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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Once Again, Khamis NOT Dead

February 25, 2012

Thanks to Felix for this fascinating tip - for at least the third time in a year, Khamis Gaddafi, believed to have been killed, was not. At least according to the following dispatch from the Tripoli Post.

BREAKING NEWS: Khamis Gaddafi Captured by Zintan Forces, Another Blow to Pro-Gaddafi Remnants
24/02/2012 22:45:00
The Tripoli Post has learnt from reliable sources, that Khamis Gaddafi, one of the sons son of the dead dictator of Libya, has been captured by Zintan rebels near the towns of Regdalin and Jmail in western Libya near the borders with Tunisia.

Khamis who was also a commander of the Gaddafi forces during the revolution and participated in the killing of the civilian protesters in Zawiyaha, Tripoli, Misurata and other Libyan cities and towns was well known for his brutality and crimes.

His most feared brigade, named the Mechanical 32 Brigade, played a major role in the suppressing of the uprising and also committing many war crimes.

Zintan forces captured Seif Gaddafi three months ago in the Sahara desert and he is now imprisoned there.

Khamis has been reported dead many times during last year's conflict but he always turned out to be alive.

More to come.

Unconfirmed reports say that his doctor has also been captured and that Khamis has an amputated leg.

His convenient death story with no proof in late August was less than convincing, and I suspected he might still be around, although we sure didn't see any proof. Now Zintan's oddly positioned forces, already holding Saif al-Islam incomunicado, say they can confirm that.

Now he can go on trial for the shed massacre he allegedly ordered personally. This makes us and our findings suddenly more significant.

Unless he now dies. But even that only lasts until he emerges alive yet again.


  1. I'm sorry caustic , but you have many Libiyan readers of this blog. When you write about a Libiyan flag : next day you see it changed.

    when write something about Khamees and the battle of Tarhouna : next day this Tripoli Post writes about a captured Khamees.

    It is all spin : Aisha has confirmed her brothers dead some months before

    1. I'm curious on what basis she confirmed that. They haven't been handing over remains or anything lately.

      What was the battle of Tarhouna comment? Something you wrote yesterday? Do share, I think I missed it.

      It could be just spin, which in itself is a little interesting. If we see no confirmation, it'll be like before, with "captured" replacing "dead" But they're giving a lot of detail here, more than before. They've been able to convince us with Muammar, Mutassim, and Saif. If they can't do that here, I'll call bullshit on this story.

  2. I checked some of the MSM :

    He was near Khamis when he died, hit by a missile near Tarhouna as their convoy travelled from Tripoli towards Bani Walid a week last Friday. [ = 26 aug]


    Earlier that day, though, ABDUL SALEEM ATAHARI had the last known sighting of Col Gaddafi himself. At around 1.30pm he saw Khamis and the Colonel, along with his daughter Aisha, talking in the Khamis Brigade HQ in southern Tripoli.

    Col Gaddafi set off in a convoy of TWO CADILLACS AND FOUR TOYOTA LANDCRUISERS, another civilian witness in the area told The Sunday Telegraph this week. The Libyan leader not been seen since, but Aisha, heavily pregnant, arrived on Monday in Algeria along with her mother, Safiya, and two of her brothers, Mohammed and Hannibal, where they are claiming asylum.


    [Daou gave as date leaving tripoli 19 aug ]
    https://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2011/10/25/141694091/gadhafis-final-weeks-as-told-by-a-top-security-official ]

    The 60-vehicle convoy left Tripoli at around 4.30pm, Abdul recalls. Khamis was travelling in a heavily-armoured Toyota Land Cruiser.

    We have almost certain information that Khamis Gaddafi and Abdullah al-Senussi were killed on Saturday by a unit of the national liberation army during clashes in Tarhouna (90 km southeast of Tripoli)," spokesman Ahmed Bani told Al Arabiya television.

    Tarhouna conquered by rebels and Nato on 26 aug

    معركة ترهونة المعركة التي قتل فيها خميس القذافي
    battle of tarhouna : note on the way from Tarhouna to Bani Walid, killed by RAF Tornado and missile Prime Stone


    Sons of Malcolm always seeks to check and double check the veracity of statements in relation to the struggles of the Global South, including Libya. We have found out from reliable sources that Siser Aisha Gadaffi HAS NOT made this statement. Sons of Malcolm apologises for putting this statement out without checking, and will seek to ensure such as mistake does not happen again. Apologies to Sister Aisha and the rest of our brothers and sisters. - Sukant Chandan

    : " the martyred lion Al-Mutassim B'Allah, and the martyred lion Khamis, and the martyred lion Saif El-Arab and the prisoner of war Saif El-Islam "

    So again MSM lies :




  3. But watch this :

    Gaddafi’s gone but the Libyan threat remains. That is what President Obama thinks anyway as he told congress the sanctions his administration slapped on Libya in 2011 will remain in place for another year.

    Where is now this freedom and democracy.
    It looks more like accept or die

    1. “The situation in Libya continues to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States,” because "remnants of Gaddafi’s family present a clear and present danger to the US." It's not "curious", it's absurd. Unless that fraud Obama is talking about spilling secrets.'.

  4. tweets 25 feb...
    Different sources say different news on Khamis, but they all say that Khamis is alive and in Libya, thuwar know of his location. #Libya

    Retweeted by Diane Lockyer
    8h Rena Netjes ‏ @RenaNetjes

    ..Gaddafi. Acc to my sources a brigade from Zintan has encircled #Khamis Gaddafi in south eastern Libya, he won't have been captured yet

    Retweeted by Diane Lockyer
    8h Diane Lockyer ‏ @dlockyer

    @raggzeb Seems Khamis is encircled insouth east Libya but not yet captured so your article may not be far from truth

    11h Diane Lockyer ‏ @dlockyer

    @raggzeb As for keeping Senussi in secret that too seems a veeeery long tale When he was 'arrested' the NTC denied any knowledge of it

    11h Diane Lockyer ‏ @dlockyer

    @raggzeb Apart from yr article seems dificult to find concrete evidence When they arrested Saif there was a photo within 2 hours or so

  5. ‏ @Diana_82 there are No news about Khamis. NTC spread rumors. Always when ntc has troubles they spread rumors about G family.

    Feb 25, 2012 : Zeef al Islam seems sound and save

    1. Yep. So was it this capture, or the late August killing that was the rumor? Or both? I'm undecided.

      Whatever goes to support the earlier one, I'm finding some real problems with the evidence for it. I'll be posting on this shortly.

    2. Speaking of NTC rumors, they're starting one now that this capture was based on rumors (as was foreign intervention in Kufra, a tribal fight that's now subsided), and he's demanding that all pro-Gaddafi people in Bani Walid or foreign countries must be handed over for show trial and/or summary execution.

      So is it a rumor? The NTC feels they can deny it if it'strue, or maybe they just don'twant us all to be confused and led astray. Maybe Khamis is still alive and also not captured? They'ddeny that too. Maybe they'd be right.

  6. speaking of which they are saying he is alive again but this time he is on the run and travels between Bani Walid and Tarhouna according to the libya herald.


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