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Monday, September 3, 2012

Shed Massacre Annivesrsary

By Caustic Logic
Aug. 21, 2012
last update Sept. 3/4

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It's about that time - Thursday will mark the one-year anniversary of the Khaimis Brigade Shed Massacre. There have already been some pre-anniversary developments (too tired to collect ATM) and there will surely be more as the date arrives.

Blogger analytics suggests some trafic lately, from Libya, following our graphic of the dead doctors Omar Salhouba and Ali Al-Darrat from the related Qasr Ben Ghashir "massacre." It would seem that issue has gotten some mention in Libya recently...

For now, this is just a spot for comments so the readers/contributors can drop references to anything they see on the mythical Yarmouk massacre remembered, and related-enough things like the above.

I don't have to follow all this stuff personally for hours a day, thank God and my readers.


They were on it a bit early, and again Libya's new Independent Daily seems short of Libyan staff...

The Yarmouk Massacre Anniversary
By Rhiannon Smith.
15 August 2012:

On Saturday 11 August, the 23rd Ramadan, a memorial service was held in Tripoli to mark the anniversary of the notorious Yarmouk massacre which took place during the final days of the 2011 Libyan Revolution. The 32nd Khamis Brigade, run by Colonel Qaddafi’s son Khamis, were holding prisoners arrested during the revolution in a warehouse adjoining the Yarmouk Military Base just outside Tripoli. Statements from eyewitnesses and journalists at the time and a subsequent in depth report on the massacre compiled by Physicians for Human Rights in December 2011 confirm ...
Cyclical confirmation, cool! Rebels ("survivors") say, rebels tell HR groups with no bullshit detectors, and they "confirm" what the rebels say... CIWCL tears it all wide open...

Update, Sept. 3/4: I still haven'tdone a detailed search, and have only gotten a few tips. But one from h was very good. A set of photos at Facebook of "ألبوم إحياء الذكرى الاولى لشهداء محرقة ومعتقل اليرموك" ["Album commemorate the first anniversary of the Holocaust Martyrs' and Yarmouk detainee"].

Album commemorate the first anniversary of the Holocaust Martyrs' and Yarmouk detainee
Posted by the Ministry of care for the families of martyrs and missing - Libya [ وزارة رعاية أسر الشهداء والمفقودين - ليبيا]

Here, at the site, I recognize Mr. Sabri Tahir Al-Tabal - صبرى الطاهر الطبال , Vice-president of the association of holocaust Yarmouk survivors, alleged onetime prisoner (not escapee).
Otherwise, no familiar faces are obvious. The anniversary appears to have been an ambitious, festive, all-day affair. There was a luncheon, a visit to the site and display of photos of the alleged victims (I recognize Ramadan Jabr), then what seems (at left) like a disco party to celebrate the rebel victory at Yarmouk base that happened about the same time as this alleged mass-killing.

(a few more notes later)

Citing many photos, but not all: There's a one year since the massacre banner, with some famous photos included. Early arrivals have that banner behind them. There were fliers printed up en masse. I want a copy of one of those. If this is a real family of a real victim, her father's killers are providing this girl with her chicken and orange soda. People were bussed in and/or from site to site. An interesting-looking banner I can't read. A bigger one-year banner with more photos (including the sobbing man congratulated by Dr. Salem). (Sadly, but not surprisingly, Dr. See-Through Salem is not present in any of these photos.)

Speakers at the table or podium: possibly Said Falba on the right here - same guy speaking. A little girl speaks, and so does a woman in black. By his black skin, bald head, and camo pants, this speaker (survivor, presumably) must be related to all the dead, Black, army-type guys found around the shed. Is he the same as seen in the Class of Yarmouk '11 post? Doesn't seem to be. So are there now two fully Black survivors, or what? Here's a whole different kind of Black guy speaking. A third? Another guy. This guy (speaking) looks familiar, but not one of the guys discussed here as I wondered...  None of these guys do ... I guess this is the new Fathallah (I like season one's actor better)

Two main guys - speaking to the media, again, again, again, again, the guy on the right here and left here appeared in some of those. Here's the bearded guy with the five dead (sons?), in front of the shed. En route down Al Hadbha Road to the site, the entourage got a police escort to protect them from Gaddafi snipers or whatever. The friendly post-Gaddafi cops kept the order at the shed compound. Quite a few people attended. ... a young relative of Ramadan Jabr's - Something odd about this portrait, perhaps besides the photoshopping. It's held by this kid.

Then again, the victory party at the end.


  1. sorry, I'll be annoying : I reordered some old stuff :

    Jamal al Ragai helped organize early rebel actions in Tripoli.

    I met Ragai in a reclaimed Intelligence Ministry barracks in Tajoura, an eastern suburb of Tripoli.

    He had a militia of about 70 men, many of them veterans of bloody street battles in Misrata and other towns, and he was still running operations against Qaddafi hideouts


    Ragai’s own concern, he told me, was to free the 150 prisoners at Yarmouk.

    He knew many of the men held in that tin-roofed warehouse, and he knew that their proximity to Khamis Qaddafi’s 32nd Brigade would put them in jeopardy.
    Ragai gathered as many men as he could, and a large group of seasoned fighters from Misrata joined them. Soon they had a force of about 150 cars, and they drove west toward Yarmouk in an armed caravan.

    At about midday, Ragai said, he got a call from one of the other fighters on his cellphone.

    The man had reached the Yarmouk prison and seen the deserted grounds. “It’s too late,” the man said. “Everyone is dead.”

    Published: September 21, 2011

    1. I see the NYT articles below have many inconsistencies
      & ain't it suspicious that writer has so close contact with Jalal/Jamal Ragai?

      Jalal Ragai/as you approach Jalal’s base in the Tajoura neighborhood /Many of the brigade’s current members are either former prisoners of Yarmouk or the relatives of men who were killed there.

      Published: May 9, 2012/By ROBERT F. WORTH

      The militia commander now standing behind him, Jalal Ragai, had been one of his favorite victims.


      ROBERT F. WORTH /Published: September 21, 2011

      One morning in mid-June, Ragai was walking to meet
      a contact for a weapons deal when he felt two gun barrels in his sides.
      He was taken to a holding pen known as Yarmouk,

      In a sense, Ragai was lucky: he was transferred from the Yarmouk prison, where the massacre later took place, to a smaller jail not far away, on the grounds of a construction company
      Jamal Ragai

      I met Ragai in a reclaimed Intelligence Ministry barracks in Tajoura, an eastern suburb of Tripoli


    2. wonder if jamal ragai and jamal Rabbani are one and the same person :

      "There were three of us jammed into each of the ten cells in the vans," said Lieutenant Colonel Jamal Rabbani, an army officer imprisoned there.


      18.2 20 – 2:34
      The first day they brought me from the room, I stayed here with an officer in the army, his name was Jamal Abani, a free officer,



  2. Jalal Ragai , Omar Salhoba

    Many of the brigade’s current members are either former prisoners of Yarmouk or the relatives of men who were killed there.
    Jalal set a dusty laptop,On it went, a series of appalling scenes


    Published: May 9, 2012

    The first thing you see as you approach Jalal’s base in the Tajoura neighborhood is a bullet-scarred bus — now almost a holy relic — that was used as a shield by rebels during the first protests in Tripoli in early 2011.

    Across a patch of wasted ground is an ugly, dilapidated military-training facility made mostly of cinder blocks. On its second floor is a long hallway, the walls of which are covered with images of prisoners at the Yarmouk military base, where perhaps the most notorious massacre of the Libyan war took place.

    The victims’ portraits line the hallway

    One of them appears twice, a man with a youthful, sensitive face, framed by rimless glasses and pale gray hair

  3. This is Omar Salhoba, a 42-year-old doctor who was shot and killed on Aug. 24, more than two days after Tripoli fell.

    Omar’s life cast a similar shadow onto other people. One was his closest colleague, a doctor named Mahfoud Ghaddour


    Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011

    No one knew where he [ Omar Salhoba] was taken.

    More than two months later, on Aug. 24, Nasser got a call telling him Omar had been shot in the Yarmouk prison.

    Nasser drove to a military hospital and frantically held up the picture to anyone who might help, until a doctor told him that Omar’s body had been sent to the local mosque to be buried.

    Nasser found the mosque and reached the graveyard just minutes after the body was sealed into a cement tomb.
    He reached out and touched the tomb: the mortar was still wet.

  4. The executioner was a 28-year-old named Marwan Gdoura
    Brigades of the Martyr Abdelati Ghaddour :
    A team of Reuters journalists visited a house in the capital's Zenata district where Dorda, a former prime minister, was held by members of a unit of anti-Gaddafi fighters who call themselves Brigades of the Martyr Abdelati Ghaddour.
    In other cases, Abdel Karim Gadoora, a former interior ministry surveillance officer told TIME: "Whenever there was someone, they would just go and arrest them right away."

    1. http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2012/05/13/magazine/13libya1/13libya1-articleInline.jpg

      Jehad Nga for The New York Times

      Marwan Gdoura, a Qaddafi loyalist, executed six rebel prisoners and is now a prisoner himself under the brother of one of the men he killed.

    2. Hamza Hirazi , the officer who oversaw the massacre at the Yarmouk prison

      @ felix : wasn't there a vid of 1000Agage showing a captured person alleged of yarmouk massacre?

      One of those commanders is now holding Hamza Hirazi,
      the officer who oversaw the massacre at the Yarmouk prison.
      I was eager to talk to him, because no one had yet been able to explain to me one of the central mysteries of the terrible massacres that took place in Yarmouk and other places in the last days of Qaddafi’s regime.

      As Tripoli was clearly falling to the rebels, the loyalists killed Omar Salhoba and the others on Aug. 23 and 24. Why? And who gave the orders?

      The man guarding Hirazi runs a large brigade of men from the Nafusah Mountains, three hours southwest of Tripoli
      I asked about a meeting with Hirazi. Gliza said he would try to arrange something, but it wasn’t easy. There had been two attempts on Hirazi’s life already, he said. He was moving Hirazi around constantly





      Video stills of, clockwise from top left, Hamza Hirazi,
      the commander who oversaw the torture at Yarmouk; a prisoner being interrogated; an interrogator; and a prisoner who was later killed.
      Jehad Nga for The New York Times

    3. @ felix : do y have the link of the businessman Nga , who called from UK in the early days of the uprising?

      Jehad Nga was born in Smith center, Kansas in 1976 and raised in Tripoli, Libya and London, England

      jawal nga


    4. some information about NYT :

      The Times can't write about the ethnic cleansing of Black Libyans


    5. Something strange : opened the NYT Lede link here below & when try to reopen it again for check something ,
      it became unavailable : why?

      Feb. 23 Updates on the Uprising in Libya - NYTimes.com

      23 Feb 2011 – On Wednesday, The Lede is following the uprising in Libya and protest movements ... Jehad Nga for The New York Times In 2007, Seif al-Islam ...

      Can somebody check if the link has disappeared complete ?

    6. No problem they close what could be subject for research , here y have another supplier :

      moez معز
      Dabbled in video editing on 20th Feb to make this
      compilation of #Gaddafi’s crimes of the first 4 days

      bit.ly/q97Mvg #libya #feb17


      green veil @ 3.24

  5. One night last September, a prisoner named Naji Najjar blindfolded and handcuffed, to an abandoned military base on the outskirts of Tripoli


    just some names compared , not real a discovery :

    martyrs acc to maktoub blog : Naji Najjar

    53 /Alaa Mohammed Naaji /Misurata (24/8)

    129/Ala Naaji /25/Misurata (25/8)

    402/Ali Mustafa Najjar identity/1964/Hospital Zeliten

  6. martyrs acc to maktoub blog : al-Hadi

    212 /Nidal Nasser Abdel-Hadi /21-Aug
    305/Naji al-Hadi Mohammed/21-Aug

    Somebody who was said to be Osama Hadi Mansur Al-Swayi /Mansour al Hadi freed on 21 aug, arrived at mitiga hospital 24 aug

    Osama Hadi Mansur Al-Swayi was one of the survivors of the massacre at the Internal Security building.



    @ 1.50 mansour al hadi

    Dr Moez said : and they were held in a school quite close to the city centre.

    1. http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/380423_10151185197229359_1053502878_n.jpg

      hadi Ali connection?

    2. Abdel Hadi, a former prosecutor now in charge of the missing persons file, stated that many of the men and women have been “forcibly taken away” by Qaddafi troops, while others may have left to escape the violence. (Associated Press)

    3. hadi Ali connection? Link with photo made by hadi Ali broken

      but here some new photo's of shed victims :

      point of view :



  7. Tarek Abdul-Hadi [Eshtiwy ] / Ibrahim Omar

    A newly opened missing persons office has registered 1,020 people with the number rising every day, said lawyer Tarek Abdul Hadi, organising the piles of forms detailing those missing.

    Families yesterday were pushing photos of their loved ones into the building.

    "These just arrived in the last hour," said Mr Hadi, indicating a pile of passport photos of Misrata's lost men, women and children on his desk.

    Abdul Hadi's 80-year-old father was captured as he returned to his farm from the mosque.

    Nineteen-year-old Ibrahim Omar is the only male left in his household.

    On the morning of April 16, when he returned from a funeral, he discovered that the family home had been ransacked and his cousin, brother-in-law and four elder brothers were gone.
    Nineteen-year-old Ibrahim Omar / Ibrahim Omar Zadan

    He's also seen embracing other escapees who seem to be Ibrahim Omar Zadan and Bashir el-Sedik/Siddeq, and another possible survivor, unnamed

  8. Martyrs acc to makhtoub blog :

    shed martyr
    244/Essam Gibran Ahbich/32/Yarmouk prison
    398/Mohammed Ahmed Ragab Ahbich/34/Five / company wood 6/6

    shed /zliten martyrs
    61 /Salem Hussein Judge /Zeliten (19/8)

    62 /Judge Joseph Salem /Zeliten (19/8)

    194 /Judge Joseph/1980/Camp Thurs trait Al Furjan

    514/Judge Joseph /1980/Prisoner camp Thurs

    1. In Darnah, there is at least a passing resemblance to the aftermath of the American invasion of Iraq in 2003.
      Tribes and clerics emerged forcefully after authority collapsed, especially in more conservative regions.

      Here, leaders of tribes like the Obeidat, Zliten, Tajjoura and Misratah already exercise authority, along with judges and a three-member council: Mr. Abu Rashed, a judge and a former diplomat, all secular figures.


  9. some yarmouk victims acc to makhtoub:

    110/Ghaith Abdul-Hussein Alones/Yarmouk camp

    145/Ramzi Mohamed Mukhtar/Salah al-Din

    161/Mohammed Abdel-Salam Ibrahim Arhomh

    40/Detainee Salah al-Din

    214/Walid birth of Geneva/Yarmouk camp

    241/Sami Mohammed Mansour Alzenouky/1978
    Salah al-Din / rear battalion Thu Fri agricultural

    244/Essam Gibran Ahbich/32/Yarmouk prison

    264/Hatem Mohammed Hosni Aoun/
    Between the eye and Saladin visited 26/8/2011

    293/Naji Atiya Bin Sulaiman/1971/Yarmouk camp

    306/Osama Abdel Salam Abdullah/19/Camp of Saladin

    342/Mohammed Hamid Mohammed Khalifa/23/
    Salah al-Din Al-Yarmouk camp behind

    344 /Haitham Juma Mohammed Al-Hajjaji/26/Yarmouk camp

    350 /Sami Mohammed Mansour Alznona/1977/Hengr / behind the camp Thurs

    353/Rajab Ali Massoud lamp/41/Salah al-Din

    363/Abdullah Daou Ogress/25/Agricultural Fri / Thurs behind the camp

    371/Nidal Nasser Abdel/18/Trait Al Furjan

    435/Muhammad Ali Hamouda key/33/Yarmouk prison 14/8

    437/Spring birth of Mohammed thick/1987/Yarmouk camp

    523/Abdul Razak Ali Massoud lamp/22/Salah al-Din

  10. some names of abu saleem acc to makhtoub :

    Alahtmany :
    176 /Mohammed Abdul Mawla Alahtmana /29/Abuslim
    247 /Mohammed Abdul Mawla Alahtmany/Island TB / Qrjy / (21/8)

    261/Muhammad the light of the light Alahtmany/ 32 / Brega 15/8/2011

    200 /Mohammed Abdul Mawla Alhtaby

    210/Abdullah Abdul Mawla Alhtaby

    199/Abdul Mawla Abdul Atty Abdel Mawla

    270 /As Abdullah Abdul Mawla/Angle between the road and Alzentan

    272/Abu Bakr Abdul Mawla Bouajila/Angle between the road and Alzentan

    273/Mukhtar Mohammed Abdul Mawla/Angle between the road and Alzentan

    259/Mahfouz Abdel Mawla Ahmad Abdel Mawla

  11. On 21 – 22 aug there was apparently a clear path from Yarmouk to bab al ziziya :

    Ragai was transferred from the Yarmouk prison, where the massacre later took place, to a smaller jail not far away /Ragai told me he borrowed a car from a man he met near the prison and drove back to Tajoura

    By the time the first armed convoys began reaching Tripoli on the morning of Aug. 21, the roads had mostly been left empty by deserting troops, and there was a clear path to Qaddafi’s stronghold, Bab al Aziziya.

    Ragai gathered as many men as he could, and a large group of seasoned fighters from Misrata joined them. Soon they had a force of about 150 cars, and they drove west toward Yarmouk in an armed caravan.

    22 aug ? :At about midday, Ragai said, he got a call from one of the other fighters on his cellphone.
    The man had reached the Yarmouk prison and seen the deserted grounds. “It’s too late,” the man said. “Everyone is dead.”

    @ 0.31

    Misrata brigade : Many of the rebels in and around the compound had arrived from Misrata using the road through Ghayan, south of Tripoli.

  12. H, hey! That's a lot of off-topic-ness. But it's good. I considered I think all of these things, even if they're not all actually included in the relevant posts or report section. You traced out the various Worth/Ragai links and issues about as I did. That means you're a a pretty good investigator.

    It occurs to me I didn't try to recognize Ragai in any of these photos (just added to the post), but I doubt he'd be there. Why there are so few familiar faces is a bit of a mystery, aside from Dr. Salem. (No Bashir either)

    You add the possibility of Najjar and/or Naji links between alleged prisoners/alleged torturer... You know I'm not huge on name links, but they do happen, and when they work out, I love the things. So that's intriguing. Can you help me out -didn't you mention a Najar who was maybe Egyptian, and strangely recorded? It doesn't seem to be on this page ... Go ahead and drop anything related here. We're already off-topic and plenty of space left, so ...

  13. “That's a lot of off-topic-ness “

    maybe more on topic then we think : massacres , detainees : it all leads to the LIFG Headquarters


    I O Zadan : meeting at the headquarters of the battalion

    One of the preparatory meetings of the founding of the Association of Holocaust survivor Ibrahim Zadam with Holocaust survivor Hisham mast explaining why the survivors and families of victims of the formation of this association meeting at the headquarters of the battalion should protect the revolution on February 17


  14. Maitiga [belhadj] military headquarters :

    Sherif : The high-value prisoners are being transferred to Maitiga, the sprawling air base in Tripoli’s eastern suburbs that was leased to the US Air Force before Qaddafi’s coup, and now serves as the capital’s military headquarters.

    “It is precisely because of their cruelty that we will try them with absolute fairness,” says Sherif, adding with an undisguised wink that almost any court would be likely to hang most of them anyway.


    1. senussi connection :

      Fathy Sherif . A chemical engineer trained in Ireland, The forty-nine-year-old engineer happens to be related to the royal family that Qaddafi toppled, whose roots go back to the eastern oasis of Jaghboub.

      Abdullah Ali Al-Sanussi Al-Darrat,
      On 6 March 2012, Ahmed al-Senussi was announced as the leader of the self-declared Cyrenaica Transitional Council.[7]

    2. Fathi Sherif , gas station owner, running his own "prison". Same date.
      "his men had arrested about 40 people during the week since they'd opened the makeshift prison. He said some were released or transferred to other facilities, though he kept no record"
      Ryan Lucas, AP Sept 15 2011.

    3. I was busy on another page checking out the prisons , can't find it , so I give the fathi sharif link here :

  15. Since Jeel site is closed there is a new scape goating site : libbiya.com


    Root cause of this crime is revenge
    when the rebels entered the so-called Bab-Azizia main stronghold of Tagahotharirtarabuls battalions and mercenaries of Gaddafi were a major cause in this crime as issued
    Thurs Gaddafi ordered the liquidation of detainees Yarmouk Thurs issued matter to Mohamed Mansour Dou, who in turn issued a command to Hamza Harizi Responsible for detainee Btid it. Is the main reason for this heinous crime

    Uploaded by NASALBY on Oct 20, 2011

    The prison where Ibrahim Sadeq Khalifa is being held was an administrative building under the Kadhafi regime.
    The prison also has a few “high-profile” inmates, like Mansour Daw, Kadhafi’s internal security chief.

    brahim tajouri [ Ibrahim Lousha ]

    1. For completeness I like to add Ibrahim in another performance :

      20 January 2012 /Ibrahim Mohammed Ibrahim said he was beaten even when unconscious

  16. Why there are so few familiar faces is a bit of a mystery, aside from Dr. Salem. (No Bashir either)

    To be seen on foundation day 13-12-2011

    Bashir [ Germany, Jehani] , the man with many names , last name : Saief Bashir, here with a tennis elbow
    who is Mr.: Adnan Bashir mast head of the Assembly

    lafi , the farmer from zawiya

    baseball cap boy ? @ 2.03

    Is the name Zadan ? Or Zadam?

    1. The skeletons were removed for burial Sunday," said Mahmoud Mokhtar Zedan, 23 years. = 28 aug

    2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_4nvMsSgTw

      @ 1.19 brother of the farmer of Zawiya ? 31/44/or 52 years?

      I first saw Jamal’s [aged 44], body. He was dead. Then, I found Osama [aged 31], who was still speaking. He didn’t make it; he was shot in the heart and had other wounds on his leg. My brother Mohamed [aged 52] didn’t die immediately either. I tried to stop the bleeding from his thigh, but didn’t succeed. I then escaped with three more people through the back of the hangar.
      The photo on 1.19 reminds of the face of Mohamed, boy survivor Abu Saleem hospital

    3. -Dr. Mohamed Lafi (Surgeon)

      March 6, 2011 early call to the world of drs & business men ,

      - Dr. Asaid Zeiton (Surgery)
      - Dr. Moez Zeiton (FY2)
      -Dr. Mohamed Lafi (Surgeon)
      - Dr. Hussain Tumi (Anaesthesia)



      Misrata's Al-Hikma hospital : a al lafi look alike

  17. Now someone can understand why they brought the Ghadames Youth to the shed :
    List of martyrs Ghadames 63 , acc to maktoobblog

    Youth Ghadames the moment of arrival to the airport in Tripoli and was received by Mr. Abdul Basit to attend the Arab الدكرى first Holocaust Yarmouk

    1. Said Abdul-Rahim Ibrahim Bashir , shed survivor from Ghadames

      acc to this link of 31 aug 2011, when just 8 dead were claimed in the shed :


  18. Adam
    The photoshopped portrait held by the kid is of محمد محمد شعبان الدبرزى -
    Mohammed Mohammed Shaban Aldabrzi who was allegedly killed at the Slovenian company along with Salhoubh and Al-Darrat.

    1. Mohammed Mohammed Shaban Aldabrzi
      connected with ? :


      RT @LibyanBentBladi: RT @Sarabelazi: What i saw yesterday in the #Fashloum area was scary, Rage,Anger and Weapons it has to stop!! #Libya

      Twitter / Soliman Albrassi 20 Jun 2011 – Confirmed:Khaled Al KHwilidi's wife,son,daughter have been killed in NATO strike on his house in Sorman today morning #libya #17feb.
      In Tripoli, Dalla Abbazi joined two of her brothers in a dangerous scheme to smuggle weapons into the city from Tunisia—an operation that, if exposed, could have gotten them all executed.

      First she secured a loan of 6,000 dinars (about $5,000) from a Libyan bank; then she sold her car to raise another 14,000 dinars and withdrew 50,000 more from a family fund.

      Her older brother Talat used the money to purchase two dozen AK-47s and a cache of Belgian FN FAL rifles in Tunisia, along with thousands of rounds of ammunition

    2. 21 february 2011 A Libyan man, Soula al-Balaazi,
      who said he was an opposition activist,
      told the network by telephone that Libyan air force war planes had bombed "some locations in Tripoli".

      He said he was talking from a suburb of Tripoli.


  19. The list is now extended to 55 rebel shed victims :


    Just for now : some before mentioned on rebel dead lists , now moved to the shed:

    48 - Hassan Ghaith
    new list
    404 Hussein Ghaith Khalifa 40 through Shat
    [In Benghazi, five were killed - Salah al-Sharif, an alleged member of a Revolutionary Committee, and Nasser al-Sirmani, Ziad al-Zwei, Ibrahim Khalifa Sermani, and Hussain Ghaith, all security officials. ]


    159 Abdel Basset Mustafa Mohammed Guenono Agricultural Society ♦
    160 Khalid Mustafa Guenono Agricultural Society
    new list
    20 - Mustafa Mohamed Guenono
    21 - Khalid Mustafa Mohammed Guenono
    22 - Abdul Baset Muszvy Mohammed Guenono

    1. Off topic , recall Mr. Hamza al-Gheit Fughi :

      Western-backed Al Qaeda rebels aka 'democracy seekers' beheaded Mr. Hamza al-Gheit Fughi , a truck driver from the Varfalla tribe. They beheaded him because he was pro-Gadaffi.
      Martyr blood of Varffala in Libya (+18)

  20. the complete dead lists count 523 ppl :


    List for all rebel martyrs Libya :

    523 dead rebels from start till end fighting

    incl ppl 1990 ; names counted 2 or 3 times ; misrata ppl


    misrata list claiming 835 martyrs

    Alzawia St , Central Hospital of Tripoli , Media Office

    counts to nr 625 , a highly suspicious site : malware

    1. and the lists keep on extending :

      Misratah provided more than 2,000 martyrs for the sake of God and the homeland,:

      martyr 217 : African anonymous 1
      march 16 -22 Misratah



      ["There was a lot of shelling last night. There are hundreds of Gaddafi men there. Many of them are not from Libya. They are African people. We saw them," he said. "Many people have died. Some were shot on the street by Gaddafi's men."



      7 february 2013 Martyrs of city Tarhuna : 5
      1)الشهيد عبدالحكيم سليمان أبوزويده
      …2) الشهيد عبيده عبدالعاطي
      3 ) الشهيد العجيلي فرج الدائمي
      4) الشهيد علي محمد عبد السلام الشكشوكي
      5) الشهيد يوسف فرج الصغير الدايمى ( طفل صغير لم يتجاوز 5 سنوات)

      august 2013 : Tarhuna from 5 to 210

  21. The Yarmouk Massacre Anniversary ,Tripoli, 15 August 2012 (LH)

    However, the mood soon became one of anger and frustration as questions were raised about why the government hadn’t done more to identify the bodies of those killed, or to find the perpetrators. 

    Families felt that they had been abandoned by the government in their struggle to find the truth about the deaths of their loved ones.

  22. About 50,000 people were killed since the start of the uprising,” Colonel Hisham Buhagiar, commander of the anti-Gaddafi troops who advanced out of the Western Mountains and took Tripoli a week ago, told Reuters.


    But the ministry admits that most of those who were on the wrong side last year are too scared to come forward.

  23. http://i45.tinypic.com/2jsbb5.jpg

    does smb know to which militia this belongs?

  24. Mohamed El Shatshat : August 28, 2011 at 12:19pm


    اسماء المجرمين المشاركين فى المذبحة
    ابراهيم التاجورى
    محمد التوارقى
    حمزة الحريزى من صرمان
    وجدى الككلى من الزاويه
    خيرى الطبال من ابوسليم
    من اصدر الاوامر الرائد محمد منصور
    اول شهيد فى المذبحة: على ابراهيم الشويهدى من مصراته
    اول شهيد من الجنود اللى تم صليهم بواسطة المجرم ابراهيم التاجورى: محمد لامين من زليطن
    الذين قاموا بانقاذ الاسرى: عبدالرزاق البارونى
    اسامه من الزاويه
    The names of the criminals involved in the massacre

    Ibrahim Tagouri
    Mohammed Altoariqy
    Hamza Harizi Sorman
    Wagdy Alkkly angle
    Khairy drummer AboSaleem
    Issued orders Major Mohammed Mansour

    The first martyr in the massacre: Ibrahim Alchoudy of Misurata

    The first martyr of the soldiers Elly Salém by the criminal Ibrahim Tagouri: Mohamed Lamine Zliten

    Who rescued prisoners: Abdul Razak Baroni
    Osama angle

    Get documents about "mohamed el shatshat libiya" start here

    1. The first martyr of the soldiers Elly Salém by the criminal Ibrahim Tagouri: Mohamed Lamine Zliten

      Feb 2011 Another man supplying the fighters was Muhammad Lamin from Tobruk who said he had been taking heavy machine guns and shoulder-held anti-tank missile launchers (RPG 7s). "Kalashnikovs mean nothing towards heavy weapons."
      Mr Lamin's uncles, Mohammed and Habib bin Lamin, were arrested at gunpoint on 15 February from the port town of Misrata, just days before the protests began


      UPDATE: Have just got off the phone with Nuri Lamin. He said his two uncles have been located and they are both safe. Apparently they managed to escape from Abu Salim around a month ago and had been hiding out in a rebel held safe house nearby. There were too many Gaddafi troops in the area to risk fleeing to the western mountains so they stayed put.

  25. عبد الرزاق الباروني = Abdel Razaq al-Barouni

    كاباوية حرة الشاب الأمازيغي عبدالرزاق الباروني وهو من مدينة كاباو المجهدة الذي أنقذ أرواح مساجين فى معسكر اليرموك... الدى راح ضحيتها 53 شهيد وأنقذ مجموعة لابأس بها من خيرة شباب ليبيا الحرة...الله ان ينصره ...


    free young Amazigh Razak Baroni is from Kapaau stressful city who saved the lives of the prisoners in the camp of Yarmouk


    Eissa Gliza ,Heads “a large brigade of men from the Nafusah Mountains,” 1,100 men strong, that holds commander Haziri.

  26. rebels who died in zawiya : 1 falba , some lafi's :

    100. Abdul Raouf Mohammed Falba

    127. Abdul Raouf Mohammed Tahir Lafi

    nr 25 Abdel Rahim Mohamed Taher Lafi / nr 26 Muhammad Tahir Lafi




    The names former Almatqlan selected these detainees who are believed to have been killed in the massacre:

    Abdul Karim, Friday Market.
    Muhammad, corner/Ramadan Zreik, Zliten
    Taser التيني, Ghadames, aged about 33 or 34 years old
    Baher التيني, Ghadames, aged about 33 or 34 years old
    Mohammad Lafi, corner
    Osama Lafi, corner
    Walid Sakr, corner

  27. 27 February 2011

    Five members of the Ashtar family, all known political activists who belong to the Zentan tribe known for its opposition to Colonel al-Gaddafi, were taken away from their home in Tripoli on 27 February 2011; in their cases too, there has been no information forthcoming.



  28. https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/578653_276904122424296_1364556108_n.jpg

    -swehly , misrata dead squads @ 0.13



    -Mohammed al-Alaghi [added that the charges against Saif carried the death penalty.]

  29. God is great on you, O Sheikh Munawar Dima


  30. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=276901085757933&set=a.276885319092843.61479.156854547762588&type=3
    man at the right photo above : Mr. Nokour :



    Mr. Nokour and his wife left Chad in 1996,
    and were accepted into Canada as political refugees.
    In March, 2011, while still in Chad, he received a phone call from an old friend, Khalifa Haftar,

    1. on the left on photo below we meet Mr. Nokour again


  31. God is great, O my uncle Sabri

    Ministry care of the families of martyrs and missing - Libya








    families of martyrs receiving money from new rulers

    1. http://i48.tinypic.com/15z390i.jpg

      the man at the right next to the orange chair in link below



  32. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qX4E3RlRVfs

    @ 0.32 looks exactly same as the man holding photo's , left of imam

    zintan I guess


    man in the middle & martyr on photo : brothers?


    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qX4E3RlRVfs

      @ 0.32 looks exactly same as the man holding photo's , left of imam

      zintan I guess

      his name is ali murakabi


      @ 1.30

    2. on second thoughts : the man at the shed meeting just behind the table table next to orange chair might be not a zintani , but benghazi


      not enough visible to be sure , but the dick head looks familiair. the groove in the back of his head,hairline,profile



      Is said to belong to benghazi gangs

      @ 1.31

      on vid abusing Sheikh Omar Tantush , age 78
      [have seen man on 0.24 somewhere , la braq?]

    3. It's pots/ghadour , the most right one next to orange chairs



  33. http://i133.photobucket.com/albums/q62/chainsawmoth/Libyan%20Civil%20War/shedmassacre_escapee_Falba.jpg

    #8 Said Falba, From "What Happened at Yarmouk" [FGM]



    left one : Atiri /El Hitri


    1. Commander Alajmi Ali Ahmed al-Atiri raised the man to his feet to inquire who he was.
      “He said: ‘My name is Abdessalam al-Tergi. I’m a camel herder and I’m going to my herd,’” recounts Atiri. “


  34. http://www.firstpost.com/topic/place/syria-a-woman-holds-a-photo-of-her-son-ibrahim-ferjany-image-02aP70rcXSbs5-15-1.html

    A woman holds a photo of her son,
    Ibrahim Ferjany,
    who was arrested in Syria,
    during a festival to celebrate Libya's first anniversary of its "liberation" from Muammar Gaddafi in Benghazi October 23, 2012.

  35. Supreme Security Committee

    07/01/2013 - SSC leaders say the committee should not disband at all.

    “That will put Libya in big trouble,”
    says Adel Rjub,
    the Tripoli-based acting director of the committee.

    “SSC is maintaining control in Libya.”


    1. http://sphotos-e.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/229075_276886475759394_784312394_n.jpg

      A honest person at the shed ? human rights defender Mohammad Miloud Benhammed



    2. A honest person at the shed ? human rights defender Mohammad Miloud Benhammed

      financer of LIFG Mohamed Benhammedi


  36. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73Dtniynsv8

    Not death the hardest to exist even harder awaited from the people closest to you

  37. Here's the bearded guy with the five dead (sons?), in front of the shed

    comment felix :The photoshopped portrait held by the kid is of محمد محمد شعبان الدبرزى -
    Mohammed Mohammed Shaban Aldabrzi who was allegedly killed at the Slovenian company along with Salhoubh and Al-Darrat.


    1. perished in the Holocaust.
      Here's the bearded guy with the five dead (sons?):

      15 - Mhammed Mahmoud Abdullah mast
      16 - Mahmoud Mhammed Mahmoud mast
      17 - Ahmed Mostafa Ahmed mast
      18 - Saleh Ahmed mast
      19 - Mohammad Nouri al-Mahmoud mast


  38. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=276903672424341&set=a.276885319092843.61479.156854547762588&type=3

    a young relative of Ramadan Jabr'

  39. الشهيد بإذن الله / حسين خليفة الخفيفي والشيخ سالم جابر.


    Martyr, God willing, / Hussein Khalifa الخفيفي, and Sheikh Salem Jaber.

  40. The first martyr in the massacre: Ibrahim Alchoudy of Misurata الخفيفي ابراهيم
    by the criminal Ibrahim Tagouri:

  41. -Afghan Khalid الخفيفي entered the battalion of more than 100 members
    and killed more than 7 armed mercenaries in Bayda / february 2011

    -Mohammed Alchouda of Benghazi martyr brigade defeated in Aleppo 12 june 2013

  42. The Man on top left at shed massacre :
    any ressemblance with this alleged perpetrator abu saleem bridge massacre 20 august 2011 ?



  43. laskar

    In the same hospital we met Ibrahim Mohammed Ibrahim.
    Ibrahim Mohammed Ibrahim said he was beaten even when unconscious


    the faint cigarette burn visible

    288. Lutfi Khalifa Askar repressive terrorist blew houses Martyrs May (Nalout) assassination Ctaiti (Athens

    List of names of wanted by the new libiya Judgment Day



    Khalifa Bin Askar

    26/02/2013 the country of heroes:
    Omar Mukhtar,
    Ramadan Asswehly,
    Abdul Nabi, ,
    Fudayl Buamr
    Khalifa Bin Askar
    Ahmed Ahawwas,
    Mahdi Zeo,
    Mohammed Nabus

    Khalifa الخفيفي / alchouda and his two brothers and six other cousins



    Nalut city Jihad : Castle Khalifa Bin Askar (martyr of the nation)

  44. Khalifa الخفيفي / alchouda and his two brothers and six other cousins

    Hussein Khalifa Mhammed الخفيفي - Battle of Brega

    Field Commander / Salem Musa Yusuf الخفيفي
    returned from Britain all have there money
    and entered through Egypt and bought up arms and joined Hussein Khalifa الخفيفي
    in the fighting fronts.
    Hussein Khalifa cousin and also son-in-law, when Hussein Khalifa died ,Salim took command instead of him ....

    This picture when he was an immigrant in Britain behind Sheikh Mohammed Arifi.


  45. Cambridge, Mass. - 06/05/2012

    “Dr. Forjani is integral to his community and his incarceration and abuse are an attack on the citizens of Libya who depend on him,” said Stefan Schmitt, Director of PHR’s International Forensic Program. “If Libya can’t protect Dr. Forjani and his rights, how can victims confidently put their trust in him as a doctor? When I was in Libya last year I got to know Dr. Forjani through my work advising the Ministry of Martyrs, Wounded, and Missing Persons. Dr. Forjani is the kind of doctor who is sought after to treat victim’s physical ills and he is also the kind of doctor whose patients ask for guidance on navigating through a climate of uncertainty and injustice.”

    “The attack on Dr. Forjani highlights the urgent need for Libya to establish due process and rule of law, document crimes to the highest forensic standards, and ensure that doctors can operate safely without the fear of reprisals,” said Donna McKay, Executive Director of Physicians for Human Rights.


    Last year, PHR conducted a comprehensive forensic evaluation of the 32nd Brigade massacre which occurred under Khamis Qaddafi on August 23, 2011 in Tripoli. During an in-depth investigation into the massacre and events preceding it,
    PHR gathered evidence of torture, rape, and summary executions of male detainees at the makeshift detention facility -

  46. our rajub walking at the shed
    with al taggida Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser
    former permanent representative of Qatar to the United Nations
    Jul 12, 2012 12:07pm


    what date was rajub beaten?
    8 june 2012 The Guardian cited a horrific example of surgeon Salem Forjani, who was sent to Tripoli’s main medical centre by the health minister to remove the hospital director, who was accused of misusing public funds and having close links to the Gaddafi regime. Forjani was kidnapped, detained and tortured by the SSC. After five days, he was released without charge. The health minister could get no explanation from the NTC. The NTC neither arrested the kidnappers nor launched an investigation as the minister requested.

  47. Mohsen Ramadan Jaber Zliten محسن جابر رمضان زليتن :
    Yarmouk who burned the bodies in cold blood and my father was one of whom, but ya know (.. . will come the time to offer your name ...



    27 august 2011 : martyr Ramadan Mahmoud Jaber

  48. Mohsen Ramadan Jaber (Zliten radio audio) 103.5 FM


    Program Yarmouk massacre with Professor July Aldhdi, one of the survivors of the massacre


    guest name?

    Mohsen Bin Jaber member of the Revolutionary Guards and a member of the security committee and director of Radio Zliten and feces member of the slave trade to step down from his post after hearing the law of political isolation



  49. We also have the Association of families of victims of the Holocaust Guantanamo Yarmuk – رابطة


    Association for the martyrs of Yarmouk
    ‎with ‎‎‎ مالك الصاري Malik mast
    and ‎فؤاد شنيب‎‎.‎ Fouad Hanib. [shennib]



  50. Mr. Hisham mast one survivor of the massacre


  51. A driving force behind the Association :

    Man at the right with english text

    Man at the right : the Association of-Yarmouk Holocaust Martyrs

    @ 0.26

    grey shirt

  52. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=511942048860335&set=a.184921321562411.67720.172887752765768&type=1

    Now city Agdams on Monday 10/06/2013,
    the work of the observatory began documenting the victims of the Holocaust Yarmouk
    from the city Ogdams/Ghadames
    and eight in number,

    اليرموك المحرقة من مدينة غدامس ليبيا Holocaust Yarmouk from the city ghadamis libya


    تاسر امريكا، غدامس، على بعد حوالى 33 سنة أو 34 سنة
    Taser Latino/ التيني , Ghadames, about 33 years old or 34 years old
    متألق امريكا، غدامس، على بعد حوالى 33 سنة أو 34 سنة
    Brilliant Latino/ Baher التيني, Ghadames, about 33 years old or 34 years old

    توفيق العكروت Tawfiq Akrout / lawyer and human rights activist and member of the Libyan Observatory for Human Rights

    the Libyan Observatory for Human Rights,
    with Amnesty International eltahawy


  53. http://libyancivilwar.blogspot.nl/2012/01/khamis-brigade-shed-massacre-charred.html

    38 shed bodies





    Witness List 90 people, escaped ?

    the staring skulls and skeletons of 53
    I counted the burnt skeletons of 55 men inside the barn
    There are about 65 bodies in all either in the barn or yard," said Dr Salem, a local resident.

    ANNE BARKER: In the days since, another 20 bodies have been found outside the warehouse and another 12 across the road.

    TWO BLOCKS AWAY , the badly decomposed bodies of at least 15 other men were found

    Where the rest of the bodies are, no one knows.
    The skeletons were still smouldering. Empty petrol canisters lay among the bodies, and the steel doors were full of bullet-holes. 28 Aug 2011

  54. https://www.facebook.com/zliten.today/posts/488387551238443

    Mahmoud Amuslim: - a young man
    in the prime of his life
    of Zliten revolutionaries
    in Misrata
    and the first front of Zliten led by Mohammed Zadam

    *GRAPHIC* Mahmoud Mokhtar Zadam tells how he survived a horrific massacre at Yamouk Camp on Thursday in Tripoli... http://fb.me/LP49WdFn

    At 3:00 in the video Moktar Mahmoud Zedan points to a Mohammed al Amin or Mohammed Lamin. He is wearing a white and blue В Контакте T-shirt. He may be related to the exile writer Hassan El Amin.

    The first martyr of the soldiers T by the criminal Ibrahim Tagouri: Mohamed Lamine Zliten

  55. shed escapees zliten

    1 – Mabrouk/Muftar Abdullah, 45, teacher, Zlitan
    2 – Abdel Salaam Ashour, 42, teacher, Zlitan
    3 - Fathallah Abdullah al Ashter, 70, Zlitan,
    4 - Tahir Ahmed El Bahbah, 16/17 (Zlitan?)
    10 – Mansour Tarar Gazi, 30 (Zlitan?)
    12 - Abdulatti Musbah Haleem, 43, cement buyer, Zlitan
    16 – Abdelbasset Said Maoma/Amauma, 49, Zlitan
    22 - Hisham Al Taher Al-Sari, Zlitan

    25 – Ibrahim Omar Zadan (Zlitan?)

    26 - Moktar Mahmoud Zedan, 22/23, Zlitan

    27 – Unnamed, Zlitan
    Number 27, Unnamed from Zlitan, appearing on YouTube video seems to be Mohammad Jubran / Gibran Ahbich "محمد جبران احبيش", the brother of Essam Gibran Ahbich, "عصام جبران احبيش".

    Essam Gibran Ahbich, age 32, is listed in this list as reported missing by relatives.
    (Alleged) Escapees, Second-Hand Accounts (7)
    * = now deceased

    1 - Rajab Adhedia (Zlitan?)

    Program Yarmouk massacre with Professor July Aldhdi, one of the survivors of the massacre

    2/3 - Abdulaziz Faraj El Bahbah, Abdul Razak Abdullah El Bahbah (Zlitan?

    *4 Ramadan Mahmoud Jabr, 67/68, Zlitan, held four days

    5/*6 - Abdulsalam and Hussain, last name unknown, Zlitan



    At least three men made it to a local mosque where their accounts are likely to provide the backbone of evidence to the International Criminal Court


    Atiri : “ I run away with me both Amer light Ogress of the population of the city of Tripoli Friday market, and Ali Chettr from the city of Zliten area Mager “

    The story of martyrdom was told by one of the survivors, a Recep Adehdi where he stated that he found my father lying in front of one house on 26 \ 8 \ 2011 AM

    * = now deceased *
    1 - Rajab Adhedia (Zlitan?)

  56. The rest of the deaths came from the testimony of survivors :

    august 2013 Mr. Adnan Bashir mast/ bazari "President of the Assembly of the Association of Victims of the Holocaust detainee Yarmouk, :

    - there will be a meeting for the election of the Board of Directors after the expiry of the first board of directors "..

    -Identify the bodies of missing persons:
    the remains of bones found in the warehouse,
    in the presence of prosecutors and forensic doctors were transferred to the ministry ,
    and asked to send samples for analysis to " ICMP "in Bosnia, and that the ministry has promised to open the cemetery after the Eid al-Fitr, but the Director of Administration Technical Search for the missing Dr. "EA Zureiq" resigned!! ".

    -"Bodies have been identified are:
    Faraj Mohammed Abdul Salam Zver
    Abdulrahman Mohammed الذويبي and Mohammed Ahmed Da'duc


    The rest of the deaths came from the testimony of survivors."

    الشهيد فرج محمد الظفير Martyr Faraj Mohammed Zver

    The martyrs who [ allegedly ]have died under torture.

    6 - Abdulrahman Mohammed -عبدالرحمن محمد الذويبي

    7 - Mohamed Ahmed Da'duc



  57. 24 august 2011
    On this day 24 of the month of Ramadan two years ago at Guantanamo Slovenian company

    President of the Assembly of the Victims Yarmouk Adnan Mast/Bazari : عدنان الصاري

    شهداء معتقل الشركة السليفونية التابع لمعتقل اليرموك

    Al darrat again in misrata 13 june 2011









    Date of passing away can be seen @ 11.16

    22 august 2011

    August 22 2011 Brazilian warehouse :A second warehouse, a few hundred metres away

    Another doctor died before he could find a vehicle but the remaining two were evacuated to the Al-Afia Medical Centre in Qasr Ben Gushair.[106] The witness named those Qadhafi forces members present that morning as [030], [046, 073 and 040].[107

    1. location , players and who died and when remains confusing :

      Yarmouk Holocaust Martyrs
      1- امحمد محمد عبدالله الاسود 2- محمود عبدالسلام ادراه 3-محمد محمد شعبان الدبرزى 4-مفتاح عبدالقادر الفطيسي 5-على ابراهيم الضراظ 6-عمر سالم محمد سلهوبة

      1 - Mhammed the Mohammed Abdullah black
      2 - Mahmoud Abdel Salam Test bank
      3 - Mohamed Mohammed Shaaban Aldberzy
      4 - Key Abdelkader Futaisi
      5 - Ibrahim Aldharaz
      6 - Omar Salem Mohammed Salhoubh

      We were told by our correspondent from Qasir Ben Ghashir that NATO has bombed the camp of the Khamis Road near the lighthouse company Albrazileh flames were seen from very long distances
      ابلغنا مراسلنا من قصر بن غشير ان الناتو قد قام من قليل بقصف معسكر خميس على طريق المنارة قرب شركة الكهراباء وشوهدت السنة النيران من مسافات بعيدة جدا

      The source also told us
      1 / having 6 bodies of the martyrs of religion Place the company's corporate palace complex Albrazileh bin Ghashir

      A / Brigadier M'Hamed Aldberza [nr3]
      B / M'Hamed Dean Black [nr1]
      C / Colonel Mahmoud irresistible character [nr2]
      D / Colonel Mufta Futaisi [nr4]

      And / Alzerat my father, Dr. Ali has battalions mockery by the moment of arrest
      battalions slapped and insulted him in front of people at the Palais des bin Ghashir

      G / Dr Omar Salhoubh [nr6]

      Military officers not from the Palace of Ben Ghashir according to the source the source told us that they are perhaps from other fronts for refusing orders

      الظباط ليس من قصر بن غشير حسب المصدر المصدر ابلغنا بانهم ماسورين ربما من جبهات اخرى لرفضهم الاوامر ربما المبلغ عليهم هم شباب تمكنوا من الفرار من الاسر والحمد الله الجثث لتزال موجودة بالشركة البرازيلية لهده اللحظة والسبب هو تواجد الكتائب حال بين دفنهم رحمهم الله


      الشهيد / محمد محمد شعبان الدبرزي بطاقة رقم ( 190 ) died in Algoalat [nr 3]
      Martyr / Mohamed Mohamed Shaaban Aldberza

      محمود عمران عبد السلام ادراه - محلة المنطرحة Mahmoud Abdel Salam Omran Test bank - adrahou Faculty of air defense

      17/09/2011 ? [nr 2] ?


      On 23 August 2011, at approximately 4pm, (3-4 hours before the massacre), Khamis Qadhafi, [028] and [056] were together at the warehouse in Yarmouk

    2. قتل أربعة من ضباط الجيش الليبي المنشقين عن النظام السابق وهم الشهيد محمود عمران ادراه والشهيد مفتاح الفطيسى والشهيد امحمد الأسود والشهيد محمد الدبرزى فقد تم قتلهم بكل دم بارد انتقاما منهم عندما دخل الثوار مدينة طرابلس

      Four officers Libyan army dissidents from the former regime
      martyr Mahmoud Omran Test bank and the martyr key Futaisi ,
      martyr Mhammed black and martyr Mohamed Aldberzy lost
      have been killed in all cool blood reprisal when the rebels
      entered the city of Tripoli

    3. ordered by the battalion Ahmed Futaisi

      Citizen Hussein Omar Hussein alteer ...... From the city of Zliten tribe El Sheikh born in 1974 married with a son named Omar at the age of 4 years,
      was tortured in the battalion Martyrs Zliten
      and ordered by the battalion Ahmed Futaisi and the reason for the arrest is not known ,
      tortured by the same battalion - milad Brenqgu 2 - Reza Sheikh 3 - person in the battalion called Sheikh
      May 30, 2013

  58. 25 8 13 Mohsen Jabr
    The second anniversary of the massacre of and Yarmouk Holocaust 23 \ 8 \ 2013
    In the absence of any role for the Libyan state to commemorate this tragic anniversary of Yarmouk


    august 24 2013 Mr Adnan about the evolution of the case:
    "The case was transferred to a civil court, which referred the issue of the company Sulaifinuh/slovenian/brazilian
    and the issue of torture to a civil court,
    and the issue of the Holocaust from the military prosecutor to the Office of the Attorney General who is familiar with the case.

    major "Hamza الحريزي", has not been arrested

  59. The first martyr in the [shed] massacre:
    Ibrahim Alchoudy of Misurata الخفيفي ابراهيم
    by the criminal Ibrahim Tagouri:

    2011: Gaddafi regime disappears student „Ounis Mohammad „Ounis al
    -Tajouri, 26, from RasLanuf


    martyr 520 Ibrahim Tagouri 20 Ras Lanuf 10 \ 3


    My name is Safai Eddin Hilal Al-Sharif worked in the company of Ras Lanuf

    and a member of the founders and leaders of the civil disobedience movement in Libya

    Founded the movement in 2004 at the request of opposition Mr. Mustafa Muhammad


    25 March 2004,


    The objectives were to overthrow the regime

    I was arrested on 24-1-2011


    1. Ibrahim Alchoudy/Khafifi

      The first martyr in the massacre: Ibrahim Alchoudy of Misurata الخفيفي ابراهيم
      by the criminal Ibrahim Tagouri:

      Ibrahim Alchoudy/Khafifi , besides mentioned in the shed massacre ,
      doesn't leave any trace on the internet

      Kid inside the coffin?
      libiyan observatory for humanrights

      A photo of a young boy killed during a massacre, allegedly committed by forces
      loyal to Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, is seen in Tripoli, Libya, Aug. 27, 2011.

      Photos of victims of a massacre, allegedly committed by forces loyal to Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, are scattered on a table in Tripoli, Libya, Aug. 27, 2011.
      The victims were summarily shot
      and then burned in a warehouse near the Khamis Brigade compound.
      Date created: 27.08.2011

      bashir aoun @ 2.10 : volunteer with ID's of people from all over Libiya @ 2.28

      same boy on photo 5 mast/bazari ?

      khafifi family Trbuls / MISURATA / Tobruk /Benghazi

      Khafifi Hussein Khalifa and Sheikh Salem Jaber.



  60. Safai Eddin Hilal Al-Sharif continues :

    Tripoli, after rebels entered Tripoli on September 20 [sic] ,
    which approves the conquest of Mecca

    the NATO bombed Abu Salim prison administration and The main gate at 11 am
    ولكن كان هناك العقيد جمعة مختار السايح احد أمراء السجن العسكري كان

    [..] a decision to liquidate all of the Abu Salim prisoners on September 23,
    but there was Colonel F Mukhtar Sayeh one of the principals of the military prison ,
    who was a dissident and was giving this information to the Transitional Council
    and the council to NATO

    At the time of the bombing there was a meeting of 8 people charged
    with the liquidation of prisoners who numbered about 800 Thuar in military prison
    and they [ 8 people] were killed by 3 guards

    and Colonel F Mukhtar Sayeh had a minor injury shrapnel wound at his hand
    and after the bombing Colonel Bajarajna/Bgrajina
    told all of us in the military prison to contact those who know Tripoli to come

    and we went out over three days on 20, 21 and 22 September
    and reached a number of mosques, including a mosque منطقة قدح and mosque كشلاف

    Coordinates:   32°44'34"N   13°7'55"E Yamuk

    طرابلس مسجد قدح mosque min tagida
    الإحداثيات: 32°51'18"N 13°8'16"E

    13°15'25"E كشلاف مسجد طرابلس mosque gajalaf

  61. Safai Eddin Hilal Al-Sharif continues :

    , and I am one of those who came out on 22 [august]

    and we were about 175 people,

    including 32 Egyptian workers from Misratah and Zawiya and other areas,

    and it was Colonel Juma who we trusted brought us the way from the gate
    of the military police to the main gate, which was bombed,
    and while we are out
    came some collaborators with the former regime with members of the military police

    They opened fire on us and killed two of us , one from Misratah and one from Benghazi small no more than 21 years old

    and 13 wounded people were taken to a hospital in Abu Salim [22 august!!!!!!]

  62. But there was Colonel F Mukhtar Sayeh one of the principals of the military prison
    العقيد جمعة مختار السايح Colonel Juma Mukhtar Sayeh

    F Sayeh reveals the facts about misrata

    a member of the Military Council of the National Transitional Council Khalid Al - Sayeh

    Khalid al-Sayeh defense minister?


    العقيد بإخراجنا Bgrajina / Juma Mishri / Homeland Security

    on 20-2, he immediately rushed to open the cells
    A Thuraya, which kept him connected with peers in the cities of Libya to transfer important information

    liberated who were in prisons that night and eliminated the last pockets of supporters of the former regime


    العقيد سالم جحا Colonel Salem Juha head of the Libyan Army Staff 2011

  63. Safai Eddin Hilal Al-Sharif continues :

    [ Abu Salim [22 august] still not purified

    so some members of the battalion and some collaborators were beaten to prison[???]
    يتطهر بعد فقام بضربهم بعض أفراد الكتائب وبعض المتعاونين فأرجعونا إلى السجن وعالجهم الدكاترة الذين كانوا معنا

    and treated by Drs who were with us including Dr. ادرسي / darazi Bashari

    then Colonel F Sayeh took us from the military prison by farm road behind the prison

    to the mosque in the area كشلاف were was the most of the population of the western mountain [nafusa]

    the Mosque to the prison is about 12 kilometers or more
    in three batches in a bus of the police military protection

    and the supervisors of the mosque had received us and brought us clothes
    and cleaning materials
    and we stayed in the mosque for two days

    and then took us to Zintan on 24 September the same day that the area of ​​Abu Salim
    was liberated

    and we stayed there for four days
    until it's our turn to return in the plane to move from Zintan to Benghazi twice daily

  64. february , march 2011: #Gaddafi regime abducts Dr. Reda al-Mizaygri, a Libyan-American neurosurgeon near #Ajdabiyya.

    There were four doctors, a medical equipment salesman, a student studying economics, and dozens of others.
    Some went out to protest, some to fight,
    and others to tend to the wounded.
    the "coalition of doctors February 17" ائتلاف الأطباء 17 فبراير

    "The prison where [Mazagri] was being kept, there was an image released
    where around 50 people were burned to death.

    It was just a day or two after he was released.
    If he wasn't released, he would have been one of them."


    Mazagri was held prisoner in Abu Salim in Tripoli, the most dangerous jail in Libya, he said.
    It wasn't until Wednesday that he figured out more details of how the rebel forces liberated the jail on Aug. 24.

    "I didn't know exactly what happened, we just heard a lot of gunshots, a lot of bombs. NATO forces threw three different sound-bombs on different occasions ... to scare the soldiers."

    Rebel forces began to open some of the cells, and he and eight or nine other prisoners escaped, he said.

    They went to a nearby mosque where they prayed until military forces came to transport them back to Mazagri's family home in Tripoli.

  65. عبد المنعم التاجوري Abdel Moneim Tagouris
    Black Battalion of Martyrs AboSaleem Dernah
    In Syria when he was fasting perform ablution for the Maghrib prayer when a mortar shell landed near him .. 23 okt. 2012

    Yogorten Glize
    Yogorten Glize (L) and Salem Boras (R) read the news from the broadcasting studio of Radio Nafusa al-Hurra

    Ali bin Aoun ,Janzour martyr

    Brother Mohammad Aoun , Mellita chairman National Oil

    1. Abu Oun
      Condolences to family of Mr. Mustafa Abuoun founding member Canadian Libyan Council http://t.co/976owA51pK‫ انا لله و انا اليه راجعون ‬#libya

  66. November 2013
    The official handover of the Yarmouk camp by the brigades of Ministry of Civil Defense

    Distribution of brioche and drink to guests for the handover ceremony Yarmouk camp

  67. http://img.ziling.com/month_1108/1108271900007663a93be42dd8.jpg

    a new shed victim? See mosque in background


    mosque shed مسجد حديت خلة الفرجان
    Coordinates:   32°46'12"N   13°12'44"E

    Coordinates: 32° 46' 35.01" N  13° 11' 42.12" E

    @ 0.33 mosque shed
    Death's ceremony lies on the floor, as the hundreds make way for the thousands of bodies to be disposed of.
    @ 0.40 Hisham humans/bashir SSC tripoli?




    1. http://photouploads.com/?v=tripolljl.jpg

      as the hundreds make way for the thousands of bodies to be disposed of.Published on Aug 27, 2011

      25 August: Rebel fighters pass the body of a man killed in fighting in the Abu Salim district of Tripoli

    2. shed mosque

      Furjani’s men run a checkpoint on the main road outside the mosque.

      Furjani said much of the booty in his courtyard was recovered during car searches,
      though on Tuesday, no cars were being stopped.

      shed mosque








  68. "We can unite with the other forces [from the eastern front] said Anwar Sarwan,
    a Misrata rebel logistics officer. "We are making good progress."

    Aug. 17, 2011, 7:44 PM The objective of the rebels in Gharyan will be to secure the city (and the supply road south), and then move north and take Al Aziziya.
    Eventually, the forces from Misrata and the forces from Gharyan can meet in the middle,
    at Tarhuna, which will complete the encircling of Tripoli, and cut off Ghaddafi from the rest of his loyalist forces elsewhere in the country.

    8/25 CamboDonut (MMC tweets again?)
    Just in from Misrata mil council:“We have found possible mass murder in Tripoli prison.
    We believe event happen 4 days ago" "Drs at main Tripoli Hospital know more.Prisoners locked up, grenades thrown into their rooms.”

    21 august 2011 Pockets of Regime Security in Furnaj /Fernaj prison, near #Tripoli Medical Center
    32.85'13.5899 13.23'47.1397

    32°46'46"N   13°17'6"E Yamuk Khallet Alforjan
    32°44'34"N   13°7'55"E Yamuk

    1. And now fully prepared for the task of attribution for the twelfth (door Tajora) Tripoli to enter the camp of Yarmouk. 26 june 2013


      32°53'32"N   13°13'30"E
      bab tajura منطقة باب تاجوراء

      @ 0.19 entering tripoli south east, 21 aug 2011


      ثوار مصراتة يدخلون طرابلس برا 22 8 11 misrata revolutionaries entering Tripoli from the east

      Aug. 20 -Osama Al-Swayi told Human Rights Watch that he had been detained by soldiers from the Khamis Brigade two days before the shooting and placed in the Gargur building. Twenty-five people were detained there, he said.On Aug. 20, detainees heard rebels advancing and shouting "Allahu Akbar!" or "God is great" he told Human Rights Watch.






  69. August 22, 2012 at 8:49 PM :wonder if jamal ragai and jamal Rabbani are one and the same person :

    felixOctober 18, 2011 1:28 The directors in 2008 were :Mustafa Rugibani


    More interestingly, he is a director of the Oxford based Centre for Libyan Studies of Suite 220, 286 Banbury Road, OX2 7DL,
    a charity. Funding?

    The directors in 2008 were :Mustafa Rugibani
    Youssef El Megreisi (Company Secretary),
    Omar Abdulatef (Chairman),Doctor Fathi Sikta
    Mohamed Ali Ahdash,
    Salem Gnan (Appointed 25.03.2008){NFSL]

  70. The LIFG leader, known as Urwah descends from Sabratha


    April 21, 2011 The LIFG leader, known as Urwah, was detained in Iran in 2004
    but allowed to return to Libya to participate in the fighting against Qaddafi's regime earlier this year.

    19 april 2011 The Omar Mukhtar brigade commander, until he was killed on Friday in an attack on Brega, was Abdelmonem Mukhtar Mohammed,

    a man with long experience in the armed opposition movement known as the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group who had also spent time in Afghanistan and had met Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden,according to the Los Angeles Times.

    27 February 2011 The Great Swordfight of Sabratha:
    How Libyan freedom fighters clashed with Gaddafi's army with 2ft scimitars


    1. (Al-Tawil) So, they are still in Iran. (Benjamin) Yes, they are still in Iran.

      (Al-Tawil) But some of them were released. Were they not?
      (Benjamin) I have seen reports to this effect.

      Abdel moneim muktar ajdebiya

      2 days before he died


  71. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1361020/Libya-protests-Freedom-fighters-clashed-Gaddafis-army-2ft-scimitars.html

    Aquela El Mezoghi, a wealthy Libyan businessman and a leading opponent of the regime, told The Mail on Sunday he had been appointed by the protesters as their spokesman
    and had travelled out of his country so the story could be told.
    Mr El Mezoghi, 39, said: ‘All we were doing was marching and shouting, “Down with the system”.


    حوازة صالح المزوغي Hawwazh salah Almzoga

    Coordinates:  32°46'13"N 13°13'7"E

    Coordinates:   32°46'9"N   13°13'9"E
    وادي الفرجان طرابلس WADI AL FURJAN tripoli

  72. محمود الدروعي الدروعي mahmoud abdul salam Aldroaa

    shed & slovenian or bab al ziziya rebel martyr august 2011

    shed&slovenian august 2011 four officers dissidents of the Libyan army
    الشهيد مفتاح الفطيسى Colonel Miftah Futaisi
    امحمد الأسود Black Emhemed
    محمد الدبرزى Mohammed Aldberzy
    الشهيد محمود عمران ادراه Omran Adrahou

    حسن الدروعي Hassan Aldroaa

    Hassan Aldroaa , an NTC member killed 11 january 2014


    22 jul. 2011 They appointed as ambassador to Libya in Paris Mustafa Seif El-Nasr
    without any consultation of the Council.


    Militia's Omar Mukhtar brigade Abdelmonem Mukhtar Mohammed Hassan Drouy,

    Secret hamza Omar Mukhtar brigade , Tripoli

    misrata man , black bataillion looting weapons from the shed

    27 aug. 2011 - Mr. Drue'e said he was in regular satellite-phone contact with rebels operating clandestinely inside Sirte

  73. slovenian company august 2011 four officers dissidents of the Libyan army :

    الشهيد مفتاح الفطيسى Colonel Miftah Futaisi
    امحمد الأسود Black Emhemed / Ezwed
    محمد الدبرزى Mohammed Aldberzy
    الشهيد محمود عمران ادراه Omran Adrahou

    List of dead rebels from Misrata and Zlitan yesterday 17/09/2011

    توفيق الهادي الصاري Tofiq Elhedi Elzari /mast
    امحمد محمد عبد الله الأسود Emhemed Mohammed Abdulla Ezwed
    موسى عبدالله الزدام Musa Abdullah Zadam
    رمضان محمود محمد جابر Ramadan Mahmoud Mohammed Jaber
    نجيب محمد عاشور احبيش Najib Mohammed Ashour Ahbich
    محمد محمد شعبان الدبرزي Mohamed Mohamed Shaaban Aldberza
    Abdelkader DLF commander of the rebels Zliten

  74. Dr. Abdul Rahman Sowaihili President of the MB Union while attending a memorial service Abdul Qader Ramadan DLF "field commander of the Liberation Front of Zliten."


    Sami al-Saadi , also known as " Abu Munther al-Saadi ," the military official . LIFG
    or rather Aldraa military of the Muslim Brotherhood

    Sheikh Salah precordial" cousin Sheikh Saadi ...
    division commander and killer of many inside the prisons in the area of ​​Abu Salim Terhana cousin Sheikh Saadi ...


    Salah precordial leads the band fourth bonds ( Aldraa military to Sami al-Saadi )

    Of course his brother Madawa "Omar precordial " aka Pei ( Tamtam ) is leading the band and besieged the headquarters of the government
    and the band provides security in the process of political isolation
    and provides thugs Salim , as he is accused of a lot
    as murder, rape , robbery, torture


    منزل صالح البركي home salah precordial /barakeri


    32°50'34"N   13°10'59"E
    32°46'46"N 13°17'6"E Yamuk


    June 26, 2013 escaped precordial Salah, a leader of the Abu Salim militias





    البركي صالح عمران Saleh Omran brakri

    The head of the military council to Sabratha , Salah elbakri,
    whose real name is saleh Imran precordial/elbrakeri ,
    now is the head of the military council for the area of ​​Abu Salim and its environs -
    from the city of Tripoli , which is effective for most of Tripoli Brigades militia so called Gneoh local ,


    Salah precordial a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group
    receives guidance from Ismail Salaabi and his brother Osama
    of eastern Libya residing in the city of Benghazi

    1. Sabratha 2014

      al-Qaeda /ANSAR al-SHARIA in SABRATHA:

      a battalion Ansar al-Sharia in Libya Martyrs of Free Libya in the eternal paradise
      نزفُّ إليكم نبأ إرتقاء الشهيد - بإذن الله - و أحد أفراد كتيبة أنصار الشريعة في ليبيا الأخ "محمد أبو قرين" المُكنّى بــ " أبي مصعب الليبي "

      Here's the news upgrade : martyr battalion Ansar al-Sharia in Libya 2013
      Brother "Mohammed Abu spouse" nicknamed "Abu Musab al-Libi"
      population Dubai Street Benghazi

      jihad in Syria, ((beheadings)), which is the same policy in Benghazi and Derna : murder and assassination and bombing.

      Some in the picture are Libyans:
      - Abuamarh "dernah", who wears glasses

      - Solomon's waghil Moroccan "Ajdabiya" / suliman wagil megrabi/سليمان رحيل المغربي
      who wears an Afghan hat


  75. List of dead rebels from Misrata and Zlitan yesterday 17/09/2011

    Mohamed Mohamed Shaaban Aldberzy محمد محمد شعبان الدبرزى




    The photoshopped portrait held by the kid is of محمد محمد شعبان الدبرزى

    felixSeptember 4, 2012 11:22 PM : Mohammed Mohammed Shaban Aldabrzi
    who was allegedly killed at the Slovenian company along with Salhoubh and Al-Darrat.

    17 feb. 2011 Martyr / Mohamed Mohamed Shaaban Aldberza Card No. (190)

    names given as shed killers :
    1. Mohamed Abdel-Qader Tagouri –"محمد عبد القادر التاجوري" – a police officer known as a keeper over Alsberati.
    Abdul Salam Altarhuni–
    تأسست أول فرقة كشفية بمدينة زليتن سنة 1956 ف وسميت بفرقة زليتن الأولى .وكان مكان ... وبعض أفرادها : 1- عبدالحميد عبدالسلام المبقع 2- نوري طاهر الترهوني .
    The first band was founded in Zliten scout in 1956 and was named the first squad Zliten.
    And some of its members: 1 - Abdul Hamid Abdul Salam Mobaga/spotted
    2 - Nuri al-Taher Altarhuni.



    Shed sheich Salem Jaber with Hussein Khalifa Khafifi


    Veteran leader : Khaled Khalifa الخفيفي Khafifi , freed the fadeel khatib of the mercenaries


    أصحاب القبعات الصفراء هم شباب من سرت تم نقلهم إلى بنغازي يوم 16/02 لعمل مظاهرات مؤيدة وقمع التورة وتم توزيع هدي القبعات عليهم حتى يميزو بعضهم..وانا كنت في سرت في تلك الايام وخرجت منها يوم
    The owners of the yellow hats are the youth of Sirte were transferred to Benghazi on 16.2 for the work and the suppression of demonstrations Hats were distributed to them .
    and I was in Sirte in those days, and went out on them 17/2 أسامة التياني Osama Altiyanj I am from Friday Market neighborhood of Andalus

    Elsanous Ali Eldorsi, a retired judge in Benghazi, :
    "We found 150 corpses burning and we believe they were the bodies of officers and soldiers who refused to follow orders to fire on the the people," he said.

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEJFp0lUIQg

      'Behind snipers not Yanukovich but somebody from new coalition' -

      Ashton's leaked phone tape


      Unknown snipers played a pivotal role throughout the so-called « Arab Spring Revolutions » yet,

      in spite of reports of their presence in the mainstream media,
      surprisingly little attention has been paid to to their purpose and role.

      On January 16th 2011, CNN reported that ‘’armed gangs’’ were fighting Tunisian security forces. [10]

      Many of the murders committed throughout the Tunisian uprising were by “unknown snipers”.

      There were also videos posted on the internet showing Swedish nationals detained by Tunisian security forces.

      During the destabilization of Libya, a video was aired by Al Jazeera
      purporting to show peaceful “pro-democracy” demonstrators being fired upon
      by “Gaddafi’s forces”.

      The video was edited to convince the viewer that anti-Gaddafi demonstrators
      were being murdered by the security forces


  76. Mass graves of 150 civilians have already been found in Misrata
    and reports emerged yesterday that a truck full of bullet-ridden corpses
    with their hands tied behind their backs was delivered to a hospital on the Matiga airbase.


    Some of the first targets for rebel troops as they entered Tripoli were the city's prisons ...
    and rebel commanders knew they would be filled with willing recruits.

    Girl Ahli Benghazi 08-20-2011, 12:45 PM Tajura free channel.
    revolutionaries Ilthmoun with توار Tajura and Friday market Tripoli upturned shooting everywhere
    NATO bombing battalions editing more than 25,000 prisoners

    08-20-2011, 04:31 AM Allaqi: the liberation of all prisoners of Abu Salim

    Sirtawi Fathi Salem Ali BuMariam was detained in #Sirte by G forces in April and was taken to AbuSaleem. now he's free :) ! youtube.com/watch?v=mS1pdL…

    " Reprisals took place during the last hours of the fall of the regime .

    Obtained massacre in the Bab al-Aziziya .
    Has killed more than 150 prisoners "


    What happened August 21?
    EXCLUSIVE | Rebels stormed Palm City in hunt for Gaddafi

    Maltese eyewitnesses told MaltaToday that on the evening of Sunday 21 August,
    some 200 fully-armed rebel fighters shot their way through the gates of the Corinthia-owned luxury residential resort in Janzour in search of the Gaddafis,
    just one hour after the Bab Al-Aziziya compound had fallen.

    One of the tweeters sent out the registration plates of the Chevrolets in which Gaddafi loyalists fled Palm City, while another said that looting was taking place
    inside the complex during a gun battle with rebels.

  77. وفي مقابلتها مع رويترز ذكرت نوميديا أسماء ثلاثة مواقع قالت إن حلف الناتو قصفها بعدما قدمت معلومات عنها.
    وأحد هذه المواقع الثلاثة في حي صلاح الدين بطرابلس، وكانت تستخدمه شركة تركية في السابق، واستخدمته ميليشيات موالية للقذافي في تخزين الأسلحة.


    In her interview with Reuters, Numidia said the names of three sites
    that NATO bombed after she provided information about them.

    One of these three sites in the district of Salah al-Din in Tripoli ,
    and was used by a Turkish company in the past ,
    and used by militias loyal to Gaddafi in the weapons storage .

    شركة تركية Turkish companyحي صلاح الدين بطرابلس Salah al-Din neighborhood in Tripoli

    22 August 2011 Brazilian warehouse :
    62. A second warehouse, a few hundred metres away [ from the shed]
    was also used as a detention centre.
    This was an abandoned warehouse which had belonged to a Brazilian Company.
    On 22 August 2011, (..) the thuwar had reached Salahadeen.

    The second site is the camp April 7 in the neighborhood of the gate gypsum

    32°49'54"N 13°7'48"E

    بوابة الجبس امام الدعوة الاسلامية. Gypsum gate in front of the Islamic Dawa.

    , while the third site was an intelligence building in the neighborhood of Sidi al-Masri.

    32°51'58"N   13°12'25"E
    سيدي المصري، طرابلس، sidi . Masri, Tripoli,





  78. while the third site was an intelligence building in the neighborhood of Sidi al-Masri.

    المهمة كانت الدخول لغرفة المراقبة والأمن في مجمع قاعات غابة النصر بجانب فندق الريكسوس وإعادة السيطرة على كامل أجهزة ومعدات المراقبة والأمن بما فيه كسر كلمات المرور وتشغيل الخدمات وقواعد البيانات وإعادة إصدار بطاقات إلكترونية لدخول كافة قاعات المجمع ونظام إنذار الحريق وما إلى ذلك لتصبح كلها تحت سيطرة ثوار 17 فبراير، والحمد لله إنتهت المهمة بنجاح


    21 - 8- 2011
    The task was access to the security and control room
    in the complex Halls Forest Nasr beside Alricksos hotel
    and control the entire apparatus and surveillance equipment ,
    including the passwords and operation services, databases thankfully completed the task successfully

    One of the tweeters sent out the registration plates of the Chevrolets in which Gaddafi loyalists fled Palm City


    the bridge Sidi Masri

    2 -3-2014 Protesters blocked the main road leading to the neighborhood Damasc
    and the road leading to the bridge Sidi Masri and the intersection Union Club Beb bin Ghashir
    in protest against the blatant abuse suffered by the protestors in the early hours of the morning in front of the headquarters of the conference :
    4 killed and 8 injured demonstrators


    32°52'1 N 13°11'39"E Beb Bin Ghashir (Tripoli)
    باب بن غشير (طرابلس)

  79. Salem Hariri supervisor of the process of al-Andalus :

    SHED WITNESS Salem Hariri الشهيد الشيخ سالم الاحترار


    Pages of the biography of the martyr Sheikh Salem Hariri Sep 19, 2011
    صفحات من سيرة الشهيد الشيخ سالم الحراري Sep 19, 2011

    سالم الحراري Salem Hariri supervisor of the process of al-Andalus

    وهو أحد سكّان منطقة قرجي الشّارع الغربي a resident of the area Gurji Street West

    هو المشرف على عملية حي الأندلس التي إستهدفت السنوسي supervisor of the process of al-Andalus , which targeted Sanusi

    1. Salem Hariri supervisor of the process of al-Andalus

      The eye witness, Salem Alharary

  80. 17-09-2011 Martyr omar salhoubh of Souq Juma

    was arrested on 7-6-2011

    الشهيد الدكتور عمرسلهوبه
    دكتور أطفال في عيادة المختار

    Martyr Dr. Omar Salem Salhoubh. Tripoli was arrested on 7-6-2011

    imprisoned for 3 months in a prison in the area of ​​Spring Valley ,

    specifically in one container Brazil company

    on 24 September after the prayers of dawn at seven in the morning physically liquidated

    after one of the nurses reported him because he supports the revolution of February 17

    was shot dead by the son of the tyrant battalions Thursday.



    area of ​​Spring Valley , Ain Zara , WadiAlRabee one of the gates to Tripoli from the south

    . 63 revolutionaries freed in #WadiAlRabee in #Tripoli by #Freedomfighters ... 7-6-2011

    Coordinates:  32°52'43"N 13°17'56"E ​​Spring Valley


    مزرعة مختار القزون عون Farm Mokhtar Aelkezon Aoun 7.2 km

    rebel martyr
    264/Hatem Mohammed Hosni Aoun/
    Between ayn zara and Saladin 26/8/2011

    جامع الحباشة area of ​​Spring Valley
    32°35'27"N   13°20'27"E
    25 october 2013 Ghiryani Friday sermon mosque Murad Pasha Tripoli :
    blaming the Dar al-Ifta had not authorized the killings of those who were serving in the military and security

    1. "What is happening to our people has frightened us," said one officer,
      who identified himself as General Oun Ali Oun.

      Alruyemi prison led by Heetm Bayt al-Mal and Ali Aoun

    2. https://ar-ar.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=629781423722154&set=a.269143346452632.73488.264284956938471&type=1&theater
      Mohammed Salem Aoun was born in 1981 in America .Parents from Zawiya

      the head of the Directorate of Security Zawiya Col. Ali Lafi
      had been kidnapped in Tripoli before being released. 2014 january 5

  81. http://aphoto.art.br/site/2012/05/brasileiro-andre-liohn-ganha-robert-capa-gold-medal/
    Brasileiro André Liohn ganha Robert Capa Gold Medal


    April 24, 2011. Rebels preparing to invade a house occupied by government soldiers in downtown Misurata.

  82. Salem Hariri @ abu saleem prison


    Mazagri was held prisoner in Abu Salim in Tripoli, the most dangerous jail in Libya, he said.

    "The prison where [Mazagri] was being kept, there was an image released
    where around 50 people were burned to death.
    It was just a day or two after he was released.

    Sun Aug-21-11 02:01 PM /GenStrike For A Free World ♺ @Libyan4life: AJA Caller:
    They have released thousands of prisoners from ''AjDayda'' in #Tripoli. #Libya

    Some of the first targets for rebel troops as they entered Tripoli were the city's prisons.
    In the past week, thousands of inmates have been freed from large facilities such as Jdeida, Ain Zara and Abu Salim


    21st August 2011 Don't U just love - @AlexCrawfordSky - she's at the #Khammis Barracks just outside of #Tripoli - and is now displaying an Intelligence manual - in which all the names of the #Gaddafi mercenaries are listed - plus the names of all local protestors.

    2011/03/20 We hope to ask the February 17 rebels to collect the names of criminals of system for 42 years in order to circulate the names at airports and borders in order to be tried in Libya : all the angels of Abu Salim prison and 7 April
    and the Revolutionary Committees and the gang liquidation abroad
    and the Revolutionary Guards Revolutionary Committees.
    List the names of Wanted :

    Wednesday, March 12, 2014

    1. 21st August 2011 Don't U just love - @AlexCrawfordSky - she's at the #Khammis Barracks just outside of #Tripoli - :

      "When the bodies that we received at Matiga Hospital, the 17 bodies
      that we received a few days ago, there was no human rights organisation at the hospital at the time,

      no Human Rights Watch

      no ICRC, the Red Cross, they were't there,


      Dr Moaz (qualified University of Leeds, 2009) also gave an interview for CBC on on 29 August 2011. He is described as travelling to Libya where "he has been collecting firsthand medical evidence of abuses by Gadhafi forces". (but obviously not of abuses by rebel forces).

      This is what he says, for the record...
      Anchor:You are collecting evidence in Tripoli for future war crimes prosecutions...



      SKY news Tripoli Reports

      Uploaded on Aug 22, 2011 Alex Crawford Enters Tripoli

      08/22/11 02:38 PM ET Before U.S. cable networks broke away from taped programming on Sunday, news junkies glued to Twitter for Libya updates discovered that one TV network had a correspondent reporting on air with the rebels as they headed into Tripoli: Britain's Sky News.

      Uploaded on Aug 24, 2011

      "It is a scene of mass murder," Stuart Ramsay said at the scene, quoting witnesses

      AJE Tripoli Reports :
      Uploaded on Aug 21, 2011 Al Jazeera's Zeina Khodr is traveling with Libyan FFs to the west of Tripoli.

      Uploaded on Aug 25, 2011 AJE James Bays : Evidence of 'mass execution' in Tripoli

      Uploaded on Aug 29, 2011 shed report Zeina Khodr

      24 august 2011 journalists that were in the rixos , freed by Red Cross

    2. Dr Moaz : "When the bodies that we received at Matiga Hospital,
      the 17 bodies that we received a few days ago, there was no human rights organisation at the hospital at the time,

      no Human Rights Watch

      no ICRC, the Red Cross, they were't there,

      tripoli bodies internal security ghargour


    3. On August 26, Human Rights Watch also examined two corpses that were still in place at the Al-Amal al-Akhdar Internal Security building in Gargur

      Al-Swayi [ = Osama Hadi Mansur Al-Swayi ] told Human Rights Watch that two men had also been killed on the ground floor

      Aug. 20 -Osama Al-Swayi told Human Rights Watch that he had been detained by soldiers from the Khamis Brigade two days before the shooting and placed in the Gargur building.
      Twenty-five people were detained there, he said.

      On Aug. 20, detainees heard rebels advancing and shouting "Allahu Akbar!" or "God is great" he told Human Rights Watch.

    4. AJE Tripoli Reports :

      Dairieh: Yes, the rebels faced opposition in Bab Al-Azizya, Gaddafi’s headquarters and the area where he lived.

      But the last strong opposition was in Abu Salim, which was where I was,
      with the 17 February Martyr group.

      By the evening of the 21st, however, the rebels had taken control of most of Tripoli.


      Humdorman = أم درمان أبو سليم Omdurman Abu Salim

      I was staying with the rebels in a makeshift camp in Tripoli airport.
      Tripoli had been cleared of Gaddafi’s forces, with the exception of the Abu Salim quarter. I was with the 17 February Martyrs.
      Another rebel group had entered the district already and we were behind them. Snipers were shooting at us from a building ahead, and once we got to Humdorman, at the heart of Abu Salim, we encountered heavy resistance from the remains of Gaddafi’s forces.
      The rebels, divided into groups, occupied the whole area.

  83. Libya has suffered widespread bloodletting in the aftermath of the 2011 revolution.

    Over 1,200 people have been killed nationwide
    in the last two years, victims of revenge, power clashes and spiraling crime.

    Mr. Khaled Al-Sharif, the head of El-Hadba prison


    March 11, 2014 This is in addition to al-Hadaba prison, which does not fall under official control either.
    It is directly under the supervision of Khaled al-Sharif and is where top former regime figures are being held,

    Assistant Secretary of Defense Khaled Mohammed al-Sharif, also the commander of the Libyan National Guard, is the number one security official in Libya.

    Despite the fact that Defense Ministry has changed hands a number of times,
    he has remained in his post.

    He has also received training by al-Qaeda.



    No executions were carried out in 2012.

    Five soldiers have been sentenced to death

    ’they were beaten,had hot wax poured in their ears
    and were told to confess to committing rape in Misrata


    1. Report by Amnesty International published Thursday :

      18 sentenced to death in Libya in 2013 ,

  84. ثوار منطقة سوق الجمعة بالعاصمة طرابلس في عملية تحرير قاعدة معيتيقة الجويّة يوم 21

    Soug Eljuma fighters liberating Mitiga airbase 21 august 2011


    the body was found at the base of Mitiga

    ES Libya : Witness Libya : Misurata Center martyrs for documenting Media
    martyrdom of Dr. .. Ali Aldharat .. in jail ..

    A witness detained with him said the battalions who liquidated doctors , officers and officials collectively shot them after torturing punishment painful ..
    the body was found at the base of Mitiga with signs of torture ..

    وفاق ليبيا : الشاهد ليبيا : مصراته مركز الشهداء للتوثيق الأعلامي استشهـــــــــــــاد الدكتور .. علي الضراط .. في المعتقل .. فقد قال شاهد كان معتقل معه وخرج أن الكتائب قاموا بتصنيف الرجال كل حسب تخصصه وقاموا بتصفية الأطباء والضباط والمسؤولين جماعيا بإطلاق الرصاص عليهم بعد تعذيبهم عذابا أليما .. وقد وجدت جثته في قاعدة معيتيقة وعليها آثار التعذيب .. لمن لا يعرفه هو الدكتور الذى تحداهم على الملا فى قناة الليبية سنوافيكم بفيديو لحظة اعتقاله من قبل الكتائب فى تاورغاء .....رحمة الله عليك يادكتور




    On Saturday, the last day NATO reported its strikes, the alliance
    flew only 39 sorties against 29 targets, 22 of them in Tripoli.

    Strike sorties conducted 21 AUGUST:46
    Key Hits 21 AUGUST:
    In the vicinity of Tripoli:
    3 Command and Control Facilities,
    1 Military Facility, 2 Radar,
    9 Surface to Air Missile Launchers,
    1 Tank, 2 Armed Vehicles.
    In the vicinity of Bin Ghashir: 1 Radar.
    In the vicinity of Al Aziziyah:
    5 Surface to Air Missile Launchers

    1. the body was found at the base of Mitiga

      ES Libya : Witness Libya : Misurata Center martyrs for documenting Media
      martyrdom of Dr. .. Ali Aldharat .. in jail ..

      8 april 2014 :

      Unconfirmed:sources expect Ibrahim Sahhad or Mohammed Abdullah al-Dharrat (NFP)
      to replace GNC's Abusahmain.


      To be sure, much of the media are not only heavily relying on "information"
      from the NFSL but also presenting its leading members as credible alternative leaders as well as political experts,
      but that is all the more reasons to be skeptical. 


      Ibrahim Sahad and his National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL)

  85. August 20, 0636 "Battle of Yarmuk: Arab forces led by Khalid bin Walid take control of Syria and Palestine away from the Byzantine Empire, marking the first great wave of Muslim conquests and the rapid advance of Islam outside Arabia."

    Saturday, August 20, 2011

    “We are asking for more Apache action” to counter Qaddafi forces clashing with rebels, said Aref Ali Nayed

    Now, as the Transitional National Council’s coordinator of a Libyan stabilization team
    being asked to solve problems like fuel shortages and human rights abuses,


    The fighting overnight left 350 dead, over 3,000 wounded,
    Bombing was stepped up on Tripoli in order to terrorise the Libyan resistance and increase the likelihood of rebel success.
    Over 1,300 were killed within a 10 hour period on Sunday night.

    At this hour 21 Aug 2011 00:42, Al Jazeera English is running this:
    Colonel Fadlallah Haroun, a military commander in Benghazi, said the battles marked the beginning of Operation Mermaid - a nickname for Tripoli.

    He also said the assault was coordinated with NATO.
    Haroun told AP news agency that weapons were assembled and sent by tugboats
    to Tripoli on Friday night.


    Aug 24, 2011 Fadlallah Haroun, who helped organize the operation:
    "Honestly, NATO played a very big role in liberating Tripoli — they bombed all the main locations

    An increasing number of American hunter-killer drones provided round-the-clock surveillance as the rebels advanced.
    Smuggling abroad is also big business. Abdel-Basit Haroun, a former top intelligence official,said tribes and militias that control the eastern, western, and southern borders are engaged in arms smuggling.


    Abdul Basit Haroun says he is behind some of the biggest shipments of weapons from Libya to Syria, which he delivers on chartered flights to neighbouring countries and then smuggles over the border.

    “Abdel Basit Haroun was with us in the February 17 brigade before he quit to form his own brigade,” said fellow brigade commander Ismail Salabi.

    1. the airport

      One member of the group is Ali Salim Ali alSeli from Sabratha
      who was trying to plant an explosive device

      Earlier in the uprising , a resistance group carried out bombings in several places in Tripoli in the areas tourism , Got Alshall , Aldrebe , janzour Sawani , Qsirn , Gashir , Saturday market , the airport , the market Thursday , Alheirh , Spring Valley , Tajura and freed some prisoners during these operations

      One member of the group is Ali Salim Ali alSeli علي سالم علي السري from Sabratha

      سيل صبراته، Aseel Sabratha,


      Statement of the Supreme Council for Libya rebels
      بالمجلس الاعلي لثوار ليبيا Supreme Council for Libya rebels

      The Libya rebels when they gathered today after meetings of succession
      the first city of Misrata April 1 to 2 and the second is the city of Benghazi May 24 to 25
      and the third is in the city of Sabratha 9/10.6.2012
      The whole audience of the rebels, including :

      بيان المجلس الأعلى لثوار ليبيا
      بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
      إن ثوار ليبيا وهم يجتمعون اليوم بعد اجتماعات متوالية كان أولها بمدينة مصراتة 1-2 أبريل وثانيها بمدينة بنغازي24-25 مايو وثالثتها بمدينة صبراتة 9/10.6.2012وقد اجمع الحاضرون من الثوار بما نقلوا من روية لثوار ليبيا واضحة وجلية بان ليبيا تحتاج إلى الكثير والكثير من العمل المضني وان دور ثوارها لا يجب أن يغيب بل هناك ما يعمل ويقال من الكثير وال...مشاهدة المزيد
      مع خطابي العلاقي، اسيل صبراته، Mosab Kamoka، Libya Free، Maymona Mahmoud Drasy، Abdulati Almsalati، ولد الشيخ، عبد السلام كرير ونبيل المدهوني.

      With : Allaqi , Aseel Sabratha , Mosab Kamoka,
      Libya Free, Maymona Mahmoud Drasy, Abdulati Almsalati , Ould Cheikh , Abdel-Salam Krier and Nabil Almdhuna .



    2. Liberation of prisoners in hospital Ameitikh August 21

      Libyan patriots moved to southern Tripoli (Abu Salim al-Hadba Khadra, Salah al-Din),
      where they fought bravely for a few days, despite the bombing from the air ..
      In these areas many citizens of the People's Militia fought together with the soldiers of the Libyan army.
      They had something to protect. It is along the road to the airport (the area of Abu Salim, Sidi Salim) in recent years have been built large housing blocks, to distribute the Libyans on the program "every family free housing from the government."

      airport house project

      sky shed vid houses under construction international airport @5.30


    3. a site known as the Hadba Project

      The three projects, in Tajoura, Seraj and Hadba Al-Khadra,
      are said to be worth an estimated LD 1.1 billion ($880 million).
      All three are for infrastructure; no house building has been restarted so far.


      The corpses were found near the oil tanks of a site known as the Hadba Project,


      The corpses of up to 20 people have been found in two roadside graves on the outskirts of Tripoli.
      Local residents in the area said the men were killed on the 22 August.

      The black man in the top photo was captured on August 26th on Al Hadhbah Road, some three kilometers north of the Yarmouk military base




      Two Burnt Bodies
      The BBBC report cited above also noted:
      Separately, the charred remains of two bodies were uncovered on airport road in Tripoli.
      Uraibi is a serious man from the small city of Jadu in the Nafusa Mountains

      He is 44, a middle-class owner of a construction company in Tripoli.


      Rebel Tells How He Left Germany to Join the Fight
      The man, who operates a rocket launcher, has no idea how many people he has killed

    4. August 24 was again fighting in the airport, resulting in two burned and several damaged airliners.

      A major road between the two cities and the capital, enabling pro-Gaddafi forces to bring in supplies, was secured on Aug. 24 when rebels took Tarhouna
      and cut off the regime forces between Tripoli and Sirte and Beni Wallid garrisons.


      the pediatrician, Dr. Omar Mukhtar Bmsahh Salhoubh liberation of Tripoli,
      while he was detained nearly two months have been executed

      while the battalions withdraw from Tripoli

      This is Omar Salhoba, a 42-year-old doctor who was shot and killed on Aug. 24, more than two days after Tripoli fell. He was revered at Yarmouk for his insistence on treating injured fellow prisoners and for his brave, failed efforts to break the men free.

      On the night of August 27 began a withdrawal from Tripoli Libyan units and militia groups.
      The number of columns that left in the day Tripoli, as well as their staff - is unknown.

      Several by militants demonstrated prisoners told reporters:
      one large column consisting of 80 cars went on the main road to Tarhouna
      and continued to Bani Walid, and within it was General Khamis, the son of Muammar Gaddafi. In the area of Tarhouna this column was subject of a NATO night air raid , a video recorded shows part of destroyed vehicles from this column and dead soldiers.

      Nato's "key hits" for 23 August: "In the vicinity of Tripoli: 2 armoured fighting vehicles, 2 military heavy equipment truck, 3 surface-to-air missile system, 1 radar;

    5. The next morning Laskhar’s commander
      brought an excavator to the compound to dig a mass grave for the executed detainees, but the heavy equipment broke down, hindering their plans to bury the bodies en masse.
      Two days later Lt. Col. Mansour ordered that they collect all corpses inside the hangar and burn them.
      Laskhar and other soldiers followed his orders, collected automobile tires,
      and put them inside the hangar with the bodies.
      The soldiers then poured diesel fuel over the bodies and tires and set the hangar aflame.

      collected automobile tires:

      Uraibi is 44, a middle-class owner of a construction company in Tripoli.

      Uraibi remembers a construction site in the area, where there is heavy construction machinery, including bulldozers and wheel loaders.
      One of his friends jumps down from the pickup and runs off.


      He returns very slowly -- in the driver's cab of a bulldozer. The soldiers open fire on him immediately, but Uraibi's friend has raised the bulldozer's large steel shovel like a shield.
      The rebels fire a barrage of bullets, covering the bulldozer until it breaks through the wall, allowing the rest of the men to storm through the opening.

      Muhammad al-Madani invited Alrajaban and Ifrane castle
      and Kklh and Riyaana
      and Gado and Kapaau and Nalut and all western mountain

      Marched as his predecessors:
      the martyrs and leaders of Jihad bones Baroni Ben Askar

    6. This is Omar Salhoba, a 42-year-old doctor who was shot and killed on Aug. 24, more than two days after Tripoli fell. He was revered at Yarmouk for his insistence on treating injured fellow prisoners and for his brave, failed efforts to break the men free. :

      souq juma rebel martyrs dead toll nr 7. Omar Salem Salhoubh 24-8-2011

      nr 1. / nr 2. 23 8 2011 / nr 3. 25 2 2011 / nr 4. 14 10 2011/
      nr 5. 17 8 2011 / nr 6. 23-8-2011 / nr7.salboa 24-8-2011
      nr 9. 31-5-2011 /nr 10. 21-9-2011 /nr 11. 21-8-2011 /
      nr13. 29-9-2011 / nr14. 25-2-2011 / nr16. 25-2-2011
      nr17. 13-7-2011 / nr18. 1-10-2011

      clashes in 20-8-2011 Beb Tajura Friday Market
      اثر الاشتباكات في 20-8-2011 باب تاجوراء سوق الجمعة

      Battalion Martyrs Friday market After the decisive battle 20/8/2011 Night Liberation of Tripoli
      a battalion of around 4000 Thaer was formed , that participated with the rest of Libya rebels in many battles

      Gaddafi mercenaries captured Tripoli Friday Market 22 8 11

      february martyrs souq juma

      @ 1.02 some body maybe from sabratha souq juma dr says


      the idriss flag souq juma february @ 1.03

      No Pony mentioned in the souq juma martyr list :
      البونى Pony

      Uploaded on Feb 27, 2011
      كيف قتل الشهيد البونى في ثورة 17 فبراير في سوق
      A Libyan man (Ali Talhah) علي طلحة shot dead by Gaddafi's security
      (Feb. 25, 2011) in the Souk Al-Jummah area near downtown Tripoli, Libya.
      QuatchiCanada·298 videos


      شهيد - سوق الجمعة - طرابلس - A person Killed in Tripoli


      does he wear a green uniform?

  86. At least three men made it to a local mosque
    where their accounts are likely to provide the backbone of evidence
    to the International Criminal Court

    Abdul Salam Andishe
    On the right of the picture , who read a statement to Libyan rebels from more than 30 cities in the city of # Zliten
    is Abdul Salam Andishe , hero of Libya, a rebel Zliten brave , refused to stay in Zliten

    Went to the city of Misratah, in the month of 5 during the revolution and docked with the Champions rebels in Misrata , and participated in the battles and fought with them until liberated Zlitan and Libya as a whole,
    is one of the founders of the National Rally of Zliten rebels


    Taher Ahmed Ali Seabah. Births: 1994 Date of arrest: 18 \ 8 \ 2011 for the night.
    I run away with me both Amer light Ogress of the population of the city of Tripoli Friday market, and Ali Chettr from the city of Zliten area Mager, and after the ammunition of the murderers ended and they went for new ammunition, we jumped on the walls of houses near the camp and ended up to one farm and we stayed from Tuesday night until Friday without eating only drops of water نلتقطها then the coming of the rebels
    on Friday at 2 pm : 30 noon فسمعنا
    powerful explosions and shooting then we heard voices magnification and then emerged from the farm Fastqublna one of the inhabitants of this region named Mohammed Albrenne on Saturday he took us to the hospital for treatment of wounds and my dad took me from the hospital to the home.

    martyr : Abdullah Daou Ogress/25 8 2011 /Agricultural Fri / Thurs
    Another, identified by HRW as Abdulrahim Ibrahim Bashir, 25, said that at sunset on August 23
    guards of the Khamis Brigade opened fire on him / a survivor, managed to escape on 23 when the massacre occurred, remained in hiding in a nearby house with some other survivors, who included wounded, and when they went out after three days of hiding noticed the fire, and met Brigades rebels, and discovered the site of the Holocaust


    Mr.Abdel-Salam Khalil السيد عبد السلام خليل we see in the video during torture

    Video stills of, clockwise from top left, Hamza Hirazi,the commander who oversaw the torture at Yarmouk;
    a prisoner being interrogated; an interrogator; and a prisoner who was later killed.
    Jehad Nga for The New York Times


    1. Taher Ahmed Ali Seabah :
      then the coming of the rebels
      on Friday at 2 pm : 30 noon فسمعنا
      powerful explosions and shooting then we heard voices magnification
      and then emerged from the farm Fastqublna one of the inhabitants of this region named Mohammed Albrenne

      neutralizing a senior intelligence officer of the NTC,
      “Mohamed Mansour Bridene”.

      He was a dissident officer who betrayed the Libyan and Libyan leader



    2. Taher Ahmed Ali Seabah


      Ali Abdullah Tahir



      7 april 2014 Was found Monday night in an area near the city of Derna
      the body of Libyan Ali Abdullah Tahir , popularly known as " mouse " ,
      a leading figure in al-Qaeda in Libya

  87. The escape of 92 prisoners from the prison Mager Bzletn .. 14 february 2014

    أسماء النزلاء الهاربين من سجن ماجر بمدينة زليتن بتاريخ 2014/2/14م وعددهم (77)
    It is the person who arrested the martyr Hussein Abdel Hamid on August 18, 2011 accompanied by his brother, Abdul Salam, and tortured him and torturing him,
    then he incarcerating him in the container and the next day these rebels were transferred to Guantanamo Yarmouk and there cited Hussein and a number of the rebels,
    وهو الشخص الذي قام بالقبض على الشهيد حسين عبد الحميد المبقع يوم 18 أغسطس 2011 رفقة أخيه عبد السلام ، وقام بتعِذيبه والتنكيل به ، ثم قام بحبسه رفقة ثوار المدينة في حاوية وفي اليوم التالي تم نقل هؤلاء الثوار إلى معتقل اليرموك وهناك استشهد حسين وعدد من الثوار ، ونجا أخو حسين (عبد السلام) وعدد آخر من الثوا

    He survived the brother Hussein (Abdul Salam) and a number of other Althoar
    الشهيد حسين عبد الحميد The martyr Hussein Abdel Hamid
    خيه عبد السلام ، his brother Abdul Salam

    (Alleged) Escapees, Second-Hand Accounts (7)
    5/*6 - Abdulsalam and Hussain, last name unknown, Zlitan

    Quoting Ajay mast /bazari February 16 2014 :
    A security source confirms to me the news of the arrest of so-called (Mohammed Rashid Ahmed)
    A criminals Brigade 32 and the accused of Yarmouk holocaust that took place in August 23, 2011 Bkhalh Furjan South # Tripoli

    According to previous investigations in the case "Mohammed Rashid,"
    the one who ordered the implementation of the Holocaust is "Mohamed Mansour Abu Bakr,"
    the fugitive outside the country to "Hamza Harizi," which has been in prison

    مصدر أمني يؤكد لي خبر القبض على المدعو (محمد راشد أحمد) أحد مجرمي اللواء 32 والمتهم فى محرقة معتقل اليرموك التي حدثت في 23 أغسطس 2011 بخلة الفرجان جنوب #طرابلس
    وبحسب تحقيقات سابقة مع متهمين في هذه القضية فإن "محمد راشد" هو من قام بتوصيل أمر تنفيذ المحرقة من "محمد منصور أبوبكر" الهارب خارج البلاد إلى "حمزة الحريزي" والذي يقبع في السجن

    one of the officers named ( Muhammad) of the region ( Abu Salim ) , along with some mercenaries ,

    officer Mohammed launched a few shots in our direction , killing one of the Alchouda
    ( one of the detainees from Misurata )


  88. Tripoli prison 25 nov. 2013

    67 . حمزة المبروك الحريزي Hamza Mabrouk Harizi

    august 24 2013 Mr Adnan about the evolution of the case:
    The only arrested one is major "Hamza الحريزي",

    307 in Prison Zliten Mager


    Missing ... Ayman Abdul Salam Emhemed Miloud .... Said Mohammed Naji Khalil ... 18 to 22 August 2011 - Zliten area Bazh.

  89. http://photouploads.com/?v=shedeizzag.jpg

    robert f worth : eissa gliza


    @ 9.53 = eissa mohammed abbas ?

    Al qaida Zliten today




    robert f worth : eissa gliza

    @ 9.53 = eissa mohammed abbas ?

    Al qaida Zliten today

  90. 38 shed bodies

    The skeletons were still smouldering.

    Empty petrol canisters lay among the bodies,
    and the steel doors were full of bullet-holes. 28 Aug 2011

    The skeletons were removed for burial Sunday," said Mahmoud Mokhtar Zedan, 23 years.
    = 28 aug


    Empty petrol canisters lay among the bodies


    Libyan rebels were facing a new battle on Saturday, struggling to provide Tripoli's residents with water, electricity,
    petrol and food, amid power outages and with much of the capital's water cut. Aug 27, 2011
    "We have 30,000 tons of gasoline to distribute to the public starting today,"

    http://www2.timesdispatch.com/news/2011/aug/14/tdmain11-heavy-clashes-as-libyan-rebels-enter-key--ar-1237131/ :

    the rebels gained control of the main highway linking Tripoli to the Tunisian boarder, according to Fadlallah Haroun, the head of the rebels' security council in Benghazi.

    The road passes through Zawiya.

    August 15, 2011 Meantime, rebels spokesmen pledged that the conquest of Zawiya
    will now result in a cutoff of oil and supplies to Tripoli.

  91. The Libyan Society of the Missing says that 106 prisoners were killed
    in the building on August 23 when Gadhafi loyalists threw grenades inside.
    Read more: http://azstarnet.com/news/world/prosecutor-views-site-of-mass-killing-near-tripoli/article_5886a7c3-b548-59c2-b134-9ba3eba70663.html#ixzz1gn7JI8cS

    revealed by Libyan rebels about the involvement of battalions of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi
    in the implementation of the massacre that killed more than 150 prisoners in Tripoli,
    just before they escaped the capital from the advancing rebels who succeeded
    to control the headquarters of Gaddafi's Bab al-Aziziya Tuesday.

    The official of the military operations of the Libyan rebels in Tripoli said : "reprisals took place during the last hours of the fall of the regime. Obtained massacre in the Bab al-Aziziya.
    Has killed more than 150 prisoners."

    كشف الثوار الليبيون عن تورط كتائب العقيد معمر القذافي في تنفيذ مجزرة قتل فيها أكثر من 150 سجينًا في طرابلس، وذلك قبيل هروبها من العاصمة أمام تقدم الثوار الذين نجحوا في السيطرة على مقر القذافي في باب العزيزية الثلاثاء.
    وقال مسؤول العمليات العسكرية للثوار الليبيين في طرابلس: "جرت أعمال انتقام خلال الساعات الأخيرة لسقوط النظام. حصلت مجرزة في باب العزيزية. لقد قتلوا أكثر من 150 سجينا".

  92. In Al Furjan members of Gaddafi's mercenaries began to gather behind the camp
    (formerly the Yarmouk refugee camp), known as the Agricultural Society, Inc. Yugoslav adjacent to the site of military vehicles,

    الفرجان أن أفراد من مرتزقة القذافي بدأت في جمع وراء المخيم دون القذافي (مخيم اليرموك سابقا)، والمعروفة باسم الجمعية الزراعية، وشركة اليوغوسلافية المحاذية للموقع من المركبات العسكرية،

    ابلغنا مراسلنا من قصر بن غشير ان الناتو قد قام من قليل بقصف معسكر خميس على
    طريق المنارة قرب شركة الكهراباء وشوهدت السنة النيران من مسافات بعيدة جدا

    We are told by our correspondent from the Palace of Ben Ghashir that NATO has bombed the camp of the few Khamis T
    Road near the lighthouse company Alkahraaba Flames were seen from very long distances


  93. 32°49'33"N   13°7'49"E

    General Electric Company Gecol (Tripoli) الشركة العامة للكهرباء Gecol (طرابلس)


    32°46'46"N   13°17'6"E Yamuk Khallet Alforjan
    32°44'34"N   13°7'55"E Yamuk


    Al Swani Road Tripoli / Libya. the power company at the gate gypsum of the capital Tripoli,

    asswani road mosque
    32° 43′ 34.00″ N 13° 5′ 12.00″ E

  94. مصحة العافية الطبية Wellness medical clinic .alafiaclinic.

    32°40'28"N 13°10'30"E


  95. Which helped to eject thousand military prisoner from Abu Salim prison's military police,
    is Colonel F Sayeh, and another prisoner named Khalid coastline,
    and the latter had a brother trapped on the other side of the prison called Mahmoud coastline.
    العقيد جمعة السايح، Colonel Juma Sayeh ,

    خالد الساحلي Khaled coastal / alsagli
    محمود الساحلي mahmoud coastal

    Submitted F Sayeh : open prison on 20/8/2011 and ordered the exit of prisoners
    On instructions from the offender Faraj Boghalah then ordered the transfer of prisoners to the hospital in Abu Salim accidents




    Despair was nearly everywhere. A rebel military spokesman, Khalid al-Sayeh, said:
    "Where are the Western powers? They said they could strike within hours

     A member of the Supreme Council of the National Commission for the elections , " Khaled coastal "

    جمعة مختار السائح F Mukhtar tourist / asaya
    All the meanness and lowliness admitted by F Mukhtar tourist
    a military police officer Abu Salim prison
    on one of the channels Rats about his betrayal and his role
    in the smuggling of rats and its cooperation with terrorist gangs 17 feb

  96. جلال عثمان بشير صباحي، Jalal Osman Bashir matinee, /sabahi

    جماعة السلماني». «milkfish group»

    The prisoners of the central prison were waiting to attack Gaddafi forces to kill them
    In the central part of the prison there were 1400 to 1,700 prisoners, most of whom were rebels,
    except 300 Islamist prisoners who have not been released because of their disagreement with intellectual revisions which was overseen by Saif al-Islam Gaddafi's son with the leaders of the Islamists since the turn of the millennium.

    Sheikh Jalal Osman Bashir matinee, born in 1969, who had entered the Abu Salim Prison on October 7 (October 1995), he says:
    " we could hear the blows NATO military prison next door to us, that enabled thousand Detainees to liberate themselves from it.Which helped to eject thousand militant prisoners from Abu Salim military police prison ,
    is Colonel F Sayeh, and another prisoner named Khalid coastline, and the latter had a brother trapped on the other side of the prison called Mahmoud coastline/Alsaghli."


  97. Jalal Osman Bashir matinee, /sabahi :

    The majority of the prisoners dispersed in small groups with some parents sympathizers , and mosques ,
    including the Mosque and the Mosque of Abu scaffold harsh .
    Morning went with another group of about a hundred
    hiding in the mosque of Abu Huraira Khlav area ,
    where people rallied around them , and brought them new clothes and food and water .

    Once the rebels sent them cars to take them away from places of danger ,

    In Martyrs' Square off fireworks to celebrate the liberation of the prison , in spite of Gaddafi's snipers hiding in the alleys of Abu Salim .

    جامع ابوشعالة (طرابلس) Mosque of Abu scaffold harsh

    الإحداثيات: 32°50'10"N 13°10'58"E


    about a hundred hiding in the mosque of Abu Huraira Khlav area , NEAR HAY ANDALUS
    مسجد أبو هريرة Abu Huraira Mosque مسجد أبوهريرة

    32°51'35"N   13°7'43"E
     32°51'35"N 13°7'43"E


    1. Morning/Matinee/ Sabahi

      Morning went with another group of about a hundred
      hiding in the mosque of Abu Huraira Khlav area ,

  98. sheich salem Jaber addressing the “thuwars” in Benghazi


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