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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rape Allegations Ganging Up on Gaddafi

Friday, April 29, 2011
last update Feb. 4, 2012

Note June 10: The top prosecutor for the International Court that's Criminal (ICC) has just added mass rape charges to the arrest warrants sought against Muammar Gaddafi, his son Saif al-Islam, and brother-in-law Abdullah Senoussi. Therefore, the cartoonishly thick allegations below have taken on more importance suddenly (see also, at bottom, update for June 13.

Iman, in Passing: A PR Stunt for War?
The issue of rape as weapon in the Libyan Civil War is, by design, tied in with its most vivid and personal allegation, by Iman al-Obeidi. On March 26, the soon-to-be anti-Gaddafi icon dramatically revealed a multi-day ordeal of gang rape, abuse, and himuliation by 15 of Gaddafi's troops, one of whom she was able to identify as a high-ranking officer and a relative of Col. Gaddafi's.

The effect was huge. No one could be factually sure - even if the allegation was all true - that this was a crime of the regime as opposed to some drunk soldiers behaving very badly. But of course it was generally taken as the first. The appearance of cover-up hasn't helped, from her famously being dragged away to the government smears and insults, and the fear of being silenced she's expressed to the several western journalists who've been able to speak with her just fine. But her story, which I'll cover separately in more detail, is far from established truth.
Update June 10: In fact, her later exploits raise further doubts - she later escaped to Qatar, only to be shipped back to Benghazi battered and bruised anew, this time she said by the Qatari government.
An article of April 28 in the Nation of Islam-linked journal The Final Call gave the al-Obeidi story as reason 10 of "Ten reasons why the US War in Libya is a CIA Operation."
Rape is charged. A distraught, English-speaking, Arab woman fortuitously finds her way from days of gang rape by Gadhafi's soldiers into the only hotel in Tripoli where foreign journalists are encamped (apparently dropped off by her tormentors) where she reports of her ordeal to the gathered media who immediately, unquestioningly, broadcast the brutal crime to the world as proven fact. She claimed that she was detained at a checkpoint, tied up, abused, then led away to be gang raped—all whilst her assailants were defending Tripoli against a Western bombing campaign. “They defecated and urinated on me and tied me up,” she said, her face streaming with tears. “They violated my honor, look at what the Gadhafi militiamen did to me.”

Everybody who heard this woman's claims—except 100 percent of the Western media—immediately remembered October 1990, when a sobbing 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl gave unsworn testimony in a Congressional hearing chaired by Zionist congressman Thomas Lantos in which she described what she saw in a Kuwaiti hospital with her own eyes: “While I was there, I saw the Iraqi soldiers come into the hospital with guns, and go into the room where … babies were in incubators. They took the babies out of the incubators, took the incubators, and left the babies on the cold floor to die.”

The girl was actually the daughter of a Kuwaiti ambassador, and had been coached by the public relations firm Hill and Knowlton to give false testimony. Three months passed between the hearing and the start of the first Gulf War during which the fabricated incubator story was repeated over and over again by seven U.S. senators and ten times by President G.H.W. Bush himself. It was recited as fact in congressional testimony, on TV and radio talk shows like Nightline, and at the UN Security Council. It is cited as the single most persuasive reason that the American public backed the first Iraq War. None of those involved with the hoax have ever faced legal reprisals. CIA √
Actually, that highly relevant stunt has a better parallel, subject-wise, in the fakery-supported claim of Gaddafi's snipers picking off young children. But this additional charge has been more effective and convincing than that cartoonish claim. As Wikipedia explains it "[al-Obeidi's] insistence on telling her story in public had the effect of challenging both the Gadaffi regime and the taboo that surrounds discussion of sex crimes in that country." In a time of no shortage of challenges to Gaddafi, this one was always sure to "win the women's vote" for regime change, as it were.

And the impression given by the "taboo" part, is that this social pioneer is our first glimpse into a dark pit of systematic sexual violence. Prurient puritanical imaginations tend to run wild with things like this, and it's been widely presumed Iman represents but a screaming tip of a silent iceberg.

Africans Here to Rape our Women!
Indeed, it's much larger, say the balanced experts in rebel territory. The fear of rape by big, black, African mercenaries is a common theme of the alarmism of the early days. First, there are valid questions over how many foreign merceenaries there ever were in this war. Many or all of those captured as such, who have been double-checked, are either Libyan fighters from the south, or foreign workers (see below).

Yet these peoples' pigmentation had allowed a near-hysterical conflation of these into a mostly phantom enemy - the foreign, black African fighter. They were largely killed, forced into hiding, or chased away. They were captured in the hundreds by armed rebels, bludgeoned to death by gangs and de-pantsed in public, shot execution style in the dozens, hacked down, hanged in the squares, burned to a crisp, and in once case, awkwardly decapitated at the center of a night-time celebration in Benghazi's main square. (see: Rebel Atrocity Videos)

A few hundred other black African workers die each time one of the vessels carrying them capsizes in the Mediterranean, trying to flee this madness to Italy. Gaddafi is blamed, and it's called an attack on Europe.

With their skill identifying the nationalities or combatant status of their victims, one wonders if any of the rebel claims of the mercenary rape spree were reliable either. This from the Monthly Review, April 20
The Independent's Michael Mumisa observed that "foreign media outlets have had to rely mostly on unverified reports posted on social network websites and on phone calls from Libyans terrified of Gaddafi's 'savage African mercenaries who are going door-to-door raping our women and attacking our children'," and he speaks of "a Twitter user based in Saudi Arabia," who "wrote how Gaddafi is 'ordering african mercenaries to break into homes in Benghazi to RAPE Libyan women in order to detract men protesters!'"
Some of the particular Twitter tweets of rumors that managed to get in and out of Libya, despite the internet shut-down, and might have wound up stoking that ethnic cleansing:
LibyanThinker URGENT!!! From contact in the Army: So far, 1300African Mercenaries have arrived in #Libya to date. Cant' the World hear our cries??? Sat Feb 19 2011 23:21:00 (Eastern Standard Time) via TweetDeck Retweeted by you and 84 others
Tripolitanian I URGE THE LIBYAN ARMY TO SIDE WITH THE LIBYAN PEOPLE - don't let these African mercs kill your family! #Libya #Feb17 Sat Feb 19 2011 20:23:04 (Eastern Standard Time) via web Retweeted by you and 54 others
LibyanThinker NEW! #Gaddafi has given the African Mercenaries full freedom in raping Libyan women. #Libya Sat Feb 19 2011 19:57:04 (Eastern Standard Time) via web Retweeted by you and 20 others
Might be A Hundred / Family Values Assaulted
On April 17, The First Post in the UK ran a more scholarly article supporting this tactic by the more regular forces, if not the mercenaries. It's entitled "Gaddafi's Men use Rape as a Weapon of War," and reads in part:
Horrifying accounts of the systematic use of gang rape as a weapon of war by fighters loyal to dictator Colonel Gaddafi have emerged from Libya. Women have been violated in front of their own children - and some have asked their relatives to kill them rather than face Gaddafi's men.

Khalifa al-Sharkassi, a German-trained doctor based in al-Baida in north-eastern Libya, told the Sunday Times he is collecting the testimony of abused women. He believes as many as 100 have been subjected to gang rape.
Sharkassi decided to speak out despite rigid taboos on discussing rape or "dishonour" as it is known in Libyan society. He told the story of one 28-year-old mother of two, identified only as Leila, who was violated with one of her young children in her arms. Leila told Sharkassi she was raped on the night of March 14 by Gaddafi's soldiers who came to her home when her husband was away fighting for the rebels. She said: "The soldiers told me they would kill my children. They sneered 'you or your children'. I held one son close but one of the men forced me down onto the bed, then it happened..."
The attack took place as her children, aged 4 and 5, watched. Such is the shame associated with rape in Libya that Leila's husband will not see her and she is contemplating suicide.
Reporter Hala Jaber says this is just one of many cases he [sic - a she] has been told about. In another, a woman was raped over several hours, losing consciousness and waking again to find a bad bite on her breast.
These stories are emotionally upsetting and such atrocities are possible enough in a war situation. But they are neither confirmed nor proven, serve a suspiciously useful role as anti-Gaddafi propaganda, and even if true do not prove - or even strongly suggest - any government sanction for mass rape as a tool in their campaign.

Only Regime Change can Save these Kids
Social taboos are cited for the lack evidence of widespread sexual violence in this war. But children can be so much more open, with the social norms of the adult world not as firmly imprinted yet. It was so that Michael Mahrt, with the organization Save The Children (and who could disagree?) oversaw hundreds of interviews with children displaced by the fighting. Reuters reported, April 23:
Save The Children said it had spoken to nearly 300 children in six temporary camps in rebel-held Benghazi and heard reports of rapes and murders committed within the last four weeks in Ras Lanuf, Ajdabiyah and Misrata.
In one case mothers who had fled the fighting told the charity that a group of four or five teenage girls in Ajdabiyah had been abducted, held hostage for four days and raped.

"The stories are similar that we get across these camps. I am completely confident that this happened," [Mahrt] told Reuters.
Please note that Mahrt "said the families and children spoke of "soldiers" committing the assaults, but the charity could not say which side they came from." This leaves it open, in some instances at least, that rebel fighters could be responsible. In fact, if all of them used the same vague term - "soldiers" - it might be a sign of coaching. It is well-established that a majority of child sexual abuse is committed by those within the home, or from near it.

The interviews were carried out in "temporary camps in rebel-held Benghazi," and detailed attacks "within the last four weeks." But these were newcomers, with tales from "Ras Lanuf, Ajdabiyah and Misrata," places where fighters of both sides have had some free reign. In civilized and loyalist-free Benghazi, rape of children has probably been eradicated, we're to believe.

Clearly, the effect of that STC report, like the others, is more demonization of the regime. Even leaving the identities of the pedophiles unclear (perhaps because 2/3 of the kids described rebel attackers?), few people out there will read this and decide we have to "save the children" from perverts among the freedom-fighter camp. That would be rather an uphill battle to start without even offering any specifics, considering this media climate and that the rebels are becoming the recognized government of Libya day by day. Now more than ever, the bad things must have been done by the bad guys. 

"Male Enhancement" from the Regime of Rape
As if it's not enough that "Gaddafi's men" are using sexual violence against women and children, the United States' top voice at the United Nations is taking a cartoonish new twist on a new offensive for international support. The US ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, says Gadhafi troops have been issued Viagra to enhance their drive to war-sex-crimes! As reported by MSNBC, April 28
UNITED NATIONS — The U.S. envoy to the United Nations told the Security Council Thursday that troops loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi were increasingly engaging in sexual violence and some had been issued the impotency drug Viagra, diplomats said.

Several U.N. diplomats who attended a closed-door Security Council meeting on Libya told Reuters that U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice raised the Viagra issue in the context of increasing reports of sexual violence by Gadhafi's troops.
"Rice raised that in the meeting but no one responded," a diplomat said on condition of anonymity. The allegation was first reported by a British newspaper.
Several diplomats said Rice provided no evidence for the Viagra allegation, which they said was made in an attempt to persuade doubters the conflict in Libya was not just a standard civil war but a much nastier fight in which Gadhafi is not afraid to order his troops to commit heinous acts. "She spoke of reports of soldiers getting Viagra and raping," a diplomat said. "She spoke of Gadhafi's soldiers targeting children, and other atrocities."

Rice's statement, diplomats said, was aimed principally at countries like India, Russia and China, which have grown increasingly skeptical of the effectiveness of the NATO-led air strikes, which they fear have turned the conflict into a protracted civil war that will cause many civilian deaths. Most council members, diplomats said, had expected Gadhafi's government to collapse quickly. They said the frustration felt by India, Russia and China would likely grow if the war dragged on.
Ouch. That didn't go well. One should hope. No one else finds it reputable. MSNBC again reported on April 29
There is no evidence that Libyan military forces are being given Viagra and engaging in systematic rape against women in rebel areas, US military and intelligence officials told NBC News on Friday.
While rape has been a weapon of choice in many other African conflicts, the US officials say they've seen no such reports out of Libya.
Not only the Viagra aspect of the rape campaign, but the rape campaign itself is unsupported, say these unusually square-sounding (but unnamed) military and intelligence sources.

This claim is cited as originally coming from the British tabloid press, but it seems to have been aired earlier yet on al-Jazeera, March 28, and that came from those trustworthy rebel-affiliated doctors:
Several doctors say they have found Viagra tablets and condoms in the pockets of dead pro-Gaddafi fighters, alleging that they were using rape as a weapon of war.

They say they have been treating female rape survivors who were allied with pro-democracy forces.
The stuff allegedly found in the pockets of dead men was evidence for the allegation. The only evidence, for the highly useful allegation. The UK Daily Star was one to repeat it on April 18:
A Libyan doctor says there has been over 100 cases of rape and Gaddafi has even issued troops with Viagra to fuel their attacks.
Sounds like our good friend Dr. Khalifa al-Sharkassi, whose work I gave some credence to above. A bit less now. The Daily Fail was another, on April 18:
Details also emerged yesterday of gang rape being used by Gaddafi’s soldiers, many of them African mercenaries supplied with Viagra by the Libyan leader’s officials.
And now after Rice they're recycling it, predictably mixed-in with Save The Children's Concerns. The Mirror, April 27:
Gaddafi thugs 'rape children while pumped up on Viagra'
CHILDREN as young as eight have been raped in front of their families by Viagra-fuelled troops loyal to Colonel Gaddafi, aid workers claim.
Otherwise, it's a repeat of the previous findings, with no support for the Viagra part, from aid workers or otherwise.

Who Else in Libya can Combine Violence and Penises?
Recall the frenzied tweets about Afro-Mercs and therir door-to-door rape sprees. The new authorities caught some of these dark foreigners and managed to get them into a jail alive. The proof was shown, about 50 captured Africans, paraded before journalsists in late March. Unexpectedly, one of the trophies spoke up, and was noted by a writer for the Los Angeles Times:
“I am a worker, not a fighter. They took me from my house and [raped] my wife,” he said, gesturing with his hands. Before he could say much more, a pair of guards told him to shut up and hustled him through the steel doors of a cell block, which quickly slammed behind them.
Times reporter David Zucchino, our interpreter and I skipped the bus ride back and instead got a lift from a passing motorist. In the car, our interpreter, a Libyan national, asked Zucchino: “So what do you think? Should we just go ahead and kill them?
Between these two exchanges, the man in question was argued down, by a gaurd producing his Gambian passport, which "proved" he was a mercenary killer, not a Gambian worker living in Libya with his wife. His name was written down, as Alfusainey Kambi, and someone should check up on him. One can only wonder, if this brave man's story is true, does it show a fluke incident, or is Mr. Kambi the vocal tip of a silent iceberg?

It's also said this video's audio track is of a woman explaining how she and at least one other young woman who supported the government were punished - with gang rape - by part of a rebel mob. I can't understand spoken Arabic, but it's said "she is calling for the Libyan army to come to save them!" As is sometimes said of the rebels making their i-phone videos, this girl might be risking her life to come forward with this charge, living as she is behind enemy lines and there's no one coming to the rescue.

I've always wondered what life is like for known Gaddafi supporters in Misrata. The rebels are in charge there but under siege from without, and maybe looking for fifth columnists within, or seeking to intimidate them into silence or death. Here is a horrifying account of systematic mass rape, murder, dismemberment, and so on that I'm inclined to doubt. I hope to God it isn't true and we have a desperate lashing back in the rape-baiting ring of this propaganda war.
Update May 23: Rape Parties in Misrata New allegations from the BBC's Andrew Harding of mass rape come from two young black men captured in Misrata. They confess in some detail to being forced into a huge cue to rape some young rebel women. Analysis and de-bunks split off to this dedicated post.

In summary, the two boys, aged 17 and 21 and apparently from nearby Tawergha, said they were compelled (and paid a bit) to partake in the gang rape of four daughters from a certain family. There was smoking and dancing to pop music, and family members were bound, shot in the legs, and forced to watch. They said they heard broadcast on the military radio bragging about doing this to 50 families.

When they were later interviewed seperately by a professional from Amnesty International, the captives' stories changed, conflicted, fell apart. All in all, I conclude there's a damn good chance they were just coerced by the racist rebels. The myth of mass rape by black Tawerghans was seeded in the minds of Misrata's rebels and told to the world outside, to pump up the one for the coming purge of the enemy town, and to explain to the other why their final solution for their southern neighbors was justified.

Update May 30: Male rape in the Benghazi underground
Considering the social taboos against discussing rape, and additional taboos against homosexual behavior, a Youtube video conveys something I find odd. To the whole world, a young male allegedly freed from an underground dungeon at the Katiba base in Benghazi, openly speaks of his rape and that of others, by government soldiers.

He tells of the sodomizing of an old man with a stick, and their being urinated on - as well as generally tortured and humiliated, starved, and finally slated for hanging, in a busy five day ordeal. Much of this was done by African mercenaries, the rest by col. Gaddafi's own son Saadi and his trusted aide Abdullah Senoussi.

The brutal end of all this was only averted at the last minute, he says, by the fall of the Katiba. Praise God and pass the popcorn - it's like a snuff movie where reality itself is the victim.

Update June 13: The ICC's announcement of expanded charges to include mass rape led to a small controversy. A top UN investigator who'd just been to Libya finding facts dismissed the broad sweep of charges, if not each and every one, as the product of a "massive hysteria," leading to impassioned rebuttals. But he had reason to say that, citing a questionable claim of 70,000 questionnaires being mailed in the midst of the war and receiving 60,000 responses with 259 reports of rape by regime forces. His mission asked for copies, but the woman responsible was unable to produce any for them. Yet it was her claim of "proof" of mass rape that convinced the ICC to add it to the reasons to arrest the three most powerful men in Libya today.

One of them. Sennoussi, was indicted for not planning but "participating" in attacks on civilians. See the previous entry and ask yourself, were these alleged attacks Moreno-Ocampo cites below ground level? We don't know - the ICC's evidence is redacted and secret.

Updates, Feb. 4, long overdue:
Allegations and Crimes of the Takeover Period and no more Gaddafi regime to blame anymore:
UK Daily Mail, Aug 31: Father slit throats of three daughters in 'honour killing' after they were raped by Gaddafi's troops
This was in Misrata, reported by Physicians for Human Rights. As the Mail put it, among other uncovered alleged crimes, "Gaddafi's men ... used rape as a weapon of war with deadly consequences." Even if the allegation is true, we can see they had a little help with the deadly part.

Richard Sollom, who was the lead author on the report, concluded that no one had evidence that rape was widespread - but the fear of sexual assault was endemic.
'One witness reported that (Gaddafi) forces transformed an elementary school into a detention site where they reportedly raped women and girls as young as 14 years old,' the report noted.

Distress: Iman Al-Obeidi claimed she had been raped by Gaddafi's men when she rushed into the Rixos hotel in Tripoli
It added that it had found no evidence to confirm or deny reports that Gaddafi troops and loyalists were issued Viagra-type drugs to sustain their systematic rapes.
Researchers also heard reports of suspected honour killings - including the murder of the three sisters by their father.
But PHR also noted that 'some in Tomina have stood up against this practice, including a well-known sheik who has publicly advocated for raped women and girls to be seen as brave and bringing honor to their families'.

Gaddafi's Revolutionary Nuns: Raped by Gaddafi and Friends?
Routine abuse of his own female bodyguards and other female soldier types, covered in a post here.

Gaddafi's Revolutionary Nuns: Raped and Killed by Rebels?
The flip-side.Again, both sets of allegations have problems and are less than totally convincing.

Male Rape at Abu Salim Prison
Araya Human Rights Organization reports, Oct. 3 the story of "eyewitness 1":
- Taken by force to the criminal investigation general administration –Tripoli.

- Confined to a collective crowded cell with neither places to sit nor to sleep.

- Bad smells intensively and intentionally hurt the prisoners.

- Garbage, rubbish, and waste products were accumulating and amassing every day, when prisoners asked to remove these material they were answered “shut up O’garbages” .

- Limited meals and drinks, just few loaves of bread, cheese and water.

- The guardians were all black skinned, non-Arabic speakers.

- Ten prisoners were raped and filmed to compel the others to stop talking about these crimes.

- A cousin of the witness (who had helped bringing the witness to the prison) visited him in the prison warning him that he would face the same fate if he didn’t accept to fight with Al-Gheddafi brigades, our witness said yes I would, he got out of the prison and fled immediately to Tunisia.

- Unfortunately, the witness family still supporting Al-Gheddafi and refused to receive our witness calling him a traitor.
Did they add "liar?"


  1. Therefore it is time to impose a Viagra embargo?
    Where is her dignity?

  2. Ha! Yes indeed, as I've been saying around, and others are agreeing - it's an embarrassment this person is representing my country at the UN. Some updates coming...

  3. The West would do anything to win wars, I mean remember that CURVEBALLZ individual who came and told the world that Saddam was making WMDs in moving trucks, then Rumsfeld came forward with all his not so fancy looking charts, satellite images and graphics to prove that yes, what curveball is saying, is indeed true. The the media did the rest.

    The same is happening now. The West is the best at propaganda war, they have been involved in it since WWII, heavily, the US is ahead of the whole world infact.

    I mean US propaganda can make you perceive war as "peace", can make you perceive "10,000 bombs" as a "saving civilian lives mission". It can make you perceive mass murder as an accident, and an accident as terrorism. It can make you see invasion as liberation, and occupation as nation building. It can make you see good as bad, and bad as good. It can make you see genocide as self defence and self defence as terrorism.

    The list goes on, the US media has achieved a lot, but most of the techniques were inherited from Nazi Hitler himself.

    If you want to counter the propaganda, it isn't easy, you have to be constantly ready to collect the data, differentiate between reports and driven assumptions, differentiate between credible witnesses and witnesses with agenda, or a cause to lie.

    I see you have worked hard above, and have tried to pierce through the MSM propaganda machine, and through the false accusations made by politicians then amplified by those with agenda on the ground. In the end, it isn't enough, they say the "winners of war write the next chapter of history".

    If NATO wins this war against Libya, the truth will vanish, and you will be my witness as I say this, that the Viagra claim will automatically become true, and every other B.S they have spread as war propaganda lies.

  4. Thanks for an excellent comment that's pretty much right on.

    On the last part, NATO probably will win - though I'm hoping for a partial victory. But the truth won't die. It just won't be crowned king for a long while. I'll care for it in exile. See "The Lockerbie Divide" for a truth now ready to be accepted - as soon as the old target is gone and it's time to demonize Iran with it...

    On the second-last, see "Un Avenir Incertain in Libya" on this blog, and read the English version of that report. I was heartened by seasoned intel and terrorism experts referring to disinformation and distortions they had to sort through to get the truth of the matter. Despite their efforts to find the Libyan government brutal and deceptive, their conclusions came out way closer to their version of events than to the one we've been told.

  5. http://www.nachdenkseiten.de/?p=9737


  6. There finally seems to be real hard evidence of rape.

    From Facebook:
    "Report Libya: Hala misrata Pregnant after being raped 17 times in Tripoli Abu Ghuraib Jail"

    Libye -- Les rebelles montrent Hala Misrati peut être enceinte
    (Libya - The rebels show Hala Misrati may be pregnant)
    Uploaded by algeriaisp on Dec 31, 2011

    1. Apparently Hala Misrati has been found Dead.

      This appears to be pleasing to LibyanYouthMovement probably because she was very much pro-Gadaffi.

      It seems 7 million (?) 'Free' Libyans celebrated on 17th February. Probably as valid a claim as the Photoshop image therein -- does the small boy with the white hat on have an hand on the handlebar of a badly cropped inserted image?

      Situation appears to be going downhill rapidly?


  7. It seems that pre-occupation Libya developed a market of domestically produced mobile Arab porn. Computers with broadband connections were rare, while everyone had a mobile phone. As this market depends on the charging and billing of the mobile telephone network, it remained totally unseen and unknown to Western Internet users. Rape seems to be a favorite theme in Arab porn.

    In wartime, when people stated investigating each other's mobile phones, these porn videos caused a moral panic. Some people genuinely thought that they depicted rape by "Gaddafi soldiers" shot on the camera phone. Even CNN was goofed. (more links)

    Yesterday a social media source published a video on Facebook and Twitvid he claimed to show rape of a French journalist in Benghazi by Libyan rebel rats. Today his accounts on YouTube and Twitter are blocked. (The video was not uploaded to YouTube or Twitter, only linked to.)

    The video is now available in censured form on the LIBYASOS channel here.

    I do not know if this video is genuine or shows anything like it is claimed to show. It could just as well be rebranded porn. I saw the original of the CNN video. It was clearly fake, as it used multiple camera angles and possible multiple cameras. Clearly shot in a studio. The "Benghazi rape" video however looks more genuine; it is shot outside in one shot with a mobile phone. Somehow raw mobile phone footage has an aura of authenticity!


    Note the new YouTube account: jumairamoon.com is now redirected to MutasimGaddafi on YouTube. Previously it redirected to youtube.com/user/Jumairahd. I do not remember the name of the Twitter account, but it also seems to be closed.

  8. Here is a blog post repeating the rape allegations.
    F-Se! RAPE: The Reality of Libyan Women in the Times Of Freedom and Democracy.

    The linked video titled Rape of a journalist by NATO rebels - rats from Benghazi "has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy on nudity or sexual content."

  9. There's a bit about it here on Jezabel.com...
    looks like it might be a false flag.

    1. Jezebel : it's still available, and appears to depict some sort of gun battle.

      I see rebels in Green sqare 26 aug , firing out of joy in the air

      The twitter account shows no signs of a Benghazian full of rage right now

      "We can't know if the two are connected" : I can't too : what a jezebel [ name of false prophet] and Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women have for connection with rebel - politics ?

    2. Jezebel often means, more or less, whore or tramp (or something along those lines). I don't know the bible story. It's some kind of feminist site, for sexually liberated women perhaps. I'm cool with it, they ran an article on a video that'll be hard to se. So far the comments are all about the images they used, now still there but doubly pixelated.

      And I agree it's more likely a false flag than some idiot loyalists punishing a foreigner.

    3. The Jezabel article is the worst kind of crap. They conclude that the video was made by Gaddafi loyalist because someone who uploaded a copy once said something good about Gaddafi. Because loyalist made the video they must be the rapists. The rape must have been revenge for being taken to court for their evil crimes...

      The whole rape video is a non-issue. It is only interesting as the reactions to it help identify the loony from the evil.

    4. I don't disagree. The other video analysis was also very poor. Some kind of gun battle? It was rebels shooting the celebrate the arrival of BSL or whatever, who had helped them get their first illegal diplomatic recognition and enthusiastic criminal air support and other French crimes against humanity on behalf of the rebellion.

      Who the hell this poster is and what their agenda is is to me quite murky, not any kind of self-evident.

      Bad analysis.
      Benghazi is also the home city of Iman al-Obeidi, the woman who accused Gaddafi supporters of raping her last March. She said they targeted her because Benghazi was a rebel center.
      There could be something of a precedent in there, considering what a fruitcake and politically-motivated liar she turned out to be. But enraged loyalists of the mad dictator, enraged by a trial I'd be enraged by ("national unity??" WTF!@??), in fury post this video, for what purpose again? Random bwahaha evulls? To make sure they're as hated as possible, as if that's even needed to sustain the ongoing purge?

  10. Two more versions of the video on Facebook in poorer quality.

    غرفة عمليات الصقر الأوحد

    Lice Sa Poternice:

    * Rape to the death of one journalist by NATO rebels - rats from Benghazi and the desecration of the green flag, which was so many years a symbol of Libya and the Libyan people!

    * The video shows the brutal rape to the death of one "Guardian" journalist - French origin, by NATO rebels - rats from Bengazie. Poor woman, she was mistress of one of the protagonists of this brutal act. After a night they spent together, her lover was invited his friends to have a "fun" with her against her will! At one part of the clip, he says that she was up all night with him in the car and that they had a sex, while another actor added that he would show her how he will f..k her.

    * At the end one of them say that she is dead and that they have to leave her and go away!!! To this rats - worse than animals, were not enough this rape to the death of this poor woman so they resorted to do this horrible act at the crushed green Libyan flag in order to desecrate it more.

    I am sorry for bringing this smut here. I know regular contributors to this forum prefer to go through megabytes of eyeless, brainless, headless bodies with an extra serving of flies and maggots. But as this is claimed to be a war crime, I feel that we have to investigate.

    I agree that this material is not suitable for YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. Authentic or not, it is clear that who ever shot the footage did it for pornographic pleasure. Promoting it on social media means that it might find its intended use.

    1. Heads on a spike type use, perhaps. No need to apologize, of course. I checked out the Jezabel link, read the above, can't install the new Flash to see the Facebook one, which sounds different and scarier than the one I saw stills from. How many of these things are there all of a sudden? No time to take a look deeper at the moment. It does certainly deserve sorting out,

      As soon as sex and nudity are mixed into the deadly violence and abuse, it's a whole different standard. I'd have to see the video myself to get the best feel for what's actually happening there, but I gather it's not available at the click of a mouse.

    2. The censoring at Libya S.O.S. is not effective at all. It should be pulled now that I have my copy.

      I had a hard time just watching closely and it bobs all over, but This seems like, however it was first setup, some teenage kids with no malice but clearly no respect, mostly just fondling the semi-conscious women. It's sick and criminal, I hope she's safe now. I don't know the story, if this was all that happened, but that original posting by an apparent Gaddafi supported suggests more demonization is the intended use. Perhaps that's how they defuse problem videos they find their own ranks making?

      Sorry, confused - the second video is the same? She's supposed to be raped to death here? I need to re-watch that closer, but it seemed nothing like that. More like falling back alseep maybe. Anyone else? Is this hyperbole, or did I miss something?

    3. The other video of Libya19692011 is the visit of the hideous Bernard-Henry Levy to Tripoli ..."He took the rebel military commanders three times to meet Nicolas Sarkozy.
      He was with Sarkozy and Cameron in Benghazi and Tripoli and witnessed the curious nature of their relationship"
      Video of this creep here in London, December 2011 in front of a load of liberal (ie.not) intellectuals who love to pat each other on the back for being, er , clever. In 2007 Levy, with the odious Nick Cohen opposed the motion there that Democracy isn't for everyone. (like China, for instance....) People like Levy are irrelevant to the 99 per cent of voters in a democracy.

    4. The video shows a gangbang with four men, including the camera / mobile phone operator. I can see no signs of violence, or even simulated violence by actors.

      The people look Mediterranean. The location is a beach, some frames seem to show the sea in the background. There is no indication this is in Libya. There is a green cloth, I do not know if it is intentional.

      The woman has plumpish, I do not think she has the physique to be a war correspondent – or any traveling foreign correspondent for Western media. Her hair is short, most likely a sign that she uses a wig.

      Based on the appearance of the woman I would guess she is a professional entertainer in an Arab country. She may be described as a belly dancer. In Libya this may include the role of a porn actress.


      The Lice Sa Poternice Facebook now contains download links. I am reposting them here in case the Facebook page (with the video) is removed.

      - lower quality (15 MB):
      - better quality (58 MB):

      The 58 MB version is not really of any better quality. It is just a rescaled version of the same poor quality video. (The original video on Facebook had somewhat better quality.)

    5. Great assessment, Petri. I watched the latter half closer, and they are starting to really rape her, a bit, and apparently intended more. If she died, however, it wasn't from that, but probably the drug she's on. I'd guess about 1:58 is where he says she's dead (true or not - didn't check her pulse that I saw) and the guy gets up away from her face. The green fabric does look to be the right shade, I think, to be a green flag, suggesting Libya or Libyans anyway, disdaining it.

      Agreed on her body type and hair. Belly dancer or some other entertainer sounds pretty likely. She could be a camera friendly journalist, with the right makeup, a respected female correspondent not hired for teenage looks. Has France noticed any missing journalists? But allin all, your call makes more sense.

  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8QDxhvd7q8&oref=http%3A%2F%2Ft.co%2FaZ5BB4nD&skipcontrinter=1

    rebels cut women breast in libya { woman was loyalist]

    1. There is nothing on the video that proves this was in Libya. In fact one commentator suggests it is from Indonesia.

      There are however real claims of NATO/US rebels cutting off women's breasts in both Libya and Nicaragua:
      Libya, 2011 and Nicaragua, 1984: Everything old is new again

    2. cant find the link now, but she has Libiyan name , loyalist and happened somewhere in cyrenaica. vid you see here is not the complete one. original, you also see her back with a big hole in it, where the doctors are pourring in. I always suspected it for stealing organs of this sweet lady

    3. Petri: Chilling stuff, that. Might sadly be more to the old government's claims than I wanted to acknowledge. I'll have to either update that soon, or consider it overdue anyway.As for Nicaragua, I've heard it was horrible, but man... wow.

      Hurriya: I need to look again closer (I saved a copy), but it didn't seem clear her left breast was sliced off, just missing. (The right one's intact, right?) The random tears to her side just past that and, if what you say is right, the hole right through her back (left side, I'd guess?), sounds like possible injury from a bombing strike or rocket attack, where something just tore through her whole left side. I'll report back if I think differently once I feel up to re-watching that.

      Also, as with all sides and all sources, just because someone puts a name and identity on a video doesn't always mean it's true. It's worth noting, of course, as the only info we have, other than what can be seen visibly.

      OTOH, "one commentator suggests" isn't much a counter-point. Depending what they based it on. I'll counter both by suggesting Mexico, as that's where some of the most horrible things have been happening on the greatest scale - always a good guess. The pigmentation as I recall could fit people from all three places.

    4. http://www.intrepidreport.com/archives/2118

      US, NATO supporting 2,000 “Al Qaeda” irregulars in Benghazi

      This reporter was shown raw video footage of the Salafists in Benghazi cutting the throat of a Qaddafi supporter and severing his head. The footage was reminiscent of the “Al Qaeda” beheading in Pakistan of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl and American Nick Berg in Iraq. The Libyan journalists asked me why such footage of rebel atrocities is not being aired by CNN, Al Jazeera, or the BBC. I replied, “Corporate control by the Western war industry.”

      I also saw another video of the wounds sustained by a Libyan nurse in a Benghazi hospital who was horribly disfigured by Salafist guerrillas.

      The woman’s head was cut in several places, her throat was cut, and she had deep gashes in her arms. The Libyan journalists also witnessed other women in Benghazi whose breasts had been cut off by Libyan rebels.


  12. "I know regular contributors to this forum prefer to go through megabytes of eyeless, brainless, headless bodies with an extra serving of flies and maggots" : sharp analyse , had to laugh a lot, though the sadness of everything what happens to innocent human beings

  13. Reference Iman al-Obeidi’s rape story:

    Sandra Barr has an objective analysis here. (Hope this isn't duplicated elsewhere?)

    There are some other links claiming she was a Libyan prostitute but the images didn't look like her.

    She is currently in Denver having been allegedly transported by orders of -- Hillary Clinton. Need one say more? :-(

    The vid about female journalist being raped by NATO rebels:

    If linked via tweets @Syria appears to download a payload 'in order to view' that hoses PC machines, if opened. Chrome warned me but there are reports on Twitter of the payload defeating Norton A/V.

    Guess it's Mac-safe, but who knows?

    Saadi Gadaffi:

    Lizzie Phelan (I trust Lizzie, she's in Syria!) as others, reporting that Saadi warns of impending uprising in Libya.

    This has got the NTC mob laughing initially, but then has taken their tweets off Syria to begin tweeting feverishly for extricating him from Niger and posting vids about his bisexuality, male-rape, brutality and typical hate evoking memes.

    If correct one would think if anything happens it will be on 17 Feb?

    There are other interesting links on Lizzie's Blog, rape-unrelated.


  14. Good analysis by S. Barr. Thanks.

  15. Rapes are now ongoing acts of war in rebel-held cities, like an organized military strategy, according to refugees. Joanna Moriarty, who’s part of a global fact-finding delegation visiting Tripoli this week, also reports that NATO rebels have gone house to house through Misurata, asking families if they support NATO. If the families say no, they are killed on the spot.  If families say they want to stay out of the fighting, NATO rebels take a different approach to scare other families


    Even at Janzur, they are not safe. Libyans harass them constantly, taking cellphones, money, even light bulbs. They are press-ganged into working as day laborers, for long hours and for little or no money, neglected by the rebel soldiers supposedly there to protect them. More than 10 women — some married, pregnant even — said they were gang raped by armed Arab men the night the rebels entered Tripoli. The men of the camp could not protect them.

  16. Writing about the NATO troops gang raping of Libyan Muslim women and girls
    Susan Lindauer, former US Asset covering Libya at the United Nations , had
    stated that” It’s a story CNN won’t report.

    Late at night there’s a pounding
    on the door in Misurata. Armed soldiers force young Libyan women out of their
    beds at gun-point. Hustling the women and teenagers into trucks, the soldiers
    rush the women to gang bang parties for NATO rebels—or else rape them in front
    of their husbands or fathers. When NATO rebels finish their rape sport, the
    soldiers cut the women’s throats.

    One weeping father told the fact-finding delegation how NATO rebels targeted seven separate households, kidnapping a virgin daughter from each pro-Gaddafi

    The rebels were paid for each kidnapped girl, just as they are paid
    for each Libyan soldier they kill— like mercenary soldiers. They hustled the
    girls into trucks, and took them to a building where the girls were locked in
    separate rooms.

  17. http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/11/western-media-war-crimes-believing.html#more
    The evidence comes from two ladies. One lady calling herself Hana Elgadi.

    This is her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/people/Hana-FreeLibya-Elgadi/100002451017820 .
    You can't make out who this woman is from the pic but it's pretty certain what her political motives are.

     The other lady mentioned in the article, Nader Elhamessi, claims to work for a human rights groups called 'World for Libya'.
    Sound suspicious?

    Well....this 'human rights group' was just created and their website domain name registered only about a week before the article (by an estate agency in London that deals with central London property - Chesterton Humberts.

    The lady who registered it has recently had her name removed from whois. I think it was Jessica something..from memory). The website wasn't even completed at that time

    If you go to their website http://worldforlibya.org/ you can see, again, their political persuasion, although they claim they're not political. They also claim to have raised 300,000 pounds in their first fund raiser. Wonder how that money was spent?
    If you google Nader Elhamessi, she doesn't seem to exist anywhere but this article and all the copies over the net.

    1. Very interesting, hurriya. The co-owner of the luxury estate agents in Londonm, Chesterton Humberts is Libyan born Salah Mussa - see article in Daily Telegraph here Also a past chairman of the Mercantile Group, an investment company with offices in London, Abu Dhabi and Libya. Their website shows them very active in doing business in Libya in 2009. Founded by Mohammad Moussa who came to London in the early 1970s. I think Salah is in the middle here - now, who's that on the far right??
      This is a very interesting article about Mussa. "Vincent* and I are friends" *Vincent Tchenguiz

    2. Mr (sic) Nader Elhamessi was a company director in London. See also here which calls his charity World Medical Camp for Libya,active in Tunisia.
      On this BBC Page, The call of the Arab Spring for expats in Britain 16 Sept 2011, you can see Ms Hand Elgadi, described as PA in an investment bank, aged 21.
      Notice also , in WFL website Dr David Nott: a renowned laparoscopic Surgeon who works at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Has volunteered for many years for the charity Médecins Sans Frontières. He most recently served in Misrata during the height of the siege.

      Interesting commentary on Elgady and Elhamessi on this forum page

      THe World Medical Camp for Libya seems to have been founded before 22 February 2011 by Ekram El-Huni and others.



  19. Sakhar Kousa – son of Moussa Koussa, Col Gaddafi’s foreign minister, who defected – joined the cash equity desk as a broker in 2008


  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaldpWHWpEw&feature=youtu.be

    Tobruk - NTC-mercenary captured admits rape and murder of an entire family - 30 Mar 2012

    Rats have stopped the car where the family traveled, than they killed the father, while mother and 3 daughters were raped then slaughtered.

  21. I don't understand the significance of this video, كفر كتائب القذافي واختطافهم للشباب واغتصابهم للحرائر uploaded 16 Sept 2011 by 17febb, 3 guys talking, which translates as Kafr Brigades Gaddafi and abduction of young people and raping of the silks

    1. this is a misrata vid , army talking to a captured rebel. I always thought the captured one is an alike of malta zmirly

      قذارة مرتزقة القردافي واسير من مصراتة
      Uploaded by alfeqi on May 4, 2011

    2. Brilliant, as usual. Same place and time. thanks.

  22. 15.45: The case of a Libyan lawyer who burst into a Tripoli hotel claiming to have been gang raped by Muammar Gaddafi's troops was "shocking to the whole world", according to William Hague.

    Mr Hague was asked about the plight of women in Libya by Liberal Democrat Jo Swinson (E Dunbartonshire).She asked:

    "In the light of reports that rape is being used by Gaddafi's forces as a weapon of war and the appalling arrest of a rape victim who dared to speak out, can you give us more information on the political programme announced by the INC (Interim National Council) on how the voices of Libyan women will be heard as active participants?"

    Hague :You draw attention to one very well-publicised case in recent days which has been shocking to the whole world about the treatment of women by the Gaddafi regime.

    A [ Libiyan] government official yesterday said the men she accused of rape had brought criminal charges against her because it was a "very grave offence to accuse someone of a sexual crime".


  23. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjfAkNRQur0&feature=channel&list=UL
    Libya Women #1 Enemy Psychologist Seham Sergewa (4) مجرمة ليبيا سهام سرقيوه

    June 19, 2011 'The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court said this month that evidence was emerging that Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi had authorized his soldiers to rape Libyan women, an assertion that seemed to support months of rumors about a brutal, continuing campaign'
    Luis Moreno-Ocampo cautioned that these were only allegations, however, and human rights investigators have since raised questions about the assertions.

    Amnesty International said its researchers had not turned up "significant" evidence to support the claim of mass rapes. And M. Cherif Bassiouni, chairman of a United Nations commission investigating human rights violations in Libya, said he and his team had so far interviewed only one victim and had been told about a handful of other cases.

    Much of the controversy — as well as the early, unconfirmed evidence of mass rapes — has centered on the work of a Libyan psychologist in Benghazi, Dr. Seham Sergewa.

    Dr. Sergewa said that she had identified at least 259 victims of rape from more than 60,000 responses to surveys she and other volunteers distributed over several weeks in eastern Libya and along the Tunisian border. She said she had personally interviewed 140 rape victims.

    @ 1.57 sergawa & 2 other rape claiming drs
    @ 3.06 : the other drs
    [@ 3.11 @ felix : have y seen this fat UK man ?]

    do we meet sergawa here again ? @ 8.36 in conversation with LSE Alia brahimi
    [@6.36 : an ordinary woman with sat telephone]
    [@ 7.01 they were killed here & 9 were killed in the kitchen]

    Woman's advocate Gita Saghal: 'Rape is used as a weapon of war'

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FghgRrHLt6o&feature=related

      raping loyalist families in misrata by rebels, take the children of these ppl

      "we took the young ladies to the Justice office and raped them @ 2.22 and after cut their bazoulaa.I could not refuse c they would kill my family"

  24. Women said they had been raped in numerous cities and towns: Benghazi, Tobruk, Brega, Bayda, Ajdabya and Saloum in the east; says the Libiyan Herald


    Reporters and Writers. Libya Herald needs more Libya-based reporters and writers in either English or Arabic. Work from home.
    Contact editor@libyaherald.com or phone 0925608694.

    Libiyan Herald seems to have a Guardian connection , as 17 feb before

  25. see also this page from Women under siege by Diana Wueger (mid 2011 I guess) but the writer seems to have a political agenda, especially when much used is made of the Obeidi incident.

  26. http://libyasos.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/libyan-liberation-frontline-news_07.html
    The Algerian agency ISP has confirmed today in an official dispatch
    the authenticity of the video that shows the savage rape of a Western journalist by rebel soldiers in Libya.

    The Algerian agency notes that the images were transmitted from the communication center of Darna (Pro CNT), and anticipates that the perpetrators of the rape and murder of journalist battalion belonging to the rebels “Himayat Benghazi.”

    The Information center Darna (port city in eastern Libya) has filed a complaint and discloses the French origin of the victim.

    in Libya

    pro Libyan Resistance and Green Women abducted and raped by rebels in the following locations: the Consulate of Kuwait, the former home Aisha Gaddafi, El Jadida prison and Ain Zara prison.


  27. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1273638&l=165323a79e&id=297509086955875
    Libya S.O.S.

    The women in #Misrata are mad because of all the lies about them being raped by Gaddafi's soldiers!

    And they said that it was nothing but a lie which the rebels of Misrata used in distress when they were being attacked by Gaddafi so that they can get the west to intervene and help demolish Gaddafi through the media and that rebels of Misrata asked the NTC and prime minister to go on TV and falsify rape evidence!

  28. Now comes the latest entry in the gullibility sweepstakes. From the hallowed BBC, of all places.-June 15, 2011

    Hana Elgadi
    The evidence comes from two ladies. One lady calling herself Hana Elgadi. This is her Facebook page
    The other lady mentioned in the article, Nader Elhamessi, claims to work for a human rights groups called 'World for Libya'.
    Sound suspicious?
    Well....this 'human rights group' was just created and their website domain name registered only about a week before the article (by an estate agency in London that deals with central London property - Chesterton Humberts. The lady who registered it has recently had her name removed from whois. I think it was Jessica something..from memory). The website wasn't even completed at that time If you go to their website http://worldforlibya.org/ you can see, again, their political persuasion, although they claim they're not political.
    Nader Elhamessi from World Medical Camp Libya

    Jude Mahmoud, a solicitor and coordinator for World Medical Camp Libya,
    23 Feb 2011 @ 1.43

    @ 0.45

  29. http://www.haveeru.com.mv/libya/41547

    Luis Moreno-Ocampo said Friday

    "We are building a rape investigation without any victim of rape,
    so we do not present names or faces of victims of rape," he explained.

    Instead, the probe will be "based on the testimony of doctors who received hundreds of victims, hospital records, video footage and confessions of soldiers in the army who can explain what happened."

  30. Diana Eltahawy of Anmesty International gave an interview in Arabic with Jenan Moussa on Aug 29 with Akhbar Alaan TV here or here on YouTube."Gaddafi soldiers raped men in prison". I can't find an english version. However I do note a report in McClatchy Newspapers ,28 August at the same time by David Enders who quotes Eltahawy:
    Diana Eltahawy, a researcher for Amnesty International, the prisoners' rights group, said xenophobia had long been a problem in Libya.

    "They've made the problems worse by saying in various interviews that black mercenaries were responsible for the worst abuses against the civilian population, like rapes and mass killings," Eltahawy said, referring to the rebels. "A lot of these reports were widely exaggerated, especially the rapes.....Still, she said the rebels seemed to have committed fewer war crimes than pro-Gadhafi forces....

  31. Ben Ras Ali says the neighboring town, Tawargha, committed atrocities in support of Gadhafi's siege.

    "They have tortured and killed and displaced, and burned fields and houses, and they have committed the ultimate sin in our culture and our religion, which is rape, and all coming from supposedly a good neighbor," he says.

    Asked if those neighbors should be allowed to return, he says: "Not in my lifetime, I don't think. And this is coming from somebody who is very moderate, I would say."

    There's one more fact about the town that was destroyed. In this overwhelmingly Arab nation, most of Tawargha's population was black.

    And Misrata residents have made an explosive charge: that this city of some 30,000 black people rose up as one, marched into Misrata and raped Misrata women.

    Though the U.N. Human Rights Council has found little evidence of this claim, it was used to justify the destruction of a town.


  32. 11/09/2012 Les Proies,
    an unproven western wet dream about the inexhaustible potency of the Colonel :


    100 Senegalese models to Tripoli, officially, to attend a beauty contest, but privately to serve as mistresses for the nymphomaniac dictator.

    Annick Cojean: I have visited Libya at the end of the revolution

    I met a longstanding opponent who became a rebel leader who told me that there was a lot of rape. I learned that women were very important in the revolution and were systematically punished by rape.

    Rape has been used as a weapon of war: whole containers of Viagra have been ordered in the occupied cities were rape was committed en masse around Gaddafi: first rape, then kill.

    It was hard to meet victims and at last I met someone who told me she was raped, not during the revolution, but before and by Gaddafi himself. And then I got an incredible story.

    My book is primarily the testimony of one of these girls,

    -What might be the consequences of the publication and promotion of your investigation?
    Annick Cojean We are interested in the West to know what happened in the basement of the residence of Kadhafi


    Waiting for #Libya gov / #alQaeda apology for #rape of Amb #Stevens. "Maybe we got a bit carried away, but he was #gay, so he asked for it!"

    1. Lately was known that The ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens, was missing almost immediately after the start of an intense, four-hour firefight for control of the mission, and his body was not located until Wednesday morning at dawn, when he was found dead at a Benghazi hospital, American and Libyan officials said.

  33. http://arayahro.blogspot.nl/

    Aug 10, 2011 ,ahmed sewehli wrote:
    During that time I officially set up the Misrata Psychiatry Team with the approval of the Misrata Medical Committee and Misrata Transitional Council.

    Dr Nagi Barakat is also aware of this team.

    Dr Seham Sergewa (clinical psychologist who appeared on CNN and alJazeera) visited Misrata for a seminar 2 days before I left.

    Dr Ahmed Sewehli: says systematic rape beyond Misrata - Full interview

    In newer blogs 8000 women are raped and dr Dr Ahmed Sewehli,Head, Misrata Psychiatry Team,Misrata, Libya, urge :
    Do please ensure that you coordinate all mental health work in Misratah with Dr Ahmed.

  34. Sewehli

    Abdulrahman Al Sewehli Press


    Ahmed Sewehli : On 2 March a human rights group declared that 6,000 people had been killed in the crackdown on protesters

    Ahmed Sewehli : Why is the world watching a [regime] massacre its own people?

    1. August 23, 2011,Bashir Sewehli, a Libyan activist, told Al Jazeera English a few minutes ago that the rebel Transitional National Council now claim to have captured three of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s sons: Seif al-Islam, Saadi and Muhammad.

      @ 0.13 Farj Swehli, commander Misrata brigades


      although here it looks like another person with same name : The commander of the Libyan Swehli militia of Misrata, Faraj Swehli (C),

      At least one party, the Misrata-based Union for Homeland, said it would not work with a government that chose Jibril as a prime minister.
      Abdurrahman Sewehli, leader of the Union for Homeland party which won the most votes in Misrata, Libya's third largest city, beating the Muslim Brotherhood's party into second place, said Jibril's former ties to Gaddafi could not be overlooked.

      London 'Quds Al-Arabi' of Ahmad Masri said Abdul Rahman Swehli candidate for prime minister of the Government of Libya

      = GNC: The Moslem Brotherhood is discreetly pulling strings to see that Abdul Rahman Al Swehli, the representative from Misurata, is named prime minister

  35. Barakat

    June 9, 2011 More than a dozen rape cases, documented by Dr. Nagi Barakat, prompted the International Criminal Court to accuse Gadhafi of using rapes as a weapon of war.


    Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi sent his soldiers and mercenaries, armed with Viagra, to rape women as young as 12 in order to "humiliate" the men who are opposed to him, the health minister for the Libyan rebels told ABC News.

    Nagi Barakat, NTC Health Minister


    the Head of Libyan Doctors Assoc. Nagi Barakat on Al-Jazeera, 20 feb 2011



  36. Reply To Dr Nagi Barakat

    The fact that you go & see the relatives of the Libyan royal family doesn't help either.
    The bottom line is the way you approached things was wrong, it gave the wrong image, thrown suspicions on the LDS and made people question your motives.

    You will need a long time to win your colleagues trust.

    former Minister of Health Nagi Barakat :


  37. Seham Sergewa

    the allegations come from one Libyan woman, who claims that she sent out inquiries about sexual assaults to 70,000 women, that 60,000 of them responded, and 259 reported they had been abused.
    But when investigators asked this solitary source to show them the questionnaires, as investigative reporter Russ Baker tells us,
    she could not produce the evidence


    Much of the controversy — as well as the early, unconfirmed evidence of mass rapes — has centered on the work of a Libyan psychologist in Benghazi, Dr. Seham Sergewa.



    At that time, Blogpost reported that Libyan doctors who treated female rape survivors said they had found Viagra and condoms in the pockets of dead pro-Gaddafi fighters.

    Quick question: why are “doctors” who are treating rape survivors going through the pockets of fighters?

    Who are these doctors?

    Are the dead soldiers processed by the same doctors who see rape victims?


  38. Viagra and condoms and Susan Rice


    1. The testimony of Suleiman Refadi, an Ajdabiya surgeon, in this Al Jazeera piece is the closest thing to a direct claim that Viagra has been distributed to troops. But, as Lynch points out, Human Rights Watch followed up his allegations and say that Refadi had “no direct evidence”,


  39. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKkTsRQjTM4&feature=related

    @ 1.01 : “at me only one wife . I'm convinced that the man should be content with one woman “

  40. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVFEztVnY4U&feature=youtube_gdata

    @ 6.59

    Viagra and Drug Shipment to NTC Rats in Libya Confiscated in Tripoli

  41. Hafed Al Ghwell ‏@HafedAlGhwell
    Libya female student sexually abused & filmed by "security officer" in benghazi ... Can libya descend any lower? Can the UN be more quite?
    3 nov 2012
    Danya Bashir ‏@ceoDanya
    Just herd about the girl who was gang raped in #Benghazi by SSC.
    My prayers are w\ her&her family.Those responsible must be held accountable

  42. Libyan Youth Movement

    An event sponsored by the Canadian Libyan Council (CLC), please spread and share, and attend if you can!

    In collaboration with the International Human Rights Program and Munk School for Global Affairs at the University of Toronto, the CLC would like to announce an upcoming conference on Sexual Violence in the Recent Conflicts in Libya and Syria - Challenges to Protecting Victims & Pursuing
    Accountability, which will take place at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law on February 8, 2013 (8:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.).

    The CLC is a proud sponsor of this event. This conference will bring together scholars, international lawyers, policy makers, and activists from around the world to discuss a critical topic.

    Registration will open January 7, 2013 and space will be limited. (Registration will be available at: http://munkschool.utoronto.ca/events/)

    The University of Toronto is able to offer a limited number of travel bursaries ($25) for attendance by members of the Libyan Diaspora within the Greater Toronto Area. Please contact us for more details.

    The event will be videotaped and made available to interested groups and NGOs in the region later in February/March.
    There will also be a special edition of the Journal of International Law and International Relations that profiles papers and commentary on the topic.

    In examining post-conflict transformation and reconciliation models from other nations such as South Africa, Chile and Argentina, leaders such as Mohammed al-Alagi, the Libyan interim justice minister, prioritize coping with crimes committed by former regimes through an investigative committee.

    Al-Alagi hopes this body would show the public the realities of living under Qaddafi’s oppressive rule. “You can’t imagine how people suffered,” he said, “They raped women in front of their fathers and brothers.”

  43. One Tawerghan man said that in the Sikt detention facility near Misrata in August, members of the Murdaz Brigade from Misrata tried to force confessions of rape:

    They wanted me to say I had raped. They ask most people from Tawergha to say that they had raped. They beat me. They used an electric stick on my back and my stomach… they did it over and over. And some of them beat us on our feet twice… They put me in a room by myself and asked me if I raped; I said no.

    They asked me where the orders came from in Tawergha. “Where were the weapons?” I said, “I am a civilian... I know nothing about the military.”

    They told me to confess that I raped five people. I don’t know why five people. They hung me with a pole between my legs and my arms. They beat me up. They used a whip for horses and told me to confess…

    That lasted five hours. They whipped me on my feet, my legs, my hands. There were lots of different people in civilian clothes.

    They were taking turns. The investigator was giving orders. After I was beaten, I passed out for five minutes. When I woke up they were standing over me, spitting and cursing at me, and saying, “We will send you back to Africa.”

    One Tawerghan detainee said that the Misrata fighters who captured him in Tripoli took him to a private building there and beat him with whips and rifle butts.

    “I confessed to raping women because I thought that would get me released,” he said.
    “But the beatings continued [in Misrata].”

    The man’s captors said they would take him to “Hotel Jenat,” [Hotel Hell] the man said, which is Misrata slang for the local cemetery.

    The man displayed fresh gashes on his face and arms, and blood was visible inside his mouth. During the interview, the man lost consciousness for about one minute.


    The spokesman said: 'We discovered a mass grave containing 150 bodies in Tawargha. These are the corpses of civilians kidnapped from Misrata by Gaddafi’s loyalists.'

  44. Britons in aid convoy kidnapped and sexually assaulted in Libya 28 3 13
    Libyan security officials said the attacks happened in the early hours of Tuesday morning.
    Abdul Barghathi, commander of preventative security in the Libyan defence ministry, said the women had been sexually assaulted, but not raped. "There was no rape, just touching (sexual assault)," he said.

    Picture of the British of Pakistani origin .. Which was subjected to a rape of NATO and the rebels in a Benghazi clinics

    Suicide of a member of the infantry battalion involved in the incident Pakistani Benghazi

    Was found Friday morning a member of the infantry battalion involved in the incident of rape of young girls Pakistani Benghazi committed suicide in his apartment

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