistance Consortium (ILAC) subsequently joined the mission,


    Maybe they are courageous enough to investigate at least
    some of the violations of international law 2011 ?
























  28. 31 july 2013 According to media sources, citing the Court of Misratah the news of the death penalty for Ahmed Ibrahim this morning.



    The prisoner, Ahmed Ibrahim, is one of the detainees in the prisons that do not fall under the authority of any official bodies;
    lack any forms of protection; and void of any basic and humanitarian services to prisoners, in full and total absence of the role of the so-called Ministry of Justice.

    1. Mohamed Eljarh ‏@Eljarh 4.40 PM 31 july 2013

      Ahmed Ibrahim & Mansor Daw, Gaddafi relatives & two of his close aides both sentenced to death in a #Misrata court. #Libya #Justice

    2. Niz @Niz_FGM

      #Libya - Let me be absolutely clear and public about something - I stand closer to a former gaddafi regime loyalist who committed no crime then I do to a revolutionary who helped liberate our country but now engages in torture, arbitrary arrest, violence and corruption.

      Whilst noble, your participation in our liberation is not a green light to act with impunity. Your sacrifice does not make you the nations spokesperson nor does it make you the nations decision maker. The revolution is over, so there are no more revolutionaries. If you want to be part of the new revolution of the mind then be a revolutionary of the mind - get a job!!

      So let it be known that I fear and detest the rogue revolutionary more than I do a gaddafi loyalist who has broken no law! And yes, an opinion is not a crime, and supporting gaddafi is not a crime!

      And I feel no shame in saying so...


    3. 31 july 2013
      Faisal Gamaty Was in the revolutionary committees, Kidnapped 6 days ago and was tortured over days and clear proof of torture on his body.


  29. 31 july 2013 farmer area Tripoli

    the second attack carried out by militias on the camp of Towergha
    in the holy month of Ramadan
    and chased the people of Tawergha out of the camp to the road
    and burned it with tire collection


    one of the displaced has been stabbed with a bayonet.

  30. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=467577783337449&set=a.151286514966579.32339.151266828301881&type=1&theater

    Cry _ campaign homeland ‫The torture and maltreatment of the people of Tawergha

    Hundreds of former soldiers and supporters of Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi are at increased risk of the death penalty,
    said Amnesty International, following the sentencing of a former minister in al-Gaddafi’s government to death.

    Ahmad Ibrahim, a former Education Minister in al-Gaddafi’s government, was sentenced to death by the Misratah Court of Appeals on Wednesday 31 July along with five other men. He was charged with incitement to discord and civil war and undermining state security during the conflict.

    Thousands of detainees are being held in relation to the 2011 conflict, including members of al-Gaddafi’s former security forces and others perceived as loyalists.

    Many are in danger of receiving similar sentences as courts process their cases in the coming months.

  31. Those who would like to support Dr. Ibrahim  can address letters of protest to the following targets, 
    reminding them of their duty to uphold these laws:




    Libyan Embassies World Wide

    Mr. Christof Heyns
    Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions
    Fax: 41 22 917 9006
    Email: civilsociety@ohchr.org

    African Court on Human and People’s Rights
    Fax +255-732-97 95 03
    Email: registrar@african-court.org

    African Union
    Fax:(251) 11 551 78 44

    source http://vivalibya.wordpress.com/2013/08/02/dr-ahmed-ibrahim/

  32. Libya Shield is part of a constellation of Islamist-oriented militias that arose in Benghazi

    Tripoli, 11 August 2013:More than a thousand vehicles belonging to the Libya Shield forces for Central and Western Regions are reported to have arrived in Tripoli over the past four days.


    The Libya Shield forces for Central Region are under the command of Colonel Muhammed Musa and are usually stationed in Misrata.


    Ayman Abdel Karim Fassi الورفلي alWarfali , tortured at Gneoh prison in Tripoli, and then transferred to Benghazi, his body was found in draft Elsafsfah of Benghazi..‬



    Syrian workers kidnapped in Libya and falsely accused of dealing with the Syrian intelligence services, they are now present inside Alruyemi prison in the capital Tripoli...‬


    Alruyemi prison, Ayn Zara is a prison outside the legitimacy of the state


    prisons in Libya are scary after the revolution of February 17,
    where most militia's have private prisons,
    containing especially the leaders of the collapsed system and members of the battalions and volunteers,
    Prisons “Circassian Btmana Misurata, prison Mager Bzlten, prison Ameitikh Tripoli ,prison battalion backing security in Benghazi, prison secondary unit Misurata , prison battalion February 17 and many others

    Most are headquarters of torture, brutality and extrajudicial killings
    [many rumours about rape of women and men]
    Source – the victims of human rights.

    1. prisons in Libya are scary after the revolution of February 17 :

      We will publish the first list of prisons and detention centers
      in Libya

      Libyan observer issued the first list of names of some well-known and secret prisons in Libya, including 71 prisons in various parts of Libya, most of them belonging to the armed militias and gangs.


  33. (Some Libyan names of detainees in prisons, the first part (Modified

    Some Libyan names of detainees in prisons, Part II (Modified)

    Some of the names of detainees and missing persons Part III
    May 20, 2013

    The fourth list of detainees and missing persons

    The fifth list of detainees and missing persons

    Sixth list of missing persons and detainees

    List the names of citizens of detainees at the hands of tribal gangs in Mzrath


  34. Ibrahim tick قرادة ابراهيم

    ورئيس المرصد الليبي الدنماركي لحقوق الانسان The Danish Prime Libyan Observatory for Human Rights

    وعضو هيئة المتابعة لمؤتمر المعارضة الليبية ، And a member of the Conference of the Libyan opposition,


    A meeting with the Danish foreign minister, on February 24 2011 :

    Members of the opposition of the Libyan community with Danish Secretary of State,

    The meeting discussed the situation in Libya and the peaceful revolution, and the ferocity of the Gaddafi regime ,
    and the suffering of the civilian population,

    and the importance of Danish intervention to help the Libyan people, as Denmark is a member of the European Union and NATO

    1. A Libyan group based in Switzerland, Libyan Human Rights Solidarity, says that since 2001 the authorities have notified 112 families that a relative held in Abu Salim is dead

      Azeddine Madani decided to move to Denmark, where he was offered asylum,


      06/27/2012 A number of guards and senior Gaddafi-era officials have been detained and are under investigation by the military prosecutor for the 1996 prison massacre.

      They should be given full due process rights guaranteed in Libya law and granted fair trials, Human Rights Watch said.

      Human Rights Watch has interviewed eight prisoners who were in Abu Salim
      at the time of the 1996 killings, as well as one guard.

      According to these witnesses, on the evening of June 28 the prisoners protested over harsh prison conditions and captured two guards, one of whom died.

      Guards opened fire, killing six prisoners and wounding about 20.

  35. 22 7 2013 Attempted murder of the Observatory for Human Rights Libya in Benghazi

    The director of the Observatory for Human Rights Libya in the east of the region
    Soualem Nasser
    on Friday, after an assassination attempt in the city of Benghazi.


  36. Are peaceful protesters goin to be bombed?

    Youth Movement gently announce that it will close the port of Ras Lanuf tomorrow.‬

    Libya will use all means necessary, including the army,
    to prevent protesters from selling its crude oil independently, prime minister Ali Zeidan said at a press conference in Tripoli on Thursday.

    Zeidan said that protesters, who have blocked the country’s two main terminals for nearly three weeks, want to sell the oil independently of Libya’s state oil company NOC.


    Libya threatens to bomb ships loading black market oil


    1. Coordinator of the relations between the Supreme Security Committee, Libya and Qatar Turkish Aldoasri/ تركي الدويسري

      Turkish Aldoasri/ تركي الدويسري on Doha news channel :
      [we] Will immediately turn to Libya for security matters there after the events currently taking place in Egypt

      Large groups of the Muslim Brotherhood movement in Egypt entered the Libyan border and the arrival of groups of them to Tripoli

  37. Muslim Brotherhood Fake Their Deaths
    This is a video of the Muslim Brotherhood faking their deaths in the streets of Cairo while the media films them.

    This is the kind of media that ruined Libya – all lies. They even built a fake “green square” in Qatar to show many Libyans supporting the rebels – it was a man made movie –

    we were with some of the reporters who were there in Qatar, they said it was a complete mock up of Tripoli.


  38. Muslim Brotherhood Fake Their Deaths :
    This is Mohamed Ali, in this video

    The alleged rebel in Souk al Jouma June 18 2011 /alKikhla saleem militia/غنيوة الككلي
    Nato contact In security room Tripoli 2011


    he's still alive and just met him in Souk Aljuama,october 2011

    Terrorism Brotherhood in Tripoli 18 august2013


    Militias joint security trying to scare people in Tripoli after the defeat of Egypt Brothers

  39. demand nr 19 :

    19 - the transfer of prisoners to prisons in the state and display the judiciary


    On the sidelines of the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture held today July 25 Roundtable on the reality of torture in Libyan prisons in collaboration with the World Organization Against Torture, an organization concerned with worthwhile citizens


    Nasser Al Hawary founder and head of the Libyan Observatory for Human Rights and Chairman of the victims of human rights.

  40. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Y6sOrUBYxp8

    @ 20.48 Nasser Al Hawary



    citizens tortured by militias accused of being loyalists



    15 august 2013 Bodies were found lying on the beach day Andalus neighborhood of Tripoli, Libya, and it is clear that a young man had been tortured,
    Found with a passport bearing the name "Walid" was born in the year 1985

  41. Egypt 14 august 2013 mercenaries burned tents of protesters and prevented them from leaving


    Roundabout in front of Bab al-Aziziya where there were tents mounted to the citizens and to show the paramedics and non-Libyans have been liquidated and their bodies left open more than 3 days just to shoot!!!!

    www.libyauprisingarchive.com/tripoli-august-2011 Mercenaries tents in front of Gaddafi compound in Tripoli 13/08/2011
    Meanwhile, other reports laid bare war crimes carried out by NATO and its local agents on the ground in Tripoli. Both the Associated Press and Reuters news agencies documented a massacre perpetrated against Gaddafi supporters in a square adjacent to the presidential compound that was stormed and looted on Tuesday.

  42. We were a big hotel near the seaport and we saw NATO bring in their Apache helicopters and mow down the innocent people in the streets.


    In the first hour of NATO's takeover of Tripoli, 1300 people were killed in the streets and 5000 wounded

  43. 19 - 8 - 2013

    Security Council consider today in assigning an international military force to oversee the return of Tawergha refugees to their city and is expected to vote on the resolution this afternoon if agreed on the project


  44. a father of eight killed by the hands of Shahid Yusuf Bouny battalion



    كتيبة الشهيد يوسف البونى يلقون القبض ع طاغى أسود سوق الجمعة
    Shahid Yusuf Pony battalion

    a new Taliban sharia Battalion

  45. effective and essential human rights post. thanks a lot for this awesome post, i like this post

  46. This past 26 January, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) announced on its website(1) its withdrawal from the jails in Misrata because the detainees held there are being tortured.

    As explained in the aforementioned news item: ‘MSF teams began working in Misrata’s detention centres in August 2011, to treat war-wounded detainees’. Since that time, MSF reports its medical teams have carried out 2 600 consultations, including 311 for cases of violent trauma. In total, MSF has treated 115 people who had torture-related wounds and has reported all the cases to the relevant authorities in Misrata.

    MSF’s General Director in Brussels, Christopher Stokes, has indicated that he is upset with some jail officials, whom he accuses of attempting to exploit MSF’s medical work. He reported, ‘Patients were brought to us in the middle of interrogation for medical care, in order to make them fit for further interrogation’.

    MSF sent an official letter on 9 January to the Misrata Military Council, the Misrata Security Committee, the National Army Security Service and the Misrata Local Civil Council, demanding an immediate stop to any form of ill treatment of detainees. After confirming that there have been no changes in the jailhouse practices in Misrata, MSF decided to withdraw from the jails.

    In light of the foregoing,

    1. is the Vice-President of the Commission aware of these facts?

    2. what actions does the Vice-President of the Commission plan to take if these facts are confirmed?

    3. does the Vice-President of the Commission plan to ask the Libyan authorities to act to prevent the continued use of torture against detainees at the jails in Misrata or other cities around the country?



    MSF has been present in Libya since February 25th


  47. Investigate Apparent Excessive Use of Force

    The protest took place on August 26, 2013,
    at Tripoli Main Corrections and Rehabilitation Institution, known by its former name al-Roueimy, where around 500 detainees, including five women, were being held.

    Anyone found to have used unlawful violence against prisoners should be held to account under Libya’s criminal law.

    One inmate told Human Rights Watch that detainees began a peaceful hunger strike
    on August 24 to protest their prolonged incarceration in breach of judicial procedures.

    Prison authorities, he said, had repeatedly told detainees that they would be taken before a prosecutor to commence legal procedures, yet:

    “Some of us have been detained for two years without any formal charge or seeing a judge even once, so, we decided to go on strike.”


  48. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.577950995579941.1073741915.137240689650976&type=3

    a secret prison run by a militia
    inside the zoo of Tripoli


  49. There is a man named .. Haj Ali .. Aged in the 60 years died of the impact of torture was killed yesterday and the government does not comment on all of this .. 27 8 2013


    1. http://alrassedalliby.com/en/news/news.aspx?id=2166484

      26 Jul 2013
      Child Omar Altaorga born 1998, was arrested with his father in Misrata prison unit in October 2011 ... and he suffered a lot inside this prison .. and being at the stage of physical growth his body could not bear a few small items of food that is very important for the child inside the prison .so he went in severe anemia and did not convey tohospitals specialized in blood diseases and nutrition, but was admitted to a hospital in Misrata non-specialized and is now wrestle with death .. ?

  50. Distance from Az Zintan to Al Khums: 128 miles (206 kilometers

    On 27 May, the MSF team was forced to evacuate following repeated shelling, with several rockets landing only metres away from the hospital.

    A reduced team of two returned to Zintan on 4 June to assess the situation and resume medical activities.



  51. http://www.getamap.net/maps/libya/%28ly18%29/_birdufan/


    bir dufan to Mişrātah (64.63 km to travel)

    September 9, 2011 Officials from the military council of al-Khoms, about 120 kilometers east of Tripoli, found the bodies in a remote area Wadi Dufan between Orban and Bani Walid between the towns of Bani Walid and Orban.


    September 4, 2011 From the dusty crossroads of Bir Dufan, 43 miles (70 kilometers) from Bani Walid, rebel convoys from Misrata and Zliten passed each other, relaying information.


  52. http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/09/05/lawlessness-and-ruin-in-libya/

    sept 5 2013

    ...Sliman Qajam, a member of the parliamentary energy committee, told Bloomberg that “the government is running on its reserves. If the situation doesn’t improve, it won’t be able to pay salaries by the end of the year”.

    1. @ felix : how happy to see your red blazer at last


      Tripoli, 5 September 2013: Anti-government demonstrators demanding that Congress sack Prime Minister Ali Zeidan and his government called today for a general strike in Tripoli on Sunday. The demonstrators were responding to the power and water cuts that are bringing misery to the capital. The call came this afternoon when some two hundred protestors gathered in Algeria Square in Central Tripoli after Friday prayers.



      Though the Nato intervention against Gaddafi was justified as a humanitarian response to the threat that Gaddafi’s tanks would slaughter dissidents in Benghazi, the international community has ignored the escalating violence. The foreign media, which once filled the hotels of Benghazi and Tripoli, have likewise paid little attention to the near collapse of the central government


    2. https://sphotos-b-mad.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/1150907_225869207569746_1095291317_n.jpg

      11 aug. 2013 the President of the Congress, Nuri Abu Sahmain, has appointed himself as governor of the Central Bank of Libya

      Abu Sahmain’s largest group of supporters
      in the vote for a new GNC chief came from the highly orthodox Muslim Brotherhood’s Hizb al-Adala wa’l-Bina (Justice and Development Party), leading to suspicion that Abu Sahmain was an ally, if not a member, of Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood.

    3. 7 September, 2013 mufti Sadiq al-Gharyani (Libya) : zeidan has to go


      28 June 2012 Shouldn’t the Central Bank focus on more important and immediate matters such as the liquidity crisis?

      If I am receiving text messages signed by  Sheikh Sadeq Ghiryani explaining that making deposits into banks is rewarded



      march 2011

      February 22, 2011

      Mr. Hatim Gheriani - Head of Global Banking HSBC (Libya)

    4. Sadiq al Ghiryani, a Libyan religious leader, told Al Jazeera
       a “massacre” was under way in the city and troops firing shots were mostly mercenaries..

      Kamal Hudethifi, a judge, described the killings as “ethnic cleansing”.





      Said Rashid – rumoured to have been killed first week of uprising
      Abdul Haadi Abdulsalam – rumored to have been killed first week in Benghazi


  53. Zidane's visited Malta .He visited Mohammad Aqil , the Mercedes agent in Libya, close to Zidane
    Hafez pots/ghaddour former ambassador to Italy, together with an Italian businessman close to Berlusconi

    to sign the sale "continental shelf Maltese"



    Omar Salhoba One was his closest colleague, a doctor named Mahfoud Ghaddour.

    Marwan to execute six prisoners


    On his family’s advice, Nasser [Salhoba] fled to Malta, where he stayed for seven years,


    Zaydan took me to the roof of a nearby house, where we could see a field full of munitions left by the Khamis Brigade

    1. English, French and Italian Intelligence has been adopted by the organization of anonymous named the "National Front Maltese."


      The Dark Story of Itavia Flight 870

  54. It is important to note that we are not claiming that Aqil or Belhaj are directly responsible for the assassination of Stevens. However, we believe there is sufficient evidence to warrant further investigation into their involvement.


  55. Serious statements Boukaiqis
    blackouts plot orchestrated by the Government of Zidane


    Demonstrators in Tripoli ‬ In demanding Zidane drop.


    Interior Minister Mohamed Sheikh for the resignation of the government of Ali Zaidan 08/18/2013


    1. blackouts plot orchestrated by the Government of Zidane



      What was going on at Jabal Hasouna in August 2011?



      felix said :
      Gaddafi Troops were cited as moving towards wells in the Hasauna - or Hasouna / Hasaouna - mountains. Allegedly.
      Located on map here: Jabal Hasouna. The map of the East and North East Jabal Hasouna well heads and pipelines can be seen on page 4 (525) of this pdf: Simulation of Groundwater Level at Murzuk Basin Due to Great Man-Made River Project-Libya (2009)

    2. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=657893294222029&set=a.241290572548972.68383.241252109219485&type=1&theater


      8 September 2013: The Man-Made River pipeline has been reopened, six days after it was cut by tribal leaders reacting to the kidnapping of Anoud Senussi,Minister of Water Resources, Alhadi Suleiman Hinshir, said today



      Tripoli, 5 September 2013: The demonstrators were responding to the power and water cuts that are bringing misery to the capital.


      September 7 Libya Oil production 10% of Gaddafi days


      Sept. 7, 2013 TRIPOLI, Libya — Libya's prime minister faced increasing calls for his ouster on Saturday
      as strikes by government employees at oil export terminals
      cost the North African country more than $5 billion in losses.



      The company said that the decline is due to the protests in the port of Tobruk and Zueitina port
      in addition to a significant drop in production from the fields of the elephant
      : المصدر : نقلا عن وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية: http://gaddafimedia.blogspot.com/2013/06/blog-post_3189.html#ixzz2W1oywP13


      Abdulwahab al-Ghayed, brother of Abu Yahya al Libi, who was recently killed by a U.S. drone strike in Pakistan. is running for election in his hometown of Morzug in southern Libya

      Libya / Marzuq /


    3. 07/03/2013 A joint venture agreement was concluded between Suisses de Terrae International and Murzuq Oil,
      who want to create a company named Murzuq France that must preserve 470 jobs at the refinery that is threatened by closure .

      According to Yvon Scornet, spokesman of the Inter CGT / CFDT / CFE-CGC, these two companies are part of Net Oil (Dubai) and the Egyptian investment firm Arabiyya lel Istithmaraat.

      “Murzuq Oil needs to receive a strong gesture by President Francois Hollande to save the jobs of Petit-Couronne,” Mabrouk Jomode Elie Getty, who presents himself as former Chairman of the revolution in the south of Libya ,
      said in a statement Thursday


  56. “All cases of assassinations that occurred were registered against ‘unknown’ due to lack of means to carry out meaningful investigations,” Benghazi security directorate spokesman Tariq Kharaz said.

    Unfortunately, Kharaz added, security officers already fear being targeted by unknown gunmen and are barely capable of protecting innocent civilians.

    “People are accusing more than one party,” 31-year-old Benghazi local council employee Siraj Masrati said.

    “Some put the blame on militants from Derna. Others accuse the cronies and hold them liable for all the chaos and instability in the country.”


  57. Professor Bashir Saleh you are talking about reconciliation and reconciliation by tribe talk and to leave it to the elders of Libya and to time but how can we dialogue while the blood of our sons did not dry up and injustice and pain makes us reject the term reconciliation ?

    How can we dialogue while our children are in prisons and our martyrs buried as slaves and displaced people at home and abroad in the millions and the torture in the prisons?


  58. Misrata Brigades prisons


    بنغازى كتيبة درع Libiya Shield prisons benghazi



    Tripoli Main Corrections and Rehabilitation Institution, known by its former name al-Roueimy, AIN ZARA
    هيثم التاجوري Haitham Tagouris

  59. فوزية الشلابى fouzia al shalaba , Fawzia Falba


    The rebels battalion Tripoli arrested Fawzia Falba at her residence in Tripoli accusing her of still practicing acts against the revolution of the seventeenth of February,


    هيثم التاجوري Haitham Tagouris,




    the gossip writer shalgam claims she had a daughter Hana , the adoptive daughter of Muamer Khadafi

  60. Anoud Senussi,is understood to have been released this evening by her kidnappers [هيثم التاجوري Haitham Tagouris, ] and flown to Sebha




  61. The anniversary of the fall of Tripoli .. And the fall of Libyans humanity .


    ذكــرى سقوط طرابلس .. وسقوط الانسانية من الليبيين....



    [another]Six were dumped near a trash receptacle,

    20 august











    Death's ceremony lies on the floor, as the hundreds make way for the thousands of bodies to be disposed of.


  62. a rebel commando said the men were locals who had been killed by Gadhafi loyalists who wanted their cars.



  63. مسجد لصحابة بدرنةهذا

    Execution of prisoners in the courtyard
    of a mosque Sahaabah Bdrnahma Dernah
    in the beginning of the nakba



    We hope those who have any information about the victim or the perpetrators or the date of the crime to mail us

    Burned Bodies found in the Fadeel Khatiba
    21 feb 2011

    February 25, 2011      DEBKA Hundreds of US, British and French military advisers have arrived in Cyrenaica, Libya eastern breakaway province. The advisers, including intelligence officers, were dropped from warships and missile boats at the coastal towns of Benghazi and Tobruk Thursday Feb. 24, for a threefold mission:

    1. To help the revolutionary committees controlling eastern Libyan establish government frameworks for supplying two million inhabitants with basic services and commodities;

    2. To organize them into paramilitary units, teach them how to use the weapons they captured from Libyan army facilities, help them restore law and order on the streets and
    train them to fight Muammar Qaddafi's combat units coming to retake Cyrenaica.

    3. The prepare infrastructure for the intake of additional foreign troops. Egyptian units are among those under consideration.


    the heinous crime committed against the Libiyan army : in that day more than 400 martyrs


  64. dovenews Libyan™Great work! #FF found maps+names of all ppl in #Tripoli who supported Gaddafi, & I mean House by House as the ex dictator had promised

    dovenews Libyan™ 300 Gaddafi loyalist were located in #SuqAljuma. #Tripoli #House #House #Zenga #Zenga #Room #Room #Tunnel #Tunnel #Sewer #Sewer #Hole #Hole

    souq juma



    a vid filmed at the surgery room of the rebels in Tripoli just before the invasion of tripoli.

    A rebel has contact with Nato who he instructs which area's to bomb



    Abdul Ghani Gneoh Alkkla Chairman Salim military


    Hisham humans SSC Tripoli


  65. Quoting page .. LIBYA NOW …:

    Salim butcher: Abdul Ghani “Gneoh”

    Gneoh was commissioned by the Belhadj Council to set up a miniature military
    with some Salafist youth in the region
    Ayn Zara , Abu Saleem

    responsible for the massacre of highway / abu saleem bridge rapid massacre

    السريع من جيهة كوبرى الهضبة الشرقية بى مذبحة




    Abdul Ghani Alkikla aka Gneoh
    @ 2.26

    Beginning vid : ali ghaddour

    This is Mohamed Ali [ Abdul Ghani “Gneoh] ,
    he's still alive and just met him in Souk Aljuama, #Tripoli, #Libya


  66. By May, rebels from the Western Mountains were advancing toward Tripoli :

    John Macnab / Field Engineer /Benghazi, Libya
    In early May I received a message from a friend in Jalu, Libya, saying they were being attacked by hundreds of Gaddafi soldiers.

    I had been following the Libya blog on Al Jazeera and out of desperation contacted a popular blogger to seek help for my friends in the desert.

    The guys would forward the GPS coordinates of the location of the Gaddafi soldiers and a description of the surrounding area, for example, “They are in Waha oil field in a grove of palm trees”.

    I would confirm the coordinates on Google Earth then forward them to my contact.

    This worked very well and continued well into July when the final attacks were repelled and peace was restored to the desert oasis.



    June 6, 2011 Khwaldi Hmeidi G aide in1969coup&strong man in west Libya has been seriously hit in NATO strike on his barraks in Surman,20km west of Zawia

    Breaking; Zawiya is a war zone…NATO strike a convoy of tanks & technical vehicles in the east and center of city…

    Bani, who defected from Gaddafi, said the raid took place at about 3 p.m. ET Saturday.

    Almanara Libya#Libya // Breaking from #Misurata: Clashes between the freedom fighters
    and the regimes Mercenaries
    at Dufan area
    south-western Misurata
    with all kinds of weaponry and until now there is 7 Martyrs defending their expensive land




    RRowleyTucson Robert Rowley #Zawia & #Sorman: #NATO jets seen and heard for hours.

    ITS ABOUT TIME!: NATO has bombed Khamis brigade in vicinity of 27th Bridge today

    AJA: #Nato #helicopters attacking #Gadhafi militias in #Zawiya

    RRowleyTucson Robert Rowley #NATO jetsare now bombing #Gaddafi’s battalions around #AzZawia.

    Ask ur doc to go to Tripoli’s hosiptals & see who run them.Dr.Mazagri fr Yefren disappeaed in RasLanuf

    1. http://nocheinparteibuch.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/1-18-1-25.jpg

      fat lies : no zawiya = al bayda massacre : soldiers who refused to defect




      Mercenaires touaregs azawad neutralisés à Al-Qawalish (Nefusa, Libye)

  67. It was a lynch mob from february 2011 till october 2011


    The Towerhan kids remain ousted
    from their houses from 2011 till 2013

    And the militia's are free to prison, to torture , to kill whoever they want to
    since they are the real boss in the country

    If you recognize one of this topic images please tell us any information about them





  68. Joint Declaration on Syria by 107 Muslim Scholars from throughout the Arab World

    Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi (Qatar)

    Sheikh Sadiq al-Gharyani (Libya)

    Dr. Ghaith Mahmoud al-Fakhiri (Libya)

    Sheikh Hamza Abou Faris (Libya

    Dr. Ali al-Sallabi (Libya)

    Dr. Salim al-Sheikhi (Libya)

    Dr. Salim Jabir (Libya)

    Dr. Salim al-Sallabi (Libya)

    Dr. Muhammad Abou Sidra (Libya)

    Dr. Nasir al-Umrani (Libya)

    Dr. Ghaith Mahmoud al-Fakhiri (Libya)


    The Qur’an also warns us that the murderer is deserving of God’s wrath, His curse, and eternal damnation.

    God has decreed that someone who kills any human being, except in the dispensation of justice as a punishment for murder

    or in confronting those who spread violent mischief in the land,

    it is as if that person has killed all of humankind.

    february 2011



    Report #libya : Protests continued today For Sheik omran Saleh who was brutally tortured and Hung naked..he condemned NTC Torture of people

  69. https://www.facebook.com/mrsdlibya/photos_stream

    An impression of the work of Libyan Observatory for Human Rights


    No 2011 except yarmouk , sided with UN and amnesty

  70. Libyan Observatory for Democracy and Human Rights in Denmark 1
    Uploaded on Apr 26, 2011

    The opening ceremony of the Libyan Observatory for Democracy and Human Rights in Denmark 2

    The Office for the Libyan 17 February Revolution in Denmark


    1. The opening ceremony of the Libyan Observatory for Democracy and Human Rights in Denmark 2

      Danish Jihadi Fighting In Syria Tweets His Experiences In Jihad – Traveling To Europe And Back To Syria, Meeting Other European Foreign Fighters


      On April 8, 2013, the Twitter account @Fulan2weet, belonging to "Abu Fulan Al-Mujahir" ("The Foreigner"), described as "A stranger. Currently fighting in Syria, to make the word of Allah the highest!" began tweeting.


      The U.S. and the Islamist government of Turkey have announced a $200 million fund for programs that will supposedly promote non-violence among Muslims in terrorist hotspots like Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen.

      The fund, called the Global Fund for Community Engagement and Resilience, will bolster local programs like vocational training, social networks and new school curriculums.


      Libyans in Syria. And Syrians in Libya. Men. And males



      On the 24th September, under the moniker of the “Islamist Alliance”, 11 of the largest and most recognisable rebel brigades – a mix of supposed “moderate Islamists” such as Liwa al-Tawhid, the largest “FSA”-branded brigade in Aleppo, alongside more hardline Salafi/Jihadi brigades such as Ahrar al-Sham, and Al Qaeda ideologues Jahbat al-Nusra - released a joint statement denouncing the western-backed expatriates of the “National Coalition” (NC


  71. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=506192306095679&set=a.506192272762349.1073741833.505701026144807&type=1&theater

    Tareq Milad Youssef Rifai Altaorga died in prisons of Misurata battalions under torture

    And some hundreds more :


  72. National Guard headquarters in Tripoli abu saleem plateau The head of this device (((culprit Khaled Sharif)))

    the exercise of various kinds of psychological torture and physical abuse against detainees : shaved their hair and has been raped and dirty spraying the faces



    Noble Libyan women under torture within the armed militias detention



    Event protest on August 26 / August 2013 in the Reform and Rehabilitation Foundation main Tripoli, known name former is Alruyemi, where they are detained about 500 people, including 5 women.


    1. An NGO, Mitiga Missing People, led by human rights defender Mohammad Miloud Benhammed is one of the only places Libyans can go for aid.


      Sherrif's undertakes its own interrogations before transferring its captives to Matega.

      Ad hoc prisons have sprung up in schools and offices all over rebel-held territory, which now encompasses most of populated Libya, holding suspected mercenaries and Gaddafi loyalists. But the rebels have also sometimes swept up foreign workers, particularly African migrants.

      Head of National Guard , deputy defence minister Khaled Sharif

  73. Scandals director Alruyemi prison
    Haitham al-Misrati
    Lose militias prison Alruyemi deliberation day in a row, led by called Heetm, Bayt al-Mal and Ali Aoun



    امر سجن الرويمي المجرم هيثم بيت المال المصراتي
    Prison Alruyemi criminal Haitham beit almal Masrati

    Essam Tagouris, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice

    The SSC was initially set up as a temporary security organization

     It has recently been under scrutiny for its involvement in recent kidnappings


  74. Alruyemi prison led by Heetm, Bayt al-Mal and Ali Aoun

    mounir aoun
    bashir aoun volunteer with papers of people all over Libiya

  75. This is photo of a Libyan Mafia leader named Hytham Beet Al mal Al Musrati– the head of one of the worst prisons in Tripoli, he is also a drug kingpin and you can tell from his name that he is one of the original Misurata tribe that immigrated from Turkey to Libya

    This tribe was the home of the Turkish Mafia controlling 60% of all contracts in Libya.

    They kept Libya from building big ports and let only 1 large port at Misurata control all of Libya.

    They were caught with their hands in the till too many times and were under investigation so they immediately joined hands with NATO to destroy the Libyan government.
    They are now the worst in Libya, they train Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Ansar Al Sharia and other radical Islamic groups in the art of terrorism.

    The Misurata militias are responsible for more torture and death than any other terrorists entity in Libya, including Ansar Al Sharia, Al Qaeda, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, etc.

    They hold thousands illegally in prison and have tortured thousands to death.

    They are now hated by 100% of all the other Libyan tribes.



    1. 14 september 2013 A secret meeting
      of the members of the National Conference
      yesterday in Tripoli
      and the striking thing is
      that it is headed by Abdul Wahab who is Kaid LIFG member!


      second @ left : humans SSC


      tagouris , humans SSC , maqrif

      belhaj @ the right

      And quickly turned the Abu Ghraib Gneoh into the Council of Libya.
      this Council practice all kinds of torture … “Electricity, dogs, rape , leather, assault and killings”

      In order to secret the Gneoh crimes center behind the market Abu Salim
      it was inaugurated by Sheikh “Nasser Marghany” aka Pei Nasser Alhichery,
      Sheikh Nasser prison is located behind the gold market

      Beitelmal of prison Alruyemi Ain Zara

      Beitelmal of prison Alruyemi Ain Zara , on the left al-Mirghani


      Justice Minister Salah al-Mirghani :14 AboSaleem prisons in Libya


      Human Rights Watch's Alison Des Forges Award celebrates the valor of individuals who put their lives on the line to protect the dignity and rights of others.
      Human Rights Watch collaborates with these courageous activists to create a world in which people live free of violence, discrimination, and oppression.

      Salah Marghani is a human rights activist and lawyer in Tripoli who has worked to reveal the truth about human rights atrocities in Libya's past and to document abuses happening today.
      As the former head and a current member of the Libyan Human Rights Violations Detection Group, a non-governmental organization, Marghani is a leading voice for rights and justice.

    2. Update: The Canadian ambassador to Libya, Michael Grant,
      has issued a statement in support of Marghani’s response to HRW.

      Grant declared: “I welcome the statement by Libya’s Justice Minister indicating that his Ministry is under no illusions about the challenges of its declared mission to turn Libya into a country that operates according to the rule of law and respect for human rights.”



      @ 7.52 Grant George Hunt for Gaddafi & Libyan Assets

    3. All the Ain Zara Alruyemi prison Tripoli ... for publication

      inside the prison an hunger strike by detainees because of the death of detainees and injustice and delay in prosecution
      26 august 2013 the guards shot their machine guns and 2 killed , 25 injured


      Human Rights Watch has worked with Marghani since 2005
      A Libyan group based in Switzerland, Libyan Human Rights Solidarity, says that since 2001 the authorities have notified 112 families that a relative held in Abu Salim is dead

      Azeddine Madani decided to move to Denmark, where he was offered asylum,

      06/27/2012 A number of guards and senior Gaddafi-era officials have been detained and are under investigation
      by the military prosecutor for the 1996 prison massacre.

      They should be given full due process rights guaranteed in Libya law and granted fair trials, Human Rights Watch said.

      Human Rights Watch has interviewed eight prisoners who were in Abu Salim at the time of the 1996 killings, as well as one guard.
      According to these witnesses, on the evening of June 28 the prisoners protested over harsh prison conditions and captured two guards, one of whom died.Guards opened fire, killing six prisoners and wounding about 20.

    4. Today, those killed in Libya since the assassination of Gaddafi until now exceed 15,000.

      Pro-western International human rights organizations talk about
      imaginary numbers of detainees in secret prisons
      run by armed teenagers with no moral or legal controls,
      where all forms of torture and persecution are practiced against innocent people, and where the detainees are considered
      guilty until proven innocent.

      The judicial system is absolutely broken, and ex-criminals are in charge of security


      Justice Minister Salah al-Mirghani : 14 AboSaleem prisons in occupied Libya

      18 june 2012 The Names Of Over 1000 Political Prisoners In Libya Detained Because They Are Black



    5. But the ministry admits that most of those who were on the wrong side last year are too scared to come forward.


    6. Some of the home invaders have moved in their families from other parts of Libya and some are accused of holding kidnapped female foreign domestic workers and are suspected by the women advocacy groups, kidnapping women off the streets and enslaving them within their sanctuaries.

      August 14, 2013 the girls, who are being raped every day,

      Okoduwa, who fled Libya during the 2011 uprising, said that the Nigerian girls in Libyan prisons were being asked to pay between $400 and $600 through agents believed to be working for the Libyan authorities before they can secure their release.

      He urged the Federal Government to review her foreign policy with a view to ensuring adequate protection of Nigerian Citizens in the Diaspora.

      According to him, “government should as a matter of urgency expedite action by coming to the aide of her citizen, who are willing to return to the country.

      Apart from the girls, who are being raped every day, we have 700 other Nigerians held by the Libyan maximum prison in the City of Tripoli while others are in Sabha, and Gharian prison situated about 50kilometers from the City of Tripoli.”


    7. 10 september 2013 Ismail Sallabi calls for the establishment of electronic army to influence public opinion in Cyrenaica, and causing a rift between its inhabitants,


      What is remarkable about the “new free Libya, new free media” is that it is 100 percent pro “new government”.

      I am advised that it’s only partly out of fear of consequences for failing to toe the line that accounts for this apparent universal support for the TNC.

      Another reason according to a western ambassador who have returned to his post here is that the new media sprang from the myriad militia and they simply have a psychological issue with criticizing any of the obvious problems which seem to be swelling by the day.

  76. https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/c0.0.403.403/p403x403/425725_507683519262950_1216141285_n.jpg

    libyan observatory for humanrights Nasser al-Hawari

    Hawary is no fan of the Gaddafi regime.

    The former Salafist and political oponent of Gaddafi was imprisoned numerous times as a poitical dissident by Gaddafi’s secret police.

    Hawary emerged from his periods of incarceration beaten and bloodied, but not broken. Far worse happened to his Islamist friends under the Gaddafi regime which was fiercely opposed to Islamic fundamentalism.

    Hawary eventually escaped to Egypt where he remained until Libya’s February 17 revolution in 2011 made it safe for him and other Islamists to return.

    Revenge attacks, killings and abductions against former Gaddafi supporters and against black men, who the rebels perceive as having worked as mercenaries for Gaddafi during the war, continue well after the “liberation” of the country.



    Salem Hawari
    In March and April, five members of the Internal Security Agency were killed in Derna: Mustafa Ragis, Ezet Buhatwa, Faraj Dalel, Muftah Adaybani, and Salem Hawari.

  77. Arab Organization for Human Rights 15 - 9 - 2013

    Arab Organization condemns the silence of government
    for the crime of ethnic cleansing " genocide "
    committed against the Libyans in Darej

    the population mostly Tuareg

    A list of some of the names of the victims of the city from Derazjaa
    the tribe , " Jermlh

    al-Nabaa tv: Heavy clash erupted today in Darej between Zintan & Geramna tribes has left 12 people dead. 12 september 2013

    the arabic network for human rights information
    LLHR department tunisia 15 january 2011


  78. Ibrahim, once Qaddaifi’s Minister of Education,was accused along with nine others of murdering members of the Al-Safrooni family in Sirte before the town was liberated.





    It will be interesting to see what the government,
    GNC and public reaction will be and whether the sentences will be commuted to life sentences.

    Misratah court postponed the implementation of the death sentence on Ahmed Ibrahim

    16 september 2013 Seminar at the Journalists' Syndicate in Cairo against political corruption and terrorism



    and Ali Ibrahim, brother of Ahmed Ibrahim delivered a speech
    to a group of politicians and Egyptian officials


    The killing of civilians by Zintan militia in Darasj




    Militias of Zintan bombed houses in the city Darasj‬

  79. The Grand Mufti of Libya Sheikh Sadiq Ghiryani, said that the minimum for any government in the world, to do for the sake of its people is the people's sense of security for their lives and their money, and in their ways and businesses and functions, and its ability to impose its sovereignty on the wealth of the nation, and the entire soil.
    the youth movement in eastern Libya, specifically in the city of Benghazi, Called onto the masses against the National Congress and the temporary Libyan government ,
    next Saturday 21 September , because of their failure to provide security for the country,

    المصدر: نقلا عن وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية http://gaddafimedia.blogspot.com/2013/09/21.html#ixzz2fIFW3ILJ

    and released sincere Ghiryani after Turkish Association protested and by the intervention of the Gaddafi Foundation for charity

    20 february 2011
    Salah Algheriani, who works for the state-owned Gulf Oil company, talked about the change in Tobruk, where everyone was suddenly full of loud opinions and hope, including the hope that young people might stop leaving the country for Europe.

    “The taste of freedom is very delicious,” he said.
    Soon the tyrant will be dead.  Who or what will replace him?
    Posted by Gary Farber at 05:06 PM in Abroad

    libyaoutreach Libya Outreach Shiek Geryani speaks on @libyatvarabic.
    Tells Gaddafi troops that they have lost in this life and the hereafter goo.gl/Wlivi #Libya

    Bayda inventory الشارف Sharif Gheriani and Mohammed Said Al-Fazzani and then an Italian employee of the Italian ceremony ..


  80. A picture of a young Amer Salhab, who was killed yesterday by a bullet due to the clash, which happened in the city of Sabha during his release from one of the shops


  81. Salah Algheriani : Who or what will replace him?


  82. http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10005201

    october 7 2011 Called Alaa Houbanh, escaped to Tunisia and his brother, Ayman now present in Tunis


    30 october 2011 Criminal Alaa Houbanh in the in Hammamet in Tunisia Hotel Diar City (Moved)

    Sneak (Ala Houbanh)/joubana who sold the finest janzour rebels
    who were engaged in arms to janzour from the sea during the war,
    after he fled now returned to janzour .....
    And under the protection of the "rebels" and the knowledge of the "rebels" and before the eyes of the "revolutionaries" .... grants pleasures to revolutionaries ... !

    april 17 2013

    1. http://vivalibya.wordpress.com/2013/10/03/%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B6%D8%AD%D9%8A%D8%A9-%D9%85%D8%AD%D9%85%D8%AF-%D8%B9%D9%8A%D8%B3%D9%89-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%AC%D8%A8%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%8A-%D8%AA%D9%85-%D8%AA%D8%B9%D8%B0%D9%8A%D8%A8%D9%87-%D8%AD%D8%AA%D9%89/
      Mohammed Issa al-Jabali was tortured to death by armed militias in revenge of the killing of Adnan al-Shibani on 21/9/3013

      note that there is no investigation or a formal charge but just the law of brutally gangs murdering in the absence of state law
      [among them : knights of janzour]

    2. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=579993028747230&set=a.129326060480598.34053.129272343819303&type=1&theater

      The killing of "Adel Hamed Hussein Hamad" by torture after he was kidnapped on 27/09/2013

      And just a resident of the Bab al-Azizia area, was found 09/10/2013 AD, in the refrigerator of the accidents Hospital

  83. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=488007517961142&set=a.151286514966579.32339.151266828301881&type=1&theater

    14/09/2013 victim with severe facial burns and all of the body after been poured with acid
    by Ghani Alkkla (Gnjoh)

  84. Tawergha displaced expelled from the Naval Academy camp Janzour


  85. lists of wanted men :

    Tuesday, February 17, 2009

    المستقبل - الثلاثاء 6 كانون الثاني 2009 - العدد 3183 -
    Upgrade 406 officers of the Internal Security Forces



    387 names 10 feb 2011

    Sa’ad al-Tobouli surveyed the damage to the home of his brother Youssef, a former internal security prison guard, after it was attacked last week in Benghazi, Libya.


    burned out his heart in Misratah
    by armed militias


    kidnapped and held in secret prisons in Benghazi, they have all been subjected
    to cruel tortures and molestations ..
    this is a list of some of them


    'We Know Where They Are'
    It is said that 8,000 people in Benghazi were government spies -- the rebels found their names in files kept by the secret police.
    Armed young men roam the streets at night, arresting regime supporters, but private acts of revenge take place as well.



    A new list of wanted men to justice because of their involvement in the killings and abductions in Libya March 9, 2011 22:01

    Human Rights Solidarity-Libya
    c / o Maison des Associations , 15 rue des savoises , 1205 Genève, Switzerland
    TEL: +41 78 304 92 91
    FAX: +41 22 594 88 84

    A Libyan group based in Switzerland, Libyan Human Rights Solidarity, says that since 2001 the authorities have notified 112 families that a relative held in Abu Salim is dead,
    without providing the body or details on the cause of death.

    Giumma El Omami, Secretary of Human Rights Solidarity,admin@lhrs.ch

    (75) For further details, see their websites: http://www.lhrs.ch and http://www.libya-watch.org . The Libyan League for Human Rights does not have a website but can be contacted at allibyah@yahoo.com

    28 aug. 2011 Reuters The data included names of the commanders of those units, how many people worked in each center and how they worked, as well as crucial details like the number plates of their cars,

    and how each unit communicated with the central command led by intelligence chief Abdullah al-Senussi and Gaddafi's second son Saif al-Islam.
    That memory card -- which Mlegta later handed to officials at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

  86. overwhelming joy of the great families of the martyrs , even tears of joy


  87. Hundreds of former soldiers and supporters of Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi are at increased risk of the death penalty, said Amnesty International,
    following the sentencing of a former minister in al-Gaddafi’s government to death.






  88. The assassination of the commander of the second secret attribution Adnan al-Shibani
    as he was leaving a store in the capital

    The commander of Tripoli SSC’s Support Unit No 2, Adnan Al-Shibani, was murdered yesterday evening


    عدنان الشيباني

    . Hashish dealer After the revolution imprisonment owner and dismantling of living Former officer in the external security


    Ayman Abdel Karim Fassi الورفلي alWarfali for 6 months exposure of various types and forms of torture by Adnan al-Shibani
    before Adnan was transferred to the headquarters of the militia Sam bin Humaid in Benghazi, which has shot him in cold blood (Black Sabbath) and shot in the head by a bullet died on impact later in hospital



    1. young Hassan Triki, who died under torture at the hands of the second battalion attribution, “Adnan al-Shaibani,


      young Hassan Triki ?

  89. Libyan terrorist killing of Ramadan Lamama aka (speech-Libi), one of the terrorists of the so-called front _ victory terror, which is from the city of Benghazi in Libya, was killed during the battles with the army _ Syrian Arab _ 18-9 -2013


    Anas Al-Libi Anas Al-Sabai, Nazih Al-Raghi , Nazih Abdul Hamed Al-Raghi.

    Just when Anas al-Libi returned home is unclear. According to one intelligence source, he appears to have arrived in Tripoli in the spring of last year,
    نزيه عبد الحميد آل راجعي Abu Anas, al-Qaeda in Iraq, 20091010

    Wissam bin Hamid بنغازى كتيبة درع Libiya Shield prisons benghazi , leader of Libyan Shield,

    Belmoktar had attended an event organized by Wissam ben Hamid, an Islamist commander, in the town of Sirte.


  90. Khalid al-Sharif


    On January 11, Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan appointed the deputy emir of the Al-Qaeda linked Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), Khalid al-Sharif, as the deputy minister of defense of Libya.

  91. Mr. Sadat Badri

    Image of the military wing of the National Salvation Front in the eighties of the last century in the right of the picture shows Mr. Sadat Badri, head of the local council of Tripoli now...‬

  92. Ibrahim Jdharan


    Did you know that Ibrahim Jdharan , had stolen about 12 kg of gold from the widows' houses, and the elderly during the war on Sirte ?



    Ibrahim Jathran live on Libya Ahrar TV claiming to disclose under-the-table deals & offers made by Zeidan & Hd of GNC Oil Cmt. 22- 9 -2013

  93. member of The Assembly of Scholars in Libya Sami Mustafa Khalil Al-Sa’di

    2 jan. 2013 - Libya's Minister of Martyrs and Missing, Sami Mustafa Al-Saadi, has announced his resignation

    Minister of Martyrs and Missing Ali Ghaddour



    september 2013 National Congress appoint an individual from the former LIFG as head of the Supreme Security Committee Bsabha .."


    1. Wisam Ben Hamid and his lieutenant Hayaka Alla that fights under al-Qaeda’s flag,
      is involved in the fight, siding with the Arab tribes in Kufra and Sabha against the Tubu.

    2. The assassination of Yunus, which was not fully investigated, has empowered the Islamists of the former Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) inside the TNC.

      ‘Abdel Hakim Belhaj, former LIFG emir, was appointed by the TNC’s president as the military commander of Tripoli, controlling the 20,000-strong Tripoli Military Council (TMC).

  94. 24 September 2013 (IRIN) - Thousands of people in Libya remain locked up in militia prisons, outside of state control, more than two years after the revolution, according to a new UN report presented to the Security Council. The report says many are suffering torture and mistreatment and calls the situation “unacceptable”.

    The report estimates the number of conflict-related detainees is around 8,000, some held in facilities only "nominally" under the authority of the justice or defence ministries, and the rest by “armed brigades not affiliated with the State in any form.”

    “We’ve visited prisons where the abuse is systematic,” Mughrabi said. “Often militias come and go as they please, even in prisons that are supposed to be under government control.

    One of the biggest armed groups holding prisoners beyond state control is the Supreme Security Committee (SSC), a force parallel to the official army that was created out of the remnants of a number of revolutionary brigades. It is funded and armed by the government and has two prisons at its Tripoli headquarters.


  95. "What we need are public executions," says Majdi, looking at me intently. "We’re living in a time where men steal cars and kill people every day with no repercussions. We need to send a message to these people."



    Ibrahim Jdharan

    Jdharan looted a lot of state property in Sirte

    before the revolution he was imprisoned in Tripoli on charges of stealing cars from River Project,


    Secret jails have been discovered in customised toilet cubicles in Benghazi.
    People have been imprisoned in converted primary schools and Tripoli’s city zoo has been turned into a detention centre for illegal immigrants.

    According to human rights organisations, prisoners have reported abuses that include being beaten, stabbed, squirted in the eyes with insect repellent, given electric shocks and set on fire.

  96. A new crime against youth Tawergha
    By News on Sunday أبريل 21, 2013 | 7:50 April

    The International Agency Gaddafi News – Tripoli.

    20 bodies of young Tawergha killed in Misrata,
    Medical Center, Tripoli, rejected the reception of people because of the medical autopsy report

    a forensic doctor changed the reports and hide the original . He gave as causes of dead : high blood pressure and diabetes , while the death was under torture,

    the number of 79 martyrs from Tawergha died under torture in the prisons of darkness in Misratah


    03/ 3/12 At a Misrata garage that militiamen have turned into a makeshift prison,


    as many as 1,000


    They wanted me to say I had raped.
    They ask most people from Tawergha to say that they had raped.
    They beat me.
    They used an electric stick on my back and my stomach… they did it over and over.
    And some of them beat us on our feet twice…
    They put me in a room by myself and asked me if I raped; I said no.
    They asked me where the orders came from in Tawergha. “Where were the weapons?”

    I said, “I am a civilian... I know nothing about the military.” They told me to confess that I raped

    ‘We burned some of the bodies before burying them in the sand,’ I was told.

    ‘I don’t know how many were killed - as many as 1,000.’


    1. rape

      In a closed second session (5-6pm) – Libyan victims of rape will give their testimonies in public (Media is invited but taping or filming of any kind is forbidden). This session will include Annick Cojean, author of the book “The Prey: In the Harem of Ghedaffi”, followed by testimonies from Libyan victims of rape. 
      Joining them will be Ms Bahiya Kanoun, Al Mubadara Libya Asslam, Ms Noha Anhass Danish institute for dialogue and Ms Rita Isaac, documentary film maker from Palestine.  Maria Nicoletta Gaida, President of the Ara Pacis initiative, will moderate.


      Mohamed Magarief
      The Libya Initiative-Al-Mubadara Libya is supported by GNC Head Mohamed Magarief, the Ministries of Culture, Interior, Local Government, Martyrs and Missing, Media, Oil, Social Affairs, Tourism, Youth and Sports and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
      Eman's fiancee, Faraj Ghaithi

      Eman's fiancee, Faraj Ghaithi

      Ghaithi, from Tobruk in eastern Libya, had been in charge of the country's borders and oil installations.

      17 1 2013 The government recently decided to scrap the post of ex-minister Al-Seddik al-Ghaithi al-Obeidi, a jihadist, who was accused of refusing to put himself under the command of the army’s chief of staff.

      23 september 2013 @ShamiWitness Leading figure in fed oil blockade is ex-LIFG al-Ghaithi.
      Head of GNC group tasked w- resolving crisis is al-Qaid,also ex-LIFG

      Tarik Yousef el-Magariaf is the chief executive of Silatech

      Silatech was founded in January 2008 by Qatar Foundation chairperson HH Sheikha Moza bint Nasser

      Qatar based Silatech has partnered with the Libyan National Transitional Council and the Benghazi Local Council in organising the first Libyan Youth Leadership Forum, held recently in Benghazi.


      هناء الحبشي Hana al-Habashi brought women to Qatar

    2. Saddiq al-Gheithi


      October 3, 2013, Some officials also worry about Mr. Jathran's relationship with Saddiq al-Gheithi, who was deputy defense minister in charge of border security until Libya's prime minister fired him late last year.

      Mr. Gheithi, a fellow eastern Libyan native and a former Islamist fighter in Afghanistan, was accused of embezzling $150 million from the defense budget that was given directly to him to strengthen border patrols, and of allowing al Qaeda-linked fighters to enter Libya, according to the Libyan chief of staff.

      No charges were filed and Mr. Gheithi denies he misappropriated any funds.

  97. complete family tortured in mitiga prison september 2013



    26 September 2013 A number of illegally-detained prisoners, including several women, have been found in a detention facility

    The jail in Tajoura, known as the Crime Combat Prison, was stormed by Battalion 101,[?]


    some of the instruments of torture that are tearing apart the bodies of prisoners

    Abdel Raouf hater/kareh : news unfounded and exaggerated

    wanted for justice
    -Ibrahim Beitelmal, spokesman for Misrata's military council, said he believes Tawergha should be wiped off the map,
    -The head of Misrata's military council, Ibrahim Beitelmal, instead claimed that human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and Médecins sans Frontières were part of "Gadhafi's fifth column." p 14
    Ibrahim Beitelmal also alleged that "the damage in Sirte was done by Gadhafi forces to blacken the image of the rebels."



    1. Photos of some of the victims in Sirte 25 september 2011


  98. sons of Bani Walid Walid

    عبد معز بانون Abdel Moez Banoun , political activist apologies to Bani Walid :
    Later on we discovered the lies and falsifications of the media,
    and the enormity of the event,
    the people have been mislead by media and high lever state members saying the city was occupied by Khamees al Gadaffi and others

    Rather, the town’s residents said the attack fell in line with a larger pattern of discrimination and harassment that Warfallah and other loyalist tribes had suffered since Gaddafi’s fall


    For nearly 10 months, people who live in Bani Walid said they had operated with relative autonomy.

    But things changed in the summer when local fighters captured Omran Shaban, a fighter from Misurata, a city on the Mediterranean coast.
    Shaban died in Paris on Sept. 24, succumbing to injuries that his family said were inflicted through torture and gunshots during two months of detention in Bani Walid.

    Resolution No. 7
    His death prompted the government, the next day, to authorize the offensive on Bani Walid. But it was Misurata’s militias, allied with the local May 28th brigade, that led the assault and then blocked the residents’ return, according to members of parliament, the country’s acting defense minister and locals.

    local May 28th brigade
    2011 Osama al-Fasi, a field commander from Bani Walid / al-Fasi's brigade, the Martyrs of 28 May

    38 martyrs who died in the prisons of Misrata torture

    arrival of the bodies out of the misrata prisons




  99. one of zawiya militia men , native from zliten tortured many people


    name نبيل عمار سويسي Nabil Ammar Souissi


    الهمالي يوسف Alhmala Joseph slaughtered many sons of Tawergha





    Tortured by Misratah gangs : Saad Mohammed Abdel-Hafiz
    september 9 2013

  100. 20 Feb 2011
    In a letter to the Security Council president,
    Libyan envoy Abdurrahman Mohamed Shalgam wrote that his delegation "supports the measures proposed in the draft resolution to hold to account those responsible for the armed attacks against the Libyan civilians, including [through] the International Criminal Court."

    2 october 2013
    Dabbashi at UN saying that the international coalition forces did not bomb Libya but bombed Gaddafi forces




    The establishment media put the number of dead between 1,000 and 5,000.
    The International Criminal Court, Hisham Abu Hajer (of the Libyan “rebels,” in other words al-Qaeda), Pravda and other sources put the number at between 50,000 and 100,000. Tarpley estimated the number at 150,000, a staggering number for a population of just under six and half million people.



    And Dabbashi pointed out : we provide better services to citizens


    Tim Whewell ‏@BBCTimWhewell 1 Oct #Libya govt has had $104bn to spend over last 2 yrs. Where's it gone, apart from paying militiamen?
    Libyans say no spend on public services

    29ton of gold which has been spirited out of the country & into private bank accounts
    A Tribute to NATO's NTC & all long tailed rodents.

    the existence of fifty billion classified as external to the State of Libya.

    A source at the National Oil Corporation: to Libya every ten days enters the amount of one billion dollars of oil revenues.

  101. The report records 27 cases of death in custody, where significant information suggests that torture was the cause of death, since late 2011.  

    The UN also received information on several other such cases during this period but was not able to fully document them




  102. A Tripoli court will decide October 24 whether to indict more than 20 [ 37 ] senior figures from Muammar Qaddafi 's regime charged with killing protesters during the 2011 revolt that toppled him.

    “The hearing on Thursday was devoted to reading the charge sheet.

    The court fixed the date of October 24 to decide whether to drop the charges or to refer
    the accused to a jurisdiction of its choice,” defence lawyer Mussa al-Zentani told AFP.

    He added that Seif al-Islam Qaddafi was unable to attend the hearing -- held in a heavily guarded courtroom surrounded by tanks and anti-aircraft guns mounted on pick-ups -- because of “inadequate security.”

    The officials, who made up much of Kadhafi's inner circle, are accused of killings and looting, attacks on national unity, drug trafficking, incitement to rape, kidnapping and embezzlement of public funds.

    this morning Saturday, 09.21.2013 visit Captive Ahmed Mohammed Ibrahim in Misrata Guantanamo prisons
    The prisoner was found in a deplorable state.
    No strength to speak , and also malnutrition, and ill-treatment so that the visit did not exceed three minutes

  103. The Prison Governor of the Huda Foundation for prison and Reform, Mistrata, prays with colleagues .

    “We have fighters from cities all over Libya as well as Mistrata, we have people from Tarhong, Ban Walid, Tawergha , Kamas, Zawia as well as other towns.

    We have some mercenaries here but to be honest, most died in the war.
    There was very little sympathy for them, there were many executions.
    They were from places like Dafur and Sudan


  104. Wednesday evening's attack on the Russian compound triggered an exchange of fire
    in which two of the assailants were killed.

    It came more than a year after ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans
    were killed in an assault on the US consulate in Libya's second city Benghazi.

    2 October 2013 Security guards at Russia's embassy in the Libyan capital Tripoli appear to have repelled an armed attack by about 60 people. Russia says none of its personnel were hurt. The attackers' motives were unclear.
    An attack on Russia’s embassy in Libyan Tripoli comes as retaliation after a Russian woman killed local officer and injured his mother, Foreign Ministry confirmed.
    The Russian woman is now in custody and a criminal case against her has been launched. 

    Solidarity News Agency - Tripoli - Hana Ghiryani

    الشيخ الصادق الغرياني Sheikh Sadiq Ghiryani

    President of the Supreme Security Committee temporary branch Tripoli Hashim humans, on Tuesday said that the Russian girl involved in the assassination of Libyan officer Mohammed Soussi / Swissy insists to its abet words to kill him and sticking to it for a long time.

    The girl wrote on the wall near the site of the incident in the souq juma area with the blood of the assassinated phrases in English meaning the death of rats.

    the President of the Supreme Security Committee temporary branch Tripoli says that the girl admitted the killing of the officer during the investigation

    Britain has expelled five pro-Gaddafi Libyan diplomats from London, the foreign secretary, William Hague said. Abdul Rahman Swissi 30 March 2011

    Following the 11 September 2012 attack, which was blamed on al-Qaeda sympathisers, the Libyan authorities promised urgent action to improve security but they have proved unable to guarantee protection for foreign diplomatic missions even in the capital.

  105. This   morning, October 1st   2013, the occupation regime of Libya – controlled by the Libyan branch of the Muslim Brotherhood – started an information security operation against Russia.

    The representative of the regime said that a Russian woman, the wife of a Libyan,
    had confessed to the murder of her husband and his mother.  

      In reality, the murders were committed by one of the criminal gangs of the regime in Souk Al Jouma, Tripoli.


    In Libya on suspicion of the murder of a man-eating maniacs
    Catherine Ustyuzhaninova, a journalist who actively publish,
    exposing the aggressive policy of the NATO countries was detained

    We consider it necessary to make the following clarifications.
    Catherine went to Libya as a journalist to get to the truth. She went there at his own expense.

    It seems unlikely that she could have killed someone. She is calm, balanced person.

    Rather, NATO mercenaries, who call themselves "revolutionaries" in Libya caught the first (and perhaps only) Russian comes to hand to justify their attack on the Russian embassy.

    We have lost contact with her ​​for almost two years ago. Perhaps she was arrested back then and held in jail for a convenient opportunity, which came after the attacks of rats at the Russian Embassy in Libya


  106. no statistics Audited about detention centers,


    The report also reported that the number of detainees due to the armed conflict in Libya (according to figures from September 2013) is about 8,000 people.

    Although there were no statistics Audited about detention centers,
    the report pointed out that the number of centers under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice reached in September 2013 is about 37,

    Some detention centers either wholly or partly under the supervision of armed militias have been attached to the Ministry of Justice , annexed to the judicial police ,
    the military or the police of the Ministry of Defense or the Ministry of Interior .
    This applies to the detention center Mitiga airbase in Tripoli, and the Rehabilitation Foundation and Education Taminh Misurata , and Mager Foundation for re-education and rehabilitation in Zliten/زليطن .

    In this regard, the report says : " usually hold by the official authorities while armed militias overseeing the internal management or the full supervision continues by militia's despite the announcement delivered by the authorities ."

    At the military police prison in Bouhdima, holding some 380 individuals accused of being
    soldiers or volunteers with the former government, investigations by the military prosecution
    had started, although many detainees – some arrested as early as March 2011 – complained of severe delays. At the time of writing, only two cases had been referred to trial. In one,involving some 40 suspects accused in relation to the establishment of the Call Brigade (Katibat al-Nida)

    17 4 2013 Did they give up their prisons in Tripoli too? Ghariyan militias disarm and quit

    @LibyanReality The average joe is paying the price for the inaction of the govt. Militias making money from arresting ppl. Pay cash get out.

    الحركة الوطنية لتحرير طرابلس

    Detention officials in Az-Zawiya said that about a third of all those detained are "foreign mercenaries" including nationals from Chad, Niger and Sudan.
    When Amnesty International delegates spoke to several of the detainees however, they said that they were migrant workers

    The United Nations said 7,000 detainees, many of whom are sub-Saharan Africans suspected of fighting for Gaddafi, were still being held in detention centres across the country, some operated by the government and some by revolutionary brigades.

    The U.N. human rights agency and aid groups have accused the brigades of torturing detainees.

  107. http://www.swissinfo.ch/ara/detail/content.html?cid=37038500

    A third category of detention centers , which holds the full supervision of armed militias . Which applies to apartments , buildings , farms
    and public buildings turned those groups into detention centers .

    On the other hand , groups of battalions that are not subject in any way to the authorities temporary and where detainees are exposed to ill treatment because of affiliation [with former regime] or for the purpose of revenge

    we do not know the number of these centers and do not know what is going on and do not know the names or numbers of guests.

    Among these battalions that are formed after liberation by the release of the prisoners by the authorities of criminal Gaddafi regime
    for the purpose of their use against protesters and rebels ,
    and these armed battalions also with its own prisons are not subject to the authority of the government .

    The number of criminal prisoners who have been released is not significant , with a population of nearly 17,000 in Tripoli, and about 4000 in Benghazi . "



    13 march 2012 Ashour Ben Khayal Libyan Minister said that :” There are some self – proclaimed militia's but which are actually illegal – brigades formed after the release of some 17000 prisoners armed by Qaddafi regime”

    2011-02-18 Many prisoners escaped from prison Alkwyfah in Benghazi and the amount of 5,000 dinars was given to them in order
    to hit the demonstrators, but they've joined their parents protesters after that

    Nawar 17, 2011: 17 in the morning, a rumor surfaced that the commercial bank gives 5,000 dinars for job seekers, people gathered at the bank when the bank denied the news and led by a group of young people marching and chanting :" liars liars "mean that the state lied to them.

    Benghazi recorded prisoners escape from a prison where a fire broke out ,
    according to one of the journalists , as thousands staged a sit in front of the Supreme Court north of the city which burned some official symbols of the system , such as local radio maternal المثابة and holy battalion Buamr and the Center for the Study and Research of the Green Book . 2011/2/18

    Freedom fighters freed 3000 political prisoners in Surman on 8/14/11 ..
    Colonel Hisham Buhagiar, commander anti-Gaddafi forces, said 28,000 prisoners had been freed so far
    In the port city of Misrata,, security forces were holding 332 former Gaddafi fighters in a school, where the captives sat on mattresses in the classrooms,

    Some of the first targets for rebel troops as they entered Tripoli were the city's prisons.
    In the past week, thousands of inmates have been freed from large facilities such as Jdeida, Ain Zara and Abu Salim Sun Aug-21-11 02:01 PM /GenStrike For A Free World

    Umar Khan ‏ @umarnkhan speaking with the one of the few prisoners who successfully escaped Abu Salim prison on 19/8 after NATO bombed the compound #Libya

    Locals said the Obaida Ibn Jarrah Brigade was mainly comprised of former prisoners of Gaddafi’s notorious Abu Salim prison

    NATO enforced the release from Tripoli jails of no less than 10,000 inmates–triggermen and criminals. They supplied them with arms and a chance for looting and elimination of civilians, creating total havoc.

  108. Torture and deaths in detention report



    unconfirmed : Dr. Zidane handed over a list of two hundred and thirteen Libians to CIA


    When Delta Force commandos homed in on Nazih Abdul-Hamed al-Ruqai in a neighborhood of Tripoli this weekend [ better known as Abu Anas al-Liby]

    He denied that his father was involved in the 1998 attacks on the United States Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

    1. http://www.alwatanvoice.com/arabic/news/2012/11/10/332613.html
      list of wanted men

  109. Oct. 5, 2013 Gunmen attacked a Libyan military post southeast of the capital, Tripoli,
    on Saturday, killing 16 soldiers, officials said.

    U.S. Delta Division Libyan and Maltese Gate
    the soldiers who were killed were praying in the mosque near the gate of the Maltese dawn and that was the last meeting between them and God in the world





    So they prefer to continue in the practice of the process of penetration in the country
    and the game of fraud and latencies and move from behind the scenes and in the dark when people are sleeping in order to prevent the formation of the army, police and security services



    Al-Liby was captured in Tripoli on 5 October 2013 by U.S. Army "Delta Force" operators

    An alleged senior al-Qaida figure captured in Libya by U.S. special forces
    earlier this month has been brought to the United States to face arraignment
    on federal terrorism charges, U.S. officials said on Monday.


    benghazi angry


    Friday 11 October 2013 Judges at the International Criminal Court ruled on Friday
    that Libya was free to try Abdullah al-Senussi, the former Libyan spy chief who was a pivotal figure under former ruler Muammar Gaddafi – a decision his lawyers said was “shocking”.


  110. A picture of the officer (Embarak Said Faitouri) who found slaughtered in his car in the area Rulrhh in Benghazi!

    Assassination Colonel Ahmed Bargta, a military police official. 18 10 2013

    All what is happening now in response to the killing of Colonel Ahmed البرغثى the Director police military, Albrgth, the house of the tribe Alawakir

    Benghazi final, the war began today

    Benghazi Tribes of the East supporting the tribe Alawakir Military force of Arafa tribe's
    The outskirts of the city of El Marg,, massing in Albakur gate after receiving news
    of al-Qaeda reinforcements to join Dernah Sharia supporters who rally in the Rulrhh,

    and news of all young Alawakir went to the homes of terrorist International Bouchtalh
    and the terrorist Salaabi .

    Libyan Islamic leader Ahmed Salem Bouchtalh denied that he was behind the attack
    on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi


    شباب درنة مع شباب بنغازي في معركة القوارشة بنغازي 19 3 11
    Youth Dernah with the youth of Benghazi in Benghazi battle Rulrhh the 19 311


    killing 125 soldiers al qaida style

    تعرض الجيش الليبى دخوله بنغازى مجزرة فى القوارشه
    Exposure of the massacre in Rulrhh Benghazi occurred some hours
    before the bombing started 19 3 2011


    Alkwyfah requests from Government trial of Sam Bin Humaid crime


    Qumu also serves alongside Salah al Barrani, who is "a former fighter" from the LIFG.
    Barrani is al Hasadi's "field commander on the front lines

  111. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=564242440311836&set=a.323995274336555.67767.176562402413177&type=1&theater

    security request



    Italian steamer loaded with a hundred and fifty armed car
    and more than a thousand Libyan troops and foreign
    heading towards the coast of Cyrenaica shortly before

  112. https://nl-nl.facebook.com/photo.php?v=531389933603753&set=vb.336851666344205&type=2&theater

    house bin hamid targeted



    للعقيد احمد Colonel Ahmed

    A picture of a martyr who helped save the Prime Minister
    from the bin Humaid militia in Tripoli


    If the silence continues the day will come in which we weep on Colonel Wanis Bouchmadh ,
    He is targeted by the bats of darkness‬

    @ 2.36 20 february 2011 Colonel Wanis Bouchmadh

    1. 10/18/2013 Revenge of the tribe of Al-Avageer to boss of gang "Shield of Libya", Benghazi, Libya

      Wesam Bin Hameed, the chairman of Supreme Revolutionaries Committee (SRC)

      The Benghazi Military Council is run by Sallabi an ally of Belhadj.

      Libya Shield is part of a constellation of Islamist-oriented militias that arose in Benghazi


      Now Bosidra sees Jbril’s camp and the federalists as working together to sideline the revolutionaries. 

      “So I think those people are pushing the Islamists and the thuwar to deal with them the same way they have dealt with Gaddafi,” he said. 

    2. Assassination Pushes Libya Towards Civil War Two Years after Gaddafi Murder


  113. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=673788965965795&set=a.241290572548972.68383.241252109219485&type=1&theater

    torture oct 10 Libyan man being tortured to death and brutal manner and throw it in the street

    october 14 2013 We have received the case citizen prisoners died as a result of being forced
    to drink "fire water"

    1. torture oct 10


      They were Ali Juwaida a member of the Warshafana tribe and of the Libya Shield forces, Muhannad Arabati, also Warshafana, and Salm Mukhtar Almashai, from the Mashashiya tribe.

      The three had been shot, their hands tied and there were signs of torture on their bodies.

    2. On this day last year Genocide that occur in the city of Bani Walid
      andCarried out by the militia called " Shield of Libya 19 october 2013


  114. Libya marks two years since the fall of Moammar Gadhafi on Wednesday,
    but instead of the freedom and development Libyans had hoped for,
    the country has fallen deeper into anarchy.
    Rival Islamist and Western-backed factions are melding
    with the country's dizzying array of militias, turning political feuds into armed conflict.

    Militias that include Islamic extremists are lining up with Islamist politicians in parliament, who have been trying to remove Western-backed Prime Minister Ali Zidan and bring stricter Islamic rule.
    Other armed groups support Zidan's non-Islamist allies. The result is a fractured system where political rivalries have the potential to erupt into civil war.

    22 0ctober 2013 compare mickey mouse at the right hand with

    with cap 20 october 2011

    black scarf second row

  115. "In Libya now, there is an armed wing for each politician,"
    said Abdel-Hakim al-Balazi,
    spokesman for the Anti-Crime Department,
    a militia umbrella group that includes Islamic radicals.

    Al-Balazi himself has been accused by Zidan of involvement in his abduction and was placed at one point under house arrest.
    22 10 2013

    21 february 2011 A Libyan man, Soula al-Balaazi, who said he was an opposition activist, told the network by telephone that Libyan air force war planes had bombed "some locations in Tripoli".
    He said he was talking from a suburb of Tripoli.



  116. 23 october 2013 Bombing shook Benghazi shortly before where they were targeting a militia camp Feb. 17 and injured four members of the militia, one of them in critical condition!

    Strange that this bombing was after they captured what they call Chadian mercenaries
    and charge them that they are behind the bombings and assassinations that took place in Benghazi.



  117. Federalists announced a government for Cyrenaica today.

    Consisting of a prime minister, deputy prime minister and 24 other ministers, it is viewed as largely the creation of Ibrahim Jadhran, the former Petroleum Facilities Guard commander who is leading the eastern oil terminals blockade and who was elected as head of the self-proclaimed Cyrenaica Council’s Political Bureau on 17 August.

    It was Jadhran who named Abdraba Abdulhameed Al-Barasi to be Cyrenaica’s
    “prime minister” three weeks ago and who today said that the announcement
    of the government was two days late but that “we fulfilled our promise
    of a new regional government”.



    zubair Ibrahim Jdharan


    now fights only for steal your wealth



    formation of a new administration for the National Oil Corporation ,
    based in Benghazi 9 october 2013

    raddisson tripoli NOC 2012

  118. Is this the reason why innocent Chadian migrants
    were arrested recently and accused
    of all the killings in Benghazi and even the dead of younis obaidi ?



    thousands of innocents captured, abused , prisoned , killed in 2011 because of the political propaganda


    Though some Chadians were active in Libiya 2011 :

    The name (Ali Abu Bakr) Chadian nationality was staying in one of the Arab Gulf states.
    Went to fight in Iraq, but was unsuccessful in that he came to Chad, where sat a while

    and then went to Libya during the war on Libya in 2011, participating the fighting in the ranks of NATO fighters brave!

    And then decided to go to northern Mali, followed by Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, .. battalion Tariq bin Ziyad .... And was the first who carried out a suicide bombing in the city of Kidal car bearing 100 Hauser shell




    Gourbal Nokour leads an opposition movement that aims to remove Chadian president Idriss Déby from power

    .In March, 2011, while still in Chad, he received a phone call from an old friend,
    Khalifa Haftar,
    once one of Gaddafi’s top army commanders.
    Decades earlier, Gen. Haftar had led Libyan ground forces in a conflict with Chad.
    After being captured and jailed in Chad, the general turned on Gaddafi.
    He moved to the United States once released.

    He called upon Mr. Nokour for assistance. Could he assemble a Chadian militia?“

    He [nokour] went to Egypt instead, and then crossed into eastern Libya.
    His militia was assembled there.
    Mr. Nokour was made commander, and was responsible to Gen. Haftar.
    His group moved around the countryside for months, engaging Libyan forces,
    fighting battles.

  119. The assassination of Colonel Adel Khalil Ataiwahani of the air base officers this morning Was shot dead in front of his house by unknown assailants


    Benghazi , 24 october 2013 The rising number of those murdered dissident officers
    from the army
    who joined the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and Ansar al-Sharia
    is more than 100 officers

  120. there will be no impunity for each criminal assaults
    on civilians and protected rights of the Libyan people
    and the legitimate state institutions
    Arab Organization for Human Rights 15 - 9 - 2013


    Mager prison Zliten - subjected to the worst kinds of torture
    Redah alAdi رضاء على العاتي
    led to the amputation , now suffering from deep wounds
    armed militias refused treatment and his health is now very bad

    Fawzi Hamza Shami فوزي ضوء الشامي
    Killed in Ain Zara Prison " Alruyemi " the severity of torture last year
    The strange thing is not the murder , but the style that was used to kill him specifically

    A machine to drill a wall was used to dig the skull
    And also the urethra was closed and the kidneys were exploded

    Fawzi was working in a so-called anti - drug device has been moved to combat heresy

    We also want to be referred to justice all who tortured the people of Tawergha."

    No investigations have been carried out into other serious abuses

    the testimony of one of the rebels who entered the area said
    that the rebels city الفولانية entered the Abu Salim hospital and liquidated the wounded

  121. London: Report of Human Rights in Libya

    - 304 cases of human rights violations

    - 15 thousand missing

    - 27 thousand prisoners under التعديب in the 261 detainees from detention militias

    - 75 thousand martyrs and dead



    dead toll 1807 Libiyan fighters till july 2013 Siriya

    305 rebel martyrs 2011

    Remains a dead toll of : 74695 Libiyans + another 15 thousand missing

    Question : migrants included?

    All NATO’s targets are military in nature and have been clearly linked to the Qadhafi regime’s systematic attacks on the Libyan population and populated areas.
    We do not target individuals,” said Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard, Commander of NATO’s Operation Unified Protector.’[7]


    The Prime Minister said that over 70 percent of Libyan military capacity had been destroyed, as claimed by NATO. Personnel 76,000

    15 September 2011 Around 15 percent of Kadhafi's forces are still operational, the alliance said.


  122. Reconciliation is not a goal we want to achieve but is the way we want to instil confidence among the citizens to serve as sons of one nation to achieve the aspirations of the Libyan people the freedom and security, stability and well-being.


    Political isolation law, if implemented, could lead to prevent between 10,000 to 20,000 government officials, former ambassadors and members of the judiciary who were linked to the Gaddafi regime to participate fully in political life.



    25 october 2013 Ghiryani Friday sermon mosque Murad Pasha Tripoli : blaming the Dar al-Ifta she had not authorized killings that targeted those who were serving in the military and security


  123. 24 October 2013 The Indictment Chamber decided to try 38 symbols of the former regime officials in Libya

    The lawyer Musa Alzentani of the families of martyrs of the Abu Salim prison
    pointed out that the public prosecutor has the right to appeal the decision
    of keeping the issue of the 38 accused
    The lawyer added that the Attorney General will determine the date of the trial
    of the 37 defendants at a later time

    The list includes accusations of genocide and incitement to rape
    and issuing orders to fire on unarmed demonstrators
    and bring mercenaries and the formation of armed militias to kill innocent people.
    Source: RT + Agencies


    Musa Alzentani
    7 june 2013 Mohammed Abu Alzentani collects the names of the Liberal Front fighters of residents Sabha and send them to Zintan.


  124. http://www.silviacattori.net/article2094.html
    The ‘Abu Salim prison massacre’ fraud


    28 october 2013 President of the Association of Abu Salim in Benghazi
    "Mohammed Almkaros" :

    The head of the government, "Ali Zaidan" signed today exchange transfers compensation procedures prisoners initial Salim,

    three hundred million Libyan dinars.

    "The Almkaros" : they made a proposal that compensates
    every person six and ninety thousand dinars for those imprisoned for two years,

    and the roof top of the compensation will be three hundred thousand dinars per year,

    and was imprisoned for thirty years سيتحصل three million dinars

    It is noteworthy that this compensation will include four thousand registered
    prisoners at Abu Salim Libya in the UK , according to "Almkaros".‬


    brother Adel bin Saud Financial Officer Association
    parents of the martyrs of the Abu Salim prison massacre


    It is noteworthy that Zubair Ahmed al-Sanusi is a former officer of the monarchy
    and the owner of the first military coup attempt on the Gaddafi regime in 1970,
    under which he was sentenced to death 31-year prison.



    Abdul Hamid Barasi , Zubair Ahmed al-Sanusi

  125. comment felix :People related to abu slaeem prison and BBC :

    Mohammed M. Ramadan, a Libyan journalist and announcer at the BBC's Arabic section
    in London, was a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir and opposed to the regime of Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi.


    Quilliam Foundation founder Maajid Nawaz has been imprisoned in Egypt in advance because he belonged to Hizb ut-Tahrir


    This is my first time inside, and honestly I don't want to be here," said Akram Mohamed Ramadan, a British-Libyan radio broadcaster whose father had been imprisoned here in
    the 1980s.

    14 million to nafusa

    In 2002, Time Magazine reckoned Mazin Ramadan a Seattle software startup CEO was someone to watch.
    Then, in August 2011, we see him in this obscure video d klay.flv loading crates of money into a plane in Benghazi (no fly zone, of course, so special NATO permission given)
    for transit to Nafusa.

    Anas Al-Liby recently lived in the United Kingdom, where he has political asylum.

    1. Quilliam Foundation founder Maajid Nawaz has been imprisoned in Egypt in advance because he belonged to Hizb ut-Tahrir :

      Noman Benotman, a friend of Libyan foreign minister Moussa Koussa,
      has told the BBC how he helped organise his defection from the Gaddafi regime.

      Mr Benotman used to be a leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group but now works for the counter-extremism think tank the Quilliam Foundation.

      He said he believed Mr Koussa would be negotiating with the British government and was very co-operative regarding intelligence.

      Ironically, Benotman was recruited as a Mujahideen to fight in the Soviet-Afghan war. He was one of the founders of the LIFG in Afghanistan.


  126. http://i40.tinypic.com/24x1lxu.jpg

    The establishment of 17 february revolution swept the Arab League,
    Arab and United Nations-sponsored New Libya


    and the NATO decision of the Council of the United Nations
    to destroy the power of the mighty tyrant
    who was preparing to take control of the whole of Africa


    There was a concerted effort to undermine Gaddafi’s agenda of building a united, strong, and self-sufficient African community and strengthening African multilateral institutions.


    A solution is a demand from the United Nations to send an international force mandated by NATO, which bears a moral and political responsibility

    to complete his mission after smashing official tyrant forces





    and leave the country in chaos governed by who owns the weapons.



    The revolution of February 17, will not be completed unless the United Nations
    again imposes security throughout Libya and clear off these armed militia's


  127. Rape in Benghazi 14-6-2011
    A girl of only 18 years of Ajdabiya
    went with her family to Benghazi as refugees
    Was kidnapped by armed militias and disappeared for five days
    and then her body appeared in a farm, where she was a Black ashes and some bones


    His Eminence Shaykh Muhammad al-Madani Alchuirv Eighty-fourth years ,
    languishing for more than two years in prisons of darkness

    august 2011 rebels have stripped him naked and tied up his hands and threw him in the back of a Land Cruiser car

    Sheikh Mohammed's daughter appealed to immediately intervene in the release of her father captive 05/11/2013


    Sheikh Gmad / Rimaad (picture) suffering several diseases within the prison
    and prevented to visit a doctor

    Since the fall of Tripoli on August 23 2011 , Libyan citizens were arrested

    According to the reports of international organizations the number of detainees
    has exceeded seven thousand prisoners , treatment ranging
    from disappearing from the first moments of detention
    most are exposed and subjected to torture , rape
    and various kinds of humiliation and human rights violations

    1. http://i39.tinypic.com/149s0af.jpg

      same guy?
      Mohammed Mhammed Bighir alFatmani
      Date of death 12/09/2012 Place of death Aleppo
      The cause of death shooting Rank free army
      Additional Information Libyan nationality

    2. same guy?

      @ 1.22
      May 28 battaillon in front of Sirte

    3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vW4rdHFGJOo

      Barber Egyptian terrorist

  128. https://www.facebook.com/AlshrartAlthanytSbha/posts/460028050784744

    prisoners in the prisons Misratah even their parents are unaware of their fate


  129. http://www.timeslive.co.za/africa/2013/10/02/un-finds-widespread-torture-in-libya-s-jails

    A view of a jail in Benghazi, Libya.

  130. جمال زوبيه Jamal Zoubih says that the uprising was carried out by 15% of the Libyans

    and who were fighting at the fronts are forces of the Libiyan army ,
    they Libyans and not mercenaries

    @ 0.24 albayda : a peaceful protestor

  131. In an interview following her release from prison and subsequent abduction, Anoud Senussi
    talked about the circumstances of her arrest and the disappearance of her cousin on the day of her release from prison in Tripoli.”

    Her comments reveal the extent of Libya’s alarming descent into rampant, violent chaos.

    “I believe the decision issued by the ICC is unreasonable. It came as a shock to me and my family, especially since it came less than 24 hours after the kidnapping of Prime Minister Ali Zeidan, who is considered the head of the state.
    If the Libyan government is unable to protect its prime minister, how can it protect my father or any other prisoner? This incident indicated that those who govern the country are the militias and gangs, which have already kidnapped me and the undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice, who was unable to protect me or himself.

    Moreover, the son of the minister of defense and several heads of media institutions were also kidnapped.”

    As for the regime’s willingness to abide by the rule of law and respect human rights, she said,

    “…why aren’t the Red Cross or even the lawyers allowed to peruse my father’s file and the charges against him?”

    Regarding the torture of her father and threats to potential witnesses she added,

    “We received factual information and photos proving that he was tortured, and there are people from inside the prison who confirmed to us that my father was subjected to torture.


    She revealed how the regime used her abduction as psychological torture in an attempt to coerce her father to admit to crimes he did not commit.

    “The kidnappers told me that they wanted to protect me from the militias that were waiting for me at the end of the road, to use me as a trump card to get my father to admit to acts he did not commit. This is what the government later confirmed.”


  132. At Least 13 People Died In Clashes In Libya

    This is the freedom of February Photos of clashes Gharghour.

    Gunmen open fire on anti-militia demonstrators in Libya

    15 Nov 13 Ambulances (and gunshots still going I) can be heard in Buslim,
    as they are bringing injured to the hospital there
    Benamer 15 Nov 13

    Bettamer February 21, 2011


  133. Libyan militiamen opened fire Friday on white-flag-waving protesters demanding their disbandment, killing at least 31 people and wounding more than 200 in a barrage of heavy machine gun and rocket-propelled grenade fire.

    Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zidan blamed the protesters and the militia alike for the violence, though witnesses said they saw no protesters carrying weapons ahead of the shooting Friday afternoon. By Friday night, however, some protesters joined by other militias had armed themselves and heavy gunfire rang out in the Tripoli neighborhood where the attack happened.

    Armed groups set up checkpoints across the Libyan capital, hoping to stop other militias from entering the city. Ambulance sirens wailed into the night.

    The march in Tripoli by thousands of protesters was the biggest show of public anger at militias in months. Since the 2011 fall of dictator Moammar Gadhafi, hundreds of militias - many of them on government payroll - have run out of control in Libya, carving out zones of power, defying state authority and launching violent attacks.

    The protesters marched from a downtown mosque to a neighborhood called Gharghour, home to the headquarters of a militia originally from the city of Misrata that has a powerful presence in Tripoli. Many militias have turned villas and residential compounds of former Gadhafi-era officials into camps where they stash weapons

    The demonstrators waved Libyan and white flags and chanted, "We want an army, we want police," referring to demands that the country's weak security forces take the place of militias.

    When they neared the building, militiamen in civilian clothes and military uniforms came out of the headquarters, opening fire. Protesters ran from gunfire while carrying others covered in blood.

    Libyan state television put the death toll at 31, with 235 people wounded.

    "You can't open fire at people who are exchanging fire," Zidan said.

    Protesters said they were shocked by the prime minister's comments, pointing to an image of a bleeding elderly man shared on social media.



  134. http://jamahiriyanewsagency.wordpress.com/2013/11/15/%D8%A8%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%81%D9%8A%D8%AF%D9%8A%D9%88-%D9%85%D9%8A%D9%84%D9%8A%D8%B4%D9%8A%D8%A7%D8%AA-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%A5%D8%AE%D9%88%D8%A7%D9%86-%D8%A8%D9%84%D9%8A%D8%A8%D9%8A%D8%A7-%D8%AA%D9%81%D8%AA/

    Video .. Brotherhood militia in Libya opened fire on demonstrators in Tripoli

  135. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=695561570455201&set=a.241290572548972.68383.241252109219485&type=3&l=27edcdc663&permPage=1

    Gunmen opened fire on anti-militia demonstrators in Libya

    علي بوشعالة Ali Bouchaalh
    مصطفى بوفناس Mustafa Bovenas {Money transactions and blood and death in February }
    مصطفى بوشحمة Mustafa Boashma

  136. - those who contributed from Zliten in Tripoli bloody massacre 15/18 November 2013
    -some well known names of the shed&slovenian massacre august 2011

    1 . احمد علي الفطيسي( المكنى بأبي مصعب الزليتني ) آمر كتيبة شهداء زليتن
    Ahmed Ali Futaisi (aka Abu Musab Alzelitni) Martyrs Brigade commander Zliten
    عبدالعزيز الفطيسي 15. Abdulaziz Futaisi
    فخري الفطيسي 16. Fakhri Futaisi
    23.عزالدين محمد الفطيسي Mohammed Futaisi
    shed&slovenian august 2011 four officers dissidents of the Libyan army
    الشهيد مفتاح الفطيسى Colonel Miftah Futaisi
    امحمد الأسود Black Emhemed
    محمد الدبرزى Mohammed Aldberzy
    الشهيد محمود عمران ادراه Omran Adrahou
    عبدالرؤف الصاري آمر درع ليبيا الوسطى زليتن 2. Abdalrav the mast/bazari
    commander of Libya Shield Central Zliten

    علاء الصاري 6. Alaa mast /bazari
    Mr. Adnan Bashir mast "President of the Assembly of the Association of Victims of the Holocaust detainee Yarmouk : the remains of bones found in the warehouse, in the presence of prosecutors and forensic doctors were transferred to the ministry , and asked to send samples for analysis to " ICMP "in Bosnia, and that the ministry has promised to open the cemetery after the Eid al-Fitr,
    but the Director of Administration Technical Search for the missing Dr. "EA Zureiq" resigned!! ".

    Mr. Adnan Bashir Bazari : On this day 24 of the month of Ramadan two years ago at Guantanamo Slovenian company
    ohchr : August 22 2011 Brazilian warehouse :A second warehouse, a few hundred metres away
    عبدالرحمن امسلم 12. Abdulrahman Amslm
    2011Mahmoud Amuslim: - a young man in the prime of his life of Zliten revolutionaries in
    Misrata and the first front of Zliten led by Mohammed Zadam
    الذويبي /althawibi assawibi
    20 Faraj Mohammed الذويبي
    22 Omran الدويبي
    2011 Abdulrahman Mohammed الذويبي

    28 Mohammed Zadam .محمد الزدام
    Mahmoud Mokhtar Zadam tells how he survived a horrific massacre at Yamouk Camp on Thursday 25 august 2011

    5. Mounir Cthati
    8.جبريل الشطشاطي Jibril Cthati
    9.هاني الشطشاطي Hani Cthati,
    2011Atiri : “ I run away with me both Amer Ogress of the population of the city of Tripoli souq juma and Ali Chettr from the city of Zliten area Mager “

    nr 14 The first martyr in the massacre: Ibrahim Alchoudy of Misurata الخفيفي ابراهيم
    by the criminal Ibrahim Tagouri:


  137. Afghan Khalid الخفيفي storming the holy Battalion in Benghazi of more than 100 members
    and killed more than 7 armed mercenaries in Bayda / february 2011


    Afghan Khalid الخفيفي /alchoudy/alagory to protect Tripoli, Libya :
    The truth is that the capital turned to the control of the Islamic Fighting Group,
    led by Belhadj and his companions

  138. https://scontent-b-ams.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/q71/250437_325940040869841_1498504899_n.jpg



    Group Gneoh in green hospital they beat a brown color man
    and humiliated him in front of people
    and they intimidated patients and medical staff
    unloaded bullets in the air,
    and then the man was taken to the headquarters of the Abu Salim security Committee.


    News on the abduction of Dr. Hisham Al Samadi one of the doctors intensive care hospital zawiya street in the area of ​​Ain Zara.

    المصدر : زنقتنا ...منتديات شباب ليبيا الاحرار: http://www.zangetna.com/t76594-topic#ixzz2lCzu51Xq

  139. Muammar Gaddafi gave the order not to use force against demonstrators at the beginning of the Nakba February 17, Mustafa Abdel Jalil recognition..

    [2] Physicians for Human Rights, “PHR and Human Rights Groups Call for Immediate Action in Libya,” February 22, 2011:


    20 november 2013 : Press solidarity says : Criminal Tripoli
    postpone the trial of al-Mahmoudi to next December



    20 november 2013 Dr Dorda replies honest and brave on charges made against him


  140. 2011

    The forces involved in the plight of February 17 :
    --25,000 Of elite soldiers of the Arabs ( Qatar - UAE - Jordan - Kuwait - Saudi Arabia - Sudan )

    --12,500 Special Forces soldier belonging to the NATO ( the French army corps African - Arab Army Maj. Gen. England - U.S. Special Forces - Malta - Italy - Turkey )

    - Mercenaries follow -Qaeda : 1200 Afghan - 800 Chechen --1,300 Algerian - 400 Lebanese --2,200 Tunisian --15,000 Egyptian --1,000 Sudanese --3,200 Gulf - 250 Yemeni - a European 400 - 600 Turkish

    - 300 fighter aircraft including 50 aircraft Arab ( Qatar, United Arab Emirates Jordan, Saudi Arabia) - 250 helicopter - 12 aircraft AWACS , including 4 Saudi planes - Number 2 nuclear submarine -
    4 aircraft carriers - 16 Battleship - 12 frigate - 8 submarines normal - 25 ships Guard coast -
    5 ships supply and logistics

    - In addition to the three Arab countries neighboring Libya, are Egypt , Tunisia, Sudan

    rebels have a small number of MIG-21 fighter aircraft that have flown within the supposed no-fly-zones

    .“That was a classic example of the U.S. using its technological supremacy to support local forces,” the official said. “Now we have Libya as another example.”


    From 31 March to 23 August NATO mounted 19,994 sorties, including 7,541 strike sorties when bombs and missiles were fired.

    In the week before 21 August NATO increased its attacks to 855 sorties and 306 strike sorties.
    By 13 July NATO had killed 1,108 civilians in Libya and wounded some 4,500 others.
    In the 24 hours prior to the NATO-backed rebels entering Tripoli approximately 1,300 Libyans were killed and 5,000 wounded. This has all been done in the name of the UN Resolution 1973 ‘protecting civilians’.

    Sirte has been bombed with 416 “key hits” from 25th August to 25th September

    21 October. Since the beginning of the NATO operation (31 March 2011, 06.00GMT) a total of 26,156 sorties, including 9,634 strike sorties*,have been conducted.

    1. 1,200 UK service personnel 350 Royal Navy seamen 700 RAF airmen



      Libya: SAS veterans helping Nato identify Gaddafi targets in Misrata

      intercepted phone of "Colonel Ahmed Bani"by Thuraya talking about mercenaries
      & he marginalize the role of the rebels in Misrata



      US Libiyan

      Militants from Tunisia and Algeria are trained in the city of Misrata .... ‬

      08-20-2011, 04:46 AM Urgent ... has been downloaded 1500 Thaer special forces led by Hifter in Tripoli by sea took control of Hotel Corinthia

      Image for Qataris participants officers in the bombing of the Libyan people: 08 AUGUST 2011

      NOTE : besides Egypt,Jordan,Qatar,Sudan,France,UK,US,German boots, Australian , UK ,US funshooters,large numbers of jihadi forces , even people of Paraguy and Argentin also were present on Libiyans soil

      Jose Emmanuel Piaggessi, 23, left, an Argentinean that fights with rebel forces, collects ammunition from a pickup at the front line between them and Moammar Gadhafi forces, 25 km west from Misrata, Libya, Thursday, May 26, 2011


      was part of a battalion of Benghazi , which came to zintan


    2. http://www.zeynepder.org/resimler/haberler/1461.jpg

      this chinese funshooter went to Siriya , is arrested in Turkey and transferred to China

  141. 2013


    misrata republic

    Solomon Alfortiah donor Bernard levy


    cyrenaica emirate
    controlled by members of the armed militia led by Aljdharan, the plants produce about 60% of the country's oil wealth in the remote desert areas


    Among Libya's eastern coastal cities like Ajdabiya, where oil is exported to European markets but jobs are few, Mr. Jathran is hailed as a modern hero,
    instead of derided for his lack of formal education or managerial experience.

    dernah emirate

    A (3,000-man?) army “based on Islam”


    massacre of Benghazi 06/12/2013


  142. 2013

    trabulsi republic

    Certificate Libyan nationality has been given to father Hisham humans



    gneoh Alkkla Abdul Ghani junta chief Abu Salim



    emirate of Sirte

    zintan republic

    Libya South

    Al Qaeda's logistics





    Libya Shield forces at the border points


    November 20 2013 The amazigh Muslim Brother Nouri Bushmin
    asked The 3rd Africa-Arab Summit ,
    to extradite Libiyan exiles . He claimed they could be a threat for the stability of Libiya

  143. To complete freedom to Libya by the standards of 17 february revolution :

    They must be arrested and executed because they make up a major threat to democracy

    they are:

    1 - members of the Revolutionary Committees numbers ( most of the Libyan people )

    20 -exiles

    23 - Tawergha


    and many other tribes like Rishvana :

    The presence of almost 7 graves on a farm next to the blood-Gaddafi camp 27 that was used by the offender Salah Gwedi den of torture and murder
    Libya Shield "Camp 27 " Outlaw صلاح وادي Salah gweidi

    Victims of Libya Torture by militia fourth Salahuddin


    or National Guard "Salahuddin"

    محمد مفتاح Mohammad Muftah , Human rights activist :

    My brother, we destroyed our country and NATO came and destroyed our military ,

    freedom does not exist in our country

    There is only freedom of murder in broad daylight in public as it happens these days in killing of peaceful demonstrators by the militias ,


  144. saud cleric arifi calls iraqi sisters to entertain rebels stationed in siriya


    Field Commander Salem Musa Yusuf الخفيفي/alchouda / alkhafifi


    Picture of him when he was an immigrant in Britain behind Sheikh Mohammed Arifi.

    Syria: Libyan and Tunisian jihadists forced under age Syrian girls to be sex slaves for the FSA.


    محمود البرعصي Mahmoud Barasi : And our ideal is Osama bin Laden and al-Zawahiri







  145. http://rt.com/files/episode/21/46/b0/00/english_international_2013-11-26_01_14_58.mp4?event=download

    Ansar al-Sharia targeting what is known as the Libyan army everywhere.


    the Libyan army forces Wanis Bouchmadh , SS commander
    speaks about the clash, which began from the Ansar al-Sharia
    and targeting supporters of the law

    supporters of the law , with artillery and anti-aircraft in addition to the various types of launchers deployed in the entire territory of Libya





    This is the remaining of the hope and dignity of Libyans in the eradication of terrorism and extremist groups,

    The legitimacy of the army against the militia's and Takfiris

    The image we give to anyone who wants "the army and the police"
    Picture shows a NATO missile targeted the headquarters of the Libyan army after traitors and crusaders gave Coordinates to NATO .. Destroyed the army ..
    Now you are asking for the Army!!


  146. Video shows the slaughter of members of the Libyan army in a brutal manner ..



  147. 28 november 2013

    Battles are now in Sidi Khalifa east of Benghazi

    A convoy coming from Dernah

    Initial reports indicate the death of one of the most important leaders of Ansar al-Sharia,
    "Ahmed Bu Khtalh" in bloody clashes in the region of Sidi Khalifa, 20 kilometers east of Benghazi

    The arrest of three people from the city of Derna in possession of weapons and bombs
    and a large sum of money
    february 2011

    In the Picture "Salem Kabylie" a young man of Dernah who rode bulldozers loaded with weapons
    to Misrata, and the picture shows Kabylie explains how to deal with the thrower

    This video shows a group of soldiers that when their bases had been attacked
    they refused to open fire which ended up with them getting captured.

    In the video you can see how the soldiers are being "interrogated"
    where one of the soldiers kept on repeating "we didnt shoot or kill anyone"
    After the "interrogation" they were taken to Derna where they were lynched alqaeda style

  148. Arms depot attacked in south Libya caused 40 dead today. 28 november 2013


    Al-Qaeda commander warned citizens from approaching the site of the incident ,
    adding that the security authorities rushed to secure the area

    The arrival of the first bodies to the hospital Barak Shatty

    Tuesday 23 aug. 2011 That afternoon, rebels had captured Gadhafi's enormous Bab al-Aziziya compound in Tripoli,
    Rafaii relates how the people here were killed. He says the killings took place at about 8 p.m. last Tuesday
    the remains of burned tires
    How long do tires burn? An individual one will burn a few hours (is a staple of desert survival courses)
    but a pile of tires can burn for years, depending on how large the pile is
    Human Rights Watch did not have sufficient evidence to establish who or what started the fire.

    That afternoon, rebels had captured Gadhafi's enormous Bab al-Aziziya compound in Tripoli, the symbol of the regime's power

    After the massacre, the soldiers threw car tires into the warehouse and set fire to them, says Rafaii.


  149. 25 november 2013

    picture from #Benghazi after militant opened fire on #Libya's special forces near al-Jala'a Hospital



    October 12, 2012 “It doesn’t make sense,” says Ramy Elobeidi, the former intelligence chief for the Libyan rebels.


    18 feb 2011 , friday, Meanwhile, the paper said that a group of protesters killed the managing director of AL-Galaa hospital in downtown Benghazi, Libya 's second largest city.
    The victim's body was tortured, it added.


    02/18/11 Government security forces have killed at least 84 people in three days, Human Rights Watch said in a news release Friday night based on telephone interviews with local hospital staff and witnesses.

    HRW said that telephone interviews with hospital staffers and witnesses led to the estimates.




    "But there is still a brigade that is against the demonstrators.
    For the past three days demonstrators have been shot at by this brigade, called Al-Sibyl brigade."The witness reports came on a day in which local residents told Al Jazeera that at least 200 people had died in days of unrest in Benghazi alone.

    The Benghazi toll includes "130 soldiers who were executed by their officers in Benghazi for refusing to fire on crowds" of protesters, IFHR's Souhayr Belhassen told AFP.






    March 1, 2011 Fred Abrahams special crisis adviser at Human Rights Watch :
    Our researcher arrived in Benghazi Thursday evening and found an atmosphere of pure celebration.

    16 December 2011 Fred Abrahams of Human Rights Watch (HRW) thinks that
    at least 50 Libyan civilians have died during the war against Muammar Qaddafi regime

    cdoebbler curtis doebbler
    #Libya: based on reports of eyewitnesses in Libya number of people killed by NATO-led rebels and NATO coudl be near 100,000 since February.

  150. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=us99BZdO3D4

    @ 9.17 Alrassed Aliby = N.C.C.L.H.R. ?


    The Libyan National Council for Civil Liberties and Human Rights (NCCLHR),
    established by law in November 2011 (Law No.5 – 2011)
    and supported through 9BRi by David Hammond
    as instructed UK Counsel and NCCLHR lead in London,

    Friday 21 October 2011 the new defence secretary, Philip Hammond,
    who urged companies to "pack their suitcases" and head there to secure reconstruction contracts.

    1. UK ambassador to Libya, Michael Aron, denied British officials in Libyan ministries lobbied for businesses.

      “We have a number of advisers in the interior, defence and justice ministries, at the invitation of the Libyan government. They are specifically excluded from commercial work,” he said.

      He admitted Britain did have an official lobbying for UK defence contractors at the embassy, saying:

      “We do have in the embassy one person for the defence sales organisation, whose job is to promote defence exports.”


  151. Consider /08/12/vantage-point-no-4-reading-the-rebels-in-misurata-libya/"
    this video analysis by C.J. Chivers; not a person on the crew running this artillery piece in Misrata knew they were standing ten times too close to that wall for safety. At least two rebel fighters were injured by the sloppiness, including one whose femoral artery was severed and who likely died soon after. (But they did the job - the place they were blasting was like swiss cheese, and had several very destroyed government soldiers and a mysterious charred boy inside.)

    his name is Hamid Shwaili
    آل السهيلي حامد Suhayli or Sewehli Swehli ?
    [ Misrata militia – the Saraya Swehli, commanded by Faraj Swehli ]

    @ 1.05 : this vid is shot at april 24 by andre liohn

    @ 0.47 -0.57 the man in background on the left of madani of Abu Salim Martyrs Battalion wearing a same cap as Sewehli /Hamid Shwaili as in caps of the Libiyan tank military
    Not all of these men have proved to be brave; in eastern Libya, journalists watched as many of them fled under fire, again and again


    Abu Salim Martyrs Battalion in Misrata

    andré liohn Fotografias:

  152. First, watch the raw video, below, which shows a group of rebels pressing an attack against a group of pro-Qaddafi soldiers they had surrounded in a small residential compound near Tripoli Street,





    The rebels’ sealift, made with NATO support, had brought them a weapon that helped tilt the fighting.
    We now know that the M40 was a decisive ground weapon in the siege.
    Flat-shooting, relatively easy to operate and very powerful, it allowed rebels to pound the buildings on Benghazi Street and Tripoli Street where the Qaddafi forces had taken up position,






    MISRATA, LIBYA - APRIL 20: Libyan rebel fighter rolls a burning tire into a room containing ensconced government loyalist troops




    Updated Sat 23 Apr 2011, "The rebels attacked us while we were withdrawing from Misrata near a bridge this morning," said Ayad Muhammad, a young soldier.

  153. M40 crew requires even more standoff than normal to ensure its safety.

    @ 0.33 Sewehli sitting on front of the jeep

    sitting @ 0.05?


    The building in the background is the building that was under attack in the video.


  154. 04/17/11 Misrata Death Toll Hits 17

    04/20/11Taamin building
    Near the battle's end, a team of snipers held out in a multistory furniture store called
    "Make Yourself at Home," al-Hadi said.
    Rebels fired on the building with anti-aircraft guns, forcing the snipers into the basement.
    Gunmen then stormed the building and rolled burning tires down the stairs.
    Days later, its stairwell was charred black, and the smell of burnt rubber and dead bodies fouled the air.

    10 June 2011 Misrata death toll rises to 31

    14 July 2011 four-fifths of residents of Misrata’s Ghoushi neighborhood were Tawergha natives.

    18 August 2011 'We discovered a mass grave containing 150 bodies in Tawargha.


    New York Times Reports On Libya Ethnic Cleansing of Black People Months Later


    Human Rights Watch has said about 1,300 people from Tawergha
    are detained, missing or dead,and abuses committed against Tawerghans "may amount to crimes against humanity and could be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court".


    2012 -2013
    prisoners killed in misrath


    list of detainees misrath


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